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#o0zyupkg Jul 19,2019 21:32

The new smith weapons are Flame Arrow and Fire Bow.

#mHNhslRH Jul 19,2019 13:20

What was the smith weapon that was added?

#BSM2xfyU Jul 19,2019 13:07

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.6
Smith weapon addition.

#jvhqlPQz Jul 18,2019 07:19

The update to the lightning ball is very powerful!!

#fUAbRvAk Jul 17,2019 10:29

i love this game

#bFbmae6F Jul 16,2019 09:11

omega, going back to your comment on june 27th, thats actually how i started playing stick ranger 1, i got to the pyramid with all gladiators. couldnt get past the boss no matter what i did tho....

#o0zyupkg Jul 16,2019 04:19

I really, really like that the weapons and charges can be combined in any way. I think I'll restart and change up my builds from 2 physical and 1 elemental to 1 each of short, medium, and long. Shouldn't take too long with the forge, right?

#jvhqlPQz Jul 14,2019 21:51

I second ReddFiveOhOh, what was the SMITH bug? Also, maxxed everything and nice - that's a ton of arrows.

#TD2Dar0m Jul 13,2019 09:53

the head is separate from the body so they can get separated by terrain

#8ag6KZam Jul 13,2019 09:22

wait, what was the bug?

Anonymous Person
#mHNhslRH Jul 13,2019 07:01

This stick man has a glitch...
He's twitching a lot and well, his upper body is on a ground and his lower body is under the ground. Um...

#mHNhslRH Jul 13,2019 06:14

Can you earn 3 inventory slots or is that not updated yet?

#9wC8K3lK Jul 13,2019 00:30

Its good that this minigame site still has so many players active

#ZJUJro3x Jul 12,2019 14:41


#BSM2xfyU Jul 12,2019 13:30

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.5
Smith weapon addition.
Bug fix: Smith

#AMijVScj Jul 12,2019 12:00

So did sr1 start with only a few stages?

#jvhqlPQz Jul 11,2019 18:55

My stick trio is level 19 with all upgrades maxed, poised for new content.

#PHTsgsoc Jul 10,2019 16:22

This game is in desperate need of several more stages. playing the same 3 over and over is really boring.

#NVuHdzsz Jul 07,2019 14:16
because do it
just now got it to work on this cb

#RPNlpKYw Jul 07,2019 12:18

When I start the game and go after the torch thing the screen goes black and nothing happen

#enL51XHn Jul 07,2019 04:19

I took a look at the wiki and there is a 7.1% chance of the gold veins now dropping 7 gold, and a 0.5% chance of it dropping 100 gold (i've had it happen like 5 times) and otherwise they drop 1 gold.

#6urxHfRO Jul 07,2019 02:51

what was the gimmick?

#PM1h0Iko Jul 07,2019 00:16

@Blacksmith347 yes they changed the amount you get from ore veins (im just going to call them that) from 1 to 100.

#WQAOftHO Jul 06,2019 15:23

Do the weapon have it's max level?

#h8YNiNNq Jul 05,2019 13:51

0_0 I just got 100 gold from... some source. I killed a green slime and had also collected one of the gold things of the wall so i'm not sure which one, did anyone else have this happen. Is this an intentional addition to the game or a bug?

#BSM2xfyU Jul 05,2019 12:00

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.4
Smith weapon addition.
Gimmick fixed.

#zIoyMX3R Jul 05,2019 06:14

@No name, fyi the game gets updated every Friday, hope that helps you keep on track :)

No name
#mhSehwjG Jul 05,2019 04:51

Ok, they still haven't released 4.4.

#0oe9ENfc Jul 03,2019 19:23

Is there still no way to turn off autowalk?

#mLLeFHz3 Jul 03,2019 15:03

Actually, that's how I got my stickmen to level 16, so I have to agree with you there. For exp, the three invis red bosses give the most for the shortest time. Even if the new flying boss gives more individually, it makes your stickmen take more damage, and the red bosses give more exp collectively if you kill all of them anyways.

#aj2bAC4L Jul 02,2019 19:36

I think the lower section of cavern 2 is the best place for grinding exp so far, since the small gels can be outranged with a spear and the boss gels can be cheesed with fire bow/flame arrow

#hGNkSJiC Jul 02,2019 10:56

cavern 3 boss area is not the best farming place, i think the first 3 green enemies in cavern 2 is the best farming choice since each has a chance of dropping 5G and you can reset by going back cavern 1.

mega KOT
#ra1DWbh0 Jul 01,2019 20:17

maybe cavern 3 boss area is good for farming gold: mine 5 gold from walls and kill boss: exp + 5 gold . Then go to cavern 4 and back to 3 for reset

#hGNkSJiC Jul 01,2019 11:29

why is upgrading light glove costing too much but only for slight decrease in AGI, from 10 to 9

#mLLeFHz3 Jul 01,2019 10:26

Use the normal charge spear for your spear-man. Unless you're putting both mid-range damage increase and elemental damage increase, on that unit, the lightning spear doesn't get an effective damage increase. Skill points can affect charge weapons, don't forget that.

#h8YNiNNq Jul 01,2019 04:06

That is a good team comp @schaubbit, but (unless it;s working for you) sand blast is a very inacturate charge and hardly hits anything but bosses and believe it or not, glove is now a super good weapon due to upgrades and i'd highly recommend equiping it. However ice ball and fire bomb are amazing and I think that's a great build for the third stickman

#gt3nMgdV Jul 01,2019 01:05

Team: Power Glove/Sand blast, Spear/Lightning Lance, Ice ball/Fire bomb. Thoughts?

Daniel Dank
#ZJUJro3x Jun 30,2019 01:09

Oh, after writing it, I see that my text is so dumb... sorry for my english, dudes, I'm not training it so much these days.
If there's some little mistakes with some words, I beg you guys, forgive me.

#ZJUJro3x Jun 30,2019 01:07

It's wonderful to meet brazilian players here!
I wonder if there will be a "Magic school" or something like this in SR2... I don't like close combat classes as much as long distance/magic classes.
Think about it... This can be applied not only for Blacksmith or Magic School... Imagine if it's possible to find a Robin Hood school for archers hidden in a dark forest with tall trees and angry monsters...

#B2IeNJKq Jun 29,2019 22:41

these are my ideas for the next update
first idea- secret places
second idea- character types
third idea- enemies with few lives

#0oe9ENfc Jun 29,2019 06:27

Are the 3 snakes at the start of cave 2 really the best money farming place yet?

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 29,2019 05:23

Maybe upgrading my spear will take longer than I thought. . . . . :3

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 29,2019 05:22

Power GLove Lvl 5
AT 18-24
AGI 15
SML short
ATR Physical
Gold 1001>496
Meaning it took 505 gold to max out this ONE weapon. . . .

#8xd0AnFF Jun 29,2019 04:52

The game glitched out and reset my progress XD

#35McSN2a Jun 29,2019 00:09

Actually its better to use the stick ranger on its own

#0oe9ENfc Jun 28,2019 20:19

Are there save strings for this?

#6edFKw6Y Jun 28,2019 18:14

Hoh, can't wait for my spear to be upgrade-able in that case. Then I can raise the minimum damage from to to five, and the 33 max to thirty-eight! YAEET
Don't mind the code change, just on a different device. :V

#h8YNiNNq Jun 28,2019 16:18

A COMPLETELY new meta has been dished to us on a silver platter! First we had ranged weapons absolutely destroying the other types in versatility and strength, but now if you wanna even get CLOSE to the max DPS possible you're gonna need melee. Power glove and glove are now the best weapons in the game

#h8YNiNNq Jun 28,2019 13:37

WOW! This is insane! Now there's a real insentive to do the melee route, however i'm sure more weapons will be able to be upgraded soon too. It's a little OP but I love it!

#BSM2xfyU Jun 28,2019 13:29

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.3
Smith addition.

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 28,2019 07:46

For level 16 you need 120K experience. . .
That took a while.

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 28,2019 07:02

Aight, so I have my tank melee, my dps spear unit, and my dps archer. Shhould I go with a magic swordsman next, or a full wizard as my last unit(When we get there)?

#6oowgjMY Jun 28,2019 01:53

He's trapped in the future, and we gotta get him back to the present.

#8xd0AnFF Jun 28,2019 01:07

I thought there were 4 stickmen it said so in the description where's the 4th?

Omega Sir Kibble
#qORoGW2x Jun 27,2019 23:17

Well, while we wait for Cave 4 instead of whining about it not being here (Like everyone did for cave 3) why not start a new game on stick ranger1 and try to do challenges that make the game harderr like: only using 1 type of class for all your party members.

#fYEK2Ros Jun 25,2019 14:38

Anyone know what x1)60 or x3 really means?

#BK4kCLzX Jun 23,2019 14:40

Notice that little thing to the right of the 2 weapon slots... (compo item!!!)

8o X
#iTqPx6Q3 Jun 22,2019 19:22

so, what will likely happen after cave 4? please reply.

No name
#mhSehwjG Jun 22,2019 04:40

Hang on! I you reorganize the hud a little, there is space for FIVE stickman! I repeat, FIVE STICKMAN! Ha!

#DCXkL3MV Jun 22,2019 02:48

Jeff, it would still make bad sense because enemies DON'T drop onigiri, you can only have 2 onigiri and the only way to heal is by using them, then you can't heal unless you leave. so if you intended to kill all the bats, the bat boss, and the towers you'd need to leave and come back, resetting it all

#in63Yrtd Jun 22,2019 02:20

I think that probably is intended since it incentives keeping stickmans' health up.

#BK4kCLzX Jun 22,2019 00:24

I found something that was likely not intended, when 1 of 3 stickmen gets to 0 health both other stickmen take damage. Example: your first stickman is at 0 hp and takes 2 damage, the other two stickmen both take 2 damage, so you are really taking 4 damage from a 2 damage hit.

#qQ4djvNK Jun 21,2019 22:50

The big white bat is at the end of cave 3 where the stickman is.

I need Help
#KHFkutUD Jun 21,2019 16:14

Where do i find the big white bat...

#h8YNiNNq Jun 21,2019 13:27

this is very cool! I do wonder what the percentage of slow is on the ice debuff. It will likely show up on the wiki though! I like this much more than having my 3rd stickman eqiupped with the bow, (my insane amounts of long range points are paying off!) and the slow debuff seems nifty, but not anything too major. Thanks for adding this new element to the game and I'm excited to see where you go with this. (also the blue effect on enemies looks cool)

#BSM2xfyU Jun 21,2019 13:01

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.2
Weapon addition.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 20,2019 08:19

There we go

#KBqCoxJh Jun 20,2019 08:19

Y can I no comment

#h8YNiNNq Jun 19,2019 09:11

mx90, I don't know what to do with the 3rd stick either! Perhaps new items might be added to bring forth a 3rd stick meta. If anybody has good ideas for it that'd be great. thanks for the contribution mx90!

#jvhqlPQz Jun 18,2019 15:08

BTW Blacksmith347, my team comp so far:
1st stick: mostly physical with some extra to life
2nd stick: all to ranged (this boosts ranged elemental as well
3rd stick: totally blank, not sure what I'd like to do with him yet.
All 3 of them are using ranged weapons, though sometimes I give stick 1 the fastest glove + AOE glove or the two physical lances.

#jvhqlPQz Jun 17,2019 13:20

Boss to unlock the 3rd stickman was underwhelming (only one damage each?!)... but I'm glad we were finally able to free him!

#c1AX9sx4 Jun 17,2019 10:50

is it possible to get an offline version?

#h8YNiNNq Jun 17,2019 02:47

Dudes be patient, at least be grateful the game gets updated every friday. That's a lot faster than most popular updated games! Also I believe cave 3 isn't finished yet as there is still a huge unpopulated section in it

No name
#mhSehwjG Jun 17,2019 01:33

Ok! Be free third stickman.

#kUQRDSHu Jun 17,2019 00:18

Ok Lol

#yUVUJiSa Jun 16,2019 22:48

FINALLY JEEZ, now we waiting for cave 4...

#pEHlfh2L Jun 16,2019 22:45

Has cave 4 even been made yet?

3 player
#JJplxO6Q Jun 16,2019 15:45

cave 4

Tristan Anderson
#9SbMuK2S Jun 16,2019 14:11


#pEHlfh2L Jun 16,2019 01:46

help, i'm stuck on the 4th cave
where do i go from there?

#qQ4djvNK Jun 15,2019 23:41

The third stickman is now happy. But the 4th still has no feeling

no name
#pScALJba Jun 15,2019 19:29

I'll be honest with y'all
there is enough space for not 1, BUT 2 stickmans between the onigiri button and the 3rd stickman's health bar

#th0UIgW7 Jun 15,2019 12:05

Hmm... I feel the inn is too expensive to heal the players.

#h8YNiNNq Jun 15,2019 06:24

So what are ya'lls favorite team comps right now? Mine is: 1st Stickman: Fire bow, Flame Arrow, 2nd stickman: Lightning Ball, Fire Bomb, 3rd Stickman: Power glove, Slash My first and second (the ranged ones) have 20 points into elemental and the rest into health, and the third (melee one) stickman has 16 points into short range and rest into health. I'd like to see how other people set up their teams so if anybody wants to share theirs go right ahead!

#qQ4djvNK Jun 15,2019 06:00

I had to use the med kit to beat the boss.

#GEylrcND Jun 14,2019 21:25

I quote Marcos, a mobile updating version in parallel with the site's one wouldn't be possible? That would be the best!

Beast design-XM9
#7mQJcL80 Jun 14,2019 19:42

Before unlocking the third matchmaker: bored to death
After unlocking the third matchmaker: Hey, hey.
Unlock the Third Match Man: ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh

#Q5FCJ7mL Jun 14,2019 14:04

I loved the first Stick Ranger, and I'm loving the second Stick Ranger, I just wanted to let the developers to know that your game brings joy to me and my friends, we love to talk about teams compositions and strategies in Stick Ranger, you're doing a great work, keep that way please :) (also please release Stick Ranger 2 for the mobile, even if it's not complete, so I can play it in any place, because even if it's not complete I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME)

#h8YNiNNq Jun 14,2019 13:33

OH MY GOODNESS this is so cool! I love that the third stickman is here, a TWO phase boss fight is just GENIUS, A new best farming enemy, and an awesome new area to fight in! What more can I ask?????

#BSM2xfyU Jun 14,2019 13:20

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.1
Enemy addition.
Gimmick addition.

#i85YEojc Jun 13,2019 08:25

Can you guys help me? Some guys think im zotot. Prove them wrong.

#EQKQ0n1w Jun 13,2019 06:42

I wonder will this game get released to mobile?

#yUVUJiSa Jun 12,2019 18:35

oh sorry i didn't know.

#Gl7pTmrz Jun 09,2019 20:00

I deleted the cookies when cleared my entire history. You could say its my fault but I still think saving the game in this way is a little stupid because you can't move your save across to a different computer.
Like why can't it save the game in the same way it did with stick ranger?

#hz8KUAOX Jun 09,2019 01:43

Which stick ranger character is the cutest? Mage, right?

#SPl2mhwA Jun 09,2019 00:08

whaaaaaat: I use ranged weps, by now I only use melee for anything I can 1-shot or kill without taking damage.

#yUVUJiSa Jun 08,2019 19:57

i don't know why people get progress/cookies/database/save deleted for no reason, because i saw those comments and over and over when the game got updated, i think is something broken.

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 08,2019 10:19

Kay, so. . . . use ranged weapons unless you want your whole team to die. The new minibosses don't do reflective damage against ranged weapons (i.e. bow/magic)
Also, target one at a time so you can steadily track your team's health if resolute in using melee.

#mLLeFHz3 Jun 08,2019 10:14

Please, please pleaaase tell me I'm wrong. . . .
The new enemies do reflective damage.
Frikker Frakkers

#yGAOpTZJ Jun 08,2019 06:18

Me: le woop into pit
Me: wonder were dat enemy be
Enemy: *WEOOWSH*
Stickman: AAAAAAAAAAAH- *dies*
Me: dat solves dat.

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