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#bhQEFbNN Oct 22,2018 01:23

lets whiten the camera

#bhQEFbNN Oct 22,2018 01:22

oh shi-
we can use comments again

#zmYnBFKP Oct 21,2018 16:46

We should set it up as Dan-Balls][100BIT-VER. 1.8][2011-2018/10/2X][SUN
How's that sound to everyone?

#HYvuhu9m Oct 20,2018 15:56

No joke i lost my old acc so i got a new one

#HYvuhu9m Oct 20,2018 15:55

Heya im back, Yes it's true

#zmYnBFKP Oct 11,2018 12:05

So the Date and 100bBit and stuff was moved tot he upper right corner?

#tqCXMF9y Oct 09,2018 21:12

hi i'm trying to draw something please dont destroy it

#bhQEFbNN Oct 09,2018 03:28

i drew the get out quote

#bhQEFbNN Oct 09,2018 03:27


#lnWSoWZl Oct 08,2018 21:28

Can you guys please stop trying to white out my area? Its starting to get annoying.

#tqCXMF9y Oct 08,2018 02:45

cool game

Scrolls Player
#OTmlkaIx Oct 07,2018 12:00

thank you for removing those arms Elephant protect

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Oct 07,2018 00:22

I didn't put those swastikas down.

#lnWSoWZl Oct 06,2018 05:09

hey elephant protect, please stop putting swastikas on my artwork, thanks

Scrolls Player
#OTmlkaIx Oct 04,2018 01:22

whiteys, could you please stop touching my area?

#bhQEFbNN Sep 30,2018 04:33


#bhQEFbNN Sep 30,2018 04:33


#YvQ3S0di Sep 29,2018 04:08

This has to be my 4th favorite game on Dan-Ball it's so Fun and awesome. Even though i have only made to things in this game.

#lnWSoWZl Sep 26,2018 19:48

What are you guys building next to my discord area with the snivy, windows, and discord pixel arts? I want to build a apple and google logo but they blocked me off for some reason.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Sep 21,2018 12:05

The reason people didn't like your circle is because you destroyed other peoples artworks.

#zmYnBFKP Sep 19,2018 14:18

Also people are trying to destroy the banner at the bottom of the screen.

#zmYnBFKP Sep 19,2018 13:55


#YSxGYWuw Sep 19,2018 01:18

<o/ 426

#JXQUOFdh Sep 18,2018 23:44

No. 426, Bit 18948; We did it~! ^^ "Thank you" to absolutely everyone who pitched in at any point~ (; Also "take that" to the people who insisted on hindering us along the way and never turned around to just help us instead; group effort will never lose to people who don't want cool things to happen for whatever strange reason, so just join the effort the next time one starts >;D
Whatever the next big project the community here decides on is, I'll be sure to pitch in on it once the effort starts~

#NpY85jHO Sep 18,2018 23:38

Ayy. It's complete. I do like the idea of a full snowflake thing after the 26th.

#WE8LSEyR Sep 18,2018 23:33

everyone protect our art until number 426 ends

#WE8LSEyR Sep 18,2018 23:28

we did it omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgo-mgomgomgomogmgomogmogmogmogmogmogmomg

#arW5fEkT Sep 18,2018 05:24

hey adam when this thing gets completely destroyed what if we take over 100 with snowflake patterns lol

#zmYnBFKP Sep 17,2018 12:23

It's almost finished!

#bhQEFbNN Sep 15,2018 13:12

circle-square mandala

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Sep 15,2018 05:29

What is it?

#NpY85jHO Sep 14,2018 19:15

Radiant's got a team of folks working together to make a big piece of art. Eventually it'll be replaced by other, newer things once it's done and has been around for a little while.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Sep 14,2018 08:24


#bhQEFbNN Sep 14,2018 01:41

but he wants to kill off others' art

#WE8LSEyR Sep 14,2018 00:15


#bhQEFbNN Sep 13,2018 14:18

lets ruin RDB's art

#0Kvc3MLQ Sep 12,2018 20:57

I added all the white dots

#NpY85jHO Sep 11,2018 18:54

Ye, Adam. Seems fair. I'll link this through to the folks of the main image so they know, in case they're blind and don't read this.

#zmYnBFKP Sep 11,2018 13:30

Just so you know I'm gonna keep doing the snowflakes but I won't interfere with the main image, once they meet the snowflakes will stop.

#F4c6L2Kj Sep 11,2018 08:02

This comment board hasn't changed at all.

#NpY85jHO Sep 07,2018 01:46

You know what I find such a shame? The fact that people fight over which project gets to be completed. Can't people just accept that a group is trying to make a nice piece of art and either hang back or even help?
I guess not.

#Jz83bDxn Sep 02,2018 02:48

no u

#YSxGYWuw Aug 28,2018 07:30


Nu Felensis
#oLCp9QVR Aug 22,2018 12:19

I love destroying the date.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 22,2018 03:56

i wanna clean too

#bhQEFbNN Aug 22,2018 03:48

IM BAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#IuAcmgEa Aug 21,2018 10:54

We're making progress~ ^^
Though I am a little sad that the doge warrior is already at death's door if not already indeed basically dead; I wanted that to be preserved a while longer than it was >.< If it really does continue to be in such poor shape I may end up overwriting that area earlier than originally intended just to mercy kill and or clean away its corpse ;;

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 21,2018 02:56

I'm liking this new art,but the elephants died by my enemy.

#HjoZoglu Aug 20,2018 21:06


#HjoZoglu Aug 20,2018 21:05

Hmm, getting bored, huh? I guess that's a victory against the resistance!

#zmYnBFKP Aug 20,2018 11:44

Eh, whatever, I'm getting a bit bored of the snowflake pattern.

#IuAcmgEa Aug 20,2018 11:40

Here's a brief display of the differences between the drawing board's state from not too long ago and what I want to make it look like:
The bits of art on that board state that I think are coolest are, in order of coolest to bottom of my list; the doge warrior in the center, the flags in the top-left corner, the Saturn to the right of the flags, and the girl below the Saturn. Everything else is fair game to me~ So I'll have my group start overwriting everything else using the thicker central circle of my drawing as the starting point to spread out and around from; though because of the resistance to overwriting the snowflake pattern that will be the last part of "everything else" that we overwrite. Then once that's done, we'll overwrite even the bits that I think are cool in the reverse of the order that I listed them in. I fully intend to imprint that full-board drawing in the 100bit history, and I have a group of people on Discord helping me out with exactly that~ Any additional help will be much appreciated~ (;

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 20,2018 11:13

How about we do the elephant empire.

#WE8LSEyR Aug 20,2018 07:33

who wants to do a void?

#oGfAaRnG Aug 20,2018 05:25

who wants to do a checkerboard pattern?

#rQWGZwjj Aug 20,2018 02:43

i mean
dO It iN THe MIddLe
you don

#rQWGZwjj Aug 20,2018 02:38

you look big gey

#zmYnBFKP Aug 20,2018 02:19

If you want to make some real art then do it in the upper right corner where nothing orderly is going on, at least the snowflake pattern is a sense of order spreading out.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 20,2018 02:13

I don't care because my ant is dying help!

#IuAcmgEa Aug 19,2018 17:55

I figure no matter where I get my group to start, I'll probably be taking over a bit of art that someone else would like to preserve + possibly even expand a while longer; so I wanted my group to overwrite the bottom-left region for the group drawing first, because to my judgement that area is probably the area that the least effort was likely required for creating and maintaining. Even while I fully intend to push that full-board drawing through for at least 1 bit of the history, I'd like to preserve the existing art that I perceive to have taken more creative effort for as long as possible in the process. However, I'll admit that I looked towards the sides first for what I deemed 'lower-effort art' as a way to try to start with the simplest part of the drawing; what part of the drawing could be simpler than the part that's just void? I gave in for now and put a couple spare bits towards the snowflake pattern the last time I uploaded, but I will be getting my group to overwrite that area eventually some time after the watermark inversion is complete. I'll try again to think of something that can actually go in the sides other than just void in the meantime; though iirc I believe the original reason that I settled on void for the sides was because I didn't feel that I had enough space to make something that would be equally visually appealing as the main centerpiece and help direct the viewer's focus towards the centerpiece instead of draw attention away from it.

#zmYnBFKP Aug 19,2018 00:03

Why do you need to void the bottom left in order to do that? You should be starting from the middle of the screen. Don't you lie to me.

#rQWGZwjj Aug 18,2018 10:50

let us do the painting thing
it's gonna be gud

#3073YOtb Aug 18,2018 10:41

Elephant and Adam we are not the void leave the bottom left we are making a group painting - Nleeman

#zmYnBFKP Aug 18,2018 09:00

No not my snowflake pattern!

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 18,2018 07:39

I think the void is spreading already so we must fight against it.Also no one cares about discord,

#8VEKEzty Aug 17,2018 08:39

Discord Group

#8VEKEzty Aug 17,2018 08:38

Discord: Nleeman#3766

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 17,2018 05:28

Void wants to cleanse the canvas so yeah.

#zmYnBFKP Aug 16,2018 10:30

Does 100BIT have a Discord? It should.

#zmYnBFKP Aug 16,2018 00:25

well to be fair 100BIT could of inspired /r/place for all we know. And I suppose saying they copied it is a generalization of what it really is, it does look incredibly fun and complex and make me wish they would add color to 100BIT.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 16,2018 00:24

are void and elephant protect rivals?

#bhQEFbNN Aug 16,2018 00:23

nleeman is someone

Tyne and wear
#gVcAzHG0 Aug 15,2018 21:10

Oh yeah I participated in r/place. Me and a few of my friends maintained a small corner that contained the words Liam Byrne in it for a while. I guess that was a similar concept but it was different enough to be considered unique. I think both were effective in their own ways.

#zmYnBFKP Aug 15,2018 02:40

Holy cow, did you guys know this was a thing? https://youtu.be/JRoBSGzeEc0
Reddit copied the idea of 100BIT for a social experiment!

#zmYnBFKP Aug 14,2018 14:13

Would it be possible to rise to info bar at the bottom of the screen up by one? And possibly invert the Bits?

#8VEKEzty Aug 14,2018 10:54

who am I?

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 14,2018 10:06

Make sure you keep the void under control alright.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 14,2018 04:33

i hope somebody likes this

#bhQEFbNN Aug 14,2018 04:32

void is acid wash peep, elephant is a nazi, bobity bob is a random peep, tyne and wear is a flag guy, danstroyer is a dantdm fan, i am a d00d who creates concept art, popscat is a pikmin guy, ecxt is weird, ewan1 is a discord advertiser, 142857 is a number clump, 100bitmasters is the first commenter.

#zmYnBFKP Aug 14,2018 04:19

Just an idea, if people are gonna make Flags the figure out the most common nationalities of 100bit players and start making the flags along the top of the screen.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 13,2018 03:50

But do you have allies,acid wash man?

#q30IZ8M7 Aug 12,2018 22:18

You may have war elephants Hannibal, but do you have allies that will stand with you?

#bhQEFbNN Aug 12,2018 14:07

you can add your details too

#bhQEFbNN Aug 12,2018 14:06

does anyone want to make omega flowey?

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 12,2018 09:47

Expect my war elephants.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 12,2018 09:42

I am a master of killing cities,the elephant empire shall sabotage your plans.

The Void
#q30IZ8M7 Aug 12,2018 08:04

I was once a member of the faction known as the void on r/place
I have come to spread the word
In order for true art to be made the canvas must be cleansed
So I call upon you all, aid the void in its quest
Or die against it

#bhQEFbNN Aug 11,2018 13:50

every 6 hours you can upload.

#8VEKEzty Aug 11,2018 11:25

Why can't I upload no matter how many times I edit it wont upload?

#lnWSoWZl Aug 09,2018 03:27

Why cant I upload?

#bhQEFbNN Aug 08,2018 14:59

*Peter wants to make some Undertale.

Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 08,2018 08:57

Elephant empire is stronger.

#bhQEFbNN Aug 08,2018 00:05


Elephant protect
#IUSFtngz Aug 07,2018 11:44

The elephant empire grows in the distance.

Bobity bob
#7fRoqjip Aug 05,2018 19:21

Baldi jokes? I went and said "Screw it" and made a baldi joke.

Bobity bob
#7fRoqjip Aug 05,2018 19:20

*You hear a ruler smacking in the distance...*

Elephant protect
#JWXqdBG4 Jul 28,2018 07:17

No math in the halls.

#bhQEFbNN Jul 26,2018 15:15

no elephants in the halls (make baldi)

Elephant protect
#JWXqdBG4 Jul 26,2018 10:54

Can we make an elephant?

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