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#dGUQeyap Mar 23,2018 11:07

I would suggest situating the players right next to where you want the bumpers to go, to minimize delay. And players are pretty much the only reliable thing you could do, even on mobile, because the game is virtually unplayable on mobile. You might as well forget it. On the app it's good, but you can't view PG2 works on it at the moment unfortunately, so Tylerplays28 is pretty much out of luck no matter what you do.
I'm not unfamiliar with uploading concepts that end up being hilariously unplayable in practice myself:

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 23,2018 06:52

It's snow - the virus ball has snow, and the laser causes it to clone when it moves the ball.

#nEYb4mUG Mar 23,2018 05:57

http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62131.html laser do nothing i juste a strange type of salt.

#nEYb4mUG Mar 23,2018 05:57

wtf i see a work with salt who transfom on water with nothing. If thas salt touche any other element. It change on water. How he do that?

#I6xlHRw3 Mar 23,2018 05:28

I did, however, tune it up a little bit. Still nowhere near the vision I had, but at least this one is a bit more interactive. You can actually "pocket" the ball like in pinball by holding down the laser. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62119.html
Try hitting all the C-4 if you can. I managed to do it twice, but there's a bit of luck involved.

#JqjMuebW Mar 23,2018 05:16

Mm. I understand.

#JH5V5oir Mar 23,2018 00:10

hi iloyd your the dude from that one Nintendo game right?

#JXhvoNpn Mar 22,2018 23:25


#I6xlHRw3 Mar 22,2018 22:24

@TP28: Honestly, the idea is to be able to interact with it. Having to manually place the lasers leaves too much margin of error considering the game's aiming system, and is more frustrating that anything else. So I'm using two players to mitigate that. I can't think of anything that would work both on mobile and on the computer :(

#GdG7MLU4 Mar 22,2018 09:33

TypeNirvash: Dude, I do all my stuff on a mobile device. I can't pull up my keyboard to use the keys you asked. I don't even have a down key. So please make it more reliable.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 22,2018 07:08

i say you should be able to upload multible times in one day. please make it so we can upload multible times in a day! i'd love to upload twice or more a day. this means my flamthrower cant get veiwed until i upload tomarrow. i wish i could make that flamethrower get seen and voted.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 22,2018 06:37

I made a beach thing with a rock pool and a guy. i uploaded it aswell.

#NWETA0Kp Mar 22,2018 06:02

@Sigma: Oh man, that one is really good and it definitely gives me some decent ideas to toy around with. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out how I can make the lasers more reliable flippers :(

#dGUQeyap Mar 22,2018 02:37

It has.
There are others like it, but that one is probably the best.

#wAO6WFRL Mar 21,2018 11:40

Lol just looking at the vote count, my brother spends like 2 days doing a pixel art and gets 200 votes, DoomeWolfe101 uploads a mediocre looking submarine with the text "Vote to fire missile" and gets 500 votes

#ubJVxiS5 Mar 21,2018 10:14

@TP28 I like it ;)

#yIgbqsZ9 Mar 21,2018 10:05

Donut Factory!!! (Inspired by Dome)

#ubJVxiS5 Mar 21,2018 06:59

don't vote on the scratch card thing its rigged to say win every time and he cant know who voted

#5LN4v3qz Mar 21,2018 04:55

Gonna spend a little time refining this. I assume something of this nature has been done before, but figured I'd upload as a sort of proof of concept. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62077.html

#5LN4v3qz Mar 21,2018 00:54

So lasers can push the thunder ball... I have found my muse for the day

#jZP699i0 Mar 20,2018 11:03

When I finish this project (that is if I do) I will be so happy that I willn't* care how many votes it doesn't get.
*will not contraction

#nEYb4mUG Mar 20,2018 07:09

I am prepared for the summer http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62063.html

#XY44qJfl Mar 20,2018 06:12

thanks skyk its okay you didn't credit me, did you like my tiny chain reaction? ps. I think dragonwarriorkid tried to copy my sludge squid a little bit :/

#vSbAiI0H Mar 20,2018 03:48

Press 'j' to view all the joints. Everything is either joint-n or j-blind except for one of the corner connections, which is j-right I think.

#oBztRWK7 Mar 20,2018 03:27

@skyk: How were you able to get the joints to float like that in a 3-D looking cube?

#vSbAiI0H Mar 20,2018 02:30

Danstroyer: I used your idea of making the Dan-Ball robot, sorry for forgetting to credit you on the upload.

#oBztRWK7 Mar 19,2018 23:39

@Minsheme: I thought Powder Game 2 was wiener drawing simulator as well.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Mar 19,2018 17:23


Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 19,2018 13:18

By the way - I summoned the mods. They removed that pic I posted with the drawing of a weewee. Second time in my career that I've had a picture comment removed!

#pxGTstSJ Mar 19,2018 11:55

I thought we said chain reaction!!!!!!!!!!! >: (

#jZP699i0 Mar 19,2018 05:50

I think I'm going to make one of those hyper realistic pixel arts you see on powder game from time to time, I'm getting the hang of it, although it awfully slow. I've only managed to get one tenth of it done, but when you think of it it's actually quite fast. Here's my progress. I'll keep y'all updated:

#VEqg5KKW Mar 18,2018 22:37

@lalalalaeinstein its right above load and save on the right side of the element bar
@beta do pixel art of either snatcher from a hat in time or do pixel art of the dan ball robot
anyway I cant seem to figure out how my stuff is only getting seven votes and other things like potentially the icicle generator will get 12 - 20 votes even though the snow freezes late making what are barely icicles on a roof of ice!!! meanwhile my joint anemone only gets 7 votes even though you could make an underwater map with it having some fire pixels on the end to make it "sting" I hoped it would get like 10-12 votes and I know its close but I expected people to like it better

#l0dIbJKj Mar 18,2018 12:24

Where is the upload button on powder game 2?

#jZP699i0 Mar 18,2018 07:05

Sure! I haven't made one yet.

#ftxwtiDI Mar 18,2018 07:03

A chain reaction. Every time I watch one, I can't stop. And they're always different each time.I wanna see what you make. Or did you already make one?

#jZP699i0 Mar 18,2018 06:48

Out of the following, which should I make:
-Dam explosion
-Bomb explosion
-"Escape game"
-Pixel art

If anyone has any ideas tell me :)

#nEYb4mUG Mar 18,2018 00:27

yes but he didn't take the same theme as me. Me i did a cave. He did a outdoor decor.

#EvJlskmq Mar 18,2018 00:04

I added it its three joint fish the first one is a sludge squid the second one is a big fish and the third one is a land anemone

#Hq56GTIP Mar 17,2018 22:36


#jZP699i0 Mar 17,2018 10:53

There is way you can stop the player from going into the ceiling, STS used it in one of his projects:

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Mar 17,2018 10:27

i dont even have pg bookmarked anymore and i still come here ffs

#FXLiT668 Mar 17,2018 09:01

aww man I just made something cool and I already made something today :c but I'm not going to say what it was just in case you guys steal it ;-;

#ez0K6m9M Mar 17,2018 08:25

Somebody has some repressed frustrations.
@X27: Yeah, it took me a bit to figure it out :)
@Dan: aw dude, lemme go look for it.
@Pi: The game actually kinda lets you super jump after landing if you hit the sweet spot

#FXLiT668 Mar 17,2018 07:57

how did mine only get 2 votes?!!?!?!? clearly nobody thought it would be good and didn't bother to look at it -_-

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 17,2018 07:54


#o9zv4hNT Mar 17,2018 07:18


#o9zv4hNT Mar 17,2018 07:16

I wish I could. Hey, ha55ii, did you hear us? Can ya change the physics of the game please ?

#nEYb4mUG Mar 17,2018 06:43

you must not jump for nothing. I can't change the physics of the game sorry.

#ZatFos2l Mar 17,2018 04:48

@X27: I keep getting stuck on the ceiling! :(

#ZatFos2l Mar 17,2018 04:48

The products of my boredom at work seem to be robots blowing things up... https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62012.html

#nEYb4mUG Mar 17,2018 04:22

try it, it's difficult http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/62011.html

#uKF0DtDv Mar 17,2018 04:13


#Lmkj3gvG Mar 17,2018 00:34

i have been watching dantdm play the game and he completed subcon forest (at the end you rewrite the contract to say be my bff and snatcher is like "NO that's not how contracts work!!!")

#vSbAiI0H Mar 17,2018 00:18

That use of colours was definitely a lot better. I haven't actually played the game, so I wasn't sure what props to include, haha.

#Lmkj3gvG Mar 17,2018 00:16

@skyk I made one with contract and pen :D and I would seriously put lava on the contract if I were you ;)

#E0oNmRRZ Mar 16,2018 19:46

"Gotta take ma dog out, doobie doo, gotta take ma dog out, doot doobie dumb dooo'

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Mar 16,2018 12:30

At this point I'm technically RCA Production but too lazy to become smarter

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 16,2018 12:26

I have an announcement: My uncle gets a bit too frisky sometimes.

#dGUQeyap Mar 16,2018 12:23

At this point I'm technically Dracobot too lazy to take off his mask.

#jZP699i0 Mar 16,2018 11:32


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Mar 16,2018 11:19

I didn't think I'd ever see anyone admit they were irrational.

#OijqSheV Mar 16,2018 11:07

I think this suits me.

#OijqSheV Mar 16,2018 11:04

I have an announcement. I will be in a new account, πΠPi, to join the Greek Letter Group, Bbeta and £sigma. Thank you!

#SquhboTw Mar 16,2018 09:57


#EYrK6U90 Mar 16,2018 09:53

did someone say... fish?

#vSbAiI0H Mar 16,2018 08:17

I think you're onto something with fish, but that would raise the question of what to have in the mouth and eyes, since the torch would burn it.

#wPyBZTSh Mar 16,2018 08:06

to me it seems like acid virus and or fish would work better

#vSbAiI0H Mar 16,2018 07:38

Danstroyer: It seemed like metal matched the colour better than virus, and I wasn't sure how to mix colours.
Beta: You should definitely make a project.

#jZP699i0 Mar 16,2018 05:55

Does anybody here think I should make projects again, I'm short of ideas.

#jZP699i0 Mar 16,2018 05:52

I might be the slave of this society, but at least I'm not trying to start anything. *wink*

#wPyBZTSh Mar 16,2018 03:03


#wPyBZTSh Mar 16,2018 03:03

@skyk stalker is purple :/

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 16,2018 00:24

What did βBETA ever do? At least he doesn't tell lies about his life.

#vSbAiI0H Mar 16,2018 00:19

This is just gonna be the whole "Dan-Ball school" debate all over again.
Also, Eyemaze rules.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Mar 15,2018 22:52

Nonsense, the rulers of the internet are the moderators, and Dan-Ball doesn't have any moderators. Therefore we exist in semi-functional anarchy.

#8s6qmnBc Mar 15,2018 20:01

HEY! Someone is faking........The Tylerplays28 in red is the real one, guys. I just haven't signed in yet.

#8s6qmnBc Mar 15,2018 19:59

The Palace of Comments. It always seems to me that Skyk and £sigma maintain a superior air, the rulers, and Minsheme Bot and BBeta are "underdogs". Me and TO are the quippy advisors always trying to give the rulers directives.

#zAvF20NF Mar 15,2018 19:55

has anyone been to eyezmaze

#jZP699i0 Mar 15,2018 14:14

O', my number thingy----IT'S CHANGED!

#jZP699i0 Mar 15,2018 13:28

Time and times again...

#dGUQeyap Mar 15,2018 13:06

One time I uploaded something, it didn't show, so I uploaded again and it worked.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 15,2018 12:51

Looks like your bigot brain is slowly learning the meaning of the term "bigot"

#vSbAiI0H Mar 15,2018 11:38

Sorry Minsheme, I know you're trying to say something to me but I can't read your message

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 15,2018 10:57

The title contained a censored word you bigot

#vSbAiI0H Mar 15,2018 09:14

I can give it a shot. For some reason, today my upload never showed up on the list.

#PZT4cTxG Mar 15,2018 04:12

@skyk can you do art of "some girl" and "snatcher" from a hat in time?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 15,2018 03:43

@TypeNirvash Of course it seems that way to you - you're blinded by your mental inferiority.

#s3GnaUZE Mar 15,2018 02:42

Goodbye for a little while everybody i need to catch up with school. good luck (;

#Rdpjrx9n Mar 15,2018 01:45

@skyk good idea
@minsheme does baby need a cawcuwator? (lol sry I just thought It would be fun to say)

#vSbAiI0H Mar 15,2018 00:56

Minsheme, if you're so smart, what is 2 + 2?

#VCp9smm9 Mar 15,2018 00:15

@Minsheme: Weird how it doesn't come off that way

#VCp9smm9 Mar 15,2018 00:14


#dGUQeyap Mar 15,2018 00:11

Stephen Hawking
Ooh, that comment *was* directed at you in particular!

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 15,2018 00:07

@TypeNirvash I am mentally superior

#uKF0DtDv Mar 14,2018 23:40

RIP Stephen Hawking.
Looks like the ALS got him.

#VCp9smm9 Mar 14,2018 23:28

@Tyler: Hey, thanks, bud! Really appreciate it!
@Minsheme Bot: Bro, it seems like you were offended by my comment, which was not directed at you in particular. Quite an infantile response from somebody claiming to be so mentally superior. Nice!

#0Bw9W97U Mar 14,2018 15:17

Also, M4 is a Zionist

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Mar 14,2018 14:09

I think you misinterpret. I'm just making fun of this gáy baby who mentioned "toxic discussion". Not even him in particular, it just reminded me of these people, who I was parodying. when I said "Um, dude...". Very funny stuff if you ask me

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Mar 14,2018 12:44

I don't see how, most sources of toxicity in nature aren't trying to actually poison anyone, that's just how they are, it's a reflexive action brought about millions of years of mechanical repetition that just happens to react poorly with whoever's on the receiving end. So why would toxic behaviors in people be any different?

maybe tomorrow
#MWFjzIhc Mar 14,2018 11:16


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