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#h8YNiNNq Apr 02,2020 00:58
The game saves every time you enter a new screen. So if you want to "save" the game, just teleport to villiage.
#mHNhslRH Apr 01,2020 11:32
Yes @HyperFox, it does autosave.
#MsgqDSvX Apr 01,2020 11:14
does this game autosave? also i hope this game appears in the google play store some day! thanks! *wags his tail*
#h8YNiNNq Apr 01,2020 04:03
There are only 6 areas currently, the game is updated every friday and is slowly filling with content
#Gwwl8UIr Apr 01,2020 02:56
Peppy Zeppy
Am I missing something or are there only 6 areas?
#yvUcxbEY Mar 31,2020 05:49
DPS*? The new weapons do not focus too hard on 1 enemy either, and the Iron Spear/Sword aren't too powerful.
#yvUcxbEY Mar 31,2020 05:46
Is the Flame Slayer still the best D.rf5
#h6OSOFEX Mar 30,2020 04:20
No name
@Someone They're called gold spots. Also nice job!
#mHNhslRH Mar 29,2020 15:12
I just got 2 100s from the gold on the walls (I forgot their name) twice in a row! Btw great update!
#1yL2PG7B Mar 27,2020 23:42
At last! Auto move toggle!
#nYccrNE1 Mar 27,2020 14:04
much needed update thank you very much
#h8YNiNNq Mar 27,2020 12:42
Well, this negates anything negative that people had to say about sky garden, now the stickmen won't walk off cliffs! This is an amazing addition, this allows us much more customization to our strategy! We can make certain stickmen not move, while making other do so. Also sky garden is much more playable now.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 27,2020 11:34
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.0 Option addition. Auto move Cliff stop
#3K4eFrxU Mar 26,2020 21:51
If you want to put your dps to the maximum, you have to divide SP into range damage and type damage. For example, a LV 25 stickman with 24 point on short and 24 point on physical will deal 1x(100%+5%x24)x(100%+5%x24) = 484% damage, which make an iron sword's status comes to 116-130. It is not so efficient that only invest SP on one ability.
#xLmv5QG7 Mar 26,2020 19:24
I did that and is very OP but you have to put your LP based Stickman to tank all the mob and in SR2 it's hard to do it. I think it's not worth, at least in the early game. Let's see in the next updates if it gets better.
#ijqTxgrC Mar 26,2020 02:45
@Dave dood In my personal opinion, splitting SP between physical/elemental and short/medium/long isn't terribly great because you're reducing the maximum DPS they can achieve. You don't have to worry about variety, since you have four stickmen to cover all your bases with. I personally like to designate one stickman to only spend SP in upping LP (designated "LP sink" that sits in the back and soaks up damage), then designate the other three to be entirely dedicated to a single range (one short, one middle, one long). This gives you a wide variety of positions to work with.
#NAVXRO7r Mar 24,2020 04:15
Dave dood
When upgrading stickmen, is there any reason to upgrade both physical/elemental AND a range (short/middle/long)? For example, if I have a stickman with physical upgraded 16 times and a short weapon, would they deal as much damage as another stickman with the same weapon and physical and short range upgraded 8 times each? I ask because so far it seems like a good idea to only upgrade physical/elemental, so you can easily adjust the range of your team's weapons as needed.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 23,2020 10:01
And also said boss is able to use the same weapons that you've accumulated through the game but to a greater extent, example: flying while using the soul blade to send bullets everywhere toward the stickmen.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 23,2020 10:00
Idea: The final boss is a possesed stickman and once you defeat him, you get the 5th stickman
#nYccrNE1 Mar 23,2020 07:47
@dominic035 the 5th stickman doesn't exist, because the description of the game says its only 4 stickmen... unless?
#kNgOitWx Mar 23,2020 02:23
But what happens if i delete my browser history or something like that? Is my progress lost forever? Yesterday i tried to log in on a different pc, but it said "start new game". Thanks for the help again.
#1yL2PG7B Mar 23,2020 00:33
@Marx2077: it auto-saves between levels @All: Do you think there might be a 5th stickman? The ones in the title are off center and there is a perfect space in the status bar for a fifth one. Hmm...
#kNgOitWx Mar 22,2020 22:42
Hey, i used to play stick ranger 1 a lot, and i had plenty of saved games, Question is, how do i save in this version of the game? Thanks
#h6OSOFEX Mar 22,2020 15:57
No name
That's not a bad idea, @dominic035. Rhythm editor supported sound, why not stick ranger 2?
#22VSMQpb Mar 22,2020 07:17
When you click on coins, when they’re in a wall it causes quite a bit of lag
#1yL2PG7B Mar 22,2020 00:59
Here's an idea: Add... SOUND! Music and sound effects and stuff. :)
#VxDxEoOP Mar 22,2020 00:05
1. I have no idea what the quickest way to clear sky garden is... however 2. If you just take off all their weapons so they don't move, and juggle a guy with light glove and range attack glove, you are bound to get very good at juggling
#yGxJlzsF Mar 21,2020 11:21
Equip one stick ranger with lightning shot and lightning orb, go to Sky Garden, drag the other 3 stick rangers to safety (big floating island) and toss the one stick ranger around. Very effective and can wipe out the entire swarm in seconds with little damage.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 21,2020 04:55
@Blacksmith347 conspiracy theorem
#N7G8QIyL Mar 21,2020 04:31
@LaesOn No extreme stats, just level 22. Soul blade really is great for the bosses though, makes it simple.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 21,2020 03:14
Anybody else here noticing a pattern? The last two weapons that have been added were white, the past 3 enemies that have been added were white, the most recent hat that was added was white (Silk Hat)
#nYccrNE1 Mar 21,2020 02:38
@Wood Extreme strats.
#5cuuoQd4 Mar 21,2020 02:17
On level 6, throw all your dudes in the left "bucket" so they don't fall off cliff. Equip one ranger with a Soul Blade. Click and drag him into action, don't let go. Just float him around and let him kill everything. You can wipe out all the bats with less than 25 HP lost. Yes, all 100 of them, one person.
#3K4eFrxU Mar 20,2020 23:18
And I think I found the usage of soul blade. You can use it to set off fireworks in Sky Garden ... for fun. It is no doubt that Lightning Shot + Lightning Orb can kill the new bats the fastest.
#3K4eFrxU Mar 20,2020 23:06
My stickmen need to turn off the auto move...
#h8YNiNNq Mar 20,2020 13:09
Wow these things are cool! I like how they can drop between 1-3 gold, and I love the respawning mechanic. I counted them and there are a total of 100 bats to kill before the screen is wiped of them. Because they have the entire area to roam, and because there are 100 of them total, they are definitely going to make beating the screen as a whole a lot harder. I like these little guys :)
#mZN6k4jX Mar 20,2020 12:48
I really hope that the stick rangers walking off the side constantly is a bug
#nYccrNE1 Mar 20,2020 12:05
nice enemy. very cute. very dangerous.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 20,2020 11:43
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.9 Enemy addition.
#b7cpOdr4 Mar 19,2020 04:22
Something happened to my save file. This time, it really hurt, because it was a 100% completion file. I had all items unlocked and upgraded to max level, my party was at level 25, and all monsters were recorded in the encyclopedia. Is there any way for me to save my data in this game? I'm tired of this happening.
#yvUcxbEY Mar 19,2020 01:18
A weapon which actually makes a Barrage would fire like 'Blizzard', but fires from the user, in a direction.
#KIzf0AkS Mar 18,2020 11:20
So... how do you get better at this game?
#yGxJlzsF Mar 15,2020 04:56
@Dave dood Make sure you're using it on a stick ranger with a high middle attack and physical attack. Works best with star lance (unless there's something better you have).
#NAVXRO7r Mar 15,2020 03:19
Dave dood
It seems that the iron sword is way better than the barrage spear... Or perhaps I'm using the barrage spear wrong? Any tips, anyone?
#qK50bFMz Mar 13,2020 13:37
@No name, easiest way is to unlock all monster info, which shows you what loot it drops.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 13,2020 11:57
the new weapon doesn't look strong enough to destroy an army of green martians, so 0.45/10 from me dawg, GREY martians on the other hand are far too weak against this spear sent to us from Jesus himself. this spear, nay, this physical embodiment of the answer to the universe, can devastate a grey martian colony just by showing it to them. the new spear is upgraded to ∞/10
#PzJX09Rg Mar 13,2020 11:47
wow the new weapon is so op
#BSM2xfyU Mar 13,2020 11:29
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.8 Weapon addition.
#h6OSOFEX Mar 13,2020 06:35
No name
Does anyone know where to find the new weapon?
#FFoayhc1 Mar 12,2020 21:58
so i think the golden monster that drops 150 drops it more often the faster you kill it from exactly when it spawns because I have gotten it up to four times in a row i think its just timing
#yUVUJiSa Mar 10,2020 22:07
@StrayaFailure oh ok cool.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 10,2020 05:59
Make sure to write in japanese.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 10,2020 05:59
@mx90 try using this: to report the issue.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 09,2020 21:51
I'm really liking my melee build that I made, heres what everyone has equipped: Power Glove/Bash, Glove/Range Attack, Light Glove/Firecracker, Iron Sword/Slash. Note that all weapons listed are maxed out.
#jvhqlPQz Mar 09,2020 18:27
Dear ha55ii My save file was deleted, never reset my browser or anything and I never logged out of the site. Is there any way to recover the file? ファイルを回復する方法はありますか? If not, I will not be following further updates for some time. Good luck. @ha55ii
#jvhqlPQz Mar 09,2020 18:25
wtf... my save was deleted, but i never got logged out. incredibly disappointing.
#oZFib1UO Mar 09,2020 16:15
In terms of DPS, iron sword is slightly outmatched by power glove in single DPS (76.5 vs 84), but it can hit two enemies, has longer range, and charges 50% faster, still a bit slower than the mach punch (4 vs 6 vs 7.5). It might still be outpaced by flame slayer and mach for bossing, esp considering 15 doesn't go into 2 ( ): ) meaning it takes 8 attacks instead of 7.5. This would put it at 2.67 seconds betwixt activations, compared to 2 for mach glove. definitely useful against groups and short range gels however.
#oZFib1UO Mar 09,2020 14:55
@sabin2005 when you bring all of your stickmen into the cave, 14 more skull stickmen spawn on the platform above. You've probably gotten it already, but hindsight is 2020.
#hmudlbi1 Mar 08,2020 23:54
Я люблю stick ranger где кнопка скачать?
#h8YNiNNq Mar 08,2020 12:41
Hooray! I reached the max level (25) on stick ranger 2! My stats for all my stickmen are 18 points into LP and 30 points into Short Attack.
#yUVUJiSa Mar 06,2020 23:52
with one enemy is hard to get iron sword.
#3W9vPk2s Mar 06,2020 22:56
is the new sword good or bad? i dont now
#nYccrNE1 Mar 06,2020 20:30
but sometimes i remember i forgot to upgrade.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 06,2020 20:29
sometimes i think a new weapon is garbage
#h6OSOFEX Mar 06,2020 15:43
No name
Hey, where do you get the new weapon from? I can't seem to find it.
#h8YNiNNq Mar 06,2020 12:27
Wow, I love this new weapon! I recently started a profile that only uses melee weapons and this addition really shows how strong they can be! With a range of 24 like the normal sword and a double hit, it is much better at hitting enemies than other melee options. It also hits REALLY hard once you've maxed it out. It also combos great with Slash because of that +2 charge. I've loved the last two weapons that have been added, they really do seem to be on another level than the weapons we've always used in the past. Thank you Ha55ii!
#mZN6k4jX Mar 06,2020 12:22
@powder toy boy, go to the terraced cave and click all the torches on the right, then bring a stickman over to that area. clicking out all 5 torches will spawn the small yellow slimes. if you want to grind money, i suggest leaving one torch and moving your stickmen there, as it will spawn a big yellow slime that can drop 150 gold.
#BSM2xfyU Mar 06,2020 12:07
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.7 Weapon addition.
#dDdE4Ha4 Mar 03,2020 01:27
anyone know how to download this to play offline? ill be without wi-fi for a week soon and would love to play while without it..
#5bXGgjiZ Mar 03,2020 01:01
Powder toy boy
Where do the lvl 13 yellow mid size blobs spawn? I haven't seen any. I'm still missing the light bow.
#yGxJlzsF Mar 02,2020 09:57
Max new weapon + Lightning Orb = OP unstoppable cloud of lightning. Don't use it unless it's maxed out though.
#YRWKWz7A Mar 02,2020 04:41
Dowload for me
#96Hxvvj3 Mar 01,2020 02:41
Hello guys
#3K4eFrxU Feb 29,2020 20:39
Lightning shot goes well with those strong charge weapons, such as poison arrow, lightning orb, and ice bomb. It is really not worthy to combine lightning shot with star lance.
#1EMKllQS Feb 29,2020 06:00
The Sticks got no aim with new weapon... One shot goes to the sky the other bonces off the groun d right infront and then flies to sky
#27KiFPua Feb 29,2020 04:23
Now as of ver7.6 i have maxed upgraded every piece of equipment it wasnt hard this game goes at a very slow pace...
#h8YNiNNq Feb 28,2020 23:22
Wow I think we have a competetor to lightning spear as the best arm in the game!
#yUVUJiSa Feb 28,2020 19:14
max = op as frick.
#h8YNiNNq Feb 28,2020 12:35
I maxed out the weapon and it is super good when combined with a maxed out star lance. Like seriously, try using both lighting shot and star lance and have them both maxed out, then shake in a little elemental damage boost and you have a really powerful set-up!
#nYccrNE1 Feb 28,2020 11:56
new weapon is eh.
#BSM2xfyU Feb 28,2020 11:38
Stick Ranger 2 ver7.6 Weapon addition.
#wQBsFcKq Feb 27,2020 23:45
Powder toy boy
Seems like the best team is made by upgrading only LONG ATTACK and ELEMENTAL. There is still that holy STAR LANCE which is sadly MIDDLE ATTACK... Maybe the long range team needs one stickman with MIDDLE ATTACK + ELEMENTAL...
#yGxJlzsF Feb 27,2020 09:45
@Ziggzu @Killjoy4fun There's a way (it's a bit complicated though so I only do it once every few days). This is guaranteed to work on PC Chrome, not so sure about other browsers. Ctrl-shift-i (inspect/devtools) >> Application tab (you may need to click on the ">>" arrow if your screen is small) >> Local Storage >> button on dropdown (should be only button) >> Double click the "Value" column for the "ranger2" row >> Copy (control c) >> Paste (ctrl v) it onto a text document (like Google Docs), To restore to the same thing but instead paste it instead of copying the value column/ranger2 row
#nYccrNE1 Feb 27,2020 09:41
im level 25 now. feels nice
#BhCO5J8D Feb 26,2020 22:06
An Oldish Fan
I'm really loving the new game, I couldn't get much anywhere in the first, but that's because I was like eight or something in it's hayday and didn't know how to play games that required. . . you know, thinking. 9/10: Even with the unpolished corners and empty areas, it's still really fun and the fact that it's in active development makes me really excited for the future. PS. A check box next to items in the bestiary that gets checked when the item is collected would help a lot for hoarders like me.
#OkEUnDog Feb 26,2020 00:18
Great game so far, please add a save function like in Stick Ranger 1!
#UUc2lsbU Feb 25,2020 14:37
There should be a way u can save you game so you can pull up your progress anytime iv played though 5 times i play at work so gotta start over each time haha! but next day at work it starts over maybe put a code in that loads your game... something im sure when the game gets deeper in with updates it will be more of an issue. i still play new games every day lol.
#ZS7mJYYq Feb 25,2020 02:37
#JUUxGCpR Feb 23,2020 05:48
What are the little treasure boxes left over? Can they be opened?
#yUVUJiSa Feb 22,2020 23:36
ohh ok now that make sense.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 22,2020 12:37
to get more skull stickmen to spawn, throw your all of your stick dudes (or dudettes) in the chamber with the hanging skull guy, then they will spawn on the bridge.
#h8YNiNNq Feb 22,2020 07:09
Thats good to know, I thought the developers just made a troll enemy
#nYccrNE1 Feb 22,2020 06:34
i only get one of them :/
#NAVXRO7r Feb 22,2020 04:12
Dave dood
Apparently more of the white skull stickmen are supposed to spawn if you HAVEN'T defeated the upside-down white skull tree... But shouldn't there be a way to spawn more and/or tougher enemies after you've defeated the bosses since your team would be stronger by that point anyways? In case the white skull stick will be changed to drop a weapon, I hope there will be a way to spawn more than just the one so getting it would be easier :/
#fyGFPBEo Feb 22,2020 00:50
this is the third time i lose my data on my pc:(
#Hs5c0F4q Feb 21,2020 23:06
not trying to give away too much, but you can get a whole crowd of them
#ra1DWbh0 Feb 21,2020 21:43
mega KOT
why it only one not respawing guy there trough?
#yUVUJiSa Feb 21,2020 15:57
omg this enemy is like the most powerful ever like i can even beat it so easily :^)
#h8YNiNNq Feb 21,2020 11:20
Well... it's kind of funny but it is a little dissapointing, but thats okay! I'm sure sky garden is gonna be great :)
#h8YNiNNq Feb 21,2020 11:16
This guy is the strongest enemy in the game can somebody plz help

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