Font Game ver1.5

Game overview :
Collect and scatter the colorful fonts.
It's an experimental font game.
Genre : Simulation game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

HTML5 JavaApplet

How to play
  1. Click the menu under the screen to change the controls.
  2. Click the screen to draw with fonts or move fonts.
  3. Enjoy the game! It's totally up to you!
Game Tips
[Inner]Change the inner color.
[Outer]Change the outer color.
"?" shows a random color.
[PEN]Free drawing.
[SCATTER]Scatter fonts.
[HAND]Move fonts.
[BH]Black hole. It sucks the fonts.
[SIZE]Change the font size.
[LINER]Vacuum up the fonts.
[CLEAR]Delete fonts.
KeyboardDisplay the keys you type.

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