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#lyRY2xz6 Nov 27,2022 02:11
i wanted to do something like that, but I haven't really gotten much time to upload lately
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 27,2022 02:10
what about pixel art Minecraft or something? i think Minecraft could translate well into powder game because of its pixelated art style
#lX5Otgb5 Nov 26,2022 14:50
This is a good
#ZQqfyLDw Nov 26,2022 14:29
Dragon Archives
oh, oh, oh! you should do a "this is what happens to you when you smoke" upload! nobody's ever done that
#wM3oUyMC Nov 26,2022 11:55
pixel art would be epic
#DTNIilO6 Nov 26,2022 04:42
#M9gsnPJe Nov 26,2022 04:10
Emma Phelps
I love you
#DTNIilO6 Nov 26,2022 03:12
Havent uploaded in nearly a month. If I were to make something new, what would people here want to see? Something techy, pixel art, player course, or something else entirely?
#G8UOqT4H Nov 25,2022 04:18
#j4T3TNvX Nov 25,2022 02:05
Dragon Archives
Love the battle scene
#MuPzeBVV Nov 25,2022 00:56
Thanks for 133 votes!
#Fzavi6mU Nov 24,2022 10:24
My upload are coming soon
#MuPzeBVV Nov 24,2022 09:42
That is a good upload
#wM3oUyMC Nov 24,2022 03:46
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455445 quick pixel art
#wM3oUyMC Nov 24,2022 00:43
best powder game upload evar
#MuPzeBVV Nov 23,2022 22:53
I like how the second most voted thing is a box of fan titled “Black Hole”
#Fzavi6mU Nov 23,2022 13:39
Check my uploads they're cool
#j4T3TNvX Nov 23,2022 10:56
Dragon Archives
Wow, cool orb!
#wM3oUyMC Nov 23,2022 02:47
thanks :)
#DTNIilO6 Nov 23,2022 01:57
Stinky's uploads have been really good recently what with Powder-ception and this curious little upload. Thought id shout him out :) https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455431
#j4T3TNvX Nov 22,2022 21:56
Dragon Archives
@Eight Now, despite powder game being pretty dead right now there’s actually a pretty large discord server for Dan-Ball community members: https://discord.gg/TT7cRCRtMx
#ulbOfOAD Nov 22,2022 20:39
车子 是很好玩
#tktxYAeQ Nov 22,2022 10:33
#j4T3TNvX Nov 22,2022 06:51
Dragon Archives
@nabby When I first made it I asked several community members who had been around since the 2011 era to confirm. I’ve seen people use thumbnails to make small pictures (between 2 and 4 thumbnails) but never a full page of 20 uploads. If you can find that it’s been done before I’d be really curious to see!
#wM3oUyMC Nov 22,2022 02:45
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455418 oh my gawsh!!111
#64LPoj29 Nov 21,2022 23:32
"first ever" page pixel art? i thought i've seen this one before...
#wM3oUyMC Nov 21,2022 22:51
the powdered games le bron james the gong chang ching ching bing bing hong kong china powdered games the bars are on fleak
#IwWflQsL Nov 21,2022 17:25
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 21,2022 15:21
Yeah I feel like at this point, the community is just you three and random people popping in just for fun. I mean there are obviously more people but you seem like the main people who contribute and talk in this game. And your uploads are massively undervoted, too. There are uploads with thousands of upvotes that are way lower effort than what you guys make and get like a few hundred upvotes for. Honestly I feel like some random class could just decide to play powder game and just completely take over the community because of how inactive this place is at this point.
#j4T3TNvX Nov 21,2022 12:38
Dragon Archives
Also @Cheeky Fish’s calculator upload is in the November monthly ranking and is, rightfully, quite a ways up there in votes. Still not nearly as much as is deserved. Tbh your ttt upload and his calc should be getting thousands
#j4T3TNvX Nov 21,2022 12:30
Dragon Archives
I totally agree with everything Cheeky said. It’s a shame, but it’s also kind of always been that way. Even back in 2011 when I first joined there was this complaint - and this was during the era of the greatest uploaders in the site’s history all congregating and making new stuff. Or, rather, it was the start of the exodus of that generation of players. Only reason I’m uploading rn is because I want to make sure I fill up just enough uploads to make this pixel art work: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/search/?o=n&e=2&k=0&t=a&m=1667228400&p=7&s=Dragon+Archives Then I’ll likely take a break again. (Ps check this link in another few weeks to see it completed lol) I would put Cheeky and Fish on the same level as a lot of the old Greats, those in the top 100 total rankings. It’s unfortunate how low the site’s user base is right now and how many votes end up going to low-effort stuff. But hey, maybe those uploaders will be excited by their votes and start putting in effort to make even better stuff! One can hope. As for you, Eight, I agree with cheeky. I’m a fan of your stuff - you obviously put more effort in than most. Looking forward to seeing what you make!
#DTNIilO6 Nov 21,2022 06:05
Hey 81514, I think I speak on Dragon Archives behalf as well when we say this, but we totally agree. There is a balancing act to be had in that we dont want to repel new players, though we do want the players who put a lot of time and effort into their uploads to get the recognition they deserve. In part, I think that is why Dragon and I have slowed down uploading for a while. I believe we both have intentions of coming back, but until there are more players and better recogition of the most time-consuming uploads I think we may slow the amount we upload. Also, my life became busy and I havent had time to make new stuff. Though I am very happy my Tic-Tac-Toe machine has somehow topped the Monthly rankings, I truly feel it should have been Fistaska01's recent 10x10 4-op calc. I really hope it will be top for next months rankings. That project took him ages (and having myself made a lot of calcs, I can tell you his are truly top notch). https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455298 815, please keep making good uploads, I like your style :)
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 21,2022 03:06
does it annoy anyone else that really obviously low effort pieces get tons of upvotes but then some high-effort pieces get like nothing? I used to be one of the people that made like garbage uploads but somehow got hundreds of votes, but now I hate people who do that. Well I don't really hate them, I just hate the voters for supporting low-effort style uploads
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 21,2022 01:04
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455405 This took so long to make lol I meticulously copied the pixel art from google images and the end product isn't even that good so it won't even get that many upvotes
#FZKuxsvJ Nov 20,2022 00:57
I'm watching you from the window
#FZKuxsvJ Nov 20,2022 00:56
#zXSmzFsM Nov 19,2022 23:53
#ulbOfOAD Nov 19,2022 20:37
Yu I
Oh my god
#vnJSNdTr Nov 19,2022 19:14
How are you
#vnJSNdTr Nov 19,2022 19:13
#j4T3TNvX Nov 19,2022 16:52
Dragon Archives
Hi Dima
#Mo1qEJKn Nov 19,2022 16:43
#2pEeJdLs Nov 19,2022 15:34
#smxao8Vo Nov 19,2022 10:46
#wM3oUyMC Nov 19,2022 08:46
quite beautiful indeed
#j4T3TNvX Nov 19,2022 02:06
Dragon Archives
Could be because you said on the comments board, in front of the moderators, that you’ve used alts for 100bit?
#SmvfDZPH Nov 18,2022 21:44
anybody know why account is down?
#DTNIilO6 Nov 18,2022 03:38
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455341 Its beautiful. Truly :')
#wM3oUyMC Nov 18,2022 01:34
sure ill help rebuild!
#SmvfDZPH Nov 17,2022 23:12
i need help, broden and his "friends" are deleting my pixel character, i will not stand for this! it takes 2 people to rebuild him at a time (leaving left over bits for the second person) it would be great if you guys where to go over there and spare some bits, i tired using alts but they often get detected and are denied bit placement if you don't use 100 bit then it would make sense to let me use your bits if you cant find it the link is here https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/ this is very important to me
#j4T3TNvX Nov 17,2022 16:30
Dragon Archives
A rare gun http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=448637
#wM3oUyMC Nov 17,2022 02:03
it isn't the 100th billionth i was just being sarcastic since there is so many many many many many many many gun uploads
#SmvfDZPH Nov 17,2022 01:33
@stinkybinkerwink congrats, i came here to ask if you play my latest post you have to turn loop on but congrats stinkybinkerwink how'd you know it was the billionth? I'm guessing you saw there was about to be a billion and took that opportunity! congrats!
#wM3oUyMC Nov 17,2022 01:24
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455356 powder game 100th billion gun upload
#SmvfDZPH Nov 16,2022 06:31
@ what do you mean? there's one here! https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/?code=81943 would you like the get set code for the wheel?
#64LPoj29 Nov 16,2022 01:11
it's a shame there isn't wheel in PG2... but sacrifices must be made in the name of progress...
#j4T3TNvX Nov 15,2022 13:44
Dragon Archives
Welcome, Eight! I’ve noticed your uploads-glad to have someone back to the community that puts effort in. What was your old username?
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 15,2022 09:53
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455325 i saw some people advertising so (it's a chain reaction)
#lyRY2xz6 Nov 15,2022 09:50
Just came back to dan ball after a 5 year break and forgot my password lol
#XPfcZNtk Nov 15,2022 08:32
#cFZcvbHs Nov 15,2022 03:48
I like to make traps to save players or fighters kill players
#wM3oUyMC Nov 15,2022 03:16
suht it nerd
#rhfQeamX Nov 15,2022 02:25
what does that song have to do with china.,,,... new powdered games lore???????
#wM3oUyMC Nov 15,2022 01:57
https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455335 CHINA POWDERED GAMES CONFIRMED NEW TECH
#xICw4VnM Nov 14,2022 00:12
https://dan-ball.jp/javagame/dust/?code=455262 this broke my sanity
#hXbqXDiM Nov 13,2022 17:47
zhou zhou
#SmvfDZPH Nov 13,2022 11:06
pretty sure DA stole nintendo care for fans, he definitely should steal the declaration of independence next
#61yf5YPa Nov 12,2022 23:15
S ball
#Fgf44YMm Nov 12,2022 11:46
#A0GBuNNN Nov 12,2022 11:03
good job fist of the north star
#ZQqfyLDw Nov 12,2022 09:57
Dragon Archives
looking forward to seeing you do it, Fish! And I would be curious to see if Cheeky is able to set any new records while you work on that 7/7...
#CQYK3G98 Nov 12,2022 09:40
#h2EP4pTA Nov 12,2022 06:29
I probably won't do a four-operation calculator 11&11. This is too much. We will need to find another way to calculate the division. But, the five-operation calculator 7&7, oh yes. A new record is waiting for me!!!
#DTNIilO6 Nov 12,2022 06:08
You know Fish, I find this both flattering and humbling, and to explain why I will use an allegory of the Second Punic War. Scipio Africanus had to study and emulate Hannibal Barca's victories over the Romans at Trebia, Trisamene and Cannae to finally defeat him at Zama. In doing this, therefore, Scipio was a direct product of Hannibal and his victories. Likewise, having taken victories with RNGs, RLG, and (once) 4-op calcs, I now see a man emulate and learn to the point that he makes a 4-op calc that I could not suppass, just as Hannibal saw his war elephants run and his Numidian cavalry used against him to brutal effect. I know you'll deny this, but just as I Scipio was a direct product of Hannibal, I see you as a direct product of my own works. You finally did it - you finally found your Battle of Zama, Fish Africanus
#j4T3TNvX Nov 12,2022 06:03
Dragon Archives
Incredible work, Fish!!! I have no comments to make about my alleged art heists. You have no proof!
#h2EP4pTA Nov 12,2022 04:43
(I'm just sneezing). Oh, I think something flew out of my mouth. Well, what do we have here. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455298
#DTNIilO6 Nov 12,2022 04:05
Legend has it that Inspector Clouseau is still trying to prove Dragon Archives stole the Pink Panther Diamond.
#64LPoj29 Nov 12,2022 04:01
dragon archive would steal the declaration of independence tbh
#wM3oUyMC Nov 12,2022 03:10
criminal mastermind genius
#SmvfDZPH Nov 12,2022 03:04
we all knew that we just ignored it
#DTNIilO6 Nov 12,2022 02:55
Dragon Archives is actually an international art thief. He steals priceless works of art from vaults and private collections and puts them on Powder Game as no one would think to look for them here.
#k9uDISU5 Nov 12,2022 01:29
#wM3oUyMC Nov 11,2022 22:19
oh ok that explains it thanks :)
#ZQqfyLDw Nov 11,2022 16:38
Dragon Archives
@stinky yep! I have used an image insertion program for a lot of my artwork uploads, though it isn't as simple as "insert image, press upload." I actually have to put in effort to make a lot of them work within the dot limit and I'm particularly proud of the uploads that use shading to fill in gaps such as "Painted Violin" or "Wounded Titan" http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=451803 http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=454896 However, a lot of my artwork is my own and all of the uploads that run mechanically in any way are my own. I'll also point out that the art upload I'm most proud of is "Roncamp's Second Wife" which I made by pixelating an image of a real person and hand-drawing each pixel from the reference image because I made it before I had access to the image generator. http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=453141
#ZQqfyLDw Nov 11,2022 16:27
Dragon Archives
「PG Soundtrack: Calm」 20vote by powdergaming19 Nov 09,2022 02:44 * Thank you for voting. http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=455267 0/10 I did not hear any sound
#wM3oUyMC Nov 11,2022 09:06
dragon archives do you use png to powder game thingy? because alot of your artwork i can reverse image search or are they just your art? https://tineye.com/search/d0305c3071fe09ad063f97bc0c161194b11d6162?sort=score&order=desc&page=1 https://tineye.com/search/a80a071a856adf955cce2a6deaadb0a8f24673fb?sort=score&order=desc&page=1
#SmvfDZPH Nov 11,2022 06:19
does this guy need a defibrillator?
#PSiCH1Y0 Nov 11,2022 05:36
#SmvfDZPH Nov 11,2022 04:37
as a red pixel i think i should use red for blood thanks
#wM3oUyMC Nov 11,2022 03:04
i am the best powdar gamar evar
#wM3oUyMC Nov 11,2022 02:07
use green
#j4T3TNvX Nov 11,2022 01:54
Dragon Archives
Use red?
#SmvfDZPH Nov 10,2022 22:53
anybody got tips on drawing blood?
#SmvfDZPH Nov 10,2022 01:13
finding a fun post in pg2 is like striking diamond in a coal mine, id like at least more art post in general
#oNWDAcnp Nov 09,2022 07:43
Fortnightly J
#s0br8Pw8 Nov 08,2022 21:34
#DTNIilO6 Nov 08,2022 12:54
Birds are robotic, thus thunder going through them overloads their circuitry, fuses would blow and they burn. It just makes sense.
#SmvfDZPH Nov 08,2022 09:44
also i hate myself
#SmvfDZPH Nov 08,2022 09:40
obvviusly its due to the fact that birds are ai and thus live, vine is ai but doesnt use as buch ai as bird (this is presumed, because birds can lag the simulation but vine cant) and thus there is more life in birds that vine and more life has more burnage and was ha55ii's way of trying to open our eyes that robots will try to kill us because we don't think there, alive but they secretly are and the type of robots weakness is fire
#j4T3TNvX Nov 08,2022 04:44
Dragon Archives
Everything has a deeper meaning when ha55ii is involved. Perhaps this is his way of communicating that birds are not real, but we’re rather replaced by all world governments in 1987 with spy-camera robots. The birds work for the bourgeoisie.

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