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#2L6C3FX9 Sep 22,2020 06:20
no legs
Code_VECBGP2G i mean every thing i had is gone and i have nothing left
#qLAY7qFv Sep 22,2020 05:45
Quick Knuckle + Explosion. All in Long Energy
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 22,2020 02:45
@genericuser2020 I had the same thing happen to me and I just had to restart my game since I couldn't figure out a way to sign out, sorry :(
#qReCQO7I Sep 22,2020 00:55
Does anyone know of a way to edit saves in this game? When I created my account, it deleted my preexisting save, and I really want a way to get it back, I had all the items at max level and I was level 31.
#q3W383ab Sep 21,2020 21:29
what do you mean you lost all your progress
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 21,2020 20:35
no legs
who is logged in cause i lost all my progress can someone help me?
#mRwW4Ojt Sep 21,2020 01:15
#KBFOPSaJ Sep 19,2020 23:50
In the below comment I was using google lol
#OEjOV0Oz Sep 19,2020 06:15
Remember that this is 1 or 2 people making weekly updates
#MnC9DOeH Sep 19,2020 03:07
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 02:54
no legs
#MnC9DOeH Sep 19,2020 01:58
Has the terraced cave's torch trap always been able to spawn a Big Yellow Slime? usually it spawns a bunch of small ones but one time i spawned a big one ((after clicking all but one of the wall gold specks))
#W4bqQdTS Sep 18,2020 12:07
This is a very satisfying enemy to clear out
#BSM2xfyU Sep 18,2020 11:36
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.5 Enemy addition.
#yXUuNht9 Sep 18,2020 00:01
i hope there is apk on android for stick ranger 2. willing to pay if needed too.
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 17,2020 20:07
no legs
okay i need to make a speech for sand piel and if you are a kid do not go there or you will regret it
#atOHxvjS Sep 17,2020 14:47
djradnad glad that items *probably* wont fall into the abyss in sky 3 xd
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 16,2020 12:34
no legs
Hey i need help making a speech
#q3W383ab Sep 15,2020 21:31
spamming revive lol
#UVsTIoYN Sep 15,2020 19:30
how do i get past hell castle in sr1
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 13,2020 04:30
no legs
how to i chancg the code in stick ranger 1 such as one shot arrow shoots one millian
#q3W383ab Sep 13,2020 02:26
I've just started playing sr 2 and finished sr1, for my 2 years of using this website I was on powder game 2 and didn't know this game existed so no I haven't. I forgot that this game isn't really that well known and as a result, doesn't have a lot playing it but its still gloomy to know that updates are slow
#KBFOPSaJ Sep 13,2020 00:34
@Code_VECBGP2G Have you not been around long? Next friday we'll most likely get monsters for it.
#q3W383ab Sep 12,2020 23:58
I don't see much of a point in adding a stage with nothing in it kind of a disappointing thing tbh but I guess that's my opinion
#0gYQZ1x3 Sep 12,2020 17:17
@Code_VECBGP2G There never are any monsters when they first make a level.
#hprnLT5m Sep 12,2020 03:58
The fireball weapon will probably be useful for whatever spawns in the pit-shaped section of this new zone
#q3W383ab Sep 12,2020 03:49
sky garden 3 is cool and all but i dont see any enemies and the bestiary doesn't show any monsters in the stage either.
#pWtx510j Sep 12,2020 02:34
Oh yeah Sky Garden 3 let's GOOOOO!
#oEADYId4 Sep 12,2020 01:58
@cool cat Ok first kill enough green blobs to get the Bash & Sword then kill enough blue ones to get the SPear then you’ll be able to do damage without getting hit then go into Cave 2 and try to keep you distance while poking them.
#kO70n9dy Sep 12,2020 00:58
cool cat
its so hard how do you beat level two!!!!!! :#
#BvFg7QsG Sep 11,2020 22:58
Powder toy boy
Sky Garden 3 is nearly perfect for the new fire weapon! Long flat ground!
#qDJ7l8wD Sep 11,2020 22:46
I immediately hate the floating torch on Sky Garden 3.
#BSM2xfyU Sep 11,2020 22:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.4 Map addition.
#wosqQwDw Sep 11,2020 21:59
ha55ii didn't post it, so I'll do it for him: Stick Ranger 2 ver10.4 Map addition.
#wQBsFcKq Sep 11,2020 00:06
Powder toy boy
This new fire weapon is very nice! Not that good, but still great. Love how it holds its potential energy. High ground is the key here.
#hprnLT5m Sep 08,2020 19:44
@phdanielli What is your screen's refresh rate? The game's FPS may be limited by your hardware or computer's software, but one thing I can tell you is that the FPS will mirror your screen's refresh rate if it's capable of doing so. 40hz = 40fps, 60hz = 60fps, etc etc
#ziJgJPrk Sep 07,2020 12:31
the game still suffers major performance issues that causes dragging problems
#ziJgJPrk Sep 06,2020 13:25
after some painful experience trying to get halberd, the halberd can actually make it very easy to survvive solo'ing the boss that drops said halberd, making farming it rather pleasant. the game feels a lot less frustrating now.
#UVsTIoYN Sep 06,2020 10:41
go to sr1 comment board
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 06,2020 08:34
no legs
I got the rsrm mod butt it do not work
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 06,2020 03:02
no legs
i was getting bats and i got the fire arrow but it fell in to the abis
#pWtx510j Sep 05,2020 07:36
Love the weapon, its really powerful! Interesting that they would add a weapon that has the same effect as the fire flower from Mario on the same day that Nintendo celebrates the 35th anniversary of Mario...
#hprnLT5m Sep 04,2020 15:04
#BSM2xfyU Sep 04,2020 14:31
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.3 Weapon addition.
#atOHxvjS Sep 04,2020 12:21
also, if u really have trouble u can always just eat some onigiris and replenish them at the inn. should be easy enough with those :)
#atOHxvjS Sep 04,2020 12:19
normal way, i use spears and a guy with explosion and just keep dodging the things... Quick way, i usea guy with light knuckles and sand blaster.
#Z6Fq2FnQ Sep 04,2020 12:15
How do you deafest plant thing sky garden 2
#UVsTIoYN Sep 03,2020 20:19
yes it is a good weapon also any tips for hell castle in sr1
#pWtx510j Sep 02,2020 06:34
Awesome job! That must have took a lot of work. My highest level i've reached is 27
#hprnLT5m Sep 01,2020 19:43
I finally reached level 30 today. Many, many, many first-cycle boss kills.
#UBiVmWZM Aug 31,2020 13:06
This weapon is amazing! One thing I don't like about it though is that its doesn't do damage as rapidly as @xmx90 said. Agree 100% with him.
#H0jhZW27 Aug 29,2020 02:16
Powder toy boy
Nice to have finally a new +2 long mag weapon for full long mag team. This new fire bow seems very useful against big swarms of flying enemies.
#973go7Gm Aug 29,2020 00:44
can i get an import code my game was lost
#CVZm0YEc Aug 28,2020 22:17
Nice weapon, but not outstanding. I prefer light knuckle + explosion.
#hprnLT5m Aug 28,2020 22:05
I have to say, though - I find this weapon to be underwhelming (as far as damage per second). The arrow doesn't seem to apply its damage very consistently or rapidly (much slower than the flame clouds from other weapon effects). Still, a nice update.
#hprnLT5m Aug 28,2020 21:42
Very cool weapon. FYI, this does drop from the bats spawned by the boss - you do not have to farm the three that are initially spawned in the area.
#BSM2xfyU Aug 28,2020 13:18
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.2 Weapon addition.
#Lna4Syfj Aug 27,2020 21:58
nickname the section over there is quite quiet which is why i am doing it here
#AU31Bvmx Aug 27,2020 19:56
i got all the 3 hard weapones from the first time with the boss i am extreme lucky
#UVsTIoYN Aug 25,2020 18:22
go to sr1 comment board
#YYrGc6QL Aug 25,2020 01:04
Hey I’m the orginal
#Lna4Syfj Aug 24,2020 02:49
i want to mod the first game how do i
#DVivn33q Aug 23,2020 23:48
I can kill big gray slime easy and the boss below it whats hard is that Very hard to get weapons
#ziJgJPrk Aug 23,2020 18:46
Wont be playing this game until something actually new comes out. More drops on an unfair boss isnt new.
#pWtx510j Aug 23,2020 06:37
I love this weapon! I love how the projectile splits into two everytime it hits an enemy. One of the most satisfying places to use it is the lake at Cave 4. This weapon is absolutely awesome. Thanks for your hard work ha55ii!
#atOHxvjS Aug 23,2020 05:45
I'm liking the knuckles and the halberd, seems like we will get improved versions of each weapon class with new icons at this rate. like maybe a katana for the next tier of swords perhaps :)
#tpBdzKBI Aug 23,2020 04:38
Wow, this new weapon has amazing crowd control, too bad my characters aren't optimized to use it :/
#UBiVmWZM Aug 22,2020 04:06
Another weapon thats really hard to get? Cool.
#yUVUJiSa Aug 21,2020 18:40
wow another hard to get weapon, hahahahaha funny.
#hprnLT5m Aug 21,2020 16:26
Very cool weapon effect! If only there were a way to reset stats so that I may optimize for new weapons... Thank you for the update.
#BSM2xfyU Aug 21,2020 13:14
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.1 Weapon addition.
#pWtx510j Aug 21,2020 08:49
No problem! Thanks to your question I was able to discover something I didn't know about the game.
#atOHxvjS Aug 21,2020 08:24
@Blacksmith347 ok thats what i assumed but have never really tried dodge aside from the cap. thanks :)
#Lna4Syfj Aug 20,2020 20:36
how do i install a mod for the first game
#pWtx510j Aug 20,2020 05:11
Dodge does not work on redirected attacks, neither does defense, for example, if there is a stickman with zero health with a bb cap taking 3 damage, that damage will be reduces to 2 and all other stickmen will take 2 damage, however, if the stickman receiving the 2 damage has a work cap on, they will still take 2 damage anyway.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 19,2020 17:40
why still no people wants to talk to me?!do you play stick ranger?noooo no one wants to help me :( @djradnad do u tried that out?
#pWtx510j Aug 19,2020 05:01
Investing into short, medium, and long allows to power up weapons of a certain range class. Gloves and Swords are short, Spears are middle, wands and bows are long. That means that if you favor swords for example, you can spend sp on short and you'll be powering up any kind of sword whether it's elemental or not.
#LrS7FAzr Aug 19,2020 01:50
What is the diffrerence between the short, medium and long attacks? Is it better to just upgrade physical and elemental?
#UVsTIoYN Aug 18,2020 20:23
stickranger comment board still no comment wtf.go to stickranger comment board i have some problems
#pWtx510j Aug 18,2020 09:05
I just noticed something, whenever the games saves (via entering another screen) it says "save ok" on the bottom right of the screen
#b7cpOdr4 Aug 18,2020 07:08
BEHOLD! A short-range weapon that ISN'T of type Fire or Physical. The prophecy is true!
#atOHxvjS Aug 16,2020 02:14
Does anyone know if dodge works on redirected damage? i.e. if I put dodge on my tank will it negate damage taken by my characters with no hp?
#atOHxvjS Aug 16,2020 02:11
djradnad uwu
#pWtx510j Aug 15,2020 10:06
I made an account of this site and then lost my data in this game -_-
#pWtx510j Aug 15,2020 07:38
I really like the new weapon! Now we officially have a short range weapon with an element other than fire or physical! I've been playing this game since V3.8 and it has evolved so much since then. Thank you so much for your hard amazing work ha55ii!
#CFAE2bLh Aug 15,2020 03:38
wow 10.0 I been playing this game from version 4.5
#atOHxvjS Aug 14,2020 19:24
their level +10*
#atOHxvjS Aug 14,2020 19:23
Bats on sky garden 2 continue to give xp after u have exceeded their level..
#yUVUJiSa Aug 14,2020 18:40
why another hard to get it ;____;
#vflUyUFM Aug 14,2020 17:51
There is a Status of DF but there wasn't something told about it :/
#UVsTIoYN Aug 14,2020 15:03
Great,on my second try of grinding the weapon,the light knuckle and the new weapon drops together! :D
#BSM2xfyU Aug 14,2020 13:34
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.0 Weapon addition.
#QVLWixe2 Aug 14,2020 08:13
oh ok my game is working again
#UVsTIoYN Aug 13,2020 16:18
@resident it auto saves everytime u enter a new screen also sr1 comment board becomes dead again :(
#7Lle73aw Aug 13,2020 13:23
Anyone know how to save a data and progress? I'm getting a new PC and I'm not sure how to save everything.
#hprnLT5m Aug 13,2020 03:09
For a quick boss kill, I use a single 50/50 long/physical ranger with the plain Knuckles and Multiple Arrow. Simply place the stick ranger by itself in the exact center of the boss and let him do his thing. If you place it correctly, he will kill the boss before it can spawn any bats every time. The knuckles don't do enough damage to spawn bats and by the time the second volley of arrows go off, it ends up being enough to kill it. I do essentially the same thing with the physical resistant boss, but instead it's a 50/50 elemental/long ranger with Light Knuckles and Explosion.
#ziJgJPrk Aug 12,2020 17:19
make two boxer characters, knuckles + bash & light glove + flame slayer keep the light glove boxer always alternating left and right of boss to avoid the bullets then keep the knuckles boxer in the middle as long as possible, when the enemies spawn, move knuckles boxer to where the light glove boxer is. remember to switch sides when the boss' bullets are about to hit your boxers. once the spawns are gone, move the knuckles boxer back to wehre the boss is when it is safe to do so. (no more bullets down the middle) this is the fastest way to beat the boss safely.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 12,2020 16:10
glad to see this place is alive :) I'm not grinding it for a while,i am waiting for the next update
#vjZ1l0vB Aug 12,2020 04:51
I thought that the game was pretty fun for what it is, but I do not plan on grinding the final boss. If what others say is true & the drop rate is very low, I don't think it will be fun to do that fight over & over again.
#ziJgJPrk Aug 11,2020 20:43
getting light knuckles is not an enjoyable experience due to it being a marathon boss and the drop rates are horrible and the dragging feature being as annoying as it is, constantly makes it either hard to dodge those ridiculously high damage bullets or somehow making the useless characters touch the bottom of the screeen making my almost over bossfight become a waste of time. worst update ever -5/10
#CVZm0YEc Aug 09,2020 19:13
Killing the boss is not that hard. Just halve its HP, and kill it with Sand Blaster with one shot.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 09,2020 13:05
oh no,still don't get it! :( also say something on sr1 comment board because i have some problems on it
#7Lle73aw Aug 09,2020 10:30
The lightning orb is really good for killing the boss if its fully upgraded
#pWtx510j Aug 08,2020 16:23
11% Chance to obtain the weapon according to the wiki. That's a really low chance for a weapon that's dropped by a superboss :/
#UVsTIoYN Aug 08,2020 14:56
i think the weapon is very good but killing the boss is always hard and annoying,if u are unlucky u will take hours to get it,that makes me sad
#hprnLT5m Aug 08,2020 12:16
correction, it actually does cast again before the first attack disappears
#hprnLT5m Aug 08,2020 12:14
Light knuckle with Explosion on a 50/50 ranged/elemental build makes quick work of everything that isn't fire resistant, by the time the first spell ends the next one is over halfway charged.
#QVLWixe2 Aug 08,2020 02:08
new weapon seems cool (i had to play on google because the browser i use breaks the game)
#Lna4Syfj Aug 07,2020 23:03
King BOB
i have only been playing over a month is it every time that it reaches like an example 5.0 a new aria is made
#MEM2oAgO Aug 07,2020 22:58
O wait I forgot I'm on google
#MEM2oAgO Aug 07,2020 22:57
I got logged out for some reason I'm guessing the megaboss drops the new weapon?
#yUVUJiSa Aug 07,2020 15:55
bruh that's actually very annoying and very hard wtf.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 07,2020 14:35
oh no am i too unlucky or its drop rate is low,took me 2 hours but still don't get it
#pWtx510j Aug 07,2020 13:59
Great addition!
#pWtx510j Aug 07,2020 13:59
Combine maxed out Light Knuckle and maxed out Flame Slayer and you become the DPS God
#d4uqVE4R Aug 07,2020 13:23
Another fast charging weapon, Use it will Explosion for decent damage output.
#BSM2xfyU Aug 07,2020 12:56
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.9 Weapon addition.
#KBFOPSaJ Aug 07,2020 08:25
@LeasOn Weeeeiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrd @Everybody I haven't paid much attention, but I'm assuming the next few updates will be items for the newer monsters? Also that means we have to beat up the megaboss AGAIN when the update releases to give it a new item(s?)
#QVLWixe2 Aug 07,2020 00:09
@nickname! idk, all the collision just disappeared. all the sprites were corrupted. this happened to all the other games too. kinda crazy.
#6Vifkc00 Aug 06,2020 23:19
Hey guys, I lost my progress after a cleanup, anyone wanna share their save game code? :)
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 18:03
Heres a hint for final boss: -You need to move your Heroes cuz if not, almost instant death. -Dont get confused looking at Hp bar, its small, but its not his whole body Wish you luck on beating boss on first try!
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 17:24
I hope they will add Stick Ranger 2 to app store soon.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 06,2020 16:00
what happened to your game?
#tlno7U5b Aug 06,2020 11:01
With Growing Crystals add ice to the bottom srry {"
#QVLWixe2 Aug 06,2020 05:18
LaesOn this happened to my game. ngl kinda wacky.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 05,2020 13:20
oh one comments in stick ranger 1 again
#AU31Bvmx Aug 04,2020 04:24
they must add a way to rest skill points
#b7cpOdr4 Aug 04,2020 03:50
I think it's about time we got a few more mid-range weapons... Fingers crossed.
#Kus0RikY Aug 04,2020 03:26
i am stinky doo doo head and I have the worst stick ranger team ever
#b7cpOdr4 Aug 04,2020 02:53
Yeah this one's drop rate is pretty low. Took me about five tries to get it, but that was luck being on my side. Maybe there's good reason for it. Its charge rate is the fastest out of anything in the game right now, and unlike the Light Glove, it has a real damage output of its own!
#UVsTIoYN Aug 02,2020 21:53
help i have some problems in stick ranger 1
#fTmtSIr6 Aug 02,2020 14:08
oh so i got really lucky then i got it on my first try thats nice
#ZTCdxnCD Aug 01,2020 18:43
knock knock it's knuckle
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 01,2020 04:26
Oh my goodness I looked at the wiki and this weapon only has a 6.67% chance to drop! This is definitely the rarest weapon in the game.
#QVLWixe2 Jul 31,2020 22:43
its cool weapon i like it cool hm
#UVsTIoYN Jul 31,2020 14:09
yes it is good at max level. ps:the drop rate is so low,took me 50 minutes to get it
#pWtx510j Jul 31,2020 13:40
Amazing weapon! I don't even have any points in physical and the weapon is super powerful! Pretty much the Power Glove 2.0. Thanks for the awesome addition ha55ii!
#WCoqBIVT Jul 31,2020 13:10
the super boss is now easy to take down because the new weapon can pack a great punch
#BSM2xfyU Jul 31,2020 12:59
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.8 Weapon addition.
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 31,2020 11:54
new weapon plz preferably not a charge weapon since we got a lot of them last stage
#pWtx510j Jul 31,2020 08:11
I'm excited for the update today!
#Lna4Syfj Jul 30,2020 05:42
xmx90 I do not think that is the case but i open to opinons also just call me KB
#pWtx510j Jul 30,2020 04:37
"the item will allegedly no longer drop in SR2 if you die while it is spawned on the ground." I did some research on this by having the green gels drop their items and, while not picking them up, letting them kill me with them still on the ground. After doing this, I was still able to get Sword and Bash without any problems.
#hprnLT5m Jul 30,2020 03:33
King BOOOOOOOOOB they're talking about patching the bug where the item will allegedly no longer drop in SR2 if you die while it is spawned on the ground, not that you can't pick it up off the floor during the instance where you have died.
#Lna4Syfj Jul 30,2020 02:59
frastin if you die and there is a weapon on the ground some-ware do you get it NO I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU GOT THAT OUT OF WHAT I SAID
#PgnL6Alp Jul 30,2020 00:20
This is a great game but the main issue IS THE FACT THAT THE DUMB STICKMEN STRETCH AND JUST DIE
#VDmgQFLd Jul 30,2020 00:11
No, In SR1 you can get infinite copies of an item, do your homework.
#Lna4Syfj Jul 29,2020 23:51
that is not a bug it is a purposeful function by the developer as he did the same thing in the first game
#VDmgQFLd Jul 29,2020 17:21
Seems like a bug that can be fixed easily.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 29,2020 10:33
if an enemy drops something and it's game over screen and you didn't pick it up you will not get it
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 29,2020 09:06
get noob
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 29,2020 09:06
#EkAJ3M4M Jul 29,2020 05:10
Hey when a boss dies and I die from the boss's last shot, is it still possible that I get the boss drop? The boss spawned it, and it was on the game over screen already
#UsPDjbLv Jul 29,2020 04:12
I love this game, its so addicting and fun!
#tVLJECNQ Jul 28,2020 15:06
I would pay money to have the first one and this one on steam good luck developer
#pWtx510j Jul 26,2020 11:05
Please don't nerf this boss I love the challenge :)
#b7cpOdr4 Jul 26,2020 04:49
The new boss is more difficult than previous adversaries, but that's a good thing. I don't wanna act like it's so hard that it should be nerfed or anything... Because it's not. It just requires some good old-fashioned strategy, that's all, much like the Blue Boss Roundhead Fish before it which was also difficult enough to need a strategy.
#h6OSOFEX Jul 26,2020 03:57
I haven't seen the new boss, but it sounds quite powerful. Hopefully not as bad the final Stick Ranger 1 boss!
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 23:29
Also is there a max level/level to just stop trying at
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 23:15
Yeah ik I beat him and I knew already bc people have said it Also it's fun that we're all beating the boss now to beat it And it'll probably get drops next update so we'll have to beat it again. Also sky garden 1 hurts because of all the coins that fall out of the map
#pWtx510j Jul 25,2020 11:50
20-25 AT
#UVsTIoYN Jul 25,2020 11:31
how many AT does the boss have?
#pWtx510j Jul 25,2020 10:19
He heals 10 times before you can kill him
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 08:45
How many times does this new boss REVIVE like seriously
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 07:35
The Star Lance's projectile looks like something from Terraria :V
#c1KLBXWP Jul 25,2020 06:53
I did a speedrun of the game and I was able to beat the new boss at level 11 :)
#DVivn33q Jul 25,2020 00:29
I mean 3 origani and stay safe and sleep! Good night every one
#DVivn33q Jul 25,2020 00:26
Wow i didint now the new boss is so hard i finnaly defeated it in 10 minutes and all of the food and its a good way to get money
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 00:02
When you smash a gold thing and it pays for your colleg: cha cha real smooth
#CVZm0YEc Jul 24,2020 15:56
An interesting thing : The new boss will recover when its HP is low, but there is a way to prevent that. First, you need to cut down its HP enough but don't trigger the recovery. Second, use a instant high damage weapon to kill it with one shot. Third, if it dies, congratulations! If not, repeat the former steps. I don't know whether it considers to be a bug, or it just the mechanism of the game.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 24,2020 15:44
Such an astonishing boss. I like it. This game eventually came a challenging boss. It has 10 lives, so every time you give it enough damage, it will return full HP and loss a level of its stem and summon several brown bats (the number of them equals two times the boss revived).
#WCoqBIVT Jul 24,2020 13:13
It's chop wood time!!!!!
#pWtx510j Jul 24,2020 12:40
Wow! I loved this update! Looks like we've got our first superboss :) He's actually pretty hard and I generally need at least 2 onigiri to beat him. Turns out those brown bat enemies weren't so pointless after all ;) Also this guy is amazing for exp grinding at level 16-20 and get over 60% per round. Keep up the amazing work Ha55ii!
#QVLWixe2 Jul 24,2020 11:41
boss is kinda tough i beat it 2nd try (no onigiri first time)
#BSM2xfyU Jul 24,2020 11:18
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.7 Boss addition.
#6XotoBB0 Jul 24,2020 07:12
@King B000000000B Space Game Pt. 4 will come out soon -- I'm just really busy right now. It's mostly done though :)
#UVsTIoYN Jul 23,2020 10:28
yes i agree
#NS0FtA15 Jul 22,2020 08:57
also can we continue conversation on stick ranger 1 comments because of the lack of people there
#NS0FtA15 Jul 21,2020 21:54
bob4koolest i tried that many times but it did not work P.S. i love the things you make on the powdergame and when is the space game pt. 4 coming out
#A7KrVlJ4 Jul 21,2020 00:01
ok now i tested by coping the export from this newer playthrough on this device, and then clearing cookies and trying to import, it wont import. so yea import does nothing for me no matter what code i have. :/
#D1ArvEoY Jul 20,2020 23:47
I tried again, and my export gave the same code that I have been trying, I still cannot get it to work. :c Ive already unlocked everything twice I dont want to do it a 3rd time. I started a new game here, but only to see what would happen, when I import, the load game goes away, and is not replaced by the imported save, if i refresh page i am back to seeing the new load game, not the imported one.
#cdfv89xD Jul 20,2020 21:44
@Kin B00000000B Oh yeah forgot to mention this but this will delete your progress (which is why I'm offering you my save code) and will log you out if you have an account. If you don't already have one, you should get one as it allows you to export/import save codes. Hope this helps :)
#cdfv89xD Jul 20,2020 21:39
@King B0000000B Try clearing your site data -- this could be caused by a corrupt save code or cookie. Open the inspect panel (ctrl shift i), go to the application (you may need to click on the arrow), go to both the local storage tabs and cookie tabs and delete all the data (select a cookie/value and press delete for all of them). I'll give you my save code if you want -- I have level 25 army with max weapons, heads, and charges with a strong attack and dodge build.
#c8ym7LOm Jul 20,2020 19:29
you have login to export plus if very skilled you can win it all back easily just take the easy rout which is mine
#D1ArvEoY Jul 19,2020 21:33
how to get the import thing to work? i changed devices and sent the code to myself in a message, but when i import nothing happens it still shows new game only.
#c8ym7LOm Jul 18,2020 06:57
(read all caps in a soberish voice) MR Suggestor (breaths in ) I TRIED EVERYTHING DOWNLOADING IT DOWNLOADING JAVA LOGGING IN now that I think of it that is not much but EVERYTHING I KNEW TO DO
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 18,2020 02:51
Slayer Nate
Anyone like the idea of a 5th ranger and, or a new class to use? Just wondering :D
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 18,2020 02:45
MR Suggestor
@King BOOOOOOOOOB I never had an issue like that so I'm going assume its a glitch or a bug if you are logged in, try logging out and then try playing it. If that doesn't work then log back in or make a new login and hopefully, that fixes it if not then your SOL
#c8ym7LOm Jul 18,2020 02:15
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me
#dVLjQDir Jul 17,2020 23:25
I am disappointed 9.6 :/
#dVLjQDir Jul 17,2020 23:23
Because, they don't add new classes like: the farmer, the Indian. For putting ideas for new classes, or because the other old ones do not return like: the angel, the gunman or the magician.
#CM9sNGMb Jul 17,2020 20:36
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me?
#ra1DWbh0 Jul 17,2020 18:18
enemy similar to bats from sky garden 1 with more hp, not much interesting
#pWtx510j Jul 17,2020 13:57
The enemies are really weak when there's only three of them, is there some way to spawn more of them?
#BSM2xfyU Jul 17,2020 13:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.6 Enemy addition.
#CM9sNGMb Jul 16,2020 20:45
NO i HAVE WANTED TO PLAY THE FIRST ONE FOREVER NOW AND BEEN IGNORED AND I AM NOT WAITING ANY MORE oh to answer your question you have login to export plus if very skilled you can win it all back easily just take the easy rout which is mine
#7Lle73aw Jul 16,2020 17:30
So I got a new computer recently. I've been playing stick ranger 2 on my old laptop for while and I have lots of progress on it. But I don't know how put all my progress on my new computer. I really don't wanna have to start all over again. Can anyone help?
#CM9sNGMb Jul 16,2020 06:43
i have spent hours trying to play the first game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me?
#dWsLQAdV Jul 15,2020 23:11
I love this game
#NE2YCxgq Jul 15,2020 07:00
Really Loved this game! I don't know who's developing these, but i have some questions: If the game is written in HTML5 and Javascript, how will the game be ported to mobile (if it will be) Is there any way I can donate to the developer?
#AFdzDkEW Jul 15,2020 04:36
awe :( I was actually hoping there was sound and i didn't notice
#b7cpOdr4 Jul 15,2020 03:00
@CzezaT This has been a thing since the first Stick Ranger too. I figure that the reason why they do this is because poison damage is guaranteed to deal damage every frame and they didn't want to display that many damage numbers on the screen. Also, I'm afraid that ha55ii doesn't seem to read the messages on this board, and only stops to post updates. @PowerBomb Sound is not a feature in Stick Ranger 2, or any of Dan-Ball's other webgames. Their mobile games do have sound, though, which is nice.
#AFdzDkEW Jul 14,2020 19:07
I don't think there is sound PowerBomb
#LEc6fprj Jul 14,2020 10:40
Any reason i cant get sound to work for stick ranger 2?!!
#eG62y0aw Jul 14,2020 04:35
@ha55ii I've noticed that damage done from the poison effect on monsters doesn't give of any damage numbers like every other elemental attacks (e.g. fire) Just wondering if this could be fixed.
#b7cpOdr4 Jul 13,2020 08:11
@xmx90 What you are experiencing is not a bug - resistance to Physical has simply worked much differently than resistance to other types does, ever since its introduction in Stick Ranger 1. Physical resistance works like a Defense stat but for monsters. It subtracts a number from every physical hit - in the Grey Big Gel's case, 100 - so that if you do more than 101 physical damage to the Grey Big Gel in a single hit then of course that hit will deal more than 1 damage. It does not matter whether or not a weapon spawns objects or uses projectiles, what matters is whether or not the damage per hit is above 101.
#h6OSOFEX Jul 13,2020 05:37
That is one dangerous boss. Physical damage resistance, hmm?
#UVsTIoYN Jul 12,2020 15:10
Wait it has a high resistance to physical,not all the weapons do 1 damage
#UVsTIoYN Jul 12,2020 15:05
No i tried them and they all do 1 damage.
#hprnLT5m Jul 12,2020 10:34
After a bit of testing, it seems to be that all the emit weapons that do not use projectiles or spawn objects like the sand blast still apply their full damage.
#hprnLT5m Jul 12,2020 10:21
There's a bug with the large new physical immune slime. It's supposed to be immune to physical attacks, but my Lancer 5 still does 4-499 damage when it strikes - even though it is a physical weapon.
#6XotoBB0 Jul 12,2020 08:17
Oh wait nevermind I managed to restore my deleted data :)
#6XotoBB0 Jul 12,2020 08:10
Can someone give me their save code? I lost mine for some reason :(
#b7cpOdr4 Jul 11,2020 10:48
Mmhmm yes bouncy balls yes mmhmmhmm good yes Y'know what would be interesting? A boss monster that has a solid body, that the stickmen can't pass through. I don't think ha55ii listens to these suggestions but I think it sure would be cool to see how that plays out!
#AFdzDkEW Jul 11,2020 07:01
sorry it is difficult but keep a look at there stats if there is a low healthed one keep him away from the boss but if you if you go and collect all but one coins on the left there will be a big gold droplet that can drop 150 gold and the boy of light with tat you upgrade your weapons
#rMintle2 Jul 11,2020 06:34
very tough.
#AFdzDkEW Jul 10,2020 20:48
in the terraced cave the boss is simple throw your guys to the sky garden and back kill the stickman on the top of the boss put your doods on the very end of the boss arena they wont atack there but the buch of stickman will pop up there. throw your doods back up have one ranged on the eadg and another on the other side once they are all dead go to the boss keep the close range units away and go there strate from the village
#UVsTIoYN Jul 10,2020 17:56
And the balls can bounce!
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 10,2020 12:41
the new boss attack reminds me of the balls from powder game LOL its EPIC
#BSM2xfyU Jul 10,2020 11:33
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.5 Enemy addition.
#knJnQdeZ Jul 10,2020 01:46
I’m pretty sure he reads the messages here cause I said that when coins go into walls the game lags, and now it doesn’t.
#eG62y0aw Jul 09,2020 22:24
hey everyone, where do you report bugs for this game or do you just have to pray ha55i might fix them eventually?
#TzKljzFf Jul 08,2020 22:10
Dad you eat cray
#ikG4bt3x Jul 08,2020 03:51
and yes Explosion is very op when used right it destroys bosses in one use if no immune to fire
#ikG4bt3x Jul 08,2020 03:48
Mr suggestion, yes love the idea
#yUVUJiSa Jul 07,2020 17:21
jesus 50 emit and cost 150, probably very op weapon.
#pWtx510j Jul 06,2020 04:23
20% chance as well
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2020 18:13
What about lightning shot from terraced cave boss?
#pWtx510j Jul 05,2020 17:52
20% chance for soul blade. For future reference, try going to the stick ranger 2 page on the dan ball wiki and go to the monster that drops the item you want to see the percentage
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2020 15:13
What is soul blade's drop rate,i kill the fish boss many times but don't see it
#1yL2PG7B Jul 05,2020 01:00
Here's my party: All equiptment they current are using is max level.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 04,2020 19:29
My Explosion (Max) is 17-33×8>12. The info from wiki says that the heat clouds has 5% burn rate and last for 2s (120 frames). Theoretic damage: (17+33)/2×8×12×120×5%=14400 if all the heat clouds hit. So high but impossible lol. It is usual that only 2-4 heat clouds can hit the target. However that damage still can kill the huge blue slime in a sec.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 04,2020 19:00
The new weapon is strong. But it is not so practical in battle, because the latter bosses have fire resistance. And you would not like to use 50 mp to cast an explosion on swarms.
#6XotoBB0 Jul 04,2020 12:14
Map idea (although ha55ii probably won't see this): A "boss" cave that branches out from the Central Cavity. There are lots of fire bats (aka dragons) and a player. The player is a boss, but it is "corrupted"; its head is red, and it welds a gun that shoots out frag grenades. If you beat the map you get another player and the new weapon. Also visit :)
#rMintle2 Jul 03,2020 18:34
strong addition. sky garden 2 enemy's should be tough
#BSM2xfyU Jul 03,2020 13:28
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.4 Weapon addition.
#ypUZ9Nt1 Jul 03,2020 04:29
I remember I used to play this a lot when I was a kid but its totally different now, is there a max amount of dungeons I got stuck at skygarden 2
#pWtx510j Jul 02,2020 09:55
If you ever need to know what the max level is in the future, take the highest level enemy in the game, (in this case, the orange diamond tree (Lv18)) and then add 10 levels to that. With this example, the highest attainable level is Lv 28. The highest level the game will allow by any means is lv 99.
#pWtx510j Jul 02,2020 09:53
Awesome! Hope you enjoy your newfound power!
#eG62y0aw Jul 01,2020 11:42
@Blacksmith347 just like you said, it did take hours of grinding to get to lvl 28
#L5NYEcnC Jun 29,2020 12:57
me : *enters sky island room* the later to spawn swarm of bats : soo you chosen death
#zQKQmHuQ Jun 28,2020 18:51
because of the update my progress is gone
#fTmtSIr6 Jun 28,2020 16:30
MR Suggestor
--because I submitted too early the first time XD-- What if: they add a fifth ranger. If they do, the fifth ranger should be optional though since it would be very powerful to have 5 rangers and maybe harder to control(Idk about that tho). it should be either in a hidden stage or have some type of side quest type stage to get the fifth ranger. another idea with the stage, maybe it should be a battle arena, where you have to fight off waves of monsters and then fight the boss who would come out when all monsters are defeated, the battle arena should make all your stick rangers come into the middle and then block the entrance so that you can't escape until you defeat the boss( or just die and reset LoL). I think the wave thing would be so awesome to encounter and fight since it would so new to us with that type of fighting in stick ranger and I don't think ever done yet(sorta) it's definitely possible to do seeing how some areas kind of do this kind of thing. Obviously this is just a suggestion though. but hopefully, the developers do see this :)
#fTmtSIr6 Jun 28,2020 16:12
MR Suggestor
what if: they add a fifth ranger but have it very anonymous, like a secret stage or some type of side quest if you know what I mean, or even get him later on in the game like halfway or something like that. or have a new type of player, a pet! a "Player" that cant die but still attack things at obviously low damage and follows the targeted player or nearest player
#rMintle2 Jun 27,2020 20:47
@☠️ you good bruh? it seems you are not good.
#ZTCdxnCD Jun 27,2020 15:04
i am money now
#8Lowff1x Jun 27,2020 09:26
They added a clear bonus multiplier, whenever you get a clear bonus, the multiplier is increased. This means that whenever you get a clear bonus, your gold bonus will be multiplied by your multiplier, also, whenever you return to village, your multiplier is cut in half, so you need to do lots of clear bonuses in a row to take full advantage of this addition.
#mihyebBw Jun 27,2020 03:58
so what does the new thing do?
#vJDkuVqP Jun 26,2020 23:38
Nooooooooooooooooooooo I restarted why
#BSM2xfyU Jun 26,2020 11:21
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.3 Added clear bonus ver2.
#8Lowff1x Jun 26,2020 06:40
No problem.
#eG62y0aw Jun 25,2020 21:01
@Blacksmith347 thanks dude
#rMintle2 Jun 25,2020 17:54
@Orange305 cool idea
#DVivn33q Jun 24,2020 23:24
One month ago it was my birtday ant may 24 that was my birthday
#pWtx510j Jun 24,2020 10:41
The max level right now is 28, but it's incredibly hard to reach and would take hours of grinding.
#eG62y0aw Jun 24,2020 05:09
Just wondering but wants the max level you can reach with this update?
#knJnQdeZ Jun 23,2020 14:22
You know what would be amazing? A level editor; you can place tiles, enemy’s, then upload them to something like what powder game has (custom levels will no effect your stats) maybe if a level is popular and ha55ii chooses to you could have your level put in SR2
#zCNA1dKh Jun 22,2020 15:34
I bached you you deds now lol
#tpBdzKBI Jun 22,2020 14:04
I wonder if/when we'll be able to reset our stick ranger's stats. Mine have choices I don't agree with anymore :/
#zCNA1dKh Jun 21,2020 11:26
I sooooo strong
#8Lowff1x Jun 21,2020 10:24
I really respect ha55ii for his incredible work on this game, I'm always excited for the update every single late thursday night, and the game is super fun to play. Everything in the game a well designed and replaying the game is always a blast. I also love trying to make the best build possible with proper sp placement and picking the best weapons. Despite ALL of this, the game is COMPLETELY free! I have gotten hours of fun out of this game and it cost ZERO dollars. What an amazing game... keep up the hard work!
#FYUPd0FO Jun 20,2020 21:23
sand blaster but awesome
#knJnQdeZ Jun 20,2020 10:47
I’m curious if anything is going to be added in the little room at the bottom right of cave 4
#9YzabvKD Jun 20,2020 05:50
Love your game :)
#ZTCdxnCD Jun 20,2020 04:10
WOW that new weapon is strong! also hi i haven't sent a message in ages but i still exist
#J7eMo0FX Jun 20,2020 03:01
It's been a while since I played this (im mostly waiting for the first castle boss to be added), I notice that the Short/Middle/Long attack stats are still in the game, even though the Attack up Stat does the exact same thing but lets you use weapons of all ranges... Am I missing some important detail here or have they really forgotten to get rid of what seem to be three placeholder stats.
#8Lowff1x Jun 20,2020 01:48
Hi! It's my birthday today :) also I really like the new weapon! Thanks ha55ii!
#knJnQdeZ Jun 20,2020 01:35
And I thought the sand blaster was powerful.
#BSM2xfyU Jun 19,2020 13:53
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.2 Weapon addition.
#VDmgQFLd Jun 14,2020 00:38
@tacs @Th3 I think you forgot to switch accounts there buddy
#DVivn33q Jun 13,2020 21:58
Good night
#DVivn33q Jun 13,2020 21:58
Th3 sleepy tacs
Good n8ght every one
#zCNA1dKh Jun 13,2020 06:22
#8Lowff1x Jun 13,2020 05:33
Sky Garden 2! Amazing! I love Sky Garden, and I think it is the best area in the game, so I'm super hyped for more! We can also expect a Sky Garden 3, since Cave 2 has a ceiling leading to the sky. Thanks Ha55ii for your hard work!!!
#KEObPFn7 Jun 13,2020 05:28
You can mine gold nuggets ._. I love how you add those details in the game. And that delicate design and decorations of just the right amount? Perfect.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 13,2020 01:53
Cool i like new map But stil no monsters
#b7cpOdr4 Jun 13,2020 01:06
#VDmgQFLd Jun 12,2020 20:07
Cool! SG2 even links up correctly with C3!
#FYUPd0FO Jun 12,2020 13:40
the squeakuel
#BSM2xfyU Jun 12,2020 13:19
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.1 Map addition.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 12,2020 01:14
:( light bow no good
#AnkMTE3f Jun 11,2020 16:11
thank you orange305! was trying to get light bow drop. you must click 3-4 gold spot before dragging ranger to get big yellow slime and it will drop light bow
#knJnQdeZ Jun 11,2020 11:59
But as far as floating gardens go, it's got quite a lot.
#FYUPd0FO Jun 11,2020 09:57
for a garden, sky garden really lacks plants.
#knJnQdeZ Jun 11,2020 04:53
@fordelliston nothing exists past sky garden, waiting on on update.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 11,2020 04:33
How get past sky garden
#rcfUqbJK Jun 10,2020 09:06
you no get sword monster you want more weapon
#rcfUqbJK Jun 10,2020 09:05
hi you so name jop minute 1 you play more level
#zCNA1dKh Jun 09,2020 00:11
Yes he is right it also works in stick rager 1to
#8Lowff1x Jun 07,2020 15:25
I think the game saves everytime you enter a new screen, for example, going from cave 1 to village. I'm actually not sure about this though, so I always go back to village specifically if I intend to save and that works for me, so essentially just return to village if you intend to save.
#1zR5HI8P Jun 07,2020 04:57
How do you save?
#8Lowff1x Jun 06,2020 09:50
I like this update! This enemy is really strong, and I like how it's projectile looks like a literal bomb. Also 25 damage is incredible. I'm super happy with how sky garden is going, and I hope we get a sky garden 2!
#AzFhVNif Jun 05,2020 14:24
he hits hard.
#BSM2xfyU Jun 05,2020 13:43
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.0 Enemy addition.
#Hs5c0F4q Jun 05,2020 05:28
Don't forget to save
#DVivn33q Jun 04,2020 22:23
Bronchitis Yup that happened to me
#x7mmKcgk Jun 04,2020 18:10
if an enemy drops an item and its game over and you didnt pick up the item you could never get it again
#RdWAKV1n Jun 03,2020 14:54
Stick Ranger 2
ver 9.0
#DVivn33q Jun 02,2020 20:56
The tacs
Sand blaster is actually really strong against allot enemies
#GlGb3mIr Jun 01,2020 18:32
Hola, creo que soy el primer español en comentar
#DVivn33q Jun 01,2020 14:22
I cant play all the time im jeallous Of your bash thats really STRONG And i can only put two comments for somereason
#wjZtVQ4W Jun 01,2020 14:22
why is my progress reset? i had 4 stickmen,1 of them had thunder stuff, 1 had ice stuff, 1 had lances, and 1 had swords
#3K4eFrxU May 31,2020 15:03
@Tacs My Bash does 290-435 damage.
#3K4eFrxU May 31,2020 14:55
My 4th stickman: 24 short range and 24 physical, using ice ball and soul blade. It is actually a long range attacker.
#hprnLT5m May 30,2020 12:21
You can see my team's stats here:
#q4usWZSc May 30,2020 11:17
If your Bash does not deal over 240-360 damage, is it really a Bash?
#2XGToA6q May 30,2020 01:01
@Ivan8or Lol same I have 100% dodge and over 300 damage for every character
#ra1DWbh0 May 29,2020 19:22
build i use surrently: 1. 10 on hp , else on physical (so it can use both bows and swords) iron sword and soul blade(or triple arrow) 2. 10 on hp , else split between physical and long light bow and multiple arrow 3. split all on elemental and long lightning shot and lightning orb 4. split all on elemental and long ice ball and ice bomb(or poison arrow
#DVivn33q May 29,2020 18:12
Opps my bash does 100-150 D A M G E
#DVivn33q May 29,2020 18:10
I thought that i was strong but not The reason i tot i was strong because My bash does 103-123 damage
#BSM2xfyU May 29,2020 13:27
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.9 Enemy addition.
#cjfKHMbg May 29,2020 13:15
Today's supposed to be the update day right? Can't wait! haha
#AzFhVNif May 29,2020 09:12
@Ivan8or cool.
#SSZt9psc May 28,2020 13:10
I managed to find a pretty easy way to inject some of my own values into the game, so now I have characters with 500+ health and 100+ in physical, elemental. I was looking for a fun way to learn more about jscript, guess I found it :3
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 28,2020 03:22
In the terraced cave straight to the right of where you spawn from the portal room, you will see 5 gold spots clicking or taping on them will drop a gold coin that worth 1,7 or (rare)100 gold. Clicking or taping on a certain number of gold spots before dragging one of your rangers to the gold spot aria will result in different types of slime to spawn. 0: small green 1: small blue 2: small red 3: big yellow 4: big yellow 5: small yellow
#1WOzt8he May 27,2020 21:02
Hello. In one of monsters i can get Light bow, but I don't see Yellow big droplet in terraced cave. And stranger thing. in monster guide i dont see small green droplet on terraced cave but droplets is in terraced cave. idk why. PS: sorry for my English.
#mHNhslRH May 27,2020 05:44
Also dan ball gold's value multiplied by 5 once you answered my question @laesOn
#mHNhslRH May 27,2020 05:42
Before i ruined my progress, I got 150k+... Keep grinding!
#hprnLT5m May 25,2020 21:30
btw, a strategy for getting an enormous combo for gold easily: 1. set your screen's refresh rate low, this seems to dictate the game's FPS and will allow you to essentially slow the game's time 2. go between either the first and second cave areas or cave 3 and cave 4 back and forth after the last monsters are killed. keep a stick ranger near the door so you can do it quickly. 3. do your best to keep the meter up, aim for over 5x and you should be able to max out any weapon. 4. watch your health, if you die then you get none of the combo. getting all 3 onigiris will help immensely.
#hprnLT5m May 25,2020 21:25
My current loadout has all four stickmen with 50/50 splits on stats: long/physical, long/elemental, long/elemental, and medium/physical they use maxed out (and respectively): bow/multi arrow, lightn shot/light orb, light ball/poison arrow, barrage spear/lancer Very powerful setup, I like to focus on moving the spear ranger most actively with the mouse but lightning orb with a 50/50 long/ele split does amazing damage and charges quickly with the lightning shot. The combo system helped a ton with making gold, I've got everything in the game maxed with 4k extra gold at level 25. Can't wait for the next update, thanks ha55ii!
#zCNA1dKh May 25,2020 06:22
#AzFhVNif May 25,2020 04:09
@VieriK i'll try it.
#wQBsFcKq May 24,2020 22:37
Powder toy boy
I really hope the next area will have some sort of elemental poison weapon in there...
#h6OSOFEX May 24,2020 17:21
No name
The exact steps for summoning the large yellow gel enemy that gives you the light bow: 1. Click or press on four of the gold specks in the bottom-right cave in terraced cave. 2. Approach the cave, then the enemy will spawn. It has a low change of giving 150 gold or light bow.
#cjfKHMbg May 24,2020 15:59
Some advice, only invest in Elemental and Physical. It's getting much easier to the point of no challange when u have lv20 team with those boosts
#UVsTIoYN May 24,2020 14:13
#b7cpOdr4 May 24,2020 12:59
My prayers for more Long+Physical firepower have finally been answered
#AzFhVNif May 24,2020 10:56
@Someone Sand Moji has an optional English mode if you have a Dan-Ball Gold™ membership, giving more incentive to purchase a Monthly, Tri-Monthly, Yearly, or Trial membership for Dan-Ball Gold™. In the meantime, however, you might want to brush up on your Japanese.
#OeUTZXy8 May 23,2020 17:59
Ball Grabber 69
Thank you kanye very cool
#mHNhslRH May 23,2020 14:50
I know this isn't really related, but is there a way to change sand moji into english words?
#DVivn33q May 23,2020 13:10
Ops sorry
#DVivn33q May 23,2020 13:08
I think the monster that gives light bow is not there yet
#4R25Pyks May 23,2020 03:20
Random Randy
How do I get the light bow?
#2XGToA6q May 22,2020 23:45
New weapon is effective on the large swarms like the one in Sky Garden. Not so good anywhere else. Also
#ra1DWbh0 May 22,2020 22:07
nice triple arrow upgrade with about 3.5x damage
#BSM2xfyU May 22,2020 13:51
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.8 Weapon addition.
#zCNA1dKh May 22,2020 13:01
I’m trying to get the light bow but wen I kill the monster it doesn’t give me it
#gAyC9NAo May 21,2020 09:48
#VSP1LGVX May 20,2020 00:19
to Webmaster: Translation suggestion: "When one person dies, an ally eats damage." > "When one person dies, allies will share any further damage."
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 18,2020 03:45
@Tacs what do you mean specifically?
#DVivn33q May 17,2020 11:16
Im vesion 8.7
#DVivn33q May 17,2020 11:14
Is anyone on sky garden ? In game
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 17,2020 04:44
@Emraldman428 click on “profile” at the top
#i1KqWTHy May 17,2020 02:56
he said it 10 times i saw the commentr
#i1KqWTHy May 17,2020 02:51
@neverforever who is ha55ii
#k6fsTeGl May 16,2020 20:24
@bob4koolest japanese has honorific tags after names, so the "tag" you see is just a neutral, respectful honorific, whereas ha55ii has the equivalent of "webmaster" aside his name :)
#ra1DWbh0 May 15,2020 23:07
mega KOT
@Blacksmith347 why soul blade and light bow f tier , light bow is long range phisican and allow you to charge fast and soul blade can deal lot of damage aswell
#AzFhVNif May 15,2020 16:46
@MRRRiscool no you said the world 9 times
#BSM2xfyU May 15,2020 13:54
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.7 Armor addition. OPTION: "Return to TITLE"
#mHNhslRH May 14,2020 14:06
Yep, you don't even know the answer to your own question...
#sxYbuhKW May 14,2020 11:57
@MRRRiscool Well, if they answered the amount of times you used it in the sentence, 10, you could have told them that you technically said it 11 times.
#RJSqvEP4 May 14,2020 08:42
no 10 times. duh
#AzFhVNif May 14,2020 05:37
@MRRRiscool 12 times
#aAPgqgTc May 14,2020 05:20
So I'll prefer to play stick ranger 1.
#aAPgqgTc May 14,2020 05:07
I have playing in my game site of this game (Because I can't download it) in a few days. Then all of my process where gone, even if I don't touch an option called "New game". What the h*ll.
#h8YNiNNq May 13,2020 10:24
Hello! I created a tier list for all the weapons and charges in Stick Ranger 2! Keep in mind that I'm rating these weapons based on how useful they are at the point you get them in the game. This is solely my opinion and it's perfectly okay to disagree with me. Enjoy :) Link:
#RJSqvEP4 May 13,2020 07:06
you are wrong Sømeøne
#hprnLT5m May 13,2020 04:16
Nice import/export feature, thank you. Perhaps a future update will provide the chance to reset your stats?
#mHNhslRH May 13,2020 03:10
11 times?
#RJSqvEP4 May 12,2020 09:40
google translate: ghghghghghghghghghghghgh=The world inside the universe finance 1e+14=π in The world=Pie.memes on the World +1e+99;Subtract.equals The world-99e+14=∞.quantity;2.π=The world-The L=The word Extracted=The world+-=Nothing with Only the T=The World and π-∞=-∞+Tw=The world.e tan(π.exe)=The World-Nothing=The World (How many times did i say The world? Tell me in a Comment.)
#AzFhVNif May 09,2020 01:13
@Noname the coins in the corner. stuck in the wall. click on gold spots. coin appear. click 4 coin and go in corner. slime guy ambush, dies and drops gold and bow. this has been reggie feis aime, signing off.
#wvz16ISQ May 08,2020 18:14
Where is the yellow slime in theTerraced Cave? I can't find it.
#b7cpOdr4 May 08,2020 14:56
Remember when each class of weapon had access to a variety of elements? Those were the days Give us a fire spear, give us a poison glove, ANYTHING that isn't Fire-Short or Lightning-Middle. Long range weapon class has access to all four elements, why can't Short or Middle be like that?
#AzFhVNif May 08,2020 14:45
super OP imo
#BSM2xfyU May 08,2020 13:20
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.6 Weapon addition.
#mHNhslRH May 08,2020 04:39
aaaand I lost my progress ) : but it's kinda worth it...
#mHNhslRH May 08,2020 04:31
Yeah one week is pretty good compared to some games.
#h8YNiNNq May 08,2020 03:07
I don't think it takes a long time to update, I think once per week is super generous, and I bet he works pretty hard on this game.
#3W9vPk2s May 07,2020 23:53
why stick ranger 2 take soo much time for update?
#dmuSjJaz May 07,2020 16:08
@someone you'll enjoy 100bit 【no saved progress of this yet】
#mHNhslRH May 07,2020 13:07
Btw are there any special requirements for registering on dan-ball? Idk why I haven't created an account until now.
#AzFhVNif May 05,2020 07:21
@bob probz a browser exclusive glitch. (i use brave)
#2XGToA6q May 04,2020 22:46
@LaesOn How did you get that to happen? lol
#yvNof36v May 04,2020 11:05
i need help
thanks so much i made an account
#mHNhslRH May 04,2020 01:31
#yvNof36v May 03,2020 09:05
i need help
omg thanks that works @someone
#AzFhVNif May 03,2020 07:32
#h8YNiNNq May 03,2020 05:38
No, you can actually get to level 27 as of now, but it is incredibly difficult.
#cPPsGgfB May 03,2020 03:34
For now..until a new update comes
#2XGToA6q May 03,2020 02:11
Is level 25 max?
#GG9UOCRJ May 02,2020 17:44
@Orange305 Thank you very much for the way:)
#mHNhslRH May 02,2020 13:14
@i need help to make an account start with this link and go through the registration: Also sadly, I don't think you will be able to get your saved progress ) :
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 02,2020 12:44
@11725, First make sure you have the onigiri from the cave 2 boss. Then get some ranged weapons. Turn off their auto move. Put all of your guys next to the water on the right. Also the rangers may fall in the water and slowly die to the fish, so keep an eye on that. Fyi the small fish go towards the rangers and the big fish goes away so you may need to kinda “scare” the big one with a ranger towards the other rangers.
#yvNof36v May 02,2020 12:31
i need help
thx someone your a big help already!
#yvNof36v May 02,2020 12:30
i need help
no i never had an account but how do I make one???? plz help i don't want to loose my progress again
#FlinwS8C May 02,2020 12:28
I wonder if there'll be a sr2 savegame hac
#GG9UOCRJ May 02,2020 10:52
Who knows how to fight the big fish in that water?
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 02,2020 03:46
Dose anyone else feel the dragon has the same ai as the bouncing dvd logo: just bounce of stuff aimlessly
#mHNhslRH May 02,2020 03:36
The burn effect is kind of annoying, but it fits!
#2XGToA6q May 01,2020 22:36
There should be 3 of the fire-breathing enemies, as one is just too easy. Maybe up the hitpoints a little bit and give it a little bit more range, but have it give more XP? Great attack concept though!
#GG9UOCRJ May 01,2020 13:58
Chinese players
It's so funny. It's the big fish boss in the water. It's hard to fight
#GG9UOCRJ May 01,2020 13:57
#mHNhslRH May 01,2020 13:55
looks like they didn't nerf combos, I have another week to grind!
#h8YNiNNq May 01,2020 13:24
Awesome enemy! It's a bit weird that there is only one when there are 5 of the other dragons, but it's strong enough to be a looming presence for a while. I feel like dragons in general are used very well in this area, and it is very fun to try and get a full clear. Since bats and dragons have access to the whole map, it will be intresting if they attack you while you are busy fighting a different enemy located on the left side of the map.
#BSM2xfyU May 01,2020 12:56
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.5 Enemy addition.
#mHNhslRH May 01,2020 02:18
@i need help, I don't know much about dan-ball but did you have an account before you switched?
#yvNof36v May 01,2020 01:58
i need help
how do i make an account because i was so advanced but I got a new computer and my progress was lost so I'm starting all over!
#2XGToA6q Apr 30,2020 23:07
Also I just realized that everyone on the Japanese side gets these tags after their username. Why's that?
#2XGToA6q Apr 30,2020 23:05
@UNKNOWMAN ha55ii lives in Japan, and I don't think they have labor day there, so there's probably an update,
#WCoqBIVT Apr 30,2020 20:56
I just realize that tomorrow is labor day, as a public holiday, haii5 may not update the game tomorrow.
#h8YNiNNq Apr 30,2020 10:22
Awesome! I'm happy to help :)
#mHNhslRH Apr 30,2020 08:19
Just got a 1000+ combo with your strategy @Blacksmith347! Went from 4k to 16k coins! I will have to do this more to get to 100k...
#mHNhslRH Apr 30,2020 08:02
@Bahbee, yes currently sky garden is the last level, but updates are probably going to come soon so it is not going to be the last level permanently.
#VjMLhNkf Apr 30,2020 02:18
Is sky garden the last level?
#h8YNiNNq Apr 29,2020 05:33
Warning though, if you have a high combo like 700 and you die, you will lose the combo and won't get any money from it. So no matter what you do, don't die.
#AzFhVNif Apr 28,2020 11:57
@blacksmiff346 @bob1scoolguy i'll try these thanks
#h8YNiNNq Apr 28,2020 09:44
For combos above 1000 just carefully go from cave 1 to cave 2 to cave 1 and so on until you screw up or run out of health. As long as you never enter a cave when your combo meter is close to running and out bring 3 onigiri with you, you should be able to get a very high score.
#2XGToA6q Apr 28,2020 08:59
@LaesOn Start on cave 1 and scatter your stickmen on all the levels, then quickly go to cave 2, kill everything, and move on to cave 3. Cave 3 is hard, so drag on stickman to the small green gels and another to the dark green gels. Drag another stickman to the tall things that shoot out the purple and pink things and the last one to the bottom section. Make sure they don't lose too much health. When the stickman killing the light green gels is done, kill the boss bat with it and wait for the other stickmen to finish. When the others are done quickly drag your stickmen to cave 4. Get one stickman to kill the monsters on the roof, then when the blue boss dies drag one stickman to the lower level yellow gels and another to the upper gels. Wait for one of the stickmen to finish, then drag the last stickman and the other stickman into the shark tank. You can drag another one in, but leave the last stickman at the exit to the central cavity. Quickly drag that stickman to the terraced cave. I haven't managed to get a combo this far yet so I don't know what works beyond cave 4. Sorry this is so long lol
#vZ7chBsY Apr 28,2020 00:49
i hate my name
#AzFhVNif Apr 27,2020 09:39
any tips on getting absolutely massive combos?
#3W9vPk2s Apr 27,2020 08:28
@_fireball207_ thx for tell me what its do i can now save my data and not lose it for the 4 time
#QXKKueBC Apr 27,2020 07:03
I wonder when they'll add the VS. mode.
#b7cpOdr4 Apr 26,2020 08:57
@thedisastress Pressing Export brings up a pop-up window containing the code that you should copy and paste on a notesheet. Then pressing Import lets you put that code back in to the software. So even if your cookies are cleared, you can still keep your Stick Ranger 2 save data. I can totally understand where you're coming from with that. I lost my save data twice, and when it happened the second time, my party and all items were at max level. I'm glad this feature was brought back so that I don't have to worry about that happening again.
#80CgfJ1O Apr 26,2020 07:26
you dont
#QXKKueBC Apr 25,2020 06:19
How do you get clear bonuses for the village and the central cavity?
#ba4zrMQW Apr 25,2020 06:00
lol I didn't know you could keep combos across rooms until today highest I could get was 700 which gave me like 5000 gold which is still alot for a relatively easy grind
#h8YNiNNq Apr 25,2020 02:57
@mega KOT wow that is an incredible score! Much higher than mine (1090) Amazing job!
#1yL2PG7B Apr 25,2020 01:29
Wooo! Finally!
#ra1DWbh0 Apr 25,2020 01:23
mega KOT
2062 combo score and 45500 total gold , combo bonus obviosly not overpowered and totaly balanced
#VDmgQFLd Apr 24,2020 23:00
@thedisastress Likely how they did in SR.
#8Hr2br2i Apr 24,2020 17:53
#M0bLnUMK Apr 24,2020 14:38
anyone understand how i&e work? don't wanna have another game reset when 9.0 comes
#AzFhVNif Apr 24,2020 12:56
thank you ha55ii, very cool!
#BSM2xfyU Apr 24,2020 12:39
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.4 Import & export added.
#QXKKueBC Apr 24,2020 01:32
I think some of the weapons should have a higher level cap when upgrading.
#F8iBmZrG Apr 22,2020 18:08
hello there guys
#1yL2PG7B Apr 22,2020 08:46
@yo noid: Yes @eslam: Ooh, I like that idea! @Fraston: Not neccessarily. Some games don't include a JavaApplet version, so I don't think it'd be very inconsistent if not all included a fullscreen mode. It'd look nice on SR2 due to the widescreen layout. That being said, ads would not be able to be shown in fullscreen as easily, which may be problematic. @eslam (again, about my question of the +8). Alright, thanks
#0hrnsZUO Apr 22,2020 00:40
yo noid
Is Sky Garden still the last stage?
#6FK2L9ND Apr 21,2020 03:09
#3W9vPk2s Apr 21,2020 02:19
new wepone idea its HEAL RIFLE or wand its can heal by 1 every 3 secounds so it wont be op
#mG2XhaEv Apr 21,2020 01:50
Apparently postmortem teleportation is allowed, with the warp to village button
#GzDE3fj0 Apr 18,2020 15:18
It would be nice if there are additional effect with the upgrade of Short/ Middle/ Long Attack and Physical/ Elemental.For example, the upgrade of Short/ Middle/ Long Attack will have different effect included increasing of AGI, Range, Number of Charge. And just like the Gold Marks, the flower in the map could be clicked with which could provide healing.
#WCoqBIVT Apr 18,2020 10:54
i have a idea that if we can upgrade the monster level like monster box so that it will be harder to kill but at the same time giving you more gold and experience.
#VDmgQFLd Apr 18,2020 08:55
@orange305 If HA55I did that they would have to make a version for every one of their java games to be consistent
#RQ7Ibzx1 Apr 18,2020 08:12
It would be pretty nice to have a full screen mode.
#ra1DWbh0 Apr 18,2020 05:07
mega KOT
update on hats should be done
#h8YNiNNq Apr 18,2020 04:37
If anybody can beat my combo score i'm gonna be IMPRESSED. I just got a combo of 1090, and got like 13000 coins! I was able to max out almost everything in my inventory xD
#VDmgQFLd Apr 18,2020 04:07
Now that gold is incredibly easy to get, the logical next step is to add new upgrades to weapons since the gold required to reach one’s current max can be made in 2-3 minutes.
#3hacKAKc Apr 18,2020 03:27
venezuela es el mejor pais
#3hacKAKc Apr 18,2020 03:19
soy un poco nueva aqui en dan ball y estoy aprendiendo muchas cosas aqui
#3W9vPk2s Apr 18,2020 00:48
@dominic035 yeah its gold and if you do mroe combo you will get more gold and you can make 98 combo in frist cave
#yCGidUrR Apr 18,2020 00:19
if you get a good combo and clear every level right now you make about ~1200 gold and it took me i think 7 minutes
#1yL2PG7B Apr 17,2020 22:36
Nice new feature! But what is the '+8' that appears, is it gold?
#nYccrNE1 Apr 17,2020 16:11
blacksmith out here doing quantum mechanics
#h8YNiNNq Apr 17,2020 14:51
I actually have figured out the exact formula for how much gold you get. So, every 10 kills you get in the combo, your multiplier increase by 0.1, starting at 1. The final formula for the amount of gold you get is the total amount of kills in the combo x your multiplier. So, if you got 30 kills, then that would be 30 x 1.3, which equals 39 gold!
#ixPZfjfN Apr 17,2020 14:17
And Blacksmith347,how do you know thw chance to drop?
#SPO0aDoo Apr 17,2020 13:40
I may have to give up this game and devote myself to the 100 bit and powder Game 2, because all my data has been lost. The lost old data includes all the high-level weapons and characters, as well as the full unlock of the monster's identification. This result made me lose the courage and interest to start again. o(╥﹏╥)o
#ixPZfjfN Apr 17,2020 13:39
I am thinking the combo bouns like Blacksmith347 too :D
#Pr2mmV71 Apr 17,2020 13:11
Wow, the combo bonus is really cool! I was able to get a combo of like 200 kills and got around 600 gold for doing it! This is a really fun feature :)
#nYccrNE1 Apr 17,2020 12:58
combo bonus is prolly really OP in sky garden
#BSM2xfyU Apr 17,2020 12:56
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.3 Added combo bonus.
#FlinwS8C Apr 17,2020 06:19
I wasn't an avid sr1 player when it was being updated but did ha55ii ever do balance changes or light bug fixes?
#RQ7Ibzx1 Apr 14,2020 02:43
They probably didn’t think about that and are going to try and make the two sections have there own clear in a future update.
#VDmgQFLd Apr 14,2020 01:21
So cave 2 is unclearable without incredibly difficult and boring tomshenaniganery involving the soul blade?
#mHNhslRH Apr 12,2020 14:06
@Te Yeah I used to do that every time I was in the starting, uh, place. It's weird... and hilarious.
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 12:48
I allreay beat the game you folls
#UTXjqPkG Apr 12,2020 10:05
@Blacksmith347 Thank you very much!
#h8YNiNNq Apr 12,2020 03:47
The light bow has a 10% chance of dropping from the Yellow Droplet Boss, and the light glove has a measly 3% chance of dropping from the red slimes in cave 1. So you aren't unlucky, they are just uncommon.
#bYAYoNWr Apr 11,2020 23:22
If you wanted to clear cave two you'd have to be in the bottom part to make the red slime boss appear.
#0YNKPN9b Apr 11,2020 15:46
I just glitched the player
#h8YNiNNq Apr 11,2020 12:32
Click 3 or 4 of the golden spots on the wall and then drag a stickman into the area and he will spawn
#UTXjqPkG Apr 11,2020 12:32
Well, now I've managed to make the Yellow slime monster appear. So I want to ask, is the probability of light bow and arrow very low? I hit the Yellow slime monster for a long time without a light bow and arrow. What's more, the white boxer equipment that should have appeared after the red mucus monster defeated in the first pass has never appeared. Am I too unlucky? Or are they hard to get? I hope some kind-hearted people can reply me,thank you.
#UTXjqPkG Apr 11,2020 12:10
How to make the Yellow slime monster appear in the Terrace cave? I need the light bow it dropped now.
#h8YNiNNq Apr 11,2020 07:49
You need an alive enemy near you to make the soul blade particle start circling around you and it would be very hard to not kill all enemies at the top on accident before you kill everyone on the bottom.
#NAVXRO7r Apr 11,2020 06:47
Dave dood
Could you somehow painstakingly clear out Cave 2 by using the soulblade charged weapon to hit enemies through walls?
#ra1DWbh0 Apr 11,2020 05:10
mega KOT
2 area cannot be cleared : /
#RQ7Ibzx1 Apr 11,2020 03:49
I got the “CLEAR” “+19” but I got 76 gold.
#bYAYoNWr Apr 10,2020 22:07
Incomplete areas with only one or two enemies in them are going to be insane for farming.
#h8YNiNNq Apr 10,2020 14:18
Whenever you defeat every single enemy in a cave without leaving the cave so it is completely empty, you will get 100 gold for "clearing" the cave.
#nYccrNE1 Apr 10,2020 13:56
hold on it just gives you 100 gold.
#nYccrNE1 Apr 10,2020 13:52
ok bois, i am rather perplexed as to what the clear bonus does. anyone know?
#BSM2xfyU Apr 10,2020 13:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.2 Added clear bonus.
#JBEta7Ps Apr 10,2020 13:30
To summon the big yellow slime in terraced cave, all I'm gonna say is that you have to solve a puzzle...
#HpqOQLoc Apr 10,2020 09:12
When I thought of the gold > exp, I was thinking about all these things it’s a shame 1000 unique and creative levels can’t just magically appear I appreciate you guys bringing up the imbalances that would be caused.
#L5NYEcnC Apr 09,2020 23:48
can we add a code like thing if its possible like a pass save that way we dont have to worry if we got data loss it happended to me like a data back with codes for each player save that limits up to 10 characters
#dbeKDaIL Apr 09,2020 14:43
i really want to play this offline
#nYccrNE1 Apr 09,2020 14:05
@Helispark its way too easy to grind gold. in a few hours i was able to get 15000 gold. wicked crazy if you ask me. gold to XP would be a disaster unless it was something steep like one level for 1500 gold.
#dS4KwLpb Apr 09,2020 13:32
how can i download this game?
#b7cpOdr4 Apr 09,2020 09:04
I understand where this kind of idea would come from. If you've explored every area and emerged victorious from all the monsters around that are trying to kill you, and upgraded your team's equipped weapons to their max levels, then the game doesn't give you much more to do in order to get stronger besides kill the highest-level monster over and over again. You end up having a lot of gold on your hands and you wish there was some way to convert it into XP. That being said, though, I think that the option to convert gold into XP is a terrible thing to put in the hands of the player. There needs to be a point where one becomes too strong to gain XP, either directly or indirectly, by doing the same thing over and over. Without this, the game's structure is pulled up from its roots. Where is the incentive to progress into the later areas of the game, when I can get stronger just by clicking the gimmicks on this wall?
#nYccrNE1 Apr 08,2020 13:35
@Someone levlel 25,,, alsmost level 26.
#h8YNiNNq Apr 08,2020 07:56
But that's just my opinion, and i'm no game design expert. So if you think a feature should be added to the game, awesome! We can never really know if an addition will ruin or boost up the game, and maybe they could find a exp to gold formula that works really well!
#h8YNiNNq Apr 08,2020 07:54
Let's say the game is at like version 30.0 and it's all finished, so I am saying this from the perspective of a finished game, not an unfinished one. At the start of the game, level up requirments go from 1000 to 2000 to 3000, and so on. Those are massive increase, right? Now let's say you are level 50. Requirments are going from 50000 to 51000 to 52000. Those aren't big differences at all, and because of this, the game has to rely on the decay of enemy exp to prevent grinding to the max level mid-game. But with a constant formula unaffected by player level, like Gold turning into exp... there is no decay, and the player can easily grind to the max if they find a good gold farm.
#ULEVJK8w Apr 07,2020 09:45
@Blacksmith347 I agree that you should be forced to progress but the problem is, there’s nowhere to progress to. If implemented it should be quite expensive. Your probably right though, we should just wait for the next updates. @Someone I’m at lvl 25 @©DM© Click on 3-4 gold spots to the right of where you spawn in the terraced cave then drag a stick ranger to pick them up and you’ll get ambushed.
#o9FcmZEJ Apr 06,2020 17:39
How Do I summon the "Yellow Big Droplet" in Terraced Cave?
#mHNhslRH Apr 06,2020 13:50
Just curious, what level are you guys? I'm currently lvl 21 since I haven't really been playing a lot.
#h8YNiNNq Apr 06,2020 04:26
It depends, what would the ratio of gold to exp be? Also, in this game, leveling up is supposed to require fighting newer and tougher enemies because the enemies you grind will eventually expire, stopping you from grinding infinitely before a boss. Also, the Big Yellow Droplet would inevitably make this gold for exp idea OP. But that is a cool idea, I just think it could potentially work against the balance of the game.
#RQ7Ibzx1 Apr 04,2020 06:09
What dose everybody think about exchanging gold for exp? Cause I’ve got every weapon maxed out and Fastest exp I can get is about 3½ every 20 sec.
#nYccrNE1 Apr 04,2020 00:59
@No name there is a real good chance we could get guns in this game because the blue roundhead dragon shoots bullets
#ra1DWbh0 Apr 04,2020 00:48
mega KOT
so white roundhad bat can drop 1 and 2 coins or both... some new mechanic
#h6OSOFEX Apr 04,2020 00:21
No name
Nice! I was hoping it would be a new weapon type (like whips, guns, etc.) instead of just a new sword or something, but it was neither!
#BSM2xfyU Apr 03,2020 16:40
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.1 Enemy addition.
#yvUcxbEY Apr 03,2020 12:46
#h8YNiNNq Apr 02,2020 00:58
The game saves every time you enter a new screen. So if you want to "save" the game, just teleport to villiage.
#mHNhslRH Apr 01,2020 11:32
Yes @HyperFox, it does autosave.
#MsgqDSvX Apr 01,2020 11:14
does this game autosave? also i hope this game appears in the google play store some day! thanks! *wags his tail*
#h8YNiNNq Apr 01,2020 04:03
There are only 6 areas currently, the game is updated every friday and is slowly filling with content
#Gwwl8UIr Apr 01,2020 02:56
Peppy Zeppy
Am I missing something or are there only 6 areas?
#yvUcxbEY Mar 31,2020 05:49
DPS*? The new weapons do not focus too hard on 1 enemy either, and the Iron Spear/Sword aren't too powerful.
#yvUcxbEY Mar 31,2020 05:46
Is the Flame Slayer still the best D.rf5
#h6OSOFEX Mar 30,2020 04:20
No name
@Someone They're called gold spots. Also nice job!
#mHNhslRH Mar 29,2020 15:12
I just got 2 100s from the gold on the walls (I forgot their name) twice in a row! Btw great update!
#1yL2PG7B Mar 27,2020 23:42
At last! Auto move toggle!
#nYccrNE1 Mar 27,2020 14:04
much needed update thank you very much
#h8YNiNNq Mar 27,2020 12:42
Well, this negates anything negative that people had to say about sky garden, now the stickmen won't walk off cliffs! This is an amazing addition, this allows us much more customization to our strategy! We can make certain stickmen not move, while making other do so. Also sky garden is much more playable now.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 27,2020 11:34
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.0 Option addition. Auto move Cliff stop
#3K4eFrxU Mar 26,2020 21:51
If you want to put your dps to the maximum, you have to divide SP into range damage and type damage. For example, a LV 25 stickman with 24 point on short and 24 point on physical will deal 1x(100%+5%x24)x(100%+5%x24) = 484% damage, which make an iron sword's status comes to 116-130. It is not so efficient that only invest SP on one ability.
#xLmv5QG7 Mar 26,2020 19:24
I did that and is very OP but you have to put your LP based Stickman to tank all the mob and in SR2 it's hard to do it. I think it's not worth, at least in the early game. Let's see in the next updates if it gets better.
#ijqTxgrC Mar 26,2020 02:45
@Dave dood In my personal opinion, splitting SP between physical/elemental and short/medium/long isn't terribly great because you're reducing the maximum DPS they can achieve. You don't have to worry about variety, since you have four stickmen to cover all your bases with. I personally like to designate one stickman to only spend SP in upping LP (designated "LP sink" that sits in the back and soaks up damage), then designate the other three to be entirely dedicated to a single range (one short, one middle, one long). This gives you a wide variety of positions to work with.
#NAVXRO7r Mar 24,2020 04:15
Dave dood
When upgrading stickmen, is there any reason to upgrade both physical/elemental AND a range (short/middle/long)? For example, if I have a stickman with physical upgraded 16 times and a short weapon, would they deal as much damage as another stickman with the same weapon and physical and short range upgraded 8 times each? I ask because so far it seems like a good idea to only upgrade physical/elemental, so you can easily adjust the range of your team's weapons as needed.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 23,2020 10:01
And also said boss is able to use the same weapons that you've accumulated through the game but to a greater extent, example: flying while using the soul blade to send bullets everywhere toward the stickmen.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 23,2020 10:00
Idea: The final boss is a possesed stickman and once you defeat him, you get the 5th stickman
#nYccrNE1 Mar 23,2020 07:47
@dominic035 the 5th stickman doesn't exist, because the description of the game says its only 4 stickmen... unless?
#kNgOitWx Mar 23,2020 02:23
But what happens if i delete my browser history or something like that? Is my progress lost forever? Yesterday i tried to log in on a different pc, but it said "start new game". Thanks for the help again.
#1yL2PG7B Mar 23,2020 00:33
@Marx2077: it auto-saves between levels @All: Do you think there might be a 5th stickman? The ones in the title are off center and there is a perfect space in the status bar for a fifth one. Hmm...
#kNgOitWx Mar 22,2020 22:42
Hey, i used to play stick ranger 1 a lot, and i had plenty of saved games, Question is, how do i save in this version of the game? Thanks
#h6OSOFEX Mar 22,2020 15:57
No name
That's not a bad idea, @dominic035. Rhythm editor supported sound, why not stick ranger 2?
#22VSMQpb Mar 22,2020 07:17
When you click on coins, when they’re in a wall it causes quite a bit of lag
#1yL2PG7B Mar 22,2020 00:59
Here's an idea: Add... SOUND! Music and sound effects and stuff. :)
#VxDxEoOP Mar 22,2020 00:05
1. I have no idea what the quickest way to clear sky garden is... however 2. If you just take off all their weapons so they don't move, and juggle a guy with light glove and range attack glove, you are bound to get very good at juggling
#yGxJlzsF Mar 21,2020 11:21
Equip one stick ranger with lightning shot and lightning orb, go to Sky Garden, drag the other 3 stick rangers to safety (big floating island) and toss the one stick ranger around. Very effective and can wipe out the entire swarm in seconds with little damage.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 21,2020 04:55
@Blacksmith347 conspiracy theorem
#N7G8QIyL Mar 21,2020 04:31
@LaesOn No extreme stats, just level 22. Soul blade really is great for the bosses though, makes it simple.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 21,2020 03:14
Anybody else here noticing a pattern? The last two weapons that have been added were white, the past 3 enemies that have been added were white, the most recent hat that was added was white (Silk Hat)
#nYccrNE1 Mar 21,2020 02:38
@Wood Extreme strats.
#5cuuoQd4 Mar 21,2020 02:17
On level 6, throw all your dudes in the left "bucket" so they don't fall off cliff. Equip one ranger with a Soul Blade. Click and drag him into action, don't let go. Just float him around and let him kill everything. You can wipe out all the bats with less than 25 HP lost. Yes, all 100 of them, one person.
#3K4eFrxU Mar 20,2020 23:18
And I think I found the usage of soul blade. You can use it to set off fireworks in Sky Garden ... for fun. It is no doubt that Lightning Shot + Lightning Orb can kill the new bats the fastest.
#3K4eFrxU Mar 20,2020 23:06
My stickmen need to turn off the auto move...
#h8YNiNNq Mar 20,2020 13:09
Wow these things are cool! I like how they can drop between 1-3 gold, and I love the respawning mechanic. I counted them and there are a total of 100 bats to kill before the screen is wiped of them. Because they have the entire area to roam, and because there are 100 of them total, they are definitely going to make beating the screen as a whole a lot harder. I like these little guys :)
#mZN6k4jX Mar 20,2020 12:48
I really hope that the stick rangers walking off the side constantly is a bug
#nYccrNE1 Mar 20,2020 12:05
nice enemy. very cute. very dangerous.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 20,2020 11:43
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.9 Enemy addition.
#b7cpOdr4 Mar 19,2020 04:22
Something happened to my save file. This time, it really hurt, because it was a 100% completion file. I had all items unlocked and upgraded to max level, my party was at level 25, and all monsters were recorded in the encyclopedia. Is there any way for me to save my data in this game? I'm tired of this happening.
#yvUcxbEY Mar 19,2020 01:18
A weapon which actually makes a Barrage would fire like 'Blizzard', but fires from the user, in a direction.
#KIzf0AkS Mar 18,2020 11:20
So... how do you get better at this game?
#yGxJlzsF Mar 15,2020 04:56
@Dave dood Make sure you're using it on a stick ranger with a high middle attack and physical attack. Works best with star lance (unless there's something better you have).
#NAVXRO7r Mar 15,2020 03:19
Dave dood
It seems that the iron sword is way better than the barrage spear... Or perhaps I'm using the barrage spear wrong? Any tips, anyone?
#qK50bFMz Mar 13,2020 13:37
@No name, easiest way is to unlock all monster info, which shows you what loot it drops.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 13,2020 11:57
the new weapon doesn't look strong enough to destroy an army of green martians, so 0.45/10 from me dawg, GREY martians on the other hand are far too weak against this spear sent to us from Jesus himself. this spear, nay, this physical embodiment of the answer to the universe, can devastate a grey martian colony just by showing it to them. the new spear is upgraded to ∞/10
#PzJX09Rg Mar 13,2020 11:47
wow the new weapon is so op
#BSM2xfyU Mar 13,2020 11:29
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.8 Weapon addition.
#h6OSOFEX Mar 13,2020 06:35
No name
Does anyone know where to find the new weapon?
#FFoayhc1 Mar 12,2020 21:58
so i think the golden monster that drops 150 drops it more often the faster you kill it from exactly when it spawns because I have gotten it up to four times in a row i think its just timing
#yUVUJiSa Mar 10,2020 22:07
@StrayaFailure oh ok cool.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 10,2020 05:59
Make sure to write in japanese.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 10,2020 05:59
@mx90 try using this: to report the issue.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 09,2020 21:51
I'm really liking my melee build that I made, heres what everyone has equipped: Power Glove/Bash, Glove/Range Attack, Light Glove/Firecracker, Iron Sword/Slash. Note that all weapons listed are maxed out.
#jvhqlPQz Mar 09,2020 18:27
Dear ha55ii My save file was deleted, never reset my browser or anything and I never logged out of the site. Is there any way to recover the file? ファイルを回復する方法はありますか? If not, I will not be following further updates for some time. Good luck. @ha55ii
#jvhqlPQz Mar 09,2020 18:25
wtf... my save was deleted, but i never got logged out. incredibly disappointing.
#oZFib1UO Mar 09,2020 16:15
In terms of DPS, iron sword is slightly outmatched by power glove in single DPS (76.5 vs 84), but it can hit two enemies, has longer range, and charges 50% faster, still a bit slower than the mach punch (4 vs 6 vs 7.5). It might still be outpaced by flame slayer and mach for bossing, esp considering 15 doesn't go into 2 ( ): ) meaning it takes 8 attacks instead of 7.5. This would put it at 2.67 seconds betwixt activations, compared to 2 for mach glove. definitely useful against groups and short range gels however.
#oZFib1UO Mar 09,2020 14:55
@sabin2005 when you bring all of your stickmen into the cave, 14 more skull stickmen spawn on the platform above. You've probably gotten it already, but hindsight is 2020.
#hmudlbi1 Mar 08,2020 23:54
Я люблю stick ranger где кнопка скачать?
#h8YNiNNq Mar 08,2020 12:41
Hooray! I reached the max level (25) on stick ranger 2! My stats for all my stickmen are 18 points into LP and 30 points into Short Attack.
#yUVUJiSa Mar 06,2020 23:52
with one enemy is hard to get iron sword.
#3W9vPk2s Mar 06,2020 22:56
is the new sword good or bad? i dont now
#nYccrNE1 Mar 06,2020 20:30
but sometimes i remember i forgot to upgrade.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 06,2020 20:29
sometimes i think a new weapon is garbage
#h6OSOFEX Mar 06,2020 15:43
No name
Hey, where do you get the new weapon from? I can't seem to find it.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 06,2020 12:27
Wow, I love this new weapon! I recently started a profile that only uses melee weapons and this addition really shows how strong they can be! With a range of 24 like the normal sword and a double hit, it is much better at hitting enemies than other melee options. It also hits REALLY hard once you've maxed it out. It also combos great with Slash because of that +2 charge. I've loved the last two weapons that have been added, they really do seem to be on another level than the weapons we've always used in the past. Thank you Ha55ii!
#mZN6k4jX Mar 06,2020 12:22
@powder toy boy, go to the terraced cave and click all the torches on the right, then bring a stickman over to that area. clicking out all 5 torches will spawn the small yellow slimes. if you want to grind money, i suggest leaving one torch and moving your stickmen there, as it will spawn a big yellow slime that can drop 150 gold.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 06,2020 12:07
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.7 Weapon addition.
#dDdE4Ha4 Mar 03,2020 01:27
anyone know how to download this to play offline? ill be without wi-fi for a week soon and would love to play while without it..
#5bXGgjiZ Mar 03,2020 01:01
Powder toy boy
Where do the lvl 13 yellow mid size blobs spawn? I haven't seen any. I'm still missing the light bow.
#yGxJlzsF Mar 02,2020 09:57
Max new weapon + Lightning Orb = OP unstoppable cloud of lightning. Don't use it unless it's maxed out though.
#YRWKWz7A Mar 02,2020 04:41
Dowload for me
#96Hxvvj3 Mar 01,2020 02:41
Hello guys
#3K4eFrxU Feb 29,2020 20:39
Lightning shot goes well with those strong charge weapons, such as poison arrow, lightning orb, and ice bomb. It is really not worthy to combine lightning shot with star lance.
#1EMKllQS Feb 29,2020 06:00
The Sticks got no aim with new weapon... One shot goes to the sky the other bonces off the groun d right infront and then flies to sky
#27KiFPua Feb 29,2020 04:23
Now as of ver7.6 i have maxed upgraded every piece of equipment it wasnt hard this game goes at a very slow pace...
#h8YNiNNq Feb 28,2020 23:22
Wow I think we have a competetor to lightning spear as the best arm in the game!
#yUVUJiSa Feb 28,2020 19:14
max = op as frick.
#h8YNiNNq Feb 28,2020 12:35
I maxed out the weapon and it is super good when combined with a maxed out star lance. Like seriously, try using both lighting shot and star lance and have them both maxed out, then shake in a little elemental damage boost and you have a really powerful set-up!
#nYccrNE1 Feb 28,2020 11:56
new weapon is eh.
#BSM2xfyU Feb 28,2020 11:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.6 Weapon addition.
#wQBsFcKq Feb 27,2020 23:45
Powder toy boy
Seems like the best team is made by upgrading only LONG ATTACK and ELEMENTAL. There is still that holy STAR LANCE which is sadly MIDDLE ATTACK... Maybe the long range team needs one stickman with MIDDLE ATTACK + ELEMENTAL...
#yGxJlzsF Feb 27,2020 09:45
@Ziggzu @Killjoy4fun There's a way (it's a bit complicated though so I only do it once every few days). This is guaranteed to work on PC Chrome, not so sure about other browsers. Ctrl-shift-i (inspect/devtools) >> Application tab (you may need to click on the ">>" arrow if your screen is small) >> Local Storage >> button on dropdown (should be only button) >> Double click the "Value" column for the "ranger2" row >> Copy (control c) >> Paste (ctrl v) it onto a text document (like Google Docs), To restore to the same thing but instead paste it instead of copying the value column/ranger2 row
#nYccrNE1 Feb 27,2020 09:41
im level 25 now. feels nice
#BhCO5J8D Feb 26,2020 22:06
An Oldish Fan
I'm really loving the new game, I couldn't get much anywhere in the first, but that's because I was like eight or something in it's hayday and didn't know how to play games that required. . . you know, thinking. 9/10: Even with the unpolished corners and empty areas, it's still really fun and the fact that it's in active development makes me really excited for the future. PS. A check box next to items in the bestiary that gets checked when the item is collected would help a lot for hoarders like me.
#OkEUnDog Feb 26,2020 00:18
Great game so far, please add a save function like in Stick Ranger 1!
#UUc2lsbU Feb 25,2020 14:37
There should be a way u can save you game so you can pull up your progress anytime iv played though 5 times i play at work so gotta start over each time haha! but next day at work it starts over maybe put a code in that loads your game... something im sure when the game gets deeper in with updates it will be more of an issue. i still play new games every day lol.
#ZS7mJYYq Feb 25,2020 02:37
#JUUxGCpR Feb 23,2020 05:48
What are the little treasure boxes left over? Can they be opened?
#yUVUJiSa Feb 22,2020 23:36
ohh ok now that make sense.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 22,2020 12:37
to get more skull stickmen to spawn, throw your all of your stick dudes (or dudettes) in the chamber with the hanging skull guy, then they will spawn on the bridge.
#h8YNiNNq Feb 22,2020 07:09
Thats good to know, I thought the developers just made a troll enemy
#nYccrNE1 Feb 22,2020 06:34
i only get one of them :/
#NAVXRO7r Feb 22,2020 04:12
Dave dood
Apparently more of the white skull stickmen are supposed to spawn if you HAVEN'T defeated the upside-down white skull tree... But shouldn't there be a way to spawn more and/or tougher enemies after you've defeated the bosses since your team would be stronger by that point anyways? In case the white skull stick will be changed to drop a weapon, I hope there will be a way to spawn more than just the one so getting it would be easier :/
#fyGFPBEo Feb 22,2020 00:50
this is the third time i lose my data on my pc:(
#Hs5c0F4q Feb 21,2020 23:06
not trying to give away too much, but you can get a whole crowd of them
#ra1DWbh0 Feb 21,2020 21:43
mega KOT
why it only one not respawing guy there trough?
#yUVUJiSa Feb 21,2020 15:57
omg this enemy is like the most powerful ever like i can even beat it so easily :^)
#h8YNiNNq Feb 21,2020 11:20
Well... it's kind of funny but it is a little dissapointing, but thats okay! I'm sure sky garden is gonna be great :)
#h8YNiNNq Feb 21,2020 11:16
This guy is the strongest enemy in the game can somebody plz help
#nYccrNE1 Feb 21,2020 10:24
no wait he useless but i still love him
#nYccrNE1 Feb 21,2020 10:21
#BSM2xfyU Feb 21,2020 10:18
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.5 Enemy addition.
#ykKqzpDS Feb 21,2020 06:02
I now about that but I lose my dats when I sign on the PC that I was play before 5 days
#ZS7mJYYq Feb 21,2020 04:24
I figured out how the save system works sort of. It's of course connected to your account but also your site cache and cookies, so I think if you move to another pc and sign in you'll lose your data. I can't test this but it may be a reason for some people losing all their stuff.
#1VL1zgml Feb 20,2020 20:10
You're done then, new updates will put enemies in the sky garden and eventually there will be a new area but that's it for now.
#WRsK6yMC Feb 20,2020 16:41
where do you go once you get to the sky garden area? im lost
#nYccrNE1 Feb 20,2020 08:46
@Yeah do it in dat order
#fAvZQjLF Feb 20,2020 02:32
@LaesOn I’m playing on a mobile device, is there any specific order or signs that I’m doing it right? I’m currently just fiddling around trying to solve it
#1VL1zgml Feb 19,2020 21:23
Why would anyone want that bow?
#nYccrNE1 Feb 19,2020 07:55
@Yeah go to da bottom right corner and click on 4 of the gold spots and then throw ya stick guy in da corner bada bing bada boom ping pang pow you got da bow
#fAvZQjLF Feb 19,2020 00:01
Still looking for that light bow
#h6OSOFEX Feb 18,2020 05:29
No name
Ok, thanks!
#oZFib1UO Feb 16,2020 19:46
Currently? 3. One from the yellow big gel, second after the red big gels, and a third from the white big skull tree. If your asking for speculation, maybe 5? Nice round number
#h6OSOFEX Feb 16,2020 12:43
No name
Does anyone know how many onigiris you can get in this game? I'm curious.
#1NLF4VJS Feb 16,2020 11:24
New farming technique: - Go to the Sky Garden. - Go back to Terraced Cave - Do the strategy @LaesOn mentioned below - Repeat the steps above until you are satisfied with the XP you have
#nYccrNE1 Feb 16,2020 05:20
new and improved """"""""""strategy"""""""""" for terraced cave boss. - equip soul blade to someone - equip ranged weapons to rest of party - quickly throw in the ranged people - hold soul blade person over boss the dumdum AI on the boss will go after the soul blade person, even when they are in the air and cant hit them. the soul blade hits them, while the rest shoot the boss.
#L4Q0HzJr Feb 16,2020 01:28
#ZdZNJE9D Feb 15,2020 05:09
@LaesOn Works for me
#K2NodZIH Feb 15,2020 04:10
so whats the new area exactly?
#iTgAlSd9 Feb 15,2020 01:38
Inzane Reaper16
@LaesOn Tried and FAILED!!!!
#nYccrNE1 Feb 15,2020 00:25
""""""""strategy"""""" for the terraced cave boss: -equip someone with the soul blade -hold them over the boss -thats it ez
#fAvZQjLF Feb 14,2020 23:47
Light bow
How do you get the light bow in the terraced cave?
#EqnKWbH2 Feb 14,2020 21:39
man, i like this new area a lot!
#1VL1zgml Feb 14,2020 21:25
#BSM2xfyU Feb 14,2020 12:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.4 Map addition.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 14,2020 06:20
@oof What a beautiful peace of literature, my god, if not the best poem ever written. It's a masterful adventure in the mind of a tormented soul stuck inside the catacombs of roblox. the storytelling is surpassing The Godfather, with sharp twists and turns, in such a compact package. please, I beg of you, tell me your secrets, i must know how such a literary masterpiece is written.
#GxHx1sSD Feb 14,2020 00:20
#1VL1zgml Feb 13,2020 17:59
Nah I'm pretty much locked at 60
#a5I2zT5u Feb 13,2020 01:08
Is anyone else having issues with framerate? It used to be at 60fps consistently but now it's dropping too 45fps
#h8YNiNNq Feb 12,2020 13:08
If it's quizes about stick ranger 2 i'm cool with that xD
#h8YNiNNq Feb 12,2020 13:07
What is the classroom about? If we don't know what it is we can't know if it's malware or something bad like that.
#ykKqzpDS Feb 11,2020 09:14
I have lost my progress in this update and I was have every wepone on max lvl and now it's gone:(
#mHNhslRH Feb 09,2020 14:58
Yay 3 onigiri that I will definitely (hehe) use...
#mHNhslRH Feb 09,2020 14:56
#nYccrNE1 Feb 08,2020 06:58
@Somebody /| /| ( ' w') very nice
#27KiFPua Feb 08,2020 04:53
and also @someone in purple you taking my name fam?
#27KiFPua Feb 08,2020 04:50
I Finally did it as of ver7.3 i have maxed leveled up all equipment ingame i feel accomplished but of course i used the hidden gold slime that drops 150 gold almost every time you defeat it...
#nYccrNE1 Feb 07,2020 20:07
my thoughts on update: gel droplet = very nice looking
#1VL1zgml Feb 07,2020 19:16
So I guess it's tradition now for everyone to share their thoughts so here we go. It was a very predictable boss in the sense that I think we all knew where it would go and that it would be hanging from the ceiling. But the fact that if you're maxed out you can just destroy it is pretty sad. I'm happy getting a new onigiri slot and 1k xp is nice but the fact that it's so far from a door makes it pretty useless to farm. Even if it had 2k xp it might still be easier to farm the snakes.
#BSM2xfyU Feb 07,2020 13:27
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.3 Boss addition.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 06,2020 05:21
@fabgsooz no don't you're too cool to die
#1VL1zgml Feb 05,2020 23:26
Aight ima go jump off a bridge because I'm so hurt ; (
#h8YNiNNq Feb 05,2020 12:55
Oh, sorry! I just intended for that to be a joke but if I ended up making anyone upset I apologize :)
#nYccrNE1 Feb 05,2020 09:46
@Blacksmith347 sorry sir thats a little rude fabgsooz did nothing to deserve that bombardment of guilt
#mHNhslRH Feb 04,2020 11:49
#h8YNiNNq Feb 04,2020 09:28
fabgsooz you must be living under a rock. We modern people worship ha55ii for bringing us the divine gift that absolutely everyone knows about known as stick ranger 2! We are ashamed of anybody with the GALL to only be level 3 in stick ranger 2. Shame on them, SHAME!!!
#1VL1zgml Feb 04,2020 08:22
I feel like most people would just be confused.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 03,2020 10:29
whenever someone just wont shut their mouths i just tell them "bro shush you are literally level 3 on stick ranger 2" and it works
#8hogqaqg Feb 02,2020 00:17
#nYccrNE1 Feb 01,2020 06:33
IMO the new weapon isnt that great. i prefer using ice staff and fire bomb.
#1VL1zgml Feb 01,2020 05:45
4 coins
#1FPUDAs4 Feb 01,2020 04:05
How do you get the large yellow drop to appear in terraced cavern. I know you need to click on the gold veins to make the small yellows to appear but I cant figure out how to make the big one show up.
#1VL1zgml Feb 01,2020 02:07
I don't know if it's going to replace the lightning lance for mid-range but yeah, it's pretty good.
#yvUcxbEY Jan 31,2020 23:26
The new Ice Bomb goes very well with the Lightning Spear or the Light Glove
#h8YNiNNq Jan 31,2020 23:15
This weapon rocks! It's crowd control capabilities are really good (tried it in the bat cave, froze like 8 bats at once) it has a powerful ice effect, and it does some damage too! When you max it out it has an emit of just 10. I'm gonna try to make room for it in my build :)
#yUVUJiSa Jan 31,2020 15:56
yay ice bomb is finally here and holy cra its op
#yUVUJiSa Jan 31,2020 15:55
why can't i comment
#BSM2xfyU Jan 31,2020 14:01
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.2 Weapon addition.
#1VL1zgml Jan 31,2020 04:43
@Start though because the game is so short there's no point in compromising. It would be better to start off knowing exactly what you're going to do.
#yvUcxbEY Jan 31,2020 03:16
The AT bonus is compound, as discussed far below. It also allows some flexibility for using Energy based weapons.
#oZFib1UO Jan 30,2020 21:58
Say, is there a reason why the build doesn't invest wholly into short? Do the SP upgrades stack compounding-ly?
#yvUcxbEY Jan 28,2020 21:03
Strongest current build for 1 character is: Light Glove MAX Flame Slayer MAX 1 to 1 Short and Energy At Lv 21 does 36 fires of 36-48 Attack every 2 game seconds.
#1VL1zgml Jan 27,2020 19:53
@Zelkova Too be fair it's not that hard to see which weapons are better. There are like 10 good weapons, and the rest are all useless.
#Ljsskslh Jan 27,2020 17:02
If VS mode ever get added to this game I will not be helping players I did with SR1. No offense to the community as a whole but a few bad apples had made me decided that they are better off being horrible at the game than to have the undeserved wins inflate their ego any farther. Some people here honestly don't deserve the help or attention.
#mZN6k4jX Jan 25,2020 10:16
new weapon kinda mid
#1VL1zgml Jan 25,2020 07:12
@OKTREE To expand on Laes0n's point; The light glove is mainly used with high damage combo's like Sand Blaster or Fire Sword (because of it's high attack speed, These combos charge up extremely quick). The high price is because the upgraded version would be particularly op in early game. Sadly, it's not all that great later on.
#nYccrNE1 Jan 25,2020 05:53
@OKTREE the light glove is like the regular gloves but they have a shorter cooldown.
#mNRb5ZN7 Jan 25,2020 05:37
Does anyone know what the light glove does. it dosen't look very good but it is really expensive
#sUYUAHZa Jan 25,2020 02:58
AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand all my progress is gone and I had finished the game and had almost everything max. level nice, thanks a bunch :|
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 25,2020 02:50
@Someone Star Lance has great coverage but doesn't do too much damage to a single target. The stickman that I'm testing it with has only 20 out of its 38 points invested in Middle, and each Star Lance needle has an AT of 2-14. When the arrow's lasting time is extended, the hitbox is still only intangible for the first 2 seconds. This is likely a glitch, and if changes are made so that the arrow stays intangible for longer when upgraded too, then it will increase the effectiveness of the weapon. Also, a new mid-range weapon? It's felt like years!
#1VL1zgml Jan 25,2020 02:49
Figure it out.
#H7yYFOeY Jan 25,2020 01:58
Ur mom
Tell me
#1VL1zgml Jan 24,2020 23:18
It's pretty.... bad.
#H7yYFOeY Jan 24,2020 22:00
Ur mom
How to get big 150 coin monster in terranced cave and light bow
#mHNhslRH Jan 24,2020 14:51
Hmm... Any feedback on the new weapon? Haven't tried it out but I wanna hear from you guys before I do.
#BSM2xfyU Jan 24,2020 11:34
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.1 Weapon addition.
#1VL1zgml Jan 18,2020 02:48
@Randomguypi no poin't asking, ha55ii doesn't talk on the boars (Outside of update announcements)
#dVbtepHo Jan 18,2020 02:43
@ha55ii do you plan to add a way to transfer saves anytime soon? like the system with Stick Ranger 1? also, will we be seeing a way to reset stats?
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 17,2020 23:23
Me seeing 2 new enemies: :D Me seeing they only drop 2 coins: :( Me seeing frequent updates: :)
#uEkbcBai Jan 17,2020 20:19
Bad update cuz its not 6.9 Ok jk its pretty good
#h8YNiNNq Jan 17,2020 12:56
Wow, I actually really like this update! :) the ice effect is super cool and it even slows down your attack speed, and the lightning enemies actually to a remarkable amount of damage. They're pretty strong and I am liking the difficulty of this cave so far!
#BSM2xfyU Jan 17,2020 11:53
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.0 Enemy addition.
#tEdMBIRs Jan 17,2020 05:16
Some Guy
Playing on ps4 rn.
#1VL1zgml Jan 17,2020 01:55
@_Fireball207_ you did. You ruined my day.
#ykKqzpDS Jan 16,2020 20:20
An cool guy
Add an way to transferom your data from device to anthore
#6i0CdnFR Jan 16,2020 17:11
plz make this game on phone
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 16,2020 12:35
@fabgsooz Wow who pissed in your coffee this morning?
#1VL1zgml Jan 16,2020 00:51
FFS. Stop copy and pasting this comment, we've all seen it. And it's a stupid idea.
#o5sav69r Jan 15,2020 21:05
I got ALL the weapons to its max
#uEkbcBai Jan 15,2020 17:24
I lost my progress like the 31987309128730981720937th time on iOS
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 15,2020 10:51
@scbaker I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 15,2020 03:08
Day 432 of maxing out all weapons I finally maxed out all primary weapons.... *stares at charge weapon* *sobs*
#gt3nMgdV Jan 15,2020 01:27
#FFoayhc1 Jan 14,2020 23:01
and you need to make the damage way higher on new weapons so then we can actually use them
#FFoayhc1 Jan 14,2020 22:54
I live the game can you make it so that the boss drops 150 every time though I feel Like that would make the game so Much more fun
#8dlBfUPK Jan 14,2020 20:59
I'm so happy this game is still here!
#uyQ1VG13 Jan 14,2020 06:28
my people ar gone /:
#IBZt3LqI Jan 13,2020 22:45
@fabgsooz Oh i see thanks mate!
#rGQe8vi3 Jan 13,2020 03:59
@Julemi! it's sort of a puzzle and if you get it correct the boss will be the enemy that spawns on the right side
#1VL1zgml Jan 12,2020 12:21
I got a couple things wrong thinking back on it, for instance I think there are more weapons than 24. But my point remains.
#1VL1zgml Jan 12,2020 12:19
@Julemi! Press Ctr + f and type in "Dec 12" You'll find a post explaining it. Stick ranger 1 is at v19.1 That's 191 updates Stick ranger 2 is at 69 updates (Nice), what isn't nice is that (if we're going off sr1) we're already more than 1/3 through the game, or what I would consider up to sub shrine roughly. That's 32 stages. We've got 4. Now our stages are better and more complex but when it comes to playtime, one stage in sr2 is shorter than one stage in sr1. Sr1 has 117 weapons at that point, Sr2 has 24. "But we have smithing" Even if you take that to it's extreme and say that each weapon has 4 upgrades, we still fall short at 96 "weapons". By the time Sr2 becomes comparable to Sr1 we would have to be at like v50.0.... That's like 10 years at this rate. So what's my point? We need better updates. Because in 10 years I'm hoping to be in a more... sophisticated position, where I don't play internet games. Sincerely, Someone who cares way too much.
#IBZt3LqI Jan 12,2020 11:00
I can't seem to find the boss in the terraced cave
#DnlBjdUr Jan 12,2020 10:40
Weapon's AGI should start at 10 and decrease from there. Also make it so that damage increases too as it is currently very weak and useless.
#rSJkXSp1 Jan 11,2020 07:20
it's still too early to talk about dps builds because the game is too simple, it doesn't have strong enough bosses that require this kind of strategy. At the current rate of updates it will take a couple of years to reach that stage. For the moment this game is about killing time by killing bugs and that's it. pd: I liked the new weapons
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 11,2020 01:54
The thing about Light Bow is that it doesn't need you to reposition as often as the Light Glove needs you to to in order to generate an optimal amount of MP. I mean, if you're into that stuff. I never really liked Light Glove anyway.
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 23:24
Okay, sorry for the negativity. It isn't useless, but I do think the AGI should be bumped up to 15 or 10 and then it would be useful
#1VL1zgml Jan 10,2020 22:55
I don't think it's useless... It's like a less effective light glove that lets you take less damage. Maybe if we got it a bit earlier or if it shot WAY more it would be useful.
#uEkbcBai Jan 10,2020 21:25
Ver 6.9? Nice!
#jiJYD0Ep Jan 10,2020 18:51
Nice, ver 6.9
#yUVUJiSa Jan 10,2020 17:19
@fabgsooz welp sorry but i just didn't know, now he update it.
#g7m0eIDk Jan 10,2020 14:56
The concept of the new weapons is fun but need an improvement
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 13:07
Also the DPS of this weapon is probably the lowest in the game, at only 7.5 when maxed out.
#h8YNiNNq Jan 10,2020 13:04
...I don't know what to say. I dislike all of the new weapons and they all have little to no application in battle. The Soul Blade was completly useless, and the light bow also seems useless. If you wanna spam charges just use a spear or light glove really. I hope we get good weapons soon. I maxed it out and the AGI is only 20, this is as much as a spear and more than a glove.
#BSM2xfyU Jan 10,2020 12:47
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.9 Weapon addition.
#qBqL2kyw Jan 10,2020 05:18
egg head
cant wait for the update this is a great game
#1VL1zgml Jan 10,2020 00:44
Jesus christ read the comment section if you're going to make assumptions. Ha55ii doesn't do updates on the week after the new year. This isn't new.
#yUVUJiSa Jan 09,2020 17:29
don't tell me ha55ii just quit -_-
#g2idwdZT Jan 09,2020 07:15
Where da update?
#yUVUJiSa Jan 07,2020 21:16
still no update ? ok
#1VL1zgml Jan 07,2020 21:04
Mean and not cool. Epic you are NOT!!!!
#dbOW0a0d Jan 07,2020 03:26
This game big not good xd
#XJoMtzOH Jan 06,2020 07:40
I was logged out however upon logging in, I discovered my data is gone. Stick ranger 2 needs a better saving system that isn't stored in our cookies, or an export feature like in SR1
#oWPy1ceP Jan 05,2020 15:03
#oWPy1ceP Jan 05,2020 13:41
imma flex on all of you and get to central cavity with the all short-physical team that i'm challenging myself with
#lmz3k7C8 Jan 05,2020 10:25
Lightning Lord
ha55ii does not do updates on the first week of the year. It has always been this way.
#1VL1zgml Jan 05,2020 08:28
Lightning lance/spear is too op to not have in your team, all range is not the best.
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 07:59
@mega KOT Probably dodge, since max is lv. 25 (50% dodge rate). It works really well, and hats add another 4% to it (54% dodge chance).If you're level 20 as a player, then it means you have 40 skill points per stick ranger, then it means you still have 15 points left after maxing out dodge --> spend them on attack
#h8YNiNNq Jan 05,2020 04:17
Elemental weapons for the win
#rSJkXSp1 Jan 05,2020 02:39
the best build is all points to long range weapons + bows and staffs.
#ra1DWbh0 Jan 05,2020 00:43
mega KOT
Players, what is best skill point build you think is?
#nOuGai9E Jan 04,2020 18:05
Due to not Update,Caused no more. to see ha55ii's blog, not update entry 814 to see, Discovered Error and 404 Error, to website to discovered ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Mental Break to Bash cause Crash, Creates Aw,Snap. After Creates Crash Report. (Note:Crash Report are Uploaded.)
#Ka2jEg7u Jan 04,2020 11:58
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 06:28
Where's the update?
#mHNhslRH Jan 04,2020 06:08
This game is kinda getting boring, the updates don't have that much in them...
#ioB2QE3F Jan 03,2020 22:59
hmmmm, where's the update?
#7RwilV6a Jan 03,2020 00:17
mhm... guns also can not cost its coins to shoot.
#kLm9Y6on Jan 01,2020 23:35
This Game is kinda cool, and this game is unmoddable making it more fair, I may have a suggestion, The guns : just like the SR1. Long ranged, And somewhat iconic.
#7GVoa4JF Jan 01,2020 13:10
If you want to try a challenge play the game without using your leveling points, very funny.
#1VL1zgml Dec 30,2019 22:38
Better than having +2 dodge.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 30,2019 19:01
Not really much to say about the update frankly, the silk hat is helpful and the straw hat is useless.
#o5sav69r Dec 30,2019 11:39
6 sp on each stat
#idlCtOmQ Dec 29,2019 02:57
Ah yes. A new hat
#BSM2xfyU Dec 27,2019 12:57
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.8 Armor addition.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 27,2019 08:16
Even though Ha55ii doesn't read the comments, I have a fun weapon idea for everyone! Strength Aura: Damage +10% Emit: 15 Does not do damage, but instead gives a 10% damage buff to every player within 20 tiles of the caster, upgrading the weapon increases the damage buff strength by 10%, maxing at 50%. If another player has a y axis of 5 blocks or less under or above the caster, but qualifies for the 20 tile x axis radius, than they will still gain the buff. Buff also doesn't do through walls
#1VL1zgml Dec 25,2019 05:47
Oh yeah, I forgot about the Lightning Orb, it's one of the better weapons for sure. However, I would have to disagree with you when it comes to the Firecracker, I think it's fine, it's fine for bosses and large groups, but the fact that your player has to be in the fray for it to work and the fact that the Flame Slayer and the Sand Blaster have a higher DPS makes it completely insignificant. It takes a little over 8 seconds for the Firecracker to kill the Big Cyan Gel. It takes a little over 5 seconds for the Sand Blaster. And a little over 4 for the Flame Slayer This test actually gives the Firecracker an advantage because the other two have to use their charge twice. The second time, the Big Cyan Gel is pretty much dead anyway. So if they were up against something with slightly less hp it would take about half the time and if they were against something with about 50% more hp their times would be the same. Also, the fact that it's an elemental while the light glove is a physical makes it even worse.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 25,2019 02:33
The lightning orb is a great weapon in my opinion and I use it all the time, the firecracker is also an amazing melee implement when combined with the light glove (preferably upgraded) However I agree with everybody that the soul blade is a bad weapon and is too gimmicky.
#1VL1zgml Dec 24,2019 23:17
Oh god, let me just explain this. Ha55ii doesn't read the English comments, I don't even know if Ha55ii reads the Japanese board. But that doesn't even matter because: This is a terrible idea, we're in the early game right now so we don't need op weapons, and anyway, I think it's good that there isn't just one weapon that you should spam *cough* Indra arrow *cough*. And it's even worse because you can change weapon type in this game, so you could just spam boxer, and in any instance where a boxer would get destroyed (like in sr1 with the mushrooms), you can just switch to something that does work, whereas in sr1 you would have to pick a diverse team from the very beginning. That being said, I do think that we should have a new good weapon. Firecracker was a B tier (Maybe an A tier on a good day), the Soul Blade is damn near useless, and the Poison Bow is clearly outperformed by the Fire Bow (unless fighting the fish which is a very specific instance). The last decent weapon we got was the Sandblaster, which is just a slightly worse version of the Flame Slayer making it obsolete unless you're fighting an enemy with fire resistance. It's slightly more useable than the Poison Bow, and it can compete with the Flame Slayer simply because it synergizes well with the light glove and the light glove is a physical type (Unlike the Flame Slayer).
#idlCtOmQ Dec 24,2019 07:45
New copypasta
#idlCtOmQ Dec 24,2019 07:44
Let me resurrect this now I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 24,2019 01:16
I feel like I’ve killed the fish boss 10 times and I have yet to get the new weapon
#7GVoa4JF Dec 22,2019 07:25
@scbaker Yes, good idea.
#qsaAk5O8 Dec 21,2019 22:20
When will this game come to mobile?
#1VL1zgml Dec 21,2019 09:24
@scbaker stop repeating yourself
#mHNhslRH Dec 21,2019 07:50
#FFoayhc1 Dec 21,2019 01:23
Let me resurrect this now I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#FFoayhc1 Dec 21,2019 01:22
he patched it:(
#qlLV8pd3 Dec 21,2019 01:03
Please add sound to stick ranger 2, It just isn't as fun without the satisfying attacking sounds.
#iLvDBMSs Dec 21,2019 00:38
What's the thing on the update's icon that looks like a fruit, is it an actual way to heal that's dropped by enemies?
#1VL1zgml Dec 20,2019 23:17
After 20 minutes of farming to find the sword, I am very underwhelmed, It barely does any damage even after being maxed out.
#4AWeyCgG Dec 20,2019 20:46
"Soul Blade" but is it the Egde or the Calibur
#BSM2xfyU Dec 20,2019 13:51
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.7 Weapon addition.
#jvhqlPQz Dec 20,2019 01:07
Group click button would be nice!
#1VL1zgml Dec 20,2019 00:27
I have no clue what glitch scbaker is talking about. Also, I don't think there will be a 5th stick ranger, It would be way too difficult to manage. Though there are 5 weapon types so there is decent evidence for one.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 19,2019 23:51
And the glitch doesn’t sound that good compared to getting 150 coins from killing the new boss, but I don’t know what glitch you’re talking about too or how to do it.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 19,2019 23:49
Does anybody think there is going to be a fifth stick ranger in our party? Because there is room in the bottom menu for a fifth one
#FFoayhc1 Dec 19,2019 22:37
btw the freaking glitch for the new boss is insane it drops like 30 coins has anybody else figured out how to do it yet
#FFoayhc1 Dec 19,2019 22:34
@Blacksmith347 I think that this game needs an over powered weapon or aspect of the game.
#qK50bFMz Dec 19,2019 16:13
@jktw not sure about how "simple" your math was, but lightning ball is maxed at LV5 so there is no "above 5". And LV3 is 1-7*3=3-21 compared to LV5's 1-5*5= 5-25. So no, opt lvl is not 3.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 19,2019 02:24
@fabsooz When flame slayer is maxed it does hundreds of damage and can kill most monsters in one hit --> does splash damage too and recharges quickly
#1VL1zgml Dec 19,2019 02:09
I can't wait till it's at v20 and complete. Though if ha55ii continues at this rate once we get to v20 we'd only about 20 rooms. That compared to sr1 is nothing.
#9FM0mUiK Dec 18,2019 18:46
This is really satisfying, fun, nostalgic and I can't wait for the next updates!
#1VL1zgml Dec 17,2019 22:34
It's the end.
#80wIsA3N Dec 17,2019 06:11
Is there anything after the upper floor of the Central Cavity? Is that it for the game so far? Where do you go after it.
#h8YNiNNq Dec 16,2019 05:29
The Inn fully heals your health when you use it, yes, you can wait for it to simply regenerate, but when you are further in the game and have higher max health and lots of money, it can be pretty helpful. Also, later in the game, you get an item called "Onigiri" This fully heals the health of all your stickmen, once you've used it, the only way to get it back is to use the inn. Hope this helped!
#ajLprjC3 Dec 16,2019 03:22
Umm, is the Inn intended to not do anything? I shoved stick man right up to it and clicked, the "G 10" turned to "G 0" and nothing else seemed to happen..... Did it just quicken healing or something? I'm in early game so healing is fast and things are expensive, was that all a waste?
#bUg7wlaM Dec 16,2019 00:23
Simple math told me that I shouldnt upgrade my lightning rod above lvl.5, and lvl 3 is the optimal level for it
#1VL1zgml Dec 15,2019 10:58
@bob4koolest I think you mean the flame slayer right? I think the flame slayer is useless.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 15,2019 08:19
I prefer fire sword over firecracker for my short attack guy
#idlCtOmQ Dec 14,2019 23:48
Speaking of overpowered lightning weapons, I honestly hope that they never make the Indra Arrow mistake again. "Its damage was balanced for a single target weapon!" Yeah well it made nearly every boss without thunder resistance a pushover.
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 20:18
Yeah, I agree with blacksmith people don't understand that this game is in very early development.
#6dbDDBKq Dec 14,2019 14:08
#h8YNiNNq Dec 14,2019 09:41
No. That would be a bad idea, from your description, that weapon is extremely powerful. Yes, it would be cool to have something like that as of the current update. However, if you had something like that the entire game, it would ruin all the challenge and make the game boring. From the time of your suggestion, it would likely be dropped by a boss in cave 5, this is far too early to get a weapon like that. But that's just my opinion, and a respect yours and I hope you have a great day!
#7GVoa4JF Dec 14,2019 07:24
#FFoayhc1 Dec 14,2019 00:45
I don't know tell me if you agree with me ,I think that I should be able to destroy things way easier than I do now, Having everything maxed out
#FFoayhc1 Dec 14,2019 00:42
I think the next weapon that is added should be really over powered like a lightning boxing glove that starts out at 50 x 2>12 and dropped by like a mega golden monster boss and the boss should drop 100 gold every time you kill it and the base upgrade cost should be 1200, Idk tell me if you agree with me
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 00:26
Wait no it's also great against bosses.
#1VL1zgml Dec 14,2019 00:22
Firecracker + Light glove is amazing for groups of enemies. Pretty bad against bosses tho. @Kingbob who's joe and what is ligma? Oh yeah, I remember now nvm, they're both terrible memes.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 13,2019 23:14
Oh and the amount of fireballs that surround you and protect you increases with every upgrade too. It attacks quickly, lasts a while and has little damage.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 13,2019 23:07
This new weapon is kinda cool, it’s just a fireball that protects the user, but it is pretty cool
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 21:05
account lost
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 21:05
#BSM2xfyU Dec 13,2019 13:05
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.6 Weapon addition.
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 13,2019 09:02
I thought joe died of ligma
#4AWeyCgG Dec 13,2019 05:52
that new boss bamboozled me something fierce lemme tell ya
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 13,2019 02:44
is that today update?
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 12,2019 14:54
OCD player
so i have upgrade all my item till max lvl.
#1VL1zgml Dec 12,2019 02:29
So there are five pieces of gold in the terraced cave. Move one of your stick rangers to the gold to spawn the enemies. Before you move your ranger over you should press the right amount of gold for the enemy you want. 0 for green, 1 for blue, 2 for red, 3 and 4 for boss, and 5 for yellow.
#KBqCoxJh Dec 11,2019 23:04
I'm still confused how to make those enemies spawn in terraced cave. Can I get some help
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 11,2019 05:46
Because joe is with us all this Christmas.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 11,2019 05:45
Lets just all appreciate joe for a moment
#iv2Y5giD Dec 11,2019 05:40
thanks joe
#vz4dGLpf Dec 11,2019 04:56
#JAfSvRYW Dec 11,2019 03:00
There is a save feature, yes. But our progress is trapped in our computers until it is deleted by accident or the computer dies. We would like a save export feature like in Stick Ranger 1, so we don't have to worry about this loss.
#hQUNoQEq Dec 11,2019 02:35
when will they add a save feature for this game i wonder...
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 10,2019 22:33
Yes I like that but what about mobile players
#M2HTy6JK Dec 10,2019 04:44
Re: Suggestion
• Secondarily, more usefully but harder to code, it would be amazing to be able to control one Ranger at a time, arrows/WASD to move, and mouse to attack.
#M2HTy6JK Dec 10,2019 03:09
• I think that you should be able to double click in order to select a group of Rangers at once, this would make moving them all into a dangerous section a lot less risky.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 09,2019 23:33
Ok I maxed out the light glove (level 3) and its somewhat good, I guess, it does low damage but can attack and use charges quickly.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 09,2019 23:25
@blacksmith347 well when I tested it that’s what I got... I don’t know why or how it would be wrong
#1VL1zgml Dec 08,2019 21:20
@the real answer we know
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 08,2019 13:16
the real answer
0=green gel 1=blue gel 2= red gel 3,4=boss gel 5=yellow gel
#Fe2mvMNU Dec 08,2019 12:33
where is the new monsther
#1VL1zgml Dec 07,2019 19:40
@Brodsterguy How did you make that mistake?
#h8YNiNNq Dec 07,2019 07:57
Unfortunately that info is false. It is green slime for 0 clicks, blue slime for 1 click. red slime for 2 click. 3-4 click for boss. 5 click for yellow slime swarm. You can also find this info on the "Stick Ranger 2" article on the Dan Ball wiki.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 07,2019 01:36
Ok, so for anyone that doesn’t know, in terraced cave if you go to the right it will spawn different enemies depending on the amount of coin things you take from the wall, 0coins= small green guys, 1-2coins= small red guys 3-4coins= new boss and 5 coins is more red boys.
#iD7zYb7Y Dec 07,2019 01:31
This new boss is amazing, he occasionally drops 150 coins!
#ra1DWbh0 Dec 06,2019 21:33
mega KOT
if clike 3 red slims spawned
#yUVUJiSa Dec 06,2019 16:07
that new boss is ez to kill.
#b5LDH3iN Dec 06,2019 14:25
the yellow boss dosen't exit i tried to find it but there's nothing
#h8YNiNNq Dec 06,2019 12:47
also 150 gold for boss kill (THAT'S INSANE)
#h8YNiNNq Dec 06,2019 12:47
WOW... um, this is really cool. so... the five gold marks at the right of the cave are now used to summon enemies!? Here is the code: Click none and go to the area where they are located and green slimes spawn. Click one and blue slimes spawn. Click two and red slimes spawn. Click either 3 or 4 and a boss spawns, or click 5 and yellow slimes attack. This is really clever and took a while to figure out, thanks ha55ii!
#BSM2xfyU Dec 06,2019 12:09
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.5 Enemy addition.
#Ka2jEg7u Dec 06,2019 09:41
@yuri Go to the village
#KBqCoxJh Dec 06,2019 04:44
Anyone have tips on grinding money. I haven played this game in so long
#1VL1zgml Dec 05,2019 23:54
@caylus Stop spamming dude
#o5sav69r Dec 05,2019 22:51
add a spanwer from minecraft and what will it look like?
#o5sav69r Dec 05,2019 22:50
add a spawner from minecraft and what will it look like?
#RtKkYey0 Dec 05,2019 19:07
Is there no way to regain the consumed onigiri either?
#rd85eiAY Dec 05,2019 08:51
I go to go onto my Account didn’t save
#7GVoa4JF Dec 05,2019 01:51
#Ja8NeGrd Dec 05,2019 00:22
Do items and weapons only drop once?
#1VL1zgml Dec 04,2019 01:44
@TeamDoodleBlocks I think sr2 gets more grindy faster. In sr 1, I only really had to start grinding once I got to snow field. And even then I wasn't spending upwards of an hour just continuously murdering the same monster over and over. That being said I do enjoy sr2
#1VL1zgml Dec 04,2019 01:33
@Kim, If you signed out of your account and then back in you might lose your progress. This also happens if you clear your cache.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 00:02
Also my progress saved, oof a doof
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 00:02
I’ve been trying to get into SR2 after beating SR1 but idk man something about the sequel is off putting and is a turn down to me.
#zOjZZPXL Dec 03,2019 19:03
#JvIYZaMZ Dec 03,2019 12:11
Ultra ganer
When will we get a mobile release
#1yL2PG7B Dec 03,2019 01:08
@Kim no
#XJtg8fbu Dec 02,2019 21:51
Did it reset data for anyone else?!
#yUVUJiSa Nov 30,2019 19:35
is that a zombie snake lol.
#1VL1zgml Nov 30,2019 01:33
Soon the new area will be better for money farming
#idlCtOmQ Nov 29,2019 13:25
Skull snakes! Notice how their heads are normally green, but they change to red when they attack. Cool, right?
#BSM2xfyU Nov 29,2019 13:11
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.4 Enemy addition.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 26,2019 08:10
Wait nvm its just a charge
#DnlBjdUr Nov 26,2019 08:08
What's the difference between lighting orb and lightning ball?
#mZN6k4jX Nov 25,2019 10:15
@bob4koolest the cave 4 spot on the right is still better as the mini slimes give you 3 gold each and you can bring another stickman out to collect all the gold from torches while the others fight slimes
#N6FHhRZL Nov 25,2019 00:51
No it reset all my progress :(
#JvIYZaMZ Nov 24,2019 09:53
Please bring to android
#1VL1zgml Nov 23,2019 23:41
It's really boring though, also If you're not maxed out, other farms can give you xp
#N6FHhRZL Nov 23,2019 11:20
New cave is the best gold farm because there are no monsters and only gold nuggets.
#in63Yrtd Nov 23,2019 07:16
Yay we're moving up in the world
#1yL2PG7B Nov 23,2019 00:52
Though I just signed in and it deleted all my data. :( :( :(
#1yL2PG7B Nov 23,2019 00:52
I like the new map!
#1oHElsNi Nov 22,2019 22:34
torches * sorry
#1oHElsNi Nov 22,2019 22:34
some toches in the new map are floating
#idlCtOmQ Nov 22,2019 13:58
So this is a nice looking map, it's called "Terraced cave". Vertical transition. There are already five gimmicks on the walls here, but they will probably be guarded by enemies in the future, like the others - if you want to take advantage of completely safe money then now is the time to do so.
#7GVoa4JF Nov 22,2019 12:44
please make FInal Inferno cave with all the bosses together with 10x hp and 10x damage
#BSM2xfyU Nov 22,2019 11:39
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.3 Added map.
#N6FHhRZL Nov 22,2019 10:54
There should be a cave 5 it's getting kind of boring with 4 caves since I've got all the weapons and defeated all the monsters already many times.
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 22,2019 00:15
Is there going to be another update for hats? Because Half of the hats in the game cannot be upgraded like the beret and the two hats that give defense
#mNASdnMK Nov 21,2019 12:30
#l57OFAuf Nov 21,2019 01:12
i didnt know that i thought it was only cave 4
#1VL1zgml Nov 20,2019 23:49
yeah... why wouldn't they?
#l57OFAuf Nov 20,2019 22:23
GUYS its not just the clickables in cave 4 that can drop 100 coins, i was in cave1 and had the coin in the box near the boss drop 100!!
#d097jv69 Nov 20,2019 04:29
Huh been a while since ive been on this site
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 20,2019 01:38
Huh the starter weapon maxes out at level 11 for some reason
#1VL1zgml Nov 19,2019 23:00
no you start with one
#M8Fyjt35 Nov 19,2019 21:52
Do you start with one person or is something wrong for me like I'm getting rekt on level 1 coz I've got only one guy
#Ka2jEg7u Nov 19,2019 01:22
Yeah I liked the save system
#1VL1zgml Nov 17,2019 09:25
I didn't. Well, the second time I did but that was because I had to clear my drive, the first time I just changed account and it was gone, anyway, I don't see why there can't be s system like sr1. Don't be so passive aggressive jees
#Ka2jEg7u Nov 17,2019 06:37
There is its called don’t delete your cache and history
#1VL1zgml Nov 16,2019 23:17
We need a way to save, I've lost my progress multiple times now.
#iD7zYb7Y Nov 16,2019 01:26
So, I have found that the lightning ball is pretty bad at level 1, but pretty damn good at max level (5) as it shoots 5 projectiles instead of one and I find him being the strongest in the team behind my physical guy.
#ra1DWbh0 Nov 15,2019 21:46
mega KOT
what if it limitless upgrades :0
#1oHElsNi Nov 15,2019 21:19
hats dont show what level they are btw
#BSM2xfyU Nov 15,2019 13:36
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.2 Added armor level.
#ntZhtC3V Nov 14,2019 12:08
Thank you, ha55ii!
#p2LQ4WuA Nov 14,2019 06:59
Its just you.
#aJeFdYwn Nov 13,2019 22:51
Is it just me or is every game on this site down?
#v2kPCSpk Nov 13,2019 22:40
Joe Mama
This game fun
#m2VNJxao Nov 13,2019 07:35
I like cheese
#LGBd3uun Nov 12,2019 21:17
Finger You was have relationship I hug for sleep Hi my Chris. Hi Christian you doing You was see a good day in the best person who Hi my Christian i'm in kindergarten Hi Christian i'm in
#VyDjLdYC Nov 12,2019 05:47
For anyone interested in saving the history of Flash games and animations, check out the project Flashpoint.
#7DALfIvp Nov 11,2019 01:06
#4874kyFT Nov 10,2019 02:15
@Blacksmith347 its not flash, they made the switch to whatever the new system is called years ago..... its really too bad flash is going down, a lot of amazing browser games were made using it.
#GB1qZZiW Nov 09,2019 11:21
y uno let me in inn
#h8YNiNNq Nov 09,2019 09:33
And also awesome update! I really like the idea of head pieces and it's awesome that defense is now a stat in the game
#h8YNiNNq Nov 09,2019 09:32
I'm pretty sure that stick ranger 2 does not require flash. However, since flash is gonna die in a year it's kind of worrying if stick ranger 2 is flash. It's not flash right?
#gt3nMgdV Nov 09,2019 08:06
Orange Smiley Tree - Beret Small Green Slime - Work Cap Small Blue Slime - BB Cap Yeeeeeeeees! More hat!
#1oHElsNi Nov 08,2019 22:51
does the +2% dodge hat still work if i have 25 points in dodge?
#BelRbaQX Nov 08,2019 16:36
Dark Doctor
#BSM2xfyU Nov 08,2019 13:47
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.1 Armor addition. MP gauge color change.
#gt3nMgdV Nov 08,2019 12:51
Hats? HATS!? What is this Team Fortress 2? YES, MORE HATS! I require the hats, thank you. Hat Simulator 2020. 11/10.
#CYh4DFvj Nov 08,2019 05:46
I usually have one melee guy to absorb attacks and a lot of ranged guys behind him dealing the damage so, I’d say put points into damage for ranged/elemental classes and put health and dodge for your melee guy
#l57OFAuf Nov 08,2019 02:27
so I'm fairly oblivious to what I should be putting points in if someone could explain how to actually do good damage or staying alive longer id greatly appreciate it
#yUVUJiSa Nov 06,2019 21:32
@PATSONIC ikr why did he do that to us.
#hcLTQoTJ Nov 06,2019 19:12
#a1k7KTLE Nov 06,2019 14:15
Is this game even on the Google play store or apple app store ? Greyvyard
#4AWeyCgG Nov 06,2019 09:22
... is there some sort of limit to how often you can comment or something? i've been unable to do so for THREE DAYS now anyway i WANTED to comment that i'd already maxed out the light glove (alongside my reaction) but you can guess what happened there
#4AWeyCgG Nov 06,2019 09:18
uh wat
#HuGxCXHt Nov 05,2019 12:35
meow shut up furry no u
#Cva07GF2 Nov 04,2019 04:48
@NemoGruv I prefer using regular lance charge over lightning lance charge to deal with monsters that are resistant to elemental weapons, and fire sword over boxing gloves to clear out hordes.
#1oHElsNi Nov 03,2019 18:30
because it has lowest agi in whole game, so with good charge weapon it op
#4AWeyCgG Nov 03,2019 00:16
... Oh my GOD why is upgrading the Light Glove so expensive (FIVE HUNDRED FOR THE F I R S T L E V E L)?
#4AWeyCgG Nov 03,2019 00:01
A R M O R ? ? ? OH Y E S
#hvfhbO3U Nov 02,2019 20:42
in the early game, the light glove/range attack are the best combo for destroying the bat area in the first cave.
#IgFO7ssf Nov 02,2019 19:02
Can Someone explain the purpose of the light glove. It doesn't seem to yield much.
#IgFO7ssf Nov 02,2019 14:37
Which work best for you? As of 6.0 Im using Bash Glove / Sand Blaster Lightening Staff / Lightening Lance Lightening Ball / Flame Arrow Ice Ball / Poison Arrow All Max
#mHNhslRH Nov 02,2019 13:54
Wiki's updated so you can look at what mob drops armor.
#N6FHhRZL Nov 02,2019 12:00
To everyone who's asking: You kill mobs to get armor, just like any other weapon -- works the same way as other drops.
#EY4V4fzR Nov 02,2019 11:42
Beast design-XM9
How can I get these protectors?
#p8wMk6uP Nov 02,2019 01:29
Will there be a way to easily reset stats?
#BK4kCLzX Nov 02,2019 00:54
I just got on after the update and cannot figure out how to get the armor, the wikis arent updated either.
#yUVUJiSa Nov 01,2019 19:24
wait what i thought Combo will be soon because Stick Ranger has Combo so was armor all times ? aw oh welp.
#jA9hzjMD Nov 01,2019 15:52
I did a test in game, and danknes is correct. Separate stat boosts do stack with each other. So for maximum damage: investing in two stats is better than one!
#jA9hzjMD Nov 01,2019 15:19
@danknes That's some good information. However, is it true that the separate stats are calculated based off each other and not just both taken from the base stat? As such: 10 points 50%/50% = 10-10 + (50% elemental [10-10]) + (50% long range [10-10]) = 20-20 10 points 100% = 10-10 + (100% elemental [10-10]) = 20-20 If they do stack, you are right, then it becomes a choice between power and flexibility; investing in two stats limits effective weapon options, but is probably wroth it for the damage boost.
#in63Yrtd Nov 01,2019 14:40
#xLmv5QG7 Nov 01,2019 13:30
Armor. Nirvana achieved sucessfully.
#BSM2xfyU Nov 01,2019 13:20
Stick Ranger 2 ver6.0 Armor addition.
#Cva07GF2 Oct 30,2019 05:21
btw just found out that people of the Japanese side get special tags next to their names.
#Cva07GF2 Oct 30,2019 05:18
@Brodsterguy It has a 1% chance of giving 100 gold, it happened to me 6 times.
#CYh4DFvj Oct 30,2019 00:01
I have just found a great thing, in cave 4 the little yellow things on the walls that drop coins sometimes drop 7 coins instead of one, but I just had it drop 100 coins. Huh.
#xLmv5QG7 Oct 29,2019 22:59
Think about it. 20 points = +100% Long-range AT -> 15-15 + 100% [15-15] = 30=30. If you add a +100% Elemental AT in this build, it will be 100% Long-range AT + 100% Elemental AT instead of +200% Long-range AT. Why +100% +100% it's better than +200%? Let's pay attention. 20 points = 100% Elemental AT -> 15-15 + 100% [15-15] = 30-30. If you put 20 points into Long-range AT and 20 points into Elemental AT, then the Elemental AT percentage will be calculated and refreshed based on the +100% Range AT, it means that -> 15-15 +100% Long-range AT [15-15] = 30-30 + 100% Elemental AT [30-30] = 60-60 AT. So you have, instead of a 15-15 weapon with +200% Long-range AT = 15-15 + 30-30 = 45-45... ...a 15-15 + 100% Long-range AT = 15-15 + 15-15 = 30-30 +100% Elemental AT = 30-30 + 30-30 = 60-60 , wich can be interpretated as +300% RAnged AT upgrade -> 15-15 + 300% = 15-15 + 45-45.
#xLmv5QG7 Oct 29,2019 22:57
Do you guys realized that upgrading only one skill is worse than upgrading 2 skills at the same build? I'll explaing this in 3 posts. Do not flame me, please. This text needs to be long to be explained correctly. Also, my English is bad, but I think it's compreensible for everyone. So... let's suppose you're building a Long-range or a Elemental Stickman. If you have a Poison Bow at the max LV you'll get a 15-15 AT. Ok, let's suppose you are a LV 20 stickman. You put 40 points into Elemental AT type. You'll have a 45-45 AT weapon (15-15 + 200% [30-30] = 45-45). Instead, you put 40 points into Long-range AT. The same will be applied = 45-45 Long-range AT for your Poison Bow. So, Poison Bow have two proprieties that can be upgraded: Elemental AT and Long-range AT. What happens if you just put 20 points into Long-range and 20 points into Elemental AT? You'll have a 60-60AT weapon.
#W9t4XGsJ Oct 29,2019 05:22
In stick ranger 1 two poison weapons wont stack damage, but a fire and poison weapon will, i assume this is the same for stick ranger 2.
#E1DcoTb7 Oct 28,2019 14:00
Just a question
do different poison types stack
#M40Pd4bW Oct 28,2019 04:09
Boiled Potato
@Random Radny Yes, you have to go in the spot where there is no monster, 3 bosses should spawn.
#RHZVytKj Oct 28,2019 03:49
Random Radny
In Cave 2, there is a monster that drop "Sand Blaster", but I can't find it, Is there something I have to do for it to show up?
#W9t4XGsJ Oct 28,2019 02:24
@hellispark the ability to gain magic was not really op at all in sr 1, especially for classes like gladiator where it was common to put about 40 into magic and the rest into strength and equip a lightsaber with offense components allowing it to deal among the strongest damage in the game... however that made the class very squishy in compared to others and it died very often. Also one of my current problems with SR2 (besides the fact that there are three useless stats in atk up short med long) is that there is currently no build variety, especially in comparison to the first game where the boxer could be a physical dps, a elemental dps or a physical tank. While in SR2 it doesnt matter what weapon you have you are either a dps or not, there is no support and tanking isnt viable as of yet.
#0PYik7Ff Oct 27,2019 23:13
@bob4koolest Well Fish boss one is only a coloring issue but the bat boss one isnt. I get damaged from invisible bullets when collecting coins.
#4AWeyCgG Oct 27,2019 20:46
holy FRICC it's been a while since i checked the comments or played the game for that matter .3.
#idlCtOmQ Oct 27,2019 00:10
Can we just appreciate how this game has balanced out the stickman weaponry? -In Stick Ranger 1 you could make your MP attack activate upon every attack, eliminating the point of the bar and the distinction between normal attack and MP attack since everyone did this. But in Stick Ranger 2 you can't increase your MP gain, and some powerful MP attacks such as Sand Blaster even require more MP as you level them up to keep their damage outputs not too groundbreaking. -In Stick Ranger 1 Electric-type weapons were always the way to go because their maximum damage outputs were so good. In Stick Ranger 2 the type with the best damage output is Physical. (Yes it is, get with the times) That's the right place to hand the title of "best damage" because Physical is separated from the other types which get to do important special effects but aren't "best damage"
#FELCFLwF Oct 26,2019 10:37
I knew that a "Fast Travel" Mechanic would appear. I've thought about it before, and much gratitude is given to "ha55ii" for allowing the update to become a reality. However, I'd say to continue your work in your projects in general, whenever you can, or wish to take a break(But try not to take a break of something that fans are usually interested in for too long.). Even if all can't, I can wait for updates of the "Main Project", now and then. Best of wishes to you.
#Cva07GF2 Oct 26,2019 09:13
@Barucyl No it's just very dark and hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see it.
#H65tJtDh Oct 26,2019 08:15
Just saying
#H65tJtDh Oct 26,2019 08:14
Uh, Ewan1, you do realize it's only in 5.9, right? SR is in 19.1, we have a long way to go before it's done. A lot of things haven't been completed yet.
#7vM3zH3l Oct 26,2019 04:37
Stick ranger 2 = Worst Stick ranger mod
#CYh4DFvj Oct 26,2019 04:26
@Someone lol you actually did
#mHNhslRH Oct 26,2019 03:07
#CYh4DFvj Oct 26,2019 00:05
@Boiled Potato Its a portal to the central cavity which is after cave 4
#M40Pd4bW Oct 25,2019 21:20
Boiled Potato
What is the 5.9 update?
#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 25,2019 16:24
Gotta report this bug/glitch enemy bullets still can hit even after they "disappeared". (Bat boss and Fish boss) Fish boss's bullets are black and merge with background once they leave water, they are not gone but just cant be seen. If you drag your man across, you'll still get damaged.
#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 25,2019 16:15
I'll share my team setup: P1- Tank (dodge-25/rest into life) WP: light glove/sand blaster Straight forward meatshield, soak up dmg and deal some physical dmg P2- Mid DPS (mid range-all) WP: Spear(lightning)/Lance(lightning) Spear combo is not weak as you think. once stats and weapon upgrade is up, the dmg is quite high and reliable. Main physical DPS, use lightning ver if needed. P3- Flexible Elemental (Element dmg-all) WP: lightning spear/lightning lance, ice ball/fire bomb, fire bow/poison arrow Use different set with P3/P4 depending on situation, especially some terrain can block arrows. P4- Long DPS (long range-all) WP: Lightning ball/lightning orb(fire bomb) Self explanatory
#xLmv5QG7 Oct 25,2019 13:53
Oh my f#cking god. Portals. I mean... portals, dude. Potals. Now this is in a completely different level. Unbeliavable.
#BSM2xfyU Oct 25,2019 13:49
Stick Ranger 2 ver5.9 Portal addition.
#z9dSoFNm Oct 25,2019 06:41
I love the first game (Stick Ranger) but will Stick Ranger 2 be on google play store anytime soon?
#aJeFdYwn Oct 25,2019 00:58
So I found a glitch which has deleted my max lvl game. When you change account, you lose all progress.
#h8YNiNNq Oct 24,2019 12:24
Tier list for all weapons in the game: C Tier: Sword, Bow, Range Attack, Lancer, Bash B Tier: Glove, Spear, Fire Sword, Poison Bow, Slash, Triple Arrow, Sand Blaster, Light Glove A Tier: Ice Ball, Power Glove, Lightning Ball, Flame Slayer, Flame Arrow, Poison Arrow S Tier: Lightning Spear, Fire Bow, Lightning Lance, Lightning Orb, Fire Bomb That's my opinion on all the weapons in the game! If you have any differing opinions or even a list of your own, I'd love for you to share it with us! Have a great day!
#h8YNiNNq Oct 24,2019 09:09
Max level is currently 22 and dodge chance caps at 50%
#Cva07GF2 Oct 24,2019 07:30
@Serec no -- max level is 20, so that gives you 40 upgrades. If you use all 40 for dodge, you would be practically immortal(80% dodge chance).
#y29vycSp Oct 24,2019 04:54
At this point, there is absolutely no need, or real benefit, to put any stats into hp/dodge. Having higher dps outpaces "lost defence/hp" so far in this game.
#11PlmQcU Oct 24,2019 02:46
This game just gets better with every single update! Wow!
#aJeFdYwn Oct 23,2019 22:43
So you got 3 stickmen after killing the snakes? I'm not fully sure if that's what you mean but if you did mean that, yes, that's a glitch
#sH2yd7Fc Oct 23,2019 15:08
mega KOT
is this a bug? : i killed first 3 bosses and at last moment stickman died,i got game over screen,but secound stickman appeared with full health, and as usual after clicking i got 2 stickman with 1 hp
#mHNhslRH Oct 23,2019 12:31
At this point, I'm tempted to just wait a couple of weeks and explore the new things that come...
#gt3nMgdV Oct 23,2019 09:49
I bet the new chamber will have a boss of sorts and have a new village after it. Seems like a possibility.
#aJeFdYwn Oct 23,2019 05:57
We know! It's been out for 4 days! GET ON TOP OF IT!
#AguRZczJ Oct 23,2019 00:27
The fourth party member has arrived. Time for more builds.
#aJeFdYwn Oct 22,2019 01:49
Yeah, of course it's intended, you think ha55ii would let a glitch like that stay in the game since the beginning?
#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 21,2019 12:06
@#E1DcoTb7 i think that is intended. In stick ranger 1, ur stickman are down when reach 0hp and deals no dps. But in stick ranger2, they all alive until team wipe, but u get this penalty for not keeping ur mans from harm. Without this, we might just have one big team health instead of individual health, which makes tank role and defensive stats meaningless.
#E1DcoTb7 Oct 21,2019 10:55
Someone: when one stickman gets hit with an attack that does 4 damage, each of the other stickmans gets loses 4 HP; that totals to 12 HP
#aJeFdYwn Oct 20,2019 20:31
@Someone I would assume that you could teleport to different villages using money. I'd really like a minimap, maybe on the same screen as the option to teleport back to the village
#mHNhslRH Oct 20,2019 14:28
I also want to see a update that includes portals to get to the future caves, because you usually take damage when traveling through them.
#mHNhslRH Oct 20,2019 14:15
@Glitch?, it is intended that if a zero health stickman is hurt, then the other stickmans absorb the damage. (so be careful with the short range stickmans)
#HEgSaDSv Oct 20,2019 10:41
im pretty sure it's just a hub of some sort. it doesn't cost anything to tele back to village, and 5 levels would be a lot to drag through if you're trying to get to the latest cave
#idlCtOmQ Oct 20,2019 09:45
@aaagsooz Nononono, I mean it's bad for the stickmen. I really wanna see a mega-boss too.
#aJeFdYwn Oct 20,2019 09:42
@Helispark idk about you but I'd way rather a Massive boss with its own arena than a basic inn
#idlCtOmQ Oct 20,2019 08:55
Speculation about Central Cavity: -There are no natural irregularities in Central Cavity's terrain, and it's also symmetrical. It must have been hollowed out by a living thing such as a human or a giant beast. -Central Cavity does not follow the ordinary stage naming system of names and numbers that was also present in Stick Ranger 1, so this shouldn't resemble an ordinary stage once it's completed. -Both the northern or eastern corridors could lead to a new stage in the future, but the northern corridor is also a perfect place for enemies to drop down and ambush the stickmen! -It could be something very good such as a village with an Inn, or something very bad such as an arena with a mega-boss.
#ktRsgcoM Oct 20,2019 08:17
wtf wheres 4th stickman???????
#E1DcoTb7 Oct 20,2019 08:05
When one stickman has 0 health and gets hurt, is it intended that ALL the other stickmans get hurt?
#zIoyMX3R Oct 20,2019 07:06
For everybody bored with the current most popular farms, (green snakes and bat boss) I have a new one that's better then both of them! First, you need to beat the fish boss and go to central cavity, now head into cave 4 and immediately drag one of your stickmen up to the top area with yellow slimes. now you click the 5 gimmicks while your stickmen fight the slimes. Once they are clicked get the money from the gimmicks and then scavenge all the gold that's been dropped from the slimes, head back to central cavity and repeat. This method gives tons of gold AND exp really fast, i'd recommend trying it.
#aJeFdYwn Oct 20,2019 06:48
I'm pretty happy with this update. Getting the 4th stick man and the boss are expected but still, fun, and the central cavity looks really cool and I can't wait to see where it goes. But that being said; I really want some later stage enemies that give a decent amount of money/Xp, farming is getting way too boring.
#Ka2jEg7u Oct 20,2019 00:10
@ Blacksmith347 I stay on the land to kill the boss because the pellets don’t leave the water
#gt3nMgdV Oct 19,2019 12:50
What are your builds? 1: Power G/Sand Blast 2: Light. Spear/Light. Lance 3: Ice ball/Thunder Orb 4: Poison bow/ Poison
#UGJvYYcg Oct 19,2019 07:22
Okay now imma talk about the update... OH BOY. There's quite a bit to talk about here! First of all, the boss is super cool and is actually pretty tough! I'd say it's easily the hardest boss in the game so far. Also, I am a little on both sides about the nerf. On one side im sad about it because it was cool having such a hard enemy but on the other side the boss being in there shooting all those pellets kinds ramps the difficulty back up anyway. Also, 4th stickman!!! That's super fun and I am still trying to come up with the best build for it, a highlight of the update for sure. central cavity seems really cool too! It seems like it might be a crazy square containing tons of different enemies, or it can be a tough boss battle! I think i've covered everything now, this might be one of the best updates the game has gotten! Oh yeah and now the max level is 22 :)
#UGJvYYcg Oct 19,2019 07:07
Killing all enemies (including boss) in the water gives lot's of exp! I'll start from the most profitable level to do this and go up from there: Level 11: 2450 EXP Level 12: 2300 EXP Level 13: 2050 EXP Level 14: 1800 EXP Level 15: 1550 EXP I'll stop here since after level 12 it decreases by 250 EXP every level up.
#KZXN08qC Oct 18,2019 22:03
mime leviathan
#KZXN08qC Oct 18,2019 22:02
mime leviathan
theres gonna be the fifth ranger i think cause i saw the little space its big as the normal ranger bar
#1oHElsNi Oct 18,2019 21:39
''central cavity'' good level naming
#tVJZYXvR Oct 18,2019 21:35
I wish they add a difficult boss to the game. I beat the new boss and unlocked the 4th stick ranger without losing any onigri.
#7GeebnCe Oct 18,2019 21:31
Cave 4
Theres enough space for 5 stickman on the hud. Im just sayin'
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 18,2019 21:16
The boss it out!!! GET READY BROTHERS :D
#24iZHvaj Oct 18,2019 19:04
robot the fire
Cyan Roundhead Fish AT reduced from 4-5 to 1-4.
#24iZHvaj Oct 18,2019 19:02
robot the fire
Enemy tweaked?
#yUVUJiSa Oct 18,2019 18:33
oh heck yeah.
#HEgSaDSv Oct 18,2019 14:11
any ideas on what the central cavity might be?
#BSM2xfyU Oct 18,2019 13:22
Stick Ranger 2 ver5.8 Boss addition. Enemy adjustment.
#zIoyMX3R Oct 18,2019 13:06
Here it comes! I hope. I hope it doesn't take 2 weeks again this time :(
#mhSehwjG Oct 18,2019 12:41
No name
Also @Kingbob don't troll. It's not funny. Also, the fourth stick ranger isn't accessible yet. Maybe in ver5.8?
#mhSehwjG Oct 18,2019 12:39
No name
Aw man my data got reset ;-;
#nIEKaS5W Oct 18,2019 08:22
amor plz
#aJeFdYwn Oct 18,2019 02:14
@Watercape13 delete win32.
#yUVUJiSa Oct 17,2019 16:06
@Kingbob1500 bro that's not cool you can't troll like that.
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 17,2019 08:36
@kingbob i tired but still didnt work! i reset twice and did it on another device still no luck
#Ka2jEg7u Oct 16,2019 23:17
@watercape13 You have to delete all cookies and cache to get it
#yUVUJiSa Oct 16,2019 16:47
@Someone everyone are thinking because they thought 4th stickman is finally here but you can get it if you beat boss from underwater but it's not here yet, so yeah.
#mHNhslRH Oct 16,2019 10:35
Why is everyone thinking you can get a 4th stickman?! JUST LOOK AT THE UPDATES IN THE COMMENTS There is nothing that says new stickman.
#yUVUJiSa Oct 15,2019 19:39
@Watercape13 cuz there no boss yet to get 4th stickman.
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 15,2019 09:02
SAD NEWS!!!! i killed every monster in the last dungeon yet still didn't get the 4th stickman... LIKE WTH
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 15,2019 08:44
Little trick with tele-fish try using ranged or spear go to the shore but dont go too close or they will attack you! they shouldtry and attack you but will fail and will just keep swimming near you, allowing you to attack! also if the fish aint moving towards u dip someone in the water quickly then go out
#msJN88wv Oct 14,2019 14:04
i love this game im addicted to it (;
#aJeFdYwn Oct 14,2019 01:39
I don't know much about the weapons so I just use the highest level ones, all my guys have 100hp and the rest is in elemental, 1st stickman has poison bow and poison arrow, 2nd one has fire bow and lightning orb and the third one has fire sword and sand glove I'm only lvl 17 tho
#zIoyMX3R Oct 13,2019 08:21
And I'm level 20 still
#zIoyMX3R Oct 13,2019 08:20
@aaagsooz Here is my build: 1st Stickman: Fire Bow and Lightning Orb. 2nd Stickman: Lightning Ball and Fire Bomb. 3rd Stickman: Lightning Spear and Lightning Lance. The HP of the stickmen are 160, 150, and 140 respectively. All other points are but into their weapons damage type, (so basically all elemental damage)
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 13,2019 06:58
HEY guys! how is ur day :)
#wZ2OWyzQ Oct 13,2019 06:57
Access counter