Irritation Stickman

Irritation Stickman

Dragging action game

Price: Free of charge

Dragging action game who lead to goal by avoid trap and obstacle while carefully navigate Stickman.

Irritation Stickman
Compatible with Android 14 (Android)

How to play
Grab the Stickman and lead it to the goal.
If you touch the traps, the Stickman will be killed.
Be careful not to keep grabbing the Stickman for a long time!
You will lose the grip strength.
Obtains items and reach the goal as soon as possible!

* iPad is recommended. (It can play also with iPhone and iPod Touch.)

Game Tips
1 to 5 Stickmans appear on each stage.
The time limit is 99 seconds!
Watch out the grip strength gauge of Stickman!

COIN :Gain points.
MEDAL:Gain 20 seconds.

[Bonus point]
When you bring all the Stickmans to the goal, you get bonus points.
The points are the numbers of coins you get.

[Total point]
Stickmans + Coins + Bonus points
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