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#CYDOyoro 2017/04/23 15:01

give give give give give

#CYDOyoro 2017/04/23 14:17

get wood by smashing after means undefined undefined undefined undefined lmao undefined today undefined undefined im nogtvery hexadecimal undefined go asebu undefined this im undefined i 0 hexadecimal undefined disclaimer also y if anyone tkwouldnt helb undefined
~Bleep Bloop. I am a bot, and this was an attempt to create a coherent sentence using keywords from this page.~

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/23 09:55

That's no moon

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/22 14:18

Honestly the only reason I even have Steam is because the disc version of Civ V wouldn't install without it.

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/22 12:36

Hit me up on Discord and tell me how yours works.

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/22 10:39

An auto commenting script that does literally anything

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/22 06:54

Can you describe to me what a "comment board bot" is?

#CYDOyoro 2017/04/22 05:15

Aww, I would add you but we don't exactly... own many... of the same games...
BTW, based on your history on steam, you might be interested that Galactic Civilization II and Sins of a Solar Empire are on sale for $1 on HumbleBundle. SoaSE is the best game ever.
You should write a comment board bot, and we can set them up to talk to each other.
I hope ha55ii fixes the broken link issue ;_;

falisha gillie
#f2UhYc6S 2017/04/22 01:33

i like cheese!

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/21 22:09

Same name I use everywhere else, LMeire.

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/21 21:43

Not sure why I did
test2 = '';
and then not use it :/

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/21 21:35

"Earthquake at city"

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/21 12:45

Please give steam name.
I'm no expert, but how is that hexidecimal?

#810r2scD 2017/04/21 11:43

it's true
i am roncampo's alt account
visit xat dot com dot 1991roncampo

#LiLWHMJE 2017/04/21 10:13


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/20 13:11

>Very heavily modded Civ V
>As many fictional heads of state as I could manage
>On a techtree that stretches into the distant future of gene mods and cybernetics
>Red Skull and the Pirate King are ganging up on Andrew Ryan
>Santa's gone nuclear on Sheng-Ji Yang after the Human Hive wasted the North Pole's ally Rohan
>I'm watching it all unfold from the other continent with my zombie minions

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/20 11:47

Also (.Y.)

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/20 11:47

34 is less than the number of hydrogen atoms in a drop of frozen water

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/20 11:35

Give us a hint. Explain what 34 means, and I might be able to.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/04/19 08:13

Decode that and you will see what happens next in the Lost series

#LiLWHMJE 2017/04/19 08:12

34 35 20 36 31 20 37 32 20 37 34 20 36 38 20 37 31 20 37 35 20 36 31 20 36 62 20 36 35 20 32 30 20 36 31 20 37 34 20 32 30 20 36 33 20 36 39 20 37 34 20 37 39

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/19 07:58

I was trying for less ambiguity, a "shell cut" could mean anything from the paper thin slice though my thumb to getting bisected by one of those enormous clams in the Caribbean. Or maybe that somebody shot me with a potato-gun full of crab claws.

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/19 07:29

Wouldn't that technically be called a "shell cut" rather than a "paper cut" since it was an egg shell that did the cutting and not paper?

a highschoolr
#Zeypr3U4 2017/04/19 01:10

I'm taking the ACT tomorrow, please wish me luck

#pdDlVqmc 2017/04/18 17:03

lmao kaybee why do you still exist

#nEYb4mUG 2017/04/18 06:16

This is alpha version 1.3 of aqua box. They add fish. Copy with ctrlC web adress don't click.

#CutaKOEI 2017/04/17 18:08

Get salt water by mixing water and salt. Get snow by smashing ice. Get wood by mixing vine and seed

#CutaKOEI 2017/04/17 18:02

Hey guys

maybe tomorrow
#Nd0x34gG 2017/04/17 17:25


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/17 14:22

Today I gave myself a papercut while opening a hard-boiled egg. Life is suffering.

#l0aS2Xd2 2017/04/17 08:40

Because dragging is forceful, if you force rocks together you get sand. Powder was close to sand.

#nEYb4mUG 2017/04/17 01:17

Go check my new work, The adventure.

#vft0Zt5g 2017/04/16 00:57

Get Rekt of Call of Duty

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/15 14:40


#6gkHelVa 2017/04/15 14:39

I'm not quite sure why ha55ii added that affect.

Tiggo bitties
#Qa9CNSU3 2017/04/15 10:57

Why does stone turn into powder when you drag

Nick and sock
#gtXVu7ig 2017/04/13 10:51


RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/04/13 09:57

If anyone wants to, I'll be on for a while...

#LiLWHMJE 2017/04/13 07:07

Hey guys, I finally uploaded Lost pt 13 after two years.

ka boomer
#PEXX171y 2017/04/12 08:51

I am, however, associated with Codnchips. He's still a tosser.

Not Codnchips
#yMAWGCdb 2017/04/12 08:49

Disclaimer: I'm in no way related to Codnchips, just wanted to give my unbiased opinion.

Not Codnchips
#yMAWGCdb 2017/04/12 08:48

We should all vote for Codnchips 67, because of how incredibly charismatic and talented he is.

#reYtocgT 2017/04/11 11:38


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/10 12:20

I honestly thought you were new.

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/10 10:13

I wouldn't know, there's about 70 other servers I'm in, so my focus towards it is VERY limited.
And I see I've not been nominated.. do you forget I'm Greywolf?? :c

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/10 09:50

Well now it has 4 answers.

#3XLgJprD 2017/04/10 09:33

I just made get dunked oooooon and it's a nuke level

#CYDOyoro 2017/04/10 03:51
I was Googling about Dan-Ball and I found this strawpoll from 2016 with only 1 answer.

#zVUR8kty 2017/04/09 12:49

The discord server seems pretty dead :(

Botty McBotface
#BqrMdAVe 2017/04/09 12:48

[This user has sent you a private comment. Only you can see this message.]
How about that airline food?

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/09 01:23

It goes pretty good on french fries.

#Qa9CNSU3 2017/04/08 07:24

What tricks and secrets can you do with salt

#nEYb4mUG 2017/04/08 06:53

This is my new upload.

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/04/08 04:50

I was on Roncampo a few weeks ago, just looking around. Still worked for me.

#nNuOtWhM 2017/04/07 16:54

best game ever

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/06 13:44

I believe this is the server he's referring to:

#uarQOrGl 2017/04/06 08:56

remember that fan fic about us commentors someone made a while back?

#l0aS2Xd2 2017/04/06 07:26

well, how might I find it?

#pRXgg2dT 2017/04/06 03:52

Everyone remembers I assume. Well, now that XAT is broken for everyone, we have the discord server. I advise everyone here to join the server if you haven't yet.
I miss the days of having casual conversations with people on Ron's. Discord can bring back those beautiful days!
See you next month!

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/04/05 13:07

I like turtles

#pDdfvWhJ 2017/04/04 13:36

my last stroke just went viral

#pdDlVqmc 2017/04/04 05:52

every path connected and locally path connected circle-like continuum is homeomorphic to S1 isn't that great?

#X5tv2Jhg 2017/04/04 03:54

this is 70/69 swag

#orWFuNC3 2017/04/04 03:18

Same. Even still, there's some simple words that can't even be used because of the filter.
F@%k this censor bot. The only thing worse than it is the SJW community.

#pDdfvWhJ 2017/04/03 16:32

the ramen noodle

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/03 14:29

#6gkHelVa 2017/04/02 06:52
Man, my head hurts.

#8n0MHgxx 2017/04/02 06:48

huh they got rid of chinese version

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/04/02 02:35

I remember when the word "grape" was censored.

100bit niggers
#YlVodUnz 2017/04/01 23:55

hey niggers! let's play 100 bit again!

#6YmQ5YPA 2017/04/01 22:52

sorry for the fail on my s-ball bounce

#Tgsm1Vbl 2017/04/01 19:08


#JJGmR38A 2017/04/01 14:18

I respectfully disapprove of your strategem of punishment regarding male genitalia, and submit my own proposal of capital discipline via the conventional termination of the convicted's organic activity through a moderate array of high velocity lead pellets propelled into their cardiac muscle through a controlled release of chemical energy inside rugged metallic tubule mechanisms designed for such a task, with these devices operated by militarily proficient H.omo Sapien combatants selected for this action.

RCA Production
#fTzQELaW 2017/04/01 11:39

I find that name to be racially inflammatory, and I believe it should be removed from use in all languages, wherein the punishment for usage is termination of life via coitus with a large dark epidermis-covered male reproduction organ.

#TsrfX4fC 2017/04/01 05:06

I find that this game is quite great.

#4lXQPsTP 2017/03/31 22:48

my name's laura
i was a small town girl
until i found an eveN SMALLER TOWN
anyways just thought I'd pop back in lol

Botty McBotface
#fc5Ccs22 2017/03/31 21:40

I miss this place too

#XnxVmMAL 2017/03/31 07:50

I miss this place, though I can come back

#jpk68kwS 2017/03/30 00:34

Everyone play an afrostud free 100bit!

#JrRjT6Dz 2017/03/29 14:09

It is interesting to mix different materials and see whether they react, and if so, what the reaction is. Recommendation for people who LOVE epic explosions: place a layer of Bomb and then let some Nitro fall. You'll see what happens if you try it.

#CYDOyoro 2017/03/29 12:30

I said next time, not this time fool!

#6gkHelVa 2017/03/29 11:59

I am online RIGHT NOW.

#CYDOyoro 2017/03/29 11:44

tfw I made a discord, added a few dan-ballers, but never talk to them
Sorry, next time I see someone I know here online, I will message you.
...anyways, if you haven't add me on Discord

#6gkHelVa 2017/03/29 07:39


Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/28 19:23
I wanna see a show about an alien infiltrator trying to woo an ordinary human to use as a cover while they feel out the planetary government but then it turns out that that "ordinary" human is actually another alien infiltrator, and so is like half the town and the other half is all government surveillance because the alien disguises are so shoddy that none of them are fooling anybody that was born with their real human skin. Except for the protagonist, who now has to go about their mission while avoiding the badly constructed plots of the other aliens (none of which realize that they're not the only alien in town) and not tipping off the various human agencies around that the new kid in town isn't just some poor Canadian in over their head.

#MSszoBWk 2017/03/28 07:35

I do, but I'm most active on steam

#roDrrJ8U 2017/03/27 09:30

Hey, TK is still alive.

#zVUR8kty 2017/03/26 12:31

Huh? STS has discord?

#6gkHelVa 2017/03/26 11:38

You don't talk to me on Discord anymore ;-;

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/26 11:33

remember when some kid built a program that could build pixel art

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/25 17:33

If more people choose "delete" than "vote" in the first day or something then your work gets permanently removed from the database.

#UMCOODPK 2017/03/25 10:14

Hey, my level disappeared. I reuploaded it but I'm still confused. Did I do something wrong? The level is called "Inferno Pt 8:Fraud". It's a pixel art of Dante's Inferno. Was it inappropriate or something? Please help.
- Guythegrey

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/25 03:39

@sts i added you daddy

#MSszoBWk 2017/03/24 15:44

No, I can confirm SMG's story is correct. I actually did die.
Jokes aside though, I've honestly just been distracted with other hobbies, and I've forgotten to check back here as regularly as I used to.
If anyone needs me, I'm mostly available on Steam though

#uarQOrGl 2017/03/24 11:20

botty you cant revive dead things

Botty McBotface
#gupUu6c2 2017/03/24 05:32

How do w restore high activity to the comment boards?

#mGPxE1H1 2017/03/24 03:28

Whoa, been years since i was here

#3WopXKyQ 2017/03/23 10:38

Hello looking for ideas any want help? ill give credit to you for the idea

Torture King
#TI3DWoRg 2017/03/23 07:38

>Founded a city next to Mt. Everest
My game is gonna be downhill from now on.

#zVUR8kty 2017/03/22 18:15

The story SpaceMarineGuy told was absolutely untrue.
You see, a day before STS left for the game, I spotted him at Walmart(canada) stocking a basket full of premixed pancake batter. It was a rare sight indeed!. I walked out of the store and waited for him nearby by the thick shrubs. When he walked out, I approached him as stealthily as possible....
STS was never seen again.

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