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- Ham Race ver2.1 -

Game overview :
Hamsters' spinning race game.
Keep two hamsters running in their wheel to reach the goal.
Let's run gimmicks skillfully use!
Genre : Race game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : HTML5 version.

HTML5 JavaApplet

- Game Tips -

Left click spins the rear wheel while right click spins front wheel.
Wheels roll lightly by pressing both clicks!
The energy decreases as the wheels spin.
Be careful! When the energy becomes zero, you can't move the wheels!
Reach the goal on the right end!

Sunflower Seed : Regain strength.
Mushroom : Jump high in the air.
Ice : Slide on the ground for a while.
Rocket : Dash at high-speed

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* Depending on computer you use, may not be able to see artwork properly.

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