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#3YRgXiXx Oct 02,2020 02:23
@brahim excellent analysis, sir. this is, in fact, stick ranger 2.
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 01:20
stick ranger 2 (x x (x (x (x (x
#qLAY7qFv Oct 01,2020 23:36
Most fire would throw off the boss quickly. Also the Ha55ii only if ever reads the Japanese board.
#atOHxvjS Oct 01,2020 05:30
mm ideas are fun. first off, genericusers boss idea is similar to forest 6 in SR1, just with weak attacks and teleport instead of a bomb that deletes your men. what i want, is for tree of forget to be at one direction of the crossroads, or for it to be behind the thing that looks like a doorway in cave1 with the bats.
#qReCQO7I Oct 01,2020 03:56
Yes, but that sounds like a whole new major mechanic that should have an area dedicated to it. Maybe a 'dungeon' stage underneath the village with monsters designed to use the stage hazards to their advantage. In fact, that would work with the Dagger Stickman very well. Instead of teleporting randomly, it searches for an active flame geyser and hides behind it.
#hprnLT5m Oct 01,2020 03:36
@genericuser2020 that could be fun, but if we're giving suggestions, I wouldn't mind some stage hazards... boulders, spike traps, fires, lava and/or nitroglycerin from the powder game maybe? it'd be great if it damaged monsters too but it'd be interesting to see a boss built around something like this.
#qReCQO7I Oct 01,2020 01:46
Enemy/boss suggestion that maybe the devs might add: Dagger Stickman. It would appear on the second floor of Sky Garden 3. 150 or 200 health, but resists physical, as well as every element, so it only takes 1 damage from every hit. 2 damage, but attacks very fast. Teleports randomly if it is hit more than 25 times in quick succession. Drops 35 gold. Good idea or terrible idea and why?
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 30,2020 23:55
no legs
thats is debaitable
#PCVAWn4m Sep 30,2020 23:10
why cant we just use arrow keys it is way easier
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 30,2020 20:21
no legs
i have not use a single sp in in my game run
#3YRgXiXx Sep 30,2020 09:43
@LaesOn new final boss leaked
#b7cpOdr4 Sep 30,2020 08:24
The new enemy isn't difficult if you were smart enough to not go for an all-damage team
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 30,2020 08:10
no legs
#3YRgXiXx Sep 30,2020 06:20
Michelle Obama
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 27,2020 22:40
no legs
the new room has a big damage afect and i oftan die
#UVsTIoYN Sep 27,2020 19:10
i find out there is a bug on my screen that makes me often can't control it because this i lost the game in sr1 that makes me mad
#hprnLT5m Sep 27,2020 14:33
The chill effect has a huge effect on the new monster that spews the red X's, generally only manages to cast it once (if at all) against just one stick ranger. That room in general is fun to use the Thunder Halberd in. It's entertaining trying to see how little damage you can suffer from each clear of the room, but I doubt I have the will to farm it enough to reach level 31...
#UVsTIoYN Sep 26,2020 11:25
it is fun trying to dodge the fireballs while not come out the cave. also i meet a bug that causes me can't drag the stickmen so help
#j0enAwGl Sep 26,2020 03:47
Flame Saber + Quick Knuckle All in Short/Energy Each use is x81 burns
#q3W383ab Sep 26,2020 00:42
me when an update comes out: ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
#q3W383ab Sep 26,2020 00:10
the stick creature respawn is nice
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 25,2020 20:44
no legs
well thats is pritty high damage for me
#yUVUJiSa Sep 25,2020 17:28
i like how damage of new enemies is just 1.
#UBiVmWZM Sep 25,2020 14:40
I love the attack effect of this new enemy
#d4uqVE4R Sep 25,2020 11:29
O Diamond Tree of the cave, what is your wisdom? *Oh ouch not the freaking spikey fireball!!!!!*
#BSM2xfyU Sep 25,2020 11:17
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.6 Enemy addition.
#atOHxvjS Sep 25,2020 03:26
There will of course be more maps after SG3, but not yet until its filled with mobs and weapons.
#atOHxvjS Sep 25,2020 03:25
Sky Garden 3 is what is being worked on now, normally each week we get an update, either a new mob that is in the map or a new weapon to get from them. sometimes other mechanics.
#R9xgrSBJ Sep 25,2020 02:49
Is there another cave after sky cave 4? (I think it was 4)
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 24,2020 21:39
no legs
i got arealy high combo but it went back to one
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 24,2020 20:37
no legs
the new mobs are good for grinduing you get a buch of xp the mony multiplyer and money
#q4lAcWNp Sep 23,2020 23:38
I like this game, Enemies are really creative and how they move and stuff, The world just seems alive
#atOHxvjS Sep 23,2020 10:36
also it really hurts to lose 10% when u have 200k xd
#atOHxvjS Sep 23,2020 10:35
usually like the bats will give 1xp if u exceed their level by 10, but u will not be able to exceed the highest level mob on the map by more than 10. aka the tree
#qReCQO7I Sep 23,2020 10:20
@djradnad I don't know, but I somehow ended up at that level. What I noticed was that every single enemy, including the giant tree boss, only gave a single experience point, but by excessive grinding while I had nothing else to do, I ended up at level 31, and nearly 30% of the way through it as well, with over 200,000 gold stocked up.
#pWtx510j Sep 23,2020 09:02
Actually it does 360-539 now but I did it by getting to level 30, maxing out said bash, and spending SP on nothing but an even distribution between physical and short range (29 each)
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 23,2020 07:22
no legs
#pWtx510j Sep 23,2020 06:01
My bash does 345-518 damage :)
#atOHxvjS Sep 22,2020 19:37
@genericuser2020 whadya mean lvl 31, u can only get to lvl 30 rn. xd
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 22,2020 06:20
no legs
Code_VECBGP2G i mean every thing i had is gone and i have nothing left
#qLAY7qFv Sep 22,2020 05:45
Quick Knuckle + Explosion. All in Long Energy
#6L5SZ7PC Sep 22,2020 02:45
@genericuser2020 I had the same thing happen to me and I just had to restart my game since I couldn't figure out a way to sign out, sorry :(
#qReCQO7I Sep 22,2020 00:55
Does anyone know of a way to edit saves in this game? When I created my account, it deleted my preexisting save, and I really want a way to get it back, I had all the items at max level and I was level 31.
#q3W383ab Sep 21,2020 21:29
what do you mean you lost all your progress
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 21,2020 20:35
no legs
who is logged in cause i lost all my progress can someone help me?
#mRwW4Ojt Sep 21,2020 01:15
#KBFOPSaJ Sep 19,2020 23:50
In the below comment I was using google lol
#OEjOV0Oz Sep 19,2020 06:15
Remember that this is 1 or 2 people making weekly updates
#MnC9DOeH Sep 19,2020 03:07
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 02:54
no legs
#MnC9DOeH Sep 19,2020 01:58
Has the terraced cave's torch trap always been able to spawn a Big Yellow Slime? usually it spawns a bunch of small ones but one time i spawned a big one ((after clicking all but one of the wall gold specks))
#W4bqQdTS Sep 18,2020 12:07
This is a very satisfying enemy to clear out
#BSM2xfyU Sep 18,2020 11:36
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.5 Enemy addition.
#yXUuNht9 Sep 18,2020 00:01
i hope there is apk on android for stick ranger 2. willing to pay if needed too.
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 17,2020 20:07
no legs
okay i need to make a speech for sand piel and if you are a kid do not go there or you will regret it
#atOHxvjS Sep 17,2020 14:47
djradnad glad that items *probably* wont fall into the abyss in sky 3 xd
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 16,2020 12:34
no legs
Hey i need help making a speech
#q3W383ab Sep 15,2020 21:31
spamming revive lol
#UVsTIoYN Sep 15,2020 19:30
how do i get past hell castle in sr1
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 13,2020 04:30
no legs
how to i chancg the code in stick ranger 1 such as one shot arrow shoots one millian
#q3W383ab Sep 13,2020 02:26
I've just started playing sr 2 and finished sr1, for my 2 years of using this website I was on powder game 2 and didn't know this game existed so no I haven't. I forgot that this game isn't really that well known and as a result, doesn't have a lot playing it but its still gloomy to know that updates are slow
#KBFOPSaJ Sep 13,2020 00:34
@Code_VECBGP2G Have you not been around long? Next friday we'll most likely get monsters for it.
#q3W383ab Sep 12,2020 23:58
I don't see much of a point in adding a stage with nothing in it kind of a disappointing thing tbh but I guess that's my opinion
#0gYQZ1x3 Sep 12,2020 17:17
@Code_VECBGP2G There never are any monsters when they first make a level.
#hprnLT5m Sep 12,2020 03:58
The fireball weapon will probably be useful for whatever spawns in the pit-shaped section of this new zone
#q3W383ab Sep 12,2020 03:49
sky garden 3 is cool and all but i dont see any enemies and the bestiary doesn't show any monsters in the stage either.
#pWtx510j Sep 12,2020 02:34
Oh yeah Sky Garden 3 let's GOOOOO!
#oEADYId4 Sep 12,2020 01:58
@cool cat Ok first kill enough green blobs to get the Bash & Sword then kill enough blue ones to get the SPear then you’ll be able to do damage without getting hit then go into Cave 2 and try to keep you distance while poking them.
#kO70n9dy Sep 12,2020 00:58
cool cat
its so hard how do you beat level two!!!!!! :#
#BvFg7QsG Sep 11,2020 22:58
Powder toy boy
Sky Garden 3 is nearly perfect for the new fire weapon! Long flat ground!
#qDJ7l8wD Sep 11,2020 22:46
I immediately hate the floating torch on Sky Garden 3.
#BSM2xfyU Sep 11,2020 22:30
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.4 Map addition.
#wosqQwDw Sep 11,2020 21:59
ha55ii didn't post it, so I'll do it for him: Stick Ranger 2 ver10.4 Map addition.
#wQBsFcKq Sep 11,2020 00:06
Powder toy boy
This new fire weapon is very nice! Not that good, but still great. Love how it holds its potential energy. High ground is the key here.
#hprnLT5m Sep 08,2020 19:44
@phdanielli What is your screen's refresh rate? The game's FPS may be limited by your hardware or computer's software, but one thing I can tell you is that the FPS will mirror your screen's refresh rate if it's capable of doing so. 40hz = 40fps, 60hz = 60fps, etc etc
#ziJgJPrk Sep 07,2020 12:31
the game still suffers major performance issues that causes dragging problems
#ziJgJPrk Sep 06,2020 13:25
after some painful experience trying to get halberd, the halberd can actually make it very easy to survvive solo'ing the boss that drops said halberd, making farming it rather pleasant. the game feels a lot less frustrating now.
#UVsTIoYN Sep 06,2020 10:41
go to sr1 comment board
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 06,2020 08:34
no legs
I got the rsrm mod butt it do not work
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 06,2020 03:02
no legs
i was getting bats and i got the fire arrow but it fell in to the abis
#pWtx510j Sep 05,2020 07:36
Love the weapon, its really powerful! Interesting that they would add a weapon that has the same effect as the fire flower from Mario on the same day that Nintendo celebrates the 35th anniversary of Mario...
#hprnLT5m Sep 04,2020 15:04
#BSM2xfyU Sep 04,2020 14:31
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.3 Weapon addition.
#atOHxvjS Sep 04,2020 12:21
also, if u really have trouble u can always just eat some onigiris and replenish them at the inn. should be easy enough with those :)
#atOHxvjS Sep 04,2020 12:19
normal way, i use spears and a guy with explosion and just keep dodging the things... Quick way, i usea guy with light knuckles and sand blaster.
#Z6Fq2FnQ Sep 04,2020 12:15
How do you deafest plant thing sky garden 2
#UVsTIoYN Sep 03,2020 20:19
yes it is a good weapon also any tips for hell castle in sr1
#pWtx510j Sep 02,2020 06:34
Awesome job! That must have took a lot of work. My highest level i've reached is 27
#hprnLT5m Sep 01,2020 19:43
I finally reached level 30 today. Many, many, many first-cycle boss kills.
#UBiVmWZM Aug 31,2020 13:06
This weapon is amazing! One thing I don't like about it though is that its doesn't do damage as rapidly as @xmx90 said. Agree 100% with him.
#H0jhZW27 Aug 29,2020 02:16
Powder toy boy
Nice to have finally a new +2 long mag weapon for full long mag team. This new fire bow seems very useful against big swarms of flying enemies.
#973go7Gm Aug 29,2020 00:44
can i get an import code my game was lost
#CVZm0YEc Aug 28,2020 22:17
Nice weapon, but not outstanding. I prefer light knuckle + explosion.
#hprnLT5m Aug 28,2020 22:05
I have to say, though - I find this weapon to be underwhelming (as far as damage per second). The arrow doesn't seem to apply its damage very consistently or rapidly (much slower than the flame clouds from other weapon effects). Still, a nice update.
#hprnLT5m Aug 28,2020 21:42
Very cool weapon. FYI, this does drop from the bats spawned by the boss - you do not have to farm the three that are initially spawned in the area.
#BSM2xfyU Aug 28,2020 13:18
Stick Ranger 2 ver10.2 Weapon addition.
#Lna4Syfj Aug 27,2020 21:58
nickname the section over there is quite quiet which is why i am doing it here
#AU31Bvmx Aug 27,2020 19:56
i got all the 3 hard weapones from the first time with the boss i am extreme lucky
#UVsTIoYN Aug 25,2020 18:22
go to sr1 comment board
#YYrGc6QL Aug 25,2020 01:04
Hey I’m the orginal

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