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#UVsTIoYN Aug 06,2021 07:50
ayy ayy aay @hungdeptrai07 omg ur alive! Also u can put 12 classes into each slot,so 12^4 situations,and u make a 144x144 excelbrick and have a program generating 1 random number xd Started a new sniper priest angel gladiator team. Currently in lv17(gonna go lv41)have double poison,charge ring,long wood staff,lightsaber 2 and some more. I use 60mag rest str for sniper 80dex rest str for priest 30dex100mag for angel and 40mag then lp for gladiator. PLz tell me how to beat MG2,???,cv5,sf7 and hell castle. Also mg1 boss bullet spread too much and always hit my team xxdd. HεΙρ me! Also hungdeptrai u just have a program generating 4 1-12 numbers and pick the 4 (number)th class. this way eazier. BTw how is ur 3pre1pri team?
#aTfFV9MT Aug 06,2021 00:21
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ayy ayy
#0IzDJtlO Aug 06,2021 00:16
alright time for a randomized run the LineuPs is ... say from next post how i randomized : i made 10000 random lineups. each lineups have 4 randomized class, which each class is randomized from 1-12. The class is the (whatever)th class. Finally, i random a number from 1-10000 and make a button to start They are all done in excel
#aTfFV9MT Aug 05,2021 00:47
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#hL5VVZYf Aug 03,2021 23:45
Ayy comment comment
#UVsTIoYN Aug 01,2021 14:59
nickname! Look at this. U can find some really helpful blogs about ur situation.Also dont lost the code i gave u.ill tell u if i got ur code. Also plz give me 3pre1pri when got to palace. For mobs:use priest to heavy strike them. For single enemy/boss:use predator. i think magic amp cards and focus has 5% too Best weapon against wlb boss:thorn ms,long dense blowgun,mossberg590,m40 fun fact:DS probably lying in pg2 comments he said he comment everyday here wanna a weapon that creates fire reflecting residue so i can use pierce card to deal digger punishments.(residue appear when projectile strike enemy/keep spawned by it)
#0IzDJtlO Aug 01,2021 14:27
what ever i tried, it wont work cus i couldnt find the inventory section and even if i could, change some things, it also wont work oh and war cry stack too alright i will beat sub shrine soon wlb boss deal 666-666 physical at didnt know, but i think maybe the hex color of it contain 37564 gambler card have 5% chance
#UVsTIoYN Aug 01,2021 11:03
@hungdeptrai07 mod a electrocution and a cluster explosion in this team,both with quick 8+bullet 8 1T3JY4c9jIuV7maF3mWF1ocPF41IZSMH0NPTfrtx9ELckuCNaw8Nd.GfzIe*NmAnDg8d7kGvT2eFtWAxdQ89vgSA.oeVNGOjfcaZjHJMQVbSajt2E6KZp4YbvEaxTOoDf6aQwRzW4lLyaDtR7qYCz0obPE4xpicXTQONNOQTXcipx4EPbo0FVm2Lf.Kh3SsHjAe7d8gDnMyZBqU9rYG*lWI5vkaRJC61zwuttuwz16CJRakv5IWl*GYr9UqBZyMnDg8d7gEoNyY9nQ4ooWHL6twkYhYP0vVRN31T2Wh
#5h77V8VV Aug 01,2021 10:07
Give it back
#5h77V8VV Aug 01,2021 10:07
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#UVsTIoYN Jul 31,2021 18:44
@hungeeptrai07 i told you ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS!!! where's the ivanmod documentation? What is "by t"? YYYaaayyy: finally collected all lv7 souls. Fire soul=cosmic beam with 2 beams,thunder soul is force shock+homing capability+without kback,ice soul is ice bolt+freeze flare+spash dmg How many dmg does wlb boss deal? How is hungdeptrai's 3pre1pri team? Do u stored ur team by getset code hungdeptrai? How many droprate does gamblecard have? Does wla's grey color has sth to do with 37564? @profslime @DS @STS PLease comment mach gauntlet w/ quick8+soul=funny effect. Thunder4=berserked h2 snake fire5=flameflame ice8=icemeteor storm fire7=cosmicflame fire2=at0mic bläst ålso hungdeptrai remember to save code with getset everytime u make some progress so u willnot everever lost ur code
#0IzDJtlO Jul 31,2021 17:47
um 666666 or 66666666, and will take a extra 1000% fire damage the same to all other ones the boss shoot a charging three arrow like h5 it have the resistance of f5 boss, but physical weapon deal extra 666 at per hit
#UVsTIoYN Jul 31,2021 12:00
@hungdeptrai07 where's the ivanmod documentation where's the ivanmod documentation where's the ivanmod documentation Also can't exceed 20fps,no matter what i do just ultimately stuck there,happens on all db games too these updates dont have anything to do with resizing but send mobile players to hell How many physical resistance does wlb red stickman have? How many fire weakness does it have? series of 3c: 1.poison mj+expansion7+any spirit+if2(21 situations) 2.mach gauntlet+quick8+any soul(24 situations) 3.4 characters equipping the same dust(48 situations) 4.magician weapons+expansion7+kback4(so many situations) reply me hungdeptrai,reply me hungdeptrai,reply me reply me hungdep hungdeptrai!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 31,2021 10:36
oh no my game is running at 10 fps instead of 50
#QDFNuk5n Jul 31,2021 08:36
I was born with only half a butt
#aTfFV9MT Jul 31,2021 07:10
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courtesy comment
#o5mRyzXK Jul 31,2021 01:14
SR update in 2021 O.O lol
#0IzDJtlO Jul 30,2021 17:40
hooray we finally got a update after 2 years and it is GRAND TRASH lol 3 predator 1 priest soon
#H9vOFCdB Jul 30,2021 13:55
Stick Ranger ver19.2 Supports smartphone resizing.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 29,2021 14:22
@hungdeptrai07 did u get my team on pg2cb? CoolCompoCombos(abbr. 3c) fire dbs+expansion7+bullet8=burning burners burn enemies to burned ash needle dbs+bullet8+flare8=wow spark dbs+expansion7+bullet8=barrage toxic dbs+expansion7+flare8=purple lag fire mj+expansion7+bullet8=burnburnburn poison mj+expansion7+bullet8=WoW exp mj+expansion7+bullet8=big lag boom also 4c f6+fire spirit8=mega lag triple inferno+bullet5+flare8=WTF are there any sniper weapons with reflecting residues? Pierce card+these weapons=digger punishment(preferably fire type residues)replyreply me! @profslime @blacksmith quick comment quick comment quick quick quickquickquick
#0IzDJtlO Jul 29,2021 11:56
m40 + quick 8 + crit 8 + 93 dex rest str = truck damage mossberg 590 + quick 8 +crit 8 + 201 dex rest str = wtf horror blowgun + quick 8 + catapult 8 = okay trigintuple arrow shoot 30 arrows, with bullet 8 + focus 7 = fat arrow toxic dbs + expansion 7 + flare 8 = grand lag 4 fire spirit on 4c if2 = mega lag
#UVsTIoYN Jul 28,2021 19:30
predator 2400dmg,260str yellow c.8+crit8,dmg is 2400x27x2x11=1425600 Multiple it by 37.9 and we got 54030240 at @hungdeptrai07 plz give me a team with 3 predator 1 priest if u dont have just speeeeeeeeeeeeeeedrun the game,use 20dex rest mag for predators and all mag for priest,u can see how beautĭ̈fully op the priest is with a 22.6 times stronger aura - instantly defeats every enemy at once. Can also use a arctic rod to freeeeze and horror blowguns attack. @ragge good luck stucking at some stages and couldn't everevereverever move again. ̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈̆̈ ice ew+bullet8+magicamp8=cold wows @blacksmith @profslime i call u for help! quick quick comment!
#p1oStWHL Jul 28,2021 19:18
thanks DrWhoosh, turned out that brave has a built in ad blocker that removed stick ranger aswell. chrome seems to be working fine so far :) <3
#0IzDJtlO Jul 28,2021 15:20
nickname! assuming if war cry stacks, each have 260 mag, horror blowgun and mag exchanger 8 and blue stone 8. then we have 410*3=1230 mag. then multiple it with 0.6 and we got 738 war cry. Multiple it by 5% and we got 3690% at which is 37,9 time stronger if m40 deal 15000 at without crit 8 then with crit we got 165000 at, multiple it by 37.9 and we got 6253500 at
#UVsTIoYN Jul 28,2021 13:31
wasteland 2's big purple tree deals darkness dmg,it drains 1% or 2% lp every time. Note:explains why the damage number is purple. Priest godly trash even with a warcry predator at lv131,but has op freezing effect with arctic rod,quick8+diamond8 and full mag. 3 priest's at aura equal to one predator's warcry,so dont use 4 priests,but 3 predators 1 priest̡̢̠̣̤ @hungdeptrai07 @hungdeptrai07 @hungdeptrai07 comment comment comment
#Pz22ezBX Jul 28,2021 12:24
Elephant protect
@ragge The game runs on java which is pretty old so some newer devices might not be able to run it. Try going on a computer or an older device.
#pFelGsVh Jul 28,2021 08:08
Try turning off your adblocker.
#IrX11xgZ Jul 28,2021 00:04
Hey! why doesnt the game work? i wanted a nostalgia trip and launched this up again but the game window doesnt even show up :C
#UVsTIoYN Jul 27,2021 11:33
plz help me calculate the max dmg toxic dbs trash,ice dbs big trash,fire dbs super trash,long dbs great trash,normal dbs grand trash,freeze dbs mega trash,poison dbs ultra trash,thunder dbs godly trash. Good weapons:spark dbs,needle dbs. overall:2/10 ice mjolnir trash,fire mjolnir big trash,poison mjolnir great trash,needle mjolnir grand trash,freeze mjolnir mega trash,iron mjolnir godly trash,normal mjolnir godblessed trash xddd useful weapons:all others. Overall 3/10 scorching blowgun trash,long viral blowgun big trash,combat blowgun supah trash,nova blowgun great trash,spark blowgun grand trash,glacial blowgun mega trash,arctic blowgun ultra trash,dense blowgun godly trash,indra blowgun isn't even better than long dense xddd useful weapons:all others. overall:3/10 glacier trash,ghost flame big trash,rapid explosion super trash,deadly toxic great trash,gigavolt grandgrand trash,mana storm mega trash,venom rain ultra trash. Useful weapons:all others. Overall 3/10 xd i use 250 sp points on whipper dex&mag,which build overall best for whipper? @profslimeΩ[email protected]@[email protected] ..........(ω amounts) need a comment,quick quickquickquick! Comment asap when u see this comment!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 26,2021 23:05
next one like last post and also each str on hammer give 2% an both min and max at Gunner : intense lazer gun=trash, milkor 192=big trash, rpg-7=great trash, icicle gun=grand trash, bio shotgun=godly trash. good weapons : all other. Overall : 8.5/10 i give 1.5 extra cus the good one are amazing. Very good. Predator : long viral blowgun trash, nova blowgun big trash, combat blowgun great trash, spark blowgun grand trash, scorching blowgun mega trash, glacial blowgun ultra trash, arctic blowgun giga trash, dense blowgun godly trash, tranquillizer=what, indra blowgun=whatever. good weapons : horror blowgun, long dense blowgun, tranquillizer(if), indra blowgun(also if) overall : 1.5/10 almost grand trash Boxer : burst gauntlet=trash, fire gauntlet=big trash, freeze gauntlet=great trash, ice gauntlet=grand trash. Good weapons : all other. Overall, 7/10 cus boxer is already amazing at this point whipper : thorn ew trash(if), molten ew big trash, stone ew great trash, ice ew super trash, thunder ew grand trash, fire ew mega trash, ew giga trash, poison ew godly trash, greed=why Good weapons : explosion ew, holy light ew, greed(if). overall, 1/10 grand trash magician : avalanche trash, meteor storm big trash, energy bolt great trash, holy light grand trash, infernal blaze mega trash, icicle blast giga trash, toxic smog godly trash. good weapons : cluster explosion, eletrocution, diamond dust. overall : 4/10 not much better haha i laugh out loud when writing them lmao
#UVsTIoYN Jul 26,2021 22:29
soloed a question by testing at wasteB,thorn ew 45 båse bullets. Will test with hammerer and calc. their max dmg,but does multiple predators' warcrys stack? i have quick5 bullet8 magicamp6 focus7,which two overall best for holy light ew? thorn ew+bullet8+focus7=deadly mini spike holy light ew+bullet8+focus7=lag @hungdeptrai07 boxer:thunder&fire gauntlet trash,poison gauntlet big trash,freeze gauntlet great trash,ice&needle gauntlet mega trash. Useful weapons:spark gauntlet. Gladiator:miracle lightsaber&needle bs useful,all others big trashs xddd sniper:all except triple inferno is great trash. Magician:inferno balze trash,avalanche big trash,toxic smog great trash,holylight grand trash,all others useful. Priest:dont know. Good weapons:long diamond rod gunner:desert eagle trash,mp5 big trash,milkor mgl great trash,rpg7 mega trash,icicle gun ultra trash,bio shotgun godly trash. Useful weapons:all other else. whipper:said before angel:thunder halo trash,thorn halo big trash,toxic halo great trash,power halo grand trash,long halo godly trash good weapons:all other else. Also any 10/10 overall classes? Most whips that can equip focus card deal great dmg with focus7+bullet8. ew=incinerator,thunder ew=electric boom,holy light ew=heaven blast,thorn ew=deadly little spike,flame chain=fire fish,frozen ms=heavy flake,etc @prof_slime @hungdeptrai07 quick quick comment
#0IzDJtlO Jul 26,2021 21:29
@nickname rating of some endgame weapons not their class but their t9-10 weapons Wizard : glacier=trash, ghost flame=big trash, mana storm=great trash, gigavolt=grand trash, deadly toxic=mega trash, venom rain=godly trash. Good weapons : mega thunderstorm, absolute zero, scalding ice flare. Overall : 3/10, most are big trash sadly Angel : thorn halo=trash, ice halo= big trash, quick halo=great trash, long halo=godly trash Good weapons : all other halos. Overall : 7/10, decent although not very good Hammerer : ice mjolnir=trash, fire mjolnir=big trash, needle mjolnir=great trash, iron mjolnir-super trash, mjolnir=mega trash, explosion mjolnir=ultra trash, freeze mjolnir=godly trash. Good weapons : all other one. Overall : 3/10 sadly trash Sniper : diamond shot=trash, quint flare shot=big trash, quint gold shot=great trash, sept toxic shot=mega trash, quad frost arrow=ultra trash, arctic shot=giga trash, dec poison=godly trash Good weapons : triple inferno, trigintuple arrow. Overall : 2/10 most are big trash
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 26,2021 16:00
Guess this game is up next to be updated!
#UVsTIoYN Jul 26,2021 12:06
so great that sr1cb got unfrozen @hungdeptrai07 answer me all questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( how many % of dmg does each str of hammerer add? do war cry of multiple predators stack? how many base projectile does thorn ew have? @shroomy1 there was no conversation before u write this xd will give you some strategies Strat1:hit and run with poison is recommended. Use thunder for f1 Strat2:get some 9999999 of gold and revive. it's easy to get Strat3:beat sidestages for strong weapons. Get a double flame a thunder blade a eletric shock and a fire god. They make these stages easy. Also try use strong teams eg. 4 priest pure mag,defeats every enemy at the start of one stage. after some weapon testing found that stone ew=trash,fire ew=big trash,ice ew=great trash,thunder ew=grand trash,poison ew=godly trash,whipper useful weapons:thorn ew,explosion ew,molten ew dual sw useful weapons:spark dbs,toxic dbs,needle dbs hammerer useful weapons:thunder mjolnir,poison mjolnir,explosion mjolnir wizard useful weapons:rapid explosion,mega thunderstorm,glacier predator useful weapons:horror blowgun(warcry),long dense blowgun,scorching blowgun,tranquillizer @prof_slime @hungdeptrai @brian comment comment comment
#0IzDJtlO Jul 26,2021 11:19
Forest 1 : use thunder and hit-and-run lake : use triple shot with some str, remember to lure the smaller ones castle : use poison arrow, solo with him, try to dodge the pellets and the two arrows. recommend to use catapult card or red stone Also recommend some weapon as volcano from f1 mushrooms, double poison from cv1 walkers, lightsaber from cg, and ice ring from gl6. try leveling up to 18 and get 5k gold (maybe in cg )
#rHy0SkoH Jul 25,2021 09:38
Sorry to interrupt the current conversion but I would like help on getting pass these boss levels. I am in a situation in where I cannot not pass the Forest 1, Lake, or the Castle boss. I don't have any mods, and I am playing the game normally. All of my team members have a LP of under 250 and are at level 13. My team consist of a Sniper, Gladiator, Magician, and Angel. The Sniper has Tripple Shot 1 + Black Crystal 1 + White Stone1 as their main weapon. As well as a Poison Arrow 1 + Poison Charm 1. The Gladiator has a Flame Sword 2 + Red Stone 1 as their main weapon and a Thunder Sword 1 + Green Stone 1 + White Stone 1 The Magician has a Explosion 1, Thunder 1, Freeze 2 They also have a Fire 1 + White Stone 1 + Red stone 1 as their main weapon and a Ice 1 + Blue Stone The Angel has a Long Ring + Red Stone 1 + White Stone1 I have 1301 gold (at the time or writing this) and have more combo items like a Ice Charm, Explosion Card 1, 2 Blue Stone, 1 Black Stone, 1 red Stone, and one Green Stone. I would like to know how to use these items to help me beat these boss levels, I know this is very specific sorry!
#UVsTIoYN Jul 21,2021 10:34
@hungdeptrai what about 4? Also give me the dual swordsman team! ill tell u if i got it. If I didn't tell you and it got deleted pls repost it @profslime need more comments!need more comments!need more comments! quick comment quick comment quick quick comment!
#qPey7iNU Jul 20,2021 16:49
Reply to nickname : 1. Firstly, i charge skirmish blowgun with blue stone 7 and catapult 7 to near max. My predator have 20 dex and 60 mag so with blue stone 7 he will have 100 mag, which mean 60 war cry. Also each war cry give 5% at and 1 def aura so my team will have 3x atk and 60 def. next, i have a gunner with triple shotgun 7 with critical 7 and bullet 7, a sniper with double hell fire 7 with bullet 5 and quick 7. Dual swordman have long dss 8 with vampire 4 and quick 5 will help him survive longer despite he had only 364 lp. Now I activated war cry and drag dual swordman under hca boss, drag gunner nearby him to let him shoot some rounds dealing good damage. Remember to revive team when they die, dodge the skulls, and always keep war cry going. 2. You will need a fresh version of ivansmod to make it not black. Otherwise u would have to use ccmod as third-party mod to make the website version not black. 3. I mean the lineup before u posted. I posted that before u give the code but my lineup i was doing was lost Tip for ur whipper lineup against ice castle: remember to use electric shock, crystal blowgun, long silver staff, thunder flail or explosion chain
#UVsTIoYN Jul 20,2021 14:18
Replying to hungdeptrai07 1.WOW! Beated hellcastle at lv41. goes black,what did he do to make it not be black? 3.use my team posted on jul 05. Also u said u got past cv4,did u lost that code? 4. like this? It doesn't work at all. In fact,adding things after the # doesn't change anything. Also what's the bar flashing above the page? Also ill tell u if i got the code. I have a whipper team gotten past sf4. @prof_slime *W E L P* there are codes people posted before
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 20,2021 12:56
Well now I have to replay the entire... game... again just for ivansmod. *sigh*
#0IzDJtlO Jul 20,2021 12:35
i beat hell castle: class : like last post lv : 41 Nickname ! : after he beat hellcastle, he go to the stage in the west of it, which is call dark cave havent created whipper team so i will speedrun it soon to go to what tier, type #Tier_n ( n is what tier u want from 1-8 ) @Prof_Slime its the ivan's mod which is from this website
#UVsTIoYN Jul 20,2021 11:52
@hungdeptrai07 hellcastle or icecastle? What about your whipper team? How does dire storm enter dark cave in the videos in his playlist? @prof_slime see brian's comments before. u can find a mod called ivanmod. tips for hellcastle:[expand] lol also how do you change tiers on the sr weapon page? The buttons don't do anything and it isn't possible no matter what i do. help me help me! imagine how will you go when you spend 50 tries on a card but got nothing/entered the same screen 100 times but no fish appears(eg.cave9) homing laser storm+kback+catapult=funny effects 200dex for gunner decreases agi by 80% but is really expensive. What build best for gunner?
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 20,2021 10:57
Oh I see, well I defeated the boss after a few tries. Volcano is absolute evil for me. Also, what's the mod?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 20,2021 09:29
welp im at hellcastle: class : dual swordman predator gunner sniper lv : 41
#7toMGGcT Jul 20,2021 07:58
prof_ slime, its a mod for stick ranger
#hL5VVZYf Jul 20,2021 02:26
If I played this game I’d be down to help, but I’m really just a powder game nerd. Good luck with the wiki and with your gameplay!
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 20,2021 00:33
@nickname! I'm confused did someone make a fan made extension for Stick ranger?This is very confusing for me. I'm at the final boss and I need tips to defeating. Got any?
#UVsTIoYN Jul 19,2021 12:58
@hungdeptrai @profslime how do you change tiers on db fandom's sr weapon page? The buttons don't do anything and no matter what i do it isn't possible to see other tiers. @hungdeptrai07 how does dire storm go into dark cave in his videos? can't go in that site bc it's blocked @profslime need more comments,hurry up comment,need comments asap @hungdeptrai07 let me giveya some guides after cv4 c5-6:tranquillizer sf1-2:bait sf3:bait+have long range sf4:freeze sf5:bait balls upwards sf6:tank sf7:freeze+fire sf8:bait frozenlake:bait icecastle:dodge sf9:bait h1:bait h2:also bait h3-6:easy levels if1-3:just bait cv7-8:bait&dodge h7-8:baitbaitbait HG:dodge hellcastle:finish him in 1 sec. Rest:obvious
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 19,2021 05:39
@ hungdeptrai07 @nickname! Wait a minute. There's a palace basement, dried lake, and more levels?! It doesn't say that in the stick ranger wiki. How?! Where?! And when has there been new levels?!!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 17,2021 19:24
sorry nickname, i tried to speedrun the game and the bad ending is im stuck on seaside 4
#0IzDJtlO Jul 17,2021 14:31
Nickname! snowfield 4 : use ice weapons. snowfield 5 : bait the shots from the x walker while make it affected by priest aura. snowfield 6 : tank the shot, if u dont then try do dodge on all the enemies. snowfield 7 : bait the snake shots for the boss i recommend freeze weapons such as freeze explosion 6. snowfield 8 : bait it. for screen 2 try to tank all the shot, recommend go to the right side of the trees, skip screen 3, then the boss is not too hards just swipe around it.
#UVsTIoYN Jul 17,2021 11:10
found some problems about danball fandom 1.most pictures dont show up no matter what i do. Appeared a long time ago 2.items that needs to click on a button to expand can't be seen because the button isn't clickable.(eg.category V,spoilers[expand]) 3.weapon page adds a tier system,but it's impossible to change tiers. They dont work no matter how many times i click on it. fAcT time! bio shotgun isn't affected by peridot. Best build:explosioncard+expansion/bullet/quick card burst gauntlet+bullet+expansion=giant blast stuck in the middle of snowfield series,have to wait hungdeptrai finish his speed run xd See my comment on jul 15 @hungdeptrai07
#aTfFV9MT Jul 17,2021 00:11
#UVsTIoYN Jul 15,2021 07:19
@hungdeptrai no desktop! Also what is mb? What did u do in order to enter palace basement? Same question with dark cave and dried lake theory5:when u grind a item u always the wrong useless ones and the right one won't drop Do u have dual swordsman teams hungdeptrai07? mage priest predator lv38 got to sf1,going to lv up to 51,i use 20lp50dex60mag rest lp,which good stone or thunder flail? What's the best whipper builds? How to beat hell2?
#VhTznbwq Jul 15,2021 01:25
Prof-Slime sorry the mod game auto save is disabled, so u have to use get-set every time u clear a stage. Nickname I lost the save. So wait me speed run the game while thinking what theory would suits with u when u died before it dropped quick 8 Theory 4 : when u lost the chance to recover the damages, it would drop
#NfZaw9wy Jul 15,2021 00:59
Nickname! It is totally possible just need a desktop, a few mb and a ivansmod save. Oh No ! I accidentally beat palace basement boss and it gave me legendary crown lol. Pls trust me it worked and I tested it legitimately ! Oh and you can do multiple mods at once so u can do cavern chronicles and ivansmod at once xd
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 15,2021 00:06
But all the progress was wiped and my codes are loading them back.
#Lc0ldB6H Jul 15,2021 00:05
My game worked now. I guess it was a one time thing
#UVsTIoYN Jul 14,2021 15:06
@hungdeptrai07 what will happen? Every step after step 1 is impossible for me. :( Also don't post impossible-to-test facts Stick ranger item grinding theories(at least works for me): 1.the more you want an item,the more likely it will never drop. 2. Everything goes away from him who waits. The more effort you put in it,the less you gain. 3.(murphy's) if a thing has a chance to go wrong,no matter how small the chance is,it just will happen. @hungdeptrai07 plz give me the whipper team plz! I'll tell u if i got it. @profslime @everyone else hurrrrrrry up! Plz comment
#0IzDJtlO Jul 14,2021 13:44
Strange fact: step 1 : create a new ivansmod get-set code step 2 : install cavern chronicles mod step 3 : extract it step 4 : open firefox and type " about:config" on the bar at the very top of the screen and enter step 5 : you should enter advanced setting. enter " security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy " on the bar appeared and set it false step 6 :open the file extracted after that and find the " Stick Ranger Modded " and right click it. Then use open with and click on firefox step 7: put the code copied to the box. click set and ?????????????????????????????????
#UVsTIoYN Jul 14,2021 12:00
@profslime reload/switch browser. also pls join the mod Reeplying to hungdeptrai07 0. Poor mobile players 3. I looted for ~50 times finally got it 4+7. How does he enter it? What are the enemies in it? Does he has specific compos or the game version is different? 8. Also low drop rate,plus if u got it just throw it into trash bin Fact time There's a satanic type in da game,found by checking radiantdarkblaze's blogs on db fandom Which build best for whippers before lv61? Plz give me whipper team @hungdeptrai07 i will tell you if i get it also everyone hurry up pls comment
#Iazdd7qM Jul 13,2021 23:56
Not sure why, but I'm not able to play the game. I just started playing and got past submarine temple or what not, but the next day, the game wouldn't start. There was just the background and no game. I don't know how to fix this problem and wanna keep playing!! hungdeptra07 or nickname!I call for your help!!
#0IzDJtlO Jul 11,2021 18:31
Replying to nickname! 0. didnt know 2. yeah i think so 3. wait i didnt know guess i looted it for JUST ONE TIME and didnt loot that again also it is hard 4+7. I decided to see the playlist of magican+gunner+priest+dual swordman by dire storm on youtube. on the near end of the last video on the playlist, he went to dark cave. and i found weapon with type darkness. the boss also drop cursed gem ( if i am right, and he didnt went to the boss ) 5. they increase the chance by 125% 6. yeah 8. wait i didnt know that i want to see cus it is VERY VERY hard
#UVsTIoYN Jul 11,2021 11:25
Replying to hungedptrai07 0. How to open console on ipad? 1. Didn't know that though 2. Guess that it dropped by palace basement(PB) boss 3.dropped by wastelandB boss and has low drop rate 4. Where do they drop? 5. what 6. Easy to find out by looking at flare cards 7. Is it dropped by dark cave 8.HC4 boss drops it,it spawns a f6 snake laser. is big trash Also what's in dark cave and dried lake? Did u give the code hungdeptrai07? Didn't get it pppllleeeaaassseee comment
#0IzDJtlO Jul 10,2021 22:08
even extra fact thorn halo + bullet 8 + expansion 7 = lagggg found something in the console : 1. found fact about the final boss of the mod. it is a stickman with skull head, have 9999999 lp, and lv 131 2. found something that are called legendary crown. it increase enemies lp by 100% per crown and it stack to 4 like imperial crown 3. the gambler's card 8 said that it decrase lp by 99% ( WTF ) 4. found some weapon with type darkness, they work like devil card, with magical attack drain scaled lp 5. found tier 8 medal, they are 25% stronger than tier 7 6. expansion 8 triple projective/residue size 7. a compo named cursed gem, which double lp drain ratio, which mean double darkness damage 8. did you found something named thunder sprit 8 ??? if dont, then here is how it works : there is a 10% chance that it will summon extreme voltage, which is 10 time stronger than gigavolt (1-111111 compared to 1-11111 from gigavolt 9 ). guess it drop from dried lake boss
#UVsTIoYN Jul 10,2021 11:36
@blacksmith347 u can search ivan's mod,there's a website version,pls join this so u can talk here also u can see comments before to find s0me inf0rmati0n. welp moment! Even more facts Most endgame bows are op with 150mag+magic amp8 Holy light halo has invincible homing projectile that spawns laser,like glacier The highest exp gain upon killing a enemy is 499995 Prediction for dried lake: enemies drop bronze medal,silver+cobalt,gold medal and boss drops iron medal and expansion card. After some testing i found holy light+guide=sloppy lasers 145mag for wizard take off its weapon and take it to hell1 place it in the center of the mob and equip glacier,whoop binary flakes! The highest gold drop on a enemy is 75000 Quint flare shot isn't trash with focus7+bullet8/magic amp8 Cosmic beam+guide8+flare8=omg What is the name of the species of wasteland7 boss Venom rain+guide8+kback4=fυηηγ εffects @hungeptrai07 pls send me a team with a whipper,ill tell u if i got it Plzplzplz comment
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 10,2021 03:45
I'm not sure why, but this game is impossible to play. This has been an issue for a while and I'm not sure if it's just me but the games just won't open. If you go to the game on dan ball then the screen for the game doesn't show up. However, I am able to play stick ranger 2, so it might be because they run on different engines or something. It's not too big of an issue though since it might be just me and I also like the sequel more than the original.
#yyuHTwHi Jul 08,2021 12:42
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2021 20:44
Moore facts Fire spirit 8 is OP against mobs and can cause laggggy effects,clears HC5 quickly with meteor storm while sends the device into heaven inferno2 with spirits can create cool effects Explosion mjolnir+expansion7=literally giant projectiles Frozen bs+flare8+quick card=freeze lightsaber Ghost glame+kback4=pushy blazes toxic halo+extension8+flare8=tOxIc SpReAd flame arrow+flare8=fire spread Holy light+kback+bullet8/guide8=fuииу εffects 4c desertA on screen 8 is verygreat effect 4c sf8 screen2=thunders eVeRyWhErE aNd EvErYwHeRe @hungdeptrai07 sniper use triple poison,predator use long stone blowgun,gunner use sniper rifle,all have catapult 3. Also do you have other lategame teams? If u got the code plz help me. ill tell u whether i got the code or not
#0IzDJtlO Jul 05,2021 11:59
wtf is going on I lost my save of my lineup so i lost everything
#UVsTIoYN Jul 05,2021 11:25
help me 1YmzqR2gJzeK1lyijVI6xneWPJhR8659yry5MZgpXhtbo1fvDGZtCn8l8YzPsKpnIqNxWLypS6nnUCxmXOCB0sjbWRNfky9jkmpt.1JhqOnLYm*FkRk2Nj4pCc1TwkDjEmJ9kKxU7tYExfPyjVI6yNE6*v2ZWUTTVtw.39GHQalsEixBSkF2V*MkHLmCf7fGnJsQDMzbEubQ7raK72rfUKDHA4*x2hgghjo27DKSpNZKXl09Qi*Jgd.Ml9a0TxQwRzW4fHwZDuZFygPCQD3ujsmysmieedcLMw04TahYhCWzL plz help me beat sub shrine boss Also 80dex(no compo) rest str for priest plz
#btPgI58G Jul 05,2021 10:14
Oh no im stuck at submarine shrine my lineup is sniper gunner predator dual swordsmen
#4iU8OqFN Jul 05,2021 03:49
hello I have back to this game,what can I help y'all
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 05,2021 01:33
I can beat Stick Ranger 2 pretty easily but I struggle even beating the first megaboss (Castle) I'm not sure if SR2 will get harder but it's intresting how much easier it is.
#6L5SZ7PC Jul 05,2021 01:32
This game is pretty cool. I'm really really bad at it though.
#0IzDJtlO Jul 02,2021 17:06
@nickname did u give me ur code ??? i didn got it pls post again even extra fact combat blowgun is trash fire bs is trash dec poison/sept toxic shot is big trash quint flare shot is trash tera exp rod is big trash poison ew is trash I had done 4c volcano
#UVsTIoYN Jul 02,2021 17:03
Started a new mage priest predator whipper team but stuck at grassland 1! Everything goes wrong when i play the game. For example i always have to spend metric tons of times just for a single item but end up with "is this item even dropped by this enemy?" And getting exp always takes me infinite amounts of time. When i fight with an enemy,the most annoying features of him will come out. And i dont know how to edit the code. Plz help! pleeeease comment i really need help.plz be quick
#UVsTIoYN Jul 02,2021 13:32
@benro75 no this doesn't matter. The key is to avoid poisonclouds. Drag stickmans to the right if the boss fires and when u get to right corner go back to the left. Spark blowgun is big trash,long viral one also not useful Magician priest predator melee is a good team i found; can beat MG2 w/ bomb blowgun and CV5 w/ tranquillizer. Has trouble w/ hell2 unless with a strong character with vampire card Needle bs w/ magic amp8 bullet8 150mag deal godly dmg fast ps:i did 2c volcanö in first try. Screen 12 is nightmare. I didn't revive Chakram 5+shredder8+heal3=extreme recovery 4c wasteland7 without black crystals will turn a team into trash 4c hellA is very hard without black crystals The highest physical defense on a character is 352 The highest range on a character is 1070 The highest crit on a character is +55100% The highest dmg to a character is 34996 or 34997 @hungdeptrai07 do you have any other teams? Plz give me
#0IzDJtlO Jul 02,2021 09:00
@Benro75 If your magican have above 130 range, equip red stone 3 and catapult card 3 from submarine 2 boss. Do everything u can do to make the range above 200 and you will outrange it. If u cant or dont want to then dodge the needles they arent too hard to dodge
#IJZRVzw7 Jul 02,2021 05:16
Does anyone know how to defeat the Forest 3 boss? I'm stuck due to the poison lasting forever, My team is 3 Priests and 1 Magician
#IJZRVzw7 Jul 02,2021 04:41
Are most of the comments here about mods?
#0IzDJtlO Jul 01,2021 00:40
extra fact there is 6 types of battle staff, and 6 types of long staff, but 9 staffs have fire type, 5 staffs have poison type, 5 staff of thunder type, and total combined of ice and freeze is 7 staffs with no str/dex on dual swordman, starting from tier 5, all dual sword will be slower than sword ghost flame is trash mana storm is also trash icicle blast/scalding ice flare + aquamarine have highest slow, with 90% 4 ray gun with quick 8 while on 50 fps will drain 15 * 50 * 4 = 3000 money per second but 4 homing lazer storm consume more money lol mega thunderstorm have highest mana cost with 780 mana ray gun or mach gauntlet can reach 1 agi with quick 8 explosion mjolnir is trash normal mjolnir and iron mjolnir also trash dense blowgun is trash long halo is trash death ray + expansion 7 + quick 8 + imperial crown 4 + inferno 2 = mega ultra super duper ultimate insanely laggy that would put the game into 1 fps if you use 2 or more gunner with it you can 1HKO hell castle boss
#UVsTIoYN Jun 30,2021 14:58
@hungdeptrai got it ill post code later Do you have any other teams? Do u have teams with whippers or dual swordsmans? plz give me
#GBTU0mnI Jun 30,2021 13:37
i got cod @nickname! ill give you.
#UVsTIoYN Jun 30,2021 11:34
Didn't get your code,please post it. I'll give my code to u if i got ur code. :)) No i got anger crown from volcano first,use 2 bronze medal 7s to beat the boss,but i killed him soooooo many times and dont get it. Also i may miss the code when i dont see the comments so you may change a time to post. :) 4c world 4(new mountaintop) boss in cavern chronicles Meteor storm with quick8 bullet8 is really laggy to use High total dps:magician has 30dex230mag electrocution bullet8 quick8,predator has horror blowgun 20dex rest mag crit8 quick8 priest has 260str redstone8 str ex.8 gladiator has miracle lightsaber 150mag rest LP magic amp 8+quick/flare 5-8 For 4c volcano screen12,kill h7 boss,then HG then h8. Make sure you avoid every bullet(though they covers the whole screen xd). New weapons in scenarios:chain flash AT40-60 agi80-90 range80 BAT40-60 Note:it shoots a mine at enemies that explodes into a desertA redtree explosion,generates a homing mine at every enemy that explodes into a explosion like that. Very easily fills the screen with great flash and kills all enemies on the screen. Frigid rod:generates a homing snowflake on all enemies that keep making large skulls that slows enemies. Force storm:drops needles everywhere that kbacks enemies. Can create some lmao effects with a flying mob.
#UNRnohhZ Jun 30,2021 10:56
Fun fact radiantdarkblaze and dire storm was here 2 years ago
#UNRnohhZ Jun 30,2021 10:50
Did u get da code ???? Can I get your code pls
#0IzDJtlO Jun 29,2021 23:07
@nickname! It is the web version of the game. I found a video from dire storm stick ranger that he has done beating volcano while under the effect of imperial crown 4 ( so called 4c which triple every enemies including bosses chance of imperial crown is 50% from the hell castle boss
#UVsTIoYN Jun 29,2021 11:14
What is "4c"? What is vanilla? Is it a mod? Or normal mode? If normal mode,use strong dps weapons such as wooden sword,chakram 5,etc. or strong teams,eg. 4 priests pure mag (takes off every enemy at the start of one stage) Plzplzplz give me da code of hammerer. I'll tell you if i got the code. If i dïdn't get it then plz post it again. Tera exp rod+expansion5-7+quick5-8+if2=laaaaaggggy effects The sandman+bullet+kback=bouncy enemies. Funny with all kinds of enemies(except that box in cave 9,waste4,etc). Infernoblaze+quick+kback=makes enemies travel much faster. Also what's imperiaI crown's droρ rατε? What's the highest dps with one stickman and without priests? Also what's the lowest lv when you get to palace? Magical blast+bullet8+quick8=balls everywhere,add a kback card for bouncebounce enemies lol homing laser storm+bullet8/extension8+kback4=chase force Homing laser beam+reflect8+bullet8=bouncy homing Glacier+expansion7+flare8=giant glaciers plus laaaaag Nitro/nova blowgun+expansion7+flare8=also giant projectiles pLeAsE cOmMeNt. I nEeD sOmE cOmMeNtS nOw.
#QHFrtMD2 Jun 28,2021 22:50
4c volcano in vanilla is impossible. I couldnt pass screen 12 :(((
#UVsTIoYN Jun 27,2021 13:08
hahaha also i knew most of em before. Plz post the code with hammerer Holy light halo+magic amp 8+flare 8=ultra whitelight toxic halo has 66-99 dmg,probably highest poison dmg in the game. Miracle lightsaber+expansion7+magic amp8+150mag=??? Tera exp rod+expansion7+catapult8/quick8=giant fireballs gravity field+focus7+guide8=cool kback weapon heavymetal+expansion7=big ball electrocution+kback4+quick8=bouncy enemies holylight 10+expansion+guide8=homing lasers quint flare shot+focus7+kback6=OMG with a high slow effect you can get some lmao effects cluster exp.+focus7+flare8=great boom Hell castle boss's crown drop rate is modded,i killed him so many times still dont get the crown. Hill country5 is supah easy with lightning 7+kback4. Try using kback on closing street boss for funny effects. The green walker does 50 75 or 100 dmg and does splash dmg. Magma blowgun+guide+flare/expansion=supah lagggggy Super volcano+flare8+expansion7=giant wall bigshock/gigavolt+expansion=giant projectiles ppplllzzz comment so i will post more
#0IzDJtlO Jun 27,2021 10:32
I will make a new team with dual swordman predator gunner sniper
#0IzDJtlO Jun 27,2021 10:30
Fun fact : Holy light halo + expansion 6 or 7 : the lazers disappear cus they are too big ( what ) Toxic halo + magic amp 8 + peridot 8 = insane poison damage, 552 poison frame, 594-891 poison damage ( avg 722,5 dmg ), total damage with 1 priest with 410 str is 722,5 * 552 * 4.10 = 1 635 162 dmg Glacier 10 + expansion 7 = giant residue Charge halo 10 + expansion 7 = also giant snowflakes plus lag Rapid explosion 9 + bullet 8 + expansion 7 = ultra laggy most endgame angel weapon deal insane damage with magic amp 8 ( fire halo wipe 4c palace in 1 minute, thunder halo have max 9999 bat dmg, ice halo deal 450k dmg with bullet 8 ) Hammerer too also have insane damage with magic amp 8 ( fire mijonir deal lotta damage with spinel, thunder one deal much damage with bullet 8, poison one also have insane poison damage ) The 10%/20%/40% thing on the souls and satan/devil card. There is 2 scenarios that how they work : 1. Each of the chances base on agi, lower the agi, lower the chance and vice versa 2. Each of the chances are for each class. Boxer have the lowest one, Whipper, gladiator, dual swordman have the middle chance, and hammerer have highest chance Hill country 5 is super easy if ur priest have like 100-150 dex or higher The angel crit bug is fixed on this mod, so u dont see angel kill palace boss in 1 hit So power halo is weaker than u expected, but still have insane dps with critial 8 and explosion 8 )
#UVsTIoYN Jun 26,2021 21:11
i was born with an eye on da butt Plz give me a code with a hammerer funny things:1.sometimes when you enter Hell Gate:boss,a two arrow spawns right on your team that deals damage right at the frame it generates. 2. Use kback on closing street and make it smack into the floor. It makes lots of lasers in the floor. The lasers instantly incinerates anyone getting into it. 3.the max length of gladiator without hax is 100. 4. Miracle lightsaber+magic amp 8 flare 8 at least 75mag has high dps. With one max str priest at lv131 w/ red stone8+str ex.8,kills palaceboss in 4.23 sec. 5.the highest MP in the game is 40000,with magic amp 8. 6.ray gun+quick8+kback8 while freezing a enemy for a while,then unfreeze to see rOcKeT lAuNcHeRs! Also works with electrocution/mach gauntlet/etc also what is the biggest projectile/residue in the game? Ps:type one line of letters,add space after it,press return,go back to that line,type spaces to make the line longer Plz comment
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2021 19:19
i was born with no butt
#UVsTIoYN Jun 25,2021 10:20
@hungdeptrai07 sorry I'll calculate that again Predator with long dense blowgun,260str,yellow crys.8,crit card 8, 3 priests with 260str redstone8 str exc.8,AT=1600x(1+2600%)x2x11x(1+3x410%)=12640320 dmg Also,for hill country 6,use a bait to bait the bullets and bait it as to the right as possible. When it falls down,drag the bait away bc the center of the fire deal a goshload of damage. When the fire disappeared drag the bait to that place again then it shoots another bullets. Use this way to kill him Alsoooooooooo i got to palace yesterday.Any stats for hammerer? Napalm bomb+flare card 8 for similar effect of HC6 boss
#0IzDJtlO Jun 25,2021 09:08
also hill country 6 is impossible
#0IzDJtlO Jun 25,2021 00:42
@nickname! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not green stone and 260 dex . they decrease agi so i will go with 260 str and str exc 8 so I have 360 str ( 3 600% crit ). 3 priest with 260 str, red stone 8 and str exc 8 so each will have 410 str so 1 230% atk aura for all three priest. We will have 2 400 * 36 * 11 * 12.3 = 11 689 920 dmg Also calculated the same with hammerer, 260 str with crit 8 and yellow crystal 8, 3 max str priest aaaaannnnnddddd I got 5 065 632 dmg. By doing headbonk into all da trees on inferno 2, I got 1 519 689 600 total damage lol
#UVsTIoYN Jun 22,2021 14:35
@STS what do you mean? oh NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wasted many days getting farther in the game,but then i lost my code and got reverted to hell 1. Used many time to re-get to hell3. Plz comment so i will give the code to you Predator with long dense blowgun,lv131,3 priests with 260str,red stone 8,str exc. 8,predator has 260dex,crit card 8 and green stone 8 while hitting an enemy it results in both crits and how much dmg can it do? :P XD
#QDFNuk5n Jun 22,2021 13:29
i was born with a 3rd buttcheek can you say the same?

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