Ray Trace Fighter ver1.5

Overview :
A fighting game that uses the ray tracing method
also used for the full CG animation.
Genre : Ray trace fighting simulation
Controls : mouse & keyboard

New : Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

HTML5 JavaApplet

Game Tips
[How to control the Stickmans]
Move[←][→] or [A][D] or Drag
Jump[↑] or [W]
Attack[↓] or [S]

OBJNumber of objects on the screen
FighterNumber of stick figures on the screen
KillNumber of opponents you killed

AMBAmbient light coming from all directions
TYPE1 - point light source
ENERGYLight intensity at the source
SPEEDSpeed of light source
X.Y.ZCentral coordinate of light source
RX.RYOrbital radius of light source
* Left click for +, right click for -

NoNumber of the object that you select
* Left click for +, right click for -

HANDControl the Stickman and select objects
SPHEREAdd an object
CUBEAdd an object
CLEARDelete an object
GROUNDChange the ground
0 - Monochrome
1 - Brick (bump mapping)

Ray Trace Fighter Comments
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