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#LKPWcMzQ Jan 19,2021 00:44
@A Chinese boy 如果你的意思是如何升级和击败草原1,你需要一些AOE,如爆炸或火灾 在和老板搏斗的时候,自动移动应该关闭,用远程攻击一个接一个地干掉他们,而不是冲进去然后被围攻
#cLp3LWsJ Jan 18,2021 20:46
grassland 1 的装备实在是他妈太男刷了
#cLp3LWsJ Jan 18,2021 20:28
A Chinese boy
#tEtU2auK Jan 17,2021 18:51
@nickname! -- use fire spirit , 1 AND 2 , with some luck , it can cause some chain reactions to clear the sky -- buff your team DF as many as you can -- kill dragons one by one and let the tree run out of dragons -- prepare large amount of gold
#UVsTIoYN Jan 17,2021 15:04
@gabbykiller WTF are you going to say i even beat pyramid at lv17,but I can't beat mistgrove
#osYRY6uQ Jan 16,2021 23:00
#UVsTIoYN Jan 16,2021 22:40
how to beat mist grove 2 with sniper mage priest boxer?i tried stay there and let dragons come one by one,but it doesn't work,they just all come and destroyed my team.plz help
#osYRY6uQ Jan 16,2021 20:58
how to win castle and forest 2
#cLp3LWsJ Jan 15,2021 20:21
Money you consume for an attack, why?
#cLp3LWsJ Jan 15,2021 20:21
#osYRY6uQ Jan 14,2021 19:16
#etFAsU91 Jan 14,2021 19:09
@gabbykiller maybe you have a gunner in your team , cost money on every shoot . or you respawn dead stickman . respawn cost money
#osYRY6uQ Jan 14,2021 18:57
why my gold gets lesser even when I don't spend it?
#34PApi8G Jan 14,2021 02:44
picking shrimp
@dr seaweed i disagree. you mean 30 dex only, 135 agi weapons are mostly bad no, sniper should have double hellfire. poison is bad in late game priest can have some dex and str it's up to you whipper, i agree
#iNdmw4o5 Jan 12,2021 13:06
Dr Seaweed
@nickname! sniper: focus magic and strength, get strong poison bow. OR lots of str and dex with physical bow. magician: 30-60 dex, then magic, with lil bit of strength. priest: 5-15 dex & magic. ALL other points in strength. Whipper: Good amount of magic, LOTS of Dex.
#6fudhlnh Jan 07,2021 02:54
picking shrimp
@nickname interesting... someone should add that to the wiki. Thunder GS is so much better than Lightsaber 8, it's so overrated.
#UVsTIoYN Jan 06,2021 18:50
i found a thing that if you equip knockback card 4 and quick card on lightning 7 then go to forest 4 when the big bouncer go to the corner it may spawn an enemy out of the can't see it,but the characters will attack it
#UVsTIoYN Jan 04,2021 19:40
what stats should i focus on?i have sniper magician priest whipper. how to beat beach 4,forest3~6,hellgate and castle and volcano?
#vACL2GQt Jan 04,2021 19:37
Bug report: Desert heat animation not working. The heat waves used to move, now they do not. Fantastic game my friend, been playing for 10+ years.
#OfyCUQyN Jan 03,2021 18:43
I am haunted by the question: why archer named as "Sniper"??? Ok, he can outrange most enemies, but i don't think it's enough to call em a sniper. Especially when most arrow miss becase of arrow speed, spreading, absence/non-existence of preemptive. Magicain can similar outrange, like sniper, and+ less miss becase of projectile speed and, you know, magic spawn position. It sound stupid when you know about gunner class who actually have Sniper rifle. Can i call em Archer instead?
#t9ara1Fu Jan 03,2021 02:02
Do you think that the combination of the most powerful
#KfwOWYMf Jan 01,2021 05:35
picking shrimp
sometimes the browser just doesn't cooperate. try a different one. i used to play on firefox but one day it went black so i play on chrome now.
#8JYZvkL0 Dec 31,2020 06:21
@picking shrimp Hardware acceleration is on. No idea why it'd be Chrome's problem specifically since other flash games, including stick ranger 2, are working fine.
#jgwc4Gcz Dec 30,2020 08:30
picking shrimp
go to chrome settings -> system, make sure "hardware acceleration" is not turned off check that internet and wifi are on if all else fails reinstall chrome or switch to firefox, usually if 1 browser fails another will work
#8JYZvkL0 Dec 30,2020 05:27
@picking shrimp Did all 3 things, still not working. Using chrome.
#OfyCUQyN Dec 20,2020 11:01
@picking shrimp sadly, still thanks.
#i5eFn9HL Dec 20,2020 04:53
picking shrimp
@Nenononenenone android app doesn't have a get/set feature, it saves up to 4 game slots directly in the app
#OfyCUQyN Dec 19,2020 23:20
How to get save from android app?
#D18GOHn8 Dec 17,2020 02:34
picking shrimp
@jadabest use chrome or firefox, others do not work @giveboxeragun yes they r sort of useless, compared to elememntal staes their total damage is inferior, unless fighting resistant enemies yes mountain 2 gets blown up with freeze explosion, hard to get but worth it
#spWlVvW9 Dec 17,2020 00:07
i i use brave bowser still i turn on flash still nothing
#SFhRYUpJ Dec 16,2020 15:36
【battle staff】 【combat staff】 【warrior staff】 【strike rod】 【power rod】 these staves just completely useless? For mountain 2 , we can use freeze, freeze damage can not be reduced by enemy resistances
#gwcV2rLg Dec 15,2020 02:41
picking shrimp
1. make sure site is not blocked 2. make sure that you are using chrome or firefox 3. if you are on the app reinstall it
#spWlVvW9 Dec 14,2020 20:33
#9tuYw9AT Dec 14,2020 12:01
picking shrimp
no problem :D @sj????? make sure you beat the submarines before mg2 because it's almost impossible if you don't, seaside 2 can be baited and forest 2 just hit and run.
#ksf3fjaE Dec 13,2020 12:37
@picking shrimp Wow thanks! This really helped!
#3Ss9MO2x Dec 13,2020 08:01
#t7nQPUds Dec 12,2020 06:36
Oh finally someone deribes DEX
#YI3pEYeY Dec 10,2020 03:12
picking shrimp
don't worry, that's not dumb everyone learns the rules ;) Boxer: DEX decreases attack cooldown (max decrease is 5-10 AGI) Gladiator: Increases minimum AT (cannot go above max AT) Sniper: Increases AT Magician: Decreases attack cooldown (max decrease is 50-60) Priest: Increases defense aura by +0.2 Gunner: Decreases attack cooldown (max decrease is 5-10) Whipper: Increases "bullet" count per MP activation by 0.2 Angel: Increases ring count
#ksf3fjaE Dec 09,2020 14:55
Idk if this is a dumb question but what is dex, I never knew what this meant.
#HI1HuZjn Dec 08,2020 06:00
Powder Panda
Oh, okay
#lwWccbOF Dec 08,2020 05:36
picking shrimp
@powder panda it's a game mechanic. gunner costs gold to shoot (bullets)
#HI1HuZjn Dec 08,2020 04:04
Powder Panda
Hey, anybody else having this problem? When my stickmen attack, I lose money.
#vEcySLbC Dec 07,2020 04:43
King keven I need your guidance
#vEcySLbC Dec 07,2020 04:42
Im looking for the kingsmen
#HZsGQbEB Dec 04,2020 07:37
picking shrimp
k ima give tips for hard screens only rest should be obvious screen with big snake and wheel, kill wheel asap and kill snake with freeze weapons hlls123, bait all of em and kill inferno123, bait and kill green spider, then yellow walker hll78gate, this is a big pain. kill wheel first then kill snake, use kback to keep HG boss away
#beuTXpd9 Dec 03,2020 16:48
Um classico rpg simple e devertido
#UVsTIoYN Nov 25,2020 19:22
@picking shrimp my father blocked that site so I can't go in and see the video. so you may put the strats and tips into a comment
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 25,2020 07:23
King Keven
#QdaqTSvU Nov 25,2020 05:19
picking shrimp
i'm pretty sure king keven doesnt know how to play the game so he just acts toxic check out dire storm's "first volcano playthrough" on youtube, he beats it like 8 times so u can learn strats, idk how to explain it all on my own but its simple if u learn strats SNIPER FOREVER
#xDGh5EJl Nov 23,2020 23:26
_(^~^)_ ]>>>](•~•) (^~^)••••••••••••[] (•.•)O<
#xDGh5EJl Nov 23,2020 23:18
add many new stages to go at p1 open street 2 5th person
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 22,2020 19:56
King Keven
#UVsTIoYN Nov 22,2020 11:25
finally got past hell castle with sniper,magician,priest, I'm stuck at volcano!can anyone help?
#PNMa8ibs Nov 22,2020 03:25
This is probably the best game on Dan-Ball.
#UVsTIoYN Nov 20,2020 18:07
can anyone see my challenge?i challenge someone to beat volcano with 4 priests @jordan equip green stones on your priest and invest sp into dex,have some str for sniper and magician and let them outrange the enemies and boss
#F2CWzvbb Nov 20,2020 06:18
picking shrimp
@nickname just give the character with the highest LP a black crystal 4 and a poison charm on a weapon that is easy to get like stone whip, it doesnt need to be good. drag that guy to the boss, once you reach it, switch to the regular weapon.
#r3dmy9RC Nov 20,2020 05:58
t's my first time playing I have an angel magician and a priest and a sniper
#r3dmy9RC Nov 20,2020 05:14
I need help with hill country 2
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 20,2020 04:18
King Keven
#UVsTIoYN Nov 19,2020 18:24
PLEASE comment!!! I need help!
#UVsTIoYN Nov 15,2020 09:32
@somniosus can't get to the boss area.the red bats and green dragons in cavern4 and the purple zombies in cavern5 do a lot of damage.please help @sleepy po pure str for priest,50mag rest dex for whipper,30dex rest str for mage,120 mag 26dex rest lp for boxer(the spark cestus is very strong if you can get to hell 8) also I challenge someone to beat volcano with 4 priests
#D18GOHn8 Nov 14,2020 03:16
Ok. And for the gladiator, here are stats/weapons. Stats: 40 MAG, 50 STR, 50 DEX, Rest LP Get Thunder GS + Bullet's Card 4/6/7 + Topaz 7 Get GreatSword (not the long one) + Vampire's Card 4 + Quick's Card 7 Just swap those 2. The thunder sword has excellent DPS and the GreatSword is for regen. Use the same strat as the one I said yesterday. Gladiator is excellent :) Finally, for caverns 4/5, make sure your team is ~lvl 55 or you wont' be able to beat it. Skip right to the boss, use revivals when needed.
#vOrTaalY Nov 13,2020 12:14
Sleepy Po
My setup is a Priest, Whipper, Mage, and a Boxer. It's my first time playing, any thoughts or recommendations?
#D18GOHn8 Nov 11,2020 03:47
@nickname! sure here are the stats. By the way, OMG I forgot the chakram lol. How embarrassing. I'll also put what weapons you should use. Angel: 50 MAG, 20 DEX, rest LP Weapons: Power God w/ Quick's card + Black Crystal 7/Chakram w/ Heal's Card 2 + Black Crystal 7 Priest: Pure STR Weapons: Long Gold Rod w/ Catapult's Card 5 or higher + Red Stone 7 Sniper: 50 MAG, rest STR Weapons: Double h3ll Fire w/ Bullet's Card 5 + Quick's Card 5 or higher Magician: 30 DEX, rest STR Weapons: Lightning w/ Quick's Card 7 + Bullet's Card 4/6/7 I wouldn't rely on the slight chance of the Power God. Steady but sure DPS is better in this case.
#UVsTIoYN Nov 10,2020 18:56
also the angel's power god with critical card 7 can one-shot the boss.but it has a VERY low chance for it to happen.chakram 5 is better for regen but has low damage. ps:I challenge someone to beat volcano with 4 priests
#UVsTIoYN Nov 10,2020 18:39
@somniosus thanks i will try it.(can you tell me all stickmen's stats?i got to forget tree)I also have a same team but a gladiator instead of an angel.stuck at hell castle too.any tips?i also started the game with a whipper instead of an angel and how to beat cavern4 and cavern5?
#D18GOHn8 Nov 10,2020 09:57
Oh and Sleepy Po, Priests need at least 20 dex and the rest strength if you want a support, if you want an offensive one like for staff of poisoner give them some mag too (20-50) for better range.
#eDqrGmXE Nov 10,2020 09:17
Uh is it normal that the game has sound effects?
#D18GOHn8 Nov 10,2020 06:01
Hi nickname!, First, get around 500k gold. You'll need revivals. Station the angel right under the boss. He should have one power god and one quick god with a heal's card 2. Use the power guard to attack, once you get to 2/3 or 3/4 HP use the quick god to regen. Sniper should be using double h3ll fire with bullet's card 5 and quick's card 5. Priest should have all the SP going into strength, a long silver staff/gold rod + a high level catapult's card (level 5 or higher for support), magician can have anything. The other 3 stickmen should attack from a distance, unless you are using h3ll fire for the magician, where he should be next to the angel. When he uses skull attack, DRAG THE STICKMAN AWAY or he will die IMMEDIATELY. Whenever one of your characters dies, position their dead head where you want to resurrect them and do so. Do not use any slow or freeze weapons, as he is immune to them. Hope this helps!
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 05,2020 06:04
King Keven
you do not nickname
#UVsTIoYN Nov 03,2020 18:18
don't ignore me!i need help!how to get past hell castle? @sleepy po all str
#vOrTaalY Nov 03,2020 13:23
Sleepy Po
What should I invest my SP into for priest?
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 03,2020 06:08
King Keven
Zer0infinity123 use opera
#R69e1Nzn Nov 03,2020 03:11
Bill Cyfer
how do i get a sniper
#UVsTIoYN Nov 02,2020 21:13
stuck at hell castle with sniper,magician,priest,angel can anyone help?
#JQBPZ8HF Nov 02,2020 02:59
The window for the game does not show up, does anyone know why?
#vhuqkcr8 Nov 01,2020 00:00
#D18GOHn8 Oct 23,2020 09:55
Pyramid boss is annoying. I need to get higher lvl to kill it -_-
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 07,2020 22:54
no legs
the eels at is wait is that right it has no at
#UVsTIoYN Oct 07,2020 21:49
but i only get a user error xd
#UVsTIoYN Oct 07,2020 14:47
sniper,magician,priest,angel level 50 stuck at desert8 snowfield7 ice castle and snowfield2.any tips for that?what stat should i focus on for angel?how many AT does cavern6 eel have?hope some kind people can help me also tried to let my father unblock the danball wiki's site but failed.
#2L6C3FX9 Oct 06,2020 22:20
no legs
ok nickname thro youre questians at me harder that an aligators cheese cake
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 22:54
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 01:12
super stick ranger! vs
#UVsTIoYN Sep 25,2020 18:42
I want to start a new game with an angel.what's the best team with an angel? also i just found hell castle boss has ice resistance oh no thats too hard to beat
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 21:54
no legs
i have tryed that
#UVsTIoYN Sep 19,2020 10:36
@neko don't too close to boss @the spy get more money @no legs just mod the game also how to get past hell castle
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 19,2020 10:28
no legs
how do i get dex 10000
#wv79Gtti Sep 19,2020 05:28
The Spy
When I get pistol 1 they don't shoot. How do I fix this?
#g17oaiZz Sep 15,2020 23:13
any tips for cavern three? the boss room is where im dying
#12caOYxr Sep 14,2020 05:58
I keep getting stuck underground and enemies do too. Is that a browser issue or something?
#UVsTIoYN Sep 05,2020 08:46
now stuck at hell castle.any tips for that?
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 05,2020 06:41
I have a spread explosian and a micro uzi whats best quicks card or a bullets card
#2L6C3FX9 Sep 04,2020 02:07
I got the anger crown but i cant use its affects
#196jTlrc Sep 04,2020 01:17
Use lightning
Use lightning 7 for magician with bullet and quick card and double hellfire 7 for sniper with bullet and quick card
#UVsTIoYN Sep 03,2020 18:39
thanks i beat it now stuck at hell gate.any tips?
#196jTlrc Sep 03,2020 01:23
Use electric sho
Use electric shock for magician with bullet card 4 and quick card 4. Double flame for sniper with bullet card 5 and quick card 4 or 5. Gladiator use white stone and try to bait ice castle boss attack.
#UVsTIoYN Aug 29,2020 11:44
sniper,magician,priest,gladiator level 72.stuck at ice castle mountaintop and beach 1 so any tips?ice castle boss attack is very hard to dodge and have high damage also is atomic ray 5 in the resort?
#Lna4Syfj Aug 28,2020 21:22
also how do i make an account
#Lna4Syfj Aug 27,2020 21:09
try another browser like opera

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