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#idlCtOmQ Dec 14,2019 23:48
Speaking of overpowered lightning weapons, I honestly hope that they never make the Indra Arrow mistake again. "Its damage was balanced for a single target weapon!" Yeah well it made nearly every boss without thunder resistance a pushover.
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 20:18
Yeah, I agree with blacksmith people don't understand that this game is in very early development.
#6dbDDBKq Dec 14,2019 14:08
#h8YNiNNq Dec 14,2019 09:41
No. That would be a bad idea, from your description, that weapon is extremely powerful. Yes, it would be cool to have something like that as of the current update. However, if you had something like that the entire game, it would ruin all the challenge and make the game boring. From the time of your suggestion, it would likely be dropped by a boss in cave 5, this is far too early to get a weapon like that. But that's just my opinion, and a respect yours and I hope you have a great day!
#7GVoa4JF Dec 14,2019 07:24
#FFoayhc1 Dec 14,2019 00:45
I don't know tell me if you agree with me ,I think that I should be able to destroy things way easier than I do now, Having everything maxed out
#FFoayhc1 Dec 14,2019 00:42
I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 00:26
Wait no it's also great against bosses.
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 00:22
Firecracker + Light glove is amazing for groups of enemies. Pretty bad against bosses tho. @Kingbob who's joe and what is ligma? Oh yeah, I remember now nvm, they're both terrible memes.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 13,2019 23:14
Oh and the amount of fireballs that surround you and protect you increases with every upgrade too. It attacks quickly, lasts a while and has little damage.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 13,2019 23:07
This new weapon is kinda cool, it’s just a fireball that protects the user, but it is pretty cool
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 21:05
account lost
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 21:05
#BSM2xfyU Dec 13,2019 13:05
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.6 Weapon addition.
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 13,2019 09:02
I thought joe died of ligma
#4AWeyCgG Dec 13,2019 05:52
that new boss bamboozled me something fierce lemme tell ya
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 02:44
is that today update?
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 12,2019 14:54
OCD player
so i have upgrade all my item till max lvl.
#1VL1zgml Dec 12,2019 02:29
So there are five pieces of gold in the terraced cave. Move one of your stick rangers to the gold to spawn the enemies. Before you move your ranger over you should press the right amount of gold for the enemy you want. 0 for green, 1 for blue, 2 for red, 3 and 4 for boss, and 5 for yellow.
#KBqCoxJh Dec 11,2019 23:04
I'm still confused how to make those enemies spawn in terraced cave. Can I get some help
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 11,2019 05:46
Because joe is with us all this Christmas.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 11,2019 05:45
Lets just all appreciate joe for a moment
#iv2Y5giD Dec 11,2019 05:40
thanks joe
#vz4dGLpf Dec 11,2019 04:56
#JAfSvRYW Dec 11,2019 03:00
There is a save feature, yes. But our progress is trapped in our computers until it is deleted by accident or the computer dies. We would like a save export feature like in Stick Ranger 1, so we don't have to worry about this loss.
#hQUNoQEq Dec 11,2019 02:35
when will they add a save feature for this game i wonder...
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 10,2019 22:33
Yes I like that but what about mobile players
#M2HTy6JK Dec 10,2019 04:44
Re: Suggestion
• Secondarily, more usefully but harder to code, it would be amazing to be able to control one Ranger at a time, arrows/WASD to move, and mouse to attack.
#M2HTy6JK Dec 10,2019 03:09
• I think that you should be able to double click in order to select a group of Rangers at once, this would make moving them all into a dangerous section a lot less risky.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 09,2019 23:33
Ok I maxed out the light glove (level 3) and its somewhat good, I guess, it does low damage but can attack and use charges quickly.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 09,2019 23:25
@blacksmith347 well when I tested it that’s what I got... I don’t know why or how it would be wrong
#1VL1zgml Dec 08,2019 21:20
@the real answer we know
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 08,2019 13:16
the real answer
0=green gel 1=blue gel 2= red gel 3,4=boss gel 5=yellow gel
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 08,2019 12:33
where is the new monsther
#1VL1zgml Dec 07,2019 19:40
@Brodsterguy How did you make that mistake?
#h8YNiNNq Dec 07,2019 07:57
Unfortunately that info is false. It is green slime for 0 clicks, blue slime for 1 click. red slime for 2 click. 3-4 click for boss. 5 click for yellow slime swarm. You can also find this info on the "Stick Ranger 2" article on the Dan Ball wiki.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 07,2019 01:36
Ok, so for anyone that doesn’t know, in terraced cave if you go to the right it will spawn different enemies depending on the amount of coin things you take from the wall, 0coins= small green guys, 1-2coins= small red guys 3-4coins= new boss and 5 coins is more red boys.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 07,2019 01:31
This new boss is amazing, he occasionally drops 150 coins!
#ra1DWbh0 Dec 06,2019 21:33
mega KOT
if clike 3 red slims spawned
#yUVUJiSa Dec 06,2019 16:07
that new boss is ez to kill.
#b5LDH3iN Dec 06,2019 14:25
the yellow boss dosen't exit i tried to find it but there's nothing
#h8YNiNNq Dec 06,2019 12:47
also 150 gold for boss kill (THAT'S INSANE)
#h8YNiNNq Dec 06,2019 12:47
WOW... um, this is really cool. so... the five gold marks at the right of the cave are now used to summon enemies!? Here is the code: Click none and go to the area where they are located and green slimes spawn. Click one and blue slimes spawn. Click two and red slimes spawn. Click either 3 or 4 and a boss spawns, or click 5 and yellow slimes attack. This is really clever and took a while to figure out, thanks ha55ii!
#BSM2xfyU Dec 06,2019 12:09
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.5 Enemy addition.
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 06,2019 09:41
@yuri Go to the village
#KBqCoxJh Dec 06,2019 04:44
Anyone have tips on grinding money. I haven played this game in so long
#1VL1zgml Dec 05,2019 23:54
@caylus Stop spamming dude
#o5sav69r Dec 05,2019 22:51
add a spanwer from minecraft and what will it look like?
#o5sav69r Dec 05,2019 22:50
add a spawner from minecraft and what will it look like?
#RtKkYey0 Dec 05,2019 19:07
Is there no way to regain the consumed onigiri either?
#rd85eiAY Dec 05,2019 08:51
I go to go onto my Account didn’t save
#7GVoa4JF Dec 05,2019 01:51
#Ja8NeGrd Dec 05,2019 00:22
Do items and weapons only drop once?
#1VL1zgml Dec 04,2019 01:44
@TeamDoodleBlocks I think sr2 gets more grindy faster. In sr 1, I only really had to start grinding once I got to snow field. And even then I wasn't spending upwards of an hour just continuously murdering the same monster over and over. That being said I do enjoy sr2
#1VL1zgml Dec 04,2019 01:33
@Kim, If you signed out of your account and then back in you might lose your progress. This also happens if you clear your cache.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 00:02
Also my progress saved, oof a doof
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 00:02
I’ve been trying to get into SR2 after beating SR1 but idk man something about the sequel is off putting and is a turn down to me.
#zOjZZPXL Dec 03,2019 19:03
#JvIYZaMZ Dec 03,2019 12:11
Ultra ganer
When will we get a mobile release
#1yL2PG7B Dec 03,2019 01:08
@Kim no
#XJtg8fbu Dec 02,2019 21:51
Did it reset data for anyone else?!
#yUVUJiSa Nov 30,2019 19:35
is that a zombie snake lol.
#1VL1zgml Nov 30,2019 01:33
Soon the new area will be better for money farming
#idlCtOmQ Nov 29,2019 13:25
Skull snakes! Notice how their heads are normally green, but they change to red when they attack. Cool, right?
#BSM2xfyU Nov 29,2019 13:11
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.4 Enemy addition.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 26,2019 08:10
Wait nvm its just a charge
#DnlBjdUr Nov 26,2019 08:08
What's the difference between lighting orb and lightning ball?
#mZN6k4jX Nov 25,2019 10:15
@bob4koolest the cave 4 spot on the right is still better as the mini slimes give you 3 gold each and you can bring another stickman out to collect all the gold from torches while the others fight slimes
#N6FHhRZL Nov 25,2019 00:51
No it reset all my progress :(
#JvIYZaMZ Nov 24,2019 09:53
Please bring to android
#1VL1zgml Nov 23,2019 23:41
It's really boring though, also If you're not maxed out, other farms can give you xp
#N6FHhRZL Nov 23,2019 11:20
New cave is the best gold farm because there are no monsters and only gold nuggets.
#in63Yrtd Nov 23,2019 07:16
Yay we're moving up in the world
#1yL2PG7B Nov 23,2019 00:52
Though I just signed in and it deleted all my data. :( :( :(
#1yL2PG7B Nov 23,2019 00:52
I like the new map!
#1oHElsNi Nov 22,2019 22:34
torches * sorry
#1oHElsNi Nov 22,2019 22:34
some toches in the new map are floating
#idlCtOmQ Nov 22,2019 13:58
So this is a nice looking map, it's called "Terraced cave". Vertical transition. There are already five gimmicks on the walls here, but they will probably be guarded by enemies in the future, like the others - if you want to take advantage of completely safe money then now is the time to do so.
#7GVoa4JF Nov 22,2019 12:44
please make FInal Inferno cave with all the bosses together with 10x hp and 10x damage
#BSM2xfyU Nov 22,2019 11:39
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.3 Added map.
#N6FHhRZL Nov 22,2019 10:54
There should be a cave 5 it's getting kind of boring with 4 caves since I've got all the weapons and defeated all the monsters already many times.
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 22,2019 00:15
Is there going to be another update for hats? Because Half of the hats in the game cannot be upgraded like the beret and the two hats that give defense
#mNASdnMK Nov 21,2019 12:30
#l57OFAuf Nov 21,2019 01:12
i didnt know that i thought it was only cave 4
#1VL1zgml Nov 20,2019 23:49
yeah... why wouldn't they?
#l57OFAuf Nov 20,2019 22:23
GUYS its not just the clickables in cave 4 that can drop 100 coins, i was in cave1 and had the coin in the box near the boss drop 100!!
#d097jv69 Nov 20,2019 04:29
Huh been a while since ive been on this site
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 20,2019 01:38
Huh the starter weapon maxes out at level 11 for some reason
#1VL1zgml Nov 19,2019 23:00
no you start with one
#M8Fyjt35 Nov 19,2019 21:52
Do you start with one person or is something wrong for me like I'm getting rekt on level 1 coz I've got only one guy
#Ka2jEg7u Nov 19,2019 01:22
Yeah I liked the save system
#1VL1zgml Nov 17,2019 09:25
I didn't. Well, the second time I did but that was because I had to clear my drive, the first time I just changed account and it was gone, anyway, I don't see why there can't be s system like sr1. Don't be so passive aggressive jees
#Ka2jEg7u Nov 17,2019 06:37
There is its called don’t delete your cache and history
#1VL1zgml Nov 16,2019 23:17
We need a way to save, I've lost my progress multiple times now.
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 16,2019 01:26
So, I have found that the lightning ball is pretty bad at level 1, but pretty damn good at max level (5) as it shoots 5 projectiles instead of one and I find him being the strongest in the team behind my physical guy.
#ra1DWbh0 Nov 15,2019 21:46
mega KOT
what if it limitless upgrades :0
#1oHElsNi Nov 15,2019 21:19
hats dont show what level they are btw
#BSM2xfyU Nov 15,2019 13:36
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.2 Added armor level.
#ntZhtC3V Nov 14,2019 12:08
Thank you, ha55ii!
#p2LQ4WuA Nov 14,2019 06:59
Its just you.

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