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#d8s32CMP May 01,2019 04:43

Japonese: Powder Game 3を手に入れてください。多くの人が新しい要素と新しい機能を使いたいと思っています。人々も概念を作った。
English: Can we please have Powder Game 3, so many people want new elements to use as well as new features. People have even made concepts.

#d8s32CMP Apr 28,2019 10:37

@Superdino you can only put 2 comments every 12 hours Japanese time zone.

#hC2LjNJU Apr 26,2019 12:20

I mean, my comments on STICK RANGER are not posting.

#hC2LjNJU Apr 26,2019 12:18

My comments aren't even posting anymore for some reason.

#dH2P2Q8W Apr 26,2019 07:00

Hey the balls on the Powder game don't duplicate anymore, can you fix that? THX if you can

#Pred1Oet Apr 21,2019 22:54

ha55ii can you ban #fh9I8f5e they are raging about the updates on stick ranger 2 and it is making this site toxic

#XKOWlkOH Mar 21,2019 03:53

A few games are not working at the time, and it would be nice if you could fix them on your time.

#ppWEPA7k Mar 18,2019 01:39

Yes, if someone could take care of the alts that would be wonderful. Andree2, BeFree3, Celix4, Deltaa5, Logicet, Eryk6, Fantastic7, Genous8, Hektor9, and Ivan10 are the offending accounts.

#yT9ZoR7c Mar 14,2019 21:53

The bot accounts that are making / printing the castle, I mean

#yT9ZoR7c Mar 14,2019 21:52

Andree is alting 100bit and using bots, please delete the bot accounts (working on the castle)

#f8NoJoRd Mar 14,2019 02:12

can you delete sectumsempra ?

#hlDSd425 Mar 09,2019 03:52

Japonese: Powder Game 3を手に入れてください。多くの人が新しい要素と新しい機能を使いたいと思っています。人々も概念を作った。
English: Can we please have Powder Game 3, so many people want new elements to use as well as new features. People have even made concepts.

#z63Yc1LD Feb 24,2019 01:14

An absolute COPY of my Super Mario Bros has appeared. This copy has been created by “the death of”
Here is a link to the copy:
Here is a link to original:
Please delete the copy.

Ok this is me
#goEUrUAU Feb 14,2019 05:31

Can you delete fire works dispenser it has the same name that I put it to my own fireworks
Dispenser that I created he has created the exact same thing that made exact its a little more complicated

Ok this is me
#goEUrUAU Feb 14,2019 02:36

Can you plz delete all of cool lauritz’s escape rooms

#4 weekly
#YONlpQC9 Feb 13,2019 06:39

Please delete “woodland defence” by Kurt Pena 1810, I have seen that it is a copy of someone else’s. But I may be wrong. Don’t sue me if I’m wrong!

#FDONX878 Jan 31,2019 08:52

Is there a way to get my upload back? I made an original 3-d gun for polishedmind’s contest and it has since been deleted. I have no idea who would want it deleted, but all I want is it back.

#f8NoJoRd Jan 14,2019 06:27

can you delete "IMS Kotohiro"

#yT9ZoR7c Jan 12,2019 05:25

If you forget your password, is there a way to reset it?

#3C7ZM5jF Nov 02,2018 20:35

Still can't log in

mighty miles
#rKE5VM7o Oct 27,2018 09:32

try to remember your password

mighty miles
#rKE5VM7o Oct 27,2018 09:31


#3C7ZM5jF Oct 27,2018 04:37

I can't log in to my account. I know it exists, because when I try to register with the same name, it says it's taken. Also, my PG2 upload has the username I'm trying to log in with. Note that when logging in, it doesn't say ”Incorrect password” or anything.

#IB3QrvvH Sep 07,2018 03:18

Help. I am 9132 but recently when I switched to Linux Mint I forgot my password. If by any chance you have it, please let me know and you can contact me within 10 minutes (I use 10 Minute Mail). Thank you. Also for proof, I hid a secret code in one of my projects and will gladly show it to you.

#kjArMbu2 Aug 20,2018 08:35

I want you to know that some of the ads you allow are pornographic and vile in nature. This is objectionable and disgusting. Children visit your website. Is that what you want them to see? Please bar such ads, to protect your younger users from content that they are too young for.

#mF10NvsM Jul 30,2018 21:45

I have cookies enabled and even used the "get" and "set" system however the code i saved in my notepad when pasted into the stick ranger save code box all i get is a data error message :( i just want to play stick ranger.

#PF9Ldm9k Jul 21,2018 22:26

Why can't I log in? I'm dying to play Stick Ranger but I can't because the log in module doesn't work... and therefore I can't save my progress

#4l5GBal3 Jul 21,2018 04:18

When I click "Upload" It just gives me a dialogue box saying, "Please Carefully Created" with my only option being "Cancel". Am I doing something wrong?

#MXXXhBIb Jul 18,2018 02:22

my comment won't post

#nooqDBes Jul 15,2018 00:06

Bug fix: smartphone + scroll is NOT what's new.

#w249iPKD May 22,2018 21:51


lol destoyer
#zhX7zEdZ May 22,2018 08:17

By the way u dummy?!?!?!?

lol destoyer
#zhX7zEdZ May 22,2018 08:15

HEY! YES YOU MAKER OF THIS WEBSITE powder game 2 and 1 only lets me upload 1 thing a day,please tell me why it does that!It bothers me WAY to much!Why do YOU haft to kill me as if i`m a dirt bag,no not a dirt bag a....Um hmm lets see maybe a VERY WEEK BAG OF EXPLOSIVES!?AND YOU ARE A RIFLE MAN SHOOTING AT ME AND YOU LOOK LIKE A LORD AS YOU STAND 20 YARDS AWAY LOOKING AT ME!!!!!
.P.S.why u no smart?!

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 18,2018 13:19

There is a problem with your game Stick Ranger version 19.0. You released a version of the game that is already completed. All stages cleared, all books bought. The team is Priest, Sniper, Angel, Boxer. The team is at max level with max gold.
Hope you fix it soon!

#fnPk136O Mar 31,2018 01:12

I can’t upload creations from the ios app, because when I want to log in it just doesn’t do it. I have pushed ‘withdraw’ once, maybe that is the case? If so, can you please bring my account back?

#jB6NzqXu Mar 19,2018 08:42

I keep getting server error.(600)... Started happening after i got an acct. ... How do I fix it?

#5VM0bddN Mar 08,2018 02:52


#BR42kygZ Mar 05,2018 11:13

Hello developers of dan-ball. I have been a member playing the website for almost 10 years. As this is 2018, the majority of computer monitors are now either 1080p, 1440p, or 4k (2160)p with 16:9 ratio. I think it is about time that this website gets a redesign and an interface more suited for both HD and HDR resolutions, as well as the games being magnified for these resolutions as well.
To be honest, I really miss seeing updates for your two most famous games powder game and stick ranger. A dream come true would be a reworked version of both games, and in much larger resolutions than their current resolutions at this moment.

#s3GnaUZE Feb 21,2018 04:13

first one to solve the code correctly gets an Instagram shout out

#s3GnaUZE Feb 21,2018 04:12

m11 z25 v19

#VI2wJyyT Feb 08,2018 17:43

Skidaddle Skidoodle!
Your wiener is now a noodle!

#0rob4al8 Jan 01,2018 02:36

When I copy and pasted the saved code of a powder game 2 upload it gave me a very long (about 70 pages) list of "row"s, "col"s, and "color"s. Is this a glitch?

#XPxSaPQ0 Dec 22,2017 23:17


#lk90NoOd Dec 15,2017 00:19


Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Dec 10,2017 02:14


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