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#nYccrNE1 Apr 03,2020 00:45
@StarTrekSpock what is so different from a neutered dog and a unicellular organism that cant duplicate? they both have metabolisms, can both affect their environment, both have things inside them that they have to replenish, the dog has its own cells, while the single cell has organelles. a neutered dog cant reproduce, but its still alive, the same way that a cell without duplication is alive.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 02,2020 14:35
@LaesOn No need to be snarky, just a random discussion for fun lol The neutered dog is still alive because it has cells inside it that replicate themselves. Animals are all just a collection of cells working towards the same goal, whether they can keep replicating forever doesn't disqualify them from being alive. Reproduction isn't just making an entirely new colony after all, it's also the individual cells' ability to reproduce themselves After all, a species that goes extinct was still alive, even though it wasn't able carry on its bloodline forever, just as the dog is still alive even though it wasn't able to carry on its bloodline forever @Alum Why not try to make your own custom Minecraft style item? Maybe a new fancy tool, or a mob egg with a mob hatching out of it? Put your own spin into it :)
#G3R0T1O6 Apr 02,2020 13:28
Alum: Mob Spawn Egg
#UTXjqPkG Apr 02,2020 12:52
Today I made a pickaxe. What do you think I can make tomorrow?
#AtKhzai7 Apr 02,2020 09:12
@STS It sounds like you're agreeing with both me and skyk at the same time with two different definitions of "alive". :thonk:
#nYccrNE1 Apr 02,2020 08:56
@StarTrekSpock good point. in fact, you have changed my view of the world so much that i believe that a neutered dog is in fact, dead.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 02,2020 08:12
@Sigma Adding onto that, even if the creature can't reproduce, it's cells can still replicate themselves, so they're still alive. @Laes0n Being able to reproduce is basically all that really separates us from anything that reacts to stimulus, like rusting metal or an eroding coastline. The early "life" in the primordial soup was basically just random molecules that reacted with each other, just like any other chemical reaction, like metal rusting. The only difference was that they randomly came together in such a way that let them take in other proteins and create more of themselves, and after that, evolution could start If the "life" you're talking about on other planets couldn't duplicate, then it's essentially just a random pile of chemicals reacting with each other. You wouldn't say vinegar fizzing on top of baking soda is "life without the ability to reproduce" after all
#AtKhzai7 Apr 02,2020 07:37
That's a goto definition for sustaining life, but in order to be a being that is considered "alive", said being does not have to have the ability to reproduce. Ligers, for example. @bob4koolest lol Did you get that from the wiki? I'm the one who put it there. XP
#yGxJlzsF Apr 02,2020 04:36
One of the rare times I log on twice a day. Anyways @skyk @LaesOn -- One requirement for something to be called "alive" is that it must reproduce. Also try typing in the phrase "this ‎example" and posting it. Bet u can't post it :P
#G3R0T1O6 Apr 02,2020 01:40
Laes0n: Then what defines it as being alive?
#nYccrNE1 Apr 02,2020 01:39
@skyk yeah you can.
#yGxJlzsF Apr 01,2020 23:40
Some guy in Wuhan during 2019: I can't wait until April Fool's day next year! I have a great prank. The prank: Btw @Danstroyer what's your Scratch username?
#2jJEO97R Apr 01,2020 23:00
Yay, April Fool's. The day where I get invited to at least 1 Scratch studio titled "I'm quitting Scratch forever..." by a fairly close random friend Woo. TK: 1: What's Rimworld? 2: No, just roombas.
#UTXjqPkG Apr 01,2020 19:55
I didn't do anything today... I feel guilty.
#G3R0T1O6 Apr 01,2020 10:59
If they couldn't duplicate, can you even consider them to be "life"?
#nYccrNE1 Apr 01,2020 09:06
my theory on life in the universe, and why we have not found aliens yet life on other planets couldn't duplicate. if they couldn't duplicate, they couldn't evolve. that's why there are no aliens. the primordial soup we were made of was smart enough to make DNA that says we duplicate. henceforth, no aliens. if only their primordial soup was smarter...
#AtKhzai7 Apr 01,2020 05:51
#hsqTTqq6 Apr 01,2020 04:38
Torture King
On Rimworld, my roomba got attacked by a cougar. I guess nature really does abhor vacuums.
#TVhyF7pI Apr 01,2020 01:07
I'm working on replicating part of the current 100BIT board Unrelated note: I just saw a Minecraft ad which, on one side, showed the old textures. On the other side it showed pillagers If you don't understand, it showed old textures and a 1.14 feature, and 1.14 is the village and pillage update, but also changed textures of a lot of things. LeasOn: Would buy Alum: Make a trident! Fun fact: rain + water + frostwalker + riptide = speed, just use your trident facing down-ish and forward in the rain while on water. Frosted ice's low friction makes you move really fast, and it makes an interesting sound because the game thinks you're "walking", so it makes footstep sounds really fast. If you want to jack frost do it at night, when frosted ice won't melt. Someone: Not yet, save it for fighting the wither
#IwO7UO1h Mar 31,2020 23:32
Cupare B7 died by POOP AKO SJKORE
#QDFNuk5n Mar 31,2020 17:29
Sigma is our sweet field adult here. He takes care of all of us powderchildren <3
#nYccrNE1 Mar 31,2020 10:58
if there is the sour patch kids, where are the sweet field adults?
#VME4GltB Mar 31,2020 08:36
Ha ha, I also want to eat it, but I don't want to make a golden apple today, I want to make a sword!
#mHNhslRH Mar 31,2020 07:47
Alum good job. I want to eat it.
#w77nGwuX Mar 30,2020 23:59
Alum you have my intense respecc for making a 1.13 and below golden apple.
#VME4GltB Mar 30,2020 12:05
I made a golden apple. I think it's very good.
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 30,2020 07:27
Torture King
Reminds me of a joke: A horse walks into a bar and orders a beer, the bartender asks him "Why the long face?". The horse replies "My alcoholism is destroying my family."
#nYccrNE1 Mar 29,2020 14:40
i made a cat with a cigarette in its mouth. hee hee nicotine addiction.
#DDyQDxVx Mar 27,2020 23:50
#N3GGpsTC Mar 27,2020 07:00
I actually just did a big oof with my newest upload Abstract Art Painter = A A P And I called it the A P P [ EPIC FAILS 2020 NOT FAKE (EMOTIONAL!!!!!!) [I CRIED[ ] RealPerson2020 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | . . . . . .[| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [| 10 . . . . | 3k
#QDFNuk5n Mar 27,2020 05:18
@bob Keep in mind those numbers are over the app's entire lifetime. PG1 used to have uploads that would get over 10k votes back in its prime. And considering you need to be logged in to vote, I have no doubt the online version has had more than 5 million players, especially with how well known PG in general is. We just don't have any actual metrics to say for sure Also keep in mind 100k ratings and 5 million downloads isn't really a lot for google play. There's a lot of games in there with over twice, even ten times as many hits as PG. The mobile game market in general is just huge, look at something like Fallout Shelter vs the rest of Bethesda's games and how many more downloads it's gotten. It's literally their best preforming game, just because it's on mobile
#AtKhzai7 Mar 27,2020 05:14
@bob4koolest Because when it released (2012), PG had the following to reach those numbers; Dan-Ball received around 350,000 visits per day back then, and now it's teetering around 50,000. Is the mobile version still as popular?
#N3GGpsTC Mar 27,2020 04:31
Startreckspock: The only browser games we have any more are idle games -He says, with an idle game running in the background
#yGxJlzsF Mar 26,2020 23:07
@StarTrekSpock Wow the mobile version has almost 100k ratings (over 4 stars) and over 5 million downloads! How come the online version isn't as popular even though it's a lot better to use?
#QDFNuk5n Mar 25,2020 12:01
PG actually is a mobile game lol https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.danball.powdergameviewer&hl=en I don't think PG really lends itself that well to touch screens though. Doing anything feels really clunky, and anything precise is just impossible. But even that, I still think PG could be a more successful mobile game if ha55ii and otascube did more to support and advertise it. Keep the updates rolling, listen to the community, do more to polish the game. The "Powder Game" name alone could bring in a lot of people off of nostalgia. But as it is now it's basically just a forgotten port Also worth noting that powder game isn't as alone anymore like when it first came out, it has competition from games like Powder Toy too
#KIzf0AkS Mar 25,2020 07:44
Do you think powder game would be successful if it was a mobile game?
#AtKhzai7 Mar 24,2020 14:42
It's time to be the old man I knew I was going to become. Games today aren't like they used to be.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 24,2020 04:36
I kinda miss the old browser games tbh. They were usually pretty clunky and basic and filled with "death to justin bieber" stuff, but they were also pretty unique and creative. No one really bothers with them anymore, it's all mobile games, but most mobile games are just... euhg. Made by content farms and that just copy eachother over and over, designed exclusively to be grindy enough to sell microtransactions, vs random free passion projects from hobbyist programmers. Sure there's some good mobile games too, but you have to do so much digging to find them that it's just not worth it to most people, so they never get attention compared to the ones with millions in ad money behind them
#GcAgB1Pk Mar 23,2020 23:21
I remember when a game-making site called Sploder (which is shutting down if it hasn't already) had way too many "Kill Justin Bieber!" games
#KIzf0AkS Mar 23,2020 14:04
So I went down memory lane and looked through some older works on the first powder game and... If my kids ever ask what the year 2010 was like, I'd show them this: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/230537.html
#MRaZVc9e Mar 21,2020 02:13
@Choconyan You should do Spiritomb or Escavalier I remembered Escavalier's one of my favorite pokemon because of the event in SW/SH where you can get it through max raids. Now to find a male one and name him Eskav, after the character I used 2 years ago to roleplay in Transformice "Pokelua Village"
#KIzf0AkS Mar 20,2020 00:50
@Danstroyer Thank you for the complement! Heart! As for requests, well I guess you can suggest something, but that doesn't guarantee I'll do it, sorry. I use the mosaic bg because it's easy to make pixel art that way.
#gNzki3Nm Mar 20,2020 00:27
@Choconyan I really like your pixel art, are you taking PG2 pixel art requests? Also I don't know if you intended to make it look that way, but in backgrounds other than mosaic it looks, well, actually like a mosaic.
#AtKhzai7 Mar 19,2020 12:09
Plus it is way more realistic and has more stuff.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 19,2020 11:42
broke: chewing lemons before swallowing lemons. Woke: swallowing lemons whole. BESPOKE: quantum tunneling lemons directly into your stomach
#QDFNuk5n Mar 19,2020 09:31
@Zuru I barely know anything about programming but afaik all the dan-ball games are based on ha55ii's own engine thing, coded in java originally and then ported to HTML5. I've heard people describe ha55ii's programming as "an absolute mess" so it might not be what you want to base your game off of. Depending on how in depth your plans are, it's probably better to check out Powder Toy like skyk suggested. Even if you still want to make your own game from scratch, it'll be a lot easier to see how they did it with their documentation than try to dig through this game
#G3R0T1O6 Mar 19,2020 07:24
Zuru: As much as I hate to say it, I'd suggest looking into The Powder Toy. The technical documentation for it is much more thorough, and players can program new "elements" to add
#cnqzRtNA Mar 19,2020 02:24
Anyone know in which game engine this is made or how this is coded? I want to also make a physics pixel game...
#KIzf0AkS Mar 18,2020 09:54
@Someone-Yeah, I remember stick ranger. I remember being invested in it back then, but I don't think it would hold up now, I remember it being not very interactive. I don't know if i've played the second one tho
#mHNhslRH Mar 18,2020 09:06
Choconyan, you should try out the new game Stick Ranger 2 then! It's sorta like stick ranger (og) but with different stuff. Wait, was the first stick ranger out ten years ago?
#yF8LYjfw Mar 18,2020 01:48
wait wat? ._. THERES COMMENTS?
#KIzf0AkS Mar 17,2020 12:01
People still use this site? I remember commenting here when I was 10/11, almost 10 years ago...I went under the name DB Ninja, remember me? Probably not...I'm still trying to forget...
#WdOhibKE Mar 17,2020 03:26
A fellow lemon swallower? O:
#nYccrNE1 Mar 16,2020 23:02
new spider accumulation soon.
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 16,2020 13:09
Torture King
#nYccrNE1 Mar 16,2020 13:02
i dont care what society says is better im gonna do it my own way
#G3R0T1O6 Mar 16,2020 09:27
It's better for you if you chew them first
#V4Uu6nVO Mar 16,2020 07:14
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
#nYccrNE1 Mar 16,2020 03:29
skyk: you dont?
#QDFNuk5n Mar 15,2020 13:33
okay nvm those uploads, can someone explain how THIS is the second highest voted upload on PG1? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/411923.html It was posted in 2018??? And all the other uploads from that month don't even break 700 votes? Like, how? Is this guy some youtuber who asked people to vote for his upload? They haven't even posted anything else. Not like fan blackholes are even new either, I've seen a lot of them before done a lot better too, and none of them even come CLOSE to that. Maybe they're using bots or something, but then why bot yourself ~400 votes away from first place and not just go all the way?
#G3R0T1O6 Mar 15,2020 13:26
LaesOn: You swallow lemons?
#nYccrNE1 Mar 15,2020 10:45
whats the downside? free lemons for life, all localized in your stomach, so you don't even need to swallow them, its an epic win!
#AtKhzai7 Mar 15,2020 09:57
You better get it out before your stomach starts growing a lemon tree.
#KT3GhueJ Mar 15,2020 07:03
@everybody: Hi lol it seems like I was totally gone, but I just don't comment/upload much Also I just swallowed a lemon seed @TDB: You should make a drake meme with Minecraft nether gold ore and fire getting a loot table
#AtKhzai7 Mar 14,2020 15:38
Now you know how the old 2008 people felt. Well, I think.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 13,2020 16:01
Uhg I just took a look at the top rated uploads here for the first time since like 2014, 8 of the 20 uploads on the front page are "pRESS VOTE TO MAKE THIS WEIRD WACKY GLITCH HAPPEN". Even more on the pages after that Disappointed in ya'll The worst part is how they're all just copies of each other, like wtf http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/45493.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/50747.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/67641.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/60474.html This one's my fav just because of the amazing description, and then once you set it to bg-colour you just see pen-free s-2 glass with the telltale signs of saved and reloaded laser marks cut out of it. And also the crystal isn't even sloped http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/59581.html Honourable mention to this guy who tried to make some fake pile of wires to sell theirs, actual pen-s 0 is amazing. Also another top-tier description, but meanwhile all my tech uploads glitch out without even having to vote, so who's laughing now http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/47000.html
#QDFNuk5n Mar 13,2020 11:49
I wish I was lucky enough to have "Sneezing" as my username tbh
#5wkQIWi4 Mar 13,2020 10:14
Any glitches in my chain reaction, refer to this video for clarification: https://youtu.be/uJZsmWqYFUU
#5wkQIWi4 Mar 13,2020 10:13
Gamer991, they sre labled as WH and BH
#IaeTjEk2 Mar 12,2020 08:40
How do you make black and white holes?
#rcfUqbJK Mar 12,2020 08:39
free player 2
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 12,2020 05:17
Torture King
Dude broski my man dude dude you said it sister dude bruh sah.
#JVc0sgFG Mar 12,2020 01:47
That’s rough buddy pal chum chummy chum chum friend brother amigo buddy pal chum bread slice home slice dog.
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 11,2020 20:33
Torture King
My cousin's a flight attendant and she's one of the most jaded people I've ever met, her sense of wonder is just gone.
#wKXocB3N Mar 11,2020 13:45
Wow, I can't believe this place still exists. I think I played this and the original powder game almost a decade ago (and StarTrekSpock's stuff is still the best).
#QDFNuk5n Mar 11,2020 13:13
Imo I think it's better to take something for granted than to be put in a predicament that makes you really wish you had something you don't have, can apply to a lot of other situations too Also I think just from a practical standpoint, being able to fly in general would always be nicer than not being able to, whether you appreciate it or not. It's like being able to see, sure we might take it for granted but I think all of us would take that over being blind and wishing we could see. Maybe I'm missing a deeper meaning but idk
#G3R0T1O6 Mar 11,2020 12:52
Is it better to be a human who wants to fly, but can't, or to be a bird who can fly but can't appreciate it?
#QDFNuk5n Mar 11,2020 12:24
but who else are we gonna discuss weird philosophical questions with, the earth editor comments seem to be pretty dead
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 11,2020 11:59
Torture King
I'm currently on a "temporary" laptop and don't remember my discord password, but rest assured I already have an account on there I just don't talk much and don't go by TK.
#AtKhzai7 Mar 11,2020 04:31
#JVc0sgFG Mar 10,2020 21:56
@Torture King Well I contacted Ha55ii to fix a bug that made it so you couldn’t view your old projects unless you signed out of your account and the bug got fixed meaning PG2 finally got an update after a long time. That’s about the most exciting thing that has happened :|
#Yr1sxyC8 Mar 10,2020 21:48
@StarTrekSpock Sorry xd I forgot my password and also at the time I just made a funny joke about that suicidal fighters thing I should have knew someone would have already made that joke :p thanks for helping me understand
#hsqTTqq6 Mar 10,2020 19:09
Torture King
So how's everyone enjoying the pandemic? I for one am personally relishing the sudden return to my teenage existential dread that has been missing from my life since 2012 rolled around uneventfully.
#AtKhzai7 Mar 08,2020 17:13
#Bluoxg8Q Mar 07,2020 16:51
This is powder game you're talking about, that is pretty much the post exciting thing that's happened in the past decade lol
#JVc0sgFG Mar 06,2020 23:14
Ahh geez you know all I did was just contact Ha55ii and report the bug. No need to think I was some type of hero, but uh thanks Skyk, that says a lot coming from you ya know?
#G3R0T1O6 Mar 06,2020 14:25
TDB is the person to beat for user of the decade
#AtKhzai7 Mar 06,2020 14:01
Man, did TDB actually do it? Can we access our old uploads now?
#Bluoxg8Q Mar 06,2020 04:00
Yeah, otascube seems way more into it than everyone else. He'll actually reply to people sometimes and answer simple questions, even english ones. Still nothing crazy, but compared to ha55ii I'll definitely take that lol I guess dan-ball does kinda seem more like a side hobby than a huge career or anything though, so it's hard to blame anyone, even if I really wish they'd give the comments some love at the least
#JVc0sgFG Mar 05,2020 22:38
Sometimes I wish the site games were managed by otascube rather than Ha55ii because at least they update the mobile games way better. Like if you get the chance to download Monster Box from the store, the quality difference is unreal.
#JVc0sgFG Mar 05,2020 21:52
Honestly I don’t think it’s the site looking outdated is the problem, it’s the site functionality is outdated. Like the website is a mess from the English translations to the layout of update history, to how games are slowly starting to break ( PG2 with the whole not being able to view old projects bug ) Speaking of that bug yesterday’ I’ve reported the bug in both Japanese and English on their contact us and even gave them my email. No response yet.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 05,2020 13:06
@Sansdamanman That "suicidal fighter" concept has been around for a long time, I first saw it years ago. It's pretty simple, so it wouldn't be impossible for them to come up with it on their own. Also one person can't delete an upload, they only get deleted if more people pressed delete than vote 12 hours after it was posted :) @Bob did you just yoink half the stuff I suggested lol Imo 80,000 is still too little though. The current 40k only takes up like a 3rd of the screen, and the screen is less than 500x300, which really isn't much. If the screensize was increased even by just 100px in each direction to 600x400, then 80k dots would still end up being 1/3rd of the screen. Imo the dot limit should use PG1's size limit thing, with 40k being small, 80k being medium, and 100k being large, so people with worse systems can have a better experience. But if screensize was actually increased and not just zoomed in, those numbers would definitely have to be bigger to fill it out @Sig That's a great idea, an extra limit for "special" dots like fish, bird, ant, etc. They'd still count towards the normal limit, but also towards this new smaller one. Cause realistically no one is ever gonna need more than 5-10k of those elements unless all they're trying to do is cause lag
#AtKhzai7 Mar 05,2020 11:53
On the dot limit, I bet it could actually work without any/much lag if we raise the general dot limit but keep a limit to how much bird, etc. can be on the screen at once.
#yGxJlzsF Mar 05,2020 10:58
Some site and game update concepts (which I doubt will become reality): --> Better site look (make it look more modern) --> Make screen bigger --> Change vote system to like/dislike system and have a separate "report" button --> Increase dot limit to 80,000 --> Add wood, saltwater, and solid joints to menu @Sansdamanman Sorry to hear that :( If you still have the save code you could try reuploading it, otherwise I could try having it get deleted.
#gDhkFtbI Mar 04,2020 23:38
Hey I need help this this person got my original game deleted and then they just copied my game there name is ballpen645 and the game’s name is suicidal fighters. I just want to protect my Clever joke and make it popular. Thanks and have a good day : )
#JVc0sgFG Mar 04,2020 21:36
@Sigman uh yeah actually you’re probably right about translating the report. Hopefully Google Translate will translate it nicely because I uh don’t know how to speak or write in Japanese.
#AtKhzai7 Mar 04,2020 17:29
@STS Hey, it took me a long time to understand what S-BALL was supposed to be, but I can see that conveying the idea better ;) And technically he has three uploads in total, one on PG2, but you're right, he's not going to check in on it. @TMD I suggest translating your report, if you decide to do it, to Japanese because ha55ii doesn't seem to listen to English reports...
#QDFNuk5n Mar 04,2020 05:47
C-VEYER is kinda hard to understand, he coulda just named it "CONVEY"and that would work well enough. Completely crop out the typo too lol I have a feeling he was already pretty burned out by the time he added it though, considering it was the last actual content update we got pretty much, so he probably didn't care about it beyond just finally finishing and getting it in @TMD Always save your get-set codes for at least a little while after uploading, I've had uploads bug out before so never hurts to save a backup, especially if you're ever planning to reuse any sprites in it But considering the DB website doesn't get updated very often, I doubt Taylor is gonna be on at a minute's notice. Also add to that ha55ii doesn't exactly have any uploads, so he can't really discover it by checking back on them. He might not even realize it's happening until someone reports it, so you might want to use the contact us page: http://dan-ball.jp/en/inquiry.html
#JVc0sgFG Mar 03,2020 23:18
Actually what needs to be fix is the bug were you cannot view your old projects unless you are signed out if your account. Like seriously Ha55ii stop updating SR2 and fix this. Or hell if this is just a site bug, where is tylor to fix it, he is the website programmer.

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