- Planet simulation ver1.8 -

Game overview :
It's a planet simulation game. Enjoy the world of gravity! You can
also reproduce the solar system. See how beautiful the Earth is.
Genre : Simulation game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : HTML5 version.
HTML5 JavaApplet


- Game Tips -
Left-click : Add a planet. Change menu.
Right-click : Change menu.

[Color]   : Change the color of a planet.
       "?" shows a random color.
[Track]   : Change the type of trajectory.
       line   - short line
       long line - long line
       point   - dotted line
       non    - hide
[Target]  : Add a planet to the selected direction.
       1. Click the mouse to locate a planet.
       2. Drag the mouse to determine the direction.
       3. Release the mouse.
[Random]  : Add a planet to a random direction.
       Click again to change the speed of the planet.
[Circle]  : Add a planet with a circular orbit.
[Size]   : Change the size of a planet.
[Star]   : Add and delete stars.
       By clicking the blank space you'll add the stars.
       By clicking on the stars, you'll delete them.
[Scale]   : Change the scale of the screen.
[Speed]   : Change the flow of the time.
       From 8 to 1/4 times speed. 0 stops the time.
[Reset]   : Reset.
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