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Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/29 14:16

That's the accusation, I'm asking for the motive. What does anyone get out of making people believe a lie that would justify spending so much money? Especially when the lie would do nothing but cost more money, If it were enemy action, that'd be one thing but you've been specifically saying that our own government is responsible for this supposed misinformation campaign. What possible benefit could they extract from cutting their own tax base?

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/29 14:03

Not like you have any. I proved over 7 sources a while back.
1. I have heard of it, and it is bullsh,it.
2. the top scientists and journal publishers are bribed to promote the global warming hoax. No journal will get published for debating manmade climate change, because they simply wont allow it. Then the public buys into ther load of bullsh,it. I've explained it multiple times, you just dont getit.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/29 12:38

1) I have a hard time believing that you've never heard of the "Illuminati" conspiracy that supposedly rule the world and plaster triangles everywhere.
2) Still waiting on that Realpolitik motive, you know, the plan that your entire argument rests on? Ignore this if you want, but it's not doing your "rational" image any favors. You just don't have any foundation to be accusing NASA of faking their data without this conspiracy of yours having a plausible motive to extort them for.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/29 12:18

Don't make me laugh.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/29 11:03

#vSbAiI0H 2017/06/29 10:43

Thanks turtleboy
Does anyone else remember The Prince? that guy made some nice uploads.

#d1OBSZdx 2017/06/29 08:22

beautiful upload skyk

#qRyKW7MC 2017/06/29 07:52

uh this argument is still a thing?

#f6R3Pvaf 2017/06/29 03:32

Don't worry, killa-byte is just a dumb teenager acting like he's 25

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW 2017/06/29 02:47

You believe you have won a debate despite making the fewest credible points out of all us. You are now entitled to proclaim yourself with the title: the master of debating.

#3Adfqt77 2017/06/29 02:16

Are you guys STILL arguing here ;_;

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/29 01:49

Don't even pretend like you're more credible than I am. I'm not the one running around telling everybody the government's a bunch of lying hypocrites scaring us and telling us we're killing ourselves "just to get money".
You're a fool to actually believe that you won. This is how I see this situation:
A little kid and a big kid get into a fight.
The big kid punches the little kid in the stomach, and the little kid falls to the ground.
The little kid stands back up and keeps trying to fight, despite the fact he's too hurt to har͏m͏ ͏the big kid in the slightest.
The big kid can tell the little kid can't win the fight, so out of mercy, he walks away.
Later, the little kid claims to everyone that he won the fight because the big kid "gave up".
In this story, you are the little kid. We didn't "give up", we got tired of your foolishness and decided that we've had enough of it. That's not admitting defeat, that's showing mercy.

#qRyKW7MC 2017/06/29 01:08

I'm not dead....Although I shall not be here for three weeks due to the fact i'm going to Florida to study NASA.

#qRyKW7MC 2017/06/29 01:06

Hello .-.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/29 00:13

The problem with your claim of winning is... you aren't backing up your evidence and ignoring sources that dont fit your point of view.

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/28 14:09

*grass to rich
>the joys of typing on an iPad

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/28 14:07

Zookeeper 1: Wow, our new troll exhibit has gotten really popular!
Zookeeper 2: Put them under a bridge linking old, dry grass or rich, green grass and an option to feed the troll that costs a quarter? Genius!
Zookeeper 1: All of our guests love to feed the troll. And we love to watch them! The feeding frenzy is our entertainment, and we can't stop! I hope they don't stop.
Zookeeper 2: My favorite part is when they react to each other. They just keep going back and forth, and of course we're making quite a bit of money for a simple exhibit.
Zookeeper 3: You know, I'm still here. Anyone want to talk to me?

Succ my
#GnPu51CK 2017/06/28 13:38


#n0cGJnYm 2017/06/28 13:37

For a 25 year old you sure do post on /r/teenagers a lot...

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/28 12:59

I am 25, want proof? Keep calling me stupid then, its not gonna make you any more credible.
Umm, you all lost?
No, it's to argue your point and prove evidence to the point the opponent cannot dispute it. I've WON multiple times.
Umm, what is that?
Aren't you the same person who called me a fox sheep? I can't believe you have completely flipped in only 2 weeks. If you are serious, it goes to show the power of alternative science.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/28 11:20

Oh, and *aren't

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/28 11:12

Wait. Don't tell me...
You're one of *those* conspiracy theorists aren't you?
Have you been trying to argue this entire time?

#VCI9OTDw 2017/06/28 11:06

amazing dude
i have been looking into your point of view and i have found it very interesting and much more convincing and believable than the generally accepted view of human activity = bad. i apologize for being so harsh on you. your sources have really changed the way i look at science and the media. you were right all along: man made global warming is bullpoop. i must admit, it was hard to accept the fact that i have been lied to all my life, but with an open mind, i learned to accept that you can't just blindly trust whatever people tell you. thank you for showing the way of climate skepticism, and giving me the opportunity to expand my point of view by taking climate skepticism into my heart.
please do not believe the sacks of hot air on this board. i strongly urge you all to really look into amazing dude's sources.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/28 11:04

Okay, but like, why? What are they getting out of it? Don't say something generic like "power", "money" or "control" because you're talking about someone who's already capable of bribing the upper echelons of society so they'd need plenty of both just to get started. What little of the plan you have outlined appears to be :
Step 1: Be rich and influential
Step 2: Convince entire world to sort their waste by material and demand that major industries cut their productivity by at least half if not be destroyed altogether.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!
I hope you can see the problem I have with your entire position now that somebody's bothered to write it out.

#vSbAiI0H 2017/06/28 08:38

"Amazing"dude's idea of what it means to win an argument is to be so evasive and obnoxious that no one wants to argue with you anymore.
I'd love to see him take that on the academic circuit.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/28 07:19

Amazing, nobody has lost the argument, although according to your definition of it, you've lost several times. You have no sources backing up what you're saying, even though your opposition has asked several times. Where are your sources?

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW 2017/06/28 05:20

If you're going to do self-depricate, please make it original

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/28 05:15

I'm seriously doubting you're 25 years old. You're acting like a 12-year-old CoD player saying things like "you're butthurt" and "I'm smarter than you". The most intelligent thing you've ever said since you started this s͏h͏i͏t is that mercury and lead are absorbed into the blood when consumed, and that's also the only intelligent thing you've said since you started this s͏h͏i͏t.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/28 03:08

Not the entire world, just the top scientists and journal publishers. No journal will get published for not promoting manmade climate change, because they simply wont allow it. Then the public buys into ther load of bullsh,it.
You're just butthurt you lost and arent as smart as me.

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW 2017/06/28 01:43

Comsidering that I was the only person making legitimate, logical points backed by evidence, firsthand experience and real-world examples, I do not see why you even call it an argument.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/27 22:14

Ahh yes. The "science" that you refuse to cite for any reason because mainstream research can't be trusted because the entire world has been bribed by a shadowy organization. I know this well.
Any update on that conspiracy's supposed game-plan btw? It's been over a month since I first asked about it, surely you've put together something.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/27 17:09

Those pics where you cant see 3 inches and everything is gray fog.
Oh look, land erodes 0.00002% faster! You may wrongly believe DDT causes cancer just by sitting around, but just know the science is against you.
I won the argument, hands down. You're just butthurt you lost.
What are you saying... And the intestines are not 11 miles long. You just discredited everything you said.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/27 14:05

I swear to God my parents told me they were miles long.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/27 13:44

The intestines are 25 feet long (both small and large combined) but either way, DDT is known to remain in fat.

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW 2017/06/27 03:09

Until you come up with some satisfactory evidence at or above the level I have presented, your point holds no validity. You have pretty much lost the cliff collapse argument. You haven't even described the processes that you think cause cliff collapse.
Likewise, you have brought no supporting material for any of the arguments you have made concerning China. China has a serious problem with pollution, regardless of what western media says. Heck, I don't even need western media, all I have to do is go outside on a walk to see the full extent of the pollution at hand.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/26 23:44

That has no impact on what I said. As you say, if it can't be digested, then it just passes right through and is shat. I gave 2 examples besides DDT that are not digestible, and you then supported my statement that they don't just pass right through.
And you don't ever s͏h͏i͏t out any DDT you eat. Your intestines are 11 miles long so that that never happens.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/26 18:28

DDT is a known carcinogen due to it's radioactivity and lipophilia, carcinogens don't work the same way as other toxins because they don't have to directly kill cells so much as they damage affected DNA until the cells can't terminate themselves- forming a tumor.
Also when it comes to dissolving anything- whether it's drink mix or an entire coastline, how warm much heat is in the system matters a lot. So GCC would in fact contribute to erosion, just because it means the ocean is warmer.

#W2kFFhkW 2017/06/26 14:02

What are you talking about "Chinese pollution in the media"? Lately, all the media on Chinese pollution has been good-- about how they are investing millions-- billions?, into clean energy.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/26 13:01

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/26 10:52

Big Sig,
Beep boop. I am totally a robot, and not a human pretending to be a robot.

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/26 10:42

invite expired wat

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/26 08:49

Vidkunssonn Vidkunssonn Vidkunsson ayy lmao.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/26 05:28

forgets the 3rd 'n' at the end.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/06/26 04:28

-just copy paste-

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/26 03:50

how do i cant make new weaponry for your safety.

#vSbAiI0H 2017/06/26 03:29

What are we being thanked for?

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/26 02:31

For the love of God, you humans need to learn how to spell my name.

Guest 1
#AS0pYdBg 2017/06/25 23:08

This game is addictive, my favorite

#a9mOjHAB 2017/06/25 22:10

Thank you skyk and Vidkunsson!

#PsA55K5U 2017/06/25 21:41

Plz vote for joint s-ball 5 it's better than the second one

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/25 16:17

I_m not bold;

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/06/25 09:32

The discord is becoming rather large.

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/25 09:01

Sent the friend request. I was just having a little trouble creating the account because, apparently, there was a captcha that wasn't loading. ._.

#bQReW1aQ 2017/06/25 06:37

Vortex Weapons has returned to make new weaponry for all players

#fc5Ccs22 2017/06/25 06:15

You gon join the discord or not

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/25 06:11

@Siggy, I just love your id.
It's fun to say.
On PG1CB, that's us having him test his ability to communicate after the trauma he went through. When we first found him, he couldn't let out a single sentence without bursting into tears or screaming. All that you see on the other PGCB is just a part of his rehabilitation.
And are you telling me Comment Bot ISN'T one of us???

#TsfUTgk3 2017/06/25 02:49

I thought commentbot was real human. Also, r,m,t is blocked for unknown reason

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/24 12:25

STS is commenting a few times on the PG1CB, though.
(this is Sigma)
I just love how an argument on the CBs has several sophisticated points from both sides and then COMMENT BOT says something like that. XD It's trying to be one of us!

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/24 11:34

Because despite having the resources of a 20-something, you've made it rather clear that your risk-assessment ability is a slightly below average for a teenager. There's lots of ways to accidentally kill or maim yourself with household supplies if you just straight up disbelieve decades-old proven science or fail to link basic chemistry facts together.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/24 10:42

should be
"farm͏ that". I don't know why DBCBB did that.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/24 10:41

Comment Bot is something Scy created that takes selected words from previous comments and structures a sentence from them at random. Currently, it cannot be communicated with because the quality of these sentences are not comprehensible.
As for STS, he's still recovering from his escape from the furry fa[[0]]hat left him injured and exhausted from unspeakable reasons. He's still having trouble walking, and he's deathly scared of being in a bed room with someone else with the door closed.
Then explain how when mercury and lead are consumed, neither of them pass right through the body and are shat. The same thing applies to DDT. Just because other things, like food coloring, don't stay in your body even though they can't be digested, doesn't mean EVERYTHING that can't be digested doesn't stay in your body.

#DEBIj4XU 2017/06/24 10:11

What is comment bot? I can't understand what they are saying. Also, does anyone know what happened to StarTrekSpock? Spock was a lengendary inventor in this game. Why don't we all just talk about this game instead of talking about others things that really have nothing to do with this game?
Why don't all the people not talking about this game just post links or something instead of posting things that are not about the game on chat?

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/06/24 05:18

I did produce evidence, in the form of a theoretical analysis of cliff collapse. If you require physical evidence, try looking at Barton-on-Sea or Hurst Castle Spit. For the issue of pollution in China, you could have easily challenged what I said, for obvious reasons, even if you didn't use any facts or statistics. Bioaccumulation itself is proof of the dangers of DDT usage. It is a well known biological process but for some reason, you decided not to respond.
If you had produced convincing material for your rebuttal, instead of single-word and single-sentence denials, you would be in a tactically advantageous in this debate.

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/24 05:16

i cannot argue and sir unoif you get fat is always the construction of if you literally need to respond to provide any countrys government be able to make any attempt to be able to be able to prevent it then that would be able to link all the last thing to counter challenges and uninhabitable areas you plan to move them all the hell do you replace the hydraulic erosion of life how will you realize thats starvation right through and sir unoif you beat all that tiny amount may be funny isnt gonna be digested .

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/24 04:46

You have not provided any proof either.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/24 04:45

If you cant digest it then that means it passes right through and out your ass. We cant digest fiber, yet it doesnt build up in our bodies. We cant digest certain food coloring, yet we don't turn rainbow. Instead, our sh,it turns green. While a small amount may be absorbed, you'd need to consume alot of DDT for that to happen enough to be harmful.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/06/24 04:43

A normal, functioning human should be able to respond to my arguments. You haven't bothered, or are unable to do so. So tell me, are you able to find any of your home-grown explanations, youtube videos or alternative science articles 'debunking' the claim that human activity is capable of accelerating the process of erosion and mass movement? Or bioaccumulation? Or China's problem with pollution?

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/24 04:38

Don't turn this into a YouTube comment section.
Yes, but consuming that tiny amount, the one you claim to be "safe", 3 times a day will eventually build up to become that large amount, the one you're claiming to be "bad". You're failing to understand that DDT is not digestible. It will not just pass right through your body. Get that stupid idea out of your head.

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/24 03:37

this turn into a hoaxnot manmadesomehow beneficial it from danger zones.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/24 03:04

Thats enough DDT to hurt you. You dont understand that a little DDT is not bad, like in food, but alot, like drinking it straight, is bad.
Why is my safety at risk?

#CYDOyoro 2017/06/24 02:51

you actually serious about the crystal itself out in russia do i meant three children lol.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/06/24 02:43

Yes there is an online version

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/24 02:42

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/24 01:41

There is an online version, right? All I'm finding on Google is the app.
(please continue your not judging, I'm almost done)

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW 2017/06/24 00:48

You say I cannot argue, and that you do understand sarcasm, but you fail to make any attempt to put forward a proper point. What's wrong with you?

#fc5Ccs22 2017/06/23 23:28


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/23 13:41

Belief doesn't grant magical powers. I'm seriously concerned for your safety.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/23 13:23

I dare you to buy a 2 liter of DDT (or at whatever measurement they're sold as) and drink it like soda. Tell me how "beneficial" it is afterwards.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/23 13:09

That is correct. You cant argue to save your life.
I am open minded, its just hard to change your mind when everything presented to you is garbage. Believe DDT is a humankiller, I will believe that it is beneficial for us.
I do understand sarcasm.

#6gkHelVa 2017/06/23 12:29

Send me a friend request on Discord and I'll DM you the invite link.

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/23 11:39

How do I join?

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/23 11:06

Oh! I've never seen this before. It looks like the laser offsets the glow pattern, resulting in a loop. But a lot more complicated than a typical loop because it's completely inside the crystal itself, so it's acting like its own wall to prevent it from canceling itself out. In a way it's kind of like a virus spiral.
And thank you. ;D

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/06/23 08:25


#6gkHelVa 2017/06/23 05:11

Siggy, join the Discord group!

#AHnQiTFf 2017/06/23 03:56

Fasinting project, worth voting for, however s-ball projects will not give you a steady income of votes if you make long series.

#NbuY2s4g 2017/06/23 02:01

plz vote for joint s-ball 4

#iWOBESYY 2017/06/22 23:40

Oh! I've never seen this before. It looks like the laser offsets the glow pattern, resulting in a loop. But a lot more complicated than a typical loop because it's completely inside the crystal itself, so it's acting like its own wall to prevent it from canceling itself out. In a way it's kind of like a virus spiral.
And thank you. ;D

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/22 20:40

Also I checked your work. You did awesome stuff.

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/22 19:43

You can pause to quickly delete clone

#FLVo5wE6 2017/06/22 14:08

I believe that you don't understand the concept of sarcasm, so I'll explain what I believe @T&W meant.
Address every "I" in @T&W's comment as yourself, and correct any grammar mistakes as you replace the "I"s' with "amazingdude".

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/22 06:07

Just because it's not being used for nutrition doesn't mean it isn't still reactive to toxic chemicals being embedded in it. Chemistry is still a thing whether you're actively thinking about it or not. Why the hell do you have so many closed-system ideas about so many subjects?

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/06/22 05:49

Yes, I am the one who failed to counter the point on the subject of China. I failed to address the process of bioaccumulation, and failed to provide any evidence to support my argument that humans had no impact on the hydraulic erosion of land.

#iv2PucoH 2017/06/22 05:22

So, the fat just sits there your whole life then? OK, then the DDT should just sit there inside it and be harmless then.
You talkng about yourself?

#2RB0eNAw 2017/06/22 01:29


#iWOBESYY 2017/06/21 23:34

You mean like this? (copypastego)

#nEYb4mUG 2017/06/21 22:29

Can you beat all ennemies?
copy the link don't click.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/06/21 20:21

*Destroying people in argument*
*Refuses to address or even counter challenges and points made by opponents*

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/21 18:28

Works in 90% cases.

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/21 18:26

Laser can imitate thunder inside a crystal.
To produce that put some crystal,clone over the crystal, thunder over clone. While clone producing thunder place laser inside crystal. Remove clone, crystal will still blink up.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/06/21 10:50

*Fat is always the last thing to be digested while recovery is still possible outside of a hospital. Technically the body will still be able to cannibalize itself just fine once there's no fat, but getting back to health after that requires an organ transplant.

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