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#dGUQeyap Feb 19,2018 14:46

Not unwillingly, I just didn't want people to think I wasn't him (there are people here that probably don't know) and have them later find out that I was him all along (they might accuse me of che.ating).

#v2BIprLT Feb 19,2018 08:15


#0rob4al8 Feb 19,2018 08:01

Σsigma is unwillingly in the lead...

Tylerplays28 sux
#ojJ1swkr Feb 19,2018 06:50

Don't vote for Tyler! LOSER!LOSER !LOSER!

#EYrK6U90 Feb 19,2018 06:05

And just be the way, we have to stop the Jewish media machine at all costs. Gas the kikes, race war now.

#vSbAiI0H Feb 19,2018 05:49

I've always seen PG2 as more of a Montessori style system.
#EYrK6U90 is Minsheme (Bot) by the way

#nIws3TjI Feb 19,2018 05:40

my vote counts twice js

#0rob4al8 Feb 19,2018 05:20

Yeah, like you haven't told us that already. Sorry but due to the smallness of this community every vote will count. ;)

#iWOBESYY Feb 19,2018 05:01

Dividing a non-zero finite number turns it into infinity, so yes they will be "equal", but it didn't turn it into any other number, either. You need to multiply by zero to get a true indefinite form, which can yield any other number depending on the context.
I think researchers tried to replicate the results of that smile trick but failed every time.
(don't count this, I'm him)

#0rob4al8 Feb 19,2018 04:56

Well let's see how it goes, what's your votes, Torture King and #EYrK6U90?

pantspooper skyk
#EYrK6U90 Feb 19,2018 04:34

*poops and shíts in his pants* hey guys I'm here for my votes

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 19,2018 04:20

Assuming there'll be at least 10 votes is a little presumptuous for this tiny community, don't you think?

#0rob4al8 Feb 19,2018 04:02

Oh, the person who wins the most votes will become the professor, the person to get the second most will be the assistant teacher, and the third will become the emotional support teacher for the class and the teachers, those who are under the three but got voted for will become students with swag.

#sZridSpx Feb 19,2018 03:57

I'll be the popular basketball player who makes the ladies faint because he's so smart & handsome. And I vote for No.2. LET'S GO €SIGMA!!!!! (BACKGROUND APPLAUSE)

#0rob4al8 Feb 19,2018 03:52

Okay, I'll be the creepy janitor pervert who periodically comes in the classroom to wipe the chalkboard to a sparkling shine, even when the professor is midway through an explanation.
Let's cast a poll, if you want torture king put a "1", if you would prefer Σsigma put a "2", if you would want skyk put a "3", or if think that someone (including yourself) would do better then type the name of such person. The powder game 2 will be the school and Ha55ii will be the principal who never shows up to the school, due to a "family emergency" that has lasted for quite some time.

#BNOGNd6A Feb 18,2018 22:59

How can i execute my old (.txt) saves? Nothing happens as i press "SET" except "SET Ok" printing.

#vSbAiI0H Feb 18,2018 10:33

Powder Game 2 is the professor

#qhRqMnsq Feb 18,2018 09:41

Of course €sigma has to give us the logical explanation for pubic hair.

#qhRqMnsq Feb 18,2018 09:37

I prefer Professor Skyk and Assistant Teacher €sigma. @Minsheme Bot, I'm just going to ignore you now.Since you clearly DON'T understand the meaning of DROP IT.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 18,2018 08:06

Also you should smile more often, it tricks your brain into thinking you have something to be happy about an can lessen the effects of stress, and therefore greatly improves your lifespan.

#l4f4MdkJ Feb 18,2018 08:01

@skyk can you make stakataka? (tysm for making a random nihelego it made me remember awesomeness in pixels)

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 18,2018 08:01

Remember kids, any number can be any other number if you divide them both by zero first. Therefore nothing in life really makes sense or matters as the universe is fundamentally destroying itself at a faster and faster rate.

#nIws3TjI Feb 17,2018 19:00

powder game is school and torture king is the teacher

#hLSc5pdt Feb 17,2018 11:18

Why are you guys talking about aschool this is the powder game 2 comments? XD

#dGUQeyap Feb 17,2018 00:09

Yeah, advanced calculus is amazing and you know it.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 16,2018 22:49

stop lying

#49rP4qUZ Feb 16,2018 22:28

School sux. I wish Advanced Calculus never existed. Though I am willing to do it to get a good job, instead of being the cashier at Panera Bread .

#oRrV4nxu Feb 16,2018 21:30

Mojitos,you lie.

#EYrK6U90 Feb 16,2018 20:33

To clarify, he's talking about niggers when he says "crows".

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 16,2018 18:40

Then you have crows, which start with some pretty nice tools like claws and wings. But then they have to fly in and take our one thing too and act like it's just a bird thing to do and there's nothing unusual about it. The crows in my neighborhood once stole a fish from a visiting bald eagle apparently using a little make-up mirror to blind it, the communists.

#dGUQeyap Feb 16,2018 14:58

The ability to make tools itself is human's tool, though, and the capability to carry it through (like opposable thumbs for example).

#0rob4al8 Feb 16,2018 14:24

There seems to be a trade-off between man and beast, one has tools given by life, the other has to make his own.

#nIws3TjI Feb 16,2018 14:19

I'm 243 years old.

#nIws3TjI Feb 16,2018 14:17

Guys, I lied too. I'm not a King, or a cocktail. I'm not even a state. I'm just a boring old city. My real name is Lexington.

#dGUQeyap Feb 16,2018 13:46

You lied to make yourself one year older?
I could understand why someone might make themselves appear, for example, over the drinking age for their country in certain places, but the transition from 19 to 20 just seems random, unless of course you lied about that, but in that case why not just stick with 20?
It's actually because humans start out as deuterostomes instead of the prior protostomes, so our biology is briefly flipped after fertilization. The hair grows from follicles that were, by genetic code, considered "head" hair at the time. The hair only starts growing at puberty because the follicles are inactive until that moment, just like other places that grow hair such as the chest, and so far evolution has had no reason to get rid of it.

Tylerplays28 sux
#bCNBAzon Feb 16,2018 10:50

Tylerplays28 is a fake *ass*

#cl4AqOE9 Feb 16,2018 09:04

True. Very true. My theory: it's so that Baymax from Big Hero Six can diagnose is with PUBERTY.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 16,2018 08:26

It's so that on the off chance a balding man gets trapped on a desert island, he still has a source of rope to make fishing nets with.

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW Feb 16,2018 08:05

*Many, many more thinking emojis*

#9G0lmvuW Feb 16,2018 07:27

I know it's kinda inappropriate, but, the part between your legs? @Minsheme Bot, okay, I was lying. I have a girlfriend, but I'm19 years old. I have an apartment. But I am trying to finish college to get a degree in marine biology. So yeah, I was lying. Happy now?

#0rob4al8 Feb 16,2018 06:50

It's a serous question that even yet has only a number of theories.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 16,2018 06:49

Easy. When you're out in the cold, and you're naked, which part of you are you going to feel the effects of the cold the most?

#0rob4al8 Feb 16,2018 06:47

It doesn't matter, let's just start with a question: why do humans have pubic hair?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 16,2018 06:22

Why are you still lying? It's just weird. Everyone knows you're lying, like I said it's not a big deal. You're not going to convince anyone though. It would be respectable if you owned up though.

#ByjOpFpO Feb 16,2018 06:19

I'm not a quantum physicist. I earned that degree at Philadelphia University. Yes, I qualified to go to an Ivy league college. I could get a certificate to be a quantum physicist, but I got a degree at Maine University for marine Biology. Okay, done w/ intros.

#ByjOpFpO Feb 16,2018 06:13

Wait. Did I say I was 20?Because I'm not. I am 26. I found out about this game from Vsauce, a YouTube channel.

#s3GnaUZE Feb 16,2018 04:14

Hell yeah my levels are getting more votes than skyk

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 16,2018 00:40

...And a quantum physicist on top of that. That's like what, 7+ years of study condensed into a little over 2? No wonder you want to get married after a month, it's the only way to meet your personal deadline of at least 3 grandkids by 2028.

#3mJN9awU Feb 15,2018 21:30

Yup! I am certified to be a marine biologist at The Seacoast Science Center for Rest and Rehabilitation in Maine, U.S..

#3mJN9awU Feb 15,2018 21:27

Naw . Just the country. I told you I am 20 and live in Seattle. United States.

#nIws3TjI Feb 15,2018 15:00


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 15,2018 12:32

I haven't paid a power bill in 5 years because one time I plugged an extension cord into itself and then I had infinite electricity and the power was too much for the wiring to handle and it burned down my house so now I live at the YMCA.

#0rob4al8 Feb 15,2018 12:16

Well anything you say on a comment board is only as true as our real names being the names we use on the CB.

#0rob4al8 Feb 15,2018 12:08

On top of that he wants to know our age and where we live, seems a bit sketchy.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 15,2018 12:05

You're 20 and have a PhD?

#lhOiRxrA Feb 15,2018 09:37

Fail. Total. FAIL. Water Vs fire. Sux.

#lhOiRxrA Feb 15,2018 09:01

How old are you guys? I am 20 years old.

#nIws3TjI Feb 15,2018 01:26

Hi, my name is Kevin ad I have been playing PG since 2009 and uploading since idk. I found the comment boards in fu.ck all and have yet to be able to leave. In 2012, I got a severe case of mesothelioma. If you or someone you know has symptoms of gonorrhea, hip displacement, or food cravings, please contact your local doctor. If you have any questions, please contact us at (https://www.mesothelioma.com/mesothelioma).

#dGUQeyap Feb 15,2018 00:35

So what's your take on string theory?

#YokSEznW Feb 14,2018 21:57

My hobbies are baking, writing poems, painting, and rescuing injured sea mammals from the ocean. I met my soon -to--be-wife while saving a seal. She was a volunteer to carry the animal in a water bag.

#YokSEznW Feb 14,2018 21:52

Hi, My name is Tyler and I have been playing PG2 for three months. I have spent the last twenty years being as annoyingly charismatic as humanly possible. My favorite uploads are by skyk and xavier27. Any questions?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 14,2018 21:30

Don't double down on your internet lie, come on now.

#m2LbOij9 Feb 14,2018 21:19

Um ,everything I said was true.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 14,2018 18:39

"I'll stop you right there. Leave me alone. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW MY PERSONAL BUSINESS!!!!!!!?????"
You chose the share it, no one even asked you.
Don't worry about it, we know you were lying, no need to get defensive or embarrassed. Everyone has lied on the internet before.

#nIws3TjI Feb 14,2018 13:20

i make so much commas i can afford to put them in the wrong places

#nIws3TjI Feb 14,2018 13:19

Hi, I'm Mojitos, and I- (oops, almost used my real name) -'m so addicted to, all the things you do, when you're going down on me, in between the sheets, all the sounds you make, with every breath you take, it's unlike anything, when you're loving me.

#vSbAiI0H Feb 14,2018 11:20

I still like PG2, and I'm gonna keep making uploads

#20k0XyEf Feb 14,2018 11:02

Yeah. I know that feeling. Times of change, eh? You just don't feel up to it anymore. You just float around, am I right?

#vSbAiI0H Feb 14,2018 10:52

I'm around, I just don't like talking in the board much these days.

#dGUQeyap Feb 14,2018 10:23

"You want to know about my personal life?"
"Shut up, you have no right to know!"

#0rob4al8 Feb 14,2018 10:15

I'm just the random guy who makes something between decent and horrible projects every now and then, sometimes I will engage in comment boards to aggravate the local community.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 14,2018 10:00

So like, introductions then?
Hi, I'm TK and my most distinguishing trait is that I've consciously spent the last 20 years being as unremarkable as humanly possible while still enjoying a great many strange hobbies.

#0rob4al8 Feb 14,2018 09:49


#Y6Y8h5EU Feb 14,2018 09:44

Has anyone heard from Skyk? @Torture King, let's forget any of this happened. @Minsheme Bot, you have no right to know what is happening in my life. So please, let's drop this and all be buds.

#Y6Y8h5EU Feb 14,2018 09:40

Ok . Let's forget all this happened and get a new start.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Feb 14,2018 06:37

*Many thinking emojis*

#I7OsutlE Feb 14,2018 06:15

I'll stop you right there. Leave me alone. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW MY PERSONAL BUSINESS!!!!!!!?????

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 14,2018 06:12

Why are you lying

#I7OsutlE Feb 14,2018 06:05

We have been together since last January.I am considered to be handsome, kind and a good student .I have a PhD in quantum mechanics. I have black hair and brown eyes. She is quiet and shy, and very beautiful by my standards. She has blue eyes and is blond. Now what do you think, @Torture King?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 14,2018 06:01

Tyler are you sure you're not 10 years old?

#ydKvdhQN Feb 14,2018 02:29

@βBETA idk why I did it... or why I said it as dan...

Tyne and wear
#n8EflRcW Feb 14,2018 02:15

Is anyone here willing to make any precise and critical judgements on Mein Kampf? If you have read Mein Kampf as you have claimed, there's little to show for it.

#UtANFD9g Feb 14,2018 02:09

@nitro fun good point

Nirto fun
#UtANFD9g Feb 14,2018 02:05

And Were talking about dating swag

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Feb 13,2018 21:19

We know literally nothing about either of you, how could anyone here tell you how compatible you are with another person?

#JcJExs0a Feb 13,2018 21:13

I might propose to her.........What do you guys think?

#JcJExs0a Feb 13,2018 21:12

I have already read Mein Kampf , because my girlfriend is taking a degree in history.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Feb 13,2018 15:57

Have you read Culture of Critique?
About the stock market:
I'm an investor/trader and I'm not so sure. It would make sense if every asset class crashed here.
People often don't realise that a crash/correction has to happen after a bullish cycle just because that's the nature of markets. The crashing/recovering doesn't have much to do with Obama/Trump for example, but moreso the competence of people in the financial world. You could argue that's dependent on politicians in some ways, but head figures in finance are usually interacting with them so as to keep things in check. You could say e.g. that education depends on politicians to some extent, so they can influence how strong a certain sector, but I don't think we've seen a politician like that in the West in a long time. Maybe just local-level ones.
That being said, many knew that Trump was ahead in the election because of subtle movements in the stock market. I think it's either because this election was pivotal or maybe just because some whales saw it as a chance to shift some prices in their favour.

#0rob4al8 Feb 13,2018 15:24

Here's some easy access to it:

#padtckOV Feb 13,2018 13:47

Have you read mein kampf?

#0rob4al8 Feb 13,2018 10:51

And why have you told this to a comment board for a fluid dynamics simulation game?

#0ggjslER Feb 13,2018 00:26

everybody I have news about a new game aground: "The Kickstarter just reached 50% funded! Keep sharing the project, and I have some good stretch goals planned if we reach 100% funded early!" for this reason I would like you all to try aground and soon it will be an epic game we can all play to the very end! (all the way to SPACE!)

#bgCOIfmH Feb 12,2018 20:41

@amazingdude: You were the one who thought Mein Kampf was still read by humanity. Look who's talkin' ,stupid! Bbeta is correct.

#padtckOV Feb 12,2018 11:00

@B Beta
Ding dong, you are wrong.
The stock market is at record highs and will continue soaring

#s8fjDUVI Feb 12,2018 10:43

In other words, I want help.

#s8fjDUVI Feb 12,2018 10:43

It happened again. 100Bit won't let me comment, even though there have been 3 since my last one...

#bfsTIwNx Feb 12,2018 07:55

Yeah. Welcome to the Twenty First century. Mein Kampf is now considered to be a historic document. @Tyne and wear : You are right. History does make echoes.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Feb 12,2018 07:11

The year is no longer 1933. True German Nazism died in 1945. Whatever is left of the alt-right today is a disgrace. If a right wing reactionary power emerges, it is unlikely to be in the West. History does not repeat, it merely leaves echoes.

#PK3pkf9f Feb 12,2018 06:14

£sigma, I can retrieve my codes. My codes are a bunch of random letters. Also, My girlfriend put a password on the parental lock and I cannot turn it off. Question: what country do you guys live in?

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