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#CVZm0YEc Aug 09,2020 19:13
Killing the boss is not that hard. Just halve its HP, and kill it with Sand Blaster with one shot.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 09,2020 13:05
oh no,still don't get it! :( also say something on sr1 comment board because i have some problems on it
#7Lle73aw Aug 09,2020 10:30
The lightning orb is really good for killing the boss if its fully upgraded
#pWtx510j Aug 08,2020 16:23
11% Chance to obtain the weapon according to the wiki. That's a really low chance for a weapon that's dropped by a superboss :/
#UVsTIoYN Aug 08,2020 14:56
i think the weapon is very good but killing the boss is always hard and annoying,if u are unlucky u will take hours to get it,that makes me sad
#hprnLT5m Aug 08,2020 12:16
correction, it actually does cast again before the first attack disappears
#hprnLT5m Aug 08,2020 12:14
Light knuckle with Explosion on a 50/50 ranged/elemental build makes quick work of everything that isn't fire resistant, by the time the first spell ends the next one is over halfway charged.
#QVLWixe2 Aug 08,2020 02:08
new weapon seems cool (i had to play on google because the browser i use breaks the game)
#Lna4Syfj Aug 07,2020 23:03
King BOB
i have only been playing over a month is it every time that it reaches like an example 5.0 a new aria is made
#MEM2oAgO Aug 07,2020 22:58
O wait I forgot I'm on google
#MEM2oAgO Aug 07,2020 22:57
I got logged out for some reason I'm guessing the megaboss drops the new weapon?
#yUVUJiSa Aug 07,2020 15:55
bruh that's actually very annoying and very hard wtf.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 07,2020 14:35
oh no am i too unlucky or its drop rate is low,took me 2 hours but still don't get it
#pWtx510j Aug 07,2020 13:59
Great addition!
#pWtx510j Aug 07,2020 13:59
Combine maxed out Light Knuckle and maxed out Flame Slayer and you become the DPS God
#d4uqVE4R Aug 07,2020 13:23
Another fast charging weapon, Use it will Explosion for decent damage output.
#BSM2xfyU Aug 07,2020 12:56
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.9 Weapon addition.
#KBFOPSaJ Aug 07,2020 08:25
@LeasOn Weeeeiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrd @Everybody I haven't paid much attention, but I'm assuming the next few updates will be items for the newer monsters? Also that means we have to beat up the megaboss AGAIN when the update releases to give it a new item(s?)
#QVLWixe2 Aug 07,2020 00:09
@nickname! idk, all the collision just disappeared. all the sprites were corrupted. this happened to all the other games too. kinda crazy.
#6Vifkc00 Aug 06,2020 23:19
Hey guys, I lost my progress after a cleanup, anyone wanna share their save game code? :)
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 18:03
Heres a hint for final boss: -You need to move your Heroes cuz if not, almost instant death. -Dont get confused looking at Hp bar, its small, but its not his whole body Wish you luck on beating boss on first try!
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 17:24
I hope they will add Stick Ranger 2 to app store soon.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 06,2020 16:00
what happened to your game?
#tlno7U5b Aug 06,2020 11:01
With Growing Crystals add ice to the bottom srry {"
#QVLWixe2 Aug 06,2020 05:18
LaesOn this happened to my game. ngl kinda wacky.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 05,2020 13:20
oh one comments in stick ranger 1 again
#AU31Bvmx Aug 04,2020 04:24
they must add a way to rest skill points
#b7cpOdr4 Aug 04,2020 03:50
I think it's about time we got a few more mid-range weapons... Fingers crossed.
#Kus0RikY Aug 04,2020 03:26
i am stinky doo doo head and I have the worst stick ranger team ever
#b7cpOdr4 Aug 04,2020 02:53
Yeah this one's drop rate is pretty low. Took me about five tries to get it, but that was luck being on my side. Maybe there's good reason for it. Its charge rate is the fastest out of anything in the game right now, and unlike the Light Glove, it has a real damage output of its own!
#UVsTIoYN Aug 02,2020 21:53
help i have some problems in stick ranger 1
#fTmtSIr6 Aug 02,2020 14:08
oh so i got really lucky then i got it on my first try thats nice
#ZTCdxnCD Aug 01,2020 18:43
knock knock it's knuckle
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 01,2020 04:26
Oh my goodness I looked at the wiki and this weapon only has a 6.67% chance to drop! This is definitely the rarest weapon in the game.
#QVLWixe2 Jul 31,2020 22:43
its cool weapon i like it cool hm
#UVsTIoYN Jul 31,2020 14:09
yes it is good at max level. ps:the drop rate is so low,took me 50 minutes to get it
#pWtx510j Jul 31,2020 13:40
Amazing weapon! I don't even have any points in physical and the weapon is super powerful! Pretty much the Power Glove 2.0. Thanks for the awesome addition ha55ii!
#WCoqBIVT Jul 31,2020 13:10
the super boss is now easy to take down because the new weapon can pack a great punch
#BSM2xfyU Jul 31,2020 12:59
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.8 Weapon addition.
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 31,2020 11:54
new weapon plz preferably not a charge weapon since we got a lot of them last stage
#pWtx510j Jul 31,2020 08:11
I'm excited for the update today!
#Lna4Syfj Jul 30,2020 05:42
xmx90 I do not think that is the case but i open to opinons also just call me KB
#pWtx510j Jul 30,2020 04:37
"the item will allegedly no longer drop in SR2 if you die while it is spawned on the ground." I did some research on this by having the green gels drop their items and, while not picking them up, letting them kill me with them still on the ground. After doing this, I was still able to get Sword and Bash without any problems.
#hprnLT5m Jul 30,2020 03:33
King BOOOOOOOOOB they're talking about patching the bug where the item will allegedly no longer drop in SR2 if you die while it is spawned on the ground, not that you can't pick it up off the floor during the instance where you have died.
#Lna4Syfj Jul 30,2020 02:59
frastin if you die and there is a weapon on the ground some-ware do you get it NO I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU GOT THAT OUT OF WHAT I SAID
#PgnL6Alp Jul 30,2020 00:20
This is a great game but the main issue IS THE FACT THAT THE DUMB STICKMEN STRETCH AND JUST DIE
#VDmgQFLd Jul 30,2020 00:11
No, In SR1 you can get infinite copies of an item, do your homework.
#Lna4Syfj Jul 29,2020 23:51
that is not a bug it is a purposeful function by the developer as he did the same thing in the first game
#VDmgQFLd Jul 29,2020 17:21
Seems like a bug that can be fixed easily.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 29,2020 10:33
if an enemy drops something and it's game over screen and you didn't pick it up you will not get it
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 29,2020 09:06
get noob
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 29,2020 09:06
#EkAJ3M4M Jul 29,2020 05:10
Hey when a boss dies and I die from the boss's last shot, is it still possible that I get the boss drop? The boss spawned it, and it was on the game over screen already
#UsPDjbLv Jul 29,2020 04:12
I love this game, its so addicting and fun!
#tVLJECNQ Jul 28,2020 15:06
I would pay money to have the first one and this one on steam good luck developer
#pWtx510j Jul 26,2020 11:05
Please don't nerf this boss I love the challenge :)
#b7cpOdr4 Jul 26,2020 04:49
The new boss is more difficult than previous adversaries, but that's a good thing. I don't wanna act like it's so hard that it should be nerfed or anything... Because it's not. It just requires some good old-fashioned strategy, that's all, much like the Blue Boss Roundhead Fish before it which was also difficult enough to need a strategy.
#h6OSOFEX Jul 26,2020 03:57
I haven't seen the new boss, but it sounds quite powerful. Hopefully not as bad the final Stick Ranger 1 boss!
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 23:29
Also is there a max level/level to just stop trying at
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 23:15
Yeah ik I beat him and I knew already bc people have said it Also it's fun that we're all beating the boss now to beat it And it'll probably get drops next update so we'll have to beat it again. Also sky garden 1 hurts because of all the coins that fall out of the map
#pWtx510j Jul 25,2020 11:50
20-25 AT
#UVsTIoYN Jul 25,2020 11:31
how many AT does the boss have?
#pWtx510j Jul 25,2020 10:19
He heals 10 times before you can kill him
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 08:45
How many times does this new boss REVIVE like seriously
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 07:35
The Star Lance's projectile looks like something from Terraria :V
#c1KLBXWP Jul 25,2020 06:53
I did a speedrun of the game and I was able to beat the new boss at level 11 :)
#DVivn33q Jul 25,2020 00:29
I mean 3 origani and stay safe and sleep! Good night every one
#DVivn33q Jul 25,2020 00:26
Wow i didint now the new boss is so hard i finnaly defeated it in 10 minutes and all of the food and its a good way to get money
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 00:02
When you smash a gold thing and it pays for your colleg: cha cha real smooth
#CVZm0YEc Jul 24,2020 15:56
An interesting thing : The new boss will recover when its HP is low, but there is a way to prevent that. First, you need to cut down its HP enough but don't trigger the recovery. Second, use a instant high damage weapon to kill it with one shot. Third, if it dies, congratulations! If not, repeat the former steps. I don't know whether it considers to be a bug, or it just the mechanism of the game.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 24,2020 15:44
Such an astonishing boss. I like it. This game eventually came a challenging boss. It has 10 lives, so every time you give it enough damage, it will return full HP and loss a level of its stem and summon several brown bats (the number of them equals two times the boss revived).
#WCoqBIVT Jul 24,2020 13:13
It's chop wood time!!!!!
#pWtx510j Jul 24,2020 12:40
Wow! I loved this update! Looks like we've got our first superboss :) He's actually pretty hard and I generally need at least 2 onigiri to beat him. Turns out those brown bat enemies weren't so pointless after all ;) Also this guy is amazing for exp grinding at level 16-20 and get over 60% per round. Keep up the amazing work Ha55ii!
#QVLWixe2 Jul 24,2020 11:41
boss is kinda tough i beat it 2nd try (no onigiri first time)
#BSM2xfyU Jul 24,2020 11:18
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.7 Boss addition.
#6XotoBB0 Jul 24,2020 07:12
@King B000000000B Space Game Pt. 4 will come out soon -- I'm just really busy right now. It's mostly done though :)
#UVsTIoYN Jul 23,2020 10:28
yes i agree
#NS0FtA15 Jul 22,2020 08:57
also can we continue conversation on stick ranger 1 comments because of the lack of people there
#NS0FtA15 Jul 21,2020 21:54
bob4koolest i tried that many times but it did not work P.S. i love the things you make on the powdergame and when is the space game pt. 4 coming out
#A7KrVlJ4 Jul 21,2020 00:01
ok now i tested by coping the export from this newer playthrough on this device, and then clearing cookies and trying to import, it wont import. so yea import does nothing for me no matter what code i have. :/
#D1ArvEoY Jul 20,2020 23:47
I tried again, and my export gave the same code that I have been trying, I still cannot get it to work. :c Ive already unlocked everything twice I dont want to do it a 3rd time. I started a new game here, but only to see what would happen, when I import, the load game goes away, and is not replaced by the imported save, if i refresh page i am back to seeing the new load game, not the imported one.
#cdfv89xD Jul 20,2020 21:44
@Kin B00000000B Oh yeah forgot to mention this but this will delete your progress (which is why I'm offering you my save code) and will log you out if you have an account. If you don't already have one, you should get one as it allows you to export/import save codes. Hope this helps :)
#cdfv89xD Jul 20,2020 21:39
@King B0000000B Try clearing your site data -- this could be caused by a corrupt save code or cookie. Open the inspect panel (ctrl shift i), go to the application (you may need to click on the arrow), go to both the local storage tabs and cookie tabs and delete all the data (select a cookie/value and press delete for all of them). I'll give you my save code if you want -- I have level 25 army with max weapons, heads, and charges with a strong attack and dodge build.
#c8ym7LOm Jul 20,2020 19:29
you have login to export plus if very skilled you can win it all back easily just take the easy rout which is mine
#D1ArvEoY Jul 19,2020 21:33
how to get the import thing to work? i changed devices and sent the code to myself in a message, but when i import nothing happens it still shows new game only.
#c8ym7LOm Jul 18,2020 06:57
(read all caps in a soberish voice) MR Suggestor (breaths in ) I TRIED EVERYTHING DOWNLOADING IT DOWNLOADING JAVA LOGGING IN now that I think of it that is not much but EVERYTHING I KNEW TO DO
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 18,2020 02:51
Slayer Nate
Anyone like the idea of a 5th ranger and, or a new class to use? Just wondering :D
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 18,2020 02:45
MR Suggestor
@King BOOOOOOOOOB I never had an issue like that so I'm going assume its a glitch or a bug if you are logged in, try logging out and then try playing it. If that doesn't work then log back in or make a new login and hopefully, that fixes it if not then your SOL
#c8ym7LOm Jul 18,2020 02:15
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me
#dVLjQDir Jul 17,2020 23:25
I am disappointed 9.6 :/
#dVLjQDir Jul 17,2020 23:23
Because, they don't add new classes like: the farmer, the Indian. For putting ideas for new classes, or because the other old ones do not return like: the angel, the gunman or the magician.
#CM9sNGMb Jul 17,2020 20:36
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me?
#ra1DWbh0 Jul 17,2020 18:18
enemy similar to bats from sky garden 1 with more hp, not much interesting
#pWtx510j Jul 17,2020 13:57
The enemies are really weak when there's only three of them, is there some way to spawn more of them?
#BSM2xfyU Jul 17,2020 13:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.6 Enemy addition.
#CM9sNGMb Jul 16,2020 20:45
NO i HAVE WANTED TO PLAY THE FIRST ONE FOREVER NOW AND BEEN IGNORED AND I AM NOT WAITING ANY MORE oh to answer your question you have login to export plus if very skilled you can win it all back easily just take the easy rout which is mine
#7Lle73aw Jul 16,2020 17:30
So I got a new computer recently. I've been playing stick ranger 2 on my old laptop for while and I have lots of progress on it. But I don't know how put all my progress on my new computer. I really don't wanna have to start all over again. Can anyone help?
#CM9sNGMb Jul 16,2020 06:43
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me?
#dWsLQAdV Jul 15,2020 23:11
I love this game
#NE2YCxgq Jul 15,2020 07:00
Really Loved this game! I don't know who's developing these, but i have some questions: If the game is written in HTML5 and Javascript, how will the game be ported to mobile (if it will be) Is there any way I can donate to the developer?

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