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#1VL1zgml Jan 18,2020 02:48
@Randomguypi no poin't asking, ha55ii doesn't talk on the boars (Outside of update announcements)
#dVbtepHo Jan 18,2020 02:43
@ha55ii do you plan to add a way to transfer saves anytime soon? like the system with Stick Ranger 1? also, will we be seeing a way to reset stats?
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 17,2020 23:23
Me seeing 2 new enemies: :D Me seeing they only drop 2 coins: :( Me seeing frequent updates: :)
#uEkbcBai Jan 17,2020 20:19
Bad update cuz its not 6.9 Ok jk its pretty good
#h8YNiNNq Jan 17,2020 12:56
Wow, I actually really like this update! :) the ice effect is super cool and it even slows down your attack speed, and the lightning enemies actually to a remarkable amount of damage. They're pretty strong and I am liking the difficulty of this cave so far!
#BSM2xfyU Jan 17,2020 11:53
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.0 Enemy addition.
#tEdMBIRs Jan 17,2020 05:16
Some Guy
Playing on ps4 rn.
#1VL1zgml Jan 17,2020 01:55
@_Fireball207_ you did. You ruined my day.
#ykKqzpDS Jan 16,2020 20:20
An cool guy
Add an way to transferom your data from device to anthore
#6i0CdnFR Jan 16,2020 17:11
plz make this game on phone
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 16,2020 12:35
@fabgsooz Wow who pissed in your coffee this morning?
#1VL1zgml Jan 16,2020 00:51
FFS. Stop copy and pasting this comment, we've all seen it. And it's a stupid idea.
#o5sav69r Jan 15,2020 21:05
I got ALL the weapons to its max
#uEkbcBai Jan 15,2020 17:24
I lost my progress like the 31987309128730981720937th time on iOS
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 15,2020 10:51
@scbaker I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 15,2020 03:08
Day 432 of maxing out all weapons I finally maxed out all primary weapons.... *stares at charge weapon* *sobs*
#gt3nMgdV Jan 15,2020 01:27
#FFoayhc1 Jan 14,2020 23:01
and you need to make the damage way higher on new weapons so then we can actually use them
#FFoayhc1 Jan 14,2020 22:54
I live the game can you make it so that the boss drops 150 every time though I feel Like that would make the game so Much more fun
#8dlBfUPK Jan 14,2020 20:59
I'm so happy this game is still here!
#uyQ1VG13 Jan 14,2020 06:28
my people ar gone /:
#IBZt3LqI Jan 13,2020 22:45
@fabgsooz Oh i see thanks mate!
#rGQe8vi3 Jan 13,2020 03:59
@Julemi! it's sort of a puzzle and if you get it correct the boss will be the enemy that spawns on the right side
#1VL1zgml Jan 12,2020 12:21
I got a couple things wrong thinking back on it, for instance I think there are more weapons than 24. But my point remains.
#1VL1zgml Jan 12,2020 12:19
@Julemi! Press Ctr + f and type in "Dec 12" You'll find a post explaining it. Stick ranger 1 is at v19.1 That's 191 updates Stick ranger 2 is at 69 updates (Nice), what isn't nice is that (if we're going off sr1) we're already more than 1/3 through the game, or what I would consider up to sub shrine roughly. That's 32 stages. We've got 4. Now our stages are better and more complex but when it comes to playtime, one stage in sr2 is shorter than one stage in sr1. Sr1 has 117 weapons at that point, Sr2 has 24. "But we have smithing" Even if you take that to it's extreme and say that each weapon has 4 upgrades, we still fall short at 96 "weapons". By the time Sr2 becomes comparable to Sr1 we would have to be at like v50.0.... That's like 10 years at this rate. So what's my point? We need better updates. Because in 10 years I'm hoping to be in a more... sophisticated position, where I don't play internet games. Sincerely, Someone who cares way too much.
#IBZt3LqI Jan 12,2020 11:00
I can't seem to find the boss in the terraced cave
#DnlBjdUr Jan 12,2020 10:40
Weapon's AGI should start at 10 and decrease from there. Also make it so that damage increases too as it is currently very weak and useless.
#rSJkXSp1 Jan 11,2020 07:20
it's still too early to talk about dps builds because the game is too simple, it doesn't have strong enough bosses that require this kind of strategy. At the current rate of updates it will take a couple of years to reach that stage. For the moment this game is about killing time by killing bugs and that's it. pd: I liked the new weapons
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 11,2020 01:54
The thing about Light Bow is that it doesn't need you to reposition as often as the Light Glove needs you to to in order to generate an optimal amount of MP. I mean, if you're into that stuff. I never really liked Light Glove anyway.
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 23:24
Okay, sorry for the negativity. It isn't useless, but I do think the AGI should be bumped up to 15 or 10 and then it would be useful
#1VL1zgml Jan 10,2020 22:55
I don't think it's useless... It's like a less effective light glove that lets you take less damage. Maybe if we got it a bit earlier or if it shot WAY more it would be useful.
#uEkbcBai Jan 10,2020 21:25
Ver 6.9? Nice!
#jiJYD0Ep Jan 10,2020 18:51
Nice, ver 6.9
#yUVUJiSa Jan 10,2020 17:19
@fabgsooz welp sorry but i just didn't know, now he update it.
#g7m0eIDk Jan 10,2020 14:56
The concept of the new weapons is fun but need an improvement
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 13:07
Also the DPS of this weapon is probably the lowest in the game, at only 7.5 when maxed out.
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 13:04
...I don't know what to say. I dislike all of the new weapons and they all have little to no application in battle. The Soul Blade was completly useless, and the light bow also seems useless. If you wanna spam charges just use a spear or light glove really. I hope we get good weapons soon. I maxed it out and the AGI is only 20, this is as much as a spear and more than a glove.
#BSM2xfyU Jan 10,2020 12:47
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.9 Weapon addition.
#qBqL2kyw Jan 10,2020 05:18
egg head
cant wait for the update this is a great game
#1VL1zgml Jan 10,2020 00:44
Jesus christ read the comment section if you're going to make assumptions. Ha55ii doesn't do updates on the week after the new year. This isn't new.
#yUVUJiSa Jan 09,2020 17:29
don't tell me ha55ii just quit -_-
#g2idwdZT Jan 09,2020 07:15
Where da update?
#yUVUJiSa Jan 07,2020 21:16
still no update ? ok
#1VL1zgml Jan 07,2020 21:04
Mean and not cool. Epic you are NOT!!!!
#dbOW0a0d Jan 07,2020 03:26
This game big not good xd
#XJoMtzOH Jan 06,2020 07:40
I was logged out however upon logging in, I discovered my data is gone. Stick ranger 2 needs a better saving system that isn't stored in our cookies, or an export feature like in SR1
#oWPy1ceP Jan 05,2020 15:03
#oWPy1ceP Jan 05,2020 13:41
imma flex on all of you and get to central cavity with the all short-physical team that i'm challenging myself with
#lmz3k7C8 Jan 05,2020 10:25
Lightning Lord
ha55ii does not do updates on the first week of the year. It has always been this way.
#1VL1zgml Jan 05,2020 08:28
Lightning lance/spear is too op to not have in your team, all range is not the best.
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 07:59
@mega KOT Probably dodge, since max is lv. 25 (50% dodge rate). It works really well, and hats add another 4% to it (54% dodge chance).If you're level 20 as a player, then it means you have 40 skill points per stick ranger, then it means you still have 15 points left after maxing out dodge --> spend them on attack
#h8YNiNNq Jan 05,2020 04:17
Elemental weapons for the win
#rSJkXSp1 Jan 05,2020 02:39
the best build is all points to long range weapons + bows and staffs.
#ra1DWbh0 Jan 05,2020 00:43
mega KOT
Players, what is best skill point build you think is?
#nOuGai9E Jan 04,2020 18:05
Due to not Update,Caused no more. to see ha55ii's blog, not update entry 814 to see, Discovered Error and 404 Error, to website to discovered ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Mental Break to Bash cause Crash, Creates Aw,Snap. After Creates Crash Report. (Note:Crash Report are Uploaded.)
#Ka2jEg7u Jan 04,2020 11:58
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 06:28
Where's the update?
#mHNhslRH Jan 04,2020 06:08
This game is kinda getting boring, the updates don't have that much in them...
#ioB2QE3F Jan 03,2020 22:59
hmmmm, where's the update?
#7RwilV6a Jan 03,2020 00:17
mhm... guns also can not cost its coins to shoot.
#kLm9Y6on Jan 01,2020 23:35
This Game is kinda cool, and this game is unmoddable making it more fair, I may have a suggestion, The guns : just like the SR1. Long ranged, And somewhat iconic.
#7GVoa4JF Jan 01,2020 13:10
If you want to try a challenge play the game without using your leveling points, very funny.
#1VL1zgml Dec 30,2019 22:38
Better than having +2 dodge.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 30,2019 19:01
Not really much to say about the update frankly, the silk hat is helpful and the straw hat is useless.
#o5sav69r Dec 30,2019 11:39
6 sp on each stat
#idlCtOmQ Dec 29,2019 02:57
Ah yes. A new hat
#BSM2xfyU Dec 27,2019 12:57
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.8 Armor addition.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 27,2019 08:16
Even though Ha55ii doesn't read the comments, I have a fun weapon idea for everyone! Strength Aura: Damage +10% Emit: 15 Does not do damage, but instead gives a 10% damage buff to every player within 20 tiles of the caster, upgrading the weapon increases the damage buff strength by 10%, maxing at 50%. If another player has a y axis of 5 blocks or less under or above the caster, but qualifies for the 20 tile x axis radius, than they will still gain the buff. Buff also doesn't do through walls
#1VL1zgml Dec 25,2019 05:47
Oh yeah, I forgot about the Lightning Orb, it's one of the better weapons for sure. However, I would have to disagree with you when it comes to the Firecracker, I think it's fine, it's fine for bosses and large groups, but the fact that your player has to be in the fray for it to work and the fact that the Flame Slayer and the Sand Blaster have a higher DPS makes it completely insignificant. It takes a little over 8 seconds for the Firecracker to kill the Big Cyan Gel. It takes a little over 5 seconds for the Sand Blaster. And a little over 4 for the Flame Slayer This test actually gives the Firecracker an advantage because the other two have to use their charge twice. The second time, the Big Cyan Gel is pretty much dead anyway. So if they were up against something with slightly less hp it would take about half the time and if they were against something with about 50% more hp their times would be the same. Also, the fact that it's an elemental while the light glove is a physical makes it even worse.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 25,2019 02:33
The lightning orb is a great weapon in my opinion and I use it all the time, the firecracker is also an amazing melee implement when combined with the light glove (preferably upgraded) However I agree with everybody that the soul blade is a bad weapon and is too gimmicky.
#1VL1zgml Dec 24,2019 23:17
Oh god, let me just explain this. Ha55ii doesn't read the English comments, I don't even know if Ha55ii reads the Japanese board. But that doesn't even matter because: This is a terrible idea, we're in the early game right now so we don't need op weapons, and anyway, I think it's good that there isn't just one weapon that you should spam *cough* Indra arrow *cough*. And it's even worse because you can change weapon type in this game, so you could just spam boxer, and in any instance where a boxer would get destroyed (like in sr1 with the mushrooms), you can just switch to something that does work, whereas in sr1 you would have to pick a diverse team from the very beginning. That being said, I do think that we should have a new good weapon. Firecracker was a B tier (Maybe an A tier on a good day), the Soul Blade is damn near useless, and the Poison Bow is clearly outperformed by the Fire Bow (unless fighting the fish which is a very specific instance). The last decent weapon we got was the Sandblaster, which is just a slightly worse version of the Flame Slayer making it obsolete unless you're fighting an enemy with fire resistance. It's slightly more useable than the Poison Bow, and it can compete with the Flame Slayer simply because it synergizes well with the light glove and the light glove is a physical type (Unlike the Flame Slayer).
#idlCtOmQ Dec 24,2019 07:45
New copypasta
#idlCtOmQ Dec 24,2019 07:44
Let me resurrect this now I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 24,2019 01:16
I feel like I’ve killed the fish boss 10 times and I have yet to get the new weapon
#7GVoa4JF Dec 22,2019 07:25
@scbaker Yes, good idea.
#qsaAk5O8 Dec 21,2019 22:20
When will this game come to mobile?
#1VL1zgml Dec 21,2019 09:24
@scbaker stop repeating yourself
#mHNhslRH Dec 21,2019 07:50
#FFoayhc1 Dec 21,2019 01:23
Let me resurrect this now I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#FFoayhc1 Dec 21,2019 01:22
he patched it:(
#qlLV8pd3 Dec 21,2019 01:03
Please add sound to stick ranger 2, It just isn't as fun without the satisfying attacking sounds.
#iLvDBMSs Dec 21,2019 00:38
What's the thing on the update's icon that looks like a fruit, is it an actual way to heal that's dropped by enemies?
#1VL1zgml Dec 20,2019 23:17
After 20 minutes of farming to find the sword, I am very underwhelmed, It barely does any damage even after being maxed out.
#4AWeyCgG Dec 20,2019 20:46
"Soul Blade" but is it the Egde or the Calibur
#BSM2xfyU Dec 20,2019 13:51
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.7 Weapon addition.
#jvhqlPQz Dec 20,2019 01:07
Group click button would be nice!
#1VL1zgml Dec 20,2019 00:27
I have no clue what glitch scbaker is talking about. Also, I don't think there will be a 5th stick ranger, It would be way too difficult to manage. Though there are 5 weapon types so there is decent evidence for one.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 19,2019 23:51
And the glitch doesn’t sound that good compared to getting 150 coins from killing the new boss, but I don’t know what glitch you’re talking about too or how to do it.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 19,2019 23:49
Does anybody think there is going to be a fifth stick ranger in our party? Because there is room in the bottom menu for a fifth one
#FFoayhc1 Dec 19,2019 22:37
btw the freaking glitch for the new boss is insane it drops like 30 coins has anybody else figured out how to do it yet
#FFoayhc1 Dec 19,2019 22:34
@Blacksmith347 I think that this game needs an over powered weapon or aspect of the game.
#qK50bFMz Dec 19,2019 16:13
@jktw not sure about how "simple" your math was, but lightning ball is maxed at LV5 so there is no "above 5". And LV3 is 1-7*3=3-21 compared to LV5's 1-5*5= 5-25. So no, opt lvl is not 3.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 19,2019 02:24
@fabsooz When flame slayer is maxed it does hundreds of damage and can kill most monsters in one hit --> does splash damage too and recharges quickly
#1VL1zgml Dec 19,2019 02:09
I can't wait till it's at v20 and complete. Though if ha55ii continues at this rate once we get to v20 we'd only about 20 rooms. That compared to sr1 is nothing.
#9FM0mUiK Dec 18,2019 18:46
This is really satisfying, fun, nostalgic and I can't wait for the next updates!
#1VL1zgml Dec 17,2019 22:34
It's the end.
#80wIsA3N Dec 17,2019 06:11
Is there anything after the upper floor of the Central Cavity? Is that it for the game so far? Where do you go after it.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 16,2019 05:29
The Inn fully heals your health when you use it, yes, you can wait for it to simply regenerate, but when you are further in the game and have higher max health and lots of money, it can be pretty helpful. Also, later in the game, you get an item called "Onigiri" This fully heals the health of all your stickmen, once you've used it, the only way to get it back is to use the inn. Hope this helped!
#ajLprjC3 Dec 16,2019 03:22
Umm, is the Inn intended to not do anything? I shoved stick man right up to it and clicked, the "G 10" turned to "G 0" and nothing else seemed to happen..... Did it just quicken healing or something? I'm in early game so healing is fast and things are expensive, was that all a waste?

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