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#5nimfXMl Apr 03,2020 12:43
lovin the huge no 500 in the top left
#4K7cB88S Apr 03,2020 08:07
@StarTrekSpock whoops.
#TLGkldyD Apr 03,2020 07:27
Elephant protect
@SCP-1715 It's a No.500 fbp because the other fbp one wasn't working.
#Tz3K8JyZ Apr 03,2020 05:12
What’s with the names?
#Tz3K8JyZ Apr 03,2020 05:06
#QDFNuk5n Apr 03,2020 04:33
@Fab Thank you lol Also you wrote afrostud twice xP - Once we get all the names in I think we should work on cleaning up the surrounding area. There's a lot of really old junky drawings up there that take away from everything else. Also might be a good idea to draw a small outline around the names with a 1px wide white line just like the other sides to keep it tidy
#TLGkldyD Apr 03,2020 02:42
Elephant protect
@playyem I don't really care. I'm silently doing my own thing.
#3Fd7qIKg Apr 03,2020 01:08
elephant procect which side are you in?
#4K7cB88S Apr 02,2020 23:07
Also, cheese isn't even here a year.
#4K7cB88S Apr 02,2020 23:03
@StarTrekSpock, Yeah dan ball font sounds good (Also that PG2 creation is astounding).
#UTXjqPkG Apr 02,2020 21:41
Today, I also drew a pickaxe here. In the afternoon, I uploaded another pickaxe in powder Game 2.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 02,2020 18:32
How long has Cheese20 been here? They just randomly added themselves. Idk if they've really been active but I don't have the heart to take it down lol They also left a random "Z" on the next line. Idk if they're gonna add more so just skipping it for now @Catterbat Where would you want to put it? Maybe in the top right corner for a little bit of symmetry with the 500 sign? Wouldn't cover anything besides random numbers there
#3Fd7qIKg Apr 02,2020 17:39
who is with me for the grand paint?
#FwEb62nO Apr 02,2020 08:05
A smaller font would definitely be better because there will be less of a need for abbreviations. I say we go with 3x5. I like the idea of using the Dan Ball font for something, maybe it could be used to write a sign with the game title.
#QDFNuk5n Apr 02,2020 05:09
I think it might be better to use a smaller font for the names, that way we can squeeze more in, don't have to take up as much space, and don't have to spend as much effort maintaining it The smallest you can go before it starts to become really hard to read is 3x5 I find, I used it a bunch in my old uploads http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/38123.html Idk if you guys wanna go that small but it's an option. Also another thought, what if we used the Dan Ball font from Stick Ranger/Powder Game? Same size but fits the DB aesthetic more Anyways, I'll add onto the list with my suggestions: Adm (adam322), STS (StarTrekSpok), AS (Afrostud), TAW (Tyne and wear), Adr (andree), SFSN (SFSN), EP (Elephant protect), Fab (fabgsooz), Fran (franse), MG2 (mysteryguy200?), Xyvy (Xyvyrianeth)
#4K7cB88S Apr 02,2020 00:17
So since we've got the no. 500 sign done I'll put together some names so we can keep working on something. Even if it isn't the finished list. Adm (adam322), STS (StarTrekSpok), AS (Afrostud), TAW (Tyne and wear), Adr (andree), SFSN (SFSN), EP (Elephant protect). Some of these are sort of jank so yknow, help would be nice.
#TVhyF7pI Apr 01,2020 01:09
I'm replicating the bottom left corner in PG2 because people are probably now counting on me to make something decent after "The A.P.P." got like 63 votes
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 31,2020 16:20
ov its anti-destruction ov
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 31,2020 16:20
i dont know what is anti-vandalism or vandalism or whatever
#Bluoxg8Q Mar 31,2020 04:03
Not yet, currently we're at 499. But better to get big projects out of the way ahead of time and all. Seems to be more spammers than usual around lately - I'm trying to clear out some of the old half erased junk drawings. The board is getting pretty full, and when that happens people start drawing over other drawings, including the no.500 sign
#gmaahfyW Mar 31,2020 00:41
We're already at No. 500? Sorry for deleting I though it was vandalism
#07BwTEit Mar 30,2020 23:57
I am once again using alts for anti-vandalism
#zxJwwFKY Mar 30,2020 10:57
That's fair. By the way, there are archives for every year of 100Bit so we can probably get most active players.
#VME4GltB Mar 30,2020 10:38
Hello playyem!(*^▽^*)
#QDFNuk5n Mar 30,2020 09:18
Like I said, I don't think it has to be super strict. Imo what matters the most is if they were active in the actual *community* or not, and not if they just uploaded, even if they made something cool. Like, samYau has been here for ages but I don't think I've ever seen them comment "Xyvyrianeth" used to go by "GREYWʘLF9"/"༺GREYWʘLF9༻". He was super active in the PG community even back when I was still active there. Idk how long he's been playing 100bit, specifically though. Zappyredstone was active around a year or so ago last time I checked in, but I don't think he's been around longer than that. Not sure about the others @Catterbat Keep in mind that a lot of the full board projects were discussed in the comments before they were actually started, so the first person we see editing it isn't necessarily the same person who suggested the idea. Also a lot of the people who started big projects were already super active users, so we'll probably add them anyways. And idk if it's worth the space/effort to mention random accounts that never commented but just started a checkerboard or whatever
#zxJwwFKY Mar 30,2020 04:20
I thought you were around but 1000posts doesn't even go back a year.
#zC9JHSR9 Mar 30,2020 01:02
I’ve been active for a while now
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 29,2020 15:25
helo alum
#VME4GltB Mar 29,2020 10:26
I'm a new player.Here's a tribute to those predecessors
#zxJwwFKY Mar 29,2020 10:01
I don't think we could include people who have been active for only months, in the time that I've played alone, I bet I could come up with 30, Maybe catterbat's suggestion of 3+ years? The list of people off the top of my head who would fit the 3+ criteria would be adam322, tyne and wear, afrostud, andree, (I think it was spelled like that), zevym, SFSN, and Elephant protect\. Other people who I'm not sure if they fit the 3+ years but I still think should be up there are Xyvyrianeth, zappyredstone, octi, MM1132 and kingbob. I'm 90% sure that some of these guys have been around longer than 3 years but I don't know.
#FwEb62nO Mar 29,2020 04:41
I've only been here a few months so I really don't know who is/isn't a significant user, but people who started large projects such as the flags, the periodic table, or any of the full board patterns should be included. Anyone who has been active for 3+ years should be included as well. The sign should definitely be the priority for now, though.
#Bluoxg8Q Mar 29,2020 04:11
I don't think we really need super strict criteria, but imo people who've played consistently for more than a few months, even if they're not here now, and were also active in the comment communities seems best. So no one who just did one drawing and never/barely commented. Also 100bit is a toxic game in general. You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't think negatively of any given person, so I don't think that should be a factor, as much as I disliked afrostud lol Just to throw some names out from my time, what about afrostud, franse, tyne and wear, and gunguy? Probably forgetting someone important
#zxJwwFKY Mar 28,2020 22:49
Sure, the question is, what is "important"? Are we going to include the negative as well? Afrostud was pretty noticeable while he was around. And are we talking about players who have been active with the community for years? Or people who have made one big contribution? What about people who were behind certain fbp's?
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 28,2020 22:00
im try to turn that old paint on!
#QDFNuk5n Mar 28,2020 16:07
Yeah, doing anything board-wide is really difficult. Gotta keep in mind that after you get around 1/3rd covered, you end up wasting so much time on maintenance alone that you need a huge coordinated team to do it. And well, you guys haven't even got a 1/3rd yet and look how it's going. The more you add, the more work it is just to keep it there It's possible if your project is obvious to noob players, stuff like a repeating pattern that anyone can instantly recognize and add to without much planning, but most of no.1 is just random spam dots. People don't really like to see their drawings erased just to be replaced with spam dots either, so the longer it goes on the more active opposition you're gonna get. A big sign sounds like a much better idea, could be done in only a couple days with a few people. Idk about a list though, 100bit has had a heck of a lot of people who left important contributions. Unless you wanna trim it to only ~20 or so, I'd suggest doing abbreviations/initials instead. Stuff like "CB", "fab", "Kitt", etc. Do full names and you'll run into the same issues as no.1 trying to keep it up
#FwEb62nO Mar 28,2020 13:09
This no. 1 recreation project isn't making much progress. Too many people messing with it and not enough people working on it. There is no chance we can finish it in time for no. 500 as originally planned so I suggest we abandon it and do something with a more reasonable size. I suggest we make a sign similar to the one for no. 400 as well as a list of important 100bit users as was suggested earlier. It may not be anything grand but it would certainly be easier than what we're currently doing. Here's a design for the sign and a font we could use to write the list of users. The sign isn't final and any additions or other ideas are welcome. https://i.imgur.com/IFDDEmw.png
#VME4GltB Mar 28,2020 12:38
#zxJwwFKY Mar 28,2020 07:03
Boy is this game ever dead
#SN5NjMgO Mar 27,2020 13:21
what are you doing?
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 25,2020 20:56
but i dont know how to upload
#3Fd7qIKg Mar 25,2020 20:56
vov that cool
#QDFNuk5n Mar 25,2020 11:51
@Rick I'm just stopping by lol, haven't really played 100bit since like ~2014 I think I've recognized a couple players from my time in game, samYau for one, but looks like all the people who used to be really active in the comments have left. PG2 has a lot of its old players still commenting though surprisingly. Sigma, skyk, and torture king don't seem to have ever even left lol. A lot of the old peeps from PG/SR are also fairly active on the Dan-Ball discord, even though they don't comment here
#D9ysUfJJ Mar 25,2020 03:33
@Rick adam322 Also, StarTrekSpock only came back a few weeks ago.
#vTSVsEgz Mar 25,2020 01:26
are still old players here like franz?
#vTSVsEgz Mar 25,2020 01:18
JESUS, StarTrekSpock. you have been here for decades! I recognize you from, like, 2012
#QDFNuk5n Mar 24,2020 04:29
Nothing wrong with removing the date right at the end if it's only gone for a day, we did it when we finished the flags, but that's pretty much the last thing to do, and you're pretty far off from that. So in the meantime, no point in maintaining a second date lol
#3tQPYFTC Mar 24,2020 02:44
ill see if i can ask and get Leyir online more often to help
#GkthUTHN Mar 24,2020 02:19
Delta Pi
I am having issues with uploading. When I try, it says, "Cannot Upload". Anybody know what to do?
#D9ysUfJJ Mar 23,2020 21:02
Oh yeah also, anyone who wants to join in, something that'll make it easier is if you open two tabs, one with No.1 and one with the current board, then you can ctrl + tab to have an easy comparison.
#D9ysUfJJ Mar 23,2020 20:55
Why do we need a date for no.1? We can have it for now but once we get to the end I'm sure we will survive without it for a bit.
#XMVdbHhl Mar 23,2020 14:05
What’s happening
#QDFNuk5n Mar 23,2020 12:24
Why bother having a date up there anyways? The bottom right is where everyone seems to like it and having a second one on the top left doesn't really seem necessary lol If people are worried about the bottom right date covering up that small bridge thing in no.1, why not just just move the bridge up on top of the date? Nothing really in the way, and I don't think it matters if it's not dot for dot
#1yL2PG7B Mar 23,2020 01:31
Actually, maybe it'd be better to invert the date
#1yL2PG7B Mar 23,2020 01:29
I think we should fix the top bar thing. I'm inverting it to match the date.
#QlKOA83T Mar 22,2020 10:26
Go Yarik!
#D9ysUfJJ Mar 22,2020 07:58
Most people were on board to do it and then I guess we just gave up. Big ups to yarik for keeping it going though. I might start doing it again.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 22,2020 04:33
Oh, you're trying to redraw draw the no. 1? Why? I won't stop you, but most of it is just spam dots and half griefed drawings, not much to look at Anything that takes up the entire board is gonna be really hard to maintain since people are just gonna keep drawing over it, especially if it just looks like spam dots. And the more you cover, the harder it'll be. Unless you have an army of alts, maintaining everything might not be possible once you get to ~1/3rd Leaving out the spam dots will save you a lot of time and effort, since that way you'll also leave space for other people's drawings too. Also seems like a better tribute to just showcase the original drawings and not what they were griefed imo, into if that's what you're going for.
#6vDIpkbi Mar 21,2020 18:08
This is the no. 1 http://dan-ball.jp/images/bit/0/1.png with all spam dots. I can continue draw it without spam dots. Also I can stop to draw it
#78sAqO6u Mar 21,2020 13:44
We should fill the whole screen with the DOOM logo.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 21,2020 09:47
Huh, there's some weird spammers here. This Yarik32 guy is like, slowly clearing the top of the board and carving out small drawings, but they're like, pre-greifed with random dots? So I'm like, well, might as well clean those up to make it look slightly better and then he immediately readds the dot spam back into the exact same spot? Thought it was a bot at first but they're working around some of the other drawings up there instead of going over them so idk. Plus "RO8" and "100" shakily drawn aren't usually the types of things people use bots for. I missed seeing the weird nonsensical stuff people dedicate themselves to in this game lol
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 16,2020 08:32
@Elephant protect I haven't used those alts in months, aside from the time I stopped that afrostud/samyau or those other anti fun people wannabe, but I think alt vs alt is fine. @StarTrekSpok It's so weird seeing large posts, I don't know why but people don't really do that anymore.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 16,2020 04:03
@SFSN <3 yeah, I just like to check back in and see what the community is doing or remove spam dots sometimes @Elephant Idk what things are like with alts now but back then lots of people used them. It was kinda like, no one really liked to and lots of people didn't, but if they had a VPN, there wasn't really anything you could actually do to stop them except make your own alts. And that's if you found out, since it's pretty easy to keep your alts a secret. At least no one bothered with more than a handful of alts, tbh I'm kinda surprised no one's taken over with 100 bot accounts or something since there's nothing to stop it But even then, we had plenty of people who were obsessed with policing the board. There used to be this one guy, afrostud I think his name was. Would always post within the MINUTE every 6 hours, just to delete particularly large artworks or anything that lasted much longer than a month, rarely ever made anything himself outside of big projects like the flags. We figured he was using alts too, but ofc there's no way to prove that. But there was pretty much no doing anything if he didn't like it @fab yeah true, I guess in terms of free-for-all anarchy games the community here is still a lot better than it could be lol
#6zPdGzEB Mar 16,2020 02:46
Welcome back Spock! Yeah it was way more fun back in 2014 or so when I first played. Rarely coming back and doing some edits here and then
#TLGkldyD Mar 16,2020 02:17
Elephant protect
@StarTrekSpock Well fabgsooz has like 5 accounts so he owns the entire board. I think 100bit is in a never ending dark age.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 15,2020 19:45
@StarTrekSpock I don't know if the community is very toxic anymore, and as you said, that kind of takes away from the charm. But at least nobody's going about drawing swastikas everywhere.
#QDFNuk5n Mar 15,2020 13:54
Lol kinda satisfying to check back at the comments here and still see people complaining that this place is getting "more toxic", just like they were back when I was here in 2013 100bit's always been toxic, full of weirdos who take themselves way too seriously and screech every time they see a pattern or a drawing that's lasted a little *too* long, and it's glorious. Just part of the charm lol How ya'll been doin though? <3
#SN5NjMgO Mar 15,2020 03:58
k bye!!
#LO95WcSb Mar 15,2020 03:32
Reddit is not inherently toxic only very small, very loud minorities.
#cXhck86h Mar 15,2020 03:20
i guess its time to leave 100bit.. this community is becoming more and more worse. before you know it this game is going to be filled with people that are from reddit or any other toxic place.
#SN5NjMgO Mar 14,2020 06:08
#3tQPYFTC Mar 14,2020 02:28
Mmmm you would say that
#cXhck86h Mar 13,2020 23:02
i honestly dont care what happens for No.500 if anything it would be better off without a fbp.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 13,2020 03:22
I'd be down, It was my original plan anyway. Also this bit no. 1 thing is getting attacked a lot because people think it's just spam. I'll come up with some people who I think are important, even if it's minor: elephant protect, Tyne and wear, xyvyrianeth, The three admins in the discord server, zevym, adam322, Afrostud, Andree, Torture King, qwerty213, #1Vader fan, franse, king, benjamin075, and me maybe, I've started a good few fbps and destroyed a few aswell. I also might have missed some people because I started in 2016 well after the game began and so I have to use archives instead of memory but yeah. That's about it if we're doing it.
#XMVdbHhl Mar 12,2020 21:52
#TLGkldyD Mar 12,2020 10:01
Elephant protect
@fabgsooz You don't need to add just the biggest people,you can add minors who still influenced 100bit. Also this is kind of an fbp in itself.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 12,2020 03:42
I like that but where would we fit it? Actually, who would we even put on it? Like Afrostud, Andree, and adam322? They're the only people I can think of.
#uMIMJEgK Mar 12,2020 01:45
sovietsky soyuz
we could do names of people who have been influential to the games history
#XMVdbHhl Mar 12,2020 01:25
Mm1132 leave the stuff alone
#XMVdbHhl Mar 10,2020 23:31
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/672666439207092236/686943957099479059/DA54DBAA-DC1F-47CC-817B-EBB607512FD8.png just going to give this to make it easier for non discord people to get the project
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 10,2020 02:19
@kittco36 Too late, if we don't go with it we'll end up arguing again and then we won't have anything for no.500. Also, we need all the people we can get because upkeep is going to be difficult with such a large and complex fbp.
#3tQPYFTC Mar 09,2020 20:42
@e404 Disgusting
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 09,2020 07:46
idc it's your life.
#O0kda0GX Mar 09,2020 06:51
also i like the no. fbp idea
#O0kda0GX Mar 09,2020 06:51
@fabgsooz i didn't promise to use no alts i said to only sometimes use 1 but not more than 1
#FwEb62nO Mar 08,2020 06:42
The no. 1 fbp sounds good to me. We can do Europe sometime later.
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 07,2020 22:37
I don't know, I think the thing that makes it cool is that it's exactly like No.1. Nevertheless. I'm going to start working on it now.
#cXhck86h Mar 07,2020 21:28
honestly No.1 fbp is not a bad idea. but maybe we should improve some of the art work and remove the bit spray. and if there's space left over, maybe we could use some artwork from No.2
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 07,2020 19:50
@SCP-1715 and?
#TLGkldyD Mar 07,2020 06:12
Elephant protect
No.1 fbp sounds good
#XMVdbHhl Mar 07,2020 04:49
No.1 is utter chaos
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 07,2020 01:49
@Octi I really like that idea @SCP-1715 A call back to the past.
#XMVdbHhl Mar 06,2020 23:13
#oJ8bJLyL Mar 06,2020 22:54
maybe for no.500 u should remake no.1
#3tQPYFTC Mar 06,2020 17:26
i want the small part of history thing personally
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 06,2020 07:53
Really, Europe? Why? what does it have to do with no. 500? @e404 Removing creations made by alts with alts seems pretty fair. Also did you actually use your alts right after promising not to use them? @Xyvyrianeth Bottom bar is gone..... So that's pretty neat.
#O0kda0GX Mar 06,2020 06:25
Lmao bitstorm talking about me using alts, proceeds to use alts to remove something of mine very nice
#O0kda0GX Mar 06,2020 06:24
I agree on Europe
#TLGkldyD Mar 06,2020 06:14
Elephant protect
#XMVdbHhl Mar 06,2020 05:06
#ZS7mJYYq Mar 06,2020 03:28
First off, Bitstorm you're still using your alt. But e404 agreed to stop using alts. I'm pretty sure that his latest post was after that conversation but there's no way to be sure. I personally think that 1 alt is okay, but I'd rather if we didn't use alts at all. Now can we actually discuss no500?

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