- Stick Ranger ver15.9 -

Overview : Adventure of 4 Stickmans!
Genre : Action RPG
Controls : Left click and drag
New : HTML5 version.
HTML5 JavaApplet

- VS Mode -
- Game Tips -
Move      : Drag the Stickman
Attack     : Fully automatic
Items     : Drag and drop
Pause & Option : Space key

LP   : Life point
STR  : Strength
DEX  : Dexterity
MAG  : Magic

AT   : Min. attack - Max. attack
AGI  : Min. attack speed - Max. attack speed
RANGE : Attack range

AURA  : Aura of Attack (AT), Aura of Defense (DF)
     Apply to yourself and your Stickmans around
BULLET : Number of additional attacks
RING  : Number of continuous attacks

TYPE  : Weapon attributes
MP   : Required magic for additional attacks
$$   : Money you consume for an attack
TIME  : Time effect
SLOW  : Chill effect

LV   : Level
SP   : Skill point (2 points per 1LV)
EXP  : Experience point
$$$  : Money
FP   : Fighting power (FP = LV + WEAPONx2 + COMPO + COMPO)

Revival: Pay and join to the game again

Compo Item: Items to combine with a weapon (COMPO) by overwriting

There is a town at the starting point.
You can complete a stage by defeating a boss.
The game is over when all Stickmans have been killed.
- Save Function -
The progress will be automatically saved when you pass each stage.
Please enable JavaScript and Cookie if you experience saving issues.
Using browser's back/forward button may prevent from loading the latest data.
Please use the click on the buttons or press "Update".
- Stick Ranger Comments -