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#VGABtBkT 2017/02/21 20:38

i sometime will play this :I

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/21 03:06

is 2/20/2017 what the hell ?

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/21 03:06

are you guys here ?

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/19 10:52

my best record in chinese option,now all gone ;(

#k09YmZeT 2017/02/19 10:09

@RadiantDarkBlaze, no, no, no. I meant like the best sp investment/class/weapon/compo item combination. Like I tried 2 Quint Gold Arrow 8 snipers with 115 STR and everything else into LP, an all STR priest with Black Crystal 7 and Black Stone 7 and a Boxer with Thorn Cestus with 100 MAG, 26 DEX, and everything else LP with Black Crystal 7 and Purple Crystal 7. The strategic was for the physical weapons to break the purple stone barrier protection that some teams have and i've invested remaining sp in lp instead of increasing the physical attack to tanken each player more. When you check the team now, it has 66% win/lose ratio, but some teams at top winning % have tons of wins and a few loses with a win/lose ratio of more than 90%.

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/18 14:16

What can kill Hell Castle Boss in a short amount of time, yet would also be capable of lasting quite a long time against it were it necessary? That's what you want to use for VS Mode. If you're aiming for a Rank lower than S, find an appropriately weaker suitable boss to use for the check.

#ifDvLVXb 2017/02/18 12:32

Any tips on team building for VS mode?

#NXK4x0cF 2017/02/18 05:57

Got defeated by 300% Enemy Volcano 12. So close to getting that new crown :(

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/17 22:35

I kind of wish ha55ii had made the level up effect thing part of the game without requiring the Crown; 1-(LV^1.5) AT for the shurikens, 1-(LV^2) AT for the towering laser:
LV 1 -> LV 2: Shurikens 1-3 AT, Laser 1-4 AT
LV 2 -> LV 3: Shurikens 1-5 AT, Laser 1-9 AT
LV 3 -> LV 4: Shurikens 1-8 AT, Laser 1-16 AT
LV 4 -> LV 5: Shurikens 1-11 AT, Laser 1-25 AT
LV 9 -> LV 10: Shurikens 1-31 AT, Laser 1-100 AT
LV 19 -> LV 20: Shurikens 1-89 AT, Laser 1-400 AT
LV 29 -> LV 30: Shurikens 1-164 AT, Laser 1-900 AT
LV 39 -> LV 40: Shurikens 1-252 AT, Laser 1-1600 AT
LV 49 -> LV 50: Shurikens 1-353 AT, Laser 1-2500 AT
LV 74 -> LV 75: Shurikens 1-649 AT, Laser 1-5625 AT
LV 98 -> LV 99: Shurikens 1-985 AT, Laser 1-9801 AT
Follows the balance curve throughout the game really well, comes close to the original AT from the Anger Crown by LV 99, and it's pretty simple math. Honestly would've made more sense if it was done this way from the start if you ask me, but at least that really cool effect was implemented at all ^^

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/17 21:14

Back from the dead I see. XD
Ill be using this new crown in early game now...

#BB9VzH3b 2017/02/17 20:00

Looks like the new crown provides an actual epic animation for when characters level up, and it deals damage to boot. Hopefully some kind of New Game+ update is in the works so that this can actually be useful?

#g8i33Lvh 2017/02/17 18:59

please update the mobile version to include the new levels
my heart leaped when i saw"stick ranger updating" but it was a bug fix

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/17 17:09

new crown is lvl hp up or idk :P

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/17 17:04

Wait what another crown. What does THIS one do?

#vzTgCMSr 2017/02/17 14:23

Stick Ranger ver18.8
Compo item addition "Crown".

#fFqzpzB8 2017/02/16 05:18

Maybe it's because ha55ii now has beef with the Chinese people so he removed the option from the site.

#keBIJPkq 2017/02/15 18:03

I forgot there even was a chinese option. And it looks like attempting to visit the old chinese sites redirects to the english boards.

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/15 17:34

is Chinese option get remove? i can't find it :(

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/02/15 02:50

I'd rather laugh at the unbolded TARDISES for not even making the account in the first place. People really need to think ahead, and it's not like Dan-Ball requires an e-mail like most other sites.

#6b37VORt 2017/02/14 14:41

I tried ID and pass TARDISES. I gained access to the fake TARDISES account! Should I withdrawal it?

#GtsddXF3 2017/02/14 10:59

You can still make an account. It just might mean that you have to add symbols or something like that to your name, then post a comment with the same id (look at my name).

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/14 05:30

I know what code you have.

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/14 04:17

Because it appears that a faker has already made an account to take the name.
And again with the words I don't use. What an idiot. Look at him and laugh.

#oW9wwupF 2017/02/13 05:54

@4d2d shut the up you lazy ho.mophobic nigger.

#nq3h3CO4 2017/02/12 12:36

@TARDISES: Why not just log into your account and remove any ambiguity?

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/12 08:18


#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/12 02:00

Both of you are the fakers. Look at the code. The real code has always been #EYJ7GQyK as I'm sure a lot of the rest can confirm.

#utR1oPi1 2017/02/11 11:52

Hey guys, should i get the PC or Mobile version?

#o8HeTeC9 2017/02/11 07:46

No. I am the real TARDISES.

#vOfNTodl 2017/02/11 07:19

hey what are the stats for

#fH41jHk4 2017/02/11 01:16

I am the real one. Actually, now that I think about it, who is the real TARDISES?

#fd0BQs2n 2017/02/10 06:20

True that. Wow, my grammar.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/09 21:35

"Active" as in talking about random stuff

#62KATg8d 2017/02/09 04:58

The powder game comments board is the only active comment are the Powder Games.

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/02/09 02:20

guys ?
are you here ?

#VGABtBkT 2017/02/07 22:40

where's chinese option??? i can't find it :(, 2 weeks ago they still there, come on! Dan-Ball,why?

#t2XiiJ9L 2017/02/07 07:25

Search up myself and play against my squad.

#QwvEAr2t 2017/02/07 03:54

hullo 2

#QwvEAr2t 2017/02/07 03:54


#Y2IdmTCa 2017/02/06 05:30

what about the rubbers card

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/05 23:42

Oh look. The code's wrong.
The grammar is wrong.
Also? Someone doesn't realise that if they're making lewd comments, trying to fake being someone who is not lewd is the wrong way to go about it.
Look at this idiot.
Look at him and laugh.

#BFfQ16Jm 2017/02/05 15:16

My ejaculate every night.

#xj7ISAtC 2017/02/05 12:36

I sure love yiffing

#7CGTYZk9 2017/02/04 22:55

When I entered the castle gates I realized how much I want to see a necromancer class.

#6t4hwdAu 2017/02/04 13:37

I wish I had a girlfriend to cuddle and snuggle with me in bed.

#JKKx3uGn 2017/02/04 00:51

Ya'll need to stop getting trolled and stop signalling how you're not getting trolled. You're just encouraging this. And so am I by having to type this, sadly.

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/02/03 20:35

@2211 That's not even me. It's a faker.
I'm not lewd. The faker is. That's how it's OBVIOUS.

#xTfLlW5z 2017/01/31 04:34

kay cool game

#JOlr54jw 2017/01/30 12:06

Nvm, I like myself too much to talk on this board.

#nq3h3CO4 2017/01/30 05:25

@TARDISES: It took me a minute to realize that you weren't talking about a pen. Or are you?

#rGTozlXY 2017/01/29 16:34

I like to scratch my all day long and yank it for no reason.

#EYJ7GQyK 2017/01/29 02:17

Yep, they're nothing but fakers who don't see that.
Even more hilarious when they type completely different from the people they're trying to fake.

#W7WhMFHx 2017/01/27 13:06

Yeah, no kidding. I want to purge them all.

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/27 09:41

@Omega Imposters are idiots lol

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/01/27 02:06

2321 ?

#W7WhMFHx 2017/01/26 14:29

Yet your an imposter of me. You still haven't realized the # code that everyone has to tell who's who.

#wPiGSm53 2017/01/26 13:33

Its all good people. No imposer's gonna fool me.

#a9gI09LE 2017/01/26 09:41

@Ritsurtzi oh nvm

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/26 09:20

Omega16= imposter

#neL2BFlx 2017/01/26 06:31

Noteword = Samsung Galaxy Note 7

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/26 05:42


Looking for TVs
#MuIdVwlZ 2017/01/26 02:26

WordNote = padpad

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/01/25 04:24

Wordpad = Notepad

#BB9VzH3b 2017/01/25 04:11

Yes, save data is stored in cookies. You'll have to use the Get-Set function and save your Get-Set codes in a WordPad document or something if you have a habit of continually clearing your cookies for whatever reason.

#q5ttDtJl 2017/01/25 03:48

Do you have to have cookies in order to load a save? I keep losing my progress.

SR Modding
#KVbaPsa4 2017/01/24 14:26

For those that are new here, check out these things!

#BB9VzH3b 2017/01/24 13:52

"Heal Staff", huh? Anyone here aware of Holy Realm 7 and Sacred Rod 9 from Ivan's mod? They both have built-in Heal's Card effects :P

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/01/24 11:40

Plus Heal's Card exists and is the same idea when equipped to a staff, even though it's ridiculously underpowered.

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/24 08:56

@ERROR606 I don't agree, considering that the priest already has an aura of dexterity.

#IFDDlCTv 2017/01/24 08:27

It would be a great addition to the game to add a (Heal Staff) to the priest class.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/01/24 00:26

That was a responce to their impossible challenges

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/01/23 22:57

guys don't press alt f4 is troll

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/01/23 22:18

Alt F4

#W7WhMFHx 2017/01/23 20:39

Inb4 ha55ii updates so stickmen can fight without weapons.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/01/23 14:51

That's the point. It's impossible.

#1twdCWKn 2017/01/23 10:45

Hard like my

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/23 06:35

Yea, that one is pretty hard.

#pdDlVqmc 2017/01/23 05:56

I remember doing the "no SP challenge" and I got to submarine shrine but there is literally no way I am ever beating that

#W7WhMFHx 2017/01/23 05:25

The problem is, with that challenge, the stickman aren't programmed to attack with their bare fists. They're just cannon fodder at that point, pretty much, although it would be cool to have them attack with bare hands instead of Boxer having to require gloves.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/01/23 01:46

The Ultimate SR Challenge is probably beating Opening Street with all weaponless stickmen. Same difficulty as defeating Hell Castle the same way.

#8cXDHK8w 2017/01/22 20:12

Beat Opening Street

#eDVOe5SQ 2017/01/22 17:18

i am back guys and OH MY GOD STICK RANGER 18.7 ! Imperial Crown ! Effect +50% Enemy (Passive) ! lol

#nq3h3CO4 2017/01/22 06:38

@OmegaPirate: You want to purge the human race because some people have no lives?

#4CDvBFPw 2017/01/22 03:51

...just when we thought the game was over, we still occasionally get new updates. The dream's alive?

#yGZ105WO 2017/01/22 02:05

It's not a matter of attention span, it's a matter of reward. Let's say I beat the game with only one boxer. The reward I bought with all that time is inadequate, making it a foolish purchase. If it were a matter of attention span, I wouldn't try to beat the game in one sitting.

#KfnVNlNp 2017/01/21 17:53

stick ranger

the yes person
#fPthB8kQ 2017/01/21 15:59


#dXvzB4Bc 2017/01/21 14:41

Must I repeat the true SR Ultimate Challenge I created AGAIN?

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/21 14:38


#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/21 14:38

Wow nobody listes to me

#nEYb4mUG 2017/01/21 12:26

ok i will try it

#W7WhMFHx 2017/01/21 11:37

Your attention span must be really weak. No wonder you keep trying to speedrun all the stages.

A Challenger
#uhVz8DNu 2017/01/21 09:44

4 Priests. Get a game over at the start before killing any enemies. Kill 3 and leave the last alive with 1 health. Add 57 crowns to your inventory. Pick up anything and you fail. First person to beat volcano wins.

#yGZ105WO 2017/01/21 09:29

@xavier27 sell all of your poison bows. Get double flame 6, equip it with a ruby 5 and a bullet's card 5. Use thunder blade 5 with a bullet's 4/topaz 5 and a quick's 5. Use 2 mach claws, both with vampire's card 4. One mach claw with onigiri's card, the other with a quick's card. That should probably do it.
Why do most of these challenges make the game slow and boring? I can't sit at one screen for more than 60 seconds. If I can't get up and leave while the enemies get killed, then I'm going to go back to the map and find a way to kill it faster.

SR Lover
#pyTpbq9g 2017/01/21 08:37

The ultimate stick ranger challenge:
Play the game skipping every room to the boss, only use starting weapons, no sp, only choose the quickest routes to reach the hell castle, and have 4 imperial crowns in your inventory without removing them. Use eashy's mod to add it in.

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/21 03:40

Or maye a medic

#6u2MVmjr 2017/01/21 02:51

Does anyone agree that ha55ii should add new fighters? Like, maybe a rogue?

#nEYb4mUG 2017/01/21 01:49

i have 2 boxer. one sword and one bow. whitch advice you have for me for beat the boss in ice castle? My two boxer are physic and my sword have 30 mag. My bow have purple poison bow.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/01/20 22:15

Four Kings!!!!

#BB9VzH3b 2017/01/20 17:49

Anyone else wondering if maybe ha55ii's looking for ways to get this game to an even "ver20.0" before starting work on Stick Ranger 2?

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