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#RlhztYK7 Jul 11,2020 03:53
#RlhztYK7 Jul 11,2020 03:52
and im back
#AtKhzai7 Jul 10,2020 10:01
Hey guys we've been violating copyright by uploading on ha55ii's *copyrighted* Powder Game 2.
#QDFNuk5n Jul 10,2020 09:03
Interesting. I checked through the ToS and found this too: "Acts that infringe the copyright, trademark right or any other rights of cardboard or a third party" Google translate might have butchered it, but it seems like Boris might actually be right. I guess ha55ii just doesn't care. I mean, the japanese PG2 side's 4th most voted upload is literally this: http://dan-ball.jp/javagame/dust2/12169.html Also unrelated but I guess being openly religious is against the ToS? Whatever "religious activities" means lol "Religious activities or solicitation to religious groups" @bob4koolest I'm assuming they mean posting uploads with copyrighted characters or IPs, stuff like spiderman or something like star wars in general? Or they could just mean copying in general I guess. Maybe they think people have been stealing their/others' upload ideas? Idk what else it could be
#G6ah8Kij Jul 10,2020 08:00
STS: " All intellectual property rights relating to the web, services and programs shall belong to Dan-Ball" - Dan-Ball Terms of Service bob4koolest: I took a few AP courses years ago. I only got a 5 in one out of the four tests, though. That's not to say it's 25% likely, but it depends a ton on the subject.
#HU7Fuigl Jul 10,2020 00:58
kid: *uses "copyright" in upload* Boris slav: "im going to vote a delete" the 100 up votes: ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
#6XotoBB0 Jul 09,2020 21:47
I mean, I honestly don't care what people do with my uploads. I came here since I can't afford to buy Minecraft on my laptop and needed something else to do. Also @Boris I'm confused, what do u mean by your copyright stuff? Unrelated, but has anyone here took an AP course? Scores are coming out in a few days -- how easy (or hard) is it to get a 5?
#QDFNuk5n Jul 09,2020 14:20
Does make me kinda curious who would actually own the rights to an upload, if anyone cared. Like, if ha55ii wanted, could he take someone's pixel art made in an upload and use it for monetary gain? Or if the uploader wanted, could they use a screenshot of the artwork they created? @Boris, if you're here Don't try to be a "defender of copyright" corporate boot-licker, it's not a good look.
#AtKhzai7 Jul 09,2020 08:45
"There will be a last warning." lol So we can do it again? Also what can they do?
#6XotoBB0 Jul 09,2020 04:43
@danstroyer get Boris to use the comments plz. Also Boris, if you are looking at this, the number of deletion requests a project gets must be greater than the total votes a project gets in the first 12 hours in order for it to be permanently deleted. For instance, if I upload something that has 30 votes in the first 12 hours but got 31 deletion requests, then that upload will be deleted. You can't actually see how many deletion requests a project gets, although if you get at least 10 votes you are safe.
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 09,2020 03:48
I just realized the Boris dude meant using copyrighted characters Well I'm pretty sure we've got a creative commons thing and we aren't making money so
#QDFNuk5n Jul 08,2020 18:55
@[DATA EXPUNGED] Sigma's suggestion is good. I also like to make a few premade rocks too. Copy and paste them around a little, then draw your landscape using sigma's method over that. It really helps to break up your dirt and make it seem more interesting
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 08,2020 00:06
Test.drednot.io is real cool -Entman
#6XotoBB0 Jul 07,2020 22:45
I just spam a bunch of similar elements together such as fireworks, gunpowder, sand, and stone, then blast it with wind and even it out. @LaesOn What a legend; you win :)
#AtKhzai7 Jul 07,2020 17:52
I usually set pen size to something large like 9, left-click the first element (say, powder), right-click the second element (say, stone), then hold down both clicks and draw on the screen. Everyone should try this if they're not aware of this trick. If you want a nice random with 3+ elements, then I would suggest what you said. If you have the capabilities, you might even try dithering to make it look more pixel-art-y.
#LzTPVWUJ Jul 07,2020 14:29
Hello, I'm working on an upload and I'm just wondering if anyone know any techniques for landscaping. Right now I just put down a mix of a sand, stone and powder and then cyclone all of them together. Thanks.
#G6ah8Kij Jul 07,2020 07:41
[NK]: Hello LaesOn: Okay you win then
#rMintle2 Jul 06,2020 09:57
@skykyky like 2 1/2 inches
#6ppKck5h Jul 06,2020 02:46
The simplest way to explain cloud->thunder (without getting into a design) is just making a cloud dot hit metal
#6XotoBB0 Jul 05,2020 00:03
@ZappyRedstone Basically, there's one dot of space for a cloud to be pumped into. When thunder is applied, the cloud will stick to the space, but in the absence of thunder, it will "jump" into the next space, where a pump pumps it towards metal and it becomes electricity. This relies on a mechanic in the game where when something is pumped out of a pump, it will spawn one dot away from the edge of the pump. Hope this helps!
#VfNIgpXE Jul 04,2020 12:54
@bob in your calculator v3 I am trying to understand how the pump-cloud unit works, I need some thing that will make a lot of electricity into a single pulse. How does the metal bringing the electricity cause a cloud to form in that open space there? Is it a property of the cloud, the pump I'm stumped? Is there any thing on the wiki about this?
#VfNIgpXE Jul 04,2020 11:28
@bob4koolest feel free! I Just released version 3. I've been on but just not inspired to upload in a while. Been playing 100 bit as well.
#vlPLNWus Jul 04,2020 08:18
[NK] God
hi skyk
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 04,2020 07:41
@LaesOn Correction, you are our king.
#G6ah8Kij Jul 04,2020 06:42
Laeson: How big was the grub?
#rMintle2 Jul 04,2020 03:24
@bob3koolkid @dogroll @danielstruction jokes on you i once found a grub inside a rotting tree trunk beat that.
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 03,2020 03:30
dogebun we are equal here maybe
#6XotoBB0 Jul 02,2020 22:03
@Dogebun Get flexed on bc I run http://coronavirusfighters.info -- I know html, css, javascript, php, and mysql. here's an example of my (rather messy) javascript: https://dashboard.coronavirusfighters.info/boringstuff.js and https://dashboard.coronavirusfighters.info/search.js and view-source:https://dashboard.coronavirusfighters.info/data-by-region.php. That's just part of the code, almost half is run on the server so u can't see it :)
#BjyxJuUh Jul 02,2020 20:48
Ya'll have been crawling here down in dust and scratch. While I am an omega chad python and java script coder.
#AtKhzai7 Jul 02,2020 13:27
Like I didn't say, it's not like whether the name is bolded tells you or not... Though it may be harder to see on some monitors...
#SQioxWZW Jul 02,2020 11:36
I’m jimmy dean
I like this it’s even better then the first game
#RlhztYK7 Jul 02,2020 10:23
OK this is the original kittens-9 and how do you know if it is or not? PLZ TELL ME!!!!!
#6XotoBB0 Jul 02,2020 08:58
Also visit http://coronavirusfighters.info and spam those ads because I need money to buy masks and donate them to people who are poor. And also so I have enough money to buy Minecraft :)
#6XotoBB0 Jul 02,2020 08:57
@kittens-9 yes
#RlhztYK7 Jul 02,2020 07:54
other kitten-9 are you Sigma?
#DeFBDL53 Jul 02,2020 07:01
who is this kittens-9 i the power factory here cause i made the factory
#AtKhzai7 Jul 02,2020 06:54
Or the fact that you're the only one whose name is bolded. That's uhh...also not important.
#AtKhzai7 Jul 02,2020 06:53
Crazy, right? I can just take your name and pretend to be you and no one will know the difference. Don't pay attention to the #RlhztYK7 or the #AtKhzai7 right next to the date on each comment, they don't mean anything.
#RlhztYK7 Jul 02,2020 04:53
does anybody else see all these kittens-9 or is it my game plz answer
#6XotoBB0 Jul 02,2020 02:59
ZappyRedstone's at it again. I could make a game using that design! @everyone except for danstroyer I have stuff on scratch too at http://scratch.mit.edu/users/az1010106. I've also been featured as a curator on Scratch's front page before (danstroyer probably knows what that is). Space game pt4 coming out soon. Also please click on ads at http://coronavirusfighters.info I need money so I can buy and donate masks to those in my community who need them :)
#VfNIgpXE Jul 02,2020 02:10
New 6x6 display optimized
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 02,2020 01:53
Also yeet
#KBFOPSaJ Jul 02,2020 01:52
If anybody cares I just made this https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/408950800/ It's a little 9 second loop that I made and I might make more
#gRN4jx7P Jul 02,2020 01:13
we are the kittens-9 army
#wJmOclbf Jul 02,2020 00:37
I think the kittens-9 army is growing lol
#RlhztYK7 Jul 01,2020 06:48
#6XotoBB0 Jul 01,2020 02:28
Yep -- no make that 3
#AtKhzai7 Jul 01,2020 01:43
Whoa! *Two* users with the same name as mine?!
#PtY05RGj Jul 01,2020 00:25
hello hey you have the same name as me
#RlhztYK7 Jun 30,2020 22:54
Hello? anyone ._.
#RlhztYK7 Jun 30,2020 21:01
I don't know you and i was sleeping thank you very much.
#6XotoBB0 Jun 30,2020 07:10
@kittens-9 wasn't able to post this due to the comment limit but here's the save code I made: https://pastebin.com/h7EQgQdy go to the link and copy the stuff into the save box.
#QDFNuk5n Jun 30,2020 06:51
@kittens-9 Also sorry if it's a little complicated, but I'm here if you have any questions :) I also made a joint tutorial a few years ago. It'll help you learn the basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJnPA5SPdBI
#QDFNuk5n Jun 30,2020 06:51
@kittens-9 If you mean my fake joint players, I'll add on to what bob said: Basically zoom in as far as you can, then place down a real player. Wait for them to settle, then pause the game. Using pen-s 0 and any element, trace the player by placing single dots at each corner of the player, IE one dot for each foot, one dot for each "knee", 2 for the shoulders, one for the neck, and then 4 at each corner of the head. If you want, you can also add in additional dots in between the knee and the foot to give the player more joints and make them seem less rigid. You can erase the player now, and you should have something that looks a little like this: https://i.imgur.com/UViYtFq.png After you have that done, using Joint-n, join the dots together so that they look like a normal player. The player won't be rigid enough to stand on its own however, so select joint-blind and join every single dot to every other dot. It seems. excessive, but the more joints you bind together, the more stable it'll be. After all the dots are joined, select pen-paint and paint the body into C4 and the head to Powder and you're done Optionally if you want your joint players to move, join a single dot of bird to their head. It'll tug them around a lot, so it's a good idea to paint your player's feet to stone to weigh them down so they stay on the ground. You can also paint part of their head into gas, which'll help lift their head up to keep them from hitting it against the ground
#6XotoBB0 Jun 30,2020 04:06
@kittens-9 I'm not STS but I might be able to help :D By "joint player", do you mean a fake player made up of joints, or 2 players jointed together? For the first option: A stickman's leg goes 5▶1, 2▶1, 2▶1 before joining with the head. The head is 5*5 dots. Simply put dots at those points(end of those lines), and joint them together. For the second option: You can place a joint by selecting "joint" and hovering over the middle of the player (underneath the head). Once you click on it, you can then do the same for another player and joint them together. Hope this helps! Also visit https://coronavirusfighters.info :)
#RlhztYK7 Jun 30,2020 03:58
#kZLDT40H Jun 30,2020 01:35
For the PG2 creator tier list I will use as many as I can.
#6XotoBB0 Jun 30,2020 01:29
@Shroomy1: For all creators or just active ones? Also yeah danstroyer used to be really good :)
#KBFOPSaJ Jun 29,2020 23:34
Shroomy1: I'd like to be on it, I don't really upload now but I used to make things that got a decent number of votes, and one somewhat more recent thing has 100+ I'm basically the mediocre side character who just talks
#vYS33gBA Jun 29,2020 18:58
Soul warrior
' Woah...
#QDFNuk5n Jun 29,2020 18:19
Tuned: Try carefully creating??
#G6ah8Kij Jun 29,2020 12:24
Tuned: This means that the game doesn't think your upload is complex enough, and is filtering it as spam. This can happen with simple uploads, but can also sometimes happen if you copy and paste stuff before uploading. Try drawing a dozen lines and then clearing them away.
#5w2njNA6 Jun 29,2020 11:55
#5w2njNA6 Jun 29,2020 11:54
#nbgnPxLN Jun 29,2020 01:17
lol,i might a make a PG2 creator tier list
#EK2EtVGL Jun 28,2020 23:18
Sorry about the glitches. It took quite a bit of troubleshooting, but I have it working 100% now.
#G6ah8Kij Jun 28,2020 13:10
Sigma: Can't relate :/
#AtKhzai7 Jun 28,2020 03:32
Maybe it's like an obsession, like if he stops he doesn't feel like himself.
#QDFNuk5n Jun 27,2020 18:14
@bob4koolest I don't think it is automated tbh. I once made a fake ha55ii account using upsidedown !'s instead of i's, and it as well as all its comments also got taken down the next day. I've seen a few other things like that too, things that probably wouldn't be caught by just a script. Plus there are plenty of short comments that don't end up getting deleted. Just look at PG1 Not to mention if ha55ii wanted to automate it, he'd prolly just include it in the already existing comment filter instead of some script that checks back once in a while. I'm just kinda surprised he still even checks back here at all. I mean, he barely does anything so even if he completely abandoned the CBs it's not like anything would really change, yet he's still checking in 14 years later. Not to mention as far as I know he's literally never missed a game update in that time either. Even though most of them are pretty minor, he's still a lot more dedicated than me at least lol
#5w2njNA6 Jun 27,2020 17:33
#6XotoBB0 Jun 27,2020 08:46
Sorry this is a lot :) Plus how's my Space Game series?
#6XotoBB0 Jun 27,2020 08:44
@StarTrekSpock this is what most web devs see: https://ibb.co/f4RdChR (it's from https://coronavirusfighters.info). you can easily check stuff from it, modify it, delete it, etc.; this is the news feed from my website. I'm using Imgbb bc I'm too lazy to get my phone to verify my imgur account lol. Also I don't know any other way of checking links other than manually going through them all. Plus, it's fairly easy to go through comment boards if they're all on the same database, as you can create tables and check them all at once. Sometimes, you can run php cron jobs (basically a script that runs at certain intervals such as once an hour, etc.). I use it on my website to collect data every hour, ha55ii probably uses it to delete or flag short comments.
#Bluoxg8Q Jun 27,2020 07:43
Honestly surprised ha55ii still checks the comments after all these years. Usually those comments get deleted within like, a day or 2 too so that's fairly often. I wonder how frequently he bothers checking the inactive comment boards, or if he just has some list of all recent comments posted to go through. Also wonder if he checks links? I mean you could totally post nsfw hidden in an imgur link, and there's know way to know unless you click it, which could mean ha55ii has to look at all the memes we link too
#AtKhzai7 Jun 27,2020 06:58
Comments with few or no characters tend to get deleted. We would have been able to see it at the time.
#vJDkuVqP Jun 26,2020 23:47
321meme my alt acount
#vJDkuVqP Jun 26,2020 23:46
[email protected] ur dev trap dose not work he gets out if you wait longe time
#6XotoBB0 Jun 26,2020 23:30
Wow, it actually let me post a blank comment lol Does everyone else see it?
#lTCXJwOz Jun 26,2020 20:06
#nKoTHUl4 Jun 26,2020 19:23
I can get the FPS down to 2 but my head really hurts after watching it lol
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2020 13:42
ur not jarell tho http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/74796.html
#zCNA1dKh Jun 26,2020 00:48
I am 321 meme
#zCNA1dKh Jun 26,2020 00:47
I am fordelliston .....
#yDPcyWQ9 Jun 26,2020 00:47
#X6VAkrYJ Jun 25,2020 16:11
@bob4koolest yeah, it dropped 0 on mobile and thats probably the max amount of lag you can make
#6ppKck5h Jun 24,2020 07:58
I'm working on a time bomb that you can disarm. push the wrong button sequence and it will explode but it will also be timed so u have to do it fast.
#zCNA1dKh Jun 24,2020 06:32
Wen it lag its only in the box not around the lag stays in the powder game box it doesn’t break the phone I’m useing now
#zCNA1dKh Jun 24,2020 05:58
I lag master wen I try make gun I do It in every mode some are lagier than others
#KBFOPSaJ Jun 23,2020 23:41
Me: Bir- FPS: Adios...
#3pMtpTaw Jun 23,2020 19:05
hi im jarell
#5w2njNA6 Jun 23,2020 17:20
Also NOTICE I definitely will NOT be using text as much as before so if I need it to show you what to do then I will otherwise probably not And that means I won't put text saying to check my other uploads so if you want you can check them yourself with no texts saying to And I never stole anything but used ideas to make things simpler Also I made a firework cannon on my previous account
#5w2njNA6 Jun 23,2020 17:13
So wait I found out earlier that there are ways to make metal using balls only soo Spoiler: imma make a gun like none of dem :] Original :__ __ \( '__' ) /
#G6ah8Kij Jun 23,2020 13:29
kittens-9: I didn't quit, and I still see myself on the leaderboards. Are you looking at PG2 or PG? Also, what's the trick for acid-proof conveyer?
#4YOSv3p3 Jun 23,2020 13:05
#4YOSv3p3 Jun 23,2020 13:04
i love this game but i might of broke my computer
#6XotoBB0 Jun 23,2020 05:04
@321meme lol this is how I destroyed one of my school's computers. It was a Chromebook and it completely shut down
#zCNA1dKh Jun 23,2020 04:45
Now I need new I phone I lagggggggggggggggggg my FPS is ded
#6XotoBB0 Jun 23,2020 03:28
@kittens-9 forgot to mention this but set scale calculation (underneath scale) to exact from normal. This will increase calculation accuracy and further increase lag. Set background to aura, and copy and paste jointed birds (do it 999 times lol). This should cripple even the best computers (it crashes mine though) :)
#wFdzgbWc Jun 23,2020 00:57
dinosaurus rex
i am new here, please check out my projects.
#RlhztYK7 Jun 23,2020 00:21
I think skyk Quit powder game! he is not on the leaderboard
#RlhztYK7 Jun 23,2020 00:13
kfkjhgfd. please tell me how!!

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