Action puzzle game

Price: Free of charge

Easy flash action puzzle game where brain is stimulated by trace all number panel by 1 stroke.

Compatible with Android 14 (Android)

How to play
Trace numbers in order from 1 to the goal.
Tapping a number panel retraces the step and you can start again from the number.

Game Tips
Trace the numbers in order with one stroke until you reach the goal within the time limit.
Clear the stream of stages and aim at a high score.
Tracing the panel as fast as possible is the key to get a high score.

Valistroke is not a thinking puzzle game but is a high action puzzle that requires an explosive power and judgment.
It looks simple but is a great tool to train your brain.
Train your brain to enhance your mind or join the global ranking and compete against players from all over the world.

[ Ranking ]
You can register your score in the global ranking by tapping the "Global Ranking Entry" button shown after the game.
(when got more than 500 points)
When your score is sent, the game will display "OK".
* Make sure the "OK" message is shown, otherwise your score wouldn't be sent correctly.

Personal - Personal ranking
Global 1h - Global ranking (past 1 hour)
Global all - Global ranking (general)
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