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- Micro Panda ver1.5 -

Game overview :
Control panda with bright beam on its eyes, and light park.
How bright can you make it within time limit? It's panda's
action game! It's first 3D game. We could finally make it!
Genre : 3D action game
Controls : Left click

New : HTML5 version.

HTML5 JavaApplet

- How to play -

The panda moves toward the clicked direction.
The panda turns all the objects into a lamp with its eye beam.
You have 99 seconds!
Light as many objects as you can.

- Game Tips -

[Title Screen]
PLAY : Light as many objects as you can in 99 seconds.
PLAY FREELY : Select your favorite stages only.
[Result Screen]
SCORE : Points are added when you light the objects.
fly high : Value of Panda's highest jump.
objet : Numbers of object you lit.
Lighting rate : Lighting rate.
Total point : Total points.
(SCORE + fly high) * Lighting rate
Space: Back to Title.
[Hardware Requirements]
CPU : 1GHz or more (2GHz suggested)
* Depending on the setting of your computer, the screen may
be too dark.
Please adjust the the monitor with 20 levels of the
lightness bar under the title.

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