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#URBdnypb May 26,2018 15:06

Stick Ranger Ivan Ver 7.5

#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:35

EndlessSR is coming soon when the stages constantly get harder until you die, compare with others who's better!

#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:30

released Tick Ranger, this is quite a hard game play, it's downloadable in discord, and sorry i do not own a account on

#hUpjsI7V May 24,2018 20:50

guys we need some translators so that we can send message to ha55ii, then he might promote or help modders with modded SR

#URBdnypb May 24,2018 15:56

Stick Ranger Moon Ver 2.0
nice marcossanches

#R7B6hNBI May 24,2018 09:53

I don't know if its just me but there are random black spots on the map that my stick rangers fall into and then cant get out of thus making it impossible to progress to other levels

#rQWGZwjj May 24,2018 07:07

hey i release moon mod 2.0 alpha :O

#KZ06eOhf May 24,2018 00:24

Hello, yes, I'm the creator of Stick Ranger Topaz. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying my mod and music choices!

#URBdnypb May 23,2018 22:25

its not my modding stick ranger -_-

#OGq9Txdj May 23,2018 19:32

Just want to say, not only is it awesome that you're modding SR, but it's wonderful to see you've used the Valedictory Elegy in the mod. That song, and its game, were a big part of my youth.

#ByRLjv4O May 23,2018 01:01

The autosave feature isn't working! I've tried completing stages, but every time I exit out of the page, it makes me begin from anew. I don't get it. It didn't do this in the past, so why now?

#URBdnypb May 22,2018 18:53

Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 0.8.5 !!

#NeybX74j May 20,2018 16:33

how do I post links? I paste a link and it won't post.

#URBdnypb May 20,2018 16:32

Stick Ranger Ivan 7.4

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 20,2018 05:00

Join our discord to get updates for mods faster!
Since most schools are out now, modding has picked back up!
The new version of mod should be out by this month.

#vDftGi0X May 20,2018 03:37


#bFPtoRcC May 19,2018 20:02

undying game :O still m,any people play this

#URBdnypb May 19,2018 15:42

Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 0.8 :OO

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 19,2018 10:30

The Muskadillo it's too late for ha55ii to really do anything. our mods dont need his original code now. so IF he is doing this to get back at us... its too late.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU May 19,2018 10:07

the game still won't save to the browser cookies. i wonder if ha55ii figured out that we were modding the game and was like: take THIS americans!

#NJ8V9mCU May 19,2018 02:15

"while we're modding your game"
ha55ii : triggered

#YSxGYWuw May 19,2018 01:37

good man keep working on the original while we're modding your game, ha55ii

#vzTgCMSr May 18,2018 22:42

Bug fix: savedata

#ILUgts2n May 18,2018 22:05

Yea, i have same problem with playing on someone else save. Fortunately, I'm doing back-ups every time i play, better save than sorry.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 18,2018 13:15

The save files are not screwed up. In the source code, those values a manually set.
I don't know if ha55ii did this on purpose. If he did, I hope he fixes it soon.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU May 18,2018 11:30

the save files are even more screwed up, im playing on someone elses now :/

#vzTgCMSr May 18,2018 11:21

Stick Ranger ver19.0
Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

#URBdnypb May 17,2018 17:54

Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 6.5
so quick

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 17,2018 03:39

If you want an easy way to access mods, feel free to check out
So far it contains about 9 mods, including mine, Ivan's, RHC's, Topaz, and Aein's and more!
It's still relatively new so we would appreciate the support!
My will be updated on my page, discord, and the new mod manager.

#AJSKOwL2 May 16,2018 05:47

damn vs mode loads but now it wont load my save data with it lmfao

#lmz3k7C8 May 15,2018 22:50

I like how ur reporting mods here when we have a discord of active member. you updates are going to waste here.

#URBdnypb May 14,2018 17:09

Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 6.0

#URBdnypb May 13,2018 15:59

@Master of al
you don't make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2

O-I experimental
#OdS9Opar May 11,2018 13:58

or maybe not. I can access the "register party" thingy, but my weapons don't show up.

O-I experimental
#OdS9Opar May 11,2018 13:54

oh yay it looks like it got fixed. Thanks!

Master of al
#7L8d8Nq2 May 11,2018 06:54

Please don't talk behind my back please too. I have a life

Master of al
#7L8d8Nq2 May 11,2018 06:53

Hi, I still exist. I don't mod all the time.

#lmz3k7C8 May 11,2018 01:27

talking about mods is better. its more interesting...

#URBdnypb May 10,2018 16:27

@O-I experimental

#cSIQ7BEi May 10,2018 08:55

@jax147 check 26 messages down

#HRZyB31m May 10,2018 08:11

Link to discord plz?

O-I experimental
#2Ah7c4Gd May 10,2018 06:55

We aren't talking about the modded version, we're talking about the online version and why the VS mode online isn't working.

#URBdnypb May 09,2018 17:29

why no one talk to Master of al

O-I experimental
#2Ah7c4Gd May 09,2018 08:45

Please fix VS mode and add sound like mobile version.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 09,2018 05:50

lol hai

#nKUbHFPH May 08,2018 06:45

Is VS mode broken for anyone else?

#NU504Add May 05,2018 07:34

yeah. nobody.

#URBdnypb May 01,2018 15:41

nobody ? really ?

#URBdnypb Apr 27,2018 21:27

here we go again, Master of al don't want make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 maybe he work very hard, i don't know, but i want very much, can someone talk to Master of al ?

#uB8ioMeM Apr 26,2018 20:33


#lmz3k7C8 Apr 26,2018 06:04

no that's du.mb

#uB8ioMeM Apr 26,2018 05:37

so cool love this game, only it would be nice if they let non members SAVE!

#c40KXrM4 Apr 25,2018 21:51

I love the game so much, except for two things. One, is backing up on mobile. That should be a thing! 2 is melee is way underpowered. Flying enemies just stay in the air and I can't hit them at all. In vs mode, all my guys died before they even got to the enemies.also a suggestion, is cool mode. You could find a way to make so that muktiple people can help each other out by controlling different stick men

A proud weeaboo
#QyETmodX Apr 23,2018 06:59

AYEEE, yesterday, I spent literally all day playing with an all priest team, and it's Lvl 43 now. The start is dreadful, but once you get to Seaside 1, the game is way too easy from there on out. I could paste the code here if you guys want, or even the code for when it was low level, if you want to do the stats differently.
Some random questions:
What range should each of my guys be in VS mode to reach the opponent without moving?
Why should I use the Knockback Card?
For Boxer and Gladiator, between magic, physical, all HP, etc., which build do you recommend for VS?
What's the current S rank meta? Last time I had a high lvl team, Spread Explosion was MVP.
Thanks for any answers. GO BEYOND! PRUSS ULTRAH!

#4d43GCJK Apr 21,2018 05:09

Can somebody send another discord link, I need some advice on the water temple stage, I'm using a team of 4 mages, Level 39, with the big thunder 3 spell

#AVksuZCG Apr 15,2018 22:17

Nice revival system. You revive somebody with only a teeny portion of their health, but you can't heal them. You can heal them through battle, but then they die some more. ???

#URBdnypb Apr 15,2018 16:34
What to Expect Soon

#URBdnypb Apr 14,2018 22:33
rip 2010-2018

#uKF0DtDv Apr 14,2018 09:01

Sound exists only on the Mobile game, not this version.

#FqHx3goP Apr 14,2018 00:07

The sound Dosen't Seem to work in the Game.

#YSxGYWuw Apr 10,2018 20:28

It does work if you set the language to japanese, that's the only solution to the problem ;'(

#iZ6UeR9O Apr 10,2018 20:25

It seems like cookie save data, thus VS Mode team uploading as well, are both currently down. Until we get word from ha55ii, everyone should be using Get-Set to save their progress; because cookie save data doesn't seem to be loading for anyone, including myself. Unfortunately, this means that uploading teams to VS Mode is currently impossible; as the cookie save data that needs to load in order to upload the corresponding team doesn't load.
I'll try to remember to test it myself every so often, and I'll say something if the problem seems to be fixed but ha55ii remains silent about it. Anyone else who like me also generally usually has too much free time on their hands can try it themselves every so often too if they want to, in case I forget to do it myself for a while or have a stretch of not having as much free time as usual. Just starting a new game with 4 Boxers, clearing 2 screens of Opening Street, and then reloading the page should be enough to test whether or not the cookie data is saving.

#4VleR2wF Apr 10,2018 03:58

iHow do you register a party for VS? when I press the register button it just opens with an empty team and says tp "equip weapon"

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU Apr 07,2018 00:24

maybe its the mods somehow...?

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU Apr 07,2018 00:14

yes i have that problem too :/

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 05,2018 21:13

so does anyone know about the saving problem i asked about?

#iZ6UeR9O Apr 05,2018 08:05

I'll post another invite link~ As marco said, you need to post something in #reactivation_zone to gain access to the other channels in the server, so that's the channel my invite link will point to:

#yqZI2TBZ Apr 04,2018 16:47

@marcossanches maay you please re-send the discord link?

#uKF0DtDv Apr 04,2018 06:28

Guess I'll go back in the Discord also.

#hUpjsI7V Apr 03,2018 14:19

Nice, thanks!
seeing the community work together to help this game grow really makes me happy, especially when I get to play all the fun and interesting mods

#NU504Add Apr 03,2018 08:59

expires in one day, (you have to post something in #reactivation_zone to gain access to other channels, i think)

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 02,2018 22:14

why does the game never save anymore?

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 02,2018 22:03

so is preist preist gunner boxer really the most efficient possible combo?

#hUpjsI7V Apr 02,2018 20:37

can anyone send me the discord link?I wanna play all the mods, its hella fun
for the ivan mods, i think you made explosion mallet too op...I did a explosion mallet with expansion card, turns out it rekts everything on its level

#URBdnypb Apr 01,2018 16:15

ok fine

#WE8LSEyR Apr 01,2018 04:41

updates take time to make... be patient. could play my mod while he don't release 1.2.

#URBdnypb Apr 01,2018 03:34

Master of al don't want make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 BECAUSE HE DON'T WANT

#Yak6IwIb Mar 31,2018 02:01

i released new moon mod! :O

#NU504Add Mar 23,2018 06:47

vampire's card for melee and heal's card for ranged

Mike (Alter)
#pPLajhHK Mar 22,2018 17:30

Whats the weapon or compo or anything that can regenerate health? Answer this, I don't know the answer

#URBdnypb Mar 19,2018 01:13

Stick Ranger Ivan 7.3 !

#URBdnypb Mar 19,2018 00:47

again Master of al don't make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 -_-

#rJuHXlt7 Mar 16,2018 04:57

cheers x

#MIJgHWF0 Mar 15,2018 04:33

Draknox just join our discord. all sr downloads in there. (except SR forever) -

#rJuHXlt7 Mar 14,2018 23:51

@Lightning Lord
been looking around at your mod and that I've been dying to get it, could you possibly lend me a download link?

#URBdnypb Mar 12,2018 04:05

Stick Ranger Forever 1.1 Is Working !
hell yeah !

Le Ronan
#v47JhUFX Mar 08,2018 06:39

Why does the graphics suddenly look a lot worse?

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Mar 08,2018 05:41

Sad part is, he probably wont respond... or cant, i dont know.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Mar 08,2018 05:40

Many people are making mods of your game stick ranger. How do you feel about this?

#WaUH1fZV Mar 08,2018 04:00

I wish this game wasn’t so underrated, it’s amazing and not lots of people play it. I really wish there were more you tubers for SR as it gets boring to watch the same people

#5VM0bddN Mar 08,2018 02:51

Beyond your television
Lies vast hills,
along with many jumps and much thrill
Mario jumps
Zelda swings
As Kirby swallows
Donkey kong beats,
Star fox flies ever so high
While niko goes bowling
Roman started to cry
Meta knight stares ominously
As a goomba cautiously walks
A turtle shell turns blue
While the Mario kart racers get mad too....
We all know sleeping dogs don't lie
We joined a guild during an MMO war
Where we smashed every single one of our keyboards

#uKF0DtDv Mar 07,2018 05:11

I am, too, tbh.

#oqyVKOJw Mar 06,2018 15:25

I'm suprised that ha55ii has never made an official statement regarding to these mods.

#WaUH1fZV Mar 06,2018 04:00

Anyone pls I here people talking about the discord and I want to be in it

#URBdnypb Mar 05,2018 18:20

Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.1 !
wait what the hell why i can't play stick ranger forever ver 1.1 ?? why Master of al ?!

#uKF0DtDv Mar 05,2018 10:15

Last time I was on, the date system was still fully numeric and even on a widescreen, the site was still a 4:3 format. Now it's 16:9.
Took nearly 12 years but it finally happened.

#M6JMAJkd Mar 04,2018 22:22

whip Stick Range!!!, sword Stick Rnger!!! pls vote

#7YWMMKxR Mar 04,2018 07:04

What’s the discord??

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Mar 03,2018 22:51

@OmegaPirate nAw ItS StILl The SaME

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