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#bhQEFbNN Jul 17,2018 14:56

do not edit the square guy in the bottom right

#bhQEFbNN Jul 16,2018 16:57

i will make a new face for the little happy robot

Bobity bob
#pCxhp1Vg Jul 15,2018 11:27

More nazi stuff plz

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Jul 08,2018 13:39

No more nazi stuff btw

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Jul 08,2018 13:38

Hi i'm back and i drew a guy with a sword and a lemon

Elephant protect
#TI9jjHZB Jul 05,2018 08:16

Don't let them spread.

Tyne and wear
#gVcAzHG0 Jul 04,2018 06:13

Are the flags coming back?

#lFcs1hMt Jul 02,2018 11:41

please don't remove my thing, I made a curve around it

#lFcs1hMt Jul 02,2018 11:36


Elephant protect
#5MM56nee Jul 01,2018 02:05

Have fun trying to do that. :)

#f2rxmFA5 Jun 30,2018 19:05

let's build the city

#biRsUSco Jun 19,2018 16:24

C:\> A:
A:\> edit "100BIT.JS"
Access denied

#MmQKtXxT Jun 19,2018 11:34

No, I saw that YOU did it, you just don't want to admit it.

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt Jun 18,2018 11:16

No it was the elephant that died long ago in 100bit.

#MmQKtXxT Jun 18,2018 09:02

@Elephant protect YOU did it.
@babygirlt CyberiadQueen just got WRECKED!

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt Jun 16,2018 11:03

I wonder who did that.

#Wz86TnBP Jun 15,2018 00:21

there's a nazi because some smart aleck decided to change my "vote trump 2020" to "vote HITLER 2020"

#HSUTFFxZ Jun 14,2018 06:27

whys there a nazi lol

#HSUTFFxZ Jun 14,2018 06:25

im literally 3 years late but i love that there was a literal chess game played here and also that black consistently played engine moves. kudos

#YSxGYWuw Jun 01,2018 21:06

100 bit modded is out now in discord!

#YfDgqIQy May 31,2018 06:26

Another code of conduct says to just ignore it

#cdr4WOrC May 30,2018 18:30

Watch your language! Can't you read the code of conduct?! Do NOT use such foul, derogatory language. Didn't your parents try to do a better job of raising you?

#SfgzES8A May 16,2018 01:06

Yeh I'm nutting in your mom niggas. You gon have cream pies niggas.

#YfDgqIQy May 14,2018 04:53

You need to chill bruh

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt May 11,2018 10:41

Franse is the best person here for now.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM May 11,2018 08:54

get rid of those fu.ckin' niggers!

#A7HN49hs May 11,2018 06:51

Fu.cking niggers!

#0wqZJT0g May 11,2018 03:21


#Egk3Yukw May 04,2018 13:00

what's the point of putting the archive number at the bottom? The date is important because it wouldn't be recorded otherwise but the archive number is already on the website

#sm3d6hgH May 02,2018 23:15

Delightful. Really delightful. I am the Globglogabgalab.
I love books! And this basement is a true treasure trove!

its gooey baby!
#mlGlPxVX May 02,2018 08:43

whos the homestuck that put the :Y face up there. dont you know homestucks illegal

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt May 01,2018 10:42

Is that me.

#oGfAaRnG Apr 30,2018 09:34

First full city block is made. I'll work on eliminating some stuff by a specific person that recently attacked the city.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Apr 28,2018 09:51

I made a dued fighting the .E.O.C. [Eye Of Cthulu]

#P2kR5zpx Apr 28,2018 05:35


#LREUMYcp Apr 27,2018 23:28

R.I.P. skull 2018, rest in spaghetti never forgetti.

#vzTgCMSr Apr 27,2018 11:43

100bit ver1.8
Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

#oGfAaRnG Apr 22,2018 11:10

Destroy the black block at the top of the screen.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Apr 20,2018 07:44

the tyranny of the black shall never return

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt Apr 20,2018 05:21

My block is a eater of worlds.

#NBQFFROs Apr 18,2018 23:54

lol my dantdm and super mushroom have survived one cycle and haven't been valdalized yet meanwhile the skull is dead

#OdAU7q8Y Apr 18,2018 10:00

im trying to make the pictochat emojis

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Apr 12,2018 06:47

I made the "Eater Of Worlds" from terraria :D
I <3 Terraria but im somewhat tired of the music, thus i listen to remixes.

#P7OiE0bA Apr 07,2018 18:21

Does anyone remember the nekogirl from like 2 years ago here

Elephant protect
#wUfKqUYt Apr 04,2018 11:01

That high five released a infection that eats art works.By the way it looks like a black box.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Apr 02,2018 10:27

I made a L O N G cat neck on an incomplete man and it is funny :D

#IzbmqBip Mar 30,2018 04:24

There is a ron paul on the very top... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0SmqbBIpQ

#L70hXGA1 Mar 27,2018 00:48

the comments are soooo empty ;-;

#YSGaAJQv Mar 26,2018 02:50

heyyyy my danTDM survived thanks guys! the person who edited it just moved the goggles a little bit! I guess they like danTDM!

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 25,2018 13:43

i put fire on the city again beacause its rekt

#oGfAaRnG Mar 25,2018 04:43

If someone attacks the town, I will find whatever that person made, and I will do what I can to destroy it.

#oGfAaRnG Mar 25,2018 04:35

I'm gonna make a little town.

#JH5V5oir Mar 23,2018 00:12

did nobody like my Mario that I made? it was pretty good right? I couldn't quite finish the bottom but I did it the best I could

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 22,2018 08:53

Thanks, E.P.. I was going to draw a hermit crawdad, but it kind of morphed into a dwarf bulborb. Good enough, I guess.

#yQmRRtRu Mar 22,2018 06:01

guys who liked my Mario on the skull?

Elephant protect
#m5f7prWf Mar 22,2018 05:38

Yes I am happy,also lets do Pikmin instead of the city alright?

#TkDp34Is Mar 22,2018 03:25

the city felt a little forced so I gave up
anyone have any other good ideas?

#yQmRRtRu Mar 21,2018 23:56

D:< WHO DID THIS!!???!??!?!? I looked through the time cycles and saw someone wrote sux under skullhead WHY DO YOU EVEN SAY THAT DONT YOU KNOW THAT GUY IS A GM IN HORDES.IO!?!??! (plus he is my favorite one; I like him more than the dev)

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 21,2018 18:53

well the city is dead. are you happy elephant!? whats next? 20 whiteouts!?
i added fire and an alarm on a thing to show the city is in shambles.

#ubJVxiS5 Mar 21,2018 07:06

I added the "skullhead" on the skull because my favorite GM on hordes.io is skullhead and it seemed appropreat to add skullhead on a skull instead of literally anywhere else

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 19,2018 08:39

Even when I was gone for 5 days, my Pikmin still survived!

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX Mar 18,2018 10:55

dont like the pikmen, i like the skull its so rad

#EvJlskmq Mar 18,2018 01:39

I made a super Mario mushroom with a questionmark above it and I will later on make a question mark box under it instead

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 17,2018 04:07

Im trying to get this city complete. i am making a home out of an old thing i saw.

Elephant protect
#m5f7prWf Mar 15,2018 09:52

Fug you

#LiLWHMJE Mar 15,2018 08:22

Ya know what? Lets make a new city.

Elephant protect
#m5f7prWf Mar 14,2018 08:37

I will clean up what's left of the city.

#LiLWHMJE Mar 14,2018 05:18

Who wants to help me make a checkerboard?

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 13,2018 10:32

I just noticed that my onion was destroyed, so I fixed it. This is getting harder and harder. Hopefully dumbfeets will help me.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 13,2018 07:02

You will regret it.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 13,2018 06:59

I have put flames on the road because its all destroyed. i altered a small heart to have a halo.

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 12,2018 18:42

I've got a totally original idea now. Let's do a white-out! Just kidding, but I'm going to try drawing that stupid nectar thing from Pikmin 3. Fell free to insult me for it's idiotic style.

#jnjZXXfV Mar 12,2018 05:48

I feel like murdering your pikmin now ;-;

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 12,2018 04:11

As my land grows, it becomes harder to control. I can't allow my Pikmin to be murdured, I MUST PREVAIL!

#KLqYwsCY Mar 11,2018 03:46

i i only did it because it was it was funny and i just removed it to say STOP THIS! as in STOP THIS NONSENSE! we have to save the skull

Elephant protect
#m5f7prWf Mar 11,2018 01:41

What did the skull do to you?What it looked at you funny? Why are you destroying the skull.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Mar 10,2018 12:59

oh wow

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 10,2018 11:05

This is response to you, Toto.

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 10,2018 11:04

I saw a news article about people heralding a pair of glasses on the floor as art.
Don't believe me? Proof: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/31/arts/sfmoma-glasses-prank.html

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Mar 10,2018 08:07

why? just why. the skull is probably one of the greatest images we've had on this site for awhile, it is high quality where-as some terrible images lasted several frames, the skull has barely lasted two.
I suppose however that nowadays literal piles of feces and sticks are being considered art, and paint randomly splashed on a canvas is selling for millions. so I suppose people just dislike beauty now.

#LhHcdF6w Mar 10,2018 04:27

ii vandalized the skull by writing temmie! on it but I removed some of the dots because the dots don't look good

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Mar 10,2018 01:49

Piboi why are you helping vandalize the skull?

#noGdMPDK Mar 09,2018 08:00

hoi I'm tem

#3ylZ9B48 Mar 09,2018 01:50

@Toto Fragins I just wanted to be cool :(

#OdAU7q8Y Mar 07,2018 13:51

100bit, beginning to xmas 2017

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Mar 06,2018 21:23

@100BitMaster why what? and how did you come to such a conclusion? any logic involved or was it just random?

#BjLsjlP8 Mar 06,2018 08:44


#oqyVKOJw Mar 06,2018 08:17

@Toto Fragins why? you sound babyish

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Mar 06,2018 07:58

@Popscat39 why? you sound childish

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 05,2018 02:35

Someone destroyed a Pikmin ghost. THIS MEANS WAR!! Pikmin, charge the city, destroy the skull!

#Y4R4IVfM Mar 04,2018 11:17

Update: I was wrong. Games don't work when I have my VPN turned on.

#KCTlqyWJ Mar 01,2018 09:22

But he's not wrong. That's all humor's become at this point. Say a word by loosely linking it to the topic at hand and COMEDY GOLD! Besides, I still hear it occasionally.
Also, that's a dweevil holding some enigmatic treasure. Don't ask, I can't draw.

#Ex3amXkm Mar 01,2018 03:06

Dan-Ball no longer plays games on Chrome, but they still play in firefox.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Mar 01,2018 00:00

Tide pods and knuckles died in January. We are currently in a dry period regarding meme material.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Feb 27,2018 15:38

@Increative you're only slightly better than the people who spout those memes
you could've just said "these memes are bad and should die as soon as possible"

#KCTlqyWJ Feb 27,2018 09:48

Hey guys, I've got a joke, Tidepods, amirite?
Hey guys, I've got a joke, Do u no de wae, amirite?
Hey guys, I've got a joke, Fortnight, amirite?
Hey guys, I've got a joke, (holds hand in OK sign) *SLAP*, amirite?

#IIVfii8O Feb 27,2018 02:39


#c11Chv5Q Feb 25,2018 03:49

Some nip made my White Pikmin wear a speedo and sunglasses.

#LiLWHMJE Feb 24,2018 10:26

As long as the city remains alive, it is good.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 24,2018 06:18

Fug you hot dog people.

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