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#5RQWVHHH Jun 18,2024 23:28
What is the Gold variable in this Game
#zeGAcQ9g Jun 17,2024 18:34
I'm playing SR mods on my phone (from netlify) and for some reason when I enter a stage/the boss screen it takes about 30 MINUTES just to load it. My phone is galaxy A15, and PC players do you have the same problem or is it because I'm playing on mobile?
#dEz3GOZ9 Jun 17,2024 17:52
see my stickiest stickie ranger at my github of username-1a. it's so sticky that it's common for you to get stuck at a stage. be careful. P.S. i'm taking the high-school-entrance-exams and the essay of the first exam really got me there :/
#jXh8cQf7 Jun 16,2024 21:45
School is finally over!
#vVSV35ta Jun 16,2024 06:13
Does this game actually have no sound?
#dfL0SAv4 Jun 13,2024 07:16
No One
Quick and bullet cards completely destroy every other option. But poison in particular.
#gTRfCgxC Jun 12,2024 01:21
HOW DARE YOU THINK STICKY RANGER ISN'T REAL also sticky ranger is a small reference to me calling SR1 and SR2 as 'sticky' instead of 'stick'
#RwKGYdaf Jun 11,2024 22:26
Maybe or MediaFire?
#dEz3GOZ9 Jun 11,2024 19:48
it's real. now it has around 150 brand new stages and 1500 items,i simply don't know where the hell i should post it because i cant enter netlify and discord and etc. (the browser throws "this site can't be reached") i still think the mod is incomplete anyways everyone please comment! ! ! ! ! ! !
#RwKGYdaf Jun 11,2024 03:13
Hey there, nickname. Don't take this as being rude or anything of the sort but could it be possible that this "sticky ranger" mod isn't real and is simply (a call for attention?) or a joke? As I said, this is not meant to be rude. Just asking.
#dEz3GOZ9 Jun 10,2024 15:39
Sooooo sticky that it's so difficult to make and release. Update will be in 5 hours(this is a famous meme about antimatter dimensions)
#L77BULoL Jun 10,2024 09:11
When will the sticky ranger be released
#RwKGYdaf Jun 08,2024 07:08
~ Sudo6
goated bro, the comment boards are still up
#tl64o2YY Jun 07,2024 15:25
#L77BULoL Jun 06,2024 11:16
It's sr-ivans-mod plus to play stick ranger Ivan's mod
#zt7tTSy9 Jun 06,2024 10:23
Ras Pie
here's one but it does not sent you there
#5RQWVHHH Jun 05,2024 20:36
Can someone maybe send me a link to Ivan's mod?
#zt7tTSy9 Jun 05,2024 14:47
i dont know why ivan's mod is working for you
#mkeBz0MN Jun 04,2024 18:45
I wish the IOS/Android APP was on Desktop aswell so we could have sound and not use browser for playing
#vvu1gzLM Jun 02,2024 15:15
tested the levels of my mod. so difficult that i can't progress in early game properly. can't pass stages in sooo many tries and have to modify the console to skip the stages. wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf
#OEcZtU2y Jun 02,2024 08:52
game of my childhood
#5RQWVHHH Jun 01,2024 17:58
Where can I download Ivan's mod? On Dropbox doesn't work for some reason
#UwiB43qZ May 29,2024 23:18
cool gamer 63871
click on the link
#UwiB43qZ May 29,2024 23:18
cool gamer 63871
click on the link
#gTRfCgxC May 27,2024 20:51
just don't use iPhone @no name
#n4xHlI24 May 27,2024 13:11
no name
vs mode doesn't work on ios currently anyone have the same issue?
#gTRfCgxC May 25,2024 18:32
YAY STICKY RANGER MOD nickname ! is epic
#vvu1gzLM May 25,2024 16:08
Sticky-ranger mod is around the corner! what's the most cute enemy you've seen in sr mods? tell me its head,species,color. ALSO - added a stage called nightmare woods. Boss shoots a horizontal laser that explode into full screen attack,both 9999999 damage XD (simply makes you go aaaaaaargh if anyone gets hit) ALSO - sniper's base attack(arrows) can be thunder type! ALSO - renamed a stage so it calls "0uch >_<" xD pls c0mment
#L77BULoL May 23,2024 20:59
There is no sound in stick ranger
#oulu88dX May 23,2024 03:25
Why isn't there sound? How do I enable sound? I have tried turning my volume all the way up.
#GBDOXSsA May 22,2024 13:46
Ras Pie
I have more that you can see tho i you want to check it out
#GBDOXSsA May 22,2024 13:42
Ras Pie
Vote this
#UwiB43qZ May 22,2024 02:04
cool gamer 63871
#UwiB43qZ May 21,2024 21:39
cool gamer 63871
#5RQWVHHH May 21,2024 17:35
@best player 6297 and also with Bombs
#wXZw4Ob6 May 21,2024 15:06
and btw I'm at inferno 2 and hell 6 now lvl 86.
#wXZw4Ob6 May 21,2024 15:05
@best player 6297, the only way to destroy the block is to put acid on it
#BkKePGIZ May 21,2024 02:01
best player 6297
#UwiB43qZ May 21,2024 01:43
cool gamer 63871
click on the link
#gTRfCgxC May 20,2024 20:31
#UwiB43qZ May 20,2024 14:31
cool gamer 63871
this is my level please liken
#5RQWVHHH May 20,2024 01:27
I mean Hell 2
#5RQWVHHH May 20,2024 00:19
What should I do in Hell 1? I have 2 Magicians 1 Sniper 1 Gladiator Lvl 72
#LLey4SFY May 19,2024 21:09
I would like to create a stick ranger mod, is it okay to do so?
#WuvJaV1P May 19,2024 20:12
finally found the best sr team
#LLey4SFY May 19,2024 15:50
Nice to meet you.
#L77BULoL May 19,2024 14:27
Right now in stick ranger Ivans mod hell castle and hell 10 not beaten cosmic beam 5 very OP can kill bosses easily
#L6yvDe7Z May 16,2024 00:38
the stick ranger modded play for computer + laptor moblie can't allow play stick ranger mod
#vvu1gzLM May 12,2024 16:15
some interesting tier9-10 sniper weapons jungle arrow 9 shoot bouncy arrows explode into horizontal screen-cutting laser focused toxic shot 10 shoots 7 clumped arrows parabola 10 shoots a spark in an arc,AGI is 1-1 lol (secret weapon)cosmic horizon 10 same as jungle arrow but it's piercing purple one-arrows and residue burn 100%. Kills a swarm of stickmans in seconds XD also enemy most projectiles is 513,no longer 100. also new crown gives a effect of enemy AGI -50%. ALSO the gel trees in deadly labyrinth 2 will turn into the annoyed gel(head id is 25)when it's Poisoned. (boxer erupts out swear words to those high-jump bouncers and snakes because even a whipper can reach them) pls comment
#L77BULoL May 11,2024 09:11
Charge your phone XMAN
#iy0apOEZ May 10,2024 22:54
how to turn off slowmo
#L77BULoL May 10,2024 21:58
I'm stuck on he11 5 in stick ranger Ivan mod My team build: Priest magician wizard dual swordman
#L6yvDe7Z May 10,2024 04:19
can the stick ranger cavern chronic sr cavern chronicle netlify app ok the insane stick ranger cavern chronicle this 3 boss stick ranger cavern chronicle time insane clear all stage? stick ranger modded ivan's the of search for successfully stick ranger modded my favorite stick ranger modded goodbye stick ranger modded moon
#RoTwV9vA May 09,2024 21:34
#gTRfCgxC May 07,2024 21:52
marsmagma complete all achievements in terraced cave it's very very very very very very very very hard
#RoTwV9vA May 07,2024 03:41
in stick ranger 2, how do I get citrine amulet
#gTRfCgxC May 06,2024 16:26
nickname u should ask some intellectual people on how to post ur mod like other sticky ranger mods
#WuvJaV1P May 05,2024 17:52
RandomGamer21 :/
I read the wiki. At first, i don't recognize that cactus shape until i just played micro panda. Maybe make the 2 rectangles a L shaped?
#L77BULoL May 05,2024 17:44
@nickname! I think you need to debuff your enemies. Its getting too strong
#vvu1gzLM May 05,2024 16:09
i mean the source code bro i can't enter dropbox pastebin discord and etc. PREVIEW - currently in my mod,enemy highest lp is 12345679. lowest agi is 1-1. greatest number of projectiles is 100. strongest slow effect is 80%. longest poison is 10s. longest freeze is 20s. highest AT is 9999999. etc. also the enemys have SPECIAL moving effects eg. a bouncer can jump SUPER high and frequently,walkers slide fast as if knockbacked,some dragon move very fast,etc. pls comment so i will bring you more fancy thingys lol
#gTRfCgxC May 05,2024 00:45
@nickname ! You can post it in dan ball wiki or in some secret game comments in this website no one plays
#L77BULoL May 04,2024 00:14
Expand Stick ranger
#vvu1gzLM May 02,2024 18:10
don't know how & where to post it lol BTW i haven't finished it. most sites you post files on are not avaliable for me! They simply give "the site can't be reached". P.S new type is type LMAO. it's same as physical but damage effect is swear words instead of numbers. XDDDDD type blood has a chance to take away 50% lp. Color=0.5 means RAINBOW color. frenzy's card 7 is 20% chance of instant attack. also pls comment so i will post more
#gTRfCgxC May 02,2024 01:46
@Nickname ! bro give the mod link pls i wanna play it
#L77BULoL May 01,2024 23:41
Description: Action RPG game where 4 Stickmen defeat monsters and advance the stage The game: No quests, no NPCs, just unaliving monsters
#vvu1gzLM May 01,2024 19:15
the stages i designed are getting really Xtremely difficult as I go further into the game that I almost can't pass a single stage without modifying the code. WTF p.s. looking at danball/fanball fandoms' moddy stages for new stage ideas. p.s. now more than 10% of the items are brand new weapons/compos lol p.s. everyone PLEASE comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#g94ESDhT May 01,2024 08:24
Guys go to first party
#gTRfCgxC May 01,2024 01:36
@emoticon guy there's stick ranger cave chronicles tbh we need sticky ranger now
#vvu1gzLM Apr 29,2024 22:02
i found sr forever(,looked at the history and found a file. BUT it's in dropbox and it simply refused to let me enter the site...........................HELP
#L77BULoL Apr 29,2024 17:44
Does anybody know more stick ranger mods
#gTRfCgxC Apr 28,2024 02:08
@emoticon guy I'm on my villain arc
#L77BULoL Apr 27,2024 17:10
@nickname! It's gonna cause so much lag @Salthunter001 Wt# you doing
#gTRfCgxC Apr 27,2024 14:07
we should keednep ha55ii so he updates this game or create stick ranger 3
#vvu1gzLM Apr 27,2024 13:57
how to get amazing effects in ivan's mod: 1.enter the following code: Ie=function(){};D[257][3]=2 2.go to forest 4 3.insert a Super Volcano into the bouncer 4.OMG better with garnet and spinel. ALSO everyone please comment!!!!!!!!!!!
#wXZw4Ob6 Apr 22,2024 23:08
i watch Stick Ranger Alien Invasion so cool and so many alien stickmans in every Meadow stage... (idk why)
#L77BULoL Apr 22,2024 21:02
The drop rates in modded stick ranger is very rigged
#L77BULoL Apr 15,2024 16:38
ha55ii will never add that
#gTRfCgxC Apr 14,2024 19:17
stick ranger 3 should be a MMO like game with base raiding like minecraft minetest and mystera legacy
#gTRfCgxC Apr 14,2024 19:17
stick ranger 3 will be a MMO like game with base raiding like minecraft minetest and mystera legacy
#vvu1gzLM Apr 14,2024 15:40
pp1 boss?!Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................................... don't know either also i used 2 bronze medal 7s but still took me 10 tries to get the quick card 8 D: aalso use thunder weapons for pp1 boss aaaaalso in ivansmod use 28str26dex150mag for dual sw p.s. if you have a priest with 200 mag,the late game stages will be much easier p.s. among all the darkness weapons,the gunner's and the spearman's are the strongest,sniper's and magician's and dual sw's are biggest trash,others are ok
#L77BULoL Apr 14,2024 11:56
Stick ranger 3 ideas Stick ranger 3 ver1.0 Game creation The greatest adventure of 4 Stickmen defeating dungeons and completing quests
#L77BULoL Apr 14,2024 11:54
How to kill Power plant 1 boss? The boss and the other enemies keep killing my stickmen
#gTRfCgxC Apr 13,2024 16:55
@nickname ! Can you add a low quality salt png as a boss and put ur watermark near the game title screen??
#vvu1gzLM Apr 13,2024 14:49
finally made all the stages lol (there are 149 of them) how to make weapons?!?!?!?! p.s. spearman's dex is very very very very powerful i use 60 dex 167 mag for it twisted drill can kill palace boss in seconds
#gTRfCgxC Apr 13,2024 12:34
stcki rganer lusp piloguee
#L77BULoL Apr 12,2024 20:55
stick ranger plus epilogue
#UcB967y1 Apr 12,2024 19:10
stickr anger plus
#gTRfCgxC Apr 12,2024 00:39
oh the misery everybudi wants two b my n m e spayar the simpathi
#mjFHJF9x Apr 11,2024 21:00
Is spearman class mag better than whipper class mag?
#mjFHJF9x Apr 11,2024 21:00
I finnaly found the Ivans mod :D
#S4GRw3Hb Apr 10,2024 23:25
u guys got any tips? I think ranged is pretty good, but I end up getting game over at the cross roads. >:[
#XjIabaqn Apr 10,2024 04:26
this game is epic sauce
#gTRfCgxC Apr 06,2024 22:21
@nickname ! pls add saltinium blade(salthunter001) in the mod i will give u 20 montovontolllion salt if u do so
#L77BULoL Apr 05,2024 23:22
@nickname! The final boss should have more LP than hell castle boss
#vvu1gzLM Apr 05,2024 19:11
my mod replaces enemies in old sr with new ones. BUT they're too hard and now i can't pass new g4,g5,hc2 even if i nerf the enemies............................... WTF p.s. in ccmod the frostburn field+guide6+ruby6 is veryveryveryveryvery powerful p.s.p.s. overload cutter weapons are big trash p.s.p.s.p.s. i've made over 530 new enemies XD (the stages are only for those who are going to challenge themselves.) p.s.p.s.p.s.p.s. how to make good custom weapons? Too many to do D:< XP >_<
#47ekFmiP Apr 04,2024 00:46
I want to play the game so bad
#xoDQkXJf Apr 03,2024 21:04
Does it only works on Firefox? :l
#xoDQkXJf Apr 03,2024 16:17
Guys how do you play the cavern chronicles mod, because whenever I open the html file it birngs me to the get/set thingy please help :>
#pFFwy71p Apr 03,2024 14:32
oh stop walking away, I found it, I want to ask which new classes are so strong
#pFFwy71p Apr 03,2024 14:22
Does this game have mods or any other version, people and if there are mods, how to download them

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