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- Rhythm Editor ver2.4 -

Game overview :
Anyone easily can be played the rhythm.
Simulation game to visualize the sound waves.
Enjoy the sound in the eyes and ears!
Genre : Sound simulation game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : SE added "Violin","Cello".

- How to play -

1. Select a pen tool from the menu under the game screen.
2. Tool selected in left click of mouse is operated with left. Right as well.
3. Click the screen with a tool in order to add object or play sound.
4. Be creative. It's up to you!

- Game Tips -

[PLAY] :Play a sound.
[BOX] :Box object.
[LINE] :Line object.
[SELECT] :Object selection and movement and detail setting.
 No - Serial number, Change of select object
 SE - Kind of sound
 Pitch - Change of pitch
 Volume - Change of volume
 PosXY - Object position
 SizeXY - Object size
 Shuffle- Shuffle of rhythm
 Close - Close
 DELETE - Object deletion.
[DELETE] :Object deletion.
[SE] :Kind of sound.
[FI] :Filter.
 off - Off
 lowpass - Low pass
 highpass - High pass
 bandpass - passing through a specific band
 lowshelf - Low frequency emphasis
 highshelf - High frequency emphasis
 peaking - Emphasis of specific band
 notch - Inhibit specific band
 allpass - Phase change
[CLEAR] :Clear the wave.
[RESET] :All reset.

- Browser compatibility -
Because you are using the Web Audio API to the playback of sound,
it does not work in older browsers.
If that does not work, please install the latest browser.
Browser compliant version
Internet Explorer
No support

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