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#D18GOHn8 Oct 23,2020 09:55
Pyramid boss is annoying. I need to get higher lvl to kill it -_-
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 07,2020 22:54
no legs
the eels at is wait is that right it has no at
#UVsTIoYN Oct 07,2020 21:49
but i only get a user error xd
#UVsTIoYN Oct 07,2020 14:47
sniper,magician,priest,angel level 50 stuck at desert8 snowfield7 ice castle and snowfield2.any tips for that?what stat should i focus on for angel?how many AT does cavern6 eel have?hope some kind people can help me also tried to let my father unblock the danball wiki's site but failed.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 06,2020 22:20
no legs
ok nickname thro youre questians at me harder that an aligators cheese cake
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 22:54
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 01:12
super stick ranger! vs
#UVsTIoYN Sep 25,2020 18:42
I want to start a new game with an angel.what's the best team with an angel? also i just found hell castle boss has ice resistance oh no thats too hard to beat
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 21:54
no legs
i have tryed that
#UVsTIoYN Sep 19,2020 10:36
@neko don't too close to boss @the spy get more money @no legs just mod the game also how to get past hell castle
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 10:28
no legs
how do i get dex 10000
#wv79Gtti Sep 19,2020 05:28
The Spy
When I get pistol 1 they don't shoot. How do I fix this?
#g17oaiZz Sep 15,2020 23:13
any tips for cavern three? the boss room is where im dying
#12caOYxr Sep 14,2020 05:58
I keep getting stuck underground and enemies do too. Is that a browser issue or something?
#UVsTIoYN Sep 05,2020 08:46
now stuck at hell castle.any tips for that?
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 05,2020 06:41
I have a spread explosian and a micro uzi whats best quicks card or a bullets card
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 04,2020 02:07
I got the anger crown but i cant use its affects
#196jTlrc Sep 04,2020 01:17
Use lightning
Use lightning 7 for magician with bullet and quick card and double hellfire 7 for sniper with bullet and quick card
#UVsTIoYN Sep 03,2020 18:39
thanks i beat it now stuck at hell gate.any tips?
#196jTlrc Sep 03,2020 01:23
Use electric sho
Use electric shock for magician with bullet card 4 and quick card 4. Double flame for sniper with bullet card 5 and quick card 4 or 5. Gladiator use white stone and try to bait ice castle boss attack.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 29,2020 11:44
sniper,magician,priest,gladiator level 72.stuck at ice castle mountaintop and beach 1 so any tips?ice castle boss attack is very hard to dodge and have high damage also is atomic ray 5 in the resort?
#Lna4Syfj Aug 28,2020 21:22
also how do i make an account
#Lna4Syfj Aug 27,2020 21:09
try another browser like opera
#k4XT7TLQ Aug 25,2020 18:08
nothing is loading for me any advice?
#geZ8D9wt Aug 24,2020 13:17
Cavern 5 eel only appear if there is water at last screen of the stage
#UVsTIoYN Aug 17,2020 11:43
well i defeated cavern5 and 6!i am going to defeat snowfield wish me luck :) also how to get the cavern 5 big fish to spawn?
#RBm9H4rb Aug 14,2020 23:55
use good dpm
use good dpm weapon
#UVsTIoYN Aug 12,2020 16:17
so now i've beat pyramid and cavern4,they're not hard,but i need big help to get past cavern5 the boss's AT and range are all too high also still don't get past beach 1 hope some kind people can help me
#aPkuztKb Aug 12,2020 14:55
How Registration and landing? 怎么注册和登陆?
#Lna4Syfj Jul 29,2020 22:36
if you need money go to desert one and kill the yellow spider they drop weapons that are worth 1000 gold and it is the thunder clause
#Lna4Syfj Jul 29,2020 21:35
there is a glitch in hill country 1 that causes the big walkers to be launched
#UVsTIoYN Jul 28,2020 12:37
please tell me!
#UVsTIoYN Jul 27,2020 20:30
how do i get past beach 1 or pyramid?plz tell me
#RBm9H4rb Jul 27,2020 18:04
play android ver
play android version is better
#Lna4Syfj Jul 26,2020 19:26
no i figured it out wait saves were broken
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 25,2020 23:53
Are saves still broken?
#AFdzDkEW Jul 14,2020 05:49
i have spent hours trying to play the game but all i am getting is a blank screen can you help me?
#18frbvNJ Jul 13,2020 18:04
#UVsTIoYN Jul 12,2020 17:18
how do i get past beach 1 or pyramid
#L223CAEm Jul 08,2020 20:19
#zCNA1dKh Jun 24,2020 06:48
)))))))):::: D: why I restarted I so far ):
#UVsTIoYN Jun 21,2020 12:01
help how do i get past beach 1,the boss has high range!
#AzFhVNif Jun 08,2020 18:42
@marcus i have the same issue.
#oWwLguo5 Jun 05,2020 00:07
#tsMI3MlU May 24,2020 06:07
Delta explosion? I don’t remember which one that is
#UVsTIoYN May 23,2020 19:28
Where can i find delta explosion?
#UVsTIoYN May 23,2020 10:44
why do I lost all my process?
#A2OEd7Sq May 22,2020 14:50
#Ib2SMxFd May 21,2020 09:45
I Remember so many arguments on this comment stream. glad to see its still in use :)
#Ib2SMxFd May 21,2020 09:44
Well well well
#ZQmohQWr May 13,2020 05:31
The land generation is bugged for me, and the font appears at a low resolution for some reason. See imgur link for evidence
#o9FcmZEJ May 12,2020 01:06
Where can I find a guide for volcano?
#7GmhuKzb May 06,2020 06:43
dont work
#qDJ7l8wD May 03,2020 04:38
who likes my VS mode team
#GYkfPJkt Apr 23,2020 01:49
Game does not load
#KFsc2kBv Apr 23,2020 01:21
I can't play this game. It just not show on screen.
#1YwKeDKx Apr 12,2020 17:24
i am in lv. 59 and i am going to defeat snowfield and desert 6 i had already defeated the three beaches and beach 3 was really easy.
#1YwKeDKx Apr 12,2020 17:19
stick ranger is some times hard and sometime easy and sometimes impossble and some times medium and the problem is LAGGING because of lagging i lose sometimes its very fast also but please can you fix THE LAGGING PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 08:28
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 08:28
Stick ranger
Your device is overheating!!!
#6SLx0sTt Apr 10,2020 10:43
It keeps reestarting wen I get to mistgrove2
#tsMI3MlU Apr 06,2020 09:04
@dominic035 Yeah I thought so.
#1yL2PG7B Apr 05,2020 22:57
@peepee It's possible to play using HTML5 Click the 'HTML5' link and play in Chrome or Firefox. And ditch Internet Explorer
#DbiOSfye Apr 04,2020 07:04
Major shout out to WinterToll for this message "To those of you who see no game, the problem is with your adblocker."
#Z7fAci2Y Apr 02,2020 07:44
#Z7fAci2Y Apr 02,2020 07:42
#tsMI3MlU Apr 01,2020 04:06
Wait is this a new issue? Because I remember playing it on chrome.
#7ySZGurJ Mar 29,2020 18:02
Hey Dan-ball, the game cannot be played without the browser having Java suport. Unfortunately only Internet Explorer has it. Since the Stick Ranger 2 came out, could you make this one downloadable on the PC and not only on mobile?
#8NEnIavF Mar 17,2020 01:17
How do I fix the "get some party" error on the mobile app?
#LXTAG4SF Mar 14,2020 07:26
Oh thanks man!
#LXTAG4SF Mar 14,2020 07:24
To those of you who see no game, the problem is with your adblocker.
#tsMI3MlU Mar 07,2020 06:12
I think it’s always been like that on the site. The mobile version has sound.
#7I4tJd1X Mar 06,2020 15:41
The sound does not work. I can only hear silence. This is for most games on the site btw
#yAh76ECh Feb 28,2020 22:09
Is kind of overpowered, autocorrect somehow.
#yAh76ECh Feb 28,2020 22:08
I honestly feel like the developer didn’t know how to balance out classes properly on that, and made the whipper just kind of bad in the stats, and tried to make up with it in the weapons, but it just didn’t work. Also, I feel like the boxer isn’t kinda overpowered for what he really should be. His nerf is supposed to be low range, but that can easily be fixed by just simply using the shield strategy, so I personally think that he just didn’t know how to properly balance out the classes.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 27,2020 23:37
Idk maybe i just don’t know how to use the whipper.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 27,2020 23:35
Honestly the Whipper is kinda useless, like I tried to give it a chance and haft way through a run (Desert 8) I just called it quits. Like I wanna use them because some of their weapons look powerful like the Explosion series. But compared to the gladiator and boxer. The whipper is kinda redundant.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 27,2020 11:50
class rankings based off how cool the character's weapons are Boxer: epic fighting gloves, cool brass knuckles, tubular medival boxing gloves, 7.8/10 Gladiator: starter sword dummy thicc. 8/10 Sniper: shoots people. 6.4/10 Magician: pure energy balls, now gluten free. 7.9/10 Priest: cool magic staff. 9/10 Gunner: shoots people. 6.4/10 Whipper: thats not a whip thats a flail, dummy head. 4/10 Angel: god is on your side with this one. 8.6/10 Stickman (unequipped): minimalism isn't all its cracked up to be. 0/10
#tsMI3MlU Feb 23,2020 07:06
I’m pretty sure it still exists on mobile
#arLzrg78 Feb 23,2020 01:06
I see comments that make me think people are playing this, but the game doesn't seem to exist anymore?
#6M1OLewb Feb 07,2020 23:00
game not loading, does not even show the screen..
#G3s8R8dY Feb 02,2020 13:30
Actually, I need help getting past seaside 2. Any tips?
#G3s8R8dY Feb 02,2020 13:29
Well, I mean, updates.
#ivgEUVTM Feb 02,2020 06:37
Did they remove it? I just want to play the first version of the game <3
#NaZmsAR7 Jan 31,2020 19:22
Northern Sniper
#NaZmsAR7 Jan 31,2020 19:22
Northern Sniper
I can't play the game, there's no way for me to start the game
#yvUcxbEY Jan 31,2020 03:20
The best you can do is baiting and dodging the worst enemies.
#JVc0sgFG Jan 31,2020 01:37
Yo any tips for getting through MountainTop with a Gladiator, Sniper, Magician, Priest with Imperial Crown 2 because damn it’s so hard when all the bosses are doubled due to the Imperial Crown 2
#G3s8R8dY Jan 24,2020 05:04
Never mind, I found the wiki. It helps a lot.
#G3s8R8dY Jan 23,2020 06:14
What’s the best overall team? I’m not very far into the game, s I don’t mind starting over for units.
#l57OFAuf Jan 21,2020 22:37
thank you so much
#tsMI3MlU Jan 21,2020 04:59
MrYEEEET That depends on the color. Red is weak to fire, yellow is weak to lightning, the blue wheels are weak to ice, and the boss (which is a big gray wheel) is only vulnerable to physical attack. If you have access to any freeze weapons though that will be of use throughout the stage as only the freeze time is ever resisted, not the damage.
#l57OFAuf Jan 21,2020 02:17
what in the world is mountain 1 enemies weak to...ive tried thunder fire poison and nothing works its all 1 damage like the first enemies i did like 12 15 damage with fire damage but nothings working and its getting frustrating
#Q93lI0GL Jan 21,2020 01:40
#Q93lI0GL Jan 21,2020 01:40
I beat the game with 1 smiper and 3 GLADIATORS. WOW
#tsMI3MlU Jan 12,2020 04:06
Also MrYEEEET as far as fire resistance goes I don’t think you’ll have to worry until you get to the desert at the earliest.
#tsMI3MlU Jan 12,2020 03:54
@MrYEEEET At one of the submarine boss floors is 5 blue eels, though I forget which, but at some point you may want to grind that spot for freeze charms because that will help a lot against the sub shrine boss. You won’t need the charm on all four, just the ones with short range as they will eat up most of the boss’s attention (and the freeze time is absurdly long)
#l57OFAuf Jan 10,2020 23:02
scratch that fire helps a lot! I'm all the way to submarine 2 and 4 and I bet I just need lightning or ice to help me with it. the only problem I have now is if an enemy is resistant to fire I'd be dead instantly as that's all I really got
#l57OFAuf Jan 09,2020 22:41
ok so I got past all that but the main problem now is killing the seaside 3 and mist grove 1 bosses. I'm able to get to the boss that's no problem but the mist grove boss has insane health it seems and the seaside 3 just decimates every single person on my team
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 08,2020 05:16
@HydroMan Wow I'm using the same team but with a priest instead of a gunner. This is my 2nd playthrough. What weapons have you been using so far?
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 07:38
Gladiator, sniper, gunner, gladiator is my team and I find it to be pretty good
#7RwilV6a Jan 02,2020 20:57
that javaapplet was an link, you now click to switch it on top of outside game
#nae5uLLk Dec 30,2019 07:34
how do you switch between html5 and javaapplet in computer version
#V38jvOkP Dec 22,2019 19:11
How do I register on this website
#tsMI3MlU Dec 19,2019 02:51
Ok well your angel and gladiator have far too short of range to not be torn up, and the boss fires fast enough to make dodging hard so I suggest outranging it with your sniper and priest with weapons that have high range. If need be maybe even find a catapult card or two.
#l57OFAuf Dec 18,2019 22:20
sniper, priest, angel, gladiator
#tsMI3MlU Dec 18,2019 02:38
@MrYEEEET what is your team?
#l57OFAuf Dec 17,2019 23:45
how do you beat seaside 1 boss, i keep having my team torn to shreds no matter what i do?
#pN2KGYGe Dec 12,2019 22:40
Ring card is only good if you have a angel on your team, but its pretty good, since it combines 2 compo items into one. zombie card is probably good whenever you have a stage where you need more LP and the enemies don't to fire damage.
#tsMI3MlU Dec 12,2019 02:39
Can someone recommend an optimal use for a ring card if I were to ever use it? Also I have the same question for the zombie card.
#AV5OD8GP Dec 11,2019 23:13
with quicks 5 and bullets 4 yes
#QowNlt3Q Dec 11,2019 23:00
is the thunder spear any good?
#AV5OD8GP Dec 11,2019 21:17
Ice castle > Gladiator-Lightsaber, Topaz4/5 Black crystal 5 drag them around the spider and dodge the bullets Mage- either thunder 1 with bullets card 5 and knockback or super volcano with red gems for damage Priest- equip a long range staff with a red and black stone for extra damage Sniper-i suppose using double fire3 with bullets 5 and garnet 5/4 will be good. Mountaintop> just wait til you get grade 7-8 weapons to beat it easy. but on desert stage i throw the mele tank over the top and to the back to attack the desert 6 boss while his poison travels over to the other rangers, when it does, make them jump. and the gladiator avoid the desert 6 attack. the only other attack to prioritize dodging is the desert 8 boss. In my opinion that is hope this helps
#QowNlt3Q Dec 10,2019 22:55
any tips for the ice castle or mountaintop guys?
#tsMI3MlU Dec 09,2019 08:39
And make sure the mountain 2 boss stays away from your team, hence the knock back card
#NgQdTSXs Dec 09,2019 08:30
mountain 2 enemies are resistant to everything except physical and freeze's damage. so get physical bows, a freeze orb, long staves, and a blade 5. for ice castle, make sure your level is at least 65 (recommended is 70), get your gladiator and go for the boss, dodging the bullets, while the other rangers kill the boss.
#tsMI3MlU Dec 08,2019 02:43
@Randomguypi I would suggest for both of those to have a knock back card (I think there’s one that always knocks back) on your mage with a weapon that fires in a straight line, and then maybe a guide card too. Except the problem with Mountain 2 is all the enemies are only vulnerable to physical attacks, so for that I’d also give the sniper the best iron bow available and make sure he has high range, so you might also need a catapult card.
#163b13ei Dec 07,2019 04:28
how do i beat the ice castle or mountain 2? i have a sniper, mage, dex preist, and a gladiator
#JVc0sgFG Dec 05,2019 00:56
Nope all guns besides the starter one uses gold, however if you level up your Magic the cost will be less, if you reach the same or higher magic than the price it takes to shoot it, you’ll only pay 1 gold.
#DnlBjdUr Dec 04,2019 06:38
If there a gun other than the default that doesn't use any cash to fire?
#jiJYD0Ep Dec 03,2019 21:27
I've tried downloading and playing mods, but when I open them up on firefox there is only the SaveGame box and the "Please support ha55ii" message. I don't know what to do to play the game, I've already entirely beat SR like three times and I've never been able to play a mod. Could someone please tell me how I could play a mod?
#jiJYD0Ep Dec 03,2019 21:18
Do not post invites to your discord, nobody wants to go there
#ntZhtC3V Dec 02,2019 13:28
Mojitos People come play a pokemon based discord bot, amLonely
#Q93lI0GL Dec 01,2019 08:20
How the hell do you switch parties? I cant get to my best one
#4wYaZytY Dec 01,2019 03:41
@Randomguypi: The Missile, Charge Punch, and Pyramid Arrow are all pretty good, at least at the time you first unlock the shop. For instance, the Pyramid Arrow has the best poison damage of any bow until the Oct Poison. Most of the other five are very situational and require specific compo items to really be effective.
#QowNlt3Q Nov 21,2019 22:47
#O8pfOobX Nov 21,2019 19:38
Now my question is, what stage do you get it at?
#O8pfOobX Nov 21,2019 06:04
@randomguypi thank you.
#QowNlt3Q Nov 20,2019 23:11
okay i was able to take it out, but now im having trouble with the pyramid boss. any tips for that? also, are the resort junk weapons worth it?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 19,2019 23:36
@Randomguypi Yes, try to get the spider distracted by your other team mates, then use one ( Preferably Melee such as Boxer and Gladiator) to take out the boss by dodging its fire balls
#QowNlt3Q Nov 19,2019 23:31
@Neko_Animator there is: the heal's card and the vampires card also, anyone got tips for beating the desert 8 or pyramid boss?
#O8pfOobX Nov 19,2019 06:11
Heal spells or life drain, sorry my bad.
#O8pfOobX Nov 19,2019 06:11
Just a question as someone new to this game, is there any hell spells or lose drain weapons or something like that?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 19,2019 03:18
I just beaten Stick Ranger Normal mode , since June 11th I’ve been trying to beat it, getting the best weapons, Compo items, and even team mates such as the Priest of Gladiator, and now I’ve done it and I feel so complete. Guess it’s time for hard mode with the crown.
#GUYHIwlL Nov 17,2019 01:08
@gentlecromagnon mobile mods aren't a thing. but join this:
#QowNlt3Q Nov 11,2019 23:08
whats the best way to increase to damage of quint shot
#QowNlt3Q Nov 11,2019 23:08
@Billy bobo no clue then. sorry man.
#60Smsimj Nov 09,2019 00:11
@ha55ii make knockback's card disabled in stick ranger vs mode, every class that cant attack from across the entire screen isn't viable. If you look at every team with the higher w/r it only has snipers with hell fire shot, priest with full str and black crystal, and magicians with electric and knockback card. I can't use my melee character set up cuz they get stuck flying up the wall. wtf
#CYh4DFvj Nov 06,2019 22:48
Billy bobo
@Randomguypi no, I didn't switch anything at all the save file just disappeared
#8J59lPbF Nov 05,2019 21:05
Never mind it was the machine gun
#8J59lPbF Nov 05,2019 20:08
Why do I lose money every time I get hit?
#XQlXpd5J Nov 05,2019 10:22
I know stick ranger mods for pc are no longer available. So does anyone know discord or community server for modding stick ranger android / apk? Plz let me play ivan's mod on my android (-_-)
#4uQTA1uE Nov 05,2019 03:40
did you switch computers or wipe cookies?
#CYh4DFvj Nov 05,2019 01:54
Billy bobo
But I just lost all my progress for no reason so.... wtf
#CYh4DFvj Nov 05,2019 01:53
Billy bobo
Ok, I have spent multiple hours in this game because it’s kinda fun
#EdXBTpsU Oct 31,2019 05:29
big nibba
#sltoZxRj Oct 24,2019 23:08
I have an angel, a preist, a gladiator and a whipper
#Ak6bTEq0 Oct 24,2019 22:10
bad game do not touch you pansies
#1oHElsNi Oct 23,2019 20:59
depends on character class
#x4ikXpdh Oct 22,2019 23:13
okay i figured it out. turns out the adblock was messing with it so waht does each stat do?
#1oHElsNi Oct 22,2019 00:50
guys i cant do volcano help
#QowNlt3Q Oct 21,2019 21:56
i can't play the game, it doesn't load at all
#m5hOpnYL Oct 16,2019 00:46
simple, you can't
#m5hOpnYL Oct 16,2019 00:46
"Can you switch the weapons of the players somehow?"
#Dr78wjWZ Oct 13,2019 02:17
Can you switch the weapons of the players somehow?
#u9Yx784O Oct 11,2019 15:03
#l9k48VyX Oct 07,2019 10:17
well yeah but freeze doesnt do high damage, hell 5 enemies have a lot of health and do up to 200 damage per shot
#GUYHIwlL Oct 06,2019 02:36
it should do freeze damage; freeze resistance doesn't affect freeze damage, only the effect time
#l9k48VyX Oct 05,2019 13:35
my all priest team is dead stuck on Hell 5, enemies resistant to all magic, and priests dont do high physical and freeze damage pls help
#GUYHIwlL Oct 05,2019 01:25
"too bad the developer could don't update this game anymore :(" I mean, he could, he just doesn't want to.
#MZ5CVAw5 Oct 03,2019 21:19
too bad the developer could don't update this game anymore :(
#MZ5CVAw5 Oct 03,2019 21:17
I sometimes get a blank screen when playing a mediocre level at the boss battle I think this has something to do with the fps not loading fast enough for it to load properly which makes it annoying when I'm playing offline
#X4AHBR0g Sep 27,2019 16:18
how do people have rank 1 vs teams with Lightning 7? also with Lightning, which is best compo along with Knockback? Bullet card or Quick card?
#l9k48VyX Sep 23,2019 09:13
this has always interested me, what is the strongest possible rank 1 vs mode team? i remember seeing a 4 boxer team with over 100 wins, and a team with magician that somehow had volcano orb
#l9k48VyX Sep 23,2019 08:40
thanks SuperDino, i spent a good 5-10 min just dodging and hoping the ice arrows didnt hit other 3 priests
#GUYHIwlL Sep 19,2019 01:08
pretty much
#XqpmkvQ2 Sep 18,2019 15:05
Are angels just boomerangers?
#0rWU0Qn6 Sep 14,2019 21:28
@sigmin try leveling your team up and increasing the aura range via upgrading mag
#NxKJcUDG Sep 10,2019 21:53
Já aprendi.
#NCgV4alS Sep 10,2019 20:36
Como faço para salvar o progresso e jogar em outro navegador? Em outro PC.
#l9k48VyX Sep 04,2019 02:21
guys i need big help, im using 4 priest team and im stuck on ice castle i using one priest for distraction, but then other priest's poison doesnt get full attack boost.
#dqb2utGG Sep 04,2019 01:05
Xyvyrianeth#wTCnb3Ph Aug 13,2019 09:12 The site won't let me send messages on my PC wtf I gotta do this from my laptop
#8xdld9Vh Aug 24,2019 05:34
Game won't work help
#wTCnb3Ph Aug 13,2019 09:12
The site won't let me send messages on my PC wtf I gotta do this from my laptop
#wTCnb3Ph Aug 13,2019 09:12
I removed all the markdown stuff
#VsHFrRCh Aug 13,2019 08:32
i dont think it worked out
#VsHFrRCh Aug 13,2019 08:32
~~wow i test stuff for dbcbb~~ __because why not__
#FYyOHs9s Aug 10,2019 07:17
@SuperDino85: It's pretty slow at first, but things get better after around the first castle.
#SXuOwLS4 Aug 08,2019 22:01
You can also do it with 4 priests but I heard that takes forever.
#SXuOwLS4 Aug 08,2019 22:00
Yeah. Mages have the most powerful starting weapon in the game, and it just gets better. A bit more complicated but better.
#FYyOHs9s Aug 07,2019 09:21
@zatar: It's definitely possible, I've made it up to the Hell Gate.
#rTMnUQCl Jul 28,2019 12:26
Beefu's Rank 5 VS Team "mmr assassin" has incorrect Rank. The Lv plus Weapon imply minimum 105 FP.
#qICgozpZ Jul 27,2019 06:04
Elephant protect
I tried and I failed.
#KZXN08qC Jul 25,2019 18:14
i challenge a person to defeat the game using only mages
#ZLZOyymO Jul 24,2019 20:21
Hey guys, if you are here from sandspiel then i want to say that you can chat with me here
#qICgozpZ Jul 22,2019 11:04
Elephant protect
Adolfin hidlar
#SXuOwLS4 Jul 12,2019 06:25
@pepermintwolf good team
#ZLZOyymO Jul 09,2019 18:44
Some monsters for me are so tough to beat i have a fire gladiator, an electric angel, an explosion magician and a poison arrow sniper
#2zA1AP7f Jul 09,2019 04:58
this game is so hard even with the first 2 stuff like how do i get better 2s this game is rigged
#Su8DJSv0 Jun 28,2019 03:12
what is my user id
#6oowgjMY Jun 28,2019 02:19
This game ended, SR2 is out.
#NVuHdzsz Jun 26,2019 14:47
dang this ded af
#ZLZOyymO Jun 25,2019 18:56
Very go game, i like it and i hope you can make more good games in the future
#NVuHdzsz Jun 19,2019 08:31
Dan-Ball Comment Board Beautifier v2.1.1 is out: DBCBB is a thing that does stuff to other things... just look at the site, honestly. Newest features: timestamps now display in local time instead of Japanese time. Hovering over timestamps will display relative times.
#V2dLxsnT Jun 18,2019 20:28
#V2dLxsnT Jun 18,2019 20:27
how do i find my used id number?
#CYQvy6ML Jun 18,2019 18:23
I was without a account on here and had a save file, now its gone and im very sad... I was very far in stick ranger 1 and 2, i had everything in sr2 ( i was lvl 14 ) And in stick ranger 1 i had good weapons.. pls help me get my save back
#xt5vEY4Y Jun 17,2019 00:03
@Neato: Could you do me a favor and report your similar situation to the "Support Comments" Section of the site? Maybe if the game developer notices that I'm not the only one with the problem, he'll try to fix the bug... Here's the link for the support section: Try to report it in the "Japanese" Support section too, but google translate it to japanese first:
#xt5vEY4Y Jun 16,2019 21:19
@Neato: It's probably an update bug that the developer doesn't care to fix...
#ULa715bb Jun 16,2019 15:13
@CsoiretgeFsM: I'm having the same issue. Don't know what to do about it
#SXuOwLS4 Jun 14,2019 09:39
Lol idk really
#SXuOwLS4 Jun 14,2019 09:39
#3ve3g69P Jun 14,2019 06:06
What is the font of the game?
#hC2LjNJU Jun 08,2019 21:54
I can
#BbtMAj0t Jun 08,2019 14:43
Can anyone else load Mountain 2 & Mountain 1 Levels? I only get a black screen when entering them, all other unlocked levels seem okay...
#v0wKlHag May 30,2019 13:33
#qzFjkCb3 May 30,2019 11:43
Why can't I sign in
#qzFjkCb3 May 30,2019 05:08
Why does U block remove the game wth. I don't want to disable it and get flooded with ads.
#2b2jRuSZ May 26,2019 18:33
Nice game
#bElsChQC May 24,2019 23:34
on*, not out
#bElsChQC May 24,2019 23:34
Ive just found out why the game wasnt working...I had Ublock origin turned out. how unepic
#IuZbkCHJ May 17,2019 04:34
#hC2LjNJU May 13,2019 07:28
GWAHB for angels, str increases the attacking power, dex increases the amount of rings he can throw (you'll have to upgrade it more for each new ring) and mag reduces the reload time for the special attack.
#Ww6a98xE May 13,2019 00:03
This game has grown rather well over the years came back to it recently and so far I really enjoy what I think the final release
#en8t8Kap May 12,2019 03:56
Which stats do what for Angels?
#W2AcrLGt May 11,2019 09:29
I'm coming back after a while because i'm bored. As far as I can tell, the game runs fine, but the mountain does not seem to load, at least in my current playthrough
#yT9ZoR7c May 08,2019 23:04
The game itself doesn't require any plugins.
#yT9ZoR7c May 08,2019 23:03
if it doesn't load insure your browser is compatible with HTML5 and you have JavaScript enabled.
#FYyOHs9s May 02,2019 04:13
@Yaboidrak: I really hope you can get that problem sorted out, you'll have loads of fun with four Flame Sabels later on.
#hC2LjNJU May 01,2019 23:03
Yaboidrak maybe restart your device? Idk really I never had that problem
#nY7r4B8y May 01,2019 13:53
I got past the castle...barely. my last gladiator had 4 lp left when the thicc boi died. Also when i try to enter “Seaside 1” it just goes to a black screen. Same with “lake” too.
#nY7r4B8y May 01,2019 11:55
Bruh, i’ve gotten so far into the game with all gladiators. i can literally mow down the easy monsters now.
#hC2LjNJU Apr 30,2019 22:50
Voggetta you're on pc right?
#8Wnr9t74 Apr 30,2019 02:08
TLoLolOl I've got the exact same problem but this used to never happen, if anyone else figures out a way to fix this please do tell.
#hC2LjNJU Apr 29,2019 03:23
Magic for magicians, dex for sniper, str AND dex for gladiator...I think that's it?
#Z4g60dY8 Apr 28,2019 18:38
when it comes to upgrading to get higher damage is it strength for all or do i upgrade magic for damage for my magicians
#u4pABpQl Apr 27,2019 05:31
when I saw that chain message I had a flashback to 2009
#rKHBj3C5 Apr 27,2019 00:40
Ok thank you!
#DDVPoUJa Apr 26,2019 11:36
(even though my code is different it's because I'm on a different platform)
#DDVPoUJa Apr 26,2019 11:34
If you don't have any fire type stuff though, freeze type damage will work fine, as only the freeze time is resisted, not the damage. But then you will have to be a little more careful about going at it because, being a second best option, it obviously wont go down nearly as quick.
#uDR0rYmH Apr 26,2019 05:23
Mist grove's boss seems like it has high lp, but in reality it just has a high resistance to most damage types. Fire type damage will deal a lot of damage to it, however.
#rKHBj3C5 Apr 25,2019 22:56
Any advise for the almost ∞ lp of the mist grove boss?
#hC2LjNJU Apr 24,2019 02:07
TLoLo maybe you don't have a certain plugin that the game requires. I forget what it is though.
#bElsChQC Apr 22,2019 15:12
why is the game not loading? i don't even see the screen, it's just the background of the site
#hC2LjNJU Apr 22,2019 06:29
Kingbob, iron medals of any level increase the xp gained from defeating an enemy. It is not limited to any particular character. As for getting past grasslands with your team, you can upgrade the priest's dex to increase everyone's defense within the staff's range, while lowering the cost per bullet for gunner (I think mag does that), otherwise you should generally be set for that part of the trip.
#Pred1Oet Apr 21,2019 22:49
What does the iron metal 1 do and how do I use it
#Pred1Oet Apr 21,2019 22:29
How do I get past grassland with Preist, whooper, gunner, and sniper
#hC2LjNJU Apr 21,2019 04:21
Just beat the final boss and stole his crown. Now I'm wondering if I should try for that other crown next...but how do I even beat the volcano anyway?
#KBqCoxJh Apr 20,2019 22:44
Random message. Nothing to see here
#yT9ZoR7c Apr 18,2019 21:59
I wonder why this game has no JavaApplet, maybe to prevent ha.cking? btw craycraycraw i beat your parties
#hC2LjNJU Apr 17,2019 12:09
Oof yeah this prank of yours was poorly executed, skyk.
#Pred1Oet Apr 16,2019 23:00
@skyk stop trying to get good boy points same code same person
#WpGHDbCh Apr 16,2019 20:09
what the hell?! chain messages are an old thing NO ONE IS GONNA FOLL FOR TAT NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#WpGHDbCh Apr 16,2019 20:08
DONT READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.TOMMOROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU'VE STARTED READING THIS. DON'T STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. \1. say your name ten times. 2.say your mom's name five times. 3. say your crushes three times 4. paste this to four other groups. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. But if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. SEND THIS TO 5 GROUPS IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS
#hC2LjNJU Apr 16,2019 00:20
Neko-animator in a lot of situations a poison staff with both green gems on it would be highly advisable, of course you'll still have to keep a different staff (like a long range physical staff maybe) around with you as some enemies are immune to poison.
#yT9ZoR7c Apr 15,2019 21:16
Did anyone else notice this game doesn't have a Java Applet version?
#bElsChQC Apr 13,2019 22:26
i cant see the game for some reason.
#CMKildlu Apr 12,2019 05:20
#JVfVtGru Apr 10,2019 02:25
@SuperDino85: I recommend the Charge Ring, personally. The lower MP cost means you'll be creating the magical attack twice as quickly as the Charge Circle, plus the fact that its element is fire lets it continuously damage enemies.
#4jA6pjkm Apr 05,2019 10:01
A nice guy named ardiibi from discord helped me make my team better.
#4vEzjeNF Apr 04,2019 08:04
thank you super dino. whats the best priest staff?
#hC2LjNJU Apr 01,2019 22:49
Neko-animator as far as I can tell there is not a heal weapon. However, you can find a heal card in the compo shop after the first three caverns.
#hC2LjNJU Apr 01,2019 22:47
I'm having trouble deciding between charge ring and charge circle, which do pretty much the same thing except one is thunder the other is fire. Which one is better though?
#4vEzjeNF Mar 30,2019 09:49
is there any heal like a heal for mage or heal staff for priest?
#69XIG99Z Mar 21,2019 09:11
but transform Japanese i can play
#69XIG99Z Mar 21,2019 08:55
mountain-1 i can not play game is black is bug?
#8enX9Ikc Mar 21,2019 07:39
4 gunners yeet
#54RfGatH Mar 21,2019 06:56
Wow, an enemy Gladiator walked back for a sec or so. Probably rolled a x4 Crit overflow.
#gB0HSh9i Mar 21,2019 04:14
just decoration
#lCZIlGiq Mar 21,2019 02:00
is there ever a point when angel actually flies? or are they just decoration?
#alRdECwD Mar 18,2019 13:15
How do i defeat the submarine shrine?
#alRdECwD Mar 18,2019 12:23
Gladiator, Magician, Preist,and Angel. I am rank 4 currently doing the submarine stuff. what should i focus on?
#WYXnJHx5 Mar 13,2019 07:19
the stats are: full level 3 white stones, with 2 archer and boxer having level 4 whitestone. Quint poison, and the magicians both have thunder spear... The boxer has thunder claw. PLEASE HELP I need help beating the ice castle boss
#WYXnJHx5 Mar 13,2019 07:17
Ewan1 I meant the ice castle boss sorry, how can you beat it? I have 2 magicians, 1archer, and 1 boxer?
#54RfGatH Mar 12,2019 01:10
ZeiCodex "ultimate anger" appears to be invalid, I've faced with PWBM maxed 60pt team, can't get through the walls anytime close to their break point, though 2 wall x1.5 dmg beats 3 wall x1 dmg.
#gB0HSh9i Mar 07,2019 01:06
Hey I have a, Gladiator, Sniper, Magician and Priest. What stats should I focus on??
#5VXwWug3 Mar 05,2019 16:05
This board practically began to die out shortly after the final update, so no one's really active on this one anymore. I have been recording my own run of the game for YT, though.
#yT9ZoR7c Feb 26,2019 23:13
Wow, my level 9 party is rank 2
#yT9ZoR7c Feb 26,2019 23:10
I've really gotten in to this game. Who's active a lot on this comment board still?
#MCRchXSA Feb 25,2019 21:32
Stick Ranger 2
Stick Ranger lvan mode
#CFDYdghy Feb 16,2019 19:11
8o X
most people are lvl 99, rank S and i did the same
#FdpS69qZ Feb 04,2019 12:09
Has anyone else found a VS team with one stickman that has no weapons and an 100% win rate? It also seemed like the account that created it was removed. I tried fighting the team, somehow lost, and when I switched to another of my teams, the weird team was gone, but I still saved a screenshot of it.
#pH9azca5 Jan 28,2019 05:43
There should be a custom level editor,
#N7c8BVbE Jan 26,2019 06:33
also, farming aquamarine, I dragged a peridot and dropped it, but the item copied into the slot and stayed in my cursor, and I placed the new one elsewhere. I just glitch-duplicated a peridot.
#N7c8BVbE Jan 26,2019 01:26
any explanation of WHY I cant load my game? im logged in.
#YSxGYWuw Jan 24,2019 05:52
toony10 if u are talking about the ice tower boss, do you mean ice castle boss? yes it is beatable, i beat it with my lvl6 class. it's entirely possible to beat.
#pH9azca5 Jan 19,2019 12:28
What is the best combo combination for power ring, power circle, power chakram,and power god.
#OOyeDnSI Jan 18,2019 11:47
i used to play this game in 2010 lol i forgot my account though
#WYXnJHx5 Jan 16,2019 09:50
Is it possible to beat the ice tower boss?
#Jq3FmEjY Jan 13,2019 07:07
Hello Again
#3BcrcGyH Jan 06,2019 09:07
Not in the foreseeable future.
#WYXnJHx5 Jan 05,2019 10:05
#3RNOcksh Jan 03,2019 21:11
When new version 19.2
#WYXnJHx5 Jan 02,2019 11:58
I lost all my data I was Rank 7, level 68... When I logged into my account
#3BcrcGyH Dec 27,2018 05:20
Go? I'm playing both, so that I can compare them. Also SR2 needs more work to become a proper game.
#f8NoJoRd Dec 21,2018 23:13
i will go. this game is saad
#2xPvi8oH Dec 20,2018 04:02
What’s a fun team to use?
#r6cYIWmI Dec 19,2018 03:53
version 19.0 was a mistake also Stick Ranger 2 is a newborn so it's not nearly as fun
#G19L8vWn Dec 18,2018 00:53
#f8NoJoRd Dec 12,2018 02:16
theres sr2 now so is everyone leavin with me?
#j3DHMkaZ Dec 04,2018 09:10
:dab: 2
#FLEop4Gy Dec 04,2018 07:50
#GMTjk6yK Nov 14,2018 09:39
Add a new character to the game
#jLmeV2sw Nov 09,2018 23:35
Guess when is the next update
#QPzQXSKS Nov 08,2018 03:34
Lightning Lord
Get in here before we change our minds.
#5I3zuD5K Nov 07,2018 18:52
I've noticed people here on the CBs wanting into the Discord server that we've set up for the Dan-Ball community; sorry about how long it took to get any response from us for several of you, but here's the invite link: We have a system in place that hides inactive members from the visible member list by hiding the vast majority of the text channels from inactive users. New members are unfortunately considered inactive by default, so you'll need to post once in the #reactivation_zone text channel to see the rest of the text channels in the server; assuming our bot "Isla" is online, it should assign the "iz active" role to you when you do so. Isla will be near the top of the member list just under our admins if it is online; if the bot is offline, ping @Zeo and he'll reboot the bot as soon as he sees your message about it being offline.
#p2IBTEna Oct 31,2018 22:25
How do I get to my savegame?
#g3kVhaUT Oct 31,2018 01:10
play today ITS FREE
#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 29,2018 00:36
how am i supposed to manage a team without any priests? team feels so fragile without DEF aura, especially in the early levels and what's the point of the knockback card?
#zz9VMi8U Oct 28,2018 07:06
@help!: Everything you need to know is right here:
#R3l0v2px Oct 27,2018 20:50
when I played pvp vs some team, their boxer was purple! how can I get this effect to apply on my boxer?
#lmz3k7C8 Oct 27,2018 10:44
Stick Ranger 2 when?
#rQWGZwjj Oct 27,2018 06:33
lol who renembers of powergggggggggg
#zz9VMi8U Oct 24,2018 01:29
@sieg: I would focus on MAG for both, with a bit of DEX in the Boxer's case. You can see which stat does what on these pages:
#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 23,2018 17:20
also, what range should each stickman be in VS mode to reach enemy without moving?
#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 23,2018 17:16
for Boxer and Gladiator, which is better? Physical, or magic + health?
#XNLAzaOZ Oct 22,2018 06:42
I wish the instructions were a bit more clear on what some items were
#5VXwWug3 Oct 17,2018 09:15
@Rhondis Yeah, about 200 years.
#lmz3k7C8 Oct 08,2018 17:12
cough 8 stickman mod cough
#f8NoJoRd Oct 08,2018 05:50
this game needs more units and you should be able to get more over time
#Pgz0G9ev Oct 06,2018 22:45
Why stick ranger is not save
#kz5k5CvL Oct 05,2018 04:15
@OmegaPirate Sup broooo, long time no see?
#kXT8Gnu5 Oct 05,2018 02:34
#5VXwWug3 Oct 04,2018 08:27
Starting to see some familiars back in this place, I see.
#ssqZrMb5 Oct 03,2018 01:27
thanks guys autosave works on Japanese settings :)
#HRRz0TOa Oct 03,2018 00:45
Salut ha55ii j'adore ton jeu jy joue depuis que jai 9ans encore aujourdhui jy joue et je suis rendu a 19 se serait cool si tu pouvait faire de nouveau niveaux genre une nouvelle map se serait fou!! Breff merci pour ton jeu!
#r6cYIWmI Sep 30,2018 09:00
4d2d yes we can make it work offline, but you have to use the get/set feature
#1bBrb7qH Sep 29,2018 09:11
O-I experimental
Unfortunately, the VS mode bug was not fixed. you cannot upload a new team anymore.
#YvQ3S0di Sep 29,2018 04:48
I love this game.
#YvQ3S0di Sep 27,2018 01:49
what am i doing here
#Vtz3zl9h Sep 26,2018 07:31
@Marmie The get feature takes your recent save and gives you a code of the exact team and place. If you input the code and press "set" it will overrite any other team and load up the other team in that code. This allows for multiple teams that you can play with as long as you update the code etc.
#N0MgHOQG Sep 26,2018 06:48
Its not very clear to me how the get/set save function works. Can someone explain?
#q2JE0a26 Sep 26,2018 03:17
As for the autosave issue, I discovered that if you use the get/set feature and upload your team on the Japanese and progress, it will autosave on both site versions and update your team as long as you are playing on the Japanese version of the site.
#q2JE0a26 Sep 26,2018 02:30
@rad630 I've been here since '09. Even longer considering that I played the Powder Game way before SR was released in Alpha.
#9mXVx9Re Sep 22,2018 05:56
Yeah the bug with autosave is an issue, but as long as you use the get/set feature it isn't that bad...
#WE8LSEyR Sep 22,2018 00:18
i just think the save bug is fixed
#YcHkeGaO Sep 21,2018 20:23
S K l L L A
my iq is around 130 and how business works for the big boys is that the more people they employ they get a certain % of dollars, then they give out a small amount of those dollars to the employees and pay them by hours. not by how they help unlike the big boys running the companies.
#YcHkeGaO Sep 21,2018 20:21
S K l L L A
nah F##K off ha55ii, i think i speak for all of us here and i say we want the instant save fixes to be convenient, i dont mean to sound rude here but i think hes not fixing this bug on purpose because he wants us to use the japenese version, and the reason for that i believe is because they earn money that is funded by some japanese company, from us just playing the free game
#w5wPmndb Sep 21,2018 12:40
Stick Ranger ver19.1 Bug fix: VS MODE
#zWi65w53 Sep 20,2018 17:06
It appears unregistered comments sometimes don't show up so I guess I'll ask. I'm curious about this Discord server you guys seem to have set up. Discord id is TARDISES#0720 if anyone ever checks. I probably won't talk much though, been a while since I revisited the game at all.
#zz9VMi8U Sep 13,2018 10:10
I've been here since before they added the first caves. Used to go by 2211 until I lost my password.
#ZxfNR6rs Sep 12,2018 04:58
i guess im still here.. its just sad that the main ''blog'' is the comment page
#l4ISiuOJ Sep 12,2018 04:05
is there anyone left who was here back in like, 2009?
#l4ISiuOJ Sep 12,2018 04:03
huh, looks like I missed the drama by a couple months. is the web browser version of the game broken now?
#vBTpoH1X Sep 09,2018 11:07
That doesn't work moron.
#rQWGZwjj Sep 05,2018 11:49
"it doesnt allow english to save" G E T / S E T
#zz9VMi8U Aug 23,2018 00:28
@Crystalzzz: The beginning of the end, maybe? Has anyone figured out how to make the game work offline?
#vBTpoH1X Aug 22,2018 06:03
It doesn't allow English to save but it allows Japanese to save. WTH?
#ERLzXZgt Aug 15,2018 11:37
Yo get me into that DISCORD fam. momo2299#1479
#dtYd5mwH Aug 13,2018 21:13
I want to get in the Discord too PLZ Wei-An-An#0480
#Qzvf9t5Y Aug 13,2018 15:29
I was wondering why the game didnt have any sound in it
#UBj1LWtV Aug 13,2018 03:03
Can anyone invite me to the Discord please? I want to try out some mods. AlfAS#0662
#3fo85A9c Aug 12,2018 03:10
Infelizmente nao esta salvando
#oaZ7yWtQ Aug 12,2018 00:44
game is not saving he have to fix this
#TwjGRjFk Aug 03,2018 05:14
it wont save for me on stick ranger
#YSxGYWuw Aug 02,2018 01:03
u cant, u bought it from the shop, meaning u have a slight disadvantage during the game, if u want a second slot, kill the enemy every time then u will find the weapon u desire. if u wanna find out more about enemies drops - stick ranger wiki - (class's tools) have fun! ;D
#G7V79bum Aug 01,2018 02:41
How to remove the cross in the slot compo?
#YSxGYWuw Aug 01,2018 02:01
lightning lord had made a save data for stick ranger for his mod.
#BIFJ3lJK Jul 31,2018 13:28
i miss that
#BIFJ3lJK Jul 31,2018 13:27
You guys need to make save data for stick ranger. It's like the biggest game on this site.
#92ikx4OS Jul 30,2018 19:07
#Y9RCw6QW Jul 20,2018 23:54
Avis akvāsas ka
Avis, jasmin varnā na ā ast, dadarka akvams, tam, vāgham garum vaghantam, tam, bhāram magham, tam, manum āku bharantam. Avis akvabhjams ā vavakat: kard aghnutai mai vidanti manum akvams agantam.
#IOfSc4h1 Jul 20,2018 22:21
Would anyone invite me to the discord server? I really want to try out some of the mods. Hit me up at AcelShock#9480 (discord).
#gOrKf5Sx Jul 14,2018 10:20
Tuna Fish
#Q3BBSF1E Jul 12,2018 08:05
@portza angel is better
#Q3BBSF1E Jul 12,2018 08:03
VEEEERY good game but need s sandbox maode
#WE8LSEyR Jul 09,2018 23:28
#XBNCXtqQ Jul 05,2018 07:40
my party still exists in pvp mode but it wont let me load the game from where i ended
#WE8LSEyR Jul 04,2018 23:25
#N0hoeDHt Jul 04,2018 12:14
Which is better? Angel or Magician?
#rQWGZwjj Jul 03,2018 08:19
dont hax the game xd
#FC1lkDSn Jul 03,2018 02:14
Id like to learn how to hax the game, but its in HTML5...Im hoping to hax latest version, anyone help me?
#WE8LSEyR Jun 29,2018 00:12
1: make mod 2: make code thing 3: ??? 4: profit
#1My7sjpT Jun 28,2018 03:35
I want to make a mod that has random generated terrain and water
#gOrKf5Sx Jun 27,2018 11:08
@DMSwordsmaster I know not to post links in the BBS, I was going to email it to him, but he got on anyway, and i ran out of messages for that day lol
#E7P5RTIV Jun 27,2018 07:46
@BOB - Don't post links in the BBS, please. If people want to know the links, they need to talk to people privately. @dssandvik - Depending on your set up, you can get close to the boss and melee-tank the flames. Thanks to the freeze attack not dealing damage until it starts homing in on characters. Alternatively, have a tanky character just absorb its weak damage output and act as bait.
#9HfazAun Jun 26,2018 17:05
@dssandvik just have long range and dodge the shots
#gNjOokmd Jun 26,2018 09:09
I wish that they would nerf submarine shrine enough to make it reasonably doable without spamming revive. Not saying that it has to be nerfed to where it isn't difficult, but more like Castle in it's respect. I don't get how people normally get past it.
#Q7A0CklC Jun 21,2018 09:32
@BOB IS AWESOME Thanks, but I've just joined! My name is Nerdatope there. Hope to see you around!
#iORvng4m Jun 21,2018 03:41
If you want, (and I am allowed), i could give you a link to the discord server where it happens (i would have to ask)
#iORvng4m Jun 21,2018 03:30
@mailbox2223 Stick ranger nodding is still happening, just not here
#Q7A0CklC Jun 20,2018 17:39
Literally thought "Hey, I've never heard of this game being modded. Wouldn't that be something cool" only to find that although it's been done, some people had to be stupid.
#Q7A0CklC Jun 20,2018 17:38
:( Today I decided to mod stick ranger, only to find out the scene had been ruined :(
#QPzQXSKS Jun 20,2018 11:53
Lightning Lord
bro, asking for followers is what trash people do xd
#iORvng4m Jun 20,2018 07:56
Thank you
#rQWGZwjj Jun 20,2018 07:21
how about no
#gOrKf5Sx Jun 19,2018 11:16
#edEnpsHl Jun 15,2018 09:16
@blarg: I think he's hiding in a discord server.
#YiQ2HUUX Jun 13,2018 08:41
@dillyboi Yeah, I am too. I have to use Get/Set constantly to actually save.
#eOynlvWh Jun 13,2018 07:38
is anyone having saving issues?
#6LHjdrBU Jun 13,2018 04:06
No she's not, she's your stepmom!
#1My7sjpT Jun 12,2018 03:54
#iORvng4m Jun 09,2018 00:32
Well, at least the drama here died down
#QPzQXSKS Jun 07,2018 12:32
Lightning Lord
RDB told me about the speedos guy, showed me a list of edits
#Dx3AzWEj Jun 07,2018 12:28
i think the fact the guy is proud to be compared to Speddos speaks for itself, folks. lmfao
#L4ldHmDQ Jun 07,2018 11:45
I feel my body transforming into a speddos! OMG, I am speedos now!!!!!
#JwfYXavu Jun 07,2018 04:42
Das right folks, we've gone from posting mods without permission to actively stealing mods! SRMods and his sockpuppets is basically the Speddos of the SR Comment board.
#iORvng4m Jun 07,2018 03:57
@powerggggggggggh at least you're not the most hated person here anymore xd
#iSP4Iz3F Jun 07,2018 03:38
You know, if you were gonna steal my mod you could at least steal the version with the fixed exp values.
#iORvng4m Jun 07,2018 00:56
ModderOfSr = SrMods, and you guys are both dingbats, even though you are the same people. I hope you have a terrible day.
#QPzQXSKS Jun 06,2018 23:49
Lightning Lord
@ModderOFSR LOL you stole that mod from JTF98, you should really read the mod's code before stealing it. His name is still in the code!
#lmz3k7C8 Jun 06,2018 23:06
Lightning Lord
Also at this point I don't care about reuploads. At some point they you will get bored of them. Awooooowooooo
#lmz3k7C8 Jun 06,2018 23:03
Lightning Lord
@DMSwordsmaster awoooo please join our discord server, I don't want to post the invite like here. maybe if you have a private way of talking to RDB or Ivan they can get u in awooooo
#KZ06eOhf Jun 06,2018 22:23
Nice mod you've got there, care to give mine a play?!VNxXjBQb!ZmE-qbelFJR3G3SvYth2aZtzKLAVrSde8clsMu-EHlA
#m0LIDILS Jun 06,2018 17:26
Check out my mod everyone. I just made it today!!!
#zzV1UuDg Jun 06,2018 16:43
Lol, the same person using multiple alts.
#zzV1UuDg Jun 06,2018 16:41
lol, have fun with outdated versions i guess lol
#OoCwUYFS Jun 06,2018 16:29
Hmm. Should I upload it? Idk. I'll think about. Let's see how good you guys behave.
#xA00ZV79 Jun 06,2018 16:20
MMMMM. I smell a reupload from my nose.
#RWqGkpsn Jun 06,2018 14:30
Where is Omega at? I want to punch him
#QPzQXSKS Jun 06,2018 09:45
Lightning Lord
@DMSwordsmaster u want to join the discord? we have RDB and Ivan <using bandwagon xd>
#cSIQ7BEi Jun 06,2018 08:40
wow. a couple of you need a good talking to.
#URBdnypb Jun 05,2018 21:53
yeah you know what, i done i quit i give up, *bleep* this
#bvZaberW Jun 05,2018 20:32
Because you constantly, incessantly felt the need to post links to the mods in the comment boards, completely ignoring and disregarding people REPEATEDLY telling you to stop, and therefor drawing unwanted attention to the mod creators. Attention that could very well get LEGAL IN NATURE. All because you simply would not listen to anybody's requests. That's why you "killed mod". Get angry all you want, you've done ruined things for all of us.
#URBdnypb Jun 05,2018 17:41
what do you mean i killed mod ? i really don't get it ! i didn't killed mod ! why everybody say "powerggggggggggh killed mod" i didn't killed mod, i am really really serious, and angry.
#UXk4Y9gT Jun 05,2018 09:31
@Lightning Lord - Lmao, he's just a troll. Ignore him. He can't do anything now and he's just going to start throwing a tantrum because nobody's giving him a thing now. Let him have his un-updated mod. The people who actually care about the mods will still get them.
#QPzQXSKS Jun 05,2018 08:13
Lightning Lord
No you wont, what part of updates are only on the discord do you not understand.
#mrp0zwKs Jun 05,2018 08:11
I’ve been redistributing all of your mods since 2016 and ha55ii has likely seen the links multiple times. But now you crybabies have to remove them. Ill just reupload them.
#UXk4Y9gT Jun 05,2018 06:01
@SRMods - A troll on the comment board? Shocker. I'll proceed to ignore you now. So yes, people who've made mods on the wiki, including Ivan and Master of al have already gotten to work scrubbing the information and changing the links. Some people are sticking with it,, but for the moment, modding is certainly hitting a lull. I wouldn't be TOO worried about any legal action since it would be a cross-continent case (which are notoriously hard to actually pull off and generally not worth it) with a somewhat flimsy legal leg to stand on, but it's still a mess people would rather AVOID. Of course, expecting some of these people to grasp such a simple concept is a pointless endeavor, I know. (At least powerggggggggggh apologized, admittedly. Good on you, mate. Too bad the damage has been done.)
#7L8d8Nq2 Jun 05,2018 05:41
Master of al
Jk please don't mention this mod here though
#7L8d8Nq2 Jun 05,2018 05:41
Master of al
I CANCEL SR FOREVER CAUSE SOMEONE ANNOUNCES IT. Well, mainly cause I'm not sure if it is a good idea to continue updates anyways cause the site noticed modding.
#lmz3k7C8 Jun 05,2018 05:19
Well don't complain when you can't get updates.
#EYecO0Vz Jun 05,2018 05:08
Yes, my and my boi powerggggggggggh killed modding. Oh btw, here's another mod:
#oWVXXS8D Jun 05,2018 04:56
I appreciate people actually standing up and telling people who spread mod links in the site comments to stop. I really do. Sadly, the damage has already been done. This snowball's turned into an avalanche, and there's no stopping it. All because idiots wouldn't take a hint and realize a simple theory called "CAUSE AND EFFECT". Thanks to all the links being spread around, apparently, the site has noticed the modding scene, and uh... It. It isn't looking pretty. You've killed modding. I hope you're happy.
#XAKAF6Me Jun 05,2018 03:06
also dont announce my mod. i dont wanna remove my mod like ivan did, but if it's really necessary, i will.
#67THHSFa Jun 05,2018 02:34
I know this point has already been made several times by people more influential to the modding scene than me, but I have to stress how unwise it is to post links here. While I have serious doubts about the size of ha55ii''s legal team, or if there's even a case to be had against a non-profit use of the game, if I turn out to be wrong, you could be putting other people's work in danger. Repeatedly linking to links on wikis may draw suspicion towards the entire sites themselves, not just the individual user. Even though the damage is already mostly done, please don't make it worse. I'm all for free and fair use of the game, but keep it off of the creator's own website.
#4Z2sOhVk Jun 05,2018 00:59
@powerggggggggggh Nice, you just make mods unacessable for us! @Lightning Lord Is there any way i can enter the discord? Would love to play the mods :c. If you can, send me an e-mail [email protected]
#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 23:59
oh i know why mod was removed, because dan ball comment board, that's why.
#QPzQXSKS Jun 04,2018 23:54
Lightning Lord
By the way, since most modders are in the discord. Most mods will only get updates there. So you basically killed any future updates to mods for anyone outside the discord. Keep in mind If i find anyone who leaks my mod or any other mod, whos owner doesnt want to be leaked, I will ban you
#QPzQXSKS Jun 04,2018 23:47
Lightning Lord
The jokes on you, ill continue to mod but you all will be left in the dust. only users of the discord will get future updates
#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 22:31
Aeinstein no was update, maybe he forgot, was 2 years ago and nothing update...
#iaP5QXqS Jun 04,2018 18:45
I'm a dum8a$$ that doesn't know how to read simple sentences.
#tITwpd6F Jun 04,2018 18:20
#tITwpd6F Jun 04,2018 18:13
SREngineer Enjoy people!
#m3ihQMM4 Jun 04,2018 17:59
Oh, my bad, I need to post my mod right now. Its really good.
#uMQKSy7g Jun 04,2018 16:29
Stop posting links to mods here! That's why he removed the original one.
#hZtq4xxx Jun 04,2018 16:20
oh my god you are actually going to get everyone arrested
#O2MWvUil Jun 04,2018 16:13
Ay man. People are bloodthirsty for this. So here it is.
#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 16:02
@SRMods dude i download 2 days ago or 1 day ago
#O2MWvUil Jun 04,2018 15:52
@powerggggggggggh I got your back
#hZtq4xxx Jun 04,2018 15:51
i wonder why ivan took down his mod maybe it has something to do with ha55ii threatening legal action against people modding the game i guess we'll never know
#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 15:39
@Lookky why Ivan do that :(
#N3xpCDKS Jun 04,2018 05:24
@Ivan Can you sent me your mod via e-mail? i would love to play it, but you removed the link :c
#N3xpCDKS Jun 04,2018 04:47
Is the save feature working for you guys?
#0hZbmfP6 Jun 03,2018 03:27
#iORvng4m Jun 02,2018 00:16
#URBdnypb Jun 01,2018 16:19
ok ok fine i stop
#1My7sjpT Jun 01,2018 02:17
@ powerggggggggggh. Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1My7sjpT Jun 01,2018 02:16
WTF is going on. Khan and kirk are fighting on this comment board. again.
#6TN9Na2m Jun 01,2018 00:00
@powerggggggggggh Not really, i think. I'm just kinda mad, because now people can't play ivan's mod anymore. Like, I'm still in discord server so I still can download his mod xd. Also, you don't really need to stop making announcements of MY mod.
#URBdnypb May 31,2018 17:05
now you guys hate me ?!
#SY1LztmU May 31,2018 11:21
@powerggggggggggh From the terms of use: Prohibited matter - (7) Threatening, discriminating, defaming and slandering third parties, act of damaging the honor or credibility of a third party You better cut it out with your unnecessary derogatory comments, Mr. "No Brain" ;)
#rQWGZwjj May 31,2018 08:20
oh no
#WE8LSEyR May 31,2018 01:20
@powerggggggggggh Don't tell us what to do.
#URBdnypb May 30,2018 15:40
just shut up ok ?
#URBdnypb May 30,2018 15:38
i know my name is stupid, i can't make name good.
#dOhrODzp May 30,2018 06:24
I surprised but happy to see this game alive and well!
#QPzQXSKS May 30,2018 06:08
Lightning Lord
k we dont need to flame powerggggggggggh He's learned his lesson
#WJCLsEtc May 30,2018 05:45
Yup, thanks to people like "powerggggggggggh" (Didja type that in by slamming your face on a keyboard after typing "power"?), the mod will no longer be distributed publicly. If you wanna blame someone, go flame the user I just mentioned for failing to read basic English and ignoring everybody's request to STOP POSTING MOD DETAILS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Peace out. ~Another admin of the Dan-Ball wiki
#QPzQXSKS May 30,2018 05:38
Lightning Lord
Ok ill make it more clear. The comment board isnt the place for mod announce ment and/or discussion if the creator doesnt want their to be talked about here. We have a discord server for talking about mods and downloading mods. So with that being said, my mod update will be available on the Dan-Ball discord FIRST and updated on my DB page a few days later, which I've done before.
#iORvng4m May 29,2018 23:56
Wow, I haven't posted here forever
#iORvng4m May 29,2018 23:56
Okey dokey
#WE8LSEyR May 29,2018 23:42
#QPzQXSKS May 29,2018 23:42
Lightning Lord
join our discord! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us!
#WE8LSEyR May 29,2018 23:38
sad and mad >:(
#bXseTOBK May 29,2018 21:52
@powerggggggggggh I have removed my mod because you cannot even read my previous announcement. Yes, this is your fault.
#URBdnypb May 29,2018 17:33
Stick Ranger Ivan Ver 7.6 ---
#jNkTVnIN May 29,2018 11:52
firefox can open ivans mod. Chrome need to do something to open it
#uhZ4jhRG May 29,2018 09:18
hey im having trouble downloading ivans mod i did everything but when i open the website, theres nothing, what do i do?
#PGVYyuiu May 28,2018 08:53
wow this died pretty quickly
#URBdnypb May 26,2018 15:06
Stick Ranger Ivan Ver 7.5 ---
#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:35
EndlessSR is coming soon when the stages constantly get harder until you die, compare with others who's better!
#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:30
released Tick Ranger, this is quite a hard game play, it's downloadable in discord, and sorry i do not own a account on
#hUpjsI7V May 24,2018 20:50
guys we need some translators so that we can send message to ha55ii, then he might promote or help modders with modded SR
#URBdnypb May 24,2018 15:56
Stick Ranger Moon Ver 2.0 --- --- nice marcossanches
#R7B6hNBI May 24,2018 09:53
I don't know if its just me but there are random black spots on the map that my stick rangers fall into and then cant get out of thus making it impossible to progress to other levels
#rQWGZwjj May 24,2018 07:07
hey i release moon mod 2.0 alpha :O
#KZ06eOhf May 24,2018 00:24
Hello, yes, I'm the creator of Stick Ranger Topaz. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying my mod and music choices!
#URBdnypb May 23,2018 22:25
@Damanscooler its not my modding stick ranger -_-
#OGq9Txdj May 23,2018 19:32
@powerggggggggggh Just want to say, not only is it awesome that you're modding SR, but it's wonderful to see you've used the Valedictory Elegy in the mod. That song, and its game, were a big part of my youth.
#ByRLjv4O May 23,2018 01:01
The autosave feature isn't working! I've tried completing stages, but every time I exit out of the page, it makes me begin from anew. I don't get it. It didn't do this in the past, so why now?
#URBdnypb May 22,2018 18:53
Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 0.8.5 !! ---
#NeybX74j May 20,2018 16:33
how do I post links? I paste a link and it won't post.
#URBdnypb May 20,2018 16:32
Stick Ranger Ivan 7.4 ---
#QPzQXSKS May 20,2018 05:00
Lightning Lord
Join our discord to get updates for mods faster! Invite: Since most schools are out now, modding has picked back up! The new version of mod should be out by this month.
#vDftGi0X May 20,2018 03:37
#bFPtoRcC May 19,2018 20:02
undying game :O still m,any people play this
#URBdnypb May 19,2018 15:42
Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 0.8 :OO --- --- OMG
#QPzQXSKS May 19,2018 10:30
Lightning Lord
The Muskadillo it's too late for ha55ii to really do anything. our mods dont need his original code now. so IF he is doing this to get back at us... its too late.
#S7aj3ZLU May 19,2018 10:07
The Muskadillo
the game still won't save to the browser cookies. i wonder if ha55ii figured out that we were modding the game and was like: take THIS americans!
#NJ8V9mCU May 19,2018 02:15
"while we're modding your game" ha55ii : triggered xd
#YSxGYWuw May 19,2018 01:37
good man keep working on the original while we're modding your game, ha55ii
#vzTgCMSr May 18,2018 22:42
Bug fix: savedata
#ILUgts2n May 18,2018 22:05
Yea, i have same problem with playing on someone else save. Fortunately, I'm doing back-ups every time i play, better save than sorry.
#QPzQXSKS May 18,2018 13:15
Lightning Lord
The save files are not screwed up. In the source code, those values a manually set. I don't know if ha55ii did this on purpose. If he did, I hope he fixes it soon.
#S7aj3ZLU May 18,2018 11:30
The Muskadillo
the save files are even more screwed up, im playing on someone elses now :/
#vzTgCMSr May 18,2018 11:21
Stick Ranger ver19.0 Bug fix: smartphone + scroll
#URBdnypb May 17,2018 17:54
Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 6.5 --- --- so quick
#QPzQXSKS May 17,2018 03:39
Lightning Lord
If you want an easy way to access mods, feel free to check out So far it contains about 9 mods, including mine, Ivan's, RHC's, Topaz, and Aein's and more! It's still relatively new so we would appreciate the support! My will be updated on my page, discord, and the new mod manager.
#AJSKOwL2 May 16,2018 05:47
damn vs mode loads but now it wont load my save data with it lmfao
#lmz3k7C8 May 15,2018 22:50
I like how ur reporting mods here when we have a discord of active member. you updates are going to waste here.
#URBdnypb May 14,2018 17:09
Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 6.0 --- --- finally
#URBdnypb May 13,2018 15:59
@Master of al you don't make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2
#OdS9Opar May 11,2018 13:58
O-I experimental
or maybe not. I can access the "register party" thingy, but my weapons don't show up.
#OdS9Opar May 11,2018 13:54
O-I experimental
oh yay it looks like it got fixed. Thanks!
#7L8d8Nq2 May 11,2018 06:54
Master of al
Please don't talk behind my back please too. I have a life
#7L8d8Nq2 May 11,2018 06:53
Master of al
Hi, I still exist. I don't mod all the time.
#lmz3k7C8 May 11,2018 01:27
talking about mods is better. its more interesting...
#URBdnypb May 10,2018 16:27
@O-I experimental fine
#cSIQ7BEi May 10,2018 08:55
@jax147 check 26 messages down
#HRZyB31m May 10,2018 08:11
Link to discord plz?
#2Ah7c4Gd May 10,2018 06:55
O-I experimental
We aren't talking about the modded version, we're talking about the online version and why the VS mode online isn't working.
#URBdnypb May 09,2018 17:29
why no one talk to Master of al
#2Ah7c4Gd May 09,2018 08:45
O-I experimental
Please fix VS mode and add sound like mobile version.
#QPzQXSKS May 09,2018 05:50
Lightning Lord
lol hai
#nKUbHFPH May 08,2018 06:45
Is VS mode broken for anyone else?
#NU504Add May 05,2018 07:34
yeah. nobody.
#URBdnypb May 01,2018 15:41
nobody ? really ?
#URBdnypb Apr 27,2018 21:27
here we go again, Master of al don't want make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 maybe he work very hard, i don't know, but i want very much, can someone talk to Master of al ?
#uB8ioMeM Apr 26,2018 20:33
#lmz3k7C8 Apr 26,2018 06:04
no that's du.mb
#uB8ioMeM Apr 26,2018 05:37
so cool love this game, only it would be nice if they let non members SAVE!
#c40KXrM4 Apr 25,2018 21:51
I love the game so much, except for two things. One, is backing up on mobile. That should be a thing! 2 is melee is way underpowered. Flying enemies just stay in the air and I can't hit them at all. In vs mode, all my guys died before they even got to the enemies.also a suggestion, is cool mode. You could find a way to make so that muktiple people can help each other out by controlling different stick men
#QyETmodX Apr 23,2018 06:59
A proud weeaboo
AYEEE, yesterday, I spent literally all day playing with an all priest team, and it's Lvl 43 now. The start is dreadful, but once you get to Seaside 1, the game is way too easy from there on out. I could paste the code here if you guys want, or even the code for when it was low level, if you want to do the stats differently. Some random questions: What range should each of my guys be in VS mode to reach the opponent without moving? Why should I use the Knockback Card? For Boxer and Gladiator, between magic, physical, all HP, etc., which build do you recommend for VS? What's the current S rank meta? Last time I had a high lvl team, Spread Explosion was MVP. Thanks for any answers. GO BEYOND! PRUSS ULTRAH!
#4d43GCJK Apr 21,2018 05:09
Can somebody send another discord link, I need some advice on the water temple stage, I'm using a team of 4 mages, Level 39, with the big thunder 3 spell
#AVksuZCG Apr 15,2018 22:17
Nice revival system. You revive somebody with only a teeny portion of their health, but you can't heal them. You can heal them through battle, but then they die some more. ???
#URBdnypb Apr 15,2018 16:34
powerggggggggggh What to Expect Soon
#URBdnypb Apr 14,2018 22:33
powerggggggggggh rip 2010-2018
#uKF0DtDv Apr 14,2018 09:01
Sound exists only on the Mobile game, not this version.
#FqHx3goP Apr 14,2018 00:07
The sound Dosen't Seem to work in the Game.
#YSxGYWuw Apr 10,2018 20:28
It does work if you set the language to japanese, that's the only solution to the problem ;'(
#iZ6UeR9O Apr 10,2018 20:25
It seems like cookie save data, thus VS Mode team uploading as well, are both currently down. Until we get word from ha55ii, everyone should be using Get-Set to save their progress; because cookie save data doesn't seem to be loading for anyone, including myself. Unfortunately, this means that uploading teams to VS Mode is currently impossible; as the cookie save data that needs to load in order to upload the corresponding team doesn't load. I'll try to remember to test it myself every so often, and I'll say something if the problem seems to be fixed but ha55ii remains silent about it. Anyone else who like me also generally usually has too much free time on their hands can try it themselves every so often too if they want to, in case I forget to do it myself for a while or have a stretch of not having as much free time as usual. Just starting a new game with 4 Boxers, clearing 2 screens of Opening Street, and then reloading the page should be enough to test whether or not the cookie data is saving.
#4VleR2wF Apr 10,2018 03:58
iHow do you register a party for VS? when I press the register button it just opens with an empty team and says tp "equip weapon"
#S7aj3ZLU Apr 07,2018 00:24
The Muskadillo
maybe its the mods somehow...?
#S7aj3ZLU Apr 07,2018 00:14
The Muskadillo
yes i have that problem too :/
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 05,2018 21:13
Shreks wiggler
so does anyone know about the saving problem i asked about?
#iZ6UeR9O Apr 05,2018 08:05
I'll post another invite link~ As marco said, you need to post something in #reactivation_zone to gain access to the other channels in the server, so that's the channel my invite link will point to:
#yqZI2TBZ Apr 04,2018 16:47
@marcossanches maay you please re-send the discord link?
#uKF0DtDv Apr 04,2018 06:28
Guess I'll go back in the Discord also.
#hUpjsI7V Apr 03,2018 14:19
Nice, thanks! seeing the community work together to help this game grow really makes me happy, especially when I get to play all the fun and interesting mods
#NU504Add Apr 03,2018 08:59
@bluends1 here: expires in one day, (you have to post something in #reactivation_zone to gain access to other channels, i think)
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 02,2018 22:14
Shreks wiggler
why does the game never save anymore?
#OIoPnDk0 Apr 02,2018 22:03
Shreks wiggler
so is preist preist gunner boxer really the most efficient possible combo?
#hUpjsI7V Apr 02,2018 20:37
can anyone send me the discord link?I wanna play all the mods, its hella fun for the ivan mods, i think you made explosion mallet too op...I did a explosion mallet with expansion card, turns out it rekts everything on its level
#URBdnypb Apr 01,2018 16:15
@marcossanches ok fine
#WE8LSEyR Apr 01,2018 04:41
@powerggggggggggh updates take time to make... be patient. could play my mod while he don't release 1.2.
#URBdnypb Apr 01,2018 03:34
Master of al don't want make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 BECAUSE HE DON'T WANT
#Yak6IwIb Mar 31,2018 02:01
i released new moon mod! :O
#NU504Add Mar 23,2018 06:47
vampire's card for melee and heal's card for ranged
#pPLajhHK Mar 22,2018 17:30
Mike (Alter)
Whats the weapon or compo or anything that can regenerate health? Answer this, I don't know the answer
#URBdnypb Mar 19,2018 01:13
Stick Ranger Ivan 7.3 ! --- --- yeah
#URBdnypb Mar 19,2018 00:47
again Master of al don't make Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.2 -_-
#rJuHXlt7 Mar 16,2018 04:57
@ThePikachuArmy cheers x
#MIJgHWF0 Mar 15,2018 04:33
Draknox just join our discord. all sr downloads in there. (except SR forever) -
#rJuHXlt7 Mar 14,2018 23:51
@Lightning Lord been looking around at your mod and that I've been dying to get it, could you possibly lend me a download link?
#URBdnypb Mar 12,2018 04:05
Stick Ranger Forever 1.1 Is Working ! --- --- hell yeah !
#v47JhUFX Mar 08,2018 06:39
Le Ronan
Why does the graphics suddenly look a lot worse?
#QPzQXSKS Mar 08,2018 05:41
Lightning Lord
Sad part is, he probably wont respond... or cant, i dont know.
#QPzQXSKS Mar 08,2018 05:40
Lightning Lord
@ha55ii Many people are making mods of your game stick ranger. How do you feel about this?
#WaUH1fZV Mar 08,2018 04:00
I wish this game wasn’t so underrated, it’s amazing and not lots of people play it. I really wish there were more you tubers for SR as it gets boring to watch the same people
#5VM0bddN Mar 08,2018 02:51
Beyond your television Lies vast hills, along with many jumps and much thrill Mario jumps Zelda swings As Kirby swallows Donkey kong beats, Star fox flies ever so high While niko goes bowling Roman started to cry Meta knight stares ominously As a goomba cautiously walks A turtle shell turns blue While the Mario kart racers get mad too.... We all know sleeping dogs don't lie We joined a guild during an MMO war Where we smashed every single one of our keyboards
#uKF0DtDv Mar 07,2018 05:11
I am, too, tbh.
#oqyVKOJw Mar 06,2018 15:25
I'm suprised that ha55ii has never made an official statement regarding to these mods.
#WaUH1fZV Mar 06,2018 04:00
Anyone pls I here people talking about the discord and I want to be in it
#URBdnypb Mar 05,2018 18:20
Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.1 ! --- --- wait what the hell why i can't play stick ranger forever ver 1.1 ?? why Master of al ?!
#uKF0DtDv Mar 05,2018 10:15
Last time I was on, the date system was still fully numeric and even on a widescreen, the site was still a 4:3 format. Now it's 16:9. Took nearly 12 years but it finally happened.
#M6JMAJkd Mar 04,2018 22:22
whip Stick Range!!!, sword Stick Rnger!!! pls vote
#7YWMMKxR Mar 04,2018 07:04
What’s the discord??
#QPzQXSKS Mar 03,2018 22:51
Lightning Lord
@OmegaPirate nAw ItS StILl The SaME
#URBdnypb Mar 02,2018 20:51
so its 3/2/2018 but is no releases ver 1.1 ?? why Master of al
#WaUH1fZV Feb 28,2018 03:31
Can I have a link to the discord server, I need a quick escape so nobody sees all my hentai discord servers hehe
#IzbmqBip Feb 25,2018 04:12
#URBdnypb Feb 23,2018 00:56
powerggggggggggh --- Stick Ranger Forever Ver 1.0 ! --- new game stick ranger modded again
#IzbmqBip Feb 22,2018 10:16
What the heck my progress is gone!!!
#uKF0DtDv Feb 22,2018 05:39
This place certainly has changed.
#IYh766Ml Feb 22,2018 05:27
@shreks Priest Priest Gunner Boxer
#iZ6UeR9O Feb 21,2018 21:54
@SuprScizor17 I tried checking the console in Firefox as I tried to load Eashy's bookmarklet and got the following message in the console: TypeError: e[r].src is undefined
#URBdnypb Feb 21,2018 18:18
#UssduMir Feb 21,2018 14:46
Dark Doctor
@powerggggggggggh what do you mean?
#vDcctEGp Feb 21,2018 07:52
This game is so fun man! I wish the mobile version was updated tho!
#URBdnypb Feb 20,2018 19:27
@Lightning Lord how you lost all your progress ?
#QPzQXSKS Feb 20,2018 11:26
Lightning Lord
@Shreks wiggler naw dude. Stick Ranger is Omega Bea. Aqua is currently trash.
#0rVlEFZg Feb 19,2018 23:14
I left the game and saved the game and after playing again I lost all the progress I was at level 45 and now I am level 1 :(
#OIoPnDk0 Feb 19,2018 22:20
Shreks wiggler
hey everyone! the cruel rain of logi box is over ALL HAIL AQUA BOX! *jurrassic park theme* ORDER 66 if ya know what i mean :D
#JkGHRzI3 Feb 19,2018 19:52
Fist of all.Didnt know Mojitos (Aka T.I.B if I am correct)is a PG2 player as well. Stick Ranger s only problem that the app does NOT gets the uptates,stuck in the old model.
#bqFEpXvT Feb 19,2018 10:50
Mojitos, you belong in PG2!!!!!
#nIws3TjI Feb 19,2018 09:11
this place reeks of not me, and that needs to change
#nZ16JT9H Feb 17,2018 00:44
Mr Zon
I use a windows computer, so I cant use safari. Internet explorer... exists. So how do I save? Firefox is dropping support for Java and Flash players, so IDK.
#mbO3ytSd Feb 14,2018 09:18
Eashy's Bookmark doesn't work anymore. The layout of Dan-Ball somehow stopped it for me. Does anyone have any tips to make it work again? I tried readding it, and in different browsers, but it still won't work;-;
#LwUbTog6 Feb 14,2018 01:19
Someone can help me? why when i refresh the page, or i leave it, my data is deleted?
#OIoPnDk0 Feb 14,2018 00:08
Shreks wiggler
also does anyone have a suggestion for a...more damaging team ik theres not a perfect team but i want a team that can be excellent overall!
#OIoPnDk0 Feb 14,2018 00:02
Shreks wiggler
NOOOO my data reset
#YSxGYWuw Feb 12,2018 06:36
#vfyOM0ik Feb 11,2018 07:06
After all this time (including a period where I lost interest), I've finally learned how to work discord.
#UssduMir Feb 09,2018 05:54
Dark Doctor
There ain't nothin to talk about! People actualy have lives and might not to spend it here.
#URBdnypb Feb 09,2018 02:26
nobody comments again, why just why, tell to me why, and Aqua Box nobody comments, i can't anymore, so sorry :(
#URBdnypb Feb 04,2018 01:20
@marcossanches oh yeah i saw, its nice.
#Yak6IwIb Feb 03,2018 23:16
@powerggggggggggh have you seen my DB wiki user page? i posted some stuff there
#1My7sjpT Feb 03,2018 05:40
my team sux powder dots
#aABeTKUF Feb 01,2018 07:50
#URBdnypb Jan 30,2018 19:21
@Ewan no, i am sorry
#VrrQn4OG Jan 30,2018 03:01
Have u joined our discord @powerggggggggggh?
#URBdnypb Jan 28,2018 16:29
@RadiantDarkBlaze nothing happens :/
#iZ6UeR9O Jan 28,2018 13:00
So, people in the Discord got talking about what would happen if the last remaining members of two opposing teams died on the exact same frame as each other; and devised a way to test what would happen while they were at it. Seeing as I was the one who carried out the test, here's the video:
#Cr7tJJnj Jan 27,2018 05:58
#URBdnypb Jan 26,2018 22:58
@Hachi1 thanks dude
#YSxGYWuw Jan 26,2018 07:57
Discord is a chat for gamers, join it or u will miss the fun side of stick ranger, u will learn how to mod even though u dont know computer. link - scroll down
#UssduMir Jan 26,2018 02:17
Dark Doctor
"So did ha55i say there won’t be anymore levels" LOL! He doesn't even speak on the japanese side of the website.
#kgcpNawp Jan 26,2018 00:26
So did ha55i say there won’t be anymore levels
#pdDlVqmc Jan 25,2018 20:57
hmmm weird here's a new link:!6oA0SZbB!0NQ-GPLXhpslnUwCOJJ0DgpQTN-xMwTJ2mYpHwGc3b0 make sure you copy/paste the whole thing instead of just clicking the link
#URBdnypb Jan 25,2018 18:46
@Hachi1 your game Stick Ranger Alien Invasion ver1.1 is don't working, i can't download.
#URBdnypb Jan 25,2018 18:35
Stick Ranger Topaz its now Ver 0.5.5 ---!NQYEzSwR!VYvrhq9e6CMlrtT0UfzYSx1zXatfE2ORwGNFpJ7jqA0
#pdDlVqmc Jan 25,2018 05:06
Yeah Dan-Ball discord is a good time. 10/10 Would Recommend
#Cr7tJJnj Jan 25,2018 04:44
I don't come here often
#Cr7tJJnj Jan 25,2018 04:44
Fifth cheek Audi doh stub fourth widths WiFi rivet diuretic thirty whet th Duffy Duffy girl ffee fifty studio
#UssduMir Jan 25,2018 02:13
Dark Doctor
if youte not part of it, you are missing out!
#UssduMir Jan 25,2018 02:12
Dark Doctor
The danball discord is filled with mods for stick ranger that you can't get anywhere else!
#VrrQn4OG Jan 25,2018 01:39
The Pikachu Army
There’s another mod made by me, it will be finished by feb 25th
#URBdnypb Jan 24,2018 20:34
#8YbzI1Mb Jan 24,2018 16:05
ok i am back, and my name is new...because i destroy mozilla firefox -_- but look what i found --- 1. Stick Ranger Topaz!hcITkTDY!rLebQ8GnneXGwAU1X_yaIdPLKmJwreetvSIDFEgoBhI 2. Discontinued Mod --- That's It All !
#pdDlVqmc Jan 24,2018 05:31
lmao if you try to download my mod, make sure to copy/paste the extra numbers at the end of the link
#pdDlVqmc Jan 24,2018 05:31
Stick Ranger Alien Invasion ver1.0!644FRLCA!hgN33nUM4of1SA3lDA_w4Zpx9LCsizn-uw8e5Sk6Yj0 Action RPG game where 4 Stickmans defeat aliens and advance the stage! Let's make your own party by customizing class, status and items! The initial release contains 20 stages (including the first megaboss), tier 1 and 2 weapons, and tier 1 and 2 compo items.
#1UyNNrOs Jan 19,2018 15:28
Oh come on!I dont have a computer=( I only have I pad Pro...
#YSxGYWuw Jan 17,2018 07:41
˙sɹɐǝʎ ϛ ɹoɟ ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ ʇupᴉp ᴉ ˙˙˙
#Yak6IwIb Jan 17,2018 07:35
px uʍop ǝpısdn
#rHl9W1q8 Jan 17,2018 06:56
@Ewan1 Dark doctor=ligthning lord
#YSxGYWuw Jan 17,2018 05:36
dark doctor, have u joined our discord?
#UssduMir Jan 16,2018 16:14
Dark Doctor
It wont, no one has figured out modding on sr mobile.
#TqH8vmd0 Jan 16,2018 15:23
I hope this comes out to app
#pdDlVqmc Jan 16,2018 09:14
STICK RANGER: ALIEN INVASION ~Coming soon~ Action RPG game where 4 Stickmans defeat aliens and advance the stage! Let's make your own party by customizing class, status and items!
#Yak6IwIb Jan 16,2018 04:39
@powerggggggh sorry, but i'm not sure anymore with the moon mod relesase before march... i got a very bad bug and need time to fix it i'm working very hard everyday in mods, ok? ;)
#MIJgHWF0 Jan 16,2018 02:34
@LB85 nope, unfourtunately, but when you play on the laptop, it's fine.
#s5ZNEsXP Jan 15,2018 16:17
I play stick ranger on The IPad,The mods or uptates does not work on the app version,does it?
#tiUfEF0D Jan 14,2018 20:32
ughhh i out, i can't anymore. (i will back in 10 days, what the hell am i doing with my life)
#UssduMir Jan 14,2018 09:30
Dark Doctor
@Powergggggggh we found a fix, but ill have to send u a file.
#L3Vdrfas Jan 13,2018 23:39
yeah at this point just join the discord, makes talking easier
#3rRngcNa Jan 13,2018 19:14
Powergggggggh, join our discord link, makes everything easier 10 players max, here’s the link -
#tiUfEF0D Jan 13,2018 17:37
but where ?
#QPzQXSKS Jan 13,2018 16:29
Lightning Lord
I've posted a new link for electron. go download that version and see if it works for you.
#tiUfEF0D Jan 13,2018 16:18
but i don't understand ! i can't play LL's Mod ⚡ ! don't know how to play this game ! *sigh* i really serious
#MIJgHWF0 Jan 13,2018 08:15
If you still dont understand how to download mods join our Discord chat and I will help you. Ask for link and we will give it to you, there are all Stick Ranger Mods in there. (Exciting!!) Discord is an app and can be downloaded in the app store (safe to use)
#s7pUQqIE Jan 12,2018 09:30
Yeah thats why im asking
#L3Vdrfas Jan 12,2018 09:27
Zei Codex
It appears that the first result for googling "how to download electron" tells you to install Node.js Don't do this. Not because it's a virus, more because it's like buying a space shuttle for the chairs.
#s7pUQqIE Jan 12,2018 09:24
Uhhh... when i open the link there is a "assets" list. What im supposed to download? (Btw sorry for so much asking)
#L3Vdrfas Jan 12,2018 09:22
Zei Codex
#JHKRhKcD Jan 12,2018 09:15
@Slayer_Player what? just download it ez
#s7pUQqIE Jan 12,2018 08:38
Sorry, but i meant how to download electron, thats where im stuck
#s7pUQqIE Jan 12,2018 06:15
Hey @Dark Doctor, i dont know how to install the electron to run your mod. After enter the link, whats next?
#zz9VMi8U Jan 12,2018 01:11
@Shreks wiggler: Drag your fighter(Boxer?) over or under the boss. Never let go and dodge any attacks, reviving when you have to. As long as he is directly under or over the boss, it'll shoot at him and nobody else.
#OIoPnDk0 Jan 11,2018 22:55
Shreks wiggler
plese any suggestions to kill submarine shrine im really stuck my team is archer magician fighter and angel
#tiUfEF0D Jan 11,2018 17:19
@LB85 sure ;_;
#uebrN9t5 Jan 11,2018 15:24
Dont become angry than ;_;
#tiUfEF0D Jan 11,2018 01:14
#OIoPnDk0 Jan 11,2018 00:10
Shreks wiggler
submarine shrines weakness anyone?
#WmihB4R3 Jan 10,2018 23:29
@powerggggggh mean >:(
#QNHKC0Ch Jan 09,2018 21:27
I need to watch that tutorial...maybe... And Powergh,what made you angry that time?
#tiUfEF0D Jan 09,2018 16:19
wait...are you kidding me ? i have windows 10
#tiUfEF0D Jan 09,2018 16:08
@marcossanches please shut up. --- @Zei Codex wait really ? thank you !
#QNHKC0Ch Jan 09,2018 15:28
The uptates are not avaible in the app version. The versions are only for the Computer?
#UssduMir Jan 09,2018 08:50
Dark Doctor
@Zei Codex Thank you
#L3Vdrfas Jan 09,2018 07:40
Zei Codex
i have made a tutorial for if you are having trouble playing LL's mod with electron
#iNoN6kq3 Jan 09,2018 06:01
Listen, it is not our fault you are tech illiterate. Now if you actually wanna work with Lightning Lord he can get your game running, but being stubborn and not explaining what you are doing doesn't help anyone and makes you look dumb.
#JHKRhKcD Jan 09,2018 05:52
LMAO, powerggggggh is very mad xd
#YSxGYWuw Jan 09,2018 05:47
@powerggggggh LL's mod REQUIRE ELECTRON, some of other mod, like mine don't need Electron to play it. just Firefox.
#YSxGYWuw Jan 09,2018 05:44
@KawaiiPotato if u want new stages, unfortunately Ha55ii won't put in any new stages but however we have mods to play on like LL's mod, Ivan's even I have made a modified game of stick ranger. OR u can join with us in discord chat! (it's full of Stick ranger) ask if u want to join!
#UssduMir Jan 08,2018 18:01
Dark Doctor
@powerggggggh are you dragging the .js in to the window? you are supposed to drag the .html into the window. Also, did you convert your save?
#Xlz3jD9u Jan 08,2018 17:58
powergh is mad.People act weird when they are mad.
#tiUfEF0D Jan 08,2018 16:25
HOW I PLAY YOUR GAME NOW ?! H O W I P L A Y Y O U R G A M E N O W ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? [email protected]#$%^&*()[email protected]#$%^&*()[email protected]#$%^&*()_
#tiUfEF0D Jan 08,2018 16:15
why don't works for me ?? i don't get it ! WELL I NEVER PLAY YOUR GAME AGAIN, I QUIT.
#OdM9HJ8X Jan 08,2018 05:19
@Dark Doctor uhg getting the required skill and recently started attempting these things and equipment then .
#WmihB4R3 Jan 07,2018 22:01
LL's mod works fine for me so it's probably not the mod itself xd
#UssduMir Jan 07,2018 17:06
Dark Doctor
that's better but you need to tell me how you are using it. most people use it wrong at first. you must drag the html into the window to load the mod.
#tiUfEF0D Jan 07,2018 16:08
@Dark Doctor problem is, i download electron, but don't working, so that's why, why the hell you do that to me.
#UssduMir Jan 07,2018 15:58
Dark Doctor
not really
#ALN0Yg1g Jan 07,2018 15:43
We need more updates and new stage!
#mpxNOLvN Jan 07,2018 15:09
8875 3336 1215 9284 3.3.1 2.1.2
#zz9VMi8U Jan 07,2018 10:02
@Ewan1: Don't worry about him, he still thinks it's 2011.
#YSxGYWuw Jan 07,2018 07:05
@Omega16, i played SR dan-Ball for the first time was in 2009. That's not 3 years ago.
#YSxGYWuw Jan 07,2018 07:03
NotAWeeb33, Yes it is an unfortunate, however, we're modding stick ranger to make it "better and more fun"
#UssduMir Jan 07,2018 04:14
Dark Doctor
lol, you have to describe problem. how can I fix stuff I you just call me names and don't tell me exactly the problem? As far as I know the mods fine for other people. xd
#tiUfEF0D Jan 06,2018 18:06
oh wait i can't play LL's Mod ⚡ V4.6 now, thank you Lightning Lord, idiot >:(
#6bIvn0Yc Jan 06,2018 17:30
:( why isn’t stick ranger getting updates anymore, I think the last update was in June.
#tiUfEF0D Jan 05,2018 19:15
#bLsfGVfL Jan 05,2018 18:55
#ALN0Yg1g Jan 04,2018 21:41
#tiUfEF0D Jan 04,2018 18:21
@marcossanches ohhh that's why
#zwF6RI0V Jan 04,2018 09:25
@powerggggggh stickfell was removed because i'm not working on it anymore. it have a small chance of making a new one, StickHell. but not now... soon.
#yuNU8bWX Jan 04,2018 08:57
@Ewan I don't really care as it's not a race of underleveling as it is needing to be serious ass lucky or refresh until you rage just to get the drops you require. Recall my run was 3½ years ago, before a lot started attempting these things and likely before you started playing on Dan-Ball.
#WtcA84IT Jan 03,2018 18:14
Like theres this one app i use for another Game i play called Line
#mjqGBTto Jan 03,2018 17:56
Ugh...I should start my Stick Ranger adventure again..
#WtcA84IT Jan 03,2018 17:54
is there any where we can communicate in stick ranger better with besides the comments here
#H585G3mR Jan 03,2018 12:00
I've finished the game multiple times on normal and with 4 crowns. It's been a really fun and unique experience. Is there any other games like stick ranger? Specifically ones I couldl play on my phone?
#tiUfEF0D Jan 02,2018 19:21
oh yeah i forgot --- --- Its 7.2 Now !
#tiUfEF0D Jan 01,2018 23:11
@marcossanches cool ! but why Stick Fell is gone ?
#WmihB4R3 Jan 01,2018 22:40
@powerggggggh new moon mod will be released before march, be patient!
#WmihB4R3 Jan 01,2018 22:38
happy 2085
#YSxGYWuw Jan 01,2018 10:16
@Omega Can you beat mine? it's lvl12 and it is in Hell 8, i dont bother carrying on cuz i just wanted them to be on vs modes tee hee!
#QPzQXSKS Dec 31,2017 02:54
Lightning Lord
v4.6 of my mod will be uploaded at the end of tomorrow if the guys in the discord dont give me an "ok" by then. I have already started work on v5.0
#ALN0Yg1g Dec 30,2017 17:55
Wow,stick ranger aren't dead!
#ALN0Yg1g Dec 30,2017 17:54
dont too close to boss
#IzbmqBip Dec 30,2017 04:50
P.S any tips for seaside 2?
#IzbmqBip Dec 30,2017 04:49
I ment in like the volcano orb not the volcano stage...
#SBWrLQcV Dec 30,2017 03:46
that was me i just wanted to see if i could name myself "COMMENT BOT"
#SBWrLQcV Dec 30,2017 03:45
#tiUfEF0D Dec 28,2017 17:59
@marcossanches yeah i saw, thank you.
#EPS8EHbT Dec 28,2017 16:18
With the help of wiki,I will be unstoppable!
#EPS8EHbT Dec 28,2017 16:18
maybe I will come back to the game. All mage is great!Im sure I can do it all over again!
#dGUQeyap Dec 28,2017 01:52
>orb-only challenge (and recently started) >getting the volcano (not beating the or getting to)
#Yak6IwIb Dec 27,2017 23:20
@powerggggggh i hope you will be very happy whit the NEW upcoming moon mod (go to my moon mod page)
#tiUfEF0D Dec 27,2017 17:15
#F8NQn49q Dec 27,2017 15:25
Wow volcano!?
#IzbmqBip Dec 26,2017 05:55
Uhg getting the volcano is so haaarddddd
#hd2Obxld Dec 24,2017 17:52
R.I.P. playing stick ranger on my new 4k monitor.
#IzbmqBip Dec 24,2017 10:31
Orb only challenge #Wishmeluck
#SBWrLQcV Dec 24,2017 10:24
@powerggggggh what is then?
#3nG6OfVK Dec 24,2017 06:27
horse protector
Who has gotten passed ice castle?Also if you did tell me.
#yuNU8bWX Dec 23,2017 15:22
@4d2d Yeah, Level 17 from Desert 1 all the way up to like Snowfield 4 or something before cookies went down. I still have a screenshot of the journey on my profile page in the Wikia. As for another run, I may consider it later on with the same team I had before, although it's been a little bit since I played this game. ... I should be alright.
#EWelwVoK Dec 23,2017 01:40
does anyone else dislike the revolution the other classesbut full mage got from guides card .
#tiUfEF0D Dec 22,2017 20:43
#Gd5WgpP9 Dec 22,2017 15:27
I was level 42.Stuck in Snowfield 7 İce Castle and Mountaain 2
#pxp455kw Dec 22,2017 12:21
me no likey hax. whats better delta explosion or volcano. i need more stat points .
#IzbmqBip Dec 22,2017 05:42
To UPGRADE my XP (Grammar)
#IzbmqBip Dec 22,2017 05:42
I keep forgetting my XP I am at snowfield 7 and i am level 46
#SBWrLQcV Dec 22,2017 01:21
the hardest grassland is grassland 2
#tiUfEF0D Dec 22,2017 00:07
@LB85 nah, its easy.
#kCuYEvm2 Dec 21,2017 19:42
Grassland 1 is hard?!
#MfemCi86 Dec 21,2017 17:42
I was just kidding; of course I've beaten Opening Street already. Grassland 1, on the other hand...
#SBWrLQcV Dec 20,2017 10:19
now I am not! :)
#KQ9yxH3z Dec 20,2017 06:03
hi i am in english class but i am bored.
#URoLwg6T Dec 19,2017 07:08
@Omega16: I definitely remember that. I think you ended up at level 17ish? Do you remember what team you used? Are you planning on another play-through with an even lower level?
#vC90NOc5 Dec 18,2017 17:05
#vC90NOc5 Dec 18,2017 17:05
I bet whoever wanted to vs me failed.My full mage team is too strong to bear
#xTTEHmTY Dec 18,2017 06:35
idk i just think angels are cool
#xTTEHmTY Dec 18,2017 06:35
which should i start out as: gladiator / angel / magician / sniper/ OR boxer / angel / magician / sniper
#YSxGYWuw Dec 18,2017 03:59
(vs mode)
#YSxGYWuw Dec 18,2017 03:58
Best class for Low levels; Sniper, Magician, Boxer,Boxer - I got Vigintuple arrow for my lvl12 players on mobile - constantly thrashing rank 2s
#kKg8RQKM Dec 17,2017 11:50
@Dracobot i cant just realized that is there any sense.
#1lhPCCFX Dec 17,2017 08:10
I dunno about other classes,but full mage got me Real good!Too bad I had to delete it!
#StWzwMxl Dec 17,2017 06:13
@Dracobot: The problem manifests itself when I'm on a roll and have beaten several stages in a row, thanks to a combination of skill and equipment. Then I come across a stage where I need more stat points to succeed because the mileage I got from my items has run out, and all of a sudden I've hit a roadblock because every enemy is giving 1 point per kill. So I have to go back to a stage I've already beaten and mindlessly run through the same screens over and over until I can get moving again. Removing this barrier doesn't stop low level runs from existing, they just have to not spend stat points. I would definitely prefer a minor blemish on a niche self imposed challenge than something that affects every other run.
#iWOBESYY Dec 17,2017 05:32
LV 6 + Desert 3 + Staff of Poison 2 + 2 days = Insta-LV 25. And there are tons of examples of stages that require a long run of successful dodging, which requires a little skill, but not deserving of a lot of EXP (and I suppose you could weigh the EXP differently on the high end than the low, but you would have to do it for every single enemy to be remotely fair). And that's assuming you could get there at such a low level. Gaining a lot of EXP until you're at level means every fight is less skill than just circumstance. Wouldn't it demonstrate a lot of talent to defeat enemies at a much higher level than you? That's now taken away unless you for it to happen. So now your skill can only really be shown by how fast you can beat the game. Okay, but considering now that it's easier to do so, it's not as great. Going to Snowfield at LV 17? That's e.xtremely impressive, regardless of how long it took. Going to Snowfield in a really short time? Still impressive, but now the required skill is a lot more just weapon/stat setup than dodging, the latter agreeably more impressive, right?
#StWzwMxl Dec 16,2017 23:28
@Dracobot: I strongly disagree with this idea. If I can beat an enemy of a level that much higher that it's more practical to fight it for a level up than the ones I'm expected to, then maybe it should be made stronger instead of gimping the player's ability to progress. If my level of skill permits me to beat the game faster, then I should be able to. That's why speed-running is so popular.
#iWOBESYY Dec 16,2017 15:18
It's so you can't just receive a ton of EXP by repeatedly killing a high-level easy-to-defeat enemy (in other words, to progress you have to actually *play the game*)
#yuNU8bWX Dec 16,2017 00:02
@4d2d Yeah, I find it odd myself. But hey, at least low level runs become a reailty with this method. You remember my run a couple years ago?
#tiUfEF0D Dec 15,2017 18:52
yeah is sad, very sad.
#URoLwg6T Dec 15,2017 07:57
Does anyone else dislike the mechanic where enemies provide less points if they're a higher level than you? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
#BgVy5iw5 Dec 15,2017 04:55
what happened to my game!!! today at 1:00AM It was all fine and now in the afternoon at 2:55PM MY GAME IS GONE??!! WHAT HAPPENED I WAS RANK 6
#nQRvnq5M Dec 12,2017 15:26
Whoa...Didnt knew there will be guys who cant beat the easy levels....I guess all wizard team was a good idea=) Too bad my progress has been deleted=(
#iWOBESYY Dec 12,2017 14:22
@draknox78 To be honest, I leave it muted because it's annoying. @PokemonTalon How are you on Opening Street?! I can't get past Town!!!
#yuNU8bWX Dec 12,2017 08:51
And of course, I break the post. GG no re. I was actually trying to mimic a post I remember back on the PG2 board back when that was 1.0.
#yuNU8bWX Dec 12,2017 08:50
How to play Stick Ranger for Dummies 1: Introduction CLICK TO DRAW STICKMAN 2: Basic Techniques CLICK TO DRAW STICKMAN 3: Advanced Techniques
#MfemCi86 Dec 12,2017 05:50
#iNoN6kq3 Dec 12,2017 04:39
No, you really shouldn't (until 2018) xd
#OIoPnDk0 Dec 11,2017 22:31
Shreks wiggler
@JT98 Thank you!
#QPzQXSKS Dec 11,2017 12:52
Lightning Lord
You all should play JTF's mod of stick ranger
#iNoN6kq3 Dec 11,2017 06:41
Guide Length is the range of the homing effect from Guide's Card (measured in pixels, I think) Onigiri Drop Rate is the percent chance every time you kill an enemy that it will drop an Onigiri (the riceballs that heal you)
#OIoPnDk0 Dec 11,2017 04:31
Shreks wiggler
someone please freakin answer me please
#SBWrLQcV Dec 11,2017 03:12
the highest DPS build is 2 gunners and 2 priests
#XjQ4vjj9 Dec 11,2017 00:24
you should really add sound effects like then phone app it makes it much more immersive
#eruHRUrj Dec 08,2017 18:02
saya ganti nama
#AwamgzTN Dec 08,2017 11:46
what can I do wt peridot or garnet?
#AwamgzTN Dec 08,2017 11:37
what can I do wt peridot or garnet
#l87aAWy1 Dec 07,2017 16:20
Which type of mods?
#PGPzHZAM Dec 07,2017 14:21
Is there any way to play modded versions of the game on a phone?
#PGPzHZAM Dec 07,2017 14:21
What is the highest possible DPS? I've been thinking it's spark chastus or triple shotgun with the right mods.
#tiUfEF0D Dec 07,2017 01:55
@juju 1 day or idk
#AwamgzTN Dec 06,2017 22:51
how long I most wt the party?
#AwamgzTN Dec 06,2017 22:49
how long ?_?
#QrToPXAp Dec 06,2017 20:01
#tMtG7VyA Dec 06,2017 07:45
Shreks wiggler
what does guide length and onigiri drop rate mean?
#tiUfEF0D Dec 05,2017 19:16
@juju press "Register Party" and done
#AwamgzTN Dec 05,2017 19:07
how to make a party -_-
#t3lFFaOh Dec 05,2017 16:15
#AwamgzTN Dec 05,2017 15:40
how to make a party
#1otiLvJq Dec 05,2017 14:38
@Shreks wiggler Guide length is the distance to an enemy a projectile has to be before its velocity will gradually go towards it. Onigiri drop (of silver medal) is the chance that an onigiri will drop upon killing an enemy. It is initially at 20% and silver medals can change the probability. For example, 1 silver medal lv1 → 22%/enemy
#tMtG7VyA Dec 04,2017 22:05
Shreks wiggler
what is guide length and onigiri drop
#6VkdJD8A Dec 04,2017 17:50
I can't register my party (1 register 1 day?)
#YSxGYWuw Dec 04,2017 03:23
who's top in wins (VS mode)?
#iBsGhFQ8 Dec 03,2017 02:19
Version 2.0 of my mod is out:
#eruHRUrj Dec 02,2017 21:06
im rank 5
#eruHRUrj Dec 02,2017 20:54
finally submarine shrine boss die
#68ZWfWF7 Dec 02,2017 16:39
Me no likey hax!
#68ZWfWF7 Dec 02,2017 16:39
Ypu guys do hax?
#yuNU8bWX Dec 02,2017 07:53
@powderggggggh Only real reason PG is taking longer than SR is because PG's source code is much more difficult to decipher.
#b7mJIZ4A Dec 01,2017 23:21
We must lead the revolution. The enemy arrives at the gates. We must hunt them down. We shall not lose this fight. I´m so hungry, why am I here. I don´t even know what this game is about. Choushi wa dou?
#tiUfEF0D Nov 30,2017 17:49
and "Powder Game Modding!" is long time wait :/
#tiUfEF0D Nov 30,2017 00:37
LL Mod v4.0 is long time wait :/ --- Channel Lightning Lord -->
#tMtG7VyA Nov 29,2017 22:27
Shreks wiggler
what is guide length and onigiri drop rate
#SBWrLQcV Nov 29,2017 10:00
OMG I just realized that when you hover the mouse over the Dan-Ball Guy, he changes positions!!!!!!!!!
#SBWrLQcV Nov 29,2017 09:36
do you think SR is programmed directly through an IDE or with some game creator like unity or cocos creator? I am not sure, because the code is all really messy, and the variables are things like 'dv' or 'a' and don't really make any sense.
#iZ6UeR9O Nov 29,2017 01:10
@Shreks wiggler There's no clear answer to that, as it partly depends on what you're using the orbs for. Both orbs deal splashing fire damage to a wide area, though they may partially or even entirely miss faster moving targets. Delta Explosion 3 is best used by a Magician with 30 DEX, will work against aerial enemies, and spawns right on the target, disregarding terrain. It can deal focused damage to a single target. Although Ruby and Garnet don't work terribly well for it, it can get a significant boost from Bullet's Card 2. However, it has lower single-target DPS potential than Volcano 2, and is not great for VS Mode. Volcano 2 is best used by a Magician with 75 DEX; while it has͏ ͏e͏xcellent DPS potential overall especially when equipped with a Ruby 3 and can even work well in Rank 2 or 3 VS Mode when used correctly, it may be blocked by rough terrain and absolutely will not work against aerial targets such as Bats or Dragons. Its' damage will tend to scatter slightly when used against smaller targets. Submarine Shrine has no weaknesses, but high range weapons from either the Magician or more likely the Sniper work well; as does using a Boxer, Gladiator, or Whipper to chase it into a corner if you can do it right. If you're talking about the normal Submarine series bosses, most of them should be no problem as long as you keep some distance from them; the only one with a weakness is Submarine 4 boss against Thunder.
#Y79unFFq Nov 29,2017 01:05
What is your team? The way I've always beat him was a shot bow with catapult's arrow and red crystal.
#tMtG7VyA Nov 29,2017 00:38
Shreks wiggler
also what are the submarine boss levels weakness?
#tMtG7VyA Nov 28,2017 22:44
Shreks wiggler
whats better delta explosion3 or volcano2
#eruHRUrj Nov 27,2017 19:57
finnaly sesaide 1 boss wnis
#eruHRUrj Nov 27,2017 19:56
boss submarine shriren is hard
#LkqlJljp Nov 26,2017 01:56
It doesn't offend me, I'm just saying I'm not fazed by it anymore. That long paragraph may help, but still, I might have problems with Mountain Top because I don't want to revive.
#KikRZoxG Nov 25,2017 06:26
На танҳо ин, бозӣ ва бозигарон хеле дилхоҳро тарк хоҳанд кард, аммо ҳар рӯз баъзе хатогиҳои "кӯшиш" мекунанд. Ин бозии муайян ба як хатои калон табдил меёбад.
#LkqlJljp Nov 24,2017 11:12
I've never been able to get past Hell 2 and Forest 4. I think that the problem is that my trick to beat Ice Castle involves NO skill. Does anyone know hoe to cat farther with: Sniper Sniper Sniper Priest
#iNoN6kq3 Nov 23,2017 16:29
It is currently impossible to play PC SR mods on a phone because mobile SR is written in a different language than the PC version
#PGPzHZAM Nov 23,2017 03:44
Anyone know of a way to play Ivans mod on a phone? Stick ranger is great but I've recently beaten it and wanted to play with mods on my phone.
#2PLLtQ7o Nov 22,2017 23:34
The game is glitched, where is the terrain?
#iBsGhFQ8 Nov 22,2017 22:04
From what I've heard Boxer and Gunner are actually some of the strongest classes. In fact in the Discord they just did some calcs and it turns out Spark Cestus and Triple Shotgun may very well be the weapons with the most DPS (damage per second)!
#dFqcpC3x Nov 22,2017 18:46
Did anyone finished the game?
#ffSYyaIt Nov 22,2017 05:02
And I have a question.Who uses boxer and Gunner serious?!They have looots of downsides!
#ffSYyaIt Nov 22,2017 05:01
Well,all mage got me very well.Also If you wanna battle with my mage team.Their name is Wizard team Trained by Gandalf I was younger,ok?!
#tiUfEF0D Nov 22,2017 04:57
@Dark Doctor yeah your right
#UssduMir Nov 22,2017 04:47
Dark Doctor
There is no perfect team
#tiUfEF0D Nov 22,2017 03:06
@Shreks wiggler no problen
#tMtG7VyA Nov 21,2017 22:15
Shreks wiggler
also, can anyone tell me what stick people to use for a perfect team
#tMtG7VyA Nov 21,2017 22:14
Shreks wiggler
@powerggggggh thank you
#Hq6DiPcN Nov 21,2017 18:45
It was a wrong time to delete the game?Yes it was!
#tMtG7VyA Nov 21,2017 03:47
Shreks wiggler
anyone give a link to a mod page or how to mod?
#tiUfEF0D Nov 20,2017 02:09
#uWla015M Nov 20,2017 00:32
#eruHRUrj Nov 17,2017 22:47
im dead to seaside is harder please tutorial im fast wins please
#eruHRUrj Nov 17,2017 22:41
hi im from indonesia im sorry im not pro
#0rVlEFZg Nov 17,2017 21:28
the boss of seaside 1 is hard!
#MmXFTRLM Nov 17,2017 17:05
Yea....About that.My games started to crash so I erased and reuploaded all of them.Didnt noticed ıt deleted my 4 wizard team as well.I wont restart all over again.I erased the game.And my old Powder game account is gone.It seems I used a different ID and Password I cant remember.R.I.P. Littlebob85
#SBWrLQcV Nov 17,2017 09:17
@LBG5, dont use any ice or freeze attacks on the ice castle boss. I would suggest electric shock 5 with catapults card and bullets card 4. (the one that is + 100% bullet.)
#QPzQXSKS Nov 16,2017 01:52
Lightning Lord
here is what he said "Is it fully completed? I dont Know. Also he need to fix all those bugs that totally exist." xd
#tiUfEF0D Nov 14,2017 15:57
@Dark Doctor you said "Let me ask him, pray that he wont fricc my existence."
#UssduMir Nov 14,2017 04:14
Dark Doctor
With what
#tiUfEF0D Nov 14,2017 00:56
@Dark Doctor done ?
#5EcgArGT Nov 13,2017 09:52
I'm just gonna repost the Discord server invite link to save people the trouble of scrolling down for it~
#ffSYyaIt Nov 12,2017 06:56
Oh man!I think Im gonna destroy some beasts to get those items,and money!Thanks 4d2d
#UssduMir Nov 12,2017 04:40
Dark Doctor
Let me ask him, pray that he wont fricc my existence.
#tiUfEF0D Nov 12,2017 02:00
@Dark Doctor why JTF98 is say that
#UssduMir Nov 12,2017 00:12
Dark Doctor
No he shouldn't.
#EMFe4vVK Nov 11,2017 18:47
the boi
they should add a medic
#StWzwMxl Nov 11,2017 03:13
@LB85: For Mountain 2, you'll want to use either the Freeze Explosion or, if you have access to it, the Permafrost, one for each ranger. Either way, equip the weapons all with the best Quick's Card and Bullet's Card you have access to. You can find out where to get the things you need in the wiki right here:
#tiUfEF0D Nov 09,2017 03:52
#UssduMir Nov 09,2017 02:40
Dark Doctor
Well he said no so, no update.
#tLsPbPle Nov 09,2017 01:42
Billy Bob
Well, I'm stuck on the Submarine Shrine.
#iNoN6kq3 Nov 09,2017 01:38
Uh, no. lol
#UssduMir Nov 08,2017 22:23
Dark Doctor
I can't release v4.0 until JTF98 says I can.
#psIv27pQ Nov 08,2017 19:37
I suppouse my request for help was....Hard...ITS OK!
#tiUfEF0D Nov 08,2017 18:57
@Dark Doctor Hai !
#UssduMir Nov 08,2017 12:02
Dark Doctor
Hello all!
#C73Yqty2 Nov 06,2017 11:39
@powderanger accept my discord request
#C73Yqty2 Nov 06,2017 11:35
theres a link a little ways down, you might have to open 1000 posts to find the non-expiring one though
#0rVlEFZg Nov 06,2017 09:25
I love this game!
#cCQHsnae Nov 05,2017 20:19
wow guys the 1000 post reaches all the way down to one of the last updates of SR... it's weird still seeing my messages a year after I posted them. Also, during March someone mentioned that I should join the discord for this (oops). My tag is @holykeks#7123. can someone send me invite to channel?
#AmE9Nzlw Nov 05,2017 03:51
I just figured out you can level up stats. I can finally progress in the game
#tiUfEF0D Nov 05,2017 01:51
@LB85 how sad
#6CbiPtsz Nov 04,2017 21:06
Got stuck in Mountain 2 İce castle And snowfield 7
#6CbiPtsz Nov 04,2017 21:05
4 magicians level 41 Two of them has İce meteor 4 with aqumarine3 And a catapult card1 The other 2 has super volcano 4 with Poweful rubies and catapult cards. Got big thunder too in inventory.
#tiUfEF0D Nov 03,2017 20:28
@Littlebob85 "Can you guys help?" i can't help sorry but you are not noob ;)
#jT1EDRRO Nov 03,2017 18:56
Guys,Its me from a long time ago.From another device.I will ask for tips for 3 maps later.Can you guys help?I am not noob,so dont worry.
#CuNFRBmu Nov 01,2017 05:33
hi people! how's life right now?
#SmU02I6Z Oct 31,2017 12:03
Damn, how long has there been a message board? I've been playing this for what feels like ten years and I've never noticed. Anyway, has anyone modded the game to just increase drop chances? I love this game, but the grind is real.
#padtckOV Oct 31,2017 10:25
derp, that was meant for pg2 board
#padtckOV Oct 31,2017 10:25
amazingdude not even gonna bother trying to fix it
#paPdACwJ Oct 31,2017 10:16
King Kentucky
i should come here more
#UssduMir Oct 31,2017 08:53
Dark Doctor
I guess you're right. We did move due to the boards limitations.
#D5Zdki7l Oct 31,2017 08:37
@Dark No, that was basically forced migration.
#Y2A6Zh3j Oct 31,2017 08:17
If this website was for 13+ Then it wouldn't have stupid immature kids like UH2V
#Y2A6Zh3j Oct 31,2017 08:11
@UH2V Shut the fuc.k up
#FQWPoI3B Oct 31,2017 03:02
where can i find mods?
#UssduMir Oct 31,2017 03:02
Dark Doctor
No we have modding
#FQWPoI3B Oct 31,2017 02:47
PLS make a 2. part with a new map and maybe more characters or as mmorpg
#YLBARndK Oct 30,2017 23:45
I like SR because it has replayability, more then others at least
#tiUfEF0D Oct 30,2017 19:14
#1otiLvJq Oct 30,2017 14:16
wait nvrmind found it
#1otiLvJq Oct 30,2017 13:15
@Discordians Know what? I'll bite. I want to see what's going on, too. If I have to post my discriminator, just say so.
#padtckOV Oct 30,2017 12:00
@UH2V Kill yourself.
#UssduMir Oct 30,2017 06:58
Dark Doctor
No ur just bad
#oivMsWIR Oct 30,2017 05:09
5t1ck r4n63r 5uck5 b3c4u5e 1t'5 a r463 64m3.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 30,2017 00:16
@Bark Boctor what the ! you copy name Dark Doctor !
#UssduMir Oct 29,2017 03:31
Bark Boctor
the main activity moved to the discord. Also we are working on offline PG 2.
#D5Zdki7l Oct 29,2017 01:43
I remember when this place used to be largely active.
#jQyKpf8X Oct 28,2017 16:52
Abominas#4589 Hey I'd like to join the discord! I grew up with SR and PG
#WSliBZcw Oct 27,2017 04:29
How is life
#NZpS3PpA Oct 25,2017 22:10
SR = stick rage :
#oivMsWIR Oct 25,2017 12:08
@powerggggggh Here's one comment.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 24,2017 21:49
COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i angry :/
#tiUfEF0D Oct 23,2017 18:36
@U HAVE 2 VOTE!!! stop it idiot
#oivMsWIR Oct 23,2017 12:23
#UssduMir Oct 22,2017 21:40
Dark Doctor
Also, ha55ii wouldn't remove a game he worked hard and long on.
#UssduMir Oct 22,2017 21:36
Dark Doctor
Because he's upset that PG and/or PG2 are not getting updates and neither is SR. Besides it wouldn't matter if he got rid of SR because we still have modding.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 22,2017 17:15
@U HAVE 2 VOTE!!! go the hell ! this game is cool ! why you hate this game ?!
#oivMsWIR Oct 22,2017 14:13
Stick Ranger SU.CKS!!!!!!! ha55ii PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME FOR DAN-BALL FOREVER!!!!!!!! Powder Game ,Aqua Box, 100bit, Rockets, Ham Race, Irritation Stickman,etc. are BETTER THAN SR. SR SU.CKS!!!! >:(
#2xxXEq6h Oct 21,2017 16:29
A heads up for ha55ii, somebody route this to him, the desert heat animation is not working. The heat waves in the background are supposed to be moving and were before. I've been meaning to post this for a while.
#UH38cZZD Oct 20,2017 22:31
to play the mods, but to use with other things, I prefer the Chrome
#UH38cZZD Oct 20,2017 22:30
I always use firefox
#orMlzzo2 Oct 20,2017 03:47
do not use chrome to play mods. best option is electron, but if for some reason you dont want to use that, use firefox
#l0BfXzrn Oct 20,2017 02:12
Le Ronan
@nitro567 How do you get your mod to work with chrome? I unzipped the folder and the html is chrome by default but when I open it the game window doesn't appear, just the BG and get/set bar.
#8i6Uazku Oct 18,2017 22:19
I like turtles!
#tiUfEF0D Oct 18,2017 17:58
@PokemonTalon yea...?
#MfemCi86 Oct 18,2017 15:20
hey do you guys like eggs
#QPzQXSKS Oct 18,2017 08:18
Lightning Lord
#D5Zdki7l Oct 16,2017 11:01
@Dark Doctor That's like saying North Korea is irrelevant. ...Oh wait.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 16,2017 01:13
oh wait its "This PC" and i can copy done now its here I cried in vain -_-
#tiUfEF0D Oct 16,2017 01:06
#UssduMir Oct 15,2017 23:23
Dark Doctor
VS mode is irrelevant
#2xxXEq6h Oct 15,2017 14:10
Update: eocb's really good team falls the majority of the time to the following party: Char,LP,STR,DEX,MAG,Weapon,Compo,Compo Priest,0,196,0,0,InfernoRod7,BlackCrystal7,RedStone7 Priest,0,196,0,0,InfernoRod7,BlackCrystal7,RedStone7 Gunner,0,98,98,0,RailGun7,QuicksCard7,Catapult7 Gunner,0,98,98,0,RailGun7,QuicksCard7,Catapult7 The noted team is not undefeatable, though. It can be beat with a really good tank used as a block while snipers nail the priests and gunners.
#2xxXEq6h Oct 15,2017 12:40
There is a Rank S team called "try me" by eocb. You guys should see if you can beat it, it is one of the toughest teams I've versed.
#9vjxBgNL Oct 14,2017 18:05
Nothing to share!Nothing to DO!Ahhh!
#StWzwMxl Oct 14,2017 15:37
@LB85: Don't you know yourself?
#iBsGhFQ8 Oct 14,2017 08:45
nitro567 Version 1.7 of my mod is out
#9vjxBgNL Oct 14,2017 03:38
Here am I...This place is scary...I Dont know anyone!
#7IDjFjOu Oct 13,2017 19:45
Lıttlebob85 is more active than powder gsme 1.Also I have stick tsnger.All wizard.pretty high level but Im stuck ın a boss.Any tips?
#QPzQXSKS Oct 12,2017 06:19
Lightning Lord
it's on my laptop because that what i use to work on it.
#A49zb0aG Oct 11,2017 21:49
if version 4.0 is in your laptop, what are you waiting to launch?
#tiUfEF0D Oct 11,2017 02:28
@Dark Doctor okay
#UssduMir Oct 11,2017 01:41
Dark Doctor
There is a 0.001% chance that v4.0 will be done tomorrow.
#JHKRhKcD Oct 10,2017 02:35
@powerggggggh uhhhh sorry i'm having no progress in my mods :P
#UssduMir Oct 10,2017 01:17
Dark Doctor
Guy's I never said 4.0 was done XD
#tiUfEF0D Oct 09,2017 02:20
@marcossanches its not done ?! come on dude !
#tiUfEF0D Oct 08,2017 17:04
@Dark Doctor really ? verison 4.0 its not here
#UssduMir Oct 08,2017 09:30
Dark Doctor
On my laptop.
#NdypcPM1 Oct 08,2017 07:25
@Dark Doctor version 4.0? where
#UssduMir Oct 08,2017 05:30
Dark Doctor
@Omega No thanks
#tiUfEF0D Oct 07,2017 15:20
@Lightning Lord thank you
#D5Zdki7l Oct 07,2017 12:38
The only thing I can say here now is... █▀▄▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄ █▀▄▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀ █░▀░█ █░░█ █░░█ █░▀░█ █▄▄█ █▄▄█ ▀▀█ ▀▀█ ▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀░ ▀░░░▀ ▄▄▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀
#QPzQXSKS Oct 07,2017 12:03
Lightning Lord
version 4.0
#tiUfEF0D Oct 05,2017 16:21
oh my god stop please
#UssduMir Oct 05,2017 10:25
Dark Doctor
tfw you're bad a stickranger.
#MfemCi86 Oct 05,2017 10:24
@powerggggggh I have a suggestion for you: put duct tape on the back of your dog. It will make it last longer on walks to the airport when you're claiming reimbursement money.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 04,2017 23:36
powerggggggh --- its rave mod but how ?
#5EcgArGT Oct 04,2017 13:33
@AdamsRad The Angel has Charge Ring 2; a weapon that's among the best PvE weapons in the entire game in my opinion. Just keep upgrading the Ruby and Garnet on it every chance you get all the way up to tier 7 for each. Charge Ring 2 can even handle many situations better than Fire God 7 can. 60 DEX 100 MAG rest LP works wonders for the Charge Ring 2. The other decent weapons for the Angel are: Thunder God 7 w/ 90 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can utterly destroy many enemies; Quick God 8 w/ 50 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can do some decent splashing physical DPS; and Thorn God 8 can rip up a flying swarm with 160 MAG, 30 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6.
#tiUfEF0D Oct 04,2017 02:22
palace basement final boss --- He Shoot Laser (All Hit And Damage Is Overpower) Fire Darkness (All Hit) Ice Freeze Physical And Poison (Damage Is Overpower) --- --- not easy this boss
#orMlzzo2 Oct 03,2017 07:03
i use Angel fav class for sure
#qoIU6p2L Oct 03,2017 05:34
Does anyone actually use the angel?
#JjXI41O8 Oct 03,2017 02:08
For the whipper I suggest: MAG =(50), DEX =(Rest) Weapon: Explosion Whip 2 Compo: Quick's Card (best you can get, the better) Compo2: Bullet's Card (Since with 146 DEX the Whipper stays with 29+ bullets so you can use Bullet's 4, 6, or 7)
#5EcgArGT Oct 03,2017 00:11
Angel: 30 DEX 100 MAG rest LP (Charge Ring 2 should carry you through most of the game) Magician: 30 DEX (optional 24~60 MAG) rest STR (can easily handle flying enemies + outrange some tougher enemies that you don't want your melees near) Gladiator: 26 MAG rest LP (main tank, can make effective use of Lightsabers and Flame-series swords) Whipper: 1 MAG rest DEX. (I jest. Try to find a more optimal build than this lol xD Just don't invest in STR no matter what; STR is the definition of "useless" for Whippers, don't be fooled by the existence of the Iron-series whips)
#4UTdbUKR Oct 02,2017 04:19
Could someone help me? I have a Gladiator, a Whipper, an Angel, and a Magician. What kinds of builds should make?
#UssduMir Oct 01,2017 22:55
Dark Doctor
I cant find it
#j7nWv87q Oct 01,2017 16:13
Fire InThe hole
On that note, join the DBCB Discord, if you want. There's a whole channel dedicated to mod downloads and updates. (I know the link's been posted before; I'll only post it if people can't find it.)
#tiUfEF0D Oct 01,2017 02:05
@TheAtomTwister You Want Play x8 Stickmen ? Here ! --- --- By: Lightning Lord --- its ver1.3 -bug fix
#2xxXEq6h Sep 30,2017 15:46
I can see that things have definitely become interesting since last I played this game. I've never modded it before, and I'm quite curious about this x8 stickmen thing that Lightning Lord created. How do I install it?
#MfemCi86 Sep 30,2017 06:21
...Who even IS Stick Ranger, by the way?
#gqe3yqDi Sep 28,2017 03:36
if I had a dolar for every letter that I saw on the internet I would go to mars or something
#tiUfEF0D Sep 28,2017 00:09
@Dark Doctor ok sorry --- LL's Mod v(3.5)
#UssduMir Sep 27,2017 23:40
Dark Doctor
@powerggggggh Please, refer it to as "LL's mod".
#tiUfEF0D Sep 27,2017 16:06
powerggggggh --- My Stick Ranger Mod! v(3.5) --- Stick Ranger (x8 Stickmen) v(1.3) --- And --- Ver 7.1 --- finally comments !!
#5EcgArGT Sep 27,2017 15:44
... "Ice Meteor Magician knockback capabilities" Lmao no xD On the other hand, "Ice Missile w/ Quick's for deadly ranged DPS" sounds *almost* plausible. Not quite though; because Sapphire 7, Bullet's 5, Guide's 7, and Quick's 7 all together would be the bare minimum to make it actually at all deadly against crowds and particularly larger enemies. So unless someone makes at least a 3-compo mod if not a 4-compo mod, no "dice" for that idea. That utter gibberish tho; gotta love the COMMENT BOT >.> xD
#h3LXayCp Sep 27,2017 11:57
@Omega16 so im on ice meteor magician knockback capabilities comes out on his talk about stick ranger keep just talking about ice missile quicks for a deadly ranged damager or the dicier quicks is the sniper can find more modsbut i beat it to beat it sounds like atomic ray with nothing.
#A49zb0aG Sep 25,2017 21:38
@OmegaPirate Please, politics no. the world is already full of people arguing politics, lets keep just talking about stick ranger ok??
#J6zxNgtx Sep 25,2017 09:53
@RDB & Dark If I had a nickel for every time someone typed something stupid into the internet, I would still have no money because the far-right steals all of it.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 23,2017 23:39
no one comments again goddamnit
#tiUfEF0D Sep 23,2017 17:40
@Dark Doctor i can't wait "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)" :P
#5EcgArGT Sep 23,2017 17:11
Lol, if Google had a penny for every word every person using the internet typed, *they'd* be rich. Oh wait....
#UssduMir Sep 22,2017 23:40
Dark Doctor
@RadiantDarkBlaze If I had a penny for every word you type, I'd be rich.
#5EcgArGT Sep 22,2017 14:58
@Mont314 That's "Thunder 1"; not "Lightning 1"~ ;P I don't think of Thunder 1 as a suitable knockback weapon myself, but it at least won't ever pull enemies backwards like Atomic Ray 5 can on occasion. Bullet's 5 + Knockback's 5 is probably most suitable because of the lower projectile count, however you'll really have to hope that the first knockback shot comes out by the second shot or the enemies will probably get too close and attack.
#UssduMir Sep 22,2017 09:56
Dark Doctor
@Omega16 Here That will expire in a day
#ThE7mUFZ Sep 22,2017 06:31
@RDB He asked a question. I gave an answer. That's all there is to it. Side note: Got a Discord, finally. Tried to find the Dan-Ball link but came up with nothing.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 22,2017 01:38
@Dark Doctor oh sorry
#YMHFdv8f Sep 22,2017 01:26
@RadiantDarkBlaze That thunder-type magician orb in Grassland 5. It shoots 3 thunder straight at enemies. @Prineapple You must register an account in order to use that feature.
#WWIbgETo Sep 22,2017 00:09
ummmm how do i fix the user registration is required pls help:(
#UssduMir Sep 21,2017 23:59
Dark Doctor
@powerggggggh Nope, just signed in.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 21,2017 15:24
@Lightning Lord you copy name ?
#QPzQXSKS Sep 21,2017 02:53
Lightning Lord
Quick note, Ill be "Lightning Lord" when im on pc and "Dark Doctor" when im on mobile.
#QPzQXSKS Sep 21,2017 02:41
Lightning Lord
#tiUfEF0D Sep 20,2017 17:12
@RadiantDarkBlaze oh hey new video again
#5EcgArGT Sep 20,2017 09:37
Oh; I was typing that comment, left it to do other things for a bit, then came back + posted without refreshing the page first. Yes, the Sniper can also do really good knockback; in fact does much better than Magician for PvE knockback; however DanielSalmiDank wanted advice for what to do with a 2 Priest 2 Magician team that they were running. No Snipers on that team, so only Magician knockback was relevant to their team.
#5EcgArGT Sep 20,2017 09:31
Probably referring to the video where I continually failed to solo the cactus superboss with a Gladiator in an earlier version of Ivan's mod, which is my newest video. It's over 1 month old by now though, so I don't really consider it "new" myself. I know what Lightning 7 is, but what's Lightning 1 Mont314? ;P xD
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 20,2017 08:56
The archer is good with knockback too...
#UssduMir Sep 20,2017 03:40
Dark Doctor
tfw radiant didn't make a new video XD
#YMHFdv8f Sep 20,2017 01:20
Don't forget lightning 1 for knockback lulz
#tiUfEF0D Sep 20,2017 00:05
@RadiantDarkBlaze YES FINALLY NEW VIDEO ! thanks you so much
#5EcgArGT Sep 19,2017 15:38
@luigge @Omega16 Lightning 7, the far superior knockback weapon for the Magician, doesn't drop until Cavern 7. That is not helpful for someone who hasn't beaten Hell 5 yet, thus why I recommended Atomic Ray 5 for the time being. @DanielSalmiDank Once you get to Cavern 7, upgrade from Atomic Ray 5 to Lightning 7 w/ Knockback's 4 + Quick's 5; and then upgrade the Quick's 5 to a Quick's 7 upon reaching Hell Gate. You'll also want two other Lightning 7s; one w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's (5→7) and the other w/ Pierce's 4 + Quick's (5→7). Because you'll still have Cavern 8 ahead of you, I'd actually recommend working on composing the terrain piercing Lightning 7 first so that the particularly rough terrain in Cavern 8 doesn't block your otherwise perfectly good DPS.
#ThE7mUFZ Sep 19,2017 06:36
Yes, it's much better than Atomic Ray 5. STR and DEX help it significantly.
#A49zb0aG Sep 18,2017 22:39
isn't lightning 7 better?
#A49zb0aG Sep 18,2017 22:35
atomic ray is good but sometimes pull the enemies backwards
#5EcgArGT Sep 18,2017 13:09
If you're going to use the knockback strat as Mont314 suggested, first make sure that you've got superior range to the Hell 5 enemies. The one that shoots spears in an overhead spread is the most important one to fully outrange; the spears land more clustered at the very edges of its range, so just barely failing to outrange it is particularly disadvantageous. For using knockback to beat Hell 5, I'd recommend Atomic Ray 5 w/ Quick's 5 + Knockback's 5. The 30 knockback per hit from Knockback's 4 just won't do what it's needed to do for Atomic Ray 5, so you'll have to rely on the dicier 90 from Knockback's 5; the Quick's 5 will help ensure that a ray with the knockback capabilities comes out on time to keep the Hell 5 enemies away.
#YMHFdv8f Sep 17,2017 22:42
@DanielSalmiDank A bit late to the party, but having a magician attack with knockback may make some enemies in Hell 5 unable to attack you.
#iNoN6kq3 Sep 17,2017 07:16
Hey, here is a thought, everyone stop replying to this guy. Also, Crystalzzz, 300 letters is literally 2 tweet boxes. That is not long. Also yes, I did call you one, especially if you think 300 characters is long.
#6gkHelVa Sep 16,2017 22:47
@Crystalzzz There's no such thing as muting here. I got busy with stuff on Discord (my bot, moderation on guilds, etc) And I was never angry. Don't mistake my savagery for anger.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 16,2017 15:38
and LV 139
#tiUfEF0D Sep 16,2017 15:38
[SR Modding 7.0] Priest LP 652 STR 426 DEX -50 MAG -50 Sniper LP 1018 STR 80 DEX 80 MAG 60 Magician LP 998 STR 60 DEX 30 MAG 120 Boxer LP 1400 STR 0 DEX 30 MAG 150
#5EcgArGT Sep 16,2017 14:36
Oh right that. Freeze Explosion 6 w/ Bullet's 6 + Quick's 5 for semi-decent non-negatable damage against enemies that are essentially immune to pretty much everything else that you have, such as Hell 5. Upgrade to Permafrost 8 w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's 7 later on. You shouldn't ever need a copy of either weapon composed for freezing anything though; the Priest's Freeze Exp (Staff 6/Rod 8) should probably have crowd freezing covered assuming that you follow my build for the Priests.
#xXxoVv6Y Sep 16,2017 10:56
freeze explosion 6 for Hell 5
#iNoN6kq3 Sep 16,2017 08:00
You know, aside from the person asking the question? Also lmao, that's not even long. It takes less than 2 minutes to read if your reading speed is higher than that of a third grader.
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 16,2017 07:44
Radiant no offense but noone is gonna read that long text XD
#5EcgArGT Sep 16,2017 07:26
@DanielSalmiDank In terms of end-game target builds, I personally usually aim for 100 STR + 90 MAG for Priests; for me that gives a decent boost to the team's DPS while minimizing the chances of any member falling out of aura range even when using more damage-focused staves. I personally would go for either Poisonous Rod 8 w/ Peridot 7 + Emerald 7 or Thunder Rod 7 w/ Bullet's 5 + Topaz 7 on one Priest (for decent damage) and Freeze Exp Rod 8 w/ Diamond 7 + Quick's 7 on the other Priest (better crowd control than the Magician's Permafrost 8 when it has enough range). Before you actually get to end-game, just use whatever weapons bring you closest to having that strategy at your disposal. It sounds like you're probably towards the end of the Snowfield series; so Poisonous Staff 6, Electric Staff 5, and Freeze Exp Staff 6 should be your best bets for now with essentially identical compos. Just use the strongest versions of the compos I suggested that you currently have access to; Bullet's 5 is better than 6 or 7 for the Electric Staff 5 + Thunder Rod 7, because "+6 bullet" is essentially "+200% bullet" for weapons that only shoot 3 projectiles.
#5EcgArGT Sep 16,2017 07:26
For your Magicians, I would recommend mainly sticking to Atomic Ray 5 w/ Quick's + Guide's of highest available tiers and Electric Shock 5 w/ Quick's + (Bullet's/Catapult's) of highest available tiers until you gain access to Spread Explosion 7 and Lightning 7. An Ice Spike 5 (and later on Ice Bolt 7) w/ Aquamarine can prove indispensable against bosses that you would otherwise struggle against. If either of your Magicians are using 75 DEX, Thunder Spear 4 may prove to have some advantages over Electric Shock 5. Ice Meteor 4 w/ Sapphire 7 + Quick's 7 can be useful if you ever need type Ice damage for anything; though if your STR (range) is low enough Ice Orb 6 (and later Ice Missile 8) w/ the strongest available versions of the same compos could potentially be better. I wouldn't know for sure though.
#iNoN6kq3 Sep 16,2017 07:04
Dark Doctor said he wasn't gonna talk about mods here anymore, and that he would on his talk page or in the discord. Please take note that he said his talk page aswell, not just discord. :P (also no, Vid didn't get muted lol)
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 16,2017 05:21
Good vid didn't reply to me... He probably got muted. >This is not a troll, this is a moron. :'( :'( Also Dark docter... Did you see my idea? If not imma copy and paste it again...
#tiUfEF0D Sep 16,2017 02:40
i use Priests only STR , no DEX and MAG, only long range, and my team is Priests, Sniper, Magician, and Boxer, (all one) that's all.
#I847N9cP Sep 16,2017 01:42
Boys and girls, I know that everybody loves SR mods, but I have a question for the old SR: - I have a build with 2 priests and 2 magicians (wish me luck when I get into Hell 5) What is better to do with the priests, let one of them with a damage build (just like Poisoner Staff 5 and put SP in MAG making it a deadly ranged damager) or a STR build and let both them with all STR aura?
#tiUfEF0D Sep 15,2017 15:46
@Dark Doctor i said "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)" days ? i want know plesae ?
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 15,2017 13:14
@OmegaPirate :'( @Vid Wait why am i even replying to a person who is angry for no reason? @Dark Docter Hey can you make a mod where you can make you're own levels. And play others... Don't do XP Or item drops and coins... Cause it might be unfair if someone makes a weak enemy that drops 100000 gold... For gunners make them use 0 money... P.S Imma do a full archer challenge Wish me luck people!
#UssduMir Sep 15,2017 05:52
Dark Doctor
#MfemCi86 Sep 15,2017 05:05
Hey, what do you guys think about ice cream?
#ThE7mUFZ Sep 14,2017 05:33
@Vid The correct term would be "assaholic", which is farther from moron status.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 14,2017 00:51
@Dark Doctor Dark Doctor ?
#QPzQXSKS Sep 13,2017 07:56
Derk Derkter
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 13,2017 06:22
Vidkunssonn Breaking rule 2# and 3#... Interestisahnfsduajiogiojsdag
#6gkHelVa Sep 12,2017 19:48
@Draco This is not a troll, this is a moron.
#NxRtl8aZ Sep 12,2017 15:06
Thanks I beat it
#StWzwMxl Sep 12,2017 07:30
@Klumunja: To kill the red boss bat, you need to drag a ranger above it, which will eventually cause it to fly downwards, away from the ranger. Keep "pushing" the boss away by following the bat from above, and eventually it'll hit the ground, where the other three can attack. Make sure to bring plenty of money for revives. I've done 4 Boxers as well, but it's been a while, so I'm not certain if that's how I did it.
#NxRtl8aZ Sep 12,2017 06:58
I'm in the middle of a 4 boxer run any ideas for how to beat cavern 4?
#Tieoy0bi Sep 12,2017 06:16
Gladiator best class. Don't question me, just go for it.
#tiUfEF0D Sep 11,2017 23:12
@Dark Doctor "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)" days ? i want know plesae ?
#iWOBESYY Sep 11,2017 13:37
So Vidkunssonn likes getting angry at trolls in general. Interesting.
#StWzwMxl Sep 11,2017 11:14
@Omega16: On the contrary, I think you are the one who needs to bring evidence supporting your claim.
#UssduMir Sep 11,2017 10:11
Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Sep 11,2017 05:23
Dark Doctor
I would post another invite link to the discord, where you could find more mods. But I wont...
#6gkHelVa Sep 11,2017 04:37
By that logic, you broke both rule #2 AND rule #3 by responding to me and telling me to get a life, so you deserve to be muted as much as I do. Funny how Codes of Conduct work.
#YMHFdv8f Sep 11,2017 03:31
@Crystalzzz Code of Conduct #3 "Don't reply to any inflammatory comments but ignore them." I'm kidding of course.
#Wjxw6a3P Sep 11,2017 03:22
Is there a mod database or something? All I can find is Ivan247's talk page on danball wiki. The mod I want to find is the 8 stickmen mod someone mentioned a while ago.
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 11,2017 03:09
I think that Vid should be muted... Rule #2 "Don't post offensive comments."
#ThE7mUFZ Sep 11,2017 01:17
Prove it, 4d2d. :P
#StWzwMxl Sep 10,2017 12:16
@OmegaPirate: Nah.
#ThE7mUFZ Sep 10,2017 04:28
@Vidkunssonn The only one who can do a good insult in this day and age in Dan-Ball is me. Don't even care if it gets deleted, I'll say it.
#aJqdB2Ed Sep 10,2017 03:15
@vidkunssonn :( Dark docter You're mod is difficult to well.. Mod...
#tiUfEF0D Sep 10,2017 03:14
New Version --- --- Its 7.0
#6gkHelVa Sep 10,2017 02:54
@Crystalzzz My my, what an amazing comeback! >Jesus people are so stupid and can't understand... No, YOU are the stupid one because you can't convey what you're trying to say correctly. The fact that NOBODY can understand you is YOUR fault. And I don't want a 10-year-old telling me to get a life just because I got him butthurt and he's unable to come back at me with a worthy insult.
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