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#f8NoJoRd Oct 23,2018 03:22

@ R101: no infringement intended. Its just a coincidence and yes, I will switch on The 30th

#dGUQeyap Oct 22,2018 13:38

You haven't yet?!

#FKGm7w23 Oct 22,2018 09:11

So yes, you should switch to PG2.

#FKGm7w23 Oct 22,2018 09:10

Secttumsempra, Our uploads are very alike. To answer your question I would love to see some of you uploads. We are literally Twins in upload style

Minsheme Bot
#EYrK6U90 Oct 22,2018 04:49

Nazis are OK

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 22,2018 02:20

Should I leave PG1 for PG2?

#5VXwWug3 Oct 21,2018 22:38

I tried to make a Trump topic earlier also, but that faded out.
Nowadays I appear maybe once a week. Had my YT channel as my main focus.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 21,2018 21:28

Yeah that kind of petered out, mostly on account of my unwillingness to compromise with the fact that Nazis are total morons and always have been and amazingdude's unwillingness to compromise on everything else.

#hfjujkyx Oct 21,2018 15:25

Dang tho, after leaving for eight months I can't put my finger on what kept drawing me back here for so many years. This is such a terrible messaging format in 2018.
Last thing I remember was a bunch of goons having a debate about communism, nazism, and anarchism. Good times!

#OPRtsTgy Oct 21,2018 11:40

the whale pod sounds cool.

Rip Toucans
#lRMDdvsW Oct 21,2018 09:26

ive been stuck here since 2014-2018+
um so does anyone still care about old toucans?

#vSbAiI0H Oct 21,2018 07:11

Sectumsempra: http://danball.wikia.com/wiki/Joint should help, but say something if you have a specific question

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 21,2018 01:48

guys, PG1 access count has taken a massive drop in the tiny amount of time of 2 hours. Should I switch to PG2, this sounds embarrassing but I have no idea how to use joints and can somebody tell me how to? Iam afraid PG1 is officially DEAD so I have no idea what to do now. Also, access has increased in PG2 and its almost like the 2 PGS have switching. places in popularity. pls PLSPLSPLS respond

#5VXwWug3 Oct 20,2018 22:31

No one can ever leave this site. Why do you think we've been stuck here all these years?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 20,2018 16:22

@Scy: There is no escape.

#AdUfYeRT Oct 20,2018 10:10

lol i haven't been on here for a while

pantspooper skyk
#9cR5Jmas Oct 20,2018 08:17

I am not Skyk.

Rip Toucans
#lRMDdvsW Oct 20,2018 08:02

Anyone remember Toucans?
I've came back from fortnite for a bit.
I also forgot the password to my other account.
Don't believe me?
well whatever. No ones gonna believe me....
But I am Toucans
The new and improved one.

#fc4S7JEU Oct 20,2018 05:07

Oh my God, people still post here? Why??!

#dGUQeyap Oct 19,2018 13:23

So by stixxlogic, you are stixx. You remember the name thing he did.

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 19,2018 03:31

pls tell me, should the museum be still or have the players creations actually working? @EntPhysics I dont think you can actually possible. anyway, should I make a jointed whale pod, nobody's done it yet.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 18,2018 09:29

I was about 1/4 of the stixx44 comments.

#OPRtsTgy Oct 18,2018 09:20

'pantspooper skyk' Is worse than kryptonite.

#EYrK6U90 Oct 18,2018 05:48

There are a lot of those, for example 'pantspooper skyk' and 'skyk' are actually the same person.

#dGUQeyap Oct 18,2018 01:40

@skyk & sectumsempra
Whoops, I think I realized that before posting, but *forgot* that I realized it.
Sorry, that's impossible. Try jointing a long string of pixels to see what happens (spoiler: it doesn't stay together at all)
Oh I forgot about george. Do you guys remember him from years ago? He's that user who didn't know how to type Σ even though he kept putting it in his comments somehow.
And the guy who said they misspelled "lazer".
And the guy who thought your usernames were your real names.
No one figured it out except STS (not on the CB), That was 100% me trolling you, and it was hilarious.
I thought about making him return after a week or so pointing out that he'd been gone for somewhere around 50 years or something, but that passed.

#OPRtsTgy Oct 18,2018 01:29

skyk and TK: I was in fact, referring to using unjointed water. I actually prefer to use gas to keep things upright, birds are a little erratic.

#qJAtqwUw Oct 17,2018 19:05

9J/235 - Can't count in numbers
What am I saying?

#vSbAiI0H Oct 17,2018 13:24

TK: That's if the birds are jointed to the water. I assumed EntPhysics was referring to something that could hold water without being jointed directly to it.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 17,2018 13:11

Birds move around just fine, you just need a lot of them to offset anything heavy.
Also 8/12 for misspelling "Σsigma" in a creative way I've never seen before.

#vSbAiI0H Oct 17,2018 10:29

Sectumsempra: Don't worry, I get it. It's good to encourage newer members of the community.
EntPhysics: You could theoretically make a lot of linked-together particles to hold water, but you wouldn't be able to use it to move water around.

#5VXwWug3 Oct 17,2018 09:20


#OPRtsTgy Oct 17,2018 05:03

skyk: as in actually using its joints close enough that it can hold pixels of water inside the "joint bag" without it all spilling out.

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 17,2018 04:07

@Skyk: Its not like I dont like you its because iam doing a 'newer player' museum. However, I might do a old player museum too

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 17,2018 03:41

@zigma, not in age but how long he's been a member

#qJAtqwUw Oct 17,2018 02:29

7/2 - Too much lightning.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 16,2018 11:30

3/6 Not enough yellow.

#vSbAiI0H Oct 16,2018 06:11

Σsigma: I believe Sectumsempra was referring to the amount of time I've been making uploads.

#EYrK6U90 Oct 16,2018 05:52

Oh yeah, I forgot about you. I don't know PG2 very well. You should definitely be on the list

#dGUQeyap Oct 16,2018 00:10

Really? To respond to both of your comments:
(in case you aren't trolling me, which it seems like you are)
But I would rather not judge.
You know that skyk isn't actually 5 years old, right?
There's the discord they mentioned just now, and there's the Officially Unofficial server to the Unofficially Official Dan-Ball community. The latter is the unified discord for DB.
*Powder Game

#vSbAiI0H Oct 15,2018 13:13

EntPhysics: What do you mean by "holds water"?

#OPRtsTgy Oct 15,2018 09:44

Skyk: oh neat! I might could use that for something.
anybody have an idea for how I could make a slime that actually holds water?
Sempra: good point. *grips trophy tighter with my little 11 year old fingers.*
did you guys know babies are really strong? if you don't believe me ask me. when I go to Mississippi I have a relative named Addison, she once wanted to dance with me AND SHE HAD AN IRON GRIP ON MY HANDS I could barely get one hand out and she would put both on the other, so I couldn't even pry her hands off the other one to be free. and she just spun me in circles and circles and circles.... I don't actually recall being dizzy actually. but still I wanted to talk to other people, I only go to Mississippi once every 2 or so years after all. and man im always having to kind of take care of her. im like a nanny! she wanted to have me come with her into the forest in the yard!! im so glad she will be 7 when I come back.. but sometimes rarely im actually able to have some fun XD I even went down into a swamp once back there and thought that a mossy rock I stepped on was a crocodile. I ran to the top with one of my relatives who was walking over by a shed with some trees by it, I saw a nut (the bolt kind) and said "ooh a nut!"and she said "don't eat it!"quickly. I was like 9 back then. I am a grade ahead. you don't think I know not to eat wild nuts? XD

#MXOzxuSB Oct 15,2018 08:16

is there a way to join this discord?
i have been playing pg for ages and i would love to finally get in contact with what is left of the powder toy community..

#bhQEFbNN Oct 15,2018 03:19

im bak

#rbtYOQR3 Oct 15,2018 02:10


#rbtYOQR3 Oct 15,2018 01:50

sorry, there was a mistake in judging. skyk and me will be replaced with polished mind and beta. You see, the judging is on my discord and we did a second vote after people told me skyk is 5 years old. @EntPhysics just enjoy it: what ive learnt is that when you say you shouldn't have gotten something, that something is taken away from you. and also, youre a good uploader. all my good creations are on pg1 while my experiments are on pg2.

#vSbAiI0H Oct 15,2018 01:32

EntPhysics: When a bird particle "eats" a particle of seed, ant or fish, it actually turns the "eaten" particle into bird and destroys the initial bird particle.
Watch what happens when a jointed fish particle comes in contact with a jointed bird particle if my explanation doesn't make sense.

#OPRtsTgy Oct 15,2018 00:48

tbh I kind of feel like I don't deserve the award. thanks.
now to stop procrastinating and make my wood stuff. I tried to make a fish/seed shredder but the birds seem to unjoint on contact with fish or seed.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 14,2018 23:09

4/5 Needs more pirates.

#qJAtqwUw Oct 14,2018 18:58

so, are those the judges or people in the musuem?

#KtsdGqNk Oct 14,2018 18:30

The winners are CarrotE, THE Stuff, Entphysics, Skye, Tortureking and me. Ps: this was decided by creativity and how long the player has been a member. Ive also widened the age limit to about 3 years instead of 2.

#KtsdGqNk Oct 14,2018 18:25

Well, the competition ended!!!

#9cR5Jmas Oct 14,2018 12:50

How do you bathe in yourself? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake 1929
#9cR5Jmas Oct 14,2018 12:46

Hey, I am 1929. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttt lololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#OPRtsTgy Oct 14,2018 08:40

and between you guys and me I LOVE to just totally guilt people when they call me bad words or say im an idiot. I say stuff like "kudos to you, you called a child an idiot. im 11. k. bai."

#OPRtsTgy Oct 14,2018 08:39

ah, thanks nonheme. im glad to be considered somewhat of a pro around here, and I actually am randomly working on some other wood related stuff. you guys will see a pretty cool woodpack soon.
-the woodpack spoilers for this comment are about to start, LOOK AWAY!-
im adding a bird trap(?) made of wood that swings some wood around(maybe)
an environment bomb, less focused on wood, it uses fireworks to shoot seed around from a central tree.
and of course some random additional bird joint things. maybe also paired with gas and wood in their joints; a wood pixel directly below a bird pixel (jointed together) is pretty unpredictable, flying around, dropping the wood and stopping in midair (the wood returns to the bird when it moves again) and stuff like that.

#00YwX6lu Oct 14,2018 01:55

how do i get a map

#bhQEFbNN Oct 13,2018 19:42

im bak

#vSbAiI0H Oct 13,2018 13:17

You should be proud of it, both for the exceptional effort and the exceptional outcome.

#clB86ObE Oct 13,2018 10:37

I'm soooooo damn happy that people like it ;) *tears of joy*

#clB86ObE Oct 13,2018 10:30

@sectumsempra and others
You talking about my project!!!!!!! :D
Though what do you mean by Gimped, the project was hand drawn, every single damn pixel. Some might remember that I used to show updates on the pixel art through the stages. The only part of Gimp I used was to index the colors. Then after that I made my chrome window transparent using the virtue program and started to copy that image pixel by pixel.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 12,2018 17:38

I promise that my grading metric will be as impartial to the contestants as it is irrelevant to what's being voted on.

#qJAtqwUw Oct 12,2018 15:01

I would've suggested StarTrekSpock as well (and 123_321) but those guys aren't active anymore

#vSbAiI0H Oct 12,2018 13:54

I'm not really interested in judging other peoples' work.
Whoever is willing to organize the museum should reach out to however many uploaders they want to include, see how many people they can get, and then divide up the dot and joint limit appropriately.

#EYrK6U90 Oct 12,2018 10:36

What are the great tech uploads on PG2? Apart from ones by the players I listed. I can't find any.

#EYrK6U90 Oct 12,2018 10:35

skyk should not vote because he doesn't have any high quality uploads. StarTrekSpock, Hachi, Beta, danstroyer, TK. Those are some good voters

#5VXwWug3 Oct 12,2018 09:50

TK being a judge for PG uploads is like thinking you're one the proud 1% of society that thinks Australia isn't real.

#qJAtqwUw Oct 12,2018 02:55

then we need at least three judges
skyk is almost definitely in, TK should probably be in, and... ?
also, i'm in the deadline cos i've only been active for about a year, anything before then was just getting used to the game

#OPRtsTgy Oct 12,2018 02:34

eh, I think im within the deadline. I wasn't really official for a while so I think im about a year.
I find it funny how wood burns like its napalm. XD

#dGUQeyap Oct 12,2018 01:40

I suggest some experienced PG players as judges, because they have the best knowledge on how the game works and what *really* makes an upload "good".

#qJAtqwUw Oct 11,2018 16:44

If you submit Mario and Yoshi (160 votes) i submit my pinball (161 votes).
JK but seriously is it based on votes or judges' opinion and if so who are the judges?

#EYrK6U90 Oct 11,2018 11:47

Assuming submissions are welcome

#EYrK6U90 Oct 11,2018 11:26

I submit my Zoetrope (upload is called "Mario & Yoshi") for the museum

#f8NoJoRd Oct 11,2018 02:41


#f8NoJoRd Oct 11,2018 01:35

@EntPhysics: how long have you been around because i want like newish members (2 year or lower as a member) instead of the older one because the only museums i see are filled with stuff from older members

#M6sAZIdS Oct 11,2018 00:11

We should have an audition judged by people like skyk and TK and the best nine get in or something like that

#OPRtsTgy Oct 10,2018 06:42

can I be in the museum? im pretty alright about making joint cars and people, and my old account with way better content was danstroyer.

#E92fM65s Oct 10,2018 04:56

hm wonder if i remember my mojitos account or if i deleted it completely

#E92fM65s Oct 10,2018 04:56

omg just looking at that museum makes me realize how bad i actually was

#f8NoJoRd Oct 09,2018 22:58

i think i might build a new player museum to celebrate the best newest players.

#dGUQeyap Oct 09,2018 12:28

There are several pixel art uploads that were GIMPed/Photoshopped into the game (and a few that were drawn by the computer, the ultimate che.at), and they are just spectacular to look at.
I might be a part of that if I have time.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 09,2018 10:06

There’s this one really long hair on my cheek that’s completely isolated from the rest of my facial hair and I used to never cut it until it got caught in my coat zipper while I was in line at BurgerKing.

#EYrK6U90 Oct 09,2018 05:31

It was not drawn by hand, no

#f8NoJoRd Oct 09,2018 04:30

WTF this pixel at is the best ive seen i really REALLY hope it isnt gimp https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/64533.html

#f8NoJoRd Oct 09,2018 04:11

iam sorry but i pefer pg1, just a personal opinion. however, startrekspock's battleship on pg2 is the best creation ever and most people could agree on that

#OPRtsTgy Oct 09,2018 00:02

battery emoji
:[- +]:

#4o52hqQH Oct 08,2018 14:33

It's almost the 5 year anniversary <3 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/358250.html
Thanks to all the people who helped this become a reality!
also i have no idea what everyone's names are anymore can people provide their usernames from like 5 years ago lmao

#4o52hqQH Oct 08,2018 14:30

we should make another "powder game museum" like we did back in 2013 or something

#Z452WHQW Oct 08,2018 12:47

What is a popular upload type that gets lots of votes?

#Z452WHQW Oct 08,2018 12:46


#zDoRvri5 Oct 08,2018 10:02

why are we talking about gnomes
also,i heard about a discord and i want in
but more importantly
gnomes are awesome and @TortureKing is denying the truth

#vSbAiI0H Oct 07,2018 23:21

I was talking to TK, referring to this:

#f8NoJoRd Oct 07,2018 20:16

@ skyr, if youre talkin to me, i have tried PG ecology creations but thy are quite boring and do not get to many votes these days.

#vSbAiI0H Oct 07,2018 00:07

I like PG Ecology. You should try making more of that sort of thing.

#f8NoJoRd Oct 06,2018 23:38

hi, sorry i was gone, if you want to know why, pls look at the pg1 comments

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 06,2018 14:59

PG also has games on it, that totally were not backported from the future.
I am not a timetraveler.

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg Oct 06,2018 14:58

I have a few on both PG versions from years back if anyone cares to search my name in the save data history. PG12 has actual games that I put serious effort into (2 arcade-style and 2 dungeon crawlers),while PG2 is mostly me goofing around with joints and such.

the boys
#vq6JWWXH Oct 06,2018 10:04

STFU go poop your pants somewhere else old man

#vSbAiI0H Oct 06,2018 07:13

EntPhysics: If you want to make uploads, I'm not doing anything to stop you.

#OPRtsTgy Oct 06,2018 05:25

plus I said down here, you weren't in the direct vicinity below the comment. you were like 3947385479 comments down. so I wasn't saying you were a stale grump

#OPRtsTgy Oct 06,2018 05:25

spider ken, im sorry. no offense to you either. and this is what im talking about, I think you guys are getting a little bit grumpy from all the debates and trolling. still no offense.
and pantspooper skyk is one reason that PG2 only has like 4 loyal fans

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