Dgo ver1.4

Game overview :

Board game that is played all over the world "Go"
2players hit alternately, wide end of final area is winner.

Genre :

Board game

Controls : Left click
NewSupports full screen.
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Game Tips
  1. Black stones and White stones hit alternately.
  2. Wider wins of their own area.
  3. Disappear to surround four sides opponent's stones.
  4. Area that is surrounded by opponent's stone can not strike.
  5. Does not strike stone in area to go back to one before

Detailed Rules
Board SizeBoard of size. 7 squares - 19 squares
Player TypeCPU match or Player match.
ColorColor of my stones. (CPU match only)
CPU LevelStrength of CPU. (CPU match only)
HandicapNumber of handicap stones.
TERRITORYDisplay area.
* May not be correctly recognized.
PASSPass, To be used on end

[End and area calculation]
There is no place to hit, or end up with both path.

Komi is 6.5 Point.
Black stones of the first move is advantageous, therefore handicap.

Adopt China rules
Point = My stone + Area

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