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#aTfFV9MT Jul 29,2021 00:20
「Sylvanos」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 29,2021 00:17 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/448006.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 @KfVb1083 Lol, jokes. Sigma doesn't vote for uploads
#0IzDJtlO Jul 28,2021 19:47
@nickname whoops its f8 grand trash classes : priest, whipper, hammerer worst weapon for each class : fire gauntlet, fire bs, dec poison, toxic smog, scared rod, bio shotgun, poison ew, long halo, poison dbs, mjolnir, dense blowgun, venom rain worst type : poison. Best type : thunder gimme whipper loadout
#UVsTIoYN Jul 28,2021 16:10
@hungdeptrai07 haha very funny. Also what is f9? Attacker priest=godblessed trash Supporter priest=pretty good mega trash designed stages:wl1,hc4,cs(closing street) high fire dmg:hc6 boss(111 and 11) godly trash items:spirits,souls,rubbercard,bigcard,gamblercard,piercecard,red crystal,blue crystal darkness attack enemy:wl2 tree trash point for t9-10 staves:cold rod:no splash dmg molten rod:also no splash dmg long diamond rod:very poor dmg frost rod:no splash dmg electric rod:small dmg toxic rod:no splash dmg & very small dmg impact rod:small dmg tera exp rod:veryvery small dmg scared rod:small heal point arctic rod:none(yeah finally) most hammerer weapons grand trash bc high agi and small dmgͫͬͭͮͯ which best with holy light ew and bullet8,magicamp8 or quick8?answer me!!!!! molten ew+magicamp8+bullet8+much dex=whooshy dmg highest mp is 8000 ང༠ཀĭ̈и9 s00η
#0IzDJtlO Jul 28,2021 15:00
nickname! that repost lets wait for some to come in all 140 tier 9-10 weapons, 60% are trash, and 10% of them came from priest and dual sw grand trash bosses : cv10, f9, wl2, wl5, hc4 grand good bosses : cv9, wl1, wl3, hc5 grand hard stages : wl1, wl4, wla, hc4, hc5 godly hard stages : wlb easiest a stage : desert a hardest a stage : wla grand easy bosses: wl5, wl8 grand trash compo : peridot, all the dusts, all the souls, all the spirits, rubber 8, big 8, knockback 8, pierce 8, reflect 8, gamble 8, red crystal 8
#UVsTIoYN Jul 28,2021 10:21
@hungdeptrai07 haha posted that before. nickname:activating a working shockwave machine and crashed all zombies. worst physical weapon:sept gold shot enemy that drop wow weapons:wl1 boss stage with full trash items:f8,wl2,wl5,hc4,closing s. stage with only one head:cv9,wl5 easiest stage:wl1 godly trash cards:rubber8,big8,kback8 very op cards:quick8,bullet8,flare8,crit8,magic amp8 dec poison mega trash even with peridot 8+magic amp 8 chakram godly trash even with shredder8+heal3 best poison weapon:toxic halo,toxic dbs biggest projectile:explosion mj(mj=mjolnir) smallest residue:avalanche smallest projectile:combat blowgun best wla weapon:toxic chakram,holy light ew best wlb weapon:holy light halo,needle dbs a character can deal dmg more than satan card in one hit
#KfVb1083 Jul 28,2021 04:45
@dragon-slayer ill vote for your model
#aTfFV9MT Jul 28,2021 02:57
#h1jT1sYV Jul 28,2021 02:20
@#KfVb1083 So cute you thought that would work.
#aTfFV9MT Jul 28,2021 00:22
「hangman」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 28,2021 00:19 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447984.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 A primitave version, I'll be coming out with a more complex one sometime in the future @Tron Yo whattup Tron. Always nice to see ya
#KfVb1083 Jul 28,2021 00:02
#0IzDJtlO Jul 27,2021 22:53
i will make a community upload of community apocalypse 2 which is the sequel of dragon-slayer's first version. so put what would you do in the line below. You can put everything here, but it should be more unique compared to first version. 1 2 3 also this will be on pg2 20 people only u can join and get mentioned on the pg2 upload
#0IzDJtlO Jul 27,2021 17:49
thorn halo is grand trash even with bullet 8 and magic amp 8 best fire weapon : fire halo best thunder weapon : mega thunderstorm best ice weapon : glacier ? scalding ice flare ? best poison weapon : toxic halo best freeze weapons : absolute zero best needle weapon : needle gauntlet coolest weapon : holy light halo worst weapon : poison dbs highest dps : spark gauntlet best pure physcial weapon : m40 biggest residue : charge halo best weapon with magic amp 8 : miracle lightsaber best wla weapon : umm burst gauntlet ? toxic halo ? magicial blast ? enemy that drop amazing weapons : wl7 x walker, hc5 boss enemy that drop grand trash weapons : wla boss epic card : quick 8, focus 7, bullet 8, magic amp 8 worst stage : closing street ? longest melee weapon : long bs Longest ranged weapon : long dense blowgun truck damage enemies : wl7 boss ( 1500-2000 )
#XOb9eVPL Jul 27,2021 15:43
This game is great! :-)
#OGGA0tyE Jul 27,2021 15:17
Hello, it has been awhile, I am thinking of coming ba- oh. Yeah nevermind. It is still a spamyard.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 27,2021 12:11
@hungdeptrai07 what is so funny? Also posted here bc sr1CB frozen long diamond rod very good for support,if only for dmg it's godly trash. If 4 priest team and 3 priests pure str 1 pure mag,then thunder impact arctic rod good,otherwise godblessed trash Power halo+crit8+explosion8 great trash,quick halo+magicamp4(150mag) or 6(for 200mag)+bullet8 good Holy light ew+bullet8+expansion7=heaven blast which build overall best for whipper,100mag150dex or 150mag100dex or 200mag50dex? Best weapon for all classes:boxer:spark gauntlet gladiator:miracle lightsaber magician:electrocution sniper:triple inferno priest:long diamond rod gunner:m40 angel:fire halo whipper:explosion ew dual sw:spark dbs hammerer:dont know predator:horror blowgun/long dense blowgun wizard:mega th.storm r3p1y me 4nd s01v3 411 my qu3st10n5!(reply me and solve all my questions!)
#0IzDJtlO Jul 27,2021 10:46
@nickname so so funny. also sr1cb is temporary frozen so i post it here sorry reworked Angel : thorn halo=trash, thunder halo= big trash, ice halo=great trash, power halo : if have crit 8, then it is okay, but not then it is grand trash, toxic halo=mega trash, quick 8=giga trash, long halo=godly trash Good weapons : all other halos. Overall : 4/10, big trash extra : i have the trash, the big trash, the great trash, the grand trash, the mega trash, the giga trash, but not the godly trash priest : toxic rod trash, tera exp rod big trash, impact rod great trash, thunder rod grand trash, molten rod super trash, cold rod mega trash, arctic rod ultra trash, frost rod giga trash, scared rod tera trash. good weapons : long diamond rod. overall : 0/10, godly trash gladiator : flame bs trash, ice bs big trash, frozen bs great trash, thunder bs grand trash, fire bs mega trash, broadsword giga trash, Good weapons : all other. overall, 2/10, great trash, dual sw : needle dbs trash, thunder dbs big trash, dbs great trash, ice dbs grand trash, freeze dbs mega trash, fire dbs giga trash, toxic dbs tera trash, poison dbs godly trash. Good weapon : all other. overall, 1/10, grand trash
#UVsTIoYN Jul 27,2021 10:19
Why keep deleting my comments for no reason? They're no offense! >:( it makes me almost can't post anything! >>>>>:(((((((((
#JwxfKAUu Jul 27,2021 09:25
2012 series has come back!
#usGUJuKW Jul 27,2021 06:52
#1 Tron fan
Ngl this is one hell of a throwback lmao. I keep forgetting to even check these boards lol
#Allu0Xv5 Jul 27,2021 03:22
bot a not 9843
u all dum dums haha btw i am real!1
#Allu0Xv5 Jul 27,2021 03:22
Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You want it? Its yours my friend,as long as you have enough rupees.
#i7LJThzW Jul 27,2021 02:42
drip kapi
next upload is here and i want to say thank you for more than 120 votes
#aTfFV9MT Jul 27,2021 01:00
「sand city」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 27,2021 00:52 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447963.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#JwxfKAUu Jul 26,2021 11:44
The 2012 series has come back!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 26,2021 11:10
I did some weapon testing lmao fire bs is trash ice bs is also trash poison bs is trash every sniper weapon is trash expect triple inferno and trivigintuple arrow are big trash Opinion on ur whipper build 1. this loadout would have 10 lp point, which i thing would be very easy to die unless u have war cry or priest def aura. 2.i am thinking if should i add bullet 8 into the whips, but i dont khow will it add 200% of base num of bullets or 200% of base bullet + bullet stat of whipper whatever, holy light ew + bullet 8 + quick 8 or magic amp 8 + quick 8 explosion ew + bullet 8 + quick 8 so lucky that sr1cb was unfrozen i will comment on it soon
#UVsTIoYN Jul 25,2021 20:37
@shroomy1 post one more comment in sr1CB so i can comment and help u @hungdeptrai07 oh no,don't die! rępłÿ më! Also see my last comment ps:which build best for whipper? i use 50dex200mag rest lp. What compo best for explosion ew&holy light ew? also will calc. Which character deal most dmg with 3 predators(if warcry stack). Which build funniest for whipper? test ?⬇️ flame chain+bullet8+extension8/quick8+200mag=LOTsa projectiles. Good in caves holylight/explosion ew+expansion7+bullet8=laaaaaaggg
#LqjigSgk Jul 25,2021 17:57
Man, it's 2021 and I still can't believe this place is still active (albeit with totally different people), also hi Sigma, and anyone else whom I may have met before, although I recognize none of your names.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 25,2021 10:41
@hungdeptrai07 hammerer 30 dex? i recommend 89dex100mag or 89dex rest str. answer me all questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many % of dmg does each str of hammerer add? do war cry stack? how many base projectile does thorn ew have?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 25,2021 09:06
main loadout : -dual sw : 26 str, 28 dex, 150 mag, rest lp -hammerer : 30 dex, 100 mag rest lp -predator : 20 dex, rest mag -wizard : 40 dex, 150 mag, rest str
#TrPX1mJ6 Jul 25,2021 04:55
does anyone here play rec room? just curious
#c4hc0CRR Jul 25,2021 00:50
「Elliana」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 25,2021 00:48 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447932.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#UVsTIoYN Jul 24,2021 20:58
@hungdeptrai07 poor mobile,can't do anything computer can do! Also how to make the pictures on db fandom show up? Most of em dont work no matter what i do and when i click em they send me to another site. Also giveya s0me aDvIcÆs abOut yoμr łïñęûp: str&dex to make agi->8-12,150mag,get strong spark&toxic weapons. Hammerer 89dex 100mag rest lp. Predator war cry build,wizard lotsa mag 40dex some str. Also how many % of damage does each str of hammerer add? Do war cry stack? How many båse projectile does thorn ew have? What build best for whipper? aNsWeR mE aLl QuEsTiOnS! ice ew's bullets reflect xdd. supah lag with exp. ew/holy light ew+bullet8 expansion7.
#0IzDJtlO Jul 24,2021 17:33
alright will change my lineup then next lineup : only modded classes ( dual sw hammerer predator wizard ) u will need a fresh downloaded version of it, but sorry that a lot of thing are different from here. that was the only way ( if i know ) to change tier on mobile. on desktop u just click on them xd
#UVsTIoYN Jul 24,2021 12:50
posted here bc sr1CB still dead great news! Got to palace at lv91 with mage priest predator whipper @hungdeptrai07 reply me reply me reply reply me! I mean h6 boss last post but nevermind i got past that. Found out sth about lv9-10 whips. Stone ew shoot stone piles,fire ew shoot blazes like fire whip,thunder one shoot three arrows like lv1 version,ice ew is ice ms+more dmg,explosion ew like explosion mjolnir,thorn and poison ew dont know,holy light ew is holy light flail+more dmg ---------------------------------–------------------------- Answer me all questions! Answer me all questions! where is the ivanmod documentation? How to change tiers on db fandom's sr weapon page? rEpLy RePlY rEpLyRePlYmE!
#i7LJThzW Jul 24,2021 04:19
drip kapi
next upload is here
#KmERhXNP Jul 24,2021 02:11
#aTfFV9MT Jul 24,2021 00:36
「Element War 7」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 24,2021 00:29 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447913.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 idk man, if you go into PG1 there have been some really great content creators in the last few months. AnEngineer, padruman, Dhdhi, and Rapture (Castonian back under a new account) made a beautiful upload, are a few examples. Can't say the same for PG2 necessarily, though I do enjoy the effort some of these newer and younger uploaders are putting in to their creations. shoutout to drip kapi, catpawshoe, hungdeptrai07, botanot, and botangest. of course we love you, too, skyk.
#h1jT1sYV Jul 23,2021 15:34
Lately? Ha!
#ONHcdyuk Jul 23,2021 13:17
The quality of works lately has been going down
#UVsTIoYN Jul 23,2021 12:22
@hungdeptrai beated h2-4&if1(thank u molten flail),going to beat h5,plz tell me what weapon best for mage&predator bc the boss has too much lp and my dps is too low,got killed before kill him(i use whipper to bait+tank the shots)also stuck at if2 because most of my splash damage weapon are fire type and the rest deal so little dmg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer me all questions! answer me all questions! where is the ivanmod documentation? What do lv9-10 whips do? How to change tiers on db fandom's sr weapon page?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 23,2021 09:00
nickname! oh no... mfc is the cooldown for a ring to hit again after hitting an enemy... and it is for angel not for molten flail 5 one thing u should need is long iron blowgun 6,which is found on the copters in sf9, and a black and purple crystal to equip into ur whipper, and freeze explosion with quick 5 and diamond 4
#aTfFV9MT Jul 23,2021 01:02
「Attack the Castle 4」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 23,2021 01:00 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447892.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 Yeah, what did happen to NasaResearch? Miss that one
#UVsTIoYN Jul 22,2021 22:29
@hungdeptrai nah the team i post already got to submarine also what is MFC where is the ivanmod documentation? Mage priest predator stuck at hell2 i tried baiting the spikes,most likely killed by yellow and white spikes. Use vampire card but health decreases as fast as when i dont use vampire card. Dont have long range fire weapon like double flame/spread explosion so have to kill germs one by one,got killed before clearing em. The germs also distract my shots away from the boss. Help me! Pls answer my two questions from my last comment! what do all lv9-10 whips do? pls answer all questions i dont want to type em again
#B6gfn3cB Jul 22,2021 22:26
@bob4koolest what happened to NasaReaserch?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 22,2021 20:37
@nickname do u remember this -------------------------------------------------------------------------- nickname! Started a new mage priest predator whipper team but stuck at grassland 1! Everything goes wrong when i play the game. For example i always have to spend metric tons of times just for a single item but end up with "is this item even dropped by this enemy?" And getting exp always takes me infinite amounts of time. When i fight with an enemy,the most annoying features of him will come out. And i dont know how to edit the code. Plz help! pleeeease comment i really need help.plz be quick -------------------------------------------------------------------------- i used that lineup i posted before but i checked and it was yours Molten Flail 5 (Whipper) AT 5-20, AGI 15-20, MFC 25, Range 40, MP 400, Type Fire, BAT 5-10 x3 (Burn 50%), Buy for $10000, Sells for $1250. Upon magical activation creates 3 blazes along a straight line and decelerates. The blazes last for 1s. Can deal extreme damage at close range with suitable stats and compo items. Molten Energy Whip 10 (Whipper) AT 10-40, AGI 15-20, Range 40, MP 500, Type Fire, BAT 10-15 x3 (Burn 100%), Sells for $4500. Essentially an upgraded Molten Flail 5. Upon magical activation releases 3 balls in a straight line which burns enemies for up to 2s. ( all these are from a ivan's mod Mod Documentation)
#7WqmPbVp Jul 22,2021 19:29
Apple Juice
#UVsTIoYN Jul 22,2021 12:06
@hungdeptrai07 what do u mean by "oh no"? Also pls upload ur codes into ur blogs! Note:dont use pictures they dont show up at all. And dont use messages like [expand] how to change tiers on sr weapon page? How to remove the big flashing bar that appears on top of all pages in db fandom? aNsWeR mE bOtH qUeStIoNs! moved it here bc sr1CB is dead xd 1.my luck is too bad. it makes common items become rare and rare items almost impossible to get. 2.since ice=% of freezing,enemies would have much stronger ice effect. 3.some stages is too unfriendly to my device. For example i need at least 30sec to pass the last screen of desertA without crowns. 4.the terrain/enemy spawnpoints is always not cooperate with me and it's pretty maddening when u grind sth. Also what does molten ew/flail do? @hungdeptrai rEpLy Me RePlY mE rEpLy RePlY mE!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 22,2021 08:56
@nickname! lineup : magician predator priest whipper ( oh no )
#i7LJThzW Jul 22,2021 06:40
drip kapi
yo thank you for 100 votes
#aTfFV9MT Jul 22,2021 00:24
「Clairen」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 22,2021 00:23 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447871.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#UVsTIoYN Jul 21,2021 19:57
@hungdeptrai07 i saw u made a 4c guide on db fandom that means u have a account,but i dont see anything in ur user page xdd u can post all ur codes into a blog and teII me when u posted one. Side note a big flashing bar start appearing at the top of all pages in db fandom,what's it? Btw how to change tiers on sr weapon pages? posted it here bc sr1CB stilllllllllll frozen
#UVsTIoYN Jul 21,2021 12:17
got it @hungdeptrai07,now pls speeeeeeeeeeedrun the game with a whipper bc im really stuck,stuck at stages,stuck getting items and stuck leveling up.
#0IzDJtlO Jul 21,2021 12:10
nickname! i threw my code into sr1 cb so quickly get it before it disappears ! next lineup : magician predator priest boxer oh i comment here bc sr1cb had frozen when i threw it in sorry
#i7LJThzW Jul 21,2021 07:01
drip kapi
plz vote almost at 100 votes were at 95 thank you
#i7LJThzW Jul 21,2021 05:16
drip kapi
new upload is here
#aTfFV9MT Jul 21,2021 00:24
@bob Thanks! I can't exactly take credit for it, like I said in the upload I got the image from an artist online. But i have a lot of fun converting pixel art to powder game, especially with the challenge of having a limited colour pallet. Something you may not have noticed, I actually shrunk the size of the screen using powder so it would better fit the widescreen-style of the picture
#aTfFV9MT Jul 21,2021 00:18
「chain reaction」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 21,2021 00:16 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447854.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#3oxNjBQf Jul 20,2021 23:05
@bepis ye I remember you @dragon-slayer That's a very cool pixelart drawing :) Really like the colors and amount of detail in it.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 20,2021 21:06
dont respond to it! Dont everevereverever do it! it's a big trap! @hungdeptrai wh00ps,ur really lucky u met a thing with ~0.01% chance to happen! Also ur a speeeeeeeeeedrun pro! brukbrukbruk is prof_slime here?
#jtp8KES0 Jul 20,2021 10:33
China boy-ZYH
I'm Chinese, but I prefer danball games. Especially the monster box and the powder game,thanks
#44xTyPz8 Jul 20,2021 06:40
OBJ STOP!??????
#SvgEKRDA Jul 20,2021 01:40
hey guys its me bepis2000 i bet that nobody knows who i am or just forgot me. nasareasearch if you are reading this than hi i hope i haven't been forgotten pls respond to this message
#QNTVlCDr Jul 20,2021 00:40
「Firewatch」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 20,2021 00:37 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447836.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#0IzDJtlO Jul 19,2021 21:14
no. I defeated around 40 sf5 boss and got 20 hunting rifle, 15 pierce arrows, 8 shredder card, and 0 quick card :(
#0IzDJtlO Jul 19,2021 20:56
nickname ! Current Status : Class : sniper gunner predator dual swordman Lv 41, have 225k gold had beat sf 5-7, got double flame, long dual sw, and some more i will beat ice castle soon
#QDFNuk5n Jul 19,2021 16:52
@DiDyRO ah neato. You should consider uploading a tutorial for a working shoe, we've all really been struggling trying to make one, but I think you just might have the skill to pull it off and really save this community
#UVsTIoYN Jul 19,2021 16:51
@hungdeptrai07 plz give me a team with dual swordsman. If u dont have then just speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedrun the game.i'll tell u if i got it. moved it here bc sr1CB is still frozen. XD how does dire storm enter dark cave in the videos in his playlist?
#i30UUCZB Jul 19,2021 16:43
Also my discord server is https://discord.gg/UuVkYqte so join
#i30UUCZB Jul 19,2021 16:42
Hi. im back to tell you the reason im leaving and not posting anymore: because of my YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjij9nYlEyPl5aVYnJkvx2w/videos
#raBZeMkb Jul 19,2021 12:43
@hungdeptrai07 that makes sense
#0IzDJtlO Jul 19,2021 12:36
@tokyoghoulfan maybe the iceball+ice is too cold, it create red-purple thing around it and it spread coldness to other place nearly cold as it.
#0IzDJtlO Jul 19,2021 12:33
@nickname! thing is going well. i cleared pyramid, unlock resort and passed cv4. i will get more money to buy that freeze thing, oh just kidding war cry is 20 dex rest mag so i got dex exchanger 4. im sorry there no other way to go in palace basement other than installing ccmod. oh the sr1 cb is now frozen and prof slime is in it xd
#UVsTIoYN Jul 19,2021 12:28
@hungdeptrai and teII me what's your progress every time you make some. Also how to enter palace basement dark cave dried lake without options outside the game? rEpLy Me RePlY mE! @tokyohoulfan this happens because this happens also is anyone using ipad? How do u right click?
#raBZeMkb Jul 19,2021 12:11
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/84328.html explain why this happens
#i7LJThzW Jul 19,2021 04:45
drip kapi
the upload is here and a break for 2 days
#UVsTIoYN Jul 18,2021 23:16
@hungdeptrai07 oh,PERFECT! Also just answer me these questions,posted many times: How to enter palace basement dark cave dried lake without options outside the game? Dont have cc mod. also w/ quick4 greenstone4 agi=33-48 <50,is able to freeze cv4-6 bosses it seems like sr1CB got frozen like icy ice creams lol so moved it here
#0IzDJtlO Jul 18,2021 21:59
@nickname ! sorry, i didnt know. Yes of course, but i think i shouldnt told u about that. oh no... i think i wouldnt use tranquillizer until forget tree... cus i do war cry lineup ( 30 dex, rest mag ) is indra blowgun good ? still good, passed sub shrine it seems like sr1 comment board stopped working lol so i moved it here so sorry
#UVsTIoYN Jul 18,2021 11:39
@hungdeptrai cc mod isn't accessible for me,so tell me a way without options outside the game. Btw u mean u can play ivanmod in ccmod? Saw ur reply on sr1CB,see the team i post on jul 05 on sr1CB,also give ya guides to some stages sub s:venom blowgun+catapult+peridot,shoot&dodge. MG2:bomb blowgun. CV4-6:use tranquillizer,make sure agi<50,clear minions first then freeze the boss. sf4:tranquillize spider then kill boss ps:moved it here bc if i post it in sr1CB hungdeptrai won't reply
#h1jT1sYV Jul 18,2021 07:25
Whoops, I see what you meant by "didn't even get a one".
#TrPX1mJ6 Jul 18,2021 07:11
@dragon-slayer oh,i guess i read it wrong then
#i7LJThzW Jul 18,2021 03:29
drip kapi
next update is here
#h1jT1sYV Jul 18,2021 02:10
Just wait, you ALWAYS get at least 5 votes from people or bots who vote everything. It's almost guaranteed.
#c4hc0CRR Jul 18,2021 00:14
@hungdeptrai i love the moon base! very well done :) @botAnot Stop asking for attention. if you want people to like your uploads, work on your uploads and get better. Stick with it, practice. We're all happy you're here and all cuz this community is small and each member counts. But I don't think anyone's gonna be like "NOO BOT DON'T GO" like, if you wanna go just leave. or stay and keep with it. it's your choice and tbh it doesn't really affect any of us
#c4hc0CRR Jul 18,2021 00:04
「Attack the Castle 3」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 18,2021 00:01 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447797.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#TrPX1mJ6 Jul 17,2021 22:14
alright i didnt even get a one i guess im gonna stop uploading :c
#0IzDJtlO Jul 17,2021 21:58
alright pg1 upload https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447795.html
#0IzDJtlO Jul 17,2021 21:05
@nickname! me too cus the sr1 page stopped posting the comment xd first, i copied my endgame save into the cc mod get-set box. second, press load and move to the end of the map. u will see a line from palace to the north of it. click the last square of the line and u will enter palace basement. the same with dark cave at the west of hell castle, and dried lake at the east of wasteland 5. @botAnot9382 i think 0 @dragon-slayer nice upload, i must admit it and u should vote to him cus now he have 69 vote xd http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447776.html @Σsigma oh no my best would be 4fps, but i can make 1 fps in elemental box
#UVsTIoYN Jul 17,2021 17:29
@hungdeptrai moved it here bc no one comments in sr1 comment board what did u do in order to enter palace basement dark cave dried lake? Please give me the whipper team! ill tell u if i get it. Do u have dual swordsman teams? Ps:dont post both answer and code in one comment. @sigma 0fps just freezes the game like ice cream so you can eat up i have a important plan to make more people active in sr1CB pls help me
#h1jT1sYV Jul 17,2021 14:05
I was joking, I just don't remember the character that was used. I don't speak Japanese either...I suggest using Google Translate (use brief sentences with easy words since it's notoriously bad at keeping comprehensibility). They rarely respond, however. I've only seen 1fps even when it was lower than that, honestly I thought it defaulted to it at low speeds.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 17,2021 13:16
comment in sr1 comment board @DS @hungdeptrai07 @sigma what do u mean? Plz help me contact the developer and tell him to bring mobile interactions back bc i dont speak japanese @botAnot what about -99999999? Does anyone know a way to get to 0fps? I got one before when viewing uploads
#TrPX1mJ6 Jul 17,2021 05:04
2 things: 1 - pg os 2 is cancelled sorry guys 2 - on a scale of 1 to 10 how good is my content
#dzdEc61V Jul 17,2021 02:59
Aaron trott
Where's the screen where the game shows
#h1jT1sYV Jul 17,2021 01:10
Could've been gib vot pl0x. This is clearly more important than anything else we should be talking about.
#aTfFV9MT Jul 17,2021 00:10
「Christmas house」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jul 17,2021 00:07 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/447776.html Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 @nick I don't think you can right click on ipad within Powder Game, sorry
#UVsTIoYN Jul 16,2021 18:12
@hungdeptrai07 oh no... Plz tell other people comment in sr1 comment board asap i need ur help Virus bomb: have some lava g-powder vine clone squares forming 2x2 grid(dont put em together)and surround them with virus,click start,BOOM! It would fill da screen in a few seconds. How it works:the gpowder blows off other elements,lava burns vine,fire also blows off things,vine grows on virus,and clone clones everything(spoilers:won't always work) D0es any0ne here have any ipads? If u do then h0w d0 y0u right click? @STS what's the highest fps u can get on ray trace fighter? gib v☆t pI☆x! gib v°t pl°x!ེིོཻྀཽ༹ Can anyone type backslashes that dont appear as \?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 16,2021 17:51
well... i decided to make a moon base, but it turned terrible lol nickname! okay... this is powder game community for both pg1 and pg2 didnt sure but i think falling virus with lazer would be one. looking at virus slowly falling and lazer keep firing in every direction ( spoilers : it wont work sometimes ) i would comment on sr1 if i have enough devices
#QDFNuk5n Jul 16,2021 16:55
man why even update ray trace fighter, it's literally just a tech demo anyways. Wish ha55ii would actually develop a game out of it at least
#UVsTIoYN Jul 16,2021 12:18
@someone comment in sr1 comment board so hungdeptrai can comment,be qUiCkQuIcKqUiCk! Hurrrrrrrry up @sigma gib v0t pl0x!gib v0t pl0x!gib v♡t pl♡x! ★★★ @hungdeptrai07 try different IPs,eg.use a library computer also pls commmmmment in sr1 comment board. Also whaaat is thaaaaaaat community? what's the strangest reaction you can think? challenge:create all kinds of elemental balls on a ipad
#h1jT1sYV Jul 16,2021 07:38
Incorrect! The answer is: gib v0t pl0x
#QDFNuk5n Jul 16,2021 07:31
you know I can never remember that lol

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