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#gVDv81Tx May 23,2019 22:38

This is obviously a copy and paste lol. Have a good day.
  \\ Λ_Λ
   \( 'ㅅ' )
    > ⌒ヽ
   /   へ\
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ

#YhCBBwmU May 23,2019 21:29

https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69535.html Delete this, this is a mistake

#M76YxV1y May 23,2019 07:00

@Riley13579 Glad you like it. I have included the code in the comments below if you want to build or modify your own.

#XZfdXXnJ May 23,2019 05:44

This is all thanks to the switches: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69524.html

#XZfdXXnJ May 23,2019 05:43

@Sigma @ZR @Bob Thanks for showing me the joint switch! It just made this game so much more interesting.

#gVDv81Tx May 23,2019 01:59

Who’s Tearbear?

#JoXjRzHr May 23,2019 00:15

Tearbear, the more you act like you're acting now,
The more you're going to regret it when you're an adult.

#0dThPlAO May 22,2019 19:30

Nice creations !!

#38Qm9k7H May 22,2019 15:20

Powder Game's release date was April 6, 2007. Uploading was implemented on the date you mentioned.

#ZtXdfhTe May 22,2019 12:11


#9FhZWCcT May 22,2019 09:07

hard to belive this game is almost 12 years old and I only found powder game 1, and 2 this year well hope everyone has good day

#OT0a6Eve May 22,2019 04:36

@gudoy there are different types of joints. If you use balls and joint-right or joint-left it’s kinda a set of makeshift wheels

#ievID7MJ May 22,2019 04:33

@ZappyRedstone How the heck did you do that extremely impressive color laser thing?!?!

#tyG8mhJZ May 22,2019 03:06

Controlling players is what I mean

#tyG8mhJZ May 22,2019 03:05

I hope they make an iPad version

#p3w31YXZ May 22,2019 02:01

put wheels in powder game 2 i need wheels for what im doing

#gVDv81Tx May 21,2019 23:46

Also Powder Game is gonna be Turing 12 years old in September ( yeah I know I’m talking about this early ) so I was thinking to celebrate 12 years we all collaborate together to make a large pixel art drawing. Referencing events from the past and to show how much the community has grown.
Sounds like a cool thing to do but eh I was just thinking.
( oh yeah I couldn’t find an official release date but I went to the Japanese side and when to the earliest project on PG1 and it was made by Ha55ii on 2007/09/02 so uh that’s the release date, maybe. )

#gVDv81Tx May 21,2019 22:56

So uh I watched some old videos of PG and back then all we had were powders, no solid blocks besides ice and block. We also couldn’t play the game, only fighters were a thing. Man back then their was like nothing.
Guess it made it more harder to make projects but at the same time, you had to think outside the box with more things back then.

#d8s32CMP May 21,2019 03:14

DanteF great!!!

#cJrBm5e3 May 21,2019 02:37

sup bois

#38Qm9k7H May 21,2019 01:42

Use the Upload button in the corner. If an error message pops up, post it here and we'll help.

blood prince
#kMYn1717 May 20,2019 20:39

how do i upload

#UMahs63U May 20,2019 10:07

@everyone also. I am NOT writing it in Javascript. So the version I'm writing won't be browser-compatible. Sorry. BUT it will be faster than any online version could ever be, and allow you arbitrary amounts of dots, space, and save data.

#UMahs63U May 20,2019 10:06

@everyone sorry I've been AWOL, I'm teaching myself the SDL graphics engine. I think it's the best choice to power PG3, especially since it's supposed to be cross-platform.
I've been working on a 3d engine that uses SDL in C++ to familiarize myself with the API. The source code is here: https://github.com/DanteFalzone0/djf-sdl-0
Possibly coming soon: screenshots of PG3.
When I start actually writing it, I'll make a new github repo for the source and post a link to it.

#KBqCoxJh May 20,2019 05:51

Wow. Half that code is written in a language called Somali.

#M76YxV1y May 20,2019 05:44

@skyk adding 2 to the same row would be better, but i need to make it smaller first.
I added the code for my laser display if anyone wants to spin off or use parts of it. (it a not my real gmail btw)

#ELFa6bCy May 20,2019 02:13


#KBqCoxJh May 20,2019 02:11

Any1 have a ps4 or play a hat in time?

#XZfdXXnJ May 20,2019 02:02

@Sigma Thanks, I'll check the wiki

#8xd0AnFF May 19,2019 22:23

http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69454.html Sorry Zappy I forgot to give credit to you.

#5HHevUNP May 19,2019 21:59

Finally got my multi engine rating

#mgCr5l2H May 19,2019 16:35


#Uev5ZmKe May 19,2019 13:25

ZR cool and Dante hows pg3 going?

#M76YxV1y May 19,2019 12:48

@skyk Coming out with a full size display tomorrow! each row and ray will be programmable!

#vSbAiI0H May 19,2019 11:22

ZRS: I'm very impressed with the Laser Color Changer. You mentioned animations. I'm curious as to what would happen if you had two sets of those going perpendicular to each other over the same grid.

#M76YxV1y May 19,2019 09:57

@Paazi The swicher is game changing for technical and laser contraptions.
My latest uses it for laser control as well. So glad Bob showed me how!

#ELFa6bCy May 19,2019 08:24

Now I'm mad because that comment posted.

#nv0GZWwr May 19,2019 08:23

@Pats Thanks!

#KBqCoxJh May 19,2019 08:23

My comment wont post about the biggest number I know.

#8xd0AnFF May 19,2019 06:52

@Sigma I could even make a phone with mercury switches!

#38Qm9k7H May 19,2019 02:42

https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Mercury_switch#Joint%20mercury%20switches (If link doesn't work, scroll down to last section.)
Switches (the ones that use joints) are probably the most versatile technology on PG2. I highly recommend experimenting with them because you're absolutely right. There are *countless* uses for it.

#cJrBm5e3 May 18,2019 22:24

Any suggestions?

#XZfdXXnJ May 18,2019 18:13

@Bob @Zappy https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69390.html How does this switch work? The way you can switch the route of the electricity is really interesting. I see many possible uses for that!

#XZfdXXnJ May 18,2019 18:01

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your feedback! @Sigma, never thought about using something like that, would have been a really clever way to do it. For now, I did that by hand. As a rule of thumb, I made a random turn after at most two straight lines, but I did allow myself some exceptions. @ISWTMTWTG Your tech uploads are awesome! I've tried to make an xor gate for the longest time, and failed. But you made one, so cool!

#w2QcSHG0 May 18,2019 14:34

Bob you really should upload on PG, it’s awesome.

#38Qm9k7H May 18,2019 11:08

Very impressive! Did you use a self-avoiding random walk to generate that path, or did you draw it yourself?

#8xd0AnFF May 18,2019 10:00

OK I'll make the laser when I have time :)

Rip Toucans
#uJpzfklM May 18,2019 08:26

what should I upload next?

#nv0GZWwr May 18,2019 08:25

@Pats Wow, that's the most impressive thing I've seen. That's a clever trick with the minimap too.

#M76YxV1y May 18,2019 06:07

@bob my vote is laser }------

#3C9BwuRW May 18,2019 02:52

Overall, great game! i likey likey

#gVDv81Tx May 18,2019 00:19

Ehh yeah why not, I don’t see Minimap Upload as much.

#xy5DJgSQ May 17,2019 21:16

@Should I make minimap art for my next upload or a laser chain reaction for my next upload? Also, @Pats great job!

#gVDv81Tx May 17,2019 20:36

I gotta say is wow, that laser show was very impressive. Like after seeing it i wanted to see the layout of the Metal better by zooming in. This is something else I’ll tell ya.

#QNMkuvG1 May 17,2019 14:25

Paazi, all I have to say is ....

#joTBYLGj May 17,2019 13:42

it probably tooooook a looooooooooooooong time to make that lazer show
also it took me 2:30 mins to finish that show

#8xd0AnFF May 17,2019 08:37

@Pats thanks :D

#ZSnETHZf May 17,2019 06:28

I used grid 9 to see which points are visible on the minimap. Btw, I like your minigame uploads, bob! The chrome dinosaur one is really clever.

#8xd0AnFF May 17,2019 05:54

@Pats how did you do the image thing where it says 'Click Here to Be Amazed'?

#XZfdXXnJ May 17,2019 03:03

Hi I'm Patrick. You can call me Pats, that's what most my friends do. I started playing this game almost 10 years ago now. Still loving it! almost too much...
Anyway, Here's a 7 minute laser show for you: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69404.html

#gVDv81Tx May 17,2019 00:07

Okay can we please talk about contests. I personally think that people host them too often. Like the gravity contest is the only contest that is live now but sometimes there will be times were 3 contests are going on. It’s nice how we as a community can come up with our own contests and all. But can we not have so many contests at once. Sounds rude but this has really been frustrating me for a while.

#vSbAiI0H May 16,2019 21:44

I'm pretty sure I wasn't here in 2015 (I don't have any uploads between July 2015 and April 2016), but I am 22, yes.

Dann ball
#eskUodNk May 16,2019 21:05

Skyk told me he was 17 in 2015 so he is 22 now

#gVDv81Tx May 16,2019 20:35

Yeah you got that right Himenz, I play PG2 to help make the day go faster in school.

Triki Tu
#6eNWG3Ej May 16,2019 08:10

Seed over sand, seed over powder, or seed over vine, Frostburn. You're welcome

#KBqCoxJh May 16,2019 03:52

I'm an idiot. That means everyone else is in school too.

#KBqCoxJh May 16,2019 03:51

The comments seem to be inactive while I'm is school.

#gVDv81Tx May 16,2019 02:52

Also congrats Skyk for reaching 30,000 votes.

#gVDv81Tx May 15,2019 23:00

Wow I’ve been inactive for a while huh? I’ll probably upload something today, maybe.

#9FhZWCcT May 15,2019 22:07


#ZSnETHZf May 15,2019 15:53

What I would like to see in a PG3 is block that is pen-s 0 and recolorable. I think there are too few solid elements that stay in place. Currently block is too big as it only goes down to pen-s 1.

#znzls03M May 15,2019 13:42

Bob not bb

#znzls03M May 15,2019 13:42

Wow good ideas bb

#imAvO24A May 15,2019 10:40

Falling sand game

#WpkRaXoc May 15,2019 04:56


#WpkRaXoc May 15,2019 04:48

calculator/calculation challenge (clunky and/or slow and/or laggy calculators dont do minus points the only judgable categories are number only visuals and calculator grade level)
winner gets 5 free votes and a chat choutout

#UMahs63U May 15,2019 03:09

@bob4koolest okay, looks like I'll have to learn Javascript for the online version then.
Unless I can write it in Typescript...

#xy5DJgSQ May 14,2019 22:01

@DanteF Sorry most of my coding skills (JS) are for web development, but if you need a website to put your stuff and downloads on I can make on for you on codepen.io and you can copy the script. Also, here are some more ideas http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69106.html

#KBqCoxJh May 14,2019 20:43

Is the gravity contest over? Because I have an idea for a contest. How about hate contest? Make something that you will hate yourself for making? If anyone responds to this, I will start the contest

#38Qm9k7H May 14,2019 14:46

Oh, just saw how my last comment could be interpreted. I was proving that I was Sigma to craycraycraw, not that I'm a fake cray or ha55ii. ;)

#WpkRaXoc May 14,2019 14:28

metal joint=electricity defuser rod

#itrIsLWX May 14,2019 13:52

DanteF I made an upload with ideas for your PG3.

#itrIsLWX May 14,2019 13:39

Can we just write it in Java? Both PG and PG2 use it.

#UMahs63U May 14,2019 11:27

@bob4koolest would it be possible for you to write a JavaScript frontend for a C++ backend by me?

#8xd0AnFF May 14,2019 10:10

I can also code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

#d8s32CMP May 14,2019 08:15

I can code in Java.

#8xd0AnFF May 14,2019 07:36

@DanteF I can code in C++ too if you need any help.

#UMahs63U May 14,2019 05:48

@Danstroyer don't worry, it will be free and open-source software, so not only will it not cost money, you can also make as many copies of it as you like. But it will have to be downloadable since I will be writing it in C++ which doesn't really run in a browser

#4jA6pjkm May 14,2019 04:28

I will stop uploading but i will still be on in bbs.

#DJT8Ig5M May 14,2019 00:05

Dante, 10/10 would pay 5 dollars on steam for it. (I don't have steam and I use my grandmother's computer, so make a free online version without required download, thanks.)

#38Qm9k7H May 13,2019 14:56

Yes, it's me.

#vSbAiI0H May 13,2019 10:24

ZRS: Your Rainbow Laser upload has just made me realize that acid can eat away at adjacent crystal while laser is passing through it. To keep that from being a problem, you might want to replace the acid with sand?

#qi3kbITe May 13,2019 10:07

@DanteF Yes!
But you should put it online so we can still share uploads and communicate

#qi3kbITe May 13,2019 10:04

It broke a little

#bnBc6uUb May 13,2019 08:34

Dante youre not ha55i so it won’t be easy.

#bnBc6uUb May 13,2019 08:33

No it’s not a fake cray.

#UMahs63U May 13,2019 08:05

btw my number changed bc I'm on a different computer but it's still me

#UMahs63U May 13,2019 08:04

I'm a programmer. I know C++ and Python among other languages. If I created a version of the Powder Game that's offline, has more elements, and supports much more dots and much more space, would you guys be interested in downloading it? We could call it PG3, if you will

#KBqCoxJh May 13,2019 06:05

It could also work as we need a big update for powder game 2

#RUAyviPh May 13,2019 02:58

Roses are red, Violets are blue, A big update, we need, for POWDER GAME 2

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