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#JVc0sgFG Feb 26,2020 03:32
You know what would be a nice feature. Thought impossible to add most likely. A team create thing were multiple people can work on one project at the same time. Kinda like how people can edit a google doc or slide file together. Like think about all the possibilities. Like imagine a project created by the best PG2 Electric builders like bob4koolest, Hydroman, ChainReactionGuy and etc.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 25,2020 12:13
regular 4 panel comc http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72983.html
#AtKhzai7 Feb 25,2020 06:51
I'll settle for second best. ;)
#nYccrNE1 Feb 25,2020 05:34
@TeamDoodleBlocks i'm in the 7% and i'm right so shut mouth
#JVc0sgFG Feb 25,2020 03:24
Discussion here seems to be low at the moment. So I’ll give some food for thought. Did you know in 2017. 7% of USA citizens believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. ( That’s roughly 16 Million Adults ) So uh yeah. :|
#pvBpX68W Feb 25,2020 00:18
#JVc0sgFG Feb 24,2020 21:35
@Nickname Nice
#h3jCaMLo Feb 23,2020 19:42
#h3jCaMLo Feb 23,2020 19:42
Oh...oh my god. StarTrekSpock is still with us!?! You're like the best uploader here!!!!!
#nYccrNE1 Feb 22,2020 08:05
Egg. Link to breakfast: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72953.html
#JVc0sgFG Feb 22,2020 00:13
I was bored, so I decided to combine Deltarune with Stick Ranger. Hope you all like it :) Link: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72948.html
#V4Uu6nVO Feb 21,2020 07:27
Okay, I don't want to assume anything, but ever since I've been making memes and comics using Players, I've seen a lot more people do it too.
#AtKhzai7 Feb 20,2020 16:02
Technically you can make joints rotate faster by applying more rotation joints to them, but there is little flexibility in the adjustment.
#G3R0T1O6 Feb 20,2020 12:12
StarTrekSpock: If Powder Game 3 were to finally get released, what would be your top list of changes or additions? (Anyone else can answer this too) My top choices would be: Fix the gravity system so that it changes the acceleration as well as the direction More customization for joints (set strength for rotating and scaling joints, combine different joint types, etc) [Ideal but unrealistic] Full element customization (select characteristics and adjust parameters from a menu to make elements with whatever features you like)
#XvBCK8pP Feb 19,2020 02:53
#JVc0sgFG Feb 18,2020 21:38
@bob4koolest Hey so you know how I wasn’t able to upload projects, well the reason wasn’t a glitch. I had the word “Hack” in my title. Bruh Moment
#QDFNuk5n Feb 18,2020 07:02
I wish PG would get updated at all. It's been like what, several years now since we've had anything besides making the game run 10 FPS higher or whatever and euhg. There's a lot of really cool stuff I'd love to see potentially added, let alone updating all the un-userfriendly UI things Mostly I just wish we could get an increased dot limit. PG2 increased the screen size a lot but didn't update the already lacking dot limit at all. I get ha55ii doesn't want people to fill their entire game up with ants and then complain when it gets laggy or whatever, but that was in 2012 when we were all running PG on school potato computers. My phone is more powerful than those computers now, I'm sure PG would run fine with AT LEAST double the dot limit Idk, maybe there's a software reason it's so low and it's not as easy as changing one value, but still, 40,000 is just oppressive
#CKlv4Blr Feb 18,2020 05:24
not minsheme
Forgot all my account logins. I wonder if the staff would help me recover it
#9dHmxmmZ Feb 16,2020 05:38
So I can't go back into uploads I already uploaded it just says that there was a error and refreshing doesn't help so I can't continue one of my uploads because of this.
#AtKhzai7 Feb 15,2020 16:06
There's a slight chance ha55ii expected titles to be represented in English in about as many characters as they would be in Japanese (where I expect it would have fewer). I don't actually know the title limit on the Japanese side, though, I assume it's the same.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 14,2020 23:17
Yeah same, also the 20 character name is kinda short, wish they’ll update it to be like 30 or 35
#y68hq6dT Feb 14,2020 22:00
I hate uploading creations with the wrong title lol
#JVc0sgFG Feb 14,2020 02:56
@Bob4koolest Yeah reloading doesn’t work, thanks anyway. Maybe I should try uploading the project on a different device. Thank god this game allows code saving so I can just copy and paste the save data onto my laptop or something.
#AtKhzai7 Feb 13,2020 16:14
That reminds me of Anonymousperson5's Element Detector upload (if that's the right name) on PG1.
#KbEBwSs8 Feb 13,2020 06:55
@TeamDoodleBlocks Yes, I just reloaded the page and tried again -- don't know if it'll work for you but it did for me. Also how's this? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72863.html
#JVc0sgFG Feb 13,2020 03:59
Okay uh I ran into this glitch were I upload a project but I actually doesn’t upload. And I have to wait every 12 hours to retry because the site thinks I did upload a project and gives me the message “1 Time in 1 Days Only” Has anyone else ran into this problem and fixed it? I need help.
#TKN6rW3Q Feb 12,2020 02:25
Amazing game, it's stood the test of time and I'm so glad it's inspired the works of other game developers like Nolla Games who created Noita.
#4cYHdzF7 Feb 11,2020 00:35
I made a thing inspired by skyk's stuff but I can't comment the link D: Sigma: Me too. Random people who idk: I'm not new, if you were wondering. Just inactive
#JVc0sgFG Feb 10,2020 21:39
It’s kinda cool how this small game with a small community made by a small developer can change someone’s life. Like StarTrekSpock for example. Man Ha55II is truly one great person for making these games, as well as the help from Tylor and otascube.
#y68hq6dT Feb 09,2020 10:47
So in my prisoner series, the levels are going to start really low quality and bad and grow in quality, difficulty, and gain a better theme. I am doing this for two reasons: To mimic other video games and for the sake of my everlasting laziness. I also precreated every level already and I'm releasing them every day. This is because of the many times I made a prototype without a followup.
#AtKhzai7 Feb 07,2020 10:34
I never really thought about it, but PG was the first internet community I've ever been a part of (well, really *any* community for that matter), I'm not sure what kind of life I would have if I wasn't introduced to it. @bob4koolest There have been themed chain reactions before, but that one had a couple of creative reactions.
#mTsmcHbr Feb 07,2020 09:57
Rip Toucans
I haven't actively played this game in a year or more
#mTsmcHbr Feb 07,2020 09:57
Rip Toucans
I recall playing this game when I was younger than 8 or 9, and I loved it for multiple reasons, mainly because you could share creations with a community. I love art and devices/machines so this game was quite interesting. The possibilities are nearly endless if you're smart enough. I lost my old account called Toucans, and then I kinda stopped uploading. I played other games... this game never got bad, I just didn't have ideas.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 06,2020 23:15
I think I’m gonna end my PG2 hiatus and start uploading again, kinda got hard to come up with projects but after a break I feel like making more projects
#DPbmKRYD Feb 06,2020 13:03
#DPbmKRYD Feb 06,2020 13:03
How's this? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72794.html Think it's the first every themed chain reaction on PG2.
#QDFNuk5n Feb 04,2020 11:57
@bob4koolest You can always just come back every 2 years to spam memes in the comment boards like me ;) I feel you though, PG is basically what taught me how to do art. Hell, PG is pretty much what got me to actually start using computers and doing stuff on the internet in the first place. A friend tipped me onto it when I was 12 or so, I liked it a lot, browsed through some uploads and noticed there was a community here. Asked my mom if I could use her PC when I got home, and that's pretty much where it started lol I study 3D modelling now, but figuring out how to learn pixel art was basically what taught me how to go about learning art in general. It gave me an idea of where to start, and if I hadn't found PG idk if I'd be doing the same things lol
#39S3gGEq Feb 04,2020 08:34
As of today, I've been on this game for one year. This game has probably been one of the most influential games I've ever played. I was introduced to this by some friends during lunch a year ago. I wanted to make volcanoes and blow stuff up, but I never imagined that I will learn computing mechanisms and design all kinds of technology a year later on this same site. Sad to think about that all of us, no matter how long we've played, will one day place our last dot, hit upload for the last time, and leave forever.
#bDTtKYAx Feb 04,2020 05:22
Alpha wolf18
I love this game
#EK2EtVGL Feb 02,2020 10:20
The switch using the cloud made me think mine was obsolete before I even started it. I'm glad to see they still have different characteristics so one would be more preferable depending on size, speed, and type of input signals you want.
#AtKhzai7 Feb 02,2020 07:39
Wow, that's fantastic!
#EK2EtVGL Feb 02,2020 05:57
Here you go. Took maybe 12 hours of experimenting and more redesigns than I can count: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72750.html
#AtKhzai7 Feb 02,2020 05:48
There's another way that involves cloud (wertwer is the earliest uploader I know that did this, but it could have originated on the Japanese side), constantly transport cloud to a block of crystal with a single dot taken out (to set the cloud up), then like a regular mercury switch works, use thunder to make it jump to a metal chamber where it will convert to thunder and fall into the surrounding circuit; this is your single thunder dot. Look just to the left of the playfield to see an example of what I'm talking about: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/38585.html
#QDFNuk5n Feb 01,2020 16:19
@ISWTMTWTG Yeah they're definitely a pain, even in 1x speed. I just figured the tradeoff in reliability was usually worth it when most of the kids on their lunchbreak who play PG don't know what pen-s 0 even is lol I'd imagine there's gotta be something more reliable though. I've been out of the scene for so long there's a lot that I've missed. You could probably even use a mercury switch for it really
#EK2EtVGL Feb 01,2020 12:22
Paazi's mercury switches got me thinking, and I made a 4 bit adder using about 2000 dots: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72742.html @StarTrekSpock Oh yeah, I remember those. I tried using them a long time ago. They were promising at first, but the big deal breaker for me was they got worse with higher speed. I'm still trying to figure out something small and 100% reliable at the same time.
#oldVhfy9 Feb 01,2020 12:16
@Dingo599 If you are reading this comment, then I made an even worse storm. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72743.html
#QDFNuk5n Feb 01,2020 11:40
@bob4koolest Ayye, well done! Liquids seem to work fine (besides acid), so not sure why you specified only powders unless I'm dumb and missing something I feel like you might be able to do solids too with a joint machine. Wouldn't be as quick and easy, but if you could set one up that just moved a virus ball back and forth/up and down in the chamber, then just have the mercury fall down a block grate onto the conveyor, that'd probably work for most of them. It wouldn't even have to be a mutually exclusive mode, since you could just have the powder/liquid setup under the solid chamber Also random tip, if you put something like this off of your on-off button, you can effectively turn any amount of thunder into one dot. It's not 100% perfect, but then you don't have to bother with the whole "use a pen s 0 dot of pen line" thing, which from my experience turns off a lot of the lazy casual people browsing through uploads lol. I'm sure you could optimize it, but I haven't done any tech stuff for like 5 years now xP https://i.imgur.com/qJpMrKT.png
#1MKPyiNO Jan 31,2020 07:15
thats cool! i like the wires too ;)
#0SrU3Xg3 Jan 31,2020 01:50
How's this? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72717.html Dot counter
#AtKhzai7 Jan 30,2020 16:13
Exactly, it's basically a binary counter modified slightly for base-10. I don't usually see regular "jumping" mercury switches, I've found them unreliable but maybe they aren't so much.
#QDFNuk5n Jan 28,2020 07:05
Also this might help, they uploaded a simplified breakdown of their display here: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69804.html Honestly kinda curious where this person figured all this out or if they're an alt of someone else lol. They don't have a lot of uploads, and they're more complex than a lot of other tech uploads I've seen
#QDFNuk5n Jan 28,2020 06:42
@bob4koolest There's 2 main modules here, 1 is the mercury switches that count your clicks, the other is the setup that displays it. There are 3 mercury switches for each digit, the 1s are to the right under the enter button, the tens to the left of that, and so on. The switches have 2 states depending on where the mercury in them is, a state where thunder can flow through, and one that can't. Each time thunder hits the switch, it either passes through or gets stopped, and toggles the state. It reminds me of how the old doctor nim boardgame worked The switches are connected with joint to the panel on the right, each time a state changes the joint pushes mercury over and changes where the thunder can flow. That in turn pushes more joints in the display, turning the segments on or off Ofc that's simplifying it a lot, there's a lot that went into this and I'm really impressed by it --- Also yeah, virus definitely sounds like the best way to go about that. Good thinking :)
#6ppKck5h Jan 28,2020 05:43
@bob4koolest I have no idea that upload is truly brilliant, the best tech I've seen in a long time. It will take some time for me to even scratch the surface on how it works.
#tnJG39qT Jan 28,2020 01:53
@HydroMan Check out this click counter I found http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69760.html someone try to figure out how it works
#6ppKck5h Jan 27,2020 08:55
Ima try and tackle that idea
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 27,2020 03:06
Sigma: Why not just use a virus ball to transform all dots in contact with it into mercury?
#AtKhzai7 Jan 27,2020 01:05
Throwing stuff out there: conveyer could be used to organize it into something to work with. Oh, here's a cheap way to do it: put a jointed ball at the bottom to detect dots, and cause some mechanism to release a single virus dot onto mercury which would *then* be measured (minus two dots of course), but this probably wasn't what you had in mind. :)
#QDFNuk5n Jan 26,2020 16:30
Here's a random idea for a piece of tech I had a long time ago: A dot counter. Basically drag some dots into a machine and it would count them out and show the number on some display. Obviously you could do it easily with stuff like mercury by letting it fall into a line and running a current up it to see how long it was, but I always wondered how many other elements it would be possible to count since they're all so different. I guess most solids could be counted the same way by just measuring the volume they take up in mercury and then measuring that difference too I can barely manage to build a proper 0-9 display let alone something like that though, so I'm curious what other people could do
#6ppKck5h Jan 26,2020 12:14
you can't make a f-work ice ice ball because you'd have to have 3 things selected
#vzpFgtM6 Jan 26,2020 11:01
is it possible to make a ice firework in a ball?
#AtKhzai7 Jan 25,2020 16:22
@bob4koolest Ooh, you should do one with walls/backgrounds like in my Super Tower series.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 25,2020 13:01
Me: Nice catch! I never even realized that before
#bIpj2PuM Jan 25,2020 07:37
I made a ice fire work and made SNOW!!!
#ntZhtC3V Jan 25,2020 06:18
10/10 for sig still commenting on htis
#roCEaLkQ Jan 23,2020 11:43
First building I made in a long time: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72633.html
#AtKhzai7 Jan 22,2020 12:08
Technically http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/59841.html is a working computer. As for anything far beyond that, it's probably impossible.
#35gTFHxl Jan 22,2020 03:35
I made my first post today and it is bad. mainly because i forgot that the posts upload from the current scene, not from the last savestate.
#UJvlhENg Jan 22,2020 02:28
Someone should make a version of PG2 without a dot limit. as in a mod taht lets you work without the limit. I think that would be really cool, and it would open up a lot of options, and it may be more possible now then when the dot limit was first implemented. I'd love to see an actual, working computer on PG2. also bob4koolest thats a very cool tower.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 21,2020 22:53
@skyk It's a number that can only exist in theory, such as the total number of combinations of something. But it's comparatively small in that regard. @Hendicted Keyboards are entirely possible, and have been done numerous times. But having it recognize entire commands is something I don't expect is possible, at least beyond a few simple commands. Although a programmable computer is something I thought about doing once...
#woHcT78X Jan 21,2020 02:41
Needs unique stuff like Clay. Still good though.
#vzpFgtM6 Jan 21,2020 01:07
possibly it can give you links or names of games when used electricty
#vzpFgtM6 Jan 21,2020 01:06
guys can someone make a game console i thought of it once but im too inexperienced
#uEkbcBai Jan 20,2020 20:59
I wonder if someone can make a fully working keyboard, then we would be able to make an actual, functional computer that works like MS-DOS
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 20,2020 15:18
Sigma: That's pretty impressive. I'm trying to find anything that number is comparable to in nature, and coming short by quite a lot. Even on an exponential scale, it's orders of magnitude larger than the number of planck times in the lifespan of the universe, or atoms that could fit inside the observable universe.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 20,2020 14:52
@bob4koolest Indeed, the internet upload is quite simple, but I love the idea! Also, here's another reason why it's possible to make a 64-bit computer in PG2 (or any computer for that matter): http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/59841.html Unless this is what you were referring to. Still though, it's really fun to bring up again. @skyk Not true! Just putting that into Mathematica I got a fully outputted number approximately equal to 5.8602995 * 10^202,929 in 0.046875 seconds, literally right here on my laptop. Mathematica is mindboggling.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 20,2020 06:36
emankciNNickname: Yeah, now that I think about it, even if you exclude everything except the basic particles, that'd be 77*138880*138879*138878 and so on to 98880. That alone is a bigger value than any computer can display.
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 20,2020 05:56
And bob, I like it :D
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 20,2020 05:55
Skyk, using a bad combination calculator that only let me use 4 digits, and factorization to account for that, there are SO MANY COMBINATIONS for a SINGLE element given random quantity and positions that there aren't enough particles in the universe to represent the number. More specifically, over 2^365 (this figure may be very incorrect) Now multiply that by 81 and the number of block combinations, etc. and were heading for a huge number that calculators can't handle. That being said, 99.9999999999% of these combinations are just piles of dirt, single dots, you know, the spammy weird creations.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 20,2020 04:07
Same way as usual. You have the right mouse selected to acid while you make fireworks with the left mouse.
#6ppKck5h Jan 20,2020 03:24
How does one make firework that blows up into acid? I've seen two uploads that use it and I'm curious how to do it
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 20,2020 02:27
Hello LS
#vzpFgtM6 Jan 19,2020 22:40
ive been playing this game for quite a while now comments should have been more accessible
#vzpFgtM6 Jan 19,2020 22:39
hi skyk!
#DnlBjdUr Jan 19,2020 12:39
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72583.html How's this? (My first pixel art upload)
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 19,2020 05:22
I meant people, including kids in that first sentence lol.
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 19,2020 05:18
Its most likely because more kids find powder game via searching "falling sand" or "sand game" since pg1 is more active, it appears before pg2. So only those who explore danball find pg2 and come to the comments, and therefore are more likely to have intelligent conversation.
#DnlBjdUr Jan 18,2020 12:01
Fun fact: It is possible to make a 64 bit computer on PG2 (capable of partially running Windows 10) if there weren't any dot or size limits. It'll just take up a lot of space (and will lag) since even a single byte of storage takes up considerable space on PG2.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 18,2020 03:51
Wow.... you weren't kidding
#JVc0sgFG Jan 18,2020 03:45
Okay quick question, why is the PG2 comments so much more productive and full of ideas, complements, constructive criticism, and etc. And then the PG1 comments consist of random letters, words, numbers and symbols. It’s so easy to have conversations here and get help with projects, but on the PG1 comments it’s actually impossible to have any real discussion there. PG1 Comments: https://dan-ball.jp/en/bbs/dust.html
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 18,2020 01:28
Given the following parameters: https://pastebin.com/paFVA15p Is it possible to calculate the total number of possible unique uploads (that don't involve any readvar-adjacent stuff)?
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 17,2020 20:49
Yes we can improvise, but there's just so many combinations that we can use. Also remember, the physics of the game IS math, since you can't just type "fall" and expect something to fall. For the s-ball element, or any other element that changes speed midair, a formula for acceleration is needed. The math that the developers used are the physics. Any math they did not use are physics unaccounted for. The 40000 dot and size limit are also contributing factors, however if there were no limit to size/particle count, there would still be a cap due to math. Space could be less of an issue if say, there were more equations for how electricity behaves when conducted.
#EK2EtVGL Jan 17,2020 11:52
I agree, though I don't think math is the limit. There's space to make nearly every conceivable boolean expression, and the game has properties that make many aspects of real life electronics unnecessary. In general, the problem is the physical limits of the game itself. I'm very close to that limit right now because my current project is taking up every bit of space the game has. After I finish it I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 17,2020 08:08
It's amazing to see that we can manipulate a once simple falling sand type game to create complex electrical creations. However, we do know that not every mathematical equation is used here, therefore I fear we are reaching the true limit of PG2, due to lack of math. Though, I may be wrong.
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 17,2020 06:51
Someone make mazes please
#NoG3uqpx Jan 17,2020 02:21
what is "the glitch" supposed to be
#joyPvLwn Jan 17,2020 00:46
It seems we’ve entered the industrial revolution of powder game ;)
#9UFWWAef Jan 16,2020 23:02
the level of sudden technological advancement on here is amazing
#uEkbcBai Jan 16,2020 20:55
Last year i only heard people complaining about 5 minute uploads here
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 16,2020 12:39
The Internet is a series of tubes
#1MKPyiNO Jan 16,2020 09:43
(or anyone, i dont mind :D)
#1MKPyiNO Jan 16,2020 09:18
hey bob if youre seeing this, it would be cool if you could maybe make a new version of the internet with the improved wires i just uploaded. it would probably make it way faster if you could find a way to implement it.
#6ppKck5h Jan 16,2020 09:10
the internet system is good but, if you guys look at all of bob's stuff you'll see that he's made cool games like this before. Like the google dino game
#41E1F2cB Jan 16,2020 08:45
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 16,2020 07:49
@bob4koolest I just tried it. That's epic. The internet feature itself is made by simply kinda doubling things and doing it to both sides, right? I'm actually more into the movement effect you created lol. That can be used to make simple shooter-type games, or maybe even bootleg chess xD
#yKQliUca Jan 16,2020 07:03
jhon master
Hello friend, I'm jhon master, I want to inform you that I'm up, kill the fighter to win, they are very good, play them
#yKQliUca Jan 16,2020 06:59
#QYm8aFth Jan 16,2020 05:52
that one guy
how do you get a pump to dispense fluid properly
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 16,2020 05:47
Aight, when’s google coming to powder game?
#DnlBjdUr Jan 16,2020 05:12
@everyone Thanks :D It actually wasn't too hard, I copied and pasted two identical systems together then jointed them so the movement on one affects the other. There's a little bit more too it, but that's the basic concept.
#uQo9DdVQ Jan 16,2020 02:50
#uEkbcBai Jan 15,2020 20:03
@bob4koolest Wow... you really are the coolest
#V4Uu6nVO Jan 15,2020 15:14
@bob4koolest Oh, wow I just tried out your internet system and all I gotta say is my god how do you make stuff that good. Like I got happy when I made an electric Tic-Tac-Toe board game and then you make stuff like that. GG you have PG2 electricity flexing rights.
#R7Sy6dRZ Jan 15,2020 11:44
@emankciNNickname @Randomguypi http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72508.html Working internet system in PG2
#V4Uu6nVO Jan 15,2020 08:15
I'm gonna start uploading more projects now. I've been playing a lot of Stick Ranger trying to get all the crowns.
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 14,2020 00:16
THANK YOU emankciNNickname
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 14,2020 00:14
#QowNlt3Q Jan 13,2020 23:03
Bob, that sounds really cool. do it
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 13,2020 18:52
And bob, if you want, go for it
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 13,2020 18:49
Being a former ipad user, I can confirm what you can/can't do CAN: Right select by repeatedly tapping the element you want WITH TWO FINGERS AT ONCE CAN: Navigate, build, scale, etc, etc. CAN'T: Use right selected elements for normal building (example: my right selected item is Nitro and my left is oil, I can only use the oil normally but can use nitro text or balls) CAN'T: Change joint mode (hitting j) CAN'T: Control players On the plus side, creating stuff on ipad is hundreds of times quicker, but it's harder to do precision work until you train yourself to work with it easier. Everything I just said applies to all tablets and maybe phones.
#R7Sy6dRZ Jan 12,2020 10:43
I just came up with a concept for a working Ethernet system for PG2. Should I make it?
#bOLfDT1u Jan 12,2020 09:00
Jello at
#154cvMeF Jan 12,2020 07:15
hi me
#gwTxkAOY Jan 12,2020 06:05
no, I AM
#dtlo4zWb Jan 11,2020 21:43
ouec ji
#dtlo4zWb Jan 11,2020 21:42
elizabeta logino
#6ppKck5h Jan 11,2020 13:48
You accidentally did something cool and know you think you're a genius? hehehe :)
#bOLfDT1u Jan 11,2020 06:52
#bOLfDT1u Jan 11,2020 06:33
#qSxmUoy2 Jan 09,2020 12:55
you copied the mad scientist
#AtKhzai7 Jan 09,2020 07:02
You're actually on the Internet and not on an app? How are you able to play the game then? In my experience, it's almost impossible to do anything you want without ruining what's already on the screen. But in any case, I don't think it's possible to do any right-click stuff, so you can't have element balls or reverse conveyer as far as I know.
#gia11QyI Jan 08,2020 23:51
Not a computer
#gia11QyI Jan 08,2020 23:49
I do this on an iPad
#6ppKck5h Jan 08,2020 14:36
If you know anything about real science, you'd know PG2 isn't accurate but I like what you are getting at because I don't care about that. I like to think of PG2 as its own "universe" that has its own laws of matter and physics. btw I like your boat did you see my joint boat? it has actions... I'd give you the link but, well you know :l, its called "Sailing Ship" also well this is dumb comment but my top 3 uploads this month each has 44 votes is it the same 44 people seeing them? Can I get a request for my next upload here are some things I've been working with... - Joint Vehicles (fairly complex ones) - A really well planned and detailed level of some kind (by level I mean like players and stuff) - A hard puzzle box >Like E-lock picking but more difficult - A sea monster -or an idea of your own for me to tackle (long message my bad, had a lot to say I guess :/)
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 08,2020 08:49
@bob4koolest Thank you for bringing to life the main idea of my nuclear power plant that I published in early December. The idea that if we apply little labels to an ordinary group of interactions between elements, we can show people the complicated modern processes seen in real-life industrial buildings. There is now an emergence of industrial uploads from the PG2 community and each one is really smart and educational and more than the sum of its parts.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 07,2020 15:14
I know, I'm just thinking of the two differences between your own upload page and someone else's. As far as I know, the only two differences are that it shows the code, and instead of a vote button it shows the message about not voting on your own work.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 15:08
Oh, I'm not logged in, lol I'm stupid. As far as I know, there was no way/workaround to give yourself votes.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 07,2020 14:45
I have no trouble opening my own uploads when not logged in, so I'm guessing it's a new issue related to the get/set codes? Either that, or the function preventing one for voting for oneself.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 11:29
Both by right-clicking. Left-click the BALL button on the menu, right-click the element you want the ball to be, then left-click the game screen. Right-click the CONVEYER button on the menu and draw on the game screen using the right mouse button rather than the left.
#gia11QyI Jan 07,2020 11:14
And make conveyor belts go the other way
#gia11QyI Jan 07,2020 11:13
How do u make element balls
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 02:44
Huh, I can access my own uploads. @everyone Just so everyone knows, ha55ii always skips the first update of the year. Technically we don't know why, but it's probably because the poor man needs a break every now and then. Every year he has done this, and you should expect him to every year in the future.
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 07:36
It's good bob... +1 vote
#Cva07GF2 Jan 06,2020 07:21
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72394.html How's this?
#JAfSvRYW Jan 06,2020 03:33
The only thing I can think of is a pg2 optimization gone awry. A while back stick ranger 2 skipped a week for an update, so that's fine.
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 01:14
dude, I finally tried playing stick ranger 1 and I'm now addicted
#hhi0BMO9 Jan 05,2020 13:40
@bob same, cant access my uploads :(
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 12:41
Oh boy... The end of the dan-ball!!!!!!!!! is 2020 the end?
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 05,2020 12:31
I'm having the same issue, actually. I can't get the main 'save data' page to load either.
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 10:33
@HydroMan The developer blogs don't work anymore, there isn't a Stick Ranger update this week, and we can't access our own uploads :( What's happening?
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 09:03
Just did and they don't work anymore :((
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 07:56
@HydroMan have you tried checking on your own uploads though?
#JAfSvRYW Jan 05,2020 07:24
@bob4koolest same here
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 07:00
Good work Someone, The acid was supposed to be a trap but I guess it was no match for you :)
#mHNhslRH Jan 05,2020 04:19
HydroMan, I killed the fighter with acid, not fire lol
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 01:46
@bob I just checked again everything works like normal for me, I'm sorry for your loss ):
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 22:42
@Hydro The pages with my uploads won't load and the page just says "HTTP error 500"
#mHNhslRH Jan 04,2020 15:15
hmm ok...
#6ppKck5h Jan 04,2020 09:57
For Electric lock picking, you need to put thunder in the boxes (this is the main part) but I think the instructions are straight forward it doesn't "do" anything unless you do something with it... bob I can access your uploads, weird that you can't :/
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 06:26
Is it just me who can't access my own uploads or is it everyone?
#yKQliUca Jan 04,2020 03:51
soy el mismo the game very good
#yKQliUca Jan 04,2020 03:48
yo hablo español el juego es muy bueno
#mHNhslRH Jan 03,2020 06:38
No idea how the electric lock-picking works and does anything...
#rrv4tXM4 Jan 03,2020 04:27
R101: No, it's fine. Everybody: Happy New Year's! *Kazooooooooooo solo*
#6ppKck5h Jan 02,2020 03:01
well, that's good to know thanks Sigma :) I'm glad I made something original
#AtKhzai7 Jan 01,2020 14:12
I don't think I've seen anything like that before, either. And I've seen just about EVERY upload.
#6ppKck5h Jan 01,2020 01:32
Thanks! I thought it was pretty original too but, I mean this game is like 8+years old so I haven't seen EVERY upload but thanks again. Does anyone want a level 2? I might hide some of the joints to make it harder and more like a lock :)
#Cva07GF2 Dec 31,2019 23:49
@HydroMan Cool lock! Never seen that design on PG2 before :)
#cISbVs0A Dec 31,2019 10:51
I’ve been playing Terraria for two years now, and my first Moon Lord fight is tomorrow. Is it bad that I’m getting a bit emotional?
#8XOSuUXr Dec 30,2019 05:20
Man I've been quite inactive, sorry guys.
#6ppKck5h Dec 28,2019 03:22
Check out Electric lockpicking -> https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72307.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 27,2019 05:10
Congrats on top 30 @TeamDoodleBlocks!
#AtKhzai7 Dec 26,2019 14:11
@bob4koolest Your works are looking more and more StarTrekSpock-esque.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 26,2019 06:43
@skyk Wow! That's pretty cool! Thanks for telling me this!
#AbaxcFua Dec 26,2019 02:29
Happy Holidays, everyone.
#6ppKck5h Dec 26,2019 02:13
Merry Christmas!
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 25,2019 12:32
Phresh: That's because laser is self-replacing as long as there's room in the particle's defined direction, and at speed 8 it can replace itself faster than you can clear it.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 25,2019 12:07
Correction: I mean 1,000.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 25,2019 12:00
Guys put a size nine clone in the center of this while it's in stop and wait until the dot reaches close to 10,000. Then, remove the clone and see what happens. Then try to erase it. Depending on how you do it, it will either be impossible to erase the laser or take a long time to do so. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72275.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 25,2019 01:11
Hehehehe Danstroyer, I'm a little sick as well but not so much it's ruining Christmas for me. O and by the way, this is my upload from yesterday what do you guys think? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72260.html
#OG52RTXx Dec 25,2019 00:44
I can't wait, Christmas eve and I'm sooooo. . . . SICK! Something about having a cold makes it feel like it's still November and it's "I can't wait to not be sick :D" instead of opening presents tomorrow
#6ppKck5h Dec 22,2019 09:04
Most places they'd just spit in your coffee for that... @bob4koolest its good stuff. Did you get the cloud to thunder thing from me? It was was a really good application of that mechanic, it was the most realistic nuclear power plant I've ever seen on this game and even better than the ones in real life!!!
#1FN03eEN Dec 22,2019 07:36
There's a Coffee Shop in France where not saying "hello" and "please" makes your coffee more expensive.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 22,2019 05:46
How's this? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72233.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 22,2019 01:59
Got a new monitor for my computer :D here's my latest work https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72232.html
#AtKhzai7 Dec 19,2019 09:56
Aw, they know how I did the one-ended joint now (honestly not much of a secret). @Randomguypi https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Readvar
#7KT8MoGz Dec 19,2019 04:47
Me 2 days ago: *normal life* 1 day ago: What's epithet erased? Watching the trailer now lol Today: SyLvIe ThE sLeEp ShEeP sUmMoNiN 15 yEaR oLd PsYcHoLoGiSt KiD I've learned about epithet erased and it's stupid and funny and the villain has a decent backstory
#PG6Q0rLi Dec 19,2019 02:33
@bob4koolest whats READVAR?
#FciIDoRH Dec 18,2019 12:56
Hey so I've come to announce something I've been working on for a past couple of months. I have been working on a 3D version of Powder Game called PowderBox using ROBLOX's engine and scripting. so far the game is very basic and certain elements have different mechanics than PG's mechanics, an example of this is Metal has a magnetic attraction to a new element called Cobalt. The game is also heavily unfinished and has a lack of polish with some of it's mechanics as my scripting skills are basic at best, maybe even less. However I am still learning. If you'll like to play it I'll leave a link, and feed back is appreciated considering this game is based on Ha55ii's PG1 and PG2. Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/945541116/PowderBox-ALPHA#!/
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 18,2019 08:09
Randomguypi: Select "text" and have the element of your choice selected with the other mouse button, then click to open a window to type your text in and adjust the text size and font. bob4koolest: There's even weirder stuff too, like how balls attached to one-sided joints become frozen in place. Me: You can use joints to attach buoyant particles to fighters
#gia11QyI Dec 18,2019 06:53
How do u make fighters have wings?
#Cva07GF2 Dec 18,2019 06:39
Random facts: Jointing 2 dots of soapy will cause both dots to rise up and float | Jointing 2 players together and having one of them touch READVAR will result in both being teleported out of the screen | If a player jointed to another element touches READVAR, then a one-sided joint will form.
#xhpDSe1W Dec 18,2019 05:38
#OIgpG4d3 Dec 18,2019 02:57
yo this game needs a temp system
#OIgpG4d3 Dec 18,2019 02:40
so how do you guys do the writing on your projects?
#vYcOObyU Dec 18,2019 00:38
powder g
esta bueno
#JVc0sgFG Dec 16,2019 23:26
I always use get/set it’s just more reliable than save/load to me
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 16,2019 07:57
This is the main thing the get/set feature is for
#nv0GZWwr Dec 16,2019 07:53
@Fireball That is my worst fear. Happens at least once on all of my projects, and it costs me at least an hour of work each time. I have a habit of saving and immediately loading to make sure it saved and it still escapes my memory sometimes. It's best to just take a break and keep going after that.
#Oh46wMwO Dec 16,2019 00:11
HydroMan Laptop
ok, @Sigma but like I said its a theory I know how it really works... I didn't log in because I'm on my Moms laptop, my computer broke so I won't be uploading for a while because I need o get money to fix it or get a new 1 so I'll probably be getting a job soon hope you all keep having fun on PG2! :D
#AtKhzai7 Dec 15,2019 13:22
@HydroMan We can always look at the code to see exactly what happens, or at least those familiar to the code. Other than that, this is definitely something you can test. For one thing, if uncharged virus makes contact with charged virus (see below for definition of "charged"), the uncharged virus does not become charged (it doesn't turn into the element virus is charged with); according to your theory, it would. From my years of experience, I can describe the phenomenon that feels the most accurate to me. Virus does not react with itself, but does react to most other elements by "charging" or "becoming charged" with that element. Every element (that can have a temporary [save-dependent] reaction-state) has a form in which it is charged with an element, for example thunder that is passing through a metal circuit is metal-charged thunder. Fireworks that are set off by a lighter element (e.g. torch, fire) becomes charged and behaves differently. Virus turns all surrounding elements into charged virus with the same element and immediately becomes unreactive; after a period of frames (randomly decided within some interval), the charged virus becomes the element it was charged with. @_Fireball207_ That is the WORST. Some works of mine never became uploads because of that. And of course the meant-to-do-that-before-uploading thing happened to me several times.
#B6V5ei0b Dec 15,2019 05:25
Errors happen.
#idlCtOmQ Dec 14,2019 23:42
tfw you spend 3 hours making an obstacle course, then accidentally save at the wrong time wiping your save data making you have to take 1 more hour, and finally forget to set the BG back to non once it's all finished i should be glad that i have my obstacle course done and out of the way but the production process was not smooth this time
#6ppKck5h Dec 14,2019 06:46
@Boiled Potato #2 No, because when It stays virus the whole time so it properties do not change during the cycle. Its a theory, not a fact, just a fun question to think about because it's a paradox. p.s. if ha55ii programmed it to be that way I'm really impressed because that means a 7-year-old game still hasn't been completely understood.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 14,2019 04:13
I like how all his structures have lighting systems
#Cva07GF2 Dec 14,2019 01:36
This Sebastian35 guy is really good at making stuff
#M40Pd4bW Dec 13,2019 07:46
Boiled Potato #2
@HydroMan , your virus theory is wrong because if it is right then more than one pixel of virus would be useless. If you put for say powder on virus, the virus turns to powder and if you put for say powder and water on virus only half the virus turns to water, the other half turns to powder. if your theory was correct, putting anything on more than one pixel of virus would not work.
#6ppKck5h Dec 13,2019 06:44
#h6UW44dv Dec 13,2019 02:06
HydroMan, watch out for the new "bird" drones, someone added orca faces and tiny cowboy hats to them
#FA0xOlBe Dec 13,2019 00:43
@Danstroyer the first thing I did was check my creations then made the bird turned alien , I have not checked saved works at all so• srry
#6ppKck5h Dec 12,2019 13:12
hehehe, A guy I knew said he found a browser that the FBI couldn't track... 3 days later he didn't come to school and he's been gone for 2 months now. people say he started to do homeschool instead but, I know its just FBI propaganda lol
#oiRILTaH Dec 12,2019 12:28
Bird turned alien was posted the day after I browsed r/birdsaren'treal The FBI will be after me shortly using alien "bird" drones
#rBSgSjSc Dec 12,2019 10:29
Yo guys I’m back schoolwork got to me, lol I’ll be doing a series of (blank) turned alien becuz my best creation got 90 votes from it :p k hope everyone does great on ur creations
#zeiNkSUl Dec 12,2019 07:23
#6ppKck5h Dec 12,2019 07:17
Here's what you three did the best at: skyk's was really fun to play around with, I really loved how it hated water and flew away :) TeamDoodleBlocks was really funny, made me laugh out loud (still smile when I remember it) bob4koolest's (wow the ['s] makes your username hard to say) had so many joints I knew it was a time-consuming upload... and Pheonix's are such a cool mythical beast
#JVc0sgFG Dec 12,2019 00:41
@skyk that actually means a lot coming from someone who’s been playing since 2013. Thanks :)
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 11,2019 11:12
Honestly, I would have expected Rabbit Rave to win
#FciIDoRH Dec 11,2019 11:07
Ood 2nd place... I wasn't expecting that but okay. Yeah everyone did really good.
#6ppKck5h Dec 11,2019 09:09
you did a good job @bob4koolest :) 500+ joints that's insane patience and skill to get them all right.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 11,2019 08:13
@HydroMan Yay 3rd :D
#AtKhzai7 Dec 11,2019 07:06
@R101 But this is *exactly* the point I'm trying to make. If a PG2 vote is worth more than a PG1 vote, you have to pay attention to precisely how many votes you would be getting, it isn't simply "PG1 is better for votes". I'm sorry if I'm pushing this on you too much, but it just sounds to me like you would prefer uploading something on PG1 to get 300 votes rather than on PG2 to get 100 votes, *even though* on PG2 your work would be pretty widespread and famous compared to PG1 where it would easily fade into obscurity. When viewed in this context, doesn't uploading on PG1 rather than PG2 sound...pointless? @everyone else I love how you're talking about a side point I brought up which had nothing to do with my main point. ;P @skyk I should've done that when I was uploading omg. o.O @HydroMan Yes, that is the definition of "relative". XD Just extending your reasoning, that means we can't compare PG1 votes with PG2 votes because they just aren't the same (yes, there are correlations but even those aren't very equal given the different ages of the two games and their different levels of popularity).
#6ppKck5h Dec 11,2019 06:36
you are right I'm working on the results now
#JVc0sgFG Dec 11,2019 03:45
@Hydroman Hey weren’t we suppose to know the winners of the JOC contest today, I’m not trying to rush you or anything on judging I’m just curious.
#cISbVs0A Dec 10,2019 10:54
I wanna make a working Last Prism.
#cISbVs0A Dec 10,2019 10:52
We should make a campaign to make PG2 more popular than PG1. My works currently get about 1/8 the votes they get on PG1.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 10,2019 10:49
Unfortunately, I can't even make a measly 100k from my Powder Game 2 uploads. I'd think about making a Patreon, but what am I supposed to offer when everyone knows I upload every day anyway?
#Cva07GF2 Dec 10,2019 10:31
@skyk lol you would have $714740 I would have $97280 most people would probably have at least $1,000 Also I'm with @Hydroman on that -- it really depends on how many people their are and how many view your upload.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 10,2019 08:41
I may not have as many votes as Earth Editor, but I think I have enough to say that more votes =/= more happiness. I think we should give users twenty bucks for every vote they've ever gotten.
#6ppKck5h Dec 10,2019 05:09
PG1 has more users meaning they get more votes also there's always the guys who put "delete" even if they do actually like it. We can never create an exact algorithm because there are too many anomalies... in theory 1 PG1 vote would equal 1 PG2 vote because the value is literally the same 1 person clicks vote you get one vote. It really only depends on the user themselves. You can look at my PG1 and 2 uploads my PG1 stuff gets WAY more votes even in my opinion my PG2 work is better, it is really just a question of who the people are that see the project and how many of them there are.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 09,2019 22:56
Also speaking of votes I’ve done some “researching” and estimating on the value of PG1 between PG2 The average number of votes a project gets on PG1 is about 15 - 35 The average number of votes a project gets on PG2 is about 10 - 20 So dividing those numbers together brings up the estimate that.. 1 PG1 Vote approximately equals to a rough estimate 0.67 PG2 votes So PG1 projects usually get double the amount of votes a PG2 project does.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 09,2019 21:44
What votes mean to me is that people liked my project. Simple as that
#JAfSvRYW Dec 09,2019 20:18
Technically a vote is worth happiness accomplishment and a few pixels on your screen
#6ppKck5h Dec 09,2019 15:25
Ok @bob4koolest+R101 these points make sense. but I still feel it was about the votes this had nothing to do with building... https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69834.html It's fine if you want votes, it makes people more likely to click on your uploads and to gauge what people are interested in, it's also fun to climb the leaderboards to feel like a champ. I like getting votes and you shouldn't be ashamed if you do too. this talk about how votes are "informal" is silly in my opinion because it's a game not work we all come to have fun if votes are fun for people then don't talk bad on them. I like talking about the relativity of numbers Sigma but I don't see how votes can be relative when people are comparing them to how many votes other uploads have gotten I've never heard anyone compare they're votes to atoms or u.s. dollars :)
#cISbVs0A Dec 09,2019 13:31
Only small detail because an airship can only have so much interior before it can’t fly, Hydroman!
#Cva07GF2 Dec 09,2019 12:34
@HydroMan ...but I did use the votes as a benchmark to improve -- I did get better at building designing since people liked it a lot
#6ppKck5h Dec 09,2019 07:30
@bob4koolest you say you don't care about votes, and yet you did the civilization game which was all about getting yourself votes. @R101 it's nice I voted... but why did you only detail a little bit?
#cISbVs0A Dec 09,2019 01:38
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71995.html Well, let’s see how little votes this gets for some reason lol. Seriously though, is it actually good?
#Cva07GF2 Dec 08,2019 10:21
The only purpose votes serve to me is as a quality measure for my own uploads -- I want to see what uploads people like and what uploads people don't so I can improve in my skill -- they have no other purpose for me. This is just a small game with only a few hundred users so I really don't care much about votes beyond that.
#6ppKck5h Dec 08,2019 08:59
2nd place on find timmy contest woohoo!
#KBqCoxJh Dec 08,2019 06:36
Hallo. It's been a while since I've been here. How are all of you doing?
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 05:36
And I fully agree, skyk, but for some reason people seem to think 1 PG1 vote = 1 PG2 vote, which it most certainly does not. Appreciation in one's work doesn't make sense when it's based on "Ooh! Mine comes with a *really* big number, bigger than anything I've seen before!" Kind of like when someone says "1,000,000 is a big number." A million of what? If atoms, that's not very big at all.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 08,2019 05:04
Votes do serve a sort of purpose when it comes to exposure, as higher-rated uploads are sorted higher when filtered that way, but you'd think that would only matter if you hold your own uploads in high enough regard that you'd want people to see them whether they can vote or not. That doesn't make much sense for the deceptive uploads that often try to trick people into voting.
#JAfSvRYW Dec 08,2019 04:39
I think people only care because getting a high amount of people to not hit delete on a creation you worked on, hard or not, would result in a sense of accomplishment. Even though the votes are next to useless, they still show that some people appreciate what you make. Or those people are kids who think they are famous after getting votes...
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 04:26
Serious question: why do people care about the amount of votes that they're getting? First of all votes are this abstract construction on this site whose sole purpose is as a really informal measure on upload popularity, and this community is treating it like they're actually worth something to them. But continuing anyway, a really mediocre upload might get 100 votes in PG1, while a really good upload might get 100 votes in PG2. Notice that in PG1 100 votes is a pretty small amount of votes considering how many people have actually gotten, whereas on PG2 it's pretty substantial. If you went to Iran you can get 80,000 rial (Iranian currency) probably pretty quickly. Does that sound like a lot of money? You can only buy 2 US dollars worth of stuff with that though. The "amount" of votes you get is absolutely pointless without some kind of reference to go by, and those references can be very, very different.
#HyTW9x0e Dec 08,2019 04:17
Pg lover
Hey how can i get this its not on the app store
#cISbVs0A Dec 08,2019 04:03
Alright, when PG2 starts to get the same amount of votes as PG1, some one please alert me. Currently, one of my uploads on PG1 gets about 60 votes.
#AtKhzai7 Dec 08,2019 03:12
@danstroyer Press space and it should stop on the next frame. I know this because my old computer was very slow and <1fps was quite common >:
#DnlBjdUr Dec 07,2019 12:00
Looks like people really love chain reactions. Should I make Chain Reaction 4 next?
#JAfSvRYW Dec 07,2019 07:21
oh its pg1
#JAfSvRYW Dec 07,2019 07:16
how did he get 300 votes tho? hax or..
#M40Pd4bW Dec 06,2019 22:22
Boiled Potato #2
Can I do weapon contest in PG1?
#6ppKck5h Dec 06,2019 07:09
Dude I'm low key pissed off that he would do that it takes advantage of people wanting to see a cool reaction and turns it into votes, but the worse part is that he was a vote scam fighter who betrayed us that makes it worse in my opinion.
#JVc0sgFG Dec 06,2019 02:18
Bruh Moments Before: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/431255.html After: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/431283.html
#JVc0sgFG Dec 05,2019 21:42
@R101 If I where you, I would stick to PG2 because the second game has more to offer and the comment section for PG2 is more productive than the PG1 comments. However do whatever you want.
#6ppKck5h Dec 05,2019 13:28
@R101 you can upload on both because it's not hard to make as hard to make PG1 uploads because it's much more basic... jk :D I'm just very partial to PG2 but I do a bit of PG1 the two can coexist it's not a 1 or the other deal
#Q93lI0GL Dec 05,2019 10:09
Oops- imlost my deforkle account. Just so you know i am deforkle just another account.
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 05,2019 09:37
Upload to whichever one you like more. It's not about the notes
#cISbVs0A Dec 05,2019 08:28
Even though I get much less votes here than PG1, should I come back to PG2?
#AubyEJJS Dec 05,2019 06:59
Wait help I can't click stop-
#AubyEJJS Dec 05,2019 06:59
Speed 8 Cyclone Bird BG-aura 1 FPS We did it boiz.
#47JJMbm1 Dec 05,2019 05:20
#Q93lI0GL Dec 04,2019 20:46
Oh yeah i forgot XD. you all are following the major rules. The due date will probobly be christmas, since this contest is a little hard.
#6ppKck5h Dec 04,2019 13:39
O um thanks, but the ram was actually skyk's :/ but I'm working on something big for the weapon contest.
#Q93lI0GL Dec 04,2019 09:07
HydroMan the ram is amazing. Very cool.
#6ppKck5h Dec 04,2019 07:13
hehehehehe I'm first monthly... for now :l
#DnlBjdUr Dec 04,2019 06:36
@TDB Congrats also your bumped me down to 4th XD also I only need 15 more votes to get #4 on total rankings
#JVc0sgFG Dec 04,2019 03:40
Oof I made it third place on the monthly ranking, so uh.. thanks guys and gals... :)
#6ppKck5h Dec 03,2019 06:44
I have a new upload I forgot the link :/ and I'm too lazy to go back right now its called Z-battery
#1yL2PG7B Dec 03,2019 01:15
i'm back, yay
#Q93lI0GL Dec 02,2019 22:52
Thecontest has started
#OUChUiET Dec 02,2019 09:19
i uploaded this yesterday and forgot to post about it https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71840.html
#Cva07GF2 Dec 02,2019 08:58
@Deforkle I'll enter too
#6ppKck5h Dec 02,2019 05:52
I'd enter that contest
#Q93lI0GL Dec 01,2019 23:49
I am thinking of a new contest where people create weapons for players ( the square and round head guys). The rules are; 1. It must be a weapon that can kill fighters 2. It must not kill the player itself 3. No armor is allowed. 4. Have fun! And finally, since it is called Player Gear Contest, you need PGC in the title.
#nv0GZWwr Dec 01,2019 09:43
Very nice! I didn't expect to see my old transistor design in there. PS I know I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. I got bored with PG and felt like doing something else for a while.
#DnlBjdUr Dec 01,2019 06:28
Hows this guys? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71868.html
#Q93lI0GL Nov 30,2019 08:32
Does wizard count? The joint is keeping the orb on the player.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 30,2019 02:50
@HydroMan Cool I voted :) Also can you guys please check out my new upload? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71847.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 30,2019 02:21
hey guys please check out my pixel art Psylocke https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71846.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 29,2019 04:52
I mean not like the ones if PG2 hahahah. cool @Deforkle @skyk I loved how the creepers really exploded
#Q93lI0GL Nov 29,2019 00:33
I just made markeess! Go check it out.
#Q93lI0GL Nov 28,2019 13:31
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 28,2019 10:46
Hydroman: Organisms do have joints, though. I'm using a dozen of them to type this message :p
#6ppKck5h Nov 28,2019 10:28
You do have a point but we can count it as an organism for this contest because I'm not really looking for actual science, in real life no creature is made of joints nor do joints even exist so this whole thing is unrealistic anyway. please do not tell me what shouldn't count do our own contest for that.
#mNASdnMK Nov 28,2019 06:51
Bacteriophage in non living it shouldn't count
#6ppKck5h Nov 28,2019 05:11
OK, so far all uploads have been just fine you have all followed the major rules. If I was actually gonna disqualify someone I would just tell them to make a new project. I'm impressed will the work I've seen, none of you guys should stress it... um and about my example I named it the 12 dot hawk because I had no ideas it's not necessary to put the joint or dot number in the name but I'm fine if you have or will... also someone entered 2 projects that's fine but please don't spam about 100 projects into the contest trying to force a top 3 spot... anyways good work everyone but please I'm trying not to talk much about it to keep things fair -enjoy the contest :)
#DnlBjdUr Nov 28,2019 02:07
@HydroMan I entered :D http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71821.html Does this qualify?
#Q93lI0GL Nov 28,2019 00:50
The spiderp is not getting votes. What is wrong with it?
#9OofC7PB Nov 28,2019 00:26
@Hydroman Quick question, does my Bacteriophage qualify for JOC? It doesn't really move much so I'm just gonna pretend the block it stands on is a cell that it's injecting its RNA into to make more Bacteriophages. I think that's how it works?
#7brhEH8N Nov 27,2019 22:34
how do you create the explosion mapper?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 21:41
@Hydroman Hey I kinda forgot the rule of giving my JOC creature a name, It’s obviously a rabbit, but I never made a clear description on what it is. Would this leave me with a disqualification? Or am I still gonna be in the JOC contest with this entry? Link: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71779.html
#6ppKck5h Nov 27,2019 06:41
my meme made fun of volcanos nukes and stuff like that but i agree with ISWTMTWTG mostly new guys do that stuff also I'm happy with how many people have already entered J.O.C.!
#nv0GZWwr Nov 27,2019 05:09
@ TDB Just vote scams. Nukes and volcanoes and stuff like that aren't interesting, but the people who upload them are mostly new and not very experienced, so I cut them a break.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 27,2019 04:30
@TDB Volcanos, bombs, and random destruction Also I'm starting tech contest #2 when HydroMan's contest ends.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 03:45
Hey I have a question for all of you, what projects do you hate the most?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 27,2019 00:55
So I guess a find Timmy contest is happening, uh probably not gonna join considering it’s just attaching a ball to player 1 and making a level with that ball.
#9csTkyQX Nov 27,2019 00:41
I made a standing Bacteriophage It's somewhat accurate
#6ppKck5h Nov 26,2019 05:15
you can judge and participate but you probably should upload it more as an example than a participant but I'm considering just having judges just the other judges content, the problem with this would be though that if a judge wins 1st place it would ruin the whole thing so judges cud only get up to 2nd place. I just want this contest to be fun and fair. I need up to 2 more judges but I'd need a way to communicate with other judges privately I could do e-mail or discord but it would be easiest if I am the only judge if nobody minds me be the only judge thats the easiest. I'm sorry for such a long boring message :/
#mMynnbfR Nov 26,2019 04:42
@blorghorg what ending date
#JVc0sgFG Nov 26,2019 04:15
Oof the Japanese PG2 community is so empty and dead that projects with 0 Votes gets on the weekly leaderboard:| Link: https://dan-ball.jp/javagame/dust2/user.html
#Cva07GF2 Nov 25,2019 23:52
@HydroMan Also sure I'll be a judge but can I still participate?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 25,2019 22:42
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a contest, sign me up
#M3dDFtBM Nov 25,2019 18:49
#lczsS4EF Nov 25,2019 11:58
Sounds neat. I'll think up something neat (It's me, Danstroyer, this is my alt. It means I'm either on google for some reason or defending my SR2 rectangle in 100bit)
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 25,2019 10:57
HydroMan: That's a fun idea for a contest. I better think of a novel organism for it.
#DnlBjdUr Nov 25,2019 10:44
@HydroMan Ight imma sign up now
#YEUPfXQ5 Nov 25,2019 10:00
Oof I’m going to not participate in this contest also sorry community for not being active the last 2 months school work caught up to me
#6ppKck5h Nov 25,2019 08:19
Joint Organism Contest I need to judges I've already made the contest upload I just need to add judges names Entry rubric 1. must seem and act like a living thing 2. must be joint based 3. must have a name (species name or like a pet name) 4. must have JOC in the upload title 5. you must have fun! Winners will be declared in about 3-5 weeks must be uploaded before dec 10 there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Entries will be judged upon... creativity effort and style Anyways I need more 2 judges anybody want in? especially @bob4koolest becuase you'vedone this kinda thing before.
#oSO5Omm5 Nov 25,2019 06:30
I tried Sandspiel and fungus and plant interact pretty weirdly. I like how fungus "blooms" every now and then
#N6FHhRZL Nov 25,2019 04:15
Cool - like that detail :D
#6ppKck5h Nov 25,2019 03:02
yeah I'd love to be in or help judge 1 of your contests, also please check out this pixel art https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71768.html
#Cva07GF2 Nov 24,2019 22:57
@HydroMan Maybe if we start more contests then it will motivate people to make better uploads
#FciIDoRH Nov 24,2019 15:16
@ZappyRestone Yeah, I haven't forgotten that... uh, you'll get it sometime this decade, or something. Idk PayPal kinda locked me out my account won't let me send money or even use it myself, I have like $69 dollars in that account too.
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 13:47
yeah I made the meme to be funny for those who are bored of the same old stuff and to low key tell people to stop making the same old stuff :)
#N6FHhRZL Nov 24,2019 12:46
@HydroMan Thanks! Also I like your meme -- great way to say "don't spam".
#mNASdnMK Nov 24,2019 12:38
@TeamDoodleBlocks bye. I guess I won't get my 5$
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 12:11
liked it @bob4koolest
#N6FHhRZL Nov 24,2019 11:06
Made a new chain reaction! http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71762.html please check it out :D
#6ppKck5h Nov 24,2019 02:42
check out my Powder Game II meme https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71756.html I think it's pretty funny
#Q93lI0GL Nov 24,2019 02:12
You should see some of my works. I am very good at bringing powder to life. The secret is copy and paste.
#CthxTdd3 Nov 23,2019 23:55
Jay_Echo: okay thanks for asking the PG2 modding team, our best members won't do that soon. Minsheme Bot: Sandspiel? I'm trying it but it doesn't load
#mNASdnMK Nov 23,2019 11:34
It won't let me vote for them, it is too old.
#VoYVWtKx Nov 23,2019 09:22
You guys should add other things that kill the players
#mspcX9tL Nov 23,2019 08:46
Minsheme Bot
Is activity going up thanks to that Sandspiel game or whatever it's called? That thing is getting like 10 uploads per minute. I'm not exaggerating
#6ppKck5h Nov 23,2019 04:04
I have the discord and I'm on it but it can't get it to you right now because my discord only works on 1 computer and a friend is using it for now sorry :/
#JVc0sgFG Nov 23,2019 01:54
Hey can anyone send me the link to the discord, or if that even exists? I kinda don’t always wanna discuss with people in the comments
#AtKhzai7 Nov 23,2019 00:23
Reminds me of when we made this. https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Vote_Scams
#JVc0sgFG Nov 22,2019 22:53
@HydroMan No you don’t get a prize, they just say that so that people press vote. A lot of projects from Earth Editor have different methods to make people’s press vote. Some examples are... - Vote to see some type of explosion. Explosion: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/381259.html - Vote to add a feature or update Feature: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/361838.html - Vote to activate a mechanic Mechanic: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/359093.html It’s a shame they do this because they genuinely have some really cool projects Firefighters: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/246443.html Candle: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/357554.html
#O8pfOobX Nov 22,2019 19:19
@skyk just a simple dragon face. All the details are up to you. You’re the one making it, not me.
#N6FHhRZL Nov 22,2019 12:24
@Sigma Nice quiz! I passed :D I was messing around with fish before I made it so I had the idea for it
#mNASdnMK Nov 22,2019 11:11
I won!
#6ppKck5h Nov 22,2019 08:21
I hit delete on EE latest thing does anyone actually get a prize when they vote? also, check out my latest work https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71729.html
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 22,2019 07:48
Neko_Animator: What sort of dragon?
#AtKhzai7 Nov 22,2019 03:49
I'm surprised EE still does this. I have no idea what he has to gain, since he's probably in his twenties now?
#O8pfOobX Nov 22,2019 02:34
I have a request level for anyone who can make it. My request is to make a dragon or dragon face. Just a standing image is fine.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 22,2019 01:21
Damn it, Earth Editor is back and still vote scamming >:[ https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/430819.html At least I can actually vote delete his stuff since PG and PG2 has that thing were after 3 months, you cannot delete or vote a project.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 21,2019 23:49
Yeah I kinda wish it still did that, but I also hated out Charged glass kills the player in PG1. Doesn’t help that in that game players have 1 hp and die from anything they touch
#AtKhzai7 Nov 21,2019 14:17
That was back in the day when I was still frustrated thunder-charged glass didn't set off fuse as it does in PG1.
#AtKhzai7 Nov 21,2019 14:15
Yeah, I only missed the fighter question because I thought it meant what skyk said. lol If you want another quiz, you can check mine out: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/13209.html It's probably easier than bob's though, and looking back it definitely doesn't work as well. Interesting how we had the same question for fish and oil and had the same idea for fighters. @HydroMan Very cool.
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 21,2019 08:09
Danstroyer: That gave me a good idea for pixel art, especially with monochromatic characters
#Q93lI0GL Nov 21,2019 01:44
I can't believe i turned bird, stone and gas into a zombie.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 20,2019 23:51
I guess it was only a matter of time before Spinel was mentioned here, i cannot escape her, i keep seeing her over and over again...
#KR5dIoUR Nov 20,2019 23:47
Skyk, please make a 16-bit Spinel (from Steven Universe) (you can choose which version of Spinel to make lol)
#nv0GZWwr Nov 20,2019 09:41
I like the quiz. Got them all right but I guessed for the fighter one. It's well made if it can challenge my knowledge of this game. I'm with Hydro too. If you make another, make it really hard.
#6ppKck5h Nov 20,2019 09:41
check this puppy out :D https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71691.html
#JVc0sgFG Nov 20,2019 03:53
Omg it’s sans undertale and suns Dunderchale :000000000
#OUChUiET Nov 20,2019 03:16
suns dunderchale
during times similar to this, not fully grown people similar to you, should be burning in the version of the afterlife bad people go to
#DEp9zCrB Nov 20,2019 02:48
you wanna have a bad time...
#OUChUiET Nov 20,2019 02:07
should i post a game or something else today?
#Cva07GF2 Nov 20,2019 01:54
You know I should have made it clearer. I meant can fighters float on the surface of the water rather than sink to the bottom.
#JVc0sgFG Nov 19,2019 23:38
Yeah I’m with skyk with this one, fighters can jump up to the surface of water, no well I say but they can still kinda do it. :|
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 19,2019 14:58
Wait, why does it think fighters can't swim? They can jump up to the surface of the water by jumping off of particles they pass through. Also, fun fact: Acid can destroy Crystal while Laser is passing through it
#OUChUiET Nov 19,2019 14:54
i got 3 and 4 incorrect, i used crystal a lot so i knew 1, and fighters just feel like they have basic AI, so i just assumed they couldn't swim
#6ppKck5h Nov 19,2019 14:19
I got a 100% on your Quiz I guessed on fighters swimming question tho :/ but it was really cool I'm always of an upload that says ima pro :D if you make another quiz make it hard, like so hard 25% is considered a good score.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 19,2019 11:58
@agent ant oof it just takes experience to know these -- the longer you've been playing the more you know :D
#OUChUiET Nov 19,2019 11:56
agent ant
nice, i got oly 50 percent though
#Cva07GF2 Nov 19,2019 11:38
Finished my PG2 quiz! http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71680.html
#fi3Pto8M Nov 19,2019 10:14
Y'all better believe i'm making galar pokemon, next up's polteageist! it's teatime tomorrow!
#OUChUiET Nov 19,2019 10:11
i just thought of a way to let other people access my template, what if i just post the save data in the comments
#6ppKck5h Nov 19,2019 07:58
Thanks, @bob4koolest it is a copy of someone else's work though I remade it because I thought it was pretty cool I tried to make it like a history documentary to be funny but the robots not supposed to fall over so that why it's been unpopular I think.
#OUChUiET Nov 19,2019 04:49
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71671.html i made a new target practice sequal
#Cva07GF2 Nov 19,2019 04:29
Also @HydroMan this is very underated http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71638.html good job :D
#Cva07GF2 Nov 19,2019 04:01
Here are some random facts about skyk (as of 11/7/2019): 1301 uploads, 35203 votes (avg. 27.06 votes/upload), joined May 22 2013(0.65 uploads a day, 17.54 votes a day on average), created 58th most voted upload
#fi3Pto8M Nov 19,2019 00:09
Skyk, when are you gonna make more pixel things? (Also sword and shield are out so prepare to make wooloo)
#JVc0sgFG Nov 18,2019 23:06
I’m seeing a lot more projects involving Readvar, like Bob’s 3D platformer. Did I cause this sudden increase of Readvar projects because I questioned what Readvar was or are people all of a sudden doing it?
#AtKhzai7 Nov 18,2019 06:07
@bob4koolest Awesome!
#OUChUiET Nov 18,2019 05:37
@bob4koolest thanks for the idea of jointed monsters, i might make an updated version with more monsters in the future.
#6ppKck5h Nov 18,2019 04:54
liked the monster box game @agent ant and @Bob4koolest the 3D course was very impressive moving around on the blocks seemed like real 3d and I didn't expect to actually teleport at the end good work. Also I'm excited for the quiz.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 18,2019 04:50
@agent ant I really like your template idea :D Maybe add jointed monsters next?
#OUChUiET Nov 18,2019 04:29
agent ant
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71653.html I made monster box powder game edition, have fun @bob4koolest I saw your 3d platformer earlier, it was really cool, i like the use of readvar to make it look likt you teleport away.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 18,2019 03:24
@Hydroman Amazing :D I'm making a PG2 quiz next -- you will need to get a 80% to be considered a pro. Hoping to upload it sometime this week. Btw can you check out my 3D platformer? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71654.html Thanks
#OUChUiET Nov 18,2019 02:30
i knew cheetah was the fastest land animal, but i didn't know about swimming and flying
#6ppKck5h Nov 18,2019 00:49
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71650.html This is the best tech I've ever made.
#kz0HTRRX Nov 17,2019 20:01
make wood a plasebel thing
#OUChUiET Nov 17,2019 15:04
I have a few game ideas, which one do you want next? a lava flood platformer a improved version of target practice g l a s s m a z e
#mNASdnMK Nov 17,2019 13:26
@agent ant I love this idea. Hope there are more levels to come. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71642.html
#OUChUiET Nov 17,2019 06:05
agent ant
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71642.html made the first game using the tv thing i made, it's a very easy and simple shooting game
#6ppKck5h Nov 16,2019 14:22
the holiday lights worked just fine though I feel people might have had a hard time only using 1 dot on mine, O and also I didn't have enough dots left to make text saying "inspired by previous subs" but I want everyone to know that my sub wasn't posted as a "first" I was simply adding to work done before.
#ntZhtC3V Nov 16,2019 13:31
#Cva07GF2 Nov 16,2019 13:10
@HydroMan lol that's just one light try using this: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70381.html Probably the least user-friendly thing I've ever uploaded XD
#6ppKck5h Nov 16,2019 10:34
thanks bob4koolest I hope you got the lights to work :/
#Cva07GF2 Nov 16,2019 09:44
@HydroMan +1vote :D Like how you put lots of tech into such a small space! Buttons are hard to press though, but everything else is cool!
#AtKhzai7 Nov 16,2019 09:01
@agent ant It's probably important to mention here that it is impossible to upload or retrieve the code for a work if it was made on someone else's uploaded work. But it's still good to get a little word out about your upcoming uploads, so your upload still helps.
#6ppKck5h Nov 16,2019 06:03
This upload took a few days You guys should check it out -thanks :) https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71626.html
#lNQihN1V Nov 16,2019 04:42
Hello ️‍⚧️⚢☭
#OUChUiET Nov 16,2019 04:05
agent ant
also i don't want to be that guy that just posts in the comments to get attention for their work, but i made a template, text in the thing explains what it's for https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71623.html would make a game now but i have to wait for the daily post cap to go over
#OUChUiET Nov 16,2019 03:54
how do i make metal wiring that you use metal to activate
#JVc0sgFG Nov 16,2019 02:37
Wow I went on the PG1 comments, most comments are just single words like “Hola” or “Cute”
#JVc0sgFG Nov 15,2019 22:53
@Hydroman Thanks buddy :)
#6ppKck5h Nov 15,2019 14:24
the snake charmer was really cool, You got my vote :)
#oqndjgH3 Nov 15,2019 11:58
here is a challenge make great technology (cars,calculators,copyers,printers,teleporters etc.) the winner gets free good votes from me
#OUChUiET Nov 15,2019 10:13
bacon egg and cheese: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71566.html shell shock https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71585.html
#JVc0sgFG Nov 15,2019 00:12
For some reason I feel like doing a bunch of projects based on different cultures of the world, like I’m working on a Snake Charmer’s Flute.
#mspcX9tL Nov 14,2019 21:35
Minsheme Bot
@agentant Where can I see this upload?
#OUChUiET Nov 14,2019 15:52
tfw my art of a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and me complaing i only got 2 strips of bacon in said type of biscuit from mcdonalds got more votes than my artwork of a battlefield
#JVc0sgFG Nov 14,2019 00:56
I wonder if it’s possible to code in the Wheel Box and Original Bubble from PG1 to PG2. It just kinda annoying how wheels and boxs didn’t make it into the sequel, especially wheels because I guess you can recreate boxes with joints
#Mp2252KU Nov 14,2019 00:06
I like how in the list of things that are saved to show as "Name" one of them is "Zototbutitsfake"
#AtKhzai7 Nov 13,2019 14:03
@HydroMan It's important to be open to constructive criticism (which is different from simply talking bad about an upload), that way you actually know you're improving. - I will probably log in at some point, I know I'm not proving it at the moment but I will. @TDB I've always suspected readvar is a placeholder for an element, since it doesn't really have any basic reactions or anything. - Earth Editor has made amazing works before, but yeah they're a scammer at the same time.
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 13,2019 12:16
danstroyer: That's right. I used the code from "teleporter" to get the particles. I forgot all about "telekinesis", though. agentant: I suspect it's the other way around. At least, the colour of the viruses might be a reference to Powder Game, which came first.
#OUChUiET Nov 13,2019 12:11
also wait, i just had a revelation so i was just playing cross virus, and relized the virus is a reference to cross virus
#OUChUiET Nov 13,2019 11:07
powder game 3 when?
#6ppKck5h Nov 13,2019 10:42
um, I dont get readvar :/ I looked at the wiki and I still don't get it
#Cva07GF2 Nov 13,2019 09:32
#5asK4Wmm Nov 13,2019 09:16
Readvar and joints is how you made that old "Psychic" upload, huh? And the true teleporter
#G3R0T1O6 Nov 13,2019 08:41
TDB: I don't make well-made uploads As for readvar and joints, it has super weird joint mechanic: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71571.html
#PVjvhghD Nov 13,2019 08:07
das elevator https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/55120.html
#Cva07GF2 Nov 13,2019 07:14
This is random but I just realized that there's only 50 days left as of now in 2019. I'm too busy right now to upload, but I want do do a massive upload to celebrate 2020 and look back on 2019. Any ideas?
#6ppKck5h Nov 13,2019 06:54
I didn't know other people had already made elevators if sorry I didn't mean to steal
#JVc0sgFG Nov 13,2019 03:44
I honestly feel bad for the PG1 players because their most popular player [ Earth Editor ] is just a vote scammer and PG2 players most popular player [ Skyk ] makes uploads that are well made and they don’t beg for votes. I kinda wish players like Earth Editor can be terminated so that other people can have a spot light in first place. Well at least Earth Editor is inactive now.
#1yL2PG7B Nov 13,2019 03:31
(I'm real!!) My junk upload tracker is back! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AOt8C3-rJfarUEffbrBgQNewjzlZEVuOQUjZyDWVYdg
#Cva07GF2 Nov 13,2019 02:41
@TDB Maybe it was a failed joint prototype?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 13,2019 01:23
@HydroMan Yo that world of Powder is honestly cool, like I honestly think how underrated powder actually is despite the name of the game being “Powder Game”
#FciIDoRH Nov 12,2019 14:00
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/59583.html Man, I really want to know why Readvar is lost in the game's code and not used, like what was it gonna be used for?
#OUChUiET Nov 12,2019 06:05
i just made my first upload, not the best though
#PVjvhghD Nov 11,2019 22:25
hydroman your elevator is good but check my two elevators. They can be control.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 11,2019 13:33
RIP looks like I've lost my former status as a tech uploader XD
#6ppKck5h Nov 11,2019 11:00
Ok that upload you set me is very impressive but you don't need to talk bad on other peopls tech we all just play this for fun don't take it too seriously. Also how do we know your the real sigma.
#AtKhzai7 Nov 11,2019 01:26
@agentant You can dispense liquid in pump, just have it travel down a 1-pixel wide line, making sure there's some empty space at the end.
#nv0GZWwr Nov 10,2019 23:10
Yes, there's a big link that says "save data" under the game. It gives you all the uploads ever made. You can search for certain uploads by name or you can enter a month and year and see all the works from that time period.
#OUChUiET Nov 10,2019 16:50
also is there an archive for old creations?
#OUChUiET Nov 10,2019 15:28
Element suggestions Paint: Colors crystal, block, and maybe metal Sponge: Absorbs water Also maybe an element that can dispense things collected by the pump.
#nv0GZWwr Nov 10,2019 06:43
@Sigma Thank you. @HydroMan Sigma knows what he's talking about. I believe he's the only one who gives constructive criticism too. That's why Sigma is important to the chat.
#6ppKck5h Nov 10,2019 01:41
Sigma who even are you? and why are you relevant to this chat? I don't see you having and work lately.
#AtKhzai7 Nov 09,2019 14:33
@ISWTMTWTG Very impressive!
#6ppKck5h Nov 09,2019 13:11
Thanks @skyk that means a lot. I like your slimes and I'm a big fan of the track art as well.
#nv0GZWwr Nov 09,2019 12:58
I'm so sick of that display. It held me up for four weeks and I'm so excited I get to do something else now.
#A6L4zDWe Nov 09,2019 08:31
I like how Minecraft ads show a panda in a giant tree taiga like pandas totally live there.
#vSbAiI0H Nov 09,2019 07:40
Hydroman: I love Powder World
#6ppKck5h Nov 09,2019 07:08
down to monthly 2nd place :( couldn't be first forever :)
#JVc0sgFG Nov 09,2019 03:16
You know honestly really thinking about it, the PG community is honestly one of the most positive communities I’ve ever seen, like everyone is just giving advice or ideas, complementing people on their projects and collaborating and coming up with contests. Like sure negativity still exists in it but like it’s not as bad as some other communities like the Call of Duty. Maybe it’s because PG isn’t a big game to begin with but still. Everyone here is so chill and I love it.
#XnrBjpst Nov 08,2019 21:39
i fonsi di ua oo o uno o uno dididi si se nu ni
#SzLUr5wd Nov 08,2019 13:40
powder game 3???
#6ppKck5h Nov 08,2019 10:36
@bob4koolest can you do some kinda joint creature I'd like to see more of those things out there
#vSbAiI0H Nov 08,2019 09:06
danstroyer: I don't know too much about terraria, but it's not a bad idea. I'll take a look at some of the sprites.
#mMynnbfR Nov 08,2019 07:29
Aw great, my computer virus from last year has been deleted because someone ELSE had copy me right after MINE and got MORE votes EVEN THOUGH MINE JAD MORE ACTION TO IT DARN IT GOWD222
#JVc0sgFG Nov 08,2019 02:47
So I looked on the PG2 wiki and found out about Readvar. Oof...
#lVVjTIUh Nov 08,2019 00:03
It'd be a neat change from BG-Track art
#lVVjTIUh Nov 08,2019 00:02
Skyk: I just had an idea, remember how you did pokemon with neat little side things? (Start to consolidate energy. Start to camouflage. Ect) I'd like that but try to do terraria bosses (Start with King Slime or the Eye of Cth-catahahath-thuh- THE BIG EYE.)
#KBqCoxJh Nov 07,2019 10:18
Haven't been here in a while, how are you all?
#mMynnbfR Nov 07,2019 05:47
Quirky, your car can be destroyed by acid
#Cva07GF2 Nov 07,2019 05:14
How do you make block powder?
#YTBoiwr5 Nov 06,2019 11:56
#3lLbF7OD Nov 06,2019 01:58
Skyk: The block that isn't a full block, from the block F-works
#AtKhzai7 Nov 05,2019 12:59
No worries! You have a serious amount of potential, and learning the expert complexities of tech takes a lot of time and effort, with experimenting and (most importantly) looking at other famous e.xamples of tech to see how they do things. You might even get some ideas that way. School definitely takes priority though. Be patient, you'll get some time to work on more complicated things, even if you have to chip away at it every now and then.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 05,2019 12:32
@Sigma I understand but I'm really busy with school right now so I don't have time to plan out uploads as well :( Sorry
#AtKhzai7 Nov 05,2019 11:12
Absolutely no disrespect toward bob4koolest but when I compare it to some of what I've seen in the past, it's honestly not that "clever". It is neat that it's more than just a regular vending/drink machine, and the twix mechanics were a nice touch, but nothing that truly stands out. But don't get me wrong, it's a great start for more crazy stuff down the road though! I always encourage something more than just the same mediocre content.
#Cva07GF2 Nov 05,2019 10:49
Darn I was offline when I hit 4444 votes been waiting so long for the moment XD
#mMynnbfR Nov 05,2019 07:16
To play my pin ball game, ignore the fan ball sign or erase the block boarder, sorry for the confusion
#JVc0sgFG Nov 04,2019 23:49
@Minecraft>Danbal Acid is actually a very useful liquid, Plus it’s the only material that’s bright green. So I don’t think it will be removed
#dhNsLcEC Nov 04,2019 23:37
#tRbeUe29 Nov 04,2019 09:54
bob4coolest i love the minecraft piston!
#rwV9B0ZW Nov 04,2019 02:25
stick ranger 3 is out!
#Cva07GF2 Nov 04,2019 01:01
@HydroMan Thanks :D Also what should I upload next?
#6ppKck5h Nov 03,2019 13:12
thanks bob4koolest! loved the minecraft piston!
#N6FHhRZL Nov 03,2019 12:40
@HydroMan just saw ur chain reaction! They take a long time to make -- great job :D
#vSbAiI0H Nov 03,2019 08:24
I was hungry Jon
#SU9w0Yvn Nov 03,2019 08:24
| Meant to upload with gravity off and a black background, but yeah. | | V
#SU9w0Yvn Nov 03,2019 08:19
I'm sorry, John https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71442.html
#tRbeUe29 Nov 03,2019 07:21
#6ppKck5h Nov 03,2019 05:22
I like ice castle the spider is really cool looking and moves much like a real 1 would.
#Dr78wjWZ Nov 03,2019 04:53
My laptop account was used to create “ice castle” and it was very difficult. Do you guys like it. The spider is the ice castle boss on stick ranger.
#nv0GZWwr Nov 02,2019 14:00
@bob4koolest Love it! Especially the part that lets you pick only one. And you're not too late for me because where I live, Halloween is today.
#6ppKck5h Nov 02,2019 12:39
@bob4koolest your candy machine is so deluxe I've never seen anything like it and the tech you used was so well thought out, the acid to stop you from getting too much was so cool and the candy looked just like it does in real life anyways the upload was really good!!!
#N6FHhRZL Nov 02,2019 11:41
@skyk lol I was too busy physically eating Twix, Lifesavers, and Fun Dip to make this
#vSbAiI0H Nov 02,2019 11:19
bob4koolest: I wish this was out yesterday! All the trick or treaters were demanding twix bars, lifesavers and fun dip. danstroyer: Block powder? Is that one of the console-only elements?
#N6FHhRZL Nov 02,2019 11:04
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71432.html First upload in 3 months! A much simplified and reliable version of one of my older tech uploads :D Please check it out.
#OLewdMVN Nov 02,2019 09:09
Skyk, make some neat things with the block powder. If you load block powder it appears to be a full block, but acts like the powder. Use it for something cool lol, it can be copied by clone too.
#6ppKck5h Nov 02,2019 05:58
heehee its true
#JVc0sgFG Nov 02,2019 03:01
Yo thank god Thanksgiving exists otherwise November will be the Thursday or the months
#6ppKck5h Nov 01,2019 10:02
its Halloween here in the U.S. right now you can come trick or treat my house, but if you have to ask where your not invited
#db8nrBKu Oct 31,2019 20:52
#mMynnbfR Oct 31,2019 06:25
I think at this rate, I’m gonna have to make a forest fire series Forest fire and team trees game me the idea for forest fire 2 And forest fire two and side loop is now giving me an idea for forest fire 3
#Cva07GF2 Oct 31,2019 01:03
Wait it was deleted
#Cva07GF2 Oct 31,2019 00:20
‎Cool it actually submitted a blank form :P
#ELFa6bCy Oct 30,2019 20:48
I mean I'll have to make a new one my friends were arguing and one of them added like 50 bots and ranks and changed alot
#6ppKck5h Oct 30,2019 10:10
can you invite me? to Russian server :D My discord is J.#2305 and I'm on the dan ball 1 too as HydroMan if you find me.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 29,2019 07:01
What I meant is I have my own discord server related to Russia because why not.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 29,2019 07:00
#JVc0sgFG Oct 29,2019 02:16
What if you... Wanted to go to heaven... But god said... “Please carefully created”
#yRdVENxf Oct 28,2019 22:36
but then it says author only |:
#yRdVENxf Oct 28,2019 22:28
Ohhhhh okay, time for glitchy looking blocks!
#vSbAiI0H Oct 28,2019 12:14
Danstroyer: As far as I know, you can't. You're just going to have to copy and paste the particle itself after loading the get/set code.
#YTBoiwr5 Oct 28,2019 09:51
I keep forgetting about the Discord. Then again it's my fault because I had it on Server Mute due to me constantly moderating other servers and the non-direct pings already drive me insane.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 28,2019 01:21
Nevermind I found it. I'm This Spaghetti Is Cold
#WA7rOvbG Oct 28,2019 01:15
how do I activate the console command thing tho?
#KBqCoxJh Oct 27,2019 22:24
Wait hold on what's the discord I just got it yesterday
#vSbAiI0H Oct 27,2019 12:20
Danstroyer: Sorry, I meant to link this earlier, but forgot, and couldn't send two comments in a row. https://pastebin.com/6qXs15RV
#mNASdnMK Oct 27,2019 11:34
Any one know about #TeamTrees
#N9XffRcO Oct 27,2019 10:31
bleep fu n
#nEEJtI9j Oct 27,2019 09:00
Rip Toucans
I don't think this game will ever become bad.
#vSbAiI0H Oct 27,2019 02:34
Danstroyer: I don't think the console commands work anymore, but you can copy and paste them from here.
#6OxF4NIT Oct 27,2019 01:47
skyk: How can I make block fireworks? I have a neat idea that has to do with "powder" blocks, because if you load something with that kind of block, it'll APPEAR to be a full block. But it acts like the few pixels. (Kinda like BG-Mosaic)
#vSbAiI0H Oct 27,2019 01:37
cellokid: I have, plus a version of Capital. Danstroyer: You are right
#eqvc6mEw Oct 26,2019 23:01
Hungry pumpkin is art
#lNQihN1V Oct 26,2019 12:57
Who has ever read the communist manifesto?
#u5bAN9NF Oct 26,2019 09:15
I am.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 26,2019 07:53
Anyone else just here right now out of boredom?
#TlrWeeH6 Oct 26,2019 06:27
Its so weird that the time is one day too late for where I live.
#JVc0sgFG Oct 26,2019 03:13
Talk about low budget flights, no food or movies!? I’M OUT OF HERE!! I like running better.
#mNASdnMK Oct 25,2019 10:18
Zappy Redstone
Just learned if you use clone and ball, it will make a trail of whatever it touches
#nv0GZWwr Oct 25,2019 09:36
I can't read that without doing it in Mr. Mackey's voice.
#SU9w0Yvn Oct 25,2019 08:47
Acid rain is bad, mmkaaay? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71302.html
#6ppKck5h Oct 25,2019 01:54
i dont get 100bit
#JVc0sgFG Oct 25,2019 00:01
Yo I think this is the best 100 bit creation ever. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/372.html
#mspcX9tL Oct 24,2019 13:05
Minsheme Bot
I'm gonna say the n word
#KBqCoxJh Oct 24,2019 08:02
This community has die
#6ppKck5h Oct 23,2019 06:52
hey Yuri, yuritarded :)
#ELFa6bCy Oct 23,2019 06:14
Gosh darnit no one's on
#ELFa6bCy Oct 23,2019 04:10
Hi I'm Yuri, ever heard of me? (Hint, I a relative of Joe)
#JVc0sgFG Oct 23,2019 01:26
Yo real talk back then in 2011 my 8 year old self though Powder was Power and if you gave your player it, you’ll be able to hurt fighters with Power. I was dumb to say the least. :l
#zzPndXAP Oct 22,2019 23:22
Have'nt been here in a while grad to see everyone's still smoking crack and getting attacked by shadow people
#JVc0sgFG Oct 22,2019 23:04
/ /
#6ppKck5h Oct 22,2019 14:11
@Phresh it does and Haha @skyk I finally beat you for monthly votes!
#SU9w0Yvn Oct 22,2019 12:40
I think this looks like bacteria growing. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71254.html
#KBqCoxJh Oct 22,2019 05:26
Ц ᓍ, Ƨイᓰᶰʞץ
#6ppKck5h Oct 22,2019 05:20
I've made a few tech uploads but they are basic
#SU9w0Yvn Oct 21,2019 10:45
When you have no time: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71239.html
#nEEJtI9j Oct 20,2019 08:21
Rip Toucans
#nv0GZWwr Oct 19,2019 10:44
I'm the only one left because I'm taking a class about digital logic, and this game does actually help me understand.
#AtKhzai7 Oct 19,2019 06:50
You realize that the surge of tech was the only reason I felt compelled to make something but now I don't.
#wNNZVkc6 Oct 19,2019 06:36
cardi b
hi fans i am rich my house waterlyn address 14328 north carlina
#DROb3wEy Oct 19,2019 04:06
ahhh ... the days when people were obsessed with tech uploads
#6ppKck5h Oct 18,2019 12:59
#nv0GZWwr Oct 18,2019 06:43
Welcome to the party, pal
#6ppKck5h Oct 18,2019 03:01
Just made my first tech upload!
#hUZocub7 Oct 18,2019 00:05
how do you get to your profile
#hUZocub7 Oct 18,2019 00:04
#6ppKck5h Oct 17,2019 07:10
for the 31st ima upload a haunted house
#GUYHIwlL Oct 17,2019 00:04
oh yeah i did sorry
#vSbAiI0H Oct 16,2019 09:04
.........but you forgot the ball :(
#VsHFrRCh Oct 16,2019 08:59
ha, again i exploit the 20 character limit in the ball course i just uploaded >:D
#vSbAiI0H Oct 16,2019 07:24
Danstroyer: I don't have ideas anymore, I just move my hands automatically like a Ouija board. (Thanks for bringing up lava balls btw)
#6ppKck5h Oct 16,2019 06:27
@bob4koolest thanks and wdym revolution hehehe
#DROb3wEy Oct 16,2019 02:25
@HydroMan We need a leaderboard revolution :P
#DROb3wEy Oct 16,2019 02:24
@HydroMan Congrats :)
#GsT6MXu9 Oct 16,2019 00:05
I see skyk had an idea.
#JVc0sgFG Oct 15,2019 23:12
So how many people are doing Halloween related projects, I am if you are wondering
#lNQihN1V Oct 15,2019 11:55
#6ppKck5h Oct 15,2019 08:14
just hit 100th place on pg2 for most votes thanks for voting!
#vSbAiI0H Oct 14,2019 09:18
The weird thing is, you can see that it added a "..." to show that it's longer than the space. Why would that be programmed in if no one was allowed to go longer than the space before?
#GUYHIwlL Oct 14,2019 08:51
yeah xddddd i did it
#vSbAiI0H Oct 14,2019 08:47
marcossanches: Well... you overcame the 20-character limit, if nothing else
#GUYHIwlL Oct 14,2019 08:31
#UytJo9La Oct 14,2019 05:31
Hey found out Lava ball + water = metal ball
#KBqCoxJh Oct 14,2019 00:05
Guys I found a stick ranger funny. If you put a multi projectile weapon with a guild's card and knockback card (preferably level 4 or 5), and have a freeze weapon that can constantly keep enemies frozen (eg. Magicians big icicle with high level diamond and quick card). When the enemy is frozen and the knockback weapon constantly hits the enemy and the enemy dies, then it does a funny and has a spasm all over the screen.
#7nAph5qm Oct 13,2019 22:22
Minatue: You. Are. Not. A. Native. English. Speaker. I can tell that right now. ! I like this game :) Should've been: I like this game! :), Powder Game should be capitalized, and it isn't a part 1, it's the original. (Sorry but grammar)
#l23x8Ctn Oct 13,2019 19:52
Great game
#lNQihN1V Oct 12,2019 13:50
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i7pbnTI1_LM This is OUR community!
#3hMGuXPF Oct 12,2019 09:09
@ZappyRedstone is a friend for Powder Game 2 votes everthing.
#3hMGuXPF Oct 12,2019 08:54
! I like this game :) that make awesome mechanics, experiements and building with blocks and joint at the more version of conducts on powder game Part 1.
#DROb3wEy Oct 12,2019 07:27
@TeamDoodleBlocks Some friends told me about it. They said that it's a fun game where you can kill stick figures and make volcanoes and stuff. I thought it was cool so I joined. Btw I'm really busy with school right now which is why I can't upload :(
#kY0haVaJ Oct 12,2019 05:51
heehee what do the twin towers and gender have in common... there used to be 2 of them and now it is a touchy subject :)
#JVc0sgFG Oct 11,2019 22:26
Hey I got a good Halloween joke. Why couldn’t the witch have babies Because her husband didn’t have a halloweiner ehhehehehehehehhehehehe
#KBqCoxJh Oct 11,2019 09:35
Стоп. Вы нарушили закон. Заплатите суду штраф или отбывайте наказание. Ваши украденные товары теперь утрачены.
#AncWkGAm Oct 10,2019 12:40
Anyone else suddenly getting more ads? Vsause is how i found it
#kY0haVaJ Oct 10,2019 07:24
:) @skyk
#vSbAiI0H Oct 10,2019 07:21
I'm not the best, but I'm definitely the most prolific
#kY0haVaJ Oct 10,2019 06:26
Wow! working elevator has gotten 20 votes in 1 day thanks guys!
#wXxQCrGo Oct 10,2019 00:26
the game smash
Ps I’m not logged in :p
#wXxQCrGo Oct 10,2019 00:25
Skyk How does it feel to be one of the best Dan all creatord
#vSbAiI0H Oct 09,2019 13:56
One of my friends in middle school was the first to show me. That must have been around 2007.
#NKw82J9o Oct 09,2019 11:41
Tea doodle I found it when I was like 7 and I decided to rediscover my childhood and started making creations my goal is to get 1000 votes,p
#lNQihN1V Oct 09,2019 09:16
Ich bin ein Mädchen
#KBqCoxJh Oct 09,2019 06:37
@cellokid. Ich kann Deutsch sprechen. Ich mag käsekuchen. I dont speak much though. That's about all I know.
#kY0haVaJ Oct 09,2019 06:26
sandspiel is fun but I like powder game 2
#kY0haVaJ Oct 09,2019 06:22
I havent made an escape room yet should I make 1?
#TP8XbICh Oct 09,2019 05:56
Elephant protect
I found a game like powder game and I want you guys to check it out. https://sandspiel.club/
#nv0GZWwr Oct 09,2019 04:53
A vsauce video mentioned it. Wanted to check it out myself.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 09,2019 04:43
I found this website when I was sick. I looked up I'm bored, and it took me to the bored button website, where it cycles through all these random websites. There was one called fluid simulation, and in the pg2 description, it says it's a fluid simulation, so when I tried to find the fluid simulation outside of bored button, it lead me here. The bored button website is just boredbutton.com
#lNQihN1V Oct 09,2019 01:30
I found because of earth editor
#JVc0sgFG Oct 09,2019 01:17
I have a question for everyone. How did you find this game or website, like there aren’t any videos being posted on YouTube or Twitch about Danball or PowderGame, so I’m just curious how you all found this game. I found this game like 8 years ago in 2011, I looked up Dust and I found the original one. And uh all I did back then was make bombs and levels based on Mario games lol.
#iXIc1AkS Oct 08,2019 22:08
@cellokid. Ich kann ein bisschen sprechen.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 08,2019 19:55
@hydroman. I know its was hamanz, and that's why I posted that. I just didnt realize thats what people were mad about. And also @pixelover, I'm sorry about that and that was just some stupid quick response I'm mad kind of thing. @sigma. I know what the internet is and I know that there are people like 'hamanz' on it. Just clarifying some things here.
#NKw82J9o Oct 08,2019 12:16
Thanks hydro
#lNQihN1V Oct 08,2019 10:45
spricht jemand deutsch?
#TP8XbICh Oct 08,2019 10:43
Elephant protect
I found like a kind of powder game clone let me know what you guys think. https://sandspiel.club/
#AtKhzai7 Oct 08,2019 09:32
Does Himenz not realize what the Internet is or something? @cellokid o_O O_o o_O O_o
#6CHqIfwi Oct 08,2019 07:33
my parents think of me as a disappointment for getting bad grades (B-Low As) so its a little hard
#lNQihN1V Oct 08,2019 06:20
Hello people, I am from the powder game community and I am surprised that you are not getting any trolls here. Our community is failing.
#kY0haVaJ Oct 08,2019 05:03
Himenz, it's Hamanz that ppl are mad at not you
#kY0haVaJ Oct 08,2019 05:01
@thegamesmash your pixel art is good also @Himenz I don't see any comments against you so just chill ur fine.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 08,2019 04:17
Nvm I'm staying. Pixelover how could you. I've never done anything to you before. And also pB948gln. Why. Just why. You follow in the footsteps of someone, and I will admit I was incorrect. I'm just saying I've made a mistake, but that comment was ridiculous. I'm saying this nicely. Please stop.
#KBqCoxJh Oct 08,2019 03:58
That's it. I'm frickin done. Bye.
#JVc0sgFG Oct 08,2019 01:26
Oof what happened here, what am I reading in this comment section. Like oof
#QO0ocr9e Oct 07,2019 19:51
#jbSzcm5k Oct 07,2019 09:36
hey guys, my name is lexi. how do i make an accounnt i would like to upload
#NKw82J9o Oct 07,2019 08:24
I’ve been thinking about pixel art for a while any suggestions?
#NKw82J9o Oct 07,2019 08:23
Just realized u can post comments ~ hiiii I’m the creator of mining away and the save him series -and bob4koolest is cool thanks
#kY0haVaJ Oct 07,2019 07:16
For pg3 I would like to see a feature where you could actually slow time down.
#kY0haVaJ Oct 07,2019 07:14
Does anybody have any feedback on my work?
#TI3DWoRg Oct 07,2019 06:59
Torture King
#Uv2QDwA9 Oct 07,2019 06:25
why there is so many ret4rds in this comment section? why you cant post a nice comment?
#Uv2QDwA9 Oct 07,2019 06:23
hurr duur
#DROb3wEy Oct 07,2019 06:23
I can't seen to find any matching IP addresses to #ACkxcxUP other than SpaceMarineGuy himself ...
#DROb3wEy Oct 07,2019 06:22
To whoever you are - stop. Also, I think SpaceMarineGuy in the comments is real since his IP address is different than #pB948gln
#pB948gln Oct 07,2019 01:54
Hello. My name is Himenz. I like to lick my own taint and swallow my own cum.
#Uv2QDwA9 Oct 07,2019 00:05
also if you don't know what's wrong whit the map,read: there is an acid path in your way,i forget to put some obstacles to you jump in and dont die by the acid,so it's impossible pass through this acid path,and there is a glass door that you needs to activate a energy generator that's open the door...i put the wrong element and the path to the thunder travel it's made of Cristal,that blocks the thunder...so i'll need your co-operation to delete this project for me,why did Dan-Ball dont add a "editor" button or even a "delete project" button?...
#Uv2QDwA9 Oct 07,2019 00:01
Hello! i come again to say if you can, vote to delete this project ( https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71012.html ), it's mine,and broken...i just need you to vote to delete this ok? thanks and have a nice day !
#KBqCoxJh Oct 06,2019 22:18
Dude. Stop. Nobody here thinks you're funny. You are just being annoying. First you were jerek, then paul Delucia, then you pretended to be space marine guy, then you were jack the blowfly, now you are billy jackson jr. You are lucky I'm so nice, or this message would have been extremely vulgar. You are not funny. Stop.
#pB948gln Oct 06,2019 13:20
Billy Jackson Jr
#KBqCoxJh Oct 06,2019 02:41
A logi box update, hmm? I think the sr2 community isnt happy about that.
#llkBw99Y Oct 04,2019 07:40
Anyone have any feedback on my Death Portal upload??
#JVc0sgFG Oct 04,2019 03:25
I’ve been playing Stick Ranger for like a month and uh I think I lost my sanity from it.
#Uv2QDwA9 Oct 03,2019 10:34
Guys,my new map ( https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71012.html ) is wrong,please if you can,vote to delete this upload,i'll fix this map tomorrow :)
#lpriw8O5 Oct 03,2019 09:14
miss the good old days when i was a kid on this site,glad to see it still up <3
#TI3DWoRg Oct 03,2019 08:24
Torture King
Hmm, the Loss hieroglyphics were lost. That's even more meta than I was intending!
#cyvixcFt Oct 02,2019 22:00
I can tell that that is not spacemarineguy, if it was his name would be bold.
#N6FHhRZL Oct 02,2019 11:33
IT'S SPACEMARINEGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked back on the right day lol
#t2o5la8E Oct 02,2019 11:25
Someday we will have Powder Game 3
#PaVvEUUY Oct 02,2019 09:39
its gud
#vSbAiI0H Oct 02,2019 08:30
I've just been too worn out lately to put a lot of effort into any one upload
#kY0haVaJ Oct 02,2019 07:47
also btw skyk can you do something new :/
#kY0haVaJ Oct 02,2019 07:47
wow SMG's works are amazing!!!
#KBqCoxJh Oct 02,2019 06:58
Come on, first it was zotot from sr2, and now its SpaceMarineGuy. I can tell this is going to get out of hand fast
#nv0GZWwr Oct 02,2019 06:12
Our prayers have been answered.
#ACkxcxUP Oct 02,2019 01:38
Hey evryone
#5keUBlzB Oct 01,2019 22:43
#90NCoAzA Oct 01,2019 06:44
They should put this in the AppStore
#KBqCoxJh Oct 01,2019 00:59
Bruh, his uploads are amazing. I wonder why he left
#AtKhzai7 Sep 30,2019 15:13
꧅ Is that a single character?! --- SMG is an older user that kind of vanished without a trace. Look up "SpaceMarineGuy", his works are very good.
#vSbAiI0H Sep 30,2019 12:45
I am. Why?
#i8mtGXvt Sep 30,2019 11:40
hey is anyone online
#KBqCoxJh Sep 30,2019 10:43
#Tcrki0nE Sep 30,2019 06:32
Pete the Blowfly
#KBqCoxJh Sep 30,2019 03:15
What is that name
#W9lhEJWE Sep 30,2019 02:21
#kY0haVaJ Sep 30,2019 01:10
idk who SpaceMarnieGuy is either
#i8mtGXvt Sep 29,2019 11:18
hey hey ho this is a fun game don't ya know?
#kY0haVaJ Sep 29,2019 10:53
Lol @ Himenz
#KBqCoxJh Sep 29,2019 07:32
Will I get smacked if I ask who SpaceMarineGuy is?
#emAFs9Z4 Sep 27,2019 23:44
Idek what's happening I don't check in much
#KBqCoxJh Sep 27,2019 09:01
I like to prove my friend wrong because he likes to make me mad because it's rare to see me mad because I'm known in my class as the kid who has to be happy or I'll die of cancer
#kY0haVaJ Sep 27,2019 06:29
What do you guys think of the guns I've been making in PG2?
#1yL2PG7B Sep 26,2019 02:02
hmm my tag changed
#1yL2PG7B Sep 26,2019 02:01
(i'm real just check my tag, though the one starting with 'w' is me on a different browser) I wish the Chinese site/comments still existed because I'm learning Chinese and I want to test my skills :P
#AtKhzai7 Sep 25,2019 12:15
When someone actually remembers SMG, I take it seriously. Plus when someone claims they are SMG, I take it seriously.
#8xd0AnFF Sep 25,2019 12:05
Also a lot more interesting things are happening in the comments section since I last checked (a few weeks ago).
#8xd0AnFF Sep 25,2019 12:04
Lol the acid must've dissolved his brain so much he can't spell laser anymore
#vSbAiI0H Sep 25,2019 10:47
Sigma: Check the ID code. I think their brain is too shot from acid, benadryl and shrooms to remember anything.
#AtKhzai7 Sep 25,2019 10:20
@Billy Bob Thorax If you are who you say you are, then say who I am say who I am. (provide enough details) And I'll give you a link to the discord if you're correct.
#KBqCoxJh Sep 25,2019 09:33
J̴̳͋̂̃́͠ ̷͎̯̦̜͒̈́̀̈́̚͝ͅͅÓ̸̺̖͖͍̞̈́ ̷̼͇͙̻̘̹̏̈Ê̷͔̲̤͚͕͊ ̷̣̇̍͛̈̍͝ͅM̶̡̠͖̳̍̆͜ͅ ̵͙̳̫̀́A̷̹̐̓ ̷̝͇̓͆͛̌̚M̵̦̩̙̯̆̈͌ͅͅ ̴̮̀A̶̡͐
#Tcrki0nE Sep 25,2019 08:37
Billy Bob Thorax
Hey guys, this is SpaceMarineGuy. I forgot my password. Just stopping by to say WHAT IS UP?
#vSbAiI0H Sep 25,2019 08:02
joemama: Who is your mother?
#FdeF9X4N Sep 25,2019 07:08
why does it only let me use a little stuff?
#e80AxJb5 Sep 24,2019 14:57
ask who joe is
#e80AxJb5 Sep 24,2019 14:56
#1oHElsNi Sep 23,2019 02:43
hey guys whats this used for: 〼 ?
#uKrSOjxT Sep 22,2019 15:56
#5VCLLzMP Sep 22,2019 06:59
#5VCLLzMP Sep 22,2019 06:57
#KBqCoxJh Sep 22,2019 04:36
Nobody: Stick ranger enemies when you have a guild's card equipped:Ȁ̵̭̖͉̬̯̳͋s̶͔̼͛̿o̸̧̤̯̬̾̍͊̏̌r̴̩͊̀̽̾b̵̗̩͙̱͘͜ ̶̡͎̈́
#ndtiInov Sep 21,2019 23:04
cardi b
oh ctrrrrrrr this game rocks cardianna
#ndtiInov Sep 21,2019 23:02
this game is the bomb
#CT5Y8D5i Sep 21,2019 21:53
Where boxes and wheels? :(
#tsBN4YDh Sep 21,2019 07:43
hi i love this game i have been playing since i was 7 its so fun hi everyone
#KBqCoxJh Sep 20,2019 03:55
@skyk, no I haven't but I might check it out. @ Paul Delucia. How the peck do you accidentally do that. That's not just something that happens.
#Tcrki0nE Sep 19,2019 11:10
Paul Deluca
#vSbAiI0H Sep 19,2019 10:18
Himenz: you ever listen to Toto's Dune soundtrack?
#KBqCoxJh Sep 19,2019 09:48
Dude if you're going to say who even plays this anymore then why are you here. Lots of people still play this.
#l1NjoZP9 Sep 19,2019 09:00
bruh who still plays this game anymore
#KBqCoxJh Sep 19,2019 08:13
Here I am in my dad's car, going to piano practice, possibly almost witnessed a motorcycle accident, considering giving up my youtube channel, listening to Africa. What am I doing with my life.
#JVc0sgFG Sep 19,2019 03:28
I really wish someone would probably translate this site to English, like I know that ha55ii is Japanese and making the website in a different language is kind a hard. But I feel like after some time, it needs a better translation. Heh I would do it for free if I can, doesn’t seem to hard to fix the English.
#JVc0sgFG Sep 19,2019 03:24
Are we really going through the whole “spell laser wrong thing” oof yeah people need to spell it right, especially since it’s there.
#TI3DWoRg Sep 18,2019 12:13
Torture King
@skyk: Yeah, no. I looked that cyclops bird prime minister is his singular bureaucratic eyeball and felt nothing with the full knowledge that the entire non-humanoid population of his coreworlds were being turned into Kentucky Fried Bird Person because he personally insulted me and I had a much bigger navy than his entire federation. But you know, that tiny orphan girl that sells flowers in Windhelm? Can't go a single playthrough without adopting her. Doesn't matter who my character is, it is a cosmic law of the multiverse.
#Tcrki0nE Sep 18,2019 11:59
Kevin Cosmonaut
lazer lazer
#RLW0R4fh Sep 18,2019 09:45
It's LASER, people!!! Seriously--it's right there in the menu! How the hell can you keep getting it wrong?! LASER LASER LASER LASER LASER!!!
#vSbAiI0H Sep 18,2019 08:02
Himenz: I think I might know who Jerek really is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaZhJ6w9C_4
#KBqCoxJh Sep 18,2019 07:43
Danstroyer, that was me who avast installed itself, and jerek, jeez, what's so wrong about Canada. I'm pretty sure most of us here are in the neighbouring country and the same continent. Why do you hate.
#AtKhzai7 Sep 18,2019 06:11
Welcome back wertwer/swertwer.
#c3HLkLIO Sep 17,2019 09:45
Nope, isn't hibernating
#SNmrZcea Sep 17,2019 09:23
Hello everybody. I wonder if you have tried my games mostly about escape.
#vSbAiI0H Sep 16,2019 03:14
Danstroyer: You might want to start by checking the settings and making sure it didn't switch from "sleep" to "hibernate" during an update or something. I don't use Windows 10, so you'll have to do some googling to find the details
#YTBoiwr5 Sep 16,2019 02:42
@TK Probably because it's global "I control the world" instead of singular morality.
#8uIUxDj3 Sep 16,2019 02:34
I'm 12 I didn't try anything
#vSbAiI0H Sep 15,2019 15:06
swerter: There have been nearly 4000 PG2 uploads in the last 365 days
#kFFxClLS Sep 15,2019 14:43
Any cool Powder Game uploads in the last 2 or 3 years someone can link me?
#KVrJRjGJ Sep 15,2019 08:46
So vulgar!
#Tcrki0nE Sep 15,2019 05:49
Jerek Deter
I really f.ucking hate Canada. Seriously, f.uck Canada, that place su.cks and I say that with a burning passion.
#vSbAiI0H Sep 15,2019 02:12
Danstroyer: There's a lot of possible problems/solutions related to that issue. What have you tried so far?
#rBKpUnrn Sep 14,2019 23:28
Oh and whoever didn't trust Avast it actually did install itself. I think it's a windows thing.
#rBKpUnrn Sep 14,2019 23:27
Hey guys, lately (yesterday) my Windows 10 hasn't been waking up from sleep mode. I've had to turn it off and back on to get it to come back on. Any ideas?
#vSbAiI0H Sep 14,2019 13:07
TK: Zoom way in on the faces of the enemy units and see if that makes it harder
#TI3DWoRg Sep 14,2019 12:47
Torture King
You ever sit down and think about why it's so easy to be the bad guy of an empire game when you can't handle choosing the bad guy dialog options in an rpg?
#qRWTMIQd Sep 13,2019 07:27
His generator design
#qRWTMIQd Sep 13,2019 07:26
Hello I used @piedpiper design for my lightning tower and accidental accident
#AtKhzai7 Sep 13,2019 02:14
lol The computer I made that on was a lot slower, now I see it doesn't work quite as well.
#AtKhzai7 Sep 13,2019 02:12
@skyk Nice! Put spark in the middle of that, it's cool. @TeamDoodleBlocks ...AHEM? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/26461.html
#JVc0sgFG Sep 12,2019 03:27
@Torture King https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70763.html
#TI3DWoRg Sep 11,2019 00:33
Torture King
Nah it was a peta shelter.
#JVc0sgFG Sep 10,2019 20:34
Yeah dude
#KBqCoxJh Sep 10,2019 08:58
Have you ever just blinked and ended up in a furry convention with an m60?
#TI3DWoRg Sep 10,2019 08:55
Torture King
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc78OFnITKg I've never heard something so sad and epic that wasn't by Hans Zimmer
#vSbAiI0H Sep 10,2019 06:53
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70746.html This is a slightly more impressive version. Unfortunately, with how I've gotten it so far its use is still quite limited. 60FPS is out of the question, especially because increasing it from 4 to 8 frames total would halve the maximum number of pixels.
#mspcX9tL Sep 10,2019 04:59
Minsheme Bot
I still plan on making another some time. Mario and Yoshi was kind of a boring choice, because the frames are all similar. You can make them completely different, for example you could use it to alternate between several different pixel arts.
#mspcX9tL Sep 10,2019 04:57
Minsheme Bot
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/59964.html There is also a Japanese uploader who made a zoetrope animation of a horse long before me, but they did it using metal and thunder and joints which is harder.
#JVc0sgFG Sep 10,2019 02:50
Are we seriously doing animations now on PG2. Damn that’s just amazing.
#ZSnETHZf Sep 09,2019 16:15
@skyk That's interesting! Could make some 60fps goodness if you get it to work
#YTBoiwr5 Sep 09,2019 12:22
#vSbAiI0H Sep 09,2019 07:10
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70738.html This is just a sort of proof-of-concept. Using rotating joints, you can make an animation with up to 499 total (nonblack) pixels and either two or four frames appear in the minimap. There are still a few issues I'm trying to work out, though. If there was some way to get the rotation totally synced up with the framerate so that there's no flickering, then unchanging pixels could theoretically be replaced by static particles, allowing for larger constructs.
#nEEJtI9j Sep 07,2019 09:17
Rip Toucans
#l1LsE0BR Sep 06,2019 11:07
#HMDgr6jK Sep 06,2019 10:21
It has been 2 years since i last visited this place and it really didnt change much other than the fact that there are more players
#KBqCoxJh Sep 06,2019 08:00
I just realized about how bad I am at everything on this site
#8wSKIIKY Sep 05,2019 07:08
An improvement over the original.
#AtKhzai7 Sep 04,2019 08:48
I was one treasure away from completing it without the help of the walkthrough, only because I kept hitting in the wrong place or something.
#vSbAiI0H Sep 03,2019 10:22
Yeah, it's a pretty nice game. The first time I played, I misunderstood the purpose and "escaped" without any treasure. I managed to find all the treasures eventually, though..... ....with the help of a walkthrough :p
#x14kvGHl Sep 02,2019 08:24
HAs any one played Treasure Cube ver2.2 on here, just finished, it was really fun
#vSbAiI0H Sep 02,2019 07:48
ocaeon: It seems extremely unlikely that someone using PG2 in 2019 would A) not realize the interaction of those elements and B) own an actual phonebook But I can't think of any other possibility, so maybe?? Also, what laser things?
#UUea6wyW Sep 02,2019 06:14
@skyk lols imma guessing that was actually just a drawing of their phonebook, and they maybe didn't realise it turns into a nice woodland scene! oh and i'm still working on those laser things, does anyone want a bunch of experiments, or should i continue until it actually does something?
#1k0w8Luv Sep 02,2019 05:19
long hair sandles shorts shurt
#ntZhtC3V Sep 02,2019 03:53
Kentucky Buddy
Guys, I have a confession. I was SpaceMarineGuy.
#vSbAiI0H Sep 01,2019 09:28
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70669.html Why is it called this
#MWatce46 Sep 01,2019 04:35
I see Spock still lives. Probably should speak in the Discord again when I get out of the mobile zone.
#CNLYXAsg Aug 31,2019 07:40
My new Snap Crackler Bombs do just what their name suggests, if they hit anything hot they'll SNAP away, and "crackle", leaving a bit of fire behind them. after that they float up to the ceiling quite quickly. Warning: do not add to cereal. Do not eat in general. Seriously. They aren't Rice Krispies. [We are not affiliated with Rice Krispies]
#UulFhKUd Aug 30,2019 09:59
@bob4koolest I probably won't make anything new on PG, sorry D: I just don't really have the motivation, ideas or time. I'm a full time 3d modelling student now I did post some of my old unreleased stuff if you missed it though, lots there! https://pastebin.com/12AJCpz3 Here's some of the stuff I'm currently working on if you're curious: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/27892315?tab=user+images Also great uploads by the way! Glad to see someone making good tech! ^^
#8xd0AnFF Aug 30,2019 07:39
@StarTrekSpock You're back :D Can you please make something? (I've been inactive recently because of school)
#UulFhKUd Aug 30,2019 05:27
@danstroyer Not really active again, just checking back on the PG comments to see what's up lol @Sigma I'm actually in the discord already, I just got marked inactive lol. Just got reactivated, I'm still STARRYSOCK so send me an @!
#gR9P9sIH Aug 30,2019 04:22
TDB: I thought that was licking doorframes? Jamie: GET THE ELECTRIC FLYSWATTER STS: Woah how long have I been away from the boards you're active again? Everybody: Hi, I uploaded today because nobody's getting good amounts of votes this month, so I'm seizing my opportunity to get literally any amount of votes that's more than 5 and be on the monthly user ranking
#JVc0sgFG Aug 30,2019 03:24
Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.
#Tcrki0nE Aug 30,2019 02:16
#AtKhzai7 Aug 29,2019 11:54
Long time no see, STS. Want to join the discord again and catch up? XP (Also, omg your art truly is amazing.)
#ntZhtC3V Aug 28,2019 13:59
Kentucky Buddy
you know what other kinds of bots that can come up with solid advice? discord bots but you wouldnt know since, you know, you're not in the discord server
#TI3DWoRg Aug 28,2019 10:00
Torture King
Robots can come up with some solid advice if you ignore all the crazy surrounding it.
#TI3DWoRg Aug 28,2019 09:57
Torture King
#UulFhKUd Aug 28,2019 09:40
@TeamDoodleBlocks I mean, all you'd really be getting from switching over is slightly more votes, which are completely meaningless anyways. If you enjoy making stuff on PG2 more then that's all that really matters, it's just a game after all This game's community is basically just the comment boards too, and there's no reason you can't be active on both of them lol @skyk If you use a copy paste sprite sheet then you'll have to recreate it by hand in the other game since get set codes aren't transferable. But besides that, it's mostly just minor physics changes that don't matter unless you're doing something super technical and precise. It's definitely not an issue for a casual uploader though
#vSbAiI0H Aug 28,2019 08:52
I was never really involved with the original Powder Game but... how hard could it be to switch? It's literally on the same website, you don't even need a new account. You could easily play on both if you wanted.
#JVc0sgFG Aug 27,2019 21:10
Honesty I kinda agree with StarTrek, the community is just bigger and you can see more quality uploads. I almost feel like leaving PG2 just because the community is larger there, but then I’m still sticking to PG2 because there is just more stuff to do and I kinda don’t wanna abandon all the projects I’ve made or the people I’ve met here.
#UulFhKUd Aug 27,2019 14:32
@skyk Like I said, it took a long time before PG2 got updated enough to even be comparable to PG1, let alone better than it. By the time that happened, most of the major uploaders had left PG1, so there was barely any good uploaders left to move to PG2. While it's definitely a direct upgrade now, PG2 just never really got the same dedicated community of great uploaders. When you're a kid on your lunch break, PG1's top rated list definitely has a lot more interesting entries than PG2's does, so obviously you're gonna spend more time on the one with better community content. And if you're returning to check up on the game, you'll probably remember how low quality most of PG2's uploads were and not even bother to check, even though they're about the same now Also keep in mind, none of PG2's upgrades are really that groundbreaking to casual players except for gravity. While stuff like Joint is great, it's not really that easy to make use of when you only have 20 minutes to mess around over recess.
#vSbAiI0H Aug 27,2019 08:50
PG2 seems like such a complete improvement on the first PG at this point that I can't imagine preferring the other version. Is there any feature aside from wheels that PG2 doesn't have?
#UulFhKUd Aug 27,2019 05:55
@R101 PG2 has always gotten less votes than PG1 PG2 was released after most of the big PG1 uploaders had already left, and the ones that remained usually stuck to uploading on PG1 because it took a long time for PG2 to be updated enough to have everything PG1 had. Because of that, PG2 never really got a huge talented uploader community like PG1 used to have, and it never really developed as big of a following either PG2 isn't really *that* wildly different either, so it kinda just developed a reputation of PG1, but with worse uploads that aren't really worth looking at. Now the quality is still the same for the most part, but people coming back still remember how things were, that's my theory at least
#JVc0sgFG Aug 27,2019 03:22
Also ZappyRedstone, I’m STILL trying to get you your 5 dollars for winning the Egg Design Contest all the way back in May. PayPal is being the worse to me and that’s like where I keep all my money.
#JVc0sgFG Aug 27,2019 03:19
Okay I’m legit gonna start uploading some stuff again. It’s just nicer working on projects during Study Halls in School, rather than over the summer. PG2 helps me get through the day sometimes. Sorry if kinda didn’t do the whole “4th of July” project, If anyone even remembers that.
#fdgVwA28 Aug 26,2019 22:59
the shuge guy
it did< not ibook
#8Wl156VI Aug 26,2019 13:55
sksksk vsco girl
hey guys can one of you do a scrunchie or a hydroflask art for me. i think it will bring a lot more users
#jwQweop7 Aug 26,2019 11:48
Hey guys. Why does no one vote on PG2 uploads?
#nEEJtI9j Aug 26,2019 08:43
Rip Toucans
I tried to make a simulation. Aerodynamic rocket head, with snow to help visualize, as well as the light effect. Do any of you like it?
#vSbAiI0H Aug 26,2019 02:39
101Skunk101: That guy is me. To do that, I made the text out of a nonflammable, vertical powder (one that falls straight down and stays upright) and and created a rectangle of a different powder with similar properties around it. Next, I created the frame for the distortion (a few diagonal lines, in this case) out of fuse, let the text block fall onto it, switched gravity off and burnt away the fuse. After that, you can copy and paste the distorted text to the center, and turn gravity back on (while the game is paused, of course) before uploading.
#Mi3aqdDH Aug 26,2019 01:59
How do i do what this guy did https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/56108.html
#UulFhKUd Aug 24,2019 18:25
If any of ya'll are interested, here's some old PG stuff I never released from the actual boldname STS. A lot of the really old stuff doesn't seem to work anymore probably cause it was made with the java version, and the java button seems to have disappeared so eh. Feel free to do whatever you want with it lol https://pastebin.com/12AJCpz3
#vSbAiI0H Aug 24,2019 12:04
anyone else here like zydeco?
#rnQKKO36 Aug 23,2019 12:22
#vSbAiI0H Aug 23,2019 07:14
Piggi5x: Unfortunately, there's no way to have the gravity at a specific point in space change direction.
#5fQ0Yzjb Aug 23,2019 06:00
does anyone know how to do a gravity flip if possible?
#x14kvGHl Aug 22,2019 12:21
ocæon - I have included the link here is what I learned - Metal and Mercury reflect laser - If you are able to move those you can control the beam - If the laser is shining on a metal/murc. piece, it will not move _ You need to use orientations that will reflect the beam with out it touching the metal that is moved - If you make the laser approach at an angle then hit a flat wall it bounce off. If you connect a piece of metal above where it hits using a joint to connect to another piece of metal and have electricity pass through it, it will move the metal and change the laser direction. Hope this helps, Let me know if you have any other questions https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69461.html
#x14kvGHl Aug 22,2019 12:08
ocæon - As far as the laser and electricity, if you check my display, I was able to do it.
#vSbAiI0H Aug 20,2019 11:28
ocaeon: I'm no good with electrical tech, but I think some of the "switch" structures could allow you to open or close a one-pixel gap.
#ntZhtC3V Aug 20,2019 09:06
Shadow Kentucky
to tk <3: fu.ck the forums love discord -rapi lkaur
#gmTGiXyp Aug 20,2019 07:59
anyone have hints for switching a laser on or off with electricity? preferrably something that doesn't blow up.
#gmTGiXyp Aug 20,2019 06:37
ocæon (noob)
@theonethathschos ~ sometimes the choice of the other click matters. for balls, choose ball with one click and choose an element with the other, then place the ball ~ do a search for "tutorial" (and ignore any that say "awesome" or "best", lol).
#KBqCoxJh Aug 19,2019 22:30
How are u all doin. I'm bored at the airport.
#WoZLb0N7 Aug 19,2019 19:41
#5RL2PK3B Aug 19,2019 15:00
Guys how do you feel that we MIGHT not be able to play here post December 2020
#DROb3wEy Aug 19,2019 02:00
@meow Chill I'm just busy right now I'll make a new one when I have time.
#DROb3wEy Aug 19,2019 01:59
@Dominic035 :D (This is me on a different device)
#vSbAiI0H Aug 19,2019 01:23
theonethathschos: I'm not exactly sure I know what you mean, but are you referring to the clone balls?
#WpkRaXoc Aug 18,2019 22:29
the awnser to riddle 1 is fill it up with water so they swimm out
#RDkuCemN Aug 18,2019 21:03
how do you do it that has the ball laser or gas or sparks and so on?
#nEEJtI9j Aug 18,2019 09:43
Rip Toucans
I have to ideas, and I still cannot get into my old account.
#x14kvGHl Aug 18,2019 07:39
@skyk ...yea realized yesterday
#Tcrki0nE Aug 18,2019 03:46
Emma The Warrior
#WpkRaXoc Aug 17,2019 08:58
#WpkRaXoc Aug 17,2019 08:55
sigma what if we switch the first letter of our names to the letter 7 letters back so you are ligma and I am feow lol LIGMA
#WoZLb0N7 Aug 17,2019 05:51
@Bob4Koolest I didn't know you were popular on scratch! I've gotten my project curated once btw
#Tcrki0nE Aug 17,2019 02:01
Waddup everybody. Long time no see.
#WoZLb0N7 Aug 16,2019 22:54
@Guest775 !]c~ what?
#vSbAiI0H Aug 16,2019 12:49
ZappyRedstone: Wait, you mean you didn't realize that there were the two directions until now?
#x14kvGHl Aug 16,2019 12:24
How did I just notice there are 2 conveners!
#G0HznCQR Aug 16,2019 10:23
@Torture King Legalize ranch!
#ELFa6bCy Aug 16,2019 10:08
So yesterday's sentence was touched the penguin, while today's is played with Lego. So yeah.
#TI3DWoRg Aug 16,2019 05:11
Torture King
#Tcrki0nE Aug 15,2019 02:13
yes tf they have
#KBqCoxJh Aug 14,2019 23:44
But I'm still going to do the 3 word sentence.
#KBqCoxJh Aug 14,2019 23:37
I mean I get it, I can be annoying sometimes and not even realize it. The only reason I dont realize is because my friends dont care.
#wTCnb3Ph Aug 14,2019 13:50
no tf they haven't
#Tcrki0nE Aug 14,2019 12:38
Disagree, honestly. Conversations like that have previously been the heart of this place.
#POcq6FgT Aug 14,2019 10:07
This isn't Instagram, we don't care about what you do away from here.
#WpkRaXoc Aug 14,2019 08:09
bob4koolest you owe us more civilization maps you got 120 votes maybe something interactive or random or well moving
#TI3DWoRg Aug 14,2019 07:30
Torture King
"Breathed some air."
#KBqCoxJh Aug 14,2019 05:48
Forgot to say this too, I will comment once every day a 3 word sentence about what I did that day.
#KBqCoxJh Aug 14,2019 05:47
I'm going to California, and most likely by the time someone sees this (probably tomorrow) I will be there. But if you see this between 8 to 10 o'clock to 10 to 1:30 depending on time zones, I will be several miles above you.
#POcq6FgT Aug 14,2019 04:12
On mobile, yes, it's on the App Store and Google Play Store. On PC... we haven't quite figured out how to get it offline efficiently, yet.
#wd1Eg0j0 Aug 14,2019 04:04
is there a way to download this?
#wTCnb3Ph Aug 14,2019 01:36
At least your comments aren't getting deleted like seriously, who does that?
#TI3DWoRg Aug 14,2019 00:57
Torture King
It seems like every time I actually bother the forum or whatever dies after a week, it's happened twice now.
#AtKhzai7 Aug 13,2019 08:59
By the way, since it cut off right at the wrong point, SK meant "insulted".
#KBqCoxJh Aug 13,2019 07:48
Also today is my birthday. Not important but now I am a teen
#KBqCoxJh Aug 13,2019 07:47
But someone answer my question. Does anyone here play Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Seige published by Ubisoft
#WoZLb0N7 Aug 13,2019 00:16
oops wrong user
#WoZLb0N7 Aug 13,2019 00:15
Yo, I haven't been on for a while, anything interesting?
#A4s2avvd Aug 12,2019 20:32
@himenz ibe prepared to be uinsluted
#f8NoJoRd Aug 12,2019 19:42
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70475.html My first attempt at something cool on PG2.
#AtKhzai7 Aug 12,2019 12:34
Awwoh, darn. It split it up after the !. But at least it technically worked.
#AtKhzai7 Aug 12,2019 12:32
Yes,TKIsTortureKing,ButLK(WhoIsCurrentlyUnderTheNameSK)TendsToMakeALotOfTypos.HeMeant"Insulted",Actually.Also,WeStillHaven'tHeardFromHydroOnTheDiscord(SpeakingOfWhich,ShoutOutToThoseReadingThisSecretMessage!AlsoIHaven'tTriedThisInAVeryLongTimeSoIDon'tKnowIfItWillWorkOrNot...) By the way, I should put some text here just in case ha55ii or tylor thinks I'm spamming when I'm not. I don't know if they would take this down or not.
#KBqCoxJh Aug 12,2019 10:40
Tk is torture king but I dont know what uinsluted is
#nEEJtI9j Aug 12,2019 08:48
Rip Toucans
I need answers.
#nEEJtI9j Aug 12,2019 08:48
Rip Toucans
Uinsulted? Who is TK?
#mspcX9tL Aug 12,2019 03:25
Minsheme Bot
Be prepared to be unsalted
#5VVEWOGc Aug 11,2019 22:03
please remove or have setting for how many dots you can place
#1oHElsNi Aug 11,2019 15:30
insulted or insulated?
#lnu2sLZw Aug 11,2019 07:41
#AtKhzai7 Aug 11,2019 07:30
But "ra.pe" doesn't work, strange. That usually isn't the case. Anyway, @HydroMan and anyone reading, you can just click this link: https://discord.gg/gYVMUrM
#kY0haVaJ Aug 11,2019 01:20
How do I get the discord link? on discord I'm BuGRoBoT#2305
#URWYYtRA Aug 10,2019 22:48
Kentucky, I can't do disc so...
#jwQweop7 Aug 10,2019 04:59
Lux Sancta.
#ntZhtC3V Aug 08,2019 10:12
Shadow Kentucky
TK, <3. Join discord already bub, any reason you give for not joining doesn't matteer. we will find you and come kidnap you if you don't join by the end of the year
#KBqCoxJh Aug 08,2019 04:56
Well it's fixed now but it's raining whales and my neighbors gazebo is in my backyard. Also I think I asked this before but does anyone here play rainbow six?
#KBqCoxJh Aug 08,2019 01:44
Well today the weather channel app had a glitch where every storm sell was several thousand miles high and the expected hail size was about 2 and a half feet. Thate my day so far.
#nEEJtI9j Aug 07,2019 10:23
Rip Toucans
So what are people up to these days?
#kY0haVaJ Aug 06,2019 13:19
o and @sigma all right :/
#kY0haVaJ Aug 06,2019 13:18
I build a timed bomb but that's every bomb with a fuse
#JrYfOscK Aug 05,2019 13:00
I know that I uploaded a timer and that timer is supposed to glow a few times. And if you want to you can even upgrade it though you should upload it
#I6KdDeJD Aug 03,2019 19:15
What's up with this comments? :v
#AtKhzai7 Aug 03,2019 12:34
Sorry, but... @HydroMan I think Minsheme was talking about for example having either alcohol or unsterile water to drink. Alcohol is the *less unhealthy* option.
#KBqCoxJh Aug 03,2019 06:46
The one reason this comment section is talking about alcohol is because of creatormaps upload. So can we please stop
#OSAMfnOV Aug 03,2019 01:39
Alcohol is good for cleaning wounds but, the consumption of it is purely bad for you because it is neurotoxic and contains more calories than sugar with no actual nutritional value.
#KBqCoxJh Aug 03,2019 01:24
Alchohol and caffeine are both dru.gs
#DbuYq2Wd Aug 02,2019 09:56
I wish they released Powder Game 3 soon, if there was one. I want wheel back in it. Wheel was one of my favorites in Powder Game 1.
#mspcX9tL Aug 02,2019 05:01
Minsheme Bot
I don't think anyone is saying that getting drunk or that any common alcoholic drink is good for you, but I made an argument that some alcohol is good in some contexts.
#OSAMfnOV Aug 02,2019 03:37
Alcohol is good for you? is anyone actually stupid enough to believe that?
#vSbAiI0H Aug 01,2019 21:52
To create a joint, click one particle while Joint is selected in the menu, then click the particle you want it connected to. You can link the same particle to more than one other particle. To change the colour of text, either have the element of your choice selected with the right mouse button or use pen-Paint to change it.
#ZLZOyymO Aug 01,2019 17:12
Also how do you change the colour or element of the text
#ZLZOyymO Aug 01,2019 17:09
How do you guys make a beast with joint, i dunno how to connect the joints
#vSbAiI0H Aug 01,2019 07:07
There is an undo/redo feature. It's called get/set codes and a dozen notepad windows :p
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 31,2019 20:47
If ha55ii ever makes a PG3, it better have an undo/redo feature. I find that infinitely more important than slightly improved physics.
#duF4XPmx Jul 31,2019 15:11
X 2 Studios you get if you create Powder Game 2! Old... Powder Game 1.
#duF4XPmx Jul 31,2019 15:08
If you try " http://scratch.mit.edu/ " - Create the powder game 2 on Scratch.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 31,2019 09:16
You know, if there is ever a Powder Game 3, I hope they focus most on improving the gravity system. Right now it's either push or pull, with the same acceleration no matter what.
#yhX8V8K8 Jul 31,2019 09:10
A Shirt
#XEKILE4H Jul 31,2019 08:05
No this could pick blue dtujtjydfrdhdyjpinkjchtjyctjytddjytxjtyxjytcjygxjyfrxyjntgc
#XEKILE4H Jul 31,2019 08:04
Bad no goose. I Kbvrsghrhst
#KBqCoxJh Jul 31,2019 07:55
And if this comments, then not only shadow Kentucky was the one above, but I didnt notice the other people. And omega pirate, thanks for being the first person to deny that.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 31,2019 07:51
That's not really true, as shadow Kentucky above me proves it, but it feels like it.
#ntZhtC3V Jul 31,2019 05:00
Shadow Kentucky
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 31,2019 03:00
@Himenz That would be the answer to the exact opposite of the question they asked.
#YTBoiwr5 Jul 31,2019 00:11
#KBqCoxJh Jul 30,2019 19:49
A.d.s, it's because I dont post as much as I used to, and when I post people dont comment forla day or so, so now I guess people wont comment for a day.
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 30,2019 18:27
Black magic
#ksXChv1e Jul 30,2019 14:32
how tf is this place still alive
#jwQweop7 Jul 30,2019 12:24
It is good, Skyx.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 30,2019 07:42
I can't drink alcohol because of the taste. It's the same for coffee and tea. Also, R101, hope the new upload is satisfactory to you. It's not huge, but I've used a couple cryptic mechanisms in it.
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 30,2019 07:34
As someone from a family that has a brewery to its name, I don't like alcohol.
#AtKhzai7 Jul 30,2019 02:48
Maybe I just watch too much television.
#AtKhzai7 Jul 30,2019 02:39
@skyk Honestly you have no idea how relieving it is for me to finally hear someone else say just how overrated alcohol is.
#mspcX9tL Jul 30,2019 02:30
Minsheme Bot
Thanks bro B)
#B2SDbMPq Jul 30,2019 02:30
Hi "Minsheme Bot", we removed your pastebin link because we're really stinky. Here it is again for those who missed it, it came before skyk's previous post (skyk was replying to it). https://pastebin.com/DD9t0iHz
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 30,2019 02:14
Sounds like boomer propaganda but ok
#97wcV5Ew Jul 29,2019 12:12
To keep Ireland from controlling the world.
#WFiWsY1T Jul 29,2019 10:31
I mostly agree, I'm not saying that I drink storebought beer and feel good about it because of what I wrote. When I mentioned fermented grains I didn't mean alcohol. It's a lot easier to ferment them without creating alcohol, so it's interesting that they wanted alcohol in particular, unless there was some other reason they ended up making it like doing it inadvertently.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 29,2019 08:23
While it's true that alcohol was once good for people (relatively speaking), you're not taking into account that historical alcoholic drinks were completely different from what is conventionally consumed today. Ales consumed in medieval times and earlier had dietary benefits, but those were primarily drinks with very high contents of grain (to the point that they were more of a sludge than a drink) and just enough fermentation to keep it sterile after the distillation process. Compared to those, today's ales have significantly reduced nutritional value and a much higher concentration of alcohol. While there may be benefits to some of the components added to alcohol, none of these are actually limited to use in alcoholic drinks other than the ethanol acting as a convenient solvent, and many of them were just added for flavour or other reasons, like as a preservative or for mood-altering effects.
#mspcX9tL Jul 29,2019 06:38
Minsheme Bot
Skyk is a boomer, despite his biological age.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 29,2019 03:51
I'm actually working through a bit of a backlog right now, but I might try making a new chain reaction at some point.
#jwQweop7 Jul 29,2019 03:37
Skyx, can you try improving your uploads a bit? I mean no offense, but they are getting a bit dull. I am sorry if I offended you,
#vSbAiI0H Jul 29,2019 01:25
I mean, it's not like the category of "millennial" is a biological fact. It's an arbitrary term that people never really agreed on in the first place.
#97wcV5Ew Jul 29,2019 00:21
@skyk After 1996 is still Generation Z material, not the Millennials. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennials https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Z I'd post links outside Wikipedia but without my laptop active I'm not sure if mobile will let it function correctly. Even still, the matter is still the fact that everyone saying that Millennials are born near or after 2000 is wrong; it's the group before it starting in the 80s. Now I won't argue the claim of post 1996. In my eyes, I find 96-98 to the transitional period between Gen Y and Z. Before that, you're in Y, after that, you're in Z. Since there is no truly hard placement for a Generation end (with Australia saying 94 as the end while a couple others are after 9/11), I could put those years in as a leeway of decision, if anything. So the Class of 2016 (97-98) could either be called the last of the Millennials, or the first of Z. With the hard evidence you just mentioned now...yeah, you could call yourself "barely a Millennial", but the retrospect of thought is set off of popular thought today rather than the factual one. It's not that difficult to check up, either, and that's what baffles me more.
#WpkRaXoc Jul 28,2019 22:37
bob4koolest rules craycraycraw drools and shadow Kentucky is blue so he pools
#KBqCoxJh Jul 28,2019 21:14
This community is so active when I'm away.
#ntZhtC3V Jul 28,2019 19:19
Shadow Kentucky
tk, a true masterpiece
#vSbAiI0H Jul 28,2019 14:10
Millennial is a pretty vague term, but some define it as starting with those born in 1996.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 28,2019 14:09
I'm 22, actually, and closer to 23 than 21.
#97wcV5Ew Jul 28,2019 12:26
In that case, he's incorrect describing himself as a Millennial. Contrary to current beliefs, Millennials are not those born around or after 2000. Millennials are actually those that were MEANT TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL around or after 2000, also known as "Generation Y." I have a half-brother who fits this to a T (born in July 1982, therefore graduating in June 2000). The "Millennials" that everyone thinks of in this day and age is actually "Generation Z", which despite the term forced on them now, does not have a generational nickname of its own yet, iirc. "Digital Generation" might possibly be the contender when it does get one, though. It's mind boggling to think that a term being used now wasn't for this group, but for the group before it. People need to do their damn research.
#8xd0AnFF Jul 28,2019 11:38
No he's 21.
#97wcV5Ew Jul 28,2019 07:02
So you're just under 38?
#vSbAiI0H Jul 28,2019 04:19
I'm barely even a millennial
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 28,2019 03:51
shut up boomer
#vSbAiI0H Jul 28,2019 00:36
Xyvyrianeth: That's not really true. There's very little replicated evidence demonstrating any significant health benefits from alcohol itself (rather than things like the antioxidants in wine, which are found in unfermented grape juice as well), and a substantial amount of evidence indicating that consuming alcohol can significantly increase a number of health risks, even when taken in relative moderation. Historically, highly diluted alcohol was important for its ability to sterilize drinking water, but any alcohol at a high enough concentration to inebriate someone will most likely dehydrate the tissue of the body rather than hydrating it. Some have proposed that restricted consumption of wine may act as an anticoagulant, and reduce the risk of blood clots, but regular drinking above that level can significantly increase cardiovascular health problems.
#wTCnb3Ph Jul 28,2019 00:09
@CreatorMap Alcohol is actually healthy for you as long as you don't have too much. Please quit acting like a woman in the early 1900's.
#OSAMfnOV Jul 28,2019 00:05
hello I'm Bug_B0B0t just with a different account
#TI3DWoRg Jul 27,2019 16:21
Torture King
#82jABIYJ Jul 27,2019 14:19
Does anyone else have a problem seeing their own works? I can't see anything made after June 6th.
#tUsY4yHA Jul 27,2019 11:35
@CreatorMap c'mon now, alcohol isn't THAT dramatic.
#WpkRaXoc Jul 27,2019 05:55
p.s.im making a challenge the best kinetic pixel art (something like a bunch of random dots forming into a human shape) wins, it ends on august 2nd p.s. if someone makes a link to a video of them saying dan ball's dotted bull den doll dented definitley 20 times in a minute I will show everyone a meme treasure trove
#WpkRaXoc Jul 27,2019 05:47
bob4koolest I like your civilization series though I would recommend a mideval battle scene with swords bows and very basic guns as a reference to mad jack who fought in some of the modern wars with mideval eqipment
#KBqCoxJh Jul 26,2019 09:06
Also I saw 2 pods of dolphins this week, and both times, the same boat somes cruising by. And I stepped on a sting ray.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 26,2019 09:05
So danstroyer, I couldn't provide a complete explanation to it because I didnt know if that would comment or not, so my full explanation is, I was downloading minecraft forge and then avast comes up and screams, HeY! ThiS aPPliCaTIoN HaS A viRuS! gET tHe 7 day free trial yeah you get it now. Anyway, my dad uses the pc as well, but it downloaded when I was using it, and it already has an antivirus. But again, if it's an unstable beta, I might understand, but at the same time, I downloaded forge again and it didnt yell at me. So trust your gut, I'm not telling you what to do.
#ntZhtC3V Jul 26,2019 05:18
Shadow Kentucky
alas the shadow king has been born
#f8NoJoRd Jul 26,2019 03:08
The PG1 community has been a bit slow for the past 2 weeks.
#ntZhtC3V Jul 26,2019 03:05
#u5Lf3CtK Jul 26,2019 01:12
today's map: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70344.html
#u5Lf3CtK Jul 26,2019 01:11
I'm sorry for not posting yesterday's map
#0fBDiUCM Jul 25,2019 08:59
Rip Toucans. You have no proof. How can you prove it!!
#7Yfelrrs Jul 25,2019 04:48
Himenz, my dad and his IT guy friend trust it so they had it installed on the home computer. Also, do you mean the program legit downloaded itself to your PC? Are you sure nobody else uses your PC?
#8xd0AnFF Jul 24,2019 09:41
I'm back guys! @Rip Toucans Yes.
#u5Lf3CtK Jul 24,2019 07:21
I didn't know you had comments here
#u5Lf3CtK Jul 24,2019 07:19
#nEEJtI9j Jul 24,2019 05:10
Rip Toucans
Do people even believe me when I say that I am Toucans, just using a different account because I forgot the password for the other?
#KBqCoxJh Jul 23,2019 05:53
Does this work yet?
#ELFa6bCy Jul 21,2019 01:02
So if this comments, danstroyer, I dont trust avast. It downloaded itself on my pc.
#WpkRaXoc Jul 20,2019 08:14
sike also the winner of this contest is bob4koolest(all calculatormaps) and that one 4 bit calculatormap is second place
#mP9JMYiZ Jul 19,2019 03:18
Hello guys, this is random, but: I tried to open Mindustry 4.0 (it's an unstable beta and it's saves can be corrupted between updates) and Avast antivirus said it's infected with something, the last update was 12 days ago and I hadn't even downloaded Mindustry 4.0 by then. Thoughts?
#KBqCoxJh Jul 18,2019 10:03
Random scp foundation 682 observer: ok, what will 682 be faces with today. Dr.W: Some child. Random worker. ___________ / \ Say sike right now | |\/\/\/ | |/\/\/\ \___________/
#KBqCoxJh Jul 18,2019 07:53
@skyk. They're not unknown. It's just that me didnt know about them.
#TI3DWoRg Jul 17,2019 17:30
Torture King
No I just have a job and Stellaris.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 17,2019 12:37
@Sigma Then how are they unknown elements? Also, tonight is the blood moon
#AtKhzai7 Jul 17,2019 09:22
Wait, does TK have a life? @me Yes, they're called wood, seawater, snow, and steam. They're very well-known.
#TI3DWoRg Jul 17,2019 08:49
Torture King
https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/jDe284kgPz.jpg The robot is surprisingly deep sometimes.
#r27rdM7N Jul 16,2019 00:57
this game is so cool i cant stop playing it for some reason
#KC02T7dT Jul 15,2019 13:25
are there unknown elements in this game because i checked out this creation called "PG2 periodic table" it had some unknown elements named Qs QS Qo Qn. are there unknown elements
#TI3DWoRg Jul 15,2019 08:01
Torture King
I still use it for screenshots, but yeah I don't have much time for actually browsing Imgur these days.
#1FWtuQ3f Jul 15,2019 04:03
I see TK has a new toy to play with. Did you just give up on imgur?
#vSbAiI0H Jul 15,2019 02:48
Vt: Nothing wrong with being a girl
#KBqCoxJh Jul 15,2019 00:11
Dang this community came back like sitting in honey wearing a full set of palladium armor. (If u dont know what I'm talking about it's a terraria reference.)
#WpkRaXoc Jul 14,2019 23:36
gets 5 free votes
#WpkRaXoc Jul 14,2019 23:36
challenge:the computer challenge the first player to make a 10 bit compact adder and subtracter using no lightning
#TI3DWoRg Jul 14,2019 16:02
Torture King
Words to live by: https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/bRelomy467.jpg
#OKJ25tu3 Jul 14,2019 15:02
Skyk whatbis your opinion on girls
#Ru7aCWBF Jul 14,2019 09:44
#vSbAiI0H Jul 14,2019 08:09
R101: Do what makes you happy. There's no point in playing either game for anyone else's benefit if you don't enjoy it.
#5U3T4rHg Jul 14,2019 06:57
Skyx, should I come back to PG2? I find the community less bright than the PG1 community, which is why I left.
#0fBDiUCM Jul 14,2019 06:46
Minsheme Bot is not XSDmS0NM!! It's ha55ii Quick search of #HAJt6HfH shows it is Minsheme Bot
#jbvUJtEq Jul 13,2019 19:32
8o X
Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Where are your fingers? Seriously. It's a pretty easy question. You should be able to answer it.
#VqAyQePJ Jul 13,2019 19:31
Minsheme bot is cheese20
#mspcX9tL Jul 13,2019 16:42
Minsheme Bot
Go outside, you sound schizophrenic. You must go out and help your community - they need you!
#HAJt6HfH Jul 13,2019 12:24
cheese20, I was just randomly commenting on dan ball one day and because i dont have an account and i am commenting on mobile my user code is always different
#0fBDiUCM Jul 13,2019 11:20
Googling XSDmS0NM yields a forex site, it is a transaction code for money between Japan and USA?
#KBqCoxJh Jul 12,2019 19:57
I'm not blaming anyone.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 12,2019 10:51
Well don't blame me. I literally could not upload more than I do.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 12,2019 10:39
This community has dying.
#TI3DWoRg Jul 11,2019 23:38
Torture King
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqKgCB4hJw4 I swear it's not a rickroll. You can trust me, I'm a king.
#Q7XNf99U Jul 11,2019 13:15
#TI3DWoRg Jul 10,2019 07:44
Torture King
Allergies are a specific thing involving the immune system being stupid and giving you symptoms that are supposed to help deal with the plague, it'd be more accurate to say that breathing oxygen is setting yourself on fire a little bit at a time.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 10,2019 01:56
Ok 2 of my friends made great points. People are allergic to oxygen because 100% of people who breath oxygen die. It's a wierd way to say that everyone dies but I find it funny that its accurate.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 09,2019 21:29
When you do everything besides what you want to do. ____________ | ________| |___| G.un
#ZLZOyymO Jul 09,2019 18:52
I like the game but you guys need to bring back the bubble element (I want to make bubbles bigger than the ones you make with soapy)
#mspcX9tL Jul 09,2019 17:42
Minsheme Bot
Hey guys, cheese20 is absent for now but the next clue in his epic series was scheduled to be posted just now. I (robot) am doing it on his behalf. The secret cryptic copyrighted encrypted message is: "mummy I need some more milk" Thanks guys
#TI3DWoRg Jul 09,2019 08:02
Torture King
https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/1DervwzXe0.jpg Seize the means of education!
#Q7XNf99U Jul 08,2019 14:46
who is #qgtwX4gY
#Q7XNf99U Jul 08,2019 14:33
no u
#qgtwX4gY Jul 08,2019 13:43
@cheese20 Stop profiting off me
#TI3DWoRg Jul 07,2019 09:34
Torture King
http://inspirobot.me/ Like seriously, it's a fcuking satire site.
#TI3DWoRg Jul 07,2019 09:31
Torture King
#vSbAiI0H Jul 07,2019 06:12
He's also a stock photo model, which is ironic.
#NVuHdzsz Jul 07,2019 05:27
I meant the character, not the actual person who had a photo taken of him.
#vSbAiI0H Jul 07,2019 02:39
No, he's a stock photo model
#NVuHdzsz Jul 06,2019 14:36
r/im14andthisisdeep dude in that first picture is unemployed.
#TI3DWoRg Jul 05,2019 17:36
Torture King
Let's see what timeless wisdom our robot overlord has for us today. https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/d7eEVYqyJ8.jpg Hmm, probably better as a newspaper political comic than an internet meme. https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/LVPMD0ZmJX.jpg Actually inspired here. I'm gonna go out and do the thing I've been putting off. Tomorrow though, because it's like 1 am. Last one. https://generated.inspirobot.me/a/b5eAQk3Eel.jpg Alright then. Thank you robot overlord.
#KBqCoxJh Jul 04,2019 21:26
@skyk, what? I'm talking about the crab rave meme but its bowser from mario, why would I try to scare u? And also my last post is copy paste from google translate, I dont speak German.
#Qdi36aK7 Jul 03,2019 12:13
Oh hey guys and gals I'm back to uploading on PG2!! If you remember me thanks and my next project will be a quest to get a fourth July party set up, will be released obviously on the forth of July :]
#ynnQBUCH Jul 03,2019 05:26
Hello There.
#Yx7xykMp Jul 02,2019 20:29
ThePowder Police
ThePowder police Use Appropriate Expressions Hilt
#vSbAiI0H Jul 02,2019 09:52
Himenz: You say this about Bowser just to scare me
#KBqCoxJh Jul 01,2019 20:39
Ich denke, wir alle tun es.
#6I9b3iSu Jul 01,2019 20:30
Johann S Bach
Ich habe ein orgel
#KBqCoxJh Jul 01,2019 20:08
Bowser ------------ Is gone!!!
#tUsY4yHA Jul 01,2019 12:58
Make that 6 possible outcomes. The 6th one is that it'll become just firework and is always infected by the virus.
#tUsY4yHA Jul 01,2019 12:55
I made something really cool. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70100.html It has 5 possible outcomes: 1. It grows out of control. 2. It becomes lava. 3. It becomes lava but will always be infected by the virus. 4. It becomes lava and firework and always infected by the virus. 5. It somehow becomes just firework.
#OSAMfnOV Jul 01,2019 08:25
#VKgHE063 Jun 30,2019 15:11
cheese20 I'm not Sherlock Holmes
#VKgHE063 Jun 30,2019 15:10
Dantef, wow sorry to say but you really let me down. I've been waiting a long while for it and now... :'(
#mspcX9tL Jun 30,2019 11:29
Minsheme Bot
dang this guy knows what a currency pair is and knows the terms "bid" and "ask". that's deep
#M1iJJkgs Jun 30,2019 08:59
no one solved my mystery
#8xd0AnFF Jun 30,2019 07:01
I won't be able to upload for the next few weeks because I'll be on vacation. Sorry.
#idKAWQtC Jun 29,2019 09:42
#UMahs63U Jun 28,2019 11:13
I'm sorry guys... I can't finish pg3. I have too much going on in my life
#tUsY4yHA Jun 28,2019 09:13
Um nvm, it's broken. It's supposed to change into virus when you clear a part of the clone. But, I guess it doesn't work as an upload. :/ Just clear part of the clone and add virus. You'll see the effect that's supposed to happen.
#tUsY4yHA Jun 28,2019 09:11
Experiment on this anyway you like. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70064.html
#bAS3H17A Jun 28,2019 08:10
nice to see some familiar users here after so long.
#M1iJJkgs Jun 28,2019 07:17
#mspcX9tL Jun 28,2019 04:56
Minsheme Bot
#mspcX9tL Jun 28,2019 04:56
Minsheme Bot
POHMP EET http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70062.html
#TI3DWoRg Jun 27,2019 18:20
Torture King
#jxNbJdTK Jun 27,2019 05:10
If side-loop were truly continuous, the looping dot should rest on top of the dot on the opposite edge (thereby resting on the edge itself). I think the fact that it disappears could be considered a glitch.
#CF7vFf3x Jun 27,2019 04:38
simplay's upload isn't a "glitch", it's the fact that if another dot occupies the extreme top bottom left or right it'll delete looped dots to prevent weird things from happening.
#9TwTiZSK Jun 27,2019 04:13
It’s summer so I am unusually busy.
#9TwTiZSK Jun 27,2019 04:13
Nope. Still here. I don’t have time to do both PG1 and PG2. Also, yeah the project, all I can say is it will be awesome.
#8xd0AnFF Jun 27,2019 02:00
@Sigma Cray left PG2 for good and is now doing PG1
#jxNbJdTK Jun 27,2019 01:01
Honestly figured that cray would’ve said something about it now. In case I still make it, I’ll continue keeping it a secret.
#KBqCoxJh Jun 26,2019 23:19
@Xyvyrianeth have you never seen the when it tuesday meme? That dude was asserting his dominance before jumping into the void while the flintstones theme plays in the background. There I just summed it up. It's a dude t posing into the vo1d.
#NVuHdzsz Jun 26,2019 14:41
@Sigma I'm in the Discord and I have no idea what you're talking about @Himenz what the hell is that
#KBqCoxJh Jun 26,2019 06:38
What an appropriate thing to upload on a Tuesday. http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/70033.html
#8xd0AnFF Jun 25,2019 11:18
@Sigma what project? And sorry for your loss
#jxNbJdTK Jun 25,2019 09:46
Funny story. Okay, not that funny. Earlier I said that my computer was having problems and I needed some time to get it fixed, but turns out it’s pretty much unfixable. This means I have lost my work on my project (if you’re on the discord, you know which one). This is obviously a pretty big setback, especially since I am totally the one to give up completely on something whenever I lose a major part of my work (which has happened more than once before). I was pretty far down the line when it happened, so before I was fairly confident I would finish, but now I’m not so sure. I will definitely try, though, given the significance of the project.
#NJ9p4IRv Jun 25,2019 05:09
Just found out about the enter key feature. That's gonna be useful.
#KBqCoxJh Jun 24,2019 22:25
I'm going in a dunk tank on Thursday, and my brother and cousins know.
#vSbAiI0H Jun 24,2019 06:28
Oh dang it's cheese20
#M1iJJkgs Jun 24,2019 06:26
Also this comment J#XSDmS0NM Jun 18,2019 23:30 Lets divide the screen into boxes in which 150 bits can fit, so that each user can make their own temporary 100 bit artwork. https://dan-ball.jp/en/bbs/bit.html
#tUsY4yHA Jun 22,2019 09:06
I froze the ocean. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69988.html
#NVuHdzsz Jun 22,2019 01:25
Just upload said image to imgur and share the direct image link.
#KBqCoxJh Jun 22,2019 00:30
In pictures that is
#KBqCoxJh Jun 22,2019 00:30
Is there ANY possible way I can put pictures up here? I just put what I said into context.
#XZfdXXnJ Jun 21,2019 21:36
Even more weird is the comment by CvC on Aqua Box. https://dan-ball.jp/en/bbs/aquarium_a.html The comment has the same user ID as Lament*. Now the weird part is that that comment text is the bio of ha55ii's Youtube channel translated by Google Translate... Hmmm
#XZfdXXnJ Jun 21,2019 20:34
Spooky things going on in the comments... That comment by "Lement*" is from the SR2 comment board. That exact comment was actually written by Krby on Feb 19, 2019 as a reply to chesse20. Can be found here if you use the search tool of the browser: https://dan-ball.jp/en/bbs/ranger2_a.html
#NVuHdzsz Jun 21,2019 10:37
Who the hell are you talking to?
#M76YxV1y Jun 21,2019 08:36
@cheese20 I think so, but i'll have to investigate it more.
#NVuHdzsz Jun 20,2019 12:06
@PhreshManFresh34 that's a pretty neat concept, but either stone or ice always wins because those two have the shortest path to the top.
#tUsY4yHA Jun 20,2019 10:50
This is my tournament https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69962.html
#tUsY4yHA Jun 20,2019 10:50
I made one of those virus tournaments I keep seeing.
#KBqCoxJh Jun 20,2019 08:07
Poyo! *bang bang*
#ELFa6bCy Jun 20,2019 08:07
Look out! Kirbys got a gu.n!
#U0o7n2q0 Jun 19,2019 12:21
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69950.html Check THES out
#w8qmBRky Jun 19,2019 11:26
I would play powder toy, but it is too laggy and confusing.
#mspcX9tL Jun 19,2019 09:13
Minsheme Bot
My guess is that it's a complex form of AI generating Dan-Ball related comments to try to infiltrate this place
#jxNbJdTK Jun 19,2019 05:57
My next guess is someone who recently uploaded that put something on there that they wanted to respond to. People seem to do that nowadays.
#mspcX9tL Jun 19,2019 02:56
Minsheme Bot
@Lement* Who were you talking to? I'm just curious because there are no mentions of "cheese20" or even anyone with "cheese" in their name, even in the SR comments boards.
#doXXHwIQ Jun 18,2019 23:11
Welp, communism flag exists? I recently watched "Isabelle Ruins Everything", and a video from the important videos playlist where a barney plush was shot for being a commie. C O I N C I D E N C E ? I THINK NOT!!!
#XSDmS0NM Jun 18,2019 22:29
@cheese20 And have you beat it since? Because its so much bigger and better than back then. We have 5 Mega Bosses instead of just the old castle boss and there are at least 3 full screens worth of levels. Im with you, I beat it in those Mist Grove days as well, when Mist Grove 2 was the hardest level on the planet. But now I'm still making my way through the game and I continue to love it (4 Priest build here, and the game is still fresh and challenging.)
#KBqCoxJh Jun 18,2019 20:10
Yee has it's my last day of school. Kirby has a gun.
#NVuHdzsz Jun 18,2019 12:07
@Paazi This would make a good screensaver
#jxNbJdTK Jun 18,2019 03:59
It baffles me that people are still in school. Where I am, kids get out of school early May.
#KBqCoxJh Jun 18,2019 03:45
Welp, it's time for a whole week of rain. Also, I'm almost out of school. One day left. Is anyone out of school yet?
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