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#orMlzzo2 2017/10/20 03:47

do not use chrome to play mods. best option is electron, but if for some reason you dont want to use that, use firefox

Le Ronan
#l0BfXzrn 2017/10/20 02:12

How do you get your mod to work with chrome? I unzipped the folder and the html is chrome by default but when I open it the game window doesn't appear, just the BG and get/set bar.

#8i6Uazku 2017/10/18 22:19

I like turtles!

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/18 17:58


#MfemCi86 2017/10/18 15:20

hey do you guys like eggs

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/10/18 08:18


#D5Zdki7l 2017/10/16 11:01

@Dark Doctor
That's like saying North Korea is irrelevant.
...Oh wait.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/16 01:13

oh wait its "This PC"
and i can copy
done now its here
I cried in vain -_-

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/16 01:06

my computer IS GONE NOOOOOOO !

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/15 23:23

VS mode is irrelevant

#2xxXEq6h 2017/10/15 14:10

Update: eocb's really good team falls the majority of the time to the following party:
The noted team is not undefeatable, though. It can be beat with a really good tank used as a block while snipers nail the priests and gunners.

#2xxXEq6h 2017/10/15 12:40

There is a Rank S team called "try me" by eocb. You guys should see if you can beat it, it is one of the toughest teams I've versed.

#9vjxBgNL 2017/10/14 18:05

Nothing to share!Nothing to DO!Ahhh!

#StWzwMxl 2017/10/14 15:37

@LB85: Don't you know yourself?

#iBsGhFQ8 2017/10/14 08:45
Version 1.7 of my mod is out

#9vjxBgNL 2017/10/14 03:38

Here am I...This place is scary...I Dont know anyone!

#7IDjFjOu 2017/10/13 19:45 is more active than powder gsme 1.Also I have stick tsnger.All wizard.pretty high level but Im stuck ın a boss.Any tips?

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/10/12 06:19

it's on my laptop because that what i use to work on it.

#A49zb0aG 2017/10/11 21:49

if version 4.0 is in your laptop, what are you waiting to launch?

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/11 02:28

@Dark Doctor

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/11 01:41

There is a 0.001% chance that v4.0 will be done tomorrow.

#JHKRhKcD 2017/10/10 02:35

uhhhh sorry
i'm having no progress in my mods

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/10 01:17

Guy's I never said 4.0 was done XD

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/09 02:20

its not done ?!
come on dude !

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/08 17:04

@Dark Doctor
really ? verison 4.0 its not here

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/08 09:30

On my laptop.

#NdypcPM1 2017/10/08 07:25

@Dark Doctor
version 4.0? where

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/08 05:30

No thanks

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/07 15:20

@Lightning Lord
thank you

#D5Zdki7l 2017/10/07 12:38

The only thing I can say here now is...
█▀▄▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄ █▀▄▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀
█░▀░█ █░░█ █░░█ █░▀░█ █▄▄█ █▄▄█ ▀▀█ ▀▀█
▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀░ ▀░░░▀ ▄▄▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/10/07 12:03

version 4.0

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/05 16:21

oh my god stop please

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/05 10:25

tfw you're bad a stickranger.

#MfemCi86 2017/10/05 10:24

I have a suggestion for you: put duct tape on the back of your dog. It will make it last longer on walks to the airport when you're claiming reimbursement money.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/04 23:36
its rave mod
but how ?

#5EcgArGT 2017/10/04 13:33

The Angel has Charge Ring 2; a weapon that's among the best PvE weapons in the entire game in my opinion. Just keep upgrading the Ruby and Garnet on it every chance you get all the way up to tier 7 for each. Charge Ring 2 can even handle many situations better than Fire God 7 can. 60 DEX 100 MAG rest LP works wonders for the Charge Ring 2.
The other decent weapons for the Angel are: Thunder God 7 w/ 90 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can utterly destroy many enemies; Quick God 8 w/ 50 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can do some decent splashing physical DPS; and Thorn God 8 can rip up a flying swarm with 160 MAG, 30 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/04 02:22

palace basement final boss
He Shoot
Laser (All Hit And Damage Is Overpower)
Darkness (All Hit)
And Poison (Damage Is Overpower)
not easy this boss

#orMlzzo2 2017/10/03 07:03

i use Angel
fav class for sure

#qoIU6p2L 2017/10/03 05:34

Does anyone actually use the angel?

#JjXI41O8 2017/10/03 02:08

For the whipper I suggest:
MAG =(50), DEX =(Rest)
Weapon: Explosion Whip 2
Compo: Quick's Card (best you can get, the better)
Compo2: Bullet's Card (Since with 146 DEX the Whipper stays with 29+ bullets so you can use Bullet's 4, 6, or 7)

#5EcgArGT 2017/10/03 00:11

Angel: 30 DEX 100 MAG rest LP (Charge Ring 2 should carry you through most of the game)
Magician: 30 DEX (optional 24~60 MAG) rest STR (can easily handle flying enemies + outrange some tougher enemies that you don't want your melees near)
Gladiator: 26 MAG rest LP (main tank, can make effective use of Lightsabers and Flame-series swords)
Whipper: 1 MAG rest DEX. (I jest. Try to find a more optimal build than this lol xD Just don't invest in STR no matter what; STR is the definition of "useless" for Whippers, don't be fooled by the existence of the Iron-series whips)

#4UTdbUKR 2017/10/02 04:19

Could someone help me? I have a Gladiator, a Whipper, an Angel, and a Magician. What kinds of builds should make?

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/10/01 22:55

I cant find it

Fire InThe hole
#j7nWv87q 2017/10/01 16:13

On that note, join the DBCB Discord, if you want. There's a whole channel dedicated to mod downloads and updates. (I know the link's been posted before; I'll only post it if people can't find it.)

#tiUfEF0D 2017/10/01 02:05

You Want Play x8 Stickmen ?
Here !
By: Lightning Lord
its ver1.3
-bug fix

#2xxXEq6h 2017/09/30 15:46

I can see that things have definitely become interesting since last I played this game. I've never modded it before, and I'm quite curious about this x8 stickmen thing that Lightning Lord created. How do I install it?

#MfemCi86 2017/09/30 06:21

...Who even IS Stick Ranger, by the way?

#gqe3yqDi 2017/09/28 03:36

if I had a dolar for every letter that I saw on the internet I would go to mars or something

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/28 00:09

@Dark Doctor
ok sorry
LL's Mod v(3.5)

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/27 23:40

Please, refer it to as "LL's mod".

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/27 16:06
My Stick Ranger Mod! v(3.5)
Stick Ranger (x8 Stickmen) v(1.3)
Ver 7.1
finally comments !!

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/27 15:44

... "Ice Meteor Magician knockback capabilities" Lmao no xD
On the other hand, "Ice Missile w/ Quick's for deadly ranged DPS" sounds *almost* plausible. Not quite though; because Sapphire 7, Bullet's 5, Guide's 7, and Quick's 7 all together would be the bare minimum to make it actually at all deadly against crowds and particularly larger enemies. So unless someone makes at least a 3-compo mod if not a 4-compo mod, no "dice" for that idea.
That utter gibberish tho; gotta love the COMMENT BOT >.> xD

#h3LXayCp 2017/09/27 11:57

so im on ice meteor magician knockback capabilities comes out on his talk about stick ranger keep just talking about ice missile quicks for a deadly ranged damager or the dicier quicks is the sniper can find more modsbut i beat it to beat it sounds like atomic ray with nothing.

#A49zb0aG 2017/09/25 21:38

Please, politics no. the world is already full of people arguing politics, lets keep just talking about stick ranger ok??

#J6zxNgtx 2017/09/25 09:53

@RDB & Dark
If I had a nickel for every time someone typed something stupid into the internet, I would still have no money because the far-right steals all of it.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/23 23:39

no one comments again

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/23 17:40

@Dark Doctor
i can't wait "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)" :P

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/23 17:11

Lol, if Google had a penny for every word every person using the internet typed, *they'd* be rich. Oh wait....

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/22 23:40

If I had a penny for every word you type, I'd be rich.

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/22 14:58

That's "Thunder 1"; not "Lightning 1"~ ;P I don't think of Thunder 1 as a suitable knockback weapon myself, but it at least won't ever pull enemies backwards like Atomic Ray 5 can on occasion. Bullet's 5 + Knockback's 5 is probably most suitable because of the lower projectile count, however you'll really have to hope that the first knockback shot comes out by the second shot or the enemies will probably get too close and attack.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/22 09:56

That will expire in a day

#ThE7mUFZ 2017/09/22 06:31

He asked a question. I gave an answer. That's all there is to it.
Side note: Got a Discord, finally. Tried to find the Dan-Ball link but came up with nothing.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/22 01:38

@Dark Doctor
oh sorry

#YMHFdv8f 2017/09/22 01:26

That thunder-type magician orb in Grassland 5. It shoots 3 thunder straight at enemies.
You must register an account in order to use that feature.

#WWIbgETo 2017/09/22 00:09

ummmm how do i fix the user registration is required pls help:(

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/21 23:59

Nope, just signed in.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/21 15:24

@Lightning Lord
you copy name ?

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/09/21 02:53

Quick note, Ill be "Lightning Lord" when im on pc and "Dark Doctor" when im on mobile.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/09/21 02:41


#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/20 17:12

oh hey new video again

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/20 09:37

Oh; I was typing that comment, left it to do other things for a bit, then came back + posted without refreshing the page first. Yes, the Sniper can also do really good knockback; in fact does much better than Magician for PvE knockback; however DanielSalmiDank wanted advice for what to do with a 2 Priest 2 Magician team that they were running. No Snipers on that team, so only Magician knockback was relevant to their team.

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/20 09:31

Probably referring to the video where I continually failed to solo the cactus superboss with a Gladiator in an earlier version of Ivan's mod, which is my newest video. It's over 1 month old by now though, so I don't really consider it "new" myself.
I know what Lightning 7 is, but what's Lightning 1 Mont314? ;P xD

#aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/20 08:56

The archer is good with knockback too...

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/20 03:40

tfw radiant didn't make a new video

#YMHFdv8f 2017/09/20 01:20

Don't forget lightning 1 for knockback lulz

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/20 00:05

thanks you so much

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/19 15:38

@luigge @Omega16
Lightning 7, the far superior knockback weapon for the Magician, doesn't drop until Cavern 7. That is not helpful for someone who hasn't beaten Hell 5 yet, thus why I recommended Atomic Ray 5 for the time being.
Once you get to Cavern 7, upgrade from Atomic Ray 5 to Lightning 7 w/ Knockback's 4 + Quick's 5; and then upgrade the Quick's 5 to a Quick's 7 upon reaching Hell Gate. You'll also want two other Lightning 7s; one w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's (5→7) and the other w/ Pierce's 4 + Quick's (5→7). Because you'll still have Cavern 8 ahead of you, I'd actually recommend working on composing the terrain piercing Lightning 7 first so that the particularly rough terrain in Cavern 8 doesn't block your otherwise perfectly good DPS.

#ThE7mUFZ 2017/09/19 06:36

Yes, it's much better than Atomic Ray 5.
STR and DEX help it significantly.

#A49zb0aG 2017/09/18 22:39

isn't lightning 7 better?

#A49zb0aG 2017/09/18 22:35

atomic ray is good but sometimes pull the enemies backwards

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/18 13:09

If you're going to use the knockback strat as Mont314 suggested, first make sure that you've got superior range to the Hell 5 enemies. The one that shoots spears in an overhead spread is the most important one to fully outrange; the spears land more clustered at the very edges of its range, so just barely failing to outrange it is particularly disadvantageous.
For using knockback to beat Hell 5, I'd recommend Atomic Ray 5 w/ Quick's 5 + Knockback's 5. The 30 knockback per hit from Knockback's 4 just won't do what it's needed to do for Atomic Ray 5, so you'll have to rely on the dicier 90 from Knockback's 5; the Quick's 5 will help ensure that a ray with the knockback capabilities comes out on time to keep the Hell 5 enemies away.

#YMHFdv8f 2017/09/17 22:42

A bit late to the party, but having a magician attack with knockback may make some enemies in Hell 5 unable to attack you.

#iNoN6kq3 2017/09/17 07:16

Hey, here is a thought, everyone stop replying to this guy. Also, Crystalzzz, 300 letters is literally 2 tweet boxes. That is not long. Also yes, I did call you one, especially if you think 300 characters is long.

#aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/17 06:56

Both those comments are 300+ letters long...
"takes less than 2 minutes to read if your reading speed is higher than that of a third grader."
Did you just call me a 3rd grader?
"Don't mistake my savagery for anger."
>You're not smart enough to be a member of the guild, anyways. Just go ahead and forget about Discord's͏ ͏e͏xistence.
>So, you started using Discord almost 10 years before it was even created? Impressive. With your secrets of time travel, we could change the world!
>This is not a troll, this is a moron.
My my, what an amazing comeback!
>Jesus people are so stupid and can't understand...
>My my, what an amazing comeback!
>Jesus people are so stupid and can't understand...
No, YOU are the stupid one because you can't convey what you're trying to say correctly. The fact that NOBODY can understand you is YOUR fault.
And I don't want a 10-year-old telling me to get a life just because I got him butthurt and he's unable to come back at me with a worthy insult.

#6gkHelVa 2017/09/16 22:47

There's no such thing as muting here. I got busy with stuff on Discord (my bot, moderation on guilds, etc)
And I was never angry. Don't mistake my savagery for anger.

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/16 15:38

and LV 139

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/16 15:38

[SR Modding 7.0]
LP 652
STR 426
DEX -50
MAG -50
LP 1018
STR 80
DEX 80
MAG 60
LP 998
STR 60
DEX 30
MAG 120
LP 1400
DEX 30
MAG 150

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/16 14:36

Oh right that. Freeze Explosion 6 w/ Bullet's 6 + Quick's 5 for semi-decent non-negatable damage against enemies that are essentially immune to pretty much everything else that you have, such as Hell 5. Upgrade to Permafrost 8 w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's 7 later on. You shouldn't ever need a copy of either weapon composed for freezing anything though; the Priest's Freeze Exp (Staff 6/Rod 8) should probably have crowd freezing covered assuming that you follow my build for the Priests.

#xXxoVv6Y 2017/09/16 10:56

freeze explosion 6 for Hell 5

#iNoN6kq3 2017/09/16 08:00

You know, aside from the person asking the question? Also lmao, that's not even long. It takes less than 2 minutes to read if your reading speed is higher than that of a third grader.

#aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/16 07:44

Radiant no offense but noone is gonna read that long text XD

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/16 07:26

In terms of end-game target builds, I personally usually aim for 100 STR + 90 MAG for Priests; for me that gives a decent boost to the team's DPS while minimizing the chances of any member falling out of aura range even when using more damage-focused staves. I personally would go for either Poisonous Rod 8 w/ Peridot 7 + Emerald 7 or Thunder Rod 7 w/ Bullet's 5 + Topaz 7 on one Priest (for decent damage) and Freeze Exp Rod 8 w/ Diamond 7 + Quick's 7 on the other Priest (better crowd control than the Magician's Permafrost 8 when it has enough range).
Before you actually get to end-game, just use whatever weapons bring you closest to having that strategy at your disposal. It sounds like you're probably towards the end of the Snowfield series; so Poisonous Staff 6, Electric Staff 5, and Freeze Exp Staff 6 should be your best bets for now with essentially identical compos. Just use the strongest versions of the compos I suggested that you currently have access to; Bullet's 5 is better than 6 or 7 for the Electric Staff 5 + Thunder Rod 7, because "+6 bullet" is essentially "+200% bullet" for weapons that only shoot 3 projectiles.

#5EcgArGT 2017/09/16 07:26

For your Magicians, I would recommend mainly sticking to Atomic Ray 5 w/ Quick's + Guide's of highest available tiers and Electric Shock 5 w/ Quick's + (Bullet's/Catapult's) of highest available tiers until you gain access to Spread Explosion 7 and Lightning 7. An Ice Spike 5 (and later on Ice Bolt 7) w/ Aquamarine can prove indispensable against bosses that you would otherwise struggle against. If either of your Magicians are using 75 DEX, Thunder Spear 4 may prove to have some advantages over Electric Shock 5. Ice Meteor 4 w/ Sapphire 7 + Quick's 7 can be useful if you ever need type Ice damage for anything; though if your STR (range) is low enough Ice Orb 6 (and later Ice Missile 8) w/ the strongest available versions of the same compos could potentially be better. I wouldn't know for sure though.

#iNoN6kq3 2017/09/16 07:04

Dark Doctor said he wasn't gonna talk about mods here anymore, and that he would on his talk page or in the discord. Please take note that he said his talk page aswell, not just discord. :P (also no, Vid didn't get muted lol)

#aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/16 05:21

Good vid didn't reply to me...
He probably got muted.
>This is not a troll, this is a moron.
Dark docter...
Did you see my idea?
If not imma copy and paste it again...

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/16 02:40

i use Priests only STR ,
no DEX and MAG,
only long range,
and my team is Priests, Sniper, Magician, and Boxer,
(all one)
that's all.

#I847N9cP 2017/09/16 01:42

Boys and girls, I know that everybody loves SR mods, but I have a question for the old SR:
- I have a build with 2 priests and 2 magicians (wish me luck when I get into Hell 5)
What is better to do with the priests, let one of them with a damage build (just like Poisoner Staff 5 and put SP in MAG making it a deadly ranged damager) or a STR build and let both them with all STR aura?

#tiUfEF0D 2017/09/15 15:46

@Dark Doctor
i said "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)"
days ?
i want know plesae ?

#aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/15 13:14

Wait why am i even replying to a person who is angry for no reason?
@Dark Docter
Hey can you make a mod where you can make you're own levels. And play others...
Don't do XP Or item drops and coins... Cause it might be unfair if someone makes a weak enemy that drops 100000 gold...
For gunners make them use 0 money...
Imma do a full archer challenge
Wish me luck people!

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/09/15 05:52


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