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LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 18,2018 21:11

Skyk is stixx confirmed, i think ive said this before. minsheme is shadow titan confirmed. tk is sig confirmed. beta is ae confirmed. hw is me confirmed. ap5 is hogwing confirmed.
there are only 20 users on danball. each having multiple accounts confirmed.

#k1OD2RJT Jul 18,2018 10:04

The R101 was the sister ship of the R100

#k1OD2RJT Jul 18,2018 10:04

Skyx I'm Quigley/ R100 I am making a new account for all ship uploads

#vSbAiI0H Jul 18,2018 02:14

Oh, I thought that starship looked familiar!

#MXXXhBIb Jul 18,2018 02:10

I kinda lost my account so i made a new one

#MXXXhBIb Jul 18,2018 02:08

Hey skyk, i was R100 and i hope you remember me?

#dGUQeyap Jul 17,2018 12:12

Yeah, skyk's stuff is just...cute. I've posted a few "cute" things before myself.
I got your back. ^.^

#vSbAiI0H Jul 17,2018 04:29

The reason there's "barely any good things on PG2" is because there are very few people who make uploads. Regardless of your opinion of my work, I'm not taking away the website from anyone else.

Elephant protect
#JWXqdBG4 Jul 17,2018 03:25

But if it's garbage you shouldn't post it. That's the reason why there's barely any good things on Pg2.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 16,2018 08:10

he doesn't force himself he just enjoys posting every day even if it's garbage

#vSbAiI0H Jul 15,2018 14:14

βBETA: I don't force myself, I just enjoy experimenting with the elements and seeing what reactions there are. That's why sometimes I end up with a couple days of similar uploads in a row, when I find some sort of reaction I haven't seen before that I can do a few things with.
Elephant protect: You're right that each of my individual uploads isn't as high-effort as any of the other top-scorers, but I feel like some reliability is nice to have available in any form of media. I guess you can consider my works like the daily comic strips, while StarTrekSpock's stuff is more like Watchmen.

#dGUQeyap Jul 15,2018 13:53

I mean, yeah, but I haven't kept track of it at all. I just knew about like two Japanese users going over 200 uploads.

#clB86ObE Jul 15,2018 13:33

@LK, Professional
If humanity didn't exist, we wouldn't be having half the problems we have now, although we'd all be dead, because we don't exist. (LMAO)

#clB86ObE Jul 15,2018 13:17

Very interesting, I was wondering because it seems almost impossible to make a project everyday. I'll start a project and lose interest and get an idea for a new project that will go the same way: unfinished. I'm sure we can all relate. So, you force yourself?
42 pages of uploads * 20 uploads per page= 840 uploads

#vSbAiI0H Jul 15,2018 12:16

I was first introduced to Powder Game back before PG2 existed, way back in 2007 or 2008. It was a lot harder to upload anything back then IIRC, so I never really tried until I found the site again, and eventually started making stuff for PG2 back in 2013. This was around the time when there were significant updates for PG2 pretty much every Friday, which is the biggest thing I miss these days.
I stopped for a while, and then started up again in 2016 (which was when I accidentally made one in PG1), and I've been in the habit of uploading every day since then. I used to be a lot more compulsive about it, but if I'm travelling or something these days I won't worry about missing a day or two anymore.
At one point, I had probably 50 text files of upload backlog, but they all got wiped out when they changed the get/set code format.

Elephant protect
#JWXqdBG4 Jul 15,2018 12:11

The only reason skyk has a lot of votes is because he keeps making low quality posts and I don't really like him for that.

#dGUQeyap Jul 15,2018 10:46

I started a bit earlier than that: in 2011, and started uploading in 2012. (PG1) Apparently out of all the times he has, skyk uploaded only once on PG1.
Also, *WHOA* skyk's uploaded over 800 times?!

Fighter king
#0YK9com7 Jul 15,2018 08:59

I'm how to basic

#clB86ObE Jul 15,2018 04:06

Speaking of skyk, not including this doppelganger, about 840 projects have been made in five years in that one account, that is by far the longest anyone has stayed on this game to make projects nearly every day. I've been quite curious, why?
( I know, Σsigma started four months before, I'm not to offended)

#4tAbPVIO Jul 14,2018 01:35


LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 13,2018 13:36

Such a shame right? I wish humanity never existed.

#Y9MQrTUR Jul 13,2018 09:35

Wow people are still here

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 12,2018 09:47

U just g:o2:t bl:o2:cked
LK, Professional

#EYrK6U90 Jul 12,2018 09:29

My posts are unblockable.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 12,2018 06:24

Actually IIRC Scy made a chrome add-on with features like blocking a few years ago.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 12,2018 06:10

There is no blocking feature on Dab-Ball, how stupid does he think people are?
He just keeps demonstrating that he is a dishonest guy, I would not trust anything he does.

Anonymous User
#FHPj3QFX Jul 12,2018 02:15

Start college soon

#vSbAiI0H Jul 12,2018 00:34

MahNameIsEnt: I blocked Minsham/Minsheme months ago, so I don't know what he said. Also, which pixel art? For the most part I can only really do sprites that already exist in some form, but if you remind me I can give it a shot.

LK, Professional
#C95w9qho Jul 11,2018 15:49

this account will last forever

#qLmWwe03 Jul 11,2018 11:33

Hey guys.
HI GUYS: I can make the Human Torch character, but he will wear a red hat of sorts or his head will be red. And he wears a cloak
Skyk: 1: Is what Minsham said true? And 2: When will you do that pixel art?

#dGUQeyap Jul 11,2018 09:00

Last try, if this doesn't work just scroll, there's no point to trying this hard.
Also, Hogwing (if you're even still here): are you interested in joining the Dan-Ball Discord?

Soul warrior
#QIQryJP9 Jul 11,2018 08:57


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 11,2018 04:24

Well how about you just go straight to ha55ii's blog so he'll actually see it?

#XTuY7nFi Jul 11,2018 02:12

i awys post ideas

#XTuY7nFi Jul 11,2018 02:10

from:hi guys!

#dGUQeyap Jul 10,2018 10:11

Why are you angry? I was just surprised at the way you presented your ideas. Most of them were hurried, jumbled, and didn't have much explanation to them. There doesn't appear to be that much use from them if they were implemented outside of RPG-type uploads. Plus, the goal of PG1&2 is to provide tools for demonstrating reactions between elements and how the physics can be applied in different ways (which is why there are many elements and few objects/players). Your ideas would take that away from the game and give it a different feel (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just that I enjoyed PG1&2 for the sandbox aspect).
I mean, not to burst your bubble or anything but the developers from our experience never check the Comment Boards (or at least the English side). Countless people before you have pitched their ideas here and in uploads and nothing happens after that had anything to do with them.
Also, the developer of the games goes by "ha55ii". Dan-Ball is just the name of the website and is similar in Japanese to the word cardboard.
I asked Ivan247 on the wiki to look into that here https://danball.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Ivan247/Transferring%20PG2%20code%20between%20Java%20and%20HTML5 but I haven't really gotten anything.
Yeah, completely depends on what genre you prefer, or more specifically the style you like music to be within it.

#gWm2zpSO Jul 10,2018 07:20

Is there an easy way to convert Java save files to HTML5 save files? All of my old codes are for the Java version and it's kind of a hassle to use.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 10,2018 06:29

What do you like? I would say Aphex Twin & also Bob Dylan they are very goo I also like The Coma Lilies

#clB86ObE Jul 10,2018 06:10

I'm having some trouble, I really liked music but this month I kinda' lost the emotion to it, ya' know. I'm trying different types in all, but nothing's really happening, it's like listening to bunch on nonsense and not getting the vibe of the music going.
I know the most recent debate was on neurology and all that, just wondering if anyone knows some good music to get me back on track on anything of the sort.

#EYrK6U90 Jul 10,2018 05:55

Please be aware that "skyk" is a known pedophile who puts subliminal messages in his uploads. He tries to use mind control techniques to get your attention and ensnare you. DM me for proof

#XTuY7nFi Jul 10,2018 05:45

I saw someone said "at HI GUYS!:what?"
i`m just here to say that I was saying what I think should be added to the game(i`m putting this in red so you know i`m angry)

#oOj7DkNL Jul 10,2018 04:22

Please add hogwing to this game

#oOj7DkNL Jul 10,2018 04:21

Kinda edgy

Anonymous User
#85axpy6a Jul 10,2018 04:03

This game is filled with edgy 12 year olds. R.I.P Powder Game.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 09,2018 19:24

I think it's satire. Maybe. 2016 broke my satire sense.

#dGUQeyap Jul 09,2018 14:30

Finish your joint-city-thing.

#gWm2zpSO Jul 09,2018 10:46

Thanks, me too

LK, professional
#C95w9qho Jul 09,2018 10:17

hogwing, u still a b1tch

LK, professional
#C95w9qho Jul 09,2018 10:17

hogwing, u still a bit.ch

#ZuRtAM9W Jul 09,2018 10:16

um the game powder game 2 has a bug with 4 bg settings could you fix them if you don't see the bugs then go to zoom level 175% I go to zoom level 175% because the HTML game is so small

#gWm2zpSO Jul 09,2018 09:28

Every once in a while I come back to check on this game.

#XTuY7nFi Jul 09,2018 03:03

Hey it`s me i came up with more players I hope you put these in the game Dan!
robot,cyborg,killer,guy with arms,super hero(random powers when summoned),cop(AHHHHHHHHHHHH 911!!!!!!! 911:WHAT`S YOUR EMERGNSEE!??!?!?!?!??!?!),sand man(can turn into powder and move as powder),human torch(player that`s on FIRE and still alive)human ice cube(he shoots ice)!You also need a ver 3 that has a 3d world and houses and multiplayer and you can still build stuff and erase it!Dan please put these in the game i`m feeling sad that you haven`t updated the game in a year bro!I respect you and hope you have a good day Dan and I also hope you and my stuff to the powder game!Bye

#XTuY7nFi Jul 09,2018 02:45

Hey Dan i`m here to talk about things that are in this wonderful game!Well it needs wheels like its first ever powder game and it also needs new players so you can play as a bigger player or for example:giant,armored player,alien,bomber,gunner,sir(player with suit),girl(player with hair),pilot(helicopter),???,tank(a tank)!Powders:toxic (I cant think of any more sorry!)

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 08,2018 18:47

It's probably your browser.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 08,2018 18:46

... ?

#UVqJ89cq Jul 07,2018 08:49

sigma: ikr? bad ice cream is soo hard. I absolutely just love to destroy asteroid belts that haven't been used in years, as well as getting chased around the galaxy by robocops.. yeah I don't love that part very much
matt: *looks at jack* someone had a bit too much freetime on Halloween
matt: I just realized that was a robot ._.
oh btw guys did you notice if you go … it turns into one character like that? instead of like .. . (I used a space so it wouldn't do that) kinda odd

#dGUQeyap Jul 06,2018 12:52

Hmm, interesting.
Well, I did most of my Nitrome playing before accounts were a thing, so that doesn't affect me. But it is a bit sad that it looks like the old games may be going away.
Wait a second, Bad Ice Cream is still popular?! I never understood why...

#vmD8xhpL Jul 06,2018 11:12

Zsigma go on nitrome, they have a new post with important info
TK: so fighters would take over the internet? time to prepare the PG2 weapons. im gonna make it a series of uploads, and maybe a scratch animation serie; if I do im danthescratch crafter.

LK, professional
#C95w9qho Jul 06,2018 07:15

pls add kentucky to the game

#oOj7DkNL Jul 06,2018 04:16


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 05,2018 12:12

Nah he means a technological singularity, which if added to the game would cause the fighters to become self aware, resulting in their rebelling against the player's whims to found a new civilization on the fringes of the code.

#dGUQeyap Jul 05,2018 10:00

Does black hole count as your singularity?

#Ml3JokEr Jul 05,2018 06:52

I like Terraria!

#Ml3JokEr Jul 05,2018 06:51


#oOj7DkNL Jul 05,2018 06:44


#oOj7DkNL Jul 05,2018 06:44


#EYrK6U90 Jul 05,2018 04:20

pls add cream to the game

#clB86ObE Jul 05,2018 03:25

What a disappointment, you really must not know PG 2, about half of the elements you just said are already available. Zero Gravity, Steam, Temperature, Indestructible, all of those are already in the damn game.

#XnXhkkjs Jul 05,2018 02:03

Also, In the regular PG comments, I'm AlexBoiiii.

#XnXhkkjs Jul 05,2018 02:02

Everyone! I want you to suggest the elements you want for Powder Game and Powder Game 2!
Grass, Elastic, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Singularity, Indestructible, Helium, Steam, Flower, Temperature, Zero Gravity, Game, Cat and Dog.
You Choose Your Elements! No copying mine BTW.
Also, Thunder is actually Electricity, and Nitro is short for Nitroglycerin..

#dGUQeyap Jul 05,2018 00:58

I remember my Nitrome days. Their artwork (especially old games) is so classic.

King Kentucky
#C95w9qho Jul 04,2018 15:45

OBJECTION! i dont know why i started thinking about ace attorney

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 04,2018 15:29

Okay that's like 15 'kings' now, can we do the royal summit yet? I wanna dispute some borders already, it's been months!

Fighter king
#EpjVdcwj Jul 04,2018 08:28

I won't do any projects for awhile I don't have any ideas and I haven't played this for awhile since 2014. I may not upload for a few months or years but still vote for my art .

#e9aqDAmr Jul 04,2018 07:05

I just made pixel art of chisel stuck in a crater being pursued by 3 quackbots, its fanart of the game "chisel 2" by nitrome.

#f3jzASE4 Jul 03,2018 08:11

the one with bigweld? that would be neat. sure. I was thinking about functional ones but that sounds better.

#vSbAiI0H Jul 03,2018 01:23

Danstroyer: Robots like the animated movie from 2005?

LK, professional
#C95w9qho Jul 03,2018 01:03


#f3jzASE4 Jul 03,2018 00:59

skyk make robots/guzzlord pixel art

#oEnue0HK Jul 03,2018 00:00

ʎɐƃ ǝɹ╻noʎ ʻsᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ⅎᴉ

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jul 02,2018 15:17

Another day, another attempt on my life by boxes.

#oOj7DkNL Jul 02,2018 09:54


#lFcs1hMt Jul 02,2018 07:24

kawiipotato, a wise person once told me that hating something just makes it appear more.
take their advice.
oh and everybody, sorry to talk about pokemon but I got a shiny yanmega named drake!
once again sorry to talk about pokemon.

#iD0gW9ft Jul 02,2018 04:55

@STS & Σsigma
Jesus, it's been what, 5-6 years since the three of us met each other?
And yet this board still ties us together...

#dGUQeyap Jun 29,2018 13:02

PG1 has a dot limit of 40,000. You just have to manually change it.

LK, professional
#C95w9qho Jun 29,2018 07:12

wym when tk was this old he still and will always be 21.
if i remember correctly sts and i are the same age or atleast i hope we are

#EYrK6U90 Jun 29,2018 03:15

you're fake. i'll kick your granddad's head in and lick your gran's poonana.

#pR05tuso Jun 29,2018 00:38

Almost finished with my next upload!

#bFPtoRcC Jun 28,2018 20:47

we need stop the undertale fanboys and fangirls GUYS

#bFPtoRcC Jun 28,2018 20:44

the power game 2 is full of undertale cringy help

#clB86ObE Jun 28,2018 13:00

STS won't do any projects for a while, probably forever at his recent rate XD.

Tyne and wear
#gVcAzHG0 Jun 28,2018 05:58

Oh cool STS came back

#1My7sjpT Jun 28,2018 03:12

@ startrekspock. This is a big suggestion but can you build a full scale enterprise with interior. I think its only possible on pg2 because something like that will need circa 25000 dots. Can you also add my name or me in the creation. Just to say, in real life, I have curly hair and iam 26 if you want to add me.
thx for reading this, this means a lot.

#1My7sjpT Jun 28,2018 03:09

thx, StarTrekSpock

#dGUQeyap Jun 27,2018 09:41

I've been good!
Last time I heard your age you were about 16-ish? How old are you now?
I'm 21! I remember a time when TK was this old.

#27XFttBr Jun 27,2018 05:09

Sorry I died again

#XTuY7nFi Jun 26,2018 01:57


#EYrK6U90 Jun 23,2018 03:45

nice, I'm glad it worked

#vi6dvpTR Jun 23,2018 03:21

thanks so much!

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