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#ILtMJxF4 2018/01/18 19:46

Read the previous, like, nine comments before Asdam1's

#KIiGP8j5 2018/01/17 16:17

@PokemonTalon, adding a suggestion to a comment does not means not being thankful, even if in a question form "... I ask why..." Especially not when it is added in other games from same author in a similar way(Powder Game (1/2))

#iZ6UeR9O 2018/01/17 12:58

Lmao, the streak was epic while it lasted xD Though yeah, Powder Game (2) supports right-click functionality; so I'm not sure why Logi Box doesn't (yet?).

#ILtMJxF4 2018/01/17 12:28

Reported for not being thankful.

#TYvv1OuX 2018/01/17 09:37

Might I ask why left-click is the only input method? I get that that's standard for ha55ii apps, but for such an app as this a right-click or similar seems highly appropriate for alternative mark placement. If not, perhaps an option to cycle between "unmarked" "marked filled" and "marked empty" would. Thanks for making this app ha55ii!

#iZ6UeR9O 2018/01/15 14:33

Thank you!

#cN5uoELD 2018/01/15 11:40

Thank you!

Kentucky Bot
#nIws3TjI 2018/01/15 07:06

Thank you!

#OdM9HJ8X 2018/01/15 03:08

Thank you!

#pdDlVqmc 2018/01/13 19:26

Thank you!

#E08BqsZW 2018/01/13 09:30

Thank you!

#ILtMJxF4 2018/01/13 05:30

Thank you!

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2018/01/12 15:56

Thank you!

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2018/01/12 15:56

Thank you!

#vzTgCMSr 2018/01/12 15:07

Logi Box ver2.0
Mark added.
■× Design change.
Bug fix: Usability

King Kentucky
#nIws3TjI 2018/01/12 03:54

really wished i remembered my LB Master acct

#eZOVxiKz 2018/01/07 17:01

I Finally Solved out,use code to clear, start to write code is white -> black, and number A like 10, if max and next vertical, Thank you.

#iZ6UeR9O 2018/01/06 14:11

ha55ii's analyzer is stronger than any existing online nonogram solver. There are several puzzles that online nonogram solvers can't solve that ha55ii's analyzer can solve. If a puzzle got through ha55ii's analyzer, there is a unique solution to it that can be reached through a logical process; possibly including trial and error requiring the erasing of placed blocks. No puzzle can be uploaded without first passing ha55ii's analyzer. Don't call for puzzles to be deleted because they're too hard for you to solve or even because online nonogram solvers can't solve them. Either get good at picross puzzles or leave the harder ones well alone.

#eZOVxiKz 2018/01/03 20:34
This Level is Too Hard.
I Tried to Auto-Solver is Unable to Solve!
Hint is てきとう Lv4 dot is six.
If Players Game Clear, Vote and take a photo, else select delete.

The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU 2017/12/30 10:29

cool update!..... what does it do?

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/30 03:02

Multiple and no solutions on Logi Box:
There are multiple solutions if a part of the puzzle has an even number of rows and/or columns and has a diagonal line of symmetry. Examples: a chess board or 2 dots at opposite corners(for all sizes).
There are no solutions(logical way of solving it) when a part of the puzzle has an odd number of rows and columns and is a diagonal line. If the diagonal line is proper, then there is no solution. If the diagonal line is improper, then there are multiple solutions. Examples: a slash or backslash.
In most or all other cases the puzzle is OK and it can be uploaded.

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/30 02:16

"The system block uploading when text contains specific keywords"
ha55ii, maybe you should remove that because there's no text in Logi Box, there's only text in PG1/PG2.

#vzTgCMSr 2017/12/29 13:54

Logi Box ver1.9
Clear number count.
Sort in clear order.
Clear mask.

#T05jI8bK 2017/12/29 04:26

Well not typo, but mistake of forgetting a word...

#T05jI8bK 2017/12/29 04:26

"It may contain offensive contents."
Ha55ii should fix that typo (Unless somehow it's intentional).

#24LD4rmu 2017/12/28 16:43

I love nonograms, so I was really disappointed at the hard puzzle. Being forced to guess isn't hard.

Dark Doctor
#UssduMir 2017/12/28 03:31

@StickGuy1337 that's just how its I guess.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX 2017/12/27 12:35

thanks man

#EdvJinzj 2017/12/27 12:20

easier puzzles get way more votes because people are too lazy to finish the bigger ones, thats stupid

#xTkae1Ld 2017/12/25 16:44

@OwO whats this

#LlPODjYy 2017/12/25 08:10

Hope y'all don't mind if I slowly submit all the puzzles from Mario's Picross over the course of several months.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX 2017/12/25 03:18

how do i see other peoples creations

Master of al
#bi0vb5nH 2017/12/22 21:47


#vzTgCMSr 2017/12/22 13:16

Logi Box ver1.8
Added upload function.

#ITAVXXrX 2017/12/20 18:27

I like it that you now can make it the size you want it to.
However since it only does it on two of the sides, there is no point in having extra buttons for the same purpose.
Other than that, love it.

#vzTgCMSr 2017/12/15 13:15

Logi Box ver1.7
EDIT: Change size.

#XdbFNjQ6 2017/12/14 22:17


#0rob4al8 2017/12/11 00:43


#9C0034x9 2017/12/09 03:15

Correction: Stickman was changed to no longer be a hard puzzle -- that is, it no longer requires twenty uses of reductio ad absurdum to complete. It is also shorter by 5 blocks.
The other new problem is Whip, which replaces Stickman in being the "hard level": that is, it seems to require you to make (at least) three "guesses" (that is, erasing method; that is, extended search for contradiction) until you can solve it using only simple logic.

#9C0034x9 2017/12/09 02:24

The new problems are: Diamond, Kintsuba, Stickman.

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/12/08 19:29

another week, another sad lk

#vzTgCMSr 2017/12/08 17:38

Logi Box ver1.6
Problem addition & change.

#YSxGYWuw 2017/12/04 03:30

@King Kentucky, ha55ii is not a robot, he is a Chinese programmer ha55ii stands for 'Awesome' in Uk.

#SBWrLQcV 2017/12/03 11:51

remember to check your pockets for lizards after time travel

#Tk9FkjpK 2017/12/03 11:38

there needs to be a way to play other people's levels

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/12/01 15:09

the day ha55ii responds to me, is the day i'll be forever happy. ha55ii pls <3
wait, what if ha55ii is a robot that has no emotion
wait wait wait, what if robot ha55ii and that other robot that wants kids link up and make baby robot ha55ii
wait wait wait +2 wait, what if robot kid ha55ii plans to take over the world

#vzTgCMSr 2017/12/01 14:16

Logi Box ver1.5
Add problem.
Add level.

#hXuTB7mO 2017/12/01 13:33
I found the font for this game LOL

#hXuTB7mO 2017/12/01 13:27

I'm waiting for the next update

#nEYb4mUG 2017/11/30 06:14

i don,t understang the goal of this game.

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/24 14:32

ha55ii, baby, sweetheart, the lucy to my ricardo or vice/versa it doesn't really matter. take a break you deserve it. <3

#vzTgCMSr 2017/11/24 14:05

Logi Box ver1.4
EDIT: Automatic analysis optimization.
I made the analysis speed twice as fast.
I animated the problem which solves in a moment.

#vSbAiI0H 2017/11/20 11:25

There is such a thing as colourized nonograms, but they're hard:

#GYdiqkWC 2017/11/18 10:19

cool update but you broke the game

#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/17 21:54

I'm guessing multiple answer = no solution because there is no "logical route" to the solution.

#KIiGP8j5 2017/11/17 17:37

Shows "no solution" instead of multiple answer

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/17 13:52

ha55ii, you're doing great sweetie, love ya!

#vzTgCMSr 2017/11/17 13:29

Logi Box ver1.3
EDIT: Added automatic analysis.
Although it is an ordinary game called Nonogram,
Actually, I wanted to make this automatic analysis program.
The algorithm was interesting as it was.
There are still insufficient points, but most problems can be solved.

#TLnwQx0i 2017/11/16 08:33

Someone want to post a step by step logical solution to stickman 20x20? I'm getting frustrated /:(

#5EcgArGT 2017/11/16 04:32

I don't think more colors will ever be a thing; there aren't any other nonogram or picross puzzle games that I'm aware of which make use of more than black and white, so there's no reason that ha55ii would implement that. However, an upload feature was probably planned since before we started speculating and throwing ideas around; and more variable board sizes (including bigger boards) will probably (hopefully) also become a thing at some point before ha55ii seems to consider the game "complete".
Depending on what happens after the implementation of the upload feature, who knows whether or not ha55ii will see a need to implement more official puzzles? However, the vast majority of if not all official puzzles probably will be things from SR; that was the biggest project ha55ii ever worked on and finally seems to feel as though he's completed, so he's bound to pay a lot of homage to it in his other projects such as LB.
I suppose one thing that could happen if ha55ii makes LB support a big enough board size is a puzzle of the DB logo; that would be one likely possibility for a non-SR related official puzzle.

#oivMsWIR 2017/11/12 12:51

READ VAR("A")[0]
#msvsPwFd 2017/11/12 10:28

How would more colors work?

#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/12 06:24

tbh they should have 4 dimensional puzzles

#oivMsWIR 2017/11/12 05:18

@Eunkefer Yeah!
Ideas for Logi Box:
A. Upload (As many people suggested)
B. More colors (Just black and white can be boring)
C. More puzzles, not just some thing from SR
D. Bigger puzzles. (You probably know why)

#20Q20i1R 2017/11/12 04:17

This should have an upload feature like powder game! That would be really cool!

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/11 10:17

yo lb is becoming a close 2nd favorite. sr even though i think omega or sig did it for me

#5ZOuNHez 2017/11/11 05:05

No way, my idea came true :D

#5EcgArGT 2017/11/11 03:14

Unfortunately it seems to me that method displays the solution to the intended audience of the puzzle as they're inputting the puzzle to their game; but it does seem like a handy way to make some puzzles and be able to hold onto them until an upload feature becomes available (most likely + hopefully ver1.3). Thanks for sharing~ ^^ (;

READ VAR("A")[0]
#T3QNn59l 2017/11/11 02:18 Here's an example. Oh, and apparently toSource() does not work on many browsers, so you can use D.toString() instead, but you'll have to add [] brackets around it yourself.

READ VAR("A")[0]
#T3QNn59l 2017/11/11 02:14

Here's a way to save or share your custom puzzles:
1: While editing, open the javascript console (in firefox you can press f12, IDK about other browsers)
2: In the console, type:
(make sure you get the capitalization right)
Copy and paste the text inside the quotes (should be something like [0,1,0,0,0,0,1] (but longer))
This is the data for your custom puzzle (like GET/SET codes in powder game). Then to load it, just use:
D=(your save data)
Make sure you're in the right edit mode, and you'll have to draw and erase a pixel to update the numbers properly.

#oivMsWIR 2017/11/10 15:36

It may be hard to read. My 3-by-3 pixel "font" that I draw with sometimes is hard to read because it's very small. In PG1, I posted an upload which uses that "font" for a big list of PG ideas, and I got comments saying, "Can't read this". (I uploaded that with my old account.)

#oivMsWIR 2017/11/10 15:30

I like the new update!

#vzTgCMSr 2017/11/10 15:16

Logi Box ver1.2
Added edit mode.

#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/10 14:34

oooh it would be fun if people could upload puzzles, like in PG. It would be hilarious because you wouldn't know whether or not a puzzle is "trash" until you've solved most of it

#BDXYtNA2 2017/11/10 11:14

Who else thinks there should be a level/board creator for custom puzzles?

that guy 1242342
#9lhMLi67 2017/11/07 05:08

i just got a new ds

#Xx3zgi4M 2017/11/06 07:23

Like fun yey cool yes

Lightning Lord
#QPzQXSKS 2017/11/06 06:59

Posting solutions is for the weak.

#oivMsWIR 2017/11/06 00:07

Logi Box solutions:

#xAGN7fzE 2017/11/05 20:44

I am terrible at this xD
I can't beat anything after 'gun'

#E08BqsZW 2017/11/05 05:11

Done with Stickman, it was pretty easy to be honest.
I hope more levels get added next Friday :D

#E08BqsZW 2017/11/05 05:07

This game is pretty nice, 4/5 so far, only missing Stickman, but even if the game doesn't remember I've already solved the puzzles, I can still kinda remember what they look like, I solved Sword in a blink because I remembered a little bit of it

#FXoAuchM 2017/11/04 21:00

I hope that the game will remember that I've already solved this puzzle.

#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/04 10:47

Row 8 and 10 both require "gaps". Using this, you can determine that certain things can't happen in row 7 or 9. e.g. if the row of 6 started at column 2, you would get a 3x3 square due to column 2,3,4, which contradicts the rule for column 8. In this way you can slowly eliminate squares using only logic.
It takes a long time, but it's doable.

#l7fqrv3U 2017/11/04 10:12

Here's a helpful hint for Stickman; It's from Stick Ranger.
I still don't agree that Stickman is easily doable without Trial & Error or knowing what it kinda looks like.
This is the farthest that I can complete Stickman without making any unsafe guesses.
The only other certainty that I could find, besides what's on the image, is that for Row #13 the sequence of 4 filled cells must be between cells 2 and 11, as there is not enough space for the 4, 2, and 1 to fit in cells 13 and 19. But even then, you can't make a safe assumption of where the 4 fits as there is too many empty cells.
For every other Row and Column there's too many empty cells (or not enough filled cells) to safely fill a cell.
My last nitpick is that Stickman could easily have been 18x20, as Columns 1 and 20 have no filled cells.

#zlYEKasf 2017/11/04 10:11


#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/04 05:50

Nah it works. But yeah with the stickman using "X" whenever you figure out you can't place a piece helps a tonne.

#vpfaGIRF 2017/11/04 01:23

But the problem is that that doesn't work for stickman

#pdDlVqmc 2017/11/03 14:37

You can do it without trial and error by counting:
Suppose you have 15 open spaces in a row, and you know there must be a sequence of 10 blocks in it. Then the "extreme cases" are the 10 blocks being right up against the left side, in which case squares 1 to 10 are black. The other extreme case is that the 10 blocks are right up against the right side, so squares 6 to 15 are black. In each case, all of the squares from 6 to 10 must be filled in.
Using this type of reasoning along with "adding an X if you know you can't place a piece" it ends up being very do-able :D

#vzTgCMSr 2017/11/03 13:56

Logi Box ver1.1
Added problem.
Design change.
I increased the visibility of the number and made it easy to see.

Comment #31
#oivMsWIR 2017/11/03 12:56

I solved the puzzles by looking at the source code, and using its ones and zeros for the solution. XD

#VLY7Tbn6 2017/11/03 12:43

I say you can't

#l7fqrv3U 2017/11/03 12:11

How can you do Stickman without trial and error?

#AERhil6N 2017/11/03 02:20

Nice game.

Master of al
#bi0vb5nH 2017/11/02 08:18


#3qSAhh46 2017/11/02 05:54

...And the 6 long at the top

#3qSAhh46 2017/11/02 05:50

How do you do the 20x20without trial and error. All I can get is the legs, floor, and head

#ofnoGoeR 2017/10/30 20:49

The 20x20 one looks hard but when looked at correctly it actually is not as hard as it looks like.

#KIiGP8j5 2017/10/30 18:29

Great game.
Maybe ability to mark level that are completed in future.

Comment #22
#oivMsWIR 2017/10/29 11:07

How about this?

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