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Name ha55ii

Blood type Type O

Profession Game programmer

Hobby Developer of games.
Bouldering in summer, Skiboard in winter.
Nose manual http://youtu.be/oeEVAQBiVHE
Endurance cross step http://youtu.be/w2F4YCh3TDU
Fakie Cross http://youtu.be/PbYxb1pUm9w

Favorite games Diablo II : I'm still addicted to it.
Torneko no Daiboken: Fushigi no Dungeon completed.
MARIO KART : I wish I could develop this game.

Blog Game development diary: Dhublog
Name tylor

Blood type Type A

Profession Web programmer

Hobby I can swim the front crawl for 12 km!
I love movies and have more than 500 DVDs!

Favorite games Kingdom Hearts: Donald is so cute!
Virtua Fighter: Jacky is my favorite. Come on!
Choro-Q 4   : I got the devil parts!
Blog Movies and Templates: tylor's blog
Name otascube

Blood type Type O

Profession App game programmer

Hobby Painting (more like scrawling though)
Party at home with my friends

Favorite games Metal Gear Solid: Especially 3. The story is touching.
Super Mario : Especially Super Mario 64!
Dr. Mario : Favorite puzzle game.

Twitter otascube: twitter
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