Mine Tower

Mine Tower

Puzzle game

Price: Free of charge

Vertical scroll style minesweeper that aim rooftop and spread safe area by flag bomb hidden in tower.

Mine Tower
- Add BGM and sound effects.(Amazon)
- Add New Ranking.

Game Tips
Mine Tower is a puzzle game where you have to open all the cells of the board without detonating a mine.

The numbers indicate how many mines are contained in the 8 neighboring cells.
On/Off of a flag is made by carrying out the tap of the closed panel.
A panel closed by the double-tap can be opened.
When the tap of the number is carried out, and the surrounding number and number of a flag (mine) are the same, the panel except having stood the flag opens.

When you tap on the mine, you'll get a penalty.

Uncover the cells using the number as a clue.
When the un-tapped cells without a mine reach on the bottom line, the game is over.

Ranking registered after clear.
Name is registered in random character.
Can change name after update the self-recording.
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