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- Shisen-Sho ver1.6 -

Game overview :
Shisen-Sho is a Mahjong puzzle game to remove all Mahjong tiles according to rules.
In how to erase Mahjong tiles are sure to programming so that correct route exists.
So it will change algorithm to place by degree of difficulty, please try to challenge.
Genre : Mahjong puzzle game
Controls : Left click

HTML5 JavaApplet

- Game Tips -

To remove tiles of the same picture, the game is clear if erase all tiles.
There is likely to be in deadlock by sequence to remove,
but always there is more than one correct answer root.
Will erase the tiles of same picture.
Will erase the adjacent tiles.
Using space, will erase tiles connect straight line within 2 angle 3 sides.
(can be used as a space outside)
Can not be erased if there are other tiles in between.
Shisen-Sho Rules
EASY :PC correct rate 95%, reverse array algorithm
NORMAL :PC correct rate 50%, random array algorithm
HARD :PC correct rate 25%, genetic array algorithm
GRAVITY:Mode that fall down each time erase the tiles
12x5 :15 type 60 pieces
14x6 :21 type 84 pieces
17x8 :34 type 136 pieces
20x10:50 type 200 pieces
Select a tile can not be take: 5 second
Using hint: 1 minute

- Ranking -
Total EASY  12x5 14x6 17x8 20x10
NORMAL  12x5 14x6 17x8 20x10
HARD  12x5 14x6 17x8 20x10
GRAVITY 12x5 14x6 17x8 20x10
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