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#rhfQeamX May 29,2022 02:30
Which ring would be better for a Light Knuckle/Flame Saber build? Wood Ring or Ruby Ring?
#v58WZHGF May 28,2022 00:48
The new ring is it very working, on the sky garden 2 and 3
#fU2YswEm May 27,2022 20:24
Craft Iron Wood Diamond Gold
#fU2YswEm May 27,2022 20:23
#xICw4VnM May 27,2022 20:15
gotcha the new ring. it say fire hit chance per second+1. this mean fire weapons will have an extra 1/60 chance to hit a enemies per frame ( which is 1,67% or 1 more hit per sec ) it work best with flame slayer / flame sabel
#H9vOFCdB May 27,2022 14:02
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.8 Add ring.
#rhfQeamX May 27,2022 00:52
Hopefully the new amulet's effect works on rings, that'd help alot, considering that the next update is probably going to be a new ring.
#JnxMwQCL May 23,2022 12:00
Another great medal series. I did a new playthrough recently and I felt like all the rings and medals made it a more fun experience. Speaking of playthroughs, the "everyone freezes" medal can be really hard if you have an endgame team, as you'll find yourself killing all the blue box trees too quickly. A neat trick you can do though is to remove everyone's Arms weapons, making it so they can't attack, and space them evenly below the trees.
#jOVFxpCi May 22,2022 11:43
im sad i lost my old accout
#xICw4VnM May 22,2022 08:09
first, get the gold ring. secondly, equip this to someone. third, click 3 gold mark at the bottom right corner and drag someone to that place. if a big yellow thingy spawn, then u are good. kill it and if u lucky a gold drop will happen. normally it would worth 150 gold but with the gold ring u got 225 and the medal
#rhfQeamX May 22,2022 02:15
Also, hint for anyone struggling with the "225g" medal: All 225 gold has to drop from a single enemy.
#rhfQeamX May 21,2022 22:29
What are you guys' favorite weapons? My favorite arms is probably Ice Sword, and my favorite charge is definitely Flame Saber.
#odKyWUch May 20,2022 16:41
Click three of the five gold mark at right bottom to summon it
#odKyWUch May 20,2022 16:39
@Blackkite the big yellow slime drops 225g when gold ring is equipped
#8ksCEjA3 May 20,2022 15:53
Ive picked up 1k gold now so I don't know what I’m doing wrong ;-;. Please Help
#8ksCEjA3 May 20,2022 15:47
Oh god there’s a new amulet but I can’t seem to get it! AHHHH, I’ve been collecting gold for 10 minutes from the bottom right of the cave and killing golden slime guys
#H9vOFCdB May 20,2022 13:02
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.7 Add amulet. Add medal.
#7z0LWT9L May 20,2022 00:17
I love how creative some medals are!
#6L5SZ7PC May 19,2022 03:00
Basically, take your stickmen to the rightmost edge of cave 2, at the top (where you come in from cave 3) and then drag one of your stickmen to the left and into cave 1 without getting damaged. It might be a tricky to dodge the attacks of the green snakes, but after a few tries, you should be able to get it!
#sGGWViZi May 18,2022 01:45
i must sound stupid but how do i get the passing through medal
#34CU4FEF May 16,2022 17:09
Next update must be the next amulet! Unless there wont be an amulet?
#LeHNGOph May 15,2022 01:35
h e c k was upgrading one of my stickmen to be a long ranged mage and ended up putting points into mid range instead of long
#xICw4VnM May 14,2022 14:30
medal 3 : kill 50 dolls... or just white skull stickmen medal 4 : make everyone got slowed by the inverted blue box tree
#sD22OuZW May 13,2022 23:32
как получить четвертую медальв терасной пещере
#6L5SZ7PC May 13,2022 14:33
"Dolls", huh. I'll continue to call them stickmen lol
#H9vOFCdB May 13,2022 12:31
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.6 Add medal.
#34CU4FEF May 09,2022 17:25
@My_Requital If you look closely in the tiny cave filled with skulled bats you should find a stickman disguised as the background. Click on it and it'll move and if you click on it five times it will give you the medal. If you're having issues try looking beside the waterfall.
#sD22OuZW May 09,2022 17:22
My Reguital тебе нужно найти маленького стикмена в зоне летучих мышей и кликать на него 5 раз медаль получена
#34CU4FEF May 09,2022 17:21
Wonder if there will ever be a base defense gamemode where you can place a few bricks that can be destroyed by enemies and you gotta survive for as long as possible to earn money/exp or perhaps loot.
#QWFftVGV May 09,2022 06:03
how to get achieve "stickman" on Cave1?
#8CDyAcZq May 08,2022 09:13
they got filtered out... htt p instead of htt ps
#8CDyAcZq May 08,2022 09:13
psa: if you suddenly lose your save, try connecting to dan-ball with instead of or vice-versa, because your browser considers the two as completely different websites and doesn't share saves between them. might help or might not
#LG63i2Gs May 08,2022 07:35
mexcian elijah
The game is good but it's kinda unfair between the player strength and the enemy strength, it's fine though.
#sD22OuZW May 07,2022 15:10
кольца выбивать сложнее чем медали я проверил
#rhfQeamX May 06,2022 20:58
@undertale fan yes, just export your save data before signing in and you'll be good
#xICw4VnM May 06,2022 20:12
how to do the first medal of terraced cave ( warning it is quite complex ) : step 1 : start killing the green snakes, when the snakes is dying drag a stickman to the tiki torch to summon 15 green droplet. kill them as well step 2 : when killing these things, drag another stickmen and hold on top of the stickman on the bridge. when seeing the combo bar ready to reset, release the stickmen and make it land a hit on the stickmen. step 3 : the green droplets should die all now. drag the stickmen who killed them to the big upside down tree to hit the tree. also the stickman on the bridge should be dead, drag the stickmen who killed that down to support step 4 : for the last stickmen drag them to the place where he can kill the blue and yellow trees step 5 : after the upside down tree died, and the snakes also ded, drag the other stickmens to the place that the first two had been. Remember to refill the combo bar before dragging. when 15 stickman appear on the bridge, kill them now. 1-2 stickmens should take care of these. step 6 : drag the other stickmens to the blue and yellow trees and kill them. Now it is depend by luck. if u are lucky your team may reach 87 combo after killing everything. And now u will got the medal @undertale fan surprisingly... yes
#gf7GuMdG May 06,2022 17:19
undertale fan
I have a question, does your progress reset if you sign in?
#H9vOFCdB May 06,2022 14:48
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.5 Add medal.
#JnxMwQCL May 05,2022 03:44
@neobotics Just really low drop rates! Personally I wouldn't really recommend trying to hunt down each one, that can be kinda painful
#rxAT6Sk0 May 05,2022 02:33
how do you get rings? do they just have a really low drop rate or do you have to do something to get them?
#GItbKqZa May 05,2022 01:46
#sGGWViZi May 05,2022 01:40
thank you fellow stick ranger enjoyers
#JnxMwQCL May 04,2022 23:55
Stick Ranger 2 is a small and unheard of and especially single-player game, so it doesn't really have or need a meta imo. The closest thing you can consider a meta is like... glass cannon Light Glove/Light Knuckle builds, and that's... really weird to me, haha. Not having a primary weapon that can do damage is very dangerous and not having a solid tank for other stickmen to use the life share mechanic on is even more so, you'll burn through onigiris very quickly What I propose instead for what a good meta would be? Every early game character should be using Power Glove imo. It's leagues ahead of other primaries in that stage of the game, is compatible with any other build and does strong damage even without an even point split between Short and Physical
#rhfQeamX May 04,2022 22:01
I don't know nothing about the meta but a class cannon build with stats evenly distributed between short + elemental alongside Light Knuckle, Flame Saber, Wood Ring, Craft Amulet, and Beret 2 is extremely powerful, no matter the enemy's resistances. For my other rangers, I have a short-range physical-elemental hybrid with Knuckle, Firecracker, Iron Ring, Crystal Amulet, and Headband 2, another ranger who is an Elemental dodge-focused mid range with Thunder Halberd, Lightning Lance, Diamond Ring, Elf Amulet, and Bandana 2, and finally an elemental long-range with Lightning shot, Poisonmist Shot, Craft Ring, Shell Amulet, and Santa Hat. No idea how strong these builds are but I'm a big fan of them.
#xICw4VnM May 03,2022 23:21
my meta : one guy with half the sp on long attack, the other on elemental ( since not many long weapons are physical ). for weapons i would use lightning shot and poisonmist shot ( use iron ring and craft amulet. sometime i use lightning bolt instead. the second guy will use half of the sp on middle attack and the other on elemental . also use lightning halberd with lazer lance plus craft ring and elf amulet for aoe control. the third guy will be the main damage dealer with half the sp on short and the other on physical. use light knuckle and power slash with diamond ring and crystal amulet. the last one is a battery with all sp in lp plus wearing silk hat for 40% more lp, and they use ranged weapon somehow bc i dont want they getting damaged. that's it and it is very easy.
#cu1cjqtt May 03,2022 22:15
My meta: a tank with all points in HP so you can leave him away from the fight or just using him with control weapons such as ice sword or ice bomb. You can also use thunder lance to mitigate great swarms of smaller oponents. Then, I personally like 1 magic sniper with poison or fire weapons for the AoE damage, 1 mage wich I can go for close combat with fast gloves and lighting or long range with fire ball and explosion. Then, the star of my team: 1 sniper with fast gloves and multiple shot + critical hit medal. Piece of cake.
#6L5SZ7PC May 03,2022 05:36
As someone who's played the game WAAAAAY too much I'm not sure if there is a meta, but Lightning Lance, Poison Mist Shot, Flame Saber, and Lightning Shot are in pretty much every build I make. I would say if you're trying to make a really good build it's best to stay away from most fire weapons as a lot of enemies have some kind of fire resistance, but flame saber is the big exception because it just does insane damage. Best combo of rangers in my opinion is one melee, one middle range, and two long range/elemental.
#sGGWViZi May 03,2022 05:08
this must sound stupid but what is the current meta for this game
#6L5SZ7PC May 03,2022 02:51
It'd be cool if the Terraced Cave Amulet made it to where the drop chance for any weapon in the game x1.33 higher. For example, if the drop chance for a weapon is 20%, that would become 26.6%. Not sure what else to say, that's just an idea I have for what it could do.
#rhfQeamX May 03,2022 01:43
@Helispark Yeah, I'm noticing a pattern in the rings and amulets, most "pairs" of amulets/rings seem to follow a very confined theme, such as weapon damage, offense/defense, projectile attacks... So I definitely feel like Terraced Cave's pair has to do with combat rewards, such as gold. It makes sense, too, considering that room houses one of the best money-making methods in the game, so I'd be surprised if the next amulet doesn't have anything to do with XP or anything similar.
#34CU4FEF May 02,2022 17:54
Wait i made a mistake. I got confused medals with amulets.
#34CU4FEF May 02,2022 17:29
Speaking of medals maybe next medal in the skygardens might be a special attribute medal. Example: Basically a medal that allows you to deal poison damage while dealing another type of damage like physical using your weapon. So if I were to combine the weapon "Explosion" and an ice amulet I could make an icy explosion. It'll allow neat weapon combos!
#1hcsQjJR May 02,2022 10:45
Just going to make a prediction now and guess that the medal for this area will be bonus XP... in which case, that'll be awesome lol
#FmzJgXQm May 01,2022 11:43
rHow to get a glod king?
#U4wtDCCG Apr 30,2022 16:28
с золотым кольцом можно фармить золото с большой желтой капли
#rhfQeamX Apr 30,2022 03:27
Okay, I just figured it out myself. It's global!
#rhfQeamX Apr 30,2022 03:23
Does the boost from the Gold Ring only apply if an enemy who dropped a coin is killed by the ranger with the ring equipped, or is it a global effect?
#gJE19I7L Apr 30,2022 00:12
Generic name
Nice, that'll make farming a whole lot easier.
#34CU4FEF Apr 29,2022 16:19
50% Extra gold? Nice...
#H9vOFCdB Apr 29,2022 13:58
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.4 Add ring.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 29,2022 00:33
@LjPlays Are you ok?
#t5Z3Qat9 Apr 28,2022 22:19
Завтра обновление:)
#34CU4FEF Apr 28,2022 21:06
Heres a challenge Beat the giant tree without upgrading hp or dodge or equiping any hp/dodge accessories at all. Healing allowed though.
#fU2YswEm Apr 28,2022 18:54
#tEH3A2WN Apr 28,2022 09:03
@ShadowEnialator Ty
#tEH3A2WN Apr 28,2022 09:03
lol. The green diamond tree in SG3 has the stats of just poison.
#gJE19I7L Apr 28,2022 00:16
Not just an Idea
Also one of the medals for the upper caves will be a "find the hidden stickman" medal.
#gJE19I7L Apr 28,2022 00:02
Imagine being able to upgrade rings and amulets.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 27,2022 00:22
#7z0LWT9L Apr 27,2022 00:22
@kittenday6 The blue number is the amount of Tim it took you to kill them. If you kill them fast enough, you get a medal
#sD22OuZW Apr 26,2022 22:34
до следующего обновления так далеко
#tEH3A2WN Apr 26,2022 10:42
I killed the giant red somes and some blue number showed up, anyone know what it means?
#1hcsQjJR Apr 26,2022 01:55
@SomeBot Count is an uncommon stat used for a few weapons that have lasting hitboxes, such as Star Lance and Fire Cracker. The higher the Count stat, the longer the weapon's effect applies. Any weapon with a Count stat displayed in the Items tab will be compatible with Wood Ring's boost, but there may be some others with unlisted count stats that don't show up because upgrades don't affect them (i.e. Poison Mist Shot) which could be affected by the ring too.
#7z0LWT9L Apr 25,2022 22:27
@gotyouChip tysm
#34CU4FEF Apr 25,2022 17:13
On the wood ring it mentions "Count 60" What does that mean? The description of Stick ranger 2 doesnt describe it. So i have no other choice but to ask.
#sD22OuZW Apr 23,2022 15:24
амулет так себе хотелось бы новые пещеры ;[
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 23,2022 07:29
Correction from my last post So if your Emit is 10, your charge is 2, it will be 10/2 = 5*
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 23,2022 07:27
Emit -2 seems small but can he significant. Basically a charge weapons Emit (x) divided by your arm's charge (y) will be how many attacks the ranger must make before the charge attack fires. So basically x/y = attacks to trigger charge. So if your Emit is 8, your charge is 2, it will be 10/2 = 5 After attacking 5 times the charge attack will trigger. 8/2 = 4 means you would do 5/4, or 125% more damage. It is more significant on weapons with small Emit stats but it can still be significant on larger Emit weapons. Personally I feel like the amulet would be better as -20% Emit as then it may be better on a wider variety.
#1hcsQjJR Apr 23,2022 06:32
EMIT is the stat for how much charge a charge weapon requires. A lower EMIT stat is better as the charge will go faster. Anyways, the rings and medals are fun to screw around with. They're beginning to look more like the compo item system from Stick Ranger. One of my favorites is Elf Amulet with Lightning Lance, it brings the amount of attacks from 3 to 5. Elf Amulet is like a Bullet's Card so it's typically really good on any charge that has multiple projectiles but a low projectile count. Ironic since I just revisited Laser Lance and it's not nearly as bad as I remember it to be
#Fug1sfQb Apr 23,2022 01:06
I got the new amulet 4 minutes after it came out
#Z0CB7h31 Apr 22,2022 22:30
Horse Shark
What exactly does emit do?
#7z0LWT9L Apr 22,2022 22:30
What does EMIT -2 mean?
#t5Z3Qat9 Apr 22,2022 21:19
Новый амулет урааааааа !
#xICw4VnM Apr 22,2022 19:46
here's how : drag all the stickman to the smallest hole. it is the space with 3 gold ore. the amulet is great trash for weapon with high emit but good with weapon with low emit
#odKyWUch Apr 22,2022 18:22
for 10 emit charge it is nearly 25% dps up
#0XhqO7k1 Apr 22,2022 15:42
The new medal is just EMIT -2 what a waste, wish it was -4 or -5
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 22,2022 14:49
I guess within 2 or 3 updates unless ha55ii decides to focus on a different aspect of the game. I for one would love to see more medium range weapons beyond spears
#fU2YswEm Apr 22,2022 14:01
Terraced cave medals when
#Fug1sfQb Apr 22,2022 12:56
the new amulet
#Fug1sfQb Apr 22,2022 12:56
got it
#H9vOFCdB Apr 22,2022 12:52
Stick Ranger 2 ver14.3 Add amulet. Add medal.
#sD22OuZW Apr 21,2022 23:16
завтро обнавление ура, надеюсь
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 21,2022 15:33
@Helispark I feel like many game developers unfortunately nerf their games a lot because they don't understand that concept.
#1hcsQjJR Apr 21,2022 09:57
@SomeBot See, when a developer nerfs things, it's usually for important reasons and should be for the benefit of the players. But nerfing something like the big gold slime's gold drop would make the experience worse for literally any player grinding for gold, so it's a bad nerf
#xICw4VnM Apr 21,2022 00:14
this is the strange way to grind gold you will need to constantly clear cave 1. for every clear u got 100 gold and +0.25 clear bonus. since every time u clear cave 1 you will get 100 x current clear bonus and after 20 clear it would be better than big tree run. you should try to take as less damage as possible and i recommend doing this with all the ongiris. at clear bonus x50 u should got 5k gold per clear
#sD22OuZW Apr 20,2022 22:52
как выбить кольцо с брилиантом на версии 14.2 я его не выбил ;[
#34CU4FEF Apr 20,2022 22:09
Oh... Thanks!
#6aW8Ut9Z Apr 20,2022 10:41
@SomeBot look closely to the right side of the waterfall (area with the gray bats) in cave 1. The cave wall pattern is interrupted by a stickman that you have to click 5 time. It will move slightly every time to click it. Also gold farming is pretty easy with the big yellow tree thing later on because all of the bats being killed in a row giving you a huge combo bonus. Combo is the best way to farm gold from what I have seen but the gold slime is certainly a simple option too so it isn't bad.
#RTwBhTan Apr 20,2022 10:08
@helispark thanks for telling tha And during that i got diamond ring so cool:p
#RTwBhTan Apr 20,2022 01:37
This game gets updated every friday so :/

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