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#pHB9hyld Jul 01,2022 14:27
were you born with two butts? 4 cheeks?
#h1jT1sYV Jul 01,2022 09:21
I was born with your butt.
#tgFrH0jH Jul 01,2022 08:17
i was born with no butt
#pHB9hyld Jul 01,2022 05:52
Σsigma i agree. using clouds and S-ball for opposite preferred forces is an amazing pg2 compass idea
#h1jT1sYV Jul 01,2022 03:00
Hey, this is cool. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91234
#pHB9hyld Jul 01,2022 02:17
sorry i haven't been uploading. im captivated by monster box lol. im hoping to get to work on a to-scale firearm such as an ar-15, m4a1, etc. making everything to irl scale including a silencer hopefully. my email to silencer-co was denied due to ITAR constraints. if i am able to find publicly accessible blueprints or measurements of any firearm i will attempt my hardest to make it look good. I reiterate, the time i say on my upload is the total time taken.
#c4hc0CRR Jun 30,2022 17:39
Dragon Archives
thanks Cat! good to see you still hanging around :) @kitchen gun NEVER mix equal parts acid, nitro, and bird in a 20x20 pixel enclosed space surrounded by block. it will crash your computer. also nice name, funny meme.
#KKSLU3NL Jun 30,2022 16:28
tributes are cool
#XA360Syb Jun 30,2022 05:14
Why, instead of having pen-0 ect, can't the pen just be like the copy/paste?
#p6T98bF6 Jun 30,2022 01:42
Hello everyone. I'm pretty new so is there anything I need to know?
#FWRzGfDk Jun 29,2022 22:01
Dragon Archives
It’s Tribute Tuesday! The day of the week where we take a look at one of the Greats from Powder Game’s past and highlight a few of their stand-out uploads! This week: TheCreatorOStuff https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=453417 Range of Activity: 7/13/10-5/09/11 Total Upload Count: 50 Average Votes/Upload: 429 Most Upvoted: 「This Guy Gonna Eat U」 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=227876
#h1jT1sYV Jun 29,2022 12:04
You don't defend someone else, you defend yourself *or* you cover someone else, you bell of dum.
#41eq2odh Jun 29,2022 08:47
#41eq2odh Jun 29,2022 08:47
Pasta King
I too would like to defend URANIUM-235 only because I need my stats to improve.
#h1jT1sYV Jun 29,2022 00:45
I'd like to defend URANIUM-235. They really do put a lot of time into researching the real-life version of what they're trying to make. (Why do I know? Because they record the progress on the Dan-Ball Discord: they look at *several* images including official cross-sections and blueprints, work with the measurements to make sure they have accurate dimensions in the game, and get the opinions of other members before uploading.) It only doesn't look like much effort went into it because he's sticking to the real-life designs (which aren't fancy in the first place). They really are actively working on each upload for hours, even when the construction itself doesn't take long at all.
#CYvkLKXJ Jun 28,2022 20:21
Better than siej
This is a common practise these days that when you can't work hard just show off = https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91206
#GAUjk6Ge Jun 28,2022 09:40
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91233 this is a skyke copy
#lYmwFS6O Jun 28,2022 08:17
i will never take medication i am too cool for it epic pipe bomb win ??
#lYmwFS6O Jun 28,2022 08:06
hot girls browse powder game
#GBQ5TrLp Jun 27,2022 19:48
And we are trying to reach you car's extended warranty
#GBQ5TrLp Jun 27,2022 19:48
#h1jT1sYV Jun 27,2022 16:20
They're Eclipse14, or was after the account thing.
#c4hc0CRR Jun 27,2022 14:00
Dragon Archives
ayy lets go. I am remembered. and fair, let's just call you an "old member of the community" or something like that haha. you on the discord?
#bXuMSf6O Jun 27,2022 01:47
de los mejores juegos de motos llega mxgp 2021 y en 2022 sigue siendo el mejor juego de motos
#F8vUiLLn Jun 26,2022 08:12
@Dragon Archives I certainly recognize that name, although being called an old uploader seems like a bit of a stretch since I was far more known for my SR stuff.
#pHB9hyld Jun 26,2022 06:41
anyone may reach out to me for any reason. Demon_Core#4069
#pHB9hyld Jun 26,2022 06:40
Torndodude2020 I count the hours worked as including time working directly on the project as well as research. in that specific creation I worked on multiple prototypes of the torch in one creation, tuning different elements of the entire thing. i made many different designs with joint-n as well as the chamber of oil and the torch shape to ensure efficiency. I also have a sub-par computer which slightly limits my accuracy. The time listed is the time taken, that is a guarantee.
#h1jT1sYV Jun 24,2022 22:55
@DA Regardless of how it got on the screen, pen-s 0 block should be uploadable as long as you "fill in" the rest of the 4x4 square(s). I don't think anything should be different.
#4zVGRmGH Jun 24,2022 05:22
if you have wind selected in any pen exepct pen-s 0 in a vacuum dont blow the wind straight up
#p9RdRWtR Jun 23,2022 02:37
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91177 Even with the joints, this guy almost certainly DID NOT SPEND 5 HOURS ON THIS!
#c4hc0CRR Jun 22,2022 09:31
Dragon Archives
If I remember right, you can't upload with the hac.ked pen size-0 block. I could be wrong about that tho. @sigma? @OmegaPirate good to see another old uploader popping in! I used to go by dragon-slayer when I first joined in 2011. new account usually means people don't recognize me in the comments tho ;(
#p9RdRWtR Jun 22,2022 08:53
I actually made pen-size 0 block with virus, pump, c-4, and water like Sigma and Dragon Archives did! Another way to make pen-s 0 block is: go to the console, go to elements and click on the pg2 canvas iframe, go to console again, and enter "Cb[0]=2".Use powder and enjoy!
#1Gi6oFIS Jun 22,2022 06:53
That clean vines upload is neat. Didn't know about that quirk before. It feels like a lost skyk upload.
#8v6DZ5YV Jun 22,2022 00:14
Slippin Jimmy
In an alternative universe. - Duke nukem is like Arnold Schwarzenegger but in real life -William Afton would play the perfect Willem Dafoe -You Can see me -why batman is the movie of all time -no amongus(good ending )
#h1jT1sYV Jun 21,2022 17:10
Believe it or not, the virus is an important step. Otherwise the pump won't have the right coordinates for it to work (by coordinates I mean as a decimal, you need to cause it to move between 0.5 and 1 pixels somehow and that's where the virus comes in).
#dcJj513F Jun 20,2022 15:46
Da Cool Kid 2
@DA/Sigma very clever that could indeed be useful
#RQMVdxT4 Jun 20,2022 05:52
PEN-S 0 BLOCK? wow. nice.
#GAUjk6Ge Jun 19,2022 22:35
@kingkevin what i meant was that im #18 rank on total votes
#4uro0I0w Jun 19,2022 20:05
Lackin' jimmy
Because 18 votes is lot for pg2, 100 is low in pg1
#tgFrH0jH Jun 19,2022 16:57
Meanwhile when I first joined, I already felt like I was years late to the party lol
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 19,2022 11:37
@kairuosi why are you proud of 18 votes
#fI9n4vQL Jun 19,2022 09:23
I see STS and Σsigma are still around here. Hard to believe it's been 10½ years since this thing launched, and yet we're probably all that's left of the survivors from its first year of existence.
#GAUjk6Ge Jun 19,2022 08:58
omg i am on 18 on votes i cant believe it thank you all of voting :D
#CSA0jKAl Jun 19,2022 05:08
hello everyone how are you
#p9RdRWtR Jun 18,2022 03:27
@Σsigma and Dragon Archives. Speaking of pen size-0 block, can you tell me (if you know) about how to get any firework sample? It reminds me because you can make pen size-0 block with it.
#c4hc0CRR Jun 18,2022 02:17
Dragon Archives
「PEN-S 0 BLOCK!?!」 0vote by Dragon Archives Jun 18,2022 02:13 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=453195 Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 NOT CLICKBAIT. Sigma and I figured this out together. it works in PG1, but I haven't tested it in PG2. This is insane.
#p9RdRWtR Jun 18,2022 01:22
@Kairuosi2 So true. @teller_of_storie I think he now uploads in logi box.
#cDeJU70F Jun 18,2022 00:37
Serious jimmy
As someone with not much knowledge about pg2 He probably using mobile.
#aRNEOGEk Jun 17,2022 20:44
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91133 I highly doubt this guy spent 3 hours on this
#bhZ8BrcW Jun 17,2022 02:14
Kyle 2009
+ Russian bomb shells what ever I explode
#bhZ8BrcW Jun 17,2022 02:12
Kyle 2009
Nukeclear cannon coming soon 2 years to now no news I'm not happy '-' but noo I can't control it no noooooooooooo ';::::;' huh what happans wuw I'm my good last of all is turn to a "IDIOT" owo
#FWRzGfDk Jun 16,2022 23:29
Dragon Archives
XD thanks STS
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 16,2022 06:24
StarTrekDrMcCoy has returned
#9Rg6TnIP Jun 16,2022 02:32
Slippin Jimmy
@kairuosi 2 you talking to player35012mcgil? If yes It's an old meme, older than you if I an correct about your age, it is 6/7 isn't it.
#9Rg6TnIP Jun 16,2022 02:30
Slippin jimmy
Five nights at freddy's
#t1EhEqRG Jun 15,2022 23:19
whatever happened to skyk?
#CYvkLKXJ Jun 15,2022 22:36
Better than siej
I know how laser and acid cut crystal 1. laser beams 2. laser acts as a ramp for acid 3. acid stays so close to crystal 4. as the laser passes through the crystal (literally acccording to the game's code) 5. acid tries to fall through the laser but can't but in the trial for some milliseconds mixes with the laser (yeah) 6. the laser goes through the crystal with the acid 7. the "5" glitch ends due to the repeat in games for loops (it is code thingy) ( google it up) 8. after the glitch ends acid escapes the laser in the crystal surface and assumes it as metal and erodes it but the nested loop checks that it is a crystal so deletes the crystal (I am a coder at MIT so I know) (I am joking I am in high school but can code well)
#aRNEOGEk Jun 15,2022 22:15
#tgFrH0jH Jun 15,2022 17:39
i was born with a 3rd buttcheek
#p9RdRWtR Jun 15,2022 01:34
@Σsigma Kinda same with me too. I had a big pause in uploading, and other stuff is happening to.
#MIvF0i3o Jun 15,2022 01:34
#p9RdRWtR Jun 15,2022 01:32
@Σsigma oh
#o6eF5ela Jun 15,2022 00:27
i put size 9 vine just constantly breaks the bomb
#o6eF5ela Jun 15,2022 00:23
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91092 play on it but you may have realized something about it
#aRNEOGEk Jun 14,2022 20:30
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91080 Me: puts in virus
#fU2YswEm Jun 14,2022 19:21
Kairousi Lin??? Hungedpetrai07!!!
#h1jT1sYV Jun 14,2022 13:29
@DA I liked STS's rumor better. ( - 3-) @Tornadodude2020 First lack of motivation, then lack of time, and finally lack of ideas. But I do still have a couple of things I'm trying to get myself to work on, as a matter of fact.
#FWRzGfDk Jun 13,2022 21:50
Dragon Archives
「Roncamp's 2nd Wife」 0vote by Dragon Archives https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=453141 Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。
#o6eF5ela Jun 13,2022 10:36
vote so you can see the water gun
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 13,2022 08:10
@Slippin Jimmy hippopotamus milk is pink ostriches have the smallest brain to eye ratio bees can detect bombs 50% of sloth deaths are because they climb down a tree to take a dump frootloops are all the same flavor ad0lf h1tler was nominated for a nobel peace prize blue whale tongues can weigh as much as an elephant strawberries aren’t berries british military tanks are equipped to make tea and scotland has more than 400 words for snow
#c4hc0CRR Jun 13,2022 07:21
Dragon Archives
Sigma does upload still, but only under the account "kairuosi" you may have seen their work in pg2's monthly rankings. truly incredible stuff
#p9RdRWtR Jun 13,2022 03:17
How am I past TRIGGSY in votes for the month? Triggsy is on of the best!
#p9RdRWtR Jun 13,2022 03:14
@Σsigma Why don't you upload anymore?
#VbqXQTJN Jun 12,2022 22:50
Slippin Jimmy
What's crazier is this isn't even my longest message In fact I had a message in which I was defending lizardwizard273 as he was losing in an argument, where slippin Jimmy kicked in. And made a statement even hungdeptrai07 was confused, to confuse your enemy's, you must confuse yourself, you see, my genius, it's almost frightening. Lizardwizard hate started again, it was a OH NO, ANYWAYS moment. Anyway I think I m out of topic but ok. Also did you know that elephants can't jump? Anyway and Stegosarus something dinosaurs brain was the size of a walnut. Plus don't be like slippin Jimmy, he's a need "Um actually you are crazy" Yes you are right.
#VbqXQTJN Jun 12,2022 22:44
Slippin jimmy
@kairuosi you're de*d wrong, it's right only if you are not obsessed with dream, by obsessed I mean stalking(and following dream in twitter) And dream is somewhat of a hypo Crite himself as he called people cuss words for them getting called out and going on private , then dream got called out and he also went private. And there ia evidence too that dream knows what he's doing, so he knows his fans are children, so in conclusion he is using kids (that aren't his) even tho this comment is a sarcasm, most of these statements are true, just not in a way I meant. +dream uses the kids to attac k people online(cyber bull y ing) +this is player35012, I don't think anyone would be crazy enough to write this.
#XA360Syb Jun 12,2022 20:40
@Sigma:Quite well. I took a break from pg2 and now that its summer I thought I would start uploading again.
#ZgUXNKQ3 Jun 12,2022 08:42
still not logged in, I haven't tested them all, but I think all 2-letter combinations work as nd, and it also works if you use wrong syntax (grammar).
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 12,2022 08:36
without using white hole or black hole how can I make an explosion go down
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 12,2022 08:22
#h1jT1sYV Jun 12,2022 08:01
@Nasa You've greeted me several times and I apparently haven't acknowledged you yet, sorry about that. How have you been?
#ZgUXNKQ3 Jun 12,2022 07:31
Note: I'm not in my real account; This is a different computer. To ChainReactionGuy; or anyone else; if you know how to get any firework sample, I'll vote for all your uploads. Also, I think Readvar teleports the players & fighters because when you spawn one, they spawn at x=0, y=0 (the top-left corner) for a fraction of a second, then they almost instantly hover to your cursor.
#XA360Syb Jun 12,2022 07:28
@Sigma:Long time no see! I have found a mistake in the submarine that basically ruins it so it might be a while :|
#TKdjnFej Jun 12,2022 03:14
Soul warrior
A recent joint experiment i did was pretty sick, because of how making one joint burst led to every other joint that looked like to also burst. interesting stuff.
#h1jT1sYV Jun 12,2022 02:58
Yes, that's because players/fighters associate that value with the outside of the game screen on side-off. It thinks it's contacting the edge of the screen, but the "element" doesn't have a defined friction so it also acts like readvar. I have no idea why they chose nd of all variables; as long as it's not storing a number, it will do the same as nd. Also if you choose a variable, it has to be a valid one (nd and nf both happen to be valid).
#p9RdRWtR Jun 12,2022 02:27
Speaking of glitch elements, if you type in Cb[0]=-5, it will create a thing like readvar, but it also kills the players and fighters.
#p9RdRWtR Jun 12,2022 02:24
I think nd also works also works even if you type different letters, like nf.
#aRNEOGEk Jun 12,2022 00:58
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91045 This is what happens when you watch dream too much
#h1jT1sYV Jun 11,2022 11:53
It looks like nd is the object timer array...obviously when you place an element with an ID that isn't a number *at all* it's going to result in something weird. By the way, fighter loses its AI because it thinks it's still in the air when it's standing on it, so it stays limp.
#xICw4VnM Jun 11,2022 09:19
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=91034 guys so this element 1. when fighter contract them they lose their ai and if u clear them they got their ai back 2. immume to most destroying stuff 3. when it colide with bomb all the new element turn into bomb 4. cant be infected with virus ( wtf ) 5. ant cant contract with this 6. have a joint weight of 0 ( which mean a joint consist of 2 dots wont fall ) 7. joint scale also wont work, joint blind works anyway
#xICw4VnM Jun 11,2022 07:58
he stopped uploading and now he is uploading in logi box to get the world record for the most voted uploader idk why but whatever
#kYt0ohko Jun 11,2022 07:51
Hello! anyone know what happened to skyk?
#p9RdRWtR Jun 11,2022 05:53
where is READ VAR ("4")? I want to know how to get any firework attribute.
#v4CruBnS Jun 10,2022 02:26
I just need someone to play as black for the Chess series to start! Tell me that you will play as black. I play as white. White goes 1st.
#CYvkLKXJ Jun 09,2022 22:56
Better than siej
i will make what ? now
#CYvkLKXJ Jun 09,2022 22:56
Better than siej
i am back from spongebob
#GAUjk6Ge Jun 09,2022 04:32
yooo i passed 05sc50 in votes
#xICw4VnM Jun 08,2022 23:06
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=90994 how 2 kill : first put some bomb to wipe the body, and then shoot lazer with pen size 9 at the head to make it noclip to the backrooms https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=90259
#GAUjk6Ge Jun 08,2022 03:36
thank you kingkeven
#8yrF6O3j Jun 08,2022 02:16
The first is betterrrr
#n1oNVmI6 Jun 07,2022 23:45
@kairuosi that has to be the smartest thing someone has ever said

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