Monster Box

Monster Box

Simple strategy game

Price: Free of charge

Overflowing Monster Corps VS Overwhelming Stickman Battle! Simple strategy game that enjoys battle.

Monster Box
Compatible with Android 14 (Android)

How to play
Stickman after upgrade in gold and jewel, please earnestly defeat a lot of monsters.
By upgrade the monster, enjoy fight against powerful monsters.

Game Tips
Move :Flick the Stickman
Attack :Fully automatic
UP button:Touch or press and hold

Player does not die, it is invincible.
By increasing each skills, defeat more enemies.

Monsters will not attack. Is the weakest.
By increasing each skills, pop-up more enemies.

If you touch the box, "pop-up speed" goes up.
Keep in mind it will be game over monster exceeds a certain limit!

It is a game to collect achievements and more money.
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