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#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/24 20:42

Because ha55ii wants so. Pretty high for a drop though.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/24 20:18

sorry now i comments XD
ok and why all boss drop card is 10%
WHY ?!?!

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/24 19:50

Oh please don't leave forever.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/24 18:05

guys i don't comments, bye :(

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/24 17:15

It's not like me where I just forgot the password to my main account here for a while, but that your account was straight-up deleted for some reason?

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/24 17:00

TBH they have differences in their names. The real ha55ii is just ha55ii.

SR Modding
#NdEuqgto 2016/10/24 14:07

@1P3QyPtMsNvS0b, just read through the talk pages. If you need help, create an account and send your request. If you don't have an email, make a gmail account or use a 10 minute disposable email service.

#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/24 07:15

There's a difference between the fools: their name's font. If it's bold, it's the real thing. If not, it's a faker.

In terms of me, however, is a minor exception to this. If someone tries to impersonate me, I comment with my actual account's name the next time. (Although if my account wasn't completely killed off four years ago, I wouldn't be having this problem to start with.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/24 00:36

He/she could never fool anyone.

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/23 18:08

@ha96ii webby You can't fool anyone anymore -_-

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/23 17:34

is easy or hard ?

SR Modding
#neVqc6HF 2016/10/23 17:20

also this:


do CTRL+F and search for extend the world map

SR Modding
#zOL8I1A6 2016/10/23 17:14

@1P3QyPtMsNvS0b and @Mont314





For modding, but not che.ating purposes. Technically you can che.at, but its better to use them to create new things for the game.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/23 15:37

now my new idea is Gold Gun, Gold Gun is AT 200-200, AGI 20-30, Range 80, Type Physical, Usage Cost 80, cool huh ?, oh again Lava Explosion Range 90, sorry, i am stupid :((

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/23 11:00

Infinisword: low AT, 5-10 AGI, 512 Range. Since swords actually attack each enemy (somewhat), this one will attack all enemies on screen really fast, but with low AT.
Sniper-esque gun: Yeah, pretty sure physics don't work that way.
Or a flamethrower...

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/23 08:22

Can you guys help me come up with new ideas for unique weapons?
Right now I have:
Ranged boxer (no mp requirement and semi-ranged)
Under arc sniper (negative gravity and piercing)
RNG magician (predetermined on loading javascript: appearance, level, 30-69 to 70-170 at, 1-6 bullets, 50-80 to 90-135 agi, 85-170 range, 0-50 homing)
Sniper-esque priest weapon (any priest weapon that does damage comparable to other classes is unique)
Zero-based angel (0 range, 0 agi)
I'm thinking of adding a whipper with infinite range, high mp cost, and low agi. It will charge up and then you have to drag it to the enemy.
I'm stuck for gladiator and gunner.

#E08BqsZW 2016/10/23 06:42

I have a one priest and 3 gladiators team, they aren't the best team I have but for some reason, I like them, they are pretty cool. And they are actually the team I use to test Aein's Mod's new levels ;)

#9DUOIxak 2016/10/23 01:16

hey guys my team is 2 mage and 2 snipers

#KFb4oZ7g 2016/10/23 01:06

I have done a 3 Priests/1 Gunner STR build (on mobile, Hell 6/Blood Lake is the current end-game). It's beautiful.

#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/23 00:42

I'm one of the Wikia's five admins, so I'm usually on to watch it, with an occasional edit.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/22 21:30

Do you monitor the wiki?

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/22 21:29

@sigma i agree, those arrow should pierce.
But i don't know how to fix the bottom arrows.

P.S. i think i'll stick with purple now.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/22 19:34


#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/22 19:34

sorry i don't know :(

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/22 15:11


#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/22 06:00

Working fine on my end. Must have been a case of maintenance from Community Central itself.

#KFb4oZ7g 2016/10/22 05:15

Wiki site down. What do.

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/22 02:34

Wait. Are you ha69ii Webmasta? *gasp*
Jkjk Don't assume that everything grisha5 says is meant for you.

@grisha5 >ha69ii Webmasta
Calling them out on it will do nothing at best and will encourage them even more. Annoying spam by annoying people will happen on unmonitored comment boards.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/21 16:59

don't idiot me
don't...do...it...ok ?

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/21 16:36

You're fake, idiot.

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/21 13:42

Well, considering it's the easiest way to do so...

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/21 13:09

Eh, they're still very slow at killing the bosses. The more time it takes, the higher the chance of error.
@Dark Doctor
I don't like that the lower arrows, when aimed horizontally, automatically hit the terrain. But the poison and fire shots are not affected by gravity at all, which can beneficial...maybe.
Obviously, the attack needs a serious upgrade.
I would like for it to pierce enemies. At the speed it goes, it makes sense for that to happen. And if it adds attack for each pierce like in Monster Box, it would be epic.
Remember you can click Back to retrieve your comment.

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/21 11:06

Not only are they slower, they have no gravity. They are meant to be spread, which is why they aren't good in most cases. You can easily use poison shot in the beach series.

(P.S. I had to retype everything because I misspelled shot.)

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/21 09:18

They're good for beating seaside 1&2.

#kezTfmqG 2016/10/21 08:03

Why are the shot style bows aside from the first two so slow in the first place? I guess ha55ii might have thought they would be overpowered at normal speed, but this has proven not to be the case.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/21 04:39

I surprised no one wants to increase the speed of the poison and fire shots.

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/21 02:35

If shots were to be even remotely comparable to other bows, they need to do more damage. Also, in late game, regular bows aren't much different besides traveling in a slight arc and being grouped together. We need nonuple indra shot, or something of that sort..

#E08BqsZW 2016/10/21 01:05

I would probably increase their AT, because they are obsolete if you have a double hell fire for example

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/20 23:35

If you guys had the ability to improve (additions and/or modifications) the snipers shot series in the main game what would you do?

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/20 21:18

What an idiot.

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/20 17:56

COME ON GUYS COMMENTS ! >:O NOW I CAN'T COMMENTS AGIAN AGAIN !@#$% (sorry again i so rage)

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/20 16:56

@RadiantDarkBlaze are you even listening to me ? plesae ?

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/20 13:53

Nope. I have no idea where that came from. Ha55ii might have changed it or something, but that rule was recorded a long time ago. I once commented 5 times in a 24-hour period, and that's just one of the few times I bothered to actually count anyone's comments.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/20 12:30

@sigma ill make sure to be more specific next time then XD

#GiY4UYQa 2016/10/20 12:28

That would be good for a much more accurate indra arrow. One where arrows are faster and more accurate, but they do less potential damage. In comparison, indra arrow has 120 speed 8 gravity. The higher arc along with higher waiting time means that it could easily miss, even if it doesn't hit a ceiling.
I think that gravity is applied every frame (on the 50 frame scale), but I can't be sure because ha55ii uses a javascript compressor.
I don't suggest double-commenting like that. Fit everything into one comment.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/20 12:11

Go ahead; just include my name in the credits section of your mod's readme text as well as listing what I provided (;

I thought it was "3 times within 24 hours". I guess that's about how slowly the board moves xD

Anyway, obviously the source code indicates the equation for in-game gravity somewhere; otherwise the game would not be able to apply gravity :P If anything, whether there's a single equation or a slightly differing equation for each attack pattern is the better question. Mont314 pointed out that speed has a different equation for each attack pattern, so who knows if it might potentially be the same deal with gravity?

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/20 11:32

That's such an outdated rule. I discovered the technical rule and said it multiple times but it's having trouble catching on for some reason.
You cannot have posted 3 of the last 5 comments.
@Dark Doctor
You weren't specific enough. ; )
@Mont314 (or anybody)
Does the source code indicate somewhere the equation for gravity in the game?
It may be similar, but considering the units are in pixels and frames, and the game is limited to 1 pixel-per-frame instead of a (virtually) infinitely divisible timeline, I don't think it would be exactly the same.

#E08BqsZW 2016/10/20 02:45


those projectiles look quite good, may I use some of them in my mod someday? (not the next version, but someday)

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/19 16:43

you comments 2 + now you can't comments
guys commets 3 + you can comments :P

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/19 16:42

ohhhhhh now i know

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/19 13:50

In other words, speed 4 would result in a shot that zips straight to the target in 1/15th of a second? That would actually be really epic ^^ Second only to making the attack spawn directly atop the target xD

As it is, I quite enjoy making attack pattern 4 with a really large, naturally terrain-piercing arrow with speed 25 gravity 150. The arc is really high, but the target simply can't seem to get out of the way on time even if it's something like a Wheel or Copter >;D

Just gonna post this again because it didn't link last time: http://puu.sh/rLqJj/c31f0def8a.gif
The custom projectiles I made :P

#GiY4UYQa 2016/10/19 12:20

I'm honestly very angry at myself. It took me days to figure out that if I want to keep the same arc a sniper shoots, I do this:
s = speed (actually, the time in frames)
g = gravity
This equation may be off a bit, but for my purposes, it works.

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/19 11:41

@1P3QyPtMsNvS0b You cant comment twice within a time limit, you're just so retarded to not realize that.

#18rKzSS9 2016/10/19 10:35

Nevermind that. I messed up the formulae. The formula is Smx=i+Vˆ2*sinˆ2 r/2*G. And SR arrows should behave like RL ones.

#GiY4UYQa 2016/10/19 10:12

Whoops, I should have clarified that I was talking about SR arrows, not real life arrows. Sorry!
In SR, the "speed" of the arrow is how many frames it takes to hit its target. The "gravity" is applied constantly every frame (I think). The initial x velocity is calculated by doing x distance divided by "speed." The initial y velocity involves "speed" and "gravity." If "speed" were to increase, the amount of time it takes to hit and the amount of time "gravity" acts on is longer. Therefore, it reaches a higher maximum. If "gravity" increases, "the initial velocity would have to be higher, therefore resulting in a higher maximum.

Anyways, what you said was interesting. But I got confused on the space function part.

#37DE4Sz5 2016/10/19 09:05

I mean, Smax=i+(V^2*sin^2 r)/g^2-G/2*(V^2*sin^2 r)

#37DE4Sz5 2016/10/19 09:00

Suppose an arrow is shot at speed V and angle r. Thus, the initial vertical speed of the arrow is V*sin r. Now, suppose gravity acceleration is G. The vertical velocity of th arrow is described by v=V*sin r-G*t, t being time elapsed since the shot. The arrow will attain maximum height when v=0, i.e., t=V*sin r/G.

Now that we have that, we use the space function S=i+V*sin r*t-G*tˆ2/2. Therefore:
Smax=i+V^2*sin^2 r/G^2-G/(V^2*sin^2 r)

#beAXWNZM 2016/10/19 04:24

dan ball wiki has alot of useful information, i go there all the time.

#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/19 02:37

Mont, you know Level 1 compos are at the Village, right?

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/19 02:36

Q: Hey guys, how do I get black stone 1?
A: After you beat hell 5, you can go to the island. Beware, Buying a black stone cost 400$. You may need to grind for money in inferno 2.

Also, it turns out that rings have a minimum distance they must travel.
So new custom weapons question. How do you calculate the highest point an arrow goes given its speed and gravity values?

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/18 23:14

Sorry, that should say "Once you get to the island shop"

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/18 23:13

Once go get to the island shop you purchase them.
(Lv 1 to 4)
it's my turn to help XD

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/18 22:43

ha55ii troll me i can't comments :((( sorry ha55ii

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/18 22:42

oh come on, why i can't help :( why ;_;.... AGAIN I CAN'T COMMENTS >_<

#E7OR9Rg4 2016/10/18 22:24

thanks!! I just now saw that there was a wiki, so I'll get my information from there now ;)

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/18 22:17

LV 1: Orange Boss Skull Bat of Hill Country 2.
LV 2: Orange Boss Skull Stickman of Cavern 3.
LV 3: Red Boss Roundhead Tree of Mist Grove 3.
LV 4: Orange Boss Diamond Snake of Desert 7.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/18 21:23

@Rawiyah the boss of hill country 2

#E7OR9Rg4 2016/10/18 20:06

hi :)
does anyone know what enemy drops Fire Spirit?

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/18 15:00

no Master, Master of al, sorry XD

#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/18 14:55

you ideas God Rod 9 is super super super power, you kill super easy.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/18 13:08

You should have been here when I came up with the Stixx Arrow 7.
It was a joke.
The Heal's Card does what you're talking about. Equip it to any weapon and it will heal the character. Equip it to a staff and it heals every other character.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/18 12:25

If you're on mobile there are options to turn off/on effects like that.

#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/18 11:41

Something wrong on your end. If it was removed, it would've been mentioned by ha55ii.

#kezTfmqG 2016/10/18 11:00

Anyone else notice that the heat wave effect in the Desert levels doesn't move anymore? Was it removed for some reason or is there something wrong on my end?

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/18 10:48

I didn't use the bookmarklet, although I probably should learn how to. I used Ivan's base file and edited the projectile images. (If anyone can tell me how to create the html file that will run SR, I will be very grateful.)
Wind punch is going great so far. Will post pics later.
On a unique weapons note, does anyone know how fast an angel's ring goes? I would like a ring that has AGI 10 and timed with the right amount of range to be able to throw all five rings without waiting.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/18 07:33

@Dark Doctor
At least to me it seemed as though Mont314 took those screenshots in the version of SR right here on the Dan-Ball site that he (assuming Mont314 is a guy) edited using the bookmarklet; though I have recently made a bunch of different projectiles which I do know how to add to a mod without the bookmarklet:
I will most likely make more at a much later time; that was one heck of a burst and my work style is very slow on average, typically _only_ coming in the form of rare bursts >.> xD

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/18 07:05

@RDB it's not that hard to add a projectile image
It can easily be done with out the bookmarklet.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/18 06:35

@Master of al
Boi you only need 300000-300000 AT to one-shot literally anything + everything in the game. It should be Type Freeze and freeze everything for 300s (not that anything would actually survive to be frozen for that long). Also you forgot to mention that every individual projectile covers the entire screen and deals splash damage >;P

@sigma + Omega
Oh, it's a capitalist weapon? No wonder it's so ineffective xD

@greaser + JonathanG
Ivan247 has a staff called "Holy Realm" that heals the party more than average, if you want to check out his mod:

Wait how did you add a custom projectile image? I didn't know the bookmarklet could do that o_o Anyway mad props for really working the bookmarklet so quickly; I'm fairly certain you could probably even create a mod of your own if you browsed the available resources a bit:

Master of al
#TEXzkg2D 2016/10/18 05:54

6e+17 dps

Master of al
#TEXzkg2D 2016/10/18 05:51

Priest weapon

God Rod 9
AT 9999999999999999-9999999999999999
AGI 1-1
Range 512
Type Physical

Most epic weapon ever

#MNnHvfia 2016/10/18 01:10

@greaser: Sounds like a cool idea. Could be very deadly with another high STR priest and attacking ALL enemies at range at once, though a quick's card would be need to add more damage and healing power and catapult's card for added range to hit more enemies at longer range?

#zmbRKK1e 2016/10/18 00:10

there should be a priest weapon that steals health and heals his teammates with it

so like if he steals 30 health then 10 health would be added to the 3 other stickmen

#zmbRKK1e 2016/10/18 00:09

"logic" or "heated debate" is too complicated for a weapon

it should just be simple

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/17 21:43

I love these ideas

#UUCTPIHZ 2016/10/17 20:49

His agument is: freezemines, mine: sniper triple iron arrow with catapult card

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2016/10/17 19:46


#LbsRp2Y9 2016/10/17 17:59

oh and Lava Explosion level 9 :P

#dq8LHxvR 2016/10/17 14:22

Top: Watch heated debate 9 in all its glory.
Bottom: Don't you hate when the SSH boss has a better argument than you?

#W7WhMFHx 2016/10/17 13:01

How's that for a capitalist weapon, RDB?

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/17 12:29

... What.

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/17 11:58

Magician weapon:

Logic 9
AT: 0-0
AGI: 80-90
Range: 150
Type: Physical
MP Requirement: None
BAT: 10-20
BPC: 10
Note: Converses with the enemy and offers various arguments to support its claims, whatever they may be. Boosting AT through SP or compo items increases quality of grammar and idea organization, and reducing AGI decreases chance of fallacies and tautologies.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/17 11:26

"Suggest weapons that are odd". There happens to be a place for suggesting stuff:

"But are doable if you had a weapon editor". There is a certain bookmarklet that I know of that can indeed also work as a weapon editor + creator:

Basically; we can even create stuff ourselves with relative ease. Why settle for suggesting it when you can create it yourself? :P Definitely make mention of anything that you create though (;

Ah; alright then xD Just so I can give you some more focused advice ahead of time; what are your current stats + what builds are you following?

#Pjh4m7GY 2016/10/17 09:36

Wouldn't it be fun if all classes had at least 1 unusual weapon that is very unlike their other weapons?
Suggest weapon ideas that are odd, but doable if you had a weapon editar and you used the game's current limitations.
Wind Punch
AT: 1-1
AGI: 150-200 (lots of dex!)
Range: 135 (range for boxers?)
Type: Freeze
MP Requirement: Does not require MP (think sonic weapons)
BAT: 80-200, freezes for 0 frames
BPC: 16
This weapon requires 190 dex for its max dps. With high range, the boxer will punch the air and spawn 16 one-arrows that slide on terrain and do splash damage. Because it has high range, it is unlikely that the main punch itself will hit anything. It essentially unfreezes any enemies (unless it has a diamond). If you have 190 dex, a knockback's card, and a high enough diamond, the enemy will be pushed back very far!

#yGZ105WO 2016/10/17 09:12

Put your ideas what the worst Magician weapon
1. Ewan1- Ice Spike 5
2.1P3QyPtMsNvS0b- Lava Explosion (doesn't actually exist)
3. JonathanG - Time Explosion 5 (With pierce's card 4)
4. Kelvin2000 - Thunderbolt 8
5. Σsigma - Fire Rise 3
6. aeinstein - Fire Rise 3
7. Dire_Storm - Thunder Orb 6
Copy and paste

#G4z0WiLR 2016/10/17 08:09

Thanks a bunch Radiant!
I'm actually nowhere near Snowfield 3. Just prospecting to make sure it isn't impossible when I get there (I've had difficulty with it before). I do have one priest.

#BB9VzH3b 2016/10/17 07:47

Just wondering; how many people actually open + read the pastebin links that I post? It doesn't look like I'm getting any responses to it + the conversation is continuing as it was, so I'm basically wondering if there's any actual point in me using pastebin to post posts that don't go through for whatever reason.

Assuming that you're not using a Priest, put 3 of your melees on the opposite side of the screen from where the boss is flying, and hover the 4th one over the boss's head until it draws close enough to ground. You can go for double attack compos if you're confident in your ability to avoid placing your character inside a fire to attack; though otherwise I strongly recommend a Black Crystal or other defensive compo to go with your primary attack compo. Switch attackers whenever the one you're currently using dies. Level grind somewhere if you can't deplete at least 1/4 or more of the boss's LP per character. Post stats for each character + ask for further ideas if even level grinding doesn't help.

#G4z0WiLR 2016/10/17 07:23

Hey dudes,
Is it impossible to get past Snowfield 3 with only Melee stickmen? It's the one with the flying enemy that floats way above you and drops stones. I can't see how to beat it.

#E08BqsZW 2016/10/17 04:42

Put your ideas what the worst Magician Weapon
1. Ewan1- Ice Spike
2.1P3QyPtMsNvS0b- Lava Explosion
3. JonathanG - Time Explosion (With pierce's card 4)
4. Kelvin2000 - Thunderbolt
5. Σsigma - Fire Rise
6. aeinstein - Fire Rise
Copy and paste

well, I guess everything about Fire Rise has been said, it's just... bad (hey, after we finish this one we could vote for the best weapon in the game)

#dXvzB4Bc 2016/10/17 00:49

>3% chance of hitting per frame
The 15 hits only deal 30-90 damage, and that's assuming the projectiles h.it all the time, which is pretty much impossible without a Guide's Card.
And technically fractions in AT round down, so you will only see something happen when you invest 3 SP into MAG. Every time you invest 3 into MAG, you will add 15 to the max AT, and every time you invest 4, you will add 15 to the min AT. That is equal to your calculations, but it's not as SP efficient.
In comparison, fire will hit 200*0.08*(2-6)=32-96, and it's stationary.
Thunder deals 3-90 damage (which is less, but again, they're very likely to hit).
Delta Explosion deals 30-60 (which is also less, but is almost guaranteed to hit).
Blizzard deals 45-90, and slows the enemy down.
Thunder storm deals a maximum of 12-360.
It's kind of hard to prove you wrong if I agree.
In fact,

Put your ideas what the worst Magician Weapon
1. Ewan1- Ice Spike
2.1P3QyPtMsNvS0b- Lava Explosion
3. JonathanG - Time Explosion (With pierce's card 4)
4. Kelvin2000 - Thunderbolt
5. Σsigma - Fire Rise
Copy and paste

That's actually not that bad. :/

#Aq53TY0E 2016/10/16 22:07

Put your ideas what the worst Magician Weapon
1. Ewan1- Ice Spike
2.1P3QyPtMsNvS0b- Lava Explosion
3. JonathanG - Time Explosion (With pierce's card 4)
4. Kelvin2000 - Thunderbolt
Copy and paste

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