Earth Editor

Earth Editor

Earth simulation game

Price: Free of charge

A simulation game that creates the Earth using various dots on the field of gravity.

Compatible with Android 14 (Amazon)

How to play
There are various dots of sand, water, seeds, lava, and more.
Be creative. It's up to you!
Compete a number passed through of planet.

Game Tips
[SAND] : Sand.
[WATER] : Flow water.
[METEOR] : Explode meteorite.
[WALL] : Dot-proof walls.
Sensitive to shock.
[SEED] : Cast seeds to grow trees.
[SALT] : Melting salt becomes ocean.
[FIRE] : Burn things.
[ICE] : Ice is sensitive to shock.
[CLOUD] : Flow in the universe.
[LAVA] : Lava melts things.
[OIL] : Burn very well.
[BOMB] : Geographical features is
shaved off.
[CLONE] : Clone tool.
Multiply an object by
clicking over it.
* Adjust size with PEN-S.

[BH] : Black hole.
It creates gravity.
[WH] : White hole.
It creates antigravity.

[CLEAR] : Delete dots.
[SPEED] : Adjust speed.
[START/STOP]: Start/Stop the time.
[PEN] : Selectable pen and
dots styles.
rand - Random
zero - No speed
shot - Determine direction
line - Straight line
[PEN-S] : Change the pen size.
[BG] : Background effect.
non - Hide
short - Short trajectory
long - Long trajectory
shade - Blur filter
[SAVE] : Save temporary.
[LOAD] : Load temporary.
[SIDE] : Off screen settings
off - Disappear
on - Bounce
loop - Move opposite
[Reset] : Reset.
Earth Editor
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