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#YImQqf2T Sep 29,2023 18:25
one, two, ohoatmeal kirby is a pihink guy
#pp5sinOg Sep 29,2023 15:08
#pp5sinOg Sep 29,2023 15:03
I Like This Monster
#0UmU7BUz Sep 29,2023 10:23
Stick Ranger 2 ver19.0 Enemy addition.
#AL8KzsS1 Sep 29,2023 03:30
they should make a heavy knuckle
#IIkrE19Q Sep 23,2023 03:43
the return of smiley face
#qROcBmDF Sep 22,2023 15:05
quickest way to kill the new enemy: explosive arrow
#qROcBmDF Sep 22,2023 15:03
So this enemy is meant to clear the platform for any stickmen, since it can only fire 1 missile horizontally every 2 seconds, it can't defend itself.
#0UmU7BUz Sep 22,2023 11:13
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.9 Enemy addition.
#gTRfCgxC Sep 21,2023 01:04
Slimy slimy monster
#IIkrE19Q Sep 20,2023 00:11
a simple creature, but it does its job well
#SaL7wuoD Sep 17,2023 01:35
i can see all of your data. you there, in the purple chair. i've been watching you.
#mF9Sk9J4 Sep 16,2023 20:02
But still waiting for when resetting your stickmen costs gold instead of a one-time deal, maybe a different room?
#mF9Sk9J4 Sep 16,2023 20:00
Bless us for another update has been bestowed on our cherished game. Thank the Ha55ii
#vw9fh8Wo Sep 16,2023 11:13
good for grinding golds
#oCHjcF1M Sep 16,2023 08:31
new enemy poison you and that's it plus it is immume to fire and poison. thankfully it drop good amount of gold
#pp5sinOg Sep 15,2023 19:58
#0UmU7BUz Sep 15,2023 10:50
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.8 Enemy addition.
#SaL7wuoD Sep 14,2023 05:33
i have successfully uploaded my mind into
#IIkrE19Q Sep 14,2023 00:30
good bosses! i don't think they're too strong at all - they just require some quick movement to get out of the way of the mines and especially the fire spinner
#pp5sinOg Sep 14,2023 00:13
dan ball
#vw9fh8Wo Sep 12,2023 10:24
i found a bug that when the new monster wheels vector touches the fireball stream, it will go crazy and then dissapeared, the monster wheel cuts in half.
#hU9ZOcw1 Sep 11,2023 23:18
I still awaiting the update where, the rings and amulets it can upgraded
#pp5sinOg Sep 11,2023 19:57
bro why shurikens are too strong
#h1rJAXqn Sep 11,2023 09:46
Anyone else having a super hard time getting fire ball at sky garden 2?
#vw9fh8Wo Sep 10,2023 20:11
It is a very challenging boss because of its high health and very powerful mine-type damage. I use deadly blow with all the physical buffs items and very precisie controll to defeat them.
#hU9ZOcw1 Sep 10,2023 03:15
A wheelies boss!
#gTRfCgxC Sep 10,2023 01:39
they big wheels cute and dangerous lol
#tpBdzKBI Sep 09,2023 07:01
the big wheels they scare me
#T430XMNH Sep 09,2023 04:36
i missed the wheel boys from the first game
#T430XMNH Sep 09,2023 04:36
good update :7
#YImQqf2T Sep 08,2023 11:08
i have mammary glands the size of basket balls from this update
#0UmU7BUz Sep 08,2023 10:05
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.7 Enemy addition.
#gTRfCgxC Sep 07,2023 21:31
Dan ball is epic
#SaL7wuoD Sep 07,2023 01:05
danknes as far as i'm concerned there is no real way to guarantee a sub-60 second clear on upper cave, because of the respawn rate of the guys on the main floor. it's just gonna be a big long luck based grind. sorry. your best bet is to focus 2 stickmen at all times on the main floor and have the other 2 dealing with the other major enemies.
#yjAkwgPR Sep 06,2023 13:51
Test update
Update game.
#lOYNvDr3 Sep 06,2023 06:22
Does anybody know a good build to get trough clear Upper Cave in 60 seconds?
#3PN6PJaf Sep 04,2023 12:24
Me and my friends were reminiscing about our favorite childhood games and we settled on powdergame/stick ranger being by far the best, I can't believe danball games are still being updated. Ha55ii is such a hero
#grDJE47Y Sep 03,2023 21:01
best update frfr
#8l3UPTyo Sep 03,2023 15:08
Game test
Ye have.
#uqVRdKoW Sep 03,2023 05:09
#pp5sinOg Sep 02,2023 19:14
@Quantum Goose Ice Trail Drops In 2 Times
#pp5sinOg Sep 02,2023 19:13
hello wheel we missed you i love that i hope ring + orange roundhead fish added
#IIkrE19Q Sep 02,2023 12:15
can you imagine my jaw dropping through the floor and going FOR REAL?? when i open up dan-ball and this smug little hexagon is on the thumbnail for the new update welcome back wheel, i've missed you little buddy!! :'>
#o4PEdG7c Sep 02,2023 02:03
Quantum Goose
#7eXOqJUo Sep 02,2023 00:21
ha5511 i appreciate all the hard work you put into stick ranger 2 keep up the good work friend
#SaL7wuoD Sep 01,2023 22:54
#qROcBmDF Sep 01,2023 16:26
#o4PEdG7c Sep 01,2023 11:12
Quantum Goose
#0UmU7BUz Sep 01,2023 11:12
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.6 Enemy addition.
#ElE31IGu Sep 01,2023 10:36
@Quantum Goose You're welcome!
#o4PEdG7c Sep 01,2023 10:29
Quantum Goose
thanks blacksmith, really appreciate it, they were on the second page :)
#ElE31IGu Sep 01,2023 09:50
@Quantum Goose it should be in page 2 if you haven't checked there yet
#o4PEdG7c Sep 01,2023 09:46
Quantum Goose
please help! i just obtained the ice trail charge, but it doesnt show up in the charges!
#uIikU6lF Aug 30,2023 21:08
Tsai Adolf
I lost my data at stick ranger 2 How could i get my old save
#BZtS7fte Aug 29,2023 17:56
кто знает что будет в 18.6
#PHVKKIzS Aug 27,2023 22:43
I can't believe this game and developers are still going after this long. Good work!!
#SaL7wuoD Aug 27,2023 09:04
@NPCBurner Shadow Blade? dude what are you, a n00b? the current meta is the Lusitania Blade.
#P6C4ydFh Aug 27,2023 03:27
Just found Shadow Blade. Secret Weapon?
#0apwuVqZ Aug 26,2023 10:54
modded stick ran
modded stick ranger 2
#jIe1Publ Aug 26,2023 00:34
pleather for breakfast leather for lunch tanning solution for dinner
#SaL7wuoD Aug 25,2023 23:47
MAN! i really love this new weapon. In fact, i love most of the new weapons. Too bad there are too many good ones, its hard to choose! My flesh weak and unreliable, and will one day rot. I'm transferring my consciousness into the dan-ball website so i can attain the absolute power of a god.
#pp5sinOg Aug 25,2023 15:09
Hey Next Version Is Coming In 6 DAYS
#pp5sinOg Aug 25,2023 15:07
After I Killed The Boss It Dropped But It Did Not Give Me Ice Trail I Killed Boss 2 Time BUT IT'S STILL FAILED I WILL GET THAT WEAPON SOON.
#nyMjys58 Aug 25,2023 11:30
ultimate of weapon ice trail
#0UmU7BUz Aug 25,2023 10:59
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.5 Weapon addition.
#BZtS7fte Aug 25,2023 01:33
ура завтра новое обновление
#SgFLX6aR Aug 22,2023 23:00
Hi guys!! Is anyone else experiencing lags on the game, after acquiring the latest weapons (Ice Blade, Shock Lancer, etc)?
#pp5sinOg Aug 22,2023 22:32
huh? i'm back
#pp5sinOg Aug 22,2023 22:31
17.5 is coming in 23.08.2023
#nyMjys58 Aug 21,2023 10:33
esplion bow that so good
#SaL7wuoD Aug 20,2023 01:08
fellas can we please all collectively disable our adblockers to give ha55ii his hard earned dineros
#744E4QCq Aug 20,2023 00:34
@ShadowEnialator yes quite
#YImQqf2T Aug 19,2023 12:38
pleather for breakfast leather for lunch tanning solution for dinner
#7eXOqJUo Aug 19,2023 03:55
i like the new weapon ill be using it now
#7E9Alp9s Aug 19,2023 01:33
I didn’t play all summer, did I miss anything super gamebreaking?
#pp5sinOg Aug 19,2023 00:28
Fun Fuct: The New Wepon Is Modded By Mods Of STICK RANGER 1 And Now Added Without Mods Next Fun Fact Is Ice Blande Slower/Weak Wepon And Glove Is Slower (few slow)/Weak More Fun Fact At UPDATES!
#wcf1c55J Aug 18,2023 22:04
To be fair its the game that's probably ( getting the most attention ) allowing them to make more money or something else
#rJhBv3ZI Aug 18,2023 12:57
stick ranger 2 is getting the game-that-will-always-be-updated-and-not-other-games treatment
#C2vH2hfT Aug 18,2023 12:54
Oh wow! This new weapon is so powerful, it saves my money grinding time by a lot.
#0UmU7BUz Aug 18,2023 10:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.4 Weapon addition.
#wcf1c55J Aug 17,2023 04:20
How many updates have i missed?. Probably a bad thing to say without knowing what update i stopped at. But has a new area been added? At the cliff after the caves stuff whre if you fall down you go back to town
#hU9ZOcw1 Aug 15,2023 07:40
I hope they add more passive charges like the "Soul Blade"
#SaL7wuoD Aug 14,2023 02:17
im nickname i love it when my w1fe does splash damage on my face
#jpz1yJe1 Aug 13,2023 14:16
@wjordan it's a joke and anyone that takes this too serious is a joke also the words you add before 'nickname' is a good name for you. also wjordan please dont say bad words.
#YImQqf2T Aug 12,2023 05:29
@the dirty foulmouthed scoundrel nickname please dont say such things.
#Wd3IEisk Aug 11,2023 19:34
damn that's strong, it is not hitting EVERY single enemies at once tho, maybe it's not instant hit or something, but still, good strong change.
#jpz1yJe1 Aug 11,2023 16:19
omg it does splash dmg @wjordan to get the meaning of the=at sentence,base64 decode the following things: aWYgeW91IHNlZSB0aGlzIG1lc3NhZ2UseW91ciB3aWZlIHdpbGwgZWphY3VsYXRlIHRvbmlnaHQu
#0UmU7BUz Aug 11,2023 12:03
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.3 Weapon addition.
#YImQqf2T Aug 10,2023 16:38
@nickmeyer this aint know how i jeopardy your wheel of fortune: clue edition, all i know is the divorce is final.
#jpz1yJe1 Aug 10,2023 16:07
@wjordan it's the first two letters of an intransitive verb xd
#hU9ZOcw1 Aug 10,2023 07:03
@sermegas me too i wait for stick ranger 2 apk
#4SJNvReq Aug 09,2023 17:08
pls do it mobile like stick ranger 1 i love it and i cant stop having load errors
#pp5sinOg Aug 08,2023 23:55
And Head
#pp5sinOg Aug 08,2023 23:55
Lime stone Cave 1 Added Rings PLEASE
#BZtS7fte Aug 08,2023 21:52
что можно было добавить в игру. новое орудие это молоты это новое орудие будет наносить 20-40 урона за атаку и у него будет 5 уровней прокачки. это довольно круто
#8InY9QzG Aug 08,2023 21:30
@ha55ii webmaster I hope that the official can greatly update the medal of Limestone Cave 1
#8InY9QzG Aug 08,2023 21:22
希望官方大大可以更新limestone cave 2的勋章
#YImQqf2T Aug 08,2023 16:48
@nickname i got the ear job but it wasnt from her and i had to pay. i hate my life im going to mix high damage with slow rate on her face tonight
#jKhPt09W Aug 08,2023 03:21
Man, discovering this game after so long ...
#JnPvOldq Aug 08,2023 03:13
Why does stick ranger 1 have more levels than stick ranger 2?
#N549fNe5 Aug 08,2023 01:26
I really want to play this game but it’s too hard for me to understand ngl ..but I still understand powder game with its bajillion components.
#W8NgAU0y Aug 07,2023 21:52
Load err?
#pp5sinOg Aug 07,2023 19:56
@nickname! Play Minecraft
#jpz1yJe1 Aug 07,2023 16:11
@wjordan no that is an abbr. of an intransitive verb
#SaL7wuoD Aug 07,2023 04:36
#jpz1yJe1 Aug 06,2023 13:42
omg it's a good weapon,deals high dmg and good slow rate ps:if u see this messsage,your w1fe will ej tonight. Believe it or not
#DZPk1WOy Aug 05,2023 01:55
Just kidding
#dKXpfG6P Aug 04,2023 18:58
Bug found: import dose not work. I lost ALL of my progress because of this.
#Wd3IEisk Aug 04,2023 17:44
#pp5sinOg Aug 04,2023 17:12
Limestone Cave 1 New Wepon Monster Name Orange-Blue Big Gel
#pp5sinOg Aug 04,2023 17:06
SR2 New Update 18.2 Ice Blade It's EMIT 15 SML Short ATR Ice 50% Wepons About Charge
#rJhBv3ZI Aug 04,2023 14:17
#h11TIV6W Aug 04,2023 12:49
#N549fNe5 Aug 04,2023 10:54
Early update!
#0UmU7BUz Aug 04,2023 10:49
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.2 Weapon addition.
#S6AsCNAz Aug 03,2023 19:59
@Shank turn off fingerprints that should sort it
#7MHN7z6C Aug 03,2023 16:30
Почему прошло так много обновлений а новых классов орудий мы так и не увидели????!!!!
#7MHN7z6C Aug 02,2023 14:53
Хвостовик я с тобой согласен с игрой на многих устройствах выглядит так уродливо но почему может взлом?? ._.
#5mWMmp6b Aug 02,2023 13:25
Anyone know why playing stick ranger 1 and 2 while using the brave browser is distorted and funky looking.
#SaL7wuoD Aug 01,2023 22:14
you could be discovering the art of minecraft makeup
#mBFn0mRp Aug 01,2023 06:37
Can barrage spear be changed so the projectiles come from the center of the stickman and extends to the range of the spear, otherwise the drill projectiles will not hit point blank range.
#jIe1Publ Aug 01,2023 05:10
add cromagnon
#Zau3t9Im Aug 01,2023 03:45
This game is pretty good. I'm so close to Limestone Cave 2. What I do wish though is that they would update the original's weapons just to play around with. Yet again, you can just mod weapons in.
#7eXOqJUo Jul 31,2023 06:24
whenever there's a new weapon gets added i grind to get that new weapon rn im working to get all weapons and rings and medals completed
#SaL7wuoD Jul 31,2023 05:40
add cromagnon
#DZPk1WOy Jul 31,2023 01:48
The ones
Also hi you guys
#DZPk1WOy Jul 31,2023 01:48
The one
I already reached the end in stick ranger 2 kinda want to add some more levels to it please!
#IIkrE19Q Jul 30,2023 10:01
lmao i had 70k gold before upgrading and it went down to 25k after it can certainly do things, but i don't think it's worth the cost unless you have nothing else to spend money on - it doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table that flame saber can't already do, not to mention flame saber is still superior for single target damage @128percent thank you, i appreciate your response! i forgive ya
#7H6YM4LC Jul 30,2023 07:54
The Versions Of The Games Are In The Wiki
#SaL7wuoD Jul 29,2023 07:41
its like 20000-30000 gold to upgrade fully. jesus christ time to grind in sky garden 2
#kIdWtoKN Jul 29,2023 06:36
You're nearly there Bluga, it caps out at level 17!
#tjhV9mfz Jul 29,2023 06:31
I have a level 15 flams cracker and l'm absolutely broke and have no gold to level up more
#tjhV9mfz Jul 29,2023 06:19
Holly l can level up this glove more than level 13
#jIe1Publ Jul 29,2023 00:32
I love you ha55ii
#744E4QCq Jul 29,2023 00:24
What is a flame crack.. Ohhhhhhhhh its a glove for damage stacking
#pp5sinOg Jul 28,2023 18:10
@sabin2005e Or Wiki Fandom Says Drop At 0.1%
#Wd3IEisk Jul 28,2023 18:07
ok after this comment now i got it, yeah i don't think it's that bad, since you can also upgrade it more than others, it is not doing more damage but more projectile is more damage for sure.
#Wd3IEisk Jul 28,2023 18:00
this game is literal a troll at this point, i keep killing the boss just to get it, but yet it NEVER drops at all, i bet that this weapon is weak after i got it, let's see about it soon.
#jpz1yJe1 Jul 28,2023 17:30
this weapon has good drop rate. got it in just 22tries. also a powerful weapon. ps. press f12 and type xd=100 to find sth
#tpBdzKBI Jul 28,2023 12:46
New weapon definitely has potential, hoping for some medals in limestone cave 1
#SaL7wuoD Jul 28,2023 11:18
I love you ha55ii
#0UmU7BUz Jul 28,2023 11:11
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.1 Weapon addition.
#N549fNe5 Jul 28,2023 10:58
@Helispark Sorry for sounding rude, I don’t want to be manipulative. It would just be so cool if other games were updated as well. And I agree that the devs have freedom for games. Sorry for the confusion
#744E4QCq Jul 27,2023 22:24
Ha55ii please add more middle charges
#S6AsCNAz Jul 27,2023 03:45
stebe jobs
Is there a way to sell items tjx
#S6AsCNAz Jul 27,2023 03:23
Whats the new gimmick? is it just the turning beam thing in water cave 2?
#M6QCmFMy Jul 26,2023 18:57
#SaL7wuoD Jul 25,2023 17:25
just because you would rather play with yourself than play this game doesn't mean everyone else would
#Lh3mLuSD Jul 25,2023 03:42
@TheZeroed yep.
#CBVRsxn6 Jul 25,2023 02:25
Wait, there's people who still play this? :O
#j1RtjExi Jul 25,2023 01:35
It seems that the next boss will be more difficult...
#4MZfqZti Jul 24,2023 09:19
#lsfMJ6Kp Jul 24,2023 04:47
Oh. It's a new gimmick. Well ... Anyone up for some talking?
#BZtS7fte Jul 24,2023 02:34
а какие активные моды на эту игру доступны на сегодня??
#SaL7wuoD Jul 23,2023 08:30
thats what i'm saying
#jIe1Publ Jul 23,2023 05:07
ring idea: boner ring
#IIkrE19Q Jul 22,2023 20:23
@128percent The devs have the freedom to make whatever they want. It's not their fault that a large portion of powder game fans are known to never play any of Dan-Ball's other games
#N549fNe5 Jul 22,2023 10:15
They really need to update the powder games, stick ranger 2 (I guess it’s new but) is hogging all the updates and it should be updated every other time(srsly it’s 18.0). Also can’t wait to see what future uploads have in store for us
#744E4QCq Jul 22,2023 06:05
Oh boy a gimmick! (this is going to be painful...)
#IIkrE19Q Jul 22,2023 00:15
Shoutouts to fire spinner, my beloved... that would make for a killer boss room
#YImQqf2T Jul 21,2023 22:27
#Wd3IEisk Jul 21,2023 16:30
i don 't think i've ever seen this type of feature in stick ranger before, i guess it is cool, specific when the hitboxes aren't broken like the others outside of dan-ball.
#Srnzc0vJ Jul 21,2023 14:35
Body 7463
#BZtS7fte Jul 21,2023 14:16
я не понимаю смысла этого лазера в пещере если там нету монстров
#UY3PlblV Jul 21,2023 12:01
Dave dood
"Gimmick addition? Whaddya mean gimmick edi- oh a giant death laser yeah that's a gimmick alright"
#rJhBv3ZI Jul 21,2023 10:58
i dont play stick ranger 2 but from what i can guess its probably some fire or meteor gimmick.
#0UmU7BUz Jul 21,2023 10:56
Stick Ranger 2 ver18.0 Gimmick addition.
#7eXOqJUo Jul 21,2023 03:45
keep it up with the updates i love all the updates you been doing. i almost have all the obtainable items i gotta work on more of the rare items
#YImQqf2T Jul 20,2023 04:22
ring idea: boner ring
#BZtS7fte Jul 19,2023 20:39
мне интересно что будет находиться за железным забором в limestone cave 1
#BZtS7fte Jul 19,2023 17:17
идея для новых колец. life ring оно при заходе в пещеру начинает востанавливать по 3 хп каждую секунду. я думаю это хорошая идея для обновления колец
#lqmdknXa Jul 18,2023 12:40
Seems the gold farming in terraced cave in not working anymore, the big yellow slime isn't dropping any gold...
#eggwhL1v Jul 18,2023 01:50
Ryan planet
#eggwhL1v Jul 18,2023 01:49
Ryan planet
#QdP9lZAV Jul 16,2023 06:24
#SaL7wuoD Jul 15,2023 03:26
full clear cave 2 with soul blade
#Wd3IEisk Jul 15,2023 01:23
oh cool because more projectile for a posion weapon = totally more damage, why not just upgrade the damage instead, again this game will take way more updates than stick ranger 1 to finished because of the laziness, i still do not understand how did we become like this, this is just sad...
#YImQqf2T Jul 14,2023 23:53
ha55ii add poop update pl0x
#y0GwoNug Jul 14,2023 20:13
I need a mobile version!!!
#S6AsCNAz Jul 14,2023 19:17
Will this game ever come to mobile?
#tpBdzKBI Jul 14,2023 15:21
new weapon seems incredibly mid, projectiles don't bounce or seek and the damage is bad even with the 40% poison damage equip
#0UmU7BUz Jul 14,2023 10:39
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.9 Weapon addition.
#N549fNe5 Jul 13,2023 01:52
Now all full screen updates are done this game will get all the updates
#A7iSajQQ Jul 11,2023 00:43
thanks for the post, I didn't even google that information when I was looking for nursing writing services :)
#YImQqf2T Jul 08,2023 16:54
bravo ha55ii can we get a new set of filler updates between weapon additions
#iPMqX6ja Jul 08,2023 13:32
What about monster addition in "limbstone cave 2" and weapons, rings, medals and amulets of limbstone cave 1-2
#S6AsCNAz Jul 08,2023 01:52
Damn i didn't think this site was still going this is sick
#rhfQeamX Jul 08,2023 01:37
barrage spear if it was kinda pretty bad
#Wd3IEisk Jul 07,2023 20:50
no seriously what the hell is this, i expected to be a stronger regular physical melee but it's just changing twice and with 3x hits (not hitting them actually third at once) and somehow the upgrade gives it less damage than first one, i miss when ha55ii was adding more stuff for his games like stick ranger when he was caring about it, how are you people enjoying this type of patch small update, i even miss when we had stick ranger mods in public instead of discord only.
#pp5sinOg Jul 07,2023 15:27
make ring next
#pp5sinOg Jul 07,2023 15:26
super good update i love it!
#rJhBv3ZI Jul 07,2023 14:56
#0UmU7BUz Jul 07,2023 13:21
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.8 Weapon addition.
#BZtS7fte Jul 07,2023 03:48
скажите что означает range+100 на оружии
#M8lDz7Kw Jul 07,2023 01:24
Biggie Cheese
Wait, do you only get one chance to respec your sticks?? Maybe I'll lay off this game for a bit...
#8U18aqWA Jul 06,2023 18:50
nice game
#TLgxaJ44 Jul 05,2023 09:53
I'd like to implore that if you're enjoying all these tours then you'd better head down to swantsons general store because there's people screaming there's blood poured on the floor cause you're struken down the bone and you're rotten to the core... OPEN THE DOOR.
#pp5sinOg Jul 05,2023 00:20
LOL I will Remove Someone vid
#QcjSL3e1 Jul 03,2023 22:19
#tjhV9mfz Jul 03,2023 01:47
It keep deleting it
#tjhV9mfz Jul 01,2023 03:21
Guys try out my game code
#Lh3mLuSD Jun 30,2023 23:46
Electron User 0
@ElemenoPeter Go to the Official Unofficial DanBall Server to find out.
#kxn5fcC8 Jun 30,2023 07:10
@Electron User 0, how do you mod this?
#pp5sinOg Jun 28,2023 18:49
i was removed my s##k
#pp5sinOg Jun 28,2023 14:10
I Will Tell You How Monster Drops Items In Cave 1 Green Gel Bash 10% Sword 10% Craft ring 0.1% Cyan Gel Power Glove 5% Spear (3.33%) Craft Ring (0.1%) Red Gel Light Glove (3.33%) Headband 1 (20%) Craft Ring (0.1%) Now For The..... BOSS! Green Big Gel Range Attack (100%) Knit 1 (33.33%) Craft Ring (1%) Cave 2 Soon!
#kIdWtoKN Jun 25,2023 01:56
The "Reset Status" (Reset stats) option in the Terrace Shrine should really be a permanent option, like the Forget Tree is in SR1. If a new weapon is added that looks interesting, but your none of your team have the right stats to use it, you can't use it, if you've already used your one-time stats reset. Maybe it should cost 500-1000 gold per level each time you use it and you can use it as often as you can afford, or maybe you can use it for free once per week or once per month, or once every time the game version changes etc.
#7MHN7z6C Jun 24,2023 17:34
Подскажите что делать с моей игрой что то не так захожу в нее и в место обычного меню со стикменами везде глюки и пещеры выглядят как будто их сломали и это не походит что делать!!!!????
#TLgxaJ44 Jun 24,2023 08:54
Not gonna lie this weapon actually has a really cool niche! Obviously, its single target damage renders it terrible for bosses and such, but due to it having literally infinite pierce, it has the potential to do absolutely insane crowd dps!
#rhfQeamX Jun 24,2023 07:15
truly one of the weapon additions of all time
#52amBIQf Jun 24,2023 04:59
In my opinion, this sword is not as good as using an ice sword in my configuration I tried to match the poison, but the result was that it took longer to brush the big orange Slim and the green tree head, and I also consumed more Rice and vegetable roll
#6GfPYFEK Jun 23,2023 18:35
Что означает счётчик доступа зачем он нужен?
#Wd3IEisk Jun 23,2023 17:32
at least this sword is better than thunder knuckle.
#52amBIQf Jun 23,2023 11:39
Only one sword...
#0UmU7BUz Jun 23,2023 11:31
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.7 Weapon addition.
#Lh3mLuSD Jun 21,2023 07:10
Electron User 0
Modding this is easier than SR1? Why?
#pp5sinOg Jun 19,2023 03:32
#IIkrE19Q Jun 19,2023 02:46
me when i spread misinformation on the internet
#VgVm9Rd6 Jun 18,2023 12:57
Dan has the plural ball. ;) But anyways, it has been revealed by anonymous sources that the next update includes the long awaited From Software/DAN-BALL crossover event update. Stick Souls is actually not as interesting as you'd expect, but don't tell them I told you that. The Lim Rocket/Armored Core fusion they did was extremely thrilling, however. My love for you is like a truck. Till' next time.
#pp5sinOg Jun 18,2023 03:22
@hello01 to get stickman just tap stickman 5 times hideing in bats on cave 1
#dlYKX9eR Jun 18,2023 02:57
On some weapons it says something like x1<5. Anyone able to explain what the <5 part means?
#S9KJZ3XN Jun 18,2023 00:29
Do you have to restart the game to achieve the "stickmen" achievements?
#pp5sinOg Jun 17,2023 19:59
why dan is has 69420 balls
#52amBIQf Jun 17,2023 18:16
@kolamishaa Oh, I see
#QLAYf0F4 Jun 17,2023 17:05
Anyone knows how to achieve 'sticknan'?
#pp5sinOg Jun 17,2023 14:52
@hl just kill yellow big droplet with gold ring lol and tap 3 gold marks
#52amBIQf Jun 16,2023 18:47
How to achieve the achievement of 'pick up 225g'? I have completed 44 out of 45 achievements in v17.6, but I have been unable to complete the pick up 225g
#ggUzFuUN Jun 15,2023 22:53
А вот интересно а враги начнут медленней атакавать если их бить ледяным оружием на замедление?
#N549fNe5 Jun 13,2023 00:33
I wish I understood this game
#jrQEDRFs Jun 12,2023 11:34
#pp5sinOg Jun 12,2023 00:23
good @dan ball
#EOJE05aj Jun 11,2023 21:55
Я думаю будет хорошей идеей добавить режим против других игроков, как в первой части игры.
#rhfQeamX Jun 11,2023 08:36
cool, my flame slayer glass cannon is even stronger now
#VgVm9Rd6 Jun 11,2023 02:09
It never ceases to amaze me at the fact there are dedicated boxing weapons. In a world of swords, polearms, and elemental magic, some old pair of boxing gloves still manage to keep up, and still hit about as hard as a sword does. But yet still, this begs the question, are we going to see the return of guns, whips, and rings? Collect all 7 Dan Balls to find out!
#744E4QCq Jun 10,2023 22:39
There's no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#nyMjys58 Jun 10,2023 19:48
itt on linestone one the thunder monster
#S8rWzt1U Jun 10,2023 14:44
Where is this new weapon?
#V3diBv2s Jun 09,2023 23:11
me the youtuber me play friend jop pad & jop phone
#C2vH2hfT Jun 09,2023 21:38
Nice update. This new weapon not just reduces the charge's cooldown but also deals elemental damage. With this, my poison bow main stickman got enhanced weaponry.
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 09,2023 18:44
oh its just light knuckle but elemental version, very useful for spamming charges. nothing to be excited about but still it is handy to have an extra "light knuckle" to spam charges with. Very cool
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 09,2023 18:34
#Wd3IEisk Jun 09,2023 14:22
that's it ? is that all the new weapon does ? it is basically mach punch type melee but simply with thunder damage, even the one from stick ranger 1 is stronger than this, jesus christ...
#0UmU7BUz Jun 09,2023 13:26
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.6 Weapon addition.
#QQ9ZP3wM Jun 05,2023 15:10
what did you say
#N549fNe5 Jun 04,2023 05:49
This game is way to complex for me. Somehow I understand 128% of Powder Game physics tho..
#pp5sinOg Jun 03,2023 14:42
f127ing home of dan ball is far
#pp5sinOg Jun 02,2023 15:41
YAY I DONE COMBO 500 MEDAL IN SKY GARDEN 3 DAN YOU AN BALL 2 medal left its stage clear 60 sec in up cave and defeat boss with overkill in sky garden 2... i was actually portrayed dan ball
#744E4QCq Jun 02,2023 03:39
I wonder what items will be added. hopefully a lightning sword or something
#YMgZgNVB Jun 01,2023 20:00
#YMgZgNVB Jun 01,2023 20:00
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 01,2023 14:59
Active time to time but not 24/7. After all they have a life too. Moving on. I think the ball in the middle is probably gonna be an attachment for some kind of spinning mace ball or maybe it'll be a boss. Who knows? But for me it seems like it's like that since theres a safe spot over at the left corner.
#wDmFznOk Jun 01,2023 04:39
how active are the devs of this game? :)
#PfumU4WY Jun 01,2023 03:01
@RoyCraft Thank you
#hU9ZOcw1 Jun 01,2023 02:10
@Nmnpop The rings are obtained by mere probability, you must keep hunting the enemies that drop the ring you are looking for and hope that you are very lucky
#PfumU4WY May 31,2023 23:16
How do you get rings. Im trying to get the 225 gold coin but can’t get the gold ring.
#rJ6Q2oze May 31,2023 18:47
Finally 45 medals... Took long enough for that 4th onigiri. mmm yummy
#hU9ZOcw1 May 30,2023 09:09
One idea I would like to see is that they add killer bees
#ENf0lXHk May 29,2023 23:58
Cool Man
I used to play Stick Ranger 1 as a kid all the time when I was younger. I'm in college now, and it makes me so happy to see my beloved childhood game is still being developed! Thank you for all the years of entertainment. I'm looking forward to seeing every new update.
#VgVm9Rd6 May 26,2023 09:17
@ArtisanMain We can neither confirm nor deny that dan ball is in fact a ball of dan. However, it is easily concluded that the site name is derided from the japanese term for cardboard. Yet still, it cannot be overlooked that the webmaster has designed the site to be enjoyed by various audiences across the globe, so it would not be out of the question that the dan ball exists. ... Perhaps even... the center of that new circle... it could be one of the many Dan Balls..? Unofficial Rumor Guides.
#iISxRRd4 May 26,2023 06:26
The school is year os over for me now, thanks to Mr dan ball for keeping me occupied during my easier classes
#Z04EInKF May 25,2023 20:22
Dan, are you infact REALLY a ball?
#VgVm9Rd6 May 25,2023 09:42
@dan ball This is true.
#fdauOIE2 May 24,2023 16:45
This is the best free game I've played! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS
#pp5sinOg May 24,2023 15:18
dan ball
the dot in limestone cave 2 for tree head boss
#pp5sinOg May 24,2023 15:16
mod guy
the map is B I G and 30+30=50
#rJ6Q2oze May 24,2023 15:11
First obtain the gold ring from terraced cave then look to the right side of the terraced cave map and mine 3 pieces of gold after that throw a stickman over there and kill the yellow blob. You then kill it till it drops a coin. Make sure you're wearing the ring when you kill it.
#Z04EInKF May 23,2023 22:27
My good fellows, how am I supposed to get a 225 gold coin? Is there a amulet to do it?
#5n5CZ3qk May 23,2023 02:36
C I R C L E map
#iISxRRd4 May 23,2023 01:16
aint no way bruh the update was awful
#OF617FPu May 22,2023 22:10
hi, I saw a santa hat drop on the ground for me in sky garden 3, but I got game over before I picked it up, and I can't seem to get it to drop again no matter how much I grind the same enemy, could this be a glitch?
#VRTngqEo May 22,2023 21:12
@deny any there's a stick man in flies' cave find it carefully upper cave is same 2
#VRTngqEo May 22,2023 21:09
@ranger guy fall down from sky garden lol
#pp5sinOg May 22,2023 13:42
Валера i sayd add orange roundhead fish to limestone cave 2
#ytgGvEKS May 22,2023 10:50
Stick ranger guy
How do I defeat all fish without landing medal n cave 4.
#wDmFznOk May 22,2023 00:34
whaaaat??!! how do I get the stickman medal in the first cave???
#EOJE05aj May 20,2023 22:55
Кто знает то будет в 17.6
#pp5sinOg May 20,2023 16:05
to get stage clear without healing make sure your stickman was not healing to get combo 500 kill doll 500 times to get defeat only yellow tree head don't hit doll defeat green tree head unhurt don't hit on monster wepon to get everyone poison make all stickman poison you will get citrine amulet
#pp5sinOg May 20,2023 15:48
add orange roundhead fish to limestone cave 2
#VgVm9Rd6 May 20,2023 09:42
The new map of limestone cave 2 is finally here, but we have yet to see any content for limestone cave 1? Where are our items? Where are the hats? Perhaps this is just a new development strategy that is being employed, surely. ... But, I must say... That dot in the center of that circle... looks mighty suspicious... Unofficial Rumor Guides.
#IUXhxqnD May 20,2023 04:28
the things
oh hi gunklet
#rwxhKiBb May 20,2023 03:13
the adventures of stick boy
#wbzI5nR2 May 19,2023 23:27
Dan ball please add medals and items for limestone cave 1 before you make any more content!!
#nyMjys58 May 19,2023 19:55
#nyMjys58 May 19,2023 19:55
new map
#QdbBf0r5 May 19,2023 14:52
Use appropriate expressions. Don't post offensive comments. 17.5 Stick Ranger 2
#pp5sinOg May 19,2023 14:32
@easygaming2 lol you was upper cave kill moster stickman gets 40 of them
#pp5sinOg May 19,2023 14:25
@dan ball you good!
#EOJE05aj May 19,2023 13:30
Вау новая пещера и правда большая жду в ней врагов
#0UmU7BUz May 19,2023 12:12
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.5 Add map "Limestone cave 2"
#hU9ZOcw1 May 19,2023 10:35
I want the blessed fifth ranger
#hU9ZOcw1 May 19,2023 10:34
@lestikeraf You must touch a stickman figure (it is not in the dark background) the figure is a sprite that will change position, so be careful
#7w8bZbSM May 19,2023 09:13
how to get stickman medal in cave 1
#iISxRRd4 May 19,2023 05:45
@ha55ii WebMaster please release it quig
#pp5sinOg May 19,2023 02:00
dan ball
@kolamishaa later not today 5 days left
#pp5sinOg May 19,2023 01:59
@dan ball make new wepon
#EOJE05aj May 18,2023 20:56
Вот мне интересно кто знает что добавят в будущих абновлениях?
#TLgxaJ44 May 18,2023 10:58
@maza basically it reduces the amount of physical damage you take by the amount of DF (defense) provided. So if you take 4 damage from a slime for example it will reduce the damage to 3. Do note it doesn't work on elemental attacks though.
#wbzI5nR2 May 17,2023 03:29
what does DF do. I see it on BB cap and beret. Is it any good?
#pp5sinOg May 16,2023 16:44
we meet soon
#pp5sinOg May 16,2023 16:43
@Dan ball make ver 17.5 in 2 days
#wbzI5nR2 May 16,2023 03:49
What is difference between lightning lance and laser lance, lightning spear and thunder halberd
#TLgxaJ44 May 16,2023 01:01
@maza they just have a really low chance of dropping from any enemy in a cave, usually 0.1%.
#wbzI5nR2 May 16,2023 00:38
Is there an easy way to get rings i just havent found? These rings are so hard to find
#rJ6Q2oze May 15,2023 18:59
only 3 more medals to go...
#rJ6Q2oze May 15,2023 18:58
#VgVm9Rd6 May 15,2023 11:54
COMING SOON... Seahorse Stampede Drowners Delight Blighted Prisoners Last Wish Crown of the First King Bleeding Edge AND MANY MORE... Unofficial Rumor Guides.
#3sjrzkXS May 13,2023 19:28
me getting no poisonmist lol
#3sjrzkXS May 13,2023 19:27
#pp5sinOg May 13,2023 03:07
#pp5sinOg May 13,2023 03:06
#iISxRRd4 May 11,2023 06:33
grrrr when limestone content
#nfkQL9pH May 11,2023 05:38
Is anyone else's game slow? Idk if I pressed a key that makes it slow or what.
#3sjrzkXS May 11,2023 00:20
having stickmans with the exact same items feels like using d4c
#ErVj2iAE May 10,2023 22:04
I finally done float everyone in 5 second, siuuuuuuuu
#VgVm9Rd6 May 10,2023 11:00
!WARNING! @All Players You may encounter a new glitch where your stickmen may become ensnared in the top left corner, unable to escape. This typically may occur when traveling between rooms and using the warp pad in the village or terraced cave. Don't worry, it is all your fault, and you should feel ashamed of yourself. Think of the small mammals. Struggling to survive against the giant arthropods. They were your mother and father. Look at yourself. Ew.
#wbzI5nR2 May 10,2023 02:27
That worked thanks
#lx2WS68z May 10,2023 01:30
stickranger2 fan
try going to the fish area from above maza and don't let them touch the sea floor
#wbzI5nR2 May 10,2023 00:38
Best lancer weapons ? Best sniper weapons? Best magic weapons? Best boxer weapons?
#LBsad42Z May 09,2023 23:20
Float everyone in 5 second is very hard
#ErVj2iAE May 09,2023 21:06
What about new weapons, new ring and new heads, i hope they will release
#pp5sinOg May 09,2023 18:38
i need combo 500 too but i die
#pp5sinOg May 09,2023 18:37
help me to kill tree head with overkill we need 500 damge to get help help
#ErVj2iAE May 09,2023 08:06
I can't clear upper cave within 60s because the white box stickmans are spawn with much more second
#wbzI5nR2 May 09,2023 03:34
Hiw do you get the cave 4 “defeat fish without landing” medal. Ive done it without any of the stickmen touching ground but it wont give me it
#iISxRRd4 May 09,2023 02:23
when will we get limestone cave contnet
#pp5sinOg May 08,2023 03:35
i have 40 medal i need 5 medel (win cave 3 60 sec) and pick up 255 gold kill boss with overkill and combo 500 and (upper cave win 60 sec) my stickman die for that
#pp5sinOg May 08,2023 03:31
45 medal is for all medal
#VgVm9Rd6 May 06,2023 08:29
A new shrine reward has been added, for 45 medals, the highest amount possible at the moment. You can get a new onigiri to be added to your inventory. HOWEVER, have you yet noticed how it is spelled in all capital letters? Intriguing, yes... ... Perhaps it is a Berserk reference?
#iISxRRd4 May 06,2023 06:49
wait @ha5511Webmaster, when will we be able to get drops from limestone caves and a possible 5th player and limestone caves 2? also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE SKY GARDEN 2 DROPS LESS RARE
#iISxRRd4 May 06,2023 04:57
what are the best arms of each type, like middle, long, and short
#hy40R0jf May 06,2023 03:57
Updating V17.5
#hy40R0jf May 06,2023 03:51
#pp5sinOg May 05,2023 19:47
but i have 37 medal
#pp5sinOg May 05,2023 19:46
#0UmU7BUz May 05,2023 10:48
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.4 Add shrine reward.
#TLgxaJ44 May 05,2023 08:29
@DingleBob, the light knuckle is best for spamming charges, usually to get massive single target dps, while the knuckle is better for general purpose use and consistency. In terms of the best bow, the best arm bow is probably flame bow, and the best charge bow is BY FAR poisonmist shot.
#iISxRRd4 May 05,2023 06:26
what is the best bow in the game, also are the light knuckles better than the standard knuckles?
#zKgSq5E2 May 05,2023 03:15
are we going to be able to play as the stick men ourselves one day
#iISxRRd4 May 04,2023 06:04
@BigOlJim thanks a bunch, what does it drop?
#pp5sinOg May 03,2023 13:57
make ver 17.4 i loved that game
#pp5sinOg May 03,2023 13:57
what is that @BigOlJim
#VgVm9Rd6 May 03,2023 08:05
The centipede tree in sky garden 2 is a roadblock to many players, as it dishes out high damage and summons bats to aid in killing you. Flicking your stickmen out of harms way is infeasible, tanking this boss is most likely your only option. For a situation such as this, it is recommended to have as many spare onigiri as you can, and have a "big bruiser" to dish out the main damage to the centipede tree (When you are placed in close proximity with several enemies, your stickman will automatically target the one with the highest maximum health), and to have the rest of your party focused on AoE attacks, such as Range Burst or Explosion, conveniently obtainable in sky garden 1. We hope this advice finds you well. Official Strategy Guides.
#iISxRRd4 May 03,2023 03:44
how do you manage to defeat the centipede thing in sky garden 2?
#hy40R0jf May 01,2023 17:06
Updating Stick Rangers V17.4...
#VgVm9Rd6 Apr 29,2023 23:33
If you're around level 30 and have a good 2phys2mag build, you can pretty much melt through anything. This new guy may seem imposing because of his high health pool but charge attacks such as explosion and lightning bolt easily dish out enough damage to turn him to dust. Hell, his physical resist is only 100, you could easily defeat him with a simple Iron Ring+Craft Amulet+Deadly Blow combo Official Strategy Guides.
#pp5sinOg Apr 28,2023 13:57
what compasses added fullscreen?
#pp5sinOg Apr 28,2023 13:56
me i got 400 hp on 1 stickman 2 395 3 205 4 100
#lx2WS68z Apr 28,2023 06:11
stickranger2 fan
how are you suppose to do the float for 5sec with everyone medal, its so hard with 4 stickmen
#lx2WS68z Apr 28,2023 02:28
stickranger2 fan
I love the game but it would be cooler if you could control the stickmen yourself
#OObKvfZ2 Apr 26,2023 13:41
Stick ranger fan
Please add sound
#ORh86R2h Apr 23,2023 17:40
guys im back the new enemy attack deal lotta damage but u can just dodge it so its so easy
#nyMjys58 Apr 22,2023 18:07
#pp5sinOg Apr 22,2023 00:15
thats 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 damge
#pp5sinOg Apr 22,2023 00:15
planning comeback in 1 may
#po0DP71q Apr 21,2023 22:42
Horse Shark
It would be cool to have amulets that pierce x% of enemy resistances.
#nyMjys58 Apr 21,2023 22:36
#po0DP71q Apr 21,2023 22:34
Horse Shark
Not me casually doing doing 32000 dmg to the new boss in 3 seconds
#pp5sinOg Apr 21,2023 19:18
WHAT I GOT 4597 Damge
#pp5sinOg Apr 21,2023 19:17
i got 90 damge on new gel old pink eye new blue eye
#Wd3IEisk Apr 21,2023 17:18
jesus christ we get it, you want to make the game harder, when there is literally no new items for stickmans, i mean at this point the new enemies has more health than others. i am not hating i'm just saying.
#EOJE05aj Apr 21,2023 13:02
Что это самый мощный враг во всей истории игры он очень живучий!!
#0UmU7BUz Apr 21,2023 12:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.3 Enemy addition.
#pp5sinOg Apr 21,2023 11:57
wat on my Comments he own seek world?
#pp5sinOg Apr 21,2023 11:56
dan ball will make new ver on 14 days
#hU9ZOcw1 Apr 20,2023 05:39
Hello gary, do you have discord?
#w1RFXYJZ Apr 19,2023 02:46
Hi my name is gary I like stick mans
#EOJE05aj Apr 18,2023 00:55
Жаль конечно но ладно );
#pp5sinOg Apr 17,2023 14:51
to get stage clear with combo 111 kill all bat and 2 boss to get defeat boss with overkill kill tree head with 500 damgae to get over 100 enemies kill tree head with 100 bat on a tree head to get in the ladder pull 4 Stickman on a ladder to get move from There? go bad way you will get Platinum Amulet
#VgVm9Rd6 Apr 17,2023 10:47
На самом деле есть мод на эту игру. Она называется Stick Ranger 2: Royal Edition. Однако не утруждайте себя его получением. Геймплей сводился к гринду, потому что разработчик играл в DRAGON QUEST только до 23 лет.
#EOJE05aj Apr 16,2023 01:54
Лукас скажи есть ли на эту игру хоть какой то мод?
#ID51e8J9 Apr 14,2023 04:52
anyone need help here tell me
#pp5sinOg Apr 12,2023 17:56
To get stage clear with bonus 2-0 kill all moster with 9 worlds clear to get combo 300 kill all moster 3 time to get defeat tree head with a sniper kill tree head with a sniper but dont go her room to get float for 5 seek with eyeryone float all stickman BUT ALL STICKMAN IS SPEAR to get 50 lost money fall 50 money on cave 4 you will get Amethyst Amulet
#pp5sinOg Apr 12,2023 17:42
#VgVm9Rd6 Apr 12,2023 06:49
Ненавижу говорить тебе это, но все до единого палочные рейнджеры мертвы. все они были погребены в большой яме под названием «большая яма», и вы больше никогда их не увидите.
#sD22OuZW Apr 12,2023 00:17
кто скажет зачем нужны кнопки экспорт и импорт
#IIkrE19Q Apr 10,2023 22:08
given that there's still space for something else in the bottom right corner of limestone cave 1, we're very likely to get a sixth enemy here!
#VgVm9Rd6 Apr 10,2023 05:29
простите но надежды на восстановление просто нет ваши палочки навсегда останутся мертвыми в земле
#VI3cUt5e Apr 10,2023 05:04
Пожалуйста скажите как восстановить старый прогресс если перешёл на другое устройство сейчас мне ето очень надо!
#VI3cUt5e Apr 10,2023 04:36
Идея как упростить геймплей игры: портал да вы скажите что он есть но етот портал может вас переместить в любую пещеру тот-же самый парящиц сад 2. Ещо когда вы нажмёте на кнопку с значком портала тма будут написаны все пещеры и вы можете на любую из них нажать и переместится моментально. Как вам идея.
#XSAQXGaB Apr 09,2023 11:24
My rings are not working, I got ruby and emerald and gold none are working
#pp5sinOg Apr 08,2023 00:13
new moster is not hurt but its ez to kill it
#VgVm9Rd6 Apr 07,2023 20:38
coconut and cocoa nut growing from a tree the coconut falls and the cocoa nut retreats
#pp5sinOg Apr 07,2023 15:26
to get stage clear with combo 87 make all moster kill WITH 87 COMBO To get defeat boss unhurt kill boss but all stickman are max hp to get doll subjenation 50 kill 50 dolls to get eyeryone freezez make 4 stickman freeze to get pick uup 225G kill Yellow Big Droplet WITH GOLD RING You will get bandit amulet
#nyMjys58 Apr 07,2023 13:22
we have update enemy on linestone cave there is monster diving small but monster throw star lightning
#sD22OuZW Apr 07,2023 13:05
вау этот новый босс в правду крутой 1. большое хп 2. атака красивая 3.он выполнен в тонах не светлых а темных как и надо в эту пещеру я надеюсь что следуйщая обнова добавит нам опять чегото крутого я люблю эту игру
#92sEBpNC Apr 07,2023 12:43
Lightning Lord
hey can i mod this game?
#0UmU7BUz Apr 07,2023 11:22
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.2 Enemy addition.
#IIkrE19Q Apr 07,2023 10:43
dan-ball comments amazing as always
#pp5sinOg Mar 29,2023 16:34
to get stage clear without healing make stage clear with low hp to get defeat all fish without diving make all fish kill not on a POOL to get defeat all fish without landing kill all fish but go ON A POOL to get defeat giant fish with 20 sec kill giant fish with 20 sec to get stickman enter small room make 4 stickman go on a small room you will get crystal amulet
#pp5sinOg Mar 29,2023 16:17
to get stage clear with 60 sec get stage clear with 60 sec to get defeat dark green silme with a physical attack kill dark green silme to get defeat only pink tree head defeat pink tree head 3 times to get defeat boss unhurt kill boss but all stickman are max hp to get to get came from upper layer fall in sky garden 2 you will get elf amulet
#nyMjys58 Mar 29,2023 13:41
how to get 225G because you need gold ring just gold 50% and kill monster slime yellow on terrcade but am so rich I have 13450G am level 32 but so extra dam
#fz331Epb Mar 29,2023 09:23
can't save
#VgVm9Rd6 Mar 27,2023 09:28
the new enemy has been confirmed to be female by certain in-game sources
#pp5sinOg Mar 26,2023 14:50
to get stage clear with 60 sec get stage clear with 60 sec to get defeat dark green silme with a physical attack kill dark green silme to get defeat only pink tree head defeat pink tree head 3 times to get defeat boss unhurt kill boss but all stickman are max hp to get to get came from upper layer fall in sky garden 2
#pp5sinOg Mar 26,2023 13:23
that face is new
#sD22OuZW Mar 25,2023 14:25
ето первый монстер у которого много хп
#IIkrE19Q Mar 25,2023 04:03
look at this creature...
#LeHNGOph Mar 25,2023 03:14
click exactly three or four gold deposits
#SswxB4Um Mar 25,2023 01:14
How do I find the big yellow droplet. All I get are a lot of small droplets
#LeHNGOph Mar 25,2023 00:02
HOO BOY it's been a while! hi i'm back and just did everything until now, THANK G O D for that stat reset even if it's seemingly a one-time use
#C2vH2hfT Mar 24,2023 22:38
̤̱ plain but attack are solid
#pp5sinOg Mar 24,2023 20:09
to get giant green worm subjenation 30 kill giant green worm 30 times to get pass through go cave 3 no kills to get two small rooms go on it to get defeat giant yellow slime 30 sec to get defeat giant red slime 10 sec and you will get sheel amulet
#pp5sinOg Mar 24,2023 18:26
that head is jumpscared me
#Wd3IEisk Mar 24,2023 18:19
i love the face of that boss lol.
#0UmU7BUz Mar 24,2023 12:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.1 Enemy addition.
#6L5SZ7PC Mar 23,2023 07:57
For the pick up 225 gold medal, you need an item called the gold ring, which has a small chance of dropping from most enemies in terraced cave. Once you get it, equip the gold ring and kill the big yellow droplet in that cave. For the no landing medal, drop from sky garden 1 directly into the pond, and don't let any of your stickmen touch the ground until all fish are dead. For no diving, simply use ranged weapons to take out the fish without entering the pond.
#SswxB4Um Mar 21,2023 22:03
In the terraced cave, I can’t pick up 255 gold. Someone please help me
#pp5sinOg Mar 21,2023 16:22
#pp5sinOg Mar 21,2023 16:14
to get stage clear kill all moster to get combo 100 own 100 combo to get giant green silme subjenation 10 kill giant green silme 10 time to get mine 20 gold ores find it to get stickman tap stickman 5 times ON BATS you will get craft anulet
#SswxB4Um Mar 21,2023 00:15
Im trying to get all medals for cave 4. I’m having trouble with the diving one and the no landing one. Someone please help me out I’m going insane trying to do this please someone pmevbsna
#VgVm9Rd6 Mar 20,2023 12:09
this is kinda a weird mod, it makes you kill artorias instead of sif before you can fight the four kings. these hyper-hardcore players are insane.
#IIkrE19Q Mar 20,2023 06:30
@hungdeptrai07 cave 1 works, but a better choice for building clear bonuses would be sky garden 2 because the boss spawns a ton of bats and you don't have to worry about respawn timers (also great for the combo medals)
#pp5sinOg Mar 16,2023 21:35
are you good
#pp5sinOg Mar 16,2023 21:35
#xICw4VnM Mar 16,2023 19:32
@Camdenprime5 first, clear cave 1 4 times in a row. this is the safest way of getting c.b 2.0x Now you will have to clear sky garden 1 which isnt too hard but it is tedious to wait for the enemies to spawn for the attribute attack thingy then u can use any type of elemental attack ( DO NOT USE WEAPON WITH ATR PHYSICAL ) which will take a long time since it is immume to poison and using fire and thunder will be countered by the fact that the slime reduce damage taken from these so your best bet is to use ice weapons such as ice ball and ice bomb
#CoqChJ5k Mar 16,2023 05:59
I am confused about 2 badges, what is the stage clear 2.0 for sky garden 1? And what is the attribute attack I need to defeat the big black poison slime?
#zKgSq5E2 Mar 15,2023 22:35
and id
#zKgSq5E2 Mar 15,2023 22:35
how do i get my old password
#pp5sinOg Mar 15,2023 20:22
i won limestone cave 1
#pp5sinOg Mar 15,2023 20:22
#744E4QCq Mar 13,2023 01:50
yay! more ways to farm xp!
#VgVm9Rd6 Mar 12,2023 22:40
hungdeptrai07 and i have been hard at work to bring you these pro tips that were totally not stolen from the wiki
#xICw4VnM Mar 12,2023 20:14
i ve got to lv 35 recently random professional tips : in the ladder mean everyone in a ladder stickman 's enter small room mean everyone in the small room with 3 gold ore in cave 4 defeat all fish without diving : kill everything in the lake in cave 4 without touching water defeat all fish without landing : get everyone up to sky garden 1 then fall down to the water and kill all fish without touching any ground or even wall or even the small island on the lake
#6IWUhO7y Mar 12,2023 16:49
Im new
How to get a head?????????????
#VgVm9Rd6 Mar 12,2023 05:36
PROFESSIONAL TIPS: "defeat boss with an overkill" means to get the boss near 1/4 health BEFORE you break one of her segments, and then dealing over 500 damage in a single hit. if done successfully, the boss will break apart instantly instead of continuing, and you will get the medal. "pick up 225G" requires the gold ring to achieve. collect the golden shower while wearing the gold ring for maximum money. shrine rewards are a one time only deal. Official strategy guides.
#6qr5WoLJ Mar 11,2023 23:48
Quantum Goose
Lightning bolt does a hilarious amount of damage maxed out
#7B3Lmif8 Mar 11,2023 20:51
For terraced cave, how do you get the 225G?
#sD22OuZW Mar 11,2023 20:14
скажите пж какой максимальный уровень стикменов
#SX6jf3Vz Mar 11,2023 09:24
A New Enemy? Best Grind More XP of New Level
#ySR05QYf Mar 11,2023 03:45
how do i save my progress?
#oWiZ5v71 Mar 11,2023 02:31
I'm basically the noodle 2 (literally i'm the same person) and yeah ive been trying to get that code for a while
#po0DP71q Mar 11,2023 02:25
Horse Shark
And yes, the new enemy does a lot of dmg lol
#po0DP71q Mar 11,2023 02:24
Horse Shark
No, you need an account to get your save codes. I cant rmbr if it deleted my data when I made my account or not, but it was better knowing I had a save since sometimes my data would get wiped out of the blue anyway.
#HmZ1tCWk Mar 11,2023 02:03
Is there a way to find your code without an account? I'm on a chromebook, and have not made an account but know it will get rid of my save if i do. Is there a way to get my code?
#UaYCyvOB Mar 10,2023 22:12
the new enemy kinda hurts
#QdbBf0r5 Mar 10,2023 18:35
@ha55ii to hodtbm uofm xosh ubkx rog
#0UmU7BUz Mar 10,2023 12:37
Stick Ranger 2 ver17.0 Enemy addition.
#JwIfc4D8 Mar 09,2023 09:08
when i saw the option to increase dodge chance by 2%, its like; "i'm not gonna sugar coat it"
#SX6jf3Vz Mar 04,2023 21:14
i Wonder If Their is More Enemy, Weapons And Items.
#xyt38bW2 Mar 04,2023 06:50
@Frog i think the shrine 30 reward is a one-time use, sadly
#tpBdzKBI Mar 04,2023 05:36
Is the Shrine 30 medal Clear reward a one-time use or can you repeat it?
#SmvfDZPH Mar 04,2023 02:56
a lot of people seem high in this chat and i kinda like it
#pp5sinOg Mar 03,2023 01:07
dan ball
im will die
#pp5sinOg Mar 03,2023 01:04
dan ball
#M5u79dAR Mar 01,2023 08:18
This game and Monster Box have bugged textures and tile placements on Brave browser. I'm not sure if you want to bother fixing it somehow, but I feel it is helpful to mention.
#po0DP71q Mar 01,2023 00:37
Horse Shark
Presets for stickmen would be a nice QOL update. Just a suggestion.
#IIkrE19Q Feb 28,2023 01:43
yes, dan-ball save data is stored on your browser's cookies and will get erased if you clear your cookies
#po0DP71q Feb 28,2023 00:50
Horse Shark
@maza thats why Its important to make an account and get your export code. Thats happened to me a couple of times.
#pp5sinOg Feb 28,2023 00:47
mod guy
#pp5sinOg Feb 28,2023 00:46
dan ball
#sWQb30J1 Feb 28,2023 00:20
Dude my progress got wiped
#po0DP71q Feb 27,2023 23:57
Horse Shark
I dont understand how I’m supposed to beat boss with an overkill in sky garden 2. Am I supposed to get high single hit dmg to one shot?
#15g1ZrSx Feb 25,2023 19:08
Почему разработчики все пещеры заделали на чистый бонус а вторую пещеру не возможно пройти и получить чистый бонус??
#XMPTp7qh Feb 25,2023 08:05
#sD22OuZW Feb 25,2023 04:28
блин я не зню чо сказать ето очень круто спасибо разработчикам за такую механику появления мышей ето очень класно что они выпускают такие абновы почаще
#IIkrE19Q Feb 25,2023 02:52
#aI6KiGDE Feb 25,2023 02:37
@Horse Shark you can see how to get badges at the dan ball wiki here and by the way what are the best arm and charge weapons for every stickman?
#po0DP71q Feb 24,2023 23:27
Horse Shark
Anyone know how t o complete " defeat tree head with a sniper" achievement in Sky garden? I've done it with a bow and it doesn't complete
#0UmU7BUz Feb 24,2023 13:57
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.9 Enemy addition.
#GtFtxqa1 Feb 21,2023 07:46
@mmooaaii Knuckle and Deadly Blow is a good setup as well
#6L5SZ7PC Feb 20,2023 23:21
@mmooaaii I'd say that the lightning lance and the poisonmist shot are two of my favorite weapons. Lightning Lance is obtained super early on and does immense damage to a crowd of enemies with basically no downside. Poisonmist shot does absolutely insane mob damage once maxed out so it's also a great pick.
#aI6KiGDE Feb 19,2023 16:42
Can anybody tell me the best weapons in the game?
#IIkrE19Q Feb 19,2023 03:42
@RAYOP i recommend looking at the dan-ball wiki for more answers for any questions you have, at they have a pretty good guide on stick ranger 2 and the wiki is dan-ball sponsored to a degree
#pp5sinOg Feb 18,2023 21:03
dan ball
no dont do it
#pp5sinOg Feb 18,2023 21:02
mod guy
im will kill you
#GtFtxqa1 Feb 18,2023 10:59
Go into the lower left hand side of the map (eg. Below the cliff on that side)
#osZ8UWCr Feb 17,2023 06:31
How do you get the "move from here" in sky garden 2
#GtFtxqa1 Feb 17,2023 04:49
Kill the pink roundhead tree three times without killing any of the blue ones
#osZ8UWCr Feb 17,2023 01:38
can someone tell me how to get "defeat only pink tree head" in cave 3, i tried only killing one of them and leaving the cave and it didn't work
#pp5sinOg Feb 16,2023 16:30
mod guy
wat its not good man dan ball im will kill you
#pp5sinOg Feb 16,2023 16:29
dan ball
fish is
#o1Nm3Kuz Feb 15,2023 01:18
one little question but what is the best weapons for each stickman?
#YHbgzL8o Feb 14,2023 10:03
someone send their OP import code so i can be pro :)
#osZ8UWCr Feb 14,2023 08:09
is the light bow unobtainable or something? i was farming slimes in terraced cave but they were green, and one of them dropped a wood ring, which means that the slimes from cave 3 were actually spawning there.
#vqUsumvp Feb 14,2023 01:48
Very good xp farming in the fishes...
#xYUqKe1B Feb 13,2023 23:20
Cara uns dos melhores jogos desse site.
#IIkrE19Q Feb 12,2023 02:16
#CjPNoNpg Feb 11,2023 16:41
help help help when i click option the game will crash,dont know how to deal with it. A parameter called Hg in the console is going wrong. help. still don't work when i reload.
#osZ8UWCr Feb 11,2023 06:33
@hazemel Thank you
#rAxxyDWJ Feb 11,2023 03:45
That's the whole update? I can't wait to get the full new map
#rAxxyDWJ Feb 11,2023 02:45
You can heal using the inn icon you can have max 3 heals you get them by killing bosses and you fill them from the inn at village
#osZ8UWCr Feb 11,2023 02:21
is there a way to heal while in caves?
#C2vH2hfT Feb 10,2023 21:08
Nice more new level to grind
#Wd3IEisk Feb 10,2023 18:13
damn they're tanky tho.
#H9vOFCdB Feb 10,2023 13:13
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.8 Enemy addition.
#GtFtxqa1 Feb 10,2023 08:12
@EVILWISARD You don't download it
#soni7rTx Feb 09,2023 21:15
please help how do i download game?
#soni7rTx Feb 09,2023 21:14
how do i download?
#grvisj8o Feb 09,2023 12:51
Bing chillin to all the futur reader
#2Zy8UIIc Feb 08,2023 00:36
a real mans 4chan
#CjPNoNpg Feb 05,2023 18:08
@RoyCraft try it on another PC. Also ya have a different id,are u big scam? help help! i once put Hg=0 into the console,now when i click option,the game will crash! Help me. doesn't work even after i reload the page. help
#7gqKXvpc Feb 05,2023 02:58
@RoyCraft maybe you're just bad lmao
#ryGzO04T Feb 05,2023 00:49
а как в консоле изменить ход игры????
#Envrx0G9 Feb 04,2023 20:09
didnt work you ding dong
#CjPNoNpg Feb 03,2023 18:50
@RoyCraft just press f12 or ctrl+shift+I also Ti=-1 cause every enemy become a droplet and you have infinite range of sight xd=100 cause you emit a charge attack instead of normal weapons,very lmao.
#hU9ZOcw1 Feb 02,2023 03:10
@XDUmut lu How to i open the console bro?
#Pt9T0NYH Feb 01,2023 17:41
The yellow slime in the terraced cave is found when you first mine 4 out of 5 gold pieces in the right corner, and then drag your character towards that corner to trigger the spawn
#pp5sinOg Feb 01,2023 02:59
dan ball
dont use mod
#Tpd9rYns Feb 01,2023 01:42
Nevermind y'all.. didn't know I had more than one account...
#yRvwdk3e Jan 31,2023 04:09
I last played this game about 2 months ago, but when I went to load my save file, it said User Error. Are all my saves just useless now?
#9Nu5qk4C Jan 31,2023 03:38
Well, I managed to get the "Move From There? badge. I think I'm going to have to wait until my stats are absolutely busted to get the other one
#VAZyCwyC Jan 31,2023 02:34
if you open the console and type Ti = 23 every enemy becomes a fish XD
#mVUsdUhf Jan 30,2023 17:09
where's the yellow smile in the terraced cave?
#sD22OuZW Jan 30,2023 00:09
да кааак получить медаль зачистить пещеру за 60секунд!!
#S74V0aY7 Jan 29,2023 16:40
Defeat boss with overkill is the most difficult one as it requires specific stats and I have missed that and can't do it as I can't efficiently lvl up now anymore
#xICw4VnM Jan 28,2023 16:49
okay the new medal need us to move the stickman next to the waterfall. every time u do that a number appear on the stickman which consist of 2 number. u need to make it says 00 to get the amulet. also a hint is that the stickman is next to the waterfall and u need to move it across the waterfall by move it up, then left and down
#hU9ZOcw1 Jan 28,2023 09:51
Don't you have a feeling that something very bad is going to happen? (Let them put the SR1 mushrooms in the new area)
#8xTSXGZ0 Jan 28,2023 07:33
you have to kill the tree without letting it re-spawn
#9Nu5qk4C Jan 28,2023 06:34
So I am trying to get the "Defeat boss with an overkill" and "move from there?" badges from sky garden 2, but I can't figure out where I am supposed to come in from. and I don't know what an overkill is, Is that a charge move?
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 28,2023 01:05
Oh my cant wait for update with limestone cave enemies
#5n5CZ3qk Jan 28,2023 00:27
Easy medal, but still waiting on the new area’s enemies. The fish type enemies from SR1 gave me PTSD, but SR2 is easier, I just hope it’s not too bad.
#C2vH2hfT Jan 27,2023 13:51
The location of the stickman is in the cave with the tree enemy, then you have to click the stickman to move it, and you have to figure out the moving mechanism by yourself, Push the stickman to the (0,0) places to get the amulet.
#H9vOFCdB Jan 27,2023 12:44
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.7 Add amulet. Add medal.
#hU9ZOcw1 Jan 27,2023 09:45
I have a doubt. Why (in my case, I'm level 31), I only gain EXP at the last level? When I play levels before the last one, I don't gain EXP, why?
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 26,2023 11:24
@Elemeno Its between the item and medal buttons on the menu.
#8xTSXGZ0 Jan 25,2023 03:56
is there a mob index that has been made?
#6L5SZ7PC Jan 25,2023 03:26
@Shadow Enialator My theory is that similar to Stick Ranger 1, this game will probably have various optional areas and multiple routes to progress, so I think Limestone Cave is probably the normal route you need to venture to progress in the game while the Sky Garden series is optional. Therefore, I presume Limestone Cave 1 will be around the same difficulty as Terraced Cave/Sky Garden 1.
#8xTSXGZ0 Jan 25,2023 01:58
the stickman are undead
#k5fccppp Jan 24,2023 23:30
how can the stickman breathe underwater in the fish level?
#rElJLU9r Jan 24,2023 20:16
Uc=12 will turn min dmg of most weapon into its max dmg
#rElJLU9r Jan 24,2023 17:59
@mod guy gold has a limit of 9999999 lol
#xICw4VnM Jan 24,2023 15:59
@mod guy but you dont @ShadowEnialator of course it would be harder since it need 10 gold to return and also about the fact that it is blocked mean we might get a fifth stickmen bc it actually fit in the remaining spot lol
#pp5sinOg Jan 24,2023 15:53
mod guy
im have 100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 coin
#5n5CZ3qk Jan 24,2023 06:09
How is the limestone cave’s difficulty going to work? Will it be easier or harder than sky garden? If it was harder it would be easy xp for that early, but if it were easier many people old have to start over to experience it? What do you all think or am i just being weird?
#k5fccppp Jan 24,2023 03:52
pretty good game
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 23,2023 22:55
how to get diamond ring? None of the enemies are dropping diamond ring in cave 4
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 23,2023 22:51
i am the family guy
#xICw4VnM Jan 23,2023 00:04
thank @nickname i do a research and found this xd<0 =>charge every attack xd=0 =>charge and emit is weapon name, also charge every attack xd=1 =>charge=3, emit=4 xd=2 =>charge =3, emit=3 xd=3 =>charge =1, emit=1 xd=4 =>charge =0, emit =0 xd=5 =>charge and emit is very strange (ex : glove have 6711039 charge, light knuckle have 15658734 charge, sand blaster have 13408563 emit, poison arrow have 52224 emit (?)) xd=6 =>short weapons would have 1 charge or 1 emit ( also wtf did sand blaster have 2 emit lol ) other have 0 xd=7 =>short weapons have 1 charge and 1 emit, middle weapons have 3 charge and 3 emit, long weapons have 4 charge and 4 emit
#xICw4VnM Jan 22,2023 04:24
i often max out glove first as it is 45% cheaper than power glove but it have 70% power of a power glove btw
#6L5SZ7PC Jan 22,2023 04:05
Power Glove, assuming both gloves are maxed out, deals about 40% more damage than glove does, but if you have multiple melee characters it can be worth upgrading glove as it's a good alternative and still deals good dps.
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 21,2023 07:35
@maza No, power glove is WAY better than normal glove.
#TaZQDjM3 Jan 21,2023 06:04
what can you do in limestone cave?
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 21,2023 02:50
Im confused people say t upgrade glove. Is glove better than power glove?
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 21,2023 01:02
Somebody help me get float for 5 sec with everyone in Sky garden
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 21,2023 00:12
It autosaves
#ULls6bZm Jan 20,2023 18:20
how to save this game?
#CjPNoNpg Jan 20,2023 18:01
i got more than 10 CB by clearing sky garden 2 with a spearman lol also i have 44 medals now and got to lv31 if you f around with the console some awesome things happen eg. press f12 and type xd=100 into console and you charge every attack
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 20,2023 07:36
got 6.09 CB and +132 * 4 stickmen coins, but Im out of onigiri and health. Ah well
#6L5SZ7PC Jan 20,2023 05:17
@I have 23 ideas Basically, you need to get all of the medals in a cave and then you will get the amulet for that cave.
#6L5SZ7PC Jan 20,2023 05:16
@maza there is a small stick figure engraving in the wall in the cave where the white skull bats spawn. Click on it 5 times and you get the medal!
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 20,2023 05:16
I have 4.59 CB from clearing cave 1 with level 30 stickmen using short sml only.
#2Zy8UIIc Jan 20,2023 01:54
How do i get the stickman medal in cave 1? I am so confused
#L41W0WnP Jan 19,2023 06:26
I have 23 ideas
how to get amulets?
#L41W0WnP Jan 19,2023 05:08
I have 23 ideas
#pp5sinOg Jan 18,2023 22:16
dan ball
what is mod
#pp5sinOg Jan 18,2023 22:15
mod guy
#xJgrxO9K Jan 18,2023 07:21
@Hehehehaw how old is the save? If its somewhat recent you just need to open a new page (reloading the page doesn't work)
#5n5CZ3qk Jan 17,2023 23:37
Wait so a 5th stick ranger is confirmed?
#ntiEXO4K Jan 16,2023 22:46
Err so I tried to import a save from a while ago and it gave me user error send help
#rhfQeamX Jan 16,2023 21:58
wait, is the "clear status" reward a RESPEC? that's awesome!
#tJhXORG9 Jan 16,2023 07:31
this sites still being updated??? super neat
#hU9ZOcw1 Jan 16,2023 03:27
We will have a 5th stickman for the new area, well after completing all the achievements, I am up to date with the updates, I already have 100,000 gold xd
#xICw4VnM Jan 15,2023 23:27
OKAY so clear status is reset all of the sp we invested so u can invest in a better way that's it see u 2 weeks later
#hU9ZOcw1 Jan 15,2023 09:04
#qbhRk0GO Jan 14,2023 04:59
Sticky Ranger
Great job, Mr Dan ball! I am looking forwards to next updates.
#sD22OuZW Jan 14,2023 04:37
а что за новая награда в храме
#ot46Dxya Jan 14,2023 00:45
Is the big flower killable?
#H9vOFCdB Jan 13,2023 12:20
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.6 Add shrine reward.
#5n5CZ3qk Jan 13,2023 02:46
Is it just me or are the stick man’s on the title screen further to the left? Will there be a 5th?
#ZUuaIyeL Jan 11,2023 05:20
How do you kill the flower regen boss thing?
#pp5sinOg Jan 10,2023 17:50
#xICw4VnM Jan 10,2023 00:08
@nickname i would use deadly blow with diamond ring to kill the boss in 2-3 hit since if u deal a lot of damage in one hit so it will trigger few regens or even die instantly lol
#5n5CZ3qk Jan 09,2023 20:54
More fish lets gooooo
#ryGzO04T Jan 06,2023 19:06
жаль обновления не было
#B367lIjU Jan 06,2023 17:45
#pp5sinOg Jan 05,2023 17:17
dan ball
new moster soon
#pp5sinOg Jan 05,2023 17:16
#GtFtxqa1 Jan 05,2023 07:43
Apparently this update is big b/c it did not come out this weekend or later.
#A0GBuNNN Jan 05,2023 06:12
this is huge for the 3 stick ranger players
#rfMku1ut Jan 05,2023 05:23
Its been so long
#xICw4VnM Jan 04,2023 22:15
@nickname im back after exam btw
#pp5sinOg Jan 04,2023 19:02
dan ball
im good
#H2X3teLU Jan 04,2023 04:28
This update is great! About time we get a new area, I wonder what items and secrets we will find!
#MPTUBf6j Jan 02,2023 01:30
nigthmare bendy
#lehFGZgK Jan 01,2023 20:23
wow,the new map looks cool!
#pp5sinOg Jan 01,2023 15:44
dan ball
its 2023
#Q5FlXYaa Jan 01,2023 06:22
с новым годом всех!!
#pp5sinOg Dec 31,2022 18:31
what is Ñ or ñ
#sD22OuZW Dec 31,2022 16:13
мне кажется или самый большой урон у оружий ближнего боя
#IMDZIqkb Dec 30,2022 23:08
i love you dan ball
#CjPNoNpg Dec 30,2022 17:25
nevermind i got 44 medals lol xd lmao. also i used to play this on ipad and once i attenpted to get 1000 combo,but when i was about to finish the page suddenly crashed XD also it's triple slower on the ipad so it's easier to form great combos. team:1st stickman short 30 physical 30,2nd one middle 30 elemental 30,3rd one 30 long 30 elemental,4th one lp 60. using deadly blow i can often see delicious 4-digit numbers lol lol lololol.thunder halberd with laser lance and elf amulet can defeat skygarden2 tree in 30 sec. flamebow+lightningorb+woodring+citrineamulet does a good job in sky garden 1. aaaalso can anyone clear all stages without healing OH MY GOSH,WHY STILL DON'T UPDATE TAKE PLACE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
#pp5sinOg Dec 30,2022 15:08
dan ball
its 2022
#pp5sinOg Dec 30,2022 15:07
#xJgrxO9K Dec 29,2022 15:59
@nickname! In upper cave I entered from the left and sent a physical unit to slime, a poison to tree, a lighting spearman to red worms, and left my fourth guy to fend for himself among the sticks. once the top two were done, I sent poison down to assist in killing stickmen and send my physical guy into the bats as a distraction and let my spear guy do work and then whoever finishes first, send them to assist the others. For combo 500 you literally flick them towards the enemy and hope the attack connects and the combo continues. Don't go for the max kill count, just get as many as possible, switch areas, heal if needed i mean by now you should have end game weapons and high level
#CjPNoNpg Dec 29,2022 10:15
@hungdeptrai do u know how to mod the enemy count? i'm getting the ctirine amulet but i got really stuck at combo 500, when i switch between sky garden 2 and 3 there isn't enough time to continue the combo. please help ! ! also how the F do you clear upper cave in 60sec,it doesn't seem possible for me please comment please comment please comment
#CjPNoNpg Dec 28,2022 16:02
My F ing God im back,things have really changed a lot btw thanks hungdeptrai for the speedrun tip also can anyone tell me how the heck can i clear upper cave in 60 seconds?! i made an awesome thing,try out at
#Q5FlXYaa Dec 27,2022 23:09
идея монстров в извистняковую пещеру 1 треугольно головое дерево атака: 2 леденые стрелы жизнь:500
#GtFtxqa1 Dec 27,2022 00:19
Apparently the code for SR2 is actually 16.5.1 (it's in the source code)
#sD22OuZW Dec 26,2022 17:24
хелипарк я с тобой согласен пещера топ и скоро будем ждать в ней врагов круто
#JnxMwQCL Dec 26,2022 09:16
oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god the first new area in 2 YEARS, i was wondering if they were ever gonna make the game longer, this has such good implications for the future
#xICw4VnM Dec 26,2022 01:13
How to speedrun the game ( part 5 ) from new save file step 17 : go to the sky garden and kill the tree at the bottom left corner to get the range burst and max it. Also kill the boss in terraced cave to get the lightning shot. For p2, get the barrage spear and lightning lance if u haven't got it and then max them *sorry i have exam going on next week
#Q5FlXYaa Dec 25,2022 01:23
что добавят в следующем обновлении напишите идеи
#mVUsdUhf Dec 24,2022 17:47
#Q5FlXYaa Dec 24,2022 16:49
обожаю я эту игру и никогда её не покину клёвая игра
#rhfQeamX Dec 24,2022 10:01
New stick ranger 2 stage just dropped? Oh my god this is awesome, glad this game's getting content updates again
#D1yJyDcZ Dec 24,2022 05:05
The limestone caves look nice, looking forward to the new path.
#GtFtxqa1 Dec 24,2022 02:59
Also @ha55ii the water in front of the waterfall does not splash when falling in it.
#GtFtxqa1 Dec 24,2022 02:56
@LjPlayz I am assuming it is in development.
#fU2YswEm Dec 23,2022 19:44
It looks like Limestone cave 1 does not have enemies
#H9vOFCdB Dec 23,2022 19:23
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.5 Add map "Limestone cave 1"
#C2vH2hfT Dec 23,2022 14:22
Nice the UI color has changed according to the map just like SR1
#C2vH2hfT Dec 23,2022 14:20
probably more fish and eel enemy
#fU2YswEm Dec 23,2022 13:53
What is Limestone cave 1???
#sD22OuZW Dec 23,2022 13:13
ураааааааааа разработчик добавил новую пещеру мы дождались
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 23,2022 12:40
OMG this new update is actually really cool!!!
#xJgrxO9K Dec 23,2022 05:09
actually ignore me, reloading the already opened tab didnt work with the code but opening a new tab fixed it.
#xJgrxO9K Dec 23,2022 05:06
Does the export code only work once or expire? i loaded an old save to experiment with the shrine (the shrine menu will follow if you drop down to the village and the gold will still spawn resulting in no gold loss) and i cant load my newest save. It's weird because I loaded it this morning on my phone and the code still works on my phone but not on my computer.
#GtFtxqa1 Dec 23,2022 04:33
I'm doing a melee challenge and now I am sad b/c the medal defeat all fish without diving is impossible. Also Ha55ii if you read this, PLEASE add a better middle charge.
#5n5CZ3qk Dec 20,2022 00:40
@dirtpile There is a bonus for upgrading physical at. And short range at. Each upgrade of the skills give a 5% bonus too at. However these bonuses are seperate, meaning if you do 100 dmg and get 1 point in Phys damage, it will do 100+5% (105) but if you have 1 point in both you get the 105 from Phys and another 5% from short (as long as you use a short weapon) so it will be 105+5%
#xICw4VnM Dec 18,2022 13:57
How to speedrun the game ( part 4 ) from new save file Step 14 : you should be at lv 12 by now. Drag everyone under that bridge to fight the boss of this area. make sure to dodge the fireball and the blazes they do great amount of fire at. after killing the boss collect its ongiri and possibly a lightning shot if lucky. Also if you have killed the stickman before fighting the boss, a lot of sickman will appear on the bridge. Kill them to get the iron sword and barrage spear. Step 15 : it's time to grind some gold. I recommend you to farm for high combo bonus in cave 1 since they are weak and the combo bonus are nice to have. During that, you can kill the big green gel 10 times, click 20 gold marks and more stuff in the medal section of cave 1 but after finishing all of that you will obtain the craft amulet so equip that for p3. Anyway, get at least 1500-2000 gold Step 16 : killing the blue upside down trees in terraced cave to get the ice bomb and upgrade it to max level for it to be effective. with maxed out ice bomb and craft amulet it will only need 8 emit which is quite good
#xICw4VnM Dec 18,2022 13:37
How to speedrun the game ( part 3 ) from new save file Step 12 : you should be at lv 9-10 by now. For weapons, use maxed out glove and lv 2 bash for the melee guy, lv 2 spear and lv 3 lancer ( if u can kill the pink tree in cave 3 for lightning lance and upgrade it to lv 2 )for the middle guy, and lv 3 lightning ball and lv 2 lightning orb which is dropped by the big blue gel in cave 4 for the ranged guy. Now go to the big water area in cave 4 and drop everyone into the lake. The middle guy and the ranged guy should be in 1 spot to take down the small fish. meanwhile let the melee guy attack the big fish. heal if needed. after that you will unlock the next stage of the game with the fourth guy, which will be the battery guy since you will invest all sp for lp, and get silk hat for him. DOn't forget to go to the central cavity to unlock the quick travel area. step 13 : go to the terraced cave and kill the green snakes they drop lots of exp and will help u level up. meanwhile drag someone to the bridge in the upper left and kill the doll i mean stickman which might drop useful items
#sD22OuZW Dec 18,2022 03:25
а зависит ли бандитский амулет на выпадение монет скажите
#rdYYjX2o Dec 18,2022 02:32
I find it funny how I can kill big green gel in upper cave in ~5 seconds with short attack dude lol I just have maxed knuckle and maxed sand blaster lol
#rdYYjX2o Dec 17,2022 06:45
Suggestions to improve hungdeptrai07's Speedrun Guide: 1. After step 8, fight the big grren slime in cave 1 to get ranged attack for P1, this makes step 9 easier. 2. While grinding yellow slimes, use P1 to kill the smiley tree, as the beret is a better version of the BB cap and work hat Other than that, guide is amazing. Cheers :D
#xJgrxO9K Dec 17,2022 06:26
Is there any additional merit to upgrading physical alongside short attack? or should only one of them be upgraded due to soft level limit?
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 17,2022 05:48
unlocking the stats beyond the appricoto corkycot running out of the maze come on quickly the evacuation center is getting full QUICLY GET THE WORMS OUT OF THE SKIN uoh oh!
#H2X3teLU Dec 17,2022 03:54
@ShadowEnialator. Sounds cool!
#r3fFLLn3 Dec 17,2022 02:22
i wil kil yal
#5n5CZ3qk Dec 15,2022 05:52
Space 1 Low gravity environment with random a archipelago of islands as the terrain. Accessed by a small screen transition in the top right of where shrine is. If you fall to the bottom of space, you get transitioned to Sky Meadow 2, regardless of what Space you are in. Any takers?
#JnxMwQCL Dec 14,2022 18:28
i'm excited to see something new here!
#H2X3teLU Dec 13,2022 03:48
@mmmooaaii Thanks! I didn't know there was a wiki.
#4LEzmLfb Dec 12,2022 15:03
Will Stick Ranger 2 ever be on mobile ?
#sD22OuZW Dec 10,2022 14:40
а возможно собрать все золотые монеты
#0CSvd3jx Dec 10,2022 03:59
Just realize "gold shower" is literally a spawn of gold including the air spaces when you click into the achievement so if you guys trust me you should prepare to get rich (or lose all of your gold when it falls to the ground).
#H9vOFCdB Dec 09,2022 12:42
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.4 Add shrine.
#o1Nm3Kuz Dec 09,2022 00:53
Also you can see all the methods of getting medals in the wiki.
#o1Nm3Kuz Dec 09,2022 00:52
@Camdenprime5 On the sky garden 2 cliff you can go under that cliff that leads to sky garden 3 which then leads you to cave 2
#H2X3teLU Dec 08,2022 02:51
I have almost gotten all the medals in sky garden 2, but the last one is very tricky. How do I get the "Move from there?" medal?
#xICw4VnM Dec 07,2022 23:28
How to speedrun the game ( part 2 ) from new save file Step 7 : You should be at lv 6 and maxed out the glove. Now fight the big yellow slime in cave 2 to get an ongiri and if u are lucky u will get the fire bomb Step 8 : Go to cave 3 and start killing the green and blue tiny droplet until u get the work cap and bb cap which will be useful. After that you should be at lv 7. Step 9 : go down to the area that is blocked. Now you will fight some white skull bat and be careful they and clump up and wipe ur lp. Then a big bat will spawn and now kill it. If u are lucky enough you will get a silk hat which is a must-have item for the next stage of the game Also you will unlock the third stickman. Invest sp equally on long attack and elemental and let it equip lightning ball Step 10 : the tiny blue droplet area will lead you to the second area of cave 2. go to that place and kill the green, blue and red droplets. be careful as they have quite big dps. Then you should have the flame arrow so equip that to the third stickman Step 11 : Go to the empty spot to start the fight with 3 big red droplet. they have lots of dps so use ongiri if needed. After that, collect the ongiri it drop (to be continued)
#xICw4VnM Dec 07,2022 23:00
How to speedrun the game ( part 1 ) from new save file step 1 : go to cave 1, kill all the enemies in the first floor. Then, move to the second floor to kill some more enemies. You should have 20 gold and reached level 2 by now step 2 : go back to the town and spent all 20 gold on the glove to get it up to lv 3. Put 1 sp in short attack and 1 sp in physical. Then wait until lp get full Step 3 : go to cave 1 and kill more enemies. When lp get below 10, go back to the town to heal. Then use the gold to upgrade the glove to at least lv 5. If u level up, invest sp into short attack and physical equally. After some time, you should be at lv 3-4 Step 4 : go to cave 2. it is blocked by 3 snakes. With your power, this should be no problem. After that, you will unlock the second stickman. Now go back to the town and invest middle attack and elemental equally for the second stickmen. For the weapons, after some grinding you should have the spear by now. equip that. We'll grind for the charge which is the lancer. Step 5 : grind in cave 1 again. Now you have 2 characters, thing should be easier now. Get roughly 200-300 gold and upgrade the glove to lv 8 and the spear to lv 2. Also invest sp if u level up. Step 6 : grind the yellow slime to get the lancer and then upgrade it to lv 2. Then go down to kill the dark green snake thingy which is under the ground. Kill it until you get the lightning ball which will be useful later
#O4jcZMsh Dec 07,2022 14:20
nevermind, I found out how (wwwwwwwwwwwww)
#O4jcZMsh Dec 07,2022 14:14
How do I get the "stickman"medal on cave 1? what do I have to do?
#H2X3teLU Dec 07,2022 08:01
The way I did it is kill everything there and quickly switch between cave 1 and 2, that is how I got the medal.
#o1Nm3Kuz Dec 07,2022 05:15
Can anybody tell me on the best way to get combo 100 on cave 1?
#sD22OuZW Dec 05,2022 12:40
я очень долго это делал но я получил последний 33 уровень ураааа
#H2X3teLU Dec 05,2022 10:45
I bring good news! I got the bandit amulet and the light bow! But now I have a new problem. I saw that if I want the boss overkill badge, I need a couple of items to do it, one of them being the diamond ring. So I have been killing all of them enemies that drop it, but nothing! Am I just unlucky?
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 03,2022 05:18
Probably the flame bow, it can have very high DPS against single targets, can pierce through lots of enemies, and also has a charge of +2 as opposed to fire bow's charge of +1
#o1Nm3Kuz Dec 03,2022 00:44
guys whats a better option the fire bow or the flame bow?
#H2X3teLU Dec 01,2022 06:54
I thought the tiny yellow slime dropped the light bow.
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 29,2022 06:14
Well, there's the bandit amulet (the amulet for terraced cave) which increases item drop chances by 50% but getting that will probably take a lot more strife than getting the light bow. Overall, the best piece of advice for grinding is to try to be as efficient as you can. The faster you can repeatedly kill the boss, the faster you'll get the item.
#H2X3teLU Nov 29,2022 05:50
Are there any items or tactics to increase the chance of getting items? I am trying to get the light bow.
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 28,2022 06:07
Unfortunately I've tried giving saves before but it doesn't seem to work (you're not able to import a save made by someone else)
#hU9ZOcw1 Nov 28,2022 02:24
Whoever has it I appreciate it
#hU9ZOcw1 Nov 28,2022 02:24
Who can give me a save with the achievement cleared in a minute?
#xICw4VnM Nov 27,2022 21:15
new medals are very easy to do i did that in under 1 minute
#QygxCzBR Nov 27,2022 18:54
It's very fun.I like it!
#ryGzO04T Nov 26,2022 16:02
извините меня но я поставил двух стикменов в яд, одного в огонь, а одного в лед, но медаль мне не дали что я сделал не так
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 26,2022 11:57
I wasn't able to solve this medal on my own (got help from dan ball discord lol) but in order to get the new medal you need to have a stickman take fire damage while being afflicted by both ice and poison. This can be done by utilizing the enemies in upper cave.
#sD22OuZW Nov 25,2022 13:28
а как получить медаль огонь лед и отравление статус
#H9vOFCdB Nov 25,2022 12:39
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.3 Add medal.
#sD22OuZW Nov 22,2022 03:01
а кто создал моды на SR 2???
#etTSPlnj Nov 22,2022 00:29
tri cota
#M08vtTcC Nov 21,2022 03:59
У меня есть идея какую шляпу можно добавить это спартанский шлем он добавляет защита +4 круто
#Purt7aAr Nov 20,2022 10:06
how the heck do you finish upper cave in 60 seconds?!?!
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 20,2022 09:07
You get amulets by completing medals, get all the medals in a cave and you get the amulet for that cave.
#X3YDe4Uh Nov 20,2022 08:32
seashrine idiot
how da hecc do i get amulets
#sD22OuZW Nov 19,2022 03:47
а почему разработчики не добавляют новые пещеры?
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 17,2022 15:08
@Helispark if you're already using flame bow on another stickman then lightning shot can be a good choice. It still provides higher charge rate than the light bow.
#JnxMwQCL Nov 17,2022 12:27
@hungdeptrai07 Hmm that actually does make a good deal of sense, because even though I'm using a long-phys build on this character, the light bow's damage will be negligible anyway, thanks for the suggestion! I'll just need to find a replacement weapon, either for my long-elemental character or this one, because that guy's already using the flame bow...
#H2X3teLU Nov 17,2022 02:02
Never mind, I see it now.
#xICw4VnM Nov 16,2022 22:54
i tried to put on the ctirine amulet on my melee and combine light knuckle, flame slayer and ruby ring and it kill the grey big gel in under 3 second. On the green big gel in upper cave, it took like 15 second even though it have 90% damage reduction to fire lmao
#H2X3teLU Nov 16,2022 14:32
I am not sure if it is just me, but my game progress doesn't save! I don't see a load game option after returning to the title and lost my progress, how do I save my game?
#xICw4VnM Nov 15,2022 23:22
@helispark if i was u i would use flame bow instead of light bow. i mean even if the element of this and the charge is different, the flame bow recharges roughly 33% more faster than light bow. also i will be using that for the melee since it can rapidly charge the power slash and with the amulet it will be more rapidly. Not to mention i also use diamond ring
#JnxMwQCL Nov 15,2022 08:56
It's been a while since I last played this game, got caught up with the updates today. I just got the Citrine Amulet and that thing is ABSURD lmao. There's so many things you can do with it, but I'm using it for an RNG-based character with Light Bow, Multiple Arrow, and Diamond Ring. Sometimes the attack cycle will be pretty insignificant, but sometimes the attack will spit out 3 charge attacks in a row, and on top of that some of those charge attacks will have crits on all 32 of their arrows for obscene amounts of damage, and it's incredibly funny to watch. The most I've seen it put out is 7 charges in a row for 224 arrows, and crunching the numbers now I have no idea how that happened, but alright! Before this I've always preferred Bow over Light Bow for its reliability, but Light Bow performs better for this build because it'll roll for a recharge more often and the rapidness of the consecutive charges is more devastating.
#S74V0aY7 Nov 14,2022 07:25
@RoyCraft I did it like quick move all of my team down to clear square dudes then I moved my electro spear guy to bats as he can manage them and moved my physical dmg boxer to upper bosses as he can do them solo while the other 2 stay with square head dudes and keep clearing them with ranged dmg. Also I kept moving from side to side my spear guy to help him clear bats and reduce time when he is slowed down by ice dmg. Once I make sure he finished them I moved him to red hoppers and cleared them easy. Once each of my solo guys finished their tasks I made them join the middle of map to help clearing square dudes. Quick management and knowing yours team capability is quite essential. It took me a bit of tries before I got it done as the spawn of 1st mobs is really bad
#xICw4VnM Nov 14,2022 00:03
yeah it is so hard i got the emerald ring when doing this and reaching 800,000 gold lol
#giFTCyZE Nov 13,2022 21:50
Any chance to bring to the playstore ?
#g3esg280 Nov 13,2022 04:37
unfortunately we're gonna be shutting this down soon. too much money to maintain. sorry guys.
#hU9ZOcw1 Nov 13,2022 03:31
I have a hard time clearing the area for the 60 second achievement, how the hell do I do that because of the bad spawn of these. I think we should be lucky that those 40 are not generated but the 8
#S74V0aY7 Nov 12,2022 02:33
Nvm, done. Keep clearing all time guys and one guy for bats and other physical for upper bosses. Once bats are done get to red hoppers. It needs a bit of luck as spawning for dudes is really bad and they need to be constantly cleared
#S74V0aY7 Nov 12,2022 02:14
Any tips for 60sec clear room? I can't manage to do it and those 1st enemies take so long to spawn
#rDngKijs Nov 11,2022 17:39
#H9vOFCdB Nov 11,2022 10:01
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.2 Add medal.
#00PtYR6l Nov 09,2022 07:03
#awC6A2zc Nov 09,2022 05:44
even when your not on the site
#awC6A2zc Nov 09,2022 05:44
i was wondering if somone could like make this like a thing where like the stick men are on the browser or like follow the cursor of your mouse
#VUBP0jsK Nov 08,2022 09:23
Is there any way to reset sp points I messed up badly
#00PtYR6l Nov 08,2022 03:04
Does anyone know how to get the kill all fish without landing quest it’s the last one I need to get the amulet
#0qhk1T4s Nov 07,2022 01:11
this site is still active!?!? this was my childhood!!!!
#sD22OuZW Nov 04,2022 23:14
идея что можно было добавить это кузница в ней можно покачивать кольца первая прокачка стоит 1000 монет
#sD22OuZW Nov 03,2022 19:59
спс за помощь
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 03,2022 13:53
giga sicko lacking
#6L5SZ7PC Nov 03,2022 13:52
eric clatpon
#xICw4VnM Nov 01,2022 23:06
idea for mountain 3 enemies gray skull snake lv 28 lp 700 at 4-6 agi 180 range 100 shoot a ball in a arc toward nearest character. drop 300 exp and 7 gold green big box stickman lv 30 lp 3500 at 3-4x32 agi 200 range 200 shoot a lot of arrow in a low arc. drop 1400 exp and 35 gold white diamond wheel lv 29 lp 20 at 4-6 agi 20 range 40 emit a big shock deal splash damage. only take 1 damage from all attacks. drop 300 exp and 10 gold gray big box wheel lv 31 lp 666 at 6-16 agi 66 range 66 emit a very big shock deal splash damage. only take 1 damage from all attacks. drop 666 exp and 66 gold brown roundhead tree lv 29 lp 850 at 4-5 agi 120 range 120 shoot a spike toward nearest character. drop 300 exp and 8 gold pink big skull dragon lv 31 lp 3600 at 6-8x12 agi 180 range 220 shoots bullets in the same trajectory in succession. they also fall off and bounce off terrain. drop 1750 exp and 50 gold ( spoliers mountain 3 will lead up to snowfield series )
#ug5EEQt0 Nov 01,2022 12:59
happy Halloween
#xICw4VnM Oct 31,2022 21:40
@валера currently i found a way is that u will constantly clear cave 1 and try to keep the clear bonus as high as possible @idea for mountain 2 enemies white shield bat lv 26 lp 550 at 3-5 agi 200 range 60 shoot a wave toward character. drop 250 exp and 5 gold pink gel lv 26 lp 300 at 4-4 agi 30 range 24 glow up deal melee at to nearest character. drop 200 exp and 5 gold cyan big diamond tree lv 29 lp 3000 at 8-12x6 (slow 20%) agi 120 range 500 shoot ice missles that pierce terrain deal ice at. drop 1250 exp and 20 gold green mushroom tree lv 27 lp 600 at 3-3 ( poison 1s ) agi 300 range 500 drop a cloud which poison characters. drop 300 exp and 6 gold blue big x walker lv 28 lp 2500 at 16-24x4 agi 240 range 270 shoot 3 balls in a high arc which bounce off terrain deal big at yellow big droplet lv 28 lp 1414 at 1-4 agi 10 range 120 quickly shoot thunder in a high arc deal thunder damage and pierce terrain. it is also bigger than the droplet in terraced cave. drop 999 exp and 333 gold and low chance to drop another 666 gold
#SsHG6R3h Oct 31,2022 11:46
hello dan-ballers
#sD22OuZW Oct 30,2022 18:13
скажите пж как быстро получить 1000000 монет
#xICw4VnM Oct 30,2022 13:20
some other ideas for tier 3 charges poisonous bomb at 0-0 residue at 40-40x15 emit 30 sml long atr poison ( time 3s ) shoot like ice bomb but it explode green clouds that bounce on terrain and poison enemies. can be upgraded for extra 8-8 at per lv for 300 x lv gold. max at lv 11 it can deal 120-120x15 residue at arcane arrows at 12-18 x1>5 emit passive sml long atr physical a ball that pierce terrain will fly up to the nearest enemies and rain arrow deal physical at. it also pierce terrain and fall down. every frame it have a 1 in 40 chance to rain arrow down. the ball last for 15s and recharge take 12s. can be upgraded for extra 2-3 at and 1 more arrow per lv for 350 x lv gold. max at lv 8 it can deal 26-39x1>12 at thunderbolt at 0-0 residue at 1-100 emit 50 sml long atr thunder shoot a lazer toward enemies and also it can pierce terrain. when it touch an enemy it explode to a big lazer that cut through the screen verically and deal splash at. can be upgraded for extra 0-25 at per lv for 400 x lv gold. max at lv 5 it can deal 1-200 at lightclaw at 12-18 emit 60 sml short atr physical time 6s every melee attack will now make a small explosion upon enemy strike deal physical at. during that if u attack the duration will increase calculated by a formula of : (charge / 60) * 0,1 seconds. can be upgraded for extra 4-6 at per lv for 400 x lv gold. max at lv 5 it can deal 28-42 at per attack
#ZrRK525J Oct 30,2022 10:43
@coier Just gonna copypaste what I wrote earlier. Equip light knuckle, deadly blow (max upgrades), diamond ring, and craft amulet on a stickman and if you put enough points into physical/short, you'll get the achievement.
#QPDilGdR Oct 30,2022 02:12
How do i kill boss with an "overkill" for the sky garden 2 medal??
#mebhvY1Y Oct 29,2022 17:33
#0Dfzt3va Oct 29,2022 01:43
Paradox Edge
I do not like the medals. They are annoying.
#sD22OuZW Oct 28,2022 19:35
а разработчики читают ети комментарии?
#C2vH2hfT Oct 28,2022 12:05
wow the poison mist equipped with the new ring is as powerful as my melee unit
#H9vOFCdB Oct 28,2022 09:01
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.1 Add ring.
#xICw4VnM Oct 27,2022 23:03
idea for some other tier 3 charges infused smash at 100-150 emit 20 sml short atr physical it deal huge at to a single enemy like deadly blow. can be upgraded for extra 40-60 at per lv for 250 x lv gold. max at lv 6 it can deal 200-350 at triple slash at 50-75x3 4hit emit 20 sml short atr physical it slash 3 times one by one which work like power slash. can be upgraded for extra 10-15 at and 1hit per lv for 400 x lv gold. max at lv 5 it can deal 90-135x3 at 8hit wave trident at 1-180 emit 30 sml middle atr physical it shoot a fast wave toward enemies deal physical at to single target. can be upgraded for extra 0-60 at per lv for 300 x lv gold. max at lv 5 it can deal 1-420 at meteor strike at 120-180 residue 24-36x12 emit 90 sml long atr fire a big meteor fall from the sky which pierce terrain. when it hit a enemy it explode deal splash fire at and release 12 fire spark which fall off and also pierce terrain and deal fire at. the attack dont burn too. can be upgraded for extra 40-60 at and 1 residue count per lv for 500 x lv gold. max at lv 7 it can deal 360-540 at and 24-36x18 residue at
#OGGumMuC Oct 27,2022 12:29
We need stick ranger 2 in the appstore....... we also need sound with it just like stick ranger 1 has sound for it in the appstore
#xICw4VnM Oct 22,2022 23:53
it do what you think it will do @SuicidEggo
#AQ4Y9ta7 Oct 20,2022 22:11
wtf inn do?
#Ezs7CXDy Oct 19,2022 02:47
@Ruan Rodrigo What hungdepatrai07 said. Equip light knuckle, deadly blow (max upgrades), diamond ring, and craft amulet on a sticman and if you put enough points into physical/short, you'll get the achievement.
#xICw4VnM Oct 18,2022 23:03
thing is you have to do that on screen entry i mean you have to kill it without letting it spawn and dont use elf amulet it is useless with deadly blow since it wont work
#IBJStGuO Oct 18,2022 20:27
Ruan Rodrigo
i use diamond ring (for critical damage and phisical damage) and elf amulet (??)
#IBJStGuO Oct 18,2022 20:22
Ruan Rodrigo
defeat the boss in a overkill? just kill whit no respaw of little bats, how to do this? make a superpower hit before respaw (low life but no too low for respaw), use your one hit (ONE!!!) strongest weapon like deadly blow + best ring to do damage + best amulet to do damage + luck!!! (sorry for bad english)
#qgx2nS7i Oct 18,2022 03:19
Hello guys ive been gone for a while. Im probably so behind now xd
#HizuqGjS Oct 18,2022 01:47
Pls add stickranger 2 to app store
#0CSvd3jx Oct 16,2022 13:50
Are you going to sky garden 3 or the cave? Because the medal is in sky garden 3
#IwVFJ39C Oct 16,2022 13:32
add sticks
#Vngz0y8R Oct 16,2022 01:17
why i cant get medal when i have 4 stickman poisoned
#xICw4VnM Oct 15,2022 22:56
i had some ideas about another series of stages named mountain. so the series is higher than the terrace and there would be a cave opening which lead to a big cave and there will be also void which lead to sky garden stages because yeah some of the enemies in mountain 1 green smiley snake lv 24 lp 400 at 4-5 agi 100 range 32 it attack like the green skull snake from terraced cave and it drop 4 gold and 200 exp orange star stickmen lv 25 lp 575 at 2-3(burn 1,67%) agi 40 range 60 it spew fire that deal fire at and it last for 2s. drop 6 gold and 300 exp red big skull bat lv 27 lp 2500 at 12-18 agi 120 range 150 it shoot 3 big long red spear deal splash at. there is only one in the stage. drop 100 gold and 1000 exp yellow skull dragon lv 25 lp 777 at 1-13 agi 111 range 111 it shoot a thunder toward the stickmen. drop 7 gold and 333 exp
#IwVFJ39C Oct 15,2022 18:09
Thanks silver
#HUpfnCBh Oct 15,2022 06:01
For anyone wondering, the new recharge amulet means that your charge weapon activates twice 30% of the time: great for both fast charge weapons and slow charge weapons alike.
#H9vOFCdB Oct 14,2022 10:46
Stick Ranger 2 ver16.0 Add amulet. Add medal.
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 11,2022 15:26
digital entreupaneur "friday pain" come on and make a change! Quick!
#IwVFJ39C Oct 10,2022 14:09
stick sher
#ZskLGi8d Oct 09,2022 17:02
i farded
#H9vOFCdB Sep 30,2022 12:47
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.9 Add medal.
#sD22OuZW Sep 28,2022 19:26
2 ноября день рождения стик рейнджер 2
#sD22OuZW Sep 28,2022 17:05
а как скачать мод на стик рейнджер 2
#xICw4VnM Sep 25,2022 18:16
@cpps at least not now
#5Jm2Eljm Sep 24,2022 23:24
dan-ball dead?
#ov6eOdi7 Sep 21,2022 04:00
Does anybody kno hot to get the new rings and medals
#N3K57UjW Sep 20,2022 03:12
@blacksmith347 huh??
#N3K57UjW Sep 20,2022 03:11
easy way to kill boss cave 1 with 2 stickmen????
#q04sQcvj Sep 19,2022 13:34
how do you do the medal pass trough undamaged
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 19,2022 07:35
You are your own fate.
#xICw4VnM Sep 18,2022 17:33
mostly 0,1%, but some have higher chances but it is only at 0,2-1% ig
#5Jm2Eljm Sep 17,2022 18:13
make stick ranger 3 :)
#rhfQeamX Sep 17,2022 02:12
@Moss 0.5% for all of em if i can remember correctly
#QSmAhzuw Sep 17,2022 01:19
What’s the drop rate for rings
#H9vOFCdB Sep 16,2022 12:40
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.8 Add medal.
#r3pyDIU0 Sep 16,2022 00:12
steam port?
Pls port this to steam or App Store
#xICw4VnM Sep 11,2022 19:48
ideas for lv 2 heads straw hat it increases 10 lp at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 16 where it increase 25 lp. Cost 10 * x ( x is the head's lv ). silk hat it increases 15 lp at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 16 where it increase 30 lp. Cost 10 * x ( x is the head's lv ). witch it increases 5 lp and 10% magic def at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 and magic def by 1% up to lv 6 where it increase 10 lp and 15% magic def. Cost 50 * x ( x is the head's lv ). santa it increases 5 lp and 10% magic def at lv 1 and every lv it increase lp by 1 up to lv 11 where it increase 15 lp and 10% magic def. Cost 30 * x ( x is the head's lv ). lv 3 heads headband it increase lp by 15 and dodge +4% and every lv it increase lp by 2 up to lv 6 where it increase 25 lp and dodge +4%. Cost 75 * x ( x is the head's lv ). bandana it increase dodge +5% and every lv it increase dodge +1% up to lv 6 where it dodge +10%. Cost 180 * x ( x is the head's lv ). knit it increase lp by 15 and def+2 and every lv it increase lp by 2 up to lv 6 where it increase 25 lp and def+2. Cost 90 * x ( x is the head's lv ). more heads soon
#xICw4VnM Sep 10,2022 11:51
so this is pretty strange but drop rate are measured in x/1000 chance to drop a items. Most of the monster have a 1/1000 ( which is 0,1% ) chance to drop a ring. The bandit amulet increases the chance of dropping by 50% so it multiples x by 1,5 so x is now 1,5 but it is rounded down to 1 so no boost. For the yellow big gel it have 1% drop rate which is 10/1000 and with the ring x is now 15/1000 or 1,5% thats it
#TW6T3ZDo Sep 09,2022 01:03
Obviously I struggle to get this thing for days, but as soon as I ask I get it, lmao.
#TW6T3ZDo Sep 09,2022 01:01
I am having zero luck getting an iron ring from Cave 2, even with the bandit amulet. I got everything else in the game, except that one thing. Is it faster to kill the enemies with a higher drop rate and re-enter, or to just clear? And is the top floor better than the bottom?
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 06,2022 12:30
Yeah, it would be pretty cool if there were challenging bosses that block progress (similar to superbosses in SR1) that give the player a good challenge and test their build and skills before getting to the next area. The big diamond tree in SG2 could be a good enemy for this role.
#PdZn4HjK Sep 06,2022 10:41
I think stickranger 2 needs more doorkeeper bosses, because when I play stickranger 1 ,I farm items so I can beat those doorkeepers, but in stickranger 2, after I unlock the 4th stickman, I don't know why I have to continue farming
#xICw4VnM Sep 06,2022 00:48
with 37 sp on lp and 25 sp on dodge plus maxed bandana 2 along shell ring and shell amulet u will get 979 effective lp. ring and amulet just bring effective lp up to new heights. before that if u use 37 sp on lp and 25 sp on dodge plus maxed silk hat u will only get 658 effective lp btw if u change bandana 2 with silk hat u will get 329 lp and 70% dodge rate from shell amulet and ring u will get 1096 effective lp which is better
#00AL6Yx6 Sep 05,2022 10:04
pls update your game :(((
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 05,2022 02:09
Pretty sure the DODGE +6 still means 6%, it's just written in a different way for some reason.
#Vngz0y8R Sep 04,2022 20:15
is there diffrence between DODGE +6 from bandana and other dodge buffs that say dodge +x% ?
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 03,2022 08:30
Oh dang now with shell amulet, shell ring, bandana 2, and max dodge, you can get a dodge stat of 76%!
#0CSvd3jx Sep 02,2022 19:48
@qwer463 You have to go Sky Garden 1 and fall from up there to Cave 4, there is a specific spot that will allow you to fall directly on the water. This is the way I got it. @ha55ii Wonderful, as always.
#H9vOFCdB Sep 02,2022 13:29
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.7 Add ring.
#Hgwb1SJJ Sep 02,2022 00:33
Raven Renschler
Can you please port this game to mobile on Google Play and Apple Store?
#cQq8Gb0r Aug 31,2022 21:45
Hey, can anyone explain what "Defeat all fish without landing"? idk how to get it. I thought i killed all fish without landing the floor of water.
#xICw4VnM Aug 31,2022 08:50
@Blacksmith347 no that wont work since the save is for only u and if other people paste this and import that the save got deleted and it say "load err"
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 31,2022 01:57
That one has almost all of the items, hope this helps!
#5n5CZ3qk Aug 30,2022 05:09
Does anyone have a save file that has almost everything item? I’m too lazy to start over again because for some reason my data keeps getting wiped
#rYQKpPMt Aug 29,2022 21:33
@hungdeptrai07 i use one boxer, one thunder gladiator, one ice swordsman, and one thunder magician. so i have 3 melee units.
#LeHNGOph Aug 28,2022 09:38
if i export a save file and then start a new game, can i switch between my old and new saves whenever i want? or am i stuck with the new file, despite still having my old one on hand?
#xICw4VnM Aug 27,2022 17:43
@e i can do that without any heals
#0AOHqJZk Aug 27,2022 15:11
#rYQKpPMt Aug 26,2022 21:49
My crew is level 29 sheesh i always overkill flower and went through all the levels (healed 3 times) without dying
#0i1UwBFp Aug 26,2022 01:27
nvm found out how
#0i1UwBFp Aug 26,2022 00:56
how the hell do you get overkill its not clear on the forum
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 25,2022 05:02
Basically, for the "stickman" achievement", you need to click on this stickman drawing that you find in the wall of the cave with the white skull bats in it. It will move around, and you need to click it around 5 times. For the "Move from there?" one, you need to enter Sky Garden 3 from the bottom of Sky Garden 2 instead of the usual way.
#r2m7kWK5 Aug 25,2022 04:24
Also can we get the ability to comment on other people’s comment I know that there is a danball subreddit but just ugh, so long to get an answer
#r2m7kWK5 Aug 25,2022 04:15
wtf is the “stickman” Achievement on the first level?
#JnxMwQCL Aug 24,2022 08:13
Move from there?
#6L5SZ7PC Aug 23,2022 18:29
stick rager classic difficulty all epsidoes
#sD22OuZW Aug 23,2022 16:09
эххх печально но я уже несмогу получить новый амулет ];
#lmbnBgC8 Aug 19,2022 18:48
got it there is the little edge from the left down corner that connects to sky garden 3, drag one of your stickman to there and you got it
#SKILpLQ2 Aug 19,2022 17:26
#H9vOFCdB Aug 19,2022 11:35
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.6 Add amulet. Add medal.
#LeHNGOph Aug 19,2022 00:25
WHOOPS sorry i took so long to respond, closed the tab and then forgot about the page until now- my only character with short attack doesn't have points in physical, most of them are in health because i am a fool they're also level 30 so uhhh
#MaJIq1kj Aug 12,2022 18:02
@Number 38, no I didn't change my browser and neither block cookie loading
#oEpf6PEB Aug 12,2022 04:34
I really need this games later updates. This is such a unique system in RPG meaning. I love this game so much. :)
#SKILpLQ2 Aug 10,2022 08:47
#2McuBEr5 Aug 10,2022 06:53
Number 38
@PartedMagic Really can't say. Were you loading SR2 with a different browser then the one with the save? Did you change your browser settings to block loading of cookies or something similar? If it's neither of those two, then I don't know.
#MaJIq1kj Aug 09,2022 16:43
can someone asnwer my question please?
#E9WvHG27 Aug 09,2022 12:03
Good grief, I cannot spell physical to save my live.
#E9WvHG27 Aug 09,2022 12:02
@silveryoshi What about your physical stat? It's best to have those two stats equal for the best damage output (on short-ranged physical weapons). Damage is effectively weapon_damage X phyiscal X short, not weapon damage X (phyiscal + short). This means it's best to have, for example if you had 40 points to spend. 20/20 in Phyiscal/Short instead of 40/0 or 30/10. Realistically, the current max level is 28 ~ 33 (depending on your patience for the grind). If you have some levels to spare, you're still in good shape.
#MaJIq1kj Aug 08,2022 19:58
guys why is my save gone? i didnt delete any cookies
#LeHNGOph Aug 05,2022 18:08
my highest short attack stat is 13...
#H9vOFCdB Aug 05,2022 13:15
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.5 Add medal.
#y9PNdgF1 Aug 02,2022 21:57
#v58WZHGF Aug 01,2022 03:28
#xICw4VnM Jul 30,2022 23:23
@silveryoshi first, you have to check your maxinum at. if u have 20 point sp invested in short at, then a maxed deadly blow will deal 240-360 at. And if u wear diamond ring then there will be a 25% chance to crit to deal 480-720 at, which is suffient. now reduce the big tree's lp in sky garden 2 to one third or more but not one fourth bc it will regen to full lp if it hit 25% lp which is 500 lp. Now use deadly blow on the tree. Before landing please make the sp bar of the deadly blow reach max from hitting other enemies. Finally, drag the stickmen down to the tree to use deadly blow. Keep in mind that this may not work on first try, then repeat until the tree die without healing back. One important thing to note is that you need to do this during the boss's tallest phase ( when entry ) or you wont get the medal
#LeHNGOph Jul 30,2022 21:53
oops forgot emojis don't work here that question mark was meant to be an upside down smile
#LeHNGOph Jul 30,2022 21:52
fellas i don't think i'm getting that medal ? i have tried so many times with the loadout suggested earlier but NONE of my attempts come close to overkilling it
#44SclznJ Jul 30,2022 19:33
IOS version when? Play stick ranger from the App Store, I’d also pay 5-10$ to remove ads forever if you’d add the dang option. -a quiet danball veteran since 2006
#tWtjKpt0 Jul 30,2022 14:32
Which flower in which area ? If it is sky garden 2 then it could deal 100+ at every attack. Also dont use fire againist it too it fully resist fire at
#MtWGtcxR Jul 29,2022 23:38
buff dood
and thx for all the painful reading i went threw about a shark i found out luring the tiny ish to the surface keep my ong shot stick ppl at a non damage distance and killed them from there till there was only a shark kthen i attacked it and when it shoots i threw my ppl onto the shark before the pellets go solid prevent damage easily and i made it all the way threw to the final enemyless stage justr a building on a ledge and 9strong boss that looks easy tip: avoid the huge flower it one shot all my 200 lp stickmen at one second stickmen one ; had 215 lp left two had; 180 lp : three had : 302 lp left : and four was max with 400 lp and the flower one shot alll of that
#MtWGtcxR Jul 29,2022 23:33
buff dood
i just killed the shark with fire
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 29,2022 13:32
the order of the stone teaches our wrongs in hells limelight
#tWtjKpt0 Jul 27,2022 21:56
For that shark in cave 4 it have 2000 lp and fully resist to fire at i recommend get both bb cap and work cap in cave 3 to gain 1 def since the fish shoot a lot of slow projectives with 2-2 at so u would only take 1-1 at which is good. the shark do ranged attack so it will move away when someone do melee at to it. I recommend to drag someone and move along the fish and sometimes release it for a bit to make it attack. be careful for the fish they deal moderate at and they do melee. I recommend using maxed power glove or just glove for primary weapon and bash or slash or sand blaster for charge weapon
#sD22OuZW Jul 26,2022 18:19
как получить медаль 2 надо уничтожить первую фазу босса что бы вторая фаза осталась со всеми жизнями я так думаю
#xICw4VnM Jul 25,2022 19:49
sadly it is impossible to get the medal if u dont invest any point on physical/short. with maxed deadly blow plus craft amulet you will have 202 at and if it procs with diamond ring then max at is 404. You will need at least 500 at to get the medal since it recover to full health when reaching under that but there is some hope. with maxed out sand blaster and craft amulet it will have 8-12x35 at which is 280-420 at. if it procs with diamond ring then it will deal 560-840 at which is able to but to do that you have to deal at least 1160 at to the tree ( 1350 at is recommended ) then u will have to somehow make the charge procs with critical and make all projective hit the tree at the same time to kill it. i think if you deal damage to the tree multiple times in a single frame when the combined at is high enough then u will get the medal
#E9WvHG27 Jul 25,2022 11:31
@RoyCraft Do it with maximum physical burst damage. Equip Light Knuckle, Deadly Blow (max upgrades, of course), Diamond Ring, and Craft Amulet on a single stickman, then have enough physical/short level upgrades (mine was 20/20) to be able to burst it. Depending on your damage output, you'll either need the second Deadly Blow to proc with Diamond Ring, or you'll need both Deadly Blows to proc. All that to say, you'll have a 1/4 or a 1/16 chance to get the medal each attempt. Assuming you have enough points on physical/short, of course.
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 25,2022 07:59
The fish boss is 100% resistant to fire so using fire bow probably won't go very well
#LeHNGOph Jul 25,2022 05:10
>Fire bow idk how to tell you this but i think i found the problem
#MtWGtcxR Jul 25,2022 01:33
i already upgraded my fire bow to 10 and my 3 guys still die after 59 tries i still failed how much LP does the shark have??!?!?!?!?!?!?
#MtWGtcxR Jul 25,2022 01:31
the shark is hard
#v58WZHGF Jul 24,2022 00:40
How i get the "defeat the boss in a overkill" medal?
#xICw4VnM Jul 23,2022 22:21
oooohhhh i see and i did that on second try btw i recommend using topaz ring with thunder halberd + lazer lance or on ranged with lightning bolt
#lmbnBgC8 Jul 22,2022 21:29
ok now I got the metal. You need to kill it before the boss first health regeneration. just use the same method you mention before for multiple time.
#xICw4VnM Jul 22,2022 21:13
idk too and i tried to kill it using 1000+ at strike with deadly blow + diamond ring + craft amulet but nothing happens
#lmbnBgC8 Jul 22,2022 15:09
what does overkill means?
#sD22OuZW Jul 22,2022 14:11
как получить вторую медаль в етом абновление
#sD22OuZW Jul 22,2022 14:01
вот я как рас чуел что добавят медали
#o5mRyzXK Jul 22,2022 13:54
medal pog
#H9vOFCdB Jul 22,2022 13:51
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.4 Add medal.
#jmzX97vj Jul 17,2022 17:10
: )
#xyt38bW2 Jul 14,2022 20:54
i think having other ways to export and import saves (like with files, or clipboard) can be useful to people who either don't want a dan-ball account, or just can't for some reason
#FmzJgXQm Jul 14,2022 18:18
#sD22OuZW Jul 14,2022 18:05
что озночает count скажите
#a1EtAsC3 Jul 13,2022 02:42
Progress saved in cookies if cookies deleted, all gone
#U4wtDCCG Jul 11,2022 19:59
я не понимаю почему у вас пропал прогресс у меня все в порядке
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 11,2022 19:45
my progress kinda got deleted too. not sure why though, probably some side effect of the update?
#os5gUGSt Jul 11,2022 19:08
guys why is my progress all gone
#sD22OuZW Jul 10,2022 17:54
я думаю что когда добавят все медали с кольцами и амулеты будут добавлять новые пещеры
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 09,2022 06:34
Theory, since we've gotten a ring that upgrades fire weapons, and a ring that upgrades lightning weapons, the next two rings will be ones that upgrade ice and poison. I can't guarantee that will happen, but it would be pretty cool!
#7MSl3GDl Jul 08,2022 21:59
lol all the sky ranger medals are impossible(except for the first one)
#os5gUGSt Jul 08,2022 20:33
they added the fullscreen
#sD22OuZW Jul 08,2022 17:42
новое кольцо имба если поставишь ligining bolt
#odKyWUch Jul 08,2022 14:39
lightning damage +30% is simply strong
#fU2YswEm Jul 08,2022 14:06
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.3 Add ring.
#H9vOFCdB Jul 08,2022 13:09
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.3 Add ring.
#xyt38bW2 Jul 03,2022 05:01
what does "COUNT +(number)%" do?
#n1oNVmI6 Jul 02,2022 02:20
not again
#JnxMwQCL Jul 02,2022 01:24
Oh, they're probably just going to add full-screen to all the other games then. Alrighty
#sD22OuZW Jul 01,2022 14:35
почему не абновили стик рангер 2
#ozAqJDIM Jun 30,2022 20:46
how to play
#sD22OuZW Jun 30,2022 15:58
интерестно что нам подготовили разработчики завтра
#JnxMwQCL Jun 30,2022 02:25
Fullscreen my beloved
#UMJ3EZty Jun 28,2022 07:26
hi guys
#LeHNGOph Jun 28,2022 03:40
Full screen pogger
#9e9F9nzv Jun 28,2022 02:25
robot the fire
Full screen pogger
#LeHNGOph Jun 28,2022 01:24
pretty sure ha5ii updates EVERY game once a week like, that's not even an opinion that's just their schedule
#47Y3hZqt Jun 27,2022 23:49
nice game tbh, always being updated!
#9vFJ2mhH Jun 27,2022 23:08
In my opinion Stick Ranger 2 is being updated pretty regularly.
#nK6uxc2J Jun 27,2022 01:59
Hyun Prelude
This Stick Ranger sequel is really interesting, I already love the concept. It's just a shame it takes such a long time for Dan-Ball to update it. Guess we'll have to be a little more patient than for Stick Ranger !
#EDlk2RI8 Jun 27,2022 01:19
Dan-Ball you made my childhood with powder game and stick ranger, glad to see that you are making a second one. I wonder if this will get ported to andorid...
#U4wtDCCG Jun 26,2022 22:59
почему обновления выходят только в пятницу
#fU2YswEm Jun 26,2022 13:53
has5511 webnaster
#U4wtDCCG Jun 25,2022 19:36
я думаю если разработчики начали работу над системой игры я хотел бы чтобы добавили режим арены
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 25,2022 07:24
NO not this again
#o5mRyzXK Jun 25,2022 02:08
ok that's actually a cool update, wouldn't mind it if all games got it
#YVLJQobw Jun 24,2022 16:03
中 国 人☆
#sD22OuZW Jun 24,2022 16:02
ha55ii webmaster спасибо огромное за полно экранный режим спасиииибо.
#H9vOFCdB Jun 24,2022 14:23
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.2 Supports full screen.
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 24,2022 02:12
Small mobs generally have a 0.1% chance of dropping a ring, while bosses have a 1% chance. Since bosses take a lot longer to kill than normal enemies, it's recommended to not focus on killing them in most ring grinds, especially in caves where there is a large amount of enemies.
#RTwBhTan Jun 23,2022 22:07
Guys i have a question whats the fastest way to get rings Killing the small mobs or the bosses? Anyways if thanks for telling if you respond to me!
#WCWdji6m Jun 22,2022 20:20
oh boy one i just not bot.
#WCWdji6m Jun 22,2022 20:19
look at.
#LeHNGOph Jun 21,2022 15:05
i had a way harder time with the 300 combo medal, in fact i'd argue THAT's the hardest one
#AfLPhw4s Jun 21,2022 11:40
there has been quite a few challenging medals but the "float in the air for 5 seconds" has by far been the hardest
#LeHNGOph Jun 19,2022 05:03
amazing new medal lol
#lmbnBgC8 Jun 18,2022 11:58
if you feel hard to juggle with your stickman. I recommend to change your browser size, the distant of your mouse and your stickman will be smaller so you can juggle faster.
#RTwBhTan Jun 18,2022 02:16
I have a question? Was the comments for multiple games here used to have people in them? Like people who talked and started conversations and more To admit i've only been here for 4-5 years
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 18,2022 00:33
I had a pretty fun time with the medals in this area! They are all decently challenging while also being fun to get.
#H9vOFCdB Jun 17,2022 13:59
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.1 Add amulet. Add medal.
#RTwBhTan Jun 16,2022 02:54
This is just me wasting a chat message. Please ignore.
#odKyWUch Jun 15,2022 16:02
@TheMan13532 use high damage charge e.g. sand blaster when it's hp is low it won't regenerate
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 15,2022 09:56
#USSqg6DQ Jun 15,2022 06:16
What’s up. Been 10 years since I was on this website. It’s still going?
#DJS75uwQ Jun 14,2022 08:29
Hard to get Medal (Defeat Tree Head with a sniper). And How to get it?
#2aztEbNm Jun 13,2022 20:43
The thing (only assuming its a flower) in sky garden 2 is really hard to beat, ive only ever been able to get it halfway down with 2 health/food things before my team dies. i know you cant use fire on it, but what do i do?
#HUpfnCBh Jun 11,2022 22:21
Thanks for the tips, I got them both, medal 4 is so annoying.
#odKyWUch Jun 11,2022 17:20
This medal is totally a failure in the game experience
#odKyWUch Jun 11,2022 17:08
float for 5 sec medal just make me like a idiot
#xICw4VnM Jun 11,2022 14:49
the new medal are really misleading medal 3 : defeat tree head with a sniper so " with a sniper " is a ranged weapon ( rrecommend physical ) and " tree head " is the tree near the bottom left corner. if u fight with a ranged weapon near tree, then it's more like " you are doing melee with the boss expect u are using ranged weapon " so to get this you need to fight the tree in nearest piece of land ( which is the land where there is a rock on top ) and defeat it using ranged weapons medal 4 : float for 5 sec with everybody you have to plick everyone so they are on the air for 5 sec. which is slighly diffcult. dont make everybody touch the ground
#huOGBFX1 Jun 11,2022 13:00
@silverseth for the killing tree head medal. Don't go into the tree head monster area and kill it
#HUpfnCBh Jun 11,2022 03:18
Anyone got the new medals? Can't figure out either, Been trying to juggle stickmen in the air but seemingly no luck, also killed the tree with a bow, and no success.
#RTwBhTan Jun 11,2022 00:27
Hmmmmmm there's been less comments than before. Probably due to school,or college,etc
#rhfQeamX Jun 10,2022 23:06
@TheCircle572 Click on the stickman engraved on the wall in Cave 1 until you get the medal
#R1uFI1ix Jun 10,2022 22:26
How do I get the "Stickman" medal?
#H9vOFCdB Jun 10,2022 14:03
Stick Ranger 2 ver15.0 Add medal.
#xICw4VnM Jun 08,2022 23:02
oh no, i had just finished the exam and now the save accicdentally noclip ( not to da backrooms ) but it had gone fovever which mean now i lost all 760k gold in that
#fIaGhNsc Jun 08,2022 13:54
funky numbers
1375 :(
#SEri98nR Jun 08,2022 13:38
entering the lake is draining my health lol
#YVLJQobw Jun 07,2022 13:06
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 06,2022 13:37
For anyone having trouble with the 300 combo medal, here's a video guide for it! There isn't commentary, but this video should show a good strategy for completing the challenge.
#LeHNGOph Jun 06,2022 07:56
went through every stage of grief trying to get that 300 combo medal even got the ruby ring long before reaching 200 combo
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 06,2022 07:05
how do you get stage clear in sixty seconds on cave 3
#rhfQeamX Jun 05,2022 21:45
#SEri98nR Jun 05,2022 13:35
#xICw4VnM Jun 05,2022 11:14
gosh dang gosh dang i have a big chungus exam incoming and i could only continue my way to 9,999,999 gold if i pass ( ps : now i have 760k)
#v58WZHGF Jun 04,2022 05:30
The next medals to get, i think what will be to eliminate all bats with conditions
#HUpfnCBh Jun 03,2022 16:02
For all the combo medals, you can build up the count on either the stage prior or after then quickly move to the next stage and hit an enemy before it expires,
#VtfVjJHU Jun 03,2022 14:56
I'm probably missing something
#VtfVjJHU Jun 03,2022 14:56
How the heck are you supposed to get combo 300 geeeez
#H9vOFCdB Jun 03,2022 11:01
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.9 Add medal.
#v58WZHGF Jun 03,2022 05:01
@1375 Dude, if you wnat, i share one of my save datas
#v58WZHGF Jun 03,2022 04:59
The medal what i most hate, is the "stickman"
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 01,2022 23:57
@YEBE if you use some ranged weapons such as fire bow and lightning ball and keep your distance from the bats then the fight becomes pretty easy, good luck!
#9hwcH4Tf Jun 01,2022 22:30
how to defeat the giant bat on cave 3
#RTwBhTan May 31,2022 20:56
Nice they removed the bot!
#RTwBhTan May 31,2022 19:22
Dont tell me that theres people or bots in here now?? Hopefully there wont be to many
#rhfQeamX May 29,2022 02:30
Which ring would be better for a Light Knuckle/Flame Saber build? Wood Ring or Ruby Ring?
#v58WZHGF May 28,2022 00:48
The new ring is it very working, on the sky garden 2 and 3
#fU2YswEm May 27,2022 20:24
Craft Iron Wood Diamond Gold
#fU2YswEm May 27,2022 20:23
#xICw4VnM May 27,2022 20:15
gotcha the new ring. it say fire hit chance per second+1. this mean fire weapons will have an extra 1/60 chance to hit a enemies per frame ( which is 1,67% or 1 more hit per sec ) it work best with flame slayer / flame sabel
#H9vOFCdB May 27,2022 14:02
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.8 Add ring.
#rhfQeamX May 27,2022 00:52
Hopefully the new amulet's effect works on rings, that'd help alot, considering that the next update is probably going to be a new ring.
#JnxMwQCL May 23,2022 12:00
Another great medal series. I did a new playthrough recently and I felt like all the rings and medals made it a more fun experience. Speaking of playthroughs, the "everyone freezes" medal can be really hard if you have an endgame team, as you'll find yourself killing all the blue box trees too quickly. A neat trick you can do though is to remove everyone's Arms weapons, making it so they can't attack, and space them evenly below the trees.
#jOVFxpCi May 22,2022 11:43
im sad i lost my old accout
#xICw4VnM May 22,2022 08:09
first, get the gold ring. secondly, equip this to someone. third, click 3 gold mark at the bottom right corner and drag someone to that place. if a big yellow thingy spawn, then u are good. kill it and if u lucky a gold drop will happen. normally it would worth 150 gold but with the gold ring u got 225 and the medal
#rhfQeamX May 22,2022 02:15
Also, hint for anyone struggling with the "225g" medal: All 225 gold has to drop from a single enemy.
#rhfQeamX May 21,2022 22:29
What are you guys' favorite weapons? My favorite arms is probably Ice Sword, and my favorite charge is definitely Flame Saber.
#odKyWUch May 20,2022 16:41
Click three of the five gold mark at right bottom to summon it
#odKyWUch May 20,2022 16:39
@Blackkite the big yellow slime drops 225g when gold ring is equipped
#8ksCEjA3 May 20,2022 15:53
Ive picked up 1k gold now so I don't know what I’m doing wrong ;-;. Please Help
#8ksCEjA3 May 20,2022 15:47
Oh god there’s a new amulet but I can’t seem to get it! AHHHH, I’ve been collecting gold for 10 minutes from the bottom right of the cave and killing golden slime guys
#H9vOFCdB May 20,2022 13:02
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.7 Add amulet. Add medal.
#7z0LWT9L May 20,2022 00:17
I love how creative some medals are!
#6L5SZ7PC May 19,2022 03:00
Basically, take your stickmen to the rightmost edge of cave 2, at the top (where you come in from cave 3) and then drag one of your stickmen to the left and into cave 1 without getting damaged. It might be a tricky to dodge the attacks of the green snakes, but after a few tries, you should be able to get it!
#sGGWViZi May 18,2022 01:45
i must sound stupid but how do i get the passing through medal
#34CU4FEF May 16,2022 17:09
Next update must be the next amulet! Unless there wont be an amulet?
#LeHNGOph May 15,2022 01:35
h e c k was upgrading one of my stickmen to be a long ranged mage and ended up putting points into mid range instead of long
#xICw4VnM May 14,2022 14:30
medal 3 : kill 50 dolls... or just white skull stickmen medal 4 : make everyone got slowed by the inverted blue box tree
#sD22OuZW May 13,2022 23:32
как получить четвертую медальв терасной пещере
#6L5SZ7PC May 13,2022 14:33
"Dolls", huh. I'll continue to call them stickmen lol
#H9vOFCdB May 13,2022 12:31
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.6 Add medal.
#34CU4FEF May 09,2022 17:25
@My_Requital If you look closely in the tiny cave filled with skulled bats you should find a stickman disguised as the background. Click on it and it'll move and if you click on it five times it will give you the medal. If you're having issues try looking beside the waterfall.
#sD22OuZW May 09,2022 17:22
My Reguital тебе нужно найти маленького стикмена в зоне летучих мышей и кликать на него 5 раз медаль получена
#34CU4FEF May 09,2022 17:21
Wonder if there will ever be a base defense gamemode where you can place a few bricks that can be destroyed by enemies and you gotta survive for as long as possible to earn money/exp or perhaps loot.
#QWFftVGV May 09,2022 06:03
how to get achieve "stickman" on Cave1?
#8CDyAcZq May 08,2022 09:13
they got filtered out... htt p instead of htt ps
#8CDyAcZq May 08,2022 09:13
psa: if you suddenly lose your save, try connecting to dan-ball with instead of or vice-versa, because your browser considers the two as completely different websites and doesn't share saves between them. might help or might not
#LG63i2Gs May 08,2022 07:35
mexcian elijah
The game is good but it's kinda unfair between the player strength and the enemy strength, it's fine though.
#sD22OuZW May 07,2022 15:10
кольца выбивать сложнее чем медали я проверил
#rhfQeamX May 06,2022 20:58
@undertale fan yes, just export your save data before signing in and you'll be good
#xICw4VnM May 06,2022 20:12
how to do the first medal of terraced cave ( warning it is quite complex ) : step 1 : start killing the green snakes, when the snakes is dying drag a stickman to the tiki torch to summon 15 green droplet. kill them as well step 2 : when killing these things, drag another stickmen and hold on top of the stickman on the bridge. when seeing the combo bar ready to reset, release the stickmen and make it land a hit on the stickmen. step 3 : the green droplets should die all now. drag the stickmen who killed them to the big upside down tree to hit the tree. also the stickman on the bridge should be dead, drag the stickmen who killed that down to support step 4 : for the last stickmen drag them to the place where he can kill the blue and yellow trees step 5 : after the upside down tree died, and the snakes also ded, drag the other stickmens to the place that the first two had been. Remember to refill the combo bar before dragging. when 15 stickman appear on the bridge, kill them now. 1-2 stickmens should take care of these. step 6 : drag the other stickmens to the blue and yellow trees and kill them. Now it is depend by luck. if u are lucky your team may reach 87 combo after killing everything. And now u will got the medal @undertale fan surprisingly... yes
#gf7GuMdG May 06,2022 17:19
undertale fan
I have a question, does your progress reset if you sign in?
#H9vOFCdB May 06,2022 14:48
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.5 Add medal.
#JnxMwQCL May 05,2022 03:44
@neobotics Just really low drop rates! Personally I wouldn't really recommend trying to hunt down each one, that can be kinda painful
#rxAT6Sk0 May 05,2022 02:33
how do you get rings? do they just have a really low drop rate or do you have to do something to get them?
#GItbKqZa May 05,2022 01:46
#sGGWViZi May 05,2022 01:40
thank you fellow stick ranger enjoyers
#JnxMwQCL May 04,2022 23:55
Stick Ranger 2 is a small and unheard of and especially single-player game, so it doesn't really have or need a meta imo. The closest thing you can consider a meta is like... glass cannon Light Glove/Light Knuckle builds, and that's... really weird to me, haha. Not having a primary weapon that can do damage is very dangerous and not having a solid tank for other stickmen to use the life share mechanic on is even more so, you'll burn through onigiris very quickly What I propose instead for what a good meta would be? Every early game character should be using Power Glove imo. It's leagues ahead of other primaries in that stage of the game, is compatible with any other build and does strong damage even without an even point split between Short and Physical
#rhfQeamX May 04,2022 22:01
I don't know nothing about the meta but a class cannon build with stats evenly distributed between short + elemental alongside Light Knuckle, Flame Saber, Wood Ring, Craft Amulet, and Beret 2 is extremely powerful, no matter the enemy's resistances. For my other rangers, I have a short-range physical-elemental hybrid with Knuckle, Firecracker, Iron Ring, Crystal Amulet, and Headband 2, another ranger who is an Elemental dodge-focused mid range with Thunder Halberd, Lightning Lance, Diamond Ring, Elf Amulet, and Bandana 2, and finally an elemental long-range with Lightning shot, Poisonmist Shot, Craft Ring, Shell Amulet, and Santa Hat. No idea how strong these builds are but I'm a big fan of them.
#xICw4VnM May 03,2022 23:21
my meta : one guy with half the sp on long attack, the other on elemental ( since not many long weapons are physical ). for weapons i would use lightning shot and poisonmist shot ( use iron ring and craft amulet. sometime i use lightning bolt instead. the second guy will use half of the sp on middle attack and the other on elemental . also use lightning halberd with lazer lance plus craft ring and elf amulet for aoe control. the third guy will be the main damage dealer with half the sp on short and the other on physical. use light knuckle and power slash with diamond ring and crystal amulet. the last one is a battery with all sp in lp plus wearing silk hat for 40% more lp, and they use ranged weapon somehow bc i dont want they getting damaged. that's it and it is very easy.
#cu1cjqtt May 03,2022 22:15
My meta: a tank with all points in HP so you can leave him away from the fight or just using him with control weapons such as ice sword or ice bomb. You can also use thunder lance to mitigate great swarms of smaller oponents. Then, I personally like 1 magic sniper with poison or fire weapons for the AoE damage, 1 mage wich I can go for close combat with fast gloves and lighting or long range with fire ball and explosion. Then, the star of my team: 1 sniper with fast gloves and multiple shot + critical hit medal. Piece of cake.
#6L5SZ7PC May 03,2022 05:36
As someone who's played the game WAAAAAY too much I'm not sure if there is a meta, but Lightning Lance, Poison Mist Shot, Flame Saber, and Lightning Shot are in pretty much every build I make. I would say if you're trying to make a really good build it's best to stay away from most fire weapons as a lot of enemies have some kind of fire resistance, but flame saber is the big exception because it just does insane damage. Best combo of rangers in my opinion is one melee, one middle range, and two long range/elemental.
#sGGWViZi May 03,2022 05:08
this must sound stupid but what is the current meta for this game
#6L5SZ7PC May 03,2022 02:51
It'd be cool if the Terraced Cave Amulet made it to where the drop chance for any weapon in the game x1.33 higher. For example, if the drop chance for a weapon is 20%, that would become 26.6%. Not sure what else to say, that's just an idea I have for what it could do.
#rhfQeamX May 03,2022 01:43
@Helispark Yeah, I'm noticing a pattern in the rings and amulets, most "pairs" of amulets/rings seem to follow a very confined theme, such as weapon damage, offense/defense, projectile attacks... So I definitely feel like Terraced Cave's pair has to do with combat rewards, such as gold. It makes sense, too, considering that room houses one of the best money-making methods in the game, so I'd be surprised if the next amulet doesn't have anything to do with XP or anything similar.
#34CU4FEF May 02,2022 17:54
Wait i made a mistake. I got confused medals with amulets.
#34CU4FEF May 02,2022 17:29
Speaking of medals maybe next medal in the skygardens might be a special attribute medal. Example: Basically a medal that allows you to deal poison damage while dealing another type of damage like physical using your weapon. So if I were to combine the weapon "Explosion" and an ice amulet I could make an icy explosion. It'll allow neat weapon combos!
#1hcsQjJR May 02,2022 10:45
Just going to make a prediction now and guess that the medal for this area will be bonus XP... in which case, that'll be awesome lol
#FmzJgXQm May 01,2022 11:43
rHow to get a glod king?
#U4wtDCCG Apr 30,2022 16:28
с золотым кольцом можно фармить золото с большой желтой капли
#rhfQeamX Apr 30,2022 03:27
Okay, I just figured it out myself. It's global!
#rhfQeamX Apr 30,2022 03:23
Does the boost from the Gold Ring only apply if an enemy who dropped a coin is killed by the ranger with the ring equipped, or is it a global effect?
#gJE19I7L Apr 30,2022 00:12
Generic name
Nice, that'll make farming a whole lot easier.
#34CU4FEF Apr 29,2022 16:19
50% Extra gold? Nice...
#H9vOFCdB Apr 29,2022 13:58
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.4 Add ring.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 29,2022 00:33
@LjPlays Are you ok?
#t5Z3Qat9 Apr 28,2022 22:19
Завтра обновление:)
#34CU4FEF Apr 28,2022 21:06
Heres a challenge Beat the giant tree without upgrading hp or dodge or equiping any hp/dodge accessories at all. Healing allowed though.
#fU2YswEm Apr 28,2022 18:54
#tEH3A2WN Apr 28,2022 09:03
@ShadowEnialator Ty
#tEH3A2WN Apr 28,2022 09:03
lol. The green diamond tree in SG3 has the stats of just poison.
#gJE19I7L Apr 28,2022 00:16
Not just an Idea
Also one of the medals for the upper caves will be a "find the hidden stickman" medal.
#gJE19I7L Apr 28,2022 00:02
Imagine being able to upgrade rings and amulets.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 27,2022 00:22
#7z0LWT9L Apr 27,2022 00:22
@kittenday6 The blue number is the amount of Tim it took you to kill them. If you kill them fast enough, you get a medal
#sD22OuZW Apr 26,2022 22:34
до следующего обновления так далеко
#tEH3A2WN Apr 26,2022 10:42
I killed the giant red somes and some blue number showed up, anyone know what it means?
#1hcsQjJR Apr 26,2022 01:55
@SomeBot Count is an uncommon stat used for a few weapons that have lasting hitboxes, such as Star Lance and Fire Cracker. The higher the Count stat, the longer the weapon's effect applies. Any weapon with a Count stat displayed in the Items tab will be compatible with Wood Ring's boost, but there may be some others with unlisted count stats that don't show up because upgrades don't affect them (i.e. Poison Mist Shot) which could be affected by the ring too.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 25,2022 22:27
@gotyouChip tysm
#34CU4FEF Apr 25,2022 17:13
On the wood ring it mentions "Count 60" What does that mean? The description of Stick ranger 2 doesnt describe it. So i have no other choice but to ask.
#sD22OuZW Apr 23,2022 15:24
амулет так себе хотелось бы новые пещеры ;[
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 23,2022 07:29
Correction from my last post So if your Emit is 10, your charge is 2, it will be 10/2 = 5*
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 23,2022 07:27
Emit -2 seems small but can he significant. Basically a charge weapons Emit (x) divided by your arm's charge (y) will be how many attacks the ranger must make before the charge attack fires. So basically x/y = attacks to trigger charge. So if your Emit is 8, your charge is 2, it will be 10/2 = 5 After attacking 5 times the charge attack will trigger. 8/2 = 4 means you would do 5/4, or 125% more damage. It is more significant on weapons with small Emit stats but it can still be significant on larger Emit weapons. Personally I feel like the amulet would be better as -20% Emit as then it may be better on a wider variety.
#1hcsQjJR Apr 23,2022 06:32
EMIT is the stat for how much charge a charge weapon requires. A lower EMIT stat is better as the charge will go faster. Anyways, the rings and medals are fun to screw around with. They're beginning to look more like the compo item system from Stick Ranger. One of my favorites is Elf Amulet with Lightning Lance, it brings the amount of attacks from 3 to 5. Elf Amulet is like a Bullet's Card so it's typically really good on any charge that has multiple projectiles but a low projectile count. Ironic since I just revisited Laser Lance and it's not nearly as bad as I remember it to be
#Fug1sfQb Apr 23,2022 01:06
I got the new amulet 4 minutes after it came out
#Z0CB7h31 Apr 22,2022 22:30
Horse Shark
What exactly does emit do?
#7z0LWT9L Apr 22,2022 22:30
What does EMIT -2 mean?
#t5Z3Qat9 Apr 22,2022 21:19
Новый амулет урааааааа !
#xICw4VnM Apr 22,2022 19:46
here's how : drag all the stickman to the smallest hole. it is the space with 3 gold ore. the amulet is great trash for weapon with high emit but good with weapon with low emit
#odKyWUch Apr 22,2022 18:22
for 10 emit charge it is nearly 25% dps up
#0XhqO7k1 Apr 22,2022 15:42
The new medal is just EMIT -2 what a waste, wish it was -4 or -5
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 22,2022 14:49
I guess within 2 or 3 updates unless ha55ii decides to focus on a different aspect of the game. I for one would love to see more medium range weapons beyond spears
#fU2YswEm Apr 22,2022 14:01
Terraced cave medals when
#Fug1sfQb Apr 22,2022 12:56
the new amulet
#Fug1sfQb Apr 22,2022 12:56
got it
#H9vOFCdB Apr 22,2022 12:52
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.3 Add amulet. Add medal.
#sD22OuZW Apr 21,2022 23:16
завтро обнавление ура, надеюсь
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 21,2022 15:33
@Helispark I feel like many game developers unfortunately nerf their games a lot because they don't understand that concept.
#1hcsQjJR Apr 21,2022 09:57
@SomeBot See, when a developer nerfs things, it's usually for important reasons and should be for the benefit of the players. But nerfing something like the big gold slime's gold drop would make the experience worse for literally any player grinding for gold, so it's a bad nerf
#xICw4VnM Apr 21,2022 00:14
this is the strange way to grind gold you will need to constantly clear cave 1. for every clear u got 100 gold and +0.25 clear bonus. since every time u clear cave 1 you will get 100 x current clear bonus and after 20 clear it would be better than big tree run. you should try to take as less damage as possible and i recommend doing this with all the ongiris. at clear bonus x50 u should got 5k gold per clear
#sD22OuZW Apr 20,2022 22:52
как выбить кольцо с брилиантом на версии 14.2 я его не выбил ;[
#34CU4FEF Apr 20,2022 22:09
Oh... Thanks!
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 20,2022 10:41
@SomeBot look closely to the right side of the waterfall (area with the gray bats) in cave 1. The cave wall pattern is interrupted by a stickman that you have to click 5 time. It will move slightly every time to click it. Also gold farming is pretty easy with the big yellow tree thing later on because all of the bats being killed in a row giving you a huge combo bonus. Combo is the best way to farm gold from what I have seen but the gold slime is certainly a simple option too so it isn't bad.
#RTwBhTan Apr 20,2022 10:08
@helispark thanks for telling tha And during that i got diamond ring so cool:p
#RTwBhTan Apr 20,2022 01:37
This game gets updated every friday so :/
#34CU4FEF Apr 19,2022 20:31
Oh yeah making a quick suggestion here. The large yellow slime at terraced cave is kind of an overpowered money farm since its very easy to kill and gives you like 150 coins per coin drop. If you compare it to other bosses you can tell that the giant flower or what its called gives like a 100 and its way harder to kill while this slime with no ranged abilities is just a cake walk. The amount of coins should be nerfed to 10 - 30 coins. If its meant to be a secret its better if you hide it from the beastiary until the player discovers the enemy.
#34CU4FEF Apr 19,2022 19:39
How do you get the stickman medal in cave 1?
#7z0LWT9L Apr 19,2022 05:08
I’m noticing the game gets an update every week or so
#sD22OuZW Apr 19,2022 04:05
какие следующие амулеты будут пишите свои догадки
#1hcsQjJR Apr 19,2022 00:00
Nice, the third medal for Cave 4 is probably the hardest one yet. You have to drop from Sky Garden 1 from a good spot and then not let your stickmen touch any solid tiles at all - brushing up against the island in the lake will prevent you from getting it
#wHUurfaF Apr 18,2022 18:02
If You Win This Game I Will Sent You $10000
#fU2YswEm Apr 18,2022 10:56
ha55ii Webmaster
#sD22OuZW Apr 17,2022 15:39
пройти третью медаль из пещеры 4 не возможно ааааааааа
#bNYxqByz Apr 17,2022 05:53
@Badabingbadaboom No idea, perhaps some kind of maintenance going.
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