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#0L9cBCAB Dec 07,2021 10:09
volcano strat My stickman class Sniper,gladiator,magician,priest Meatshield recommended! Anyways I start by using gladiator as meatshield Forcing the boss to attack gladiator frequently Then I use sniper and magician to shred its health Lastly I put priest in front of magic,snip to buff them Making them moar powerful Weapons Gladiator(random weapon,purple crystal,black crystal) Sniper(you know the drill right? Double hell fire!) Magician (lighting I guest) Priest(long gold rod)
#0L9cBCAB Dec 07,2021 09:59
My stickmans have tons of strategies Especially hell Castile and volcano
#xICw4VnM Dec 05,2021 19:46
4c (basicly three time as much enemies) volcano let's go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#uMGtEn74 Dec 03,2021 15:36
Guys. What's the best team to start with? I'm new in the game
#FiVIUBOg Dec 03,2021 10:54
Do you think they'll ever update this masterpiece again?
#kv1s8NgR Dec 03,2021 01:46
Sick ranger has mods?! :O
#ZfZMfQjH Dec 02,2021 18:53
Because i was doing strange stuff in SR
#ZfZMfQjH Dec 02,2021 18:52
I was afk last time
#xICw4VnM Dec 01,2021 23:50
okay here a story about my friend " nickname! " so yea i first chatted with him when i told him i beat volcano on first try. and he say he did a lot of runs that beat volcano without revives ( i revive about 30 times lol ). forward to may 19 someone named @brian gave me this website and a code since he beat it but i decided to go with wizard priest angel hammerer and after a week or so i beat it. nickname! also beat it too. after some time after beating ivan mod some times we went on and made post-hell castle ideas and now we had completed 4 series and which currently is at lv 171-200 and t15-16 weapons. And of course it is godly diffcult and it mainly make the player LOSE THEIR SANITY loool. I secretly named the mod idea " Stick Ranger Lunatic! " and of course it is godly diffcult bc lots of projectives so lot of damage taken and lots of death rippppppppp it was funny until nickname quit. that's all. end
#9dMQj6za Nov 28,2021 22:34
shameless advertisement for this thing I made 5 years ago, check it out:
#fihRe4vC Nov 28,2021 08:28
Anyone have some tips on beating Volcano 12? I’m running a pure STR Priest, Mag, Angel, and a Whipper.
#l5IsDb3S Nov 25,2021 10:37
@AstroBladeZ If the game isn't showing up, and you're using an adblocker, try disabling it; that worked for me. It's not like there are any ads on this website to block, anyway.
#fihRe4vC Nov 25,2021 02:09
God, Volcano is immensely difficult.
#FPbD1m2y Nov 22,2021 03:18
I’m defeat to seaside 4 and most gvove 1
#AMGKQEqe Nov 20,2021 00:16
Ya Boi
Donut is really bad at this game too.
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 19,2021 07:46
Tips Gladiator(normal greatsword,silver crystal,vampire’s card4) Priest,you dont need healing if you have a priest(long gold rod,heal’s card2=heals all 3 stickmans with each damage,exept for himself Sniper,nonuple shot,knockback’s card3=push enemies with each shot like a minecraft piston) Magician,ice bolt,aquamarine,quick card7=slow enemies like sticky glue,but why? Because,ice missile is 30% slow,but ice bolt is 45% slow Gunner(napalm bomb,quick card7,catapult card7=kill enemies like a nuke launcher Angel(quick god,black crystal7,bullet card5=a bit weak damage but insane perks Boxer(sonic cestus,black crystal,vampire card7=Defense and life stealing Whipper(explosion ms,ruby7,Dex or str=gives massive damage like a nuke tied in a whip
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 19,2021 07:28
My stickranger tier list S+(priest,increases your other stickmen’s damage) S(gladiator,meatshield,def and magic def recommended) S-(angel,boss killer,insane perks) A+(boxer,boss killer,light meatshield,health shredder) A(Magician,buff,freeze support,health shredder) A-(sniper,push supporter,health shredder,light boss killer) B+(gunner,health shredder,money waste,strong) B(whipper,i din’t used whipper yet :(
#0IzDJtlO Nov 18,2021 17:24
@all look at this nickname! sorry I'm gonna leave bc my father don't let me use ipad I'm on another device
#7EoYmtgU Nov 18,2021 02:16
Where is nickname! ??
#NjrxlTJu Nov 17,2021 04:39
i cant play it wont show up
#WP5Yl8Hy Nov 14,2021 23:57
All 4 magicians with lightning 7... TOP NOTCH
#Pz22ezBX Nov 13,2021 06:48
Elephant protect
#0IzDJtlO Nov 12,2021 16:40
#14ybIf6N Nov 10,2021 00:34
Ya Boi
Nickname! is really bad at this game
#cQtQjWeM Nov 06,2021 05:08
picking shrimp
@STICK RANGER that team (boxer, gunner, priest, priest) is very good but it's not good for beginners that don't know how to manage money or use strategies such as dodge, bait, etc. The double boxer team is good at the end of the game but struggles against flying enemies. my favorite class is the priest because it's so useful. I also like the sniper and gladiator. in my opinion, the best team for beginners is priest, sniper, mage, and gladiator. you have a solid hp tank in front with two good ranged characters behind you and a priest for support.
#eKdKduYO Nov 05,2021 00:10
Y ... mi progreso acaba de reiniciarse :(
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 04,2021 18:53
Part 2 Sniper’s combo(knockback,insane damage,healing) Boxer’s combo(insane damage,defense,healing) Gunner’s combo(insane damage,bombs,drecrease money robbing) Whiper’s combo(insane damage,defense,bombs) Priest’s combo(str,freeze,range,mag,catapult card7) Angel’s combo(dex,mag,healing,perks,def,mag def,giant killer,origini robber) Gladiator’s combo(insane lp,mag,def,mag def,block,meatshiled,luck) Magician’s combo(freeze,insane damage,knockback,def breaker,support)
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 04,2021 18:27
Priest(low damage,increases your other stickmen’s damage) Gunner(money robber,great attack,powerful combo with priest) Boxer(melee,looks trash at the beggining,powerful combo with priest) Part 1 Sniper(usefull,great attack,powerful combo with cards) Gladiator(meatshiled,Super Powerful combo with defense) Whipper(i din’t used this stickmen yet’) Angel(healing,looks trash at the beggining,powerful combo with quick god)
#7EoYmtgU Nov 04,2021 12:15
Gunner is broken
#PYTjRxvs Nov 04,2021 01:16
Beat the game with 2 priest, gunner, boxer. Trying 2 priest 2 boxer for max dps. What’s your best class?
#Vkpwb192 Nov 02,2021 03:59
picking shrimp
@Confused they are found in mods only
#Vkpwb192 Nov 02,2021 03:59
picking shrimp
double hell fire is really underrated you can just spam it
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 01,2021 07:50
For magician,my best option is permafrost?(better than lightning for me) Because not only freeze and physical,it can break any defence(that means it will be extremelly useful for freezing enemies and fighting enemies with insane defense Just like those Oversided box thingy
#ZfZMfQjH Nov 01,2021 07:32
There is one good thing for boxer,so if the sonic glove has insane attackspeed,you can give it a vampire card as lifesteal,you can use that combo to heal boxer just in case when boxer is about to die ;)
#aeOaFlox Oct 29,2021 21:04
And... my progress just reset :(
#aeOaFlox Oct 29,2021 20:57
Help please, I can't beat the hell Castile boss. I am level 92 with boxer, magician, priest, angel.
#Yo1W21jF Oct 29,2021 06:02
i cant play this game anymore. the screen just never shows up no matter how many times i reload the page
#zHi94N91 Oct 28,2021 04:53
#7EoYmtgU Oct 28,2021 03:24
Its a mod
#zHi94N91 Oct 27,2021 23:04
I keep seeing comments about hammerer, dual swordsman, and predator, and I am extremely confused on what they are. Are they secret classes? Or is this just a mod?
#DEWKgvu5 Oct 27,2021 00:56
ok why i fell like this is hard
#vljUUC0t Oct 26,2021 16:43
I just realized there is an app!
#mY7PRMTC Oct 26,2021 16:25
I want a Stick Ranger App for my phone. It’s got to be the original though with no modifications. 2 wasn’t that good tbh, but the original was great
#0h5g8p5A Oct 24,2021 08:17
Whipper is underrated
#dKOX8Xg4 Oct 23,2021 21:46
#0IzDJtlO Oct 23,2021 12:13
dead board
#KKSLU3NL Oct 22,2021 18:11
Why was nickname! And the rest of you all spamming whatever i just read? Soo confused.
#Ynr3rikY Oct 20,2021 00:35
Does anybody have a inf coins seed. Thanks.
#ScpG5wh5 Oct 14,2021 18:20
sorry I'm gonna leave bc my father don't let me use ipad I'm on another device
#0IzDJtlO Oct 11,2021 08:25
mmpb had got to pyramid. thank to spark knuckle with qiuck 4 and bullet 4
#UVsTIoYN Oct 09,2021 23:55
oh i seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Repel card make enemy take % of dmg of character taken. Harsh card increase projectile speed. Charger card increase both agi and at/bat. Ahhh thats bad,long time later and u only finished 2 levels? Send me until cavern 9,post on db fandom Remember to do pg1 UPload asap tomorrow also gunner species,hope you draw screenshots of ur fanmade stages. Sniperpriesthammererdualsw team got to w7. Volcano is awesome for exp with 2 iron medals 1 imp crown make you go lv105. P.S. Goshdamn you if3 and h7 boss. @hdt any new idea series like wf and fa? I have lotta xd they are sl vc et sfl gc fa df and rb xddd all unfinished yet though XD
#0IzDJtlO Oct 09,2021 22:31
i will try to describe it by pg1 upload. mmpb had got past mg1 and ss1. memento card is a card that increase at/bat by a lot divided by weapon tier. it exist for bringing low tier weapons to make them in par to current tier weapons. ex : spark knuckle will be good with this and quick i guess i have a idea about a new card : compressed bullet's card. it is equipable by weapon with projectives >1. It decreases the number of bullet down to 1, but increase at along with other things. lv 2 : bullet = 1, all at + 40% of bullets lost lv 4 :bullet = 1, all at + 60% of bullet lost, residue count + 30% lv 6 : bullet =1, all at + 80% of bullet lost, residue count + 60%, projective/residue lifespan + 25% lv 8 : bullet = 1, all at + 100% of bullet lost, residue count + 100%, projective/residue lifespan + 50%, projective/residue size + 100% lv 10 : bullet = 1, all at + 125% of bullet lost, residue count + 150%, projective/residue lifespan + 85%, projective/residue size + 200%, 20% chance of at + 1250% lv 10 : bullet = 1, all at + 160% of bullet lost, residue count + 200%, projective/residue lifespan + 125%, projective/residue size + 300%, 25% chance of at + 1600%
#UVsTIoYN Oct 09,2021 19:43
@soy have some revives lol @hdt gimme magemagepriestboxer team gimme magemagepriestboxer team quick quick QUICK Also what is memento card? Is on fb fandom but saw someone say this on db fandom. Describe it WITHOUT using links! Same with tank species and its looks! You gotta answer ALLALLALL my questions!!! Also yesterday i beated heel caastl and unlucced carvn 9 & gotchya a dual baemswodd. Rainbow 1 designed @ds comment in sr1 comment board comment in sr1 comment board
#5zLe3ljC Oct 09,2021 18:09
#fd8aOAwL Oct 09,2021 02:03
im new to stickranger, any tips on how to kill castle boss?
#8TENYiNg Oct 08,2021 20:00
@hung oK ThatS unfortunate
#UVsTIoYN Oct 08,2021 19:59
@hdt that's good but fire enemies would melt frozen aurora xdddd Upcoming rainbow series:has many elements each stage.mega Boss is sky garden. Also im gonna design a megabOss after finishing 8 stages in each series. What is solid? Is "box" species i designed(wl7 boss)? Also wl1 digger head is a annoyed gel lol. Red Very Broken Boss Box Box At is 1-1 but burn 100%,lasts for 30s,but boss agi allows it to attack every 31 frames. Spike is ten times enlarged, Orange Very Broken Big Demon Stickman Shoot a two arrow into sky explode into 80 ovals like hc6 boss that deal explosion at Grey Very Broken Boss X Walker:shoot a large ball explode into 300 mines. Mines dael a 50-100. Lasts for 6s. Boss agi is 150. Also Funny little poem School is annoying school is tired,however it is money consuming. Studying is boring studying is hard,after a day learned nothing. Activities annoying activities complex,makes me very embarrassing. Homework much homework difficult,make me a night not sleeping. School also takes lot of time,completely clearing time of spareing. Classmates annoying classmates bad,bullying makes me is dying. Waiting for holiday takes forever,when can i free from such pris0ning. See how annoying the school is,isn't even better than pooping. @ds comment plz @hdt gimme code
#aTfFV9MT Oct 08,2021 01:40
Dragon Archives
You get yourself into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. You know, Dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn't right for me. You were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That's a bad job for a guy with a stinger.
#aTfFV9MT Oct 08,2021 01:40
Dragon Archives
Dad, you surprised me. You decide what you're interested in? - Well, there's a lot of choices. - But you only get one. Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son, let me tell you about stirring. You grab that stick, and you just move it around, and you stir it around.
#0IzDJtlO Oct 08,2021 00:53
@help bad news is no ben105 use gambler with beresk card 8 fa7 white fairy germ shot 8 two arrow around it that freeze. deal 10-10 at white big diamond mushroom shot a spike that home and freeze. at is 1-18, 80 homing range orange big demon stickman shot a big two arrow that explode to 8 oval deal fire at. two arrows deal 100-140 at, residue deal 80-120 at cyan big diamond tree like h2 boss but freeze. deal 20-30 at. red boss vampire solid shot a homing spike that are big, deal 4-4 at but burn 100% xd. spike last for 30s, but boss agi only allow it to attack every 31s lmao wf7 red skull gunner shot a lazer like lazer gun. at is 10-15 and burn 3% green big gel tank shot a bullet emit poison at 100% per frame. at is 1-1 and last for 4s yellow smiley wheel like wl1 yellow wheel but with 1-1 agi. at is 1-31 however blue fairy copter rain a big snowflake like ice shard. at is 40-60, residue is 10-10, slow 20% gray boss x walker shot giant ball that explode to 6 giant mines like volcano. agi is 150, ball deal 400-750 at, mines deal 150-275 at
#7EoYmtgU Oct 07,2021 22:45
What trash
What trash i want it also
#XTENQntB Oct 07,2021 21:36
i dont care if it trash i still want it
#4RaNiIML Oct 07,2021 21:04
Does anybody have eashy sr modding tools ver 6.12 code? The code is removed from pastebin.
#7EoYmtgU Oct 07,2021 20:49
I got it working thanks.
#UVsTIoYN Oct 06,2021 23:06
@help F you,stop talking unreachable things! No computer! No fandom,no download,no source code,no flip,no work! If you do,mod it into this I got to hell 8. Ayy ayy aayyy. I also got to lv86. H:i have a hungdeptrai! Pets:lets GoOoOoOoO H:f f f f ffffffff H:i also have a iartpedgnuh! Pets:lets gOoOoOoOo H:ruuunn @hdt warfield7-8 wf7-8 wf7-8! quick lol also try make a stage harder than fa6 without using f6 big lasers. @ds comment QUICK Also what does kusamochi mean? Does it maen くさもち? Oh i see it means green gel look like a grass cake lolololololol. What does kintsuba mean?
#7EoYmtgU Oct 06,2021 20:27
How to install cavern chronicle mod i download it from Fandom and downloaded the source from this website and used flips but doesnt work help please.
#UVsTIoYN Oct 06,2021 11:18
My screen is too buggy to let me play the game :( it often go uncontrollable and auto click everywhere. I got to h7 btw @hdt remember to make it to wl1 @ben105 gamble card is trash Part2 H:i have a poison arrow! Greed:im immune to poison lolol. H:i have heavy metal,die! Introvert:i will bait him! H:f ya! H:well i have homing lazer strom. Hatred:ayy ayyy im immune to thunder xdddddddd H:i have a satan card! Uranus:watch my freeeeeeeeze! H:ahh [s word] quick equip freeze charm! Depressiness:blablabla looser you cant reech me hahaha! Depressiness:i will drop off a giant ball! H:noo my partner died! Pets:lets all attack him! H:nooo ruuuun i will call some my pets! Part3 COMING SOON Imagine a bouncer which head can touch sky when it jump. @hdt wwwhhheeerrreee is warfield 7-8 aaannnddd frozen aurora 7-8(fa6 below) White box digger:shoot flakes that clump,emit blazes like scald ice flare. White big triangle tree:shoot giant flakes move super fast & home,deals 80-120 at White roundhead snake:shoot a laser act like fire. at20-30,burn 5% White boss x walker:shoot a bullet explode into 5 homing flakes with burn 100%. Flake lasts for 4s. Boss agi 50. Note:all attacks in this stage freezes for 1s.
#XTENQntB Oct 05,2021 22:55
i have killed every boss beside mountain and volcano bosses
#XTENQntB Oct 05,2021 22:44
advice don't have crowns when you trying to get gambler card it wont end well and use poison charm 8 and satan card or black crystal with poison BS 10 for the poison enemies and lighting bs 10 with magic card 6 and satan card for the lighting enemies and have take out the fire enemies first then the poison enemies then the boss
#0IzDJtlO Oct 05,2021 21:14
did u get past f5, if dont then do mountain 1 to get purple crystal 5 and black crystal 5. or purple crystal 5 and white stone 5. also try to do sub3 for bronze medal, move to oasis for tier 4, and finally do frozen lake for t5. okay i will try for that fire is good in very early game
#UVsTIoYN Oct 05,2021 13:04
I tried many times,but I seriously think !!! is impossible without a crazy high support until you get the lv7 physical weapon. The boss screen has so many enemies,and no t5-6 physical weapons can avoid the stickman to be instant killed even with the best quick cards and vampire cards. No t5-6 splash dmg weapons can clear them before you get killed. Same with hell2... Sigh sigh sigh sigh sssssiiiiiggggghhhhh.......... @hdt gimme mage mage priest boxer team with the things i said in pg2cb Boxers will shout out F when dealing with freeze immune wyverns. They like to evade from both characters and walls. XDXDXDD Pet VS Characters Hungdeptrai(abbr.H):joined the arena Pets:attack! Hatred:i will launch a thunderball emiting mines! H:avoid! Uranus:i will launch homing freezeflakes! H:i have freeze charm! Grief:i will launch a charge chakram! H:nooo soo many clouds! Cloudy:watch me! H:too many freezes,help me freeze charm! Solar:i will launch a fire spirit 8! H:i have black crystal! Greed:watch me! H:ouch,poison waves! H:run! I'll get some waepons for you. Part 2 COMING SOON(ps:i have 50 pets :D)
#aTfFV9MT Oct 05,2021 00:20
Dragon Archives
「STARKING」 0vote by Dragon Archives Oct 05,2021 00:16 Please Vote! ※投票ありがとう御座います。 Tribute to former #100 who I booted off the leaderboards. Genuinely a great uploader, should not be forgotten. I'll be making more of these tribute uploads as I pass other top 100 uploaders in vote counts...
#UVsTIoYN Oct 04,2021 16:15
News:sniperpriesthammererdualsw team got to pyramid. Fun facts 1.sub shrine boss isn't that easy for melees;first,it's hard to pin it into a corner. Second,the flake's homing range is long enough to even hit rangers that stay right on the boss's face. Once you got frozen the fire can pack a literal hell of punch on you. they are not weak at all! 2.onigiri card doesn't depend on per hit,it depends on per attack. Go to inferno 2 with a gladiator and you'll see Also tell me the stages that screwed you up most heavily AAlso tell me the sr pets you designed and their attacks & facts about them AAAlso what's your sniperpriesthammererdualsw team? AAAAlso gimme mage mage priest boxer team with the stats&things i said in pg2 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlso i have lotta A's
#hL5VVZYf Oct 04,2021 12:12
A puddle jump for us, but maybe you're not up for it. - Maybe I am. - You are not! We're going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Are you bee enough? I might be. It all depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honex!
#hL5VVZYf Oct 04,2021 12:12
Trying to alert the authorities. I can autograph that. A little gusty out there today, wasn't it, comrades? Yeah. Gusty. We're hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorrow. - Six miles, huh? - Barry!
#UVsTIoYN Oct 03,2021 10:50
Hey! F you! I told you sniper priest hammerer dual sw! Get at least to ice castle! Why don't you give me code?!?! QUICK!!!!!! @ds comment in sr1 comment board quick
#0IzDJtlO Oct 02,2021 23:37
str mage wizard priest mag mage. i will do this thankfully my laptop is fixed
#UVsTIoYN Oct 02,2021 10:22
IMPORTANT:hdt QUICK gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team as long as it got to hell series,post in db fandom,QUICK!!! New team:str mage mag mage priest boxer,abbr:mmpb,nickname:HCG2 @ds comment comment QUICK Q U I C K Atomic sceptre:shoot a atomic plasma ray omto enemy Matrix railgun:shoot railgun(dA one)that look like a m40 in similar fashion of homing laser storm that home Sharp parhelion:has very small range but ring deals dmg every frame Light spikewhip:emit homing pellets at tip of whip that pierce @hdt gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team quickquickQUICK ps:help me design lasher species without looking at ccmod
#bLbFdN12 Oct 01,2021 23:57
T13 resort weapons Charge spike glove shot a blue ring of fire on enemy like fire god. There is 26 flames each deal 52-104 at and burn 5,2 percent Vampire sword it is slow with 65-91 agi. But it have 1800-3200 at and heal by 30% of damage dealt which is 7.5 time more than vampire card 4 loool Firefly arrow shoot 24 tiny arrows that home and deal fire at. Arrow deal 36-72 at and burn 6% Atomic plasma ray it have 50% burn rate. At is 12-18 and last for 12 s
#0h5g8p5A Oct 01,2021 11:18
Pr*est is a garbage class. Real Chads use the whipper
#UVsTIoYN Oct 01,2021 10:05
@hdt gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team QUICK @hdt find author of ivanmod SITE and help him add ccmod & kcomod QUICK i really need it QUICK t1-2 bomb 3-4 grenade 5-6 c4bomb 7-8 missile 9-10 meteorbomb 11-12 nuke Triforce slash:spawn sparks form a triangle shape rapidly Aurablast:spread white lil blazes like flame gs @ds comment quick
#pKPO0tts Oct 01,2021 02:48
I need a download link please
#UVsTIoYN Sep 30,2021 19:28
@hdt gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team quick Also i designed whistleblower and his t1-12 waepons,bomber next,gonna call t1-2 bombs,t3-4 grenades,others dont know,plz help me make it i need 4 more ideas Ps:scorching flute+flare8+guide8+20dex rest str=burnburnburn,same with lavastrike flute for laser storm xdd Also it's just ?action=history or go to special:contributions lmaao
#eejgfjia Sep 27,2021 02:46
Com marinha
#eejgfjia Sep 27,2021 02:35
#HWbLhzxF Sep 25,2021 20:29
Just stop with your bratty behavior nickname. *facepalm*
#PZtmGeyI Sep 25,2021 14:42
#UVsTIoYN Sep 25,2021 14:06
How to see a page's older edits and sth else WITHOUT clicking three dot button beside the edit button? It isn't clickable at all! Do NOT say any steps that contain the three dot button! also find the author of ivanmod site and contact him & let him put ccmod in there aalso gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team quick @ds pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease commmmmmeeeeeentttt!!!!!!!
#ScpG5wh5 Sep 24,2021 18:31
three dots button isn't clickable speed run with that team
#0IzDJtlO Sep 24,2021 07:49
oh whoops i didnt do that lineup but anyway press the three dot button and press history
#UVsTIoYN Sep 23,2021 20:11
nickname! How to see older edits of this page without clicking buttons? Hungdeptrai U GOTTA REPLY ME! Dont only post new stages! QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
#aTfFV9MT Sep 23,2021 00:26
Dragon Archives
Yeah. Once a bear pinned me against a mushroom! He had a paw on my throat, and with the other, he was slapping me! - Oh, my! - I never thought I'd knock him out. What were you doing during this?
#UVsTIoYN Sep 22,2021 20:52
How to see older edits of pages on db fandom? Wanna go find helps but sends me to community fandom(isn't allowed to see)help me(tell me the site containing that,dont tell me buttons they often dont work) Reply me reply me reply me @hdt dont only post new stages,answer all my questions! Quick! Read ALL these things i say! Also gimme gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team! 66 red boss box dragons agi60-66 range666 lp 10 times palaceboss plus 6 attacks:1.drop 6 blazes last for 266f(frames)at6-6 burn6% 2.shoot a small bullet explode into 16 clouds. lifespan 166f cloud at 6-6 3.shoot a red flake spreading needles. Flake lifespan 266f needle 132f 6-16 dmg spawn rate 66% 4.shoot 16 clouds like pyramid boss. lifespan 132f,at6-6,burn6% 5.spawn a 66 pixel explosion on character. delay 166s,at66-66,deal splash at 6.spread 6 lasers act like cliffside 6 boss attack. Big laser at6-6,lifespan 166f drops vampire 6(heal 6% lp per dmg)and flame spirit 6(chance of deal one of the above attack styles)
#hL5VVZYf Sep 22,2021 00:37
Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? Distant. Distant. Look at these two. - Oouple of Hive Harrys. - Let's have fun with them. It must be dangerous being a Pollen Jock.
#hL5VVZYf Sep 22,2021 00:36
You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Bees make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it.
#aTfFV9MT Sep 22,2021 00:30
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You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what.
#aTfFV9MT Sep 22,2021 00:30
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I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. - Hey, Jocks! - Hi, Jocks! You guys did great!
#UVsTIoYN Sep 21,2021 17:45
new items ice card:gives slow effect even not on ice weapons. Adds with ice weapons harsh card:increase the speed of projectiles sticker card:certain chance of projectile stop,after lv4 gives extra lifespan charge card:increase both agi and at/bat repel card:give enemy certain percent of damage taken bounce card:gives chance that projectile reflect off enemies new weapons night blowgun:shoot a grey arrow emit clouds that repel away from enemies prismatic shot:shoot 3 lasers that reflect. When touch enemy it splits into two. Can split 5 times. This weapon similar to thundah halberd in sr2 soundwave:shoot a sound type wave. Emits more waves in a circle when deals dmg. Additional waves dont emit waves blizzard sword:drop bolts explode into bolts like ice meteor that slow enemies @hdt gimme sniperpriesthammererdualsw team QUICK and tell me ur progress QUICK just be QUICKQUICKQUICK
#0IzDJtlO Sep 21,2021 13:53
Aurora Castle a megaboss stage and it is at lv 171 so industrial zone megaboss can be at lv 200 lol landscape : like in ice castle but use frozen lake tileset and it is slippy. also have mist Cyan boss castle stickman lv 171 lp 77777777 min agi 77 expected agi 100 range 777 attacks shot 30 spear up the sky and fall down. when it touch character create f6 big snake lazer spear deal 10-20 at, lazer deal 20-27 at, freeze for 77 frames shot 32 sf7 bullet around it. bullet deal 40-60 at, needles deal 20-30 at, freeze for 177 frames shot a giant homing snowflake that emit needles. needles slide on terrain. snowflake deal 77-277 at, needle deal 7-7 at. freeze for 2s shot a beamstrike but blue and slows. beam dont deal at but lazer deal 20-20 at and slow 40% summon a giant snowflake on characters. after 4s it will activate and deal splash at. it deal 777-777 at and freeze for 777 frames so it will be turned to ice cream lol shot a lazer up the sky that fall down and explode to 77 mines that slide and last for 277 frames. lazer deal 777-777 at and mines deal 11-77 at. freeze for 77 frames summon a white big castle dragon. it have 1000000 lp and shot bullets like h5 boss and have 20-20 at shot 77 clouds like pyramid boss but freezes. deal 17-17 at and freeze 17 frames gold 777777 exp 77777 drop aurora spirit 10 and aurora soul 10 and vampire 10 along with ice charm 10(100%), and a t14 tome
#UVsTIoYN Sep 21,2021 09:37
fc3 white skull wheels:throw a small ball in unison that slide white triangle snake:im f6 boss but the laser freezes and pierce character white big x walker:shoot 9 big balls deal super dmg and slide white boss gel tree:spawn snakes. Can spawn 100 snakes(excluding dead ones) snake:freeze u team:oh no(got killed by wheels and walkers) boss:snake come out ground:no im filled by lasers team:died Game over xd

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