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#mO92U2ga Oct 17,2021 18:04
ok is this still funny anymore?
#Ctl0Zi5G Oct 17,2021 15:21
hmm seems like there impostor among us (no among us jokes here)
#J73yilZa Oct 17,2021 04:39
Elephant protect
2 did why question that respond to?
#Pz22ezBX Oct 17,2021 03:29
Elephant protect
Why did 2 people respond to that question?
#3tQPYFTC Oct 16,2021 15:29
makes sense
#J73yilZa Oct 16,2021 10:59
because I hate you
#Pz22ezBX Oct 16,2021 07:19
Elephant protect
Kittco why do you destroy everything I make?
#J73yilZa Oct 15,2021 09:02
You make a new thing by doing the thing
#jM3W6VRD Oct 15,2021 03:49
how do i make a new thing
#jM3W6VRD Oct 15,2021 03:46
this game is complicated and hard can someone help me with it
#3tQPYFTC Oct 15,2021 02:24
if you dont like something: remove it its one of the main features of this game
#J73yilZa Oct 14,2021 22:24
@Brofania I mean, it is what it is, I suppose. To each his own?
#mO92U2ga Oct 14,2021 21:34
@DylanG The reason Adam322 making a character key (or its technical term "fonts") is to make "proper" fonts for everyone. which is just a complete nonsense since it's a "drawing game" after all, and you can draw whatever you liked. which simply mean there no proper fonts or maybe he just didn't have a good word choices as shown by the fact he chooses the word "character key" instead of "font". which brings the question why didn't he use a image uploading site? but the point is: it's a waste of space
#NX4ddvYt Oct 14,2021 21:24
I don’t know why, but uploading is not working at all for me, that is the only reason I am asking you guys. If it worked, I would do it myself over an entire week or month.
#J73yilZa Oct 14,2021 02:16
Um no
#NX4ddvYt Oct 14,2021 00:32
Can someone help me make a Realm of the Mad God Exalt logo on here?
#J73yilZa Oct 13,2021 21:21
Why are we making a character key and directions? isn't that a waste of space???
#nUEEqhew Oct 13,2021 15:46
Ok. I just wanna say, for my Character Key, note the differences between O and 0. Also how J and Q look in order to retain their designs in such a small scale. Also same goes for M, N, ? and 7. Should I try to do the Lower Case letters?
#KATit2KX Oct 12,2021 16:14
im going to cover the entire screen in hearts (evil)
#Q7qZ1M4P Oct 11,2021 07:32
#nUEEqhew Oct 10,2021 17:21
By the way, The Character Key I'm making isn't set it stone, it can be tweaked little by little over time.
#mO92U2ga Oct 10,2021 14:49
Who naming themself who?
#nUEEqhew Oct 10,2021 07:38
@BitterSweetsx Oh, my bad, I didn't realize it was so important to you. I'll gladly help you make it again where my Among Us venting thing is since the bottom screen text is taking up more and more of my vent anyways. Also to anyone interested, I'm making a proper Alphabet Key at the top of the screen so everyone will know how to properly write letters and numbers in the game.
#ezyuetl3 Oct 10,2021 04:03
Who's who?
#Pz22ezBX Oct 10,2021 02:51
Elephant protect
They know so ask them.
#3tQPYFTC Oct 10,2021 01:03
who knows
#J73yilZa Oct 09,2021 02:52
Who are you people
#ezyuetl3 Oct 08,2021 23:46
This is a weird interaction to come back to. How's everyone doing?
#J73yilZa Oct 08,2021 22:14
Someone did what to your what now
#KATit2KX Oct 08,2021 16:37
SOMEONE KILLED MY SQUID My only goal now is to uwu-ify every single thin on the plane
#nUEEqhew Oct 06,2021 11:09
Hey have we ever tried to play Tic-Tac-Toe on the map?
#J73yilZa Oct 06,2021 11:02
Idunno man. I just love this place. @me middle 20 somethings
#Pz22ezBX Oct 06,2021 05:36
Elephant protect
@DylanG When you look at the quality of the uploads on pg.2 you can really see it.
#tgFrH0jH Oct 06,2021 05:08
The only people here are either oldies reliving their childhood and people currently experiencing their childhood lol
#J73yilZa Oct 05,2021 22:48
@Elephant Protect I didn't realize everyone was so young. I came on this site for the first time when I was about 16. I'm 25 now. I kind of figured everyone was sortov around the same age.
#XD7lXAmh Oct 05,2021 08:51
Dave dood
Hamsterdog got Godhead and Sacret Heart, both very good Binding of Isaac items >:0 Also, I reset the Tic-Tac-Two board in case anyone wants to play it. If you're curious about the rules: https://imgur.com/gallery/VQdCcAg
#Pz22ezBX Oct 05,2021 05:37
Elephant protect
@DylanG If that's true then why are you announcing this on a website where the average age of the people who use it is below the age of 13.
#J73yilZa Oct 04,2021 09:02
so I have a baby being born at the end of march
#KATit2KX Oct 02,2021 14:54
i am the bringer of death, i am, the smug poster.
#2U4RYGdn Oct 01,2021 11:45
(deltarune: refers to the game)
#2U4RYGdn Oct 01,2021 11:43
Let's draw a little deltarune!QWQ
#XD7lXAmh Sep 27,2021 09:28
Dave dood
I'm glad hamsterdog (bottom left) decided to be cute again :o I shall contribute to Hamsterdog's cuteness by giving them... Bee wings, why not? The pose they're doing now makes it look like they should be hovering like some kinda sprite, like a certain magical fox I know of: https://ludosity.fandom.com/wiki/Tippsie
#bLK4D9J7 Sep 26,2021 03:58
replace no. 563 with no. 564
#tgFrH0jH Sep 23,2021 04:03
i have never once read any of the instructions for any games lol
#BuOLbBBi Sep 23,2021 02:43
Should I draw "100 bit sign" "version number" or draw nothing (i cant draw both because it will be more than 100 bits)
#XD7lXAmh Sep 23,2021 01:07
Dave dood
@STS I only recently learned about the spacebar thing, too Perhaps if the controls were listed in game or somethin'?
#kv1s8NgR Sep 22,2021 22:07
Yay, I finally completed stick ranger :D I didn't know that guides existed.
#7KB7Da5o Sep 22,2021 14:45
@StarTrekSpock For 2014 player to not know about that, is a bit weird since that feature existed since 100bit version 1.2 and then being listed in the shortcut key section of the description since. it just bugged me how you never read it for over 7 years
#Pz22ezBX Sep 22,2021 12:53
Elephant protect
Man there's a lot more British people here than I thought.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 22,2021 10:32
#tgFrH0jH Sep 22,2021 06:42
,,,,i did not know you could press space to place a dot
#BuOLbBBi Sep 22,2021 04:19
#BuOLbBBi Sep 22,2021 04:19
100 bot is basically r/place but it's black and white
#URDOKmVW Sep 21,2021 20:42
Highlight changes as red dot so 100 bit technically is a three color public drawing boards with less stricter ceritera --- @StarStrekSpock really? You said click every single dots individually is annoying? What method did you use? I'm surprised rn because my method is placing the cursor at random places then I mash the Arrow key while mashing the spacebar at the places that i want to change, and it's not annoying at all
#tgFrH0jH Sep 21,2021 16:24
RGB 100bit but it has dot physics like PG
#3tQPYFTC Sep 21,2021 14:49
also maybe an rbg board which has 3 layers, one for each colour and they mix to make new colours
#3tQPYFTC Sep 21,2021 12:06
i would like maybe multiple boards, maybe each with a different gimmick (like a tri colour board, a 1 bit per day board, a 300bit board etc) also the idea of more tools is nice
#XD7lXAmh Sep 21,2021 07:01
Dave dood
@kittco36 I'd add permadeath and a battle-royale gamemode. Joking aside, XisN and I were talking earlier about an idea: what if after a lot of No.'s pass (like 50 or 100), players would have access to like 3ish new colors from a palette, in addition to black and white? The pixels that use previous palettes wouldn't change, so that way once the new palette thresholds are reached, you can see the new colors gradually eek in and replace the olds ones as players draw over the previous palette's drawings
#Pz22ezBX Sep 21,2021 05:51
Elephant protect
Smartphone resizing would be a great update.
#xUvPQRgg Sep 20,2021 07:18
@XisN the game being a 1bit color palette of black and white is what makes it special
#tgFrH0jH Sep 20,2021 03:54
I'd really like some kind of pen-line or pen-free like PG, it's annoying to click every single dot individually. A slightly bigger canvas size would be nice too, it bugs me that the screen isn't a square Also for the game to not start unpaused and with the progress bar slid all the way to the beginning every single time hfgjksdfh Also also noiseclear removing single dots that touch the edge of the screen
#6yBMVoBQ Sep 20,2021 02:51
@kittco36 Personally, i would love for there to be a way to switch the 2 colours around a bit. For example some colour palettes you can pick from, (or pick the colors yourself!) i think that would be quite refreshing to see! and besides, i assume the classic black and white colours would get somewhat boring after playing this game for quite sometime.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 20,2021 01:47
if there was a 100bit update, what would you want in it?
#8lagLK2x Sep 20,2021 00:43
a dogg
i moved kirbys face down then moved it back up ha
#pIxji08L Sep 19,2021 22:29
why i cannot upload when i'm not logged in :(
#Va3fpCR5 Sep 19,2021 19:18
hamman247 stop drawing swastikas for gods sake
#F8OhdzXP Sep 19,2021 05:38
dont ask me why i drew a mallow somewhere, that's a character from smrpg. (I'm playing it)
#kv1s8NgR Sep 18,2021 18:49
Yay :D
#tgFrH0jH Sep 18,2021 08:56
yooooooo compasses update heck yea
#mO92U2ga Sep 18,2021 08:50
[email protected] No, I'm not trying to say You're a breacher of the Comments of conduct or anything, all I want to say is "I forgot about them is because DAN-BALL Comment's 3rd code of conduct"
#tgFrH0jH Sep 18,2021 04:51
if you're new, iirc you can't upload on the same day you make an account
#C6pLhv4A Sep 18,2021 04:41
blue is my favorite color
#C6pLhv4A Sep 18,2021 04:16
why does is say "cannot upload" when I'm logged in wth
#tgFrH0jH Sep 18,2021 04:14
@BROFANIA are you implying I'm a breacher of the Comments code of conduct? I'll have you know I have an official Otascube(tm) signed copy hanging of them hanging over my bed, right next to my Skye-Adoption-Day commemorative picture calendar.
#J73yilZa Sep 16,2021 22:35
I still can't figure out why Tadow is the best song I've ever heard
#KATit2KX Sep 16,2021 19:49
Theres a mean not cool symbol in the face in the north east corner, cant fix it cause i ran out of dots, but just letting someone know
#mO92U2ga Sep 16,2021 19:39
@StarTrekSpock idk, but hey atleast we both get in Tiny Loser Chamber because we have the same number of votes, but to be honest The Chamber is so tiny I must turn into a black hole just to fit in. also I surprised you still remember that comment, I mean I forgot that Skye even existed until now, because I ignore them for most of the time, I mean just look at DAN-BALL's 3rd Comments code of conduct
#tgFrH0jH Sep 16,2021 05:37
hey guys so Skye's adoption vote just ended the other day, who gets to adopt them?
#J73yilZa Sep 16,2021 05:27
What do y'all talk about anyway
#Pz22ezBX Sep 14,2021 05:35
Elephant protect
#3tQPYFTC Sep 14,2021 01:08
#J73yilZa Sep 13,2021 00:53
Wow it's already Sep 13 where y'all are at
#mO92U2ga Sep 13,2021 00:29
@Elephant protect Well just remember that in DAN-BALL comment sections (especially the active ones), it'll be guaranteed that somebody will overcomplicate reply's. but for this reply I'll not overcomplicate this one for reasons
#mO92U2ga Sep 13,2021 00:09
@Dave dood I guess we don't need an "Elephant Protector" Franchise since recently I make an elephant and protect it. however hielum13 now came up with yet another giant drawing plan and unluckily the place of the drawings is passing through the elephant drawing so I guess it'll be challenging for me to protect it..... oh wait did I got off topic again?
#Pz22ezBX Sep 12,2021 06:03
Elephant protect
What even is this conversation anymore.
#XD7lXAmh Sep 12,2021 04:19
Dave dood
There's also Protect Elephant, who can cast wards to protect a target from elephants, notably the ones shot from Elephant Project, thus negating Elephant Project's power. In turn, Protect Elephant is rendered useless by Elephant Protect, who likewise casts wards, except they protect from Protect Elephant's protection from elephants magic. And, as you'd expect, Elephant Protect is countered by Elephant Project, and a system of checks and balances is in place. That is, until the fateful day when the dark lord Elephant Direct is reborn every hundred years, who will upset the elephant balance in their rise to power. It is fabled that a young hero clad in green will emerge in our time of need... There are whispers of one simply known as... Elephant Respect.
#J73yilZa Sep 09,2021 20:58
Elephant Project
#XD7lXAmh Sep 08,2021 00:55
Dave dood
Not to be confused with "Elephant Project," the one who can shoot elephants out from their hands as projectiles.
#Pz22ezBX Sep 07,2021 12:20
Elephant protect
@BROFANIA The reason my name is "Elephant protect" is because back in late 2017 there was an elephant I liked so I made this account. Nowadays I can't be bothered to make any elephants and protect them.
#mO92U2ga Sep 07,2021 09:17
@Elephant protect Why are y7ou praising pattern so much? are you a pattern protector? then why your name is Elephant protect? You doesn't protect any elephant, all you protect is patterns @Rocked socks Nope, we don't need to make one, We've already have one. here's the link interested to join: https://discord.gg/gYVMUrM Pretzel? hmm yummy
#Pz22ezBX Sep 07,2021 06:50
Elephant protect
sotp discrininimateing agenst chekur bord.
#VDpJf1b2 Sep 06,2021 23:34
Rocked socks
We should make a discord server or sumthing.
#kv1s8NgR Sep 06,2021 13:09
Wow, she was just around the corner of being in the history animation. Stop turning her into a pretzel >:( @Elephant Protect Bu- But, I'm a cat :( I already started a blaccout a while ago. Never again.
#XD7lXAmh Sep 06,2021 05:07
Dave dood
dang I can't believe audrey from omori was turned into a pretzel
#Pz22ezBX Sep 05,2021 04:58
Elephant protect
After all heat death is gonna do it for you anyway may as well do it now.
#Pz22ezBX Sep 05,2021 04:54
Elephant protect
@AnnoyingCat Well then make everything black.
#kv1s8NgR Sep 04,2021 14:41
Ewww. White is disgusting.
#3tQPYFTC Sep 04,2021 08:17
we would need to agree on a fbp as a community though
#nUEEqhew Sep 03,2021 17:50
I was going through some of the history, man this one felt like a triumph. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/465.html
#pK9lcMYP Sep 03,2021 12:19
@StarTrekSpock wow didn't expect you to take my question seriously, but tbh I ask because it feel to having the white dots count around 12.000's like the last time that happen was almost 4 months ago. just yesterday ago the white dot count goes as low as 11469 which the last time that happen was 1 year ago, which may sounded a lot but 1 day in 100 bit feel like just 1 second due to the inactivity of the community, also removing drawings for free space is very funny excuse because old large drawing or some old medium one is already enough free space because of there is not that many needs for drawing spaces

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