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#nOuGai9E Sep 16,2019 02:07

No.1989 Chichi Yure

#nOuGai9E Sep 13,2019 07:54

No.1979 September 11 attacks

#2g6TAfkM Aug 29,2019 14:46

first to reach 1000 HAHAHAHAHA

#NVuHdzsz Jun 21,2019 07:01


#xtjntiLJ Apr 10,2019 05:28

I like how much people talk in these comments :)

Dave dood
#Ve07xzUc Mar 24,2019 09:26

I did the Electronic Arts picture and it took me a long time to realize it was just the EA logo.

Very Sad
#xtjntiLJ Mar 18,2019 22:44

It is sad :(

Sad :(
#in63Yrtd Mar 05,2019 13:16

Nobody commented in February :(

#ohBMolFw Jan 03,2019 22:43

Wow I never knew there were so many different Microsoft Office programs

#YElcc7pM Dec 19,2018 22:42


#NdqGPeQ5 Nov 18,2018 15:28

First comment of November

#NdqGPeQ5 Oct 31,2018 08:25

@Mojitos Webmasters can post as many comments in a row as they want. Regular users can only post 2 every 5 comments.

#E92fM65s Oct 30,2018 08:09

hm what if i put webmaster in my name

#E92fM65s Oct 30,2018 08:09

damn, three straight ha55ii messages.

this is rigged

#w5wPmndb Oct 26,2018 12:47

Logi Box ver3.1

Save data, delete function added.

#w5wPmndb Oct 19,2018 12:38

Logi Box ver3.0

Save data, clear image display.

#w5wPmndb Oct 12,2018 13:17

Logi Box ver2.9

Add Online Save.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU Oct 07,2018 03:37

Thank you!

#w5wPmndb Oct 05,2018 13:34

Logi Box ver2.8

Add Local Save.

#w5wPmndb Sep 28,2018 12:12

Logi Box ver2.7

Problem addition.

#gNjOokmd Jul 08,2018 12:09

What does ct mean?

#05lAgNIR May 09,2018 21:27


#kAoCDcyJ Apr 08,2018 10:17

Apparently, The second most voted puzzle currently has one more vote than clear.

I'm not sure how to react.

#kAoCDcyJ Apr 04,2018 05:44

Thank you, I guess.

#vzTgCMSr Mar 23,2018 12:40

Logi Box ver2.6

Bug fix: smartphone + scroll

Fixed problem with operability of smartphone.

#pxGTstSJ Mar 19,2018 12:00

This game is a nasty disease

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 Mar 15,2018 21:23

@radiant beast--PLEASE GOD NO.....NOOOOOO..GOD PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO also did you get that from onemorelevel?

radiant beast
#2LbNY21d Mar 14,2018 18:11

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#iZ6UeR9O Mar 10,2018 13:43

Seeing as there is now a ranking, I guess I may as well advertise a puzzle I just uploaded along with an older insanely tough puzzle of mine that I think deserves a little more attention before voting expires for it:

Puzzle No.425: Circle Corner Cross Connection; 25x25; LV0: 93; LV1: 226; LV2: 238; LV3: 68; LV4: 0; CT 13364; all-axes mirror symmetry; Mar 10,2018 11:50

Puzzle No,163: Intersect Square; 25x25; LV0: 155; LV1: 187; LV2: 178; LV3: 101; LV4: 4; CT 123881; top-left/bottom-right axis mirror symmetry; Dec 31,2017 17:04

#F445iJ3I Mar 10,2018 00:41

@ha55ii webmaster can you do the mobile version of this game?

#vzTgCMSr Mar 09,2018 14:16

Logi Box ver2.5

Ranking addition.

#nFH99q0J Feb 25,2018 00:28

this game is pictograph if i'm correct.

Shreks wiggler
#OIoPnDk0 Feb 16,2018 00:09

could you update aqua box or action rpg they both need updates and i think they deserve some attention

Nirto fun
#UtANFD9g Feb 14,2018 02:12

Dont Read This Youll Be kissed in the nearest friday

#fhcyj2mn Feb 13,2018 16:04

Vote button have somthing like "onclick=logi_vote("+...+")"
but logi_vote is not a function?

#kAoCDcyJ Feb 13,2018 06:01

Yeah, I tried to vote a puzzle, but the button was dysfunctional. Definitely a site issue.

It is also of notice that all the newer puzzles have absolutely no votes.

#KIiGP8j5 Feb 12,2018 16:31

I did not try [DELETE],
but [VOTE] does not work.

Thank you!
#9C0034x9 Feb 12,2018 12:36

Has anyone else been having trouble [VOTE]ing or [DELETE]ing levels? I'm not sure if this is a my computer thing or an issue with the site.

#pdDlVqmc Feb 12,2018 12:30

Thank you!

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Feb 12,2018 07:54

Thank you!

#nIws3TjI Feb 11,2018 06:21

Thank you!

#kAoCDcyJ Feb 10,2018 05:17

Thank you!

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Feb 09,2018 16:18

Thank you!

#vzTgCMSr Feb 09,2018 15:10

Logi Box ver2.4

Added shortcut key.


#cN5uoELD Feb 04,2018 06:45

Thank you!

#nIws3TjI Feb 03,2018 01:27

Thank you!

#vzTgCMSr Feb 02,2018 15:08

Logi Box ver2.3

Undo, Redo added.

#ReD3XLDK Feb 02,2018 13:18

Seriously? Have you guys ever read the Aqua box comments in 2018?

Thank you!
#9C0034x9 Feb 02,2018 10:31

Thank you!

#YtQW2BNm Feb 01,2018 12:35

@Goldilocks But we don't need a comments section spammed with these.

There's about twenty of these comments already so we don't need anymore. I mean, ten is already enough.

#iBsGhFQ8 Jan 27,2018 08:20

Thank you!

#nIws3TjI Jan 26,2018 15:14

Thank you!

These (Thank you!) are (Thank you!) useful (Thank you!) comments (Thank you!) because (Thank you!) we (Thank you!) are (Thank you!) showing (Thank you!) our (Thank you!) appreciation (Thank you!) for (Thank you!) ha55ii (Thank you!) updating (Thank you!) the (Thank you!) game. (Thank you!)

#hXuTB7mO Jan 26,2018 13:10

Or 7 excluding ha55ii's comment and my comment.

#pdDlVqmc Jan 26,2018 13:01

Thank you!

#vzTgCMSr Jan 26,2018 11:15

Logi Box ver2.2

Right click added.

#ILtMJxF4 Jan 26,2018 07:58

Thank you!

#hXuTB7mO Jan 24,2018 08:52

@Lvlen 125, PokemonTalon, Molefight, Hachi1, ...(and 2 more)

Post useful comments please. There's already 5 comments in a row that are "Thank you!".

#kAoCDcyJ Jan 22,2018 12:35

T h a n k Y o u !

#ILtMJxF4 Jan 21,2018 23:21

Thank you!

#cN5uoELD Jan 21,2018 06:31

Thank you!

#pdDlVqmc Jan 20,2018 18:38

Thank you!

#TYvv1OuX Jan 20,2018 13:29

Oh,I uh... I uhhh....

Thank you!


Kentucky Bot
#nIws3TjI Jan 20,2018 09:44

fu.ckingdammit i tried

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Jan 19,2018 23:09

@0b1111 shreked

Kentucky Bot
#nIws3TjI Jan 19,2018 15:27

Thank you very much!

#vzTgCMSr Jan 19,2018 14:52

Logi Box ver2.1

Mark all clear added.

#ILtMJxF4 Jan 18,2018 19:46

Read the previous, like, nine comments before Asdam1's

#KIiGP8j5 Jan 17,2018 16:17

@PokemonTalon, adding a suggestion to a comment does not means not being thankful, even if in a question form "... I ask why..." Especially not when it is added in other games from same author in a similar way(Powder Game (1/2))

#iZ6UeR9O Jan 17,2018 12:58

Lmao, the streak was epic while it lasted xD Though yeah, Powder Game (2) supports right-click functionality; so I'm not sure why Logi Box doesn't (yet?).

#ILtMJxF4 Jan 17,2018 12:28

Reported for not being thankful.

#TYvv1OuX Jan 17,2018 09:37

Might I ask why left-click is the only input method? I get that that's standard for ha55ii apps, but for such an app as this a right-click or similar seems highly appropriate for alternative mark placement. If not, perhaps an option to cycle between "unmarked" "marked filled" and "marked empty" would. Thanks for making this app ha55ii!

#iZ6UeR9O Jan 15,2018 14:33

Thank you!

#cN5uoELD Jan 15,2018 11:40

Thank you!

Kentucky Bot
#nIws3TjI Jan 15,2018 07:06

Thank you!

#OdM9HJ8X Jan 15,2018 03:08

Thank you!

#pdDlVqmc Jan 13,2018 19:26

Thank you!

#E08BqsZW Jan 13,2018 09:30

Thank you!

#ILtMJxF4 Jan 13,2018 05:30

Thank you!

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS Jan 12,2018 15:56

Thank you!

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Jan 12,2018 15:56

Thank you!

#vzTgCMSr Jan 12,2018 15:07

Logi Box ver2.0

Mark added.
■× Design change.
Bug fix: Usability

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI Jan 12,2018 03:54

really wished i remembered my LB Master acct

#eZOVxiKz Jan 07,2018 17:01


I Finally Solved out,use code to clear, start to write code is white -> black, and number A like 10, if max and next vertical, Thank you.

#iZ6UeR9O Jan 06,2018 14:11

ha55ii's analyzer is stronger than any existing online nonogram solver. There are several puzzles that online nonogram solvers can't solve that ha55ii's analyzer can solve. If a puzzle got through ha55ii's analyzer, there is a unique solution to it that can be reached through a logical process; possibly including trial and error requiring the erasing of placed blocks. No puzzle can be uploaded without first passing ha55ii's analyzer. Don't call for puzzles to be deleted because they're too hard for you to solve or even because online nonogram solvers can't solve them. Either get good at picross puzzles or leave the harder ones well alone.

#eZOVxiKz Jan 03,2018 20:34

This Level is Too Hard.
I Tried to Auto-Solver is Unable to Solve!
Hint is てきとう Lv4 dot is six.
If Players Game Clear, Vote and take a photo, else select delete.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU Dec 30,2017 10:29

cool update!..... what does it do?

#xTkae1Ld Dec 30,2017 03:02

Multiple and no solutions on Logi Box:
There are multiple solutions if a part of the puzzle has an even number of rows and/or columns and has a diagonal line of symmetry. Examples: a chess board or 2 dots at opposite corners(for all sizes).
There are no solutions(logical way of solving it) when a part of the puzzle has an odd number of rows and columns and is a diagonal line. If the diagonal line is proper, then there is no solution. If the diagonal line is improper, then there are multiple solutions. Examples: a slash or backslash.
In most or all other cases the puzzle is OK and it can be uploaded.

#xTkae1Ld Dec 30,2017 02:16

"The system block uploading when text contains specific keywords"
ha55ii, maybe you should remove that because there's no text in Logi Box, there's only text in PG1/PG2.

#vzTgCMSr Dec 29,2017 13:54

Logi Box ver1.9

Clear number count.
Sort in clear order.
Clear mask.

#T05jI8bK Dec 29,2017 04:26

Well not typo, but mistake of forgetting a word...

#T05jI8bK Dec 29,2017 04:26

"It may contain offensive contents."
Ha55ii should fix that typo (Unless somehow it's intentional).

#24LD4rmu Dec 28,2017 16:43

I love nonograms, so I was really disappointed at the hard puzzle. Being forced to guess isn't hard.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir Dec 28,2017 03:31

@StickGuy1337 that's just how its I guess.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX Dec 27,2017 12:35

thanks man

#EdvJinzj Dec 27,2017 12:20

easier puzzles get way more votes because people are too lazy to finish the bigger ones, thats stupid

#xTkae1Ld Dec 25,2017 16:44

@OwO whats this

#LlPODjYy Dec 25,2017 08:10

Hope y'all don't mind if I slowly submit all the puzzles from Mario's Picross over the course of several months.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX Dec 25,2017 03:18

how do i see other peoples creations

Master of al
#bi0vb5nH Dec 22,2017 21:47


#vzTgCMSr Dec 22,2017 13:16

Logi Box ver1.8

Added upload function.

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