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#2L6C3FX9 Oct 31,2020 04:31
King Keven
it does not look that good
#2mgh9m4x Oct 31,2020 03:23
@King Keven its mainly a theme for Dan-Ball. if you want a preview of how it looks, here you go http://tylor.blog96.fc2.com/?template=gold1&index Personally, i quite like the sea one. Mainly because of the pixel art that's put into it.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 31,2020 00:12
King Keven
what is danball GOLD
#QDFNuk5n Oct 30,2020 17:31
@JakeyFlakey & arcticEmnity You need a subscription to Dan-Ball GOLD™ to access dark mode @ReeceGames Sounds like a technical issue. Make sure your internet is stable, otherwise idk what else that'd be. Maybe try Dan-Ball GOLD™?
#RhPpAflq Oct 29,2020 18:19
I knew about the game for a while, but active participation is new for me. I've been having trouble actually uploading my changes. It just says "Upload failed". Is this like an account age thing or just a technical problem?
#qyydfWvy Oct 29,2020 01:19
Wait how do you do dark mode?
#mKrncKbV Oct 29,2020 00:56
wait theres a dark mode for this website??? :0
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 28,2020 21:35
King Keven
thx i also want to be apart of something you are making
#2mgh9m4x Oct 28,2020 11:32
@King Keven 100bit is quite an simple game if i'm truly honest, if anything you just place 100bits (black or white pixels) on the board and see how it interacts with the game. well.. to be more specific, with other players. i would also like to note that once you've placed your bits. it wont be officially on the board unless you click on the "UP" button to Upload your placed bits, and have to wait 6 hours to use your 100bits again. i also suggest you take a look at the description of the game. it isn't all that special or That important. but it might be helpful here and there. and incase you cant find it, here you go. https://imgur.com/a/MRFZmO2
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 28,2020 05:02
King Keven
hi i am new to 100 bit can i get help
#3tQPYFTC Oct 25,2020 14:46
i bet you use light mode on everything, and not because you cant find where to turn it off but because you like it.
#YYrGc6QL Oct 25,2020 03:27
If you want it to live make it so it’s able to easily be told apart from other things
#YYrGc6QL Oct 25,2020 03:27
I call for a white out to clear room for new things
#3tQPYFTC Oct 25,2020 00:31
i think its more of a civil war than a world war
#2mgh9m4x Oct 24,2020 08:51
@ZooPhobiaFan well things are relatively calm for the time being. i also would like to say that, this "war" is mainly a small battle between a few people. (which i have no clue where it is or who is involved in it) so if anything, there isn't much to worry about if i'm perfectly frank. Personally, what i see as an "war" on 100bit is when it effects everybody or atleast a majority of people. for example a Blackout/Whiteout, or a Full board project, or The Sickness, etc etc. ofcourse, everyone got their own way of seeing what's a war on 100bit. --- i also would like to note that The Sickness is basically the Checker board pattern and things of that nature. thought i'd give the name a little bit more of recognition. and besides, using names like that makes the game a little bit more interesting i'd say.
#mTU1dcMG Oct 24,2020 02:52
...i would like to mention that i want no part of this 'war' that's going on.
#2mgh9m4x Oct 24,2020 01:57
i know i'm a bit late on this but if i'm perfectly honest. i think Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be delayed for another year. mostly because of looks of the game and gameplay showcases. feels like plastic toys if you ask me. --- @Helispark well to be fair, 100bit is quite different and an unique game compared to most of dan-ball's games and r/place clones. The whole point of 100bit is that it's always evolving, almost no drawings lasts forever. most of the time people like to share their art work so that other people can acknowledge it, and possibly even modify it, which ultimately makes the artwork even more unique and special in its own way, however. if a drawing or whatever else stays long enough. people will eventually get sick of it and want it gone which explains the "terrible mess" which isn't all that terrible if i'm truly honest. i guess it varies from person to person (unless you're talking about something else of course) but yeah. the fighting over tiny details and things of that nature will most likely never stop. but just for argument's sake, if every drawing lasted forever then it would most likely stop the fighting over little details and things of that nature, but then it would be just another r/place clone and the game would be unplayable and boring.
#b7cpOdr4 Oct 23,2020 11:23
It amazes me how much of a terrible mess this particular corner of the Dan-Ball community is, always fighting over tiny details to the board and such, it's why I stopped taking this thing seriously a long time ago. If you're really into this then you'd all be much better off using one of the many r/place clones at this point.
#3tQPYFTC Oct 23,2020 08:25
idk man looks pretty good to me https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/StandardShaderMaterialParameterAlbedoColor.html
#nPmDkZzg Oct 22,2020 19:50
Who drew "Albedo"? Stop showing your affection, she won't be the best girl.
#3tQPYFTC Oct 21,2020 21:12
why count down for something never releasing though
#QDFNuk5n Oct 21,2020 09:05
I figured the halloween countdown would make a perfect Cyberpunk 2077 countdown after halloween
#nPmDkZzg Oct 20,2020 20:43
I think "L’Internationale,sera le genre humain!"is better
#YJIp58oX Oct 20,2020 07:05
I'm going to use the top bar for a Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times thing. Anybody wanna help?
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 19,2020 02:37
no legs
war its beautiful
#3Y51pwop Oct 17,2020 02:27
i shouldda prolly said something here while the faces were spreading but i wish i couldda kept one of those guys kicking. idk who was trying to expand them out but now i feel like if i were to try and make them theyd get instantly deleted out of fear
#3tQPYFTC Oct 16,2020 01:21
lol all you are drawing is vandalisation
#FwEb62nO Oct 15,2020 07:04
Let me draw and I'll stop vandalizing the cat
#3tQPYFTC Oct 14,2020 19:35
once a war criminal, always a war criminal
#7CijK9SZ Oct 14,2020 14:34
Lord UwU
@Catterbat bro stop committing war crimes against the cat, you monster.
#YYrGc6QL Oct 13,2020 02:19
I think it’s time for a white out
#3tQPYFTC Oct 11,2020 15:04
War never changes
#yXjNLuSW Oct 11,2020 01:48
Elephant protect
@Catterbat By trying to get help you made more enemies.
#FwEb62nO Oct 09,2020 15:17
The faces are massively outnumbered, we need help
#pNAPGEhy Oct 09,2020 11:30
#YYrGc6QL Oct 09,2020 10:17
Corner sorry
#YYrGc6QL Oct 09,2020 10:16
What is going on in the bottom left core
#jLp4hY3A Oct 07,2020 21:28
help I can't upload it keeps saying "Past data" but I am in the newest data plz help
#hAIVgk2k Oct 02,2020 08:26
@bassclub cool I appreciate your response. And thanks for the source, that seems to be the one that excessivefat also uses. I'll be using worldometers from now on too, just to avoid conflicting numbers.
#NKeAvnjD Oct 02,2020 04:50
@Doorkeeper, before I quit, I used worldometers to update the information as they are the most accurate. Because I quit, I don't really care what people use. Just as long as the numbers keep getting updated.
#hAIVgk2k Oct 02,2020 01:06
@excessivefat i fixed the bottom text and uploaded, but when i refreshed you had already fixed most of it... oops also do you mind sharing what source are you using for covid statistics. i'm using the main COVID-19 Pandemic wikipedia article. i ask cause our numbers are conflicting; your recovered number is over 25 mil, but wiki currently says it's around 23 mil.
#WM8qFT19 Oct 01,2020 11:35
Amazing. The covid case numbers are still going strong. Goal is to keep it going until there is a valid vaccine and global cases decline.
#3YRgXiXx Sep 29,2020 01:54
big cheesey lemon easy
#3tQPYFTC Sep 23,2020 19:42
i mean we already have a "100bit danball" sign that looks a fair bit better
#FwEb62nO Sep 23,2020 02:54
I'm going to use the top bar for something, quit erasing it
#ezyuetl3 Sep 18,2020 00:45
@WizardLizard Converting the board white and doing a whiteout are different things. The drawings would remain, they'd just be inverted
#YYrGc6QL Sep 17,2020 01:23
You know what fine I will be framing things ok so if you want it to be framed make it stand out
#AfrQJ8Zk Sep 16,2020 12:16
@fabgsooz What I'm saying is, by converting the board to white, how are you different to the blackout you disliked, you will inevitably end up deleting people's drawings and having to fight against people trying to keep the blackout.
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 15,2020 06:19
you were so salty about making the whole board black what do you mean
#ezyuetl3 Sep 15,2020 05:44
Exactly that
#oyDuZFik Sep 15,2020 01:20
i just would like to say that i don't think people are taking this game too seriously. atleast not now. personally what i think is "too seriously" are people that are like the white corner guy.. Or people like Alt fix. or the best example of all! Kittco Police, Which im sure says more than enough. and if anything i think this whole situation is dying down by second. which is good to see if i'm truly honest! although. i could be completely wrong. ofcourse. i guess taking games "seriously" goes to an extent. sure taking games seriously Could be fun here and there. but Too seriously is quite unnecessary. and possibly would ruin the game for.. quite a few people if im truly honest. and Especially for people that are quite new to the game. --- @WizardLizard Well for me personally. (about the paragraphs) just because i have alot to say at times, and try to be clear as possible. doesn't always mean i treat this game like its politics, not that i Ever want to treat this game like its politics ofcourse, that would be quite unhealthy if i'm perfectly honest.
#ezyuetl3 Sep 14,2020 22:08
@RawChicken you really can't talk @WizardLizard I think covering the board in a checker pattern is stupid, that's not what I'm doing, checker patterns are just pretty tedious to destroy and I'm tryna convert the board white
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 14,2020 21:38
#kfgZmi6C Sep 14,2020 19:00
Taking games seriously is not the only way to enjoy games, that would mean casual games have no joy factor. and by creating a white checker board on the right you are just asking for people to continue to fight over white and black which people have already stopped. what happens when you get to someones drawing, are you going to delete it like the blackout, then how are you better?
#ezyuetl3 Sep 13,2020 18:03
Taking games seriously is kinda how you get any joy from it though. If you didn't care about what happened why would you play?
#kfgZmi6C Sep 13,2020 13:43
You guys take it a little bit too seriously, There isn't drama, just people doing what they want like 100bit was intended for, and your the ones making paragraphs like it's politics.
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 13,2020 13:23
not me :/
#oyDuZFik Sep 13,2020 07:26
@StarTrekSpock Taking breaks is a great decision. also, if i'm truly honest, i'm quite happy to see that you're taking care of your self. You should do whatever that helps you! Take all the time for your health and well being that you need. cause i'm sure that as long as you're happy. the ones that care about you will be happy too! (including me and other people here) and hey, you taking a break is certainly Alot better than you staying around while feeling like sh‎it. don't you agree? --- i'm just going to say this here mostly because i'm not a fan of wasting a comment. (still not sure how they entirely work) now then. i know this is quite an unusual message, atleast for me. and the reason of that is.. i truly do not like seeing people leave on a sour note. especially, to people that i like to imagine as friends.. or just good people in general! so if i have the chance to try to make it end on a better note, then i would be more than happy to. even though i might not be the best at it if i'm truly honest. but i do not want to get to the point to look back at it and regret it. but yeah. long story short. if you can make people that you care about smile, or a little bit happy in the end. wouldn't that make you happy aswell? it certainly does for me if im perfectly honest.
#Bluoxg8Q Sep 13,2020 03:34
I really don't buy that leyir is their own person tbh. Someone who always works on the exact same projects as you, always posts and comments at the exact same time as you, has the exact same commenting habits as you, etc etc. That's the most convenient "friend" I've ever seen Flypy is the same too, only they don't even bother to comment, ever. I hadn't brought it up before because who cares about a few alts. But when you're using them to stop people from playing the game and pretending they're real people, part of the community who actually want this, it's pretty sad. But anyways, I'm taking a break for a while. I left years ago because constrant drama around afrostud and his army made the game boring af to play, and it's the same deal now. I might still check back in every now and then, but as much as I like debating, I have better things to do.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 12,2020 21:59
i mean spock seems to be directly calling me out, constantly
#ezyuetl3 Sep 12,2020 21:38
Now that's all over and done with. I still think we should fight the blackout
#ezyuetl3 Sep 12,2020 21:33
@Kittco Nobody is blaming you what are you talking about? Also no, I didn't use any alts today, I was gonna do something but looks like everyone else had it handled.
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 12,2020 19:55
there are so many alts out here
#3tQPYFTC Sep 12,2020 18:19
also when did i use alts, you are probably still blaming me for the avo alts which were blatantly used to frame me. the alts used today are pretty obviously fabs imo.
#QlKOA83T Sep 12,2020 17:32
Lol you all mad
#3tQPYFTC Sep 12,2020 16:57
wtf has happened
#3Y51pwop Sep 12,2020 10:24
a wave of presumably bots or alts just with no names or as 01 02 03 all going deleting everything cringe!
#3Y51pwop Sep 12,2020 10:22
ngl... kinda cringe
#POF4FQCD Sep 12,2020 08:54
Wyvern peers into the empty void
#QDFNuk5n Sep 12,2020 07:50
@fab ha55ii might just end up intervening whenever he gets around to checking the board again. A tonne of named accounts, blank names, and duplicate accounts suddenly deleting the entire board is pretty high up there for the type of stuff he does deal with. I've never seen him do a rollback before but if it ever were to happen, now would probably be the time. Imo still probably better to just not bother and let people move on from here though. Might be worth saving a couple things like the dragon/arecibo message/pickle's sprite/owata/pikachu and ofc the date, but everything else is like, old SR drawings and 100bit written out 4 different times
#ezyuetl3 Sep 12,2020 07:13
Soo uhh, this dude "alt fix" sorta transcends afro stud, 54 alts in total used right there to delete everything. I guess they got what they wanted but come on. I'm gonna undo that tomorrow when I'm not super tired
#QDFNuk5n Sep 12,2020 04:10
@fab as much as I hate afrostud wannabes, I think most of us would rather just get this over with than drag it out just to try to spite someone, even if we all hate what they're doing. Kittco already has alts, they can easily make more to fight back So many drawings have already been erased, starting now when there's basically nothing left on the board just seems kinda pointless. At this point we're not fighting to protect anything, we're fighting to be able to draw If anything, I'd rather use alts to completely clear the board as quickly as possible, give kittco their precious single black frame they want so badly, then just redraw in some of the good drawings after. If they still try to act like an as.s after, *then* we can alt cancel them. But I'd rather just get this over with.
#JBEta7Ps Sep 12,2020 03:04
man if only someone could completely blackout the board using their hundreds of alts and end this "fbp" already....
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 12,2020 01:45
people do things that make others unhappy without feeling guilt all the time. Like in fighting games
#ezyuetl3 Sep 12,2020 01:11
@kittco36 Whos fault? Your fault. What it's our fault that you're being annoying? I don't care if it takes longer and is more tedious, I don't think we should just let them finish the blackout. I've got a lot of alts, like a lot a lot. I'm not going to use them if people don't want me to but I'd just like to ask. Should I use alts?
#POF4FQCD Sep 11,2020 20:24
I think this implies that no one wants to do it
#3tQPYFTC Sep 11,2020 14:01
and i wonder whos fault that is?
#FwEb62nO Sep 11,2020 13:56
Another issue is that this blackout has been going on for nearly 3 months. By contrast Europe was finished in under 1 month.
#pTagtA3A Sep 11,2020 13:51
#3tQPYFTC Sep 11,2020 13:49
to each their own i guess
#QDFNuk5n Sep 11,2020 13:44
@Kittco The big difference between the blackout and an fbp is that the blackout is literally nothing. People don't see their art being erased to make way for a big fbp, they just see it erased, which you could easily call griefing. People get attached to their drawings, as poop said. You want it to be seen and last more than 5 minutes, that's the point of the game. I saw how much you defended the cat, so I know you understand that It's even worse that you're targeting new drawings first. "I'm just working left to right" or not, that's not what it looks like Ultimately, when most people do something that makes other people unhappy, they tend to feel guilty about it. And this blackout is clearly making a lot of people unhappy. It's preventing people from enjoying a board full of drawings, it's preventing people from drawing period. And for what? Just so you can have a blank frame? Don't try to play it off and act like you don't understand why people are so upset, because I know you're smarter than that. Pick me apart, Don't reply, or just downplay this comment if you want, but you don't have to be an as.s. You don't have to be spiteful. It's just a game. So let people enjoy the game. Please.
#FwEb62nO Sep 11,2020 12:56
Let people just draw what they want and quit these huge full board projects that take several months to finish and disallow anyone else from drawing while they're being made. If we're going to do large projects we should make things like the Earth Editor logo, the Christmas tree, the skull, etc. that allow people who don't want to participate to still draw what they want. @^#RigtOffcr88+> I don't use discord but I have checked in to see what's happening a few times. Each time it has me make a temporary account which I have never taken the time to claim so that's probably where the multiple accounts came from. I thought the accounts would be automatically deleted after a while.
#POF4FQCD Sep 11,2020 12:05
100bit is a game, but it is different from powder game and stick ranger in a unique way. People want to watch their works on a board that everyone else sees. It gives a pretty unique feeling to know that your drawing is in a canvas that everyone shares. Even if it will be overwritten by someone else, it still spent time there for people to notice it. This is why people care more about new drawings than old ones, and why this current thing being done right now is a bit different than europe. Europe overwritten some pretty old drawings like the hexagram and the big no. counter, while the blackout erased stuff that were pretty new, or even stuff in development, like the spotify icon. I think people wanted to see a long grace period after europe was finished, and the blackout was a bit uncalled for
#gZmela2W Sep 11,2020 11:50
@kittco36 it is a game, yeah. but i'm Not saying You or Anyone else should feel guilty about it or anything close to that. basically, (and i'm not saying you are doing this) purposely shi‎tt‎ing on people who just want to have fun or want a distraction from life a bit. for no real reason. doesn't make me feel positive about myself if i'm truly honest, which is the reason Why i feel guilty about it. Should i feel guilty about it? possibly not. but if anything. all i'm saying is that i'm curious, and wondering about How you don't feel guilty. because you are clearly making people.. atleast a bit unhappy. is that a good thing or a bad thing? that's a matter of perspective. but like i said. im just about wondering how that isnt a problem for you. again. i'm not saying you're in the wrong, or a bad person, or anything close to that. i'm simply saying about How that isn't a problem for you and others. cause like i said. if i were you or leyir. then i would feel quite guilty. nothing more, nothing less. and since you answered my question. thinking about it, it actually does make sense if i'm truly honest.. i guess comparing what i did and the current blackout is a weird thing to compare now that i think about it.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 11,2020 10:57
what are you talking about, do you not realise this is a game? also there is not anything malicious about the blackout, and its no different from any other fbp. there is no reason for guilt and it seems you are trying to force it onto me and others? kinda weird bro
#AfrQJ8Zk Sep 11,2020 10:41
It is game.
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 11,2020 10:05
i dont feel guilt for anything
#gZmela2W Sep 11,2020 09:48
but one thing that still shocks me to this day is that. how Kittco and Leyir don't feel any guilt at all, and still continue this act. i mean, to be perfectly honest. i once acted like them before. possibly made one or two people quit the game. which personally, is one of my biggest regret in my life. (mostly because i ruined people's fun for unnecessary reasons) but because of that. i tried to improve myself since then.. but somehow kittco and leyir are still the same as ever. i mean, if i was them. i possibly couldn't even handle the guilt if i'm perfectly honest, and possibly couldn't even find a way to make it up for the community. which is actually why i'm working on that data project. @Catterbat by the way. and if i may know ofcourse. why do you keep joining the Discord server? if you even are the one joining that is. cause im starting to doubt that those 3 accounts named after you are actually you.
#gZmela2W Sep 11,2020 09:47
while we're on the subject on blackouts and things of that nature. personally i'm just focusing on the top right from time to time. mostly because of one person that's over reacting about the top right corner in the discord server. its getting quite.. annoying if i'm truly honest. --- I agree with Spock on this one. i honestly find it a waste that they only target new drawings. but why Do they target new drawings? personally, (this is a huge stretch if im truly honest) but i think its a strategy if anything. i mean, as you probably already can see. the game is kind of unplayable, and people are getting discouraged and or bored of the game. and possibly, and eventually will quit the game. which is understandable, and it also means that there's less of a threat for people doing a blackout. (i know its quite silly) but lots people have left in the past because of it.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 11,2020 08:18
i mean you could just help finish it, too. thats like a totally legitimate option
#FwEb62nO Sep 11,2020 07:49
The white dots rose above 20,000 a while ago so it's definitely possible to fight it. Of course, the easiest thing would be to finish the blackout, but that wouldn't be as fun or exciting
#QDFNuk5n Sep 11,2020 07:14
@fab kittco/leyir are the people leading it. You saw how desperately they tried to hold onto their cat. So sure you could try, but it probably won't accomplish much besides delaying it more. Plus there's only 5000 white dots left, it's pretty late to be fighting anything now I think the best thing you can do is just protect the new drawings that are still being worked on while deleting the old ones with your spare dots like I'm trying to do. I may not have the time or the motivation to log on 24/7 with alts, but at least I can make it as annoying as possible for people to be an a.ss and erase someone else's drawings. With any luck maybe they'll get the message and at the least start going for old drawings first instead of just wasting everyone's time. "Gamer Time" has been on the board for forever and it's the ugliest text I've ever seen, but no, let's focus on poop's dragon or pickle's sprite that just got drawn in 5 minutes ago. Uhg. It was the exact same deal back with AfroStud, reminds me why I got bored of this game
#yXjNLuSW Sep 11,2020 07:02
Elephant protect
The whiteout started with me putting down 100 white bits in a square.
#POF4FQCD Sep 11,2020 06:00
I just want to draw for God's sake
#3Y51pwop Sep 11,2020 05:54
really dont get why people do black/whiteouts every once in a while the drawings will change over time when the people who maintain them get bored, and usually theres enough space for drawings to exist unless people are doing a big group project (something i personally also do not like) its just kinda annoying
#ezyuetl3 Sep 11,2020 05:47
Could we just fight it though? It's clear this is making the game unplayable for most people.
#QDFNuk5n Sep 11,2020 05:29
At least it's almost over with
#FwEb62nO Sep 11,2020 05:18
The blackout really needs to end soon because it's currently impossible to draw anything.
#iU7ZHTqu Sep 11,2020 04:05
you really dont want it
#ezyuetl3 Sep 11,2020 01:20
Yeah well a lot of people don't seem to want it. Idk, seems sorta annoying and pointless

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