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#LxSODfly 2017/08/19 10:08

wrong the holocaust bodycount was closer to 6,969,696,969 you gluten/nut-allergic vegan diabetic scum.
There, am I cool that I used insults now?

#GnSlPpkt 2017/08/19 09:44

never forget the 600000 gazillon fellow goyim

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/08/19 02:07

wrong the holocaust bodycount was closer to 4 billion you racist anti-semitic bigot

#xAGN7fzE 2017/08/18 21:22

you killed 6 gorillion of my peopel!!!

#u1tmkYeN 2017/08/15 07:31

the goyim know

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/08/15 07:14

shut it down :c

#u1tmkYeN 2017/08/15 06:20

oy vey

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/08/14 12:35

how about you move your "actually good art"? that's what I did when people wanted my space.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/08/14 03:25

23rd vote we all know its the american flag
why you gotta take up the space of actually good art :c

Logan Paul
#UqQFXBLo 2017/08/12 10:04

You know my dad is a Loganger and not a Jake Pauler. Go watch my last vid.

Jake Paul
#OX6EcEpJ 2017/08/11 11:42

My daddy did a good job that night.

#EDdYlf7m 2017/08/10 12:16

Don't worry about it, seems like that problem is hereditary.

Hayda Paul
#ZrKuFnuO 2017/08/10 10:09


Logan Paul
#UyNyB5tP 2017/08/10 09:21

Damn :( that moment when you realize the wrong spe.rm won.

Hayda Paul
#ZrKuFnuO 2017/08/10 05:10

Go away poo poos

Greg Paul
#xAGN7fzE 2017/08/09 20:29

Shut up kids

Logan Paul
#DiQDIY3P 2017/08/08 15:54

Don't listen to my little brother. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel with the logang and be sure to buy a maverick t-shirt!

Jake Paul
#cLtkEMD0 2017/08/08 14:32

What is up Jake Paulers, subscribe to my youtube and buy my hot smokin merch.

#3dRdQE3A 2017/08/08 08:52

guess who's back

#LiLWHMJE 2017/08/08 06:41

Remove the city, we dont need one. They probably attacked the roundabout because you were removing the white dots. They were defending the white dots.

#85j0y7wy 2017/08/07 10:41

@23rd Vote
They were avoiding creations at first but then they were attacking some things that were just made, and then my Roundabout.

#bBaZVxEA 2017/08/07 10:11

Let's fill up the entire board with Logan Pauls and Jake Pauls. Which brother is the more superior one?

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/08/06 16:20

@Piboi3point14 did you even look at the image while the white dots were around? there were lots of areas where creations were avoided, it was alot more tolerant of a pattern than anything this game has ever had

#isy0lfHm 2017/08/04 15:19

Funny how ha55ii is updating a game that nobody bothers to play. I would rather see ha55ii update Rhythm Editor over that useless game. At least with Rhythm Editor, it promotes people to create music in the form of a sandbox game. I wish ha55ii would've implemented an uploading feature as well as being able to record your makes and commands to repeat certain sounds and more functionalities.

#YSxGYWuw 2017/08/02 03:18

molefight is a cu.nt confirmed.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/31 12:03

The original thing that was gonna happen with the checkerboard was just purge the board. After the checkerboard covered the board we would do a whiteout.
But a blackout is just as good.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/31 01:53

retarded white dot pattern
and who wants some hunks instead of babes? :^)

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/07/30 11:33

#fxpla3zi 2017/07/30 11:23

i support the void

#85j0y7wy 2017/07/30 04:54

Yeah... I really hate these white dots everywhere, I don't care how they are gotten rid of, but the easiest way is to noise clear them. All these people working on them are doing is slowly clearing out everyone's creations with yet another stupid pattern.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/30 03:48

The darkness is rising. May a blackout commence

#RAVcvQMK 2017/07/29 22:15

trump stop bombing syria they are coming here to kill europe!

#pvJDRpa1 2017/07/29 11:13

I wanted obamacare out of my country. Sad. Its the fake news's fault because they worship obamacare.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/28 14:10

Started a new sector of the checkerboard. Its oriented differently and isn't compatible with the original checkerboard sector.

#hYmV4Svk 2017/07/25 04:45

Ron is Ron Paul, but the "" in his name symbolizes his se.xual life.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/24 22:21

its ya boi

#rob737ni 2017/07/24 21:49

why who is that?

#xu7fozZ0 2017/07/24 08:50

covering up the board with Ron is hilarious. He must've had a very good life.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/07/22 03:41

Don't jinx it...

#lD4U5IBc 2017/07/21 05:33

I could one day AfroStud making a surprise appearance anytime between now and 2025

#lD4U5IBc 2017/07/21 05:32

It looks like a city is being made, but like a map version and not an arial version.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/20 21:47

these damn roads are uneven

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/16 23:00


#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/14 07:40

Yay the checkerboard has reconquered the top left corner

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/14 07:38

oh rip

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/13 21:19

@hotdogeater1000 it got vandalized into oblivion and 392 came soon than I expected so it didn't make it. but atleast I got Om and the wheel of Dharma along with the cross to 392 so I can die happy

#RNiPzFIq 2017/07/13 11:00


#cqi5KQr5 2017/07/12 13:41

I'm going to put them out of business!

#cqi5KQr5 2017/07/12 13:41

We are going to build a solar wall! And Mexico will pay less!!

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/12 11:26

wait where's the flag?

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/12 05:22

Donald Trump is a loser just like Hillary
They're both working under the same shadow government
*tightens tin foil hat*
and im too tired to defend the butt :c
you lot win for now...

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/12 01:40

good, it's close, but I think it can be finished by 392
@DonaldTrump there are plenty on youtube why are you asking here of all places

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/12 01:29

I'm trying to fend off the city at the top left rn but i'll devote half of my dots to the flag until 392.

#YpPRzwLZ 2017/07/11 09:03

Does anyone have anymore memes of myself beating up CNN so I can post on my twitter page?

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/10 13:21

actually, hotdog, if you help me make this american flag and maintain it until 392, then I will help you on 392 instead

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/10 05:08

I'll make sure the pattern is still alive until then. The white dots are SO easy to convert to checkerboard.

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/09 19:28

right so, I'll surrender to your pattern at section 393

#gcILZ3jD 2017/07/09 17:31

i dont know what is this

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/09 12:33

The butt started a war that lasted around five sections. Also, the last pattern that dominated was the crosses, which fell at section 383.

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/09 10:43

this IS order, the butt brings chaos to everywhere it goes.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/07/09 09:45

The Butt has to restore order.

#PCRbZeI9 2017/07/09 03:28

Wow, I leave for a few weeks and come back to find the place completely different looking. XD

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/08 18:49

stop it hotdogeater, it's too soon, patterns that dominate can only be once or twice every 10 or so sections

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/08 05:14

The checkerboard is growing. I hope it reaches to half of the screen by the next history sector, which it probably will at this rate.

#GHZpag4N 2017/07/07 16:29

Same here.

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/07 04:28


#85j0y7wy 2017/07/06 12:43

Would anybody like if i do a slow animation of a 10 x 10 square moving across the screen? It'd take awhile and could be accidentally destroyed by anyone at any time

#fxpla3zi 2017/07/05 09:58

i build road

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/04 11:29

that swastika is backwards, if you want peace and spirituality you reverse the Nazi swastika

#jsFMGaoE 2017/07/04 00:17

Also, on the subject of symbols; the swastika is a symbol of spirituality and peace much more than it is anything else so I don't see the problem with that
_| |
Peace and Pineapples

#jsFMGaoE 2017/07/04 00:06

As lord of this chair, I would like to throw in my two cents. I don't agree with the whole Ron Paul thing, writing Ron Paul all over the place isn't very interesting. (to be fair to Ron, I have never met the guy - he might be absolutely smashing but his name is not that exciting)
Tiling the grid in simple patterns should be avoided. Little drawings are more fun.
We should avoid the pixel-wars of the past. People should avoid erasing something that someone else has just done.
Peace and Pistachios

#50L8t7KU 2017/07/03 22:55

Why do people keep writing ron paul

#LiLWHMJE 2017/07/03 05:08

I wanna keep the checkerboard pattern. Its easy and better than the crosses.

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/07/02 04:48

we need to resist the checkerboard pattern, it is too soon

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/07/02 01:45

why is the only thing on here PATTERNS now?
bring back the old 100bit

#YSxGYWuw 2017/07/02 01:18


#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/29 13:44

It wont be that hard if the checkerboard pattern covers the screen.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/29 13:44

After the grey out, lets do a white out.

#Koeuho5k 2017/06/29 09:50

Let grey out the screen with some distortion.

#Koeuho5k 2017/06/29 09:48

I will support a grey out.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/29 08:34

butt this has only just begun.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/29 06:29

How about lets not start the second butt wars

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/28 22:51

perhaps there'll be a new ass in town ;^)

#8OSNZpP3 2017/06/28 17:10


#fxpla3zi 2017/06/28 14:01

anime face has fallen, rejoice

#LiLWHMJE 2017/06/28 11:21

Warning! The checkerboard pattern has started in the upper left corner!

#rob737ni 2017/06/27 20:04

stop destroying the 100s! They have a deep spiritual meaning

#ZyClqGu8 2017/06/26 10:53

There's periods of time where I'm very active here, and when I leave for like a month.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/26 07:00

Well, it's not like you spend hours on this game, just 5 minutes twice a day really.

#Hru9Hqsb 2017/06/26 01:50

I won't destroy it, but I feel like I've played this game too much lately. I have a life outside of this game too

#gWtN8Asa 2017/06/25 22:37

This game is created to have 100 100_s. DO NOT DESTROY 100-s until we have 100 of them.

#rob737ni 2017/06/25 20:49

stop destroying 100s

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/25 18:53

why give up when youre so close?

#SmEe4BaP 2017/06/25 14:36

I give up on the 100 project. Do what you want to it because i'm done.

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/24 22:01

Thank you, Zero_0_Zero, for removing 2 dots.
There's a second large 100 bellow it and an even larger one in progress. If you could be so kind and donate a few dots there? :^)

#fALLKN7y 2017/06/24 19:55

Also, I cleaned a bit of the big 100% up. You're welcome, Hayda.

#fALLKN7y 2017/06/24 19:48

The butt was a symbol of what was not right..

23rd Vote
#taskX5dN 2017/06/24 13:16

@harday777 the butt is a symbol of naughtiness, not peace

#ZrKuFnuO 2017/06/24 07:19

Just like mah butts ;'(
All that is great ultimately comes to an end.

#fxpla3zi 2017/06/24 04:36

anime face has reigned for too long, she must be destroyed

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