Stick Ranger

Stick RangerStick Ranger
Genre : Action RPG
Price : Free of charge
Action RPG game that targets a versatile stage where monsters live by customizing 4 Stickmans!

- Add stage.(Amazon)
How to play
It's a simple action RPG.
Use items to upgrade your weapons at 8 different types of professions.
Level up and assign your experience points to your attributes and create your own character!
Battle enemies in a variate of environments across a huge map including, grasslands, caverns, deserts, and snowfields!
Game Tips
Move : Flick the Stickman
Attack : Fully automatic
Items : Touch and Flick
LP : Life point
STR : Strength
DEX : Dexterity
MAG : Magic
AT : Min. attack - Max. attack
AGI : Min. attack speed -
Max. attack speed
RANGE : Attack range
AURA : Aura of Attack (AT),
Aura ofDefense (DF)
Apply to yourself and your
Stickmans around
BULLET : Number of additional attacks
RING : Number of continuous attacks
TYPE : Weapon attributes
MP : Required magic for
additional attacks
$$ : Money you consume for an attack
TIME : Time effect
SLOW : Chill effect
LV : Level
SP : Skill point (2 points per 1LV)
EXP : Experience point
$$$ : Money
FP : Fighting power
Revival: Pay and join to the game again
Compo Item: Items to combine with a weapon (COMPO) by overwriting
Auto move : Auto move
Move of dying : Move of dying
Damage Effect : View Damage Effect
LP bar : View LP bar
Player symbol : Design of players selected
Sound effect : Sound effect
Stage effect : Stage effect
There is a town at the starting point.
You can complete a stage by defeating a boss.
The game is over when all Stickmans have been killed.
Stick Ranger How to play

For Smartphones
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