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#N549fNe5 Jun 05,2023 06:49
@JunoBenji802 Yes, I have been working on it. My logo has its own bar, and when it fills up, it will start to completely fix the color back to black.
#QkkVQqFK Jun 05,2023 04:17
#pp5sinOg Jun 05,2023 03:32
how do we fullsreen in territory map
#giicEceo Jun 04,2023 23:16
Hey guys, we need to stop @bluecrim and others for attempting to turn the board white again.
#N549fNe5 Jun 04,2023 21:15
@kolamishaa yes, that is him. He edited when it was updated.
#pp5sinOg Jun 04,2023 16:49
i was in territory map i looking for guys and i found the owner ha55ii IS THAT YOU
#3tQPYFTC Jun 04,2023 06:28
the territory just shows who placed what bit, and has a leaderboard for who owns the most bits placed on the board
#N549fNe5 Jun 04,2023 02:18
@Entite I think so, I’m pretty sure it’s only for after the update. Also, can anyone even see my comments? I’m unable to upload anywhere and I’m getting confused.
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 03,2023 22:36
@FiStashka01 Goodbye. You've made a wonderful contribution to this community. Thank you.
#rhfQeamX Jun 03,2023 22:34
So how exactly does the territory map work? I'm guessing that it tracks who "owns" which bits on the board, but for whatever reason it's only tracking a select few parts of the board. Is it because the map only tracks bits placed after the update occured?
#N549fNe5 Jun 03,2023 08:24
@FiStaShka01 :( well we will try to preserve your art as long as possible. Goodbye. @SomeBot I’m not sure, I guess we could end the war, because I can’t do anything (because of the cannot upload glitch) I’d love to continue the war, but it seems it’s impossible
#pEthc4Sj Jun 03,2023 06:43
I'm leaving, you all will never see me here again.
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 03,2023 06:37
The flagship... Sherbonator had built a building on its left wing forcing it to enter phase 3. The flagship becomes desparate for victory and enters FTL warp. (Btw is this a good place to end this war between the ship and the dan-ball logo or do we continue?)
#N549fNe5 Jun 03,2023 06:08
Anyone else not able to upload? I’m confused, it keeps saying Cannot Upload. It might be a bug with the new update, I’m not sure, maybe it’s because I’m on mobile.
#xruKHZdD Jun 03,2023 05:36
This update is awesome
#N549fNe5 Jun 02,2023 23:38
@mmooaaii yep
#iWovFIRs Jun 02,2023 22:24
I also realized something. Did ha55ii just edit my build?
#zbQ4tyBh Jun 02,2023 22:18
Im kinda confused with the new territory map update but ill get used to it. it will probably mark territories for builds.
#N549fNe5 Jun 02,2023 22:01
This update is kinda weird, adding a ranking to the board, so me being really competitive, will want to try to stay #1.
#3tQPYFTC Jun 02,2023 21:51
awesome update
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 02,2023 16:30
also new update wooo!
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 02,2023 16:30
The Rebel Flagship was split. A power surge is detected within the flagship. And... It seems that the flagship is powering the drone systems.
#pp5sinOg Jun 02,2023 15:37
add fullsreen in territory map
#ucctXxGq Jun 02,2023 12:50
or Ham Race 2
#ucctXxGq Jun 02,2023 12:46
NEW CONTENT UPDATE LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO hey, ha55ii can Monster Box get a content update next?
#0UmU7BUz Jun 02,2023 11:28
100bit ver2.1 Add Territory Map. https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/map.php Ranking with the last updated bit as the owner.
#zbQ4tyBh Jun 02,2023 02:29
Im not really good with any pixel art so ill make the space where the fur will be all white so you guys have like sort of a more easier way to place the pixels
#pEthc4Sj Jun 01,2023 18:21
If someone wants to help me, then here is art https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=457225
#rJ6Q2oze Jun 01,2023 17:37
The Elite rebel ship warps right through the danball logo, bar and it's barrier. It travels in an incredible speed and manages to break the barrier. The barrier is collapsing... Unfortunately theres a massive laser heading for the rebel flagship. The rebel flagships shields might cover most of the damage.
#giicEceo Jun 01,2023 11:29
@128percent thank you
#N549fNe5 Jun 01,2023 06:05
The Dan-ball logo has spawned a super laser launcher that will destroy all ships, or at least damage it. @JunoBenji802 nice planets!
#N549fNe5 May 31,2023 23:27
Oh no, bluecrim. How dare you mess up my logo. The Dan-ball logo will help turn it black again.
#rJ6Q2oze May 31,2023 16:02
The elite ship fired a laser, it seems that the rebels managed to reverse engineer one of the federation cruisers and manufacture a rebel ship. On the other hand, the elite rebel ship has entered FTL warp and will most likely destroy the shields in one go. There's no stopping this elite rebel ship.
#giicEceo May 31,2023 05:45
I agree, everyone stop @bluecrim from turning the board white again.
#6y3sAB3f May 30,2023 23:13
Stop bluecrim then
#N549fNe5 May 30,2023 22:16
@mmooaaii, yeah, i was thinking that too. Just need protection, ya know?
#rJ6Q2oze May 30,2023 17:37
should we be concerned that bluecrim is trying to return the board like last time where it was split in two sides?
#gtOvwxzm May 30,2023 12:38
im back from vacation (yay) anyway my god thats a lot of forcefields so i recommend stopping there lol
#rJ6Q2oze May 29,2023 20:00
The elite rebel ship seems to be charging its FTL warp. Unfortunately the city destroyed the Rebel flagships FTL warp bar and couldn't get out of there and destroy the dan-ball logo for good. This elite rebel ship might warp right through the dan-ball logo and damage it, leaving the shield gone and the flagship gets an upper hand in this battle. At the same time the ship fires 3 Powerful hull laser beams.
#N549fNe5 May 29,2023 04:47
@mmooaaii ok enjoy your vacation!
#iWovFIRs May 29,2023 04:22
By the way I'm on vacation right now so for now I'll let the community have fun with the logo
#N549fNe5 May 28,2023 09:03
The dan-ball logo has a lot of barriers now. It is now invincible and it’s barriers will keep growing forever. The only thing that will stop it: itself.
#rJ6Q2oze May 28,2023 08:14
Looks like an Elite Rebel ship is warping in...
#gtOvwxzm May 27,2023 13:19
#gtOvwxzm May 27,2023 13:10
i think you made it mad...
#N549fNe5 May 27,2023 10:22
Oof! A big explosion on the logo, I’m not sure it could recover..
#N549fNe5 May 27,2023 04:12
Noooo! The laser bounced off of a bestagon and is heading straight for the Dan-ball logo!
#rhfQeamX May 27,2023 02:20
dam!!!! that cat got a mad cut !!!!!!! no cap frfr
#zbQ4tyBh May 26,2023 22:08
It needs to go. Not want, but need. You've had your fair share of having a cat on the board for nearly 8 months now.
#XZWLdjyp May 26,2023 20:25
Yeah the cat is going, its been a huge problem for the last month and 90% of the community in the comments agrees that it needs to go.
#rJ6Q2oze May 26,2023 15:04
If you'd like to know why, feel free to check out the comments.
#rJ6Q2oze May 26,2023 15:03
Dave, theres some kind of controversy with the cat. It's best to not let the cat stay.
#UY3PlblV May 26,2023 13:05
Dave dood
@FiStaShka01 can we draw both the cat and fox? I like both of them :> the fox can have a friend!! :D
#xFZSyEQm May 26,2023 12:54
Kittco36, you're delaying me, stop drawing the cat.
#UY3PlblV May 26,2023 12:08
Dave dood
ooo I saw the design for the fox art: https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/?code=457225 It's really cool! Would it be possible to draw it and also leave the cat in the foreground? they can be friends :>
#IUXhxqnD May 26,2023 09:09
the things
I'm asking because someone on there says there brother plays this
#IUXhxqnD May 26,2023 09:08
the things
does any one one here play a game called bonk.io
#5n5CZ3qk May 26,2023 05:02
Poor Glumbo
#N549fNe5 May 26,2023 03:46
Well, the antenna guy lost a leg. He might need help.
#5n5CZ3qk May 25,2023 22:37
Pootis Birb
#GTfsgXie May 25,2023 14:28
@jpicklestone please stop erasing my drawings, go erase someone else’s drawings, not mine.
#KtTQI1oT May 25,2023 09:22
@MSmaug just ignore the part being taken over and help build to the east of it and if you can help the fox, it would unite our cat opposition
#giicEceo May 25,2023 08:04
Good to hear @the things, we have to get rid of the remaining pattern, I'm talking the hexagon pattern.
#IUXhxqnD May 25,2023 07:15
the things
I'm getting rid of the remaining patter because it makes me feel like everything is closed of and I have nothing better to do
#giicEceo May 25,2023 03:35
@jpicklestone I need to ask you one question. Can you leave my drawings alone? you should go work on your creations instead of erasing others, that's rude.
#XZWLdjyp May 25,2023 01:50
The city needs help as Kitco is writing on top of that too. The city is just trying to help the board move on, so please send your bits to help restore the city.
#5n5CZ3qk May 25,2023 00:06
@the things sorry I didn’t realize
#5n5CZ3qk May 25,2023 00:04
@somebot yes it’s Starbound!
#IUXhxqnD May 24,2023 23:56
the things
it's almost like it's on the board and we can see for ourselves :0 (sorry I'm just bored in school and I feel like being mean)
#zbQ4tyBh May 24,2023 23:33
didnt mean to say it in a mean way. yet again dont call me a hypocrite.
#zbQ4tyBh May 24,2023 23:29
oh by the way kitto36 is building the cat from the ground up instead of normally starting on the head
#rJ6Q2oze May 24,2023 17:05
If the laser manages to bounce off the rebel flagships super shield it might be able to destroy the logo permanentaly. But it'll definetly be able to break the bar completely and hit the dan-ball logo. @ShadowEnialator Starbound?
#N549fNe5 May 24,2023 08:04
Oh no, the Dan-ball logo’s loading bar shrank! It will now load quicker! We must prepare!
#IUXhxqnD May 24,2023 04:11
the things
@ShadowEnialator please do not destroy 1 bit without using 1 bit at a time
#5n5CZ3qk May 24,2023 04:10
Also is there a way to change my account username? I don’t want this to be my username anymore
#5n5CZ3qk May 24,2023 04:08
Guess the game based off of its Steam description pt. 3 In [gamename], you create your own story - there’s no wrong way to play! You may choose to save the universe from the forces that destroyed your home, uncovering greater galactic mysteries in the process, or you may wish to forego a heroic journey entirely in favor of colonizing uncharted planets. Settle down and farm the land, become an intergalactic landlord, hop from planet to planet collecting rare creatures, or delve into dangerous dungeons and lay claim to extraordinary treasures. Discover ancient temples and modern metropolises, trees with eyes, and mischievous penguins. Make use of hundreds of materials and over two thousand objects to build a sleepy secluded cabin in the woods, a medieval castle, underwater arcade, or even a space station.
#iWovFIRs May 24,2023 03:01
Don't call me a hypocrite for having to destroy a piece of your build so the fox can be built.
#zbQ4tyBh May 23,2023 22:40
I will break my promise in order to protect the fox.
#6y3sAB3f May 23,2023 22:37
#zbQ4tyBh May 23,2023 22:31
By the way i think the entire community should focus on building the fox and with replacing the cat for a while.
#N549fNe5 May 23,2023 09:31
Oh yeah! I didn’t even notice the red skull bat!
#gtOvwxzm May 23,2023 09:01
it looks like it somehow spawned 2 things now. this is about to get chaotic.
#N549fNe5 May 23,2023 08:49
Well the Dan-Ball logo spawned in a D from Font Game. It will start falling soon and it will crush everything!
#vNUUU1j2 May 23,2023 08:23
Agreed! figured i might aswell put my bits into the fox. You gotta admit, it looks pretty good!
#gtOvwxzm May 23,2023 07:34
By the way theres bound to be conflict around FiStaShka01's fox and kittco36's cat. I recommend preserving the space for FiStaShka01 since its gonna be his/her's last time playing this website or game ever.
#4E5IdMiy May 23,2023 06:08
Chicken Tender
Stay mad @XisN
#rJ6Q2oze May 23,2023 05:57
The rebel flagship powers it's FTL drive.
#HAgprB4N May 23,2023 05:00
@gunklet Thanks for letting me know! I can understand that my comments may seem passive aggressive or anything of that nature. However: i simply couldn't really find any other way to make the message come across more family friendly, but my main priority is to get my message across instead of worrying too much about other people's feelings. Personally don't think i'm frustrated, if you believe otherwise then sure! I'm not going to challenge you based on how you feel. But like i said earlier: i think its rather important for people who don't really know the full context on what is going on, that its good to explain other points of view! Other wise it will unnecessarily escalate even further. And besides, its just communication.
#IUXhxqnD May 23,2023 04:21
the things
if anyone has an interesting project I can work on can you tell em because I'm bored
#5n5CZ3qk May 23,2023 04:16
@mmooaaii Yes! It is in fact Banana Shooter!
#rwxhKiBb May 23,2023 03:44
how unaware do you have to be to consciously do something that annoys people then get frustrated that they do stuff to make you look worse
#zbQ4tyBh May 23,2023 03:31
@XisN oh yeah i missed to read that part somehow. anyway to avoid any drama the next random thing to appear from the dan ball logo is the flying red skull from monster box. yes i also read everything you said.
#HAgprB4N May 23,2023 03:20
@mmooaaii I wasn't specifically talking about you. I was talking about those (including yourself) who hate the cat, about what has already happened. that doesn't mean that every single thing that i have mentioned is about you. I figured i shouldn't point fingers at everyone since someone might feel attacked escalating the situation even further. apparently: it still happened. All i was really doing is sharing my point of view on the matter. I should note that when i say "you" i don't always specifically mean you. (aka mmooaaii) I mean "you" as the person who did the things i have mentioned. And we both are very aware that you didn't claim that you had proof and announced it that you would show it but didn't so that doesn't apply to you. But other things where you'll remember doing such things. Then that most likely applies to you. My apologies for it not making it clear enough. I do agree with us both escalating it mainly because we keep the discussion going. However i do think its important to still voice out my point of view mainly because for those who are not aware or lack of understanding of the whole situation, might be jumping to conclusions where it would ultimately escalate the situation even more and probably unfairly aswell! AfroStud is a very great example for this since it was incredibly one sided.
#zbQ4tyBh May 23,2023 03:19
@ShadowEnialator is it banana shooter?
#iWovFIRs May 23,2023 02:57
@kittco36 well now you're adding it on the drama. ill just let other people deal with this.
#3tQPYFTC May 23,2023 02:44
haha "trying to de-escalate" thats a good joke. you have been constantly trying to start drama this entire time. You are definitely the type of person to use alts to gain an advantage. just like brodent.
#5n5CZ3qk May 23,2023 02:34
Guess the game based off of its Steam description Pt. 2 In this game, you are not a banana, you are Dave, because you like to eat bananas, so the banana is taken away, the only way to get it is to kill other Dave. When you have the highest kill count, you will will get bananas. The whole game is a multiplayer battle type, you can configure your own gun or knife to fight against others. There are multiple maps in the game, you can get coins by killing enemies to upgrade, you can upgrade the movement speed, The upper limit of blood volume, but if you are accidentally killed, all upgrades will be cleared, which is a bit similar to roguelike, but it is a multiplayer battle type. And the map has a very hot back room recently, and my favorite strange core, which will definitely make your eyes shine.
#zbQ4tyBh May 23,2023 01:59
@XisN to cover up all the thing, i dont really use an alternate account just only different devices on the same, i dont really care about my ego because well i just want to play and talk, for the escalating thing, i think were both escalating it though im trying to deescalate it right now. also im not sure if you know this but im just using my bits on other projects. im not even destroying the cat. for the proof part i think that was on brodents part though im not sure. i wasnt trying to refuse to show any though if you can like send proof of me not sending proof then i suppose its reasonable. i do recommend later on that you should work on other projects since it can get fun for the entire community. anyway im gonna stop typing it here before it becomes that dream smp thing where dream types out an entire book.
#HAgprB4N May 23,2023 00:19
@mmooaaii I wouldn't say desperately considering on how hypocritical it sounds/looks. Mainly because: the group who hates this cat (yourself included) has decided to frame kittco and to try and prove that he's using alts. Have thrown out wild accusations like that there's account trading. Misleading people into trying to hate those (mainly kittco) who draw the cat. Claiming you have proof but refuse to show any. Using alts yourselves. Making weak arguments to only escalate things further. Protecting your ego instead of trying to understand what we're saying. Wasting your bits overall since every single upload that was made against the cat, which could've been spend on other projects like the fox, or the city, or whatever else you are working on! Which proves that you find the cat more important to deal with than the drawings you claimed that you want to work on. Overall: there's only 2 or sometimes 3 goofballs working on the cat. We're not taking it as seriously compared to those who hates this cat. And its just amusing to see that all of this has happened from a single drawing of a cat.
#rwxhKiBb May 22,2023 23:33
also i will probably forget this place exists for a while since i only visited here when bored at school (some exceptions though)

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