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#jtp8KES0 Jul 20,2021 10:03
@Pizza cat By upgrading your character
#jtp8KES0 Jul 20,2021 10:01
I like it! 希望能有更多新玩法
#UVsTIoYN Jul 09,2021 00:13
@ωΩaArRrReEnN No updators dont use phones but they use computers. Btw these updates are just rewriting codes and turns mobile player's phones into dUmBpHoNes - removed right click interaction on mobile that means it will be no longer possible to do many options on mobile. :/ Also see element box comments tomorrow @hungdeptrai07 not joking,i got a bentrizillion gold in 1 minute. Am aiming for graham number,TREE(3),scg(3) and even loaders number amounts of gold! :D (ps:the gold's growth rate is getting faster so i can get em quickly.)
#0IzDJtlO Jul 06,2021 20:25
40 minutes into the run and i got 2.9 bil gold xd ( also have medasl but it is just like one fifth of the total medals )
#0IzDJtlO Jul 06,2021 11:23
i died in 10 minute cus i counted too much green thing on my 8 flame magician build, which have 98% revial XD
#7fvFxY87 Jul 03,2021 05:00
I farted
I farted
#sjLMRYOz Jul 02,2021 02:24
Pizza cat
#sjLMRYOz Jul 02,2021 02:24
Pizza cat
How to get held in the game
#0IzDJtlO Jun 29,2021 10:59
Alright I want to smash the pc now cus I lost all my progess without any reason or clicking delete
#DUvO5pzt Jun 24,2021 17:16
King Masochist
Warren, mr updater's phon has already been resized to an atom 10 years ago
#7nU5RWG3 Jun 24,2021 00:29
pretty cool game but we really need more enemies
#R3JieOqA Jun 20,2021 22:15
Smart phon resizing? More like DUMB phon resizing! If tha next update is a waste o' tiem i'll resizing mr updater's phon to the size of an atom >:(
#xHOl4Cmk Jun 18,2021 16:49
why there's a fake lebron james
#xHOl4Cmk Jun 18,2021 16:46
wow nice guess
#HZxCW044 Jun 18,2021 13:58
ha guessed it woo
#H9vOFCdB Jun 18,2021 12:28
Monster Box ver5.6 Supports smartphone resizing.
#uJ9ffJBQ Jun 15,2021 16:03
let me guess smartphone resizing update
#260fmFsT Jun 06,2021 02:07
100000000000000000000/10 I would play it again
#MARCwtNV Jun 01,2021 11:25
monster selection decreases the number of monsters that spawn but increases the money you get from the monsters that you kill so that you overall gain more money.
#FCH7lYL6 May 26,2021 06:14
What does the monster selection do exactly?
#FCH7lYL6 May 26,2021 06:13
Oh really? *rubs hands together* Gotta start saving gems. idc about money.
#bAPVnzs1 May 21,2021 04:13
I had always thought that there was some way to make the magicians really overpowered and I just found it. if you get the electric chain upgrade to 90 (60%) then if you get the flying things' pop up to like 500, it can often make a gigantic chain and it will cover the screen and obliterate all of the flying enemies.
#bAPVnzs1 May 21,2021 00:38
A boxer with 100% half life attack is very good for bosses
#y4ALbQRz May 20,2021 23:54
Anyone know how to go to a previous auto save
#vjaABQbs May 19,2021 22:35
lebron james
hello lebron james back again, last coment on aqua box (it cool) and now i here, i like this game it pretty cool. i show baskingball friend and they like too, we like game!!!! thanks for doing cool game bro. love game.
#ErNCuRRM May 15,2021 04:46
On the wiki it says the limit for gems is 50. I think it’s a bug, so all we can do is hope for a fix
#yw15PCGV May 12,2021 00:41
There's a comment in the back that says they have no way to get more gems but idk any way at all. Any ideas?
#yw15PCGV May 12,2021 00:40
The only badges I ever got were 2 Click Times (1 min) and 2 Monster Bars (99%)
#1biM34XJ May 09,2021 12:43
Does anyone have a good strategy to get the 10 minute money, and 10 minute monster kill medals. I've tried and tried, but the highest I've gotten is the level 5 medal on both. The 10 minute jewel medal was very easy, but I can't get anywhere close to the max on the other two. If anyone can give me a good team build, or monster build, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
#CiYXQwH8 Apr 29,2021 05:31
bro just make money wtf is the problem
#UVsTIoYN Apr 07,2021 18:12
maybe just u have great branch chance xd to use a ton of money to get it 50% or more so it would go form a tree! revive 100,gladiators,slash range,good money 10 ohagi bosses together at once.Lots of enemies spawn.WOW enemy raaain! Ideas:a blue roundhead dragon,olive star stickman,grey box wheel,white diamond cactus,pink fairy copter,etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc with powerful and fun bosses
#EZTm0KmA Apr 07,2021 02:07
so my wizards chain lightning attack occasionally goes crazy and sends lightning THROUGH the floor, killing almost everything on screen. Does anyone know what causes this?
#baDFBx9P Apr 02,2021 02:26
a person
if you upgrade the revival on the slime to 100 then there is no possible way to kill the slimes and you just die. so maybe you could make it only revive once if it is 100 kind of like the bounce upgrade on the yellow guys?
#A1l8bPzk Mar 11,2021 21:38
This is my favoritee dan ball game i love thisgame but yesterday I lost a game that I was playing for a long time realy sad times
#y4ALbQRz Mar 09,2021 01:29
You should be able to right-click an upgrade to go down
#oNyC0BgT Mar 05,2021 22:06
help me?!
Is there any more monsters? if so please tell me how to get them
#24WWwevh Mar 05,2021 06:37
haha slime only go BRRRRRRRRRRRR (with revival)
#kgt82I8p Feb 25,2021 13:51
wait i meant revival
#kgt82I8p Feb 25,2021 13:50
i regret upgrading the first monster's rebound stats into 100%
#GIrL0Fmn Feb 12,2021 08:19
Boring but addicting.
#UVsTIoYN Feb 05,2021 20:56
@youarngood multiple ohagi bosses(white boss smiley tree)+green gels with 98 or more revival+gladiators=so much money!!try it out @jjpepsi (hmm)1.clear the cookie.2.switch to another device.if these don't work,hope it gets more and more annoying and you can get mad(nice feeling,trust me)then you can crash your device into pieces of...poop and eat it up
#OlrwWVAQ Feb 02,2021 07:08
i put 5 last bosses and it put to many mosters
#OlrwWVAQ Feb 02,2021 07:08
wow i got 101 boss kills
#W4bDKEwW Jan 29,2021 08:40
Best game ever 10/10!
#Z1FsGS3n Jan 26,2021 03:31
ok why is this addicting lol
#UVsTIoYN Jan 20,2021 19:13
@jjpepsi lol xD idk how to fix it @ohead yes.look at the wiki @idkytryr yes i agree
#IGJ98Yki Jan 17,2021 12:35
Dude this is getting extremely annoying. How do I make my account not get the "User error" error? I don't want to play when no progress ever gets saved
#LuW4XAoe Jan 13,2021 05:20
Do the enemies have official names or what?
#vflUyUFM Jan 12,2021 18:24
@CapeMan1008 Me too :(
#FWCmdIHJ Nov 25,2020 03:09
The ball
When more stickmans?
#PNMa8ibs Nov 12,2020 08:29
I lost multiple hours of progress when I summoned two Ohagi bosses at once.
#uktVH0mC Nov 06,2020 05:17
#uktVH0mC Nov 06,2020 05:14
My tips: 1. Make sure you choose gladiator as your starting guy 2. Level your gladiator to LVL. 100 (Anyway you want) 3. Continue doing these options without deleting or restarting 4. Get all the monsters before step 3. 5. Kill some bosses to get gems then buy stuff.
#CXD0Y87u Nov 05,2020 00:43
boss 1 slime boss type normal not special powers. boss 2 the worm boss type summoner summons slime worms. boss 3 the delta boss type fly can fly when kill will drop a lot of delta wings. boss 4 the vine plant type tank has a lot of health you need to knock down vine blocks to kill it special power can make the box faster to spawn monsters. Thats all bosses.
#6XotoBB0 Oct 20,2020 10:24
Tip: Use 2 boxers at the start -- get a few upgrades in damage then focus on critical hits. Use them later to take out bosses (preferably with critical chance of 50% or higher) Fill 4 more slots with magicians and focus on chain and multiple chain chance (first two upgrade paths) since they get really OP later on. Then, get snipers. Try to focus on everything equally besides range since it isn't as important later on. You can get pretty far with this in about 15 or so minutes
#y6F6G7sA Oct 18,2020 02:02
yes boss xd
#y6F6G7sA Oct 02,2020 01:28
1OO boss!!
#BNdZp7Qi Oct 01,2020 02:21
I did a little math, and I've concluded that Optimal Boxer DPS can be (roughly) achieved if you allocate your upgrades as so: - Level 100: 60 into AT, 40 into +AT% - Level 110: 65 into AT, 45 into +AT% - Level 120: 70 into AT, 50 into +AT% - Level 130: 75 into AT, 55 into +AT% - Level 140: 80 into AT, 60 into +AT% - Level 150: 85 into AT, 65 into +AT% - Level 160: 90 into AT, 70 into +AT% - Level 170: 95 into AT, 75 into +AT% - Level 180: 100 into AT, 80 into +AT% - Level 190: 105 into AT, 85 into +AT% - Level 200: 110 into AT, 90 into +AT% At around Level 140-150 (depending on your damage-boosting medals), the optimal boxer will have higher DPS versus bosses than a boxer with 100% half-life attack. Have fun folks!
#jpgrnH3n Sep 07,2020 07:39
im at 156/267 medals so far and its getting really tricky getting new ones! and unfortunately you can only get 200 gems on the desktop version so a lot of the level medals are impossible to get :(. hope this gets more updates! really fun and addictive
#vlrI0UL4 Aug 31,2020 19:59
While I like this game quite a bit (it's oddly addictive), there's always a point where you hit a plateau. Bosses have become practically unbeatable and you've already fully leveled up your fighters. What then?
#Lna4Syfj Aug 22,2020 11:54
i upgraded my slime spawn to the point that witch it spawns 600
#UVsTIoYN Aug 15,2020 18:27
@lolman420 hello! :)
#vT3IYWA2 Aug 15,2020 02:34
Llol I just spam
#9uvOG2j3 Jul 28,2020 05:56
I put Slimes revival in 100 percentage, now the slimes dont die So gg To my game :c
#Ilyn0BDR Jul 24,2020 08:13
I love the game. But i hate when its restart, it lets me delete the game
#UVsTIoYN Jul 21,2020 12:43
help!the 10 minute don't work!
#O8EJcKYT Jun 21,2020 06:40
Haha more!
#Q0yUn9IS Jun 13,2020 17:53
Very fun game! I'm not very good with balancing but I had a good time frantically throwing my gladiators!
#mG2wP6mV Jun 04,2020 13:05
Lol I got lucky with the Monster Bar 99.98% medal. Decided to kill a run with a bunch of Kintsubas by adding a lot of pop and bound, and somehow, they reached equilibrium just under 5000 monsters (they're pretty consistent compared to other monsters). Got the medal just before they got to 5000.
#eqBqHrQl Jun 04,2020 11:06
Boss lies on upgrade>monster tab, pick any boss of any monster you want to fight with and buy the boss ahead
#nKoTHUl4 Jun 03,2020 20:44
I can’t fight any bosses? Are there any bosses? Who knows cuz I don’t ;( Good game btw I love it!
#rVUMYHcg Jun 03,2020 12:07
Daaaaang bruvvah StickRanger 1 be so hard
#UVsTIoYN May 24,2020 15:11
Where is the boss?
#Z3TsOvfi May 13,2020 15:33
#Z3TsOvfi May 13,2020 15:33
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 13:13
Flity your write it keeps freezing
#z8cdCDAd Apr 12,2020 13:09
I playd and got way to many I allmost died over 10,000 monsters
#WHSAm43Y Apr 08,2020 07:37
I can't play its broken
#YeSeba0G Mar 30,2020 00:56
my sword guys are the MOST powerful!
#9Kb2R8B8 Mar 29,2020 22:20
Warehouse shoes are off, take on shoes
#SpqFreCS Mar 28,2020 23:59
I am SO powerful on monster box NOW but... I died LOTS AND LOTS OF TIMES well that's because I wasn't trying but now Im GODLY!
#9Kb2R8B8 Mar 28,2020 19:49
I am hot, be cold
#EPnsxqBK Mar 01,2020 06:57
For anyone who's trying to kill high level bosses: snipers are the best boss killers in the game. A lot of people are saying that lightning is better, but it only has one way to increase its damage, whereas the DPS of snipers can be increased by three different upgrades and therefore has a much higher growth rate. A 30/30/0/10/30 sniper placed right on top of a boss can do 20,000 damage per shot, whereas each lightning bolt from a 0/0/100/0/0/0 magician only hits for 3,000. This difference increases further as the player reaches higher levels - at level 180, a 60/60/0/10/50 sniper does over 110,000 damage per shot, and a 0/0/180/0/0/0 magician only does 5,400.
#nYccrNE1 Feb 26,2020 10:24
class rankings based on how many 5 year old children they could destroy, with a 8-9 year old boss every so often, and a rare chance of 14-16 year old superboss. Boxer: could beat many, but the bosses would tank a lot of hits and pile up on the boxer. boxer is 6.35/10 Gladiator: strong weapon. big range. could stop a superboss. gladiator gets 9 points Sniper: could barely squeeze past the regular 5 year-olds, but would get squeezed into a pulp even by the weakest of bosses. sniper is D tier magician: could shock the kids, but what next? more kids. chances that the magician survives are lower than thunder striking you right now. magician looses TV privileges. NOTE: this list is based on if they had their base stats, and couldn't be upgraded.
#B9CHI1mw Feb 24,2020 08:13
Cazzy D
I have played this game for 9 years+ and it always bothered me that this aspect was never updated.
#B9CHI1mw Feb 24,2020 08:12
Cazzy D
Please update so all medals can be attained. Lower cost of final up-level so that All LvL 1600 can be purchased for 5-10 jewels.
#eg24tby8 Feb 11,2020 05:39
Magicians with prox fire/ slimes with 98 respawn= stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks...
#ua7d3LHi Feb 06,2020 03:55
treos the game still up and running? i was just checking and it's just a blank space on the page where the game should be.
#HlTwwZnO Jan 31,2020 00:31
My recent comment, i meant 312 revive
#HlTwwZnO Jan 31,2020 00:31
So I have monster one on 312 half life, and lemme tell ya. I SCREWED UP. They won't stop respawning and im already at 812 monsters out of 2000. h e l p. i've got a pretty decent build that takes out the monsters easily but they respawn so fast its doing nothing.
#9Kb2R8B8 Jan 29,2020 21:37
I am 3.14!
#9Kb2R8B8 Jan 03,2020 23:13
This name is not dizzy.
#0j4FuFl3 Jan 02,2020 01:14
#r2CXea9w Dec 22,2019 09:24
Going to have to grind to get all the medals
#idlCtOmQ Dec 14,2019 23:55
I actually played a run for a while that focused on revival 100 slimes. To keep it going, I never increased the Count, focused on upgrading the Monster Limit and Monster Selection, never bought the other three enemies, and made my entire stickman team of crit Gladiators to kill the slimes. There was an impenetrably mountain of slimes on the right side of the screen; why they shifted to the right I'm not sure. It became my best run for Gladiator-only.
#mHNhslRH Dec 12,2019 10:49
You can't win...
#4U7VRNuY Dec 08,2019 23:30
oops I got a revival of 100 plz help
#Tcnd7x82 Nov 27,2019 11:59
Good Game. Haven't get any game overs yet. Currently at 6 Hours gameplay, 12m total kills, 94,000,000,000+ money. Already have all medals unlocked but not all are maxed, Current Build: Gladiator: 20, 30, 50, 20, 20 Gladiator: 20, 30, 50, 20, 20 Gladiator: 20, 30, 50, 20, 20 Sniper: 30, 60, 10, 20, 20 Sniper: 30, 60, 10, 20, 20 Boxer: 20, 30, 50, 40, 0 Boxer: 20, 30, 50, 40, 0 Magician: 0, 0, 140, 0, 0, 0
#Tcnd7x82 Nov 27,2019 11:59
Tips using this build: I recommend to use 0 Half life attacks for boxers because bosses are tanky when lategame. Use max lightning instead. It will do a lot of damage especially when you have the damage boost at high level. It will do about an average of 15k damage per lighning when you have a 325% damage boost. also you should use the pop-up multiplier. its risky but it dosent make you gameover unless you put too much pop-ups on the monsters. Monsters Build Monster 1: LP: 3250, Gold: 322, Pop: 1900, Rev: 0 Monster 2: LP: 9180, Gold: 906, Pop: 100, Bound: 200 Monster 3: LP: 2660, Gold: 524. Pop: 300, Delta: 200 Monster 4: LP: 8320, Gold: 800, Pop: 48, Tower: 3-4 Max Monster Bar: 3000
#12SdXL1D Nov 19,2019 15:11
it really a great game, i enjoy so much to discover how to ?win? this game.

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