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#jEjVHBWR Apr 18,2021 06:52
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82412.html noice
#XD7lXAmh Apr 18,2021 06:07
Dave dood
@Da Cool Kid 2 I've seen that ice player trick before, it's pretty neat. Also, I noticed a black solid in the bottom right of the screen that teleports players and fighters off the map without killing them. How do you get that stuff and what is it called?
#dcJj513F Apr 18,2021 05:19
Da Cool Kid 2
Please Vote. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82415.html Also going to stop uploading for about four days because I am working on the big grand house.
#ShtTGlN7 Apr 18,2021 04:14
#RycUClU5 Apr 18,2021 00:25
mythic pion arts
@RIPEL half the map is dessert yummy
#h1jT1sYV Apr 17,2021 15:47
No, it does it to me too. If anything, it would attempt to translate to Greek, but it chooses Italian for some reason.
#dcJj513F Apr 17,2021 14:48
Da Cool Kid 2
When I go on user ranking It gives me an option to translate the page from Italian to English XD. This is because 'Da' is Italian for 'From'.
#R3JieOqA Apr 17,2021 14:19
@grifas Sorry, I was talking about the people who put vote scams in the list of all-time most voted uploads.
#Znviwo75 Apr 17,2021 11:15
guys in my new upload please set the speed to 1x i accidently forgot to set it to 1x because my dad annoyed me so much.
#UMsUcQGr Apr 17,2021 11:03
I feel so light ! : ]
#UVsTIoYN Apr 17,2021 10:32
@dragon archives can you make uploads on pg2? PS;my screen is gonna burn me out it often get uncontrollable and make things in a big mess.i also had great difficulty typing. @consolationprize good also i made my first chain before with lots of balls&joints @dragon archives there will be a lot of kids like me but I can't find them.im the only one in the class and one of few students in my school. Thats 1 of the reasons of why i dont have friends. Some random questions:is it possible to switch joint display without j key?by clicking the j number or sth? Can u make a playercourse good not to playtest it even once? Ps:i have an acc on pg1 called nonickname before,i used that acc to make a lot of good uploads on app version.
#e60jRgqt Apr 17,2021 08:11
Dragon Archives
「Getting Over It」 0vote by Dragon Archives Apr 17,2021 08:09 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/446321.html Please Vote! I put a lot of work into this one: playtesting to adjust difficulty levels, remove potential soft locks, etc. It's difficult but really rewarding when you finally make it. Enjoy!
#WwzFPZnn Apr 17,2021 06:44
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82387.html This reaction was pretty cool but it took like an hour to get there lol. Several minute commitment. Also pretty reliant on clone which wasn't as cool but still pretty cool
#e60jRgqt Apr 17,2021 03:51
Dragon Archives
@diz. No reason to leave if you wanna stick around. People might not *need* you but its definitely nice to have consistent people around here. @nick Wait but nick is actually way easier to type than nickname! If you really don't want me to say nick I'll use nickname, I'm just being goofy. Let me know. Also it might be helpful to find other kids that feel similar to you. I garuntee you aren't the only one that feels left out. You don't need to be one of the popular kids, you just need some friends. And the other kids that don't have a lot of friends might be more likely to make friends with you
#QDFNuk5n Apr 17,2021 03:43
@grifas & everyone else really Some things to keep in mind if anyone's wondering if there are any legit "vote" related glitches: -no -voting doesn't affect the game in any way, it doesn't "cause lag", and it isn't part of some hotkey -ctrl+f is the "find text on page" command for most browsers, it has absolutely nothing to do with the game. -If voting *did* affect the game, so would delete, because both buttons basically do the same thing, if you really wanna test it. -If the person has uploaded the exact same upload before, it's also a scam -If an upload claims it's been tested using alts, and the only way to test it is with 1 or more uploads, and you don't see those test upload anywhere, it's a scam -Does virus infecting block even sound interesting enough to waste time making alts for? Besides, you can literally do that already with the console, select the game, type "Mc[0]=2" into it, then draw with powder, and voila. You have block that virus can infect @Groundpound Because uploaders want attention, and because voters don't know any better. Just delete, educate, and move on
#NwOlQujx Apr 17,2021 02:57
why people making these annoying vote scams? and why are people dumb enough to vote for them?
#x8RrFF3y Apr 17,2021 02:40
@ωarren (yes i had to search for that using win + period) I do not have the memory of a goldfish, i just wasn't there when Biohazz did it first.
#R3JieOqA Apr 17,2021 01:50
oh no bad typo bad typo
#R3JieOqA Apr 17,2021 01:50
@FoolFighters Your link doesn't work, because that's a link to a file on your computer, so only you can see that. @grifas It's the exact same upload Biohazz made last time, and you're asking if you can trust it. No wonder these vore scams get so many votes, the people who fall for them have the memory of a goldfish. Something interesting appears when you press the J button 3 times on that upload, by the way.
#x8RrFF3y Apr 17,2021 01:45
should we trust this or not? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82381.html
#CiiJqVP7 Apr 17,2021 01:10
copy the link please. it doesn't work otherwise...
#CiiJqVP7 Apr 17,2021 01:10
/Users/student/Desktop/Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 8.53.53 AM.png Same ID. you got some explaining to do @ηιcκиаཀཇ
#h1jT1sYV Apr 17,2021 00:13
@Diz Overstayed your welcome? There are so many people still here who found this place years ago, you're fine. XP Also, it's case sensitive: Nc[0]=53, which causes the button normally associated with powder to give readvar instead.
#gRQYWpEq Apr 16,2021 23:54
how do you use the C-4
#UVsTIoYN Apr 16,2021 23:11
@diz I didn't return with belittlement and didn't downplay you.im at 6th,is going to 7th a few months later. The situation lasts for 4+2 years(1st-4th,5-6th)bc i went to a new school.seriously it's a huge pain to experience all those,did you have that experience before. Also i want a code too but not in other sites. Woody Fireworks:powder+seed+ant Laser Barrage:Hg+laser Bubbleboom:soapy+nitro Great Exp.:nitro+gpowder+gas+oil aura Heaven:nitro+gas+more+bg aura εtc. ωοω If you have a PC,type nc[0]=53 or sth else.didnt remember it clearly
#vlpmL9AS Apr 16,2021 22:49
oh uh can i get a get set code for readvar? i figured out how to use them.. totally not gonna recreate a sigma upload while i do testing irl because it's easier...
#vlpmL9AS Apr 16,2021 21:24
@nickname don't patronize me. i tried to help and you returned it with belittlement. what grade are you in? it may just be one of those years, like my 6th and 8th. seriously don't downplay my struggle because i can't reach out to you very well. leaving PG2 at the end of may btw. 95 percent sure on it. if anyone wants me to stay lmk, because chances are i may leave very early. i feel like i am not needed here, i overstayed my welcome in that sense. and many more things too.
#UVsTIoYN Apr 16,2021 17:35
@sigma it's always good to talk with the classmates,but it's not likely bc they don't care about me,often ignore me and make me very alone. I feel like i got out of the group of classmates. Not everyone do that,but some students try to hurt/harm me every day and most other avoid me/make me alone. @diz the situation is more serious than u think.i have tried to help with everyone else possible,but it don't help. You know what drowning feels right,im just like that Also im trying to use multiple types of f-works to make cool effect,gonna post later
#jEjVHBWR Apr 16,2021 08:57
#dcJj513F Apr 16,2021 05:10
Da Cool Kid 2
Please Vote https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82362.html
#viDhGMDi Apr 16,2021 04:31
This would be perfect if the iceman could make time freeze completely for everyone and everything except them.
#R3JieOqA Apr 16,2021 03:10
@Player Why would anyone destroy their homework? I wouldn't want all that effort spent doing it to be nullified like that. Silly upload.
#FWCmdIHJ Apr 16,2021 02:07
@Makavelli006 WHAT THE BALL IS THIS POWDER DESTROYER!?!?! https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82052.html
#h1jT1sYV Apr 16,2021 01:14
@Diz Yes they have, see nickname!'s comment at April 13 at 18:06. @nickname! I'm asking if you would be willing to go up to classmates and talk with them about interests, or if that would make you uncomfortable. Surely not *everyone* is avoiding or wanting to harm you.
#s7Eos5ot Apr 16,2021 01:04
dinosaurus rex
Hi I won't be uploading in a while bye
#vlpmL9AS Apr 15,2021 20:16
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79593.html and i found the best upload on PG2. @Nickname seriously, seek someone who can help you better then us. hav you tried telling your parents yet? i've lived out that situation, and it worked when i did that. please listen to me i had to deal with an identical situation....
#UVsTIoYN Apr 15,2021 18:10
@sigma what r u meaning,please say more clearly also I'd like to have conversations/talk to classmates about that but not likely,bc i'm always alone.(ps:not that i want to be alone,it's that they made me alone and I don't want it.) Also dragon archives,isn't ★ ηιcκиαཀཇ ★ easier to ωrite,isn't it? And it's quite fun to type that without copypast℮. ♡
#dcJj513F Apr 15,2021 05:03
Da Cool Kid 2
Please Vote https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82330.html Also @Dragon Archives I think he meant call him nickname with or without the fancy letters he said he doesn't want to be called nick.
#a4MCl01Y Apr 15,2021 04:15
powder Game 2
#vjVokiAq Apr 15,2021 03:56
#e60jRgqt Apr 15,2021 03:46
Dragon Archives
@nick ηιcκиаཀཇ seems harder to write than nick though, lol. I think I'll stick with nick.
#e60jRgqt Apr 15,2021 03:36
Dragon Archives
「cave escape prt.2」 0vote by Dragon Archives Apr 15,2021 03:32 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/446289.html Please Vote!!
#QDFNuk5n Apr 15,2021 02:44
@NASAresearch Coloured fish and charged fuse aren't preserved by copy/paste (or uploading), they just revert back to normal fish and fuse, if that's what you mean. You'd basically have to create the fish and fuse first in exactly the spots you want it, then draw/paste the other elements around them and join them together. And you'd have to do all of that without saving/loading, just for one screen that would break if you uploaded it. Plus like skyk said, the joint limit is a big problem I think the best method would be to try to stitch screenshots together in photoshop, that way you can still show everything off, without having to worry about game mechanics
#h1jT1sYV Apr 15,2021 00:18
@nickname! How comfortable are you with going up to (respecting) classmates and starting conversations with them about interests you two have?
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 23:16
This is taking a loooooong time.
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 22:58
@STS:Did you forget copy/paste?
#NwOlQujx Apr 14,2021 20:58
@Cat45 yeah i know about EEU and it coming soon! i'm doing pretty well with Katatak, i even talk to them via discord
#UVsTIoYN Apr 14,2021 18:05
@DCK2 whoops we're different. One hurt on body and one hurt on heart. I really suffered from that crazy amount of bullying and my heart eventually...crαsh℮s. XD beacuse of this,i have depressions.i know thats an illn℮ss,but i dont know how to get better. i suffered,cried,got crazy,ыasted(i mean grievance outbreak,just like too much gas in a bottle makes it go boom.),drowned(i mean in the sea of depression.) and even want to die. :0 thankfully I didn't. Im really alone when i see chassmates play together happily but I can't join them.i feel like the happiness isnt belonged to me at all. @dragon archives please call me ηιcκиаཀཇ because it's shorter and easier.
#G6ah8Kij Apr 14,2021 12:38
Also, if you're planning on doing joint combinations, keep in mind that I just barely made it under the limit in my upload.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 14,2021 11:51
@NASAresearch Wouldn't really be possible, at least as an upload with everything onscreen at once. Fish needs the game to be unpaused to change colour, and a lot of the elements in that upload would instantly destroy themselves It's the same deal with soapy, nitro and oil-charged fuse sadly. Not to mention f-work ball coloured fire too
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 11:10
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 11:10
@skyk:I working on one with all the colors I can fit on it. Dont forget fish colors.
#h1jT1sYV Apr 14,2021 10:52
Balls do that on BG-Track. I think it's because they overwrite themselves every other frame. You can see an interesting effect in this upload http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/37949.html if you run it, load it with the track effect still in place, and run it again. The balls overwrite their marks causing them to disappear. You can even do this on any stable ball course and make its own path disappear.
#RycUClU5 Apr 14,2021 09:37
mythic pion arts
「Blend Zone」 by skyk: how do the balls flash even when it's stopped? This is so dumbfounding.
#G6ah8Kij Apr 14,2021 07:46
Technically, there are many, many more colours than the ones in my joint upload, when you take bubbles and Crystal tinting into account, but the game map couldn't even fit one particle of each.
#dcJj513F Apr 14,2021 04:38
Da Cool Kid 2
Please Vote https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82301.html
#dcJj513F Apr 14,2021 04:35
Da Cool Kid 2
@nickname! I was at college, no I didn't have depression before. I was actually close to death. The bullies were drunk or something like that and that kept punching/kicking me and one got out a small pocket knife.Luckily I locked myself in the bathroom and eventually they went away and so I locked my dorm door.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 14,2021 04:19
@Sigma whenever I look at that all I see are various pride flags. Kinda tempted to make a version where everything is organized by pride flag instead of menu order lol
#vlpmL9AS Apr 14,2021 03:06
sick. it's just hard to see well. i also am almost done with a perfect sword idea. i liked the original because 69 joints :)
#h1jT1sYV Apr 14,2021 02:44
It took a few negative months, but they finally got to your request Diz: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/77998.html
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 02:15
I wasn't planning on doing all joints but I will.
#C5IXIBcB Apr 14,2021 02:14
@Diz:Its funny you say that because Ive been working on that project for a few days now. I'll upload it when Im finished.
#vlpmL9AS Apr 14,2021 00:50
@Skyk sorry to ask anything of you but could you make an upload that includes every color in PG2? including joints? please, or if there is one someone direct it to me.
#vlpmL9AS Apr 14,2021 00:48
I have to announce my news. i overeacted on my eoc's... they are very easy. so i am working again, posting new sword tomorrow, just wanted to make a chain reaction to take a break.
#7Xhxiz6b Apr 13,2021 22:57
@Groundpound. How are you? And did you know they are working on a new everybody edits?
#RQUx23m5 Apr 13,2021 22:54
@Shroomy1 it's ok. If you post it on the discord instead, more people will be able to see it, since I'm guessing not very many people are checking this board at any give time.
#x8RrFF3y Apr 13,2021 22:24
@Groundpound depends on which person is playing as red. If it's the stereotype for red, then yeah
#uFXgTWoR Apr 13,2021 21:58
Oh and btw delete this we have a vote scam: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82274.html
#uFXgTWoR Apr 13,2021 21:55
Hello guys! I'm back again from a month long trip to the beach
#UVsTIoYN Apr 13,2021 18:06
@cyann didya post a scam upload,don't work for me @DCK2 Whoops I didn't know that before. I have a kinda similar experience now.but i told my parents but they cant do much to help,and the teacher don't care about it(seemly) and i have to reci℮v℮/℮ndur℮ everything by myself. That makes me disintegrated and almost died.i have lots of things to say and im writing this into a story.i want to make friends to them,talked to them,be good to them,but they are just bad to me.talking to myself isn't a good idea.also @dragonarchives call me ηιcκиαཀཇ [email protected] i tried to make a pixart series about"little sad at school" before. Also @DCK2 what school were you at?a college?do u have depression before?do u wanted to say goodby℮ to the world but u didn't? ♡♡
#e60jRgqt Apr 13,2021 11:22
Dragon Archives
「first pixel art」 0vote by Dragon Archives Apr 13,2021 11:18 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/446262.html Please Vote!!!
#UMsUcQGr Apr 13,2021 11:02
never mind don't join event called off very sorry for the inconvenience
#UMsUcQGr Apr 13,2021 10:56
Join if your not busy https://skribbl.io/?H4YyPuxHle8R It will be chaotic time
#NwOlQujx Apr 13,2021 10:09
guys is red sus i need to know its for scientific research
#kkAaFpd1 Apr 13,2021 09:04
also what do you thing of http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82260.html epic battle
#kkAaFpd1 Apr 13,2021 09:03
pixel art usually explodes when you click start
#C5IXIBcB Apr 13,2021 08:52
Ok. I see what you mean.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 13,2021 07:59
@NasaResearch >new type of pixel art h- im sorry but like- stable pixel arts like that are pretty much all me, sigma, and the other oldies used to do- http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/51798.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/170152.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/267084.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/358027.html http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/33074.html etcetc @Boiled Potato #2 You mean the all time most voted uploads? Have you *seen* the highest voted PG1 uploads? There's always been a tonne of awful uploads like that, they just don't get remembered the only difference I've really noticed is that most new good uploads seem to be a lot smaller in scope than oldschool good uploads. Like a single building vs a whole city. Both are still great, it's just that people don't seem to spend the same amount of time on uploads anymore for some reason
#aY5PQb2T Apr 13,2021 06:11
Boiled Potato #2
Not to complain or anything, but I feel the quality of "original" creations have gone way down. Most of highest voted creations are either not their work or a vote scam.
#RycUClU5 Apr 13,2021 06:10
mythic pion arts
@jimmy the epic m just fyi your project 「sand」 doesn't work for solid powders, only for liquids in large dosages.
#C5IXIBcB Apr 13,2021 05:55
@DCK2:Pixel art is usually stopped. Yours was able to be started. So you kinda made a new type of pixel art. Is this right?
#fnZfXbYL Apr 13,2021 05:32
@nickname! Exactly what Da Cool Kid 2 said. I share a lot of their experiences. You'd be surprised upon telling them, but parents genuinely don't want their kids to get bullied. My parents weren't able to do anything about it or make me stop being bullied, but giving them awareness of what was going on helped me and my situation immensely
#dcJj513F Apr 13,2021 05:30
Da Cool Kid 2
@grifas is this pixel art? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/82267.html I worked really hard. I will make a bigger house next time. I enjoy making these.
#dcJj513F Apr 13,2021 05:01
Da Cool Kid 2
@nickname! I used to be bullied in school. I kept it private and it slowly started to disintegrate me, I cried in class and a lot of places because I thought of the bullies. After a while I told my parents they comforted me and told me it was alright and the more I talked about it the more I was happy. My parents then told my teachers and they stopped bullying me. It felt like the sky was lifted off my shoulders.
#e60jRgqt Apr 13,2021 04:21
Dragon Archives
Dang it, I've been proven wrong. It's not even clear/see-through, which was the other option I had mentioned XD @nick Can I call you nick? Anyways, I find that one way to making friends is learning how to ask good questions. Being genuinely interested in other people, their stories, and their wellbeing is something that others appreciate. You've also got to be able to talk about yourself, of course. It can't entirely be about the other person. There are no shortcuts that I know of to make friends fast, and a lot of the social skills required take time to develop. It's scary, but the only way to learn and grow and to make friends is to try. You've just gotta walk up to some people you might want to be friends with and ask if you can sit with them, be a part of their conversations, or even straight up ask if you can be friends.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 13,2021 03:39
@nickname! How do you know adults won't help, have you tried? If not, why not try anyways? Even if you do think it's unlikely that it'll help, you might get lucky, so what's the harm? You have nothing to lose Not to mention, not all adults are the same. Even if one can't help, that doesn't mean another can't either. That's why you have to tell as many as you can. Friends are good too, but talking to adults is the easiest, most sure way to deal with this, that's why we recommend at least trying, even if it's a longshot
#SIoj19BQ Apr 13,2021 01:12
this is really fun game mabey in 3 add bioms
#C5IXIBcB Apr 13,2021 00:44
Bird just makes you float in a direction you jump to and you eventually come down. Flyable player would actually fly.
#C5IXIBcB Apr 13,2021 00:43
Flyable player. Not like "bird" but where you can actually choose where you go with the arrow keys or wasd.
#x8RrFF3y Apr 12,2021 23:33
also, who got my two most voted projects deleted? whoever did, i am going to find your most voted project and delete it
#x8RrFF3y Apr 12,2021 22:22
@DCK2 try making pixel art like me! also, only two people have answered by question for my project; Diz, and Da Cool Kid 2. my question is, if you could add one player type to PG2, what would it be?
#NwOlQujx Apr 12,2021 21:21
cat45? is that you? from everybody edits?
#UVsTIoYN Apr 12,2021 18:31
@sigma thankfully they dont hit me and the thing seems to get a little better now.they do get satisfaction from hurting other(no "s" here!)and I can't stop that. most of the time they just do sth to hurt my heart straight without hurting body or make me alone,really alone.and talking to adults is not likely,parents and teachers won't help(unless they found it is too bad but that time i may died. xd)can u give me advices to make real good friends quickly?im good to them but they arent. In ur 3rd comment your really right,if u say the whole internet there may be 99.999999% lol,only sth like 1/TREE(3) is unblocked because first all are blocked then a few unblocked.your second sentence is right. ♡♡♡ @shroomy ★ joint is perfect ★͙͙͙
#UMsUcQGr Apr 12,2021 10:04
@STS I was trying to make a robot type thing with sticky feet, it won't be release its more of a personal project ^^
#QDFNuk5n Apr 12,2021 07:18
dammit sigma
#QDFNuk5n Apr 12,2021 07:17
@nickname! Sorry I haven't talked much in this, I'm bad at giving advice on stuff like this, but Sigma's is spot on. It's better to reach out to any adult you can and put up with a little bit of discomfort now to get it over with for good. @Dragon Archives It's actually not, it's 1 brightness value lighter than the background. You can tell by colour picking it in photoshop. On some high contrast monitors, you can also see it faintly if you hold your head at a certain angle ;) Love the dedication with those fonts though lol. I still miss whatever italic font I used in most of my PG2 uploads @Shroomy1 There's a few, but it's mostly along the lines of water touching ice and freezing. What are you trying to do?
#h1jT1sYV Apr 12,2021 07:13
You are wrong. lol Glass is #010101, while the background is #000000. https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Glass_(Powder_Game_2_element)
#e60jRgqt Apr 12,2021 07:01
Dragon Archives
Powder Game glass isn't see-through, it's the same shade of black as the background. Convince me I'm wrong. You can't.

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