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#UVsTIoYN Aug 10,2020 15:54
how many score to get at least to not get a ranking error?
#UVsTIoYN Jun 21,2020 13:07
#vT3IYWA2 Jun 13,2020 21:45
Hello?... Anyone
#AzFhVNif Jun 03,2020 09:27
the real question is: is cheese made of the moon?
#TLGkldyD Jun 01,2020 02:41
Elephant protect
#mHNhslRH May 07,2020 14:38
it is
#AfWheDzo Dec 03,2019 01:33
i wonder if the moon is made of cheese
#vV3xKTNB Nov 02,2019 21:16
#mHNhslRH Aug 20,2019 12:43
So easy when you just leave the screen if you want to get some points. I got 23 easy just held the spacebar.
#KItaAgr4 Apr 23,2019 21:48
24 score on enjoy mode, ranking 1579 / 7724
#qQ4djvNK Apr 22,2019 12:06
ima say noob cause i want
#4jA6pjkm Apr 05,2019 10:02
#jL49s6t9 Mar 30,2019 05:02
Frederick Moore
Getting good won't solve in game problems.
#by0ILyL8 Feb 25,2019 01:32
You just need to get good
#jL49s6t9 Feb 12,2019 03:06
Frederick Moore
What is the problem with "Error" for leaderboards? Is it an issue that can be fixed?
#8fOCvTUh Jan 30,2019 05:23
Stick thing
First comment 2019
#3C7ZM5jF Nov 29,2018 06:51
First comment in about 3 months
#w5wPmndb Aug 31,2018 12:40
Lim Rocket ver1.9 Bug fix: smartphone + scroll [Controls] Rotate to left : Left side touch Rotate to right: Right side touch Acceleration  : Left right touch
#2Pu4YwxI Aug 17,2018 23:14
New playing
#biRsUSco Jun 22,2018 08:26
would've been ranked 49 with a score of 286 on Enjoy mode but instead I'm left with constant errors and a self-best of 3
#1My7sjpT May 30,2018 00:43
This game makes me feels bad for captain kirk. Its hard. Its hard. Its hard. Its hard...………………………………………………………………………/^-^/
#1lH6Ba5Z May 13,2018 03:08
YESSSS got on the leaderboard
#5hjrUlee Mar 29,2018 10:58
40 NOW HAHAHA! ok im done bragging
#5hjrUlee Mar 29,2018 10:46
82nd Place in Charge Mode~ I'm so happy.
#0W6q00xz Mar 03,2018 00:59
I keep getting ERROR rank when I get high scores :(
#0rVlEFZg Jan 11,2018 08:56
it's good :D
#padtckOV Sep 24,2017 13:18
itd be cool if there was custom levels and sh,it
#TgkGwMsm Jun 29,2017 10:52
Got 51st in ecology mode damn i got gud
#jsFMGaoE Jun 26,2017 23:30
great little game. I tried to get into orbit of a planet but I don't think it is possible have a smiley :)
#8cR0dWp5 May 14,2017 04:44
no ships where hurt in the making of this game
#RPrD1LOB Mar 09,2017 00:49
Это действительно интересная тема. Из того, что мы (несколько человек на Dan-Ball вики редактирования страницы Rocket Lim) был в состоянии сказать, аура не делает никакой разницы в силе тяжести. На самом деле, единственный фактор , который может изменить силу тяжести является расстояние от центра планеты, поэтому малые планеты , кажется, имеют больший вес , чем более крупные: потому что вы можете получить ближе к центру. @Hachi Ну да ладно. Это то, что мышь для. Если это все , что случилось с этими играми на Mac, это вряд ли неиграемым;) --- мне интересно , будет ли ha55ii добавить любые другие планеты. Может быть , новая каждые 100 планет, так что Марс , как планета 300 или что - то, ЭСТ. Но тогда, сколько людей на самом деле получить до 300 , что часто? -.-
#RPrD1LOB Mar 09,2017 00:48
это круто
#NeiKrPtI Feb 25,2017 03:53
Is it just me, or does anyone else go really fast and then *intentionally* crashes into a planet?
#6u2MVmjr Jan 27,2017 10:03
On blind mode
#6u2MVmjr Jan 27,2017 10:03
Just got into 921st place im really bad lol
#2lG5p2vZ Jun 30,2016 10:20
it is good
#MNnHvfia Jun 14,2016 23:54
@Shadow Titan: Nice job. ;)
#MNnHvfia Jun 14,2016 23:53
@hi kirby4: Stick Ranger VS Mode trauma probably. XD
#Hbm1JtMG Jun 06,2016 05:08
Shadow Titan
Just realized my score on enjoy mode from testing this game when it first came out is still the 63rd best. I'm a fricken pro.
#Tz24JDy5 May 16,2016 00:34
hi kirby4
@stixx44 why do you hate me soo much ;-; what did i dew
#Sr57ApfL Feb 11,2016 03:48
IDK who me2 is I've probably been here for longer
#MUZQa4ep Jan 26,2016 15:03
Vivian O'Blivion
Thanks JonathanG. Also, what's the deal with stokastic having 6969 points in every table?
#ga1DbEnF Jan 22,2016 20:55
P.S: Nice job Vivian for 4k points in enjoy mode. :o
#ga1DbEnF Jan 22,2016 20:55
Just came back to reclaim 3rd place and leave... ^^
#2ImleCXA Jan 07,2016 22:57
@12Me21 and #qULcNE3v I use Windows, so I have MS Paint and a built in mouse that doesn't work (but I have a bought mouse). Also 12Me21, I looked at your name, are you me2 or just a random, new user?
#UL7KGV75 Jan 03,2016 09:50
#qULcNE3v yeah the mac mouse is really weird, it has basically one button and a scroll wheel ball thingy that barely exists.
#qULcNE3v Dec 26,2015 08:47
nooooooooooooooooooooo, i was seeing hw amny times i could die when i got 87 points(ranked at 48) when i should have logged in no matter, i'll just screenshot this
#qULcNE3v Dec 26,2015 08:11
imagine playing on a mac mouse, how could someone make such a device and pass it off as professional equipment when my mouse has left AND right click on the same device. (i actually bought my own mouse for my mac at work)
#Pq3Ooqr9 Dec 20,2015 22:05
i like it ;D
#vhbKJXHk Dec 18,2015 08:23
#6eSkNn52 Dec 07,2015 08:26
I got 98th in blind mode by just holding down the space bar.
#6eSkNn52 Dec 01,2015 08:55
@STS landing = +100 points
#41QcSRYy Nov 13,2015 01:51
This game is great, but I really wish there were a button to attempt sending your score again. It would solve the errors a lot of players (myself included) are getting nowadays.
#jWE2JFr0 Nov 09,2015 04:06
I'm glad they're in HTML5, now I can actually play them.
#FxVDH9aD Aug 13,2015 03:10
If you play this game with the mouse, doesn't it remind you of Rockets (the first dan-ball game)?
#ndb9jdDX Aug 01,2015 06:05
Oh come on, stop whining. Just because your computer is too terrible to run HTML5 doesn't mean others can't. Besides, having to click on one button isn't exactly that labour-intensive for you, now is it? :/ VVV
#AApgApE4 Aug 01,2015 05:38
ewwww html5 stop ruining ur games
#7GWnjodt Aug 01,2015 02:08
@mariangeles Por esta razón ha añadido una versión HTML5. Lo siento si mi gramática es malo. Estoy utilizando un traductor de Google.
#O2aT82gb Jul 31,2015 15:48
@12Me21 What would you do when you land though? I mean, it's not like anything else is moving in such a way that you need to wait for a better opportunity to pass by. Landing would just be a novelty that has no real purpose and you know it :P
#vzTgCMSr Jul 31,2015 15:24
Lim Rocket ver1.8 HTML5 version.
#8TDHY5iw Jul 28,2015 04:22
no se admite este complemento si no exsistiera java no pasaria nada :(
#bxJcnMmu Jul 20,2015 05:51
I wish you could land on the planets, if you are moving slow enough and facing the right direction.
#jQCzQxIM Jul 14,2015 03:18
@I-ate-melons (I did not eat melons today (and throw them)) Enjoy Mode: Normal = Correct Ecology Mode: Fuel and Gas = Correct Charge Mode: Less Fuel and Gas = Incorrect, Charge mode RECHARGES fuel and gas. Blind Mode: You can't see the line = Correct Great Mode: BIGGER PLANETS?? = Incorrect, More planets appear than usual, but "BIGGER PLANETS??" would be a great idea.
#BO0KiKTR Jul 05,2015 21:45
Morgan Freeman
Great mode means there are more planets.
#HJVBv6ML Jul 04,2015 03:47
enjoy mode: NORMAL ecology mode: fuel and gas charge mode: less fuel and gas blind mode: you can't see the line great mode: BIGGER PLANETS??
#BO0KiKTR Jul 03,2015 06:08
Morgan Freeman
Damn, I love that game, only the problem is that I got 306 on enjoy mode and I got a ranking error :(
#7GWnjodt Jun 19,2015 00:17
Hard game. So ' ' shows up blank? If you don't see that, it was '& nbsp ; ' without any of the spaces inside of the quotes. Always crash my spaceship. Boo-hoo. :-(
#fZzaj1lX May 03,2015 14:30
It works in comments, idk how this will work as a name...
#fZzaj1lX May 03,2015 14:30
A better way to blank name is to type '& nbsp ; ' without any of the spaces inside of the quotes.
#DDC4XCTX May 02,2015 00:13
hi again
#WYpQQNwy May 01,2015 11:47
Oh, wow, Lim Rocket is going mobile.
#7DFpPNrI May 01,2015 00:14
the reveale is i am not using my home cpu and you need to alt 0160 to
#JqpISah4 Apr 20,2015 12:21
@SK Arrow keys to rotate the rocket. Space to accelerate in the direction the rocket is pointing. The dotted line tells you where you'll go on your current trajectory. Try to pass as many planets as possible while avoiding collisions with planets and the border of the screen. For more information: @[blank space for name, pink comment with code #sRoCCaMr that needs help] Just don't go too fast. Other than that, practice a lot. Also, try to pick a name next time. It makes it a lot easier to respond to you. :/
#qvJU9me5 Apr 20,2015 00:37
How do you even.
#sRoCCaMr Mar 11,2015 23:37
anyone have a good strategy?
#p6CjGwoE Feb 18,2015 20:06
Whatevername: I know dem feels man. xD @StarTrek: Nice! :D
#JqpISah4 Feb 18,2015 14:07
*beats high-score by %25* *"Ranking: ERROR"* *twitches violently* --- I still can't believe I got over 100... and then I did it again ^.^ (for those who don't know, my Enjoy mode high-score was 45 or so for the longest time) --- I wish ha55ii would consider adding other planets like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc at set intervals (maybe every 50, because if it was 100, you'd have to get 800 for Neptune :/).
#U22R4kPZ Feb 18,2015 06:25
beat my record...only to run into the planet i just passed
#p6CjGwoE Feb 17,2015 23:47
Arghhhhh!!! Almost second and first place in great mode! T_T
#J0dRqjnN Feb 17,2015 07:27
This is too addicting. 300+ in blind mode... maybe I should stop now o_O
#U22R4kPZ Feb 13,2015 12:22
day 3, maybe 10 and i still am playing this game with little to no success in stopping, there is how ever that factor that i might forget that i lose internet maybe. i can't st *ends comment prematurely*
#buieG8EM Feb 13,2015 11:12
Game is very addicting. HAH!
#U22R4kPZ Feb 12,2015 05:28
i say, "the great mode is easier" is seeming more and more true the more piunts a manage there than enjoy(and maybe a few other modes)
#p6CjGwoE Feb 10,2015 19:12
#p6CjGwoE Feb 10,2015 19:12
Keep the updates come Ha55ii! :D
#U22R4kPZ Feb 10,2015 05:52
this game is great, i saw a black hole and lost but at the same time i readyed for anouther go and didn't give up. some people might want to hire ha55ii as a programmer for millions, he's got the gravity and fluid dynamics down and those are hard to program.
#JqpISah4 Feb 09,2015 08:47
Yeah, well, I wanted an LR update, so get out of here. ;) But seriously, SR's had HOW MANY UPDATES!? AND LR IS ONLY IN VERSION 1.7!? It had to end sometime :/ --- I think this is my favourite mode so far, actually.
#xWHzAO1e Feb 08,2015 14:06
goddamnit I want an SR update
#p6CjGwoE Feb 07,2015 12:22
It's a great addition too. :P
#iAh93YnD Feb 07,2015 09:30
great mode, i am great thanks ha55ii for updating me once again
#vzTgCMSr Feb 06,2015 15:13
Lim Rocket ver1.7 Stage added "GREAT MODE". Planets come out in large numbers, level is hard!
#JqpISah4 Feb 04,2015 14:45
Yes, I'm sure it could be effectively done, but remember, ha55ii is the kind of guy that decided to put a dot-limit on games like Powder Game and Powder Game 2 "to reduce lag." Meaning, I doubt he'd ever actually do anything like that. Also, the prediction path could still be fairly effective as long as the planets moved very slowly. ha55ii already has a lot of very effective gravitational codes as seen in his other games, so I'm sure he could if he wanted, though. But MY MAIN POINT WAS, the planets would just end up flinging themselves outside of the screen, unless they only orbited one other planet fairly close together. I agree that the planets should gave different gravitational strengths, though. But more specifically, different-sized planets. It's really annoying how the smallest planets have the same gravitational force as the larger ones :/
#xWHzAO1e Feb 01,2015 12:41
Complex, but won't be too heavy to handle. Afterall the planets are just gravity points to apply forces on the rocket, moving them wouldn't be too different from staying still. With moving planets, the only complex thing is the path prediction. Flight path will continuously change and become unreliable, unless it involves some calculus (something like KSP). Maybe the planets should have different gravity strength, like being more dense the darker they appear. Or something other than a graphics update.
#JqpISah4 Feb 01,2015 10:14
I feel like that would just be too complex. Maybe if it was just a pair of planets orbiting each other, but with this many, that's a lot for the system to handle, and most of the planets would probably end up flinging each other off the screen. Some moving planets or asteroids might be interesting, but planets actually orbiting each other wouldn't work well.
#xWHzAO1e Jan 31,2015 22:49
Would be interesting if the planets orbit around each other rather than being static, dodging will become more challenging.
#vI63Hg42 Jan 31,2015 04:47
The game is already pretty pointless, I think the planets look really cool now.
#JqpISah4 Jan 31,2015 00:54
...Does this seem like a... for lack of a better term, pointless update to anyone else? I mean, it's just a graphics update. I didn't wait this long for a graphics update :/ Maybe there could have been SOMETHING else along with it. Anything, really, even a bug fix, but just a graphics update!? Sure, it looks slightly better, but it doesn't affect came play in any way, so it's pretty much the same game. *sigh* this next update better be a good one...
#vzTgCMSr Jan 30,2015 16:11
Lim Rocket ver1.6 Graphic: Glare added. I have increased the variation in light around the planet.
#p6CjGwoE Jan 25,2015 23:32
The board must go on!
#MjD7yvpY Jan 18,2015 04:09
Almost 50% players cannot go above 10 in blind mode =[

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