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#L223CAEm Jul 08,2020 20:19
#zCNA1dKh Jun 24,2020 06:48
)))))))):::: D: why I restarted I so far ):
#UVsTIoYN Jun 21,2020 12:01
help how do i get past beach 1,the boss has high range!
#AzFhVNif Jun 08,2020 18:42
@marcus i have the same issue.
#oWwLguo5 Jun 05,2020 00:07
#tsMI3MlU May 24,2020 06:07
Delta explosion? I don’t remember which one that is
#UVsTIoYN May 23,2020 19:28
Where can i find delta explosion?
#UVsTIoYN May 23,2020 10:44
why do I lost all my process?
#A2OEd7Sq May 22,2020 14:50
#Ib2SMxFd May 21,2020 09:45
I Remember so many arguments on this comment stream. glad to see its still in use :)
#Ib2SMxFd May 21,2020 09:44
Well well well
#qDJ7l8wD May 18,2020 07:54
@marcus Since the game uses image assets in a way more complex than just displaying them (i.e. the terrain data is stored in an image, text asset uses 2 colors in the image that can then be changed to be any 2 colors for ingame text) your browser's image loading may be, how do i say that, a piece of poopoo, and that makes everything go wrong. so you should probably change to a browser that doesn't have lossy image loading
#ZQmohQWr May 13,2020 05:31
The land generation is bugged for me, and the font appears at a low resolution for some reason. See imgur link for evidence
#o9FcmZEJ May 12,2020 01:06
Where can I find a guide for volcano?
#7GmhuKzb May 06,2020 06:43
dont work
#qDJ7l8wD May 03,2020 04:38
who likes my VS mode team
#GYkfPJkt Apr 23,2020 01:49
Game does not load
#KFsc2kBv Apr 23,2020 01:21
I can't play this game. It just not show on screen.
#1YwKeDKx Apr 12,2020 17:24
i am in lv. 59 and i am going to defeat snowfield and desert 6 i had already defeated the three beaches and beach 3 was really easy.
#1YwKeDKx Apr 12,2020 17:19
stick ranger is some times hard and sometime easy and sometimes impossble and some times medium and the problem is LAGGING because of lagging i lose sometimes its very fast also but please can you fix THE LAGGING PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 08:28
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 08:28
Stick ranger
Your device is overheating!!!
#6SLx0sTt Apr 10,2020 10:43
It keeps reestarting wen I get to mistgrove2
#tsMI3MlU Apr 06,2020 09:04
@dominic035 Yeah I thought so.
#1yL2PG7B Apr 05,2020 22:57
@peepee It's possible to play using HTML5 Click the 'HTML5' link and play in Chrome or Firefox. And ditch Internet Explorer
#DbiOSfye Apr 04,2020 07:04
Major shout out to WinterToll for this message "To those of you who see no game, the problem is with your adblocker."
#Z7fAci2Y Apr 02,2020 07:44
#Z7fAci2Y Apr 02,2020 07:42
#tsMI3MlU Apr 01,2020 04:06
Wait is this a new issue? Because I remember playing it on chrome.
#7ySZGurJ Mar 29,2020 18:02
Hey Dan-ball, the game cannot be played without the browser having Java suport. Unfortunately only Internet Explorer has it. Since the Stick Ranger 2 came out, could you make this one downloadable on the PC and not only on mobile?
#8NEnIavF Mar 17,2020 01:17
How do I fix the "get some party" error on the mobile app?
#LXTAG4SF Mar 14,2020 07:26
Oh thanks man!
#LXTAG4SF Mar 14,2020 07:24
To those of you who see no game, the problem is with your adblocker.
#tsMI3MlU Mar 07,2020 06:12
I think it’s always been like that on the site. The mobile version has sound.
#7I4tJd1X Mar 06,2020 15:41
The sound does not work. I can only hear silence. This is for most games on the site btw
#yAh76ECh Feb 28,2020 22:09
Is kind of overpowered, autocorrect somehow.
#yAh76ECh Feb 28,2020 22:08
I honestly feel like the developer didn’t know how to balance out classes properly on that, and made the whipper just kind of bad in the stats, and tried to make up with it in the weapons, but it just didn’t work. Also, I feel like the boxer isn’t kinda overpowered for what he really should be. His nerf is supposed to be low range, but that can easily be fixed by just simply using the shield strategy, so I personally think that he just didn’t know how to properly balance out the classes.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 27,2020 23:37
Idk maybe i just don’t know how to use the whipper.
#JVc0sgFG Feb 27,2020 23:35
Honestly the Whipper is kinda useless, like I tried to give it a chance and haft way through a run (Desert 8) I just called it quits. Like I wanna use them because some of their weapons look powerful like the Explosion series. But compared to the gladiator and boxer. The whipper is kinda redundant.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 27,2020 11:50
class rankings based off how cool the character's weapons are Boxer: epic fighting gloves, cool brass knuckles, tubular medival boxing gloves, 7.8/10 Gladiator: starter sword dummy thicc. 8/10 Sniper: shoots people. 6.4/10 Magician: pure energy balls, now gluten free. 7.9/10 Priest: cool magic staff. 9/10 Gunner: shoots people. 6.4/10 Whipper: thats not a whip thats a flail, dummy head. 4/10 Angel: god is on your side with this one. 8.6/10 Stickman (unequipped): minimalism isn't all its cracked up to be. 0/10
#tsMI3MlU Feb 23,2020 07:06
I’m pretty sure it still exists on mobile
#arLzrg78 Feb 23,2020 01:06
I see comments that make me think people are playing this, but the game doesn't seem to exist anymore?
#6M1OLewb Feb 07,2020 23:00
game not loading, does not even show the screen..
#G3s8R8dY Feb 02,2020 13:30
Actually, I need help getting past seaside 2. Any tips?
#G3s8R8dY Feb 02,2020 13:29
Well, I mean, updates.
#ivgEUVTM Feb 02,2020 06:37
Did they remove it? I just want to play the first version of the game <3
#NaZmsAR7 Jan 31,2020 19:22
Northern Sniper
#NaZmsAR7 Jan 31,2020 19:22
Northern Sniper
I can't play the game, there's no way for me to start the game
#yvUcxbEY Jan 31,2020 03:20
The best you can do is baiting and dodging the worst enemies.
#JVc0sgFG Jan 31,2020 01:37
Yo any tips for getting through MountainTop with a Gladiator, Sniper, Magician, Priest with Imperial Crown 2 because damn it’s so hard when all the bosses are doubled due to the Imperial Crown 2
#G3s8R8dY Jan 24,2020 05:04
Never mind, I found the wiki. It helps a lot.
#G3s8R8dY Jan 23,2020 06:14
What’s the best overall team? I’m not very far into the game, s I don’t mind starting over for units.
#l57OFAuf Jan 21,2020 22:37
thank you so much
#tsMI3MlU Jan 21,2020 04:59
MrYEEEET That depends on the color. Red is weak to fire, yellow is weak to lightning, the blue wheels are weak to ice, and the boss (which is a big gray wheel) is only vulnerable to physical attack. If you have access to any freeze weapons though that will be of use throughout the stage as only the freeze time is ever resisted, not the damage.
#l57OFAuf Jan 21,2020 02:17
what in the world is mountain 1 enemies weak to...ive tried thunder fire poison and nothing works its all 1 damage like the first enemies i did like 12 15 damage with fire damage but nothings working and its getting frustrating
#Q93lI0GL Jan 21,2020 01:40
#Q93lI0GL Jan 21,2020 01:40
I beat the game with 1 smiper and 3 GLADIATORS. WOW
#tsMI3MlU Jan 12,2020 04:06
Also MrYEEEET as far as fire resistance goes I don’t think you’ll have to worry until you get to the desert at the earliest.
#tsMI3MlU Jan 12,2020 03:54
@MrYEEEET At one of the submarine boss floors is 5 blue eels, though I forget which, but at some point you may want to grind that spot for freeze charms because that will help a lot against the sub shrine boss. You won’t need the charm on all four, just the ones with short range as they will eat up most of the boss’s attention (and the freeze time is absurdly long)
#l57OFAuf Jan 10,2020 23:02
scratch that fire helps a lot! I'm all the way to submarine 2 and 4 and I bet I just need lightning or ice to help me with it. the only problem I have now is if an enemy is resistant to fire I'd be dead instantly as that's all I really got
#l57OFAuf Jan 09,2020 22:41
ok so I got past all that but the main problem now is killing the seaside 3 and mist grove 1 bosses. I'm able to get to the boss that's no problem but the mist grove boss has insane health it seems and the seaside 3 just decimates every single person on my team
#b7cpOdr4 Jan 08,2020 05:16
@HydroMan Wow I'm using the same team but with a priest instead of a gunner. This is my 2nd playthrough. What weapons have you been using so far?
#6ppKck5h Jan 06,2020 07:38
Gladiator, sniper, gunner, gladiator is my team and I find it to be pretty good
#7RwilV6a Jan 02,2020 20:57
that javaapplet was an link, you now click to switch it on top of outside game
#nae5uLLk Dec 30,2019 07:34
how do you switch between html5 and javaapplet in computer version
#V38jvOkP Dec 22,2019 19:11
How do I register on this website
#tsMI3MlU Dec 19,2019 02:51
Ok well your angel and gladiator have far too short of range to not be torn up, and the boss fires fast enough to make dodging hard so I suggest outranging it with your sniper and priest with weapons that have high range. If need be maybe even find a catapult card or two.
#l57OFAuf Dec 18,2019 22:20
sniper, priest, angel, gladiator
#tsMI3MlU Dec 18,2019 02:38
@MrYEEEET what is your team?
#l57OFAuf Dec 17,2019 23:45
how do you beat seaside 1 boss, i keep having my team torn to shreds no matter what i do?
#pN2KGYGe Dec 12,2019 22:40
Ring card is only good if you have a angel on your team, but its pretty good, since it combines 2 compo items into one. zombie card is probably good whenever you have a stage where you need more LP and the enemies don't to fire damage.
#tsMI3MlU Dec 12,2019 02:39
Can someone recommend an optimal use for a ring card if I were to ever use it? Also I have the same question for the zombie card.
#AV5OD8GP Dec 11,2019 23:13
with quicks 5 and bullets 4 yes
#QowNlt3Q Dec 11,2019 23:00
is the thunder spear any good?
#AV5OD8GP Dec 11,2019 21:17
Ice castle > Gladiator-Lightsaber, Topaz4/5 Black crystal 5 drag them around the spider and dodge the bullets Mage- either thunder 1 with bullets card 5 and knockback or super volcano with red gems for damage Priest- equip a long range staff with a red and black stone for extra damage Sniper-i suppose using double fire3 with bullets 5 and garnet 5/4 will be good. Mountaintop> just wait til you get grade 7-8 weapons to beat it easy. but on desert stage i throw the mele tank over the top and to the back to attack the desert 6 boss while his poison travels over to the other rangers, when it does, make them jump. and the gladiator avoid the desert 6 attack. the only other attack to prioritize dodging is the desert 8 boss. In my opinion that is hope this helps
#QowNlt3Q Dec 10,2019 22:55
any tips for the ice castle or mountaintop guys?
#tsMI3MlU Dec 09,2019 08:39
And make sure the mountain 2 boss stays away from your team, hence the knock back card
#NgQdTSXs Dec 09,2019 08:30
mountain 2 enemies are resistant to everything except physical and freeze's damage. so get physical bows, a freeze orb, long staves, and a blade 5. for ice castle, make sure your level is at least 65 (recommended is 70), get your gladiator and go for the boss, dodging the bullets, while the other rangers kill the boss.
#tsMI3MlU Dec 08,2019 02:43
@Randomguypi I would suggest for both of those to have a knock back card (I think there’s one that always knocks back) on your mage with a weapon that fires in a straight line, and then maybe a guide card too. Except the problem with Mountain 2 is all the enemies are only vulnerable to physical attacks, so for that I’d also give the sniper the best iron bow available and make sure he has high range, so you might also need a catapult card.
#163b13ei Dec 07,2019 04:28
how do i beat the ice castle or mountain 2? i have a sniper, mage, dex preist, and a gladiator
#JVc0sgFG Dec 05,2019 00:56
Nope all guns besides the starter one uses gold, however if you level up your Magic the cost will be less, if you reach the same or higher magic than the price it takes to shoot it, you’ll only pay 1 gold.
#DnlBjdUr Dec 04,2019 06:38
If there a gun other than the default that doesn't use any cash to fire?
#jiJYD0Ep Dec 03,2019 21:27
I've tried downloading and playing mods, but when I open them up on firefox there is only the SaveGame box and the "Please support ha55ii" message. I don't know what to do to play the game, I've already entirely beat SR like three times and I've never been able to play a mod. Could someone please tell me how I could play a mod?
#jiJYD0Ep Dec 03,2019 21:18
Do not post invites to your discord, nobody wants to go there
#ntZhtC3V Dec 02,2019 13:28
Mojitos People come play a pokemon based discord bot, amLonely
#Q93lI0GL Dec 01,2019 08:20
How the hell do you switch parties? I cant get to my best one
#4wYaZytY Dec 01,2019 03:41
@Randomguypi: The Missile, Charge Punch, and Pyramid Arrow are all pretty good, at least at the time you first unlock the shop. For instance, the Pyramid Arrow has the best poison damage of any bow until the Oct Poison. Most of the other five are very situational and require specific compo items to really be effective.
#QowNlt3Q Nov 21,2019 22:47
#O8pfOobX Nov 21,2019 19:38
Now my question is, what stage do you get it at?
#O8pfOobX Nov 21,2019 06:04
@randomguypi thank you.
#QowNlt3Q Nov 20,2019 23:11
okay i was able to take it out, but now im having trouble with the pyramid boss. any tips for that? also, are the resort junk weapons worth it?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 19,2019 23:36
@Randomguypi Yes, try to get the spider distracted by your other team mates, then use one ( Preferably Melee such as Boxer and Gladiator) to take out the boss by dodging its fire balls
#QowNlt3Q Nov 19,2019 23:31
@Neko_Animator there is: the heal's card and the vampires card also, anyone got tips for beating the desert 8 or pyramid boss?
#O8pfOobX Nov 19,2019 06:11
Heal spells or life drain, sorry my bad.
#O8pfOobX Nov 19,2019 06:11
Just a question as someone new to this game, is there any hell spells or lose drain weapons or something like that?
#JVc0sgFG Nov 19,2019 03:18
I just beaten Stick Ranger Normal mode , since June 11th I’ve been trying to beat it, getting the best weapons, Compo items, and even team mates such as the Priest of Gladiator, and now I’ve done it and I feel so complete. Guess it’s time for hard mode with the crown.
#GUYHIwlL Nov 17,2019 01:08
@gentlecromagnon mobile mods aren't a thing. but join this:
#QowNlt3Q Nov 11,2019 23:08
whats the best way to increase to damage of quint shot
#QowNlt3Q Nov 11,2019 23:08
@Billy bobo no clue then. sorry man.
#60Smsimj Nov 09,2019 00:11
@ha55ii make knockback's card disabled in stick ranger vs mode, every class that cant attack from across the entire screen isn't viable. If you look at every team with the higher w/r it only has snipers with hell fire shot, priest with full str and black crystal, and magicians with electric and knockback card. I can't use my melee character set up cuz they get stuck flying up the wall. wtf

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