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#edEnpsHl Jun 15,2018 09:16

@blarg: I think he's hiding in a discord server.

#YiQ2HUUX Jun 13,2018 08:41

@dillyboi Yeah, I am too. I have to use Get/Set constantly to actually save.

#eOynlvWh Jun 13,2018 07:38

is anyone having saving issues?

#6LHjdrBU Jun 13,2018 04:06

No she's not, she's your stepmom!

#1My7sjpT Jun 12,2018 03:54


#iORvng4m Jun 09,2018 00:32

Well, at least the drama here died down

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 07,2018 12:32

RDB told me about the speedos guy, showed me a list of edits

#Dx3AzWEj Jun 07,2018 12:28

i think the fact the guy is proud to be compared to Speddos speaks for itself, folks. lmfao

#L4ldHmDQ Jun 07,2018 11:45

I feel my body transforming into a speddos! OMG, I am speedos now!!!!!

#JwfYXavu Jun 07,2018 04:42

Das right folks, we've gone from posting mods without permission to actively stealing mods!
SRMods and his sockpuppets is basically the Speddos of the SR Comment board.

#iORvng4m Jun 07,2018 03:57

@powerggggggggggh at least you're not the most hated person here anymore xd

#iSP4Iz3F Jun 07,2018 03:38

You know, if you were gonna steal my mod you could at least steal the version with the fixed exp values.

#iORvng4m Jun 07,2018 00:56

ModderOfSr = SrMods, and you guys are both dingbats, even though you are the same people. I hope you have a terrible day.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 06,2018 23:49

@ModderOFSR LOL you stole that mod from JTF98, you should really read the mod's code before stealing it. His name is still in the code!

Lightning Lord
#lmz3k7C8 Jun 06,2018 23:06

Also at this point I don't care about reuploads. At some point they you will get bored of them. Awooooowooooo

Lightning Lord
#lmz3k7C8 Jun 06,2018 23:03

awoooo please join our discord server, I don't want to post the invite like here. maybe if you have a private way of talking to RDB or Ivan they can get u in

#KZ06eOhf Jun 06,2018 22:23

Nice mod you've got there, care to give mine a play?!VNxXjBQb!ZmE-qbelFJR3G3SvYth2aZtzKLAVrSde8clsMu-EHlA

#m0LIDILS Jun 06,2018 17:26

Check out my mod everyone. I just made it today!!!

#zzV1UuDg Jun 06,2018 16:43

Lol, the same person using multiple alts.

#zzV1UuDg Jun 06,2018 16:41

lol, have fun with outdated versions i guess lol

#OoCwUYFS Jun 06,2018 16:29

Hmm. Should I upload it? Idk. I'll think about. Let's see how good you guys behave.

#xA00ZV79 Jun 06,2018 16:20

MMMMM. I smell a reupload from my nose.

#RWqGkpsn Jun 06,2018 14:30

Where is Omega at? I want to punch him

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 06,2018 09:45

@DMSwordsmaster u want to join the discord? we have RDB and Ivan
<using bandwagon xd>

#cSIQ7BEi Jun 06,2018 08:40

wow. a couple of you need a good talking to.

#URBdnypb Jun 05,2018 21:53

yeah you know what, i done i quit i give up, *bleep* this

#bvZaberW Jun 05,2018 20:32

Because you constantly, incessantly felt the need to post links to the mods in the comment boards, completely ignoring and disregarding people REPEATEDLY telling you to stop, and therefor drawing unwanted attention to the mod creators. Attention that could very well get LEGAL IN NATURE. All because you simply would not listen to anybody's requests.
That's why you "killed mod". Get angry all you want, you've done ruined things for all of us.

#URBdnypb Jun 05,2018 17:41

what do you mean i killed mod ? i really don't get it ! i didn't killed mod ! why everybody say "powerggggggggggh killed mod" i didn't killed mod, i am really really serious, and angry.

#UXk4Y9gT Jun 05,2018 09:31

@Lightning Lord - Lmao, he's just a troll. Ignore him. He can't do anything now and he's just going to start throwing a tantrum because nobody's giving him a thing now. Let him have his un-updated mod. The people who actually care about the mods will still get them.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 05,2018 08:13

No you wont, what part of updates are only on the discord do you not understand.

#mrp0zwKs Jun 05,2018 08:11

I’ve been redistributing all of your mods since 2016 and ha55ii has likely seen the links multiple times. But now you crybabies have to remove them. Ill just reupload them.

#UXk4Y9gT Jun 05,2018 06:01

@SRMods - A troll on the comment board? Shocker. I'll proceed to ignore you now.
So yes, people who've made mods on the wiki, including Ivan and Master of al have already gotten to work scrubbing the information and changing the links. Some people are sticking with it,, but for the moment, modding is certainly hitting a lull.
I wouldn't be TOO worried about any legal action since it would be a cross-continent case (which are notoriously hard to actually pull off and generally not worth it) with a somewhat flimsy legal leg to stand on, but it's still a mess people would rather AVOID. Of course, expecting some of these people to grasp such a simple concept is a pointless endeavor, I know.
(At least powerggggggggggh apologized, admittedly. Good on you, mate. Too bad the damage has been done.)

Master of al
#7L8d8Nq2 Jun 05,2018 05:41

Jk please don't mention this mod here though

Master of al
#7L8d8Nq2 Jun 05,2018 05:41

I CANCEL SR FOREVER CAUSE SOMEONE ANNOUNCES IT. Well, mainly cause I'm not sure if it is a good idea to continue updates anyways cause the site noticed modding.

#lmz3k7C8 Jun 05,2018 05:19

Well don't complain when you can't get updates.

#EYecO0Vz Jun 05,2018 05:08

Yes, my and my boi powerggggggggggh killed modding. Oh btw, here's another mod:

#oWVXXS8D Jun 05,2018 04:56

I appreciate people actually standing up and telling people who spread mod links in the site comments to stop. I really do.
Sadly, the damage has already been done. This snowball's turned into an avalanche, and there's no stopping it.
All because idiots wouldn't take a hint and realize a simple theory called "CAUSE AND EFFECT".
Thanks to all the links being spread around, apparently, the site has noticed the modding scene, and uh... It. It isn't looking pretty.
You've killed modding.
I hope you're happy.

#XAKAF6Me Jun 05,2018 03:06

also dont announce my mod. i dont wanna remove my mod like ivan did, but if it's really necessary, i will.

#67THHSFa Jun 05,2018 02:34

I know this point has already been made several times by people more influential to the modding scene than me, but I have to stress how unwise it is to post links here.
While I have serious doubts about the size of ha55ii''s legal team, or if there's even a case to be had against a non-profit use of the game, if I turn out to be wrong, you could be putting other people's work in danger. Repeatedly linking to links on wikis may draw suspicion towards the entire sites themselves, not just the individual user.
Even though the damage is already mostly done, please don't make it worse. I'm all for free and fair use of the game, but keep it off of the creator's own website.

#4Z2sOhVk Jun 05,2018 00:59

Nice, you just make mods unacessable for us!
@Lightning Lord
Is there any way i can enter the discord? Would love to play the mods :c. If you can, send me an e-mail [email protected]

#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 23:59

oh i know why mod was removed, because dan ball comment board, that's why.

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 04,2018 23:54

By the way, since most modders are in the discord. Most mods will only get updates there.
So you basically killed any future updates to mods for anyone outside the discord.
Keep in mind If i find anyone who leaks my mod or any other mod, whos owner doesnt want to be leaked, I will ban you

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jun 04,2018 23:47

The jokes on you, ill continue to mod but you all will be left in the dust. only users of the discord will get future updates

#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 22:31

Aeinstein no was update, maybe he forgot, was 2 years ago and nothing update...

#iaP5QXqS Jun 04,2018 18:45

I'm a dum8a$$ that doesn't know how to read simple sentences.

#tITwpd6F Jun 04,2018 18:20

#tITwpd6F Jun 04,2018 18:13
Enjoy people!

#m3ihQMM4 Jun 04,2018 17:59

Oh, my bad, I need to post my mod right now. Its really good.

#uMQKSy7g Jun 04,2018 16:29

Stop posting links to mods here! That's why he removed the original one.

#hZtq4xxx Jun 04,2018 16:20

oh my god you are actually going to get everyone arrested

#O2MWvUil Jun 04,2018 16:13

Ay man. People are bloodthirsty for this. So here it is.

#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 16:02

dude i download 2 days ago or 1 day ago

#O2MWvUil Jun 04,2018 15:52

@powerggggggggggh I got your back

#hZtq4xxx Jun 04,2018 15:51

i wonder why ivan took down his mod
maybe it has something to do with ha55ii threatening legal action against people modding the game
i guess we'll never know

#URBdnypb Jun 04,2018 15:39

why Ivan do that :(

#N3xpCDKS Jun 04,2018 05:24

Can you sent me your mod via e-mail? i would love to play it, but you removed the link :c

#N3xpCDKS Jun 04,2018 04:47

Is the save feature working for you guys?

#0hZbmfP6 Jun 03,2018 03:27


#iORvng4m Jun 02,2018 00:16


#URBdnypb Jun 01,2018 16:19

ok ok fine i stop

#1My7sjpT Jun 01,2018 02:17

@ powerggggggggggh. Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1My7sjpT Jun 01,2018 02:16

WTF is going on. Khan and kirk are fighting on this comment board. again.

#6TN9Na2m Jun 01,2018 00:00

Not really, i think. I'm just kinda mad, because now people can't play ivan's mod anymore.
Like, I'm still in discord server so I still can download his mod xd.
Also, you don't really need to stop making announcements of MY mod.

#URBdnypb May 31,2018 17:05

now you guys hate me ?!

#SY1LztmU May 31,2018 11:21

From the terms of use:
Prohibited matter - (7) Threatening, discriminating, defaming and slandering third parties, act of damaging the honor or credibility of a third party
You better cut it out with your unnecessary derogatory comments, Mr. "No Brain" ;)

#rQWGZwjj May 31,2018 08:20

oh no

#WE8LSEyR May 31,2018 01:20

Don't tell us what to do.

#URBdnypb May 30,2018 15:40

just shut up ok ?

#URBdnypb May 30,2018 15:38

i know my name is stupid, i can't make name good.

#dOhrODzp May 30,2018 06:24

I surprised but happy to see this game alive and well!

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 30,2018 06:08

k we dont need to flame powerggggggggggh
He's learned his lesson

#WJCLsEtc May 30,2018 05:45

Yup, thanks to people like "powerggggggggggh" (Didja type that in by slamming your face on a keyboard after typing "power"?), the mod will no longer be distributed publicly. If you wanna blame someone, go flame the user I just mentioned for failing to read basic English and ignoring everybody's request to STOP POSTING MOD DETAILS ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Peace out. ~Another admin of the Dan-Ball wiki

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 30,2018 05:38

Ok ill make it more clear. The comment board isnt the place for mod announce ment and/or discussion if the creator doesnt want their to be talked about here.
We have a discord server for talking about mods and downloading mods.
So with that being said, my mod update will be available on the Dan-Ball discord FIRST and updated on my DB page a few days later, which I've done before.

#iORvng4m May 29,2018 23:56

Wow, I haven't posted here forever

#iORvng4m May 29,2018 23:56

Okey dokey

#WE8LSEyR May 29,2018 23:42


Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 29,2018 23:42

join our discord!
one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us! one of us!

#WE8LSEyR May 29,2018 23:38

sad and mad >:(

#bXseTOBK May 29,2018 21:52

I have removed my mod because you cannot even read my previous announcement. Yes, this is your fault.

#URBdnypb May 29,2018 17:33

Stick Ranger Ivan Ver 7.6

#jNkTVnIN May 29,2018 11:52

firefox can open ivans mod. Chrome need to do something to open it

#uhZ4jhRG May 29,2018 09:18

hey im having trouble downloading ivans mod i did everything but when i open the website, theres nothing, what do i do?

#PGVYyuiu May 28,2018 08:53

wow this died pretty quickly

#URBdnypb May 26,2018 15:06

Stick Ranger Ivan Ver 7.5

#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:35

EndlessSR is coming soon when the stages constantly get harder until you die, compare with others who's better!

#YSxGYWuw May 25,2018 00:30

released Tick Ranger, this is quite a hard game play, it's downloadable in discord, and sorry i do not own a account on

#hUpjsI7V May 24,2018 20:50

guys we need some translators so that we can send message to ha55ii, then he might promote or help modders with modded SR

#URBdnypb May 24,2018 15:56

Stick Ranger Moon Ver 2.0
nice marcossanches

#R7B6hNBI May 24,2018 09:53

I don't know if its just me but there are random black spots on the map that my stick rangers fall into and then cant get out of thus making it impossible to progress to other levels

#rQWGZwjj May 24,2018 07:07

hey i release moon mod 2.0 alpha :O

#KZ06eOhf May 24,2018 00:24

Hello, yes, I'm the creator of Stick Ranger Topaz. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying my mod and music choices!

#URBdnypb May 23,2018 22:25

its not my modding stick ranger -_-

#OGq9Txdj May 23,2018 19:32

Just want to say, not only is it awesome that you're modding SR, but it's wonderful to see you've used the Valedictory Elegy in the mod. That song, and its game, were a big part of my youth.

#ByRLjv4O May 23,2018 01:01

The autosave feature isn't working! I've tried completing stages, but every time I exit out of the page, it makes me begin from anew. I don't get it. It didn't do this in the past, so why now?

#URBdnypb May 22,2018 18:53

Stick Ranger Topaz Ver 0.8.5 !!

#NeybX74j May 20,2018 16:33

how do I post links? I paste a link and it won't post.

#URBdnypb May 20,2018 16:32

Stick Ranger Ivan 7.4

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS May 20,2018 05:00

Join our discord to get updates for mods faster!
Since most schools are out now, modding has picked back up!
The new version of mod should be out by this month.

#vDftGi0X May 20,2018 03:37


#bFPtoRcC May 19,2018 20:02

undying game :O still m,any people play this

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