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Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/12/11 12:52

You all should play JTF's mod of stick ranger

#iNoN6kq3 2017/12/11 06:41

Guide Length is the range of the homing effect from Guide's Card (measured in pixels, I think)
Onigiri Drop Rate is the percent chance every time you kill an enemy that it will drop an Onigiri (the riceballs that heal you)

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 2017/12/11 04:31

someone please freakin answer me please

#SBWrLQcV 2017/12/11 03:12

the highest DPS build is 2 gunners and 2 priests

#XjQ4vjj9 2017/12/11 00:24

you should really add sound effects like then phone app it makes it much more immersive

#eruHRUrj 2017/12/08 18:02

saya ganti nama

#AwamgzTN 2017/12/08 11:46

what can I do wt peridot or garnet?

#AwamgzTN 2017/12/08 11:37

what can I do wt peridot or garnet

#l87aAWy1 2017/12/07 16:20

Which type of mods?

#PGPzHZAM 2017/12/07 14:21

Is there any way to play modded versions of the game on a phone?

#PGPzHZAM 2017/12/07 14:21

What is the highest possible DPS? I've been thinking it's spark chastus or triple shotgun with the right mods.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/12/07 01:55

1 day or idk

#AwamgzTN 2017/12/06 22:51

how long I most wt the party?

#AwamgzTN 2017/12/06 22:49

how long ?_?

#QrToPXAp 2017/12/06 20:01


Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/12/06 07:45

what does guide length and onigiri drop rate mean?

#tiUfEF0D 2017/12/05 19:16

press "Register Party" and done

#AwamgzTN 2017/12/05 19:07

how to make a party -_-

#t3lFFaOh 2017/12/05 16:15


#AwamgzTN 2017/12/05 15:40

how to make a party

#1otiLvJq 2017/12/05 14:38

@Shreks wiggler
Guide length is the distance to an enemy a projectile has to be before its velocity will gradually go towards it.
Onigiri drop (of silver medal) is the chance that an onigiri will drop upon killing an enemy. It is initially at 20% and silver medals can change the probability. For example, 1 silver medal lv1 → 22%/enemy

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/12/04 22:05

what is guide length and onigiri drop

#6VkdJD8A 2017/12/04 17:50

I can't register my party (1 register 1 day?)

#YSxGYWuw 2017/12/04 03:23

who's top in wins (VS mode)?

#iBsGhFQ8 2017/12/03 02:19

Version 2.0 of my mod is out:

#eruHRUrj 2017/12/02 21:06

im rank 5

#eruHRUrj 2017/12/02 20:54

finally submarine shrine boss die

#68ZWfWF7 2017/12/02 16:39

Me no likey hax!

#68ZWfWF7 2017/12/02 16:39

Ypu guys do hax?

#yuNU8bWX 2017/12/02 07:53

Only real reason PG is taking longer than SR is because PG's source code is much more difficult to decipher.

#b7mJIZ4A 2017/12/01 23:21

We must lead the revolution. The enemy arrives at the gates. We must hunt them down. We shall not lose this fight. I´m so hungry, why am I here. I don´t even know what this game is about. Choushi wa dou?

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/30 17:49

and "Powder Game Modding!" is long time wait :/

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/30 00:37

LL Mod v4.0 is long time wait :/
Channel Lightning Lord -->

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/29 22:27

what is guide length and onigiri drop rate

#SBWrLQcV 2017/11/29 10:00

OMG I just realized that when you hover the mouse over the Dan-Ball Guy, he changes positions!!!!!!!!!

#SBWrLQcV 2017/11/29 09:36

do you think SR is programmed directly through an IDE or with some game creator like unity or cocos creator? I am not sure, because the code is all really messy, and the variables are things like 'dv' or 'a' and don't really make any sense.

#iZ6UeR9O 2017/11/29 01:10

@Shreks wiggler
There's no clear answer to that, as it partly depends on what you're using the orbs for. Both orbs deal splashing fire damage to a wide area, though they may partially or even entirely miss faster moving targets.
Delta Explosion 3 is best used by a Magician with 30 DEX, will work against aerial enemies, and spawns right on the target, disregarding terrain. It can deal focused damage to a single target. Although Ruby and Garnet don't work terribly well for it, it can get a significant boost from Bullet's Card 2. However, it has lower single-target DPS potential than Volcano 2, and is not great for VS Mode.
Volcano 2 is best used by a Magician with 75 DEX; while it has͏ ͏e͏xcellent DPS potential overall especially when equipped with a Ruby 3 and can even work well in Rank 2 or 3 VS Mode when used correctly, it may be blocked by rough terrain and absolutely will not work against aerial targets such as Bats or Dragons. Its' damage will tend to scatter slightly when used against smaller targets.
Submarine Shrine has no weaknesses, but high range weapons from either the Magician or more likely the Sniper work well; as does using a Boxer, Gladiator, or Whipper to chase it into a corner if you can do it right. If you're talking about the normal Submarine series bosses, most of them should be no problem as long as you keep some distance from them; the only one with a weakness is Submarine 4 boss against Thunder.

#Y79unFFq 2017/11/29 01:05

What is your team? The way I've always beat him was a shot bow with catapult's arrow and red crystal.

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/29 00:38

also what are the submarine boss levels weakness?

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/28 22:44

whats better delta explosion3 or volcano2

#eruHRUrj 2017/11/27 19:57

finnaly sesaide 1 boss wnis

#eruHRUrj 2017/11/27 19:56

boss submarine shriren is hard

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/26 01:56

It doesn't offend me, I'm just saying I'm not fazed by it anymore. That long paragraph may help, but still, I might have problems with Mountain Top because I don't want to revive.

#5EcgArGT 2017/11/25 16:52

Whoa dude- chill. I was just joking around, not trying to insult you >.> Whoever called you "Poopsdog93" must've been a real s͏h͏i͏thead, though tbh the rest just sound like lighthearted jokey alternate call names to me. I'll still refrain from using any alternate call names for you going forward if it really bothers you that much though.
Anyway, Indra Arrow 6 has no MP cost; the initial arrow is what deals the extreme damage, so no MAG is necessary for it. Pure STR is by far the best build for the Indra Arrow, because that allows it to do its' thing from a great distance. Snipers generally perfor͏m͏ ͏their best with almost pure STR save for however much MAG their highest MP bow uses, and 0 DEX. Since your Snipers are pure DEX, it's͏ ͏e͏xtremely likely that you'll have to restart your game; but if you don't want to give up so easily set up 6 additional Quad Steel Arrow 6s. All should still use Bullet's 5, one set should use Catapult's 5, the other set should use Black Crystal 5, and keep the set that has Quick's 5. Use Catapult's weapons when the enemies are far away, Quick's weapons when there's a few enemies up close, and Black Crystal weapons when you're swarmed and going to a different part of the screen wouldn't help. Assuming that your Priest is pure STR; I'd recommend primarily using Long Silver Staff 6 w/ Catapult's 5 + Black Crystal 5.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/25 07:20

My big problem is that I CAN'T beat mountain top. Also, I use an all dex build for my snipers. I used quad steel with quick's card and bullet's card. Like I said, I can't get past hell 2. Also, my entire group uses raw damage, not magic, so the Indra arrows won't work. I guess I could start upgrading magic, but that'll take a LONG time or use blue stones, however, blue stones will take a space out of my weapon slots.
Also, Mumsdog93 isn't funny. I've also heard Poopsdog93, Popsdog93, and someone somehow thought that that Popscat37 was an insult.

#KikRZoxG 2017/11/25 06:26

На танҳо ин, бозӣ ва бозигарон хеле дилхоҳро тарк хоҳанд кард, аммо ҳар рӯз баъзе хатогиҳои "кӯшиш" мекунанд. Ин бозии муайян ба як хатои калон табдил меёбад.

#5EcgArGT 2017/11/25 01:11

I'm going to assume you mean that you abused Knockback's Card + high range to keep the boss pinned down in the far corner. That should actually work again against Hell Gate if you can get there, though not having a tank to absorb damage at Hell 2 and not having the raw DPS or crowd control needed for Forest 4 is going to be fairly rough.
If you can beat Mountaintop with relative ease, three Indra Arrow 6s w/ Quick's Card 5 + your choice of (Catapult's/Guide's) Card 5 should be useful against the boss of Forest 4 if you skip the screens before it; because Indra Arrow 6 does decent DPS in very few actual hits, thus not causing the boss to spawn as many minions in retaliation as quickly. You'll still have to dodge the boss's attacks + keep some distance from the minions that it does manage to spawn.
Don't be too concerned about keeping your Snipers in your Priest's aura or even keeping your Priest alive; it's more important for the damage dealers to survive than to fire at 100% power with no breaks. However, arrows fired while within the Priest's aura should be useful due to dealing even higher damage with each hit; so do let your Snipers fire at least some arrows from within the Priest's aura when you can while the Priest's still alive. When possible, target spawned minions first and only purposely attack the boss when there's no minions on-screen.
Let me know if this Forest 4 strategy works for you or not~ (;

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/24 11:12

I've never been able to get past Hell 2 and Forest 4. I think that the problem is that my trick to beat Ice Castle involves NO skill. Does anyone know hoe to cat farther with:

#iNoN6kq3 2017/11/23 16:29

It is currently impossible to play PC SR mods on a phone because mobile SR is written in a different language than the PC version

#PGPzHZAM 2017/11/23 03:44

Anyone know of a way to play Ivans mod on a phone?
Stick ranger is great but I've recently beaten it and wanted to play with mods on my phone.

#2PLLtQ7o 2017/11/22 23:34

The game is glitched, where is the terrain?

#iBsGhFQ8 2017/11/22 22:04

From what I've heard Boxer and Gunner are actually some of the strongest classes. In fact in the Discord they just did some calcs and it turns out Spark Cestus and Triple Shotgun may very well be the weapons with the most DPS (damage per second)!

#dFqcpC3x 2017/11/22 18:46

Did anyone finished the game?

#ffSYyaIt 2017/11/22 05:02

And I have a question.Who uses boxer and Gunner serious?!They have looots of downsides!

#ffSYyaIt 2017/11/22 05:01

Well,all mage got me very well.Also If you wanna battle with my mage team.Their name is
Wizard team
Trained by Gandalf
I was younger,ok?!

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/22 04:57

@Dark Doctor
yeah your right

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/22 04:47

There is no perfect team

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/22 03:06

@Shreks wiggler
no problen

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/21 22:15

also, can anyone tell me what stick people to use for a perfect team

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/21 22:14

thank you

#Hq6DiPcN 2017/11/21 18:45

It was a wrong time to delete the game?Yes it was!

#bfsl91y1 2017/11/21 11:23

What happened to the bot in the chat that would repeat what we said, ex making the bot say boobs

Shreks wiggler
#tMtG7VyA 2017/11/21 03:47

anyone give a link to a mod page or how to mod?

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/20 02:09


#uWla015M 2017/11/20 00:32


#eruHRUrj 2017/11/17 22:47

im dead to seaside is harder please tutorial im fast wins please

#eruHRUrj 2017/11/17 22:41

hi im from indonesia im sorry im not pro

#0rVlEFZg 2017/11/17 21:28

the boss of seaside 1 is hard!

#MmXFTRLM 2017/11/17 17:05

Yea....About that.My games started to crash so I erased and reuploaded all of them.Didnt noticed ıt deleted my 4 wizard team as well.I wont restart all over again.I erased the game.And my old Powder game account is gone.It seems I used a different ID and Password I cant remember.R.I.P. Littlebob85

#SBWrLQcV 2017/11/17 09:17

dont use any ice or freeze attacks on the ice castle boss. I would suggest electric shock 5 with catapults card and bullets card 4. (the one that is + 100% bullet.)

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/11/16 01:52

here is what he said
"Is it fully completed? I dont Know. Also he need to fix all those bugs that totally exist."

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/14 15:57

@Dark Doctor
you said "Let me ask him, pray that he wont fricc my existence."

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/14 04:14

With what

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/14 00:56

@Dark Doctor
done ?

#5EcgArGT 2017/11/13 09:52

I'm just gonna repost the Discord server invite link to save people the trouble of scrolling down for it~

#ffSYyaIt 2017/11/12 06:56

Oh man!I think Im gonna destroy some beasts to get those items,and money!Thanks 4d2d

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/12 04:40

Let me ask him, pray that he wont fricc my existence.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/12 02:00

@Dark Doctor
why JTF98 is say that

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/12 00:12

No he shouldn't.

the boi
#EMFe4vVK 2017/11/11 18:47

they should add a medic

#StWzwMxl 2017/11/11 03:13

@LB85: For Mountain 2, you'll want to use either the Freeze Explosion or, if you have access to it, the Permafrost, one for each ranger. Either way, equip the weapons all with the best Quick's Card and Bullet's Card you have access to. You can find out where to get the things you need in the wiki right here:

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/09 03:52


Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/09 02:40

Well he said no so, no update.

Billy Bob
#tLsPbPle 2017/11/09 01:42

Well, I'm stuck on the Submarine Shrine.

#iNoN6kq3 2017/11/09 01:38

Uh, no.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/08 22:23

I can't release v4.0 until JTF98 says I can.

#psIv27pQ 2017/11/08 19:37

I suppouse my request for help was....Hard...ITS OK!

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/08 18:57

@Dark Doctor
Hai !

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/11/08 12:02

Hello all!

#C73Yqty2 2017/11/06 11:39

@powderanger accept my discord request

#C73Yqty2 2017/11/06 11:35

theres a link a little ways down, you might have to open 1000 posts to find the non-expiring one though

#0rVlEFZg 2017/11/06 09:25

I love this game!

#cCQHsnae 2017/11/05 20:19

wow guys the 1000 post reaches all the way down to one of the last updates of SR... it's weird still seeing my messages a year after I posted them.
Also, during March someone mentioned that I should join the discord for this (oops). My tag is @holykeks#7123. can someone send me invite to channel?

#AmE9Nzlw 2017/11/05 03:51

I just figured out you can level up stats. I can finally progress in the game

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/05 01:51

how sad

#6CbiPtsz 2017/11/04 21:06

Got stuck in
Mountain 2
İce castle
And snowfield 7

#6CbiPtsz 2017/11/04 21:05

4 magicians level 41
Two of them has İce meteor 4 with aqumarine3
And a catapult card1
The other 2 has super volcano 4 with Poweful rubies and catapult cards.
Got big thunder too in inventory.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/11/03 20:28

"Can you guys help?"
i can't help sorry
but you are not noob ;)

#jT1EDRRO 2017/11/03 18:56

Guys,Its me from a long time ago.From another device.I will ask for tips for 3 maps later.Can you guys help?I am not noob,so dont worry.

#CuNFRBmu 2017/11/01 05:33

hi people! how's life right now?

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