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#ERd35Eve Jan 21,2021 03:46
its okay game and also please vote https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/79505.html
#9idlDZDR Jan 17,2021 03:59
I think so
#ezyuetl3 Jan 14,2021 01:13
Is raw chicked an alt of kittco? I seem to notice them posting together a lot. Also same thing with Leyir
#44z1LdVC Jan 11,2021 06:30
kittco why are u only griefing for the past few weeks
#ezyuetl3 Jan 10,2021 02:56
Tic tac toe isn't a game, it's just a sequence, every game is always a draw.
#hEjMNOih Jan 10,2021 01:39
@kfkjhgf like i have said before, the bits required for tic tac toe is fairly small, i believe its under 100bits if i'm truly honest, and because of that you can play tic tac toe almost anywhere in the game. Now then. a few issues i would like to address. well first and foremost, tic tac toe doesn't bring much excitement to the game. if anything, its something in the background that i doubt many people will acknowledge. and even if it did. i assume it would be quite boring if i'm truly honest. and on top of that, 100bit is quite boring for the time being and tic tac toe doesn't really help that much. well. compared to checkers or chess. because for these two games to be played on 100bit will require some.. effort, to say the least. and it would be quite interesting to see how that would play out i'd say. now the second thing i would like to address is that tic tac toe is too simple. mainly because if you play it on 100bit. you can know the outcome within the first few turns. or possibly the very first turn. mainly because of the time you have to wait to set your move. now, like i said before. i highly doubt anyone would be against it. but i don't think it should be around the category of chess and checkers (or possibly something else) because those games (on 100bit atleast) need some kind of effort to be played on here. and to me that's a good thing.
#dgTcalMl Jan 10,2021 00:53
Heh, time for the return of the bottom city.
#9idlDZDR Jan 09,2021 06:11
And more people know how to play tic tac toe As you can see I have added a Make tic tac toe thing in the Upper-left corner
#9idlDZDR Jan 09,2021 06:05
Tic tac toe is more ideal cuz it is more simple and compact so people will not draw over
#ezyuetl3 Jan 09,2021 02:50
It would kinda be an issue if most people didn't know how to play chess
#hEjMNOih Jan 08,2021 22:05
@kittco36 that certainly is true, but we'll see what we end up playing in the end. or which game is favored more. also.. just incase, do you (or anyone else) know how to play chess? if not i'm honestly willing to teach you, although i will note that i'm not the greatest teacher. @betatester1024 well that's too simple if i'm truly honest. and besides, that has been done quite a few times before, mainly because the bits required for that is fairly small. ofcourse, you can still play it on here, i highly doubt anyone would be against it.
#3tQPYFTC Jan 06,2021 17:20
its just a simpler board game
#Lf5f0gGe Jan 06,2021 06:24
#9idlDZDR Jan 06,2021 05:13
We could do a mini chess if needed.
#hEjMNOih Jan 06,2021 00:58
@kittco36 why is that actually? i mean to be fair. with checkers there are not that many strategies (or things of that nature) that you can come up with, mainly because you are quite limited with what you can do, you can basically go diagonal, jump, or possibly get a king. and that's pretty much it. Now i will note that i'm Not against the idea, i really won't mind if we end up doing checkers instead but as i said before. you are quite limited in checkers, but for chess, there's quite alot of thinking that can go into it. so you can possibly come up with alot of strategies (or whatever else) to possibly outsmart your opponent. and besides, if you have less pieces than your opponent, then there is still a likely chance to win. but if you have less pieces in checkers, your opponent could keep trading with you until he wins.
#3tQPYFTC Jan 05,2021 04:48
maybe we should play checkers instead
#hEjMNOih Jan 05,2021 00:27
@fabgsooz i think that would be impossible if i'm truly honest. (about that it should take exactly 100bits to move a piece) mainly because if a white pin moves onto a white tile, then i highly doubt it'll take exactly 100bits. because of the outline of the piece. another reason why i find it impossible are the pieces itself. for example it would take 25 bits to draw a queen, but for a pawn it would only take 18. so you can probably see the issue with using exactly 100bits to move a piece and things of that nautre. now, i will note that i assumed that you meant it should take under 100bits to move a piece. but i just thought i should talk about it just in case.
#Pf30XAi6 Jan 04,2021 10:29
Interesting people doing interesting things ↓ Ordinary people come together because it's interesting ↓ Ordinary people who have settled in start to consume the community to satisfy their desire for self-expression ↓ The interesting people give up and disappear. ↓ Remaining ordinary people do uninteresting things
#ezyuetl3 Jan 04,2021 03:43
@XisN Yeah, It should take exactly 100bits to move a piece. I was planning on going for original sprites because this is a drawing game after all, and it's more fun to put in some creativity. Currently, I'm doing my own thing but I'm down to start on it in a few days.
#SCCEnmOS Jan 04,2021 03:24
@fabgsooz well like i have said before, chess has already been done before, i believe it happened around 2015. (now, i should note that it isn't really a bad thing, but to some people it is) anyways, are you thinking of using the same sprites as before? or make your own sprites for it? one thing i think it should have is that you can move a piece in one upload, so you won't have wait another 6 hours to finish the move. but yeah, if you are actually planning on doing chess here, i'm honestly willing to help out.
#ezyuetl3 Jan 03,2021 12:45
@XisN I really like the idea to do a game of chess. The black and white theme works perfectly and it allows for a lot of unique art being that we'd have 6 different pieces.
#hEjMNOih Jan 03,2021 07:53
i do agree that making the background white is easier but to be fair, a whiteout would almost be just as easy. mainly because of the very little drawing activity that's going on as you can see in the timeline (or here) https://imgur.com/MqF77ub and besides. i highly doubt that anyone would mind if you erase old drawings. (or draw over them) mainly because it would make room for people to draw. and it would definitely be nice to see something different for once. (instead of this https://imgur.com/FJmYLPd i honestly have no clue what this is) another thing i should say is that. i think when the whiteout is finished. most likely it would act like a soft reset. meaning that most drawings that you'd see would be new and quite different than before, (atleast for a while) or at the very least a little bit different (ofcourse, this is just what i think. i could always be wrong)
#cYqJa5PR Jan 03,2021 00:32
doing a white background probably is easier since theres less dots involved and less fighting against artists who want to keep their art
#hEjMNOih Jan 02,2021 23:59
@kittco36 seems like it. --- just out of curiousity. Have you ever thought of playing chess (or any other 2 player game) with leyir before? (on 100bit ofcourse) although i do assume it would be quite difficult if people keep vandalizing it. But it certainly is possible, (mainly because it has been done before.) @Albert2 honestly, feel free to draw where ever you want. i highly doubt people will mind, mainly because many of the drawings you see have been around for quite some time, and i can only assume people are getting quite bored of seeing the same old drawing again and again.
#TFxXyMw8 Jan 02,2021 21:34
there is literally no space for me to draw
#44z1LdVC Jan 02,2021 07:46
stay salty kittco
#TFxXyMw8 Jan 02,2021 00:10
why cant i uoload someone help
#3tQPYFTC Jan 01,2021 19:24
they dont even know what they want :/
#hEjMNOih Dec 31,2020 23:16
are you actually planning on a whiteout or just making the background white?
#9idlDZDR Dec 30,2020 07:24
Whiteout half done!
#44z1LdVC Dec 29,2020 06:43
yooooo kittco kinda got gaped
#ezyuetl3 Dec 25,2020 10:53
I saw those messages, though I don't really remember them now. Still though, I never pegged kittco for someone to get so salty
#JeSFeZZJ Dec 25,2020 03:05
@fabgsooz (not sure if you have seen the deleted comments before or not) but there was someone who had no name and was quite mad i assume. Basically, (if i remember correctly) all he was saying was nonsense about kittco's cat and things of that nature. so reading kittco's comments (or comment boards in general) without knowing the context to it can be quite weird.
#ezyuetl3 Dec 25,2020 02:16
it's weird seeing this side of kittco
#3tQPYFTC Dec 22,2020 01:29
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 21,2020 17:12
This is Kittco's only retort. What a freak
#3tQPYFTC Dec 19,2020 21:58
its great you can finally admit it
#jcyxqd8b Dec 18,2020 06:48
the whiteout has begun
#3tQPYFTC Dec 17,2020 21:39
well you must be, since you are so obsessed with me
#JeSFeZZJ Dec 17,2020 04:16
well to be fair. Kittco got quite alot of patience. whether that's something to be jealous of or not? that mainly depends on the person itself.
#ezyuetl3 Dec 17,2020 04:05
HAHAHA WOW. Does kittco actually think anyone is jelous of them? What?
#YYrGc6QL Dec 17,2020 00:28
#3tQPYFTC Dec 16,2020 02:17
right, because im the only one who doesnt want it and has been removing it, sure
#RiMED008 Dec 15,2020 15:27
#jcyxqd8b Dec 15,2020 06:42
Distract kittco with cat damages so I can keep making my cool square thing at the bottom right
#0b23mQoi Dec 14,2020 09:14
#repair the cat
#RGhsbqlc Dec 13,2020 05:05
Draw numerblock 1 everyone!
#YYrGc6QL Dec 13,2020 03:38
@hunderslash ok I’ll look at what you are doing and help
#sGJVKp6I Dec 10,2020 18:55
I honestly would've updated the countdown if I had noticed it earlier, sorry that I hadn't.
#jcyxqd8b Dec 10,2020 14:57
Somebody update the countdown to 2021 at the top left, I do not have dots to spare!
#jcyxqd8b Dec 10,2020 07:20
Kingbob i'm doing a grid type shape at the bottom right that will be equal parts white and black
#YYrGc6QL Dec 09,2020 23:29
Can we just do a whiteout it’s time for one
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 09,2020 06:04
You've spent months' worth of more time here than I have lmao
#3tQPYFTC Dec 08,2020 20:56
i mean, assuming thats a bad thing, you seem to devote much more time than me
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 08,2020 05:09
Why would I be jealous of someone who devotes all their time to a drawing on the internet?
#kfgZmi6C Dec 08,2020 04:58
we don't appreciate you :)
#tsIX4mjy Dec 08,2020 04:25
we appreciate it :)
#sNxTfLki Dec 07,2020 19:07
hi guys what do you think of me writing "You Died"
#3tQPYFTC Dec 07,2020 15:49
you are also jealous of me apparently
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 07,2020 12:48
I'm a girl, by the way
#2mgh9m4x Dec 06,2020 21:52
oh wow. accidentally pressed submit. anyways. pissing off kittco police is quite amusing, and besides. its quite interesting to see how much longer kittco is willing to go.
#2mgh9m4x Dec 06,2020 21:50
if im truly honest. it should come back. Personally its because it pisses off kittco police. and sure there are other reasons but pissing off kittco police is
#3tQPYFTC Dec 06,2020 17:23
lol alright salty boi
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 06,2020 17:16
Yeah, you know what is also a "classic?" Kittco doing nothing but drawing cats all day. When we erase the cat, we mean to say "hey maybe you should be a little more creative and draw something else for once," but it always comes back
#2mgh9m4x Dec 06,2020 06:07
@SCP-1715-1 eh just let him be. i don't think anyone really cares. --- i highly disagree with it being an old thing and that its something classic. it has only been around for 2 or 3 years. and i really don't see that as something "classic" and things of that nature. and i don't think it should be something that should be continued if i'm truly honest. because like i have said before. most of the information on the bar is something everyone knows about or can way easily be found out if they are interested. although one thing that i do think should be continued and possibly the only thing that should be continued is the date bar. mainly because when you look back in the No.# timeline you can see what day of the year things have happened. for example your first upload, or when when wars started. etc etc. and we already know which No.# that happened. because of the No.# timeline. i feel like im repeating myself here, but i think you get the gist of it.
#XJcAoxcM Dec 06,2020 05:23
@0713 please tell us who you really are so we can tell how much of a terrible person you are, @xisn, it’s a old thing that should be continued. It’s something classic in a way
#2mgh9m4x Dec 06,2020 02:57
is the bottom bar Really necessary? i highly doubt that people on here are so stupid that they don't know that the game they're playing is called 100bit, or that they're on the dan-ball site. or what the current version is etc etc. and besides. most of the information that's on the bottom bar is actually on the page where you play the game itself! above the game you have the name of the game and the current version, and even the site you're on, and below the game you have the No.# Timeline and can find out which date this game was created. and of course, know which No.# it currently is by just looking at the latest number and adding a +1 to it. another thing i would like to note is that the bar also takes up unnecessary space, and mainly shows information that pretty much everyone knows.
#oswOaGmH Dec 05,2020 16:08
@SCP-1715-1 There is only one China in the world, on behalf of China is the sole legal government of the People's Republic of China, has been a history of the republic of China, Taiwan is a province
#XJcAoxcM Dec 05,2020 05:20
Uh, let’s not do that here please, no disrespect and all, but Taiwan was is the republic of China, which is the government that ruled China before the Maoist’s did, and they are a independent state, not conquered by communist China, at all.
#oswOaGmH Dec 04,2020 17:14
China's image rooster, but not lack of hainan province and Taiwan province two claw!
#kfgZmi6C Dec 04,2020 04:21
#TZ1HDsNu Dec 03,2020 10:14
I made the SR desert 1 boss.
#oswOaGmH Dec 02,2020 19:48
请大家谈一谈对中国的看法 請大家談一談對中國的看法 Please talk the perceptions of China
#b7cpOdr4 Dec 02,2020 15:39
Perhaps I was a little harsh, because I find myself back here again. I don't know about you guys but I will probably look for other similar sites to do my thing on, so I probably won't be on for long
#Rr0PSIIQ Dec 02,2020 15:07
by the way when flags earsed ?
#Rr0PSIIQ Dec 02,2020 15:03
lets make 100-bit had more turkey flag again !
#TZ1HDsNu Dec 01,2020 10:17
thanks squidstone
#oswOaGmH Nov 30,2020 21:57
没有共产党就没有新中国,是党带领祖国和人民取得一次次的成功和进步,是党带领我门建设小康,走向繁荣富强,是党带领我们走向世界,让中华民族重新屹立与世界民族之林。是党的正确领导才将我门的祖国建设的如此强大,使我门综合国力不断提升,国际地位不断上升,让我门在世界人民面前挺直了腰杆。 Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China. It is the Party that has led the motherland and the people in achieving success and progress over and over again. It is the Party that has led our country in building a moderately prosperous society and in building a strong and prosperous society. It is the correct leadership of the Party that has built our motherland into such a powerful country, continuously enhanced our overall national strength and enhanced our international standing, and straightened our spine in front of the people of the world.
#3tQPYFTC Nov 29,2020 03:20
i rekon we could do it, but we dont really need to
#2mgh9m4x Nov 28,2020 22:16
@kfkjhgf :Noise Clear: im quite curious why you want another blackout. i mean, that last one happened not too long ago and i highly doubt that you and depending on the people that want to help you with the blackout will have the patience for that. Mainly because there will always be players that are against it, or don't even know that a blackout is happening and so, they will continue to draw or spray bits (or even actively attack the the progress you have made, etc etc.) and as you probably already have guessed, that will mostly slow down the blackout. And ofcourse, losing progress can be quite discouraging, so there's that aswell.
#0CwFFAmQ Nov 28,2020 03:14
#ezyuetl3 Nov 27,2020 22:49
Eh alright, see yall in a few weeks or months or something
#2mgh9m4x Nov 27,2020 08:24
i highly doubt it'll happen in the near future. sure, there is the sickness. but it isn't really spreading that fast, and i do think FlyToTheSky is mainly the only one working on it.. and that's about it really. (about whiteouts and things of that nature.) other than that, i mainly see quite a few people doing their own stuff, and ofcourse people bit spraying.
#ezyuetl3 Nov 27,2020 04:39
so uhh, was that whiteout gonna happen or????
#trC5hTv6 Nov 24,2020 09:57
Hello Based Department?
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 20,2020 04:16
King Keven
#POF4FQCD Nov 20,2020 03:13
OK, I made a castle nestled on top of a hill, with a path leading up to it. Who could be its king?
#iU7ZHTqu Nov 19,2020 09:01
im pretty sure you would need to change your ip to use alts
#xUvPQRgg Nov 19,2020 06:44
epic af
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 19,2020 00:56
King Keven
there is also a game called astromenace
#2mgh9m4x Nov 18,2020 22:24
reminds me of that one arcade game. called asteroids i believe. i wonder if it would be possible to retexture that game. or mod it in any way.
#POF4FQCD Nov 18,2020 11:59
Tried to make some space themed stuff on the empty space up top. Blasting asteroids into pieces... what's not to like?
#ezyuetl3 Nov 17,2020 07:07
I mean.... You were tho. You literally asked why it wasn't working.
#ffK5GpaJ Nov 17,2020 03:49
Boiled Potato #2
I am not trying to
#ezyuetl3 Nov 16,2020 06:22
@Boiled Potato Don't try to use alts. Just stop it
#pEHqHlGt Nov 16,2020 03:24
Rocc Boi
#pEHqHlGt Nov 16,2020 03:24
Rocc Boi
#ffK5GpaJ Nov 16,2020 03:13
Boiled Potato #2
I can't bypass the 6 hour thing with any alts though.
#Rr0PSIIQ Nov 15,2020 17:44
haha dont be against me
#2L6C3FX9 Nov 15,2020 00:15
King Keven

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