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- Lim Rocket ver1.8 -

Game overview :
Game to advance by operating the rocket
while avoiding collision with the planet
Genre : Avoidance action game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : HTML5 version.

HTML5 JavaApplet

- Game Tips -

Rotate to left : Left click, Left key
Rotate to right: Right click, Right key
Acceleration : Left & Right click, Left & Right key, Space key
Title menu : Up Down key, Space key
Result menu : Left Right key, Space key
OPERATION: Switch the direction of rotation of left and right
[How To Play]
Rocket has been pulled to gravity always (Universal gravitation)
Avoid collision with planet in a skillful attitude control.
The game over is when you lost to off-screen or crashing into planet.
You admire a beautiful universe sometimes also it is a good idea!
Compete a number passed through of planet.
[Mode Description]
ENJOY MODE : Enjoy the world of universal gravitation!
ECOLOGY MODE: Posture control gas & acceleration fuel finite, Eco-era!
CHARGE MODE : It's mode resources finite but can be charged from planet
Technique is tried!
BLIND MODE : There is no collision prediction radar, so you ride out
with intuition!
GREAT MODE : Planets come out in large numbers, level is hard!

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