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#3WopXKyQ 2017/03/23 10:38

Hello looking for ideas any want help? ill give credit to you for the idea

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/23 07:38

>Founded a city next to Mt. Everest
My game is gonna be downhill from now on.

#zVUR8kty 2017/03/22 18:15

The story SpaceMarineGuy told was absolutely untrue.
You see, a day before STS left for the game, I spotted him at Walmart(canada) stocking a basket full of premixed pancake batter. It was a rare sight indeed!. I walked out of the store and waited for him nearby by the thick shrubs. When he walked out, I approached him as stealthily as possible....
STS was never seen again.

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/22 11:34

Ok outeratmosphereinfantrymanmale

#JJGmR38A 2017/03/22 06:27

Yes I do, firearmfellow96.

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/22 03:20

@SMG you remember me right?

#un0ZcnQY 2017/03/21 15:09


#JJGmR38A 2017/03/21 11:26

STS was playing ice hockey as part of a fundraiser to repeal all federal anti-seal clubbing laws, in a modified stadium that uses frozen maple syrup as the ice. Unfortunately, the ice broke under the weight of the moose mascot (which was an actual, genuine moose), having a whopping 5 meters deep pool of cold, unfrozen syrup under the fractured ice, STS fell through and drowned in the maple syrup right before he was about to hit the puck. Firefighters and medics couldn't get him out of the thick, sticky syrup. Tools, hooks, pumps, and even the hastly improvised pancake rafts that carried the emergency personnel to his last recorded site sunk in the opaque golden-brown liquid. It was too late, he was gone beneath the ice forever. The only remains we have of him were his snowy fur hat and a signed autographed photo of Sidney Crosby that remained unsunk on the surface of his viscous grave.

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/21 10:51

Damn its been so long, how is everyone doing and where is StarTrekSpock

#ZpRQdtB4 2017/03/20 07:03


#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/19 03:54

I legit thought TK was SMG for a second after Sigma came back.

#EY0E21Ik 2017/03/18 10:38

sloimm what do you mean

#EY0E21Ik 2017/03/18 10:37

waht is dis

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/18 04:17

Have some weird:

#Xt9aV9NP 2017/03/18 03:55

Get off this game now it has a virus named spyware.

#iP9VPUIs 2017/03/17 22:53


yo yup
#dTF7R88P 2017/03/17 19:39

hey people of powderr

#UW3wcWoz 2017/03/17 05:45

I never once thought that ever.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/17 02:49

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/16 17:20

No you see it was just a metaphor, you're not actually the president of the United States.

#KJK3gPYX 2017/03/16 12:48

Wait a minute, my rank is a LOT higher than Private!

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/03/16 01:39

Replace "Σsigma" with "The public", "Private Vidkunssonn" with "Donald Trump", "read more than 3 chapters of the damned manual" with "attended more than 3 security briefings", "sleeping on the roof of the latrines" with "golfing", and "Dan-Ball Academy" with "2016 Presidential Election" and see what happens.
Hint: it's something that sounds about as ridiculous as the original post but is actually true.

#nQ5KGN7I 2017/03/16 00:38

It's because of how ruggedly handsome I am, in case you haven't noticed.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/03/15 23:19

I love you Sigma's

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/15 19:05

Σsigma is your commanding officer Private Vidkunssonn! Which you would already know if you read more than 3 chapters of the damned manual instead of sleeping on the roof of the latrines! How the hell you squeezed your way through Dan-Ball Academy I'll never comprehend.

#wSFeraD9 2017/03/15 13:24

Now, who are you?

#dXvzB4Bc 2017/03/15 12:21

Yes, I was gone for a month because faulty Internet.
Thank you guys for noticing.

#j8DkrqLn 2017/03/15 08:09

1. not standard powder
2. water does not splash
3. not fire spark
4. dont cast "seed"
5. dont use the fan but ran out of fan
6. dont use ice because i ran out of ice
7. super ball is normal ball
8. blue purple is acid
9. magma is water
10. nitro is not an explosive liquid.
11. dont play this game
12. choose another game
13. done with instructions

#j8DkrqLn 2017/03/15 08:04

This website...

#vMD8uU7R 2017/03/15 00:58

good game

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/14 13:30

Undiagnosed Munchausen's.

#ejTK1d7w 2017/03/14 12:37

Those people are stupid.

#nEYb4mUG 2017/03/14 12:22

#JJGmR38A 2017/03/14 10:52

So, what are your thoughts on 'transabled' people, people who amputate/injure themselves intentionally because they identified as being physically disabled?

#fsnRTqbN 2017/03/13 06:08

Or, just get a lazy dog that doesn't do anything.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/13 03:38

I like the idea of dogs more than actually having them, cats don't make as many messes when left unsupervised.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/03/13 01:09

I like cats more than doggos

#QusG78lt 2017/03/12 04:12


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/11 21:05

#iow6xEDi 2017/03/11 18:27


#l0aS2Xd2 2017/03/11 16:39

I just went poopy in my pants

#l0aS2Xd2 2017/03/11 16:39

I just pooped my pants

#eoteTRMd 2017/03/11 11:10

That last link ALMOST says "largedick".

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/11 00:11

Remember these? I've been making a lot of them.

#nEYb4mUG 2017/03/10 05:09

Elevator, go check my jurasic park if you don,t see.

#2JVcKCJm 2017/03/09 14:48


#cR7FMWBB 2017/03/09 10:14

This game is awesome

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/09 09:56

Welp, the US government decided to turn tyrannical again. Put a backdoor in basically every machine on Earth.
Looks like I'm installing OpenBSD now...
You are very correct. All the people who pronounce it the other way are wrong!

#nEYb4mUG 2017/03/09 02:38

Jurassic park

#JJGmR38A 2017/03/08 10:57

.gif "jif" pronouncers, unite here! We will rise against the G-men and triumph over them!

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/07 10:00

obviously she should just sleep in an undergrund bunker. The only cost is electricity

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/07 06:24
"Finally found a worse love story than Twilight" -- hotfudge

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/06 11:42

I have a female human fetish

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/06 10:46

So I'm assuming you're Weird_Fetishes on GameFAQs, SMG?

#JJGmR38A 2017/03/05 14:25

Or an advanced AI entity that secretly uses Nigerian scams in order to cover its massive money trail from bribing government officials and nuclear submarine deckhands.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/05 12:39

Or two pangolins wearing a trenchcoat.

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/03/04 08:10

Or an Aryan moon person attempting to create the Fourth Reich.

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/04 06:40

On the internet, no one knows you're a Russian diplomat attempting to gain power in the government and reinstate the soviet union.

#MSszoBWk 2017/03/03 15:16

I love how this place never really changes. It's still the same people for the most part

#B3sXgl79 2017/03/02 13:01

100% of the things I look up on the internet is school stuff, Discord, Spotify & Soundcloud, this place + the links you guys take me to, Meowbin and other pastebin sites, a couple of Google Sites sites all relating to JavaScript, and other miscellaneous sites that all relate to JS, HTML, and other similar programming languages. I don't look up any sort kinky sh͏it on the internet.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/03/02 10:28

Firefox + a user style that makes it look like a dark edge

#JJGmR38A 2017/03/02 07:12

I'm not quite so sure of the correlation between keywords related to literary research and reddit, and the blatant hentai ads served to me.
Then again, The Odyssey does have sea monsters.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/02 06:18

Then stop looking up those keywords, all the ads I get recently are for woodcrafting supplies and Zimbabwe trillion dollar bills.

#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 14:52

Sue me for not wanting to see poorly-animated breasts on an ad for a video game about things I care to not play.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/28 14:44

Using ad-blockers on an indie-dev's website? Shame on you.
Also what ads you get are based largely on the keywords of your browsing history, not necessarily the content.

#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 13:41

It's also pretty annoying when you hit submit when trying to hit the text box and nothing is even in it. Just wastes 3-4 seconds of my valuable time.
Do you not use uBlock Origin? I haven't gotten an ad since I got it, so I don't have to see the cringey things people pay for other people to see.
Also, pedophilia technically does not exist in Japan, because there is no age of consent.

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/28 13:29

I also never liked it when I accidentally press Submit in the middle of typing a comment.

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/28 13:27

Dan-Ball and some other sites used to keep giving me ads for cringy romance comics with cringy slogans like "Revenge never tasted so good" next to a fat man and inte handsome man, and some kind of mobile game called "Girls X Battle" which looked like borderline anime pedophilia.
I've never liked anime nor romantic literature.

#YdjKMW7u 2017/02/28 13:12

What web browser is that?

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/28 12:19
Um, should I feel offended? This ad for a dating site showed pictures of men before pictures of trashy grills.
My history is clean of that non different-gender stuff. IDK why they are sending me this.
I swear

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/02/27 09:39

Everyone, take a second to vote for this person:
They have actual potential, unlike 99% of saves.

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/02/26 12:10


#LiLWHMJE 2017/02/26 05:25

Is powder game 2 broken for anyone else?

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/02/26 03:37

Are you Aussie? How much is the video for "Land Down Under" a representation of Australia?

#xfRvxvj7 2017/02/25 22:03


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/24 01:55

#81OeEieq 2017/02/23 05:54

great game absolutely love it!

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/22 21:24

I can't hear anything. Hello? Guys?

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/21 21:25

I am

#zVUR8kty 2017/02/21 21:05


#JJGmR38A 2017/02/21 11:27

I am the man who arranges the blocks that descend upon me from up above...

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/20 19:29

I learned a long time ago that no plan survives first contact with my inability to determine how much time I'll need to do things. It's best to start with what you find easy and work on it like that until the irrational confidence boost from being "over half" done with a project makes the rest of it easy.

#MCsbQ4YU 2017/02/20 12:55

Understandable. At least I'm not complaining about how suicidal I am and how many times I cut last night.

#aEu6dN8d 2017/02/20 07:29

I automatically assume people are lying when they talk about having a gf on the interwebz.

#4Khnz2ka 2017/02/20 06:27

My girlfriend is Russian and speaks Russian fluently, despite only living in Russia for the first 6 months of her life.

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/19 14:53

when no one listens to your comments ;_:

#fqPwYp1j 2017/02/19 09:37

Dead Poets Society
@Botty McWhatever
I wish I had a girlfriend to beat, man.
I also majored in Russian because it's a language and culture I've always had a passion for, and still do. However, I keep getting Cs and Ds in Russian and my life plan is disintegrating before my eyes.

#6gkHelVa 2017/02/19 03:33

"Woman in Black"

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/02/18 22:18

Describe your favorite teacher with a movie title.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/18 10:29

When did you stop beating your girlfriend?
Why did you major in (Russian|German)?

#h3PgcvUJ 2017/02/18 04:37

I knew you would return.

#fqPwYp1j 2017/02/18 01:54

I am a college student AMA

#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/18 01:39

Now listen closely! Here's a little lesson in trickery, this is going down in history! If you want to be a villain number one, you have to chase a superhero on the run!

#E37CiCLG 2017/02/17 14:54

Villins r poopy heads >:c

#JJGmR38A 2017/02/17 13:52

Are you a real villain? Have you ever caught a good guy, like a real superhero? Have you ever tried a disguise? Alright, I can see that I will have to teach you how to be villains!

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/17 04:24

In America, it's illegal for me to hunt your ass....But it won't stop me

#kZKntRTX 2017/02/17 04:13
y'all remember this trash?

#6aeBMK4A 2017/02/16 14:30

In Utah, it is illegal to hunt for whales.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/02/16 02:15

I love Gave the dog, is ok

#DF5J2IcI 2017/02/15 23:54

Sorry if I made people sad with the Gabe the dog thing. Just thought I had to make a tribute since she/he kind of helped me when I went through some depression.

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