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#EYrK6U90 Dec 11,2018 13:26

Do you consume nut with that potty mouth?

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 11,2018 11:35

@NutMasterReload You're joking right? P.S. fu.ck that nut upload. You have better fu.cking things to do other than uploading cra.ppy sh.it like di.cks.

#EYrK6U90 Dec 11,2018 10:34

It took around 60 hours of labour over the course of 2 months to make the upload entitled "NUT".

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 11,2018 08:35

@sectumsempra I agree. If I made Powder Game, I would add a timer and some inappropriate or scribbled upload filter that would deter all of those poor uploads.
By the way I made a quality scale for uploads:
0 - Extremely poor - usually empty uploads, 1 min to make
1 - Very Poor - uploads with barely any effort, 2-3 min to make
2 - Poor - over 80% of PG & PG2 uploads fall under this category of "five minute uploads", 5 min to make
3 - OK - uploads that are simple but neat, 10 min to make
4 - Decent - uploads that are more complex and "useful", 20 min to make
5 - Good - uploads that have a good amount of effort, 40 min to make
6 - Very good - Well made uploads - 1 hour to make
7 - Extremely good - multiple hours to make
8 - Amazing - multiple days to make

#wsf5Co6r Dec 11,2018 06:06

I think my new coming back upload was a little harsh. However, I won't lie. I plan on doing exactly what I said.

#wsf5Co6r Dec 11,2018 05:39

Make something other than a chain reaction project. 4th time? Try something new and unique, like a power plant powering an airplane (Not that hard, you'll just need good art skills and some glass joints, along with some mildly powered explosives, and a timer) Unique always gets the most votes.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 11,2018 05:09

FYI DELTA_FORCE, I might not spend as much time on my works as these guys. BUT I work just as hard as they do and I always try my best!!!! I might not know how to do all this programming and stuff but I do use many things in my creations. Even though I'm not on Skyks level of skill yet, Ima make it there just you guys wait. I might sound like a little kid sayin this bud but guess what? I really mean it.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 11,2018 05:04

Yeah I agree boys, by the way I need ya'lls opinion on this. Do I create high quality work, are my creations something that you enjoy. I just gotta know what you guys think of me. Am I worthy of my placing? Well my friends, I'll let you decide. But anyway I just uploaded my 4th Chain Reaction project. I hope you all enjoy, and please VOTE!!!!!
- Strangelet Out

#f8NoJoRd Dec 11,2018 01:39

@ChainReactionGuy: well I haven't always gone by those rules but since my "titanic" upload this spring, now I get a fit if I see a single dot out of place. It surprises me how many people just use pen-free and scribble and have massive lines of stuff randomly everywhere. I think there should be at least a 10-30 min timer that doesn't let you upload if you've spent less time making it. Also the "creation not neat enough" thing (I forgot what it said :Q) needs to be stricter and smarter.

#wsf5Co6r Dec 11,2018 01:21

My old account here was 9132. I haven't played for many years, but compared to I did back then, all of these new works are just plain garbage in my opinion. I mean, seriously? ANOTHER volcano? Me and my friend skyk would compete to make good works, but here there is like no competition.

#wsf5Co6r Dec 11,2018 01:18

Why is every work so bad now.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 11,2018 00:20

@sectumsempra I think that comment is more appropriate for the Powder Game comment board.

#f8NoJoRd Dec 11,2018 00:13

my tips are.
(I) if you r.click an element, then do text, then the text itself is in that element.
(II) Use pen-0 in everything
(III) add detail everywhere
(IV) try your best in each upload
(V) handraw: don't be inpatient or messy.
PS: I don't mean to offend anyone. This is for building ships only. For technical uploads, I use pen-line *iam exposed*. And by you, I dont mean your uploads, I just mean when it comes to mine. I personally think your uploads are better than mine so iam not giving anyone particular in advice. this is just to advice I give to myself. So if you use pen-line, that ok: its my favorate tool.

#RwIyfDrU Dec 11,2018 00:02

first hint in my comment hints
( i ): if you put more effort into your upload, instead of throwing it together in 3 minutes, then test it you will be more likely to get votes.
and a bonus second hint
( i ): save/load does not determine what uploads! only what's on-screen will upload!

#f8NoJoRd Dec 11,2018 00:00

@ChainReactionGuy: If you reach 9000 votes altogether or just wanna build it, can u build a chain reaction titanic. Which sinks and stuff. Iam sure somebody like you which is a pro in that kind of creation can pull it off.

#5VXwWug3 Dec 10,2018 19:55

I wonder how the old giants are doing.

#9fL3iE7G Dec 10,2018 11:56

@Strangelet, just saying, but you shouldn't brand people as "Nazis" just because you dislike them. That's just childish in my opinion.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 10,2018 09:37

The select element is an icon at the top left corner of the Inspect Element window. P.S. If you're confused I'll make an upload about it with pixel art images for how it should look like.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 10,2018 07:32

CRG I'm Confused man. I see element Styles but not select element. and what I got no idea what source for pg2 script is? FYI programing and algorithims is my weakness.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 10,2018 07:16

@dominic035 In June 2018, several users ha.cked the vote counter and gave themselves over ten thousand votes. One of them gave himself 32,767 votes, which is the maximum amount of votes an upload can get, because the vote counter uses a 16-bit signed integer.
@Strangelet That's a question I get a lot.
1) Press F12
2) Click select element
3) Click on the Powder Game 2 canvas
4) Click on the source for the PG2 script below
5) Switch to console
6) Type in "Mc[0]=53" without quotes
7) Draw on the screen with powder.
Fun fact: When this element was discovered thirteen months ago, steps 2-4 were not required. Now it is required, and if you don't follow those steps, the console won't know any of the variables in the Powder Game 2 source code and nothing will happen. P.S. Its official name is "readvar" and I decided to name it after the guy that discovered the element, READ VAR("A")[0].

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 10,2018 06:08

LK you better not be the some muda fuka as Liberation otherwise we got issues boi!!!! That Nazi gotem self into some deep sh1t. And fyi, LOW EFFORT = DELETION

#vrXW08bG Dec 10,2018 05:48

actually, in my own opinion, we shouldnt delete low effort posts, unless its actually hot garbage, dont hate me on it just my opinion

#E92fM65s Dec 10,2018 05:44

all yalll some bit.ches

#E92fM65s Dec 10,2018 05:44

welp there goes that account

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 10,2018 05:44

Hey CRG, bruh how do you create that material that glitches players of of the map. I'd appriciate some instructions on how to obtain and create it. BTW please vote for my Chain Reaction series guys. I'll upload number 4 tomorrow.

#6eNWG3Ej Dec 10,2018 03:53

what about 「Danger Parkour!!」? it's really weird

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 10,2018 00:49

@ChainReactionGuy what do you mean by "ha.cked votes?"

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 10,2018 00:46

@Strangelet more people play the Original Powder Game. The most voted upload in PG2 has 837 votes, while the most voted upload in the original Powder Game that does not have ha.cked votes has over 13K votes. Also, in Powder Game 2, it's easier to get to the top 100 users, since fewer people play it. You're about 80% of the way to the top 100. I'm already in the top 100 of PG2, but I'm not even halfway there to the top 100 in the original Powder Game.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 10,2018 00:41

Menace to Society got deleted.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 10,2018 00:30

Alright friends, my 3rd Chain Reaction project is uploaded. As always please vote! And remember, I prefer that you guys give me tips and advice rather than delete my creations. Have a great day everyone and remember, only 16 days till Christmas; (ET) U.S. BTW I will be uploading a pixel art present for you guys sometime on Christmas day Just make sure you guys remind me PLZ. And also, is it just me or do more people play PG than PG2? Anyways have a great day friends.
- Strangelet Out

#f8NoJoRd Dec 10,2018 00:20

PS: R101 is leaving, just sayin'

#f8NoJoRd Dec 10,2018 00:18

@Strangelet: dont worry i pressed delete on "menace to society"

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 09,2018 13:29

@Strangelet Nice job on the chain reaction! BTW I'm working on my eighth chain reaction in the original Powder Game.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 09,2018 09:38

BTW THNX dominic035 I voted for your stuff to!

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 09,2018 09:37

Good night guys, please vote for my projects! :D Sleep well everyone, and delete "Menace to Society" if you happen to see it. Them dam nazi's!!!!!!!!

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 09,2018 05:18

Actually I decided to upload it today. Please vote : https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66484.html
and delete https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66483.html

#f8NoJoRd Dec 09,2018 05:17


#3C7ZM5jF Dec 09,2018 05:13

@Strangelet good job on the chain reaction

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 09,2018 05:12

DELETE THIS NOW: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66483.html

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 09,2018 03:46

Everyone: please delete this https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66483.html
It's an inappropriate upload that you need to delete ASAP

#f8NoJoRd Dec 09,2018 01:30

@ChainReactionGuy: Well its better than any calculator that I could do :3

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 09,2018 01:19

@sectumsempra No, it's just a calculator that doesn't really function that well, it's supposed to do that, otherwise it won't release the mercury. I will make a better one with better functionality later, and it will be uploaded on Sunday or Monday.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 08,2018 22:09

Good morning guys, I just uploaded my first Chain Reaction project prototype. Anyone with useful tips or comments please do express your opinions. It was inspired by CRG's amazing chain reactions. And FLIXX's chain reaction.

#oDOegNAP Dec 08,2018 20:57

@ChainReactionGuy: just to say, when on "aura" effect, sometimes the calculator glitches out and the thunder jumps out of the metal. Is this just my computer or is this a game glitch?

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 08,2018 14:43

@CarrotE Thanks for the compliment. Also, it's simpler than it looks. If anyone wants to know how the letter display works, please let me know.

#vqFjWZRj Dec 08,2018 08:45

@minsheme: well, now, a ton of kids will see it and then you have an angry army of parents in the comments.

#oDOegNAP Dec 08,2018 08:36

Any suggestions?

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 08,2018 05:22

People atill aren't putting too much effort or neatness in their projects.
Like this one: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66471.html

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 07,2018 21:33

Do you think this has too little effort? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66456.html

#9fL3iE7G Dec 07,2018 11:35

Hey CRG, I've gotta say that your latest upload is very impressive, and reminiscent of the work of old powder game giants like Σsigma. Very well done. =)

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 07,2018 08:36

Here's a cool trick: Follow my instructions, but instead type Mc[0]=2 instead and join the "block" with anything else. Next, save and reload. It becomes a one ended joint!

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 07,2018 08:13

@dominic035 Steam disappears in one frame after creation. The "Null Fireworks" are also called steam fireworks. To create it, just activate the Powder Game 2 canvas by selecting its script in Inspect Element, switch to the console, and type in "Nc[0]=22" in the browser console. Also, to new people, I did not discover the console editing trick. It was a user named READ VAR("A")[0].

#vSbAiI0H Dec 07,2018 06:55

dominic035: I used CRG's instructions for the console commands, and used the element value (22) for steam. As soon as the particles of Steam are created, they're instantly destroyed.

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 07,2018 04:31

@skyk How does "Null Fireworks" work?

#f8NoJoRd Dec 06,2018 21:20

I dont know if my work is good. I try to be detailed and I honestly try my best but nobody ever votes my my work. Did you know, the human brain actually prefers stuff by judging things by the cover (or in this case the minimap shown). Even when i try hard on uploads, they look terrible and boring on the minimap. Its quite a prejudice phenomenon to ignore uploads that dont look good on the outside. It exists because when we were primates, we used this skill to judge if a fruit or egg was rotten or not by looking at the skin.

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 06,2018 20:44

@ChainReactionGuy i mean like low effort
@ErtasVideos ok I did

#vrXW08bG Dec 06,2018 19:24

https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66435.html delete this, and yes its my own work but just do it its low effort lol

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 06,2018 12:14

@dominci035 The reason that upload needs to be deleted is not it has zero effort, it's because it is a five-minute upload and is 100% useless. A zero effort upload would be an empty one.
Also, to everyone reading this please delete: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/66437.html because it's another five minute upload and contains a message saying "oh fu.ck" and "God hates fa.gs".

#9fL3iE7G Dec 06,2018 11:34

@Strangelet, I would upload once a day, but I have school, and detailed pixel art where one pixel is 1 dot instead of 64 dots is very time consuming, requires lots of skill and is very taxing on your patience as well.

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 06,2018 11:33

Everyone, delete the following, it has 0 effort in it:

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 06,2018 09:58

Please take your time on your uploads.
Only about 6% of uploads take more than ten minutes to make, so PLEASE MAKE BETTER UPLOADS.
Here's some tips for making better uploads:
1. Take your time. Don't make something in three minutes because you want to upload very quickly.
2. Reduce voting scams. Frequently posting vote scams will make others know you as a vote scammer and not vote for your uploads.
3. Use the get-set function. Click "Get" to acquire a long string of characters, which contain the data of the creation. Save the code in a text file, and when you want to start working on it again, paste the code back into the text box and click "Save" to obtain your unfinished creation.
4. Don't re-upload. Re-uploading creations because you fixed some flaws or the original upload got deleted unfairly is OK, but if you re-upload one of your best uploads frequently, it will be considered "upload spam" and all duplicates are guaranteed to be deleted.
5. Test your uploads. Don't make nonfunctional uploads. Use the save and load function to test your creations and try to fix all major flaws. If you don't know how to fix it, feel free to ask in the comments.
6. Be original. Don't copy other's uploads. Even though the "Similar Work" feature is not implemented in PG2, don't copy others. Think of your own ideas.
7. Make them neat. Use PEN-LOCK to make straight lines, and use PEN-S 0 and SCALE for detail.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 06,2018 09:30

Ya'll gotta upload daily to get lotz of votes. Well.... if you can do quality work in a day than yeah you definitely should. Unfortunately most people are slow and it takes them a week to do something that I could do in a day! But nevertheless take your time and don't post stupid sh.it like pathetic d.icks for everyone to see. anyways have a good night everyone, cya tomarrow.
- Strangelet Out
ps. BossCard003 is one of my friends, im still teaching him so dont delete his posts guys!

Rip Toucans
#iE593fvq Dec 06,2018 09:06

i haven't uploaded in ages. Time to upload!!

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 06,2018 08:44

@minsheme Well, we will delete it because it's upload spam, and if you upload it over and over again for years, it is guaranteed that ha55ii will see those and just delete every single one of them. Also, that won't be a smart idea because upload spamming will just cause people to delete it, especially if the upload spam is a drawing of a di.ck.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 06,2018 07:32

Wussup guys, I just uploaded a small project of mine. It was a request by a classmate/fan. Its comprised of a high rise apartment building, a convienience store, and a large Gymnasium/recreational building with several floors. Please enjoy and vote guys! Have a great day everyone and keep creating.

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 06,2018 05:32


#3C7ZM5jF Dec 06,2018 05:32

@minisheme, that would be very stupid.

#EYrK6U90 Dec 06,2018 05:26

I took screenshots of it. I'm going to replicate it and upload it every day for years.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 06,2018 00:22

@minsheme It already got deleted. Scroll down the comments and click that link to "your favorite upload". Notice how it goes back to the Powder Game 2 home page.

#EYrK6U90 Dec 05,2018 23:33

Ha, you think "NUT" is going to get deleted? I have bad news for you

#YhCBBwmU Dec 05,2018 19:50

@ChainReactionGuy please upload it

#f8NoJoRd Dec 05,2018 19:47

PS: it was a joke, just sayin.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 05,2018 13:36

My "Turn on MiniMap fixed" upload still has two unwanted dots that I didn't notice until it was uploaded. If anyone wants an actually fixed version, I will upload it. Thanks for all the votes on both "Turn on MiniMap" uploads anyways!
@Strangelet It's OK. I still voted on it anyways. You can always upload a fixed version.

#9fL3iE7G Dec 05,2018 13:34

@Strangelet, there is no such thing as "cintripical force", however I think you meant centripetal force. In the absence of rotation the earth would be roughly be a perfect sphere, but centripetal force pulls out the equator a bit, hence why the earth is an oblate spheroid. Also, while the moon may influence other stuff like the tides, it doesn't really affect the shape of the earth, and in fact the earth's gravity affects the shape of the moon.

#vSbAiI0H Dec 05,2018 12:28

I wasn't trying to argue, I was just trying to share an interesting fact from history.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 05,2018 11:22

@Strangelet Because they want to. Also, if you scroll down the 1000 posts, you will see more of stuff like this.
@minsheme I think you probably hate me so you voted for those horrible uploads I posted telling people to delete them. P.S. The "di.ck" upload got deleted so sorry your favorite upload is gone. It deserved to be deleted anyways.
@sectumsempra and minsheme The Earth is ROUND with a bulge because of what Strangelet said.
@Powdersnuffer How is that even weird? P.S. Lurn hao too spel
@Christmas Jacob WTF?

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 05,2018 09:43

Why are ya'll arguing over stupid sh1t. The earth is a sphere with bulge at the equator, the bulge is due to the cintripical force generated by the earths immense speed and gravity. The moon also plays a role in the earths shape to! But besides that the Vikings came to North America long before Columbus, XD. Ya'll need 2 go back 2 school. Goodnight guys, please vote for my projects. Have a nice night everyone.
- Strangelet Out

#vSbAiI0H Dec 05,2018 06:46

Sectumesempra: I don't know why you're telling me that, but did you know that Columbus actually thought the planet was pear shaped? He was so sure of his navigational skills that when he landed on the wrong continent and found all the new land he thought it must be sticking out of the Earth for there to be room for it.

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 05,2018 06:33

Sorry guys, my Oil Rig has a small flaw. It explodes when the extra Oil heads for the boiler/ burner. I should've used crystal! But it takes a long time for that to happen. So please enjoy while it lasts. And vote!

#f8NoJoRd Dec 05,2018 04:01

@skyk: actualy he earth is a pear

#aCyvZLHU Dec 04,2018 21:16

I love how this thread is still active to this day... wierd but cool

#EYrK6U90 Dec 04,2018 18:14

he hates the goyim in particular

#EYrK6U90 Dec 04,2018 18:13

skyk told me in confidence he has irrefutable proof that the earth is flat but he's withholding it because he hates humanity

Christmas Jacob
#E92fM65s Dec 04,2018 16:41

i watch people in the nude, but that's because i'm at a nudist colony

#9fL3iE7G Dec 04,2018 11:58

What kind of a question is that, Strangelet? Also :( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 04,2018 09:50

Anyone else watch p0rn?

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 04,2018 09:49

Goodnight guys, I gotz 2 catch some zzzz. Cya 2marow bois!

#EYrK6U90 Dec 04,2018 08:26


#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 04,2018 08:15

Please delete this.
If you see any more broken or nonfunctional uploads please click [DELETE] and post a link in BBS to tell everyone to delete it.

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 04,2018 08:12

Thanks for 1000 votes!

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 04,2018 07:08

Alright guys, if you recall me promising you a Water Filtration Plant in my Bunker Builder project, I did not forget about it. I just uploaded it a minute ago. It's pretty Realistic and it's also fully functional. Like everything else I make, I worked hard on it so please vote! Strangelet out!

#3C7ZM5jF Dec 04,2018 06:32

Should I try to upload more?

#eUUy2Q2V Dec 04,2018 06:01

Guys I got a gift for being able to do my projects quickly and make quality work. I'll make somethin today for ya'll. Peace out

#5VXwWug3 Dec 04,2018 05:58


#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 04,2018 00:33

@CarrotE LOL that's the point of that upload.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Dec 04,2018 00:21


#9fL3iE7G Dec 03,2018 17:41

@we are cool, the concept of your latest upload was really cool, but the execution-not so much.

we are cool
#MXS5EmLl Dec 03,2018 17:26

please vote for my products?

#9fL3iE7G Dec 03,2018 17:16

@ChainReactionGuy, your latest upload is so good I didn't even realize the minimap was there for a sec!

#NdqGPeQ5 Dec 03,2018 13:17

*Probably less than 0.2%, I think 0.1% is more accurate
PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME ON YOUR UPLOADS. For every upload that has a quality of OK (meaning takes 10-20 minutes and is neat) or better, there are fifteen poor ones.

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