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#NH55gL7d Sep 23,2022 11:49
@dudemanbro What a coincidence
#NH55gL7d Sep 23,2022 11:43
How do I register a party for Vs?;-;
#JclyrVuL Sep 04,2022 05:07
best game ever
#W1FOdW2b Aug 30,2022 09:29
My brother used to play this game all the time. He really got me into it.
#occRZHWz Aug 27,2022 02:25
this game fills me with so much nostalgia, no matter how I do it, bad character setups, or not, its still amazingly fun to play all of the time! thank you danball for this masterpiece of a game
#fsR7GRwn Aug 25,2022 13:28
Green Guy
Fun game!
#Ly1vF0hv Aug 09,2022 04:03
#Ly1vF0hv Aug 09,2022 04:03
I can't win the game ☹
#xICw4VnM Aug 04,2022 23:35
idk if nickname! is even alive since feb 2022 he told me that he lost the internet and have to say goodbye. Then i lost intrest in this game bc of some stuffs lol
#IzNZLlV4 Jul 30,2022 21:17
after 6 months of offline experience
#HJk7esR5 Jul 29,2022 06:47
Can i have Help with the Forest 2 boss?
#xICw4VnM Jul 21,2022 23:45
well i used to talk here a lot bc of one single person named " nickname! " and we talk about modded stuff and ideas ? that was the time when the whole website got support smartphone resizing lol. scroll down to 1000posts to see goodbye now im going to continue the road to 9999999 gold in stick ranger 2 :))
#fU2YswEm Jul 15,2022 10:46
#9e9F9nzv Jul 11,2022 04:47
robot the fire
Stick Ranger ver19.3 Supports full screen.
#fU2YswEm Jul 01,2022 16:56
#UMJ3EZty Jun 30,2022 08:25
l got a code that was super cool
#UMJ3EZty Jun 30,2022 08:24
hi guys
#fI9n4vQL Jun 19,2022 09:17
Find it really weird to see my known name be posted here, and the "10 years ago" part fits right on cue with when I started regularly posting here (though as the Discordians know I've been here far longer than that). But yeah, we usually use the Discord server these days, since there isn't a limit on posts on top of a bad censor bot. Only came here after seeing the image and having to confirm who I was.
#o5mRyzXK Jun 19,2022 08:55
well uh, yeah, the comment boards aren't that active anymore nowadays we mostly use Discord
#USSqg6DQ Jun 16,2022 19:32
Guess not :(
#USSqg6DQ Jun 15,2022 06:17
What’s up. I was last here 10 years ago. People are still active?
#fU2YswEm Jun 10,2022 21:24
Because of the dragon's fireball attack I bad at dodging those balls
#fU2YswEm Jun 10,2022 21:10
Snowfield 3 boss HARD
#xICw4VnM Jun 07,2022 14:39
tips for vs mode 1. @Hell 2 Is Hard this might be the yellow arrows from : 1. vigintuple arrow 2. quint gold arrow. a good strat for sniper is go 120 str 50 mag rest on lp using double hell fire with bullet's card 5 and quick card 7. 2. freeze duration in vs mode last a tenth as long meaning u have to use freeze cestus with enough dex and mag along with quick card 7 and diamond 7 to freeze somebody but it is still garbage 3. there is many strats for magician. either 120 str 30 dex on lightning with quick card 7 and knockback card 4 to push the team off the egde to kill the backliners. or use billzard 2 with aquamarine 7 and guide card 7 or quick/bullet card 7 to get 65% slow on everybody others 1.assuming u have someone who can deal splash damage ( but nott fire at) then u can do inferno 2 for gold. otherwise do blood lake 2. tips for hill country stages : hc1 : use ranged weapons. hc2 : hit and run. hc3 : the same as hc2. for boss stage dont stay too near to the boss 3. Somewhat Good Ways To Use Gunner : in early game use 9 mag and half str half dex. After Castle invest 5 more mag and a bit more str as we will use uzi as the main weapon. other good weapons include rifle and remington. dont use homing lazers guns until endgame and the power lazer gun is pretty good. after reaching forget tree u can have different builds but i would recommend 103 str 93 dex
#xICw4VnM Jun 06,2022 17:31
@nickname! sry couldnt answer i have big chungus exam incoming, but it was closed. i remember there is an another site that was also ivan mod but i couldnt remember the link
#qOg2S1zZ Jun 04,2022 22:01
Emilia Tan
Nothing really happens when I try to play the game. It just shows up blank. Could anyone here please help me fix this problem? Thank you in advance!
#yJSSDrMy May 29,2022 13:08
Pls got new stage and new classes
#C0rt1DRh May 29,2022 02:38
@nickname! ?
#6Sb1JVZJ May 27,2022 14:29
im on another device what happened to ivanmod? where is ccmod?
#C0rt1DRh May 27,2022 10:23
what happened to ivans mod?
#9ugJD84k May 25,2022 13:58
Hell 2 Is Hard
Yeah but slow effects still work and can be strong. Freeze is garbage in pvp thi
#4mQGGAGa May 23,2022 03:58
I guess it would be op on some builds otherwise though
#4mQGGAGa May 23,2022 03:57
I noticed that in vs mode the freeze effect only lasts half as long or something
#xICw4VnM May 22,2022 01:00
randoms tips 1. every single spirits is trash, expect for fire spirit 1 and 2, and thunder spirit 3. however on late game none of these are useful 2. easy way to kill inferno 3 boss : just get poison charm 4 by killing the big eel which spawns very rarely in cavern 5 on screen 5. then go brute force and absorb every needle which was going for the other stickmens. purple crystal is also helpful. 3. ice weapons doesnt work better in damage. the ice god or charge charkram isnt good and dont even think about ice missile or ice orb. only ice gs is good as it deal splash at 4. on web version when a boss is almost dead u can select pause. then swap the equipped weapons with weapons have bronze / gold / iron for greater loot 5. if u have an angel and if there is no melees such as boxer or gladitior u can go for 60 dex 100 mag and rest lp if u are using charge ring, it is the best early weapon and it can carry up to endgame. or u can go 100 dex and rest lp if u are using power rings. 6. in vs mode the most useless cards is pierce card and vampire card. but ongiri card is the worst bc it wont work 7. to make hell castle easier u need a weapon for a tanker. it should have black crystal 7 and purple crystal 7. as the skull attack basicly one shot ( which u can block from black crystal ) and the others attacks are elemental i recommend this
#xICw4VnM May 22,2022 00:36
the old days was gone but i know that if u input the code from that site to another mod named " cavern chronicles " it will somehow work idk why but after looking at the codes i found the weapons and enemies from ivans mod. another thing worth mentioning is that in that website if u go to the places called seaside a, dark cave, dried lake, palace basement (final boss location) the game crash. but after make the code work you can go to these places without crashing
#4gVQY2Ge May 16,2022 20:27
In ivan's mod, there is an Expansion's Card which directly adds the size of the projectile, but there isn't in the original game.
#SJD5PbZ0 May 16,2022 08:09
If there is one that increases magic bullet size anyway
#SJD5PbZ0 May 16,2022 08:09
I put a bullet card 5 on a permafrost 8. I think that indirectly increases the damage output from what I can tell. Are there better compos though? Cause I was also thinking maybe I could use a big card for the freeze range
#4gVQY2Ge May 14,2022 08:36
The website ""doesn't work anymore. It seems that the direction for Ivan's mod was gone. Are there any other site for Ivan's mod?
#BIWv5pwt May 09,2022 04:16
@75th_groznyj yeah that guy can dish out some serious hurt. You really won’t want to get hit at all against him.
#ebZjU2MR May 03,2022 16:42
pyramid hard stage mega boss
#ebZjU2MR May 03,2022 16:32
cavern 5 hard
#9ugJD84k May 03,2022 12:09
Hell 2 Is Hard
What are some good sniper builds/ weapons? I just got demolished in pvp by a lvl 72 team, the sniper was rapid firing yellow arrows with seemingly no magic effect but they were doing like 100 - 600 dmg. So now I want to learn how to build snipers
#fU2YswEm Apr 30,2022 20:47
@tom Search "Stick ranger" in the App Store
#7z0LWT9L Apr 26,2022 01:55
@Fdgty Guide card is homing when within XX pixels of range
#93uZxItg Apr 23,2022 06:32
#pkdCdse1 Apr 22,2022 07:58
i once beat the game with 4 crowns and i use the lineup boxer priest sniper magician. it was on mobile and i havent beat volcano. on web version, although i didnt have a 4c team but i have a team with the same loadout as above expect i was using gladitior instead of boxer and i took down volcano with 4 imperial crown 0 i also have a second 4c lineup which is also on mobile and it is sniper angel priest gladitior but i lost it and it was on hell 2 but anyway im going to make the third 4c team
#DhJ97Mvx Apr 21,2022 12:47
What does the guide card do?
#7z0LWT9L Apr 21,2022 03:16
Why is hell2 so hard? I’m using savegame hac and i still cant do it!
#nrbdBGCj Apr 11,2022 07:50
nerf the snowfields dayum
#1hcsQjJR Apr 07,2022 09:27
Remind me to finish my replay of this game on mobile with 2 crowns... I'm using the cheap boxer gunner double priest setup, but it's still mighty hard
#7z0LWT9L Apr 05,2022 02:27
I beat opening street in 45ish seconds
#6mYEFzA9 Mar 25,2022 07:06
Came back to this after years and its unplayable :( boss stage of opening streets the whole team is stuck in a box in the ground at spawn tried it 9 times it happend once on stage 6 and every time it's gotten to the boss stage they've been trapped
#0L9cBCAB Mar 24,2022 21:17
imagine if stickranger 2 was added on mobile
#WtdATw5u Mar 21,2022 16:41
good game
#4gVQY2Ge Mar 14,2022 12:42
I found a glitch that in the mobile version. when you revive characters with a onigiri right next to the head the character revives at full blood
#OUOaXYAB Mar 11,2022 18:11
Where can i get the best mod for stickranger? I've been searching alot :(
#QcFhSIa5 Feb 24,2022 16:22
hi ha55ii i love you
#xICw4VnM Feb 20,2022 10:55
there used to be stick ranger modded stuff please swipe down to the 1000post section to see and this cbb is already dead rippp
#au5pmaw6 Feb 19,2022 00:02
and I mean it so STOP IT?
#au5pmaw6 Feb 19,2022 00:00
you better stop doing this hard stuff because if yal do it again you are going to be fired
#t0VMW5n1 Feb 06,2022 18:07
sorry late rsponse,but my father dont let me use internet so goodbye @hdt comment comment comment quick quick quick
#ymZyha9G Feb 03,2022 23:01
From hungdeptrai07 to nickname pls join the community upload in pg2 u can write to do anything
#t0VMW5n1 Feb 02,2022 11:34
fxxk-a$s fun comics 4 boxers:lets go hca hca boss:i have deadly skull boxers:we all have gamble card 8 boss:freeze you! (Shoots freeze bullet and a skull) 1.8s later game over XD sniper:lets beat ss boss. You know what is most annoying? Magician:of course its freeze attack. Boxer:yes it's really anno(gets hit by a flake) 1 day later. Sniper:did the freeze effect wear off? Boss:nope,again 1 year. boxer:hey boss,stop throwing fireballs at me. They last too long! Magician:i have a spread explosion,let me help you Cyan big triangle cacti:ATTACK! Team:nooo we got frozen. Don't home in on me you fireballs! a while later lol u died hahahahaha
#VwENWXfv Feb 02,2022 03:35
#ZuZfGPw5 Feb 01,2022 23:35
anyone have any sites any ither modded stick ranger besides ivan mod
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 31,2022 11:12
Lil Chark Aboot Mageboosiz stoneland:SSpE(RSPN)N/FSSN/SpShPP volcano:WApE(StASP)P/SpShPR(SSBP)P/WSpE(RShPP)N(ps:StASP same as super volcano) electron:SSpBR(SpStPN)P(residue big laser)/SAphBP/WSBR(SSpBN)P subflora:SApE(SpStPN)N(residue full screen)/SApE(E)P/FSBR(WApBN)P glaciers:FSBR(SABN)P/FSPT(WSPN)N/SShPP frozen aurora:SApE(SABN)N/SApE(WAE(WAE(WASP)P)P)P/SSphPR(RApPN)P dark forest:RShPN/StApE(WApBN)N/SSpE(SpStPP)P(residue horizontal big laser) Task:translate those descriptions. Task2:describe rainbow boss in ASDS and translate it.(u like describing bosses hdt,right? Then do it do it do do it!) @hdt ok electron subflora next. Also darkforest use blindness attack. Also PLEASE comment!
#vzdGoP8Q Jan 31,2022 00:42
electron megaboss yellow boss skull solid (solid i mean like wl7 boss) all attacks have agi 99-99. type thunder rain down thunder like seaside a tree for 10s. at 1-59 x 99, range 500 shot 10 star in shotgun fashion. they bounce and 50 homing range. at 1-60x10, range 200 shot 10 lazer that explode to f6 big snake lazer. but they activate after 3s lol. lazer dont deal damage, residue 1-9999, range 500 shot a beam that move horizontally and emit f6 big snake lazer. beam dont deal damage and lazer deal 1-99 at, range 500 summon a very big mine at the character after 4s it activates deal splash at and if it didnt hit it will home in character for the next second. at 1-69420, range 500 darkforest megaboss green box demon cactus. all attack have agi 25-25. type physical fire poison shot a orange lazer move slowly, 500 homing range and 100% burn rate. it last for 3s. at 2-2, burn 100% rain dark green needles like mg1 boss but they bounce lmao. at 40-60x21 shot a bullet explode to poisoncloud like deadly toxic. at 5-5x5, residue 5-5x10, time 1s frozen aurora already done its at the 1000posts rainbow megaboss soon @nickname pls make more electron stages and subflora stages
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 30,2022 17:13
Also R(x) is added after another terrain interaction,player interaction also has R/E(x). If one enemy has multi attacks,separated with /. Also (atxbullet amount;batxresidue amount,agi,effect)describes attack damage. Effect=burn rate/slow effect/freeze time/poison time/blindness time. If x is a enemy,is E. If is a time bomb,add T(x) after terrain interaction. E(x)N=E(x)E(x). Megaboss descriptions next. @hdt hey man. What's up? Also PLZ comment
#yxAJdfIM Jan 30,2022 00:47
First time posting here in an easy 4 years. Man, time flies.
#xICw4VnM Jan 29,2022 11:10
@nickname wtf glacier megaboss blue boss shield copter. all attack have agi 50-50. attack type ice shoot 50 icicles in a arc that slide and 50 homing range. at 40-60x50, slow 30% drop a lazer that explode to f6 big snake lazer. lazer dont deal damage they pierce through characters. residue at 300-600 slow 75% drop 100 small needles from the sky at random places. at 30-50x100, slow 30% flash the screen white. it freeze all characters for 5s and dont deal damage subflora megaboss green boss triangle bouncer. all attack have agi 120-120. type poison shot a bullet like hc6 boss but poisons and bullet dont deal damage. cloud deal 1-3 at, time 2s shot a spear emit poison like pyramid but it bounces and 90 homing range. at 3-3, time 1.32s shoot 32 green pellet like sf5 mushroom. at 4-4, time 0,1s when provoked it can spawn green big triangle bouncer. it summon purple needles fall from the sky which constantly emit purple needles that poison. at 1-1, time 3s. the green big triangle bouncer can spawn green triangle bouncer that also summon needles fall from the sky but it deal physical damage lol. at 30-40
#BHmp2hGN Jan 29,2022 10:21
Does anyone know Applesauces? been trying to contact him about some project we've been doing.
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 28,2022 13:39
@devilskills palace basement is in the west of wasteland 8 Today i bring a big thing - Attack Style Description System(asds). Asds is some english characters and has multi parts. Part 1 is how enemy release bullets. S means shoot a bullet,R is circular fashion,W is a arc,F means rain down,Sp means spawn somewhere(at the head,stickman,etc),add t/c in the end means bullet clumped/are in multi groups. Part2 is how bullet travels. S=in a line,A=in a arc,St=don't move,add p/h=shoot toward stickman/home. Part3 is terrain interaction. B=reflect,S=slide,N=none,P=pierce,E(X)/R(X)=explode into/keep release residue. Residue has asds of X. Part4 is player interaction. N=none,P=pierce character,B=reflect. Example:desert 8 boss is SApE(RSSP)N. Hell3 boss is SpSthPP. @hdt pls comment pls comment!
#YDBj5mGo Jan 28,2022 01:19
what does thee ??? card description mean in ivan's mod
#YDBj5mGo Jan 27,2022 23:56
nick i rember u said gamble card yet i rarely reive glaider with it
#W8m4Np5C Jan 27,2022 21:49
Volcano brings me nothing but pain
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 27,2022 17:58
glaciers is blood lake with dark blue water,enemy colour is similar to water colour.if x% and y% ice stack,become x%+y%-x%y%,eg.50%+50%=75% blue gel fish like quint shot but slower.at40-60x5,agi100-100,slow30%,reflects blue big star eel like oasis boss.at100+10x30%,agi150-200,slow30% blue big x tree like sf2 boss.at100-150,agi200-300,slow50%,last 10s blue boss vampire jellyfish like pyramid boss but range stacks. at5x30,agi100-100,each cloud slow 5%,last 3s @hdt hmmm ouch plz make moremoremore hdt!!!! Also plz COMMENT! I need 2 more comments. @hdt hdt hdt
#xICw4VnM Jan 27,2022 10:10
stoneland megaboss gray boss smiley stickman all attack have 100-100 agi. type physical summon 10 two arrows like hg boss but they bounce. at 100-150x10 shot 50 small balls that also bounce. at 10-20 x50 shoot a big ball in an arc that explode to 10 big mines. mine slides. ball deal 300-500 at and mines deal 100-150 at shot a slow bullet which constanty release small balls that fall down and slides. bullet deal no damage. balls deal 20-30 at drop 10 needles into the ground. they slide and acclearate. at 50-80x10 volcano megaboss orange boss sixstar dragon. all attacks have 50-50 agi. type fire summon 5 orange f6 big snake lazer. they activate after 3s and deal splash at. at 100-300x5 shoot a lazer deal no damage, but it release a f6 big snake lazer but verically. at 5-5,burn 100%. lazer last 1,5s drop 30 balls like mg1 boss. when touching the ground release 10 flames like super volcano. ball deal 15-20 at, burn 5%, flame deal 8-12 at summon a orange diamond mushroom. it have 1 lp. it release 40 flames in circular fashion that move off the screen slowly. it deal 20-30 at and burn 4%
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 26,2022 12:57
dark forest is forest with cavern effect. Grey in this series means dark grey. The enemies deal blindness dmg which makes stickman shoot to random directions. grey smiley tank throw a ball like b1 boss.at150-200,agi100-150 grey sixstar walker like hc6 boss but throw a small ball that slide.at60-80,agi100-100 grey big diamond wyvern like h8 germ.at30,agi5-10 grey boss sixstar wyvern drop blazes like seaside a tree but act as fire.at20-30x20,agi10-10,last 4s wyverns like dragon but evade from characters,walls and sides of screen. which series of lv1 do u want to see @hdt i want design stoneland volcano glaciers subflora electron darkforest frozenaurora rainbow megabosses,plz help. rainbow boss use all elements,others use one element. Also plz comment!
#W8m4Np5C Jan 26,2022 10:52
Predator,hammerer,dual swordsmen,wizard,masker,enforcer,doctor,knight Rune knight,angel,boxer,gladiator,priest ,whipper,gunner,magician,sniper(17 total) is all classes that i found :P
#xICw4VnM Jan 25,2022 21:43
dark forest 1 purple cap mushroom just like f2 mushroom. at is 10-10, poison 1s. total damage 500 lmao yellow star bat shot 3 thunder in straight line. at 1-89x3, agi 50-80 orange big shield stickman shot a three arrow that pierce characters and 500 homing range. last 4s. at is 20-20, burn 4%, agi 100-100 green boss smiley dragon shot green flames that burns. it last for 5s and 100 homing ranges. at is 8-12x10, burn 5%. agi 10-10 glaciers 1 white fairy bat shoot a snowflake that explode to bigger snowflake that freezes. snowflake deal 30-40 at, residue deal 20-30 at, both freeze 1s. agi 150-200 blue big skull copter drop a ball which explode f6 big snake lazer. ball deal 20-20 at, lazer deal 40-60 at, slow 40% cyan boss box zombie shot a star constantly release cloud like pyroclastic flow. star bounces. cloud fall down and slides, deal 40-40 at
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 25,2022 21:10
volcano 1 red box box throw a bouncy laser.at10-20,agi100-100,burn10% red gel zombie:like f6 boss.at20-30,agi150-200,burn10% purple diamond dragon:like cs boss,but one line bullet.at5-5,agi5-10,burn100% orange boss triangle spider:shoot 10 arrows like ice storm each explode into a ball. attacks nearest character on y axis.at40-60x10+40-60,agi100-150 my stoneland 2 grey roundhead bat:quint shot arrow reflect.at60-80x5,agi100-100 grey big x walker:shoot 10 balls that slide.at100-150x10,agi250-300 grey skull tank:shoot a fast bullet explode into exp.mjolnir balls.at150+50x5,agi100-100 grey boss star dragon:drop a at666 big star explode into 10 at66 medium star each explode into 10 at6 slide small star. Both spread far.agi100-150,all last 5s whoosh they are super easy PLZ comment!
#xICw4VnM Jan 25,2022 16:48
hungdeptrai07 LOOK AT THIS PLS SWIPE TO THE BOTTOM AND U WILL SEE ME THATS RIGHT IM ON THE ALL TIME RANKING OF PG1 stoneland 2 grey smiley snake shot 4 mines that slide. at 40-60, agi 100-120 grey star eel like b2 white eel. at 20-50, agi 8-10 grey big gel mushroom like mg1 boss. at 33-66, agi 25-25 grey box bouncer shot a ball that bounces. also have 50 homing range. at 12-60, agi 100-150 grey boss x walker shot a very big ball that slides and deal splash at. it explode to 40 three arrows that bounces in high arc. ball deal 420-1260 at, three arrows deal 40-60 at, agi 250-300
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 25,2022 09:31
Ok stoneland 1 grey roundhead stickman shoot a pellet in unison.at30-50,agi100-100 grey castle dragon shoot 10 pellets that clump.at60-80x10,agi100-150 grey big fairy tree like seaside a tree.at30-50x20,agi10-10 grey boss demon stickman like wasteland 8 boss but arrow slide.at20-40x10,agi50-50 also sometimes bad problems happen to my ipad that make me can't type How to enter dried lake without without without ccmod? which else lv1 do you want to see: volcano electron subflora glaciers frozenaurora darkforest
#biWxfHWQ Jan 23,2022 17:56
t13-14 blowguns overcompressed blowgun 13 at 2000-4000 agi 50-60 range 60 type physical shot a very fast ball melting blowgun 13 at 72-144(burn 10%) agi 50-60 range 60 type fire shot a slow red lazer deal splash at long deep cryotic cold blowgun 13 at 6400-10800 agi 180-200 range 400 type ice bat 1600-3200x12(slow 40%) shoot a fast lazer explode into 16 f6 big snake lazer in all directions levin blowgun 13 at 1-12345 agi 50-60 range 60 type thunder like thunder blowgun 2 ares blowgun 14 at 1600-2400 agi 15-20 range 60 type physical like combat blowgun 9 afraid blowgun 14 at 2500-3000 agi 50-60 range 60 type physical mp 3000 long supernova blowgun 14 at 9000-12000 agi 180-200 range 320 type fire bat 3000-4000x30 like nova blowgun 10 long gigabolt blowgun 14 at 1-42069 agi 190-210 range 420 type thunder bat 1-69420x shot a star that explode to f6 big snake lazer
#biWxfHWQ Jan 23,2022 17:37
bad news : i lost all my ivansmod saves rip choose stoneland t13-14 swords aura sabel 13 at 1600-2400 agi 20-30 range 30 type physical thunder aurasabel 13 at 100-100 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 1-198x9 residue 1-198x9 type thuder mp 70 like thunder bs 9 fire aurasabel 13 at 110-110 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 96-144x10(burn 5%) type fire mp 70 like fire bs 9 but it deal splash at ice aurasabel 13 at 120-120 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 120-180x20(slow 20%) type ice mp 70 summon 20 snowflakes one by one deal splash damage long aurasabel 14 at 2000-3000 agi 20-30 range 80 type physical radiant lightsaber 14 at 130-130 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 1-2777x230 type thunder mp 230 like previous lightsaber but slightly longer lazer flame aurasabel 14 at 150-150 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 64-96x230(burn 8%) type fire mp 230 summon 230 spikes one by one deal splash damage and homes frozen aurasabel 14 at 170-170 agi 20-30 range 30 bat 240-360x12(freeze 1s) type freeze mp 230 summon 12 three arrows that deal splash damage and splash
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 23,2022 09:35
oh my acc is back Sad news:sth bad happened to my ipad. When i scroll pages on the internet in some websites,it always get stuck and need a lot of time to react and often stuck forever and crash. :( and when it get stuck,the screen starts to auto click everywhere. Which series of lv 1 do you want to see: Stoneland,volcano,electron,glaciers,frozen aurora,subflora,dark forest
#xICw4VnM Jan 23,2022 08:54
warfield 4 purple box walker lv 100 lp 82500 at 10-30 range 150 agi 50 no strength no weakness exp 1000 gold 1250 shot a bullet toward character. drop fire bs 9 and fire gauntlet 9 pink big roundhead bat lv 102 lp 250000 at 30-45 range 250 agi 10 no strength no weakness exp 3500 gold 6500 like sf9 boss. drop mp5 9 and white crystal 8 white castle snake lv 101 lp 420 at 1-42 range 42 agi 14 strength all at=1, no weakness exp 1260 gold 1260 shot a star toward characters. immume to all damage. drop thunder halo 9 and thunder ew 9 cyan boss mask stickman lv 104 lp 1000000 at 80-120(freeze 1s) range 60 agi 20 strength physical at-1000 freeze immume no weakness exp 10000 gold 12500 shot a three arrow toward character that freezes. deal like 300 dps lol. drop quick's card 8 and icicle blast 9
#xICw4VnM Jan 22,2022 19:56
warfield 3 green cap solid lv 99 lp 78000 at 3-3(poison 1.32s) range 100 agi 300 strength poison immume no weakness exp 1000 gold 1500 shot a green spear in a high arc that poison characters.drop green stone 8 cyan big smiley stickman lv 101 lp 220000 at 48-72x4 range 200 agi 200 strength physical at-2500 freeze immume no weakness shot 4 cyan arrow like ss2 boss. drop oct gold shot 9. red fairy tree lv 100 lp 80000 at 8-12x6(burn 5%) range 90 agi 50 no strength no weakness shot a slow wave of red waves that burn characters. wave last for 3s. drop red stone 8 and fire halo 9 blue big gel snake lv 101 lp 250000 at 15-20x10(slow10%) range 40 agi 50 strength ice(at=1, slow immume) freeze immume no weakness shot 10 light green two arrows above it. they slide and last 5s. drop energy whip 9. and sapphire 8 yellow boss star snake lv 102 lp 900000 at 1-9999x9 residue at 1-9999 range 500 agi 250 strength thunder(at=1) freeze immume no weakness. attack like f6 big snake but they can bounce and can hit instantly when touch. they produce residue like f6 big snake too. drop topaz 9 and ring's card 8
#0L9cBCAB Jan 22,2022 19:25
Hell 7 boss gives me nightmares...
#0L9cBCAB Jan 22,2022 19:20
ice bolt (magician weapon) sounds garbage because it just lauches 3 ice projectile... ...until i realized that it has 45% slow (better slow power than ice missile) making it the most powerful chill weapon in SR
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 21,2022 19:42
WTF,WHERE'S MY ACCOUNT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
#t0VMW5n1 Jan 21,2022 19:41
wrote a long comment but can't post. :(((((((( anyway im back
#xICw4VnM Jan 21,2022 10:48
warfield 2 white roundhead snake lv 97 lp 68000 at 40-60x2 range 40 agi 40 no strength no weakness exp 1000 gold 1400 shoot 2 one arrow toward character. drop thunder gauntlet 9 and white stone 8 blue fairy copter lv 98 lp 57000 at 20-30(ice slow 30%) range 160 agi 80 strength ice (at=1) no weakness exp 1400 gold 1750 drop a blue needle to the ground which bounces. drop icy spectre 9 and blue stone 8 yellow x walker lv 98 lp 62000 at 1-69x4(thunder) range 200 agi 100 strength thunder(at=1) no weakness exp 1500 gold 1680 shot 4 mines up the sky which fall to the ground and bounces. drop yellow crystal 8 pink big gel dragon lv 99 lp 175000 at 50-60x10 range agi 150 no strength no weakness exp 4000 gold 7500 shot 10 pink balls in a arc that fall to the ground and slides. drop purple crystal 8 red boss demon tree lv 100 lp 850000 at 10-10(burn 5%) residue at 10-10x4(burn 2%) range 500 agi 250 strength freeze(immume) no weakness gold 8500 exp 12000 shot a big lazer that drop to the ground. it create 4 infinitely long lazer : one verically, one horziontally, two cross each other. lazer last for 3s. drop berserk card 8
#7z0LWT9L Jan 21,2022 01:30
Random person
I love how people still love this game <3
#Q77zBNGN Jan 20,2022 00:49
@hung thats a lot
#xICw4VnM Jan 17,2022 15:49
@donut here the thing. for every level your teams level is lower/higher than the enemy, you will gain 10% less xp from that enemy (if 10 lv higher/lower then 1 exp). example killing a red smiley walker from opening street when u are at lv 1 will give 80 exp (20% lower), at lv 8 will give 50 exp (50% lower) and at lv17 give 1 exp okay gonna restart making idea fan stages warfield 1 white skull stickman lv 94 lp 62500 at 70-105 range 40 agi 40 no strength no weakness exp 1000 gold 1200 shoot a two arrow toward character. drop broadsword 9 and diamond 8 red box stickman lv 95 lp 90000 at 25-40 range 90 agi 20 strength ph(at-100) no weakness exp 1200 gold 1500 shot a quick bullet toward character. drop desert eagle 9 and red crystal 8 orange big smiley wheel lv 96 lp 165000 at 10-14(burn 8%) range 60 agi 30 strength fi(at=1) weakness ice(at&time + 100%) exp 5000 gold 5000 shot 6 flame affected by gravity, and slide on ground. drop cluster explosion 9 and garnet 8 gray boss roundhead tank lv 98 lp 750000 at 1000-1500 range 500 agi 200 strength fr(immume) no weakness exp 10000 gold 9999 shot a extremely fast long bullet deal splash damage. drop critital card 8.
#W8m4Np5C Jan 16,2022 19:20
Exp collected:1 Reason? You can get 99kexp from hell castle When you reach lvl90 or above
#W8m4Np5C Jan 16,2022 19:14
I just defeated hell castile before I even reached lvl70 Stats Lvl:63 Weapon tier:7-8 Compo tier:5-7 Crown drop:true Exp collected:1 (because lvl is too low REAL) Revivals:6 Deaths:8
#2kVxPUIU Jan 13,2022 09:33
@Donut Your code is changed!!!

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