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#mHNhslRH Sep 15,2019 03:24

Also, what was changed in the update?

#mHNhslRH Sep 15,2019 03:23


#4cYblN5C Sep 15,2019 02:18

NVM im dumb

#4cYblN5C Sep 15,2019 02:09

i cant get past cave-4 .. advise? -the 4th stikman doesnt spawn and i defeated all enemies

#mjZ321no Sep 14,2019 02:12

Fun Fact: Stick Ranger 2 has a gold cap at 99,999,999

#xLmv5QG7 Sep 13,2019 23:22

Poison Bow drops from Pink Gel Tree. Good luck, boys and girls.

#Ka2jEg7u Sep 13,2019 21:10


#BSM2xfyU Sep 13,2019 13:59

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.4
Weapon addition.
Change: Equipment.

#gA3O1z51 Sep 12,2019 11:43

Woahhhhh there's a second Stick Ranger in development! I can't wait for updates!

#mHNhslRH Sep 12,2019 10:47

You can also find the things that anonymous0421 said in the danball wiki.

#Tcnd7x82 Sep 10,2019 12:03

by the way i'm the creator of all of my Escape Room maps in Powder Game 2! Nice to meet you!

#Tcnd7x82 Sep 10,2019 12:02

best way to grind for GOLD, keep your stickmans between cave 3 and cave 4. In cave 4,
defeat the blue boss and take all the gold marks in that area. Go back to cave 3, defeat the white skull bat boss and take the gold marks in that area. Go back to cave 4 again and repeat the steps. You can get about 500 GOLDS in just 5-10 minutes!

#8xd0AnFF Sep 09,2019 04:50

I got 100 gold by clicking on the hidden gold!

#s8IYNrAM Sep 09,2019 03:28

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#s8IYNrAM Sep 09,2019 03:26

Guide to finding all the weapons:
(C stands for cave, and M stands for monster. You can find these by pressing the “Monster” button.)
There are 5 types of weapons so far: Glove (G), Sword (Sw), Spear (Sp), Bow (Bo), and Ball (Ba).
There are also 2 types of weapon attacks: Arms (Main), and Charge (Special).
C1:M1 - Bash (G), and Sword (Sw)
C1:M2 - Power Glove (G), and Spear (Sp)
C1:M3 - Light Glove (G)
C1:M4 - Bow (Bo)
C1:M5 - Range Attack (G)
C2:M2 - Slash (Sw), and Lancer (Sp)
C2:M3 - Triple Arrow (Bo)
C2:M4 - Lightning Ball (Ba)
C2:M5 - Fire Bomb (Ba)
C2:M6 - Fire Bow (Bo), and Flame Arrow (Bo)
C2:M7 - Sand Blaster (G)
C3:M2 - Ice Ball (Ba)
C3:M3 - Fire Sword (Sw), and Lightning Spear (Sp)
C3:M4 - Flame Slayer (Sw), and Lightning Lance (Sp)
C3:M5 - Poison Arrow (Bo)

#PcGE1h3K Sep 09,2019 02:45

1. Click the little gold flecks on the walls.
2. Max your dodge first.
3. Read other people’s comments for more protips.

#PcGE1h3K Sep 09,2019 02:11

@Good 2P setup?
I use:
P1: Lightning Spear + Lightning Lance
P2: Lightning Ball + Fire Bomb
P3: Fire Bow + Flame Arrow
Most of these items can be found in Cave 2.
(Also, the bottom of Cave 2 is great for farming.)

#JmyqzCco Sep 08,2019 18:40

maybe making an app would get more peaople to play it

#in63Yrtd Sep 08,2019 00:55

The 4th stick ranger probably wont be added until all the other cave enemies are added. Nice Water!

Good 2P setup?
#5f9Wafui Sep 07,2019 02:14

Glove lvl 1
Power glove lvl 2
Sword lvl 2
Spear lvl 1
Ice ball lvl 1
Lightning ball lvl 1
Bow lvl 1
All of them are lvl 1
Range attack
Poison arrow
Fire bomb
Flame slayer
I would like a good combo for them to deal heavy damage when sticking together.

#3K4eFrxU Sep 06,2019 22:32

The underwater effect is just awesome.

#BSM2xfyU Sep 06,2019 12:49

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.3
Underwater effect added.

#8xd0AnFF Sep 06,2019 06:52

Can't wait for 4th stick ranger

#8xd0AnFF Sep 06,2019 06:52

It's almost Friday ... you know what it means! :D

#aJeFdYwn Sep 06,2019 03:10

It would be nice to have a save feature. like in sr1

#Jfh8w4h8 Sep 03,2019 17:19


#baBjejs9 Sep 02,2019 16:09

All of my stuff is gone im back to the start :(

#Ka2jEg7u Sep 01,2019 22:53

@no name how do you not have a better weapon than a spear

#7GVoa4JF Sep 01,2019 09:00

After each death the game should restore in the village only the 50% of HP, then the second time 25% and so on, to make it more challenging. Right now the game is boring imo.

#mHNhslRH Sep 01,2019 03:51


no name
#pScALJba Aug 31,2019 20:13

There s a "bug" in the new update: a stickman with a spear will aim for the body of roof trees
and will always miss if the stickman is to the side from the tree

#jvhqlPQz Aug 31,2019 13:00

(ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻ where are the level 11+ monsters?!(ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Thanks for update!

#CNLYXAsg Aug 30,2019 22:31

Tony: every time you click gold, there's a chance you get 100

#3K4eFrxU Aug 30,2019 18:34

Looking foward to some LV 11 enemies ... XD

#hcLTQoTJ Aug 30,2019 14:09

i look forward to see what other additions ha55ii has coming up, ill make my boys strong enough to take on any monster

#hcLTQoTJ Aug 30,2019 14:00

new guys are tough

#I1JJymnB Aug 30,2019 13:11

level up health, and the weapon damage your stick is using, and a bit of doge for close rangers

#BSM2xfyU Aug 30,2019 12:16

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.2
Enemy addition.

#7GVoa4JF Aug 30,2019 01:16

farm bosses.

#fHZtUVX0 Aug 29,2019 21:58

Why to level up the light glove needs 500G? That's inpossible! Turn the thing cherper or monsters drop more Gold!

#EqdefUm6 Aug 29,2019 14:15

It seems that the sword can only hurt one person, but can not tear all the enemies in front of it... Maybe the blacksmith shop should help to sharpen the sword.

#q4fM1pw7 Aug 28,2019 19:12

Does anyone got a guide for the game overall? I've got 2 stickmen right now, can't defeat the white bat, and levelling is so slow. What stats do you guys add? Max damage based on range or type?

#hcLTQoTJ Aug 27,2019 16:28

never mind that

No name
#mhSehwjG Aug 27,2019 14:38


#hcLTQoTJ Aug 27,2019 13:26

does anyone know why you would buy monsters, do they stay in the map indefinitely afterwards?

#o0zyupkg Aug 26,2019 23:18

Oh boy, I'm looking forward to stick 4!

#Gb3O1X0T Aug 26,2019 23:08

Am I the only one who thinks the lightning spears look like chopsticks?

#ANe8jVih Aug 25,2019 22:50

Everyone theres nothing yet in the cave 4 so stop asking!

#mHNhslRH Aug 25,2019 01:47

I believe cave 4 has not been updated to hold monsters, so stop shouting.

Cave 4
#8xd0AnFF Aug 25,2019 00:50

What do you do in cave 4?

#rFrmDM63 Aug 24,2019 17:43

is there anyway to load an old file? i deleted my internet history and now it's gone

#Ka2jEg7u Aug 24,2019 05:56

Cave 4

Cave 4
#SlPTvnYM Aug 24,2019 03:02

WHAT do you do???

Cave 4
#pScALJba Aug 23,2019 21:57


#fe884LU0 Aug 23,2019 20:21

*braces for people shouting 'CAVE 4'*
also @ha55ii thanks for your continued work on this great game :)

Kentucky Buddy
#ntZhtC3V Aug 23,2019 15:15


#BSM2xfyU Aug 23,2019 13:26

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.1
Map addition.

#gt3nMgdV Aug 22,2019 06:25

@Ha55ii Do you think you could add the square/triangle above the Stickmen's heads like the last game? I have trouble moving them around sometimes.

Halp meh
#SypiKfwQ Aug 19,2019 04:42


Halp meh
#SypiKfwQ Aug 19,2019 04:16

What is the max lvl for items?

#3K4eFrxU Aug 18,2019 19:04

Tips to quickly kill the big white skull bat and take less damage:
1. Lv max Fire Bow/ Lightning Ball, Triple Arrow/ Poison Arrow
2. Lv max Ice Ball, any
3. Lv max Spear, Lancer

#3K4eFrxU Aug 18,2019 17:22

Poison Arrow is quite a strong weapon. It can deal about 450 damage, enough to instant kill the orange smiley tree in cave 2.

#Ka2jEg7u Aug 17,2019 22:30

@WeebCrab because the forth one is coming in the forth cave but it’s not done yet

#h8YNiNNq Aug 17,2019 14:18

Hurrah! After killing the bat boss literally hundreds of times I finally got to level 20!

#zIoyMX3R Aug 17,2019 03:29

Great weapon! I'm gonna replace my flame arrow with it. It was HARD to upgrade. Hardest weapon to max out in the game. I did the math and it took me 3300 gold in total. but it was worth it to get it's damage to 108-108!

#ANe8jVih Aug 17,2019 00:02

Why does it say "great adventure with 4 stickmen" when i have only 3 and no more?

#3K4eFrxU Aug 16,2019 15:44

Poison Arrow is a charge weapon...

#rTMnUQCl Aug 16,2019 15:26

The return of the King.

#BSM2xfyU Aug 16,2019 13:41

Stick Ranger 2 ver5.0
Weapon addition.

Alan Walker
#KKgOdRZ5 Aug 15,2019 08:31

You are doing good keep us happy

Cue Boyd
#yISYYjmp Aug 15,2019 08:25

they took me save fiiiiile

#h8YNiNNq Aug 15,2019 02:53

I have a fun difficult stick ranger 2 challenge run for anybody interested! t's called the villageless run. In this run the requirments are that you must beat ALL boss monsters without ever returning to village after you first boot up the game. The beginning of the challenge is a bit luck based with how long it takes for the green slimes to drop a sword, but after that it's all based on your own skill! I managed to prove it's possible by beating it myself, it certainly makes the game way harder! I challenge anyone who likes this game to try this challenge.

#Ka2jEg7u Aug 14,2019 10:58

It’s awful

#POcq6FgT Aug 14,2019 04:14

So I'll just repost this:

#wTCnb3Ph Aug 14,2019 01:18

My comments are getting deleted, it seems.

#5ZQBhCoE Aug 12,2019 13:14

I lost all my things when i made an account

#l7yYhcgb Aug 11,2019 04:31

I think the game is coming along great so far. A few suggestions would be to add more variety of charge abilities, not just attack ones but also heal, one that blocks or nulls incoming damage, etc. Then they should get rid of the three (presumably) placeholder stats
Short, Middle, and Long attack, and replace them with possibly a "Charge Stat" that increases how quickly the character builds the charge meter, or a Range stat that increases the range of certain attacks and charges.

#C4GQ7VOf Aug 10,2019 20:27

I'm so glad that this game is still going. I came back to dan-ball because I remembered playing stick ranger 1 over a decade ago. Imagine my surprise not only to see a sequel, but that its still actively being developed in 2019! God bless,ha55ii.

#h8YNiNNq Aug 10,2019 10:15

I'm not sure if many other people have noticed this, but the HP of the roundhead trees got nerfed to 200 from 300. I kinda don't like that they got nerfed but I guess they needed to have lower HP to fit in with the black gels? I'm not sure but there's that!

#h8YNiNNq Aug 10,2019 08:50

The new enemy is awesome! Let me just talk a bit about their design. So... they are resistant to every element, but are close range. However, most weapons with good range in this game are elemental! This makes it to where your gonna have to use more close range weapons... HOWEVER, these slimes just happen to have the highest damage of any slime in the game! Keep it up with the clever design ha55ii :)

No name
#mhSehwjG Aug 09,2019 13:46

@halp meh I don't think they do anything -_-

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Aug 09,2019 13:37

RIP Freeze

#FELCFLwF Aug 09,2019 13:31

(P.S. Gratitude for the Update, ha55ii. Gratitude.)

#FELCFLwF Aug 09,2019 13:29

...While I'm here, I'll answer Questions that I'm choosing to answer. To @ReddFiveOhOh, and @mx90: The "Smith's Bug" is described(Since I seem to be a sole person who knows, until further notice.) to be this: If you remember, there used to be the ""0 G" Window(s)" when there's a Weapon in the game, and Nothing when there isn't. But, for whatever reason, if you suddenly click the Available Weapon in the game that has a ""0 G" Window" without Obtaining(via Monster.) the Weapon, you'll instantly Obtain the Weapon weather or not you get it in the Natural way; The Effect of Obtaining the Weapon this way is Simple, yet permanent. I tested this, but didn't keep this in the "Official Save File" of mine. I've reported the Bug, at the same day the Bug was "Fixed", while the game updated. So, people can thank me, but I'm looking out for the game itself.
...Also, Side Note: Poison seems to be a Foreshadowed Gimmick. Nice.

#BSM2xfyU Aug 09,2019 13:16

Stick Ranger 2 ver4.9
Enemy addition.

#jBNOO8Jb Aug 08,2019 13:22

Android or iOS version in the future?

Halp meh
#SypiKfwQ Aug 07,2019 07:55

Also, what is the max level for weapons?

#2R8PSo8R Aug 07,2019 06:53

hands down the best game ever 10-10 this game saved my dog from a car and cured my cancer and it saved me from depression best game i want everybody to play this game and all in harmony say that this is the best game ever to have they seen in there life

Halp meh
#SypiKfwQ Aug 07,2019 02:12

Yo, does anyone know what the little stickman symbols on the cave walls do?

#ozKi5qUM Aug 06,2019 20:11

Pretty good job so far, keep it up ha55ii

#mHNhslRH Aug 06,2019 04:08

@Barucyl Thanks!

#rTMnUQCl Aug 05,2019 06:09

Lightning Spear is weak DPS, but great Area pierce.

#jvhqlPQz Aug 05,2019 06:02

slay the bat boss and click the five gimmicks as quickly as possible*
Accidentally clicked submit too early on the last message!

#jvhqlPQz Aug 05,2019 06:02

It was painful to farm gold for so long while gaining zero experience points. At least my OCD is satisfied after having all items maxed!
In case there's any question, the best way to farm gold right now is to

#BzbTtwTA Aug 04,2019 21:41

there is one in the empty room beside the Green slime boss in area 1.
that will give you an idea what you should look for

#3kwxoS4R Aug 04,2019 10:41

So good

#mHNhslRH Aug 04,2019 05:53

Also where is the gold in the wall?

#mHNhslRH Aug 04,2019 05:51

Is the range attack good? (Dropped by the first green boss)

#h8YNiNNq Aug 03,2019 06:18

The weapon upgrades are super cool! Glad that they are all finally finished! Now we just need some more powerful enemies to fight >:)

#3bR8Pwni Aug 03,2019 01:46

Fully upgraded sandblaster on a guy with high physical damage can kill any of the bosses in 1 hit.

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