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#qrUiOro6 May 23,2019 21:55


#wc97Uhhe May 23,2019 06:22

Hello, I have 100%ed this game and I seriously love it. I think this is gonna be way better than the first game and it is very well designed! Also, 1 update a week is super impressive, great work! Your doing great and I can't wait to see what you add next!

The Loganizer
#RtUkHYtO May 22,2019 03:46

What version is the third stickman expected to be added? (I'm guessing 4.0)

Dave Dood
#naavf1Fh May 21,2019 17:33

@e The updates come out every Friday.

#xieeP9Qx May 21,2019 08:28

when is the next update coming out (owo)
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| |

#qQ4djvNK May 21,2019 08:22


#qQ4djvNK May 21,2019 08:22


#5uynhshd May 20,2019 22:59


#0iyHIDvh May 20,2019 04:55

как оживить 3 человечка???

#e7c7k0nO May 19,2019 10:54

great game, i can tell this will be a lot better than the original stick ranger. looking forward to following this as it updates

#qQ4djvNK May 18,2019 07:56

The new bow was so ez to get.

#OT0a6Eve May 18,2019 03:41

If you are losing your data, you may have accidentally deleted your site data on your browser (its preselected when you wanna delete your history)

#5uynhshd May 17,2019 20:58

It did I thought it was account that saved it

#5Zq7cVs9 May 17,2019 20:39

Just a reminder... they update this game EVERY Friday.

#7lO0uZR6 May 17,2019 15:51

Sorry dominac. It's third man don't get. :(

#DX5BA7fi May 17,2019 14:17

Kingbob make sure your browser platform saves your cookies

#BSM2xfyU May 17,2019 13:09

Stick Ranger 2 ver3.7
Weapon addition.

#lGwQXmF8 May 17,2019 02:40


#5uynhshd May 17,2019 01:56

Also I’m #Pred1Oet

#5uynhshd May 17,2019 00:36

My game got reset I need help getting back

#yT9ZoR7c May 15,2019 21:50

I bet 3.7 will let you get the third stickman

#5IGg9YWg May 15,2019 17:53

how to get to the new stage?????
where is it??????

#6vUU0FYr May 15,2019 07:38

Playing through the game right now, I agree with 729; progress has been very slow, but I'm having much fun learning the new layout. Keep up the great work!

#fK7I3HA5 May 15,2019 03:56


#WkaIIimg May 14,2019 15:37

sr2 makes the difficulty spike in the first one look like a horizontal line lmaoo

the fourth stick
#eDsm6eqN May 14,2019 12:46

it be long time before I exist

#NS95dtVA May 12,2019 03:13

thank you for your hard work!

#7lO0uZR6 May 11,2019 12:42

There are many games like Logi Box and Aqua Box had MAYBE give up the update,
I don't want SR2 like these games too :(

#I7SZxp0f May 11,2019 05:23

We've been fooled
Cave 2 is still in development

#qQ4djvNK May 11,2019 04:42

Best update yet. Added 2 things. Nice! You worked hard! Why am i talking in very short sentences?

#JNUNg6Aw May 11,2019 02:38

this game is good

#yT9ZoR7c May 10,2019 21:45

Stage addition? But you can't get the third character!

#7lO0uZR6 May 10,2019 19:42

Ha55ii,when can the third player come? 4.0?

#NREwGetH May 10,2019 17:13

liking the new layout :D

#BSM2xfyU May 10,2019 13:54

Stick Ranger 2 ver3.6
Stage addition.
Enemy addition.

#Pred1Oet May 10,2019 04:46


#C7W10xfb May 10,2019 00:53


#C7W10xfb May 10,2019 00:53

how do u find the other stickmen

#ELFa6bCy May 09,2019 20:20

Nah jk it's me himenz on my second account

#ELFa6bCy May 09,2019 20:19


Stickity Stick
#D3OlxCnj May 09,2019 12:29

Which update is the 3rd stickman supposed to come out?

Stick thing
#XotTcWId May 09,2019 12:15

Anything123 has 200 IQ lol

#AYqtPNP5 May 09,2019 11:34

stick ranger vr mode please

#Pred1Oet May 09,2019 03:58

@chesse20 he dead

#WeTn9beC May 09,2019 03:39

where is zozot

#qQ4djvNK May 08,2019 06:50

But how can u feel nothing if ur nothing. Lol makes no sense tbh.

The fourth stick
#gsj42OSN May 07,2019 11:43

Well i want to feel something other than nothing

#qQ4djvNK May 07,2019 05:47

I don't think crying is fun. The fourth stick ur lucky. Ur not gonna be in the game until like 5.0. Also i bet u will know how it feels when it is ur turn.

the fourth stick
#gsj42OSN May 06,2019 10:30

Pfft the third sticc be grateful that you exist i dont and i cant even cry

#Pred1Oet May 06,2019 09:50

@Red no name it updates every Friday

#8pWHAVWL May 04,2019 22:24

what they made a second! =O

The Third Stick
#heNxPFYt May 04,2019 17:38

Every time someone asks why they cannot continue forth or why they cannot save me from my stone prison. I weep a bit more. I weep dry granite tears that roll off my face like the blood that keeps raining from the monsters above me.

Red no name
#qQ4djvNK May 04,2019 11:42

I turned red for (the) next update should be super soon!

#qQ4djvNK May 04,2019 06:11

4 weapon additions in a row? Why does the same monster need another weapon?I hope next is an enemy addition or something,

Red no name
#mhSehwjG May 04,2019 04:02

I turned red for (insert reason here) next update should be super soon!

#jvhqlPQz May 03,2019 18:35

Dear ha55ii ,
All the recent weapons are useless in battle. Their effects are underwhelming.
-Flame damage is too low and needs to hit more targets at once.
-Lightning Spear does not chain across multiple targets effectively.
-Lightning orb doesn't properly aim from the maximum distance.
-Lightning Lance and Flame Slayer have very pathetic effects.
In the end, it is best to use the physical items at this point!
Thank you for working on the game! I'm looking forward to future updates!

#BSM2xfyU May 03,2019 13:19

Stick Ranger 2 ver3.5
Weapon addition.

The fourth stick
#gsj42OSN May 03,2019 11:45

imma wait for the third stick to become not a stone i guess

#qQ4djvNK May 03,2019 10:32

To unlock the 3rd stickman u have to............................................................................................................................WAIT FOR [email protected]#$!%%#@#@[email protected]##

#AvlHxLST May 03,2019 07:05

How do you unlock 3rd stick man

#KBqCoxJh May 02,2019 20:42

The third stick man is not accessible yet. Ask the third stick man

#ylqX9np4 May 02,2019 20:39

Can't seem to unlock the 3 stickman, i guessed that i had to kill all the enemies on that screen but it didnot work, what to do?

No name
#mhSehwjG May 02,2019 08:58

So excited for the next update! It will most likely be next friday evening because he (ha55ii) lives in japan :P

#wmbbesCy May 02,2019 06:50

I hope they add a stage above the caves one, the holes at the top look perfect for it

#a5ohReEB May 02,2019 03:38


#qQ4djvNK May 01,2019 22:53

I wonder how mad zotot will be if a new game comes out and he stops working on this.

Stickman 4
#yT9ZoR7c May 01,2019 21:59


MasterMoon :)
#SbM0oaqN May 01,2019 19:32

That is, there are only 2 players and maybe only reach the Cave 3?

MasterMoon :)
#SbM0oaqN May 01,2019 19:26

How to go beyond Cave 3

The Third Stick
#heNxPFYt May 01,2019 16:55

I am similar to Schrödinger's cat. Both alive and not. It is up to time a curiosity to confirm either. To leave me to rot is impossible, instead allow me to be continuously stoned.

#OT0a6Eve May 01,2019 09:02

Third person wasn’t added yet, it’s just a decoration for now.

#nY7r4B8y May 01,2019 08:34

Hey, so i’m at the third cave, i beat all the monsters there, i’m at that little statue/player but how do i activate how do i get a 3rd person? (also i’m on mobile)

#Pred1Oet May 01,2019 07:51

Yeah we get free entertainment

#qQ4djvNK Apr 30,2019 05:07

I know feeding a troll is stupid. But its hilarious like heck.

#OT0a6Eve Apr 30,2019 04:18

The next time there is a troll, don’t feed them.

#OT0a6Eve Apr 30,2019 04:15

If you read the rules and ignored zotot, he wouldn’t be as annoying as he was until he got banned
Use appropriate expressions.
Don't post offensive comments.
!!!!!!!!Don't reply to any inflammatory comments but ignore them!!!!!!!!
As quoted by the three sentences under the comment box.

#VjOmQdVu Apr 30,2019 01:07

sure bud

The fourth stick
#gsj42OSN Apr 29,2019 14:18

#FELCFLwF i just want to exist cause the third stick said its gud

#yUVUJiSa Apr 29,2019 02:42

ok ok i understand now.

#fK7I3HA5 Apr 28,2019 16:02

Fire Sword and Lightning Spear... what's next, a Frost Axe?

#qQ4djvNK Apr 28,2019 08:38

I know who is behind of 9/11. The doctors! Get it. But 9/11 was serious so i shouldn't make a joke of it. So this comment doesn't get deleted can't wait for the new update. I hope its a new monster addition.

#RYtlDgyo Apr 28,2019 01:26

so lads who do you think was REALLY behind 9/11

#qQ4djvNK Apr 27,2019 23:24

If he got banned it was probably his toilet store comment when he said he seen better updates at a toilet store.

The Fifth Stick
#3BcrcGyH Apr 27,2019 22:01

Me neither!

#5fykpa4v Apr 27,2019 21:33

well, good thing Zotot is gone.

#FELCFLwF Apr 27,2019 11:06

...Well, Zotot doesn't seem to be here anymore. I don't see His "Messages", nor his Actual Tag in here. Maybe he Is "Banned", with Pleasant Justice of the Creator/Admins/Moderators of DAN-BALL, or Stick Ranger. Zotot didn't take Any Redeeming Qualities in mind, and just Wait. But, oh the end, he'll Still be "Hated", no matter what choices he's done. For now, SOME/MOST of us(Possibly, but for now, except "anything123".) Can say that he's "Gone".
Plus, Mr.'ll probably exist "Some-Month" by what we know. Maybe May, or June, or something. By all I know of what may happen, is that I know that there'll Also possibly be a Flying Enemy Update. Ha55ii is just HINTING it. But who knows, maybe he may add a Menu Update, Weaponry, Something New, a Gimmick, or Something Else other than these.

the fourth stick
#of39retV Apr 27,2019 10:16

help i still dont exist

#Pred1Oet Apr 27,2019 09:50

I’m telling you HE WAS BANNED

#qQ4djvNK Apr 27,2019 06:50

Also zotot must be playing the toilet store which he claims is better than this game because of the updates. Don't take this comment literally.

#qQ4djvNK Apr 27,2019 06:48

Im telling u zotot didn't get banned. His comments were deleted by ha55ii i think. If u say anything negative or not about the game ur comment will get deleted. Thats why all his comments are deleted.

#wp9p7kjb Apr 27,2019 01:25

ALso does the game save automatically ?

#wp9p7kjb Apr 27,2019 01:20

Is the game early in development ? I really wanna have it on phone ! The option menu doesn't seem to work tho even if i click it alot or on different screens.

#NMlcfjbo Apr 26,2019 23:57

Himenz, a while back where I lived was hearing about softball sized hail and possible tornadoes, but those didn't happen lol, just small hail.

8o X
#Fqo7ZhHt Apr 26,2019 17:52

dan-ball community: all pay attention to SR2

#p6RA1LaV Apr 26,2019 12:28

Stick Ranger 2 ver3.4
Weapon addition.

Stick thing
#XotTcWId Apr 26,2019 11:58

One day....

The First stick
#XotTcWId Apr 26,2019 11:58

Dont worry fourth stick we will find you

#Pred1Oet Apr 26,2019 09:21

Well all of his comments are gone so explain that

#qQ4djvNK Apr 26,2019 06:31

Nah i don't think zotot got banned. He's probably just waiting to be disappointed again by the next update.

#yUVUJiSa Apr 25,2019 18:35

yeah i was looking old comments, i think real Zotot got banned and comments got deleted.

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