Compasses ver1.3

Game overview :
It's a fun game with magnets.
Rotate hundreds of compasses and see how they move.
Genre : Simulation game
Controls : Left click and right click

New : Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

HTML5 JavaApplet

Game Tips
[Compass]Number of compasses.
Each click changes to 1, 4, 30, 120, 340 and 780 compasses.
[Magnetic]Magnetic force.
[Friction]Friction coefficient. No friction for the minimum settings.
[DrawType]Drawing style.
normal - Normal compass
square - Square
line - Line
point - Circle
[Distance]Equation between magnetic force and distance.
1/len2 - Inversely proportional to square of distance.
(Real physical law)
1*len - Proportional to the distance.
(React better to farther objects)
non - Ignore the distance
[Smooth]on - Quality based.
off - Speed based.
[Reset]Reset the compass direction.
* Each item can be changed with the left or right click.

* Note that looking screen for long time may cause to feel sick.
Take a rest time to time.

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