- Liquid Webtoy ver2.5 -

Game overview :
This fluid simulation game allows you to play with water on the browser.
Enjoy adding some colors or transform water into clouds or ice.
Genre : Simulation game
Controls : Left click and right click
New : HTML5 version.
HTML5 JavaApplet


- Game Tips -
Mouse    : Move water.
Left-click  : Add water. Change menu.
Right-click : Move the screen. Change menu.

[R][G][B]  : Change the water color.
[Mix]    : Change the color mixture model.
        non - No mixture.
        RGB - Mix res, green and blue.
        HSV - Mix the hue, saturation and lightness.
[Water]   : Add the selected color on water.
[Paint]   : Paint with the selected color.
[Cloud]   : Clouds slowly go up and become rain.
[Magma]   : Magma evaporates water.
[Ice]    : Ice freezes water.
[Wall]    : Wall.
[Bomb]    : Boooom!
[TBomb]   : Time bomb.
[Duck]    : Appear a duck!
[Clear]   : Delete water and walls.
[Stop/Start] : Pause & Play.
[Hit]    : The strength of water bounce.
[BH]     : Black hole. It sucks moving objects.
[BG]     : Change the background image. 0 hides the background.
[AB]     : Alpha blend.
        non - Opacity
        half - Translucence
        add - Additive synthesis (looks brighter)
        sub - Subtractive synthesis (looks darker)
        mul - Multiple synthesis (colored tape-like effect)
        hil - Highlight (light effect)
        rev - Reverse (negative-positive)
        * The effect appears when activating the background image.
[Line]    : Show the contour line.
[Reset]   : Reset.
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