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#QvrAONb2 Oct 31,2020 18:06
#8YUR34NM Oct 31,2020 17:02
Progress doest saves when relogging in account!!
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 31,2020 04:29
King Keven
that is not a house it is an Onigiri
#MPDkFKBY Oct 31,2020 02:11
what is the house icon do?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 31,2020 00:52
King Keven
wow the knew weapons are out doing the older power gods like the slash and the bash
#d4uqVE4R Oct 30,2020 12:51
good weapon, can do tons of damage within a area, better than weapon from last week
#BSM2xfyU Oct 30,2020 12:35
Stick Ranger 2 ver11.1 Weapon addition.
#6XotoBB0 Oct 30,2020 11:15
Let me guess: tonight's (or tomorrow's update depending on your time zone) will either be a new medium-ranged weapon or a new Sky Garden 4 map. There hasn't been a new hat added for a long time btw
#MPDkFKBY Oct 30,2020 07:38
what is the house?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 30,2020 00:59
King Keven
#y6F6G7sA Oct 29,2020 22:35
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 29,2020 01:35
King Keven
#yfXQrgI4 Oct 29,2020 00:00
I made a boxer and he troll-danced on the cliff next to the chained ennemy after the second fighter unlock. It's so funny and impressive, it's just a stick character and the dev gave it life. He was like "ha-HA loser can't hit me, can't hit me! ouch! ow! doesn't hurt, ne nennene nene ner!"
#6XotoBB0 Oct 27,2020 09:11
New weapon is good with bosses but bad at everything else. It's better to equip it only when fighting bosses (using light knuckle as main) and switch it to the boxing glove that shoots out the splash damage waves when fighting anything else.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 25,2020 19:10
no legs
10 times
#e3BUoBcw Oct 25,2020 17:07
Who knows the tall flower fight in sky garden 2? Although I know that every time it dies, it will drop a little height after full life, but how long can it die??? I often use up my own blood adding props (two) or not dead (ㄒ o ㄒ)
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 24,2020 05:09
no legs
yea but the slash is way better
#ra1DWbh0 Oct 24,2020 04:45
practicaly, significally buffed bush with 2x - 3x attack
#ra1DWbh0 Oct 24,2020 04:44
new weapon is like when charectar doing red flash eyes thing, and destroys everything on it way
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 24,2020 03:13
no legs
i do not play on mobile so i do not know
#STyn8fOb Oct 24,2020 02:36
#OIKvU0RD Oct 24,2020 02:30
My data does not save, please fix this.(I AM ON MOBILE) tell me if this is an issue with mobile only.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 24,2020 01:46
no legs
the new weapon will anialate the dimond tree in sky garden 2
#hhVzdjdN Oct 24,2020 00:18
Maybe add a bank to store gold so that you don't lose so much when you die, or that you can gain a bit of interest per minute.
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 24,2020 00:06
Fun Fact: This update was the 100th update to Stick Ranger 2. Hooray, triple digits!
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 23,2020 23:59
Wow! This new weapon is really strong. I also like the like red flash it makes when it goes off. If you put enough damage into it, it can deal upwards of 1000 damage! Thanks for your hard work as always ha55ii!
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 23,2020 20:41
no legs
but yea that a good sound but this is what i hear
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 23,2020 20:35
no legs
xmx90 i just wanted to say hahahahahaha
#d4uqVE4R Oct 23,2020 14:36
the deadly blow is indeed very strong even the boss with resistance it just ignore it!
#TacoURxB Oct 23,2020 13:40
Put a true short physical damage boxer with a light knuckle + deadly blow in your team and enjoy the fastest solo boss machine ever.
#hprnLT5m Oct 23,2020 13:10
(in case you're wondering, it's this one that I hear: )
#hprnLT5m Oct 23,2020 13:06
Thanks for the update, I can practically hear a sound effect when the new item emits.
#BSM2xfyU Oct 23,2020 12:50
Stick Ranger 2 ver11.0 Weapon addition.
#b7cpOdr4 Oct 23,2020 11:19
New monster should be coming out tomorrow or so. Excited to see what else they bring to the table.
#q3W383ab Oct 22,2020 20:43
ha33ii comments were deleted meaning he was a fake
#n8A1Bp1w Oct 22,2020 07:27
Spark is no more
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 21,2020 08:20
no legs
ha3ii i trust that you are a sight admin can you help me out
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 21,2020 00:43
no legs
stop what
#kD6N5NHu Oct 20,2020 23:38
General kenobi
#UVsTIoYN Oct 20,2020 20:38
@no legs i want people go to sr1 comment board because i need help @#oRc4ezmL what does it means?
#pWtx510j Oct 20,2020 10:17
I just got a combo of 1586! If you need proof it's right here:
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 20,2020 06:03
no legs
#oRc4ezmL Oct 20,2020 05:54
please press one to disintegrate
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 18,2020 21:27
no legs
#UVsTIoYN Oct 18,2020 10:49
still no one comments in sr1 comment board xD
#y6F6G7sA Oct 18,2020 01:38
stick ranger 2 ver 10 . 9 NEW
#y6F6G7sA Oct 18,2020 01:36
t like how they swim it's so cooooool also how they attack so funny !!!
#K3QgkdQM Oct 17,2020 02:33
@no legs wrong comment board
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 16,2020 23:09
Phillip VanDyke
Hooray, lava bush! Oh wait... that's not what they added? Well, lava bush or not, the new enemy is really cool! I love how fast they attack, and getting killed by them is strangely satisfying. Thanks ha55ii!
#UVsTIoYN Oct 16,2020 19:46
the new enemy is easy to beat with a fire ball and hit and run strategy for the tree px umop 3p!sdn
#q3W383ab Oct 16,2020 19:21
the real ha55ii*
#ra1DWbh0 Oct 16,2020 19:20
put sticman in bush to instantly die
#q3W383ab Oct 16,2020 19:20
ha33ii could you stop trying to impersonate the real ha33ii because you're not convincing anyone that you're actually him
#b7cpOdr4 Oct 16,2020 12:24
My opinion on this new monster: -They pop out of the bushes -Little eyes in the bushes -Adorable
#d4uqVE4R Oct 16,2020 12:17
wow the fast-attack Slime are back, they are very weak but painful if you not eradicate them quickly, you will have a bad time on fighting them.
#BSM2xfyU Oct 16,2020 12:01
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.9 Enemy addition.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 16,2020 06:03
no legs
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 16,2020 03:39
no legs skyk you have officially broken every rule of the universe and you half lied about this abomination good day good day good day good day
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 16,2020 03:15
no legs
what is redvar i have seen it in the wiki with no info what so ever
#Xzahb9lA Oct 15,2020 22:50
Wow add more detail to the lobby, it feels lame
#K3QgkdQM Oct 15,2020 11:17
@ha33ii I think it was intended the more money plants you collect in that area, the higher level the blob thing all 5 of them being yellow/gold wile 4 being the big one
#qReCQO7I Oct 14,2020 22:56
Click 3 of the gold marks in the cluster of five, and no more than that, then drag a stickman there.
#MzZxpZyN Oct 14,2020 22:20
Yo guys how do you spawn in the yellow slime in terraria cave that gives the light bow?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 14,2020 09:07
no legs
there is an impostor among us every one looks at ha33ii ha33ii "what"
#ZGNIjDEW Oct 14,2020 05:24
can we have a way to drag all the stick dudes at once? i have to move them one at a time and its frustrating.
#hprnLT5m Oct 14,2020 05:02
I'd appreciate password recovery for this website! Or is there a way that I'm unaware of?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 14,2020 04:42
no legs
ask him for a forget tree it will make my life a hundred times easier
#5siqPEYZ Oct 14,2020 04:25
I'll just say it. "Achievement System may be coming soon." I'll look forward to it. (Sometimes, ha55ii actually uses some of my ideas (he might use all of them but at least some.)) The health bar might be good for knowing a enemies health and their drops, gold, resistances, level, experience. (Got permission.)
#MnC9DOeH Oct 14,2020 04:05
@Jobean12 personally I'm looking forward to something that will allow for respeccing SP like the forget tree
#MnC9DOeH Oct 14,2020 04:03
@Code_VECBGP2G i think people tend to write the series off due to its simplistic graphics and the fact that it's a free web game. the concept of things like flash games has been on the decline for a while now, not even considering flash ending support this year.
#5siqPEYZ Oct 14,2020 03:06
I can't wait for a second smith shop at the next safe-point (Sky Islands (something like that), I think?) I also can't wait for the UI health bar add-on. I'll love the next boss that has above 5500LP in the stage maybe after Sky garden 3? (I'm letting everyone know that I could (reread the sentence twice) be coming with ideas for Stick Ranger 2 and them be added.) Possible Stages (After Sky Garden 3): Cave Opening, Sky Islands, Cave 5, Snow Plains 1, Snow Plains 2, Snow Plains 3, Snow Plains 4, Tunnel 1, Tunnel 2, Tunnel 3, Tunnel 4, Tunnel 5 (can't come up with more);
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 14,2020 02:01
no legs
i lost every thing
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 13,2020 20:59
no legs not even close
#UVsTIoYN Oct 13,2020 17:46
why you just ignored me?!go to sr1 comment board!how many AT does this enemy have?
#tpBdzKBI Oct 13,2020 13:52
is it just me or is the new enemy incredibly easy
#3YRgXiXx Oct 13,2020 12:23
@Jobean12 yeas nice idea me likey, ha55ii pls fix.
#5siqPEYZ Oct 13,2020 02:08
I wish they added a shop of some sort, to buy weapons you haven't gotten yet. With the formula of price: (weaponShopNumberID*100); So, the cost of the Power Glove (it's shop number ID is the first one (because Glove is excluded from the shops because of being collected at the initial start)) is 100; but the downfall is the weapon bought cannot be bought a second time (meaning it can still be gotten from enemies to turn off the disadvantage) until a new game. The second thing is the disadvantage: the weapon cannot be upgraded until you get it from an enemy. When the bought weapon is gotten from the enemy, you get half of your money spent for the weapon bought back and the disadvantage is taken off (meaning you can upgrade the dropped weapon). Also, if the weapon is already gotten from a monster, when selected in the shop, the 'BUY' button is greyed out and cannot be selected. Another thing is that the shop only shows weapons that are from stages you have beaten. This would be cool.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 12,2020 23:30
no legs better damage
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 12,2020 21:55
no legs
i am getting an error
#hprnLT5m Oct 12,2020 17:09
@no legs I tried loading your save, but it will not let me. This is concerning to me because I don't recall my password to this account. Does that mean I will be unable to load my data if I am logged out of the site? :(
#UVsTIoYN Oct 11,2020 09:47
go to sr1 comment board
#q3W383ab Oct 10,2020 23:01
oh sorry
#UVsTIoYN Oct 10,2020 18:11
so how many AT does it have?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 10,2020 02:00
no legs
i try to keep as much peronal info off the internet
#3YRgXiXx Oct 10,2020 01:07
haha purple
#q3W383ab Oct 09,2020 23:18
don't take offense no legs but is English not your native language or are you young?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 09,2020 21:09
no legs
i reated a game were you have to hit all the pioson arrows rules: you have to constitly be moving i need more rules can you help me
#hprnLT5m Oct 09,2020 17:46
I may be wrong, but it seems the poison damage is similar to the rate of ambient healing in the town. That, or it's based on stick ranger movement?
#b7cpOdr4 Oct 09,2020 15:36
Alrighty, it's a poison attacker. I showed up so quick this time that I beat Ivan247 to the punch. But I don't know how to create articles for enemies, so I'm gonna give some feedback on this guy from here for now: This monster is our first poison attacker. It's got the highest range of any enemy so far, being able to cover just about half of the whole screen, so do watch out when you're on the third floor of Sky Garden. How the poison arrows work is they shoot out into the upper part of the sky, and eventually arc back down onto the screen. This makes dodging an interesting experience because it tests your memory of where each arrow (and it attacks often so there's a couple) is going to land. As for strategies, well it is a single monster with a large health pool and no resistance to Fire, so Explosion works quite nicely on it. You just gotta charge it up and keep in mind that a single Explosion won't be enough to uproot this tree - it takes away about two thirds of its health pool, though.
#BSM2xfyU Oct 09,2020 11:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.8 Enemy addition.
#q3W383ab Oct 09,2020 11:28
not sure if these types of games lack what many gamers are looking for or if this is just a really unknown website
#q3W383ab Oct 09,2020 11:27
it isn't really their faults honestly, they lack a lot of funding from this website to really try and upgrade their update schedule, and it is just one person updating the game which is something you have to appreciate
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 09,2020 02:19
no legs
still the updates are puny
#3YRgXiXx Oct 09,2020 01:58
@Sneezing wrong, ha55ii is the only one that makes web games. ostacube and tylor do different things.
#K3QgkdQM Oct 09,2020 01:19
@dudeguy8 check the profile tab
#3YRgXiXx Oct 09,2020 00:54
@no legs wrong
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 08,2020 23:44
no legs
not really have you seen the puny updates
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 08,2020 23:10
Okay, but still. With three people an update a week is pretty impressive.
#K3QgkdQM Oct 08,2020 19:33
what he said, check the profile tab
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 08,2020 10:31
no legs
3 people

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