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#LndQxvhu 2016/09/29 03:20


#LndQxvhu 2016/09/29 03:19


#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/23 10:43

"Rocats" updated version 1.9 (Android).
- Add background music.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/16 15:14

"Rocats" updated version 1.9 (iOS).
- Add background music.

#8gavcLb4 2016/09/14 09:57

I seriously beat all stick ranger app levels up to blood lake, now im just finding ways of how to make strong weapons (even for my starter magician orbs)

#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/09 17:55

"Rocats"(Amazon Kindle)1.8 released.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/09/02 13:49

"Rocats"(Android)1.8 released.
A racing game with comical cats on a rocket hitting a wall and aiming at the goal.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/08/26 10:47

"Rocats" updated version 1.8 (iOS).
- Support for iPad.
- Support for Retina display.
- Support for iOS 9.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/08/19 16:57

Add game of BGM.
Cat Hanabi.

Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/08/19 09:40

Whats header challenge

#ZAMR3cFT 2016/08/17 20:46

Hi guys! I have done my first game! Header challenge! Game is addictive and challenging so you can play all day :) Play with your friends and write here what is your record! I have 68 and you?

#r4NNOCnx 2016/08/12 12:43

"Powder Game" updated version 3.5 (Amazon Kindle).
-Added Italian language.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/08/05 16:12

"Powder Game" updated version 3.5 (Android).
-Added Italian language.

Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/07/29 23:07

"App Games"

#r4NNOCnx 2016/07/29 13:03

"Powder Game" updated version 3.5 (iOS).
-Added Italian language.

#NhEh9fHi 2016/07/23 07:22


ima ball
#mF9nhQOL 2016/07/23 07:21


#NhEh9fHi 2016/07/23 07:21


#r4NNOCnx 2016/07/22 15:09

"Powder Game" updated version 3.4 (Amazon Kindle).
-Added German language.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/07/15 11:23

"Powder Game" updated version 3.4 (Android).
-Added German language.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/07/08 14:32

"Powder Game" updated version 3.4 (iOS).
-Added German language.

#BW5wK2x0 2016/07/06 01:49

Stick ranger really likes to crash on google play when i enter a vs mode match. It's quite annoying and it makes it really hard to get a good win/loss ratio on the team that was designed to do well in vs mode

#ZhnCFNEf 2016/07/04 00:10

My first post on The Good Phight might be under fan post btw. I can't post/comment till tomorrow, so yeah.....

#ZhnCFNEf 2016/07/03 22:31

Doesn't that already exist? Idk...
Anyways, I'm sad to say I will be leaving. I enjoyed being here, posting and all. Yes, I know I wasn't consistent with posting, but I really will miss u all. I have a new account on SB Nation, on The Good Phight, the Phillies community. I will try to post tomorrow, so if you want to, feel free to go on www.thegoodphight.com and see if whatswrongwithnola27 posted yet. Thanks for a great journey and goodbye!
Oh, and one more thing...
Maybe I should have been a little more clear.... It's not a forever gone. I might post rarely, but not very often. Peace!

#r4NNOCnx 2016/07/01 09:56

"Stick Ranger" updated version 1.7 (Amazon Kindle).
-Add stages. (Blood Lake, Inferno 3)
-Add weapon and component item.
-Bug fix.

#Dbu9iW3x 2016/07/01 01:08


ima ball
#t0gWy1vy 2016/06/28 07:55

Ima ball

ima ball
#t0gWy1vy 2016/06/28 07:54


#NhEh9fHi 2016/06/28 07:54


#NhEh9fHi 2016/06/28 07:54


Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/06/24 13:36

Thank you :D

#r4NNOCnx 2016/06/24 10:22

"Stick Ranger" updated version 1.7 (Android).
-Add stages. (Blood Lake, Inferno 3)
-Add weapon and component item.
-Bug fix.

#ZhnCFNEf 2016/06/19 08:02

The blog is on hold for a little, but yay for stick ranger updates!!

Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/06/18 10:15


#r4NNOCnx 2016/06/17 10:46

"Stick Ranger" updated version 1.7 (iOS).
-Add stages. (Blood Lake, Inferno 3)
-Add weapon and component item.
-Bug fix.

#NhEh9fHi 2016/06/14 06:36

How do you save I'm new

#NhEh9fHi 2016/06/13 08:01

Can you add some more games?

#r4NNOCnx 2016/06/10 13:59

"Powder Game" updated version 3.3 (Amazon Kindle).
-Added French language.

#Q7zzFnJP 2016/06/04 16:17

In the new update you have dôme fault in traduction : seed = graine not semence , c-4 =c-4 not plastic explosif. But thanks to have added a french traduction.

#O2aT82gb 2016/06/03 13:46

My guess would be, probably not before the PC version is actually finished. Might as well get everything done at once.

#r4NNOCnx 2016/06/03 13:34

"Powder Game" updated version 3.3 (Android).
-Added French language.

#vzF2611T 2016/06/03 08:42

Any estimate on when the next Stick Ranger Mobile update will be?

#vzF2611T 2016/06/03 06:15

I am all caught up on Stick Ranger Mobile with my 3 sniper 1 boxer build. Inferno 2 and Hell 6 are under my belt. I need an update please!!!! Also, if you don't add the new caverns levels soon could you at least add in the drops for inferno? I need my Mach Cestus 7!!!! Hahaha

#djL7hmD5 2016/05/31 10:49

Salut Dan-Ball, j'aimerais que vous fassiez une nouvelle mise a jour sur mobile pour Stick Ranger. Je parle au nom de tout ceux qui ont fini le jeu!! Merci! Ps: super jeu en passant!

#u9sR9yDg 2016/05/30 17:55

Can u plz create monster box for mobile

#zDh6uYKk 2016/05/30 04:06

I would like to second that. I would be very happy to support the development of your ports.

#tlWOZcPP 2016/05/28 05:31

Hey there
I am so glad you made stick ranger for mobile too!

I am waiting patiently for it to catch up with mobile, as well as monster box for mobile

For now I was hopeing you could create a way to pay to remove ads. I know myself and a few friends would be more than willing to spend a few dollars towards your amazing games

thanks for all the hard work

#r4NNOCnx 2016/05/27 14:02

"Powder Game" updated version 3.3 (iOS).
-Added French language.

@Go me =D
Thanks for supporting me.

Go me =D
#tpaTRy84 2016/05/27 06:03

@otascube love your games :) keep up the good work!

#ZhnCFNEf 2016/05/27 05:43

Help me it's 90° here!!!
Blog post 2:
With a gunner, save money and invest most of his skill points into MAG. It reduces the gold used per bullet.
Dude, that ain't right....

#67io4RzJ 2016/05/26 03:35

please help me! stick ranger for me just doesn't load anything! its just the background! can someone help me please?

#oxfu2uAE 2016/05/25 13:19

@Soeash: Look 8 comments below your comment.

Stick Ranger VS mode in mobile version is better than PC version because it is not hac.ked. Yet. Just don't merge both version.

#Y9LRWr3D 2016/05/25 12:45

Can you add monster box to mobile games

#r4NNOCnx 2016/05/20 12:45

"Powder Game" updated version 3.2 (Amazon Kindle).
-Added Arabic language.

There is no plan of porting to the "Windows Phone".

It will be of "Stick Ranger"?
As stixx44 says, there is no compatibility.

I believe some of the update of "Lim Rocket".
(It's a bit far into the future.)

#hgsDeWbx 2016/05/19 06:38

Full STR, Long Gold Rod 7 (Silver Staff 6 in SR Mobile's case) with Black Stone 7 and Red Stone 7 (again, LVL 6 in Stick Ranger Mobile's case). Needle Claw 6 with 90 MAG, 22 DEX, rest LP 100 MAG if using Spark Claw for primary. Quick's Card 5 and Bullet's Card 6 is also ownage and one of the highest Physical DPS. Mach Cestus 7 with Yellow Crystal 6/Quick's Card 5/Vampire's Card 4/Explosion's Card 4 and Critical's Card 6 on all STR Boxer is also powerful. Then again, I've been involved in something like this before on SRCBs (Needle Claw is a physical weapon, siggy mistook it for a different type of weapon).

Is Lim Rocket going to get updated? I know the PC versions timeline is done so this is pretty similar to StarTrekSpock's comment on Labyrinth of Red and Blue. Just asking.

#6ELVSb0T 2016/05/17 06:31

Wait, WAIT.
Ok, here goes Blog Post 1:
If you have a priest with all strength, and a gladiator with full STR and DEX, get the gladiator a GreatSword 7, with a Yellow Crystal 6 and a Vampire's Card 4. It's rather late game, as the GreatSword 7 is from (correct me if I'm wrong) Hell 3, and someone's probably found a more OP idea, but hey, pretty strong!

#6ELVSb0T 2016/05/17 06:27

Forget the blog for now, having posting troubles. Will do it when the troubles stop though!
@ostacube No worries, take your time, I'll survive lol! Thnx :)
Peace Everyone! -TEM

#hgsDeWbx 2016/05/15 04:26

They are completely different versions of the game. So as I know you can't view SR Mobile Games version's VS Mode teams on the PC version of Stick Ranger.

#kwPxPc9x 2016/05/15 02:47

Just asking but I submitted a VS team from my android phone earlier today and I tried checking on it with my computer but it didn't show up? I searched the exact wordings that I used for my team too. Are VS mode in mobile and PC different?

#YRZubx3t 2016/05/14 02:56

Is it maybe also possible for the mobile games to be ported to Windows Phones?

#r4NNOCnx 2016/05/13 17:05

"Powder Game" updated version 3.2 (Android).
-Added Arabic language.

Sorry.For now, there is no such function.

@I am mobile
The development of the Monster Box is still in the early stages, However is under development. just a moment please.

Update of "stick ranger", so we do from time to time, please wait for a while.

#6ELVSb0T 2016/05/12 07:54

HEY OS... oops I had caps lock....let's try again
Hey @ostacube, when does stick ranger iOS get updates? Just wondering if you wait for a certain time or point in stick ranger PC's timeline. And to everyone, you can submit questions to me, and I'll do my best to answer. Peace everyone!

#6ELVSb0T 2016/05/12 07:46

If anyone remembers me, that's a miracle from heaven.
I'm going to attempt a daily blog post kinda thingy about iOS stick ranger advice, with news also about SR, update estimations, and the final score of the MLB team, my favorite, the Phillies. Good to be back, I will upload at least 3 times a week starting next week. This week will be maybe 2 uploads.

#hgsDeWbx 2016/05/12 02:00

Ranking for 1-2
Rank Name Stick Coin Medal Score
4 49 1 572.32
4 49 1 572.04
4 48 1 570.52
4 49 1 569.80
4 49 1 568.24

I just got first on the recent ranking!

#FasgDWRC 2016/05/11 04:41

ih i'm sans sans the skeleton

{cool dude}
#FasgDWRC 2016/05/11 04:33

powder toy is cool powder game is good i guess

#xWKkfgby 2016/05/11 03:47

@S6TH if you are lagging on stick ranger then you are using a device with a weak processor. Either deal with it ir get a device with a stronger processor

I am mobile
#zK5i9ASB 2016/05/11 02:50

There is one game i wish was on the App store: Monster Box. Please make that soon. Thanks.

#17xOcLwi 2016/05/10 09:57

I can't play cavern levels in Stick Ranger because of the lag. Will we ever get an option to disable the cavern effect like the mist, desert, and snow?

#r4NNOCnx 2016/05/06 09:49

"Powder Game" updated version 3.2 (iOS).
-Added Arabic language.

I’m glad you like it.
But,Currently, there are no plans to update.

#hgsDeWbx 2016/05/05 04:54

Whoops, forgot the stixx44 in that.

#hgsDeWbx 2016/05/05 04:53

Test comment.

#lT4Ubtd3 2016/05/02 14:58

As some may know I make various cities type of deals on The Powder Game, and I was wondering if it could receive an update for more dots? The amount you get may seem big at first, but for me it is quickly turned into barely making it over 6000 dots with a large amount on.

#uP9TCIfQ 2016/05/02 01:31

I love the games of this page and i wonder, could you make a game of build cities?

#4wVe7ZAN 2016/04/29 20:05

could the next stick ranger update add weapons and levels from the web version?

On a side note, I love the trailer for stick ranger, but I don't see it in the App Store yet.

#O2aT82gb 2016/04/29 12:11

Also, are you planning to add more levels to Labyrinth of Red and Blue? It's my favourite Dan-Ball mobile game and I'd love to see more updates ^_^

Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/04/29 10:50


#N6LRt7a6 2016/04/29 10:10

Created a video of Stick Ranger.
DAN-BALL:Stick Ranger Official Preview (iOS & Android)

#zKfQE3gv 2016/04/28 01:06

I love stick ranger mobile :) can't wait for the next update:)

Lightning Lord
#oju38bYQ 2016/04/24 00:34


#N6LRt7a6 2016/04/22 09:44

Created a video of Earth editor.
DAN-BALL: Earth Editor Official Preview (iOS & Android) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxGTVCUJbyM

#N6LRt7a6 2016/04/15 09:58

"Powder Game" updated version 3.1 (AmazonKindle).
-Add skin of Korean language.

#N6LRt7a6 2016/04/08 10:01

"Powder Game" updated version 3.1 (Android).
-Add skin of Korean language.

Update of Stick Ranger is not yet.
It takes a long time.Sorry to keep you waiting.

My enlarged baby
#8lnkzdgt 2016/04/08 03:51

Hype for stick ranger

Lightning Lord
#oju38bYQ 2016/04/07 21:23


#2ImleCXA 2016/04/07 08:11

21 Lines. I love counting lines.

#2ImleCXA 2016/04/07 08:11

CAN'T ANYONE SPELL MY NAME CORRECT. Fled with these PG Viewer updates and Stick Ranger (bt that the original PC version) updates man, I am bored. Welł Sirus yes, this is what BurritoMan said 5 months ago:

"@BurritoMan (2015/12/18 23:42)
@otascube it occurs with any weapon. For example, if i have a sniper equipped with the starting bow, if i pick up a triple shot, throw it out of my inventory, then drag the starting bow over the slot the triple shot was in, the error occurs."

Check error "(0x001800)". Thank Darkwolf1371 and BurritoMan once otascube gets this fixed.

"@stixx44 (2016/01/06 23:55)
It also happens to me (I had a Topaz 2, I threw it out and put the Fire Arrow 1 that the Sniper has equipped over to the Topaz 2 was, it crashes). Wonder if this would happen at the PC version (most likely no)?"

This doesn't happen in the PC version. I've tested it. Lightning Lord also found another glitch when the Magician shoots its sound effect doesn't sound. And that team I was using was almost the same as Radiant's old team setup by using the guide he made on the DB Wiki (also notice the "s" in my name, it is lowercase!).

#kwPxPc9x 2016/04/04 12:34

Could you guys update the Mobile version of Stick Ranger? (Possibly for Android) and also I've noticed the same glitch with BurritoMan and Stixx44
From my observations, it can occur with any item and it might also occur if you attempt to move an item into a slot in your inventory

#W4LZ9rpc 2016/04/03 12:26

For some reason I can't save my works on Powder Game 3.0 on Kindle since the app crashes. Is there a better way to do it?

#ln5bm3HK 2016/04/03 01:28


When will we get the next update for Stick Ranger (IOS)?

#N6LRt7a6 2016/04/01 12:01

"Powder Game" updated version 3.1 (iOS).
-Add skin of Korean language.

#N6LRt7a6 2016/03/25 10:25

"Powder Game" updated version 3.0 (AmazonKindle).
-Add the upload function.

#nzKEqt1O 2016/03/23 05:10


#qgj5A9xA 2016/03/22 05:01

Search Games "Tropix 2: Quest for the Golden Banana" And "Tropix! ...your island getaway" in Mobile Games

#2ImleCXA 2016/03/22 04:36

Also, isn't it strange that the Green Smiley Walker (OS) drops the White Stone 1 and not the Green Stone 1? The Blue X Walker drops Blue Stone 1 so that is correct. The Red Smiley Walker instead drops Green Stone 1 rather than Red Stone 1, the Cyan Smiley Walker drops the Red Stone 1 when we think he should be dropping White Stone 1 (closest it would get). The Grey Boss Smiley Walker should drop Black Stone 1 but there wouldn't be enough room. But drops instead the Iron Medal 1 (similar color to the Grey Boss Smiley Walker) so that should be counted against that.

#2ImleCXA 2016/03/22 03:49

@Lightning Lord
I've encountered something like that before when the new update came (the Gunner shoots like sometimes if he had a suppressor (might have been spelt wrong, but I've seen that word before) equipped on his gun (even though you can't find this in Stick Ranger because it doesn't exist in the Stick Ranger world, but there is no sound in the PC version)). A projectile hits an enemy and the initial shooting sound isn't heard but the hit is (for physical it sounds like the Boxer punched him even though if it isn't the Boxer). There is another glitch. If you throw out the weapon or compo item and unequip one of your character's weapons and move it to the place where the other weapon or compo used to be, the game crashes.

Dark Doctor
#2mR4PCp0 2016/03/18 19:32

Ok then

#N6LRt7a6 2016/03/18 11:05

"Powder Game" updated version 3.0 (Android).
-Add the upload function.

@Dark Doctor

I have a plan for Monster Box.
But a plan isn't developed concretely yet.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Dark Doctor
#oju38bYQ 2016/03/16 12:25

@The Boss

The Boss
#VwVprlXX 2016/03/16 00:56

Dark Doctor

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