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#LR4B7bli Jan 19,2021 00:41
how ta a gave 3 rize
#m1kuC9HR Jan 18,2021 06:34
bizzare mountain
so the gun is coming back
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 18,2021 05:01
It upsets me how little attention the Middle-ranged class receives. The class has a total of only 7 weapons, while the Short-ranged class has 20, and all of the rest of the weapons belong to the Long-ranged class. There were sprites for gun weapons that were leaked, most of which if not all would fall into the Middle-ranged category, but for some reason they have never bothered with actually making any of these. At the same time there is no elemental choices for the Middle-ranged class other than Lightning. If the class simply had more weapons to choose from, it wouldn't matter so much whether the latest new Middle-ranged weapon like Star Lance or Laser Lance is a major disappointment or not, because we'd actually have options to choose from.
#ipZbH2aB Jan 18,2021 00:26
Best game action game of site
#m1kuC9HR Jan 17,2021 17:42
bizzare mountain
we need faster updates
#4l3ts1h2 Jan 16,2021 17:39
oh no, I broke my computer and now I need to everything agian
#YWdHnIU3 Jan 16,2021 14:26
hmm... is it bug or something? i have to click option button to use shortcut key...
#m1kuC9HR Jan 16,2021 12:11
ok fine then but they could add the gun back
#sAb3MNxC Jan 16,2021 09:04
how about lets focus on adding the actual monsters and weapons for this area and maybe the terrace before adding another one
#m1kuC9HR Jan 16,2021 07:48
can we get a new area for the next update?
#osYRY6uQ Jan 15,2021 21:25
@jucy the inn gives all your stickmen full health
#UVsTIoYN Jan 15,2021 17:44
nickname! to open the menu without shortcut keys?i am on mobile
#6L5SZ7PC Jan 15,2021 13:35
Cool update! Headband is a pretty good spiritual successor to Headband.
#YWdHnIU3 Jan 15,2021 13:33
i already got new headband max level
#H9vOFCdB Jan 15,2021 12:44
Stick Ranger 2 ver12.1 Armor addition. Shortcut key (open / close menu with space key)
#PlCSxd2i Jan 15,2021 04:42
what does the inn do
#UVsTIoYN Jan 12,2021 18:24
@hungdeptrai07 if you got data from export button before then paste the data into import.but if u didn't all i can say
#0IzDJtlO Jan 11,2021 13:17
oh no i got str err and then i lost my dât noooooooooooooooo
#vCyA82AN Jan 09,2021 13:15
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 09,2021 08:07
@BONKURA Yes, if you kill a monster that is 10 levels below in any area, as long as that area has at least one other monster that isn't 10 levels below, then you will get 1 XP instead of 0 XP from it. I don't know what to think of the 1 XP thing, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a glitch that hasn't been resolved
#ciLqYXXe Jan 09,2021 03:24
nevermind, i was able to get it back by using a backup from a month ago, but I guess I've lost a month of progress :')
#ciLqYXXe Jan 09,2021 03:22
my save is gone. what gives?
#v7jcELvo Jan 09,2021 02:51
yo bro I think there is a bug on the gained exp... I only got exactly 1 point exp after slaying the monsters...the 2000 exps big boss is included. However, the latest monster(the red one) is the exception, the gained experience is normal as the book showed.
#v7jcELvo Jan 09,2021 02:40
Well, I am now 30 lv, it's boring when you slay the same big boss, again and again, then you just get a tiny experience though.
#CiLVqmQT Jan 08,2021 17:34
why does it gives 2 golds only ?
#lmbnBgC8 Jan 08,2021 11:52
ya! you can now grind up to lv 32
#BSM2xfyU Jan 08,2021 11:24
Stick Ranger 2 ver12.0 Enemy addition.
#YWdHnIU3 Jan 08,2021 11:03
wHerE'S tHE nEw uPDatE?
#YWdHnIU3 Jan 08,2021 11:02
i think thunder halberd is good for sky garden 2 down boss to get pretty lot of money
#8mdDZnNZ Jan 08,2021 02:19
Boiled Potato #2
Welp, i reset my cookies, now my save is gone...
#h82gV0uF Jan 07,2021 02:46
I think the best xp/gold farm is probably upper caves
#h82gV0uF Jan 07,2021 02:36
Barrage spear + Star lance = pure chaos
#Cmy0tYfl Jan 06,2021 03:21
Guys i know how to get the ligth bow and where to find the mob that drop it. youd have to go to the terace and there to the right of the map there should be a tiki torch with golden carvings in the background. if you click on them they should drop coin. click on them ore's but leave one on the wall. then move a stickman to the torch. and see for yourself;)
#aBMGeZpA Jan 04,2021 23:49
i mean most people do take a day or a week off work to spend time with their families
#CiLVqmQT Jan 03,2021 16:36
i like how he never update when there is a new year, he only update on friday even if it's friday while is new year he still doesn't.
#UVsTIoYN Jan 02,2021 14:27
5th comment of 2021:) @qwer463 me too
#YWdHnIU3 Jan 02,2021 13:31
i want a new update (- -)
#cjZGy3LO Jan 02,2021 11:57
Happy new year!!
#pWtx510j Jan 01,2021 12:54
Happy new years! =)
#lmbnBgC8 Jan 01,2021 12:51
Happy New Year everyone!
#dgTcalMl Dec 31,2020 07:44
danstroyer I cut it badly and made it part of the joke look at me I'm creative
#mKeZwsIb Dec 28,2020 08:50
Finally! lv30!
#mKeZwsIb Dec 28,2020 08:48
finally i got 30lv
#pZZNvUC0 Dec 28,2020 04:45
Those were the leaks I was talking about, such as my brick block post that got deleted by ha55ii a few hours after I made it.
#2L6C3FX9 Dec 28,2020 01:14
Kinsmen Academy
so what about it
#xcOCYfdq Dec 27,2020 16:08
i found this ;)
#qReCQO7I Dec 27,2020 09:42
I don't know, I got to level 31 before the new enemy while gold farming (I'm still on 1.17 to avoid loving my clear bonus. 22.34 clear bonus with 2 onigiri remaining and pretty good health. On second thought, maybe I have been spending an unreasonable amount of time practicing Sky Garden 3.)
#OJX0SEbJ Dec 27,2020 08:32
Expecting to go beyond level 30 right now is a little unrealistic, unless you want to spend several hours grinding. 30 itself is realistic but takes a while. I'm 80% of the way there.
#xcOCYfdq Dec 26,2020 20:34
i maxed out evry thing but light knuckle is so expensive >:(
#0IzDJtlO Dec 26,2020 12:38
hey im lv 26
#CiLVqmQT Dec 25,2020 17:08
and i'm back again, it's sabin2005 again, ffs.
#xcOCYfdq Dec 25,2020 15:59
im at 29lv you?
#BSM2xfyU Dec 25,2020 12:20
Stick Ranger 2 ver11.9 Enemy addition.
#2L6C3FX9 Dec 25,2020 07:30
Kinsmen Academy
#LtEZZcGM Dec 25,2020 06:25
Does anyone have any tips for good weapon combinations for the stick ranger? I'm kinda having a hard time choosing what weapons to use for many enemies...
#MY3YYjXs Dec 24,2020 21:23
I want another update :P
#xcOCYfdq Dec 24,2020 16:29
And enchanting will be good too like adding your tools power+%20 or adding your hats special powers like +30 attack damage when you fight with a boss
#xcOCYfdq Dec 24,2020 16:08
I think adding a secret enter on waterfalls in caves would be good
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 23,2020 03:50
Now that I think of it, adding a forget tree now would be a great idea. All you need to do to access the terrace is to beat the fish boss and then I'm pretty sure that you can just head straight to terrace. I doubt people would get stuck before at least killing the fish boss so now would be a pretty good time to add the forget tree before the game's difficulty spikes up to the point of people getting stuck.
#2L6C3FX9 Dec 22,2020 12:38
Kinsmen Academy
the election, covid, me, minecraft 1.17, black lives matter, the end of society that we know it
#CIYpvcuG Dec 22,2020 08:14
Dan ball
What’s new
#CIYpvcuG Dec 22,2020 08:12
#ZtaXcROt Dec 22,2020 03:43
Lightning Lord
Im certain there will be a forget tree like function. If it anything like SR1 it'll be mid-end game.
#u2BN9NoR Dec 20,2020 16:22
Most of SR2 feels more flexible than SR1, but in stats you now have 6 possible type combinations to spec into, so you give up some potential DPS by not compounding them or you risk a draught of viable weapons later on if you do. E.G. the only mid phys charge is from the start of the game. For that reason I wouldn't mind a forget tree, lean more into the tactical mix and match gameplay.
#MY3YYjXs Dec 20,2020 10:56
yay i can go sky garden 3 without damage
#MY3YYjXs Dec 20,2020 10:55
my latest comment says click gold ore 4 times and the big yellow blob will appear and that monster will drop that
#OJX0SEbJ Dec 20,2020 09:01
Player freedom will *always* beat not having it. Having such a feature earlier will allow the game to become more accessable for those that need it and doesn't negatively impact those that don't need it.
#pWtx510j Dec 20,2020 07:35
Yeah, you're right. I'm just a bit of a masochist so I sort of like not being able to change my stats? It gives your desicions a lot more weight in my opinion, but it is important that a function like that exists so that people don't get stuck.
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 20,2020 07:08
A Forget Tree function at this point would be more than welcome. Because if you spent any SP in the wrong category by accident in the first Stick Ranger, or simply wanted to change from an early-game approach to a late-game one, you needed to shell up an extraordinary amount of cash due to all the SP you spent up until that point in time. In the first Stick Ranger, you had to compose a team well enough to beat everything until the final Forest stages, and if you couldn't do that but got really close (like stuck somewhere in Snowfield, or even worse, the late Forest stages), there was nothing you could do to adjust your team to make it good enough to work. Having a Forget Tree function after Sky Garden would prevent the player from becoming stuck and unable to continue which would lead to a forced reset.
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 20,2020 05:50
I actually disagree with having a forget tree this early in the game. In stick ranger 1, the forget tree was unlocked at pretty close to the end of the game, so considering this game has a pretty similar progression system to stick ranger 1, it is not likely that the new building will be a forget tree style thing. Also, I just think it's too early in the game for something that powerful.
#0IzDJtlO Dec 19,2020 23:55
the terrace is so empty lol
#AU31Bvmx Dec 19,2020 21:48
they must add a way to rest skill points
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 19,2020 17:35
So, it was just an artistic decision after all... No matter. The Terrace acts as a connection to the Village for easy travel, much like Central Cavity. There is no portal to take you up to the Terrace, but you can fling your stickmen into the top border from the Village and find your team on that landing platform at the Terrace. I have tested it, and this route of travel only opens up once you've reached the Terrace from Upper Cave the first time, so you can't sequence break and enjoy Sky Garden with one character.
#c8ZBQMge Dec 19,2020 10:44
@qwer463, thank you kind stranger.^_^
#MY3YYjXs Dec 19,2020 08:33
i didnt know i can mine gold
#MY3YYjXs Dec 19,2020 08:33
@ATOM go to terraced cave and click the gold ore 4 tomes and move stickman to right and the monster will drop light bow
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 19,2020 07:00
It's surprising that no one has talked about the building in terrace that has the same shape as the inn and smith in village. I personally think it's very interesting. My speculation is that the building might be a shop, where you can buy items and weapons from areas you've been to. Maybe you can even sell items you don't like for gold? In the original stick ranger, there was a shop that you could buy items from. However, if you bought an item from it instead of grinding for it at the level it is got from, then you would only have 1 compo slot for that item instead of 2. Stick ranger 2 doesn't have compo slots, but maybe the items you got could only be upgraded halfway?
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 19,2020 01:56
I'm not sure where you found the information about a triangle enemy but if you find information about future updates you probably shouldn't post it because of people like me who would rather have it be a suprise.
#pZZNvUC0 Dec 19,2020 01:10
Triangle mob (maybe even boss but I can't be certain) confirmed! ha55ii made an image of it already but I don't know when it'll be added. Also the Central Cavity's second route is still blocked so he'll probably work on that next.
#vflUyUFM Dec 18,2020 18:22
Great shortcut :)
#UVsTIoYN Dec 18,2020 18:04
finally can enter upper cave and terrace
#bt3vDZRU Dec 18,2020 17:24
#bt3vDZRU Dec 18,2020 17:23
i was throwing my guys into the terrace from the village and then throwing them back down for a solid minute. i really do appreciate the new shortcut for me to grind on sky garden 3 though. thank you ha55i....
#OJX0SEbJ Dec 18,2020 15:53
Actually, I was not entirely correct. The new map addition ha55ii mentioned is called the Terrace, and once you reach it from the Upper Cave, you can drop back down to the town and go back up to the Terrace from there.
#OJX0SEbJ Dec 18,2020 15:51
I think this update was about fixing a bug so that everyone could actually enter the upper cave, instead of there being a few people who could enter and a load of us who couldn't. Thus, a new map addition.
#yZ53JwoG Dec 18,2020 14:29
whats new
#ksf3fjaE Dec 18,2020 13:44
I'm so exited for the upcoming adventures in this game.
#RJSghssf Dec 18,2020 12:30
@bob4koolest you can't make new monsters because you can't put them anywhere since all the other levels have their own
#pZZNvUC0 Dec 18,2020 12:26
Couldn't seem to find any, it'll be weird if ha55ii made a new map before adding monsters.
#pZZNvUC0 Dec 18,2020 12:25
Are there any new mobs in the Upper Cave?
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 18,2020 12:22
#al6sPUfu Dec 18,2020 12:19
Does the Terrace open by default?
#6L5SZ7PC Dec 18,2020 11:44
Awesome! I wonder what the building here is for... Also if you go to village after entering the terrace then if you drag your stickmen to the top of village they will teleport there.
#BSM2xfyU Dec 18,2020 11:33
Stick Ranger 2 ver11.8 Map addition.
#c8ZBQMge Dec 18,2020 01:53
Do any of you know how to get the light bow?
#qv5sPp74 Dec 17,2020 22:57
are enemies supposed to spawn into upper cave?
#4QePON0R Dec 17,2020 01:37
I got it, so .... you can't get into the upper cave, so it must be a bug, how strange, are you in the right version?
#UVsTIoYN Dec 16,2020 18:59
@nyck I don't mean the cave next to upper cave,i mean I can't enter the upper cave i tried enter upper cave in sky garden 3,but it doesn't work also I looked the map on the wiki,but the picture of the map don't show up(reloading don't work)
#4QePON0R Dec 15,2020 23:39
the game is still updating, so the upper cave is the last cave, because there will still be an update, so you can't enter the next cave, if you search for "stick ranger 2 map, the entire game map will appear, dae will the upper cave appears, and next to it there is nothing, search there for you to see
#UVsTIoYN Dec 15,2020 18:19
upper cave has a bug.i can't enter it no matter what thing i do please help!!

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