- Mine Tower ver1.5 -

Game overview :
Vertical scrolling style minesweeper
Genre : Puzzle game
Controls : Left click and right click


- Game Instruction -
Mine Tower is a puzzle game where you have to open all the cells of the board
without detonating a mine.

The numbers indicate how many mines are contained in the 8 neighboring cells.
You can mark up "blank > flag > ? > blank" with the right click.
When you click on the mine, you'll get a penalty.

Uncover the cells using the number as a clue.
When the un-clicked cells without a mine reach on the bottom line, the game
is over.
- Game Tips -
[Game Screen]
1F  - Current floor
TIME - Elapsed time
D   - Back to the tile
MINE - Remained mines
MISS - Numbers you click on the mine
SPEED - Current scrolling speed
PAUSE - Pause
SKIP - Fast-forward
?MARK - ? mark ON/OFF

watch - Watch. Keep the scrolling speed 0.
scope - You can see through mines.
bomb - Bomb. Open the cells in range.

[Click a number]
When the number on a cell you click is equal to the number of flags
in the 8 neighboring cells, those 8 cells will be opened.

[Shortcut key]
Space - Right click
↓  - Fast-forward
P   - Pause

Total point = Floor x 500 - Time - Mistake x 500
If you can not play the games, download the latest Java.
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