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#O7VHRd0b Apr 21,2021 22:28
I broke the EXP thing again. time to restart!!!
#UVsTIoYN Apr 21,2021 20:45
it gets so boring&annoying,stopped progressing with new teams. Wish u make l♡ve every day but no bαβγ for℮v℮r.
#sHT6TmBq Apr 21,2021 18:37
yes yes yes yes yes
#rPVUGryW Apr 21,2021 10:07
Remake: @brian, please make IvansMod on SR2 please.
#rPVUGryW Apr 21,2021 10:05
@brian, plz make this on SR2 plz.
#A4TUH0oN Apr 20,2021 01:25
are y'all want to use other team?click to have more
#O7VHRd0b Apr 19,2021 01:56
i replaced the boxer with swordman and i replaced the gunner with sniper.
#w8aHpgXa Apr 18,2021 23:55
@nickname! step 1 : grind exp until you get kinda level 21-24 (probably in cv1) step 2 : if ur priest have 2 def ( 10 dex) then do seaside 4. it have lot of enemies and they give like around 150 xp. grind it until you get on lv 27-31 step 3 : you have to beat mg2. there are some thing u can do: get the sabel 3, a vampire card, a yellow crystal or crit card. also get 2 delta explosion 3 for ur mages. also hope u have 3 def on the priest. (this is risky but fast and u should got a decent lp for ur gladiator ) the second way for mg2 is super tedious: get a white stone and a black crystal, equip it to the gladiator. Get 2 delta explosion like last way. enter the boss stage and turn auto move off. then bait some enemies and kill them. then do it again until the boss stop spawning dragons, and u can kill it ( a safe and long way, maybe take 15-30 min) I don't know if this work for you, but you should got high gold. anyway I hope you success and pls tell me if something go wrong. sub 3-4 soon
#O7VHRd0b Apr 18,2021 22:56
i freaked up on the EXP on a tablet. So if you have an iron medal 3 on both priests and remove it, then the exp will have a seizure and count the exp as 1. it was on tablet stickranger.
#UVsTIoYN Apr 18,2021 17:48
Mage mage priest gladiator lv18 Problems: 1.stuck at sub3-4 and wouldn't beat the incoming sub shrine; also stuck at MG2. 2.can't get any items because it don't drop when i grind. 3.has big problems with exp and it takes too long to lv up. The lategame enemies are looking forward to big meals. The priest will be a nice cook and make the meals 200% more yummy.h0ω℮νεr i stuck at mid game. Random challenge:design a function that has a growth rate of ψ(Ω^Ω^...^Ω)(ω amounts of Ω's)(e.g. rayo(x)) @hundeptrαi good luck!
#sHT6TmBq Apr 18,2021 16:37
anyways im going create a new team with magician gunner priest boxer
#sHT6TmBq Apr 18,2021 16:32
@nickname! can u give me about your team, your lv, what submarine are u stuck
#UVsTIoYN Apr 14,2021 18:14
hope you get well @αρρΙεsαμcཇs When my team got to late game,all enemies are going to have a big meal. When white numbers pop out,it's they are saying this meal is yummy. To make them have healthy diets i have multiple types of food and many kinds of food for them.(elements and attacks)but i stuck at submarine and MG2,can't get fire spirits 2+level up. The swordsman isn't an idι0τ as long as you use them in right ways. I prefer to have a priest.time x trying x luck=success but when the luck=0 time&trying need to be infinite ρΙεαs℮ c0ཀཀཇητ. Ι η℮℮d s0mཛ c0mmεητs η0ω.
#O7VHRd0b Apr 13,2021 22:05
my new team: sniper, mage, sword idiot, and boxer.
#O7VHRd0b Apr 13,2021 05:22
i restarted, i got the crown.
#I2X9LLUp Apr 12,2021 10:00
needle cestus kinda good, it makes an orb of needles around the boxer.
#UVsTIoYN Apr 10,2021 11:40
time x trying x persistent =success. Integral(trying,time,start,infinity) equals success too,then you suddenly found a great team and go from -1 to 1 with sgn(x) and go well getting item,exp,gold and everything else starts to take at lv17.then the game itself starts to get boring. @applesauces good!but you should save well teams with get-set to play multipl℮ teams.thats what i do and i have 3 teams beating volcano and 2 teams reaching hell castle!oh yayyyyyyyy. @everyone else ρΙ℮αsཇ ང0ཀཀεητ. I n℮℮d s0m℮ c0mm℮nts n0ω.
#I2X9LLUp Apr 09,2021 23:56
@nickname! i have restarted so many times. i used so many teams. i don't think none of the teams i have used will work.
#UVsTIoYN Apr 09,2021 17:51
@sinnerman you donot there are so many mods there,go play em @applesauces hell1 is real easy with baitbaitbait strategies but hell2 is hard For brrrrrr of characters,1.bait h7 boss high and keep stickmen away so it dont move and shoot tons of fire,go into the fire a moment later. 2.let everyone attach the poison of f3 boss. 3.the 2nd screen of IF2.4.the fire of pyramid boss.℮tc ℮tc Magician magician priest gladiator,leveling up takes really long and is boring,stuck at mistgrov℮ 2 and submarin℮ 1.cant get fire spirit 2. Also applesauces,how many teams do you have?this is my 6th t℮am. Btw i have a fαηcγ ηαཀ℮ now. :D
#7toMGGcT Apr 09,2021 09:43
can you update this
#I2X9LLUp Apr 09,2021 00:46
#A4TUH0oN Apr 08,2021 23:52
How to use the mode?
#I2X9LLUp Apr 08,2021 23:40
haha boxer go brrrrrrrrr. But for real, needle weapons are OP as hecc. @nickname! use big thunder on submarine shrine boss.
#t9ara1Fu Apr 05,2021 06:19
@nickname I didn't have several iron medal 7.Do you know how to get this? I have anger crown and imperial crown. the book says the volcano boss only drop and anger crown
#UVsTIoYN Mar 31,2021 17:54
@ωarren mage x2,priest,gladiator,which better for mage 30dex both or 30dex+75dex? Got past castle at lv10 and reached cavern2,any tips for sub shrine boss?
#R3JieOqA Mar 31,2021 16:28
What are the other 2 classes you have?
#UVsTIoYN Mar 30,2021 17:57
nickname! trying to use 30dex for one mage and 75dex for another the 75 dex one is supah good in mid-game but not that good in late game due to the lack in MAG.both use 110str and the 75dex one will have a lower range until lv94 which isnt ok.and im going to defeat the castle.2 mage is very good in early game yeeeeeeeeah,i will have FUN at sub shrine,the mage's AT isnt high and it's hard to make both mages avoid the attacks. Pls comment,the rest people here pls
#I2X9LLUp Mar 29,2021 23:49
@nickname You might have a hard time with the submarine shrine boss. Thunder-type weapons are best to use for the boss.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 29,2021 23:46
I might be leaving Dan-Ball for a while. please don't expect messages from me. T_T
#UVsTIoYN Mar 28,2021 17:57
i ωαηt to start a team with mage,mage,priest,gladiator.what stat should i focus on?what stat is best overall for magicians?ρlεαsε hεlp! Plz comment @applesauses @player,i need at least 2 comments @brian if you beat volcano boss with several iron medal 7's and imperial crown 1,u can get LOADS of exp that worth over half exp of lv98 to 99.i got lv99 with this in 2 runs.h0wever screen 12 is reallyreally hard.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 28,2021 00:04
now I kill the volcano boss 6 I in level 99 !!!!!!!!!!!!
#UVsTIoYN Mar 27,2021 10:30
@brian i killed the volcano boss 2-3 times w/ sniper mage priest gunner,one time in each team(sniper+mage+priest+angel/whipper)and only revived a total of two times What a thing to celebrate btw i always got LOADS of gold at boss screen. @error404 try different browsers if it dont work punch your pc heavily so it'll work
#t9ara1Fu Mar 27,2021 08:32
I killed the boss of the volcano for the second time!!!!!!!!I got it victory!!!!!!!I only resurrected the boxer and gunners six times!!!!!What a day to celebrate!!!!
#L2PbCSdm Mar 27,2021 08:25
The game doesn't show up for me even when I reload. Anyone know what to do?
#UVsTIoYN Mar 26,2021 17:26
@brian already got both.had bullet4+catapult7 on HLW and bullet4 quick5 on tri-shotgun.HLW is what i usually used;it pierces terrain homes on enemies and deal damage.use TS on close range.but i still keep my BH on some situations.use 50 MAG @applesauces use charge punch(in resort)+napalm bomb(in mountaintop)for some reallyreallyreallyreally nice fire effect.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 25,2021 22:25
I only have my Gunner fighting the pymarid boss. i got a red stone 4 and replaced the green stone 4 with the red stone 4.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 25,2021 21:57
@nickname l think about it.triple shootgun More suitable for you This gun is more powerful than other guns.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 25,2021 21:51
@nickname you can try homing laser wave 8 this is a lightning gun He has tracked and walked through walls without a can get from hell Gates:3 the X will drop it.
#UVsTIoYN Mar 25,2021 18:58
hey player,theres a ??? stage after MG3 and use dodge strategy for sub shrine.(??? is in the space beside mg3)also my bouncy homing creates a green forcefield when attacking an enemy behind terrain.(example:submarine series)and makes funnnnnny effect when attack diggers directly below/enemies hide under a platform and gunner stands on the in caverns too. challenge:beat volcano with 4 priests,imperial crown 4 and use as low amounts of sp/revival as possible. @applesauces use napalm bomb(high dex)+charge punch(high mag)for a reallyreallyreallyreally shiny effect to shine off enemies
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 25,2021 05:01
I'm stuck in Submarine shine and it hasn't next nevel after the mist grove 3
#UVsTIoYN Mar 24,2021 18:12
Lol for the caverns and sf3... Fun weapons: Bouncy homing:hominglaser beam+reflect4+catapult5/bullet5 napalmbomb+guide5+reflect4 strikes fear in enemies' hearts without hurting em,freeze exp+hominglaser wave/tripleshotgun+knockback's 4/5=furthest punch-away to enemies slowlaser gun+kback's 4/5+guide5 pushes the enemies EVERYWHERE,mage use ice missile+reflect4+bullet5 to fill the screen with ice and pyro flow for fire,funny effects with spread exp+guide card,etc.gonna post some later
#4vlSMJZD Mar 24,2021 04:32
Is anyone else having issues getting this to run? I have a blank screen when I try to play it
#I2X9LLUp Mar 24,2021 00:10
I killed the boss. E
#I2X9LLUp Mar 23,2021 22:55
@nickname! my team: 2 priests, 1 gunner, and one boxer. it's going well.
#UVsTIoYN Mar 23,2021 17:44
Shroomy1 let all members die,then your team will have 1 lp.then get onigiris.20 is enough. @brian thanks but id like to do with lightning+kback's railgun+catapult7.also rocket launcher+catapult card is a quite waste on tips for SP on gunner?i use 54 mag. @aplesauses what is your team?you can bait the boss also for the upcoming pyramid,dodge strategy works well.
#dYw7dtjy Mar 23,2021 14:59
elliot dum boi
thanks for making this game it is so fun
#YnFy16mz Mar 23,2021 11:19
I need advice to further progress in stick ranger Usually after the first boss one or two people of my roster survives while the rest are dead and it cause to much to revive the whole team and the only survivor(s) are VERY low on health. Any tips to make further through?
#t9ara1Fu Mar 23,2021 03:16
@nickname You can get triple shootgun from inferno 1 boss and add Quick‘s card 5,critical’s card 5.That will be Easy to Kill the Boss, Remember to kill that soldier.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 22,2021 21:17
how to beat oasis?
#rPVUGryW Mar 22,2021 09:03
IM A H4c3R!!
#4wpMrSWR Mar 21,2021 13:38
喜歡射手 苦惱洞穴關卡的玩家 除了貫穿卡 也可以玩玩反彈卡 尤其綠洲販賣的毒霧弓 會讓洞穴一片紫色
#UVsTIoYN Mar 20,2021 10:02
love u greatsword+vampire 4+quick 5,im lv52 stuck at hell gate.going to level a BIT more and go challenge the mountaintop.i got lightning7 micro-uzi spread exp and rocket launcher magnum triple-shotgun.getting railgun slow laser hominglaser wave and napalm bomb/gun. h1 tip:bait h2:bait bait bait+heal by onigiris+slow the boss h3:bait boss+tank cactus attacks.h4:pierce attacks.h5:kback/bait/tank with vampire card/instakill the stickmen h6:kill enemies+bait boss attacks.if1:safespot.if2:bait+freeze exp if3:bait bait bait bloodlake:simple cv7:dodge cv8:kill boss asap h7:kill small wheels,200+ range and bait from high above.boss can't hit the bait.h8:bait attacks to the right hg:kback/quick kill
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 19,2021 22:51
In grassland 7,the tower monster has the attack like poop of monster because of the color of the attack
#UVsTIoYN Mar 19,2021 17:51
@brian but i would like to use a mage for ice freeze effect and outranging tough enemies and enemies that has large range/fly-high-in-the-sky-like-a-butterfly enemies. im using mage priest gunner gladiator,30dex110str rest mag for mage 80dex rest str for priest 50mag rest split str/dex for gunner and 40mag rest lp for at lv53 ps:got to forget tree,stuck at hell5 inferno2(obviously,im taking MUCH damage.)got pierce homing.plzplzplz help
#t9ara1Fu Mar 19,2021 08:18
@nickname tell me which group are you use?Is there any group injury?
#t9ara1Fu Mar 18,2021 23:18
@applesauces I tell you why I use this group.2 priests Greatly reduced lethality,a gunner Greatly increased the attack power against the enemy,a boxer, a boxer is very helpful for hell 2,sonwfield 6 sonwfield 7 and desert 5,so this group is most powerful.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 18,2021 01:18
im now at D1 boss and its going great. just a few more hits.
#UVsTIoYN Mar 17,2021 17:48
nice,keep commenting :) lv50 team,leveling up takes forever.stuck at forest4,dont have powerful fire attacks.stuck at hell2,the lp regeneration is just lower than taking damage(in fact its MUCH lower and the damned 50 germs stop me from slowing the boss xd.i want to reach forest6 for pierce homing and !!! for medals.any tips for quick clear of f5-f6? @applesauces what team r u using?it wont take that long. tried to clear mountaintop(just for napalm bomb,lol)but the desert screen forced me to choose between a gameover screen or click worldmap/set.first,d7 boss came at me and trimmed down my lp when i bait other bosses.then,d4&d6 boss came and i ran into poisonclouds and revived many times then gave up.have to get lightning 7.while the d2&d8 boss keep punching me with high-dmg attacks.plz help(ps:scattergun w/ quick5+bullet4 works veryvery well for mt2.)
#I2X9LLUp Mar 17,2021 00:20
I have been fighting the submarine shrine boss for 3 hours.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 17,2021 00:08
@nickname If you have a boxer you better use sonic knuckle 4 and add a Vampire's card 4 You can get vampire's card 4 in pyramid.That will be easy to Kill the Boss.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 16,2021 23:25
@applesauces Is my recommended group easy to use?
#I2X9LLUp Mar 16,2021 22:41
@BRUH press new game. pick 4 classes. i recommend 2 priests, a gunner, and a boxer.
#y0Z1MrUM Mar 16,2021 03:27
HOW DO I DANG PLAY THIS?, It says get/set IDEK HOW TO START anymore, i remember 8.1
#UVsTIoYN Mar 15,2021 19:18
stuck at hell 2,leveling up takes forever,item grinding takes forever,bait strategy dont work well bc other characters either can't hit the boss or distracted by germs,if i get close they instantly get crashed by spikes,dont have useful fire weapons(eg.doubleflame)will result in the fight to take MUCH longer,enough for the boss to kill my team.tank the hits with vampire cards dont work,the lp regeneration is much much lower than received damage and the lack in fire damage makes me have to beat the enemies one by one,which has a total of 680000 LP,takes too long!didn't beat beach 4.and the boss's thunder-immune makes it even harder.PLEASE HELP!please PLEASE COMMENT!!!quick comment!
#UVsTIoYN Mar 15,2021 17:35
@player dodge strategy,a poison does 100 damage!so dont touch it.for seaside 1,use sniper with triple shot with catapult cards.or very high DEF.or bait. @brian i got to hellcastle with 4 teams,all have sniper mage priest,the other is gladiator,angel,whipper and i use the 1st team with gunner replaced sniper stuck at hell 2 mountaintop,defeated ice castle with dodge strategy at lv50 with 2 revives,use scattergun+bullet4 quick5 huntinggun+yellowcrystal4 for mt2.pls help
#t9ara1Fu Mar 15,2021 06:59
@player you need a boxer or a gunner.What group are you using?You can dodge his bullet.He has the highest health.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 15,2021 06:53
@nickname Actually that one is the one I recommend to you.I use that gun until I kill the final boss.And you need a boxer.
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 15,2021 03:56
How I can defeat the boss of forest 2?
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 15,2021 03:55
I'm stuck in Forest 2 and Seaside 1,I can't reach to Cavern and Combo shop.
#UVsTIoYN Mar 14,2021 10:28
stuck at mountain 2 and ice castle,plz help.which gun is best for ice castle boss? ps:finally got 2 quick 5's for freeze exp and th blade,the blade has great dps and the orb freezes a lot of enemies.should grind for a lot of quick cards at sf4 but it f---s off a ton of time.XD
#I2X9LLUp Mar 13,2021 23:41
i woke up and the first thing i do is just play stickranger.
#UVsTIoYN Mar 13,2021 10:24
@brian 3-ROUND BURST??pretty good but has triple cost than beretta.not recommended to add catapult cards.what is magazine?or cannon by desert 4 boss? how to beat ice castle with mage gun priest gladiator,tried lure but takes too long,dodge strategy but hard to avoid so many bullets and spears,knockback dont work.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 13,2021 04:47
@nickname late,The gun that fell from the big spider.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 13,2021 04:27
@nickname the magazine Will it be better than before?Can I change it?
#UVsTIoYN Mar 12,2021 17:43
and someone SOMEHOW BEAT THE PYMAIRD BOSS IN 0.5 SECOND WITH A SPARK CESTUS WOW IT IS SO GREAT lol. brian u mean early or late game?always save starting gun,add mag until forget tree(50 recommended.)
#I2X9LLUp Mar 12,2021 04:31
#I2X9LLUp Mar 12,2021 03:16
I'm now using 2 priests, one gunner, and a boxer
#t9ara1Fu Mar 11,2021 22:21
@nickname My recommended gun easy to use?
#UVsTIoYN Mar 11,2021 18:04
@brian different mag for gunners. applesauces what is your team?stop restarting!bait and dodge the attacks. good news yesterday i beaten cv6 and the whole snowfield series except sf8,sf9,frozen lake,ice electric shock th. blade m9 grenade
#t9ara1Fu Mar 11,2021 03:45
I started playing this game again.Why is there five dollars for a bullet that I shoot out now? I remember when I played for the first time, he only paid 1 bullet per post
#I2X9LLUp Mar 11,2021 00:03
i should restart after im done trying to kill D1 boss.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 10,2021 22:47
tips on how to defeat D1 boss?
#UVsTIoYN Mar 10,2021 17:47
@brian ok i beat it.also beat the beach series,cv4&5.decided to get 2 bullet card 4's for th.blade+ electric shock later on @applesauces which team are u using?i usually beat him with loads of priest dex and high LP.
#t9ara1Fu Mar 10,2021 00:45
@nickname You need to kill the giant spider It will drop 3-round burst 5 And put bullet‘s card 4 and catapult’s card 4.In desert 4 boss and desert 2 boss
#t9ara1Fu Mar 10,2021 00:38
@applesauces I know it was very hard
#I2X9LLUp Mar 09,2021 23:36
just realized that the seaside 2 boss is stronger than the castle boss.
#I2X9LLUp Mar 09,2021 23:35
seaside 2 boss is annoying. but if you have LOADS of gold, then just revive!
#UVsTIoYN Mar 09,2021 18:23
@brain how many times did u revive i have beaten it multiple times without reviving mage gunner priest gladiator lv43 stuck at desert 8 and cavern 4.annoying red shield bats just won't drop the fire blade.any tips?i have flame sabel,lightsaber,fire sabel and sabel for gladiator.laser beam gun,cannon,homing laser beam,sniper rifle,grenade launcher for gunner.plz help
#t9ara1Fu Mar 09,2021 02:28
@applesauces Try the group I give you
#t9ara1Fu Mar 09,2021 02:26
Finally I kill the volcano boss And I get the volcano book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 08,2021 02:27
WHAT THE POWDER IS THIS!?!?!,The imperial crown is only for boxer!?!?!?!
#UVsTIoYN Mar 07,2021 11:19
W H Y?!WWWHHHYYY?!?!?! I typed a very long comment and it gets deleted?! plz tell me WHY?!?!WHAT's the matter?! applesauses,oh no!you can do grassland 3.2 priest 2 gunner is good.
#bgPPitiz Mar 06,2021 03:19
stuck at grassland 4, I going to restart to have 2 boxers.
#bgPPitiz Mar 05,2021 22:37
Thanks, @nickname!
#UVsTIoYN Mar 05,2021 20:55
@hungdeptrai07 really?that's a big number! i usually beat it when i have good luck and is able to tear through screens without getting characters dead. screen1-4:obvious... screen5:kill f3 boss ASAP before f6 boss kills you. Screen6:kill f5 boss,then may get onigiris to heal. Screen7:bait all of em,slow em and kill. Screen8:bait+kill h6 boss,then h4,then h5. Screen9:bait if3 boss attacks to the right asap,then go on baiting if1 boss while stay at the right of if2 boss.kill if3 boss before he shoots the second shot. Screen10-11:pretty easy. And for screen12 there are some strategies:1.kill h7 boss asap while bait other bosses attacks.hard bc the attacks will most likely kill the bait or smack into other characters. 2.kill HG boss ASAP with melees while bait h7 boss attacks.hard bc the annoying h8 boss. 3.throw a melee with high LP into the center of the screen,dodge the shots and tank h8 boss attack,after clearing h7 boss,knockback.okay to do but hard to avoid so many shots,especially HG's random plz tell me if you found a great strategy without reviving. also,what team are you using?
#0IzDJtlO Mar 05,2021 19:17
@nickname! around 25 times, and most of them are on screen 12
#UVsTIoYN Mar 05,2021 18:34
hungdeptrai07,how many times did you revival?i have beaten it multiple times with multiple teams without reviving,but it needs a lot of luck.yes,l u c that your grinding for a necessary item with low drop rates(eg.5% or 10%)but you killed that enemy about 100 times for nothing other than gold and EXP.) @applesauses priest,priest,gunner, can instakill the hell castle boss.yes.(example at lv91 triple shotgun x2 w/ bullet 7+quick 7 with 90str 90dex.8-9 AGI,each shot releases 37 pellets doing avg.168 damage each,priest have red&black stone 7,gives a total of 5.8x AT boost,dps 168x37x6x2x5.8 equals to 432633.6. WOW!extremely high.)       :0
#0IzDJtlO Mar 05,2021 10:55
I beat volcano on my first try :D
#t9ara1Fu Mar 05,2021 05:14
@Applesauces Actually pyramid is very simple, you only need gunner and boxer Remember to avoid his fire cloud Its poisoned arrows are not very deadly
#t9ara1Fu Mar 05,2021 05:08
@Applesauces l know a great team with a gunner two priest one gunner one boxer Come on, you can do it!!!!!!!!!

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