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#0IzDJtlO Oct 19,2021 13:58
and here's how dodge work. every time you take damage, it will random a number between x and 100, when x is (your sp spent on dodge+ bonus dodge from head)x2. To be simple, u will have x% chance of dodging an attack. Dodging an attack let you take 0 damage from that. I think they will add a compo shop ? as this is the second location
#Ur3Qmxvi Oct 19,2021 11:44
bizzare mountain
will there be more weapons diversity in this update?
#NX4ddvYt Oct 19,2021 01:43
@bloodshrineboss try using a bow, it is a slow way but eventually you will beat it, once the small fish are down put a higher damage character and dodge the boss’s ring attacks
#i8O7bK7B Oct 18,2021 08:55
Please do the update FAST, cuz i love this game <3!!!
#iKiTSJhW Oct 18,2021 04:57
imagine if they update the game for 1 time then start updating every game again
#Ur3Qmxvi Oct 18,2021 03:31
bizzare mountain
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 17,2021 11:39
Basically, defense (shortened to DF) reduces the physical damage you take by whatever the defense number is. For example, BB cap will reduce physical damage by 1. However, magic df reduces the damage you take from fire, lightning, ice, and poison attacks by whatever the percentage is. So, if you wear BB cap against red skull snake (a fire enemy), you will still take full damage. But if you wear witch (5% magic damage reduction), you will take 1 less damage. It is important to note that no matter what percentage the magic defense says, you will always take at least one less damage from elemental attacks.
#Ur3Qmxvi Oct 17,2021 06:41
bizzare mountain
what does magic df stand for?
#X6Tr3rPc Oct 15,2021 17:08
#lmbnBgC8 Oct 15,2021 10:36
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 15,2021 03:11
They'll probably add a function for the terrace area, since it has a building similar to the inn and the smith. I personally hope that it allows you to redistribute your SP points for a cost of money, so that you can mess around with different builds more easily. Even if that isn't what it does though, I'm excited to see what the developer does with it.
#X6Tr3rPc Oct 14,2021 15:13
i wonder what will be in the next update
#6L5SZ7PC Oct 11,2021 11:11
Managed to get a combo of around 1600 by going between cave 1 and cave 2 killing enemies and got like 26000 gold
#a3JPBKVd Oct 10,2021 05:24
uh i do a rad
#QYaRvrpN Oct 10,2021 03:03
What will the terrance do.
#lmbnBgC8 Oct 08,2021 20:14
#a90LDzba Oct 08,2021 02:28
This is a really great game c: thank you for being a great developer! Do you write all of this with the canvas API, or something else?
#0IzDJtlO Oct 08,2021 01:02
we will have sr2 update in oct 22
#0IzDJtlO Oct 08,2021 01:02
in case u are wondering, killing a big yellow droplet is really fast as it have low lp. probably 7-8 times compared to a big tree run. ( for endgame player )
#7EoYmtgU Oct 07,2021 22:47
Stick ranger 2
Stick ranger 2 on mobile please
#Ur3Qmxvi Oct 07,2021 13:54
bizzare mountain
@Blacksmith347 how long will this smartphone resizing updates take?
#PZtmGeyI Oct 06,2021 14:20
The blue fishes is too bad
#PZtmGeyI Oct 06,2021 14:16
How to beat Cave 4?
#UVsTIoYN Oct 04,2021 10:42
Strat 1:gold mark assume i click 30 golds in upper cave each time,got 30(1/200x100+1/14x7+(1-1/200-1/14)x1)=about 43.8 avg gold. Needs 1370 runs for 60k Strat 2:big draoplet gold drop rate 1/3,so 1/3 of runs has gold. Needs 1200 runs Strat 3:tree kill combo bonus give 200 gold,gold dropped avg 200,needs 150 runs Strat 4:tree multikill Needs 24 runs together. Not possible yet bc site always crash in middle of run. Ps:the games here only have 20 max fps Help me help me!
#UpTiDeIa Oct 04,2021 07:02
Tiene n que mata
Stick Ranger 2 matar 1000000000000000000
#8KwsTSHi Oct 03,2021 12:13
there is a massive amount of gold bit in upper cave that u can press on. if cant, try to kill the big droplet in terraced cave, by press 4 gold bit and move to the torch. droplet drop 150 gold so that 1/3 of a normal big tree fight.
#q9b1YOIG Oct 03,2021 07:32
I can't import my progress, and it doesn't let me continue it only lets me start a new game
#UVsTIoYN Oct 01,2021 12:44
h e l p. I need to get 60k gold as soon as possible. U can give any advices,just EXCEPT combo bonus and console edition. H e l p. @numb go to lv21,have a character with 20 short 20 physical,halve boss lp,attack with sand blaster,if all clouds hit,u won Need to play a whole year to get to endgame of weapon upgrading :( help
#HentaW86 Oct 01,2021 01:30
how do you kill the big flower in sky garden 2?
#F37RDvhU Sep 30,2021 01:04
Taco BFB
Give me the link to danball gold to find it!!!
#UVsTIoYN Sep 28,2021 19:20
EDIT:it needs a whooping 60000 gold to max everything. Which means i need to kill 300 *seperate* sg2 diamond trees :(
#ozVir1fg Sep 28,2021 07:56
nickname yes, but i maxed it for no reason lol the same with explosion,but at least it can hit some i am at lv 24 stats 1 : 23 lp 23 dodge to tank a lot 2-4 : 7 lp 39 long when i reach lv 27 or more, should i invest sp in short or middle, or just go lp weapons 1. knuckle 5 and soul blade 5 also have light knuckle 1 and range burst 5 for orange big diamond tree. head is knit 4 ball 2 and explosion 2, head is bandana 2 3. lightning ball 4, lightning bolt 4, and headband 5 4. flame bow 4, multiple arrow 4 and work cap
#F37RDvhU Sep 27,2021 23:07
Taco BFB
I want new monsters,weapons and more
#iKiTSJhW Sep 27,2021 07:02
i hope they have an big update watinf for us
#UVsTIoYN Sep 25,2021 18:46
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When im doing a great combo bonus and reached 900 combo,the site suddenly crashed and ruined ALL my progress!!! NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>:(((((((((( The site EXTREMELY unstable,so it's IMPOSSIBLE to form great combos :(
#lmbnBgC8 Sep 24,2021 15:42
one more month and we will get the update we deserved
#UVsTIoYN Sep 22,2021 19:17
Imagine killing 20 orange big diamond trees and its bats,that gives over 40000 gold,but my first problem forced me to give up 1.i do have rgd characters,but they get hit by lots of black pellets lmaolmao. If i dive into water the small fish f me up. Unlike eels,it can't be baited well. Which means... Lots and lots and lots and lots of pellets waiting for me! Took me a onigiri for that xd(thank ya cave3 red boss) 2.diamond tree boss only gives 200 combo bonus gold along with 100 gold by bats,and i need a whooping 30000 gold to max out everything. 3.sand blaster has most dmg now if all hit,but it often get wasted even if the yellow glove touched enemies... Very very awful. Can only attack superbig gels. Like what i said before thundah halberd with laser lance all maxed can make sg2 tree fight easy. Still didnt get other two items after ten tries My stats:(assume at lv31) 1st:10 lp 25 short range 25 physical 2nd:10 lp 25 long range 25 elemental 3rd:same as 2nd 4th:10 lp 25 middle range 25 elemental
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 22,2021 00:27
Also another good start for gold I forgot is to always try to get high combos, you can do this even when you're not actively trying to get gold, I will help alot.
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 22,2021 00:26
I can't give good solutions for all of those problems, but I can help with some of them. 2. Have you tried making an only ranged build (with no fire) and just standing of the shore and shooting at it? Generally thats an easy (but tedious) way to kill it easily. 4. Some enemies I'd recommend for grinding gold are: Diamond Tree Boss, Small Gels, and Big Yellow Gel. There might be some enemies I'm forgetting but I recommend once you're level 20 to start killing the boss over and over to get gold and exp. 6. Don't use sand blaster (lol)
#UVsTIoYN Sep 20,2021 23:18
I got to terrace at lv6 but met lotta problem 1.when i go into a stage,it often dont show and ruin my progress on skipping levels 2.cave4 boss cant be baited and small fish swarm me,boss create tons of pellets not looking forward to grinding diamond trees in sky gardens,u know i often spend 40 tries for a 10% drop rate weapon 4.getting gold is sooo slow so i cant max out weapons 5.sg3 green tree poison tankable with >10 points in hp but i got wrecked up by the little green gels,help me help me 6.sand blaster often hit nothing someone pls reply me
#F37RDvhU Sep 17,2021 21:25
Taco BFB
Please make upgrades of new weapons in sr2
#RTwBhTan Sep 13,2021 12:07
Good bye i lost all my data im unhappy. Bye
#AY0bO6Cs Sep 13,2021 04:42
No audio in this game is pretty frustrating
#7TKmiI5R Sep 06,2021 19:58
Roswaal L Mather
First game was so cool but now.. data change every patch the game lose 25% of block and it's so long for a patch i wait more for another hxh season
#Ur3Qmxvi Aug 31,2021 11:35
bizzare mountain
im leaving danball
#tBLuGNat Aug 31,2021 10:43
its kid of boring ad giddy
#Ur3Qmxvi Aug 30,2021 04:16
bizzare mountain
9 weeks are too long.
#RTwBhTan Aug 29,2021 20:04
#ozVir1fg Aug 29,2021 12:42
i became a endgame player after 2 days
#8CDyAcZq Aug 21,2021 13:38
ha55ii is updating every game on the site to support "smartphone resizing" (whatever that is), working backwards from newest to oldest. If he continues at one game per week, we'll probably see another sr2 update in 9 weeks loooool
#WEL4ZUnn Aug 15,2021 04:15
Will they continue to develop this game? I really like it.
#rYCU1Cw3 Aug 14,2021 03:57
Rocked socks
How many players are there in this game? Just found it on the app store, and i think its great. Love the physics (:
#6gmmQQb2 Aug 11,2021 08:16
@xmdx No, he just took a break from it
#nnsfAra7 Aug 09,2021 15:37
is this game a dead project now? abandoned? too sad...
#jBwPQtF4 Jul 29,2021 13:45
#IPQBFke3 Jul 24,2021 16:31
#jtp8KES0 Jul 20,2021 20:12
China boy-ZYH
@你姐姐 Use appropriate expressions.使用适当的表达式。
#jtp8KES0 Jul 20,2021 20:11
China boy-ZYH
Because I may be cheap, leading to restart
#UVsTIoYN Jul 13,2021 22:08
@blacksmith please join sr1 comment board,there's a mod there.hurry up plz comment there,as long as no one comments there,just post comment! Be quick. Plz help me Find I in lllllIlllllllll Wish ya make l♡ve every day but no babies forever ♡♡♡
#mavRnNRf Jul 12,2021 23:26
port it to mobile please
#mavRnNRf Jul 12,2021 23:25
#UVsTIoYN Jul 04,2021 20:09
be quick it's urge please comment in sr1 comment board,pls be quick(good to post some riddIes) i tried telling other people to do it but no one helps me getting db poop is a complicated process that requires multi steps. Step1 create a account on db step2 email ha55ii and tell him ur ip address. Step3 he will come to your house and spray some poop in ur house&family,do not panic. Step4:u will be asked to perform a poop-eating ritual dont hesitate step5 once its completed he will reward u with some db poop @blacksmith made another joke xd
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 04,2021 03:38
Getting db gold is a complicated process that requires multiple steps. Step 1: Create an account on DB. Step 2: Email ha55ii and tell him your ip address (giving him the addresses of close friends is optional but will increase your chances of getting db gold) Step 3: Ha55ii will come to your house at 3:00 AM and murder your family, do NOT panic, this is a nessacary step in obtaining db gold. Step 4: You will be asked to perform a satanic ritual, do not hesitate. Step 5: Once the summoning of the antichrist is complete, Ha55ii himself will reward you with db gold. By the way please don't actually send anyone your ip address this is just a joke
#UVsTIoYN Jul 03,2021 18:58
plzPlzpLzplZPLzpLZPlZPLZ comment in sr1 comment board(good to post riddles) @blacksmith where to get db gold? Also hard ranger and sr master quest which harder? @blacksmith347 jun 16 a TINY bit annoying,haha lmao xd. It's even more annoying that it makes mobile controls unavailable.
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 01,2021 01:51
Hard Ranger is a very very secret game that only people with Dan-ball Gold Membership can play. Note: It's really hard
#tea4DTAz Jun 29,2021 01:18
oh and wat is Hard Ranger?
#tea4DTAz Jun 29,2021 01:13
go up at the village u see the terrace the end of the game... for now
#UVsTIoYN Jun 21,2021 21:19
Plz comment in sr1 comment board
#yIjRPrJw Jun 21,2021 17:23
Monk Seal
I’m a long time player of Dan ball, and I still play to this day thank you so much for great child hood memory’s and moments. To creators and the people who made this cite thank you
#O6kDAjwH Jun 19,2021 11:56
#UVsTIoYN Jun 17,2021 15:48
agreed @blacksmith347 Also please please comment in sr1 comment board,i really need help it's very urgent for me. I want to post sth for help but there aren't enough comments. Please please pleasepleaseplease Are there any mods in sr2?
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 16,2021 00:32
I've been looking at comments sections for games recently, and a lot of people are really mad about the recent "supports smartphone resizing" updates. I will admit, it is a tiny bit annoying, but I don't think we should be giving so much hate to ha55ii for it. Game developers work REALLY hard on games, and we should respect the amount of time they dedicate to us to make us happy. ha55ii doesn't seem to want to update stick ranger 2 right now, and we should be respectful of that. So please, even if you're annoyed with the small updates the games have been getting recently, don't send hate or make fun of ha55ii, he works really hard for us =)
#nuZwuEd7 Jun 13,2021 04:17
This game is fun but kinda hard! I still haven't beaten the first Stick Ranger.
#4gEKnDUe Jun 11,2021 07:41
bizzare mountain
ha55ii, please fix this game
#wwGKwzNb Jun 08,2021 13:42
There is no save game function, please fix this.
#4gEKnDUe Jun 05,2021 13:54
bizzare mountain
no, but whenever I click on the game two times, it won't let me interact with it.
#6L5SZ7PC Jun 01,2021 10:01
@bizzare mountain I'm not really sure what I could do to help. About half of the games on this site don't work for me either. Is there any reason you might know of as to why your game is not working?
#Fg473InQ Jun 01,2021 04:03
Bug: Does not show Res. label in front of Pos when viewing Green Diamond Tree info.
#4gEKnDUe May 31,2021 12:07
bizzare mountain
please someone help me
#1hcsQjJR May 31,2021 11:46
I unironically love the Shisen-Sho game. I don't know, it just ticks all the boxes for what I was looking for, a very long puzzle with short and long term decision making. I prefer the mobile app for it, it controls a lot better and there's more content in the form of the animal skin and the 0-3 star rankings,
#4gEKnDUe May 29,2021 15:04
bizzare mountain
my game is not working
#LMSWl86S May 29,2021 04:15
power game two
power game two
#c4hc0CRR May 29,2021 04:05
Dragon Archives
#lmbnBgC8 May 28,2021 14:35
big chungus Big Chungus
#WADHhzGI May 27,2021 16:34
big big chungus
#6L5SZ7PC May 22,2021 01:10
looks like we're gonna have smartphone resizing updates for the next 4 months xD (It's not a bad thing, just kind of interesting)
#wyg5gRSJ May 21,2021 21:07
Ok, this is funny. I missed Ham Race.
#4gEKnDUe May 21,2021 15:06
bizzare mountain
there is a bug in the stick ranger 2 game.
#lmbnBgC8 May 21,2021 11:13
please, give a update to this game in this week.
#6L5SZ7PC May 20,2021 23:53
Not sure about this game, but me and the homies are hard at work making a android port for *HARD RANGER!!!*) oh yeah by the way it's really hard.
#ttj1MYU7 May 20,2021 20:10
please make an android port of this game. :)
#6L5SZ7PC May 20,2021 00:47
but *hard ranger* is so freaking hard that even with auto-destroyer the enemies take 17.3 hits to kill.
#OWmW4JjO May 19,2021 16:10
disgrace to the first game. Anyways 100% complete
#KTEzy3qp May 19,2021 05:56
hard ranger will include classes when you start with a character and when you get one. classes: boxer medic priest sniper gunner wizard hacker (special role if you 100% a game)
#KTEzy3qp May 19,2021 05:53
hard ranger's rarest weapon is the auto-destroyer. does 9999999999999999 damage. range is 500
#4gEKnDUe May 19,2021 01:43
bizzare mountain
the game needs an update
#6L5SZ7PC May 17,2021 23:52
also dont worry it will be very hard
#6L5SZ7PC May 17,2021 23:52
guys im making a kickstarter to start updating hard ranger with new amazing features, come to *the website* to donate anywhere between 48 and 53 dollars!
#upanYBcF May 17,2021 13:41
hey why can't i load my save file
#4gEKnDUe May 17,2021 05:07
bizzare mountain
oh it, not frozen but it not working right

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