Logi Box ver3.4

Game overview :

It is a puzzle game that fills cells with hints of numbers.
In general, it is said to be "Nonogram" "Picross" etc.

Genre :

Logic puzzle game

Controls : Left click, Right click
NewSupports full screen.
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Game Tips
  1. Numbers is number of cells to fill continuously
  2. There is always a space between numbers and numbers
  3. Order of numbers is same as order of cells to be filled

For detailed explanation, please refer to Wikipedia.

Fill black
×Signs when white is confirmed
To blank
.xMarking used for uncertain trout
Clear all markings
<>Undo, Redo

RETRYRetry game.
HOMEBack to title.

[Shortcut key]

EASYProblem solved by simple logic.
NORMALProblem solved by complex logic.
HARDProblem requiring erasing method.

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