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#DnlBjdUr Jan 18,2020 12:01
Fun fact: It is possible to make a 64 bit computer on PG2 (capable of partially running Windows 10) if there weren't any dot or size limits. It'll just take up a lot of space (and will lag) since even a single byte of storage takes up considerable space on PG2.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 18,2020 03:51
Wow.... you weren't kidding
#JVc0sgFG Jan 18,2020 03:45
Okay quick question, why is the PG2 comments so much more productive and full of ideas, complements, constructive criticism, and etc. And then the PG1 comments consist of random letters, words, numbers and symbols. It’s so easy to have conversations here and get help with projects, but on the PG1 comments it’s actually impossible to have any real discussion there. PG1 Comments: https://dan-ball.jp/en/bbs/dust.html
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 18,2020 01:28
Given the following parameters: https://pastebin.com/paFVA15p Is it possible to calculate the total number of possible unique uploads (that don't involve any readvar-adjacent stuff)?
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 17,2020 20:49
Yes we can improvise, but there's just so many combinations that we can use. Also remember, the physics of the game IS math, since you can't just type "fall" and expect something to fall. For the s-ball element, or any other element that changes speed midair, a formula for acceleration is needed. The math that the developers used are the physics. Any math they did not use are physics unaccounted for. The 40000 dot and size limit are also contributing factors, however if there were no limit to size/particle count, there would still be a cap due to math. Space could be less of an issue if say, there were more equations for how electricity behaves when conducted.
#EK2EtVGL Jan 17,2020 11:52
I agree, though I don't think math is the limit. There's space to make nearly every conceivable boolean expression, and the game has properties that make many aspects of real life electronics unnecessary. In general, the problem is the physical limits of the game itself. I'm very close to that limit right now because my current project is taking up every bit of space the game has. After I finish it I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 17,2020 08:08
It's amazing to see that we can manipulate a once simple falling sand type game to create complex electrical creations. However, we do know that not every mathematical equation is used here, therefore I fear we are reaching the true limit of PG2, due to lack of math. Though, I may be wrong.
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 17,2020 06:51
Someone make mazes please
#NoG3uqpx Jan 17,2020 02:21
what is "the glitch" supposed to be
#joyPvLwn Jan 17,2020 00:46
It seems we’ve entered the industrial revolution of powder game ;)
#9UFWWAef Jan 16,2020 23:02
the level of sudden technological advancement on here is amazing
#uEkbcBai Jan 16,2020 20:55
Last year i only heard people complaining about 5 minute uploads here
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 16,2020 12:39
The Internet is a series of tubes
#1MKPyiNO Jan 16,2020 09:43
(or anyone, i dont mind :D)
#1MKPyiNO Jan 16,2020 09:18
hey bob if youre seeing this, it would be cool if you could maybe make a new version of the internet with the improved wires i just uploaded. it would probably make it way faster if you could find a way to implement it.
#6ppKck5h Jan 16,2020 09:10
the internet system is good but, if you guys look at all of bob's stuff you'll see that he's made cool games like this before. Like the google dino game
#41E1F2cB Jan 16,2020 08:45
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 16,2020 07:49
@bob4koolest I just tried it. That's epic. The internet feature itself is made by simply kinda doubling things and doing it to both sides, right? I'm actually more into the movement effect you created lol. That can be used to make simple shooter-type games, or maybe even bootleg chess xD
#yKQliUca Jan 16,2020 07:03
jhon master
Hello friend, I'm jhon master, I want to inform you that I'm up, kill the fighter to win, they are very good, play them
#yKQliUca Jan 16,2020 06:59
#QYm8aFth Jan 16,2020 05:52
that one guy
how do you get a pump to dispense fluid properly
#iD7zYb7Y Jan 16,2020 05:47
Aight, when’s google coming to powder game?
#DnlBjdUr Jan 16,2020 05:12
@everyone Thanks :D It actually wasn't too hard, I copied and pasted two identical systems together then jointed them so the movement on one affects the other. There's a little bit more too it, but that's the basic concept.
#uQo9DdVQ Jan 16,2020 02:50
#uEkbcBai Jan 15,2020 20:03
@bob4koolest Wow... you really are the coolest
#V4Uu6nVO Jan 15,2020 15:14
@bob4koolest Oh, wow I just tried out your internet system and all I gotta say is my god how do you make stuff that good. Like I got happy when I made an electric Tic-Tac-Toe board game and then you make stuff like that. GG you have PG2 electricity flexing rights.
#R7Sy6dRZ Jan 15,2020 11:44
@emankciNNickname @Randomguypi http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72508.html Working internet system in PG2
#V4Uu6nVO Jan 15,2020 08:15
I'm gonna start uploading more projects now. I've been playing a lot of Stick Ranger trying to get all the crowns.
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 14,2020 00:16
THANK YOU emankciNNickname
#QNU2xYwJ Jan 14,2020 00:14
#QowNlt3Q Jan 13,2020 23:03
Bob, that sounds really cool. do it
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 13,2020 18:52
And bob, if you want, go for it
#H6lXwWv0 Jan 13,2020 18:49
Being a former ipad user, I can confirm what you can/can't do CAN: Right select by repeatedly tapping the element you want WITH TWO FINGERS AT ONCE CAN: Navigate, build, scale, etc, etc. CAN'T: Use right selected elements for normal building (example: my right selected item is Nitro and my left is oil, I can only use the oil normally but can use nitro text or balls) CAN'T: Change joint mode (hitting j) CAN'T: Control players On the plus side, creating stuff on ipad is hundreds of times quicker, but it's harder to do precision work until you train yourself to work with it easier. Everything I just said applies to all tablets and maybe phones.
#R7Sy6dRZ Jan 12,2020 10:43
I just came up with a concept for a working Ethernet system for PG2. Should I make it?
#bOLfDT1u Jan 12,2020 09:00
Jello at
#154cvMeF Jan 12,2020 07:15
hi me
#gwTxkAOY Jan 12,2020 06:05
no, I AM
#dtlo4zWb Jan 11,2020 21:43
ouec ji
#dtlo4zWb Jan 11,2020 21:42
elizabeta logino
#6ppKck5h Jan 11,2020 13:48
You accidentally did something cool and know you think you're a genius? hehehe :)
#bOLfDT1u Jan 11,2020 06:52
#bOLfDT1u Jan 11,2020 06:33
#qSxmUoy2 Jan 09,2020 12:55
you copied the mad scientist
#AtKhzai7 Jan 09,2020 07:02
You're actually on the Internet and not on an app? How are you able to play the game then? In my experience, it's almost impossible to do anything you want without ruining what's already on the screen. But in any case, I don't think it's possible to do any right-click stuff, so you can't have element balls or reverse conveyer as far as I know.
#gia11QyI Jan 08,2020 23:51
Not a computer
#gia11QyI Jan 08,2020 23:49
I do this on an iPad
#6ppKck5h Jan 08,2020 14:36
If you know anything about real science, you'd know PG2 isn't accurate but I like what you are getting at because I don't care about that. I like to think of PG2 as its own "universe" that has its own laws of matter and physics. btw I like your boat did you see my joint boat? it has actions... I'd give you the link but, well you know :l, its called "Sailing Ship" also well this is dumb comment but my top 3 uploads this month each has 44 votes is it the same 44 people seeing them? Can I get a request for my next upload here are some things I've been working with... - Joint Vehicles (fairly complex ones) - A really well planned and detailed level of some kind (by level I mean like players and stuff) - A hard puzzle box >Like E-lock picking but more difficult - A sea monster -or an idea of your own for me to tackle (long message my bad, had a lot to say I guess :/)
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 08,2020 08:49
@bob4koolest Thank you for bringing to life the main idea of my nuclear power plant that I published in early December. The idea that if we apply little labels to an ordinary group of interactions between elements, we can show people the complicated modern processes seen in real-life industrial buildings. There is now an emergence of industrial uploads from the PG2 community and each one is really smart and educational and more than the sum of its parts.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 07,2020 15:14
I know, I'm just thinking of the two differences between your own upload page and someone else's. As far as I know, the only two differences are that it shows the code, and instead of a vote button it shows the message about not voting on your own work.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 15:08
Oh, I'm not logged in, lol I'm stupid. As far as I know, there was no way/workaround to give yourself votes.
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 07,2020 14:45
I have no trouble opening my own uploads when not logged in, so I'm guessing it's a new issue related to the get/set codes? Either that, or the function preventing one for voting for oneself.
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 11:29
Both by right-clicking. Left-click the BALL button on the menu, right-click the element you want the ball to be, then left-click the game screen. Right-click the CONVEYER button on the menu and draw on the game screen using the right mouse button rather than the left.
#gia11QyI Jan 07,2020 11:14
And make conveyor belts go the other way
#gia11QyI Jan 07,2020 11:13
How do u make element balls
#AtKhzai7 Jan 07,2020 02:44
Huh, I can access my own uploads. @everyone Just so everyone knows, ha55ii always skips the first update of the year. Technically we don't know why, but it's probably because the poor man needs a break every now and then. Every year he has done this, and you should expect him to every year in the future.
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 07:36
It's good bob... +1 vote
#Cva07GF2 Jan 06,2020 07:21
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72394.html How's this?
#JAfSvRYW Jan 06,2020 03:33
The only thing I can think of is a pg2 optimization gone awry. A while back stick ranger 2 skipped a week for an update, so that's fine.
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 01:14
dude, I finally tried playing stick ranger 1 and I'm now addicted
#hhi0BMO9 Jan 05,2020 13:40
@bob same, cant access my uploads :(
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 12:41
Oh boy... The end of the dan-ball!!!!!!!!! is 2020 the end?
#G3R0T1O6 Jan 05,2020 12:31
I'm having the same issue, actually. I can't get the main 'save data' page to load either.
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 10:33
@HydroMan The developer blogs don't work anymore, there isn't a Stick Ranger update this week, and we can't access our own uploads :( What's happening?
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 09:03
Just did and they don't work anymore :((
#DnlBjdUr Jan 05,2020 07:56
@HydroMan have you tried checking on your own uploads though?
#JAfSvRYW Jan 05,2020 07:24
@bob4koolest same here
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 07:00
Good work Someone, The acid was supposed to be a trap but I guess it was no match for you :)
#mHNhslRH Jan 05,2020 04:19
HydroMan, I killed the fighter with acid, not fire lol
#6ppKck5h Jan 05,2020 01:46
@bob I just checked again everything works like normal for me, I'm sorry for your loss ):
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 22:42
@Hydro The pages with my uploads won't load and the page just says "HTTP error 500"
#mHNhslRH Jan 04,2020 15:15
hmm ok...
#6ppKck5h Jan 04,2020 09:57
For Electric lock picking, you need to put thunder in the boxes (this is the main part) but I think the instructions are straight forward it doesn't "do" anything unless you do something with it... bob I can access your uploads, weird that you can't :/
#Cva07GF2 Jan 04,2020 06:26
Is it just me who can't access my own uploads or is it everyone?
#yKQliUca Jan 04,2020 03:51
soy el mismo the game very good
#yKQliUca Jan 04,2020 03:48
yo hablo español el juego es muy bueno
#mHNhslRH Jan 03,2020 06:38
No idea how the electric lock-picking works and does anything...
#rrv4tXM4 Jan 03,2020 04:27
R101: No, it's fine. Everybody: Happy New Year's! *Kazooooooooooo solo*
#6ppKck5h Jan 02,2020 03:01
well, that's good to know thanks Sigma :) I'm glad I made something original
#AtKhzai7 Jan 01,2020 14:12
I don't think I've seen anything like that before, either. And I've seen just about EVERY upload.
#6ppKck5h Jan 01,2020 01:32
Thanks! I thought it was pretty original too but, I mean this game is like 8+years old so I haven't seen EVERY upload but thanks again. Does anyone want a level 2? I might hide some of the joints to make it harder and more like a lock :)
#Cva07GF2 Dec 31,2019 23:49
@HydroMan Cool lock! Never seen that design on PG2 before :)
#cISbVs0A Dec 31,2019 10:51
I’ve been playing Terraria for two years now, and my first Moon Lord fight is tomorrow. Is it bad that I’m getting a bit emotional?
#8XOSuUXr Dec 30,2019 05:20
Man I've been quite inactive, sorry guys.
#6ppKck5h Dec 28,2019 03:22
Check out Electric lockpicking -> https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72307.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 27,2019 05:10
Congrats on top 30 @TeamDoodleBlocks!
#AtKhzai7 Dec 26,2019 14:11
@bob4koolest Your works are looking more and more StarTrekSpock-esque.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 26,2019 06:43
@skyk Wow! That's pretty cool! Thanks for telling me this!
#AbaxcFua Dec 26,2019 02:29
Happy Holidays, everyone.
#6ppKck5h Dec 26,2019 02:13
Merry Christmas!
#G3R0T1O6 Dec 25,2019 12:32
Phresh: That's because laser is self-replacing as long as there's room in the particle's defined direction, and at speed 8 it can replace itself faster than you can clear it.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 25,2019 12:07
Correction: I mean 1,000.
#SU9w0Yvn Dec 25,2019 12:00
Guys put a size nine clone in the center of this while it's in stop and wait until the dot reaches close to 10,000. Then, remove the clone and see what happens. Then try to erase it. Depending on how you do it, it will either be impossible to erase the laser or take a long time to do so. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72275.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 25,2019 01:11
Hehehehe Danstroyer, I'm a little sick as well but not so much it's ruining Christmas for me. O and by the way, this is my upload from yesterday what do you guys think? https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72260.html
#OG52RTXx Dec 25,2019 00:44
I can't wait, Christmas eve and I'm sooooo. . . . SICK! Something about having a cold makes it feel like it's still November and it's "I can't wait to not be sick :D" instead of opening presents tomorrow
#6ppKck5h Dec 22,2019 09:04
Most places they'd just spit in your coffee for that... @bob4koolest its good stuff. Did you get the cloud to thunder thing from me? It was was a really good application of that mechanic, it was the most realistic nuclear power plant I've ever seen on this game and even better than the ones in real life!!!
#1FN03eEN Dec 22,2019 07:36
There's a Coffee Shop in France where not saying "hello" and "please" makes your coffee more expensive.
#Cva07GF2 Dec 22,2019 05:46
How's this? http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72233.html
#6ppKck5h Dec 22,2019 01:59
Got a new monitor for my computer :D here's my latest work https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/72232.html
#AtKhzai7 Dec 19,2019 09:56
Aw, they know how I did the one-ended joint now (honestly not much of a secret). @Randomguypi https://danball.fandom.com/wiki/Readvar
#7KT8MoGz Dec 19,2019 04:47
Me 2 days ago: *normal life* 1 day ago: What's epithet erased? Watching the trailer now lol Today: SyLvIe ThE sLeEp ShEeP sUmMoNiN 15 yEaR oLd PsYcHoLoGiSt KiD I've learned about epithet erased and it's stupid and funny and the villain has a decent backstory

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