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#dgTcalMl Jan 24,2021 01:28
#K3QgkdQM Jan 23,2021 23:39
I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that 2 new players passed me in monthly in a matter of months, but congrats
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 23,2021 22:44
Alright, today is the last day to upload your noob uploads. I'm thinking of holding some kind of noob olympics, like with different noob challenges. The first is a custom noob upload, like we're doing right now.
#QDFNuk5n Jan 23,2021 19:01
2nd place in coolness, behind me >:)
#C5IXIBcB Jan 23,2021 13:55
Wow. 3rd place monthly ranking. Behind Betatester1024 and skyk.
#diavV1Y1 Jan 23,2021 11:20
I'm back for an update: Tetris is still happening. Instead of the Super Rotation System, I will be using one that is very similar to the NES rotation system. I laid out the logic circuits for the grid, piece placement, piece location, and line clearing. So far the rough estimate for all that is around 750 joints. Luckily that number represents basically the entire machine except for the rotation, which I can get down to 100 joints, and the program and controls, which I believe can be done with the remaining 150. The grid size is currently 5x10, but there won't be enough joints to make a separate display. The grid itself must double as the display, so it won't look very pretty. This is also still a work in progress, so reducing the grid size might be necessary in the future.
#dgTcalMl Jan 23,2021 11:09
What are y'alls names in the PG2 Discord
#KM85IpMi Jan 23,2021 09:10
The Dizzy
@SCP-079 I make mine tomorrow or after the weekend. I know what i'll do.
#A6DE8Aly Jan 23,2021 08:47
why did i log in
#pZZNvUC0 Jan 23,2021 08:22
@SCP-079 I was about to upload an overcomplicated contraption that ends up telling people they s.uck and that they shouldn't vote, but oh well lol
#oVOgaiFE Jan 23,2021 08:00
hi check this out i do not care about vote but i think this is cool
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 23,2021 07:51
Ok now, new results so far: GCEA: 1st place Sneezing: 2nd place noob_9286: 3rd place betatester1024: 4th place @GCEA If you ever read this, you made the worst upload I have ever seen in my life You deserve first
#oVOgaiFE Jan 23,2021 06:07
#MnvWxV9s Jan 23,2021 06:06
12 VOTES?! I think i've just lost the contest... It's crazy how you get so few votes for something you worked hard on but so many for a rubbish upload
#KM85IpMi Jan 23,2021 05:46
The Dizzy
because of the cool down I type such large messages because I have to get a lot of thoughts out. and now its time to wait 35 minutes to type again.
#oVOgaiFE Jan 23,2021 05:30
i would like to show something itresting ill chek back in later
#rWYGgu81 Jan 23,2021 05:28
I know i check it every 10 minutes... just the [email protected]#(* comment cooldown :(
#oVOgaiFE Jan 23,2021 05:24
how do you post on the game?
#KM85IpMi Jan 23,2021 05:04
The Dizzy
hes also doing great in user ranking for this month. im also making my post tomorrow because I didn't see it until after @SCP-079
#RlhztYK7 Jan 23,2021 04:49
sry wrong person
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 23,2021 04:45
The results so far for the contest: betatester1024: 1st place Sneezing: 2nd place noob_9286: 3rd place Also, beta, you have got to check the monthly leaderboard...there is something you might be happy about...
#KM85IpMi Jan 23,2021 04:18
The Dizzy
February 3rd, been trying to say that for hours now, didn't have a comment to do so. I may shorten it because im not getting any new additions. I'll keep you guys up to date.
#C5IXIBcB Jan 23,2021 04:04
Sorry. But still, which is it?
#K3QgkdQM Jan 23,2021 03:58
@NASAresearch you got them mixed up, it is Feb 3rd or March 2nd
#C5IXIBcB Jan 23,2021 03:03
@The Dizzy: So does it end on Feb. 2nd or March 3rd?
#K3QgkdQM Jan 23,2021 02:07
@pur0 The best thing that i did was a flashlight, what you talking about? :P
#dgTcalMl Jan 23,2021 01:55
@bob He does indeed need to be invited, but can we talk about the boxer squaring up with one of those guys
#RlhztYK7 Jan 23,2021 01:54
@sneezing. I wish I was as good as you with electronics
#dgTcalMl Jan 23,2021 01:54
@beta You forgot "lazer" and a boss fight
#K3QgkdQM Jan 23,2021 01:48
Hey beta, you are now on all time, 10 more years and you might be able to dethrone skyk
#JmrvCXPe Jan 23,2021 01:09
Wait so the contest ends 2 march??
#KM85IpMi Jan 23,2021 00:58
The Dizzy
Ill make an entry soon. I just finished the reminder for my contest. I think I have an idea.
#K3QgkdQM Jan 23,2021 00:56
@SCP thanks for giving me an excuse to make an awful upload I'm probably gonna lose cuz I'm one of the more well known users in this platform but whatever
#6WEXQM4y Jan 23,2021 00:50
I can't believe 2 people voted for something so awful and disgraceful
#rF9zi8kP Jan 23,2021 00:48
i made my own players
#XnNqLqzj Jan 23,2021 00:36
I combined the most asthetically displeasing things i could think of: - Horrible bombs - Never dying virus - Vines everywhere - Stuff trapped in vine - Bad trees - Misusing pumps - Awful writing
#pZZNvUC0 Jan 23,2021 00:34
http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79555.html let make a map is now x100000 better than me at making pixel art now. Once again someone try inviting him to the comments.
#jEjVHBWR Jan 23,2021 00:22
i am good at that
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 23,2021 00:20
Also you can tell me who else will be a judge. I can have three total
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 23,2021 00:20
I'm hosting a noob upload contest Go look at the upload and please make an entry
#h1jT1sYV Jan 23,2021 00:01
@betatester1024 Pickley boi = SCP-079.
#jEjVHBWR Jan 22,2021 23:20
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79555.html this one
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 23:11
The Dizzy
wait, what are you referring to? there's been 3 talked about in recent time.
#jEjVHBWR Jan 22,2021 22:58
it is beautiful... i have looked at for five hours now
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 22:56
The Dizzy
well then both of those work out. the ones I spent more time on have gotten more votes such as bowser or as recently, electrical riff, taking 3rd place in votes in a single day. my favorite still has to be bowser because how accurate I represented it, even making the letters colorful like in Mario for the Use arrow keys text.
#kQIhNJLr Jan 22,2021 22:43
@SCP Never.
#kQIhNJLr Jan 22,2021 22:42
@The dizzy that's good the thing is not the votes it's the quality of your uploads. Like it doesn't matter if you only get 10 votes for something you really worked hard on it's okay
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 22,2021 22:41
@betatester1024 Do you EVER check the id?
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 22:38
The Dizzy
Hey, I was just asking. I wanted to know if im actually doing well or wasting time. also welcome back @bob4koolest, not too much has happened other then my boss fight contest, (rules in my data) and someone else lag contest. both are still open.
#q3W383ab Jan 22,2021 22:24
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79555.html ok stop flexing your building skills
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 22:01
The Dizzy
is 375 votes good for someone who has been posting for really a month in total?( I have been here since November but I hardly posted until this month, only made about 3-4 things so that's why I say one month)
#h1jT1sYV Jan 22,2021 13:08
It's like activity dying over time causes the comment board to deteriorate, and it is self-repairing.
#QDFNuk5n Jan 22,2021 12:31
what the frick how are the comments so active
#C5IXIBcB Jan 22,2021 07:35
@The Dizzy:Ok.
#pZZNvUC0 Jan 22,2021 06:29
Hey guys I'm back, what did I miss?
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 04:37
The Dizzy
Ill make a enderdragon soon! it just might be hard to make look good in PG2 style, gonna have to use a lot of J-blind. I might announce my current winners in 3 days if it doesn't get anymore. I don't wanna have to post a reminder yet.
#K3QgkdQM Jan 22,2021 04:10
@beta SCP is Pickley boi
#C5IXIBcB Jan 22,2021 04:05
Tolkien47 has some really awesome builds. Only 5 though.
#IfgkxeP4 Jan 22,2021 03:57
Hey has anyone else noticed that Pickley boi hasn't been around lately?
#yEjH3E1Z Jan 22,2021 02:41
Player Pro
I A M L E A V I N G F O R A W H I L E, B Y E B Y E
#C5IXIBcB Jan 22,2021 02:02
Only if they made a 3D PG3.
#K3QgkdQM Jan 22,2021 02:01
perhaps enderdragon maybe?
#YWxbDoOa Jan 22,2021 01:40
Umm... You should make a Moonlord boss fight. (Moonlord is from terraria)
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 01:37
The Dizzy
Guess that kinda killed chat, my bad. ill ask a question. What bosses should I make next, and or some ideas for some. I respect you guys enough to do a lot of what's requested of me.
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 01:24
The Dizzy
the idea behind 'reasonable' was to be intended where even people who fall for vote scams could beat them, but not so pathetic it's boring. im a hypocrite myself and the yellow devil fight was easy and generally poorly done, HOWEVER, the bowser fight was built to mock the real fight.
#N7NKVLrf Jan 22,2021 01:22
Not 10, more like 50, and i have a cookie deleter not clear browser data
#K3QgkdQM Jan 22,2021 01:19
@Gavvv24 actually more, like 10 or so, we suspect beta clears his browsing data
#YWxbDoOa Jan 22,2021 01:17
Wait. @betatester1024, there are 2 of you, like 2 different versions of you
#YWxbDoOa Jan 22,2021 01:11
Guys, can you send Deletion Requests to my project, Vine+Ants? I found out someone made something like it so i want it deleted.
#K3QgkdQM Jan 22,2021 01:10
@beta the contest rules says "reasonable, not easy or hard" honestly, depending on the circumstances, mine could actually go either way
#KM85IpMi Jan 22,2021 01:02
The Dizzy
its okay @NASAresearch, I just wasn't able to figure it out clearly. now that I understand I can give you more credit. as for @betatester, make a boss for me, you probably can. just maybe don't use my new weapon that I just posted.
#N7NKVLrf Jan 22,2021 00:57
@Nasa it's SUPPOSED to be hard, hence "boss fight"
#C5IXIBcB Jan 22,2021 00:33
I could have made it easier. Sorry.
#C5IXIBcB Jan 22,2021 00:27
I took me 7 tries to complete mine but its possible. The wizard has a hole in him but there are fireworks that explode into water in it and then if you light the fuse behind the f-works it lights f-works that explode into lava which goes through both arms and stops the thunder.
#KM85IpMi Jan 21,2021 23:59
The Dizzy
@Gavvv24 I did that, the only boss fight I could not complete was the wizard made by Nasa. it was well done but confusing to an outsider. side note, so far I haven't had too many responses so I may shorten the contest length by a couple of days. I only have 5 in total.
#YWxbDoOa Jan 21,2021 23:30
@The Dizzy, in my boss battle, you gotta spawn a player in between the pillars, jump up onto the dragon by jumping on the lasers(Very hard) and put fire on your player, and use it.
#9idlDZDR Jan 21,2021 22:40
@skyk Give us the get-set codes, then it will can be worked on by others
#KM85IpMi Jan 21,2021 22:29
The Dizzy
@Sneezing you got it. also that's sad, goodbye Alphaner. and lastly don't feel stupid I was very lazy too. made the transferer which just looks cool.
#e8k6o9sr Jan 21,2021 13:35
@Alphaner uh- why?
#iBSSnEmH Jan 21,2021 12:46
goodbye everyone :(
#5rytbWbC Jan 21,2021 10:11
lol I just uploaded my third torchrun and I forgot to add players
#xgAeX7G6 Jan 21,2021 09:30
Well I got super bored and didn't know what to upload so I made a mining player One of my dumbest uploads Just a player with a acid ball jointed onto him
#505X3Lkn Jan 21,2021 09:04
Also, i request to see 2nd and 3rd place too
#G6ah8Kij Jan 21,2021 09:01
Danstroyer: I'll consider it, but I'd probably need a better system for drawing each frame. Right now it would take forever to draw something like that out
#505X3Lkn Jan 21,2021 08:55
@The Dizzy, well that is a relief, because the voting system on this site is screwed up
#dgTcalMl Jan 21,2021 08:45
@Skyk Make a conveyor animation of Animal Crossing Bob dancing I require it
#C5IXIBcB Jan 21,2021 08:13
Got it.
#KM85IpMi Jan 21,2021 08:08
The Dizzy
No, the criteria is more then votes, its generally my opinion based on a series of catagories I don't want to reveal because it might give someone a undeserved edge.
#sgvaxJ3D Jan 21,2021 06:55
@kfkjhgf 4/10 inefficient pump design, quickly overloads the huge supply system. Use something more direct like fan
#dsbWFvvY Jan 21,2021 06:49
Guys, what is your favorite upload from me, just wondering plz. You can go to my profile to find them.
#C5IXIBcB Jan 21,2021 06:44
@The Dizzy: Is it the boss battle with the most votes after 2/3 wins?
#9idlDZDR Jan 21,2021 06:36
Rate this upload from 1-10 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79518.html
#9idlDZDR Jan 21,2021 06:35
@Founded use joint scale, it will 100% spaz out
#dsbWFvvY Jan 21,2021 06:34
Can you guys please tell me what is your favorite upload from me.
#dsbWFvvY Jan 21,2021 06:33
I also use computer for powder game 2, but I was wondering if any of you play on Ps3 or X box One.
#C5IXIBcB Jan 21,2021 05:37
#KM85IpMi Jan 21,2021 04:23
The Dizzy
if you do a Super Saiyan fight I can put it in my contest. also I am on computer. im pretty sure we all are.
#fXLhO6py Jan 21,2021 04:19
Are any of you guys on X box one or ps3
#fXLhO6py Jan 21,2021 04:16
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could vote for either one of these for my next creation vote from: Independence Day V5, Hydrogen Bomb, Super Saiyan fight or just give me any idea Thanks! :D
#K3QgkdQM Jan 21,2021 04:14
@ShadowEnialator even with a hardware keyboard, it is impossible to control players on mobile, you just have to use a computer

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