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#xhuD1WX9 Sep 18,2023 20:36
i cant login
#iM1ZF8lE Sep 17,2023 23:02
i can't upload in 100bit
#N549fNe5 Jul 28,2023 10:56
>>Beauo To fix this I just had to wait a day or two. But if it doesn’t fix after a few days, idk what to tell ya. >>SuperMatCat24 same issue, just wait a few days and it should fix :)
#S6AsCNAz Jul 27,2023 19:39
Hi i was playing 100 bit but i cant upload with error 8 but i am logged in i might be having the same error
#TNmN3De9 Jul 25,2023 23:00
>>ha55ii I can't upload on Powder Game 2 for some reason. I realized 2 days ago, and I'm pretty much having the same issue as 128percent.
#OptCc36m Jul 15,2023 14:31
Hello. I want to make a new account since I forgot my main's pass (which the account is Alphaner). When I tried to make a new account, it said cookie error. What should I do?
#N549fNe5 Jun 03,2023 09:13
>>ha55ii Now I have an even bigger problem. I am unable to upload on 100bit or Powder Game 2, I am not sure why. I noticed it this morning, and every time I try to upload, it says Cannot Upload. Can you please try and look into this? Thanks
#N549fNe5 Jun 01,2023 07:08
>>ha55ii I have an issue. Rhythm Editor doesn’t seem to play any sound on Safari on an iPad. Is there any way to fix this issue? Or is there some way to trigger the sound I don’t know about? Thanks!
#0UmU7BUz May 25,2023 22:23
>>ChaoSeven Password cannot be changed. If you cannot remember, please register as a new user.
#SgFLX6aR May 25,2023 19:25
>> ha55ii Thank you for your help! Is there a way to reset the password? Or do I need to create a new one? Thanks for your time
#0UmU7BUz May 24,2023 21:22
>>ChaoSeven Your login failed, probably because your password is incorrect.
#6Ir87rQ8 May 24,2023 03:41
Hello ha55ii!I have some issues regarding the Login. I hit the Log In button with my username (ChaoSeven) and password but nothing happened. I tried also to create a new account but after registration I cannot log in Can you look into this issue? Thanks!
#RiZ8Os19 May 02,2023 15:41
hello. there is normally no audio in the games like in stick ranger on the website right? i have played mobile before, so i am used to hearing sounds.
#SZGx0ECi Apr 17,2023 23:39
Cookie error when trying to register
#l8c6ibJW Apr 11,2023 02:37
Well so here I have seen how you said that my old account was deleted due to fraud, I wish I could fight that, but I know whatever I say no one will believe me so I'm not even going to try. What I want to know if there is any way I can access the save data that I exported for the different games?
#J6W3mJXj Mar 24,2023 07:12
I feel like I am posting to much. But what I was reacting to in my previous comment is the fact I could not post comments in the comments areas. But I think that might just be because I posted to many comments in a short time period. As I seid in it I figured out my new account issue with logging in. Do you mind if I try post in 100 bit or should I wait 6 hours before I check if that works. Also could delete the comments in 100 bit as they are a bit off topic and the one below this as acted prematurely and maybe I am not block cause I can post one my phone. Also please tell me if this is off topic.
#J6W3mJXj Mar 24,2023 06:58
I apologize for posting extraneous content I did not realize that this one existed when I posted in the other. And honestly did not know any other rules then these ones Comments code of conduct Use appropriate expressions. Don't post offensive comments. Don't reply to any inflammatory comments but ignore them. Nor did I know did I realize that was the wrong spot to post them. Any when I did I could not delete them. Could I be aloud to comment once more. Also I figured out how to log into my new account just have to delete the special character
#m5bPLfpt Mar 24,2023 06:34
>>weesechedge ok so that's the reason I can't log in with my new account
#m5bPLfpt Mar 24,2023 06:32
I tried creating a new account under aurora1325. because I don't use this name much online any more. I then tried to upload some thing to 100bit and it would not let me saying could not upload en8. so I cleared my data for local data for this site which logged me out. the it seid please put in correct for matt and would not let me log in with the auto saved password for my now account or what I thought was my password for it. So I logged backing with my old account and posted what I was going to post on 100bit. then log out and tried a few times still not letting my log in with my now account but when I try registering again it say account is taken along side can't register more then 1 time a day
#0UmU7BUz Mar 21,2023 23:00
>>PrismaticJunimo I checked the logs. The account was deleted because there was fraud in "100bit".
#l8c6ibJW Mar 21,2023 02:35
I tried to log in with my old account, but it will not let me, it doesn't say my password is wrong it just doesn't do anything when I press the button. Since it will not let me use my old account I got a new one, but it also will not let me load exported save data. could you please fix whatever is going on? looking at other comments many other people seem to be having problems. .
#B8Dgv0wj Mar 16,2023 05:10
this crazy
#VWuN4Gci Mar 15,2023 05:03
Hello, how do i recover a forgotten password? Moreover I also can't register because i get "cookie error" every time i try. I can't save progress.
#fTxSVScg Mar 12,2023 06:49
I just want to register so I can save my progress, but every time I try, the site just says, "Cookie error." Please fix this.
#VLfbeHGr Feb 19,2023 14:30
Hello, I've found a bug with the password entry. When I made my account, I used special characters that aren't letters or numbers in my password. The website allowed me to do this. When I try to log into another device, it rejects the password saying it is the incorrect format. It lets me enter passwords so long as there are no special characters. It is impossible for me to log in because my password contains special characters.
#CjPNoNpg Feb 11,2023 16:38
help. When i click option in stick ranger 2,the game crashes. In the console something called Hg is changed to zero. Pls fix it!
#fMG4b1Xo Jan 23,2023 11:14
Adding onto my last post I mean moveable parts in powder game So blocks would still be frozen in place but steel can move, however it moves with other steel blocks as one, basically if it touches other steel it binds with it and can move with it as one
#fMG4b1Xo Jan 23,2023 11:11
Hello, I would like to add a suggestion. Basically I feel like it would be neat to add joints like the wheel whee you can connect stuff to it and make it like a joint, Example, it would be nice to have joints that you could connect to metal to make engines such as the simple combustion piston engine
#KKL8imE5 Jan 13,2023 15:41
If anybody sees this I'm getting check code (0x001800) whenever I try to put a weapon from a character into an empty inventory slot on the stick ranger 1 game from google play store. Any way to fix or is it intended?
#eM92L31V Jan 11,2023 13:19
i logged out and
cant go back in. H E L P
#qHBRBzSD Jan 04,2023 21:04
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#lZnVOpKJ Jan 01,2023 09:52
this site will be 20 years old in 3 years
#lZnVOpKJ Jan 01,2023 09:52
happy 2023
#kZ3gQON2 Dec 20,2022 12:26
100bit looks a bit messy
#ucctXxGq Dec 11,2022 14:48
I would also like to point out that the "Contact Us" page on the English website never got translated to English
#ucctXxGq Dec 11,2022 14:47
Hello, ha55ii the following games don't work on Firefox browser: Ham Race Irritation Stickman Stick Ranger Mine Tower Cross Virus Lim Rocket Shisen-Sho Ham Race 2 Dgo Logi Box can we get a bugfix update to make them load properly on Firefox?
#meTaOXWd Nov 20,2022 11:01
problematic guy
Now its telling me "Cookie error"
#3BEgR9h3 Nov 20,2022 10:50
guy with problem
Apparently when i attempt to register it tellls me that theres a database error? is there some kind of way to fix this or am i just being dumb and missing something.
#1p4hcs4o Nov 20,2022 03:34
no freaking way !! boobieyokners ??
#oSQ5LY1W Nov 17,2022 13:01
i like the Support Comments it can let me talk to more pepall
#oSQ5LY1W Nov 17,2022 12:59
hi i'm new to this game !! my 1 uplod was my only one that becaus it does not let me make more uplods is this the Support Comments plase do you get a lot of vots i don't pepal are mean and i cant evan make eny more uplods! : -(
#g3esg280 Nov 13,2022 04:24
i like boobioe yonkers!
#g3esg280 Nov 13,2022 04:24
hello i am boobie yonkers
#gDTAKYSa Nov 05,2022 00:37
The 100bit comments have been very inflammatory recently, especially from #dTvRqmSM. Is there anything you could do about this Ha55i?
#vHqY3JP0 Oct 02,2022 08:00
every time i try to make an account, it says "cookie error". I have cleared my cookies, but retain the error. PLEASE HELP!
#7Nm6oSnK Sep 25,2022 02:45
Any plans on making the original JavaScript source code for some of the web games available? They look good for learning.
#MresJH5X Aug 28,2022 23:41
Hey am new
#7DBxAQHj Aug 08,2022 03:46
#7WD81ZxN Jul 23,2022 22:16
me to it keep reseting
#7WD81ZxN Jul 23,2022 22:14
plsfix the glich
im keep reseting in powder game back the level where it save
#4zVGRmGH Jul 05,2022 02:07
This one is not the report but please do not delete me, just testing if you can read me. Hi ha55ii!
#4zVGRmGH Jul 03,2022 13:13
@N8ckname this happens if you upload too early. Needs a bit more to uploaded. If "please carefully created" error dosent exist, most of users ended up upload it with less stuff in thier's project and might not notice about that can only upload a day
#5Hp5K9DO Jun 30,2022 19:54
When I want to upload a game I always get this error "please carefully created" how to fix it
#UNU7xkDP Jun 30,2022 03:05
je ne sais pas
qui est ce mec "dudebro". Je l'ai vu sur le truc 100 bits avec plusieurs comptes. étrangement, je ne les ai pas vus dernièrement.
#UNU7xkDP Jun 29,2022 03:55
not an aver user
i have been hearing about this thing with "dudebro" accounts. Ive noticed that they havent been showing up at 100bit lately. can you get banned on dan-ball lol
#CTikaNJG Jun 27,2022 08:40
The user "JunoTehPlanet" continues to create clone accounts "JunoTehPlanet8" and "JunoTehPlanet9"
#Wl79rtkt Jun 26,2022 07:28
maybe tomorrow
Wow thanks ha55ii!
#H9vOFCdB Jun 25,2022 22:35
>>maybe tomorrow "JunoTehPlanet" was the same user. "garagebowl123","dudebro50","dudebro54","clayarro123" This was also the same user. It is unknown if it is the same user as "JunoTehPlanet".
#Wl79rtkt Jun 25,2022 04:18
maybe tomorrow
On 100 bit, are these the same user?: "JunoTehPlanet2", "JunoTehPlanet3", "JunoTehPlanet4", "JunoTehPlanet5", "JunoTehPlanet6", "JunoTehPlanet7", "garagebowl123", "dudebro50", "dudebro54" and "clayarro123". They are making very suspicious edits similar to "Flopkop", "Nickios", "YZrie", and "Kiskii"from before.
#2IiYA3G9 Jun 22,2022 22:22
I'm not really sure what's going on but in the 100bit comments, it seems like "JunoTehPlanet2," "JunoTehPlanet3," "JunoTehPlanet4," "NotJunoTehPlanet" and "JunoTehBadPlanet" might be alternate accounts? some of them may just be changing the name for comments but there is at the very least a difference between 2, 3 and 4 it seems, as they've all edited the 100bit board
#H9vOFCdB Jun 08,2022 23:44
>>Rebmiami Since I was able to confirm that they were the same user, I suspended the account.
#0SD8XWQY Jun 08,2022 19:19
I believe the accounts "Flopkop", "Nickios", "YZrie", and "Kiskii" are being used as alts on 100bit because they tend to edit all in quick succession and work on the same projects. Look at their editing history. (If this is not the appropriate place to report accounts, please tell me where)
#23ZlZcDm May 09,2022 00:37
It is possible to be banned from Dan-Ball?
#H9vOFCdB Apr 30,2022 22:10
>>atilla There is a near miss.
#RygP5uSP Apr 30,2022 12:33
I don't believe so, i'm confident the information is correct , but is there any way I can reset my password or register a new account?
#PsjtXw89 Apr 29,2022 20:23
Comment not add mental breaked crash. here: Logi Box:
#H9vOFCdB Apr 28,2022 20:09
>>atilla Are there any misspellings such as uppercase and lowercase letters?
#RygP5uSP Apr 28,2022 18:57
I'm having trouble logging into my account, and I don't see a password recovery or a new account registration button :(
#yINijbYK Apr 16,2022 03:42
Help! I cannot register because it gives an error
#dR1Ot9Mj Apr 11,2022 21:19
>>ha55iiは、あなたがPG2のコメントを見てみることができます 私たちはそこにかなり悪いことを言っているトロールを持っています 彼の名前はkg03hbneomnです あなたが彼を取り除くことができるかどうかを見ることができますか
#QhyovM2q Apr 10,2022 03:15
Thank you, I will tell him!
#H9vOFCdB Apr 09,2022 13:58
>>Rebmiami I watched the video, but it seems that my account is not registered. At least the ID wasn't in the database. You need to register as a user again.
#QhyovM2q Apr 09,2022 12:24
My friend is having some problems logging in and I don't know how to help him. When he tries to log in, he just ends up back at the login prompt and nothing happens. He says he used a valid password when registering his account. Any idea what the problem could be?
#u0w9hTHC Apr 08,2022 18:12
guys, when i try to upload my krakatoa vulcano level on powder game, it says "Please carefully created", what does that mean??
#xBvbxNQi Mar 17,2022 10:11
Error: Cookie error?
#H4NvOBHX Mar 17,2022 04:31
its my first time in powder game 2
#zc7B1DZe Mar 09,2022 22:26
only 1 time in 1 day !!!!!
#SOLw8hZH Feb 25,2022 06:17
how do you get User registration?
#ZlMT9Lpc Jan 25,2022 07:52
Help! I can't register because it keeps saying "Cookie Error"
#7gpMPY6l Jan 12,2022 10:41
and i am still thinking how to logout...
#7gpMPY6l Jan 12,2022 10:40
i can't registration... it keep saying (Registration is accepted only 1 time in 1 day) someone pls help me!!!
#LJxvkoH1 Jan 07,2022 11:05
Something is wrong when I press upload it says "Please carefully created."
#LJxvkoH1 Jan 07,2022 11:04
#giLXTTit Dec 31,2021 06:28
Pls add controls to move players. Also pls add a third player.
#giLXTTit Dec 31,2021 06:19
The emojis turn into question marks
#DEWKgvu5 Dec 28,2021 22:35
@ha55ii i kinda want to add this button which can like show your password or something like that BECAUSE I FROGOT MY PASSWORD-
#xICw4VnM Dec 25,2021 20:38
can you add something such as : 50,000 dot limit and more object limit ( like 100 ) for pg2
#NBtOKz9Z Dec 12,2021 06:32
robot the fire
@ha55ii Hey there! Any plans for console edition like Stick Ranger, Powder Game 1 & 2, Micro Panda, Monster Box and Ham Race 1&2? It would be part to Nintendo switch, Xbox, PlayStation 5 and etc? Maybe packs bundle and dlc would be nice?
#NYcCHG8j Nov 12,2021 13:06
pls @ha55ii,make an update(not phone resizing)
#F37RDvhU Nov 10,2021 02:14
BUT I GOT BANNED AGAIN IN TPT,i will leave tpt forever now
#F37RDvhU Nov 10,2021 02:13
I was afk because i was in tpt...
#euFTwT92 Oct 31,2021 15:01
#euFTwT92 Oct 31,2021 15:01
I just amde a acc hello
#C6pLhv4A Sep 18,2021 04:04
I forgot my password to my old account (TehEpikDuck871) so I created a new account
#J7P7BmMS Sep 07,2021 23:29
#0IzDJtlO Aug 18,2021 22:00
if ha55ii dont speed up the smartphone resizing progess the community will die out cus they waited ages for content updates
#ah1XPB6G Aug 05,2021 04:55
Ive been enjoying this site for over a decade. Ever since I was a little kid this has always been one of my favorite website to visit. It's inspired me in ways I can't really explain all that well. Thank you
#Y4tFSeEs Jul 30,2021 20:14
I can't register. Please help me!
#RLkorQst Jul 30,2021 05:33
Nevermind, It Uploaded For Some Reason...
#RLkorQst Jul 30,2021 05:31
'"Cannot Upload" What Does This Mean? (100bit)

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