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Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/21 21:50

the white background is complete

#B4ZQoIYk 2018/01/19 03:58


Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/18 16:20

please don't make huge buildings in the city completely black with white dots like that, many dots were used to make the white background.
speaking of the white background we're almost done. "infrastructure" of the image is complete, should be fully converted by a week or two from now.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO 2018/01/16 00:30

hey im the guy who made the comment on the acount stuff

no acount yet
#2GtSi8ZO 2018/01/15 23:16

if you do not have an acount yet then go look up a how to

#85j0y7wy 2018/01/13 09:59

Other than the flags one, I put in the rest.

#KIiGP8j5 2018/01/13 00:28

less than 15k black dots

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/12 23:41

@Popscat39 no we're not, this isn't a white out. how many times do I have to tell you, inverting the image takes all 49152 dots, converting any black dots doesn't take that many dots. there are countless images that have been made in the new white space so far that haven't been erased and I've gone through the history and looked. no new images that have been whited out were done so by dedicated users (excluding the images you wiped out, popscat39, YOU are the one trying to make this hypocritical) and the images that were, were transgressing on the city.
also Popscat39, I put that in the wiki

#s8fjDUVI 2018/01/12 10:11

#s8fjDUVI 2018/01/12 10:03

You guys annoy me: I pitched the idea of doing a white out and you shot it down. Now you are actively doing it. What is the point of me trying to work with you? I'm going to white i because I want to have more space, but stop with the hypocrisy!
Also, do whatever with ANTITREE, I posted the password because I didn't care.

#OdAU7q8Y 2018/01/12 09:55

@Elephant protect

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX 2018/01/12 06:48

Can the City at least have swastika's on t

#85j0y7wy 2018/01/11 10:55

@Tyne and wear I made the entire thing and I initiated destroying it xD

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX 2018/01/11 10:31

Are you sure?

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/11 08:11

why? that takes WAY more bits, and no one has actively objected to this method via the board so you're just whining. that's not our problem, besides, no one maintains that thing at all so there should be no problem getting rid of it
@Elephant protect no we can't, you guys are acting like this game is the ancient roman republic, we don't have the power to "ban free speech"

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2018/01/11 07:20

@Toto Fragins
There's nothing majorly wrong now, and previously I was quite happy to see some degree of co-operation. I am concerned that it'll go out of hand in the future. In fact, instead of erasing whatever is present on the board, you could have inverted them from black to white. Furthermore, what you have started may cause other, uncoordinated users to jump on the bandwagon and actually erase things worthy of keeping. For example. I did quite like the checkerboard pattern at the top left of the.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX 2018/01/11 06:28

I didn't say you were against free speech I said you can ban free speech.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/11 01:33

it was a meme

#VngljjgD 2018/01/10 22:48

I understand people expressing themselves but some people are writing inappropriate things.I ended up wiping out a message saying CHILD RAPIST which is just unneeded.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/10 21:40

@Tyne and wear well if you're referring to casual users then we're not really unfair since we're not going against images we're wiping out areas that have a black background, and i highly doubt the city is going to be that tyrannical. if you're referring to dedicated users such as yourself, why didn't you just say something earlier? all this was planned during around early december and everyone except you seems to agree on a new white background and a city.
@Elephant protect what free speech are we going against?

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX 2018/01/10 12:07

Let's go against these frogs.who agree's with me because personal I don't want a boring city

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2018/01/10 06:50

It's a bit unfair on all the other users if you're the ones that are basically co-ordinating what to draw and what to erase.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX 2018/01/10 05:30

Yeah they have a lot of control.Since they can do whatever they want, they can ban free speech.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/10 05:11

so? we all have a common goal and aren't doing anything wrong as far as I know.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2018/01/09 06:59

It's a bit worrying how much control you guys have over the board now.

#YtQW2BNm 2018/01/06 02:03

@Toto Fragins
We will still wipe out all the images we don't want in our city.
Also, it's the first time we had under 20,000 black bits for a very long time.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/05 13:04

we're not whiting the board, so people can draw there. we're making a city now

#VngljjgD 2018/01/05 05:07

Can people stop drawing on the whited out spaces, and also what are we doing next?

#VngljjgD 2018/01/05 05:05

it happens to be the third day of the week my dudes

#YtQW2BNm 2018/01/05 04:10

I think we should remove the time that is above the date, because it depends on time zone. It's 11:08 AM where I live, but in Japanese time zone(the comment timestamp) it's 4:08 AM on 1/5.
@SFSN sure, but we have to wait until the 100 bit board is pretty much just white. And it's annoying us that people fill the white areas with images.

#lfpsyslW 2018/01/04 20:14

Can we make the city when we blank'd the canvas?

#KIiGP8j5 2018/01/04 18:11

Notice some stuff on black squares in up_left angle.
//If not removed.

#YtQW2BNm 2018/01/04 10:50

We want a white background, so please don't fill the white areas with images. You can do that after we're done with the background.

#OdAU7q8Y 2018/01/04 07:32

so no city? there Was talk at one point about doing a city after holidays

#joE1AR0u 2018/01/03 14:04

If a full white out where to commence, the (c), date, and name will remain up until they are the last entities.

#KIiGP8j5 2018/01/02 21:38

Won't account deletion be a way to log off?
I know Ha55ii disabled logging off to prevent work spam on PG/PG2.

#YtQW2BNm 2018/01/02 15:14

@Popscat39 You gave the password of your account "ANTITREE", which is a very bad idea, since now anyone that saw the password can withdrawal the account (i.e. delete it). If you really don't care, I will be the person that withdrawals the account.
@Toto Fragins What I mean by "whiteout" is not a full one, but a one with some remaining images left.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/02 14:02

irrelevant, if you look at the board you can see plenty of areas that were "whited out" have been filled in with images. to make this a white out a third party would have to do so as nobody is doing that currently

#YtQW2BNm 2018/01/02 03:05

The time there was a 100bit blackout was around a year ago. If you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the 1000posts, you will see people saying, "Work on the black background", and now people are saying "Work on the white background".
White background Poll:
A: 0 votes
B: 1 vote
C: 2 votes
D: 1 vote

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2018/01/02 01:20

popscat, yes there is, because we're not making the board blank we're changing the background.
use the above ones then. the lower one is the oldest and was made when it was moved to make way for the border. someone just made 2 more I don't know why

#i5O5jZR0 2018/01/02 01:05

142857 C
ANTITREE there's no tree to destroy anymore

#0rVlEFZg 2018/01/01 21:50


#s8fjDUVI 2018/01/01 03:45

D: Toto, you said it yourself, people come in and edit once. There's no way we can get this done.
Also, there are 3 of those Happy WXYZ Day! things. We don't need this much. Let me have fun!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/31 19:03

popscat39, stop vandalizing things. if you want to write "tier zoo is cool" write it on an area that isn't being used

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/31 15:14

B. I'm optimistic

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/31 13:28

When do you think the white background will be finished?
A. Before Jan. 12 2018
B. Jan. 12 - Jan. 18 2018
C. Jan. 18 - Jan. 30 2018
D. After Jan. 30 2018
Post a comment with your guess!
I guess C, because it took about 7 days to make about 5000 dots white, and there are still about 20000 black dots which means about four weeks. (There are over 24000 black dots, but about 20000 if that it's not a full whiteout, but some drawings, the date, etc are still there.)

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/31 13:16

Hi guys
PLEASE do not put bad words on the 100 bit board. There's a "fuck" on the screen that I didn't notice until I made the date at the bottom right corner have a white background.

#s8fjDUVI 2017/12/31 01:53

Hey, did you think I forgot about this accont?
Username: ANTITREE
Password: notree
I don't care if you use this.

#s8fjDUVI 2017/12/31 01:50

Well, I'm back. Looks like Tier Zoo is going to come back!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/28 07:13

so it'll be like a whiteout, except after we consume an area people will be able to draw in it, as-long as they aren't attempting to re-establish a black background

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/28 05:21

inverting things takes way more bits though

#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/28 01:53

amazingdude if we want to make the board white we need to forget about destroying things and just change the back ground

#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/28 01:51

Toto Fragins ye, I'm atheist but tradition is still fun

horse protector
#3nG6OfVK 2017/12/28 01:25

I know why I'm against it.It killed the horse.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/27 18:06

@fabgsooz Crystalzzz seems like an edgy atheist trying way too hard

#padtckOV 2017/12/27 13:18

nah lets just wipe the whole board

#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/27 08:33

Crystalzzz what did u have against it?

#IzbmqBip 2017/12/27 03:59

The tree is destroyed!

#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/26 23:25

ok, so let's stop fixing vandalism on the tree/boarder and work fully on the white background and the city

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/26 10:52

what are you talking about, popscat39? the white background wasn't supposed to be part of the Christmas imagery. it's for after Christmas, ei: pretty soon.

#s8fjDUVI 2017/12/26 07:46

Today is Christmas; You've run out of time.
Better just give up.

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/26 03:55

If you guys want a white background, maybe we should should start making it.
I started by turning the white "(C) ha" into the black "(C) ha". I was going to make "(C) ha55ii" with a white background, but I'm out of dots.

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/26 03:49

White background or black background?
I agree with the white background, too.
Black: 0
White: 5

#GoB62nIs 2017/12/26 03:39

Good job on the tree!

#85j0y7wy 2017/12/26 01:01

@Everyone well, I could have had it done, and got friends to work on it but for some reason making stuff look better is a bad thing.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/12/26 00:49

Make a white background.

#WnDw690c 2017/12/24 20:29

I agree with the white background
also we need more presents around the tree, It takes about 200 bits to make so it should work

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/24 16:30

@Piboi3point14 stop, it takes 100 bits just to make a seventh of the large portions of the border, by Christmas we'll have a frankenstein border that'll just be removed anyway after Christmas when the city comes.
personally, I think a white background would be nice, we've had a black one for quite awhile

#OdAU7q8Y 2017/12/24 16:06

I think a white background would be neat. Might be difficult to achieve though

#cN5uoELD 2017/12/24 14:58

The border is fine, we're going to remove it in a few days anyway.
I would personally prefer to see a white background since we've had a black background for so long, but I don't know what others think. Should we vote on it?

#padtckOV 2017/12/24 13:06

are we blacking out or whiting out?

#85j0y7wy 2017/12/24 00:41

Lets quickly make the candy cane border all going in one uniform direction, considering only 2 sides are going the different diagonal direction currently. :)

#s8fjDUVI 2017/12/23 12:00

Okay, I don't care. I'll probably delete vandalism. But wiping the board will make it look nicer for the inevitable picture on Dan-Ball wiki.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/23 11:06

also please avoid wiping the zadar cathedral, the crucifix and the menorah

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/23 10:58

what are you talking about, popscat? the border and tree are finished, it's just vandalism left to fix now.

#s8fjDUVI 2017/12/23 09:20

Hey guys, you've 3 days left. That's not enought time. I'm not going to sabotage it, but I am going to start editing again. I'll probably wipe everything that isn't the tree or the "horse."

#IzbmqBip 2017/12/23 05:44


#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/22 21:21

oh yeah and this is fabgsoozes alt

#i5O5jZR0 2017/12/22 21:21

The Christmas tree is not complete, anyone who is doing the tree, please help me with the presents, There's only 4 right now and I did all of them. so horse protector we are not done

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/12/22 03:47

who said it was an argument? more like a disagreed conversation.

#1Nm6tm6y 2017/12/21 14:57

really?oh,thank you,i have a tip now,hee.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/21 14:01

not an argument, your belief is religious at this point.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/12/21 11:32


Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/20 16:17

@The Muskadillo 5 days? The border's been around since 403 which was mid-late November. besides, the amount of time you give to make it pointless is completely arbitrary.

#qpyHV38J 2017/12/20 12:51

Also, while I'm at it, I might as well explain. I've mostly been gone because I'm waiting for the tree to be done, so that way I don't have to worry about any destruction.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/12/20 12:42

its only going to be up for 5 days. why not just get rid of it?

#padtckOV 2017/12/20 10:56

The bottom text should read "Merry Christmas"

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/20 05:35

the trunk still needs some work

horse protector
#3nG6OfVK 2017/12/20 05:25

At this point the tree is done.

#CW7BexVs 2017/12/19 03:59

Actually, I've mostly been lurking. I don't really play that much anymore: Duel Links is infinitely better.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/18 10:13

you can remove it after christmas

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/12/18 02:22

stop the stupid border. it takes more space than you think.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/12/17 09:43

Did a bit of noise clearing.

#padtckOV 2017/12/17 07:54

We can still have a text field there. Merry christmas 2017?

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/17 02:51

don't give up my friend

#VngljjgD 2017/12/16 23:03

we are low on time

#VngljjgD 2017/12/16 23:03

Toto Fragins, we have 9 days and all the christmass things have just been vandalized

#xfSK3Tl2 2017/12/16 21:16

I helped

#UplhVvTd 2017/12/16 10:50

@amazingdude, that part was originally for random text, but idk what its for now.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/15 07:33

C'mon people let's get this border and tree finished for the 25th

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