SAND MOJI ver2.3

Game overview :

As you succeed typing, letters crumble and pile up at
bottom screen. It's very unique typing game.
Can play as much as want. There is no goal to complete.

Genre :

Typing game

Controls : Left click and keyboard
NewSupports full screen.
Full Screen

Game Tips
RANKShow the ranking.
Your ranking be displayed 100th and 300th typed character.
* Ranking may not be stored when a processing error occurs.
timeTotal typing time.
typeNumber of correct typing.
missNumber of mistyping.
speedAverage speed to type character. * speed = time / (mistyping)
dotNumber of dots shown on the screen.
BarThe bar increases when you type correctly while it decreases when you mistype.
It also decrease as time passes.
Depending on the color of the bar, more dots will be added.
Green (normal), Orange (dots 2x), Red (dots 3x), White (???)
[SPLINE]Curving bomb.
[CLEAR]Clear dot.
[RESET]Reset the default settings.
[Sound]Change the sound effect.
off - no sound
A - explosive sound
B - tree sound
C - electric sound

* Each item can be controlled by left or right clicking.

Romaji typing

The Romaji typing supports the Kunrei system and Hepburn system.
The game automatically recognizes those systems, and you can use the system you're more familiar with.
The typing system you use will be stored when you type for the first time, and it will be used from the next time.
The Kunrei system is set as default.

List of Romaji typing
In case you can't type
  1. Click on the screen.
  2. Turn the Japanese mode off. * Halfwidth/Fullwidth key on the top left
  3. Turn the capital mode off. * Shift + CapsLock keys on the keyboard
  4. Turn the Num Lock mode off. * NumLK key on the top right

RankingClick the link to view the ranking.
If you want to join the rankingPlease complete the user registration first.

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