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#H9vOFCdB Sep 30,2022 12:47
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.9 Add medal.
#sD22OuZW Sep 28,2022 19:26
2 ноября день рождения стик рейнджер 2
#sD22OuZW Sep 28,2022 17:05
а как скачать мод на стик рейнджер 2
#xICw4VnM Sep 25,2022 18:16
@cpps at least not now
#5Jm2Eljm Sep 24,2022 23:24
dan-ball dead?
#ov6eOdi7 Sep 21,2022 04:00
Does anybody kno hot to get the new rings and medals
#N3K57UjW Sep 20,2022 03:12
@blacksmith347 huh??
#N3K57UjW Sep 20,2022 03:11
easy way to kill boss cave 1 with 2 stickmen????
#q04sQcvj Sep 19,2022 13:34
how do you do the medal pass trough undamaged
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 19,2022 07:35
You are your own fate.
#xICw4VnM Sep 18,2022 17:33
mostly 0,1%, but some have higher chances but it is only at 0,2-1% ig
#5Jm2Eljm Sep 17,2022 18:13
make stick ranger 3 :)
#rhfQeamX Sep 17,2022 02:12
@Moss 0.5% for all of em if i can remember correctly
#QSmAhzuw Sep 17,2022 01:19
What’s the drop rate for rings
#H9vOFCdB Sep 16,2022 12:40
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.8 Add medal.
#r3pyDIU0 Sep 16,2022 00:12
steam port?
Pls port this to steam or App Store
#xICw4VnM Sep 11,2022 19:48
ideas for lv 2 heads straw hat it increases 10 lp at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 16 where it increase 25 lp. Cost 10 * x ( x is the head's lv ). silk hat it increases 15 lp at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 16 where it increase 30 lp. Cost 10 * x ( x is the head's lv ). witch it increases 5 lp and 10% magic def at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 and magic def by 1% up to lv 6 where it increase 10 lp and 15% magic def. Cost 50 * x ( x is the head's lv ). santa it increases 5 lp and 10% magic def at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 11 where it increase 15 lp and 10% magic def. Cost 30 * x ( x is the head's lv ). lv 3 heads headband it increase lp by 15 and dodge +4% and every lv it increase lp by 2 up to lv 6 where it increase 25 lp and dodge +4%. Cost 75 * x ( x is the head's lv ). bandana it increase dodge +5% and every lv it increase dodge +1% up to lv 6 where it dodge +10%. Cost 180 * x ( x is the head's lv ). knit it increase lp by 15 and def+2 and every lv it increase lp by 2 up to lv 6 where it increase 25 lp and def+2. Cost 90 * x ( x is the head's lv ). more heads soon
#xICw4VnM Sep 10,2022 11:51
so this is pretty strange but drop rate are measured in x/1000 chance to drop a items. Most of the monster have a 1/1000 ( which is 0,1% ) chance to drop a ring. The bandit amulet increases the chance of dropping by 50% so it multiples x by 1,5 so x is now 1,5 but it is rounded down to 1 so no boost. For the yellow big gel it have 1% drop rate which is 10/1000 and with the ring x is now 15/1000 or 1,5% thats it
#TW6T3ZDo Sep 09,2022 01:03
Obviously I struggle to get this thing for days, but as soon as I ask I get it, lmao.
#TW6T3ZDo Sep 09,2022 01:01
I am having zero luck getting an iron ring from Cave 2, even with the bandit amulet. I got everything else in the game, except that one thing. Is it faster to kill the enemies with a higher drop rate and re-enter, or to just clear? And is the top floor better than the bottom?
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 06,2022 12:30
Yeah, it would be pretty cool if there were challenging bosses that block progress (similar to superbosses in SR1) that give the player a good challenge and test their build and skills before getting to the next area. The big diamond tree in SG2 could be a good enemy for this role.
#PdZn4HjK Sep 06,2022 10:41
I think stickranger 2 needs more doorkeeper bosses, because when I play stickranger 1 ,I farm items so I can beat those doorkeepers, but in stickranger 2, after I unlock the 4th stickman, I don't know why I have to continue farming
#xICw4VnM Sep 06,2022 00:48
with 37 sp on lp and 25 sp on dodge plus maxed bandana 2 along shell ring and shell amulet u will get 979 effective lp. ring and amulet just bring effective lp up to new heights. before that if u use 37 sp on lp and 25 sp on dodge plus maxed silk hat u will only get 658 effective lp btw if u change bandana 2 with silk hat u will get 329 lp and 70% dodge rate from shell amulet and ring u will get 1096 effective lp which is better
#00AL6Yx6 Sep 05,2022 10:04
pls update your game :(((
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 05,2022 02:09
Pretty sure the DODGE +6 still means 6%, it's just written in a different way for some reason.
#Vngz0y8R Sep 04,2022 20:15
is there diffrence between DODGE +6 from bandana and other dodge buffs that say dodge +x% ?
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 03,2022 08:30
Oh dang now with shell amulet, shell ring, bandana 2, and max dodge, you can get a dodge stat of 76%!
#0CSvd3jx Sep 02,2022 19:48
@qwer463 You have to go Sky Garden 1 and fall from up there to Cave 4, there is a specific spot that will allow you to fall directly on the water. This is the way I got it. @ha55ii Wonderful, as always.
#H9vOFCdB Sep 02,2022 13:29
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.7 Add ring.
#Hgwb1SJJ Sep 02,2022 00:33
Raven Renschler
Can you please port this game to mobile on Google Play and Apple Store?
#cQq8Gb0r Aug 31,2022 21:45
Hey, can anyone explain what "Defeat all fish without landing"? idk how to get it. I thought i killed all fish without landing the floor of water.
#xICw4VnM Aug 31,2022 08:50
@Blacksmith347 no that wont work since the save is for only u and if other people paste this and import that the save got deleted and it say "load err"
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 31,2022 01:57
That one has almost all of the items, hope this helps!
#5n5CZ3qk Aug 30,2022 05:09
Does anyone have a save file that has almost everything item? I’m too lazy to start over again because for some reason my data keeps getting wiped
#rYQKpPMt Aug 29,2022 21:33
@hungdeptrai07 i use one boxer, one thunder gladiator, one ice swordsman, and one thunder magician. so i have 3 melee units.
#LeHNGOph Aug 28,2022 09:38
if i export a save file and then start a new game, can i switch between my old and new saves whenever i want? or am i stuck with the new file, despite still having my old one on hand?
#xICw4VnM Aug 27,2022 17:43
@e i can do that without any heals
#0AOHqJZk Aug 27,2022 15:11
#rYQKpPMt Aug 26,2022 21:49
My crew is level 29 sheesh i always overkill flower and went through all the levels (healed 3 times) without dying
#0i1UwBFp Aug 26,2022 01:27
nvm found out how
#0i1UwBFp Aug 26,2022 00:56
how the hell do you get overkill its not clear on the forum
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 25,2022 05:02
Basically, for the "stickman" achievement", you need to click on this stickman drawing that you find in the wall of the cave with the white skull bats in it. It will move around, and you need to click it around 5 times. For the "Move from there?" one, you need to enter Sky Garden 3 from the bottom of Sky Garden 2 instead of the usual way.
#r2m7kWK5 Aug 25,2022 04:24
Also can we get the ability to comment on other people’s comment I know that there is a danball subreddit but just ugh, so long to get an answer
#r2m7kWK5 Aug 25,2022 04:15
wtf is the “stickman” Achievement on the first level?
#JnxMwQCL Aug 24,2022 08:13
Move from there?
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 23,2022 18:29
stick rager classic difficulty all epsidoes
#sD22OuZW Aug 23,2022 16:09
эххх печально но я уже несмогу получить новый амулет ];
#lmbnBgC8 Aug 19,2022 18:48
got it there is the little edge from the left down corner that connects to sky garden 3, drag one of your stickman to there and you got it
#SKILpLQ2 Aug 19,2022 17:26
#H9vOFCdB Aug 19,2022 11:35
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.6 Add amulet. Add medal.
#LeHNGOph Aug 19,2022 00:25
WHOOPS sorry i took so long to respond, closed the tab and then forgot about the page until now- my only character with short attack doesn't have points in physical, most of them are in health because i am a fool they're also level 30 so uhhh
#MaJIq1kj Aug 12,2022 18:02
@Number 38, no I didn't change my browser and neither block cookie loading
#oEpf6PEB Aug 12,2022 04:34
I really need this games later updates. This is such a unique system in RPG meaning. I love this game so much. :)
#SKILpLQ2 Aug 10,2022 08:47
#2McuBEr5 Aug 10,2022 06:53
Number 38
@PartedMagic Really can't say. Were you loading SR2 with a different browser then the one with the save? Did you change your browser settings to block loading of cookies or something similar? If it's neither of those two, then I don't know.
#MaJIq1kj Aug 09,2022 16:43
can someone asnwer my question please?
#E9WvHG27 Aug 09,2022 12:03
Good grief, I cannot spell physical to save my live.
#E9WvHG27 Aug 09,2022 12:02
@silveryoshi What about your physical stat? It's best to have those two stats equal for the best damage output (on short-ranged physical weapons). Damage is effectively weapon_damage X phyiscal X short, not weapon damage X (phyiscal + short). This means it's best to have, for example if you had 40 points to spend. 20/20 in Phyiscal/Short instead of 40/0 or 30/10. Realistically, the current max level is 28 ~ 33 (depending on your patience for the grind). If you have some levels to spare, you're still in good shape.
#MaJIq1kj Aug 08,2022 19:58
guys why is my save gone? i didnt delete any cookies
#LeHNGOph Aug 05,2022 18:08
my highest short attack stat is 13...
#H9vOFCdB Aug 05,2022 13:15
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.5 Add medal.
#y9PNdgF1 Aug 02,2022 21:57
#v58WZHGF Aug 01,2022 03:28
#xICw4VnM Jul 30,2022 23:23
@silveryoshi first, you have to check your maxinum at. if u have 20 point sp invested in short at, then a maxed deadly blow will deal 240-360 at. And if u wear diamond ring then there will be a 25% chance to crit to deal 480-720 at, which is suffient. now reduce the big tree's lp in sky garden 2 to one third or more but not one fourth bc it will regen to full lp if it hit 25% lp which is 500 lp. Now use deadly blow on the tree. Before landing please make the sp bar of the deadly blow reach max from hitting other enemies. Finally, drag the stickmen down to the tree to use deadly blow. Keep in mind that this may not work on first try, then repeat until the tree die without healing back. One important thing to note is that you need to do this during the boss's tallest phase ( when entry ) or you wont get the medal
#LeHNGOph Jul 30,2022 21:53
oops forgot emojis don't work here that question mark was meant to be an upside down smile
#LeHNGOph Jul 30,2022 21:52
fellas i don't think i'm getting that medal ? i have tried so many times with the loadout suggested earlier but NONE of my attempts come close to overkilling it
#44SclznJ Jul 30,2022 19:33
IOS version when? Play stick ranger from the App Store, I’d also pay 5-10$ to remove ads forever if you’d add the dang option. -a quiet danball veteran since 2006
#tWtjKpt0 Jul 30,2022 14:32
Which flower in which area ? If it is sky garden 2 then it could deal 100+ at every attack. Also dont use fire againist it too it fully resist fire at
#MtWGtcxR Jul 29,2022 23:38
buff dood
and thx for all the painful reading i went threw about a shark i found out luring the tiny ish to the surface keep my ong shot stick ppl at a non damage distance and killed them from there till there was only a shark kthen i attacked it and when it shoots i threw my ppl onto the shark before the pellets go solid prevent damage easily and i made it all the way threw to the final enemyless stage justr a building on a ledge and 9strong boss that looks easy tip: avoid the huge flower it one shot all my 200 lp stickmen at one second stickmen one ; had 215 lp left two had; 180 lp : three had : 302 lp left : and four was max with 400 lp and the flower one shot alll of that
#MtWGtcxR Jul 29,2022 23:33
buff dood
i just killed the shark with fire
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 29,2022 13:32
the order of the stone teaches our wrongs in hells limelight
#tWtjKpt0 Jul 27,2022 21:56
For that shark in cave 4 it have 2000 lp and fully resist to fire at i recommend get both bb cap and work cap in cave 3 to gain 1 def since the fish shoot a lot of slow projectives with 2-2 at so u would only take 1-1 at which is good. the shark do ranged attack so it will move away when someone do melee at to it. I recommend to drag someone and move along the fish and sometimes release it for a bit to make it attack. be careful for the fish they deal moderate at and they do melee. I recommend using maxed power glove or just glove for primary weapon and bash or slash or sand blaster for charge weapon
#sD22OuZW Jul 26,2022 18:19
как получить медаль 2 надо уничтожить первую фазу босса что бы вторая фаза осталась со всеми жизнями я так думаю
#xICw4VnM Jul 25,2022 19:49
sadly it is impossible to get the medal if u dont invest any point on physical/short. with maxed deadly blow plus craft amulet you will have 202 at and if it procs with diamond ring then max at is 404. You will need at least 500 at to get the medal since it recover to full health when reaching under that but there is some hope. with maxed out sand blaster and craft amulet it will have 8-12x35 at which is 280-420 at. if it procs with diamond ring then it will deal 560-840 at which is able to but to do that you have to deal at least 1160 at to the tree ( 1350 at is recommended ) then u will have to somehow make the charge procs with critical and make all projective hit the tree at the same time to kill it. i think if you deal damage to the tree multiple times in a single frame when the combined at is high enough then u will get the medal
#E9WvHG27 Jul 25,2022 11:31
@RoyCraft Do it with maximum physical burst damage. Equip Light Knuckle, Deadly Blow (max upgrades, of course), Diamond Ring, and Craft Amulet on a single stickman, then have enough physical/short level upgrades (mine was 20/20) to be able to burst it. Depending on your damage output, you'll either need the second Deadly Blow to proc with Diamond Ring, or you'll need both Deadly Blows to proc. All that to say, you'll have a 1/4 or a 1/16 chance to get the medal each attempt. Assuming you have enough points on physical/short, of course.
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 25,2022 07:59
The fish boss is 100% resistant to fire so using fire bow probably won't go very well
#LeHNGOph Jul 25,2022 05:10
>Fire bow idk how to tell you this but i think i found the problem
#MtWGtcxR Jul 25,2022 01:33
i already upgraded my fire bow to 10 and my 3 guys still die after 59 tries i still failed how much LP does the shark have??!?!?!?!?!?!?
#MtWGtcxR Jul 25,2022 01:31
the shark is hard
#v58WZHGF Jul 24,2022 00:40
How i get the "defeat the boss in a overkill" medal?
#xICw4VnM Jul 23,2022 22:21
oooohhhh i see and i did that on second try btw i recommend using topaz ring with thunder halberd + lazer lance or on ranged with lightning bolt
#lmbnBgC8 Jul 22,2022 21:29
ok now I got the metal. You need to kill it before the boss first health regeneration. just use the same method you mention before for multiple time.
#xICw4VnM Jul 22,2022 21:13
idk too and i tried to kill it using 1000+ at strike with deadly blow + diamond ring + craft amulet but nothing happens
#lmbnBgC8 Jul 22,2022 15:09
what does overkill means?
#sD22OuZW Jul 22,2022 14:11
как получить вторую медаль в етом абновление
#sD22OuZW Jul 22,2022 14:01
вот я как рас чуел что добавят медали
#o5mRyzXK Jul 22,2022 13:54
medal pog
#H9vOFCdB Jul 22,2022 13:51
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.4 Add medal.
#jmzX97vj Jul 17,2022 17:10
: )
#xyt38bW2 Jul 14,2022 20:54
i think having other ways to export and import saves (like with files, or clipboard) can be useful to people who either don't want a dan-ball account, or just can't for some reason
#FmzJgXQm Jul 14,2022 18:18
#sD22OuZW Jul 14,2022 18:05
что озночает count скажите
#a1EtAsC3 Jul 13,2022 02:42
Progress saved in cookies if cookies deleted, all gone
#U4wtDCCG Jul 11,2022 19:59
я не понимаю почему у вас пропал прогресс у меня все в порядке
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 11,2022 19:45
my progress kinda got deleted too. not sure why though, probably some side effect of the update?
#os5gUGSt Jul 11,2022 19:08
guys why is my progress all gone
#sD22OuZW Jul 10,2022 17:54
я думаю что когда добавят все медали с кольцами и амулеты будут добавлять новые пещеры
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 09,2022 06:34
Theory, since we've gotten a ring that upgrades fire weapons, and a ring that upgrades lightning weapons, the next two rings will be ones that upgrade ice and poison. I can't guarantee that will happen, but it would be pretty cool!
#7MSl3GDl Jul 08,2022 21:59
lol all the sky ranger medals are impossible(except for the first one)
#os5gUGSt Jul 08,2022 20:33
they added the fullscreen

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