- Monster Box ver3.7 -

Game overview :
Monster overflowing and, Battle of Stickman
Genre : Simple strategy game
Controls : Left click and drag
New : Special: Max Time Bonus added.
   Special: Time Bonus Interval added.


- Game Tips -
Move  : Drag the Stickman
Attack : Fully automatic

Player does not die, it is invincible.
By increasing the variety of skills, it will be like defeat more enemies.

Monsters will not attack. Is the weakest.
By increasing the variety of skills, many enemies will pop-up more.

If you hold down the box, "pop-up speed" goes up.
Keep in mind that it will be game over monster exceeds a certain limit!

It is a game to collect achievements and more money.
- Skill -
 AT       : Blow
 Range Attack  : Shock wave range attack
 AT%       : Damage magnification
 Range      : Range of shock wave
 Half life Attack: Probability to halve life of enemy

 AT       : Slash
 Critical Chance: Probability of occurrence of critical hit
 Critical Damage: Damage magnification of critical hit
 Sword Strike  : Range attack by wind pressure of sword
 Strike Range  : Range of wind pressure of sword

 AT      : Shoot
 Arrows    : Multiple arrow
 Range    : Flying distance of arrow
 Pierce Chance: Probability of arrow to pierce
 Pierce Damage: More damage magnification of pierce

 Electric Shock: Enemy adjacent to electric shock
 Multiple Chain: Probability of electric shock is branching
 Lightning   : Evoke lightning
 Flame Armor  : Burn surrounding enemies wearing a flame
 Flame Range  : Range effect of magic
 Burn     : Enemy burned in flames assume burn, all damage is increased

 [Walking algorithm]
 MOVE: Move
 FIX : Fixation

 Toughness: "LP" and "Money" is up
 Pop-Up  : Pop-up number
 Boss   : Boss! maximum level of monster goes up when you defeat

 [Option skill]
 Revival   : Probability of revival after defeating
 Bound    : Pop-up time, to appear a new enemy with bound
 Delta feather: Feathers appear "two" as a new enemy after defeating
 Tower    : Enemy does not fall down the tower until the low

 Mouse Accelerator : Acceleration magnification of when you press the box
 Maximum Monster  : Maximum appearance number of monsters
 Money Bonus    : Acquisition amount increase
 Money Boost    : Acquisition amount magnification
 Max Player Lv   : Maximum level of player (Need Boss Kill)
 Monster Selection : Reduce Pop, Raise Money (Need Boss Kill)
 Multiple Boss   : Plurality of boss (Need Boss Kill)
 Box Accelerator  : Accelerated magnification of box (Need Boss Kill)
 Max Time Bonus   : Maximum magnification of time bonus
 Time Bonus Interval: Interval reduction of time bonus

 MPS    : Money per second
 MPM    : Money per minute
 DPS    : Damage per second
 DPM    : Damage per minute
 KILL   : Monster punitive number
 MAX BAR  : Monster maximum incidence
 FPS    : Frames per second
 TIME BONUS: Money magnification increase in time

- Save Function -
It will be saved automatically on a regular basis.
Please enable JavaScript and Cookie if you experience saving issues.
Using browser's back/forward button may prevent from loading the latest data.
Please use the click on the buttons or press "Update".
If you can not play the games, download the latest Java.

- Monster Box Comments -