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Blood typeType O
ProfessionGame programmer
HobbyDeveloper of games.
Bouldering in summer, Skiboard in winter.
Aquarium movie: Youtube
Favorite games
Diablo III'm still addicted to it.
Torneko no DaibokenFushigi no Dungeon completed.
MARIO KARTI wish I could develop this game.
BlogGame development diary: Dhublog

Blood typeType A
ProfessionWeb programmer
HobbyI can swim the front crawl for 12 km!
I love movies and have more than 500 DVDs!
Favorite games
Kingdom HeartsDonald is so cute!
Virtua FighterJacky is my favorite. Come on!
Choro-Q 4I got the devil parts!
BlogMovies and Templates: tylor's blog

Blood typeType O
ProfessionApp game programmer
HobbyPainting (more like scrawling though)
Party at home with my friends
Favorite games
Metal Gear SolidEspecially 3. The story is touching.
Super MarioEspecially Super Mario 64!
Dr. MarioFavorite puzzle game.
Twitterotascube: twitter
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