Stick Ranger ver19.1

Overview :
Action RPG game where 4 Stickmans defeat monsters and advance the stage!
Let's make your own party by customizing class, status and items!
You can play against world players in VS mode.
Genre : Action RPG
Controls : Left click and drag

New : Bug fix: VS MODE

VS Mode
Game Tips
MoveDrag the Stickman
AttackFully automatic
ItemsDrag and drop
Pause & OptionSpace key

LPLife point
ATMin. attack - Max. attack
AGIMin. attack speed - Max. attack speed
RANGEAttack range
AURAAura of Attack (AT), Aura of Defense (DF)
Apply to yourself and your Stickmans around
BULLETNumber of additional attacks
RINGNumber of continuous attacks
TYPEWeapon attributes
MPRequired magic for additional attacks
$$Money you consume for an attack
TIMETime effect
SLOWChill effect
SPSkill point (2 points per 1LV)
EXPExperience point
FPFighting power (FP = LV + WEAPONx2 + COMPO + COMPO)
RevivalPay and join to the game again

Compo Item:Items to combine with a weapon (COMPO) by overwriting

There is a town at the starting point.
You can complete a stage by defeating a boss.
The game is over when all Stickmans have been killed.
Save Function

The progress will be automatically saved when you pass each stage.
Please enable JavaScript and Cookie if you experience saving issues.
Using browser's back/forward button may prevent from loading latest data.
Please use the click on the buttons or press "Update".

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