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#KeiFF1Cj Aug 07,2020 01:05
Use the Log In button at the top right of the page ↓ You're welcome :-)
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 04:18
Can someone helps me how to log in?
#IFuV7TQi Aug 06,2020 02:52
#cXorCIbE Aug 03,2020 09:33
grid nation reporting for duty
#uCabNMG6 Aug 03,2020 06:42
#uCabNMG6 Aug 03,2020 03:25
#POF4FQCD Aug 02,2020 21:43
i like to think of my dragons as defenders of that grid thing.
#QMe1Rd47 Aug 02,2020 05:26
Rainbow Dash + jar = e p i c w i n
#CrMjPeV5 Aug 02,2020 05:05
i accidentally pressed the submit button. lovely. welp. i'll just write about it in pastebin. (which might take a while)
#x7xuTeHi Aug 02,2020 05:01
(i have to be careful for what i say cause i cant really speak for him) i cant really say when he was active. he probably wasnt active at all. but one thing for sure. sometimes he has these big projects, or plans, which most of the time look really impressive and especially memorable! but
#POF4FQCD Aug 02,2020 04:09
I'm my own guy, you can check my powder game 2 uploads. Also, who this "Nawl"? When were they active?
#x7xuTeHi Aug 02,2020 00:20
@PoopMan12783468t i probably shouldn't be asking this, and im most likely wrong. but! are you "Nawl" by any chance? i mostly ask because of the dragons you like to draw lately.
#cXorCIbE Aug 01,2020 12:45
it eez wut it eez
#yi5u13Qq Aug 01,2020 12:03
I am back after a long hiatus! I doubt anyone here recognizes me but I have turned the 4 square grid into tic-tac-toe!
#QDFNuk5n Jul 31,2020 04:07
ha55ii is never so kind lol
#o9FcmZEJ Jul 31,2020 02:35
Hey whoever is deleting my mistakes, can you delete my comments explaining my mistakes so I seem less suspicious? (^_^;)
#o9FcmZEJ Jul 30,2020 16:34
That didn't work.
#POF4FQCD Jul 30,2020 11:14
noooo, my dragons :(
#3tQPYFTC Jul 30,2020 00:16
thanks @daddydaed :)
#yXjNLuSW Jul 29,2020 09:33
Elephant protect
Well Kittco has to fight a two front war so I don't blame him.
#JBEta7Ps Jul 28,2020 23:40
nice blackout kittco
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 28,2020 23:28
fbp blackout bad
#o9FcmZEJ Jul 28,2020 20:03
Dark Magician grew a new hea- I wish to unsee that.
#QDFNuk5n Jul 26,2020 02:31
@Zappy Well, idk. I made that fake ha55ii account in like, 2014-2015, long before that guy posted in Aqua Box, and I don't think you were even active on DB yet either at the time Definitely not me, probably just someone else with a fake ha55ii account.
#S6HhmkBf Jul 25,2020 23:52
That was the code of the fake ha55ii #XSDmS0NM
#POF4FQCD Jul 25,2020 08:41
magician did a magic trick: disappear!
#Bluoxg8Q Jul 24,2020 14:44
Zappy why would that be me
#S6HhmkBf Jul 24,2020 12:43
Used to be #XSDmS0NM it was mystery back in the day
#POF4FQCD Jul 24,2020 08:21
i can't put them back if the dino doesn't exist STS
#S6HhmkBf Jul 24,2020 07:50
In aqua box is this you? "Thank you for watching. I am the main fish fish small fish school. I also like shrimp. I like nature aquarium and mountain layout that maintenance is easy. We pursue maintenance and management methods that do not replace water as much as possible. I'm trying to challenge the balanced aquarium of non-filtering, non-reversing water, but it's a bit difficult. Thank you very much." as cVc
#QDFNuk5n Jul 24,2020 07:21
Poopman put the feet back on your dinosaur or else
#QDFNuk5n Jul 24,2020 04:00
@ZappyRedstone That's a pretty old comment. What about it? I made the fake ha55ii account using upsidedown !'s instead of i's ("ha55¡¡") years ago to troll on the PG comment boards, but the entire account got deleted. What does cheese20 have to do with it? Also I haven't commented on aquabox since it came out?
#S6HhmkBf Jul 24,2020 00:08
@StarTrekSpock You said "He took down my fake ha55ii account within the same day I made it and deleted all the comments from it so he definitely watches, even on the english side. " and ur comment is to cheese20 on aquabox and pg2
#qA9hWlGt Jul 23,2020 06:46
@PoopMan that's honeslty a great idea! well to "save" your drawings atleast
#a5G6vlLl Jul 23,2020 06:20
Even if great project existed some megalomaniac would paint it black in the early stages.
#POF4FQCD Jul 23,2020 05:34
I like to save some stuff i made here as a logi box
#Bluoxg8Q Jul 23,2020 03:18
Eh, I've seen various boardgames pop up a few times. Minesweeper has been done more than once too. I don't think I've seen Logi box tho I've never been a fan of them, it's basically the same as a standard boring pattern, just with a few extra steps. And honestly in terms of visuals, logi box is probably one of the most boring games to look at. It's just numbers and boxes, at least minesweeper has more iconic graphics
#qA9hWlGt Jul 22,2020 20:05
quick question for all. was there ever a... logi box game on 100bit before? i mean i know chess and tic tac toe have been played on 100bit before, and maybe minesweeper too. not sure if i can count that though, but logi box. (well from what i remember atleast) wasnt played on here before. even if it did or did not happen, would you guys be interested in a logi box project? where we all can play? it "possibly" wont be a fbp. i mean, it can happen but i doubt it.
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 22,2020 10:08
Also kitco don't you dare touch my thing In fact "...But systematically trying to remove everyone else's drawings the moment they're created..." gives me an idea, if you decide to touch my thing
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 22,2020 10:06
I have a gun and I have an art, I don't care about a blackout
#QDFNuk5n Jul 22,2020 06:30
@ZappyRedstone Nah. I don't have any big projects that would even need alts anyways I might be blind but I haven't seen either of those accounts post frequently either? @^#RigtOffcr88+> There's a few things that can block a comment from going through but yeah, that looks like the text limit --- The way I look at 100bit is like... It's a game. Why bother doing anything if it isn't fun? For me, things like blackouts or whiteouts can be good if the board is so full of junk that there's no room left to have fun. But an empty board just for the sake of it, it honestly sounds more like work to me than anything else, which is why I find it so strange. Casual vandalism is whatever, it can be fun to clean up dot spam and it's not a huge deal. But systematically trying to remove everyone else's drawings the moment they're created, not because you're working on a big fun project, but for no other reason than to have a blank screen? Just seems rude to me honestly. Especially when, not pointing any fingers, but a lot of the accounts erasing other people's work seem suspiciously like alts. That's just my view at least, 100bit has no real rules so everyone is valid no matter what they do. But doesn't mean I can't prefer having a board filled with creativity over the same blank board that we've had several times already
#qA9hWlGt Jul 22,2020 04:49
@PoopMan12783468t i cant really reply for some odd reason i assume this site got some a limit on how many letters you use? but here you go https://pastebin.com/1HGBLeH8 (i have never used pastebin before so hope this works)
#POF4FQCD Jul 22,2020 02:18
People use 100bit to share their work, make other people acknowledge it, and maybe even modify it (like the dark wizard). A shared board like this is what makes it different, its use of only 2 colors makes it different, its content is what makes it different. This isn't MS Paint, Photoshop, or anything else; this is 100bit, a place where everyone draws. Even if you can do anything you want with those bits, its the art you make with it that keeps 100bit interesting.
#UElFLIKT Jul 21,2020 22:52
There are many other ways to show your lack of creativity.
#qA9hWlGt Jul 21,2020 21:15
@774 well to be fair. everyone is free to use their bits however they want. including vandalism. (sure alot of people disapprove of that) but, again. each player can use their bits however they like. if you dont like that, then i suggest giving MS Paint a try
#t6reSy1V Jul 21,2020 16:40
If you don't want to draw anything, don't participate in 100bit. It will only prevent other users from expressing themselves.
#S6HhmkBf Jul 21,2020 12:33
StarTrekSpock are you Hai55 account? then who is cheeseman20?
#qA9hWlGt Jul 20,2020 19:23
well. my biggest reason why i want a blackout is mostly because.. i can use blackouts and whiteouts as a checkpoint, or a set goal.. so i would know how far i need to go to reach that goal or checkpoint, once i reached it. then the next black/whiteout would be the next goal or checkpoint. and you can probably see where im going with this. in short, it just helps me in a.. well.. a really small way if im truly honest. (for that data project ofc) but at the same time. it makes it life somewhat easier. which is good enough for me. ofcourse, i dont Really need a blackout, since there are some in the past, and the checkpoint and the set goal idea are.. atm all i came up with. (which helps me a tiny bit) ofcourse i could find more uses of it.. if i think about it long enough that is... for example, a counter! or something like that.. but yeah! that's about it really.
#POF4FQCD Jul 20,2020 09:57
They're doing it to have that one frame of pure black
#QDFNuk5n Jul 20,2020 09:03
Why else would you want one than as a reset?
#POF4FQCD Jul 20,2020 04:52
I don't think that is the real purpose of the blackout...
#QDFNuk5n Jul 19,2020 10:32
Idk why people seem to be so against drawing inside the blackout while it's being worked on. Like, just keep expanding it. You'll still end up resetting everything on the board, it's just gonna happen a lot faster because you're not having to constantly maintain an empty space, and people aren't gonna have to wait the over a month or so it's gonna take at this rate just to draw somewhere that isn't already crowded with stuff It's like, half the board worth of prime building space that's just being locked down, and for what, just to see the board entirely blank? Cause that's already happened several times, and it wasn't very spectacular then either
#uRrzJia8 Jul 19,2020 09:12
ngl gonna lie; blackout sorta things are pretty l*me imo, i much prefer just having people naturally stop keeping certain pieces going and having stuff fill in old unused space over time
#qA9hWlGt Jul 18,2020 20:32
yeah, that's pretty much about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#3tQPYFTC Jul 18,2020 16:27
i mean you dont have to, but its what me and a few others are working towards
#FwEb62nO Jul 18,2020 13:06
So are we doing a full blackout?
#o9FcmZEJ Jul 16,2020 14:40
Dark Wizard be like:-
#S6HhmkBf Jul 16,2020 13:14
#POF4FQCD Jul 16,2020 02:57
i like the spotify icon rot, looks so cool
#3tQPYFTC Jul 14,2020 23:09
kinda happy with how the wizard turned haha
#QDFNuk5n Jul 14,2020 18:31
honestly the dark wizard is probably the best thing I've ever seen in 100bit
#POF4FQCD Jul 14,2020 07:05
You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would create the art, not destroy it! You were supposed to bring balance to 100bit, not leave it in darkness!
#3tQPYFTC Jul 13,2020 21:41
you are trying to edit old data on an old board from history. go to https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/ for the live board
#UVsTIoYN Jul 13,2020 13:48
when i press up it give me a dialogue box says past data. What does it means?
#J56Tm6Q3 Jul 13,2020 12:26
@saito no
#POF4FQCD Jul 09,2020 08:29
"Then everything changed when the color black attacked"
#QDFNuk5n Jul 08,2020 19:04
That's happened before a few times, it's not really all that exciting though lol I only really like board resets because of the new drawings you see pop up. Otherwise they're pretty boring. At least with this one you can sort of draw it as a new organically expanding ocean. Way more 'fun' than just drawing black lines and cubes
#3tQPYFTC Jul 07,2020 15:31
honestly i think it would be cool to have like 1 frame of pure black except for the date bar
#POF4FQCD Jul 07,2020 01:03
Have you seen videos about why forest fires are actually good for its ecosystem, how it puts nutrients back in the soil and clears the sky for new plants? Guess that analogy can apply for 100bit and clearing space for new drawings
#1NxptVv1 Jul 07,2020 00:58
@PoopMan12783468t now that i think about it. you're actually pretty right! a blackout/whiteout is pretty boring, definitely. but at the same time. once the blackout/whiteout is finished, it kinda acts like a "reset" button.
#POF4FQCD Jul 07,2020 00:29
Is two months the meaning of "awhile" in "I don't think we should do another fbp for awhile after this one"? Thought it would be something other than being actually nothing, and you can't get any more boring than that.
#1NxptVv1 Jul 06,2020 22:57
yk.. im not trying to change the subject. all im just asking. is who you are. im assuming its not that hard to tell who you are. and im pretty sure it doesn't derail the subject all that much.. if anything. you are just making it harder on yourself. :/
#co4uGia4 Jul 06,2020 21:04
don't change the subject, if anything it could make you seem like you're defensive.
#3tQPYFTC Jul 06,2020 17:53
who are any of us
#3tQPYFTC Jul 06,2020 17:53
#JUrXG8yZ Jul 05,2020 07:26
well to be fair... who are you even?
#co4uGia4 Jul 05,2020 02:04
who is this "3320" guy?
#Bluoxg8Q Jul 02,2020 03:12
Yeah, no reason the void needs to be empty. You can wipe the board, but there's nothing wrong with people using areas you've already wiped. They're gonna eventually, so why not now?
#co4uGia4 Jul 01,2020 14:51
I may not show it, but the erasure of art in the void do be making 100 bit more monotonous tho
#6RR3nyZs Jul 01,2020 07:31
im assuming its got to do with the corona virus.
#POF4FQCD Jul 01,2020 06:12
Infected with what?
#o64DSgnV Jul 01,2020 04:50
Elephant protect
About 1 in 700
#o64DSgnV Jul 01,2020 04:48
Elephant protect
1 out of 700 people on earth are infected.
#QDFNuk5n Jun 30,2020 06:55
that just means it's floating now
#POF4FQCD Jun 30,2020 03:37
i tried making that balloon house in "Up" but the cliff it was supposed to be on dissolved into nothing
#QDFNuk5n Jun 28,2020 07:59
100bit more like 100tit am I right guys hahahahaha
#VfNIgpXE Jun 28,2020 00:34
nope, look me up on Powder Game 2.
#co4uGia4 Jun 27,2020 08:44
wait zappyredstone is a kittco alt?
#3tQPYFTC Jun 27,2020 02:35
im proud to be the founder of yet another blackout
#eG62y0aw Jun 27,2020 01:02
@sovietsky soyuz HAHAHA, damn that made me laugh.
#uMIMJEgK Jun 26,2020 16:19
sovietsky soyuz
To quote Germany in 1939 "Europe has lasted too long."
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2020 10:27
at least try to make it look more organic while it expands though. A huge ocean that keeps on growing is way cooler than a bunch of blocky cubes
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2020 10:22
I personally prefer blackouts, makes everything seem more "developed" and less like a blank canvas with some scribbles imo. Plus it's like darkmode but for 100bit. At this point I think the void is kinda unstoppable either way though lol
#VfNIgpXE Jun 26,2020 07:45
CHecker breathing bison
#VfNIgpXE Jun 26,2020 02:14
it;s like a giant bison now
#AWKC2rnI Jun 25,2020 17:42
I dont know but i think the void event is near..
#6RR3nyZs Jun 25,2020 15:22
i honestly agree.. but i rather prefer doing a whiteout instead of a blackout.
#o64DSgnV Jun 25,2020 11:01
Elephant protect
I want void, Europe has been going for to long.
#POF4FQCD Jun 25,2020 02:48
i have a feeling that the camel is going to turn into an all-consuming void that's going to erase the whole board
#POF4FQCD Jun 24,2020 06:53
crete's ambitions lead to its demise

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