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#Cva07GF2 Dec 08,2019 10:21

The only purpose votes serve to me is as a quality measure for my own uploads -- I want to see what uploads people like and what uploads people don't so I can improve in my skill -- they have no other purpose for me. This is just a small game with only a few hundred users so I really don't care much about votes beyond that.
#6ppKck5h Dec 08,2019 08:59

2nd place on find timmy contest woohoo!
#KBqCoxJh Dec 08,2019 06:36

Hallo. It's been a while since I've been here. How are all of you doing?
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 05:36

And I fully agree, skyk, but for some reason people seem to think 1 PG1 vote = 1 PG2 vote, which it most certainly does not. Appreciation in one's work doesn't make sense when it's based on "Ooh! Mine comes with a *really* big number, bigger than anything I've seen before!"
Kind of like when someone says "1,000,000 is a big number." A million of what? If atoms, that's not very big at all.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 08,2019 05:04

Votes do serve a sort of purpose when it comes to exposure, as higher-rated uploads are sorted higher when filtered that way, but you'd think that would only matter if you hold your own uploads in high enough regard that you'd want people to see them whether they can vote or not. That doesn't make much sense for the deceptive uploads that often try to trick people into voting.
#JAfSvRYW Dec 08,2019 04:39

I think people only care because getting a high amount of people to not hit delete on a creation you worked on, hard or not, would result in a sense of accomplishment. Even though the votes are next to useless, they still show that some people appreciate what you make.

Or those people are kids who think they are famous after getting votes...
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 04:26

Serious question: why do people care about the amount of votes that they're getting?
First of all votes are this abstract construction on this site whose sole purpose is as a really informal measure on upload popularity, and this community is treating it like they're actually worth something to them.
But continuing anyway, a really mediocre upload might get 100 votes in PG1, while a really good upload might get 100 votes in PG2. Notice that in PG1 100 votes is a pretty small amount of votes considering how many people have actually gotten, whereas on PG2 it's pretty substantial.
If you went to Iran you can get 80,000 rial (Iranian currency) probably pretty quickly. Does that sound like a lot of money? You can only buy 2 US dollars worth of stuff with that though. The "amount" of votes you get is absolutely pointless without some kind of reference to go by, and those references can be very, very different.
#HyTW9x0e Dec 08,2019 04:17
Pg lover

Hey how can i get this its not on the app store
#cISbVs0A Dec 08,2019 04:03

Alright, when PG2 starts to get the same amount of votes as PG1, some one please alert me. Currently, one of my uploads on PG1 gets about 60 votes.
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 03:12

Press space and it should stop on the next frame. I know this because my old computer was very slow and <1fps was quite common >:
#DnlBjdUr Dec 07,2019 12:00

Looks like people really love chain reactions. Should I make Chain Reaction 4 next?
#JAfSvRYW Dec 07,2019 07:21

oh its pg1
#JAfSvRYW Dec 07,2019 07:16

how did he get 300 votes tho? hax or..
#M40Pd4bW Dec 06,2019 22:22
Boiled Potato #2

Can I do weapon contest in PG1?
#6ppKck5h Dec 06,2019 07:09

Dude I'm low key pissed off that he would do that it takes advantage of people wanting to see a cool reaction and turns it into votes, but the worse part is that he was a vote scam fighter who betrayed us that makes it worse in my opinion.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 06,2019 02:18

Bruh Moments

Before: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/431255.html
After: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/431283.html
#JVc0sgFG Dec 05,2019 21:42

If I where you, I would stick to PG2 because the second game has more to offer and the comment section for PG2 is more productive than the PG1 comments.

However do whatever you want.
#6ppKck5h Dec 05,2019 13:28

@R101 you can upload on both because it's not hard to make as hard to make PG1 uploads because it's much more basic... jk :D I'm just very partial to PG2 but I do a bit of PG1 the two can coexist it's not a 1 or the other deal
#Q93lI0GL Dec 05,2019 10:09

Oops- imlost my deforkle account. Just so you know i am deforkle just another account.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 05,2019 09:37

Upload to whichever one you like more. It's not about the notes
#cISbVs0A Dec 05,2019 08:28

Even though I get much less votes here than PG1, should I come back to PG2?
#AubyEJJS Dec 05,2019 06:59

Wait help I can't click stop-
#AubyEJJS Dec 05,2019 06:59

Speed 8

We did it boiz.
#47JJMbm1 Dec 05,2019 05:20

#Q93lI0GL Dec 04,2019 20:46

Oh yeah i forgot XD. you all are following the major rules. The due date will probobly be christmas, since this contest is a little hard.
#6ppKck5h Dec 04,2019 13:39

O um thanks, but the ram was actually skyk's :/ but I'm working on something big for the weapon contest.
#Q93lI0GL Dec 04,2019 09:07

HydroMan the ram is amazing. Very cool.
#6ppKck5h Dec 04,2019 07:13

hehehehehe I'm first monthly... for now :l
#DnlBjdUr Dec 04,2019 06:36

@TDB Congrats also your bumped me down to 4th XD also I only need 15 more votes to get #4 on total rankings
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 03:40

Oof I made it third place on the monthly ranking, so uh.. thanks guys and gals...

#6ppKck5h Dec 03,2019 06:44

I have a new upload I forgot the link :/ and I'm too lazy to go back right now its called
#1yL2PG7B Dec 03,2019 01:15

i'm back, yay
#Q93lI0GL Dec 02,2019 22:52

Thecontest has started
#OUChUiET Dec 02,2019 09:19

i uploaded this yesterday and forgot to post about it https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71840.html
#Cva07GF2 Dec 02,2019 08:58

@Deforkle I'll enter too
#6ppKck5h Dec 02,2019 05:52

I'd enter that contest
#Q93lI0GL Dec 01,2019 23:49

I am thinking of a new contest where people create weapons for players ( the square and round head guys). The rules are;

1. It must be a weapon that can kill fighters
2. It must not kill the player itself
3. No armor is allowed.
4. Have fun!
And finally, since it is called Player Gear Contest, you need PGC in the title.
#nv0GZWwr Dec 01,2019 09:43

Very nice! I didn't expect to see my old transistor design in there.

PS I know I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. I got bored with PG and felt like doing something else for a while.
#DnlBjdUr Dec 01,2019 06:28

Hows this guys? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71868.html
#Q93lI0GL Nov 30,2019 08:32

Does wizard count? The joint is keeping the orb on the player.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 30,2019 02:50

@HydroMan Cool I voted :)
Also can you guys please check out my new upload? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71847.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 30,2019 02:21

hey guys please check out my pixel art Psylocke https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71846.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 29,2019 04:52

I mean not like the ones if PG2 hahahah. cool @Deforkle
@skyk I loved how the creepers really exploded
#Q93lI0GL Nov 29,2019 00:33

I just made markeess! Go check it out.
#Q93lI0GL Nov 28,2019 13:31

#G3R0T1O6 Nov 28,2019 10:46

Hydroman: Organisms do have joints, though. I'm using a dozen of them to type this message :p
#6ppKck5h Nov 28,2019 10:28

You do have a point but we can count it as an organism for this contest because I'm not really looking for actual science, in real life no creature is made of joints nor do joints even exist so this whole thing is unrealistic anyway. please do not tell me what shouldn't count do our own contest for that.
#mNASdnMK Nov 28,2019 06:51

Bacteriophage in non living it shouldn't count
#6ppKck5h Nov 28,2019 05:11

OK, so far all uploads have been just fine you have all followed the major rules. If I was actually gonna disqualify someone I would just tell them to make a new project. I'm impressed will the work I've seen, none of you guys should stress it... um and about my example I named it the 12 dot hawk because I had no ideas it's not necessary to put the joint or dot number in the name but I'm fine if you have or will... also someone entered 2 projects that's fine but please don't spam about 100 projects into the contest trying to force a top 3 spot... anyways good work everyone but please I'm trying not to talk much about it to keep things fair -enjoy the contest :)
#DnlBjdUr Nov 28,2019 02:07

@HydroMan I entered :D http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71821.html Does this qualify?
#Q93lI0GL Nov 28,2019 00:50

The spiderp is not getting votes. What is wrong with it?
#9OofC7PB Nov 28,2019 00:26


Quick question, does my Bacteriophage qualify for JOC? It doesn't really move much so I'm just gonna pretend the block it stands on is a cell that it's injecting its RNA into to make more Bacteriophages. I think that's how it works?
#7brhEH8N Nov 27,2019 22:34

how do you create the explosion mapper?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 21:41


Hey I kinda forgot the rule of giving my JOC creature a name, It’s obviously a rabbit, but I never made a clear description on what it is. Would this leave me with a disqualification? Or am I still gonna be in the JOC contest with this entry?

Link: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71779.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 27,2019 06:41

my meme made fun of volcanos nukes and stuff like that but i agree with ISWTMTWTG
mostly new guys do that stuff also I'm happy with how many people have already entered J.O.C.!
#nv0GZWwr Nov 27,2019 05:09

@ TDB Just vote scams. Nukes and volcanoes and stuff like that aren't interesting, but the people who upload them are mostly new and not very experienced, so I cut them a break.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 27,2019 04:30

@TDB Volcanos, bombs, and random destruction
Also I'm starting tech contest #2 when HydroMan's contest ends.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 03:45

Hey I have a question for all of you, what projects do you hate the most?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 00:55

So I guess a find Timmy contest is happening, uh probably not gonna join considering it’s just attaching a ball to player 1 and making a level with that ball.
#9csTkyQX Nov 27,2019 00:41

I made a standing Bacteriophage
It's somewhat accurate
#6ppKck5h Nov 26,2019 05:15

you can judge and participate but you probably should upload it more as an example than a participant but I'm considering just having judges just the other judges content, the problem with this would be though that if a judge wins 1st place it would ruin the whole thing so judges cud only get up to 2nd place. I just want this contest to be fun and fair. I need up to 2 more judges but I'd need a way to communicate with other judges privately I could do e-mail or discord but it would be easiest if I am the only judge if nobody minds me be the only judge thats the easiest. I'm sorry for such a long boring message :/
#mMynnbfR Nov 26,2019 04:42

@blorghorg what ending date
#JVc0sgFG Nov 26,2019 04:15

Oof the Japanese PG2 community is so empty and dead that projects with 0 Votes gets on the weekly leaderboard:|

Link: https://dan-ball.jp/javagame/dust2/user.html
#Cva07GF2 Nov 25,2019 23:52

@HydroMan Also sure I'll be a judge but can I still participate?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 25,2019 22:42

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a contest, sign me up
#M3dDFtBM Nov 25,2019 18:49

#lczsS4EF Nov 25,2019 11:58

Sounds neat. I'll think up something neat
(It's me, Danstroyer, this is my alt. It means I'm either on google for some reason or defending my SR2 rectangle in 100bit)
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 25,2019 10:57

HydroMan: That's a fun idea for a contest. I better think of a novel organism for it.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 25,2019 10:44

@HydroMan Ight imma sign up now
#YEUPfXQ5 Nov 25,2019 10:00

Oof I’m going to not participate in this contest also sorry community for not being active the last 2 months school work caught up to me
#6ppKck5h Nov 25,2019 08:19

Joint Organism Contest
I need to judges I've already made the contest upload I just need to add judges names
Entry rubric
1. must seem and act like a living thing
2. must be joint based
3. must have a name (species name or like a pet name)
4. must have JOC in the upload title
5. you must have fun!
Winners will be declared in about 3-5 weeks must be uploaded before dec 10
there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Entries will be judged upon...
and style
Anyways I need more 2 judges anybody want in? especially @bob4koolest becuase you'vedone this kinda thing before.
#oSO5Omm5 Nov 25,2019 06:30

I tried Sandspiel and fungus and plant interact pretty weirdly.
I like how fungus "blooms" every now and then
#N6FHhRZL Nov 25,2019 04:15

Cool - like that detail :D
#6ppKck5h Nov 25,2019 03:02

yeah I'd love to be in or help judge 1 of your contests, also please check out this pixel art https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71768.html
#Cva07GF2 Nov 24,2019 22:57

@HydroMan Maybe if we start more contests then it will motivate people to make better uploads
#FciIDoRH Nov 24,2019 15:16


Yeah, I haven't forgotten that...
uh, you'll get it sometime this decade, or something. Idk PayPal kinda locked me out my account won't let me send money or even use it myself, I have like $69 dollars in that account too.
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 13:47

yeah I made the meme to be funny for those who are bored of the same old stuff and to low key tell people to stop making the same old stuff :)
#N6FHhRZL Nov 24,2019 12:46

@HydroMan Thanks! Also I like your meme -- great way to say "don't spam".
#mNASdnMK Nov 24,2019 12:38


bye. I guess I won't get my 5$
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 12:11

liked it @bob4koolest
#N6FHhRZL Nov 24,2019 11:06

Made a new chain reaction! http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71762.html please check it out :D
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 02:42

check out my Powder Game II meme https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71756.html
I think it's pretty funny
#Q93lI0GL Nov 24,2019 02:12

You should see some of my works. I am very good at bringing powder to life.

The secret is copy and paste.
#CthxTdd3 Nov 23,2019 23:55

Jay_Echo: okay thanks for asking the PG2 modding team, our best members won't do that soon.

Minsheme Bot: Sandspiel? I'm trying it but it doesn't load
#mNASdnMK Nov 23,2019 11:34

It won't let me vote for them, it is too old.
#VoYVWtKx Nov 23,2019 09:22

You guys should add other things that kill the players
#mspcX9tL Nov 23,2019 08:46
Minsheme Bot

Is activity going up thanks to that Sandspiel game or whatever it's called? That thing is getting like 10 uploads per minute. I'm not exaggerating
#6ppKck5h Nov 23,2019 04:04

I have the discord and I'm on it but it can't get it to you right now because my discord only works on 1 computer and a friend is using it for now sorry :/
#JVc0sgFG Nov 23,2019 01:54

Hey can anyone send me the link to the discord, or if that even exists?
I kinda don’t always wanna discuss with people in the comments
#AtKhzai7 Nov 23,2019 00:23

Reminds me of when we made this. https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Vote_Scams
#JVc0sgFG Nov 22,2019 22:53


No you don’t get a prize, they just say that so that people press vote. A lot of projects from Earth Editor have different methods to make people’s press vote. Some examples are...

- Vote to see some type of explosion.
Explosion: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/381259.html

- Vote to add a feature or update
Feature: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/361838.html

- Vote to activate a mechanic
Mechanic: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/359093.html

It’s a shame they do this because they genuinely have some really cool projects
Firefighters: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/246443.html
Candle: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/357554.html
#O8pfOobX Nov 22,2019 19:19

@skyk just a simple dragon face. All the details are up to you. You’re the one making it, not me.
#N6FHhRZL Nov 22,2019 12:24

@Sigma Nice quiz! I passed :D I was messing around with fish before I made it so I had the idea for it
#mNASdnMK Nov 22,2019 11:11

I won!
#6ppKck5h Nov 22,2019 08:21

I hit delete on EE latest thing does anyone actually get a prize when they vote?
also, check out my latest work https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71729.html
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 22,2019 07:48

Neko_Animator: What sort of dragon?
#AtKhzai7 Nov 22,2019 03:49

I'm surprised EE still does this. I have no idea what he has to gain, since he's probably in his twenties now?
#O8pfOobX Nov 22,2019 02:34

I have a request level for anyone who can make it. My request is to make a dragon or dragon face. Just a standing image is fine.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 22,2019 01:21

Damn it, Earth Editor is back and still vote scamming >:[


At least I can actually vote delete his stuff since PG and PG2 has that thing were after 3 months, you cannot delete or vote a project.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 21,2019 23:49

Yeah I kinda wish it still did that, but I also hated out Charged glass kills the player in PG1.

Doesn’t help that in that game players have 1 hp and die from anything they touch

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