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#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 14:52

Sue me for not wanting to see poorly-animated breasts on an ad for a video game about things I care to not play.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/28 14:44

Using ad-blockers on an indie-dev's website? Shame on you.
Also what ads you get are based largely on the keywords of your browsing history, not necessarily the content.

#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 13:41

It's also pretty annoying when you hit submit when trying to hit the text box and nothing is even in it. Just wastes 3-4 seconds of my valuable time.
Do you not use uBlock Origin? I haven't gotten an ad since I got it, so I don't have to see the cringey things people pay for other people to see.
Also, pedophilia technically does not exist in Japan, because there is no age of consent.

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/28 13:29

I also never liked it when I accidentally press Submit in the middle of typing a comment.

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/28 13:27

Dan-Ball and some other sites used to keep giving me ads for cringy romance comics with cringy slogans like "Revenge never tasted so good" next to a fat man and inte handsome man, and some kind of mobile game called "Girls X Battle" which looked like borderline anime pedophilia.
I've never liked anime nor romantic literature.

#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 13:12

What web browser is that?

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/28 12:19
Um, should I feel offended? This ad for a dating site showed pictures of men before pictures of trashy grills.
My history is clean of that non different-gender stuff. IDK why they are sending me this.
I swear

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/02/27 09:39

Everyone, take a second to vote for this person:
They have actual potential, unlike 99% of saves.

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/02/26 12:10


#LiLWHMJE 2017/02/26 05:25

Is powder game 2 broken for anyone else?

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/26 03:37

Are you Aussie? How much is the video for "Land Down Under" a representation of Australia?

#xfRvxvj7 2017/02/25 22:03


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/24 01:55

#81OeEieq 2017/02/23 05:54

great game absolutely love it!

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/22 21:24

I can't hear anything. Hello? Guys?

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/21 21:25

I am

#zVUR8kty 2017/02/21 21:05


#JJGmR38A 2017/02/21 11:27

I am the man who arranges the blocks that descend upon me from up above...

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/20 19:29

I learned a long time ago that no plan survives first contact with my inability to determine how much time I'll need to do things. It's best to start with what you find easy and work on it like that until the irrational confidence boost from being "over half" done with a project makes the rest of it easy.

#MCsbQ4YU 2017/02/20 12:55

Understandable. At least I'm not complaining about how suicidal I am and how many times I cut last night.

#aEu6dN8d 2017/02/20 07:29

I automatically assume people are lying when they talk about having a gf on the interwebz.

#4Khnz2ka 2017/02/20 06:27

My girlfriend is Russian and speaks Russian fluently, despite only living in Russia for the first 6 months of her life.

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/19 14:53

when no one listens to your comments ;_:

#fqPwYp1j 2017/02/19 09:37

Dead Poets Society
@Botty McWhatever
I wish I had a girlfriend to beat, man.
I also majored in Russian because it's a language and culture I've always had a passion for, and still do. However, I keep getting Cs and Ds in Russian and my life plan is disintegrating before my eyes.

#6gkHelVa 2017/02/19 03:33

"Woman in Black"

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/18 22:18

Describe your favorite teacher with a movie title.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/18 10:29

When did you stop beating your girlfriend?
Why did you major in (Russian|German)?

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/02/18 04:37

I knew you would return.

#fqPwYp1j 2017/02/18 01:54

I am a college student AMA

#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/18 01:39

Now listen closely! Here's a little lesson in trickery, this is going down in history! If you want to be a villain number one, you have to chase a superhero on the run!

#E37CiCLG 2017/02/17 14:54

Villins r poopy heads >:c

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/17 13:52

Are you a real villain? Have you ever caught a good guy, like a real superhero? Have you ever tried a disguise? Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to be villains!

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/17 04:24

In America, it's illegal for me to hunt your ass....But it won't stop me

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/17 04:13
y'all remember this trash?

#6aeBMK4A 2017/02/16 14:30

In Utah, it is illegal to hunt for whales.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/16 02:15

I love Gave the dog, is ok

#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/15 23:54

Sorry if I made people sad with the Gabe the dog thing. Just thought I had to make a tribute since she/he kind of helped me when I went through some depression.

#boQlApnc 2017/02/15 15:06

You more or less need all of these as well...

#bAIsxU9a 2017/02/15 14:57

Took me about half an hour to make all this (before testing and editing). I took out some of the things that are useless if it's not used where it was originally made for.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/15 08:52

Wut? Do you have a flip phone with enough battery to last four days?
...I think Omega is a robot.

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/02/15 02:43

God dammit, if only I could type something Russian to respond to Scy's comment.
Alas, stuck on my phone after an incident Friday that caused me to flee the house.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/14 10:35

Sorry, you posted a similar one before.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/14 09:23

Gosh that italian family at the next table sure is quiet

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/13 15:31

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/13 10:44

Some of you guys are alright
Don't play powder game tomorrow if you have >5000 votes
Happening commen will be posted tomorrow

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/13 04:56

I would be sarcastic, but I've been sarcastic too many times to take any enjoyment out of it...

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/12 10:27

Suggest an idea!

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/12 09:43

"- Monster Box ver5.0 -
New : Damage effect OnOff addition."
Man, ha55ii really is out of ideas...

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/12 05:00

A human merchant walked up to my broker, punched him in the nose, got scared because there was fighting, and left. Is this what's called a "strong arm negotiation"?

#pAj3EEzM 2017/02/12 02:35


#IN8j8QjJ 2017/02/11 12:46

Impossible! I only have tentacles, what are you talking about?

#MSszoBWk 2017/02/11 12:11

Nah, I only have it as a backup for one of my friends, lol. We usually talk on steam but her's messes up frequently.
I have been sent a lot of pics from random guys who somehow find my username though.
They're probably all from SMG >->

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/11 11:49

>STS on kik
Oh, Lord. I know it's for messaging, but "messaging" a lot too.
I watched this about ten times thinking about how much I would panic in this situation, and would probably fail to turn

#MSszoBWk 2017/02/11 11:26

I've been busy and preoccupied with a lot of other stuff.
I'm on Steam, Discord and Kik if you have any of those though ;-;

#yPN16kgO 2017/02/11 09:32

Hi. Go visit me in PG2.
Just search full name"0000001"

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/11 06:22


#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/10 01:48

Why do I waste three and a half hours making an iDubbbz..? I am making "normal" content on PG2 if you guys are interested at all.

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/09 14:04

Maybe the Chinese government put Dan-Ball on a blacklist because we kept saying things like "censorship".

#W7WhMFHx 2017/02/09 12:29

It got killed.
Well, RIP to my posts there.

#IN8j8QjJ 2017/02/09 12:07

Hello twatch tooday I am of going to be play the new game, called "games powder 2" made by Chinese maker obstacube. Enjoy, and b sure 2 sub

#8Jojoo54 2017/02/09 02:40

Hi youtoob today I am going to be playing this new game called "game of powder" made by Japanese dev Tylor. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe!

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/09 01:37

@Σsigma This just a guess but, maybe there weren't too many CH users.

#lIaa1yUr 2017/02/08 21:53

youtube bobthe09 that me XD

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/08 13:20

Go to sleep Sigma

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/08 13:19

Wait, wait, what happened to the Chinese side? o.O

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/08 13:19

Member when imgur didn't redirect you to an album page from pure images?

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/08 09:30

#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/08 04:49

I might start making some more pixel art from now on. It can be a real pain getting the best details, so expect them to take a lot of time if I do.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/07 22:33

I agree and think they should add new elemets

#M4JZ9AYB 2017/02/07 08:52

Actually I take that back v, if not including birds that's the case. Screw bird lag...

#M4JZ9AYB 2017/02/07 08:48

I wish the limit of how many particles you could add on a single map didn't exist, or at least was higher then just 40k. I have 4 different devices for playing Powder Game and on all of them I get ~60 fps, 2 of these devices are from 2010, just saying if lag is the problem I don't see it.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/06 13:29

Holy fugg, I spent the entire day funposting on 4chin. This is a new low for me.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/06 10:22

Happy Superb Owl Sunday!!!

Manda (Tom)
#U2nZ1NbV 2017/02/06 02:57

I love this game

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/05 15:05

STS, why no stay? : (

#MSszoBWk 2017/02/05 14:36

When it's wound properly and stored correctly, rope requires very little storage space and is easy to retrieve and put to work. Rope will last longer when it's hung from a wall, because it's not exposed to water, oil, and other corrosive elements that can weaken it. The best method of tying for storage: First, bend your arm into a right angle. Take hold of the standing part of the rope near one end. Wind the rope through your hand and around your arm until about three feet remain. Still holding the top of the wound rope in your hand, remove the rope from your arm. Wind three coils around the looped rope, wrapping upward from the first coil. As the third coil winds around to the back of the rope, form_the standing part into a second bight. Pull upward on the second bight to cinch up this very simple slipped hitch. Pull downward on the standing part to reduce the size of the bend.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/05 11:21

It took me several minutes to determine what was happening.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/05 11:19

Daily reminder that imgur is literally Hitler.

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/05 06:15

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/04 20:34

Yeah, no. 100BitMaster is using all the exact same arguments afrostud did to justify messing with people.

AfroLess 100bit
#6t4hwdAu 2017/02/04 13:40

100bit is 100% AfroStud free and a bunch of alt accounts have re-created Zafum's circle except its inverted. You can finally write stuff on there without it being erased!

#IN8j8QjJ 2017/02/04 12:48

I am ingesting male reproductive seminal fluid that progresses down the length of my upper gastro-intestinal system.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/04 10:45

When people say things like "I'm swallowing cum through my oesophagus" I instantly assume they have a mental illness.

s n e e t
#rcVVRfe5 2017/02/04 10:37

i am now bold and beautiful like a dior palette

#rcVVRfe5 2017/02/04 10:34

the "coaxed into a snafu" meme is full of tautological goodies

#pdDlVqmc 2017/02/04 09:13

I'm swallowing cum through my oesophagus

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/04 08:31

Not quite, there's still room for another interpretation in "I am on the dan-ball website, typing these words" that doesn't make "with my keyboard" redundant.
It'd be better if you replaced "keyboard" with "hands" or something along that vein, because while you could plausibly type on someone else's keyboard, you couldn't use their hands.

#pdDlVqmc 2017/02/04 06:27

"I am on the dan-ball website, typing these words with my keyboard"
did i do good tk

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/03 21:30

A proper fillibuster contains Green Eggs and Ham. Taxpayer money went to him reading children's books on the Senate floor.

Dark Doctor
#uGKvxgkS 2017/02/03 21:01

Ranger Stick

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/03 19:47

A proper tautology (the writing technique, not the logic assertion) is the same thought said in a different way. Like "frozen ice" or "2pm in the afternoon", it's useful if you've been hired to write a filibuster for some politician or need to fluff up the word count on a school essay.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/03 10:45

If the first rule of the Tautology Club is the Tautology Club's #1 rule and Scy doesn't understand Rule #2, then Scy doesn't understand Rule #2 or I could barf up a better one.

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/03 08:07

Rule #2 is that there is more than one rule.

#m4SLCtzr 2017/02/03 07:03


Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/02 23:59

Rule #2?

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/02 17:16

The first rule of Tautology Club is the Tautology Club's #1 rule.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/01 23:02

Because I was supposed to understand that immediately when I read your comment.
(THIS time I'm being sarcastic.)
To me it sounds like multiplying a number by something over itself then reducing it back down. The only reason the universe doesn't make sense to us right now is because we don't fully understand it.

#pdDlVqmc 2017/02/01 07:56

Yeah the universe is weird.

Torture King
#gXby1KrR 2017/02/01 07:47

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but the reason I brought it up was because I've been reading a lot of stuff about virtual particles and NASA's "warp drive". Stuff like borrowing energy from the universe to spontaneously create tiny portions of matter and antimatter that then annihilate eachother to give the energy back sounds a lot like dividing by zero shenanigans.

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/02/01 07:33

Well yeah! That's what happens when you divide 0 by 0 and assume it equals 1. :/
Because it's an indeterminate form, what you just did actually makes sense, as it always does.
Put more effort into your upload. That message is there to keep people from just drawing a squiggly line, etc. and uploading it.

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