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#dxWxmXDS 2017/01/17 05:49

I'm perfectly fine with you blacking out the screen, but please save my Ron Pauls alone till the end. I was really hoping to see them on the history animation.

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/17 04:29

Until it goes up, everybody black out as much around it as possible! :D

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/16 22:19

the complete periodic table is not on history animation yet, let it stay for a few more days

#e3GBFuMd 2017/01/16 12:35

I am sorry I can't get on as much as you can sir but I do my best. Plus again why do you inside on keeping it styled the way you have it?

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/01/16 10:52

well not febauray. just in less than a week i think

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/01/16 10:50

lets KEEP the periotic table until theres a picture in the history of the completed periotic table of elements. so... not untill sometime in febuary.

#8OSNZpP3 2017/01/16 06:06

If you're going to continue to fight me over the date, the least you can do is update it.

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/16 05:00

Yea, but it would've been nice if you hadn't removed that one line to the far left of the two off-set series, along with MaKun doing it 3 times. The whole thing was accidentally made one pixel to the right, and I we were trying to adjust it for a long time >.< but don't worry about it, you didn't see our plan.
@Tyne and wear
Yes I agree...
I just really hope we can get to the next timestamp with a flawless periodic table and then maybe we can build a city with white being the outlines! :D

#mCCVgmMs 2017/01/16 04:38

And with that, I completed the last element to the periodic table! We just need to fix up a couple drawings over it, and make it 100% clean

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/01/16 03:23

Lol f.uck you Afrostud

#Gy2lgea4 2017/01/15 15:57

Okay, let'stake down the Periodic Table now.

#8OSNZpP3 2017/01/15 13:26

Try doing it with a palindrome as well.

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/15 06:29

Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/15 01:25


#dxWxmXDS 2017/01/14 15:49

I have been filling unused areas with "Ron Paul". Is everyone okay with this?

#e3GBFuMd 2017/01/14 15:24

I didn't do anything to At or Rn, I've been trying to do my own things.

#8OSNZpP3 2017/01/14 04:41

I noticed it so I was going to put it back to the old format, but #18. Adam should be fixing it because he moved it.

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/13 21:26

cant believe no one noticed the wrong version...

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/13 08:39

Just noticed how At and Rn have the wrong numbers ._. someone please fix if you can? :D

Donald Trump
#FjV8s5Sg 2017/01/12 05:14

I deport all of you

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/11 22:42

first a pi, then a spiral, now a periodic table? this is the worst

#e3GBFuMd 2017/01/11 15:04

Wow, I'm so impressed by this board.

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/09 15:08

Strontium is 38 not 58 someone halp

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/01/09 12:28

oops theres an "e" in the helium abbriveation. someone fix that plz

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/08 21:50

welp, fill the space with eyes when the periodic table is complete

#fflmrVgv 2017/01/07 09:32

no comment on January six, rip straight daily comment

#EeMp9k5n 2017/01/05 23:00

jees this place got negative since i was last on

#yNn5jCNA 2017/01/05 00:21

Its been a few days since I was last on here,so could someone tell me why the Periodic Table is now the dominate thing on the board?

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/04 16:01

mmmmmmm... no.

#e3GBFuMd 2017/01/04 14:43

I'm thinking it would be better if we move the Periodic table up so it would be at the top of the game box instead of just under the now defunct first line of Pi art.
If you don't know what I'm talking about then I already moved the Hydrogen Table Tile up into the proper corner as an example and it looks a lot better. Yes I know it's quite a lot of work to move it all only a few pixels but really why not put the full effort into something like this?

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/03 10:28

Lol people will probably look back at this time and refer to it as the nerd era (the Pi and Periodic Table). :D

#e3GBFuMd 2017/01/03 04:18

I'm putting the US way of writing the date in the other corner to stop anyone from changing the Japanese one.

Tyne and wear
#Bopd7BmJ 2017/01/03 01:15

He'll be back.

#U4GBwGtI 2017/01/02 21:52

@SRLegend: Stop overusing the word "autistic". You're making yourself look like an idiot for doing so. If you think this game is for autistic people, people can play this game while also having a social life outside of playing this game, so that means you might have been the autistic one, not the game. Go ahead and leave; No one cares. Bye bye. ^^

#KV4wi4iN 2017/01/02 12:07

This will be my only 2017 comment for this game.
My new years resolution is to stop playing autistic games like this as well as cutting out all autistic games out of my time. I've been in this loophole, coming back to this game, and leaving for a while and etc, but this time, I will make the cut.
I've been playing on this site since 2009, going through hundreds of accounts, and this will be the last one I will ever have.
This is Stick Ranger Legend, signing out. Pcz.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/01/01 06:10

And in case if that doesnt make sense to your autisic brain
it means that i dont make stupid choices as much as you.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/01/01 06:09

@SRLegend why the heck would i kil.l myself. Unlike you i'm not autistic.

#85j0y7wy 2017/01/01 05:35

@Tyne and wear
Its nice to just keep it simple, it's not necessary considering the numbering, and its missing lots of other information anyways. If you can come up with an interesting way of showing them being linked that would be cool! :D
Other than that I was actually extremely salty when I came on and saw that Aluminium and Silicon were done in the wrong place >.<

Tyne and wear
#Bopd7BmJ 2017/01/01 05:05

By the way, shouldn't the lanthanum and actinium blocks have the links to the bottom two periods rather than the respective elements being displayed with the main body?

Tyne and wear
#Bopd7BmJ 2017/01/01 05:02

Every time I look here, I lose brain cells.

#fflmrVgv 2016/12/31 18:25

lol this comment section is ridiculous

#NbSCKK9W 2016/12/31 09:30

@The Muskadillo, kys

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/31 03:21

also, THIS is my life. im still in school sooooooo... and its winter break for me.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/31 03:20

Srlengend is talking about himself when he thinks this game is full of autistic 25 year-olds without a part time job.
get a life.

#fflmrVgv 2016/12/30 22:13

@fat gsooz
its actually very easy to avoid virus, just get some common sense.

#fflmrVgv 2016/12/30 18:18

deep web is different from dark web, you go to the deep web everyday, let me explain
deep web = it is the site where you cannot find and access through a search engine like google, an example of a deep web site is a private profile, email sent to a person.
dark web/net = this is where the drugs, CP, other illegal stuffs kick in, you can only access the dark web/net through a certain program like tor. most or all dark web/net domain is .onion

Tyne and wear
#cAQSEHdo 2016/12/30 08:07

You don't need to go onto the dark web or the deep web to get a vpn. They are perfectly legal and can be found on Google Play and the App Store.
I guess it's because the way you word your comments and your generally weaker arguments make you seem immature and possibly liable to accusations of being mentally handicapped, although I don't think he was literally accusing you of having autism.

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/30 06:14

and if you'r saying that i'm autistic and i'm 25 how is that an insult autism isn't a realy bad thing i know people who are autistic and the're cool also if you were not talking about me then......okay

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/30 06:10

SRLegond do you have any chill? You do know that just because you didn't get viruses or malware doesn't mean that there's still a chance to get viruses....or malware, also I don't like the sound of the dark or deep web

#fflmrVgv 2016/12/30 02:24

and logging out and logging in changes the code

#fflmrVgv 2016/12/30 02:21

oh well, the only way to prevent the scratch is to create a ton of accounts

obviouse guyssss
#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/30 00:18

safd fart fatrt afrrttttttt lololololololololololololololololololol

#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/30 00:16

fine. destroy THE spiral.

Tyne and wear
#cAQSEHdo 2016/12/29 22:29

Except they're not actually accounts and they're using the same iP address. Good job.

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/29 20:08

btw those 2 accounts are probably created by The Muskadillo

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/29 20:07

uh destroy spiral?

#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/29 12:38


#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/29 12:31


#85j0y7wy 2016/12/29 12:20

Lets all just calm down here, as long as people aren't breaking the law, they can do whatever they want on here. Plus this game is just a "Drawing paper of sharing". You are allowed to write and draw and create whatever you want on this piece of paper, along with anybody erasing or redrawing over your creations. There are no rules against 500 alts, and there are no rules against playing and not creating the most beautiful art in the world, it's a piece of paper, its multi-purpose. I spent a bunch of time practicing drawing Periodic Tables on paper until I memorized the whole thing, and so I am trying to do it on here and see if we can create the whole thing without too many haters! :D

#Bqp2UJpq 2016/12/29 10:21

I can't believe this game is full of Autistic 25 year olds that still don't have a part time job.

#Bqp2UJpq 2016/12/29 10:19

@Tyne and wear, its true though in a way because the possibilities are endless with ms paint and similar programs.
In anouther way, I'm the opposite of him because I don't use them to fixer every word, and I accept grief unless its a project I'm working on. I actually abuse this game like I even give a
@fatgsooz, you're fu.cking stupid. I've been using tor browser for a long time, and my computer is fine. I can do whatever the I want okay. If you don't like it, create an army of accounts and pull an AfroStud.
There some vpns to watch out for, and some that are 100% safe.

Tyne and wear
#cAQSEHdo 2016/12/29 09:55

Anyone with an ok knowledge of computers and a good deal of common sense can figure out ways to create multiple accounts. It isn't difficult. Everyone can do it. If you want to stop this 'spiral' so badly, you will have to use multiple accounts one way or the other. Your first comment makes you sound like Afrostud, although arguably less articulate.

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/28 23:07

and also why do you think everyone has aces to tor or a vpn there are people who don't go on this chat and also don't have a clue about tor and i don't want a chance for more viruses

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/28 23:04

srlegond the fuc you'r using tor to "only" help a giant spiral stopping many people from actually doing art

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/28 16:43

what do you wanna make anyway? other than destroying the spiral, borders, etc.

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/28 13:42

@The Muskadillo
Lol so you'd join me with this one. Alright, well, first off I made a mistake I will try to correct on my next go. :D

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/28 12:35

PEIORTIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS! but then theres the stupid spiral

#MDl3hTjq 2016/12/28 10:26

I'm only using alts to repair damage to existing areas of the spiral (at the moment, I might use them for something else in the future as long as doesn't come back)
@Tyne and wear, its not abuse because anyone can download tor, or snatch a vpn, make as many accounts as they want and they can abuse the game if they want.
Btw, who gives a about a white/black pixel game vs. games like call of duty and battlefield.

Tyne and wear
#uTlmfkYu 2016/12/28 08:11

Account abuse is too easy these days.

#ODJe502g 2016/12/27 13:09

Make a second account, download a vpn, and use incognito mode for google chrome.

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/27 10:08

can someone fix my Totoro i can't fix it i already used my 100bits for this 6hours

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/27 10:06

@bobble tank touché but still you were the only one making them....i think i don't feel like checking

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/27 10:01

Don't touch the top line of pi, I will rebuild. I AM ON TEAM SPIRAL. Lets do some cray cray bongolos

#AN7YK9Iy 2016/12/27 08:25

I'm adding (C) ha55ii 2006-2016 to the title.

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/27 05:22

the faces i created earlier

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/27 04:42

@bobbletank if there's some thing more ridiculous than a spiral i'm all ears....or all eyes?

#ODJe502g 2016/12/27 03:59

@The Muskadillo, let the spiral take over the game once before destroying it. These projects are created for the community to contribute to, and overtime get destroyed.
If you guys want to make really good art, use MS Paint or Photoshop or and upload it to imgur, or any other popular uploading site.

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/27 02:59

@The Muskadillo
what are you gonna do then if you destroyed all? create something more ridiculous and protect it?

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/27 01:02

@The Muskadillo yeah

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2016/12/27 00:41

let's just destroy the pi, the border, and maybe the spiral.

#ae9tcU7I 2016/12/26 14:34

@bobbletank, yes.
The next time one of us comes up with another pattern to take over 100bit, I want it to be something unique and different. I already have something in mind, but lets let this pattern do it phase first.

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/26 14:28

do you mean the pattern created during 2012? if yes if i remember correctly it was a spiral too but with thinner whites and fatter blacks, correct me if i'm wrong

#ae9tcU7I 2016/12/26 14:03

@Adam322, only noobs would attempt to do that, which can easily be un-done.

#bqbnnYrX 2016/12/26 14:03

--- comment restriction bypass ---

#e3GBFuMd 2016/12/26 13:11

As long as the spiral doesn't cover up the Date, Title and Version.

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/26 09:54

Alright boys and girls, Christmas is officially OVER in Japan. RELEASE THE FLOODGATES!!! It's time that we work together and SMASH down the borders! everyone UNITE! Lets do this! All out war on the border protectors!

#6RhKOGgL 2016/12/26 06:31

I think my pattern degign was too simple. We continue making it, but next time, I gotta think of a more unique pattern to cover the entire board.
Does anyone remember the pattern at 196?

#6RhKOGgL 2016/12/26 06:28

Nothing is impossible.
That would be really cool to see, but I would wait a little bit for that one, but that's definitely a project that could be done.

#EeMp9k5n 2016/12/26 05:24

@SRLegend i think pi would be impossible because of people making a spiral in the middle of the board, why are spirals so popular for an art game

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/26 03:32

sorry man but i cant join with you, i prefer art

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/26 03:13

I always like black being the the thing, and white just being the outline, thats why I went for Pi the way I did. Something else we could do if we band together like nerds is create a Periodic Table of the Elements, because I don't believe that has EVER been attempted! :D

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/26 03:03

Merry Christmas! Sorry about destroying a little bit of the spiral, it was only because I saw the word 'Merry' there and couldn't help myself

#sFtY1Ldm 2016/12/26 01:03

Merry Christmas!

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/25 17:24

if i remember correctly i think a spiral has already been created back in 2012

#nboCU8tH 2016/12/25 16:00

Lol, I could Imagine AfroStud one day decides to give dan-ball one more shot. He gets shocked when he sees the spiral and uses his thousands of fixer accounts to undo everything.

#nboCU8tH 2016/12/25 15:58

Although it would be interesting to the the entire board filled with πand how many digits were reached. Next year, when theres 50% less players, that will certainly be possibe.

#ACG9MgV3 2016/12/25 15:24

Did you just assume my team?!

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/25 11:08

@Everyone on team spiral, (which is basically everybody)
You can tear down all of pi and replace it with the spiral except for the very top line, I will fight to the death to keep that part alive

#85j0y7wy 2016/12/25 11:06

Well... Everything is falling apart ._. I'm going to go play Terraria

Tyne and wear
#uTlmfkYu 2016/12/25 06:50

I'm siding with spiral now. I'm bored. Plus, pi is a lot harder to fix when it's vandalised. You could even draw a whole bunch of random numbers on there and the chance of anyone noticing would be very small.
Fatgsooz does sound very annoyed at things that are ultimately irrelevant.

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