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#D85sNk8E Apr 22,2018 05:20


#3TVyu5T9 Apr 22,2018 04:18

if there aint no pi to rape I'll rape danstroyer

#tu878MzZ Apr 22,2018 00:49

hey guys I hope you like my pixel art of a SMM (super Mario maker) shoe goomba! I worked really hard on it!

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 21,2018 19:18

Oh, he meant mobile I guess. I haven't heard the word smartphone in years. Also, the hidden element is kid of a transceiver.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 21,2018 09:11

Smartphone? Is that the "secret" element?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 21,2018 07:31

@Σsigma: You're thinking of Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson was responsible for the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War.

#uKF0DtDv Apr 21,2018 05:26

Wow. This is a change.

#EPrHObjZ Apr 21,2018 02:02

+1 for Lincoln.

#jxEOCSG0 Apr 21,2018 01:22


#clB86ObE Apr 20,2018 23:40

Oh come on, maybe me was kinda' racist, but he certainly helped the lower class, well... of what he considered Americans.

#dGUQeyap Apr 20,2018 23:14

Seriously? Of all the presidents, you chose the guy responsible for the Trail of Tears even though his life was saved early on by a member of the Creek Tribe?

#aQLiSRGY Apr 20,2018 22:39

Woah, thanks for the update.
@TK: 100%. Roosevelt was a tough MFer.

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 20,2018 18:18

oh nice

#vzTgCMSr Apr 20,2018 11:32

Powder Game 2 ver8.8
Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 20,2018 08:16

Teddy Roosevelt could beat up any other president with little issue, except maybe Lincoln. That both of those guys happened to be very good at politicking was mostly bonus points because who wouldn't vote for the guy that could just toss their hecklers over the heads of a crowd and/or keep speeching for 20 minutes after being shot in the chest?

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 20,2018 07:01

i thought i was CV Master, oh well

#X789DTcr Apr 20,2018 06:15

+1 for Roosevelt.
Gonna try my hand at one of those "simulated" biomes over here, been working on building a nice looking tiny little ancient city. Probably going to put much more detail into it than my other uploads if possible.

#clB86ObE Apr 20,2018 05:47

Let'start a poll, who's your favorite president?
My input's Andrew Jackson—mind it, not Andrew Johnson

#X789DTcr Apr 19,2018 23:49

@PP: I applaud your ability to stick to a joke long beyond the point where people find it funny.
@TK: You know, I think some people just can't help it with certain things. I feel like it sort of becomes force of habit for people. You say something enough times, for long enough, and you start to believe it too I guess.

pantspooper skyk
#EYrK6U90 Apr 19,2018 11:40

you're fake

pantspooper skyk
#30TZuqLw Apr 19,2018 10:27

*sh.its in a box and mails it to typenirvash*
special delivery!

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 19,2018 08:21

I used to be friends a guy that lies compulsively, he'll say stuff like how he used to have a dog but had to get rid of it when he moved across the country X years ago, even though we've been in the same schools since Kindergarten. Like, it doesn't benefit him at all to be telling strangers about a fictional dog but he'll bring up at least once to anybody that'll listen with such seeming sincerity that sometimes question if he's just internalized the Homeward Bound movies as a young child.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 19,2018 08:07


#uKF0DtDv Apr 19,2018 07:52

Nope. Already have the rest of the internet for that.

#jGbfmWZe Apr 19,2018 05:16

@Minsheme: Why do I get the feeling that it would do the opposite?
@Omega: Ever go through your "On This Day" on facebook? Extreme nostalgia, with a bit of cringe, great pairing.

#uKF0DtDv Apr 19,2018 04:21

Okay, that set of 2014 comments really sent me on a flashback.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 19,2018 01:21

The real question we should all be asking is, why does Tyler like to tell lies on this board? We should all try to help him, by all discussing why he might come here and tell lies constantly. Why does he feel it's necessary?

#NBQFFROs Apr 18,2018 23:52

@skyk can you make pixel art of a crabsnake from subnautica?

#jGbfmWZe Apr 18,2018 23:30

@TK/Sig: If we're able to control or influence those perceptions, can't we argue that those perceptions are a result of us? Certainly, there could be other players at hand. What would you consider irrefutable substance that you exist?
@Minsheme: That's an interesting read, honestly. The concept of time being relative only to the creatures made aware of it is certainly interesting. I don't think that anybody is nearly as ensnared by the days, weeks, months, and years as we are. I think that our concept of time is a big part of our concept of mortality. As we age, it becomes an increasingly finite resource, which is why some people seem to drastically change in the years (and sometimes months) before they expire.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 18,2018 12:29

Can't find a better summary, you're better off searching for biocentrism.

#dGUQeyap Apr 18,2018 11:05

Whooooaaaa, 2014 comments.
I believe we can't even say that. Just because we receive and react to stimuli doesn't mean we're actually alive.

#clB86ObE Apr 18,2018 09:49

Nice computer, mine's a P.O.S. (Piece Of Sh.it ) special edition version, pavilion dm1, with a windows 7 PRO operating system, the exterior's pealed off leaving bare electronics made by the now dying company, HP. It's perfect for gaming maxing at over 999 ping and having a witty FPS of 3, it tops the charts.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 18,2018 06:18

I'm real af and you're all posers

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 18,2018 05:17

But how do I know that I'm the one thinking?

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Apr 18,2018 01:55

This mess is just funny to watch.

#TYErPtg8 Apr 17,2018 22:25

@TK: I think Descartes would have something to say about that. I always thought "Cogito ergo sum" was good enough to validate the fact that at least -I- exist... But let's follow up your premise with the classic question; what if you're the -only- thing that exists?

#l09scFTU Apr 17,2018 20:09

(And I don't use a password. I use TouchID.

#zAvF20NF Apr 17,2018 20:09

Scythertom#oSsy99Vp Oct 12,2014 12:21
Wow please don't spam
【CV Master】#QYBQKZAJ Oct 11,2014 08:30
Who is 【CV Master】? Duh stixx44!
StarTrekSpock#4UxCb68r Oct 04,2014 03:54
I've been called all sorts of things. Call me whatever you want ;)
Although as Mont said, STS is my official nickname.
This comment board has a commenting limit, so we'd still need other people to comment before a full debate starts...

#l09scFTU Apr 17,2018 20:06

The computer I have is a Microsoft Point, which is a laptop. The top detaches from the bottom, making the top seem like a large tablet. A digital keyboard can be summoned often onto the screen, which does indeed have auto suggest.

#zAvF20NF Apr 17,2018 20:05


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 17,2018 18:48

I've never seen myself in the same room as I supposedly am. In fact the only proof I have for my "existence" are my comments, things moving around the house, and my reflection- all of which could easily be faked while I'm not looking directly at the objects in question or other false-flag operations. Hmmm.

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 17,2018 12:29


#uKF0DtDv Apr 17,2018 11:50

So does that mean Hachi is actually from Japan?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 17,2018 10:04

Tyler, that comment "your brother wrote" seems to be written on a phone, since you used the auto-suggested words (you can tell by the sentence structure). But you said computer. I'm guessing now that I've pointed this out, you'll say that your phone has no password, or that your brother knows the password.

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 17,2018 09:20

Hachi is Ha55ii conspiracy theory:
1). You've never seen them in the same room together.
Spread the word

#clB86ObE Apr 17,2018 06:58

That was hella embarrassing.

new person
#8Bdn4Hum Apr 17,2018 02:25

yes i have arrived

#54WRgwFi Apr 17,2018 01:41

Back in my day trolling meant something.

#lCcea1IJ Apr 17,2018 01:16

TypeNirvash, you are too young to be here anyway. Time for a history lesson!!!!!
Long ago, a 10 year old named Brody was in he and his brother's room. His brother's computer was on, at a website called Dan-Ball, at one of the comment boards. He saw what he thought was his brother's username at Theheywhattheadagakwhdgahghkgdqdhgawdihwgdiauwdgwqodugeahfkgeakfeaihfgeaihfgieahfvwefojwebfoewon a fkqebcojbcoajcbcbccaljcbaeljvbadljvbdavbakcvdxiI bDKIdFobdOvbdVbodsuVbidsJvbdsIV idsiNVdsvbiiaHDbsa9*boAScbhikckaeac daOif eaOjc daovodaIHc daoicbdaIcbdaPFodaihbadaoicbdaOfdaaoifbaocdaaoifbeafihbewfihebqaoihcbwdaoicbodaifbewabfawepihfbapihdabfawepihvfiheBEOSSSSSSBROODIEISISJSSSNSNSJX

#lCcea1IJ Apr 17,2018 01:07

Ugh. You guys wouldn't believe me if I said the sun is a star.

#54WRgwFi Apr 16,2018 23:14

You mean somebody would just... go on the internet and tell lies?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 16,2018 21:08

LB rubbed off you huh? That kid's like a fungus. A fungus with angry eyebrows.

#XQlcTzIR Apr 16,2018 20:26

Ahem, look who's talking, the one who constantly lies himself, and is basically a reincarnation of Hitler. Also, that was my brother, Brody. AND SO HELP ME IF YOU ASSUME I'M LYING AGAIN!!!!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE? ARE YOU A STALKER? SO PLEASE SHUT YOUR @#$%& MOUTH!!!!!!.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Apr 16,2018 15:59

i like terraria, so i made that thingy about the acid as if it was a weapon in terraria.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Apr 16,2018 15:58

5 Damage
Insanely fast speed
"Great for melting away buildings"

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 16,2018 11:03

being a compulsive liar is not healthy, why won't you just admit that you lied to the people

#jeoWYcyp Apr 16,2018 10:04

My brother is such a @#$%&twa.t. Excuse me for all the nasty language about to flow out of my mouth. [email protected]#$$%%%$##@@@

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 16,2018 07:52


Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Apr 16,2018 06:30

In case you cannot see this, it is a chain of many, many, many thinking emojis.

#oGfAaRnG Apr 16,2018 01:09

Tyler, that is you. The ID codes are the same.

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 15,2018 20:52


#XAC7vtAL Apr 15,2018 20:12

What the.......!?!?!?!??!?

censored banana
#XAC7vtAL Apr 15,2018 20:11

I love you too much blood but can we have s.ex with the new species of mutant ninja turtles and a good good to me if you will R.APE me so much I ! I love your body so much naked s.ex with the new species of fish and wildlife service,I have a good good to me that Skyk and I am already in lo ve with Cassie or not,and the new species of mutant
ninja turtles and a good good to me that Skyk is the best wife she gave birth to a horse,and the new species of ninja potatoes who I rap.ed oops sorry for the past three months and have become something of a celebrity.I have a good good to me that you can ra.pppppe me know when you get a chance to see it in action.Oh look look my ex wife sigma has been to the hospital where she had s.ex with a male nurse omg then she gave birth to a fuse that is in turn rigged to be a historic document.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 15,2018 07:58

And then Zeus knocked up a titan, and got concerned that the kid would follow the established theme and usurp him, so he swallowed the mother and eventually gave birth himself with the help of Hephaestus' hammer and chisel. Of course, Athens ended up usurping Olympia anyway, so maybe there wasn't any good decision to make there.

#dGUQeyap Apr 14,2018 23:31

Oh that's right, I forgot Zeus was the exception. Forgive me, it's been literally years since I heard the story.

twink boy skyk
#EYrK6U90 Apr 14,2018 22:34

please cream my butt

#OAFq6yTa Apr 14,2018 21:00

You people obviously did not take a course in Greek Mythology. Gaea told Rhea, Kronos's wife, to hide baby Zeus. Rhea then brought back a rock, which Kronos mistook for a baby. Zeus returned to Kronos's palace, where he took a job as cupbearer. He then mixed a special drink that made Kronos barf up his siblings. They returned to Mount Isa, Zeus's home.Then they creamed those Titan's butts.

#dGUQeyap Apr 14,2018 10:59

My anus did no such thing.

#uKF0DtDv Apr 14,2018 09:02

Uranus ate baby Kronos.

#dGUQeyap Apr 14,2018 07:16

Kronos ate baby Zeus.

#clB86ObE Apr 14,2018 06:44

Or alligators when they're going for a diet, their young must be tasty!

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Apr 14,2018 06:10

Only Zeus eats babies

#ygUebHzK Apr 14,2018 05:44

@KK: You are what you eat baby

#ygUebHzK Apr 14,2018 05:43

@TP: It's cool being the strongest, smartest kid in the 5th grade until you realize that you're Billy Madison.

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 14,2018 05:25

oh snap this isnt pg1

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 14,2018 05:24


#uc3VxJyS Apr 14,2018 05:12

TypeNirvash:When I was in fifth grade, all I was think it about were how lame the action of dividing decimals was.

#uc3VxJyS Apr 14,2018 05:07

You've struck a good deal, brother. You got a girlfriend?

#6JJuFf1S Apr 14,2018 02:10

I'm getting promoted! Plus the owner is gonna pay for my bachelor's!

#clB86ObE Apr 14,2018 00:12

(me while doing homework at the suitable time of 3 am )

#clB86ObE Apr 14,2018 00:07

"Well, well, well... from what I've concluded, this environment, as it may be called, has a need to be destroyed."
____"Well sir, I don't think you can make such a decision, being as hi.gh as your lonesome... "
____"Wait, what?"
____"You see, there really is no environment to speak of, for I'm the talking Campbell beef can."
____"I always thought something was up, but you said that was because of ster.iods, that is why you are as round as you are, is it not?"
____"No, sir you're the one on dru.gs."

#ygUebHzK Apr 13,2018 23:54

Also, Sig, I was just thinking that the other day; TK/TN/TP all one after another, same color.

#ygUebHzK Apr 13,2018 23:17

I am a very smart for a fifth grader.

#dGUQeyap Apr 13,2018 12:14

First of all, I'm pretty sure the first two words is considered a censorable phrase. XD
Not really sure how you read that, but I'm not black.

pantspooper skyk
#EYrK6U90 Apr 13,2018 08:49

*Shíts in Tylerplays28's mouth*
What in tarnation is that smell, pardner? Is that yo breff? Breff be stankin. Get yo self a breff mint fo dat stank áss breff

#DSjLzw6i Apr 13,2018 08:43

Jesus Christ, watch your language. (I think TypeNirvash is a fifth grader, so um, yeah.) And wait, Siggy's black? ( And no, I am NOT racist.)

#uKF0DtDv Apr 13,2018 06:52

Alright, we all know you're in the Ku Klux Klan. No need to show off your white di.ck to everyone.

#EYrK6U90 Apr 12,2018 18:04

This is why I h.ate blacks

#dGUQeyap Apr 12,2018 15:17

All three reasons why I have to be careful with names whenever I'm reading a comment in black.

#rIkef4LK Apr 12,2018 08:14

Because it was the original game and most use the link that leads only to that specific game.

#MTVDK5Vg Apr 12,2018 05:27

Wait, now that you mention it, King, it does seem like a lot more people use PG1... Why is that?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 10,2018 16:29

Well technically it doesn't, but there's also a submission for.m there that players can edit, and it's just a simple text list 32 games long, (formerly 31 before I added Elements on there as a test for just this sort of question) meanwhile the Search Games list continues to grow steadily complete with screenshots and some kind of rating metric. I guess it might be some kind of algorithm that's recommending the games, but I kinda doubt it as I've never seen a bot that can reliably navigate the internet outside of a few whitelisted sites without picking out something only half-related, like forums posts about online games, etc.

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Apr 10,2018 14:44

when did everyone switch from pg1 to pg2

#vSbAiI0H Apr 10,2018 09:47

The band?

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 10,2018 09:37

Me Too And I Like The Police

#wMu40jUG Apr 10,2018 08:27

I really like this agamne

#GIxHZzxJ Apr 10,2018 02:40

I made this using Microsoft paint (I transported in to Piskel in order to make the URL):
Any company that you'd like on the right side of the wall? please tell me, I'll be sure to update it as soon as I have the time.

#l3pbMTVh Apr 09,2018 23:36

*just ignore them and they will stop being super dumb*

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Apr 09,2018 19:34

I didn't know it's recommended by them. Where does it say that?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Apr 09,2018 18:46

I wonder how many minds it'll blow to find out that either ha55ii or tylor has been recommending a game made by someone else every day for several years?
It's not just anywhare that you'll find as useful a tag as #from.

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