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- Aqua Box ver3.7 (ALPHA) -

Game overview :
Game reproducing the world of Nature Aquarium programmatically,
such as gorgeous color and growth of aquatic plants,
brilliant colors and swimming of tropical fish.
Genre : Aquatic plants numerical simulation game
Controls : Left click and drag

New : LIGHT: Add spotlight.

*ALPHA version is incomplete game balance.

- How to play -

1. Will purchase my favorite aquatic plants at shop.
2. Plant aquatic plants and enjoy growing.
3. Cut it moderately and re-plant it or sell it!
4. Let's layout with your own sense.

- Game Tips -

Plant : Hold the aquatic plants root and release it on the soil.
PINCH : It plant and move aquatic plants.
TRIMMING: Cut the nodes of aquatic plants.
LINE - Cut it on a straight line.
PULL - Pull out within the range.
SOIL : Edit ground.
LIGHT : Switching lighting.

SELL : It sell all floating aquatic plants.
SHOP : Aqua shop that buys aquatic plants and living things.
INFO : Information, sale of tropical fish.
RESTART : Restart game.
COIN : Use it at the shop.

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