Aqua Box ver4.2 (ALPHA)

Game overview :
Game reproducing the world of Nature Aquarium programmatically,
such as gorgeous color and growth of aquatic plants,
brilliant colors and swimming of tropical fish.
Genre : Aquatic plants numerical simulation game
Controls : Left click and drag

New : Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

*ALPHA version is incomplete game balance.

How to play
  1. Will purchase my favorite aquatic plants at shop.
  2. Plant aquatic plants and enjoy growing.
  3. Cut it moderately and re-plant it or sell it!
  4. Let's layout with your own sense.
Game Tips
PlantHold the aquatic plants root and release it on the soil.
PINCHIt plant and move aquatic plants.
TRIMMINGCut the nodes of aquatic plants.
LINE - Cut it on a straight line.
PULL - Pull out within the range.
SOILEdit ground.
LIGHTSwitching lighting.
SELLIt sell all floating aquatic plants.
SHOPAqua shop that buys aquatic plants and living things.
INFOInformation, sale of tropical fish.
RESTARTRestart game.
COINUse it at the shop.

Aqua Box Comments
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