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#EYrK6U90 Aug 14,2018 16:51

I bet I am better at torturing than you.
@amazingdude was there really only 20 people at that thing? That's pretty funny.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Aug 14,2018 15:54

Torture is one of those concepts where you can't just declare yourself the sole authority, like it traditionally exists, but there has to be consensus for it to be an official mandate. Another title like that is the Duke of Penguin Figurines, which I also am.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Aug 14,2018 15:50

I totally am a king, it's just that the Torture Prime Minister has all the real power these days.

#clB86ObE Aug 14,2018 14:10

*Truth intensifies*

#bhQEFbNN Aug 14,2018 12:46

hope somebody likes this

#bhQEFbNN Aug 14,2018 12:44

well, sigma is a theorist, amazingdude is a confuser, spider-ken is a poopface, minsham is a weirdo, torture king is NOT a king, R102 is a dummy account, omegapirate is a almost dead peep.

#1hR9abZk Aug 14,2018 11:11

1488 to you

#dGUQeyap Aug 14,2018 09:36

Ohh, I originally deduced that you had blue hair.
That gives me a color that makes more sense.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Aug 14,2018 04:18

@Minsheme: I spend basically all of my free time playing 4x games. Poland's in the middle of most game maps.

#C95w9qho Aug 13,2018 17:59


#bhQEFbNN Aug 13,2018 16:41

amazingdude confused me, so i said WHAT. After that, i scrolled down and i was not confused anymore, so i said ok.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 13,2018 16:25

sigma is dumb, somebody else confused me

#rXKWM1A6 Aug 13,2018 14:11

This site does not want me to upload a Diadem. so I uploaded a necklace with a Sapphire for its center stone. Also this is R101's computer account

#EYrK6U90 Aug 13,2018 13:50

White nationalism will win, HH brother.

#1hR9abZk Aug 13,2018 11:36

Turnout was lower than expected. Was hilarious watching the liberals destroy the city.

#EYrK6U90 Aug 12,2018 21:33

Don't think of it like that, just live like you are stronger and heavier, eat more and you will change gradually.
The best thing you can do for base strength is pull-ups and chin-ups. I used to think body-weight exercises were stupid but these ones are extremely effective, especially for someone starting out. I also like doing cloth pull-ups (i.e. gripping onto a cloth/towel) but idk how doable that is for a beginner. I would also try gymnastics rings.
These are also all the most enjoyable exercises in my opinion.
Anyway, if I could go back in time that's what I would do when gaining weight and becoming fit. Even now I think you can have a complete regimen from some form of pull-ups, gymnastics rings and squats.

#C95w9qho Aug 12,2018 09:45

510 165lbs

#1hR9abZk Aug 12,2018 02:53

what do you want, me to be 800lbs? cmon man the rally's tomorrow i cant gain 670lbs in a day

#W45RwyYm Aug 11,2018 21:49

the japanese version also has good creations

#C95w9qho Aug 10,2018 17:56

i second what minsheme said

#iD0gW9ft Aug 10,2018 16:43

Interesting conclusion, Σsigma.

#dGUQeyap Aug 10,2018 06:30

Something tells me PeterZlat tried to comment, couldn't get past the bot, confusedly said "WHAT", found out his second post went through, assumed everything was working this time, decided to try again, commented "ok" to assure himself, tried a third time (most likely with his original message or some variation), was dumbfounded that it didn't go through, started thinking the site was messing with him, and frustratingly gave up.
With a little more hypothesizing, I might just get his address and hair color out of those two messages.

#EYrK6U90 Aug 10,2018 06:08

Dang dude that is not enough you better start dirty bulking ASAP.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 10,2018 04:41


#bhQEFbNN Aug 10,2018 04:41


#1hR9abZk Aug 10,2018 00:54

5'11", 128lb

#EYrK6U90 Aug 09,2018 16:31

What is your height and weight? Do you know self defence so you can legally remove your opponents?
Make sure a fat woman doesn't have a heart attack in your proximity - you might get thrown in jail, unlike that bike-lock assaulter Eric Clanton.

#1hR9abZk Aug 09,2018 13:08

hey guys im back. i will be attending unite the right 2. AMA!

#8vocHSOc Aug 09,2018 00:55

Can you make the odd numbers SGs- SG-4 etc

#8vocHSOc Aug 09,2018 00:55


#EYrK6U90 Aug 08,2018 23:43

TK what is your background that you know some Polish cities have "Grodzisk" ("Gratz" in German) in their name?

#EYrK6U90 Aug 08,2018 17:05

I read it the same way you did, Σligma.
@R101 I don't want your airship company, I would not know how to manage it. I will join it though.

#dGUQeyap Aug 08,2018 13:47

Wait, he said "all of what you say", not "what all of you say". Ignore my last comment.

#8vocHSOc Aug 08,2018 07:48

I have not been building SG Airships so I need someone else to.

#8vocHSOc Aug 08,2018 07:09

SG is a airship company I made for PG2

#EYrK6U90 Aug 08,2018 06:53

I'll take it

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Aug 08,2018 03:08

A city in northern Poland.

#EYrK6U90 Aug 07,2018 17:25

Maybe. What is Stell-Gratz?

#8vocHSOc Aug 07,2018 12:18

You are right minsham. Do you want SG?

#8vocHSOc Aug 07,2018 12:09

Your evidence is valid, Minsham. Do you want Stell-Gratz?

#C95w9qho Aug 07,2018 05:55

I found a keeper

#EYrK6U90 Aug 06,2018 16:42

Why else would a fully grown man play this game - which he knows is mostly played by people aged 12 and under - and pretend to act nice to them? His "nice" comments are so fake, anyone (other than his naive prey) can tell he is forcing it.
His uploads are forced as well (he uploads for the sake of uploading) so he has an excuse to interact with the community here.

#dGUQeyap Aug 06,2018 13:51

"All of you" = Minsheme

#8vocHSOc Aug 06,2018 12:28

Then I might consider all of what you say

#8vocHSOc Aug 06,2018 12:28

Can anyone give me evidence that skyx is a pedophile?

sajjads fire wod
#8AybH7UX Aug 06,2018 06:47


LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Aug 06,2018 04:09

whhhaaaaaaatt. every now and then i pretend to be you. thats crazy

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Aug 05,2018 16:02

Every now and then I pretend to be stixx44, like half of the nonsense he's said over the years was just me. Kinda surprised he's never called me out as not being him.

#UJJR02Lg Aug 04,2018 21:13

are there any AA setting?

#8vocHSOc Aug 04,2018 13:58

Hello I'm back and continuing making airships. I wish someone else could make airships because I'm lonely

#OPRtsTgy Aug 04,2018 08:37

im back, I lost my code XD anyway I will be making modern redstone houses for you guys based on mumbo jumbo: todays concept: hiding a crafting table for modern houses

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Aug 04,2018 04:24

fun fact i was smg

#clB86ObE Aug 02,2018 01:05

Great uploads so far! I think you should attempt to make a huge castle with quite a lot of detail. Though, if your looking for more votes you could try to use "invisible" explosives to simulate a war of some type that ends with the castle being demolished.

#dGUQeyap Aug 01,2018 13:36


#nEYb4mUG Jul 31,2018 13:03

I create an automatic systeme with 3 relais. Go check this. http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/64018.html

#8xbfyCEU Jul 31,2018 03:46


#8xbfyCEU Jul 31,2018 03:20

Anonymousperson5, what?

#QrVeHUh3 Jul 30,2018 21:10

hey guys got any idea on what to upload?

#dGUQeyap Jul 30,2018 11:24

Wait a second...
"I made levels that startrekspock uploaded for me because there was a problem with my computer."
I remember you! Welcome back!

#dGUQeyap Jul 30,2018 11:23

@CubeB & Awsomeness:)
Last time he uploaded on PG2 was in 2014, didn't check PG1. He stopped being really active on the CBs about 2015 or 2016, but very occasionally comes back to comment. Last time was a few months ago.
>Dot limit
That's how the ha.cking craze happened a while back. You'll have to find the specific variable used and set it equal to your desired value (assuming that's how it works in the code, since ha55ii is notoriously messy in his games).

#gWhwbjqO Jul 30,2018 06:32

I used to go on here alot. I made levels that startrekspock uploaded for me because there was a problem with my computer. It was around 2014-2015. I see zigma is still here. What ever happened to startrekspock?

#QU84Lq1o Jul 29,2018 05:19

How do you manually change the dot limit in game? Via inspect element?

#QU84Lq1o Jul 29,2018 05:14

I remember StarTrekSpock @Σsigma when was the last time they were on?

#kIyYgnqE Jul 29,2018 03:19

good to see ppl still play minecraft, i thought it was dying

#k1OD2RJT Jul 28,2018 22:37


#EYrK6U90 Jul 28,2018 18:51

skyk why you gotta be like that man

pantspooper skyk
#EYrK6U90 Jul 28,2018 18:51

*spreads cheeks*
*lays out a big log for the boys*
*hands you all a fork and knife*
dig in my children

#cpjdZ4Ll Jul 28,2018 14:03

His account is gone i cant login it

#clB86ObE Jul 28,2018 12:02

Don't leave! D;

#cpjdZ4Ll Jul 28,2018 10:40

Its not working

#CdOq5mHu Jul 28,2018 03:02

since im done here my pass is 13925 and 5678

#CdOq5mHu Jul 28,2018 02:59

Hi guys...

#dGUQeyap Jul 27,2018 12:53

Even the #'s are the same...
The only way I know that would work is if they commented three times in some interval of comments and every comment between the first and last (excluding their middle comment) were deleted by a moderator. I have verified that deletion of comments can get you around the 3-of-last-5 rule.

#QeMHlk1H Jul 27,2018 04:31

I am putting Stell-Gratz up for sale. Whom ever makes the best upload gets the airship company. Alert me if you are posting for SG and I will look at your upload.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 27,2018 01:01

How did you comment 3 times in a row? That is mindblowing

#k1OD2RJT Jul 26,2018 21:39

I am putting Stell-Gratz up for sale. Whom ever makes the best upload gets the airship company. Alert me if you are posting for SG and I will look at your upload.

#k1OD2RJT Jul 25,2018 09:56

Stell-Gratz will continue under a strict budget and improved safety insurance. Stell-Gratz 02 will be out tomorrow.

#k1OD2RJT Jul 25,2018 07:43

I was testing Stell-Gratz 01 and it exploded during a storm. So the SG Franchise may not continue. The loss of SG-1 means the company will not compete with DB. say something if you want SG to continue.

#5HWwLXOP Jul 25,2018 05:19

this game is great, but they should make dust3 an add these 5 new powers: plasma, slime. merge, vaporize and teleport

#dGUQeyap Jul 24,2018 22:29

Vanilla is the blandest food on the planet.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 24,2018 22:20

That Minecraft server banned me and my entire clan because they don't like us. They're still holding a grudge against us because we tyrannised the server 4 years ago (which also broke no rules). I guess this means we won the objective of the server

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 24,2018 16:10

Whoever came up with vanilla = boring has clearly never eaten unflavored icecream. Vanilla is great.

#iD0gW9ft Jul 24,2018 02:59

Yeah, it's original with a few pieces to not make it taste boring.

#dGUQeyap Jul 23,2018 12:05

So it's vanilla with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 23,2018 01:28

Sorry it's actually at 1100 -500. I've only gone there once myself.
Anyway the server is pretty much 100% vanilla apart from a few quirks like hunger and mobs being different.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 23,2018 01:13

GIMP is a legendary piece of software.
If you guys wanna play Minecraft with me, I'm playing on the IP minerap.com (version 1.11.2). It's a mostly vanilla server with an apocalyptic theme but read the rules. Griefing is allowed but don't say super naughty stuff in chat.
My username is Baby_Abductor and I'm in the +- quadrant. There is an active town at -1100 500 and I'm building a bunch of underground stuff including a church for my cult who swear to cleanse the world of teen skins, so don't wear a teen skin please.
(I'm not affiliated with the server in any way and the staff don't like me)

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 22,2018 23:33

Love, why haven't you wished death upon the comments board?

#clB86ObE Jul 22,2018 15:33

Just released 12 days ago!

#clB86ObE Jul 22,2018 15:32

Wow! Has anyone seen the newest version of GIMP!!! It's majestic! xD (BEST DAY EVER)

#dGUQeyap Jul 22,2018 10:36

Actually, it is not.
Like, at all.

#k1OD2RJT Jul 22,2018 10:01

Minsham, that airship upload is quite good chap

#k1OD2RJT Jul 22,2018 04:52

I'm so happy I am at my grandparents condo and tomorrow we are going to seaside park for two full days

#oOj7DkNL Jul 22,2018 04:52

Itd be fun to upload again but i dont feel like learning how joint works lol

#EYrK6U90 Jul 21,2018 23:53

Why have you just wished death upon this whole comments board and attempted to kill them?

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 21,2018 23:03

I can do you one better, love.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 21,2018 13:01

One of the stupidest uploads I've ever seen. This guy is uploading just for the sake of uploading. And he puts subliminal messages in his uploads, which is why he has that fake "friendly" tone towards all the people on here who he knows are under the age of 12.

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 21,2018 08:39

wish i could say the same

#oOj7DkNL Jul 21,2018 07:16

I feel like im a different person from when i used to be here, really. Like i have all these memories but they dont feel like theyre mine. im bummed that <<A dangerous game>> doesnt work anymore

#oOj7DkNL Jul 21,2018 07:09

Im Hongwing Babey

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