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#AFdzDkEW Jul 10,2020 20:48
in the terraced cave the boss is simple throw your guys to the sky garden and back kill the stickman on the top of the boss put your doods on the very end of the boss arena they wont atack there but the buch of stickman will pop up there. throw your doods back up have one ranged on the eadg and another on the other side once they are all dead go to the boss keep the close range units away and go there strate from the village
#UVsTIoYN Jul 10,2020 17:56
And the balls can bounce!
#fTmtSIr6 Jul 10,2020 12:41
the new boss attack reminds me of the balls from powder game LOL its EPIC
#BSM2xfyU Jul 10,2020 11:33
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.5 Enemy addition.
#knJnQdeZ Jul 10,2020 01:46
I’m pretty sure he reads the messages here cause I said that when coins go into walls the game lags, and now it doesn’t.
#eG62y0aw Jul 09,2020 22:24
hey everyone, where do you report bugs for this game or do you just have to pray ha55i might fix them eventually?
#TzKljzFf Jul 08,2020 22:10
Dad you eat cray
#ikG4bt3x Jul 08,2020 03:51
and yes Explosion is very op when used right it destroys bosses in one use if no immune to fire
#ikG4bt3x Jul 08,2020 03:48
Mr suggestion, yes love the idea
#yUVUJiSa Jul 07,2020 17:21
jesus 50 emit and cost 150, probably very op weapon.
#POF4FQCD Jul 07,2020 00:21
Explosion looks cool But that 50 EMIT means that you barely see it. Might be good for CC
#pWtx510j Jul 06,2020 04:23
20% chance as well
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2020 18:13
What about lightning shot from terraced cave boss?
#pWtx510j Jul 05,2020 17:52
20% chance for soul blade. For future reference, try going to the stick ranger 2 page on the dan ball wiki and go to the monster that drops the item you want to see the percentage
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2020 15:13
What is soul blade's drop rate,i kill the fish boss many times but don't see it
#1yL2PG7B Jul 05,2020 01:00
Here's my party: All equiptment they current are using is max level.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 04,2020 19:29
My Explosion (Max) is 17-33×8>12. The info from wiki says that the heat clouds has 5% burn rate and last for 2s (120 frames). Theoretic damage: (17+33)/2×8×12×120×5%=14400 if all the heat clouds hit. So high but impossible lol. It is usual that only 2-4 heat clouds can hit the target. However that damage still can kill the huge blue slime in a sec.
#CVZm0YEc Jul 04,2020 19:00
The new weapon is strong. But it is not so practical in battle, because the latter bosses have fire resistance. And you would not like to use 50 mp to cast an explosion on swarms.
#6XotoBB0 Jul 04,2020 12:14
Map idea (although ha55ii probably won't see this): A "boss" cave that branches out from the Central Cavity. There are lots of fire bats (aka dragons) and a player. The player is a boss, but it is "corrupted"; its head is red, and it welds a gun that shoots out frag grenades. If you beat the map you get another player and the new weapon. Also visit :)
#rMintle2 Jul 03,2020 18:34
strong addition. sky garden 2 enemy's should be tough
#BSM2xfyU Jul 03,2020 13:28
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.4 Weapon addition.
#ypUZ9Nt1 Jul 03,2020 04:29
I remember I used to play this a lot when I was a kid but its totally different now, is there a max amount of dungeons I got stuck at skygarden 2
#pWtx510j Jul 02,2020 09:55
If you ever need to know what the max level is in the future, take the highest level enemy in the game, (in this case, the orange diamond tree (Lv18)) and then add 10 levels to that. With this example, the highest attainable level is Lv 28. The highest level the game will allow by any means is lv 99.
#pWtx510j Jul 02,2020 09:53
Awesome! Hope you enjoy your newfound power!
#eG62y0aw Jul 01,2020 11:42
@Blacksmith347 just like you said, it did take hours of grinding to get to lvl 28
#L5NYEcnC Jun 29,2020 12:57
me : *enters sky island room* the later to spawn swarm of bats : soo you chosen death
#zQKQmHuQ Jun 28,2020 18:51
because of the update my progress is gone
#fTmtSIr6 Jun 28,2020 16:30
MR Suggestor
--because I submitted too early the first time XD-- What if: they add a fifth ranger. If they do, the fifth ranger should be optional though since it would be very powerful to have 5 rangers and maybe harder to control(Idk about that tho). it should be either in a hidden stage or have some type of side quest type stage to get the fifth ranger. another idea with the stage, maybe it should be a battle arena, where you have to fight off waves of monsters and then fight the boss who would come out when all monsters are defeated, the battle arena should make all your stick rangers come into the middle and then block the entrance so that you can't escape until you defeat the boss( or just die and reset LoL). I think the wave thing would be so awesome to encounter and fight since it would so new to us with that type of fighting in stick ranger and I don't think ever done yet(sorta) it's definitely possible to do seeing how some areas kind of do this kind of thing. Obviously this is just a suggestion though. but hopefully, the developers do see this :)
#fTmtSIr6 Jun 28,2020 16:12
MR Suggestor
what if: they add a fifth ranger but have it very anonymous, like a secret stage or some type of side quest if you know what I mean, or even get him later on in the game like halfway or something like that. or have a new type of player, a pet! a "Player" that cant die but still attack things at obviously low damage and follows the targeted player or nearest player
#rMintle2 Jun 27,2020 20:47
@☠️ you good bruh? it seems you are not good.
#ZTCdxnCD Jun 27,2020 15:04
i am money now
#8Lowff1x Jun 27,2020 09:26
They added a clear bonus multiplier, whenever you get a clear bonus, the multiplier is increased. This means that whenever you get a clear bonus, your gold bonus will be multiplied by your multiplier, also, whenever you return to village, your multiplier is cut in half, so you need to do lots of clear bonuses in a row to take full advantage of this addition.
#mihyebBw Jun 27,2020 03:58
so what does the new thing do?
#vJDkuVqP Jun 26,2020 23:38
Nooooooooooooooooooooo I restarted why
#BSM2xfyU Jun 26,2020 11:21
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.3 Added clear bonus ver2.
#8Lowff1x Jun 26,2020 06:40
No problem.
#eG62y0aw Jun 25,2020 21:01
@Blacksmith347 thanks dude
#rMintle2 Jun 25,2020 17:54
@Orange305 cool idea
#DVivn33q Jun 24,2020 23:24
One month ago it was my birtday ant may 24 that was my birthday
#pWtx510j Jun 24,2020 10:41
The max level right now is 28, but it's incredibly hard to reach and would take hours of grinding.
#eG62y0aw Jun 24,2020 05:09
Just wondering but wants the max level you can reach with this update?
#knJnQdeZ Jun 23,2020 14:22
You know what would be amazing? A level editor; you can place tiles, enemy’s, then upload them to something like what powder game has (custom levels will no effect your stats) maybe if a level is popular and ha55ii chooses to you could have your level put in SR2
#zCNA1dKh Jun 22,2020 15:34
I bached you you deds now lol
#tpBdzKBI Jun 22,2020 14:04
I wonder if/when we'll be able to reset our stick ranger's stats. Mine have choices I don't agree with anymore :/
#zCNA1dKh Jun 21,2020 11:26
I sooooo strong
#8Lowff1x Jun 21,2020 10:24
I really respect ha55ii for his incredible work on this game, I'm always excited for the update every single late thursday night, and the game is super fun to play. Everything in the game a well designed and replaying the game is always a blast. I also love trying to make the best build possible with proper sp placement and picking the best weapons. Despite ALL of this, the game is COMPLETELY free! I have gotten hours of fun out of this game and it cost ZERO dollars. What an amazing game... keep up the hard work!
#FYUPd0FO Jun 20,2020 21:23
sand blaster but awesome
#knJnQdeZ Jun 20,2020 10:47
I’m curious if anything is going to be added in the little room at the bottom right of cave 4
#9YzabvKD Jun 20,2020 05:50
Love your game :)
#ZTCdxnCD Jun 20,2020 04:10
WOW that new weapon is strong! also hi i haven't sent a message in ages but i still exist
#J7eMo0FX Jun 20,2020 03:01
It's been a while since I played this (im mostly waiting for the first castle boss to be added), I notice that the Short/Middle/Long attack stats are still in the game, even though the Attack up Stat does the exact same thing but lets you use weapons of all ranges... Am I missing some important detail here or have they really forgotten to get rid of what seem to be three placeholder stats.
#8Lowff1x Jun 20,2020 01:48
Hi! It's my birthday today :) also I really like the new weapon! Thanks ha55ii!
#knJnQdeZ Jun 20,2020 01:35
And I thought the sand blaster was powerful.
#BSM2xfyU Jun 19,2020 13:53
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.2 Weapon addition.
#VDmgQFLd Jun 14,2020 00:38
@tacs @Th3 I think you forgot to switch accounts there buddy
#DVivn33q Jun 13,2020 21:58
Good night
#DVivn33q Jun 13,2020 21:58
Th3 sleepy tacs
Good n8ght every one
#zCNA1dKh Jun 13,2020 06:22
#8Lowff1x Jun 13,2020 05:33
Sky Garden 2! Amazing! I love Sky Garden, and I think it is the best area in the game, so I'm super hyped for more! We can also expect a Sky Garden 3, since Cave 2 has a ceiling leading to the sky. Thanks Ha55ii for your hard work!!!
#KEObPFn7 Jun 13,2020 05:28
You can mine gold nuggets ._. I love how you add those details in the game. And that delicate design and decorations of just the right amount? Perfect.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 13,2020 01:53
Cool i like new map But stil no monsters
#b7cpOdr4 Jun 13,2020 01:06
#VDmgQFLd Jun 12,2020 20:07
Cool! SG2 even links up correctly with C3!
#FYUPd0FO Jun 12,2020 13:40
the squeakuel
#BSM2xfyU Jun 12,2020 13:19
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.1 Map addition.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 12,2020 01:14
:( light bow no good
#AnkMTE3f Jun 11,2020 16:11
thank you orange305! was trying to get light bow drop. you must click 3-4 gold spot before dragging ranger to get big yellow slime and it will drop light bow
#knJnQdeZ Jun 11,2020 11:59
But as far as floating gardens go, it's got quite a lot.
#FYUPd0FO Jun 11,2020 09:57
for a garden, sky garden really lacks plants.
#knJnQdeZ Jun 11,2020 04:53
@fordelliston nothing exists past sky garden, waiting on on update.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 11,2020 04:33
How get past sky garden
#rcfUqbJK Jun 10,2020 09:06
you no get sword monster you want more weapon
#rcfUqbJK Jun 10,2020 09:05
hi you so name jop minute 1 you play more level
#zCNA1dKh Jun 09,2020 00:11
Yes he is right it also works in stick rager 1to
#8Lowff1x Jun 07,2020 15:25
I think the game saves everytime you enter a new screen, for example, going from cave 1 to village. I'm actually not sure about this though, so I always go back to village specifically if I intend to save and that works for me, so essentially just return to village if you intend to save.
#1zR5HI8P Jun 07,2020 04:57
How do you save?
#8Lowff1x Jun 06,2020 09:50
I like this update! This enemy is really strong, and I like how it's projectile looks like a literal bomb. Also 25 damage is incredible. I'm super happy with how sky garden is going, and I hope we get a sky garden 2!
#AzFhVNif Jun 05,2020 14:24
he hits hard.
#BSM2xfyU Jun 05,2020 13:43
Stick Ranger 2 ver9.0 Enemy addition.
#Hs5c0F4q Jun 05,2020 05:28
Don't forget to save
#DVivn33q Jun 04,2020 22:23
Bronchitis Yup that happened to me
#x7mmKcgk Jun 04,2020 18:10
if an enemy drops an item and its game over and you didnt pick up the item you could never get it again
#RdWAKV1n Jun 03,2020 14:54
Stick Ranger 2
ver 9.0
#DVivn33q Jun 02,2020 20:56
The tacs
Sand blaster is actually really strong against allot enemies
#GlGb3mIr Jun 01,2020 18:32
Hola, creo que soy el primer español en comentar
#DVivn33q Jun 01,2020 14:22
I cant play all the time im jeallous Of your bash thats really STRONG And i can only put two comments for somereason
#wjZtVQ4W Jun 01,2020 14:22
why is my progress reset? i had 4 stickmen,1 of them had thunder stuff, 1 had ice stuff, 1 had lances, and 1 had swords
#3K4eFrxU May 31,2020 15:03
@Tacs My Bash does 290-435 damage.
#3K4eFrxU May 31,2020 14:55
My 4th stickman: 24 short range and 24 physical, using ice ball and soul blade. It is actually a long range attacker.
#hprnLT5m May 30,2020 12:21
You can see my team's stats here:
#q4usWZSc May 30,2020 11:17
If your Bash does not deal over 240-360 damage, is it really a Bash?
#2XGToA6q May 30,2020 01:01
@Ivan8or Lol same I have 100% dodge and over 300 damage for every character
#ra1DWbh0 May 29,2020 19:22
build i use surrently: 1. 10 on hp , else on physical (so it can use both bows and swords) iron sword and soul blade(or triple arrow) 2. 10 on hp , else split between physical and long light bow and multiple arrow 3. split all on elemental and long lightning shot and lightning orb 4. split all on elemental and long ice ball and ice bomb(or poison arrow
#DVivn33q May 29,2020 18:12
Opps my bash does 100-150 D A M G E
#DVivn33q May 29,2020 18:10
I thought that i was strong but not The reason i tot i was strong because My bash does 103-123 damage
#BSM2xfyU May 29,2020 13:27
Stick Ranger 2 ver8.9 Enemy addition.
#cjfKHMbg May 29,2020 13:15
Today's supposed to be the update day right? Can't wait! haha
#AzFhVNif May 29,2020 09:12
@Ivan8or cool.
#SSZt9psc May 28,2020 13:10
I managed to find a pretty easy way to inject some of my own values into the game, so now I have characters with 500+ health and 100+ in physical, elemental. I was looking for a fun way to learn more about jscript, guess I found it :3
#RQ7Ibzx1 May 28,2020 03:22
In the terraced cave straight to the right of where you spawn from the portal room, you will see 5 gold spots clicking or taping on them will drop a gold coin that worth 1,7 or (rare)100 gold. Clicking or taping on a certain number of gold spots before dragging one of your rangers to the gold spot aria will result in different types of slime to spawn. 0: small green 1: small blue 2: small red 3: big yellow 4: big yellow 5: small yellow

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