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8o X
#CFDYdghy Feb 16,2019 19:11

most people are lvl 99, rank S and i did the same

#FdpS69qZ Feb 04,2019 12:09

Has anyone else found a VS team with one stickman that has no weapons and an 100% win rate? It also seemed like the account that created it was removed. I tried fighting the team, somehow lost, and when I switched to another of my teams, the weird team was gone, but I still saved a screenshot of it.

#pH9azca5 Jan 28,2019 05:43

There should be a custom level editor,

#N7c8BVbE Jan 26,2019 06:33

also, farming aquamarine, I dragged a peridot and dropped it, but the item copied into the slot and stayed in my cursor, and I placed the new one elsewhere. I just glitch-duplicated a peridot.

#N7c8BVbE Jan 26,2019 01:26

any explanation of WHY I cant load my game? im logged in.

#YSxGYWuw Jan 24,2019 05:52

toony10 if u are talking about the ice tower boss, do you mean ice castle boss? yes it is beatable, i beat it with my lvl6 class. it's entirely possible to beat.

#pH9azca5 Jan 19,2019 12:28

What is the best combo combination for power ring, power circle, power chakram,and power god.

#OOyeDnSI Jan 18,2019 11:47

i used to play this game in 2010 lol i forgot my account though

#WYXnJHx5 Jan 16,2019 09:50

Is it possible to beat the ice tower boss?

#Jq3FmEjY Jan 13,2019 07:07

Hello Again

#3BcrcGyH Jan 06,2019 09:07

Not in the foreseeable future.

#WYXnJHx5 Jan 05,2019 10:05


#3RNOcksh Jan 03,2019 21:11

When new version 19.2

#WYXnJHx5 Jan 02,2019 11:58

I lost all my data I was Rank 7, level 68...
When I logged into my account

#3BcrcGyH Dec 27,2018 05:20

Go? I'm playing both, so that I can compare them. Also SR2 needs more work to become a proper game.

#f8NoJoRd Dec 21,2018 23:13

i will go. this game is saad

#2xPvi8oH Dec 20,2018 04:02

What’s a fun team to use?

#r6cYIWmI Dec 19,2018 03:53

version 19.0 was a mistake
also Stick Ranger 2 is a newborn so it's not nearly as fun

#G19L8vWn Dec 18,2018 00:53


#f8NoJoRd Dec 12,2018 02:16

theres sr2 now so is everyone leavin with me?

#j3DHMkaZ Dec 04,2018 09:10

:dab: 2

#FLEop4Gy Dec 04,2018 07:50


#GMTjk6yK Nov 14,2018 09:39

Add a new character to the game

#jLmeV2sw Nov 09,2018 23:35

Guess when is the next update

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Nov 08,2018 03:34

Get in here before we change our minds.

#5I3zuD5K Nov 07,2018 18:52

I've noticed people here on the CBs wanting into the Discord server that we've set up for the Dan-Ball community; sorry about how long it took to get any response from us for several of you, but here's the invite link:
We have a system in place that hides inactive members from the visible member list by hiding the vast majority of the text channels from inactive users. New members are unfortunately considered inactive by default, so you'll need to post once in the #reactivation_zone text channel to see the rest of the text channels in the server; assuming our bot "Isla" is online, it should assign the "iz active" role to you when you do so. Isla will be near the top of the member list just under our admins if it is online; if the bot is offline, ping @Zeo and he'll reboot the bot as soon as he sees your message about it being offline.

#p2IBTEna Oct 31,2018 22:25

How do I get to my savegame?

#g3kVhaUT Oct 31,2018 01:10

play today ITS FREE

#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 29,2018 00:36

how am i supposed to manage a team without any priests? team feels so fragile without DEF aura, especially in the early levels
and what's the point of the knockback card?

#zz9VMi8U Oct 28,2018 07:06

@help!: Everything you need to know is right here:

#R3l0v2px Oct 27,2018 20:50

when I played pvp vs some team, their boxer was purple! how can I get this effect to apply on my boxer?

#lmz3k7C8 Oct 27,2018 10:44

Stick Ranger 2 when?

#rQWGZwjj Oct 27,2018 06:33

lol who renembers of powergggggggggg

#zz9VMi8U Oct 24,2018 01:29

@sieg: I would focus on MAG for both, with a bit of DEX in the Boxer's case. You can see which stat does what on these pages:

#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 23,2018 17:20

also, what range should each stickman be in VS mode to reach enemy without moving?

#xsK6Y9l6 Oct 23,2018 17:16

for Boxer and Gladiator, which is better? Physical, or magic + health?

#XNLAzaOZ Oct 22,2018 06:42

I wish the instructions were a bit more clear on what some items were

#5VXwWug3 Oct 17,2018 09:15

Yeah, about 200 years.

#lmz3k7C8 Oct 08,2018 17:12

cough 8 stickman mod cough

#f8NoJoRd Oct 08,2018 05:50

this game needs more units and you should be able to get more over time

#Pgz0G9ev Oct 06,2018 22:45

Why stick ranger is not save

#kz5k5CvL Oct 05,2018 04:15

Sup broooo, long time no see?

#kXT8Gnu5 Oct 05,2018 02:34


#5VXwWug3 Oct 04,2018 08:27

Starting to see some familiars back in this place, I see.

#ssqZrMb5 Oct 03,2018 01:27

thanks guys autosave works on Japanese settings :)

#HRRz0TOa Oct 03,2018 00:45

Salut ha55ii j'adore ton jeu jy joue depuis que jai 9ans encore aujourdhui jy joue et je suis rendu a 19 se serait cool si tu pouvait faire de nouveau niveaux genre une nouvelle map se serait fou!! Breff merci pour ton jeu!

#r6cYIWmI Sep 30,2018 09:00

4d2d yes we can make it work offline, but you have to use the get/set feature

O-I experimental
#1bBrb7qH Sep 29,2018 09:11

Unfortunately, the VS mode bug was not fixed. you cannot upload a new team anymore.

#YvQ3S0di Sep 29,2018 04:48

I love this game.

#YvQ3S0di Sep 27,2018 01:49

what am i doing here

#Vtz3zl9h Sep 26,2018 07:31

The get feature takes your recent save and gives you a code of the exact team and place. If you input the code and press "set" it will overrite any other team and load up the other team in that code. This allows for multiple teams that you can play with as long as you update the code etc.

#N0MgHOQG Sep 26,2018 06:48

Its not very clear to me how the get/set save function works. Can someone explain?

#q2JE0a26 Sep 26,2018 03:17

As for the autosave issue, I discovered that if you use the get/set feature and upload your team on the Japanese and progress, it will autosave on both site versions and update your team as long as you are playing on the Japanese version of the site.

#q2JE0a26 Sep 26,2018 02:30

I've been here since '09. Even longer considering that I played the Powder Game way before SR was released in Alpha.

#9mXVx9Re Sep 22,2018 05:56

Yeah the bug with autosave is an issue, but as long as you use the get/set feature it isn't that bad...

#WE8LSEyR Sep 22,2018 00:18

i just think the save bug is fixed

S K l L L A
#YcHkeGaO Sep 21,2018 20:23

my iq is around 130 and how business works for the big boys is that the more people they employ they get a certain % of dollars, then they give out a small amount of those dollars to the employees and pay them by hours. not by how they help unlike the big boys running the companies.

S K l L L A
#YcHkeGaO Sep 21,2018 20:21

nah F##K off ha55ii, i think i speak for all of us here and i say we want the instant save fixes to be convenient, i dont mean to sound rude here but i think hes not fixing this bug on purpose because he wants us to use the japenese version, and the reason for that i believe is because they earn money that is funded by some japanese company, from us just playing the free game

#w5wPmndb Sep 21,2018 12:40

Stick Ranger ver19.1
Bug fix: VS MODE

#zWi65w53 Sep 20,2018 17:06

It appears unregistered comments sometimes don't show up so I guess I'll ask. I'm curious about this Discord server you guys seem to have set up. Discord id is TARDISES#0720 if anyone ever checks.
I probably won't talk much though, been a while since I revisited the game at all.

#dtflESP7 Sep 17,2018 19:26

Anyway, I think we can always find a perfect solution for a mod.
First of all, as far as I know, the author does not want to develop mod because the development mod always needs to be decompiled. However, stickranger has not updated the new content for a long time, which also makes the player a lot less. So, I think the author can create an official api so that the development mod does not violate the author's conventions about the source code. (Sorry for bad english)

#zz9VMi8U Sep 13,2018 10:10

I've been here since before they added the first caves. Used to go by 2211 until I lost my password.

#ZxfNR6rs Sep 12,2018 04:58

i guess im still here.. its just sad that the main ''blog'' is the comment page

#l4ISiuOJ Sep 12,2018 04:05

is there anyone left who was here back in like, 2009?

#l4ISiuOJ Sep 12,2018 04:03

huh, looks like I missed the drama by a couple months.
is the web browser version of the game broken now?

#vBTpoH1X Sep 09,2018 11:07

That doesn't work moron.

#rQWGZwjj Sep 05,2018 11:49

"it doesnt allow english to save"
G E T / S E T

#zz9VMi8U Aug 23,2018 00:28

@Crystalzzz: The beginning of the end, maybe? Has anyone figured out how to make the game work offline?

#vBTpoH1X Aug 22,2018 06:03

It doesn't allow English to save but it allows Japanese to save. WTH?

#ERLzXZgt Aug 15,2018 11:37

Yo get me into that DISCORD fam. momo2299#1479

#dtYd5mwH Aug 13,2018 21:13

I want to get in the Discord too PLZ Wei-An-An#0480

#Qzvf9t5Y Aug 13,2018 15:29

I was wondering why the game didnt have any sound in it

#UBj1LWtV Aug 13,2018 03:03

Can anyone invite me to the Discord please? I want to try out some mods.

#3fo85A9c Aug 12,2018 03:10

Infelizmente nao esta salvando

#oaZ7yWtQ Aug 12,2018 00:44

game is not saving he have to fix this

#TwjGRjFk Aug 03,2018 05:14

it wont save for me on stick ranger

#YSxGYWuw Aug 02,2018 01:03

u cant, u bought it from the shop, meaning u have a slight disadvantage during the game, if u want a second slot, kill the enemy every time then u will find the weapon u desire.
if u wanna find out more about enemies drops - stick ranger wiki - (class's tools)
have fun! ;D

#G7V79bum Aug 01,2018 02:41

How to remove the cross in the slot compo?

#YSxGYWuw Aug 01,2018 02:01

lightning lord had made a save data for stick ranger for his mod.

#BIFJ3lJK Jul 31,2018 13:28

i miss that

#BIFJ3lJK Jul 31,2018 13:27

You guys need to make save data for stick ranger. It's like the biggest game on this site.

#92ikx4OS Jul 30,2018 19:07


Avis akvāsas ka
#Y9RCw6QW Jul 20,2018 23:54

Avis, jasmin varnā na ā ast, dadarka akvams, tam, vāgham garum vaghantam, tam, bhāram magham, tam, manum āku bharantam. Avis akvabhjams ā vavakat: kard aghnutai mai vidanti manum akvams agantam.

#IOfSc4h1 Jul 20,2018 22:21

Would anyone invite me to the discord server? I really want to try out some of the mods.
Hit me up at AcelShock#9480 (discord).

#gOrKf5Sx Jul 14,2018 10:20

Tuna Fish

#Q3BBSF1E Jul 12,2018 08:05

@portza angel is better

#Q3BBSF1E Jul 12,2018 08:03

VEEEERY good game but need s sandbox maode

#WE8LSEyR Jul 09,2018 23:28

#XBNCXtqQ Jul 05,2018 07:40

my party still exists in pvp mode but it wont let me load the game from where i ended

#WE8LSEyR Jul 04,2018 23:25


#N0hoeDHt Jul 04,2018 12:14

Which is better? Angel or Magician?

#rQWGZwjj Jul 03,2018 08:19

dont hax the game xd

#FC1lkDSn Jul 03,2018 02:14

Id like to learn how to hax the game, but its in HTML5...Im hoping to hax latest version, anyone help me?

#WE8LSEyR Jun 29,2018 00:12

1: make mod
2: make code thing
3: ???
4: profit

#1My7sjpT Jun 28,2018 03:35

I want to make a mod that has random generated terrain and water

#gOrKf5Sx Jun 27,2018 11:08

I know not to post links in the BBS, I was going to email it to him, but he got on anyway, and i ran out of messages for that day lol

#E7P5RTIV Jun 27,2018 07:46

@BOB - Don't post links in the BBS, please. If people want to know the links, they need to talk to people privately.
@dssandvik - Depending on your set up, you can get close to the boss and melee-tank the flames. Thanks to the freeze attack not dealing damage until it starts homing in on characters. Alternatively, have a tanky character just absorb its weak damage output and act as bait.

#9HfazAun Jun 26,2018 17:05

@dssandvik just have long range and dodge the shots

#gNjOokmd Jun 26,2018 09:09

I wish that they would nerf submarine shrine enough to make it reasonably doable without spamming revive. Not saying that it has to be nerfed to where it isn't difficult, but more like Castle in it's respect. I don't get how people normally get past it.

#Q7A0CklC Jun 21,2018 09:32

@BOB IS AWESOME Thanks, but I've just joined! My name is Nerdatope there. Hope to see you around!

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