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#1VL1zgml Nov 17,2019 09:25

I didn't. Well, the second time I did but that was because I had to clear my drive, the first time I just changed account and it was gone, anyway, I don't see why there can't be s system like sr1.

Don't be so passive aggressive jees

#Ka2jEg7u Nov 17,2019 06:37

There is its called don’t delete your cache and history

#1VL1zgml Nov 16,2019 23:17

We need a way to save, I've lost my progress multiple times now.

#iD7zYb7Y Nov 16,2019 01:26

So, I have found that the lightning ball is pretty bad at level 1, but pretty damn good at max level (5) as it shoots 5 projectiles instead of one and I find him being the strongest in the team behind my physical guy.

mega KOT
#ra1DWbh0 Nov 15,2019 21:46

what if it limitless upgrades :0

#1oHElsNi Nov 15,2019 21:19

hats dont show what level they are btw

#BSM2xfyU Nov 15,2019 13:36

Stick Ranger 2 ver6.2

Added armor level.

#ntZhtC3V Nov 14,2019 12:08

Thank you, ha55ii!

#p2LQ4WuA Nov 14,2019 06:59

Its just you.

#aJeFdYwn Nov 13,2019 22:51

Is it just me or is every game on this site down?

Joe Mama
#v2kPCSpk Nov 13,2019 22:40

This game fun

#m2VNJxao Nov 13,2019 07:35

I like cheese

#LGBd3uun Nov 12,2019 21:17

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#VyDjLdYC Nov 12,2019 05:47

For anyone interested in saving the history of Flash games and animations, check out the project Flashpoint.

#7DALfIvp Nov 11,2019 01:06


#4874kyFT Nov 10,2019 02:15

@Blacksmith347 its not flash, they made the switch to whatever the new system is called years ago..... its really too bad flash is going down, a lot of amazing browser games were made using it.

#GB1qZZiW Nov 09,2019 11:21

y uno let me in inn

#h8YNiNNq Nov 09,2019 09:33

And also awesome update! I really like the idea of head pieces and it's awesome that defense is now a stat in the game

#h8YNiNNq Nov 09,2019 09:32

I'm pretty sure that stick ranger 2 does not require flash. However, since flash is gonna die in a year it's kind of worrying if stick ranger 2 is flash. It's not flash right?

#gt3nMgdV Nov 09,2019 08:06

Orange Smiley Tree - Beret
Small Green Slime - Work Cap
Small Blue Slime - BB Cap
Yeeeeeeeees! More hat!

#1oHElsNi Nov 08,2019 22:51

does the +2% dodge hat still work if i have 25 points in dodge?

Dark Doctor
#BelRbaQX Nov 08,2019 16:36


#BSM2xfyU Nov 08,2019 13:47

Stick Ranger 2 ver6.1

Armor addition.
MP gauge color change.

#gt3nMgdV Nov 08,2019 12:51

Hats? HATS!? What is this Team Fortress 2? YES, MORE HATS! I require the hats, thank you. Hat Simulator 2020. 11/10.

#CYh4DFvj Nov 08,2019 05:46

I usually have one melee guy to absorb attacks and a lot of ranged guys behind him dealing the damage so, I’d say put points into damage for ranged/elemental classes and put health and dodge for your melee guy

#l57OFAuf Nov 08,2019 02:27

so I'm fairly oblivious to what I should be putting points in if someone could explain how to actually do good damage or staying alive longer id greatly appreciate it

#yUVUJiSa Nov 06,2019 21:32

ikr why did he do that to us.

#hcLTQoTJ Nov 06,2019 19:12


#a1k7KTLE Nov 06,2019 14:15

Is this game even on the Google play store or apple app store ?

#4AWeyCgG Nov 06,2019 09:22

... is there some sort of limit to how often you can comment or something? i've been unable to do so for THREE DAYS now

anyway i WANTED to comment that i'd already maxed out the light glove (alongside my reaction) but you can guess what happened there

#4AWeyCgG Nov 06,2019 09:18

uh wat

#HuGxCXHt Nov 05,2019 12:35

meow shut up furry no u

#Cva07GF2 Nov 04,2019 04:48

@NemoGruv I prefer using regular lance charge over lightning lance charge to deal with monsters that are resistant to elemental weapons, and fire sword over boxing gloves to clear out hordes.

#1oHElsNi Nov 03,2019 18:30

because it has lowest agi in whole game,
so with good charge weapon it op

#4AWeyCgG Nov 03,2019 00:16

... Oh my GOD why is upgrading the Light Glove so expensive (FIVE HUNDRED FOR THE F I R S T L E V E L)?

#4AWeyCgG Nov 03,2019 00:01

A R M O R ? ? ?

#hvfhbO3U Nov 02,2019 20:42

in the early game, the light glove/range attack are the best combo for destroying the bat area in the first cave.

#IgFO7ssf Nov 02,2019 19:02

Can Someone explain the purpose of the light glove. It doesn't seem to yield much.

#IgFO7ssf Nov 02,2019 14:37

Which work best for you?
As of 6.0 Im using
Bash Glove / Sand Blaster
Lightening Staff / Lightening Lance
Lightening Ball / Flame Arrow
Ice Ball / Poison Arrow

All Max

#mHNhslRH Nov 02,2019 13:54

Wiki's updated so you can look at what mob drops armor.

#N6FHhRZL Nov 02,2019 12:00

To everyone who's asking: You kill mobs to get armor, just like any other weapon -- works the same way as other drops.

Beast design-XM9
#EY4V4fzR Nov 02,2019 11:42

How can I get these protectors?

#p8wMk6uP Nov 02,2019 01:29

Will there be a way to easily reset stats?

#BK4kCLzX Nov 02,2019 00:54

I just got on after the update and cannot figure out how to get the armor, the wikis arent updated either.

#yUVUJiSa Nov 01,2019 19:24

wait what i thought Combo will be soon because Stick Ranger has Combo so was armor all times ? aw oh welp.

#jA9hzjMD Nov 01,2019 15:52

I did a test in game, and danknes is correct. Separate stat boosts do stack with each other.
So for maximum damage: investing in two stats is better than one!

#jA9hzjMD Nov 01,2019 15:19

@danknes That's some good information. However, is it true that the separate stats are calculated based off each other and not just both taken from the base stat?
As such:
10 points 50%/50% = 10-10 + (50% elemental [10-10]) + (50% long range [10-10]) = 20-20
10 points 100% = 10-10 + (100% elemental [10-10]) = 20-20

If they do stack, you are right, then it becomes a choice between power and flexibility; investing in two stats limits effective weapon options, but is probably wroth it for the damage boost.

#in63Yrtd Nov 01,2019 14:40


#xLmv5QG7 Nov 01,2019 13:30


Nirvana achieved sucessfully.

#BSM2xfyU Nov 01,2019 13:20

Stick Ranger 2 ver6.0

Armor addition.

#Cva07GF2 Oct 30,2019 05:21

btw just found out that people of the Japanese side get special tags next to their names.

#Cva07GF2 Oct 30,2019 05:18

@Brodsterguy It has a 1% chance of giving 100 gold, it happened to me 6 times.

#CYh4DFvj Oct 30,2019 00:01

I have just found a great thing, in cave 4 the little yellow things on the walls that drop coins sometimes drop 7 coins instead of one, but I just had it drop 100 coins. Huh.

#xLmv5QG7 Oct 29,2019 22:59

Think about it.

20 points = +100% Long-range AT -> 15-15 + 100% [15-15] = 30=30. If you add a +100% Elemental AT in this build, it will be 100% Long-range AT + 100% Elemental AT instead of +200% Long-range AT.

Why +100% +100% it's better than +200%?

Let's pay attention.

20 points = 100% Elemental AT -> 15-15 + 100% [15-15] = 30-30.

If you put 20 points into Long-range AT and 20 points into Elemental AT, then the Elemental AT percentage will be calculated and refreshed based on the +100% Range AT, it means that ->

15-15 +100% Long-range AT [15-15] = 30-30 + 100% Elemental AT [30-30] = 60-60 AT.

So you have, instead of a 15-15 weapon with +200% Long-range AT = 15-15 + 30-30 = 45-45...

...a 15-15 + 100% Long-range AT = 15-15 + 15-15 = 30-30 +100% Elemental AT = 30-30 + 30-30 = 60-60 , wich can be interpretated as +300% RAnged AT upgrade -> 15-15 + 300% = 15-15 + 45-45.

#xLmv5QG7 Oct 29,2019 22:57

Do you guys realized that upgrading only one skill is worse than upgrading 2 skills at the same build?

I'll explaing this in 3 posts. Do not flame me, please. This text needs to be long to be explained correctly. Also, my English is bad, but I think it's compreensible for everyone.

So... let's suppose you're building a Long-range or a Elemental Stickman. If you have a Poison Bow at the max LV you'll get a 15-15 AT.

Ok, let's suppose you are a LV 20 stickman. You put 40 points into Elemental AT type.

You'll have a 45-45 AT weapon (15-15 + 200% [30-30] = 45-45).

Instead, you put 40 points into Long-range AT.

The same will be applied = 45-45 Long-range AT for your Poison Bow.

So, Poison Bow have two proprieties that can be upgraded: Elemental AT and Long-range AT. What happens if you just put 20 points into Long-range and 20 points into Elemental AT?

You'll have a 60-60AT weapon.

#W9t4XGsJ Oct 29,2019 05:22

In stick ranger 1 two poison weapons wont stack damage, but a fire and poison weapon will, i assume this is the same for stick ranger 2.

Just a question
#E1DcoTb7 Oct 28,2019 14:00

do different poison types stack

Boiled Potato
#M40Pd4bW Oct 28,2019 04:09

@Random Radny
Yes, you have to go in the spot where there is no monster, 3 bosses should spawn.

Random Radny
#RHZVytKj Oct 28,2019 03:49

In Cave 2, there is a monster that drop "Sand Blaster", but I can't find it, Is there something I have to do for it to show up?

#W9t4XGsJ Oct 28,2019 02:24

@hellispark the ability to gain magic was not really op at all in sr 1, especially for classes like gladiator where it was common to put about 40 into magic and the rest into strength and equip a lightsaber with offense components allowing it to deal among the strongest damage in the game... however that made the class very squishy in compared to others and it died very often.

Also one of my current problems with SR2 (besides the fact that there are three useless stats in atk up short med long) is that there is currently no build variety, especially in comparison to the first game where the boxer could be a physical dps, a elemental dps or a physical tank. While in SR2 it doesnt matter what weapon you have you are either a dps or not, there is no support and tanking isnt viable as of yet.

#0PYik7Ff Oct 27,2019 23:13

Well Fish boss one is only a coloring issue but the bat boss one isnt.
I get damaged from invisible bullets when collecting coins.

#4AWeyCgG Oct 27,2019 20:46

holy FRICC it's been a while since i checked the comments

or played the game for that matter .3.

#idlCtOmQ Oct 27,2019 00:10

Can we just appreciate how this game has balanced out the stickman weaponry?
-In Stick Ranger 1 you could make your MP attack activate upon every attack, eliminating the point of the bar and the distinction between normal attack and MP attack since everyone did this. But in Stick Ranger 2 you can't increase your MP gain, and some powerful MP attacks such as Sand Blaster even require more MP as you level them up to keep their damage outputs not too groundbreaking.
-In Stick Ranger 1 Electric-type weapons were always the way to go because their maximum damage outputs were so good. In Stick Ranger 2 the type with the best damage output is Physical. (Yes it is, get with the times) That's the right place to hand the title of "best damage" because Physical is separated from the other types which get to do important special effects but aren't "best damage"

#FELCFLwF Oct 26,2019 10:37

I knew that a "Fast Travel" Mechanic would appear. I've thought about it before, and much gratitude is given to "ha55ii" for allowing the update to become a reality.

However, I'd say to continue your work in your projects in general, whenever you can, or wish to take a break(But try not to take a break of something that fans are usually interested in for too long.). Even if all can't, I can wait for updates of the "Main Project", now and then. Best of wishes to you.

#Cva07GF2 Oct 26,2019 09:13

@Barucyl No it's just very dark and hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see it.

#H65tJtDh Oct 26,2019 08:15

Just saying

#H65tJtDh Oct 26,2019 08:14

Uh, Ewan1, you do realize it's only in 5.9, right? SR is in 19.1, we have a long way to go before it's done. A lot of things haven't been completed yet.

#7vM3zH3l Oct 26,2019 04:37

Stick ranger 2 = Worst Stick ranger mod

#CYh4DFvj Oct 26,2019 04:26

@Someone lol you actually did

#mHNhslRH Oct 26,2019 03:07


#CYh4DFvj Oct 26,2019 00:05

@Boiled Potato Its a portal to the central cavity which is after cave 4

Boiled Potato
#M40Pd4bW Oct 25,2019 21:20

What is the 5.9 update?

#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 25,2019 16:24

Gotta report this bug/glitch
enemy bullets still can hit even after they "disappeared". (Bat boss and Fish boss)
Fish boss's bullets are black and merge with background once they leave water, they are not gone but just cant be seen. If you drag your man across, you'll still get damaged.

#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 25,2019 16:15

I'll share my team setup:

P1- Tank (dodge-25/rest into life)
WP: light glove/sand blaster
Straight forward meatshield, soak up dmg and deal some physical dmg

P2- Mid DPS (mid range-all)
WP: Spear(lightning)/Lance(lightning)
Spear combo is not weak as you think. once stats and weapon upgrade is up, the dmg is quite high and reliable. Main physical DPS, use lightning ver if needed.

P3- Flexible Elemental (Element dmg-all)
WP: lightning spear/lightning lance, ice ball/fire bomb, fire bow/poison arrow
Use different set with P3/P4 depending on situation, especially some terrain can block arrows.

P4- Long DPS (long range-all)
WP: Lightning ball/lightning orb(fire bomb)
Self explanatory

#xLmv5QG7 Oct 25,2019 13:53

Oh my f#cking god.


I mean... portals, dude. Potals.

Now this is in a completely different level.


#BSM2xfyU Oct 25,2019 13:49

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.9

Portal addition.

#z9dSoFNm Oct 25,2019 06:41

I love the first game (Stick Ranger) but will Stick Ranger 2 be on google play store anytime soon?

#aJeFdYwn Oct 25,2019 00:58

So I found a glitch which has deleted my max lvl game. When you change account, you lose all progress.

#h8YNiNNq Oct 24,2019 12:24

Tier list for all weapons in the game:
C Tier: Sword, Bow, Range Attack, Lancer, Bash
B Tier: Glove, Spear, Fire Sword, Poison Bow, Slash, Triple Arrow, Sand Blaster, Light Glove
A Tier: Ice Ball, Power Glove, Lightning Ball, Flame Slayer, Flame Arrow, Poison Arrow
S Tier: Lightning Spear, Fire Bow, Lightning Lance, Lightning Orb, Fire Bomb
That's my opinion on all the weapons in the game! If you have any differing opinions or even a list of your own, I'd love for you to share it with us! Have a great day!

#h8YNiNNq Oct 24,2019 09:09

Max level is currently 22 and dodge chance caps at 50%

#Cva07GF2 Oct 24,2019 07:30

@Serec no -- max level is 20, so that gives you 40 upgrades. If you use all 40 for dodge, you would be practically immortal(80% dodge chance).

#y29vycSp Oct 24,2019 04:54

At this point, there is absolutely no need, or real benefit, to put any stats into hp/dodge.
Having higher dps outpaces "lost defence/hp" so far in this game.

#11PlmQcU Oct 24,2019 02:46

This game just gets better with every single update! Wow!

#aJeFdYwn Oct 23,2019 22:43

So you got 3 stickmen after killing the snakes?

I'm not fully sure if that's what you mean but if you did mean that, yes, that's a glitch

mega KOT
#sH2yd7Fc Oct 23,2019 15:08

is this a bug? : i killed first 3 bosses and at last moment stickman died,i got game over screen,but secound stickman appeared with full health, and as usual after clicking i got 2 stickman with 1 hp

#mHNhslRH Oct 23,2019 12:31

At this point, I'm tempted to just wait a couple of weeks and explore the new things that come...

#gt3nMgdV Oct 23,2019 09:49

I bet the new chamber will have a boss of sorts and have a new village after it. Seems like a possibility.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 23,2019 05:57

We know!

It's been out for 4 days!


#AguRZczJ Oct 23,2019 00:27

The fourth party member has arrived.

Time for more builds.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 22,2019 01:49

Yeah, of course it's intended, you think ha55ii would let a glitch like that stay in the game since the beginning?

#Ti5bK8Mb Oct 21,2019 12:06

@#E1DcoTb7 i think that is intended. In stick ranger 1, ur stickman are down when reach 0hp and deals no dps. But in stick ranger2, they all alive until team wipe, but u get this penalty for not keeping ur mans from harm. Without this, we might just have one big team health instead of individual health, which makes tank role and defensive stats meaningless.

#E1DcoTb7 Oct 21,2019 10:55

Someone: when one stickman gets hit with an attack that does 4 damage, each of the other stickmans gets loses 4 HP; that totals to 12 HP

#aJeFdYwn Oct 20,2019 20:31

@Someone I would assume that you could teleport to different villages using money.

I'd really like a minimap, maybe on the same screen as the option to teleport back to the village

#mHNhslRH Oct 20,2019 14:28

I also want to see a update that includes portals to get to the future caves, because you usually take damage when traveling through them.

#mHNhslRH Oct 20,2019 14:15

@Glitch?, it is intended that if a zero health stickman is hurt, then the other stickmans absorb the damage. (so be careful with the short range stickmans)

#HEgSaDSv Oct 20,2019 10:41

im pretty sure it's just a hub of some sort. it doesn't cost anything to tele back to village, and 5 levels would be a lot to drag through if you're trying to get to the latest cave

#idlCtOmQ Oct 20,2019 09:45

@aaagsooz Nononono, I mean it's bad for the stickmen. I really wanna see a mega-boss too.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 20,2019 09:42

@Helispark idk about you but I'd way rather a Massive boss with its own arena than a basic inn

#idlCtOmQ Oct 20,2019 08:55

Speculation about Central Cavity:
-There are no natural irregularities in Central Cavity's terrain, and it's also symmetrical. It must have been hollowed out by a living thing such as a human or a giant beast.
-Central Cavity does not follow the ordinary stage naming system of names and numbers that was also present in Stick Ranger 1, so this shouldn't resemble an ordinary stage once it's completed.
-Both the northern or eastern corridors could lead to a new stage in the future, but the northern corridor is also a perfect place for enemies to drop down and ambush the stickmen!
-It could be something very good such as a village with an Inn, or something very bad such as an arena with a mega-boss.

#ktRsgcoM Oct 20,2019 08:17

wtf wheres 4th stickman???????

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