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#11cfsugo Aug 21,2023 17:46
Hi! my players are all level 30 [ im sorry cuz im new..T-T]
#BftkXKHc Aug 01,2023 00:18
Achei chato
#eggwhL1v Jul 18,2023 02:04
Ryan planet
I am made from the game
#rJhBv3ZI Jul 17,2023 15:10
add moons and stuff.
#sfZtS6Ef Jul 12,2023 19:39
This game is awesome! You can create planets!
#D8ii4KHp Jun 15,2023 07:58
Ryder Altmann
Black hole?
#SmvfDZPH Apr 22,2023 04:24
go too pg2 and use black hole
#N549fNe5 Apr 16,2023 03:11
I have some game suggestions! It would be so cool to see drag and wind in this to easily move elements. Also maybe an explosive like gunpowder would be fun. I would love having thunder or acid, too.
#N549fNe5 Apr 09,2023 03:49
@redreborn I think that you can only comment twice in the last 5 comments, so you can’t do a third comment until someone else does. I’m pretty sure this is used to stop spamming. I’m not 100% sure, though.
#q04T4hLB Mar 31,2023 05:48
why does it make obision sometimes when you lava tons of sand around a little oil
#9AKcsBtG Mar 23,2023 23:52
Please make it downloadble on pc
#9AKcsBtG Mar 23,2023 23:51
Please make it downloadble
#SmvfDZPH Mar 02,2023 04:05
hello moderators if you are seeing this (which is most likely bc y'all are very good at your jobs) for some reason i can comment once ever 2 days or something around that if you can may you please reset if that's possible? thanks if yall see this!
#SmvfDZPH Feb 21,2023 23:03
imagine s-ball in this game...
#wXMIa9Ab Feb 18,2023 02:21
Could you add people to the game?
#rJ6Q2oze Feb 06,2023 21:00
fullscreen yipee!
#fU2YswEm Feb 03,2023 18:40
#H9vOFCdB Feb 03,2023 12:41
Earth Editor ver3.0 Supports full screen.
#NT3eVNpn Jan 02,2023 18:43
Man_ Happy new year! Its been a long time.
#GSYcStww Dec 25,2022 14:23
Nibba Botaro
Good Grief, I remember this site from EARLY 2000s, it's been so long
#U5a5MFqy Dec 22,2022 11:40
I tried to make the solar system but it was a fail :(
#SmvfDZPH Dec 17,2022 01:06
nobody talks here...
#KjxOQ4X1 Nov 26,2022 10:32
make the screen bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#O5Mr6o5z Nov 23,2022 00:11
muy bueno ?
#SmvfDZPH Nov 03,2022 22:03
iv got a theory that bomb explodes walk into wall but still does destroy it, hover meteor explodes wall into sand
#j2B4H9BR Oct 11,2022 00:17
Hugh Jass
You can't zoom
#XjDuWIdO Aug 28,2022 00:45
how to zoom
#LveCK70F Aug 26,2022 00:48
If You Wanna Destroy Ur Planet Just Shoot 1 Pixel Of Bomb Really Fast *It Can Destroy Over 5k Pixels!*
#fo0VXVbO Aug 24,2022 11:42
Planet Exploder
Step 1: make a bomb planet. Step 2: make a normal planet. Step 3: drop a meteor on the bomb planet. Step 4: Thank me.
#fo0VXVbO Aug 24,2022 07:07
Planet Destroyer
I love blowing up stuff!
#Kyi0O3hP Aug 17,2022 22:16
Been here for over 15 years. Going to continue writing here on occasions. :)
#QvY4xZ8S Aug 06,2022 04:06
Oh shoot I feel nauseated?
#QvY4xZ8S Aug 06,2022 04:06
#cpm5OwA2 Jul 12,2022 13:05
bcbggcgc on kk jgrnsd NO YOU MANgcg
#CkRUOq3z Jun 24,2022 07:07
#TGdb6K41 Jun 14,2022 09:28
How am I supposed to do with this?:-(
#bYj46vHC Jun 11,2022 15:41
A sane person
Donald Trump poses the greatest threat to American Democracy since our country's founding.
#DnGUG8gT May 31,2022 23:03
Ottoman Empire
#WCWdji6m May 27,2022 18:14
i know... i m sorry to huyuds kaesjik
#n1oNVmI6 May 21,2022 11:44
#TP95ZltV Mar 25,2022 11:18
Danball was my childhood, I'm glad it's still up
#MzGiyVLB Mar 22,2022 00:00
i made a wite hole with cloud try it
#fU2YswEm Mar 17,2022 09:18
LjPlayz ?
#c4hc0CRR Mar 04,2022 15:48
Dragon Archives
I mean, where else are you gonna talk about politics? with real people in real life?? pshhhhhhhhhh
#tvxZwPVm Mar 03,2022 00:29
There needs to be super novas!!!!!!!!
#Esm2SIl5 Feb 09,2022 05:49
was going to make a planet of oil but I didn't want America coming
#Y0utbRG8 Feb 04,2022 03:12
kyoto was here 2022
#zHi94N91 Jan 21,2022 02:25
Why are people 1000 comments ago talking about politics?
#weaOa0qj Jan 13,2022 19:04
I want to poop ?
#weaOa0qj Jan 13,2022 19:01
Why no moons I was trying to make Pluto and Charon
#gqCUbq67 Jan 07,2022 03:08
@infhexagon i agree
#qjnbFt7L Dec 24,2021 11:46
hi this game is great I hope we can share
#UGFhYcLO Dec 22,2021 23:33
You destroyed earth
#tblXrttO Dec 14,2021 07:41
Jason nguyen
Who is unknown and ??? ?
#tblXrttO Dec 14,2021 07:39
Jason nguyen
Dan ball í côl
#a3JPBKVd Oct 29,2021 05:52
#UrtZzUzY Sep 01,2021 22:41
Am i not able to share things?
#mVl9vjEz Aug 14,2021 11:49
#DUvO5pzt Aug 07,2021 12:43
King Masochist
Thank you ha55ii!
#nnikRvDV Aug 06,2021 14:52
Oh god
#H9vOFCdB Aug 06,2021 11:28
Earth Editor ver2.9 Supports smartphone resizing.
#RZahGbzB Aug 05,2021 04:42
yup!! also! trains are gr8! better than cars any day
#ELOJwXLv Jul 13,2021 10:14
Dino king
I am making Thea(The Mars sized object that caused the moon to form and it’s also all of the earths diamond
#7aUPrQuh Jul 04,2021 22:42
Add more elements pls!!
#DAMEVNRg Jun 27,2021 17:40
My world is always hit by meteors.
#xBZoU9KF May 22,2021 06:39
@NorbertLinuxGuy oh lol fair haha
#xBZoU9KF May 22,2021 06:38
I like trains
#yYeem7ch May 21,2021 05:35
#ErNCuRRM May 14,2021 00:38
If you wanna use lasers go to powder game
#kzYrxqg5 May 07,2021 17:05
wheres the lazer element????
#ShtTGlN7 Apr 27,2021 02:59
My World Dead
#LgPjNNza Apr 26,2021 15:21
pro 33
it wery good game
#ShtTGlN7 Apr 17,2021 23:11
Could you make planets?
#j2mJPmb3 Apr 09,2021 04:08
Also, can there be more elements to experiment with?
#j2mJPmb3 Apr 09,2021 04:08
Can there be people like the player, and fighter in the powder games included into the planet sim? It would be great if you can
#vlpmL9AS Apr 02,2021 01:50
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 27,2021 01:28
When people element?
#vyUEKmbd Mar 18,2021 22:07
can you please
addliving things and maby save data than it would be one of the worlds best games
#F4J015ju Mar 16,2021 10:25
Can you add living things to this?
#VLiUn5RZ Mar 14,2021 15:45
#9MoQKiGt Mar 07,2021 01:19
I have a idea for upload
#Qyjf4tAr Mar 06,2021 19:48
#ArThjJNm Feb 19,2021 18:07
good goodie Bob
bad badie bob
#ArThjJNm Feb 19,2021 18:07
Evil baddie Bob
I killed the oil planet
#cqXbLHme Feb 18,2021 23:06
#h2jPHdyH Feb 16,2021 07:27
*makes the world of Nintendo*
#2cHqwGDl Feb 16,2021 03:34
#90sG5vgH Feb 16,2021 01:06
I wish they added soil to earth editor
#UVsTIoYN Jan 26,2021 12:57
put some WH in the center,leftclick water,rightclick salt,set pen-s 9,bg to long/shade,then hold in the center,look at it,and you might time travel!(side on/loop for cooler effect) put WH in center,draw 3 pens 9 lines with salt(looks like x with one more line,the center of it is the WH,then press start.and you can get a snow flake
#93cTo6aS Jan 15,2021 11:57
#DFp3nkjy Dec 22,2020 21:14
I want uploads on this game!!!!
#Y9phsdjG Nov 03,2020 19:16
uh i think i destroyed my world..
#51xJKo2p Nov 03,2020 05:37
bwaaaaaap! uh oh i think i destroyed my world i love being the goddess of chaos
#ftEVIQgF Oct 31,2020 09:28
@kyoto0151 , incredibly late response I know but ! nope ! i did theatre and psych studies ... my username really does not check out lol
#94F0zP8H Oct 21,2020 06:45
Make planet dance
#VpBi3tCt Oct 06,2020 00:20
are not real, but doent's mutter
#VpBi3tCt Oct 06,2020 00:18
is cool game
#F0YEUmkA Sep 30,2020 08:09
#iHfKwvpg Sep 24,2020 14:18
very nice i can makea earth lol
#7gjPCGpY Sep 08,2020 17:57
THat Lonely Kid
They should add more elements to this game but other than that this game is awesome
#0fDSaI3U Sep 03,2020 08:56
yes sir !!
I love this game !
#sm0DdDY5 Aug 11,2020 18:01
Very nice game
Would be nice to have an offline version :D
#elNYtHfI Jul 20,2020 16:09
grhrtgrth th
i like itttt very much
#s95VBAD3 Jul 15,2020 16:42
#GfEix65m Jul 15,2020 05:07
@NorbertLinuxGuy What did you study in college? Comp sci??
#Zyyab49r Jul 11,2020 12:50
It’s amazing
#Zyyab49r Jul 11,2020 12:49
Itssuper good I like green so that’s why I rank in green
#I0mSMQ7o Jul 09,2020 07:46
How do you make land?
#Kwx0Iupc Jul 05,2020 03:46
Howdy @kyoto.. gosh it's been a while! I am currently fresh-ish out of college and living the unemployed guy lifestyle , apart from a lil video editing gig and an internship thing online~ B)
#6D5X4VNB Jun 15,2020 05:48
furry fox guy The Powder Toy
#zcKEZimb Jun 04,2020 23:05
#zcKEZimb Jun 04,2020 23:05
#QmEdDsAf May 30,2020 11:51
Formation of the Earth * It collides Theia when forming Earth
#QmEdDsAf May 30,2020 11:50
Formation of Jupiter and Saturn NASA built Jupiter and Saturn with gas giants
#xwOkkUqD May 18,2020 09:01
i dont get it
#QibrefIs May 14,2020 06:22
The world is actually flat
#NzM9nFzt May 10,2020 07:43
When will to add the humans?
#VTdVUQEW May 08,2020 19:21
#N3GoPFj5 May 08,2020 19:19
This game is very fantastic! ! !
#fWIwoWEK May 01,2020 01:40
(meant to say that in red)
#fWIwoWEK May 01,2020 01:39
THAT was what the Great Debate was about? goshdarn!
#AzFhVNif Apr 25,2020 04:58
British people XD
#0McxMjG0 Apr 10,2020 17:02
#rucCeH5w Apr 01,2020 06:55
it will make water, seed, sand. this is eatrh.
#GkthUTHN Mar 24,2020 03:48
Delta Pi
I accidentally made a lemon shaped planet. Planets only come spherical in our world... :(
#YEdhQZ69 Mar 18,2020 09:42
furry fox guy
hay does anyone know of a game like this but with more elements and bigger scale?
#wmkU6GIq Feb 09,2020 21:29
Shelley smith
Lawv Dis Gaem
#OUChUiET Nov 20,2019 02:47
agent ant
@danstroyer i was disappointed
#TI3DWoRg Nov 15,2019 12:51
Torture King
Just in case anybody else ever gets curious about the Great Debate, it appears the original question "What shape is the Universe?" has finally been answered.
#2CNHqupw Oct 05,2019 06:38
Giant meteor planet + meteor = you will not be disappointed
#x14kvGHl Sep 09,2019 11:18
who careeeeeeess
HA found you
#U0o7n2q0 Sep 09,2019 02:11
guys it ain't showing
#WpkRaXoc Aug 17,2019 09:34
I renember wow wow wubbzy it is so funny like you just slap together the word KOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY and some random invention then add some dumbly presented "moral"
#RDkuCemN Jul 19,2019 20:44
#qICgozpZ Jul 15,2019 08:41
Elephant protect
who careeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss.................................
#EZUYa3in Jul 14,2019 19:55
2019 and no update..
#qICgozpZ Jul 11,2019 05:52
Elephant protect
u r mr.gey-Vsauce 2010
#JBApZ0dA Jul 10,2019 20:18
Mundo De Teste
#RDkuCemN Jun 30,2019 16:49
make pls acid,wind,astoroid,and monsters pls.
#6wN5mEDK Jun 20,2019 08:10
If the book is true then you will come back and check this shortly. Read the holographic universe
#4Be5LTQr Jun 01,2019 01:57
Make planet creations public
#f4NNSQT0 Apr 25,2019 23:55
I luv it is like an anti-stress
#2THMacSU Mar 14,2019 08:23
What good physics
#wFGnADXY Mar 13,2019 11:19
good to know i aint the only one that pops back from time to time.
#0PsDxGoB Mar 10,2019 07:38
hey can you plz check out my youtube channel and sub to me plz! name CBHC Chromebook! enjoy
#KBqCoxJh Mar 08,2019 10:30
Not many people comment here, so let's talk about shaggy. At this point I'm bored of this site and am trying to get people to talk about shaggy.
#7UkyJoaS Feb 25,2019 17:14
howdy folks! (I still exist)
#nGjpS9g0 Feb 23,2019 01:35
I found this on the App Store.
#wFGnADXY Feb 21,2019 11:44
popping by to say hi :)
#aEk8xj6s Feb 03,2019 14:55
Hey I enjoyed playing thank you so much
#fIGWVhjI Jan 24,2019 07:42
yo does anyone remember Wow Wow Wubbzy?
#yT9ZoR7c Jan 22,2019 23:10
This game needs the upload feature.
#sawy0kVC Jan 22,2019 00:15
#bTWvJ5HZ Jan 02,2019 12:32
i havnt been on this website in years
#fIGWVhjI Dec 26,2018 04:25
am i the only one that commented in 2018? no? okay.
#DRlDpmAB Dec 24,2018 03:25
#DRlDpmAB Dec 24,2018 03:24
I Did The Earths Formation Remake, Its Been Good In My Days
#jY1PqJA9 Dec 15,2018 07:20
The Icewarden
Hmm. This game is very intriguing, I like it.
#ThcTAOdq Nov 11,2018 07:17
#rbtYOQR3 Oct 30,2018 00:37
I wish we could upload
#ehu5IrWq Sep 29,2018 09:20
I would like that the people that made the game put a new option saying : "Test planets" and include Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. And more Elements
#bhQEFbNN Aug 10,2018 05:12
#U1DLse7j Jul 15,2018 02:17
Jakku Dessert
A Dessert that you have to sing dance hug and run along it can also be a war too this planet declareing for that.
#Q3BBSF1E Jul 10,2018 07:28
needs more EMEMENTS!!!!!>!!!!!!
#Q3BBSF1E Jul 10,2018 07:26
needs more stuff! @ least as much as powder game has
#z7bA0dPR May 27,2018 19:48
King Harkinian
HMMMMM..... I WONDER whats for DINNER! Mah Boi. This peace is what all true warriors strive FOR! Link, you have to scrub all the floors in Hyrule. Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon.
#2GtSi8ZO May 26,2018 22:19
Bobity bob
Lol we need a way to upload XD _ _ _ _ | | | | |___,,,, | _____| { / / / I made a hand. Chance of glitch. Hopefully it works.
#2GtSi8ZO May 26,2018 22:16
Bobity bob
Huh theres a test?! CONTAIN IT! IT'S ESCAPED THE LAB!
#vzTgCMSr May 25,2018 13:03
Earth Editor ver2.8 Bug fix: smartphone + scroll
#4k1FSSLM May 24,2018 10:27
reeee i cant comment
#4k1FSSLM May 24,2018 10:26
i am a test
#zhX7zEdZ May 21,2018 06:51
lol destoyer
#aWf8GF7d Apr 28,2018 06:37
Social but u u h
Dodo duro Tito you guys high five giving.
#aWf8GF7d Apr 28,2018 06:35
Social but u u h
I'm ab cosign up fo to focus go o Co do go to to to go to of the to to to go to go go up go go go go go go up to go to up all hmm I'm so in l go do k eh eh to to to go to go to take you to your us up if in in on the details do to it in it doesn't turn in his in your in in in in the the do it do do do do do to go see in case I'm do do to do do to do do do do do do do do is use is doing kill office goodnight idiot
#9hcsSkip Apr 18,2018 04:28
It'd be cooler if this game had more elements, like how powder game 2 has lots of elements.
#zTzMVcOM Apr 07,2018 08:56
Just realized there's a limit to how much stuff you can put.. (Face palm)
#yMo89XDe Apr 03,2018 14:06
pomf =3
#td3klIuH Apr 02,2018 10:59
Sometimes it stops working, but it's pretty good overall, except maybe more elements.
#GJZuOe9g Mar 29,2018 05:44
I'm Going to show How the Earth formed with Oil, Is It OK?
#GJZuOe9g Mar 29,2018 05:43
I Like it
#pKpUg2t1 Mar 25,2018 04:27
#D85sNk8E Mar 17,2018 09:28
tyler gy
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 17,2018 04:23
Bobity bob
thats in orange cuz lava
#2GtSi8ZO Mar 17,2018 04:23
Bobity bob
this is fun and i made a lava planet
#1ZYAztPR Mar 16,2018 05:43
This is REALLY fun!
#HWAuANDy Mar 15,2018 00:28
so we going to war with russia guys?
#rww66E4m Mar 08,2018 17:11
Needs to have more elements, i like the game because you can shoot the planets with things unlike PG2... but we need more elements to work with #UpdateEE
#yuGb9zlf Mar 04,2018 02:53
AZMMING! i like playing!!!!
#kPGCWHEc Feb 05,2018 03:47
#1My7sjpT Feb 03,2018 05:41
they should add a way to upload creations cuz I made a snape head
#6Wx74T5c Jan 15,2018 20:28
Can I download?
This game is amazing I have it on my phone, but I was wondering if I could download Because it's a great game! btw great game keep it up!
#6Wx74T5c Jan 15,2018 20:27
Can I download?
This game is amazing I have it on my phone, but I was wondering if the could download can I. btw great game keep it up!
#7AxP1fFd Jan 04,2018 00:39
i made an earth
#35FkVYBD Dec 25,2017 20:35
that comments
#uGSE8Ss8 Nov 13,2017 00:31
so cool! i made the pangea!
#dmm2ADo9 Oct 23,2017 17:17
#fWLHQA29 Oct 16,2017 06:53
lol xd funi game
#KIiGP8j5 Oct 07,2017 00:59
Earth is ball-shaped
#KIiGP8j5 Oct 07,2017 00:59
Hey everyone
The discussion is over.
#dmm2ADo9 Sep 24,2017 16:31
Hey everyone
Go to PG2, there is discussion about is earth flat or ball_shaped.
#aBzMTlwh Sep 16,2017 05:02
Marcio Br
Oh my god this is Super cool
#padtckOV Sep 08,2017 13:06
This is probably a shot in the dark, but does anyone have a full archive of the great debate?
#dZEz2OLZ Sep 05,2017 04:50
Seruku fain
Is it okay if i can make a video about it?
#dZEz2OLZ Sep 05,2017 04:49
This is like one of the best games anyway can u add astriode or a commet they have to add thay
#MPBCZsRO Sep 02,2017 09:41
I made a secret element
#tcDRgBFc Aug 28,2017 19:57
Golden Cupcake
I love this GAME
#Cms5d1AM Aug 18,2017 02:04
Earth editior
#Cms5d1AM Aug 18,2017 01:59
Earth editior
#NAjSeP49 Aug 16,2017 02:21
Hey! ALG0D00ing here. (My real name is Jake.) I'm here to how unpopular this game, well not game, thing is. The powder game 2 is better. Even I don't like.
#LUStIYW4 Aug 09,2017 10:56
#zTSrxt1B Apr 26,2017 03:38
Eta Leonid
They should add a community solar system, like 100bit but you can only make 1 planet..
#MOAmGTn7 Apr 19,2017 02:32
powder game 2 is better than this and you can just place a BH and turn gravity off in powder game 2 and then it's like this game but better
#x2Z2um5l Apr 16,2017 02:51
Make people.
#W0evNddu Apr 05,2017 06:45
I think you should be able to upload your creations like Powder Game 1 & 2.
#zTSrxt1B Apr 05,2017 04:16
Beta Foxpot
Rogue One Spoilers: EVERYONE DIES! :D
#zTSrxt1B Apr 05,2017 04:11
Eta Leonid
*Insert Imperial March Here*
#W0evNddu Apr 04,2017 09:35
Sometimes, I think of Meteors as TIE fighters or something like that which attack the other elements.
#HHAtKxc1 Apr 02,2017 12:36
#ezAixvjZ Mar 18,2017 02:30
hi!! :D
#t6rOjysA Feb 27,2017 10:56
DOn't READ THIS.YOU WILL GET KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.NOW THAT YOU'VE STARED DOn't STOP.THIS IS SO FREAKY.1 say your name 10 times 2. say you're mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4.paste this on 4 other games.if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.but if you read this and do not paste this you will get bad luck.SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES.WHEN YOUR DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS.ITS SO FREAKY IT WORKS..
#EaWGit2z Feb 05,2017 22:17
subhadip hansda
what is the planat of earth?
#idlolU8s Feb 05,2017 05:41
crazycat715#C5jZwTEA 2017/01/30 03:41 what do you use seeds for? You put them on sand to make trees but its works on size 1 so single click
#C5jZwTEA Jan 30,2017 03:41
what do you use seeds for?
#OcxFqxqZ Jan 09,2017 18:26
#idlolU8s Nov 27,2016 02:02
i like how you can make more planets i like to pretend their fighting each other
#hF33Uuie Nov 22,2016 02:17
Anonymouse :D
#9AdX4fED Nov 16,2016 10:16
Rly fapping game but so small size
#ciowffgD Nov 11,2016 06:47
nice idea and this website is great but this could do with more stuff - even if it's just stuff from Dust Game 2
#9xjgkp0E Nov 06,2016 19:29
For me. This game is so glitchy
#VY5Cxu5S Oct 30,2016 16:08
coolade man
Dude what ar jou saying
#VY5Cxu5S Oct 30,2016 16:06
i likke thas game
#v5wNn34k Oct 19,2016 06:52
I think Dan-Ball is so cool
#6J0ezqHK Oct 19,2016 00:12
War Web420
It's Not a Bad Game It's A Good Game. But It's 11th on The Free Game List.
#6J0ezqHK Oct 19,2016 00:08
War Web420
The Game Is Good I like It
#WbGAPE7q Oct 14,2016 02:33
Doctor Solloutio
That's Really Good
#bPalHbba Oct 05,2016 21:03
#7t6KLKGY Sep 17,2016 22:29
This is fun
#8w7gDqJb Sep 11,2016 02:07
Is there a game like this that has more robust variables? Something with more dynamics? This concept is cool and I'd have to think there are other games like this. Thanks
#8w7gDqJb Sep 11,2016 02:06
Is this a game like this that has more robust variables? Something more dynamic and bigger
#hbfTSpdk Sep 02,2016 14:15
SarcophagI Bob battled a giant. Due to unforseen collisions with shrines and dignity, thou shall not become of the Pepsi Corporation, yes we will rise, no we will fall. We will dance like guitars on strollers into the dungeon of anti-electrons. "Wait a minute..." a minute bar of tungsten called out, we're not evil, we're the exact physical representation of chitnous plating! That is totally basket weaving safe, flat landers stated. However, Jerry the oblivious furnace will have to educate them on their ignorant beliefs regarding orbital defense on bean crop rotations for the sole purpose of regulating entropy. Sarlaccc! Sarlacc! Saaarlaaac! No quotation marks, hahaha! He is evil for not arousing that! Defend the ring, there are quintillion copies and we must find the one Jerry is using to summon Sarcophagi Bob!
#InsN66Kb Aug 10,2016 05:02
wat wat
I really do like this game.
#1gM1zFyr Jul 15,2016 19:23
what this earth
#EYJ7GQyK Jul 09,2016 04:28
Really? You bother to update THIS!? Where's SR 17.5, hm? I had no idea it was ACTUALLY turning into HL3!
#NxqN2FRa Jul 08,2016 13:08
o k
#vzTgCMSr Jul 08,2016 11:15
Earth Editor ver2.7 Optimisation: 60fps Optimisation: FONT
#FJ276asy Jul 08,2016 03:00
#2lG5p2vZ Jun 30,2016 10:24
#RKdUUDfh Jun 18,2016 00:31
#RKdUUDfh Jun 18,2016 00:30
#J9TAN0Xm Jun 16,2016 04:55
Hello there earthlings
#J9TAN0Xm Jun 16,2016 04:54
Hate game
#BJya1YQQ Jun 07,2016 02:38
#BJya1YQQ Jun 06,2016 19:41
LOLOLOLOLOL u mad broz I'm the new troll
#iKX9CmZP Jun 01,2016 09:42
@Chunky_Dunky That was for you.
#iKX9CmZP Jun 01,2016 09:41
#hgRBEcun May 25,2016 14:26
Go me =D
still preventing boredom 2016 :p
#i8HlHzE8 May 05,2016 14:55
it looks like when you finished making earth you will blow it uplike an end of the world
#S0DeI7Jm May 05,2016 07:48
#VIPUNclr Apr 28,2016 00:14
dear boner uhh why did you say that
#S0DeI7Jm Apr 26,2016 06:50
i have a big boner
#66MwBVoA Apr 25,2016 01:19
Well, I suppose if you were taking some sort of utilitarianist view you could argue that it would be the right choice to engineer an organism to only feel happiness. The first ethical problem, I think, would be 'does the organism want to be engineered in this way?' I think it would be fairly easy for outsiders to see the tyranny involved in engineering a group to only feel happiness, while they themselves might not feel tyrannised it could be possible that certain things would make them feel more happy than other things.
#gBc7EaNa Apr 22,2016 15:50
#cM1levT7 Apr 17,2016 09:02
Large poo
#livqFCph Mar 23,2016 09:28
kenji u know i had a friend named kenji in 3rd grade
#livqFCph Mar 23,2016 09:27
#LYxGvyno Mar 17,2016 13:48
☠Rip World☠
#tKM2zKQf Mar 06,2016 17:38
TK that reminds of pleb movies where races that apparently "don't feel emotions" get angry and so on
#ajkTPqYZ Feb 22,2016 09:29
rip of of dust and dust 2
#ftr89R8S Feb 07,2016 06:11
Donald Trump
Hehe, this isn't how the earth was created. Blacks created it. And me, with my small loan of a million dollars and what not.
#gXby1KrR Jan 19,2016 12:11
Torture King
Would it be ethical to genetically engineer an organism to only feel happiness? I've been playing some far-future scifi games and the quote, "How can you tyrannize someone that does not feel pain?" stuck out to me as a damn good question.
#6yJjYfrP Jan 17,2016 10:16
this game needs an update
#U7mhQBkU Jan 09,2016 02:37
#2xKHxj4c Dec 21,2015 17:47
This game is so cool, if there was an ios app of it, i'd buy it
#X05JNb5i Dec 21,2015 00:17
Hight Voltagelol
why there not a "update" button in this game ?!?
#rJSeCEkt Dec 19,2015 08:20
#NTw6GnXf Dec 14,2015 19:49
#wnLBghrp Dec 13,2015 10:30
ikr, this needs updates! like an actual planet that's done and everything that you can place
#Hafgq36a Dec 13,2015 04:03
this deserves an update
#OwNctmt2 Dec 05,2015 12:19
There has been an awakening, have you felt it?
#FQXAJ6lE Nov 21,2015 22:57
A feminist
#FQXAJ6lE Nov 21,2015 22:56
A feminist
#OjCvQUlZ Nov 21,2015 09:04
#OjCvQUlZ Nov 21,2015 08:59
LOVE this game!!! I made a Supernova and two galaxies collide!
#EQT8RbLF Nov 13,2015 21:23
can't make eath
#E6F9dmIR Nov 13,2015 08:26
Any thoughts about those protests at Yale?
#WGfyBJgB Nov 10,2015 01:58
#jDtaOYcR Oct 31,2015 06:27
nice game
#VP5PLJkz Oct 17,2015 12:45
Lovely judging the complexity and work done towards the game.
#hLSY11op Oct 13,2015 02:30
at first I did not know that all of the sand and suff like that would gust float straight up to that little dot in the sinter
#gXby1KrR Sep 27,2015 17:33
Torture King
That's assuming the actual universe has all the same dimensions that ours does, even though it doesn't have to. Think of it this way: We inhabit 3 spacial dimensions and 1-2 time ones. (I think we'll find out if there's more than one time dimension with the results of the first few time-travel experiments.) When we make a simulation, it has to be lesser than what we have for about the same reason as what your friend stated, so why the assumption that ours is "complete"? That's basically the same thing as Descartes going from "I exist" to "God exists" for no other reason than because the alternative makes them uncomfortable to consider. There's no real reason why the real universe wouldn't have , say, a 4th spacial dimension- and therefore have infinitely more resources to run our simulation of 3.
#E6F9dmIR Sep 26,2015 08:13
The Debate has become a Reasonably Civil Conversation. Vive le Bourgeoisie! Here's something for you to attempt to debate: One of my chums who is more sciencey than me said that the idea of this universe being a simulation is untrue because to simulate a universe the entire resources of a universe would be need to run the simulation. Is this true? Fight it out!
#gXby1KrR Sep 24,2015 17:59
Torture King
The Debate is in its 3rd (or 5th, I lost count) death throe, due to a lack of opposing viewpoints. If the established pattern holds up it should liven up sometime in the next year or so the next time some bored smart kid wanders around the site for a bit instead of going over schoolwork.
#FxVDH9aD Sep 19,2015 06:39
Okay, is [email protected] new?
#QbXoEGqT Sep 15,2015 14:40
Okay, seriously? This is still going after all this time? Props for being able to retain people, I guess.
#AQ9L67IB Sep 05,2015 04:58
Great game Make an update
#E6F9dmIR Aug 25,2015 01:51
I did a quiz which said I was a Left Coast person, then I answered it slightly differently and was told I am a Yankee.
#ZZ9qp07h Aug 14,2015 20:44
#gXby1KrR Aug 12,2015 04:05
Torture King
I have not, but it seems valid to me. I love that the Pacific-most "nation" is called the "Left Coast" instead of the "West Coast". "We don't need your standard compass directions here, we've got trees and Starbucks for that stuff!"
#lICYgcrt Aug 08,2015 12:07
Hmmm i cant seem to play most games on this website, but im glad this one works
#E6F9dmIR Aug 04,2015 09:30
Have any of you lot heard about the eleven North American 'nations' theory?
#r9ZEGbr3 Aug 03,2015 02:50
I wish they had this game on iPad I'm on iPad and I can play it without using a app it's kinda laggy but still a lot of fun
#gXby1KrR Jul 16,2015 00:46
Torture King
I'd love to but it seems every topic that gets brought up dies immediately, and after 5-6 years of keeping it alive I'm finally out of ideas. I still pop in though, a few times a month.
#1KhbOVOv Jul 12,2015 06:22
sometimes i just wish tk would come back and bless this chat with how cool he is
#TzOeYFvl Jul 05,2015 10:07
Hey Fishes And Awesomeness Are The Same Person!!!
#EHpH521Y Jun 15,2015 12:41
#EHpH521Y Jun 15,2015 12:37
I'm not a >< (((*>, I'm just saying this cause T_T and be cause of '__'. SERIOUSLY!!
#vzTgCMSr Jun 12,2015 14:12
Earth Editor ver2.6 HTML5 version.
#7GWnjodt Jun 09,2015 06:39
You can actually make a gravity ball course with black hole and pen shot. It is cool.
#iiyRX8u9 Jun 05,2015 00:59
i cant play
it wouldnt let me play i have java the latest
#E6F9dmIR May 14,2015 07:40
#fZzaj1lX May 13,2015 20:43
#E6F9dmIR May 12,2015 09:16
Yogh, I'm back.
#5xmf4Zgt Apr 07,2015 14:20
:p Does anyone remember Lashawna?
#R7k6kpJk Apr 05,2015 08:10
#SiugbOFl Mar 20,2015 00:05
You are comparing the effects of one thing on many people, versus the effects of something on just one person. Nuclear weapons that would be used today wouldn't be the same as the ones used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they would be much, much worse, almost 0% survival chance if you were anywhere near it, the pressure wave that would be formed would be 20-50x stronger than the ones formed in WW2 at the same ratio of distance.
#gXby1KrR Mar 18,2015 12:59
Torture King
They didn't have any problem with the extended firebombings that littered WW2, nor chemical attacks in WW1 or the weaponized plagues in earlier wars. Though to be fair, the damage nuclear weapons pose to human lives and livelihoods is much lower than most of those previous methods. Being at ground-zero of a mustard gas attack is one of those things you probably wouldn't want to survive; while both nuclear strikes share a single survivor who- as far as I know- is still fairly healthy for a man as old as he is.
#xH6umhqW Mar 16,2015 06:47
I really do wonder if any country especially the west would fire a nuke back if one was fired at them, Imagine that in the history books a country responding by committing mass murder of innocents.
#ofAiofHs Feb 27,2015 03:46
#U22R4kPZ Feb 13,2015 12:25
i forgot to mention that i played all i could see and now i am afraid that there will never be an update
#gXby1KrR Feb 13,2015 07:56
Torture King
@whatevername: Uhh, well before I would have said the gravity effects, but since that went into pg2 the only things are fire destroying water and a solid-earth substance (wall) that can be broken into loose earth (sand). Also, meteors are basically thunder that affected by gravity. @mg: How would you go about deciding what makes a "great" power? Historically that term is applied to perceived military strength or size; and since nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapon we've ever made, then shouldn't the mere act of developing a nuclear stockpile make a nation "great" enough to fairly own nuclear weapons? Or is this more an issue with land-area/economic strength?
#U22R4kPZ Feb 10,2015 05:41
i have a question what are the unique feature of earth editor that pg1/2 lack(aside from the obvious elements...)
#WXKHmuLF Feb 08,2015 03:34
Well, I'll be darned, I didn't think anyone had posted yet... Anyway, I agree with you that deterrence is mostly working. In my ideal world only the greatest powers (Russia, China and America) could hold nuclear weapons and they would only be allowed fifty each, enough in my opinion to serve as an effective deterrent but not enough to bring a complete end to civilized life on Earth if they were used. Also, an international body would have to right to strip the country of nuclear weapons if they saw fit. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen as I doubt Britain, France, Pakistan, Israel, India and North Korea would want to give up their nukes.
#5vL8vg6c Feb 06,2015 09:30
post already mg
#Bj75wAKd Feb 05,2015 03:58
Torture King
Just in case a third buffer comment is required.
#JqpISah4 Feb 04,2015 14:30
I'm only posting this here because MG requested it so he could post here again <3
#Bj75wAKd Feb 01,2015 18:33
Torture King
Morally I'm opposed to any sort of militant aggression against civilians, since nuclear weapons are meant to be used against population centers to attack enemy morale they're naturally at the top of my "Stop doing that!" list. However, since nuclear weapons have only been deployed in war twice, and since the intensity and regularity of wars have been in gradual decline since WW2... I'd say that nuclear deterrence is actually working somehow, and it's probably in our species' best interest to keep it up until separate governments are done away with and make militarism pointless.
#WXKHmuLF Feb 01,2015 10:15
Well then. What's your position on the morality of the nuclear deterrent and MAD?
#WXKHmuLF Jan 26,2015 11:33
...Which is why China's gonna psych us all out and take over the world. Another funny moment was when Richard Nixon debated the virtues of Capitalism and the American way of life with Nikita Khrushchev in a model kitchen at the World's Fair:
#Bj75wAKd Jan 23,2015 17:59
Torture King
Welp, that one died. How about something less serious? Like what was the funniest event in history? I'd go with this one time, in ancient China, a general (I forget his name) was put in charge of defending a city from attack from a numerically and technologically superior army. He rightly decides a straight fight is suicidal, so instead he has the gates wide open and sets a table and chairs to enjoy himself some free-tea in front of the unguarded gate. When the army gets there, they are treated to the sight of a middle-aged military-dude famous for winning dozens of battles in clever and/or underhanded ways, sitting around the gate he's supposed to be holding, drinking tea and inviting the invaders to come and join him. They decided that it was obviously a trap, so the entire army turns around and leaves rather than try to take the "bait" and bring some horrible tea-scented doom on their heads.
#zOZrDDLl Jan 23,2015 12:54
sorry my friend typed that
#zOZrDDLl Jan 23,2015 12:53
#Bj75wAKd Jan 12,2015 05:18
Torture King
The thing that's in the way isn't growing the crops, it's making sure that people can still eat the crops. Nobody grows marijuana in a basement just to eat it, they do it for the chemicals produced by the plant to defend itself from herbivores. Edible plants need to have a lot of calories to be viable for food, too little and you end up with "negative calories" a plant that takes more energy to digest than it gives us when ingested- like celery is naturally. To produce calories, a plant needs access to a huge amount of energy, such as the sun, but to farm it underground at a similar quality we'd either need an entirely new crop that doesn't use photosynthesis or else a lot more power than we currently have. Plus, at the moment the most viable renewable energy source is the sun, so we'd be collecting light to turn into electricity to turn back into light to feed to the underground crops. Even without taking waste heat into account that sounds crazy. The roads thing I don't know, I suppose the issue there would be finding a material translucent enough to let decent amounts of light through while strong enough to hold up under moderate-high traffic. -- To be fair to the 19th century, a fatalistic attitude was probably one of the only ways for the educated "common born" to deal with the fact that their lives were basically worthless compared to the aristocracy.
#bmQs594Q Jan 09,2015 09:19
Surely there must be a way of growing crops underground efficiently. This may be using LED lighting that produces UV. This type of lighting also aloes weed to grow faster and have more potency compared to the Classic way of growing the weed. Perhaps there could be a way of automating the growing by having farms at every house in the country or world but that would mean a massive change in society, but I don't know to be honest with you, Another idea is making roads and other open areas work like one way glass. You could build a massive farm under a place like london have the roads be used as a way of transferring UV to underneath them while being durable for people to walk on and cars to run on ect. If you get me ?
#QM3biEZt Jan 08,2015 09:58
Mass death, yes, and I'm being facetious, because facetiousness is the best type of ness.
#Bj75wAKd Jan 05,2015 09:03
Torture King
#lVXtMNzH Jan 03,2015 14:59
I don't really have a good idea in regards to overpopulation meaning I haven't formed a full opinion about it. I was told once by a college mate of mine that the earths population could fit in a tiny area, but to be honest, imagine how crowned that would be. On the other hand, we as modern day humans have never really pondered on creating space for living and growing food (people grow weed in lofts so) underground. So that could help the space problem, also surely there must be a way to give the human body nutrients without the need to have mass crops and farm animals. To me it's more to do with enjoying the experience of eating rather the efficiency. Or... We can follow the ideas of Nikola Tesla and perform Eugenics on humanity as a way of forcing evolution rather than letting it happen.
#Y3Rjyl0g Jan 03,2015 05:31
Mass death? People probably thought that mass was natural as well, at least in the christian parts of the world. I don´t understand the "different mode of thought"-part though. Are you saying "our" mode of thought should change?
#QM3biEZt Jan 02,2015 10:22
Or we could go to a different mode of thought like 19th Century people who said that famines and mass were a natural and necessary part of life.
#Y3Rjyl0g Dec 31,2014 16:05
Just saying, vertical farming is not too difficult...
#Bj75wAKd Dec 30,2014 14:30
Torture King
Actual living space aside, I think what we'll really be limited by is how much food we can grow before there's a mass famine. Since making food depends on the availability of a balanced ecosystem to base production on, and there's pretty much nothing like that out in space to harvest from, I figure we'll ultimately be limited by how thin we can spread our already limited fertile soil.
#LCTFHSi7 Dec 28,2014 11:29
I haven't said anything here in a while, so here it goes: Yeah, there's more than enough space if people were to start expanding into areas like Greenland and Antarctica before the population expansion starts to stabilize like IjimeDame says (although it probably wouldn't even be really necessary in most areas if it is only around 11 billion). The only problem is, I don't see people in highly-populated places like India and China wanting to travel to those areas in the first place, let alone even affording it. But of course, as technologies advance, they might even start building underwater colonies or off-world settlements if things start to get really out of hand... ...Or we could just go all Soylent Green ;)
#Y3Rjyl0g Dec 28,2014 05:04
I do not think "overpopulation" will be an issue. Most demographers predict the population will stabilize at 11 billion people, and there is more than enough land to support all of them. If you take into consideration technological advancement and the implementation of current technology into agriculture it is even less plausible.
#Bj75wAKd Dec 25,2014 05:24
Torture King
Now if only there were something interesting enough to talk about for more than 5 posts. How about "overpopulation"? The global population is estimated to be over 7.5 billion now, that's up from 6 billion in only a few decades. At what point will we run out of space to put everybody?
#EfjAZ4UC Dec 23,2014 04:46
Hay yes I am and ive been awesome. Its nice to see you are still on this :P
#Bj75wAKd Dec 22,2014 15:22
Torture King
Oh hey, kyoto's back. Awesome. How have you been?
#8X3Vch2X Dec 22,2014 13:42
Really nice I must say. Easy to use too! I made the earth with lava and water and that was it. (of course, I added seeds for land!)
#QM3biEZt Dec 17,2014 04:29
#WXKHmuLF Dec 13,2014 09:48
#Gh0RXpqa Dec 13,2014 08:33
hay dudes :) remember me TK? haha i am gonna start talking on this again
#WXKHmuLF Dec 02,2014 05:13
mysteryguy200? Looks like people in America are growing tired of Black Friday... Also, I can see if you're in a relevant industry, like fashion or outdoor equipment getting ready for Spring early, but not actually selling Spring-related merchandise in the middle of Winter.
#QM3biEZt Nov 28,2014 07:11
I heard today that shops in Ireland art doing Black Friday sales now, I'm sort of annoyed, it being an American thing invading here and whatnot but there were good offers on Steam. I think before December is too early for Christmas ads but it is sort of acceptable as long as it isn't before Halloween. One thing that annoys me is shops advertising seasonal things far before that season has arrived, like Spring stuff in January or February. February is not a Spring month at all despite what people might say.
#Bj75wAKd Nov 25,2014 14:56
Torture King
@mysteryguy200?: I'm just glad they waited until November before breaking out the fake snow and Santa voice-overs, last year I saw an inflatable snowman on display at Walmart before most people had their Halloween decorations up. @NorbertLinuxGuy: Not really, the general theme of puritans finally figuring out how to farm in the new world and having dinner with a few generous natives doesn't lend itself well to commercialism.
#4lyka6CE Nov 24,2014 00:14
I cant here upload ?
#4lyka6CE Nov 24,2014 00:12
very cool game
#QM3biEZt Nov 21,2014 08:49
Does Thanksgiving have any songs of its own?
#WXKHmuLF Nov 18,2014 09:50
#WXKHmuLF Nov 08,2014 05:06
#BzmGprHk Nov 02,2014 10:00
people say I havge no friends amd I fart in jars
#EkiZKwsx Oct 21,2014 20:52
Привет людям данболлчана
#EkiZKwsx Oct 21,2014 20:50
Fuc(k)ing Java
Ёбаные ошибки Жабы не дают нормально мне поигратьв эту игру
#fc15zPzg Oct 12,2014 09:52
Its broken :/
#pT3YJXNJ Oct 05,2014 06:15
@NorbertLinuxGuy: What about Transnistria?
#QM3biEZt Oct 02,2014 06:31
On another topic, what do you lot think about interventionism and non-interventionism.
#QM3biEZt Oct 02,2014 06:29
I'd kind of assume there wasn't any vote rigging going but my only reason for that is because the UK is supposed to a 'Civilised Western State' and whatnot.
#oDxVSXyj Sep 25,2014 06:20
PLEASE add stone!!!!!!!!!
#Bj75wAKd Sep 23,2014 06:04
Torture King
I'm no expert in video editing, so I can't be certain if this is real or not, but at face value it looks like there was shenanigans gong on during the Scotland vote tallying.
#jWbD4poU Sep 22,2014 04:11
#FJ3u4wrH Sep 20,2014 11:48
Its the debates again.
#QM3biEZt Sep 20,2014 09:58
I was trying to say earlier that I agree with TK about Balkanisation. I think that in Western Europe at least, countries could become independent without any violence and they may be driven to be more economically competitive. Apart from Catalonia though, I don't really see any likely candidates for independence in Western Europe in the near future unless Europe is swept by a wave of nationalism. I actually thought from the start that Catalonia has been a bit more likely to become independent since it's the richest part of Spain and and is a bit more culturally seperate from the rest of Spain than Scotland is from England. Also, I think that had Scotland not gone into a union with England at all it would be better off today, due to the fact a native Scottish government would invest into Scotland and that it would have to compete with England in trade and industry.
#WXKHmuLF Sep 20,2014 08:59
Well, looks like Scotland will be part of the UK, after all. The problem with European Balkanization in my opinion is that it reverses the oftentimes bloody 500 year process of unifying Europe from the hundreds of small warring feudal states into a collection of a couple dozen mostly peaceful countries. If nations begin splintering on ethnic, religious and political lines holding together large political bodies like the EU and NATO will be a much more difficult task (And benefit Russia, which would love to see NATO and the EU crumble.) In short, I think that the risk of tension and disunity that would befall Europe would outweigh the positives of self-determination and independence for minority groups in Europe.
#Bj75wAKd Sep 19,2014 14:59
Torture King
The only thing I can see it affecting is financial stuff; they'd be cutting themselves off from the security of a high population base to tax, on the other hand the UK's been treating Scotland as an industrial center since the days when naval power depended on having a good source of tar to waterproof massive ships- so it's not as if they'd suddenly be without major sources of income. I'm mostly indifferent to European Balkanization, the place has always been made of about a hundred different tribes/nations/ethnic groups that just happened to unite over the centuries through royal ties, religion, and much more recently political ideals. As long as it stays nonviolent I'd say the diversity of mindsets and cultures is probably a good thing.
#QM3biEZt Sep 19,2014 08:06
I'd like to see Scotland get it's independence. As for 'Balkanisation of Europe' it's going two ways, regions are looking for independence and autonomy but the EU is also getting more influence. The main two places in Western Europe that look like they could get independence at the moment are: Scotland (depending on how the referendum turns out) and Catalonia.
#WXKHmuLF Sep 18,2014 00:52
Well, since this conversation has gone stale, what are your opinions on Scottish independence? I can get behind the idea of self-determination but I don't really like the whole idea of the Balkanization of Europe.
#QM3biEZt Sep 06,2014 06:47
Yeah, Eastern Europe is especially reliant on Russian gas. Some countries get 100% of it from Russia, Germany get's 37%.
#WXKHmuLF Sep 05,2014 03:11
True, but the fossil fuel that Europe relies on Russia for is natural gas and America produces that at five times the rate of Canada:
#Bj75wAKd Sep 04,2014 03:24
Torture King
@Ponderous: ...Riiight... Did you have anything productive you'd like to add to the conversation? Back on topic, Canada would probably be just as likely to help if not more so. Since they produce even more fossil fuels than the US but only consume it at like, a fifth of the rate we do.
#Q3TPfNg1 Sep 02,2014 04:08
A Ponderous Girl
Hello. I am very ponderous. *ponders*
#WXKHmuLF Sep 01,2014 08:33
I don't know about the Greenland gas route but I've heard talk that America could export its suddenly abundant amount of natural gas to Europe so Russia couldn't keep hanging that over Europe's head as a threat.
#Bj75wAKd Sep 01,2014 07:19
Torture King
Doesn't Denmark produce a lot of oil through Greenland? It couldn't get that bad if they do.
#QM3biEZt Aug 30,2014 10:10
Well them stopping selling gas to Europe could cause some problems.
#WXKHmuLF Aug 28,2014 04:09
I've heard that Starbucks is only in two locations in Russia, in Moscow and Rostov-On-Don, so I don't think it has as much of an overwhelming reach as McDonald's. (That and I imagine the elite of Russia are more likely to visit Starbucks than McDonald's.) Regardless, I don't see how Russia sanctioning itself is supposed to hurt America/EU.
#Bj75wAKd Aug 27,2014 08:03
Torture King
Huh. I wonder if Starbucks is next?
#CodbEfZB Aug 24,2014 13:24
Ew, mcdonalds.
#WXKHmuLF Aug 23,2014 00:52
Putin's not lovin' it anymore: One has to wonder how many American products and brands that people love can be taken away before there's a backlash...
#QM3biEZt Aug 22,2014 02:03
Well, I don't know what the movie is but Norbert the Dragon is fabulous.
#WXKHmuLF Aug 22,2014 00:14
I don't even know what the Norbert movie or dragon is.... ...But there is a Communism/Capitalism debate springing up on the PG comments. We can bring our much-needed analysis there.
#Bj75wAKd Aug 20,2014 15:06
Torture King
The movie or the dragon?
#QM3biEZt Aug 20,2014 08:20
Norbert is very amazing a lot.
#WXKHmuLF Aug 20,2014 05:19
That's a great idea for a debate topic! What's everyone's opinion on norbert?
#AuQrKDqG Aug 17,2014 23:50
#BD5Mco48 Aug 01,2014 06:18
Torture King We live in a world where not only is alchemy proven science, but a profitable and world-saving science at that..
#UmRnummq Jul 24,2014 09:49
Cool miner
Is Cool
#UmRnummq Jul 24,2014 09:48
Cool miner Gamer
#WXKHmuLF Jul 16,2014 00:10
Maybe he could finish his remaining three years of his second term before handing over the reins to somebody else.
#b6lv5ypr Jul 15,2014 21:02
Abraham L v2 HaW
I Look Too Handsome , But There's A Hole In My Head ...
#BD5Mco48 Jul 09,2014 08:07
Torture King
I don't think he'd be able to, since he's already won two elections already. Sure, he never completed the second one, but the law's the law.
#ILuqMBVQ Jul 09,2014 07:42
Abraham Lincoln
Why are people talking about me?...
#WXKHmuLF Jul 08,2014 22:59
He would be full health non-zombie Lincoln mysteriously raised from the dead. I'd be interested in seeing how many votes he'd get in the South.
#4UxCb68r Jul 07,2014 23:56
@MG Well, would he be exactly the same as before, or would he be all zombie-like? I'm assuming he would get quite a bit of votes. @no fair Because the game needs something to run it, just like you need an Xbox to play Halo 4 or whatever the kids are doin' now a days. :/ It's not one of those "register to play" things, the game NEEDS Java to work.
#WXKHmuLF Jul 07,2014 08:44
If Abraham Lincoln came back to life and announced his intention to run for President of the United States would he win? Would anyone run against him?
#6U2dBsah Jul 06,2014 06:02
no fair
why do you need java to play
#PlHnZYlt Jul 01,2014 21:35
Is P NP?
#j0bCAlFe Jul 01,2014 03:13
plz add lasers
#YjHsEIM2 Jun 27,2014 07:50
This game is fun and addictive but please add more powders and make it more stable when adding things like more than one planets
#XWqfVaDI Jun 22,2014 11:31
And SR, (but he skipped ver1.1 so look it over).
#otrPG36R Jun 20,2014 05:33
@ryan I agree, but Powder Game seems the main attraction to Dan-ball
#otrPG36R Jun 20,2014 05:31
This could be good on mobile phones, looking at how Powder Game Viewer turned out.
#8iDyQqMm Jun 16,2014 10:01
land and water
#QM3biEZt Jun 10,2014 08:50
Well, I suppose there would be people who wouldn't want to live in a simulation, apart from that I can't really think of any ethical problems with it.
#pvLcUD9D Jun 09,2014 05:23
check it out...
#aKKY45WZ Jun 03,2014 08:00
@Kev/Mr P Evert We know you're the same guy because your code.
#BD5Mco48 Jun 01,2014 06:35
Torture King
Yeah, just move everyone into cyberspace and store their bodies in a closet or something. Everyone not 100% needed outside would sit in a box and dream about living with everyone else on the planet in. (Assuming that our species resorted to a simulation because other methods like space-colonization were somehow impossible.)
#QM3biEZt May 30,2014 09:02
How would this simulation work? Would it be like mind-uploading?
#BD5Mco48 May 30,2014 00:51
Torture King
Ethics of transferring some or all of the human population into a simulation for space-efficiency?
#X1UM9CPk May 28,2014 20:13
The P Ervert guy is a creep!
#X1UM9CPk May 28,2014 20:12
Mr P Evert
I soooo kill children hehehe
#epnEItK9 May 26,2014 09:19
#5pdJnQsc May 25,2014 04:53
Dude, he doesn't read comments.
#7H9cUPD0 May 22,2014 07:43
#JeKgPRWu May 21,2014 02:03
Make it an APP!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
#o53AHN5K May 20,2014 14:19
asto suardi
bsan jomblo trus..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#QM3biEZt May 08,2014 08:56
I was going to say that but the censor wouldn't let me.
#6zI6DdPs May 07,2014 01:16
Tyne and wear
@hi Why can't we? We are talking about our world on an world making game.
#BD5Mco48 May 04,2014 01:51
Torture King
@Hi: It's tradition. Just get used to it.
#alDv3TJh May 03,2014 00:07
Why r u on about the world on a game
#QM3biEZt May 01,2014 05:20
I meant to write that (and some other stuff) when it was first posted, but then my internet died.
#7SViOGcH May 01,2014 00:55
That post was from more than a week ago. Things have changed now.
#QM3biEZt Apr 30,2014 01:14
Either way? I'd have thought Russia was quite firmly set against the West by now.
#BD5Mco48 Apr 21,2014 05:08
Torture King
NKorea's certainly considers itself our arch-nemesis, Russia's position is a little iffy at the moment and could go either way, but China's more of a rival than an enemy. One doesn't tailor their entire economy to supply an enemy's enormous consumption, that's a support/placation tactic.
#7SViOGcH Apr 20,2014 19:26
Well, America does have a lot of enemies, i.e Russia, China and N. Korea.
#BD5Mco48 Apr 18,2014 06:53
Torture King
I'd say it's more that we don't expect much from friends and family, since the general culture's been one of self-reliance since colonial times and we've only gotten more fanatical about it since the Cold War started. Having to ask someone for assistance in anything is usually looked down on as a failure to self-determine, though I can't think of many that would say 'no' to helping if the one in trouble had a reliable reputation.
#nfH01pUi Apr 17,2014 05:29
nice game
#QM3biEZt Apr 12,2014 08:26
Wikipedia has a page about friendship and it compares friendship in different places, it seems Americans have the worst friends.
#hydURE9W Apr 11,2014 07:59
Meep Rulez
#I8LBPKCx Apr 06,2014 03:42
awesome face 11
dude its easy
#2x5SgP5u Apr 04,2014 20:57
Hard corps
wow u have no clue how to play
#59SBdX6l Apr 01,2014 08:46
how do u play game
#9fQJo7zq Mar 30,2014 02:22
update adding new elements please
#LRCyTfJB Mar 29,2014 23:54
#BD5Mco48 Mar 29,2014 09:01
Torture King
Let's try this again:
#ZXwUaOm2 Mar 29,2014 08:00
#QM3biEZt Mar 25,2014 07:32
Yeah, I agree, I was more thinking of AIs though. What if they were 'otherwise sapient beings' and more intelligent than humans I'd doubt people would give up power easily, even if an AI could be better at ruling/making decisions. Or people might become cyborgs and make themselves equal to AIs.
#BD5Mco48 Mar 24,2014 04:54
Torture King
Impossible to compare: SR and MB are completely different games with completely different goals that just happen to share the same graphics and characters.
#HY1IGouX Mar 23,2014 05:48
Here's a debate: Is Stick Ranger better than Monster Box?
#BD5Mco48 Mar 19,2014 07:24
Torture King
Manual labor's sure to be completely automated; 'cause even human laborers just sort of set themselves in a pattern to work efficiently so having a robot in that role would probably just reduce boredom-based mistakes. But you can't really automate the act of creating a new precedent, so management, design, and research positions would all have to be filled with human beings. (Or otherwise sapient beings.) So I imagine that we'll end up with a system of millions of think-tanks bouncing ideas at eachother, and computers dutifully following along the most popular solutions. (Ignoring the possibility of AIs and the various ethical problems associated with keeping what would basically be a modern-day caste system.)
#QM3biEZt Mar 18,2014 08:32
So, do you think we'll ever get to a stage where we have robots and computers doing all our work? And how that might work out.
#8qVDx2mz Mar 15,2014 09:54
It's not just full "apocalypses" though. What about the movies like 2001 Space Odyssey or games like Portal. Just some generally evil AIs. @stixx Thou make'th no sense. What about "Shoot Yellow Headcrab (OS)" instead?
#BD5Mco48 Mar 13,2014 16:20
Torture King
@stixx, I looked up that exact phrase and couldn't find anything related to AIs. Are you just babbling randomly again?
#BD5Mco48 Mar 12,2014 00:16
Torture King
I've never liked the idea of AI-based Armageddon like "Skynet", a fully-sentient machine spanning the globe and capable of reprogramming other machines to do it's bidding? Humans can be a lot of things, but we're not a threat to something like that- it'd just too big and nebulous to be attacked by us without our tools simply shutting off. The EMP and nuclear fallout from the initial barrage would be a bigger threat, and if anything it'd probably just scramble the passwords to access the nukes before deconstructing them still in the silos.
#8qVDx2mz Mar 10,2014 12:25
There are SOOOO many robot-based apocalypses... People would be killed, either way, as they'd start to run out of resources, or one side would nuke the capital of another side, and ect... I'd say better, though.
#7SViOGcH Mar 10,2014 03:47
Robots going to war will save human lives, but wouldn't there be a small chance that something might go wrong (hint-the Terminator?) Its still rather unlikely though.
#BD5Mco48 Mar 04,2014 13:32
Torture King
I'm much of the same opinion, but I imagine there'd be more hiccups with nobody on site to correct a problem when it becomes apparent. Like that one time a while back with the newly-built cruiser that shut down in the middle of the ocean. Apparently it happened 'cause the US Navy forgot to remove a "divide by zero" error the manufacturer programs the engines with to deter theft. The error knocked out all ability to move, steer, and communicate with the rest of the Navy- they had to wait for another ship to pass nearby to even let anyone know they were stuck. They couldn't even lower the anchor, 'cause those things are several tons and simply can't be budged without electronic assistance; so the entire ship was basically drifting around with the currents for a week or so with no real idea of when they might get rescued. I can easily imagine dozens of automated ships that got lost just off the shores of another modernized country, which were then interpreted as a gathering sneak-attack by local recon drones and jump-starting WW3 before anyone can explain the mistake.
#wc9tqwuT Mar 03,2014 02:57
i cant play llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
#wc9tqwuT Mar 03,2014 02:57
i like it
#QM3biEZt Mar 01,2014 11:55
@stixx44 I decided to go away for a while and see what was happening when I came back, and I also forgot to say anything any time earlier. @TK Entire battles/conflicts fought by unmanned armies would get rid of a lot of the killing in war. Cyberwarfare would become more important, war would be less 'warlike' so to speak, battles would be even more so a test of which side can spend the most money on equipment.
#OC8NnhbQ Mar 01,2014 00:12
#BD5Mco48 Feb 28,2014 01:32
Torture King
Unmanned warfare. Better or worse than "normal" warfare?
#HY1IGouX Feb 27,2014 06:31
@NorbertLinuxGuy Where the heck were you! @184bzebra9486 You, don't imposterize STS or your account is deleted! @StarTrekSpock Zebra will impersonate me next and say he same thing.
#rP2Ijcer Feb 25,2014 09:29
i like the game its so cool :)
#7SViOGcH Feb 23,2014 19:09
Das ist true.
#mWSsIbET Feb 23,2014 05:34
The thing that I like about EE that Pg2 doesn't have are meteor, pen-shot, and how bomb and meteor do more damage if they're going faster.
#ux81HYTq Feb 23,2014 03:10
#yP6XD9zN Feb 21,2014 21:25
scyskraper. There. Problem solved.
#yP6XD9zN Feb 21,2014 21:24
I wishs I could upload some planets. Then again, just remove the valls from powder game 2 switch off the gravity and put a black hole in the middle and then it is better than this earth editor.
#QM3biEZt Feb 21,2014 21:20
#HY1IGouX Feb 06,2014 10:25
Oh, RCA did fine on PERISH 14, do you think? I wanna do PERRRRRRRRRISH for it please! I was assigned 18 but then, same when RCA quit PERISH 10 when NuttyBanana said he thought he had 17 but you told him now ITS ME! Like franse did! I will put swastikas every where like he did! I should on PG.
#HY1IGouX Feb 05,2014 06:29
IT should be s.k.y .c.r.a.p.e.r STS.
#S6a3jDiS Jan 30,2014 01:39
Uhg, I h.a.t.e these censoring things. When someone wants to say something vulgar, they just put a . In it or spell it wrong. The only time it ever censors anything is in words like s.k.y.s.c.r.a.p.e.r
#BD5Mco48 Jan 29,2014 14:11
Torture King
... Sometimes it seems like these censorship rules only apply to me.
#BD5Mco48 Jan 26,2014 14:49
Torture King
Maybe it's the same number of diseases, but intercontinental trade spreads them around to more forests.
#S6a3jDiS Jan 23,2014 09:37
I think they are reported more, but are also increasing due to climate change and global warming, like the pine beetle population not being limited by colder temperatures.
#QM3biEZt Jan 23,2014 06:36
Are there more diseases that kill trees nowadays or are the diseases just better reported now?
#DI5ekO8r Jan 19,2014 20:01
Codnchips 67
Well this is odd. I've just been reading lots of stuff about space travel and planetary habitability, and suddenly everyone else is talking about it too.
#lA4hBqqF Jan 14,2014 05:29
@StarTrekSpock I do know what we're talking about, I knew that Σsigma doesn't come here often so...
#5ddlp9J1 Jan 13,2014 06:05
I agree. --- @stixx Just give up. I don't think you know what we're talking about.
#WTsCJzIK Jan 13,2014 01:39
@Siggy You don't come on this board often so... Would you like a grape?
#dXvzB4Bc Jan 13,2014 00:07
Scientists have found a planetary object much like Earth, except it's 8 times bigger. So it doesn't have to be exactly the size of Earth for it to support life. It also doesn't have to have the same size star. The yellow star is typical, but there can be an Earth-like object if it's about twice the distance away from a blue star, or half the distance from a red star. The conditions allow a much more common Earth than we thought, and therefore a much more common chance of advanced life.
#0qOsBxeR Jan 12,2014 03:55
creepr boy 147
well i thing the game is great but i wish there were peps in this game
#WTsCJzIK Jan 12,2014 01:11
@StarTrekSpock Here we go with before again.
#BD5Mco48 Jan 11,2014 09:42
Torture King
Probably, on the other hand, you'd probably also have to stretch the definition of "similar". Researchers might land on this hypothetical 'Goldilocks' planet and find ecosystems identical to those during the Precambrian Explosion, but that still would be wholly alien to most life that's available to study today. I imagine the greatest similarities we can expect will be chemical in nature.
#QM3biEZt Jan 11,2014 07:46
If Earth like planets provide the conditions suitable for complex life, does that mean that life on similar planets would be similar to life on Earth?
#8qVDx2mz Jan 11,2014 04:58
@stixx Talk about what on Pg1 and Pg2? --- In related news... Enceladus isn't in the dictionary... --- Yeah, my bets are on Europa, and maybe Titan, if you want to believe in lifeforms living in liquid methane. VVV
#QM3biEZt Jan 10,2014 06:56
I think some of the moons are more likely to have life. Not Mars' moons but other ones in the solar system.
#SCQ5y3IA Jan 10,2014 05:56
@StarTrekSpock Its like this. Should we talk about this on PG and PG2?
#8qVDx2mz Jan 09,2014 09:54
@Tk It could be a symbiotic relationship, where one species of bacteria or primitive multicellular life, would make a nutrient for another, and vice-versa. As for energy, They could be living off whatever radiation seeps through the ice or off radioactive elements in the soil and rocks, like some microbes on Earth. @Stixx No... I don't think I've ever sent a delete request for one of Sigma's uploads.
#SCQ5y3IA Jan 08,2014 10:47
When they say they deleted it I don't get it! I don't stand it. When someone says you did better. The oher player deletes it because the turn against me and go crazy! @StarTrekSpock Did you delete request Σsigma's upload ideas one time? I would say this on PG or PG2.
#BD5Mco48 Jan 08,2014 08:09
Torture King
Well, ice does make a good insulate for heat. But how would subterranean Martian life possibly get any nutrients though? Nothing can get to the surface without dying and the planet probably doesn't get much solar energy being how far from the Sun it is. By my reasoning, it was a closed system from the start that steadily built up entropy until the system collapsed and everything died.
#S6a3jDiS Jan 08,2014 00:14
Exactly. I heard about the water flows or wet spots they could see from space that would disappear in a few hours after being sighted. This means there could be subterranean water O.o VVV
#QM3biEZt Jan 07,2014 09:28
I read that there was a possibility of there being life underground in caves and near gas vents if there were any on Mars.
#SCQ5y3IA Jan 07,2014 06:13
If I just said so, I wouldn't so...
#S6a3jDiS Jan 07,2014 00:22
Yeah, there probably is no native life, but if there is, it could be destroyed by any Earth bacteria or viruses, or just infect the inhabitants. --- Hmm... I hadn't thought of that. For life could be a long time, especially if they start breeding. Being old and the last person on the planet would get pretty lonely...
#BD5Mco48 Jan 06,2014 23:01
Torture King
I thought it was established by previous missions that any life up there died out when the water froze? I think the main issue on that front would be any bacteria the crew carries with them. By the time "Mars 2" or whatever rolls around those germs will probably have been isolated from the general population for anywhere from a few years to a few decades, and given how bacteria typically handle low-none gravity it might jumpstart the next Bubonic Plague billions of miles away from any help that such afflicted would otherwise receive.
#8qVDx2mz Jan 06,2014 09:31
Well, their gonna get seven years of training, so I hope they'll know how to put up a simple camera. --- That reminds me of a movie called " Sunshine," where the sun was dying, so they sent a ship with a massive cube of uranium to re-start it, but one of the crew went crazy and killed everyone. --- It wouldn't be very good if there is any kind of native life, and someone contaminates the surface with rhinovirus, or something. --- You can learn from this, stixx.
#BD5Mco48 Jan 06,2014 05:59
Torture King
No stixx, if you don't have anything to add about your preferred subject then you also have no reason to complain when we don't discuss your preferred subject. Can we trust them to set up the cameras correctly? I don't watch reality TV if I can help it, but from what I've observed, contestants don't have a terribly good grasp on most things that aren't treachery. Honestly I'm kind of scared it just might end up as a Lord of the Flies sort of thing, where Earth audiences end up hopelessly watching the "tribe" murder dissidents with the airlock. That would probably be both the worst possible and best fitting legacy for humanity's 3rd step out into space.
#8qVDx2mz Jan 06,2014 02:30
Yeah, I don't think they'll have an actual film crew. They'll probably just get the 'subjects' to tape themselves, along with any security cameras they might put up. It would be a really successful show, though... --- A woman from around where I live actually made it to the 3rd from last selection group. O.o
#BD5Mco48 Jan 05,2014 06:38
Torture King
You mean the reality TV show that revolves around a bunch of awful people getting sent as far away from Earth as humans have ever traveled in all time? Yes, I think that's a rather progressive move for everyone involved. Except for the film crew, they're probably getting payed minimum wage to go to that distant, lifeless hell-scape. I really hope they use robots for that instead.
#WTsCJzIK Jan 05,2014 01:00
@StarTrekSpock Meat loaf. The cake is a lie. --- *Streches toe to feel comfortable*
#S6a3jDiS Jan 04,2014 09:06
Delicious and moist? Oh, I frogot, the cake is a lie... --- Oh, and I thought of another debate topic; that Mars One thing, and their one way trip to Mars.
#BD5Mco48 Jan 04,2014 03:23
Torture King
Just start with one Truism and work your way up: I think, therefore cake is delicious.
#QM3biEZt Jan 03,2014 10:46
I read stixx's posts and I don't know what to think about life any more.
#fDv5xhJU Jan 03,2014 03:59
???....... No..... Just ignore which account I use... It's what I say that matters... Here, hows this: --- Stixxy, do me a little favor, and make more 'cents' in your comments.
#GqErCsnd Jan 03,2014 01:58
Guys I think we're supposed to pretend that we don't know that STS is Pg master.
#tL4jiGQt Jan 02,2014 11:00
Stixxy, do me a little favor, and make more 'cents' in your comments. ;)
#WTsCJzIK Jan 02,2014 00:40
@robo7988142 You can do that in Pg2 and upload there too. @STS Omega16 might want to see some uploads of us we uploaded last year because he's comment around new years day and I should say it on PG or PG2 but I don't care really about it so...
#ORlhCjuZ Jan 01,2014 13:25
i created an alien planet what well you create in this game?
#8lHYJ6He Dec 30,2013 23:35
#BD5Mco48 Dec 30,2013 19:38
Torture King
Right, whatever. (-V-) I suppose you have something new to add beyond a chastisement to stay "on-topic"? 'Cause I personally don't see many meaningful avenues that wouldn't end in propaganda.
#rplxjmoj Dec 30,2013 05:28
Why can't I comment, stixx? --- @Tk Good times, good times...
#BD5Mco48 Dec 29,2013 17:34
Torture King
Ah yes, I remember now. That went off into a lovely tangent on entertainer-based perpetual motion machines and the science that could blossom from such things. Good times.
#BD5Mco48 Dec 29,2013 08:38
Torture King
@stixx44: Sounds like you're going through a similar phase like the one I did when I was 11; I had somehow gotten it in my head that I had MPD, despite the fact that multiple personalities rarely know about each other and it was better described as "getting in character". (Or schizophrenia, but that doesn't usually surface until after puberty.) Are you under the impression that we're all just in character and don't really act anything like this IRL? (I can't speak for the others, but I don't change much save for getting slightly less talkative.) @Helion Prime: Welcome back, I totally did not forget who you are! Really, I didn't. (Something about space I think? I think you were here when we talked about space once, my memory has never been good for specific details.)
#GYA6eBOU Dec 28,2013 08:54
@【IS MASTER】 NLG? NorbertLinuxGuy? I think he's saying that Europe mostly needs to speak two languages because its tourists speak different languages. Man, I haven't been here in soooo long...
#GqErCsnd Dec 28,2013 03:16
I know and what the heck NLG is talking about Spock? And my colors are all the same and all are my normal color. And TK, I do that because I have to talk to my self sometimes. You don't need to be alarmed unless if you want to.
#S6a3jDiS Dec 26,2013 01:47
Well, DUH! Of course you did the same thing, stixx. --- I thing were supposed to pretend that we don't know Is master is stixx.
#BD5Mco48 Dec 25,2013 12:35
Torture King
Stixx44, why are you messaging yourself? Should we be alarmed?
#S6a3jDiS Dec 23,2013 13:22
@broseph Yes, but we needed a random debate comment board, so... There are a few on-topic comments if you scroll down. -STS
#GqErCsnd Dec 23,2013 02:40
I like Pink.
#H1RiA8ie Dec 22,2013 14:51
the game is pretty cool wait shouldn't we be commenting on it ---broseph
#QM3biEZt Dec 22,2013 02:42
I think the reason for people in Europe being bilingual is mostly because of tourism.
#GqErCsnd Dec 22,2013 01:41
I wanted to try to see if my name would be bold. I know Italian because my dad's parents were born in Italy but they moved here to United States of America. ---stixx44
#BD5Mco48 Dec 21,2013 09:28
Torture King
Not knowing that English is spoken in the US would be a pretty impressive amount cultural-blindness. Now that we've lost the prestigious title of "fattest nation in the world" to Mexico, the lack of bilingual civilians is one of the few stereotypes that can legitimately be tossed across the Atlantic at us.
#QM3biEZt Dec 21,2013 07:09
So, were you assuming I didn't know that English was spoken in the US and that TK didn't know when it was founded?
#GqErCsnd Dec 21,2013 05:52
I already knew that Scotland is a COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!! *Shmashes head and Elavator Farts* @STS Yeah!!!!!!! I kinda knew that because I went on Wikipedia and some programming from USA is also at some other countries too.
#S6a3jDiS Dec 21,2013 01:16
Lol, Tk. A lot of the tv here in Canada is from the U.S. So, I actually know a fair bit about the State's. ·-·
#BD5Mco48 Dec 20,2013 11:17
Torture King
I'd bet $20 that stixx44 thinks Scotland is the 67th state, and that that's why he brought it up.
#BD5Mco48 Dec 20,2013 11:15
Torture King
@stixx44: No way, that can't possibly be true and I don't believe you. I'll bet you'll also say that America has it's own special flag, too. Or that Bald Eagles are the US's mascot and that the Liberty Bell has a crack in it. Take your filthy lies elsewhere.
#QM3biEZt Dec 20,2013 10:03
What does America have to do with this? And why are you telling us stuff we should know anyway?
#GqErCsnd Dec 20,2013 07:45
Well, both Scotland and Wales both have a lowercase 'l'. For Scotland and Slovenia. Well, they both start with a capital 'S'. @NLG USA uses the language English. @TK USA was a country when the colonies (states of the 1770's) formed our country. @STS Like you said: Well, they both start with a capital 'S'. Is good, about.
#QM3biEZt Dec 19,2013 05:57
The general trend in the UK is that Scotland and Wales have been getting more and more autonomy. There aren't really any big cultural differences but the different places have different histories and their own languages (which England tried to wipe out in earlier times).
#GqErCsnd Dec 18,2013 05:43
@TK Did you know that STS and 【PG MASTER】 are the same guy.
#S6a3jDiS Dec 17,2013 09:12
I feel sorry for you now... We could talk about useless websites ·-·
#BD5Mco48 Dec 17,2013 07:00
Torture King
Seriously, a week ago I nearly broke down crying in hopelessness.
#BD5Mco48 Dec 17,2013 06:59
Torture King
If only there was a topic, unless we're still doing Scotland's possible independence. I'm afraid I don't have much to add on that point though, since the only thing I know for sure about the Scottish government is that they have over 5 official websites and absolutely none of them are directed at people researching the culture with no intention of voting or moving there.
#8qVDx2mz Dec 16,2013 07:13
Don't you know simon? This comment board is reserved for debates that have absolutely nothing to do with EE. ;D
#wErgyptg Dec 15,2013 05:42
this game is kinda cool
#QM3biEZt Dec 04,2013 07:16
Well, there is a campaign for an independent state, but unlike Quebec, there's not much thought given to patriotic notions or culture, the debate is mostly about the economy.
#BD5Mco48 Dec 04,2013 03:33
Torture King
*have much
#BD5Mco48 Dec 04,2013 03:29
Torture King
I don't have have research on Scotland completed yet, since Slovenia seemed like it'd be harder to find information on. (And it was, 80% of everything that might be remotely useful was in Slovenian.) Are you talking about a nationalist-secession movement like what's been going on for a few years in Quebec or the current limited autonomy Scotland already has?
#QM3biEZt Dec 03,2013 09:19
I don't think any countries start with lower case letters, at least not in English. Does anyone here have an opinion on Scottish independence?
#S6a3jDiS Dec 03,2013 09:06
Well, they both start with a capital 'S'
#QM3biEZt Dec 03,2013 01:14
So how do Scotland and Slovenia compare?
#S6a3jDiS Dec 03,2013 00:20
Sounds good. What should the next debate be?
#BD5Mco48 Dec 02,2013 14:04
Torture King
In any case, how about we just agree to disagree on how humans came to dominate the biosphere?
#BD5Mco48 Dec 02,2013 14:02
Torture King
I've got finals to study for and a half-finished 5-page paper on the economic and political landscape of Slovenia in comparison to Scotland.
#QM3biEZt Dec 02,2013 08:08
It seems this debate's dead.
#DDce6ZXp Dec 01,2013 21:51
Testing please disregard this message
#DDce6ZXp Dec 01,2013 21:50
doctor pink
what actually is going on ITT
#S6a3jDiS Nov 29,2013 09:16
That's what I'm trying to say. VVV
#QM3biEZt Nov 29,2013 08:16
It's the result of better critical thinking, human behaviour, that I think separates humans from animals.
#2neywida Nov 29,2013 05:09
Torture King
Plenty of animals display critical thinking traits; elephants, dolphins, large parrots, crows, ravens, other "Great Apes" like orangutans and chimpanzees... All those are animals that have displayed a recognition of their own reflection, tool-use, coordinated planning, and agency detection; some chimpanzee troupes have been observed bartering food for services like grooming and baby-sitting. What does separate us, even from other primates, is that our thumbs are fully-opposable, our legs are built to let gravity take over half the strain of walking upright, and the musculature of our arms are capable of throwing with some amount of accuracy. (Plenty of animals could feasibly produce throwing spears, but we're the first that were actually able to take full advantage of that.)
#S6a3jDiS Nov 28,2013 00:34
Humans have the compacity for critical thinking, and we show it. If animals do have it, they don't seem to show it. So, like was said. We are mostly driven by "whatever we want to do" and not instinct. Humans are also 'che.ating' were animals have to fight with claws, we have weapons. Because of this, I say we should respect animals and protect biodiversity, as they don't have technology for themselves.
#2neywida Nov 28,2013 00:11
Torture King
There aren't many cases where it can be said that logic even disagreed with human instincts, even fewer where the process prevailed. It wouldn't be fair to compare the broad activities of human actions with the broad actions of every other life-form combined. But if you single out a single animal of a single species, account for their lack of education and the inherent needs demanded by their unique physiology, and tally for every action they take in pursuit of those needs, I don't think you'd find much difference in logical action between that and a human. I'm of the opinion that we've just got the advantages of vocal chords, nearly supernatural endurance and versatile graspers to live longer and keep track of data for longer periods of time.
#QM3biEZt Nov 27,2013 23:40
Humans are not quite as tied down to survival as animals are.
#QM3biEZt Nov 27,2013 23:38
I think that humans are more accountable for their actions because they can have a much greater effect on the world than the actions of animals. Also, humans have an understanding of the environment and ecosystems and can base decisions on logic rather than pure instinct (though perhaps logic is an instinct as well).
#2neywida Nov 27,2013 11:04
Torture King
Not the point I was making, I'm aware of genetic drift, tectonics and all that. I was just rephrasing the initial "humans transplanting rats" to "animals of near-human intelligence transplanting rats" as a way to pick apart the concept of 'nature' within natural selection. Letting alone the eventual fate of the rats, (Since everyone seems to agree that a natural cause means little-to-no action has to be taken.) what trait(s) would you say, do humans have that holds us accountable for our actions in a way that 'nature' is not?
#S6a3jDiS Nov 27,2013 00:23
Whatever happened, it would probably be to hard to get rid of the Norwegian rats once they were there, however they got there. I'd just set up a reserve for the fictitious rats to preserve their species and let the rats fight for control of the island. Especially if it was tectonic. It could even be a couple of rats floating on a log, but it would still be natural. It's happened before, and everythings turned out well. That's my thought on the topic anyways.
#2neywida Nov 26,2013 09:45
Torture King
What if the rats had gotten there as a result of some other intelligent species' actions? Like if a pod of dolphins decided to ferry them over to the island for amusement. (Dolphins are amused by genocide.) Would this still be considered a natural enough cause to allow the takeover? If not, then how far down the "intelligence ladder" would the acting party have to be to qualify as a force of nature?
#QM3biEZt Nov 26,2013 09:35
Well, if the superior species had gotten into the other one's habitat without any human cause then I would regard that as natural selection and maybe just keep some sort of reserve for the inferior one. When a species invading another one's habitat is the result of human ignorance or meddling I think that trying to rectify that mistake is a reasonable option.
#8qVDx2mz Nov 25,2013 08:32
The point of the question is basically; which is more important, biodiversity or the superior species. Using the Norwegian rats and the fictitious rats is just an example and a way of displaying the question.
#QM3biEZt Nov 24,2013 00:17
Well, if the fictional rats don't carry many diseases in the first place then the introduction of the Norwergian rats, which I would assume carry as many diseases as Brown Rats in the rest of Europe do, would be a problem. Brown Rats already live nearly everywhere though. I suppose you could just say that nature is anything that happens in an environment. The Grey Squirrels don't really do anything apart from displacing native squirrels and normal squirrel stuff (which, here, doesn't include mauling children)
#S6a3jDiS Nov 23,2013 08:58
Yeah, I agree about defining nature first, TK. I dislike research papers.
#2neywida Nov 22,2013 13:46
Torture King
I was going to browse around for Norwegian rat-related disease spreading, but then I remembered all the research papers I have due by December, so that will have to wait a month or two. I think we'd have to define 'Nature' before we defined whether human society is 'natural'. I'm inclined to say humans are just smart animals, and therefore any action taken by a civilized society is merely the conclusion of natural selection over time. So are the Gray squirrels carrying any particularly dangerous disease strains or are they just out-competing the Reds and mauling unattended children? (As they do in their native New York.)
#QM3biEZt Nov 18,2013 07:08
I would say it's just however things are/were without humans meddling in it. The idea of a 'natural order' I think, raises the question of can humans be considered a part of the natural environment the in the same way as everything else. Regarding the question about the rats though, there's a similar situation in Europe, especially Ireland and Britain though, Grey Squirrels were introduced from America and have been causing lots of problems for the native Red Squirrels with the possibility that they could go extinct. In fact, hunters and environmentalists have been in agreement about hunting the Grey Squirrels.
#n9nGhubH Nov 17,2013 07:37
still love this game
#2neywida Nov 17,2013 05:25
Torture King
No offense, but I don't think there's such thing as a natural "order". Nature, as a general rule appears to be chaotic on every tier save for the individual groups of social animals. To me, it seems that organisms don't have any structure other than "whatever worked the last few billion generations", it certainly looks like order, but that's probably just wishful thinking on humanity's part for wanting to live in a stable environment. Again, just my opinion as a philosophy-hobbyist with zero official background. I didn't think of diseases in my scenario, but that is a very good point. Hmm. -v- Well, if it's really that much of an issue, there's probably plenty of documentation of Norwegian rats causing wildlife to get sick upon arriving in their new environment. Australia, the Americas, Africa, several Pacific islands (Anywhere European ships made landfall, really.)... assuming anyone bothered to check on things they weren't economically dependent on. I'm guess rabies would be the big one, but this requires research to be sure.
#YuLOvk2a Nov 17,2013 03:14
I love this game.
#1sKUNsQw Nov 17,2013 00:09
#2neywida Nov 14,2013 09:41
Torture King
@StarTrekSpock: It is a tough question, the best ones always are. Anyone can say that "Killing is wrong." and mean it; but hopefully after this board thoroughly dissects the notion in its entirety, we (Both the active participants and the silent watchers like Codnchips almost definitely is.) will all be able to say precisely why it is wrong. That's invaluable progress, in my opinion. @NorbertLinuxGuy: Okay, so your position is that there is something about diversity itself that should be preserved. Even if that means sacrificing a majority for a minority. I presume from your previous responses that your current reasoning is based on an increased likelihood of mutations that could ultimately prove beneficial to the biosphere as a whole. Am I close? @stixx44: You'll never make sense if you keep using "cents" like that. Also, I hope you don't feel entirely unwelcome. If you have something relevant (and preferably well-thought out) to say about the current discussion, the "Great Debate" can always use a fresh point of view. (This is my apology for any perceived hostility you may have felt from me while I was deprived of my precious caffeine. I'm a shameless addict, it's true.)
#S6a3jDiS Nov 14,2013 09:19
@NorbertLinuxGuy Diversity is definitely more important, but say you substitute the rats for work horses, and the native horses are worse than the Norwegian horses at work. You'd want to keep the Norwegian horses for work, but have some kind of reserve for the native ones. @stixx44 Finally, you realised it.
#opgHyVRY Nov 14,2013 06:12
ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz, what!!!! What happened? Did Pg become useless for challenges!! @STS Here's a story, Play EE and throw 1,000,000,000,000 pigs like O16 did. Wait, I don't make cents.
#QM3biEZt Nov 14,2013 05:06
I think the survival of the other species and overall diversity is more important than the amount of rats or lives of the ones on the ship.
#S6a3jDiS Nov 14,2013 00:07
Having more rats isn't always good. But I agree, save the superior race (as the inferior one would probably die out naturally from natural selection.) But have "a fictitious preserve somewhere." It's a tough question though.
#2neywida Nov 13,2013 10:06
Torture King
Actually I specified that the Norwegian rats lived longer and had more efficient metabolisms. The same amount of food would be able to support a larger population of otherwise identical rats. They'd still be hunted at the same rate by predators and remain just as likely to starve after they hit the higher population limit; the only death-agent that would increase I can think of would be disease infection rates from extra crowding. But they'd also develop immunities faster, so that might balance out. Personally, I'd let the native rats lose. It'd be sad at first, but having more individuals on the island sounds like it can only be a plus. (And though the "yes or no" structure of the scenario doesn't allow for a compromise, if it were up to me I'd probably set up a Fictitious preserve somewhere.)
#QM3biEZt Nov 13,2013 01:02
Would the total population not become the same as it was before after the Norwegian rats wipe out the Fictitious rats and populate the island. So killing the Norwegian rats early while there are not too many would mean less death than if they were allowed take over.
#1hM4ljNl Nov 12,2013 04:57
It wouldn't be "nature taking its course" because the rats would be introduced by the humans. I say biodiversity is more important by total population.
#QM3biEZt Nov 12,2013 03:42
I'd go with saving the native population for diversity.
#2neywida Nov 12,2013 01:48
Torture King
So which would you say is more important, the total amount of living things or the total amount of diversity among living things? Say there's an island populated with a newly discovered rodent, the population is stable and maintained by the natural conditions of the island. Unfortunately for R. fictitious, the ship that discovered the island and it's inhabitants was carrying a small population of the common Norwegian rat. The Norwegian rats are equal to the fictitious rats in every meaningful way, save for their much more efficient metabolisms and lifespans. Unless something is done, the native population of Fictitious rats will be replaced by a much larger population of Norwegian rats. Neither the general island environment nor the world economy will be affected either way. So: do we allow nature to take its course, or do we eradicate the invading Norwegian rat population to save the populations of R. Fictitious?
#LI7gBn77 Nov 11,2013 15:59
#2neywida Nov 11,2013 07:57
Torture King
(Back on "actual" topic) Looks like the alt-history debate died, I'm sorry for my part in that. How about an ethics question: Assuming that life has value (whether that value be intrinsic or economic), at what point exactly is it better to let a living thing die rather than try to save it? The question's been posed in a number of different ways over the years, (Would you kill the fat man?) but I don't recall discussing it here. To start it off: I go out of my way to carefully move spiders and insects out of the house rather than kill them, but I don't really feel their lives are worth watching the ground to make sure I don't step on them. So apparently I only view small arthropods as worth saving when they're annoying me in my own home.
#2neywida Nov 09,2013 15:45
Torture King
The word is "SENSE", stixx44, "sense". "Cents" is the plural of "cent", meaning "100" or "1/100" depending on the context. Please stop stabbing the eyeballs of everyone who reads your comments.
#opgHyVRY Nov 09,2013 09:24
That has nothing to do in EE, also and I'm almost making cents!!! The cloud is just kinda weird too, like in PG2 when you use cloud in the PG2 version of Earth Editor, EE.
#S6a3jDiS Nov 08,2013 10:30
I see your joke but you still make no "cents" :P
#opgHyVRY Nov 07,2013 05:40
I guess its rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, time!! Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!!!! *Spock* @STS I like the meteor tool too. And I wonder but sometimes anyone of us don't make cents. Get it!!!
#2neywida Nov 07,2013 00:27
Torture King
Please take your ideas elsewhere, like to that DEVELOPMENT BLOG I mentioned earlier, all they do here is annoy people and make the comments go by faster. In addition, you're probably making noobs think that that's an appropriate way to contact ha55ii despite it never having worked once. (Coincidences don't count.) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
#S6a3jDiS Nov 06,2013 09:11
Pen shot, meteor, Bg long, Bg short. It would all be good.
#opgHyVRY Nov 06,2013 08:51
Idea : Elements and other stuff from pg and pg2!! Meteor will make cool stuff too!!!!!!!!!!!
#8qVDx2mz Nov 05,2013 09:22
Well, ever since Pg2 got black hole, more updates have been impossible. Earth Editor is already very close to Pg. I guess ha55ii just decided to add black hole to Pg2 an give up on EE so he'd only have to update one game. That's just my opinion.
#O44oQYd0 Nov 05,2013 06:33
Where's my name, I'm supposed to be on there? @STS Of course, the Earth Editor game is cool and need more uploads!! Sorry Updates!!!
#2neywida Nov 05,2013 00:15
Torture King
Afterthought: Doesn't Scotland have lots of petroleum deposits too? Assuming that includes tar pits, the Vikings may have been pursuing a way to cheaply waterproof their ships.
#2neywida Nov 05,2013 00:13
Torture King
I recall reading somewhere that the Danish felt the need to expand and raid their neighbors because Denmark itself is basically a forested sandbar with no workable metals. They depended on farming more than what they could eat and trading the surplus for weapons and armor for their military. But then I guess their trade started suffering for some reason and the only alternative was to take it forcibly. That's apparently why the Danes conquered Norway and Sweden, anyway. I suppose if Scotland had any surface iron (or other weapon metals) that would make the region a good target for that purpose.
#QM3biEZt Nov 04,2013 06:03
However in Scotland it faded away over time apart from in the Shetland Islands (which are almost halfway between Scotland and Norway). I was watching a video recently about the Yorkshire Dialect in England, it had quite a lot of Scandinavian words compared to ordinary English. Northern English dialects in general were like that though but the Yorkshire one survived longer (it might still exist, I'm not completely sure).
#QM3biEZt Nov 04,2013 05:59
I think about the Vikings and their influence on certain places could be put down to geographic proximity.
#YsbTKkKn Nov 04,2013 03:32
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.lolhi 11.TIARAH 12.eyes4000 13. prayerkitty123 14. rellyfastfinn
#O44oQYd0 Nov 02,2013 12:16
Just use the bathroom. I finished your sentence STS. Have you tried making the Earth before on Earth Editor. I did!
#SJOFqVJr Nov 01,2013 08:07
@TK I signed that list before I knew about ha55ii's blog, so...
#QM3biEZt Nov 01,2013 04:29
Bother and befuddle, wrong colour.
#QM3biEZt Nov 01,2013 04:29
From what I've been reading the idea that England would not have fallen to the Saxons had the Romans not invaded seems to hold up fairly well. The Vikings did influence England and Scotland, however in Ireland the Vikings who raided and later built towns ended up assimilating into Irish society eventually. Without Christianity Europe would have been a lot more divided, all the different European religions could have survived
#2neywida Nov 01,2013 03:19
Torture King
Sign on any of the list posts below if you didn't realize that ha55ii has a game development blog where he actually responds to suggestions.
#quXv1IkK Nov 01,2013 02:36
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.lolhi 11.TIARAH 12.eyes4000 13. prayerkitty123
#2neywida Oct 31,2013 09:36
Torture King
Still would have been caught off-guard by the relatively unaffected Viking raiders. So you know, Northern-Germanic culture would've gotten in anyway. On that note, if we link Christianity never developing into the political force it was pre-Renaisance to the Norse peninsula kingdoms only losing like maybe two or three traderoutes at most; could it be supposed that the Vikings would continue to raid and pillage for a few more centuries without anyone to threaten them with excommunication?
#wErgyptg Oct 27,2013 00:02
#wErgyptg Oct 27,2013 00:02
#O44oQYd0 Oct 24,2013 09:43
Never mind StarTrekSpock just look at his code! Meteor is good and idea in pg uploads!!!!!!!!! @StarTrekSpock You're the real STS.
#QM3biEZt Oct 23,2013 03:28
I was reading a while ago a theory that if the Romans hadn't invaded England the Saxons may not have been able to take over later, the reasons for this were that the native people in England became less prepared for battle after living under the Roman Empire. The idea was also put forward that the mediaeval European civilisation would not have been possible without the Roman Empire.
#0lsHI54e Oct 22,2013 07:56
Yep, Dan-Ball has been crashing A LOT lately. VVV
#QM3biEZt Oct 22,2013 05:28
Has anyone been else having many problems with this site not working right?
#tCpQikve Oct 20,2013 10:45
Name codes with 7:
#psTtv7xZ Oct 15,2013 01:06
No there not. @STS I know it is and I know that That guy Is the same guy. Player 56, New player, in Powder game.
#2neywida Oct 14,2013 02:12
Torture King
Sorry stixx44, but this is the Irritation Stickman board, (which we've subverted into a casual debate board because reasons.) the Powder Game board is labeled "Stick Ranger" due to a translation accident.
#WhS1q3Xg Oct 14,2013 01:45
@stixx44 (12) Wrong game. Also, I'm terrible at SR so I don't play it.
#psTtv7xZ Oct 13,2013 23:05
I've seen water uploads that are good and fine like this one I've just voted. 「Water Purifier」 - by Creeper16469votes 2013/10/13 10:24 * Thank you for voting. EE could be EE2 or not.
#2neywida Oct 12,2013 10:15
Torture King
Actually now that I think of it, a lack of Byzantine Romans to impede their progress would probably let the Arab conquests reach a lot further up north. Considering they managed to takeover Spain and Sicily in like 50 years after Muhammad kicked it I imagine there would at least be a caliphate in Eastern Europe if not further the West.
#psTtv7xZ Oct 12,2013 07:02
I'm about to come in. @STS Just Wait until you play Forest 6. We all don't want to talk about it. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
#ac8btUAp Oct 08,2013 09:57
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#QM3biEZt Oct 07,2013 07:31
Don't feel bad me boy, just look stuff up on Wikipedio!
#DI5ekO8r Oct 07,2013 06:30
Codnchips 67
Oh, a history debate (semi-debate, maybe). Well, I'm clueless about history so I'll just watch and feel sad.
#UwnefOQd Oct 06,2013 06:48
Random Letters
More Updates for Earth Editor! Please
#psTtv7xZ Oct 05,2013 06:31
I do!
#kImzTYbN Oct 04,2013 05:52
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.Datcow123 11.
#QM3biEZt Sep 27,2013 03:08
The Mongolian invasion of Europe was a lot later though, during the 13th century, by then the Roman Empire had already collapsed and Europe had gone through the Dark Ages. Speaking of Carthage, they owned some of Spain, perhaps they could have taken more of Europe.
#2neywida Sep 24,2013 07:38
Torture King
*Ignore the "faster", that's a leftover from fact-check editing that I missed.
#2neywida Sep 24,2013 00:20
Torture King
Europe would have fallen to the Mongols faster, due to a lack of unity between the tribes. (I'm imagining a situation similar to Greater Russia.) Egypt would have continued being awesome and permanent until subverted by the Mameluke Caliphate and vassalized by Arabia. Carthage, being on semi-friendly terms with Egypt, would probably focus on conquering the Ivory Coast and Congo.
#QM3biEZt Sep 16,2013 05:53
@hai551 If you're going to try to impersonate the site's owner at least spells the name right it's 'ha55ii'.
#gDZQOtTR Sep 16,2013 02:20
#QM3biEZt Sep 15,2013 23:19
I wonder how the world would be if there had never been a Roman Empire (or any other similar empire taking over Europe). So, for starters the Western World would probably not be influenced by Christianity. The Romance Languages would not exist.
#FndHVsr0 Sep 08,2013 12:31
iwish there wuld be just like powder game but earth editer! i want more things pleez sign the thing so theirs more updates :)
#9EdPBIFC Aug 30,2013 10:13
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.lolhi 11.TIARAH 12.eyes4000 somebody please update it!
#QM3biEZt Aug 23,2013 09:05
Ye numpties, it has been many years since the topic was the game.
#DI5ekO8r Aug 22,2013 04:32
Codnchips 67
Do try to be on-topic, wat.
#BEpxYfYa Aug 21,2013 20:42
blo stuff up!!!
#Eu3h9t1K Aug 19,2013 17:51
Besides the petition bot things.
#QM3biEZt Aug 18,2013 11:05
Boring is better than starving, though there's more than enough regular food for everyone.
#TpCKPe2f Aug 15,2013 14:00
Torture King
Do try to be on-topic, aero2.
#n9tQ0uKf Aug 15,2013 00:45
When experimenting, I use meteor and fire on a white hole and I get a HUGE CRATER that fills itself with lava inside some walls.
#TpCKPe2f Aug 14,2013 03:42
Torture King
According to the polls, boring is better than starving. Besides, it's apparently flavorless so you can mix whatever seasonings you want with it.
#QM3biEZt Aug 13,2013 10:02
Although living off it might get boring with a lack of variety.
#QM3biEZt Aug 13,2013 10:00
Hmm, it's interesting, Dinosaur Comics had a comic about a similar idea.
#TpCKPe2f Aug 11,2013 02:47
Torture King
How about Soylent? Any thoughts? Personally, I think it's awesome- especially the name.
#gwAVE4dj Aug 08,2013 02:21
giant space battle :D
#f3PIi2G5 Aug 07,2013 21:40
its fun and crazy at the same time
#QM3biEZt Aug 06,2013 19:53
I found a video about one happening this month. It was one of those ones were they record some strange noises and then pick a day for an apocalypse
#x6xgV7vg Aug 04,2013 13:34
Torture King
... Is it too late for another apocalypse?
#1KaH4VDs Aug 03,2013 10:03
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#k2WBUBtH Jul 27,2013 00:41
mi planeta va a ser el mejor planeta del mundo entero
#x6xgV7vg Jul 22,2013 12:35
Torture King
There's only 1000 comments saved in any one board, what did you expect?
#n9tQ0uKf Jul 21,2013 15:34
I went WWWAAAAYYYY back to when the list started and didn't see the comment I put up that would lead to my name being #1 this entire time WTF!
#QM3biEZt Jul 15,2013 10:09
Oh for the love of Talos, this is ridiculous, it's like you people posting these lists are robots, or zombies.
#1WhAGyUL Jul 15,2013 09:52
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.lolhi 11.
#H0VWynf9 Jul 11,2013 15:18
#Or8fr8kJ Jul 09,2013 03:59
#x6xgV7vg Jul 06,2013 06:40
Torture King
Dude, it's been years. Just be happy they left it up so you can play it every now and then.
#OXNUqiDT Jul 05,2013 04:13
OMG i will soon freakout! why are you stopping updating this game! I have a lot of ideas to new updates: Add paing so you can paint ex oil to lava Add cirkle so you can make a perfect cirkle og ex cloud Add a button so you can paste a perfect planet or star. Please make more updates to this game! we want it all!
#jCLkUWF8 Jul 04,2013 12:39
how do you start playing
#QM3biEZt Jul 03,2013 09:11
NorbertLinuxGuy This site here is interesting.
#WXt9Lxp6 Jul 02,2013 23:11
connor willett
how do i make earth
#DI5ekO8r Jun 29,2013 22:31
Codnchips 67
You just ignored every previous comment, didn't you?
#2zuG8dFj Jun 28,2013 23:03
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. Wasp457 10.
#fRfFTto4 Jun 27,2013 09:32
I wish there was an upload button and you can see other peoples planets
#fU1Rbd8H Jun 24,2013 03:17
Cod gamer
for me it just crashes
#QM3biEZt Jun 21,2013 22:25
I had a look at the Japanese boards, they're a lot more orderly than the English ones.
#DI5ekO8r Jun 20,2013 00:48
Codnchips 67
Not to mention they're Japanese and they probably don't frequent the English boards too much, especially not one as dead as this. In addition, as far as I know for certain only one of them speaks English.
#x6xgV7vg Jun 17,2013 21:37
Torture King
No. Besides, petitions only work if you have leverage against the one in charge. The admins don't need anything from you beyond the website hits and ad revenue. Since everyone's made it pretty clear that they're willing to play a game they think is imperfect, the petitions will NEVER WORK.
#JgQQuq7h Jun 15,2013 10:18
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8.StarTrekSpock 9. 10.
#x6xgV7vg Jun 12,2013 13:49
Torture King
Same, I simply don't have the time to keep retyping everything with finals-based time restraints.
#QM3biEZt Jun 12,2013 05:17
Danball hasn't been letting me post the last few days.
#diW9BhrV Jun 11,2013 05:50
Sign here please if u wish there would be more updates on Earth Editor. 1.aero2 2. Rin the Crazy man 990 4.ItsJustMe 5.Valarius 6. Lizzie13 7.toastedeggs 8. 9. 10.
#diW9BhrV Jun 11,2013 05:36
so cool!! i feel like the witch of space!!!! :D
#bj2YiaEK Jun 10,2013 08:25
nintend0 dsi ply
#V5uv6HnM Jun 08,2013 03:54
i want to see the update or old version of this
#QM3biEZt Jun 07,2013 01:42
It's interesting that the Jesuits are normally urged not to take positions like the Papacy despite traditionally having strong ties to it.
#x6xgV7vg Jun 05,2013 19:34
Torture King
... So how's that new Pope? I think his name was Francis? First non-European Pope *ever* and he doesn't have an issue with atheists! Surely he's making enough waves to talk about.
#QM3biEZt Jun 04,2013 08:38
Tis always the mark of one who thinks rationally.
#x6xgV7vg Jun 01,2013 15:18
Torture King
Caps lock and 10 exclamation points, clearly this is a sensible and well-rounded individual.
#oBX4g21I May 29,2013 01:12
billy boo
Please, Please bring Earth editor out on Android and ios. please i love this game so much but cant play it on my computer because of my java. so please will you bring it out???
#m42EKQ7p May 28,2013 11:00
Seriously imposter, your here too? One game with you is bad enough.
#6Wt0M1zm May 26,2013 22:05
the imposter
#x6xgV7vg May 26,2013 09:45
Torture King
Thanks for the advertisment, Mi'lord. ^v^
#6Wt0M1zm May 25,2013 05:55
Torture King
delete this upload it is bad
#x6xgV7vg May 24,2013 08:44
Torture King
Yeah... he's probably just gonna force one of his "adoring fans" to have his kid. Maybe he'll host a national basketball tournament for the "honor".
#QM3biEZt May 20,2013 02:01
An orphan mightn't have grown up with the same background and might not be a good choice for a future dictator.
#J3IRrfPV May 19,2013 02:46
Actually, he's 29 or 30 years old. Still gives him 40+ years to get some sort of successor. (Maybe he could adopt an orphan and take him under his wing?)
#AS0yr97u May 17,2013 07:44
Torture King
I think he's in his early 20s, just pulled out of a Swiss private school a few years ago.
#QM3biEZt May 17,2013 07:11
Yes, how old is he? I'd say things might change their if there was a leader with some fresh ideas maybe if they had someone like how Mikhail Gorbachev was to the USSR. A revolt among the people would probably be impossible with their military and the people being cut off from outside sources of information, also a lot people who have had those sort of ideas have probably been imprisoned already.
#J3IRrfPV May 17,2013 03:53
Things could get pretty difficult if Kim Jong-un doesn't have any children.
#AS0yr97u May 15,2013 11:04
Torture King
Hard to say, they've had "about 30 years left to go" for about 65 years now.
#QM3biEZt May 15,2013 07:52
How long do you think it will be before the North Korean regime collapses?
#J3IRrfPV May 14,2013 09:57
There was a debate on something I have a relatively deep knowledge of and I missed it by five whole days? Dang. Anyway, North Korea possess a missile named the BM25 Musudan which has a 2,500 mile range. The northeastern section of North Korea is within 2,450 miles of Attu Island, a currently uninhabited island that is the furthest west of the Alaskan Aleutian Islands. I think North Korea should fire one or two of those missiles at Attu Island to make a point to America that they're serious and menacing. Once they've done that they can deescalate the crisis and go back to being an unloved pariah state. (Assuming America doesn't respond with a couple of barrages of Tomahawk and Standoff missiles.)
#AS0yr97u May 08,2013 12:16
Torture King
China *might* consider backing them, but only if they somehow value their relations with NK more than they do their lucrative trade with everyone else. Very unlikely, especially since all NK can offer them is coal, oil shale, and computer-shaped paperweights. Also, I was doing more research on the "successful satellite launch" and apparently the thing split into three pieces and fell in the ocean. (I'd post a link, but DB doesn't like it.)
#QM3biEZt May 08,2013 05:24
I doubt North Korea would ever get any powerful countries to help them. On it's own North Korea is fairly insignificant.
#A8K9k3xd May 08,2013 04:44
Codnchips 67
Someone post before I do something. Or rather, strongly consider doing something.
#I0kUsEQY May 06,2013 04:50
this game is realy FUUNNN
#AS0yr97u May 04,2013 11:59
Torture King
Well, they've been specifically threatening South Korea and the US since the cease fire. So that's two enemies. Then there's all the Japanese people they kidnapped over the years, (including the guy that invented Godzilla), so that's three. They're probably pissed at Australia for confirming South Korea's accusation of nuclear tests, so that's a possible four...
#A8K9k3xd May 04,2013 08:15
Codnchips 67
I don't think even Kim Jong Un is stupid enough to start a nuclear war. Also, it's estimated that their most long-range missile could just about reach Alaska but couldn't reach any of the rest of the USA.
#QM3biEZt May 04,2013 08:01
Who is North Korea actually enemies with? If they actually have working nuclear bombs I suppose they are a threat.
#AS0yr97u May 03,2013 17:52
Torture King
So... Do you suppose North Korea is seriously a threat, or is Kim playing some sort of game?
#A8K9k3xd May 01,2013 02:03
Codnchips 67
Yes, that is obviously the real PewDiePie and no-one would ever lie on the internet.
#7fRh0G5t Apr 30,2013 08:21
Guys, PewDiePie is in the comments!
#vJfyEthN Apr 26,2013 22:14
#CrL4lZGW Apr 26,2013 07:50
the dogy
who do you do it
#4lLIh6Fb Apr 24,2013 19:40
crystal world
#wuMf1TKG Apr 22,2013 02:54
#QM3biEZt Apr 20,2013 10:45
I wonder why Danball decided my name was 'NorbertLinuhxGuy'.
#fhwgdnqi Apr 18,2013 06:09
Émile Culet
Lime Short white T-short green
#hHudxiLs Apr 16,2013 13:47
Torture King
Yes. Yes I did.
#R144QMoh Apr 15,2013 23:48
Did you delete the game?
#QM3biEZt Apr 13,2013 05:04
NorbertLinuhxGuy Well it's possible to die from not sleeping.
#tSvnrurt Apr 12,2013 11:35
Torture King
And then after a few hours of ignoring that, the need inexplicably vanishes. (and then comes back, but it still goes away again.)
#QM3biEZt Apr 12,2013 06:14
Well it has to be necessary seeming you feel tired after not sleeping enough.
#GOPBYuJQ Apr 07,2013 05:24
eu quero jogar power game
#tSvnrurt Apr 05,2013 13:02
Torture King
That seems more like a correlation than a cause, especially since those organs function perfectly fine when we're awake too.
#QM3biEZt Apr 04,2013 20:01
Well the kidneys do most of their work while your asleep and the the brain sorts memories .
#4LMV75lU Apr 04,2013 10:47
Why can't I exceed 40000 dots? If the owner is seeing this comment, make a new version where you CAN exceed 40000. Thanks.
#tSvnrurt Apr 03,2013 09:31
Torture King
But how would that restore energy? We're not gathering nutrients or anything, it's just lying still while vividly hallucinating. If anything it's just preserving the energy collected while awake.
#QM3biEZt Apr 01,2013 07:27
I thought everyone knew that we slept to re-energise ourselves and for different organs to do different things.
#tSvnrurt Mar 31,2013 11:07
Torture King
Why do we sleep? That's a good question.
#z8r0yWCL Mar 31,2013 02:42
I had a great idea for a debate topic last night. Then, by morning, I had forgotten it. Life can be so cruel.
#QM3biEZt Mar 25,2013 10:28
It's poorer countries like Brazil or China that are responsible for a lot of the trouble with the environment but that's not to say the West doesn't damage it a lot as well. Humans do a lot for helping unwanted species spread. In Ireland there's loads of grey squirrels that are causing the native red squirrels to go extinct because someone gave a bunch of grey ones as a gift to some lord or someone with a large estate. Rats as well, they thrive with people around.
#tSvnrurt Mar 25,2013 02:33
Torture King
@Codnchips: Well, I mean in theory. Somewhere near the beginning of the chain of events that lead to modern ecological damage is just some guys with a poor understanding of how nature works. And the more people study it now, the more conscious general society'll be of it and the slower our industry will damage it in the future. Meanwhile reparation is being actively pursued by both human volunteers and natural selection for pollution-tolerant organisms. In any case, I really doubt we're going to ruin a multi-billion year-old system all by ourselves. @NorbertLinuxGuy: The ants might object to that judgement if they weren't already busy conquering the world.
#A8K9k3xd Mar 24,2013 08:06
Codnchips 67
"I'm pretty sure ecological damage is mainly the result of ignorance to ecology. Since we're currently the only animals with a vague sense of global awareness, I'd say we're actually much less destructive than some people like to believe." You reckon? I think it's mostly because we can't really stop relying so heavily on timber and combustion for energy without investing a lot of money, and no-one wants to spend money now when it's easier to just let people deal with it if it becomes a huge problem in a few years. Also, certain species of monkey (I think they're monkeys - definitely a primate of some kind) have very definite social hierarchies (i.e. the social status is decided by what family someone in born into and remains the same, like the old feudal system) and are able to use basic tools. I'd say they'd be among the top contenders.
#QM3biEZt Mar 24,2013 02:12
I'd go with the naked mole rats but they might be evolved a bit too specifically for living underground to do well in other places. Ants are a bit too small to really take over the earth.
#tSvnrurt Mar 22,2013 19:08
Torture King
I'd be willing to put a vote or two for eusocial animals like ants or naked mole rats, since they sort of already behave in a civilized manner. Also: I'm pretty sure ecological damage is mainly the result of ignorance to ecology. Since we're currently the only animals with a vague sense of global awareness, I'd say we're actually much less destructive than some people like to believe.
#dV6WiaIl Mar 22,2013 07:27
While I enjoy the game, I won't suggest it to anyone until it is made possible to upload creations.
#QM3biEZt Mar 21,2013 05:59
@Codnchips Unless they evolve. Maybe some sort of primate would. Octopi are quite intelligent as well.
#A8K9k3xd Mar 21,2013 03:29
Codnchips 67
No other animal will manage to mess the place up and generally multiply and damage everything everywhere like humans have managed, so there's no real answer to that.
#tSvnrurt Mar 20,2013 13:38
Torture King
Animal most likely to inherit the Earth when we're done with it?
#QM3biEZt Mar 18,2013 18:52
Danball's been blocking all my comments so anyone got a new topic?
#jsUfmHsr Mar 16,2013 10:48
i cant play it
#jsUfmHsr Mar 16,2013 10:47
i cant play it
#tSvnrurt Mar 13,2013 12:26
Torture King
Well, college students and anyone involved in a large impersonal business that doesn't frequently check up on employees.
#QM3biEZt Mar 13,2013 08:29
Yeah, that's what I would think.
#sOKn3miq Mar 12,2013 22:53
Seems to me like drunk college students would have more apposite things to do.
#QM3biEZt Mar 11,2013 09:34
According to one teacher I had Wikipedia is what drunk college students do for fun
#tSvnrurt Mar 11,2013 05:50
Torture King
Spoke too soon, they took all but one link down. They left all my randomly generated spam though.
#tSvnrurt Mar 11,2013 05:47
Torture King
That's odd, I've been posting links all over the place, they haven't taken any of mine down. Maybe Dan-Ball has a vendetta against Wikipedia for providing faulty information that inadvertently lead to the death of their father...
#z8r0yWCL Mar 09,2013 04:14
Yeah, there were links to Wikipedia articles about Canadian hockey riots from the past 20 years.
#QM3biEZt Mar 09,2013 02:31
Were there links? Mine normally get removed.
#z8r0yWCL Mar 08,2013 10:27
I'm trying to figure out what I wrote that deserved to get removed. Was it "riot"? "hooliganism"?
#QM3biEZt Mar 08,2013 08:41
I think words might be censored manually, mysterguy's comment stayed for a day until it disappeared.
#tSvnrurt Mar 08,2013 04:20
Torture King
Wait was it "hate or "kill"?
#A8K9k3xd Mar 08,2013 02:26
Codnchips 67
But in Japanese it's unlikely that would actually include the Japanese word for '', so I think you're wrong there.
#z8r0yWCL Mar 08,2013 01:31
Franz Kafka doesn't sound like a particularly cheery fellow to be around.
#BS7F3XGQ Mar 07,2013 14:17
qool quotes
"The first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die." ~* Franz "The Man" Kafka *~
#tSvnrurt Mar 07,2013 07:31
Torture King
I think half the problems involved are because the censorbot automatically translates English to Japanese before checking for corrections. Which is why "" is blocked, while "cock" is not. "cock" would probably be interpreted as whatever "rooster" is in Japanese.
#z8r0yWCL Mar 06,2013 10:13
Well, maybe now I'll have a grudge against it.
#QM3biEZt Mar 05,2013 07:18
I think Danball's censorbot has a grudge against you
#z8r0yWCL Mar 05,2013 02:35
Aw, man, the great bastion of insight that was my comment got deleted again...
#EboRzcg2 Mar 03,2013 23:24
when will it be updated
#EboRzcg2 Mar 03,2013 23:24
#QM3biEZt Mar 02,2013 04:03
Re: the comment danball deleted Violent fans doesn't sound very Canadian, I heard a writer saying about how great American sports were in that they didn't have violent mobs. Rome was in the news about some hardcore football fans going around causing trouble at some competition.
#QM3biEZt Feb 27,2013 02:50
As in the game itself or the fans?
#tSvnrurt Feb 26,2013 17:36
Torture King
I was unaware that America even had a hockey league, I wonder if American games ever get as violent as Canada's apparently do...
#z8r0yWCL Feb 26,2013 09:50
Yeah, they're the Chicago Blackhawks, an NHL (National Hockey League) team. I honestly don't know much about them, other than that they haven't lost a game yet this season in 18 games. As far as I can tell, the fervor of a hockey fan is only matched by Cricket fans in the Indian subcontinent, American college football fans in the south and Soccer/Football fans in general.
#2DYU4XOB Feb 26,2013 05:54
Nor am I. They hockey or something?
#QM3biEZt Feb 26,2013 05:15
I'm not much into sports, especially American ones.
#tSvnrurt Feb 26,2013 00:48
Torture King
... That's a sports team, right?
#z8r0yWCL Feb 24,2013 01:00
So... how 'bout them Blackhawks?
#QM3biEZt Feb 22,2013 10:06
That's the whole reason I click on ads, so that websites make money and to make some companies lose money .
#tSvnrurt Feb 22,2013 08:37
Torture King
I'm pretty sure the tween-based ad revenue is enough to sustain the domain fee. Just wish for more noobs and all will be well.
#QYB5MffJ Feb 22,2013 07:22
Lets hope that doesn't happen.
#tSvnrurt Feb 22,2013 06:30
Torture King
It has been decided, the debate will end when Dan-Ball goes down.
#A8K9k3xd Feb 22,2013 05:33
Codnchips 67
HAH, RIGHT. I mean, errm...
#z8r0yWCL Feb 22,2013 00:15
When we get married/start families?
#tSvnrurt Feb 21,2013 23:59
Torture King
I'm already in college actually, so not even then.
#z8r0yWCL Feb 21,2013 10:45
Well, I figure it will go on until the debaters here go to college and/or start a career. Should give this debate at least a couple more years.
#QM3biEZt Feb 21,2013 01:14
I reckon the debate will end whenever people decide to post on different boards.
#Tiyul9ST Feb 20,2013 08:53
i once made a planet but then a meteorite hit it and it caught on fire :(
#A8K9k3xd Feb 20,2013 00:45
Codnchips 67
Do I count as a part-time debater or a hanger-on? Probably the latter.
#tSvnrurt Feb 19,2013 17:38
Torture King
Also: Factor in the likeliness of world events being mundane enough as to be beneath notice.
#tSvnrurt Feb 19,2013 17:34
Torture King
That depends, how likely is it that all of the past and present debaters will swear off of Dan-Ball before we get new additions that might be interested in (and interesting enough) for it to continue?
#2DYU4XOB Feb 19,2013 17:13
Qwerty (Lazy)
Cause seriously, it's been going on for years now. Years and years. Nearly half a decade.
#2DYU4XOB Feb 19,2013 17:12
Qwerty (Lazy)
Next debate topic: Will this debate ever, ever end? Ever?
#z8r0yWCL Feb 19,2013 05:14
It can live if you just believe!
#tSvnrurt Feb 18,2013 13:38
Torture King
Sorry I haven't been replying, midterms just got over with and the last thing I want to do is think critically when I could be blowing up aliens.
#QM3biEZt Feb 18,2013 09:26
Well this board is dead again.
#QM3biEZt Feb 13,2013 08:39
I read something that said that it's like how certain colours can be evocative of certain emotions e.g. blue for calmness but I think that's quite subjective. Your idea sounds quite good, but I would think that emotion in speech is conveyed by loudness and tone rather than pitch. The first instruments were made to communicate over distances while hunting, music came later.
#jRL8oznP Feb 13,2013 08:20
chill boy 7
i can't make the earth also i'm new
#jRL8oznP Feb 13,2013 08:18
chill boy 7
can anyone make the earth?
#VVZAi0Yc Feb 12,2013 09:25
#HdJwyVGf Feb 12,2013 06:14
Torture King
Oooh, good topic! Hmm, I've read somewhere that song probably developed before language (hence why rhyme and alliteration often indicates similar meanings in words.) So I'm willing to bet that the chords are extensions of human or pre-human voice tones.
#QM3biEZt Feb 12,2013 04:26
Time to be intellectual again. I wonder, how come with music, some groups of tones sound inherently happy or sad, e.g major and minor chords.
#HdJwyVGf Feb 10,2013 09:58
Torture King
Onse i scored high on a math test, and evberyone called me a nerd.! Im not a no nerd.! Wahhh!@111!!!!!!1!!!one!!!!
#KHUItHIh Feb 10,2013 09:23
honestly, i dont get the point of this game, its kilda stupid
#QM3biEZt Feb 09,2013 19:42
i once todl a gurl that she was as hot as a stoev or a zsty peper she aksed me to d1e :(
#C87SnbsA Feb 09,2013 19:16
#HdJwyVGf Feb 09,2013 18:50
Torture King
... Yay, pointless middleschool drama! That's just what this board needs.
#E4AWnGaE Feb 09,2013 12:58
everyone at school today a boy ask me out guess what I say? Yes.All you girls out their are ugly not me.Bye bye
#E4AWnGaE Feb 09,2013 12:52
Can someone help me get on Dan-balls please? that would be nice
#HdJwyVGf Feb 09,2013 07:41
Torture King
I was going to say E. Coli, but they remind me of Mike'n'Ikes candy, so I guess I don't have an answer.
#Vqczr8E3 Feb 09,2013 04:47
Out of ten i would rate Earth Editor 9/10 9 becasue i think there should be more items
#zzrXcnfm Feb 08,2013 06:56
to andrew stanaka i cant figer out how to get on can somone help me
#QM3biEZt Feb 07,2013 23:04
@TK What's the least adorable micro-organism?
#QM3biEZt Feb 06,2013 05:17
Their mouths are weird but they look a lot more adorable than a dust mite.
#A8K9k3xd Feb 06,2013 04:36
Codnchips 67
Errr... they do? They look rather un-adorable to me.
#ABICyI1n Feb 06,2013 04:18
squishee mango
how do u download it?!
#HdJwyVGf Feb 05,2013 06:33
Torture King
They look adorable. Especially compared to other microorganisms.
#VnQpE1AI Feb 05,2013 01:30
#QM3biEZt Feb 05,2013 00:27
I would think a tardigrade has quite a lot of spirit being able to survive all the stuff they can survive. They look weird though.
#HdJwyVGf Feb 04,2013 08:18
Torture King
Well I guess it's dead again, for now anyway. This board has the spirit of a tardigrade, I swear...
#KlkL3wUr Feb 04,2013 02:08
troy boy cool te
me too
#6CGaf5Wc Feb 03,2013 00:14
mr thomas
i don`t know how to make a earth
#HdJwyVGf Feb 02,2013 08:10
Torture King
You weren't meant to do anything "Fate" is a LIE.
#t9nPMMHV Feb 02,2013 04:31
I was meant to say 'me zacs'
#t9nPMMHV Feb 02,2013 04:31
mi saX
#QM3biEZt Jan 26,2013 19:07
I sometimes want to buy Minecraft but I never want it enough to bother buying it, and if you restart before the time runs out in the demo for adventure mode you can play it infinitely.
#HdJwyVGf Jan 25,2013 13:32
Torture King
The only things I ever bothered to make with redstone were piston-doors and rapid-fire flaming-arrow-launchers. That probably makes me a sadist or something, and quite possibly a masochist since I nearly never play on multiplayer...
#A8K9k3xd Jan 25,2013 06:46
Codnchips 67
And Minecraft has better ones, in 3D as well. Minecraft is my preferred platform for logic circuit thingies now, and I've got a few interesting ones, such as a Minecraft unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe which works considerably faster than my PG version.
#QM3biEZt Jan 25,2013 05:06
@Codnchips if you like electronics the Powder Toy has lots of it.
#g5h3y8WO Jan 25,2013 03:54
You could always hope that new updates brings new possibilities. Althought they usually doesn´t. And I kind of like SR too.
#A8K9k3xd Jan 24,2013 06:17
Codnchips 67
I've gone about as far as it's possible to go on PG in terms of electronics, so I don't play it any more.
#HdJwyVGf Jan 23,2013 09:40
Torture King
I almost never play the games here, too busy with schoolwork and practice. But when I do, it's on EE or PG with a ham/turkey sandwich in one hand and a bottle of Old Spice in the other. I'm a horse, and the horse is on a turtle- after that it's just turtles all the way down.
#QM3biEZt Jan 22,2013 08:45
I didn't know people came here for the games, I just come here for the comment boards and sometimes I play the Powder Game.
#HdJwyVGf Jan 22,2013 07:17
Torture King
He didn't use much punctuation. What he meant to say is "Have any of you got rid of the black hole, invited a friend and then made bases to simulate a war?" I've done this, though I usually keep a few blackholes around to make the trajectory more interesting. Also it seems a little insulting to invite someone over to play a 3x3 inch java game when I've got a decent selection of console games available, so I normally 'play' solitaire.
#A8K9k3xd Jan 22,2013 05:22
Codnchips 67
...friend? I don't understand the question.
#mruu2X7K Jan 21,2013 04:44
steve b
have any of you got rid of the black hole got a friend and made base like things and had a war?
#QM3biEZt Jan 20,2013 22:29
Things like having two forms of the letter S , silent Es on the end of words and accents on the last e in words like banished or vanished have gone from the language in the last few hundred years.
#QM3biEZt Jan 20,2013 22:28
I don't think any new languages have developed naturally recently but some like Esperanto have been created and Esperanto was made simple so more people would learn it. I think English is meant to have a middling level of complexity which would agree with the theory as it was the Normans who laid the foundations for the rest of the development of English. The trend in development in English more recently seems to the language simplifying itself. Compare English today with English in the last 500 years.
#HdJwyVGf Jan 20,2013 18:15
Torture King This is a fun trend. I wonder if this theory would hold up with recently developed languages, as in a language developed with prior knowledge of computers or something. I would to think we've at least matched the Ancient Greeks in cultural advancement, if not surpassed them completely.
#XndzMCgb Jan 20,2013 10:28
i am 10 years old and i'm looking for a hot girlfriend
#XndzMCgb Jan 20,2013 10:27
this game is fun to mess around with
#QM3biEZt Jan 19,2013 02:19
NorbertLinuxGuy Now on a completely unrelated topic I read about some linguistics theory that said that a language's complexity was proportional to the advancement of the people who spoke it. This included complex grammar which apparently is related to the language's culture. According to this idea Greek is a complicated language because the Ancient Greeks were very advanced.
#HdJwyVGf Jan 18,2013 14:53
Torture King
... The hell was that?
#z8r0yWCL Jan 18,2013 10:54
And now for something completely different:
#HdJwyVGf Jan 17,2013 15:47
Torture King
The secret's out...
#XbBaNsxl Jan 15,2013 14:18
Time is a fun, but delecate subject. Thus it rarely occurs in every day speech. Was that an interesting post, Codnchips 67? :Pπ
#QM3biEZt Jan 15,2013 05:26
I had an interesting post but then I asked the internet about it and it wasn't so interesting.
#A8K9k3xd Jan 13,2013 06:47
Codnchips 67
Someone make an interesting post. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU WILL MANAGE IT.
#ymgbhbX3 Jan 11,2013 20:01
#QM3biEZt Jan 09,2013 23:15
You're right they do.
#2lYehggz Jan 06,2013 16:34
Torture King
Fine, let me clarify: "Love" is a strong word in context with mindless 3-5 worded sentences. It can technically mean anything, but common speech patterns dictate that it's always an understatement. EX: "That's pretty HIGH up." "Look how FAR it went!" "Wow, that was FAST."
#QM3biEZt Jan 06,2013 10:34
People who say that X is a strong word deserve the strongly worded opinions of their opinionated peers.
#2lYehggz Jan 03,2013 07:34
Torture King
@clone: Love is strong word, I try to avoid emphasis unless I'm being sarcastic or absurd. Just for future reference.
#XcGudnlZ Jan 02,2013 21:27
torture King
i love pink
#XcGudnlZ Jan 02,2013 21:26
tortune king
i love this game
#87a586r8 Jan 01,2013 16:41
Torture King
Removing warning labels on everything would make it difficult to do anything outside of one's personal experiences. I've never had to work a gas pump, so if I ever leave the state I'll have to look for some kind list of instructions and warnings to make sure I don't blow a gas station up. Also I'm pretty sure "sending crazy/stupid people out into the desert" would just make the wilderness more dangerous from all the serial-killers.
#jj3u3ZnI Jan 01,2013 15:22
kris ellis
jokeing its been a while sience ive been here it hasent changed one bit oh yeah and HAPPY 2013!!
#QM3biEZt Jan 01,2013 11:15
#QM3biEZt Jan 01,2013 11:15
What if the dumb ones revolt and stop working wherever they work and thus destroy the economy which leads to a war between the smart people and the numpties.
#k5XbcRMc Jan 01,2013 11:05
I propose that we send the terminally stupid out into the desert; (Not sure if that's the proper use of a semicolon but hey, I'm feeling wild and crazy) those that have the skills to make it out alive are allowed back into society.
#A8K9k3xd Jan 01,2013 10:38
Codnchips 67
How about removing all warning labels and allowing the terminally stupid to take care of themselves?
#87a586r8 Jan 01,2013 10:19
Torture King
That last one sounds like eugenics; I'm not really a fan of that sort of thinking, since it can go in so many bad directions. Just... So many.
#ZKKVwqhL Jan 01,2013 04:25
If Argentina existed 100 million years ago, it would have been in Africa.
#ZKKVwqhL Jan 01,2013 04:21
I'm going to avoid any conversation involving castration.
#A8K9k3xd Dec 31,2012 20:43
Codnchips 67
Gun control? Castration for the terminally stupid? Good topics for discussion.
#87a586r8 Dec 31,2012 10:08
Torture King
I'm gonna predict a possible future as to what a Geography "debate" would look like: "I say Argentina is in Africa!" "How many time must I say this? It's in ASIA. A-S-I-A, Asia. Right next to Old Zealand!" "I'm starting to think you 2 are serious, why else would you continue like that for 63 posts?" -- I'm up for anything though, really. I'd start a conversation myself, but I seem to have rather bad luck at that lately. I've been leaving a bowl of milk and salt by my backdoor in case the local fairies are mad at me for whatever reason.
#7gGXbSgR Dec 30,2012 09:09
Also, Geography, but you can't really sustain a debate on Geography.
#7gGXbSgR Dec 30,2012 09:07
I'm vaguely familiar with it. Honestly, Politics and History are my strong suits.
#87a586r8 Dec 29,2012 14:24
Torture King
We are in dire need of a new topic. Anyone like biology?
#A8K9k3xd Dec 23,2012 10:37
Codnchips 67
E* dammit, capitalisation.
#A8K9k3xd Dec 23,2012 09:29
Codnchips 67
The full equation is actually: e^2=(mc^2)^2+(pc)^2, where p is momentum. The equation isn't correct for a moving object otherwise (or so I am told by the people on the Internet that tell me what to think). The more you know...
#87a586r8 Dec 22,2012 13:52
Torture King
It's weird how many people have memorized that equation by name but still have no idea what it means. It's like knowing that "1+1=2" but not knowing how to count or what numbers even are.
#3J0EcIYn Dec 22,2012 10:22
make it for ps3
#SBBIVFah Dec 22,2012 10:03
#QM3biEZt Dec 22,2012 09:15
The equation isn't energy equals mass it's energy = (mass by the speed of light) squared
#87a586r8 Dec 22,2012 05:09
Torture King
I must disagree, good sir! The explosion of energy results from positive and negative forces cancelling eachother out and releasing their respective energies. If it were positive + positive matter (or negative + negative, etc.) then you would just get denser matter or else everything would have exploded too fast for something as stable for the universe to form.
#g5h3y8WO Dec 21,2012 22:14
I might be late, but anti-matter isnt negative matter. If so, it would be the excact opposite of normal matter and if you combined them, they´d just disappear. Now, a huge explosion takes place, so they was actually both made by energy. And, as everyone knows, energy = mass.
#QM3biEZt Dec 19,2012 05:42
My maths is pretty bad, I tend to disagree with half of the methods being taught and am not interested in many maths related jobs but I'm still not the worst maths student going.
#87a586r8 Dec 18,2012 21:02
Torture King
I'm a science fan, but I probably don't understand any of it as much as I'd hope since my math is considered sub-par for highschool.
#QM3biEZt Dec 17,2012 07:15
I'm not that great at science but I can bluff an understanding of it and find it interesting. I am better at it than a lot of my school chums though.
#LZ2NbEYx Dec 16,2012 09:41
"I like the physics (and to a lesser extent other sciences) debates, because they're the only ones where I have a clue what's actually going on. :L" You and I are very different people. Also, Roblox still exists?
#yPa06Asx Dec 16,2012 08:42
jayden go on now kids
#A8K9k3xd Dec 16,2012 01:08
Codnchips 67
I like the physics (and to a lesser extent other sciences) debates, because they're the only ones where I have a clue what's actually going on. :L
#87a586r8 Dec 15,2012 06:12
Torture King
Not really, the site owner is hosting a "Creepy Pasta Cook-off" and somebody started a thread about what exactly it was that really made horror.
#QM3biEZt Dec 15,2012 04:24
Are you talking about the academic PDF that came up when I Googled it?
#87a586r8 Dec 14,2012 18:47
Torture King
Welp, that didn't last long... "The Nature of Horror" was trending for a bit over on another site I frequent, but I only found it after it got locked by an admin. Maybe that?
#GVekgryj Dec 12,2012 01:56
you did reveal it yourself! :P
#hESUBE50 Dec 11,2012 23:34
This debate is revealing my failings in Physics...
#A8K9k3xd Dec 11,2012 04:29
Codnchips 67
Not to mention negative mass and energy. Negative mass bothers me immensely, but oh well.
#87a586r8 Dec 10,2012 08:56
Torture King
That's actually exactly what antimatter is. Neutrons and negatively charged protons stuck together being orbited by positively charged electrons.
#QM3biEZt Dec 09,2012 09:03
I think the real answer was far more mundane than negative matter.
#QM3biEZt Dec 09,2012 09:03
Could anti-matter be considered negative matter? It was an answer I came up with for a hypothetical science question.
#87a586r8 Dec 09,2012 05:33
Torture King
I'm coining "meta-matter" if nobody else has. Maybe it would be possible to synthesize complete atoms without mass, which could then be stored at nearly infinite densities until needed. To be completely fair to the military industry, I'd like to point out the many of the most recent advances have shortened conflicts to sniping and cover-fire.
#1CMOywMS Dec 08,2012 02:33
like very very game
#1CMOywMS Dec 08,2012 02:31
like game
#A8K9k3xd Dec 08,2012 01:52
Codnchips 67
In addition, mass is a measure of the amount of substance or matter in an object. So I would say that if something has no mass it's not a substance, it's something else.
#A8K9k3xd Dec 08,2012 01:46
Codnchips 67
That's not because science is bad, it's because people are idiots and are always looking for ways to kill people or can't be bothered to invest any money in renewable energy.
#QM3biEZt Dec 07,2012 08:20
Same, but if a substance has no mass is it really a substance? Or have we not already had mass-less substances already in the form of photons and the like. The thing about science is that something new is discovered and the old stuff is re-written. But progress is generally good unless we make a nice new bomb and some idiot kills everyone with it and pollution and etc.
#awWwMbPg Dec 06,2012 11:23
You'll have to pardon my not getting involved in this conversation because I know diddly-squat about physics.
#87a586r8 Dec 06,2012 01:41
Torture King
Well a new basic particle means a new branch in physics, which could possibly mean new chemistry, engineering and scientific progress in general. Higg's Boson is supposedly responsible for mass, so we might end up with mass-less substances or something.
#QM3biEZt Dec 05,2012 23:37
Such as?
#K8xD1vYb Dec 03,2012 23:31
Torture King
Well, the LHC claims to have maybe found the Higgs a little while ago. Maybe implications about that?
#h1ETWTWw Dec 03,2012 04:03
Very cool game! Mabie there should be a alien element! Mabie there should be alien colonys and stuff like that!
#R9wFLi63 Dec 02,2012 23:11
big hot small
#OEaxWOfn Dec 02,2012 17:17
We should be talking about something more intellectual.
#rYvObIM7 Dec 02,2012 09:17
You can shoot fire " balls" on shot mode. Bonus, practice shooting at sand and seed planets.
#K8xD1vYb Dec 01,2012 23:35
Torture King
My mom liked the show specifically for Sheen; I'm guessing it's similar to watching a train-wreck in slow-motion.
#OEaxWOfn Nov 30,2012 07:46
Now I remember, Charlie Sheen is that guy of Two and Half Men. I never got why so many people like that show.
#TBY8LrGe Nov 28,2012 09:51
And he jumped on Oprah's couch...
#OEaxWOfn Nov 28,2012 04:01
My favourite lunatic is Tom Cruise with all his creepy Scien_to logy stuff.
#hESUBE50 Nov 27,2012 23:53
I can't believe I missed the conversation on celebrated misogynist Charlie Sheen.
#RPzJNMlT Nov 27,2012 10:44
#Hy6anwFc Nov 27,2012 09:26
Torture King
Neither do I, but I do pay attention to lunatics. It's always nice to know who's running things.
#OEaxWOfn Nov 27,2012 07:01
I don't pay much attention to famous people.
#Hy6anwFc Nov 26,2012 17:36
Torture King
Charlie Sheen doesn't really 'act' though, he just plays more toned down versions of himself. I've never seen him in any role that wasn't "lovable a//hole", "wealthy party-animal" or "himself".
#OsvEJPFp Nov 26,2012 10:29
But then again, you know, being Charlie Sheen is hardly a "career in the arts". ...Or IS it?
#OEaxWOfn Nov 26,2012 06:00
Singing is more respectable than acting, I must disagree with you, and I think the that musicians die young more often than actors.
#Hy6anwFc Nov 26,2012 03:05
Torture King
He looks like an older Charlie Sheen...
#OEaxWOfn Nov 25,2012 23:01
@YES_official do you mean this Morrissey?
#H7o93cPt Nov 25,2012 14:05
#jPgpGDFr Nov 25,2012 09:11
Just think of the possibilities, ok?
#jPgpGDFr Nov 25,2012 09:11
@Mysteryguy200?: On the dole is what Americans would call being on welfare, essentially. More interesting + marketable topic of debate: What if Morrissey, not Morsi, was the president of Egypt?
#OEaxWOfn Nov 25,2012 01:27
Languages I guess
#Hy6anwFc Nov 24,2012 23:58
Torture King
So language origination or sandwiches?
#OEaxWOfn Nov 24,2012 20:09
Let's talk about what we were talking about before that, I didn't think we would get so side tracked. PS I'm Sven and Norbertlinuxlord, I forgot my account ID so I made a new one.
#hESUBE50 Nov 24,2012 12:06
Well, I've never heard of any nicknames for this group of young men, although I've never lived in a large urban area. Regardless, I think the English/Irish/Scottish have too many nicknames for this subculture.
#QYt1X02T Nov 24,2012 07:34
I don't care
#xjC7uBy1 Nov 23,2012 10:59
Torture King
As far as special words go, I suppose the closest American proxy would be the "gangsta" sub-culture. Though even that's a bit of a stretch since some of the most assertive of the life-style probably don't live that way.
#VyzOzAz1 Nov 23,2012 09:38
google god
nobody like nerds
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 23,2012 07:35
I guess the closest equivalent would be food stamps.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 23,2012 06:41
And "on the dole" means?...
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 23,2012 04:11
I mean dodgy as petty thug and probably going to be on the dole when they grow up.
#xjC7uBy1 Nov 23,2012 01:35
Torture King
It's just one those words, you never know what it's gonna do.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 22,2012 22:03
I thought dodgy meant aloof and maybe a little aggressive.
#xjC7uBy1 Nov 22,2012 13:37
Torture King
When you say "dodgy" do you mean "Mildly annoying and somewhat untrustworthy" or "possibly a future career criminal"?
#2sXAdsZj Nov 22,2012 09:08
Well, Maybe PG would be the best if they updated it....
#2sXAdsZj Nov 22,2012 09:07
This is going to be the best game!
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 21,2012 23:05
I've been wondering, what do you call dodgy teenagers or young men in America, where I live, a few miles South of Dublin they're 'knackers' in Dublin they're 'skangers' in Cork they're 'langers' and they call them 'chavs' in England and Wales and 'pikeys' in Scotland and some of the North of Ireland.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 21,2012 07:24
Well, I was reading a theory that said that the complexity of a language is related to how developed the civilisation the language came from was. It stated that Greek is a complex language because Ancient Greece was very developed and the Native American languages were simple because they were quite undeveloped, English according to that theory is in the middle. I don't know how true it is. @TK I agree with the first part of your idea, the second part is true some of the time but also there are plenty of slang words that aren't abbreviations or corruptions. I'm not sure about the third part, upper class language is more complex definitely, but I'm not sure about it being *made* more complex deliberately.
#AJ4K3xFP Nov 20,2012 08:44
#xjC7uBy1 Nov 19,2012 17:08
Torture King
My history studies have been centered mostly on folklore and technology, so I don't have much to back this up. But I've had this idea that maybe languages and accents evolve in a set pattern. First it's just a designation, a community would all agree that a given concept could be communicated in a certain way. The ancient Sumerians communicated using a chant of hundreds of mono-syllabic "words" that likely grew out of the easily misunderstood pointing-and-grunting. Next would be convenience, when sounds would be mushed together because clearly enunciating everything would simply take too long for the average working Joe with a family to feed. I think the recent development of "textspeak" might be a sign of this, though really any slang at all could apply just as easily. And finally the full transition comes when the upper classes want to look fancy, compounding words attaching prefixes and such to create new words that fluff up a speech and sweeten a poem. You know Shakespeare invented over half of modern English? Of course by the time a language has gotten to this point it's almost completely different and probably restarting the cycle.
#ChfGLymY Nov 17,2012 09:39
I wish America had accents named off of Colleges...
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 16,2012 06:23
I didn't think I wrote that much, as you can see I like rambling about this sort of thing.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 16,2012 06:22
Well some linguists reckon that accents like American accents or Australian are like what the original immigrants spoke and being far away from England they didn't modernise or developed their own way. @mysteryguy Where I live people don't really talk like that. I hear it with a lot of English accents and they often don't pronounce 'r's Often with impressions of Irish accents they put an r at the end of words. Mr Krabs did if he was meant to sound Irish. I also found about two laguages I didn't know existed Yola and Fingalian. Apparently they were Irish mutations of English but Yola has more of a Dutch influence, Fingalian sounds like Shelta (a mix of Irish and English) Some Irish accents sound quite Engish though, ones like a Southside Dublin accent or Trinity College accent.
#IepFhZn9 Nov 16,2012 05:28
Torture King
/they're Odd, I swear I proof-read that.
#eeW2ILdQ Nov 15,2012 06:46
What I never understood is why most British/Irish people pronounce words that end with A like it ends in "er". For example; "Atlanta" being pronounced "Atlanter" or "Obama" being pronounced "Obamer".
#IepFhZn9 Nov 15,2012 03:46
Torture King
Most American pronunciations take hold because their more fun to say. English is a mutt of a language anyway, it hardly makes a difference as long as the point gets across.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 14,2012 23:35
I don't think 'd really like bologna, why do you call jam 'jelly' anyway jelly is the stuff you make out of gelatine and have for dessert jam doesn't have any gelatine. Also, I was reading on Wikipedia about jam and there's all these legal definitions for what is and isn't jam.
#8UUioLSO Nov 14,2012 07:05
I always thought the jelly was there to eliminate the aftertaste of Peanut butter.
#aXRRVKYm Nov 14,2012 04:32
Torture King
Well there's certainly ham in bologna, but it's also partially chicken, beef, turkey, venison and any other kind of meat the local sausage makers can get their hands on. I'm still going with meat and cheese because I don't really like the aftertaste of peanut butter.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 14,2012 03:50
Peanut butter and jelly, I don't like processed cheese and I've never tried bologna but it looks like ham but with a fancy name.
#8HbI0eql Nov 14,2012 02:23
#aSIXXJZG Nov 13,2012 21:33
I suppose, but for the sake of argument let's say it's pre-sliced, processed cheese.
#aXRRVKYm Nov 13,2012 14:13
Torture King
Can the cheese be cheddar?
#Y9R6ScM1 Nov 13,2012 10:34
New debate subject: Bologna and cheese or Peanut Butter and jelly.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 13,2012 04:03
I had a debate with myself but I wasn't allowed post it.
#aXRRVKYm Nov 12,2012 18:11
Torture King
Holy carp, in all my 6+ years of playing this game I've never known that! Seriously DNA, half the fun is figuring out how things work yourself.
#ytFQpENd Nov 12,2012 02:36
Oh yeah, and size 3 pen
#ytFQpENd Nov 12,2012 02:32
To make a fireball/realistic meteor. for people who dont know how, turn pen to shot, click fire, pull your mouse away from the planet, and let go of the left click button, it shoots a fireball at the planet.
#8RhgDtJs Nov 11,2012 07:56
I have an idea, Sven111, have a debate with yourself, it could be very enlightening.
#EgNWkmjX Nov 11,2012 00:38
its coll
#aXRRVKYm Nov 10,2012 19:19
Torture King
I've got college and a lot more chores than I used to. Not to mention family preparations for Thanksgiving, 5 whole families to feed and entertain... it's not for a while but my mom's a perfectionist, so...
#aYzbRI7R Nov 10,2012 09:56
No, I'm on the road and just won't be able to comment regularly for a couple of weeks.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 10,2012 08:19
Did everyone die? I'm lonely.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 08,2012 19:34
Well normally opening the game helps.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 08,2012 09:15
Hey, look! a noob! And, to answer your question you have to be more specific.
#XATCusfa Nov 08,2012 08:50
no one
how do you start playing
#aXRRVKYm Nov 08,2012 03:49
Torture King
Yeah, I was sort of thinking about joining that wave, but Firefox won't let me log out and nobody would believe I was Santa after I personally drowned him.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 07,2012 14:25
I should point out as a disclaimer that I made up about 60% of the "politicians" commenting on the PG comments. The rest were just people who rode the wave.
#aXRRVKYm Nov 07,2012 06:23
Torture King
I know, right? Personally, I thin they should've gone with their actual accounts instead of logging off. I prefer politicians be as transparent as possible.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 07,2012 04:52
I didn't know American politicians liked commenting on the PG board so much.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 06,2012 08:45
Apparently noobs get flustered when there is a living, flowing conversation; they all flee to the Ham Race comments.
#aXRRVKYm Nov 05,2012 13:03
Torture King
Eh, I've been alright. I've recently started taking a few classes in Biology and Art, but as usual I'm so lazy it probably won't do much good. I've also started world-building for a Fantasy project on my DA. How have you been?
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 04,2012 23:47
Did we scare the noobs away? ______________________________________________________________________________ New Zealand sounds pretty good, it's far away from everywhere too. __________________________________________________________________ These debates have been going for five years, PGs board was almost ok back then.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 04,2012 22:59
New Zealand might be a safe place to go. They have a law banning all things nuclear: Of course, come wartime they probably wouldn't have any way of enforcing it.
#HpCVDnAz Nov 04,2012 21:01
Five years man... It's been such a long time since I join these debates and well offered no help or conclusions to them. Ah good times. I did not expect TK to be roaming these boards but still I wonder TK how are you my friend? And what are you doing with your life?
#aXRRVKYm Nov 04,2012 17:03
Torture King
I don't know about Argentina, either. The stretch between Antarctica and South America could be vitally important for submarine travel; and since subs typically host large amounts of nuclear warheads themselves, it would probably be prudent for a nation at nuclear-war to eliminate that particular invasion route. (I'm actually speaking from experience there, the same situation ended up happening in one of my multiplayer games.)
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 04,2012 10:13
There's seals too, and maybe some other fish. Maybe some conservationists should bring some polar bears to Antarctica and cold Northern landmasses. People have managed to survive in the North pole so the coast of Antarctica shouldn't be drastically different. But because we were talking about nuclear survival, would the radiation reach the Antarctic coast? I don't think that the end of South America is that strategically important to require being blown up so maybe that might be an ok place to stay.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 04,2012 07:35
But you could only last so long in a Antarctic winter when the penguins leave and go out to sea...
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 03,2012 22:16
I'm confused, I never said "Um, what?'' and that comment has a different code on the side. ______________________________________________________________________________ What about Antarctica, it could be a good place to stay if you don't mind the cold and like eating penguins and if the rest of the world get's destroyed we can all live there and maybe have the sense to have non-nuclear wars instead.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 03,2012 21:54
I'm thinking the Sahara desert. You'd just have to have some source of water and fight off the bands of thugs roaming the desert.
#Qinao20G Nov 03,2012 19:23
#aXRRVKYm Nov 03,2012 17:42
Torture King
Sooo.... Ethiopia? Huh. Of course their economy would finally boom after the rest the world went to hell.
#lqtRjeOT Nov 03,2012 12:57
Um, what?
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 02,2012 23:56
That is true, but it would probably be best to avoid central/southern Africa where there are a lot of mineral and oil resources that could be targeted. On another note, I'm surprised how I've gotten so much mileage out of "Apples or Oranges!" even if the conversation has turned to best places to survive in a nuclear war.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 02,2012 23:32
A country in say Africa that lacked strategic value might be a good place to stay as long as the local government isn't too insane.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 02,2012 11:16
Fallout can drift for hundreds of miles; it just depends on the way the wind blows so I wouldn't say Switzerland is safe. Also, in regards of where it's safe in a nuclear war (at least in America) I found this map: The description is: Primary target locations for Soviet nuclear strikes during 1980s. The resulting fall-out is indicated with the darkest considered as "lethal" to relatively fall-out free yellow zones. So you definitely don't want to be living in the Missouri to Montana stretch.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 02,2012 09:33
What about living in a neutral country, Switzerland is probably the most neutral country going, would nuclear fallout from say Germany or France affect Switzerland if it came one of the cities nearby. There's a few other neutral countries in Europe, Ireland would be good because it's an island but Britain still owns the North though Belfast isn't as important as it used to be. Really though, Ireland does be on Britain's side mostly...
#aXRRVKYm Nov 02,2012 07:10
Torture King
Actually cockroaches aren't all that immune to radiation either, when that report was published, they misplaced the decimal and made it seem like the bugs were ten times more resistant than they actually are. They are bacteria resistant though, having evolved specifically for long-term borrowing of mammal dens. I think the best defense for nuclear attack is just not living near a major city, but not so out-of-the-way as to be a perfect hiding place for your own nation's missile silos. (Since those would likely be a secondary, if not primary target.)
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 02,2012 01:02
Personally I think being a cockroach is the best way to resist radiation.
#xjT0ZW2f Nov 01,2012 23:52
FÜD is a real thing? o_0 I think kelp can help you resist radiation, but not as much as iodine.
#h8oPmxE1 Nov 01,2012 20:09
Back in the Cuban Missile Crisis my Grandparents who were living in California decided that it was useless fleeing to the hills because that was what everyone else was doing. Instead, they bought some canned tomato juice and crackers and decided that if the bombs were going to drop they would hide in a ditch behind their home with their crackers and tomato juice and hope for the best. I think that's a pretty good way to try to ride out a Nuclear War; you would be incinerated almost immediately and not have to live in a post-apocalyptic world.
#XgigfY69 Nov 01,2012 09:14
Torture King
General Mills did make emergency rations, but only enough for the Senate bunkers. Everyone else was supposedly going to subsist on Twinkies and fear.
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 31,2012 20:52
General Mills' Nuclear Survival Pellets: Come for the Nuclear war, stay for the pellets.
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 31,2012 08:29
I also like 'FÜD'. Actually, I read that General Mills (I think) in America made these tins of general purpose food pellets in case a nuclear war broke out. I think this happened in the '70s or '80s. ______________________________________________________________________________ Also, is it a coincidence that my spellchecker wants me to replace '70s' with 'BS'?
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 30,2012 21:04
Hey, if it says "FOOD" than it must be edible, right?... right?
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 30,2012 20:07
Yay! Food grown in labs, I like the stuff that you get in the tins that just say 'FOOD' on them.
#XgigfY69 Oct 30,2012 16:19
Torture King
Tired of old, boring food? Try Grapple! Grapple is everything you want in a fruit and some things you don't! Genetically modified to lock in those almost-all-natural flavors, our hard-working, (Insert native country adjective) farmers never stop caring about what you eat every morning. Now stop wrestling that guy you began strangling two sentences in this ad and buy some!
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 29,2012 21:45
Sounds delicious. And genetically-modified. Anyway, I saw a "Grapple" a Gr*ape (anything with the word ra*pe in it doesn't make it past the censors.) and Apple hybrid once, I wonder if they have seeds.
#XgigfY69 Oct 29,2012 14:18
Torture King
I think I had a seedless apple once, some guy living up in the Cascades was passing out free samples at the farmers market.
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 29,2012 07:53
Satsumas are related to Oranges, right? 'Cus they're delicious at Christmas. Apples are good, too, but I'll give the edge to Oranges. (Unless they have seeds in them.)
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 29,2012 07:37
Apples because they have a proud history of being made into cider, tarts and they're members of the rosaceae family which is my favourite family of plants.
#XgigfY69 Oct 29,2012 05:56
Torture King
Oranges, I love fruits that don't rhyme with anything.
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 28,2012 20:02
Apples or Oranges!
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 28,2012 19:24
New topics?
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 27,2012 11:11
I used the word "loathe" over "ha-te" because for some reason the censors had a problem with that.
#XgigfY69 Oct 27,2012 10:46
Torture King
Hmmm..... So that apparently is not the list of words that deletes a comment that I found...
#XgigfY69 Oct 27,2012 10:46
Torture King
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 27,2012 05:04
I had posted a very witty post but the censorbot deleted it, I'd really like to know what criteria makes a post deletable
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 27,2012 04:23
I loathe the fact that the conversation dies after I post.
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 27,2012 04:12
No one has anything to say :(
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 23,2012 23:54
Wal-Mart should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Think of all the social-unrest that there could be in America without the 1.6 million jobs that Wal-Mart provides.
#jPgpGDFr Oct 23,2012 08:15
Wal-Mart is an awesome guy. I would like to have a beer with him sometime.
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 23,2012 04:52
If Danball let's me post this time, I was saying that the Nobel Prize people are discrediting themselves if they are just going to hand it out to organisations and people that haven't done all that much for peace and have mixed approval. Also, one of the people on the Prize Committee said that Europe has been through 'Two civil wars during the 20th century' pretty sure he was talking about the two World Wars, sounds like revisionism to me.
#XgigfY69 Oct 22,2012 12:00
Torture King
I don't like the idea of organizations being recognized on the same level as individuals. What, is Wal-Mart eligible now?
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 21,2012 23:49
Finally! Anyway, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU seems a little lazy. It's like giving Obama the Peace Prize even though he seems quite trigger-happy. But hey, it's only been 15 years since Europe's had a genocide...
#h8oPmxE1 Oct 21,2012 23:47
Let's see if Dan-Ball lets me comment...
#9uuWuI5L Oct 21,2012 10:45
i love it
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 21,2012 09:29
On a more serious note(if danball will let me post it), what do yous think of the Nobel peace prize being given to the EU ?
#XgigfY69 Oct 21,2012 05:23
Torture King
Oh no!
#XgigfY69 Oct 21,2012 05:23
Torture King
There there, it's not all lost...
#aM1tTOZl Oct 20,2012 22:02
#xjT0ZW2f Oct 20,2012 08:50
WHAT? I forgot to post in red, nnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!!!!! The interwebz are ruined!!!
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