- Monster Box ver4.3 -

Game overview :
Monster overflowing and, Battle of Stickman
Genre : Simple strategy game
Controls : Left click and drag
New : Medal added "Monster Bar, etc".
HTML5 JavaApplet


- Game Tips -
Move : Drag the Stickman
Attack : Fully automatic

Player does not die, it is invincible.
By increasing each skills, defeat more enemies.

Monsters will not attack. Is the weakest.
By increasing each skills, pop-up more enemies.

If you hold down the box, "pop-up speed" goes up.
Keep in mind it will be game over monster exceeds a certain limit!

It is a game to collect achievements and more money.
- Skill -
 AT : Blow
 Range Attack : Shock wave range attack
 AT% : Damage magnification
 Range : Range of shock wave
 Half life Attack: Probability to halve life of enemy

 AT : Slash
 Critical Chance: Probability of occurrence of critical hit
 Critical Damage: Damage magnification of critical hit
 Sword Strike : Range attack by wind pressure of sword
 Strike Range : Range of wind pressure of sword

 AT : Shoot
 Arrows : Multiple arrow
 Range : Flying distance of arrow
 Pierce Chance: Probability of arrow to pierce
 Pierce Damage: More damage magnification of pierce

 Electric Shock: Enemy adjacent to electric shock
 Multiple Chain: Probability of electric shock is branching
 Lightning : Evoke lightning
 Flame Armor : Burn surrounding enemies wearing a flame
 Flame Range : Range effect of magic
 Burn: Enemy burned in flames assume burn, all damage is increased

 [Walking algorithm]
 MOVE: Move
 FIX : Fixation

 Toughness: "LP" and "Money" is up
 Pop-Up : Pop-up number
 Boss : Boss! maximum level of monster goes up when you defeat

 [Option skill]
 Revival : Probability of revival after defeating
 Bound : Pop-up time, to appear a new enemy with bound
 Delta feather: Feathers appear "two" as a new enemy after defeating
 Tower : Enemy does not fall down the tower until the low

 Mouse Accelerator: Accelerated magnification of when you press the box
 Maximum Monster : Maximum appearance number of monsters
 Money Bonus : Acquisition amount increase
 Money Boost : Acquisition amount magnification
 Max Player Lv : Maximum level of player (Need Boss Kill)
 Monster Selection: Reduce Pop, Raise Money (Need Boss Kill)
 Multiple Boss : Plurality of boss (Need Boss Kill)
 Box Accelerator : Accelerated magnification of box (Need Boss Kill)
 Max Time Bonus : Maximum magnification of time bonus
 Time Bonus Interval: Interval reduction of time bonus

 MPS : Money per second
 MPM : Money per minute
 DPS : Damage per second
 DPM : Damage per minute
 KILL : Monster punitive number
 MAX BAR : Monster maximum incidence
 FPS : Frames per second
 TIME BONUS: Money magnification increase in time

- Save Function -
It will be saved automatically on a regular basis.
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