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#ENG4rrte Nov 14,2018 21:34

ye unless they remake dodge to what priests have in SR1 that type of attack and def boosts are much better
if they arent going to add more gear slots to the game aleast make some sort of skill tree that way there could be more places to use sp once you get it also all of the skills are linear so you would eventually have the same problem as SR1aka bad game ballance where weapons are the main source of power instead of player skills that are the most cusomizable - could be fixed by making consequent levels faster or making skills give compounding bonuses/a bigger skill tree for higher level skill point spending

PFU for life
#4StSx3U3 Nov 14,2018 13:17

Best build: One stickman 100% into damage, other stickman 100% into dodge

#mapGeiyR Nov 13,2018 06:48

I honestly think they need to update the hit boxes for the items because sometimes when an item drops it gets stuck in the ground and I can’t pick it up.

#f8NoJoRd Nov 13,2018 01:27

hail doge

#4Sl4RpyG Nov 12,2018 09:18

this is awesome! :D
keep it up, can't wait for the next update

#YTK8IIDF Nov 11,2018 22:54

(I curse my computer for this flood, sorry)
Developing a game takes a lot of time to correctly build the graphics and stuff like that, and I hope ha55ii will make the game even better with the new updates. There are many bugs that should be fixed before Save becomes a real thing.
I don't even want to save a game that I can beat in 30 minutes, as WinterToll said.

#YTK8IIDF Nov 11,2018 22:49

Hey, guys, you need to chill. Developing a game takes a lot of time and Iha55ii

#3BcrcGyH Nov 11,2018 11:03

I beat the game well within half an hour, and I think the continued development of the next stages or current ones would benefit the game more than a saving option. For those that tend to die earlier than they expect, I can see the reason for a save option. If you get charge and invest a 2 or more points into hp, you should be able to defeat the first 3 snakes on stage 2. Allowing you to unlock the 2nd ranger pretty early.

#3BcrcGyH Nov 11,2018 10:58

What's that link for?

#EbDAGUzQ Nov 11,2018 01:54

A little love, thank you very much. Now I can make my own version of Stick Ranger 2.

A little love
#Y7Yqk9h2 Nov 10,2018 12:38

I love you people

#ENG4rrte Nov 10,2018 05:11

it isnt random its just a one time drop from specific mosters like i said you can just target those monsters to get the best wep the fastest

#Z8zu5rDZ Nov 10,2018 04:59

The drop chances are a bit messed up, like I get weapons within a few kills but then I never get them again... The cave monsters still haven't given me anything :/

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Nov 10,2018 04:36

Chill with the update ideas guys. The only dev here who responds to english speakers is otascube. Also please stop with the save thing there really isnt much to lose int this game right now. It will come later. Also developing game isnt his main job. Thats why updates are small.

#boan74qq Nov 10,2018 04:19

yes update is good

#Z8zu5rDZ Nov 10,2018 04:11

Yay, update :D

#ENG4rrte Nov 10,2018 03:51

Nah not having saves isnt bad if he made a way to save this early on it would give the impression that he wouldnt put much effort into this game adding more gameplay right now would need to be the priority like extra equip slots and the other types of weapons also world zones could be added like where you would travel between cave plains and other biomes that would be visable in the background to chose where to go next othervise it would have to be one huge linear map aka not the best idea but for the time beeing its pretty good
you can speedrun it pretty fast rn just get the 2 red gloves one main other charge from the green(3rd one from where you come out of the village) and red (one of the reds on the same floor as the boss)enemies get lvl3 & the 2nd stickman and go get the boss.

Simple Commenter
#ygaSgTTO Nov 10,2018 03:46

Ok, guys. Stop freaking out about no saves. This game is fairly new, so please stop.

#OPRtsTgy Nov 10,2018 00:48

ha55ii: okay imma make a simple level up effect THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT

#ENG4rrte Nov 09,2018 21:29

not sure if the dev reads these for update ideas but if you do i have one
Make more item slots in the status for each stickman (like armour boots pants) and make the inventory have a all items tab and then each of the item types tabs.Dragging the tabs themself or atleast the items from inventory to status tab could be good.
But you could be just a one man army so its ok if you want to take your time coding this i got many ideas for the game.Considering making one like this myself.

#4o52hqQH Nov 09,2018 18:35

i'm betting -
version 1.2:
bug fix: shadow (fixed some shading effects for grass and other things on the terrain)

#BIRu2TrP Nov 09,2018 16:26

wait nevermind, if is game over, my stuff is still there, cool :D

#BIRu2TrP Nov 09,2018 16:20

awww cmon, i thought ver1.1 will be save, but will be ver1.2 :(

#KlAcZUaN Nov 09,2018 14:48

this game have only 1 instead of 4

#KlAcZUaN Nov 09,2018 14:24

how to save it?

#w5wPmndb Nov 09,2018 12:52

Stick Ranger 2 ver1.1
Added level up effect.
Bug fix: Game Over, Drop

#9pLh8TWq Nov 08,2018 21:42

Being able to not lose progress when you reload the page would be nice.
Maybe a save system similar to Monster Box?

#Ars1MFip Nov 08,2018 11:54

Woooo new GAME

#9pLh8TWq Nov 08,2018 09:21


#JBBpkUTp Nov 08,2018 05:33

My game is not saving.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Nov 08,2018 03:35

Get in here before we change our minds

#YSxGYWuw Nov 08,2018 02:43

Stick Ranger>Stick ranger 2

#5I3zuD5K Nov 07,2018 19:05

I imagine the crowd here is probably going to be mostly the same people who visit the SRCB, but there may be some totally new usernames (we generally don't see each other's faces here) that go directly to Stick Ranger 2 without playing Stick Ranger first; so I'll go ahead and post an invite link to the Discord server that we've set up for members of the Dan-Ball community here too:
We have a system in place that hides inactive members from the visible member list by hiding the vast majority of the text channels from inactive users. New members are unfortunately considered inactive by default, so you'll need to post once in the #reactivation_zone text channel to see the rest of the text channels in the server; assuming our bot "Isla" is online, it should assign the "iz active" role to you when you do so. Isla will be near the top of the member list just under our admins if it is online; if the bot is offline, ping @Zeo and he'll reboot the bot as soon as he sees your message about it being offline.

#YvQ3S0di Nov 07,2018 06:12

Were is save option i want to save but i can't why?

#dPpakuMx Nov 06,2018 17:18


O-I experimental
#fHnE1DzK Nov 06,2018 05:21

Cave 3 is just a placeholder until the next stages are made.

#xvVstm5A Nov 06,2018 03:29

i'm extremely excited for this game, i cant wait for more updates

#ME2HiAy2 Nov 06,2018 02:34

i know why, i am in dan ball wiki, and is "Saving" and it said "As of ver1.0, no saving function is available for storing game progress. " i think save will be ver1.1 and cave 3 will be, i think.

#s7Z4ZRJ9 Nov 06,2018 02:12

Is cave 3 as far as you can go?

#OPRtsTgy Nov 06,2018 00:52


#OPRtsTgy Nov 06,2018 00:52

tbh if this has an octopus boss its lovable enough for me.

#tKl86k3r Nov 05,2018 22:46

I'm not against a permadeath game with no save scumming

#zPuMfxbw Nov 05,2018 16:23

Surprise level: 100%
Dang it ha55ii, you really gotta make us stay this time, huh.

#WeFzgkLc Nov 05,2018 16:23

and wow the first boss is hard to kill...

#WeFzgkLc Nov 05,2018 16:06

i am new player, but this new stick ranger is finally out, we so happy for this, i like it.

#TdSpErg6 Nov 05,2018 11:43

I've been playing sr for just over 8 years I cant believe we are getting a second one

#P97XTwS0 Nov 05,2018 04:13

OMG!!! So excited :o

#dTBTod9E Nov 05,2018 03:35

Stick Ranger 2!!

#wNdMjTAY Nov 05,2018 02:40

After all these years?! Wow!!

#5VXwWug3 Nov 04,2018 13:49

Here we go again.

#wynboM3A Nov 04,2018 13:30

I think the beginning enemies are a little too strong, and a shop is needed in the village so the 2nd character isn't weak. i really like the art style of the game and am very excited to see what happens with it!

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Nov 04,2018 06:40

wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save wheres the save

#3BcrcGyH Nov 04,2018 05:00

I'm interested to see the direction this game's going to take, but can you please continue balancing the first game to decrease the time necessary to spend on the first game by reducing MP cap, or enemy stats?

#OPRtsTgy Nov 04,2018 02:56

so, I have been playing,
and the options button doesn't work.

#x2YvABXU Nov 04,2018 01:03

this is impossible

#NaoxcmIp Nov 04,2018 00:32

You got to beat the three snakes in cave 2 to unlock the 2rd stickman

#YnoplpGX Nov 03,2018 23:59

Yeah, this is awesome. But it's too annoying that you have to restart the whole game after a game over.

#2ix45t7U Nov 03,2018 23:56

First things first...needs SAVE option

#2OIbG5vS Nov 03,2018 20:22

why would I play this if I can't even yeet people way over the screen

#j3DHMkaZ Nov 03,2018 15:05

Block is too strong...

#PtwZlvGJ Nov 03,2018 10:49

Heck yeah

#KTRzGX9q Nov 03,2018 08:13

It really feels like an adventure now. Excited to see where this game goes in the future!

O-I experimental
#fHnE1DzK Nov 03,2018 06:11

I found the healing, but its a little annoying that you have to go back to the village to heal.

O-I experimental
#fHnE1DzK Nov 03,2018 06:03

Very interesting. No healing option and only 1 fighter. Takes persistence to deal with these levels.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Nov 03,2018 05:24

I never thought this would happen.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Nov 03,2018 02:44

Thank you ha55ii!!!

#OPRtsTgy Nov 03,2018 01:22

im not sure how healing works, the stickman got down to 13 LP and I brought it to the village and shook it around the torch and it healed. explain?

#5sHDDwMa Nov 03,2018 01:05

i'm gonna mod this
i ' m g o n n a

#OPRtsTgy Nov 03,2018 00:06

oh man YES boi. stick ranger 2 is like the best thing ever now. ha55ii you are an amazing dev. (though clearly not one who will add SOUND to any of his games..)

#E08BqsZW Nov 02,2018 23:44

Thanks for making this game, ha55ii! :D

#f8NoJoRd Nov 02,2018 22:08

i love this game

#eEC0lc1y Nov 02,2018 21:39

Damn, that makes TWO follow-up games nobody thought would actually happen this week.

#3C7ZM5jF Nov 02,2018 20:34

Stick Ranger 2 is great! I love how the game plays, and it is great that it is widescreen (sort of)
I still can't log in to my account though...

#5I3zuD5K Nov 02,2018 20:28

I never expected a Stick Ranger 2 to actually become a thing; *HYPE* ^^ >;D That said, it desperately needs an autosave feature; restarting from LV 1 with no items because you got a game over is annoying >.> I imagine that's in the near future plans anyway though~
I'm curious to see how "Dodge +2%" is handled when the max level reaches LV 26; 2 SP per LV times +2% means that 100% dodge would be possible at LV 26 if it's currently calculated the way that I think it is and it isn't changed before then. However, overall outlook for game balance is otherwise looking better than the awkward mess that is the original Stick Ranger's game balance; both the AT aura from the Priest and the MAG for MP + DEX for AGI requirements on weapons from the original Stick Ranger seem to be swapped out in favor of a system that will expect a certain level of proficiency with weapons in a certain range category that are either physical or magical. I'm seeing 8 main builds; (short/mid/long) times (physical/elemental) equals 6, and then there's the dedicated tank build plus the jack-of-all-trades build. Any sub builds that arise will just be a mix of 2 or more of the aforementioned 8. I just hope ha55ii isn't afraid to adjust the scaling of each of the SP options if the current scaling should ever start to show signs of breaking, instead of balancing later sections of the game around broken game mechanics like he unfortunately did with the original Stick Ranger.

#gbCX6mfY Nov 02,2018 19:03

wow this is so different! thanks for the cool new game

#1oHElsNi Nov 02,2018 16:26


#Nc6jvMcy Nov 02,2018 15:25

I've only just started, but this feels really good!

#JYDcn8r1 Nov 02,2018 13:54

what a pleasant surprise, thanks for the game!

#NdqGPeQ5 Nov 02,2018 13:45

second comment

#w5wPmndb Nov 02,2018 13:31

Stick Ranger 2 ver1.0
New game.
It is the beginning of a new adventure by improving the specification which was dissatisfied with the previous work.
There are many incomplete specifications, but I will gradually upgrade it.

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