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#U0o7n2q0 Jun 19,2019 12:21

https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69950.html Check THES out

#w8qmBRky Jun 19,2019 11:26

I would play powder toy, but it is too laggy and confusing.

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#mspcX9tL Jun 19,2019 09:13

My guess is that it's a complex form of AI generating Dan-Ball related comments to try to infiltrate this place

#jxNbJdTK Jun 19,2019 05:57

My next guess is someone who recently uploaded that put something on there that they wanted to respond to. People seem to do that nowadays.

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#mspcX9tL Jun 19,2019 02:56

@Lement* Who were you talking to? I'm just curious because there are no mentions of "cheese20" or even anyone with "cheese" in their name, even in the SR comments boards.

#doXXHwIQ Jun 18,2019 23:11

Welp, communism flag exists? I recently watched "Isabelle Ruins Everything", and a video from the important videos playlist where a barney plush was shot for being a commie. C O I N C I D E N C E ? I THINK NOT!!!

#XSDmS0NM Jun 18,2019 22:29

@cheese20 And have you beat it since? Because its so much bigger and better than back then. We have 5 Mega Bosses instead of just the old castle boss and there are at least 3 full screens worth of levels. Im with you, I beat it in those Mist Grove days as well, when Mist Grove 2 was the hardest level on the planet. But now I'm still making my way through the game and I continue to love it (4 Priest build here, and the game is still fresh and challenging.)

#KBqCoxJh Jun 18,2019 20:10

Yee has it's my last day of school. Kirby has a gun.

#NVuHdzsz Jun 18,2019 12:07

This would make a good screensaver

#jxNbJdTK Jun 18,2019 03:59

It baffles me that people are still in school. Where I am, kids get out of school early May.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 18,2019 03:45

Welp, it's time for a whole week of rain. Also, I'm almost out of school. One day left. Is anyone out of school yet?

#ZSnETHZf Jun 17,2019 22:16

Lmao, 404 Error: "Brain.exe" not found... I forgot my font reference alphabet on the upload. Oh well, no upload is complete without some unintentional easter eggs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Might as well shout-out the font I'm using. It's called Super Legend Boy, by Chequered Ink

#KBqCoxJh Jun 17,2019 20:19

oH n0 Oh mAmA! I fOrgOt tO wAtER mY baGuEtTeS! (Hydrate us Ryan!)

#ZSnETHZf Jun 17,2019 19:39

https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/69925.html Interesting upload @skyk! Putting on BG-track and using cyclone for a few seconds made some really nice effects too

#NVuHdzsz Jun 17,2019 10:15

Himenz: https://i.imgur.com/RhnvlRQh.jpg

#KBqCoxJh Jun 17,2019 08:26

Him: S(he) be(lie)ve(d)
Her: (he) (lie)(d)
Random hobo: sbeve

#NVuHdzsz Jun 17,2019 06:55

remade beautifier
makes this page and similar pages look slightly less pretty
other stuff as well, read the site
also forgot to change the text box to use a readable font, that'll be the next update

#M76YxV1y Jun 17,2019 04:21

@Paazi Thanks so much. I am working on a 5x7 display that scrolls through the images, but might not code in the alphabet. Maybe i'll start with some shapes.

#ZSnETHZf Jun 16,2019 18:12

@ZR Here's a comprehensive guide to the 7-seg: https://www.electronicshub.org/bcd-7-segment-led-display-decoder-circuit/
You could expand the same logic to the 16-seg. Main difference: with 5-bit input you'd need to use a 5 variable Karnaugh map to get the logic statements.
I would myself experiment with dot matrix displays for letters. A 5x7 display would be enough. But that would also require quite extensive logic (maybe even more), unless you hard-code the binary combination of each letter. So either way it would be a challenge. And honestly, the end result may not be very practical in PG2 due to it's size.

#mMZsq5oq Jun 16,2019 10:29

Guys dont think im a spam uploader, i just dont put effort anymore

#mMZsq5oq Jun 16,2019 10:29

Rip ducky

#M76YxV1y Jun 16,2019 07:15

It would only need to be 5 bits for all 26 letters. A 16 segment display would work. I just need to know how you figured out how to make the signal light up certain parts and how the first electric sensor works

#M76YxV1y Jun 16,2019 06:52

@Pazzi for the Tech: 7-Segment how hard would it be to do letters?

#vSbAiI0H Jun 16,2019 01:54

bob4koolest: Honestly, it was pretty similar. A few other minor trends came and went, and this year has really been a resurgence in good technical uploads.
PhreshManFresh34: this is so sad can w get 100 likes

#tUsY4yHA Jun 15,2019 13:59

S(he) be(lie)ve(d)

#8xd0AnFF Jun 15,2019 06:31

Mine doesn't support java either.
Just curious, @skyk @Sigma what was the game like a few years ago?

#8UkJ2ees Jun 15,2019 03:58

Yeah rip java also i made some sh.it called “the city flew away”

#jxNbJdTK Jun 14,2019 12:04

Look at an old upload with text, shouldn’t be too hard to find. I know most of mine have it.
But yeah, it’s all chrome’s fault we don’t have the option of JS anymore. It’s specifically why ha55ii made an HTML5 version.

#J1uSaJfG Jun 14,2019 10:05

Mine doesn’t support java i mean. Java is dead but js works

#UMahs63U Jun 14,2019 07:37

> my device doesnt support JS.
...if you've ever played any of the games on this site, I'm pretty sure your device supports JavaScript.

#IoE45i4g Jun 14,2019 04:44

@sigma can i see some of the js text? Also my device doesnt support JS.

#jxNbJdTK Jun 14,2019 00:49

It doesn’t matter what font you use, it will always be thicker than the actual font because the HTML5 version thinks the “shading” effect (which causes the characters to appear smoother on the page) is a part of the font when it isn’t.

#je1E3JDV Jun 13,2019 21:40

Whats the deal with women phones and minorities

#snuZI6w6 Jun 13,2019 19:30

Make ants build electric systems from metal and glass or pump systems

#WS9ZcAvx Jun 13,2019 19:19

@Sigma: You can change the font by using 'SET FONT' and you can use short fonts like Baskerville.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 13,2019 08:05

I have my first piano lesson in about 2 minutes so yuh.

#jxNbJdTK Jun 13,2019 06:09

The reason text is thick is a glitch of the HTML5 version, to get thin text you have to make the upload on the JS version.

#8xd0AnFF Jun 13,2019 04:55

What font makes text that is 1 dot thick?

#M76YxV1y Jun 13,2019 04:48

@SciTech I can send you some info about it if you want.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 13,2019 02:11

Thx skyk. Has anyone thought of the context of those words yet?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Jun 12,2019 23:34


#vSbAiI0H Jun 12,2019 21:33

I've heard HitFilm Express has a good free version

#KBqCoxJh Jun 12,2019 20:09

Ok thx sigma. That was an idea for my YouTube channel.(yes I have one). The only problem is I need a video editing software. Anyone know one that isn't Adobe?

#jxNbJdTK Jun 12,2019 12:29

I take that back, virus shouldn’t register the steam upon loading.

#jxNbJdTK Jun 12,2019 12:28

If a comment doesn’t post, click your browser’s back button and look for possible censored word between words (“this e.xample” won’t post without the period). And if all else fails, pastebin.
V This.

#26RC03w9 Jun 12,2019 10:42

Make disintegrations with steam not cloud

#tUsY4yHA Jun 12,2019 09:35

Examine it carefully!

#tUsY4yHA Jun 12,2019 09:33

Guys, since I started the Thanos disintegrations, here is an example of a proper disintegration I made today.

#nv0GZWwr Jun 12,2019 07:11

Yes, Dante, we all understand that word filters never truly work.

#8xd0AnFF Jun 12,2019 07:03

@DanteF sHut tHe @ # % & uP

#UMahs63U Jun 12,2019 06:17

@craycraycraw oops I forgot this was a christian minecraft server lol

#wMo0Emo9 Jun 12,2019 06:04

@ha55ii please delete the comment below.

#UMahs63U Jun 12,2019 05:52

Fun fact kids: the word filter is fooled by cyrillic letters
bitсh сock fuсk shіt shіtty аss tіts sеx

#KBqCoxJh Jun 12,2019 04:05

So here is what I planned to say but its words with no context. Get off my elevator. Eas alert. Tf2 engineer. Alien invasion. Cheese. 6 hours of cheese. Boom. Hat k1d, squidward, and woody. Alien from alien. Broken hourglass. Nekbreaking peanut. Broken hourglass. Another squidward. Broken hourglass. Undertale skeledoot. That's good. Buzz look an alien. Level up. Default dance. Jackcepticey. Infinity gauntlet. Squidward screaming. Earth is dead. Tell me if u can put it into context.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 12,2019 03:50


#KHVQmjte Jun 12,2019 03:29

How do you make Laser Color Changers

#cJrBm5e3 Jun 12,2019 02:48

@danstoryer: just did

#8xd0AnFF Jun 12,2019 01:27

@Danstroyer PG2's word filter doesn't let you include the word 'VOTE' in a title.

#MNBGuloF Jun 11,2019 23:36

Someone make an experiment: just make an upload titled "VOTE" with "VOTE" spelled out in vine (legit all it is would be that, and see how many votes it gets)

#KBqCoxJh Jun 11,2019 08:59

Is anyone else bad at things they want to be good at and good at things they want to be bad at?

#8xd0AnFF Jun 11,2019 08:31

@everyone Have you checked out 9bob9's uploads?
Biggest vote scammer in PG2.

#nv0GZWwr Jun 11,2019 07:21

Wow, I come back and find a game community actually lecturing itself on how to behave.

#jxNbJdTK Jun 11,2019 04:39

lol You can find that on the vast majority of my uploads. Originally, I was fully aware that vote scams were wrong, despite occasionally not realizing that I made them (i.e. I didn’t notice why my “Please vote to save the forests!” upload got so many votes for quite a while), then I was more careful and pretty much said just “Vote!” or “Please vote!” each upload *precisely* to remind the viewer that they can vote if they like it (with the justification that it would cause more people to see it rather than thinking of them as “popularity points”). A long time later, I realized that this is still the act of squeezing out votes, so I let my work do the talking now. Usually, it will have enough votes to be sufficiently “out there” either way.
One old upload (a spoof of the well-known “Vote to Save ____!”-type upload) by soccerking comes to mind that was a pixel art of Homer Simpson eating a donut. The text read something like “You can vote, but nothing will happen. Voting will not save the donut. Homer is just too hungry.”

Minsheme Bot
#mspcX9tL Jun 11,2019 03:59

There are practically no rules on uploads, so it was a good idea when people were posting uploads here that needed to be deleted, and compiling them in Google docs.
If the community generally votes for vote scams, how meaningful can the vote count on a good quality upload really be? Votes don't matter either way, no matter how good the upload is the votes are still coming from the same pool of people who vote dumb stuff to the top.

#aBUayDXb Jun 11,2019 03:38

Lmao when the game is done.. “what are you doing?”

#aBUayDXb Jun 11,2019 03:32

@Sigma I found a “please vote” in one of your PG uploads.....

#cJrBm5e3 Jun 11,2019 02:28

Anyone played Civ5?

#8xd0AnFF Jun 11,2019 01:22

@Paazi @Sigma You're right. I will stop asking people to vote once I finish my Civilization Game Series. Instead, I will focus on making good uploads that make people want to vote without the need to be reminded.

#XZfdXXnJ Jun 11,2019 01:19

Can't argue with that. If there were no scams the voting system would be fair and ideal. But that is impossible for anything that involves "votes" or "likes", and even more so with young audiences. Btw, that would be a great topic for a thesis in psychology.
I have a passion for exploring the limits this game, but I must honestly say I also get motivated by votes. So, I do feel bad when my uploads get overrun by "scams", and ultimately end up fighting them by "scamming" myself. I do realize now how that is only making things worse, so thanks for the heads up @Sigma. I'll stop asking for votes, and I hope others can do so too.

#jxNbJdTK Jun 10,2019 23:12

Regardless, the persuasion of votes is taking place, which ultimately causes the vote count to rise. It doesn’t matter how good an upload is, a scam is a scam. A moderately good upload deserves a certain amount of votes and no more (so does a superb upload).
And it is correct that people need to be “reminded” to vote, but this whole discussion is just telling me that everyone here uploads solely for the votes. The votes are just to make your creation be more popular, to reach more people. If you ask me, people should upload so that people see your upload and enjoy it. That’s it. You could argue that asking or reminding for votes helps this cause, but don’t you agree that once this is added, the upload loses quite a large chunk of dignity?

#WS9ZcAvx Jun 10,2019 19:24

any suggestions?

#gmgGYOQT Jun 10,2019 14:37


#tUsY4yHA Jun 10,2019 13:21

@skyk that's pretty cool, I like it.

#dGnmzhPu Jun 10,2019 12:32

Srry sectum im dumb lmao my bad

#haNcx5jo Jun 10,2019 12:18

If you mess with the BG when using fireworks, you can find some nice affects.

#vSbAiI0H Jun 10,2019 11:42

I'm pretty sure you started Thanos disintegrations, but there have been other forms before:
For example:
(Wow, I really spelled that second one wrong?)

#tUsY4yHA Jun 10,2019 11:24

I wonder if you can find info on disintegrations on the dan-ball fandom wiki cause apparently those are a thing and I think I started them. lol

#KBqCoxJh Jun 10,2019 09:51

Jeez cray, I wasnt actually going to do it. I have more sense than that.

#vSbAiI0H Jun 10,2019 06:56

CrayCrayCraw: The WTC attacks on 9/11 happened in 2001, about 18 years ago. If Sempra was 6 years old then, he'd be about 24 now.

#wxs2aIcr Jun 10,2019 06:40

Sectumsempra I think something is wrong. On pg2 you said you were in first grade (about 6-7 years old) when 9/11 happened. That means today you are 15-16. However I remember you saying you tried fandom in college. I don’t know any kids that young that go to college so i think you are lying about your age..... maybe I’m wrong, please tell me if i am.

#XZfdXXnJ Jun 10,2019 05:57

@bob the Wiki labels my Click Counter 2 as a scam too, lol. Your game uploads are very high quality, so there is a good reason to vote for them. Like the Powder Game instructions say: "If you like the downloaded data, rate it. Voting helps to keep the quality of the work high." To me, this voting system seems quite broken. Some people just don't vote unless you ask them to.

#YB1MTelz Jun 10,2019 04:12

@bob a scam is like nothing happens if you vote, so don’t worry yours isnt.
@Himenz THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. You will he at risk of getting calls from strangers. And if you insist on doing it, @everbody dont vote for his next upload.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 10,2019 00:42

No, how about 15. Wait this is a vote scam.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 10,2019 00:40

This is probably a bad idea, but if my next upload gets to 7 votes, I will post my phone number. No it's a bad idea but I'm still going to do it.

#8xd0AnFF Jun 10,2019 00:20

My Civilization Game counts as a vote scam according to the Danball Wiki XD

#tUsY4yHA Jun 09,2019 11:30

I found my second disintegration. It's Kermit!
I couldn't find my very first one. (Oh and btw I'm 20.)

#tUsY4yHA Jun 09,2019 11:09

I made the invisible man disintegrate

#KBqCoxJh Jun 09,2019 09:50

Ima eat kake now.

#KBqCoxJh Jun 09,2019 09:49

2 things. One, that's my most popular upload which isn't that popular anyway. Two, I'm at ocean city right now for my brothers soccer team and soccer thing that just ended and now his team is having a pool party in my hotel, but when I was at the beach, my mom wouldn't let me go to the ocean alone because the water was too rough. Like come on! How is a tsunami too rough?

Rip Toucans
#uJpzfklM Jun 09,2019 09:03

hhHm not surE what to upLoad. That's kinda Peculiar
I was thinking about soMEthing with electricity........
Find something to upload.

#DQwWZ92m Jun 09,2019 05:10

@bob definitely sr no feel good lmao

#8xd0AnFF Jun 09,2019 04:57

@cray What "do not feel very good upload" should I do next? "Creeper don't feel good", or "stick ranger don't feel good"?

#Gx8d70wz Jun 09,2019 04:20

these “do not feel very good uploads” XD now skyk adds on to the pile and i shall too lol

#8xd0AnFF Jun 08,2019 22:12

@Himenz 11

#KBqCoxJh Jun 08,2019 20:33

Ok. And now its 10 votes.

#tUsY4yHA Jun 08,2019 11:27

Guys if you're going to do a disintegration, use erase on the walls so that the bird used for it can clear out. I only left in the walls by accident.

#tUsY4yHA Jun 08,2019 11:25

I think I started a trend where people make random characters disintegrate.

#M76YxV1y Jun 08,2019 09:50


#KBqCoxJh Jun 08,2019 09:40

Why dis it get 8 votes

hello me1929023
#qhxRj4Bp Jun 08,2019 07:45

And Idk why

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