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#nq3h3CO4 2017/03/26 01:45

@SinisterVoid: You can work just fine without them, but at the same time, they're definitively an advantage; one Priest tends to pull more weight than any other individual ranger thanks to its aura.

#kJo6BqZj 2017/03/26 01:04

How necessary do you guys think it is to have a priest in the party? Do you think that every party needs one to be better or that parties are fine without one?

#rDvOTmYy 2017/03/25 22:05

Yoo, any of you still alive?

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/25 13:24

Scratch the pull idea

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/25 13:23


#nq3h3CO4 2017/03/25 02:01

@♋100BitMaster♋: Pokepro doesn't have any Priests, so he can't really tank the damage.
@MooseyMoose: You can have an unlimited number of saves if you get an account; then you can use the get/set feature, which lets you copy and paste text that loads your team.

#LBcrF4uE 2017/03/24 22:01

Also if people don't know, you can have multiple games going at once if you open the page in a different window and change the language :)
You get 3? i think, one save for each language.

#LBcrF4uE 2017/03/24 21:59

A simple yet complex game, i have yet to beat it but mainly because i hit a wall and want to try different characters and builds.
Would rate in my top 5 favourite games, ever.

#NxRtl8aZ 2017/03/24 14:33

has anyone beaten the every level in a new game with imperial crown 4 and no anger crown or gotten close if so what's their set up? I want strategies because I don't see how you would deal with hell 2? Preferably without class dupes but if necessary it would be fine.

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/24 04:15

Ops, I meant thank you for the ideas

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/24 04:14

Thank you for thinking, I'll try to do it

#Ce6lBhoC 2017/03/23 08:48

@4d2d. I don't mind taking damage from the Seaside 1 & 2 Bosses when I have green stones equipped to priests and if I can take it down quickly. If I have to revive them a few times, no big deal. If I need a more powerful weapon for Seaside 2, I got mist grove 1 & 2. Defeating the mist grove 1 boss is easy as you can position your players to not take damage from the bosses attack. Mist grove 2 on the other hand, you will need splash freeze or splash fire weapons with 15 dex

#nq3h3CO4 2017/03/23 00:47

Oh, my mistake, I thought he was at Seaside 1 for some reason.
@Pokepro555: Ignore what I said about being patient, constantly pull your Sniper back as he attacks. You need to keep a relatively constant distance between him and the boss, far enough for the boss to be unable to attack, but not too far, so the Sniper can still shoot.

#nq3h3CO4 2017/03/23 00:38

@♋100BitMaster♋: The Quint Shot isn't available until the next stage. Even if you buy it from the store, I doubt you can out-range it with only one compo slot.

#fnsiIu71 2017/03/22 17:24

Please add the remaining levels after Hell 6 to mobile! I found this game again after not playing for 7 years and I'm in love again, and I am so close to beating it too, so please update the mobile version as soon as possible

#lsGUToFT 2017/03/21 07:06

@4d2d quint shot is more powerful. Also, there are faster ways to defeat that boss.

#VLY7Tbn6 2017/03/21 06:30

Use freeze explosion to beat Mountain 2
I think the best team is Magician Gunner Priest Boxer

#StWzwMxl 2017/03/20 15:51

@Pokepro555: I'm not sure if this will work, but giving your Sniper a Triple Shot with the best Red Stone and Catapult's Card you can get should let him outrange the boss. Then you just patiently wait for him to die, while dragging the Sniper on occasion to make sure he doesn't get too close.

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/20 06:07

So please?

#StWzwMxl 2017/03/20 06:02

@OmegaPirate: Or a new game minus, if you plan on using those Imperial Crowns.

#6zqhO0dA 2017/03/20 05:55

I'm stuck on seaside 2, build is: sniper,magicshan ( lol terrible spelling) whipper and angel, post best setup with items ( on this level, the highest weapons are up to the 3rd 3 lvl weapon

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/19 03:58

So, in other words, the new update is "New Game +".

#StWzwMxl 2017/03/18 11:47

@McBastard: Better yet, keep all but one of the characters dead at all times. You have to grind Opening Street for health. On top of that, the only living ranger has to be a Boxer. Only compo items allowed are Imperial Crowns.

#RYwEJb2s 2017/03/18 05:11

Ultimate Challenge
Play new game with the Crown, Must have 4 imperial crowns and no anger crowns. Must skip to the boss section of each level. You cannot use sp and you must use starting weapons. You cannot switch to any other weapon and you must use the quickest route to reach hell castle.

#iLbboinO 2017/03/17 19:28

if you guys happen to have any useful info regarding to the "Restart Mode", i, and probably many other people, would enjoy if you could add that up onto the wiki

#zzGh3am3 2017/03/17 18:37

When you get an Imperial Crown or an Anger Crown and restart the game it will say "New Game wit the Crown" instead of just "New Game".

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/03/17 17:28

i don't know.

#6amaA0H4 2017/03/17 16:49

i mean restart mode?

#6amaA0H4 2017/03/17 16:49

how does this work?

#vzTgCMSr 2017/03/17 15:41

Stick Ranger ver18.9
Add restart mode.

#StWzwMxl 2017/03/15 14:57

@Le Ronan: Yeah, they do pretty good if you go full STR, though I find myself missing that extra LP later in the game. I think the ideal build is to go full STR early on, then spend your SP on health in small increments when you don't need that extra damage as badly.
@mage team: I'm not sure if it's possible, but your best bet is using nothing but Freeze Explosions(or Permafrosts, if you decide to wait until you unlock Cavern 8), then equipping them with compos that maximize DPS, like the Bullet's Card and Quick's Card.

#eHiNVC7T 2017/03/14 06:55

Wait, so what is the best team for beating the game?

mage team
#lAL1Tshq 2017/03/13 20:20

is it any possible to beat mountain 2 with a full magicians team?

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/03/13 16:09

oh my god its you dire_storm stick ranger o.o
youtube O.o

#VLY7Tbn6 2017/03/13 11:55

Join our Discord server! Post your Discord tag here then send a friend request to RadiantDarkBlaze#0626
Also the Stick Ranger source code is a nightmare.

Le Ronan
#k1kZa2hn 2017/03/13 01:18

Have any of you made a full priest team? I imagine it's incredibly boring at first but gets more fun mid-late game.

#xWC0Sige 2017/03/12 22:44

If it has sound effects like mobile version that would be better .

#TRsukHow 2017/03/11 17:08

Been playing this almost for longer than i can remember. So many good memories :D

#rUuXJu1a 2017/03/11 13:30

I feel like I grew up with this game, almost... Playing this in Junior high was part of my fun pasttimes lol

#rUuXJu1a 2017/03/11 13:29

Guys I'm learning about different languages in uni right now, and am kinda curious on the source code of Stick Ranger and Powder Game (and maybe Powder Game 2) as well. Does anyone have a copy, or know how I can access it? I think I could probably read Java slightly better (since I don't have any clue on how this is supposed to work on HTML5), but having access to both would be really awesome too. Thanks!

#7EEYitZ1 2017/03/11 08:34

Which is the funniest build to do in SR?
Me: 1 angel, 1 whipper, 1 gunner and 1 priest

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/10 12:14

Buffs other team members and attacks from a range.

#eHiNVC7T 2017/03/10 11:38

Woah! other people are here?!
(And also, what does priest do?)

#T4EtI8WE 2017/03/08 09:14

Damn, this game is a really challenging one, i love it, the challenge factor makes it you play more, to explore and discover everything you can.
I love this game!

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/07 10:11

Technically, but I only used it a few times in (I think) 2012?
Some highlights:
-vandilizing the runescape wiki
-posting quests in the runescape fan fiction wiki with MS paint drawings
-creating a wiki about dark orbit fan fiction (that only got two posts, both by me of course)
-some actual posts in a few communities
upmost of cringe for me
...looks like it is time to make a clean account

#zvs0WRkM 2017/03/06 21:12

one of the best games i ever played. Anyone know how can i find a way to try out new teams/items, without having to restart and complete the game over and over? Like a "practice" tool, to check out the best combinations?

#qHDy4v2I 2017/03/05 09:43

they should really make a sequel to this game. that would be so awesome

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/04 08:14

Don't you have a Wikia account? You can message him it there; he responds quite fast.

Some dude
#iqXlk3i1 2017/03/04 06:06

~~☠~~ 2008 - 2017 ~~☠~~

#6tof7vBz 2017/03/04 05:47


#eDVOe5SQ 2017/03/03 23:54

not working..........IS BAD AEIN'S MOD ! D:<

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/03/03 23:51

aein's mod is broken :C

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/03/02 14:44

Im signed in now

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/03/02 14:31

Some of us are it

#Ow7BPMZ1 2017/03/02 10:25

Jesus, people still play this? Wow, I havent been on this website for 7 years....

#nq3h3CO4 2017/02/28 02:09

Have any of you guys played a team of 4 Boxers? Out of all the teams composed of a single class, I actually find it to be the most difficult. 4 Priests have a really rough start, but things start to improve after the Castle. The Boxers constantly struggle through the game, especially against flying bosses.

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/26 04:09

really ?

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/26 02:09


#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/25 16:58


Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/24 23:10


Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/24 09:04

No one is here. February 2017 is the month that every board officially died.
Also, RDB, I sent you a request to join the Discord server a while ago and posted my username here to confirm. What happened? :(

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/21 20:38

i sometime will play this :I

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/21 03:06

is 2/20/2017 what the hell ?

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/21 03:06

are you guys here ?

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/19 10:52

my best record in chinese option,now all gone ;(

#k09YmZeT 2017/02/19 10:09

@RadiantDarkBlaze, no, no, no. I meant like the best sp investment/class/weapon/compo item combination. Like I tried 2 Quint Gold Arrow 8 snipers with 115 STR and everything else into LP, an all STR priest with Black Crystal 7 and Black Stone 7 and a Boxer with Thorn Cestus with 100 MAG, 26 DEX, and everything else LP with Black Crystal 7 and Purple Crystal 7. The strategic was for the physical weapons to break the purple stone barrier protection that some teams have and i've invested remaining sp in lp instead of increasing the physical attack to tanken each player more. When you check the team now, it has 66% win/lose ratio, but some teams at top winning % have tons of wins and a few loses with a win/lose ratio of more than 90%.

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/18 14:16

What can kill Hell Castle Boss in a short amount of time, yet would also be capable of lasting quite a long time against it were it necessary? That's what you want to use for VS Mode. If you're aiming for a Rank lower than S, find an appropriately weaker suitable boss to use for the check.

#ifDvLVXb 2017/02/18 12:32

Any tips on team building for VS mode?

#NXK4x0cF 2017/02/18 05:57

Got defeated by 300% Enemy Volcano 12. So close to getting that new crown :(

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/17 22:35

I kind of wish ha55ii had made the level up effect thing part of the game without requiring the Crown; 1-(LV^1.5) AT for the shurikens, 1-(LV^2) AT for the towering laser:
LV 1 -> LV 2: Shurikens 1-3 AT, Laser 1-4 AT
LV 2 -> LV 3: Shurikens 1-5 AT, Laser 1-9 AT
LV 3 -> LV 4: Shurikens 1-8 AT, Laser 1-16 AT
LV 4 -> LV 5: Shurikens 1-11 AT, Laser 1-25 AT
LV 9 -> LV 10: Shurikens 1-31 AT, Laser 1-100 AT
LV 19 -> LV 20: Shurikens 1-89 AT, Laser 1-400 AT
LV 29 -> LV 30: Shurikens 1-164 AT, Laser 1-900 AT
LV 39 -> LV 40: Shurikens 1-252 AT, Laser 1-1600 AT
LV 49 -> LV 50: Shurikens 1-353 AT, Laser 1-2500 AT
LV 74 -> LV 75: Shurikens 1-649 AT, Laser 1-5625 AT
LV 98 -> LV 99: Shurikens 1-985 AT, Laser 1-9801 AT
Follows the balance curve throughout the game really well, comes close to the original AT from the Anger Crown by LV 99, and it's pretty simple math. Honestly would've made more sense if it was done this way from the start if you ask me, but at least that really cool effect was implemented at all ^^

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/17 21:14

Back from the dead I see. XD
Ill be using this new crown in early game now...

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/17 20:00

Looks like the new crown provides an actual epic animation for when characters level up, and it deals damage to boot. Hopefully some kind of New Game+ update is in the works so that this can actually be useful?

#g8i33Lvh 2017/02/17 18:59

please update the mobile version to include the new levels
my heart leaped when i saw"stick ranger updating" but it was a bug fix

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/17 17:09

new crown is lvl hp up or idk :P

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/17 17:04

Wait what another crown. What does THIS one do?

#vzTgCMSr 2017/02/17 14:23

Stick Ranger ver18.8
Compo item addition "Crown".

#fFqzpzB8 2017/02/16 05:18

Maybe it's because ha55ii now has beef with the Chinese people so he removed the option from the site.

#keBIJPkq 2017/02/15 18:03

I forgot there even was a chinese option. And it looks like attempting to visit the old chinese sites redirects to the english boards.

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/15 17:34

is Chinese option get remove? i can't find it :(

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/02/15 02:50

I'd rather laugh at the unbolded TARDISES for not even making the account in the first place. People really need to think ahead, and it's not like Dan-Ball requires an e-mail like most other sites.

#6b37VORt 2017/02/14 14:41

I tried ID and pass TARDISES. I gained access to the fake TARDISES account! Should I withdrawal it?

#GtsddXF3 2017/02/14 10:59

You can still make an account. It just might mean that you have to add symbols or something like that to your name, then post a comment with the same id (look at my name).

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/14 05:30

I know what code you have.

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/14 04:17

Because it appears that a faker has already made an account to take the name.
And again with the words I don't use. What an idiot. Look at him and laugh.

#oW9wwupF 2017/02/13 05:54

@4d2d shut the up you lazy ho.mophobic nigger.

#nq3h3CO4 2017/02/12 12:36

@TARDISES: Why not just log into your account and remove any ambiguity?

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/12 08:18


#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/12 02:00

Both of you are the fakers. Look at the code. The real code has always been #EYJ7GQyK as I'm sure a lot of the rest can confirm.

#utR1oPi1 2017/02/11 11:52

Hey guys, should i get the PC or Mobile version?

#o8HeTeC9 2017/02/11 07:46

No. I am the real TARDISES.

#vOfNTodl 2017/02/11 07:19

hey what are the stats for

#fH41jHk4 2017/02/11 01:16

I am the real one. Actually, now that I think about it, who is the real TARDISES?

#fd0BQs2n 2017/02/10 06:20

True that. Wow, my grammar.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/09 21:35

"Active" as in talking about random stuff

#62KATg8d 2017/02/09 04:58

The powder game comments board is the only active comment are the Powder Games.

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/09 02:20

guys ?
are you here ?

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/07 22:40

where's chinese option??? i can't find it :(, 2 weeks ago they still there, come on! Dan-Ball,why?

#t2XiiJ9L 2017/02/07 07:25

Search up myself and play against my squad.

#QwvEAr2t 2017/02/07 03:54

hullo 2

#QwvEAr2t 2017/02/07 03:54


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