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SR Modding
#soQcErB8 2016/12/06 09:24

Everyone start modding.











Larry Puala
#M9vrrbmT 2016/12/06 09:20


You are welcome to Vampire Brotherhood

Vampire are REAL, I was give birth to as a FULL BLOOD VAMPIRE MEMBER here in Florida, United State.

If you want to JOIN the VAMPIRE FAMILY ORGANIZATION which also mean you want to become a VAMPIRE then you will have to fill the form below.


Name: Country: State: Age: Phone#: E-mail:

Blood Master Await Your Mail
Larry Puala
[email protected]
Call/SMS: +254789425786

#mz6HeH2C 2016/12/06 06:10

tbh extremely sad to see that my favorite game from 9 years ago might actually be over :(

#YSxGYWuw 2016/12/06 05:37

same with me
- hey guys STILL remember me?

#q67I6FvS 2016/12/06 04:04

@Dire_Storm I have this team in mobile. The furthest stage is Hell 6 & Blood Lake. I have no access to weapons beyond Triple Shotgun and the highest ranked composition items. So I can't play around with the highest of dps items.

#yGZ105WO 2016/12/05 12:03

The SMGs are okay but even with a non DEX build they aren't very good - Micro Uzi 2820 DPS (with a Micro Uzi build) vs Homing Laser Wave 5130 (with a Homing Laser Wave build) at LV 99. It's 82% better, but the numbers aren't including compo items.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/12/04 14:03

Make them yourself with the mods on the wiki!
They can be a bit complicated, though. If you have any questions, go to the talk page on Ivan's mod.
They probably seem fine. I see that the real damage is in the bonus AT. I'm not too sure, though. I'm not really sure why you asked me. XD
I mean, if it was the math, you probably would have used yathmc's DPS equation. Otherwise, it's just a comparison of the other weapons that can be gained at the point in the game.

#xBiZqEZ4 2016/12/04 09:18

They should add custom levels
Like create custom enemies and custom areas.
If this was made i would add a level called frostbite mountain 1-5 levels. Only for rank 2s
But custom levels have no drops or coin drops or xp.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/12/04 04:53

I'm working on a fanon class; could you give me your opinion on it's SP investment + weapon list so far please? I want to know if there's a better way to handle the effects of SP investment or if I've got any weapons that have completely under- or over-powered DPS even for SR's balance.


#UUCTPIHZ 2016/12/03 10:59

Well, I can see the real one by the bold name.

#ei6pFzpK 2016/12/02 17:29

Remember to have foods that contain Omegas kids. Did you know that Omega16 is the ultimate vitamine to strengthen your bones? Been proven to be better than Omega3 and Omega6.

#JKKx3uGn 2016/12/02 13:08


One of the impersonators has the same # as the claims-to-be-real-one.

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/12/02 12:36

Now there are 2 impersonators. GREAT.

#JKKx3uGn 2016/12/02 01:32

Hmm, I never tried that, I just brutedforced 1-damage smg spam for a death by a thousand papercuts. Once I went smg, I never went back.

#ffNNQLaY 2016/12/02 00:00

guys it me 1P3QyPtMsNvSOb,
on the winternet exporer,

#ffNNQLaY 2016/12/01 23:58

omq i lovve the sick rager gams !!! I HOP THEY ARE MAKE THE REAL SITCKRANGE 61 SOOOOOON

#BB9VzH3b 2016/12/01 20:03

I think 3 STR Priests and a high-STR Gunner wielding a medium- to high-AGI single-bullet gun such as the Rifle-series weapons or Missile 5 with Critical's Card can bypass even the Forest 6 snakes' resistances. Not even actually sure if the Critical's Card is needed. When you do bypass that resistance though, it's usually to the tune of OHKO'ing the Forest 6 snakes because of just how high AT has to be amped.

#JKKx3uGn 2016/12/01 14:14

If you use the smg-type weapons with a bullet card and agility card, you can brute force the physical resist bosses. Annoying, but doable.

#Dzs77oBl 2016/12/01 11:17

well I don't know maybe with 3 priests you can, using a gunner too, and focusing only in damage, but there are some enemies that are resistant to thunder and physical too

#JKKx3uGn 2016/11/30 09:08

@LL Yeah. With a gunner and 3 priests at least.

Lightning Lord
#h0EAWtxN 2016/11/30 04:27

is it possible to beat this game using only thunder and physical type weapons?

#moW9TK8Z 2016/11/30 02:02


#ET4ej8ok 2016/11/29 03:38

stik rangr 60 is real gam

#uDbmC0dr 2016/11/28 22:30

stick ranger 59 is no real game -_-

#uDbmC0dr 2016/11/28 22:28

guys its me 1P3QyPtMsNvS0b,
I PRESS FIREFOX AND NOTHING PLESAE HELP ME ;_;, sorry my name google chrome is 123456789012345 >_>

#U4GBwGtI 2016/11/28 05:46

*other dan-ball games


Why am I even still commenting here?

#U4GBwGtI 2016/11/28 05:46

@Scythertom: Wat? 3 SRCB more...

I don't really know what you really mean, but if you mean we're not caring about Powder Game and we care about stick ranger... uh... 3 times more?... Think again! In the discord server, we have other channels dedicated to talking about other Dan-Ball game, one channel is made specifically for powder game. So if you want to talk about powder game, go ahead and join if you want.

#g9gdoLzA 2016/11/28 02:39

Literally everyone on that list uses three SRCB more, out the PGCB not at all.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/27 17:43

Current SRCB/PGCB Discord server member list:
- RadiantDarkBlaze (#0626)
- JonathanG (#8419)
- Dark Doctor (#1990)
- PokemonTalon (#2857)
- Dire_Storm (#5698)
- S2017 (#6329)
- Flameyman (#6788)

Is there anyone else who'd like to join?

#EYR62ogA 2016/11/27 17:24

I am S2017, returning from the grave to tell all of you that I'm now in the Discord server.


Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/11/27 09:51

This game is called Stick Ranger

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/11/25 05:02

Σsigma rip

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/25 00:49

Never mind, I was way off.
And my comment got deleted...

#qPvIKayD 2016/11/24 23:37

Password is ha55ii

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/24 06:59

I seem to have a Discord friend request from "Sid". Sid, if you're from here, could you post your four-digit Discord tag here to confirm your identity please?

Could you link me to the uncensor bot please?

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/23 14:39

There's also always F3+search keywords with spaces in them. A notable yet strange one is "rm.t" (without period and quotes).
Plus you don't have to go through the uncensor bot every time you post, just when you can't for some reason.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/11/23 12:11

RDB can add you to the discord server when he gets back on.(if that isnt the only way, sorry im a first time user of discord)

#yGZ105WO 2016/11/23 11:25

Dire_Storm#5698 Discord is nice

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/23 06:35

Flameyman is active around Fan-Ball related stuff, he posted here like exactly once, and I immediately pulled him onto the SRCB server.

If you're gonna ask if you can join the Discord server, you might as well ask the question complete with your Discord tag + a Discord friend request sent to RadiantDarkBlaze#0626 >;P (;

Honestly, the only thing stopping me from just posting the server invite link here is people such as that serial imposter; though the serial imposter might be a funny addition to the server in their own right :P xD

#eCwjFNbF 2016/11/23 04:00

@RDB Can I join that discord? I have been lurking here for a long time but never type.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/22 11:43

I'm not sure how many people immediately click pastebin links especially when there's also other posts that they didn't see yet >.> Also not sure about having to run each of my posts through an uncensor bot when I just want to post, though I guess that would at least be better than having to ditch posts I put time + thought into. Anyway, do you have Discord yet?

I posted the link to where to download Discord from for a reason folks :P Once again, my tag is #0626 if you want to send a friend request to me after making an account (;

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/22 11:21

If you haven't left yet, have I ever mentioned the Uncensor bot Scythertom made?
Plus if you ever get frustrated, don't forget pastebin.

#vyeZK6uC 2016/11/22 01:06

I don't want to have more than one Discord account so I can keep things less confusing; with that being said, my username is TxTalonTx and tag #2857.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/11/22 00:36

I never had a discord before...

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/21 16:38

... *facepalm* Nice, another person talking to themselves >.> Glad I'm leaving real soon xD

Lol just a joke in horrible taste; me and JonathanG were chatting about post limits on the SRCB over in Discord, and he ended up testing it out :P Only making a quadruple post while testing sh.it out folks xD

#5GmEbcMy 2016/11/21 16:30

Yeah this game is good, dragging stickmen around to avoid projectiles is a unique concept.

#5GmEbcMy 2016/11/21 16:16

hi! :)
this is a good game :D

#jBRRQEK3 2016/11/21 14:06

You can just make my nickname JonathanG in the channel and it won't be any different.

#jBRRQEK3 2016/11/21 14:05

Finally someone is taking initiative for making a discord channel. Thanks RDB! ^^

The comment board does su.ck because of the weird limitations and TWO posts per 8 hours or something...

I am DeltaLeeds#8419, I made a discord account a long time ago so I couldn't really change the name to JonathanG!

#jmf2pCRy 2016/11/21 13:44

This game's pretty great. GG

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/21 11:34

Tried to post something, didn't go through, removed some length from it in case it was too long, still didn't go through. Fu.ck the worthless censor bot that doesn't even actually censor anything. I'm outta here. Here's where to download Discord:

My Discord tag is "#0626", name is same as here ("RadiantDarkBlaze"). I'm gettin' off the SRCB 'cause the censor bot is ridiculous + unpredictable >.> I prefer to be able to just type without having to examine my post for the tiniest thing that could set off a false positive on the censor bot. Anyone who also gets Discord, please use the same name that you use here to send a friend request to me so I know who I'm talking to. Maybe also post your Discord tag here so I can check back here whenever I get a new friend request to confirm identity. I'll send a server invite to anyone from the SRCB or PGCB that adds me as a Discord friend.

#yGZ105WO 2016/11/21 10:16

I ran a pure DPS 2 Gunner 2 Priest team with red/black stones on the long gold rods and quick's / catapult's cards on the rail guns. I ran through 100 teams and got about a 75% win rate. It loses to melee tank teams and long range magician teams, but wins almost anything else.

A Confusedperson
#Q5Xdad9v 2016/11/21 00:08

I figured, i posted the first message earlier. My team was boxer, gunner, magician, sniper... They all had pretty good stuff too, lvl 87 an i had beat mobile. Now i have a gladiator, 2 magician, sniper team, im stuck at desert 1 too....

#3pid5FlJ 2016/11/20 18:38

@A Confusedperson:

That's strange, that shouldn't be happening. All I can think of is that said team's savefile is corrupted or something, though that's just as unusual as the problem itself, so don't quote me on this one.

I think the end of it is that you'll have to work with the different team, yeah.

A Confusedperson
#Q5Xdad9v 2016/11/20 08:13

Sorry for the late reply, ok... Its only that team, exiting and re-entering the game doesn't work, i can go into the inventory once and when i pull it down, the buttons and inventory go black. You know when you pick up an item from the inventory and the black box is around it? Its like that but with indra and its wherever i tap. The glitch is present in map screen as well as stage screen, the inventory bug happen wherever you open it. My only person left with an item is my boxer w/ mach cestus (with vamp 4 and quicks 5). The other people have no weapons and i cant drag any items around in my inventory. Also the inventory glitch extends to the title screen too, if i go back to it instead of seeing your team its again just black... Ive basically given up on it, im working with a different team.... (Still sad).

#vyeZK6uC 2016/11/19 12:11

I can't wait for Stick Ranger 59!

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/19 08:50

Bazooka is good for rushing CastleBoss.

#JKKx3uGn 2016/11/19 08:16

@RDB, Meh, I just have 3 priests pump a pure dps smg gunner full of offense aura steriods. Except for those couple immune-to-all-except-freeze bosses, Everything melts before it can do any damage to the gunner, and any damage that is done is healed by the non-stop onigiri drops. Admittedly, I don't know how it fairs against the last few stages, cause I have this team on mobile and I'm to lazy to make it on browser. Or test 2 gunners and 2 priests. For pvp? Ha, no.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/19 08:14

I will never reply to you!
To answer that question, you have to think like the noob who asks it.
The best team is the team that is easiest to get through the game with.
To put anymore thought into that would be doing it wrong.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/11/19 07:10

To me, the best team is the team that's the best at surviving just about any challenge even with zero (or very little) dragging. Offense is the best defense, though balance is necessary too. So I usually grab a powerful ranged attacker for the 'best defense', a STR Priest, a melee capable of tanking to draw enemy fire away from the attacker(s), and one more character. I refrain from ever using anything with 50~160 range though; that range seems to be an everlasting "Revival" button from my experience as well as drawing enemies closer to the main ranged attacker if range is 90~160. Angels can at least tank from 60 range though, so they're basically the one exception to that rule. Any Gunners I use always have a Catapult's Card equipped + almost always use a Rifle-series weapon. I have never once mained Bazooka-, Shotgun-, or machine gun- series weapons for a Gunner.

#yGZ105WO 2016/11/19 03:00

Is the best team the one that can beat the game in the least amount of time? Is the best team the one that has the highest DPS weapons at the end of the game?

#5GmEbcMy 2016/11/18 15:42

I also just noticed our user ID code changes every time our teams get removed. Is this an automated process?

#5GmEbcMy 2016/11/18 15:32

@hi kirby4: SAME, MY TEAMS GOT REMOVED AGAIN AS WELL. What the hell?

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/18 14:10


#uRnFEf8D 2016/11/18 10:52

If you don't reply to this post Ha55ii will never make Stick Ranger 2.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/18 10:40

No the most common question ever asked is "What's the best team?"

#3PW81UX2 2016/11/18 09:57

@Confused: The most common question ever asked! Gunners are the only characters that require money to fire their weapons. You can invest your SP points that you get from leveling up into MAG to lower the cost, down to a minimum of 1 Gold per shot.

#4q171pMu 2016/11/18 08:43

Why does the $$$ go down when I am attacking?

hi kirby4
#6kvUe1nh 2016/11/18 06:11


hi kirby4
#6kvUe1nh 2016/11/18 06:11


#qPvIKayD 2016/11/17 21:29


#eRkg2Svb 2016/11/17 10:45


#VMdjQ2mn 2016/11/17 01:05

hey, is there any way to make them keep moving after all the enemies are defeated? im getting tred of moving them every time

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/11/16 05:31

private static int method(int a)
a += 2;
return a;

#yGZ105WO 2016/11/15 06:33

About 250,000 damage per second, so thats how it took just over 4 seconds to kill a 1,000,000 HP boss

#v8tN5BXa 2016/11/14 23:25

@Name: Yeah me too, except he only updates the mobile version once every 19489438 years

#8EjqBtb4 2016/11/14 23:17

I just want the mobile version updated so I can speedrun the last boss.

#jBRRQEK3 2016/11/14 00:42

@grisha5: Yeah yeah I know, I was just pretending to be serious as well. :P

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/13 22:09

Or SR2.

#yCnk8LU2 2016/11/13 19:29

nonono, stick ranger can't be finished
there is no longer any point to life

oh well, time to wait another year for a new interesting game that isn't rhythm editor

#v8tN5BXa 2016/11/13 12:12

in the end it only took me like 45 minutes of mindless grinding to get the stupid Black Crystal I needed

on the other hand, I just noticed the ridiculous amount of gold to be found in the Blood Lake, so basically all of my financial needs ever are solved

the quest for level 99 continues

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/13 09:47

That was a joke TBH

#jBRRQEK3 2016/11/13 03:23

@willyboy111: Seeing as there are more S players than Rank 1-9 players in VS Mode, I guess that would be a good idea. If you get my drift... Though making Stick Ranger 2 playable via a requirement would mean less players for Stick Ranger 2... Well it shouldn't be much of a problem though as in VS Mode, there are more rank 5-S ranked players or high win rate teams than Rank 1-3 players. (Hopefully anyone gets my drift.)

#vyeZK6uC 2016/11/13 03:20

This conversation gives me flashbacks to grinding for the Sword of Kings in Earthbound.

#jBRRQEK3 2016/11/13 03:11

@grisha5: Fooling anything by pretending to change your intentions would be fooling yourself as it won't change your true intentions. You have to forget you're grinding for anything in general, that's when you'll really feel the loot will be raining (when in fact, it's not.)

#3PW81UX2 2016/11/12 23:58

@grisha5: That won't work. This game knows our darkest desires, the full extent of our greed.

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/12 23:45

How to fool the game! Pretend to be just level-grinding! And loot will be raining!

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/12 15:16

You kill lots of enemies without thinking of how many items they drop. It usually is a LOT before the item drops, but since you aren't looking for the item, do you notice? No.
It's when you're actually looking for the item that you notice how few times it drops.
I realized this effect a long time ago.

#v8tN5BXa 2016/11/12 14:16

I swear this game KNOWS what item you want and decides not to give it to you

#v8tN5BXa 2016/11/12 14:09

when you've killed the same irritating enemy 50+ times and you still don't have the item you want even though it has like a 10% chance of dropping

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/12 11:13

@A ConfusedPerson
Try closing the app and reentering it.

#GiY4UYQa 2016/11/12 11:00

This reminds me of this one game that was so good that it had many fanmade sequels. One of the mods actually let you load a beaten save from the original to use as a new game+.

@A ConfusedPerson
Can you explain in more detail? Maybe even post a picture if need be.
Does it look like something is dragging the indra arrow?
Is the inventory tab visible?
You say that this is your best team. Does it only apply for that team?
When is it glitchy? Is it when you are on the map screen or in a stage?
What did the error look like?

A ConfusedPerson
#uBoc5eeX 2016/11/12 10:44

HELP!!! I got an error while playing stick ranger mobile, what happened was i took an item off my sniper (indra arrow) and went to put it in my inventory, but the inventory tab slid down and then an error popped up. Now i cant select anything and an indra arrow appears wherever i tap! Thats my best team! I can't do anything now! Help, what do i do!

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/11/12 10:32

Like a free DLC.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/11/12 07:24

Then it's just an extended Stick Ranger.

#rqtooYf4 2016/11/12 05:14

It would be nice if they will make a stick ranger 2 and the only way to get acces to stick ranger 2 is to beat stick ranger 1

Help me I'm sad
#hIWduThs 2016/11/12 03:01

I've gotten far in the app but ever since I've upgraded to Android 7.0 I can't run it. Please help I don't know what to do.

#yGZ105WO 2016/11/12 01:50

Maybe a 6 ranger team but once a character dies, it's gone forever.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/11/11 20:20

18.5 is you win

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/11/11 18:19


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