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#xICw4VnM Jan 17,2022 23:43
I could have imagined something far far away. in the 5th season of fighter game, i thought of this becoming extreme. and instead of just 50 players, this time there is 100 players( randomized from the previous seasons, last players will be the winner of previous seasons, and most importantly i will also join). idk how da hell i will manage that lmao at some point i will stop uploading on this account since i also want to bring the alt to all time ranking
#fiHbNZQs Jan 17,2022 23:11
big fan tsnake
can you vonter to make a he was a gumball art pleas now at leats 8 people
#fiHbNZQs Jan 17,2022 23:02
big fan tsnake
hung in powder world why did you do that why is everyone mean to me
#Q77zBNGN Jan 17,2022 22:27
@DA its kinda a good point... @Nwoko_1794 ........ @big fan tsnake I SAID he quitted i think- although he may be lying oh yeah btw back to meh fav game h cya
#Q77zBNGN Jan 17,2022 22:23
Well that was fast- lmao i dont have any running skills
#w0TIAYPA Jan 17,2022 18:01
hello guys im just kyle2009
#xICw4VnM Jan 17,2022 09:59
oh no everyone. i cant upload the upload for my alt account and it say 1 time in 1 days only and noo i last uploaded on jan 16 nooooooo @da i thought this will speed up the hosting process of "FG" The first game passed. 8 players elminated : -=NotRed=-, KittyKate1234, Da Cool Kid 2, IM A FURRY !, Shroomy1, SDFGTRG, King Masochist, clefairy. 42 player left. second game come soon
#zqF4NE94 Jan 17,2022 04:38
Ok sorry I read it wrong
#zqF4NE94 Jan 17,2022 04:37
I had 3 accounts but its not me who you are referring to
#c4hc0CRR Jan 17,2022 04:28
Dragon Archives
@hung As someone who used to have 3 accounts I think it's better to keep all your uploads under one since it helps you in all-time ranking. I'm curious why you want to use an alt for these uploads?
#c4hc0CRR Jan 17,2022 04:27
Dragon Archives
@Nwoko I mean, it's still a super creative use of the elements and certainly is as close to a teleporter as we're gonna get (besides that hidden element that can teleport players and fighters to the top left of the screen). It gets a vote from me @Ron Well, it means a lot to me that you're a fan! I actually was around back in the heyday and I went by dragon-slayer at the time. Never made it into all-time ranking under that account, but I was active in the community and frequented Roncampo :D
#fiHbNZQs Jan 17,2022 02:42
big fan tsnake
can 9 of you lolenter to make he was a gumball art and me i wish i could and i love tsnake
#fiHbNZQs Jan 17,2022 02:28
big fan tsnake
its snowing haha
#hcAtLMAe Jan 17,2022 02:03
Teleporter is a troll. The crystal becomes invisible, and when the laser goes through it, it becomes invisible, and there is glass at the "destination" to make it visible again. When you put players on top of the invisible laser, they get the laser attribute, the laser is still there. Delete it!
#h1jT1sYV Jan 17,2022 00:28
Snatchy-snatchy! :D
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 22:04
Sg × pg = squid game and powder game
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 22:01
Hi @ roncamp
#YEOao6u3 Jan 16,2022 18:29
Strike Force
what SG X PG Creation?????
#DK4lRXCU Jan 16,2022 17:40
hi im hung's alt account hung will use this account to post fighter game pleese callme hungdeptrai07 or just h7
#ozVir1fg Jan 16,2022 17:29
Player35012 if u are in the elminated list which i will post in a comment then yeah and also in the upload too 「Aboslutely Nothing」 0vote by 85631vote Jan 16,2022 17:28 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87622 this is my alt account i will use that to host fighter game
#ucNTUerr Jan 16,2022 17:27
infinity fighter :( so impossible
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 16:23
How would I know if I m eliminated or not
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 16:21
Oh ok
#qq16OcXD Jan 16,2022 15:43
Strike Force
I like @hungdeptrai07, @StarTrekSpock, and Seiji Ketchaku creation XDDDDDDD i'm vote
#dsdpHDli Jan 16,2022 12:26
@Dragon Archives hey yes it's me! Not sure why the number is different perhaps when I logged out and back in it changed? Anyway big fan of your work I'm sad you weren't around back in the heyday
#ABEUQiIQ Jan 16,2022 10:42
@hungdeptrai07 hey hung do you gonna make fighter game like squid game ?
#c4hc0CRR Jan 16,2022 10:22
Dragon Archives
@starry sock yeah I've wondered the same thing but am similarly lazy. if they just copy 1 for 1 I wonder if they had a snatchy code like Sigma produced years before sigma made it of if they literally redraw things pixel-for-pixel.
#c4hc0CRR Jan 16,2022 10:20
Dragon Archives
I mean, skyk uploaded pretty much daily for years. I talked to them about it and they described it as almost a compulsion. They lost access to PG for 2 weeks and haven't uploaded since cuz they finally got out of the cycle. A legend, to be sure. But I'm happy for them that they got out of that cycle
#xICw4VnM Jan 16,2022 09:12
@player35012 okay please search sg x pg and select the time to all you will see how it works And you dont have to do anything dont have to publish bc everything will be done by me and my alt account The winner will be broadcasted in the winner scene at ep 11 @STS what if ? he does ?!? it would took roughly 4 years lol
#tgFrH0jH Jan 16,2022 06:17
The good old days :( - I'm curious how closely seiji copies the uploads they always credit. Too lazy to try to match the japanese names and check lol, but I do wonder if they do it 1 to 1, or just take vague ideas Also weird that they're seemingly not active on the japanese side, unless it's under another account or something I don't think anyone's ever gonna pass skyk though, from a sheer logistics standpoint. You'd have to either upload small-scale things daily for years for 20-30 votes each, or larger ones and get maybe double, if that, since it seems like average votes have gone down since skyk started. There's just not a lot of people with that dedication
#Pz22ezBX Jan 16,2022 05:34
Elephant protect
I still remember when STS was #1 for years.
#hL5VVZYf Jan 16,2022 03:47
It’s curious to me why seiji cares so much and is so dedicated to uploading consistently without ever really interacting with the community. For me the respect of my peers is a major driving force in continuing to upload and trying to get higher on all-time ranking. Same with Padruman on PG1, who I’ve made a goal of passing and tried to communicate with more than once to no avail. I’m even more curious - could they possibly be going for #1 eventually? Hard to imagine anyone ever passing skyk
#lOY0RAFg Jan 16,2022 02:04
Please help
#lOY0RAFg Jan 16,2022 01:45
And what should I do and when should I publish it?
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 01:32
Like stick ranger
#zqF4NE94 Jan 16,2022 01:31
So what should I do? Make a fighter game in powder game?
#xICw4VnM Jan 16,2022 00:01
@pickley lol idk if there was any uploader who have over 5000 votes to upload regularly expect him and im at 3,2k votes lol @not red im good at that game xddd @player 35012 OKAY your flamethrowner had got to the monthly ranking @ALL okay 2k more votes in pg1 and i will get to that all time ranking too also be prepared to see my alt account !
#Q77zBNGN Jan 15,2022 23:04
oh yeah btw im more of a stick ranger person.. but im just looking at PG2
#Q77zBNGN Jan 15,2022 23:02
@Pickley Uhhhhhhh...... @hung ok
#RnQioZ3v Jan 15,2022 22:10
Uh...*nervous laughing* has anyone addressed the fact that seiji is about to take 2nd place?
#oQDuo6D7 Jan 15,2022 21:08
Strike Force
Hey Dan Ball idiot please update powder game 2 add player add box add elastic and add more pleaseeeeeee
#xICw4VnM Jan 15,2022 20:16
@Player35012 bad news that no it is totally based on this comment board and yeah u are in. 「Fighter Game SS3 ep0」 0vote by hungdeptrai07 Jan 15,2022 20:15 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87611
#zqF4NE94 Jan 15,2022 19:12
@hungdeptrai07 is it random? If yes please do not pick me.
#zqF4NE94 Jan 15,2022 16:38
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450414 Rocket mk-2 107 votes
#xICw4VnM Jan 15,2022 14:26
@all okay so i want to tell you something. i'm gonna host fighter game ss3 and i will create an alt account to speed things up. im gonna pick players soon
#4HuJcAGP Jan 15,2022 06:02
My ID, password, and username, are all the same thing, graynose96. Use my account as you wish, never gonna use it.
#aTfFV9MT Jan 15,2022 00:56
Dragon Archives
Twice now an upload in the middle of my Page Pixel Art project has been deleted. it's not like they're literally just the thumbnails - I put effort into the pixel arts contained within. frustrating @big fan I'm honored, though my begging for a stalker was definitely a joke and "mkois" is the plural form of "mkoi"
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 23:06
big fan tsnake
dragon archives im going to change my acont to big fan of you
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 23:03
big fan tsnake
da what are mkois
#aTfFV9MT Jan 14,2022 07:53
Dragon Archives
even more mkois
#mhXU7x1u Jan 14,2022 06:55
@STS There's like 4 other bob4koolest accounts on the dan-ball discord besides mine
#fQjQfjjs Jan 14,2022 05:32
how will i ever find my old comment i dont even remember what name i had it under ._.
#pxdxMmoq Jan 14,2022 02:44
hi all I'm back with a new series called you chose hope you all enjoy :)
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 02:21
big fan tsnake
da stands for dragon archives
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 02:07
big fan tsnake
da im one of you stalkers
#aTfFV9MT Jan 14,2022 01:54
Dragon Archives
@bigtsnakefan didn't mean to be rude, buddy. I just think it's funny that you're still around (and with that name) when Tsnake hasn't been present for a while. Also, if I may ask, out of all the uploaders why chose Tsnake specifically? I like their stuff well enough myself, but not enough to name my account after them lol. genuinely asking here @STS I wish I had stalkers *sad face* @hung PG1 monthly for sept 2021 was by far my best month. 6/20 of the uploads were mine :D
#lOY0RAFg Jan 14,2022 00:07
Both I wish I could s and bigfantdnake Has same tag
#lOY0RAFg Jan 14,2022 00:05
You literally played yourself
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 00:01
big fan tsnake
can someone kick i wish i could s
#fiHbNZQs Jan 14,2022 00:00
i wish i could s
shut up you dummey
#tSkuGTQS Jan 13,2022 23:48
i got in there sometimes. first time is in june at the 20th place, then july at the 9th place, after some months on november i got there 4 times at the 20th, 17th, 10th, 8th, then two times in december at 15th and 11th. and now currentally 6 times in january so that 14 times i guess :)
#lOY0RAFg Jan 13,2022 23:28
@hungdeptrai07 I had got in monthly ranks twice, one in my old account (Scientist02) and one in this one the rocket.
#xICw4VnM Jan 13,2022 23:25
@Player35012 done i mean, you should try to get a spot in this monthly ranking ( select rating and select jan 2022. ( through i knew i was demolishing the ranking with the best 3 uploads are all from mine ) in spot 20 is enough, i know i rarely get a upload with over 500 votes, but since i had just broke my record of the most voted upload with 820 votes ( last record since june of 2021 with 686 ) please put effort on your upload and it'll worth it 「Chain Reaction Fix」 820vote by hungdeptrai07 Jan 06,2022 09:01 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450299 if you are wondering what 820 votes upload this is it (my fixed version of the 10,000 votes special )
#zqF4NE94 Jan 13,2022 22:54
@hungdeptrai07 what do you mean? Also can someone please vote my rocket it's at 729 votes. Just one more
#zqF4NE94 Jan 13,2022 22:49
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450397 Not a flamethrower(flamethrower from thr boring company)
#Q77zBNGN Jan 13,2022 22:24
@hung i mean.. i would like to see a REAL working shoe..
#Q77zBNGN Jan 13,2022 22:24
Who knows? he couldve quitted.
#xICw4VnM Jan 13,2022 22:24
thanks god there is no hungdeptrai07 fan lol did ts just died of working shoe ?!?!?
#zqF4NE94 Jan 13,2022 22:12
Don't know
#fiHbNZQs Jan 13,2022 21:49
big fan tsnake
why are you guys mean to me and weres toxicsnake
#tgFrH0jH Jan 13,2022 15:31
@DA There's both an "STS fan" and "startrekspock fan" on the DB discord and they've been there for months, lurking. It scares me lol
#Q77zBNGN Jan 13,2022 10:59
Remember that time when he went to quit @DA does that answer your question?
#aTfFV9MT Jan 13,2022 08:36
Dragon Archives
also why is big fan tsnake still around and tsnake hasn't made an appearance in weeks XD
#aTfFV9MT Jan 13,2022 08:35
Dragon Archives
sts asking the real questions
#fiHbNZQs Jan 13,2022 06:31
big fan tsnake
go to tornado and go on bg light
#tgFrH0jH Jan 13,2022 05:15
whys ur nose gray
#QyWlr2Ng Jan 13,2022 04:01
Finally found my account again!
#zqF4NE94 Jan 12,2022 15:08
I mean *Infinity Gauntlet
#zqF4NE94 Jan 12,2022 15:08
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450370 Infinite gauntlet
#mhXU7x1u Jan 12,2022 10:24
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87525 yo this is pretty cool
#PvXuof9v Jan 12,2022 10:11
Tenny TH
#lJowzusP Jan 12,2022 03:49
Guys check out my [Testing-Powders] CREATION it’s super cool and yiu can test anything on anything but be careful with the dark green powder because we’ll it was made in PowderGame not PowderGame2 so yeah lol
#xICw4VnM Jan 11,2022 23:17
「Not normal memory」 2vote by Kairuosi2 Jan 11,2022 22:23 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87508 what the hell ? hOw DiD kairuosi sAw A vAmPiRe ?!?!? what i am looking at noooooooo *wasted again* @Player35012 idk @all 「hungdeptrai07」 11vote by sam viet nam :) Dec 05,2021 22:59 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=86768 this actually made me laugh out loud. Didnt realize that there is upload with my name as the title lmao
#c4hc0CRR Jan 11,2022 22:50
Dragon Archives
@hung before the first "chain reaction" was the first "rube Goldberg" machine http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=2513 Chain reaction is certainly more catchy of a name
#lOY0RAFg Jan 11,2022 20:54
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450357 Infinity gauntlet.
#lOY0RAFg Jan 11,2022 20:53
#zqF4NE94 Jan 11,2022 18:49
Player 35012
Also how did someone get 12000+ vote for creating a simple black hole?
#zqF4NE94 Jan 11,2022 18:47
Player 35012
Hugdeptrai you created atomic melter right?
#RUKMH3t5 Jan 11,2022 10:16
Glitch in my game with the volcano
#xICw4VnM Jan 11,2022 00:04
「Dangerous lunch day」 2vote by Kairuosi2 Jan 10,2022 22:20 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87484 welp, what a not normal day, kairousi had so many bad event that days ( school bus got wrecked, not normal scientist teacher, accident during food fight ) hope him would be safe after these bad events 「Atomic Melter V2」 1vote by hungdeptrai07 Jan 11,2022 00:00 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450355
#xICw4VnM Jan 10,2022 08:34
「Sword Battle !」 0vote by hungdeptrai07 Jan 10,2022 08:18 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87474 「Stick Ranger 2 Title」 0vote by hungdeptrai07 Jan 10,2022 08:17 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=450343 @cuperindo i accidentally found a fact that the enemies in the left sometime can self-destruct and die without fighting lol @all do you know this is the first upload with " chain reaction " ? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=6105
#c4hc0CRR Jan 10,2022 03:44
Dragon Archives
「Dan-Ball Parkour」 304vote by Dragon Archives Sep 26,2021 01:57 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=448980 Originally made this in 2012, reuploaded under my new account. I think to this day this is still my favorite thing I ever made. That includes all of my new uploads and ones that have gotten way more votes.
#c4hc0CRR Jan 09,2022 14:43
Dragon Archives
「the dark empire war」 2vote by cuperindo Jan 09,2022 13:38 * Thank you for voting. dude, that's super cool. No pitty vote here, you earned that one
#ABEUQiIQ Jan 09,2022 13:42
plz open and vote this https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=87467 really hard to make it + making the death detector is a bit hard
#ixP6hFL4 Jan 09,2022 12:16
and a boat pls
#ixP6hFL4 Jan 09,2022 12:15
make a flying work plane pls
#c4hc0CRR Jan 09,2022 09:42
Dragon Archives
#xICw4VnM Jan 09,2022 08:56
Assuming i could be active enough to get 4,500 votes every month, (150 votes Avg), then it should took 34 days to reach 20,000 Votes Anyway, 254 more votes in pg2 to reach 3,250 votes, so i could host fighter game ss3 hopefully in next weekend
#TrPX1mJ6 Jan 09,2022 00:05
@nwoko be like: GuYS THe GuNN OnLY WOrKS BECAUSE IT USE WIND!!111 (bruh thats how its supposed to work how is a fricking scam you idiot)
#dcJj513F Jan 08,2022 15:01
Da Cool Kid 2
I also agree to that

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