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#rwNwTkAJ Jul 31,2023 00:45
SU-47 Enjoyer
I should also note, I got up to roughly 221~ as my score today. Felt good.
#rwNwTkAJ Jul 30,2023 15:28
SU-47 Enjoyer
@InfiniteCatalyst Use your keyboard's arrow keys to turn. Space pushes you forward.
#rJhBv3ZI Jun 25,2023 21:51
#N549fNe5 Jun 13,2023 00:38
This is probably my favorite game other than pg2 or 100bit
#N549fNe5 Jun 04,2023 11:48
I’ve been playing so long and until now I didn’t notice that the title screen colors are randomized…
#kSJn26dU Apr 11,2023 22:21
swinging is difficult
#cz50rllc Dec 22,2022 02:58
#rJ6Q2oze Dec 15,2022 17:19
full screen update!
#B5IBNc0K Sep 24,2022 11:39
This game refuse to load for anyone else?
#H9vOFCdB Sep 23,2022 12:42
Lim Rocket ver2.2 Supports full screen.
#iTr2kJKh Sep 22,2022 02:23
It is a good game, just hard
#AfJ4Kmel Jun 04,2022 12:23
THIS IS HARD UGHHHHHksa,chjgadmscb8yrcfy7dtchgycdysagctyjhtawvjubitdfrfsfcvyuhaiskzdytfcr tgyw
#WCWdji6m May 28,2022 13:26
#esv0DYzX Apr 05,2022 05:18
47 in Enjoy!
#DVTbFbBJ Feb 04,2022 23:20
q wwww e
i got 6 in bind mode
#H9vOFCdB Feb 04,2022 15:42
Lim Rocket ver2.1 Ranking correction.
#U1bz3Hr1 Nov 28,2021 04:37
new high scores in all leaderboards
#3gFtZTfg Nov 06,2021 01:44
#sFt7quz6 Oct 28,2021 01:38
Rank 1 in enjoy
#J73yilZa Oct 20,2021 02:14
Rank 117 at 178
#k0b9ehG3 Aug 23,2021 22:43
have planet by mercury
#KBHTIG3g Jun 27,2021 16:14
what does "lim" even mean?
#ezyuetl3 Jun 10,2021 10:19
Guys this update changes EVERYTHING. I'm literally shaking rn Oh My FRIGGEN God
#3oxNjBQf Jun 05,2021 11:53
Rim Locket ver69.420 sUpPortS SMaRTphOnE reSIzINg.
#0IzDJtlO Jun 05,2021 00:40
so hard lmao first comment since the update
#H9vOFCdB Jun 04,2021 13:28
Lim Rocket ver2.0 Supports smartphone resizing.
#nBaVsrzF Mar 03,2021 02:47
@bob4koolest how did u do it?
#FWCmdIHJ Feb 19,2021 23:46
I cannot reach to 100 points!
#FWCmdIHJ Feb 19,2021 23:45
It is impossible!!!
#UVsTIoYN Jan 24,2021 15:41
refreshing page didn't work + only have 1 browser xd @bob wow
#lbkOLZ0k Jan 22,2021 18:16
@NETRIC: That would make it unfair, unless if you speed down/up time the score isn't ranked, then that's fine. @nickname!: Might be your internet? Try refreshing or using a different browser.
#UVsTIoYN Jan 16,2021 19:57
i keep getting ranking errors no matter what score i get help
#RcrPmjFd Jan 10,2021 09:55
There should be a slow down or speed up time option, and you can choose how much it's slowed or sped up.
#pZZNvUC0 Jan 05,2021 01:19
As of this message I have achieved complete domination once more :P
#pZZNvUC0 Jan 05,2021 00:53
dammit my hac.ked scores were removed lol
#lbkOLZ0k Dec 26,2020 17:16
@Chewwie Cat: Git gud, n00b. On a more serious note, this game isn't for everyone.
#9JEeUxuv Dec 24,2020 07:28
Chewwie Cat
This game is too hard and idk how to play it srry i don't like it. :|
#lbkOLZ0k Dec 22,2020 13:28
Bob's scores aren't removed yet. :|
#nIgSzCfz Dec 22,2020 01:55
It’s to hard
#HI1HuZjn Dec 11,2020 01:22
Powder Panda
bob thats not fair dude
#6XotoBB0 Dec 10,2020 13:32
Now I have a score of over 47000 in enjoy mode
#lbkOLZ0k Nov 05,2020 17:55
So it happened... #1 overall! Yay!
#3YRgXiXx Oct 09,2020 09:37
planetary orbit
#UVsTIoYN Aug 10,2020 15:54
how many score to get at least to not get a ranking error?
#UVsTIoYN Jun 21,2020 13:07
#vT3IYWA2 Jun 13,2020 21:45
Hello?... Anyone
#AzFhVNif Jun 03,2020 09:27
the real question is: is cheese made of the moon?
#TLGkldyD Jun 01,2020 02:41
Elephant protect
#mHNhslRH May 07,2020 14:38
it is
#AfWheDzo Dec 03,2019 01:33
i wonder if the moon is made of cheese
#vV3xKTNB Nov 02,2019 21:16
#mHNhslRH Aug 20,2019 12:43
So easy when you just leave the screen if you want to get some points. I got 23 easy just held the spacebar.
#KItaAgr4 Apr 23,2019 21:48
24 score on enjoy mode, ranking 1579 / 7724
#qQ4djvNK Apr 22,2019 12:06
ima say noob cause i want
#4jA6pjkm Apr 05,2019 10:02
#jL49s6t9 Mar 30,2019 05:02
Frederick Moore
Getting good won't solve in game problems.
#by0ILyL8 Feb 25,2019 01:32
You just need to get good
#jL49s6t9 Feb 12,2019 03:06
Frederick Moore
What is the problem with "Error" for leaderboards? Is it an issue that can be fixed?
#8fOCvTUh Jan 30,2019 05:23
Stick thing
First comment 2019
#3C7ZM5jF Nov 29,2018 06:51
First comment in about 3 months
#w5wPmndb Aug 31,2018 12:40
Lim Rocket ver1.9 Bug fix: smartphone + scroll [Controls] Rotate to left : Left side touch Rotate to right: Right side touch Acceleration  : Left right touch
#2Pu4YwxI Aug 17,2018 23:14
New playing
#biRsUSco Jun 22,2018 08:26
would've been ranked 49 with a score of 286 on Enjoy mode but instead I'm left with constant errors and a self-best of 3
#1My7sjpT May 30,2018 00:43
This game makes me feels bad for captain kirk. Its hard. Its hard. Its hard. Its hard...………………………………………………………………………/^-^/
#1lH6Ba5Z May 13,2018 03:08
YESSSS got on the leaderboard
#5hjrUlee Mar 29,2018 10:58
40 NOW HAHAHA! ok im done bragging
#5hjrUlee Mar 29,2018 10:46
82nd Place in Charge Mode~ I'm so happy.
#0W6q00xz Mar 03,2018 00:59
I keep getting ERROR rank when I get high scores :(
#0rVlEFZg Jan 11,2018 08:56
it's good :D
#padtckOV Sep 24,2017 13:18
itd be cool if there was custom levels and sh,it
#TgkGwMsm Jun 29,2017 10:52
Got 51st in ecology mode damn i got gud
#jsFMGaoE Jun 26,2017 23:30
great little game. I tried to get into orbit of a planet but I don't think it is possible have a smiley :)
#8cR0dWp5 May 14,2017 04:44
no ships where hurt in the making of this game
#RPrD1LOB Mar 09,2017 00:49
Это действительно интересная тема. Из того, что мы (несколько человек на Dan-Ball вики редактирования страницы Rocket Lim) был в состоянии сказать, аура не делает никакой разницы в силе тяжести. На самом деле, единственный фактор , который может изменить силу тяжести является расстояние от центра планеты, поэтому малые планеты , кажется, имеют больший вес , чем более крупные: потому что вы можете получить ближе к центру. @Hachi Ну да ладно. Это то, что мышь для. Если это все , что случилось с этими играми на Mac, это вряд ли неиграемым;) --- мне интересно , будет ли ha55ii добавить любые другие планеты. Может быть , новая каждые 100 планет, так что Марс , как планета 300 или что - то, ЭСТ. Но тогда, сколько людей на самом деле получить до 300 , что часто? -.-
#RPrD1LOB Mar 09,2017 00:48
это круто
#NeiKrPtI Feb 25,2017 03:53
Is it just me, or does anyone else go really fast and then *intentionally* crashes into a planet?
#6u2MVmjr Jan 27,2017 10:03
On blind mode
#6u2MVmjr Jan 27,2017 10:03
Just got into 921st place im really bad lol
#2lG5p2vZ Jun 30,2016 10:20
it is good
#MNnHvfia Jun 14,2016 23:54
@Shadow Titan: Nice job. ;)
#MNnHvfia Jun 14,2016 23:53
@hi kirby4: Stick Ranger VS Mode trauma probably. XD
#Hbm1JtMG Jun 06,2016 05:08
Shadow Titan
Just realized my score on enjoy mode from testing this game when it first came out is still the 63rd best. I'm a fricken pro.
#Tz24JDy5 May 16,2016 00:34
hi kirby4
@stixx44 why do you hate me soo much ;-; what did i dew
#Sr57ApfL Feb 11,2016 03:48
IDK who me2 is I've probably been here for longer
#MUZQa4ep Jan 26,2016 15:03
Vivian O'Blivion
Thanks JonathanG. Also, what's the deal with stokastic having 6969 points in every table?
#ga1DbEnF Jan 22,2016 20:55
P.S: Nice job Vivian for 4k points in enjoy mode. :o
#ga1DbEnF Jan 22,2016 20:55
Just came back to reclaim 3rd place and leave... ^^
#2ImleCXA Jan 07,2016 22:57
@12Me21 and #qULcNE3v I use Windows, so I have MS Paint and a built in mouse that doesn't work (but I have a bought mouse). Also 12Me21, I looked at your name, are you me2 or just a random, new user?
#UL7KGV75 Jan 03,2016 09:50
#qULcNE3v yeah the mac mouse is really weird, it has basically one button and a scroll wheel ball thingy that barely exists.
#qULcNE3v Dec 26,2015 08:47
nooooooooooooooooooooo, i was seeing hw amny times i could die when i got 87 points(ranked at 48) when i should have logged in no matter, i'll just screenshot this
#qULcNE3v Dec 26,2015 08:11
imagine playing on a mac mouse, how could someone make such a device and pass it off as professional equipment when my mouse has left AND right click on the same device. (i actually bought my own mouse for my mac at work)
#Pq3Ooqr9 Dec 20,2015 22:05
i like it ;D
#vhbKJXHk Dec 18,2015 08:23
#6eSkNn52 Dec 07,2015 08:26
I got 98th in blind mode by just holding down the space bar.
#6eSkNn52 Dec 01,2015 08:55
@STS landing = +100 points
#41QcSRYy Nov 13,2015 01:51
This game is great, but I really wish there were a button to attempt sending your score again. It would solve the errors a lot of players (myself included) are getting nowadays.
#jWE2JFr0 Nov 09,2015 04:06
I'm glad they're in HTML5, now I can actually play them.
#FxVDH9aD Aug 13,2015 03:10
If you play this game with the mouse, doesn't it remind you of Rockets (the first dan-ball game)?
#ndb9jdDX Aug 01,2015 06:05
Oh come on, stop whining. Just because your computer is too terrible to run HTML5 doesn't mean others can't. Besides, having to click on one button isn't exactly that labour-intensive for you, now is it? :/ VVV
#AApgApE4 Aug 01,2015 05:38
ewwww html5 stop ruining ur games
#7GWnjodt Aug 01,2015 02:08
@mariangeles Por esta razón ha añadido una versión HTML5. Lo siento si mi gramática es malo. Estoy utilizando un traductor de Google.
#O2aT82gb Jul 31,2015 15:48
@12Me21 What would you do when you land though? I mean, it's not like anything else is moving in such a way that you need to wait for a better opportunity to pass by. Landing would just be a novelty that has no real purpose and you know it :P
#vzTgCMSr Jul 31,2015 15:24
Lim Rocket ver1.8 HTML5 version.
#8TDHY5iw Jul 28,2015 04:22
no se admite este complemento si no exsistiera java no pasaria nada :(
#bxJcnMmu Jul 20,2015 05:51
I wish you could land on the planets, if you are moving slow enough and facing the right direction.
#jQCzQxIM Jul 14,2015 03:18
@I-ate-melons (I did not eat melons today (and throw them)) Enjoy Mode: Normal = Correct Ecology Mode: Fuel and Gas = Correct Charge Mode: Less Fuel and Gas = Incorrect, Charge mode RECHARGES fuel and gas. Blind Mode: You can't see the line = Correct Great Mode: BIGGER PLANETS?? = Incorrect, More planets appear than usual, but "BIGGER PLANETS??" would be a great idea.
#BO0KiKTR Jul 05,2015 21:45
Morgan Freeman
Great mode means there are more planets.
#HJVBv6ML Jul 04,2015 03:47
enjoy mode: NORMAL ecology mode: fuel and gas charge mode: less fuel and gas blind mode: you can't see the line great mode: BIGGER PLANETS??
#BO0KiKTR Jul 03,2015 06:08
Morgan Freeman
Damn, I love that game, only the problem is that I got 306 on enjoy mode and I got a ranking error :(
#7GWnjodt Jun 19,2015 00:17
Hard game. So ' ' shows up blank? If you don't see that, it was '& nbsp ; ' without any of the spaces inside of the quotes. Always crash my spaceship. Boo-hoo. :-(
#fZzaj1lX May 03,2015 14:30
It works in comments, idk how this will work as a name...
#fZzaj1lX May 03,2015 14:30
A better way to blank name is to type '& nbsp ; ' without any of the spaces inside of the quotes.
#DDC4XCTX May 02,2015 00:13
hi again
#WYpQQNwy May 01,2015 11:47
Oh, wow, Lim Rocket is going mobile.
#7DFpPNrI May 01,2015 00:14
the reveale is i am not using my home cpu and you need to alt 0160 to
#JqpISah4 Apr 20,2015 12:21
@SK Arrow keys to rotate the rocket. Space to accelerate in the direction the rocket is pointing. The dotted line tells you where you'll go on your current trajectory. Try to pass as many planets as possible while avoiding collisions with planets and the border of the screen. For more information: @[blank space for name, pink comment with code #sRoCCaMr that needs help] Just don't go too fast. Other than that, practice a lot. Also, try to pick a name next time. It makes it a lot easier to respond to you. :/
#qvJU9me5 Apr 20,2015 00:37
How do you even.
#sRoCCaMr Mar 11,2015 23:37
anyone have a good strategy?
#p6CjGwoE Feb 18,2015 20:06
Whatevername: I know dem feels man. xD @StarTrek: Nice! :D
#JqpISah4 Feb 18,2015 14:07
*beats high-score by %25* *"Ranking: ERROR"* *twitches violently* --- I still can't believe I got over 100... and then I did it again ^.^ (for those who don't know, my Enjoy mode high-score was 45 or so for the longest time) --- I wish ha55ii would consider adding other planets like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc at set intervals (maybe every 50, because if it was 100, you'd have to get 800 for Neptune :/).
#U22R4kPZ Feb 18,2015 06:25
beat my record...only to run into the planet i just passed
#p6CjGwoE Feb 17,2015 23:47
Arghhhhh!!! Almost second and first place in great mode! T_T
#J0dRqjnN Feb 17,2015 07:27
This is too addicting. 300+ in blind mode... maybe I should stop now o_O
#U22R4kPZ Feb 13,2015 12:22
day 3, maybe 10 and i still am playing this game with little to no success in stopping, there is how ever that factor that i might forget that i lose internet maybe. i can't st *ends comment prematurely*
#buieG8EM Feb 13,2015 11:12
Game is very addicting. HAH!
#U22R4kPZ Feb 12,2015 05:28
i say, "the great mode is easier" is seeming more and more true the more piunts a manage there than enjoy(and maybe a few other modes)
#p6CjGwoE Feb 10,2015 19:12
#p6CjGwoE Feb 10,2015 19:12
Keep the updates come Ha55ii! :D
#U22R4kPZ Feb 10,2015 05:52
this game is great, i saw a black hole and lost but at the same time i readyed for anouther go and didn't give up. some people might want to hire ha55ii as a programmer for millions, he's got the gravity and fluid dynamics down and those are hard to program.
#JqpISah4 Feb 09,2015 08:47
Yeah, well, I wanted an LR update, so get out of here. ;) But seriously, SR's had HOW MANY UPDATES!? AND LR IS ONLY IN VERSION 1.7!? It had to end sometime :/ --- I think this is my favourite mode so far, actually.
#xWHzAO1e Feb 08,2015 14:06
goddamnit I want an SR update
#p6CjGwoE Feb 07,2015 12:22
It's a great addition too. :P
#iAh93YnD Feb 07,2015 09:30
great mode, i am great thanks ha55ii for updating me once again
#vzTgCMSr Feb 06,2015 15:13
Lim Rocket ver1.7 Stage added "GREAT MODE". Planets come out in large numbers, level is hard!
#JqpISah4 Feb 04,2015 14:45
Yes, I'm sure it could be effectively done, but remember, ha55ii is the kind of guy that decided to put a dot-limit on games like Powder Game and Powder Game 2 "to reduce lag." Meaning, I doubt he'd ever actually do anything like that. Also, the prediction path could still be fairly effective as long as the planets moved very slowly. ha55ii already has a lot of very effective gravitational codes as seen in his other games, so I'm sure he could if he wanted, though. But MY MAIN POINT WAS, the planets would just end up flinging themselves outside of the screen, unless they only orbited one other planet fairly close together. I agree that the planets should gave different gravitational strengths, though. But more specifically, different-sized planets. It's really annoying how the smallest planets have the same gravitational force as the larger ones :/
#xWHzAO1e Feb 01,2015 12:41
Complex, but won't be too heavy to handle. Afterall the planets are just gravity points to apply forces on the rocket, moving them wouldn't be too different from staying still. With moving planets, the only complex thing is the path prediction. Flight path will continuously change and become unreliable, unless it involves some calculus (something like KSP). Maybe the planets should have different gravity strength, like being more dense the darker they appear. Or something other than a graphics update.
#JqpISah4 Feb 01,2015 10:14
I feel like that would just be too complex. Maybe if it was just a pair of planets orbiting each other, but with this many, that's a lot for the system to handle, and most of the planets would probably end up flinging each other off the screen. Some moving planets or asteroids might be interesting, but planets actually orbiting each other wouldn't work well.
#xWHzAO1e Jan 31,2015 22:49
Would be interesting if the planets orbit around each other rather than being static, dodging will become more challenging.
#vI63Hg42 Jan 31,2015 04:47
The game is already pretty pointless, I think the planets look really cool now.
#JqpISah4 Jan 31,2015 00:54
...Does this seem like a... for lack of a better term, pointless update to anyone else? I mean, it's just a graphics update. I didn't wait this long for a graphics update :/ Maybe there could have been SOMETHING else along with it. Anything, really, even a bug fix, but just a graphics update!? Sure, it looks slightly better, but it doesn't affect came play in any way, so it's pretty much the same game. *sigh* this next update better be a good one...
#vzTgCMSr Jan 30,2015 16:11
Lim Rocket ver1.6 Graphic: Glare added. I have increased the variation in light around the planet.
#p6CjGwoE Jan 25,2015 23:32
The board must go on!
#MjD7yvpY Jan 18,2015 04:09
Almost 50% players cannot go above 10 in blind mode =[
#4UxCb68r Dec 19,2014 00:18
Omega, a game is not "complete" just because the game hasn't been updated in a few weeks. You know better than this. :/ And don't make me post examples...
#auBSMbOn Dec 16,2014 06:16
As I expected, this game is now complete. This board is done...
#p6CjGwoE Dec 07,2014 02:36
By adding blind mode. :P
#p6CjGwoE Dec 07,2014 02:36
Yipee!Thanks for making my wish come true Ha55ii! :D
#1xfHoyee Dec 06,2014 13:44
The controls never work right for me, using Firefox...
#KrDtArW1 Dec 06,2014 07:14
#dN7mTYG3 Dec 05,2014 18:59
for me, blind mode is the same as enjoy mode, i never use that "direction trajetory"...
#45d0WYBv Dec 05,2014 14:36
Lim Rocket ver1.5 Stage added "BLIND MODE".
#1Mz4p9Na Dec 05,2014 07:48
i got 10th place in charge mode with a score of 108
#W0vd43L9 Dec 04,2014 06:14
#W0vd43L9 Dec 04,2014 06:14
black and black and pink
#q43u7rXZ Dec 04,2014 05:36
@O16 and AO Its more of a Explosion. I'll be here until the PG CB fight is done, oops I said MB, but here its cake. If you want to see the worst PG upload and the real upload, here they are: (hi kirby4's upload) (by ♦Chaos♦) I hope ha55ii deletes hi Kirby4's upload.
#zXYxtWtJ Dec 03,2014 04:46
@O16 I agree! That's what I thought it was at first! :D
#M4HpKj6y Dec 02,2014 15:08
#p6CjGwoE Dec 01,2014 23:55
In charge mode.
#p6CjGwoE Dec 01,2014 23:55
Yay! I got the same score as Ha5511! :D
#fnbwkaNm Dec 01,2014 08:31
The thumbnail looks like a comet colliding with a planet... Anyone else agree?
#NF25237D Nov 29,2014 19:55
in enjoy mode...
#NF25237D Nov 29,2014 19:55
awesome i got 104 and i saw the earth :D
#9SCb5MFv Nov 29,2014 01:59
I'm 28th place :D For charge mode
#KrDtArW1 Nov 28,2014 16:35
wat is ha55ii meant bi.tch in a secret language
#KrDtArW1 Nov 28,2014 16:34
ha55ii really wanted me to look good for this game with the graphics. imagine this in my Lim Rocket Master account
#VfcjT9QY Nov 28,2014 15:48
Maaan, nice graphics
#45d0WYBv Nov 28,2014 15:22
Lim Rocket ver1.4 Stage added "CHARGE MODE".
#FJ3u4wrH Nov 28,2014 07:41
I recorded my Burnout Revenge glitch video on November 3, 2014 USA. I don't do YouTube videos (I think my brother has a account there) anyways I need to download Java then I'll play.
#XSGoQakM Nov 21,2014 09:02
P.S. Look at me, ma! 10th place, 112 points :3
#XSGoQakM Nov 21,2014 09:01
I really enjoy this game! I like the game Kerbal Space Program, and this feels almost like a miniature, fast-paced java we game version. Very convenient and entertaining. It really shines during those moments when you get bored or have free time in the middle of school/work and want to goof off a bit without going too far, and it can really take a lot of your time in a fun way!
#CnkouYz5 Nov 16,2014 06:07
I record a video for Lim Rocket. 1 minute for Lim Rocket.
#i5wt9qzt Nov 12,2014 11:54
#luoR0Kvg Nov 10,2014 13:50
@Hypraman That's actually an interesting topic. From what we've (several people on the Dan-Ball wiki editing the Lim Rocket page) been able to tell, the aura makes no difference in the strength of the gravity. In fact, the only factor that can change the gravity is distance from the center of a planet, which is why the smaller planets seem to have larger gravity than the bigger ones: because you can get closer to the center. @Hachi Oh well. That's what the mouse is for. If that's all that's wrong with these games on Mac, this is hardly unplayable ;) --- I'm wondering whether ha55ii will add any other planets. Maybe a new one every 100 planets, so Mars as planet 300 or something, ect. But then, how many people actually get to 300 that often? -.-
#VIqcDTey Nov 10,2014 10:19
Interesting. The Earth as a planet in Lim Rocket...
#ftsuBuI6 Nov 10,2014 09:11
Very fun game. But, are there some planet that have stronger gravity? Do the aura color of the planet changes anything?
#VfcjT9QY Nov 08,2014 15:07
Chances are, the operating system you used was Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion etc - it might have worked back then, but some change in coding seems to have changed the functionality. All other online games seem to work fine with OSX Yosemite though, it's weird
#VfcjT9QY Nov 08,2014 15:05
nah STS, it's true: You can't play dan-ball java applets on macs. I've only tried the two most recent operating systems, OSX Yosemite and OSX Mavericks. Although the mouse works fine, in every db applet that requires arrow keys, the keys get "stuck" as if they've been continually pressed down.
#4UxCb68r Nov 08,2014 14:48
@Delta As I've said before either to you under a previous name or a different user: "I've played DB games on Mac, they still work. Not this one in specific, but all the games use more or less the same base-code, meaning it's probably your computer, not the games themselves. If you don't believe me, try it on a different Mac with Java and other required settings, then see what happens. If I'm wrong, then... well... get a new computer ;D"
#ngdPVH2L Nov 08,2014 14:36
Stinks how this can't be played on a Mac....
#dN7mTYG3 Nov 08,2014 03:22
ahhhhhhh, the Earth appears as the 100th planet! it's because of THIS i never saw the Earth here
#NF25237D Nov 08,2014 02:18
im a gettin better. i got 57 :D
#4UxCb68r Nov 08,2014 00:20
@pikachu Says the person who freaked out when games other than SR were updated, and then when SR was updated, would not have said the same thing if it gained another update. -.- The game is NOT impossible (obviously), it is only quite challenging. One needs practice. You can't expect to be perfect immediately. Does the same not apply for SR? Did you never have challenge on at least one of the stages? Point is, don't say something that you don't like, but others do, being updated is in some way "unfair." I highly doubt you'd call it unfair if it saw two SR updates in a row. Yes, I'd rather have a Powder Game 2 update right now, but I don't get angry when other games are updated. --- TO THOSE WHO WISH TO HELP I'm not good at this game, and I can't get scores above 100, let alone 200, so here's the thing: I need confirmation for the Wiki that the Earth either appears every hundred planets, or simply once as the hundredth planet. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.
#yDUFKfrN Nov 07,2014 23:04
well boo impossible to play and difficult so it is pointless to me and 2 times in a row is unfair to other games
#KrDtArW1 Nov 07,2014 21:47
Yay! Master of the Lim Rocket Master is updating me!
#dN7mTYG3 Nov 07,2014 17:32
#45d0WYBv Nov 07,2014 16:07
Lim Rocket ver1.3 Graphic: The Earth added. Menu: Keyboard operation added. Title menu: Up Down key, Space key Result menu: Left Right key, Space key
#GJAD6AjK Nov 07,2014 06:03
yo mama
#4UxCb68r Nov 04,2014 10:41
I'm bored, so comment time: @anonymous I've played DB games on Mac, they still work. Not this one in specific, but all the games use more or less the same base-code, meaning it's probably your computer, not the games themselves. If you don't believe me, try it on a different Mac with Java and other required settings, then see what happens. If I'm wrong, then... well... get a new computer ;D @JonathanG I refuse to believe you're required to do chores every 5-10 minutes all day. That aside, I agree. The game is still new, though, so it's a strong possibility that it will happen... eventually. -.- @LATitude *rapidly presses space button to escape planet* *crashes* *accidentally continues pressing* *doesn't see score* :/ Come on, you can move your mouse ;)
#1JtPBqUV Nov 04,2014 08:52
Unable to play the game on Mac computers, keys stay pressed so no control over movement is possible :/
#vwO2tOXX Nov 04,2014 01:17
lol you newbs go play pg
#STOihwdk Nov 03,2014 23:57
What I think most dan-ball games should have: A pause button. Really, I keep doing chores while in the hundreds... >_<
#NF25237D Nov 02,2014 20:07
hell yea i just got 51!
#PXH89Jzj Nov 01,2014 20:21
It might be a good idea to bind the space bar key to the retry button, so that you don't have to switch between the two every time you crash.
#NF25237D Nov 01,2014 18:22
i can only get 33 for my highest score on both modes
#BOsL6S4c Nov 01,2014 17:25
What I think of the new Ecology Mode: .l. (=_=) .l.
#4UxCb68r Nov 01,2014 10:52
I'm really curious why I'm better at ecology mode than enjoy mode :/ I managed to keep going until I ran out of fuel for the right thruster, so I probably could have gone even further XD
#1Mz4p9Na Nov 01,2014 03:09
there are 217 people who cant get 6 in enjoy mode
#FJ3u4wrH Nov 01,2014 01:10
Ecology Mode, funny ha55ii ranked 3rd in the Ecology Mode in his own game!
#dN7mTYG3 Nov 01,2014 00:34
10 in ecology mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
#STOihwdk Oct 31,2014 20:52
First time I'm third place in anything... (Ecology 3rd place.) Someone will surely take my place sooner or later... P.S: I suggest adding another mode that disables the rocket's trail prediction. :P
#03PAn7He Oct 31,2014 16:42
5nd for ECOLOGY MODE, it was hard but fun
#VfcjT9QY Oct 31,2014 15:44
Ah, classic db :') "ecology mode" when really he means "economic"
#45d0WYBv Oct 31,2014 15:19
Lim Rocket ver1.2 Stage added "ECOLOGY MODE". Posture control gas & acceleration fuel finite, Eco-era!
#UHffNGCG Oct 29,2014 03:33
Tyne and wear
I swear that previously I could turn and press space simultaneously.
#1Mz4p9Na Oct 28,2014 06:41
by best ranking is 58
#GyV5ho3n Oct 24,2014 10:24
I like this game, i can make edit textures for a game called "Tanki Online" (Own textures). And my highscore is 58, notgood4mebutgoodgame4ever :D.
#RU8ynanL Oct 21,2014 00:38
my high score is 45 :/ idk if that's good
#3e02gymq Oct 19,2014 02:12
BLABLABLA lim rocket [1.1] is not my favorite!
#1UAbsirq Oct 18,2014 08:51
stixx, its pretty obvious that I am much older than you. I'm not a 5 year old like you are. Why can't you act like a normal person for once? Geez.
#4UxCb68r Oct 18,2014 08:30
@stixx What are you doing? :/ - "Lim" is probably a translation error. It should read "rim." @Connorses It hasn't happened to me, and no one else has said anything about it, so it's probably either your computer, or your keyboard button that keeps sticking. @SMG Yeah, that would be a good idea. ha55ii pretty much went all out with the graphics in this game, so I could probably upgrade the rocket... Although you know how he is, no customization of any kind if you don't count Powder Game and Powder Game 2...
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 18,2014 06:01
@stixx44: it actually means rim
#QYBQKZAJ Oct 18,2014 05:03
Yeah, I think SMG (SpaceMarineGuy) was crazy before because he lost a tooth, SMG, how old are you?
#Fa8OIUQF Oct 18,2014 04:45
The controls get stuck so that I can't stop spinning. It makes the game really annoying.
#1UAbsirq Oct 17,2014 12:58
It would be fun if we can customize the rocket, maybe options to add fins and color... A grey aerosol can in space is a bit plain, don't you think? Just a suggestion.
#QYBQKZAJ Oct 17,2014 08:15
Score: 17 Ranking: 270/460 1,278,621 Kilometers (KM) The best I scored in Lim Rocket. What does the word "Lim" in the title (Lim Rocket) Mean?
#KrDtArW1 Oct 16,2014 17:48
If ha55ii does start reading comments, then R.I.P to mysteryguy, Shedow, and me.
#4UxCb68r Oct 16,2014 08:18
@JonathanG Well, we can't be sure of anything, really. If anything, it could have been a coincidence. O.o For now, I'm going with that he saw my comment on his blog. I won't believe he reads THESE comments until I see him respond to one ;) It's worth noting, when I first found the blog, I posted an idea for Powder Game 2, but nothing ever happened with it, so maybe he only listens to reported problems.
#WXKHmuLF Oct 16,2014 06:38
Hey, ha55ii, acknowledge me.
#STOihwdk Oct 16,2014 00:05
@Pinkiemc: All time ranking, like the other games with ranking. @StarTrek: Ha55ii always reads comments I guess, just he rarely replies at them. (Now he's replying, which is a good sign. :P) (P.S: Woo 17th place. :D)
#NYGsVF2W Oct 14,2014 04:57
Whoa, I think ha55ii actually might have listened to my comment explaining the glitch O.o Either that, or it's just a coincidence... Or maybe he even started reading the comments XD @pinkiemc For now, all time raking.
#1Mz4p9Na Oct 14,2014 00:50
how does ranking work.? is it a weekly ranking or all time?
#oWYdUs8a Oct 13,2014 22:35
My best record is 36 :)
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 13,2014 21:11
34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! place #81!!!
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 13,2014 19:16
21!!!! i feel happy i got place 98!
#45d0WYBv Oct 13,2014 17:33
Bug fix: Ranking overlap score
#vov3CkAq Oct 12,2014 11:52
Shadow Titan
I'm not doing this again. So I won't. I would however like to state that I believe I could surpass 841. It's really not worth the time seeing as the game is rather boring in the first place, especially if you're playing for a high score.
#VfcjT9QY Oct 12,2014 10:30
If your score /is not/ a duplicate of any other scores it kills my hypothesis. The leaderboard system is pretty much identical to other games such as micro panda, but I'm almost certain they've made some mistake (even though I assume most of the code was re-used). If you look at the scores, there's not a single duplicate, and yet all scores are filled, from about 0 to 60. The probability of that happening is basically zero.
#NYGsVF2W Oct 12,2014 09:34
@Hachi Well, my current high-score isn't anywhere on there and it still won't post mine. Also, I don't think anyone has run into this on any other game, and ha55ii *does* reuse codes for things, so this leaderboard probably uses the same coding as the others. This would mean that all leaderboards should have this problem, and I haven't seen anything to suggest it (tell me if I'm wrong).
#VfcjT9QY Oct 12,2014 08:50
I THINK I'VE WORKED OUT THE FLAW IN THE RANKING SYSTEM OOOO: I think they made some sort of programming mistake, and they don't allow duplicate scores. If you have a look, no two scores are the same, even though you'd expect a lot of people to have equal high scores. That would explain why my score hasn't gone beyond 20, even though I've actually reached about 50 (not that 50 is any good)
#8Sjr2LA6 Oct 12,2014 08:34
#KrDtArW1 Oct 12,2014 03:05
Exactly, so lim rocket is just the same as those 10-20 hundred
#NF25237D Oct 12,2014 01:50
dis game too hard ¬.¬
#oSsy99Vp Oct 12,2014 01:05
This is why I need feminism
#4UxCb68r Oct 11,2014 13:48
*looks at score board again* "Shadow Titan 207" If I'm not mistaken, 207 is a heck of a lot less than 841. My point is valid either way. Only the one you seem to think I mean has a larger contrast. No mistakes, I had seen the leaderboards. Do you seriously think I wouldn't check them before commenting? I mean, just stop trying with these comebacks. It's not getting you anywhere if I can prove it wrong every time. *facepalm*
#4UxCb68r Oct 11,2014 12:06
@LK And... guess how many other games have the goal "don't go off the screen or hit anything?" 10? Maybe 20 hundred?
#KrDtArW1 Oct 11,2014 11:43
Stixx is just stupid. STS, you're looking too far into it. The concept of the game is how far you can go without going off the screen or hitting a planet. Flappy Bird is the same thing except the option of going off. Dumb bi.tch. :D
#QYBQKZAJ Oct 11,2014 11:31
Look! Funny, because ha55ii ranked 7th in his own game! I really wanted to make 【CV Master】 because sometimes I don't believe myself but if I comment on one of my other accounts, I trust myself, weird huh.
#dXvzB4Bc Oct 11,2014 09:45
@Shadow Titan My "true record" is 841, not my "so-called" record, 0, as the game apparently thinks. And I never found a glitch, it's just ridiculously easy. Why do you think the others got hundreds of points? - That's the problem I'm having. @stixx44 I'm not trying to insult you, but for crying out loud, stixx! Don't you read the comments? Kentucky is LR MASTER.
#4UxCb68r Oct 11,2014 09:40
Yeah, my score isn't showing up either. I mean, it's not very good, but at least it should be on there XD @ST Just because you can't get a certain score doesn't mean others can. -.- @People who think this is at all like Flappy Bird: Said this before, but it seems to have gone unnoticed, even though it is quite valid: The only real similarities is that it generates random and infinite obstacles as the player progresses (A LOT of games do that, even before Flappy Bird), but that's about it. Differences: -You're not constantly falling down -You can move outside the border -You're not just squeezing in between objects -The screen moves with you, not by itself -You can go backwards, and even turn -Obstacles can vary in size and look -Obstacles pull in the player -Graphics, obviously The list goes on and on, but that's the major stuff.
#QYBQKZAJ Oct 11,2014 08:25
STS is now both LR MASTER and PG MASTER, I'm still IS MASTER and who's the next one who make a master account?
#ZhbokEVs Oct 11,2014 05:56
@Shadow Titan Have you tried a blood sacrifice?
#vov3CkAq Oct 11,2014 05:52
Shadow Titan
How do you get your name added to the ranking? I'm getting on to it but I refresh the page and I'm not on the rankings.
#vov3CkAq Oct 11,2014 05:47
Shadow Titan
If your record is truly 841 then you have found some kind of bug in the game that shouldn't be there.
#KrDtArW1 Oct 11,2014 05:18
dodging game, flappy bird dodges the pipes, slow down you fly as much to the top as possible nub
#5F0bqXM9 Oct 10,2014 23:48
>Right Here after I pass 20<
#dXvzB4Bc Oct 10,2014 23:08
Is anybody else getting an error for the ranking when they get a score? This is bad because I'm sure I could easily surpass 1,000... My true record is 841! --- This is barely like Flappy Bird. It's just a dodging game, with controls that can make the rocket rotate and propel itself, as well as slow down.
#XxXFYEMm Oct 10,2014 22:07
Looks good but it's so tedious. Very addicting but so annoying it's a violation of human rights. It's very much like flappy bird but with weird controls
#ZhbokEVs Oct 10,2014 21:06
Woo, 3rd place :D
#KrDtArW1 Oct 10,2014 20:09
noooo, LR Master's time to shine is on.
#VfcjT9QY Oct 10,2014 16:09
well sig your time to shine has come
#45d0WYBv Oct 10,2014 15:30
Lim Rocket ver1.1 Ranking added. Acceleration: Space key added.
#5F0bqXM9 Oct 10,2014 13:32
I think I just saw Uranus in the title screen...
#4UxCb68r Oct 09,2014 23:25
I want popcorn... What kind of person doesn't like popcorn!? @Aiastesi Anymore? So it did recognize it once? Well, I guess that's what happens when you have an English spell-check on a Japanese website...
#xbXlY7Ok Oct 09,2014 19:48
Popkarill I'm Brazilian as well :^)
#9SCb5MFv Oct 09,2014 11:21
Try it XD
#9SCb5MFv Oct 09,2014 11:20
Yes, popcorn? Oh wait, I don't like popcorn. Nevermind, my head is dying now from this. LOL, nevermind doesn't count as a word anymore on this XD
#ZhbokEVs Oct 08,2014 11:42
I, for one, find this thread to be a lovely source of entertainment for all ages. Popcorn, anyone?
#5F0bqXM9 Oct 08,2014 09:17
Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp.Derp. ^^^^^^ This is what I hear from you.
#KrDtArW1 Oct 08,2014 06:58
【LR Master】
Omega, from what I heard from what you heard, Hachi is getting something called a life. Some of us don't know what that means just quite yet and just because he doesn't play it doesn't take away his "Mastery". Kid. Boom. Bam. Pow. Case closed.
#3uGu3W4b Oct 08,2014 05:31
It's like Flappy bird on crack. I like it. While there's a nice argumentation why it's not like FB I would say it's like "inverted version" of FB.
#3uGu3W4b Oct 08,2014 05:25
This is too hard for me.
#WXKHmuLF Oct 08,2014 04:15
New high score: 114
#sr4Us6Cx Oct 08,2014 00:19
Are you using keyboard or mouse controls? I use keyboard, beacuse it is more convenient. High score so far: 21 -.-
#STOihwdk Oct 07,2014 22:28
JonathanG Now I see where this game might be from... xD High score: 133 currently. :(
#5F0bqXM9 Oct 07,2014 09:48
Nonsense! From what I know, Hachi doesn't play SR that much anymore. You're boring me with the same lines...
#KrDtArW1 Oct 07,2014 09:38
【LR Master】
Nooooooo, Omega, once a master always a master. Can't be surpassed.
#4UxCb68r Oct 07,2014 07:57
@MolyCrys Lol, yeah, I've had a lot of good maneuvers. Not all successful. I wish_it (censor bot recognised "--sh_it" so I had to put the underscore -.-) was possible for this game to give "style points" XD
#GyV5ho3n Oct 07,2014 07:43
#bWhOiFbB Its okay
#GyV5ho3n Oct 07,2014 07:43
2hard4me :S can help me?
#5F0bqXM9 Oct 07,2014 04:49
@LK At this point, I've probably topped him... @STS ...Still gonna steal the next one.
#bWhOiFbB Oct 06,2014 21:23
You can use left and right arrow key to control the ship (press both to accelerate)
#ZhbokEVs Oct 06,2014 10:18
@StarTrekSpock I find that (for me personally, anyways.) most of the fun in this game comes not from how many planets you pass, but HOW you maneuver past them. On a related note, my flight paths resemble crazy-straws.
#4UxCb68r Oct 06,2014 10:13
LK will just have to make an account for every single two-letter acronym in the English language... Assuming ha55ii doesn't make "Lim Rocket 2" or title something in Greek... Say hello to 【Qλ3 Master】! @Sigma Eh, well, that's not exactly a "secret," but I'm just gonna try speed-running it and see if I can get past five planets. It's way more fun that way. (fun fact, I just realized that the spell check thing here recognizes "funner" as a real word) @Omega No need to get worked up ;)
#KrDtArW1 Oct 06,2014 09:39
【LR Master】
As I was saying, the only true Masters are Hachi and I.
#KrDtArW1 Oct 06,2014 09:30
【LR Master】
No, Hachi is the SRM. I'm. TV TIMEMEMEMEME
#dXvzB4Bc Oct 06,2014 08:05
@STS Well, now the secret's out... Yes, I go boringly slow, but it still got me (currently) 423 points. So everyone eat that.
#kjsrAQ2z Oct 06,2014 07:36
@LK ...You DO realize for certain that I'm gonna steal the next 【__ Master】, don't you...? Now that you mention it, why didn't I think of it...? Either way, I'm still the SR Master, and I've got proof.
#WXKHmuLF Oct 06,2014 07:04
HA! Now it's 63!
#WXKHmuLF Oct 06,2014 06:58
STS can now re-eat it. My new high score is 58.
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 06,2014 02:55
@StarTrekSpock: i know, but it's a way to survive, i, for example, can't even do 30 points because i think much slower than a normal person :(
#4UxCb68r Oct 06,2014 02:16
I have 48 or so now, eat that, MG ^.^ @aeinstein So, what, is that this "secret?" Just go really boringly slow? Lame. :/ @Oskarko Well, leaderboards, for one. And more modes (we have "enjoy mode, so probably something like relay), obviously.
#oXojuECu Oct 06,2014 01:07
.,_., 7-(
#HVQgNMCi Oct 05,2014 21:59
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 05,2014 21:04
look this video i got from the japanese side:
#XyefhvG7 Oct 05,2014 17:59
My score was 28 or so I think I can use this game for easy planet creation But... what can be improved in this game?
#4UxCb68r Oct 05,2014 15:00
StarTrekSpock --- @Awsomness Well, imagine this in the classic DB style, a bunch of pixelated circles :/ I think this style works best...
#ZhbokEVs Oct 05,2014 11:34
I feel less special.
#IsjjpmUH Oct 05,2014 11:02
High score: 249 Attempt to beat it:
#ZhbokEVs Oct 05,2014 06:48
Just got 93. I feel special now.
#ORvkdZTE Oct 05,2014 05:40
its a good idea but i like the classic dan ball pixel style. its to realistic
#Kb47lCHB Oct 05,2014 05:27
I have almost gotten the hang of this game. But my high score is only 13
#ecX1rNGZ Oct 05,2014 05:06
Amazing game!
#Hxlkv7H5 Oct 05,2014 04:33
1:Rockets 2:Liquid Wetboy 3:Planet Stimulation 4:Ham Race 5:Compasses 6:SAND MOJI 7:Micro Panda 8:Powder Game 9:Irritation Stickman 10:Font Game 11:Earth Editor 12:Stick Ranger 13: Mine Tower 14:Ray Trace Fighter 15:Elemental Box 16:100-Bit 17:Powder Game 2 18:Monster Box 19:Cross Virus 20: Lim Rocket Here's to 20 entertaining DAN_BALL games!
#vov3CkAq Oct 05,2014 04:32
Shadow Titan
#WXKHmuLF Oct 05,2014 04:25
My high score is 44 so far. HA! I AM SUPERIOR TO STS!
#SDQNWRy6 Oct 05,2014 04:17
Got 64 Died a million times, 4/100 times from collision 95/100 times from leaving the screen.
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 05,2014 04:01
i often die before the start line
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 05,2014 03:57
@popkaril1: i am brazilian :D
#4UxCb68r Oct 05,2014 02:14
@SMG Personally, I think they should hire a professional-or even a computer to pilot the ship rather than inexperienced internet users. -If you speed it up, it can go a lot faster than 20 Mi. -Actually, judging from how small the planets are compared to the ship, I'd say it's at least 400 Km long (the planets have visible atmospheres, so they have to be fairly big). -I also think they should have gone around whatever this massive solar system is, just to avoid all these ridiculously close planets (unless the destination is one of these planets). --- My current score is 28. I don't care about those people who say they have 100+. If they know something we don't, who cares? Good is relative. 15 is a good score for us, 400 is a good score for them ^.^
#epbBPqe7 Oct 05,2014 01:24
Imagine if that rocket is used in real life. The commercial would sound something like this.: "Introducing the new revolutionary Lim Rocket! This specialized spacecraft is nuclear propelled and can go to high speeds of less than 20 miles per hour! With a new steering system installed by NASA, you will have an extremely hard time maneuvering and eventually getting lost in space or crash into a planet! Its performance in recent testing enviroments show that it is indeed safe and resulted in only 79 out of 100 test pilot deaths so far." "For a faster boost, you will press both left and right click to engage the advanced afterburners, which will most likely propel you offscreen where you will be lost forever in the freezing cold of space! The Lim Rocket is10 feet long, making it light-weight for efficiency and losing all comfort for you and your passengers. There is also a view hole for you to see the wonders of outer space just before you suddenly realize you will die in a fire-y collision with a planet." "Buy a Lim Rocket today!"
#EYSlmoO7 Oct 04,2014 23:50
Is anyone here brazilian ? @Σsigma What you discovery?
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 04,2014 21:29
i was struggling and got 11 of highscore (my score went 2.2x bigger xD)
#STOihwdk Oct 04,2014 19:31
This game is awesome, but it's quite hard. xP
#mHQk8CbA Oct 04,2014 17:50
#KrDtArW1 Oct 04,2014 14:48
【LR Master】
Obviously, you can't read either.
#9SCb5MFv Oct 04,2014 09:57
I can't move the rocket
#4UxCb68r Oct 04,2014 08:52
I'd hardly call this Flappy Bird. The only real similarities is that it generates random and infinite obstacles as the player progresses (A LOT of games do that, even before Flappy Bird), but that's about it. Differences: -You're not constantly falling down -You can move outside the border -You're not just squeezing in between objects -The screen moves with you, not by itself -You can go backwards, and even turn -Obstacles can vary in size and look -Obstacles pull in the player -Graphics, obviously The list goes on and on, but that's the major stuff.
#eyR8YGkm Oct 04,2014 08:18
player locker
i think it is aimpossible version of flappy bird but still it is fun
#4UxCb68r Oct 04,2014 06:39
O.o *quits* @franse Yeah, I translated it after I posted that. --- I felt like making an "【LR Master】" account so badly... but then I realized I'm not a master at this and that I don't want to remember another password ;)
#dXvzB4Bc Oct 04,2014 05:50
I believe I may have found the secret that makes this game ridiculously easy. XD I got 126.
#VfcjT9QY Oct 04,2014 05:24
People on the japanese side are casually getting over 100 o.o They must understand something that we don't hahaha. ha55ii said: "In later updates there will be rankings, different modes and different themes"
#KrDtArW1 Oct 04,2014 05:19
【LR Master】
I am the one and only master. I am the Master of Masters of the last three games that were created and no one shall take my spot. I will reign as long as I am living, and even after that I will still reign because I'm the LK, the Master.
#KrDtArW1 Oct 04,2014 05:18
【LR Master】
Omega, silly child, go back to being the peasant you are.
#yDUFKfrN Oct 04,2014 04:58
died first time
#4QQywGq3 Oct 04,2014 03:56
I now have to depart for 3 days. Since I have the 2nd comment, I'll be like LK and the LR Master. FALL BEFORE YOUR MASTER, PIGS!
#OHHdVu3w Oct 04,2014 03:41
@StarTrekSpock: The real translation should actually be "rim rocket" (at least according to google and wikipedia). Mabey because the rocket rotates like a wheel...
#yNpS3S7L Oct 04,2014 03:06
I glitched through a tiny planet without exploding
#1i9uglA7 Oct 04,2014 03:02
this is hard
#4UxCb68r Oct 04,2014 02:01
Once you get the hang of it, the controls aren't actually that bad. They only add to the challenge of the game, otherwise this would be way to easy. I mean, use whatever button to point your ship the right way, and then press both keys at the same time to accelerate in that direction. Honestly, at least practice something before you default to saying it's too hard (that's what videogames are about, by the way; challenge -.-). I was terrible when I started, too (my high-score is still only 24 or so, though). All it takes is some getting used to. @Yuanls It looks like ha55ii is making another app-style game. I doubt it will be that successful unless it gets a lot of updates and these people take the time to learn the controls :/
#zBbbyyDA Oct 04,2014 01:47
Earth Editor
Controls are too difficult.
#WXKHmuLF Oct 04,2014 01:09
The game is a fun physical phenomena.
#BkCFoUji Oct 04,2014 00:46
Ok. I wonder whether this game will be a hit?
#dN7mTYG3 Oct 04,2014 00:41
11th comment! cool game!
#4UxCb68r Oct 03,2014 23:24
Oh, wow, ha55ii is going crazy with these graphics, as opposed to a bunch of pixels ;) --- Lol, I actually saw the new wiki page "Lim Rocket" before I saw the new game XD --- What the heck is a Lim? (something Japanese, obviously, but still) --- I only made it past five planets or so before I typed this. Can anyone say if the stage is randomly generates, and actually never-ending? --- We have "enjoy mode." I bet that means at least a few more updates. ;) --- Holy long comment, Batman! @Everyone confused about the controls Yes, they're hard, but READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Left click makes it rotate left, and right click makes it rotate right. You're trying to use the gravity of the planets to slingshot you around.
#EkaEtkX0 Oct 03,2014 22:04
Moon Tree
Controls are god awful. I'm not sure if it is just my mouse or what but holding down both mouse buttons always cause my ship to turn depending the last button pressed. A normal left/right keys for direction and holding up to fly would have done just as nicely without being a pain. On that note isn't there already ton of flash games that is pretty much this game but only better? Nice that he took the time to goof off and make something he wanted just for the heck of it but the last pointless game he made is now ver1.2. So how many updates will he waste just to make this game only slightly less (but overall still) inferior to something you could easily find on Newgrounds? This site is free and I guess the guy have the right to do whatever he want but I feel kinda sad knowing that he basically just took the time to make a clone of a one minute game at the cost of people caring less and less about his site. I remember when PG and SR was at their peak and even had an official forum to discuss them. The site is so dead because of games like these wasting update slots that the official forum became a giant off topic forum almost completely unrelated to Dan-Ball.
#qpjT1Fpe Oct 03,2014 21:32
A new game, huh?
#dXvzB4Bc Oct 03,2014 21:17
Oh, wow, ha55ii has certainly outdone himself with these graphics. Sadly, I don't think this will be popular, but who knows what it will turn into?
#IsjjpmUH Oct 03,2014 20:31
What does anyone think lim means?
#3VzIiSrO Oct 03,2014 17:47
Good idea but the controls are bloody terrible.
#Ql3Bg8KF Oct 03,2014 17:01
This game is super neat! Will there be leaderboards in the future?
#VfcjT9QY Oct 03,2014 15:58
Maybe one day this will become an amazingly popular game. If that happens, nobody can take away my "second comment" :') (Apart from the fact that nobody will see it..)
#nUuPnaww Oct 03,2014 14:50
New game!
#kjsrAQ2z Oct 03,2014 14:50
#45d0WYBv Oct 03,2014 14:45
Lim Rocket ver1.0 New games.
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