Lim Rocket ver2.2

Game overview :

Game to advance by operating the rocket
while avoiding collision with the planet

Genre :

Avoidance action game

Controls : Left click and right click
NewSupports full screen.
Full Screen

Game Tips
Rotate to leftLeft click, Left key, Left side touch
Rotate to rightRight click, Right key, Right side touch
AccelerationLeft & Right click, Left & Right key, Space key, Left right touch
Title menuUp Down key, Space key
Result menuLeft Right key, Space key

OPERATIONSwitch the direction of rotation of left and right

[How To Play]
Rocket has been pulled to gravity always (Universal gravitation)
Avoid collision with planet in a skillful attitude control.

The game over is when you lost to off-screen or crashing into planet.

You admire a beautiful universe sometimes also it is a good idea!
Compete a number passed through of planet.

[Mode Description]
ENJOY MODEEnjoy the world of universal gravitation!
ECOLOGY MODEPosture control gas & acceleration fuel finite, Eco-era!
CHARGE MODEIt's mode resources finite but can be charged from planet Technique is tried!
BLIND MODEThere is no collision prediction radar, so you ride out with intuition!
GREAT MODEPlanets come out in large numbers, level is hard!

Total Enjoy Mode
Charge Mode
Great Mode
Ecology Mode
Blind Mode
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