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#XD7lXAmh Apr 15,2021 08:02
Dave dood
I'm considering trying to make an animation again. Forever o'clock ago, I made an animation in Manyland using this sprite: https://imgur.com/gallery/lpDsjDG The animation used Manyland's "Dynamic" types, and simply showed the sprites one at a time for the first 8 frames, then it'd flip everything horizontally and replay the frames in reverse order to make it look like Oshawott is spinning. Although, admittedly, I dunno how well the animation will work with no color and only 100 pixels changed... Only one way to find out!
#hJDRiGFs Apr 15,2021 06:36
welp we tried. gg
#XD7lXAmh Apr 15,2021 03:45
Dave dood
@alpha stick man No problem! I've played the game for quite a long time, so I know the ins and outs of the game, and I always get a kick out of showing others around. Coincidentally, my sister and I first found out about the game because Manyland was a free game on the Chromebook (the spawn area can be a bit much for the Chromebook, but most everything else ran fine).
#z5BxdLpl Apr 15,2021 01:37
alpha stick man
I think it is about time I make an account for Manyland. All I was really doing was just exploring the spawn area (that's because I was playing on a chromebook, so it's very slow) But I just learned that Manyland is compatible with mobile devices, so now I don't have to use my Chromebook! Oh, and @Dave dood, thanks for listing some tutorial areas for where we can learn to play the game. I really appreciate it!
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 14,2021 17:13
@Dave dood Nah, Most people hated pattern cuz it's annoying. I mean the fractal just getting destroyed because it's annoying But I Could say thou people who destroy the fractal are most probally kittco36 alt because: .4 new account attack the fractal and apear at almost the same time. i'm unsure thou if he use or not but nvm
#XD7lXAmh Apr 14,2021 09:49
Dave dood
I was thinking that if a lot of people decide they want to do a pattern again, why not try something non-geometrical? Maybe some vine patterns, cobblestone, bamboo, for instance? Sure, it'd be trickier to do than simple patterns, but who doesn't like a good minimalist pixel art challenge... thing?
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 14,2021 07:29
@oimatejeff Idk, but i'll continue fixing
#hJDRiGFs Apr 14,2021 05:29
Is it ok if we just finish the fractal for the history frame?
#XJcAoxcM Apr 13,2021 23:14
#XD7lXAmh Apr 13,2021 08:37
Dave dood
RIP Mato the worm, they got to taste a fractal triangle for a little bit and then they died for it, but at least it was neat trying to animate them for a moment @XisN Manyland sorta has a tutorial area, but it's a bit odd how it's implemented. Basically, if you are a new player (and possibly not logged in), after a couple of minutes, you'll be teleported to the area, "Peace Park" (the game also teleports you to Peace Park when certain glitches occur, such as attempting to control your character with WASD and arrow keys at the same time). There's also the "Help Town" area, but as for how helpful it is, I am unsure, as I learned the basics by asking other players early on. Even better is the Manyland Tips page, found here: http://manyland.com/info-tips also dagner of smocking!! pleaz vot e or u hav lung cansir!!!
#3Aq8ermb Apr 13,2021 07:21
@Dave dood i love that they added this https://imgur.com/xpaRbYz --- in all honesty, i actually would enjoy some sort of tutorial area, mainly because there is so much to the game that i haven't seen yet. also. i do agree with the 100bit area not being that popular. if anything. it'll most likely be empty. mainly because i assume many of us would prefer exploring, being social, draw, etc etc. and besides. 100bit itself isn't that popular. and something to keep in mind is that there's most likely some people here that haven't tried the game (and ofcourse some might not like the game)
#hJDRiGFs Apr 13,2021 01:37
I think I'll probably keep maintaining the fractal until it gets saved in the next history. Then I'll stop
#XD7lXAmh Apr 13,2021 00:46
Dave dood
@BROFANIA thanks! I thought the fractal pattern was getting stale, so I wanted to make something to spice up the pattern a bit without simply deleting bits of the fractal. I was inspired by the Mato (worm) enemies from the game, Noita (which coincidentally, is inspired by Powder Game: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/from-falling-sand-to-falling-everything-the-simulation-games-that-inspired-noita)
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 12,2021 11:12
@Dave dood your art is really creative lol, i'll whitelist your art from list of things that need to be removed to fix that large fractal
#hJDRiGFs Apr 12,2021 10:45
#p26r6gnA Apr 12,2021 06:00
cool game
#R3JieOqA Apr 12,2021 02:52
@AnnoyingCat What do you want me to destroy?
#CiYXQwH8 Apr 11,2021 08:03
when the impsoster is because
#XD7lXAmh Apr 11,2021 02:31
Dave dood
@XisN & @alpha stick man I'm glad ya got a kick out of Manyland! The game admittedly has a lot of things that are jank with it (I made a tutorial area that showcases my favorite glitches), but it's got excellent replayability for a game that costs none dollars As for making skins, I usually just recommend grabbing a cool looking body from manyland.com/stockpile until you figure out the game's editor more On a side note, I could also host a public Manyland area for any 100bit player to edit in (granted, I highly doubt it would match the popularity of 100bit, but it'd just be a neat sandbox area to chill in)
#PE4tIZ8Y Apr 10,2021 23:15
@_Fireball207_ I mean yeah it's sound dumb that people do that of years , which is why the 100 bit enviroment is still pretty smilliar for the rest of 100 bit lifetime
#AHbXeB4e Apr 10,2021 20:29
@ωarren if anything. he's just being a small nuisance to me. and possibly to everyone else aswell. but i do think he just doesn't like the drawing im currently working on. which is possibly why he's like that in the first place? (i should note that i don't know much about him.) and ofcourse, there can be multiple other reasons why some players are like that. @alpha stick man i see. well in that case, i think it would be better to stick with the original plan. while a playable game would be nice and all, but one thing note is that playing a game on here can always be done some other time. it doesn't have to be in the arcade project or something of that nature. @Dave dood thanks for letting me know. also, that game is quite fun actually, although, Making a skin was quite a pain if i'm truly honest. it certainly is an new drawing experience (or whatever else you'd like to call it) for me. but other than that, the game is quite fun! and it certainly has a nice community.
#fnZfXbYL Apr 10,2021 20:28
i think i've seen a list of before, they're alright for instances like this where you don't have emoji so yes it is me, one who places dots (one of multiple it seems) i used to take 100bit seriously. maybe i came in at a bad spot in 100bit history, but it was disheartening to see how much people would arguing there was every week. i no longer take 100bit seriously, i just open it up sometimes to see what people are up to, say "oh that's nice," and sprinkle a couple dots in there for my own enjoyment. it's dumb, but it's even dumber how people who are dedicated to 100bit projects can't work on accepting each other's differences after all these years
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 10,2021 19:30
@_Fireball207_ Some Laughing symbols emoticon list that I found online
#fnZfXbYL Apr 10,2021 19:24
hi did you know that eeeeeeee bebeb bebebb ebbeee ee eee e e ee ee ee eb eb...
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 10,2021 19:21
Probally yes (∗´艸`∗)
#R3JieOqA Apr 10,2021 16:20
@XisN bet you like that random dots guy, dont you :^)
#76MZtzZE Apr 09,2021 22:25
alpha stick man
@XisN, I do understand that the plan will mostly be the same if the space we use is limited to a smaller area. I only said that the main plan will mostly change if we considered the element of 'playability' into our project. If we do side with that, the whole theme may have to be MUCH more simpler than what we originally planned. To @BROFANIA, I am aware of this common behavior, how most people care about what they want to do rather than what they want to do with others. This is why I also asked if we should use a different drawing board for this arcade drawing, as I believed it may prove to be more useful on some occasions, such as a lower cooldown, a larger board(maybe an infinite board), and more colors. Then again, I am completely fine with whatever you guys want to go with this. And to @Dave dood, I have took a look into Manyland, and from what I saw, it's VERY interesting! I will look deeper into it when I have the time to do so. For now, i'll just wait for what path you want this to go in. -ASM
#XD7lXAmh Apr 09,2021 09:43
Dave dood
@XisN Feel free to draw over my logo thing as it kinda looks like it'll be in the way of your drawing otherwise (though thank you for being careful about drawing over it)
#XD7lXAmh Apr 08,2021 21:52
Dave dood
If you want a game where large-scale pixel art collaborations are easier, I think a lot of people here would get a kick out of Manyland. It's a bit like if 100bit was a 2D platformer, and it's got a pretty chill community (unless you go to the "Starbucks" area, avoid at all costs lol). If I had to recommend just one area, my favorite to get lost in is this giant pixel-art museum full of player submitted works: manyland.com/greenmountaingallery
#AHbXeB4e Apr 08,2021 21:46
@alpha stick man how would that change alot of the original plan? just to be clear. what i had in mind is a small spot for the game, so the original plan wouldn't be changed all that much. it'll just be in the background.. --- personally, i prefer 100bit more than the other boards i have seen. mainly because (depending on the drawing itself) you have to spend alot of hours to draw something, but on 100bit. the time spend to draw something usually takes a few minutes @BROFANIA i don't think it'll be that difficult. mainly because the project itself isn't too strict, so people can still draw their own artwork on the board. although, it kind of depends on what the drawing itself is ofcourse. I highly doubt that the drawing i'm currently working on would fit well with the arcade theme. but i will note that you can work around it, and making it look like she's enjoying or playing a game.
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 08,2021 16:54
@alpha stick man Well i choose neither. because the idea is sound far-fetched because most people care more about their own art, and so you need a lot of negotiation which is doesn't make sense at all -BROFANIA-
#2Pfe6oc1 Apr 08,2021 03:04
alpha stick man
The original idea for the arcade project was a drawing that did not have a linear or strict genre and theme, so other players have the ability to add their own stuff to it. This is why most of us wanted to use the whole screen, as that will not only allow us to get in more detail and creativity with it, but also clean the board of certain drawings that are annoying, old, overdone, and/or large. But @XisN, now that you bring up the idea of the game being *playable*, I think that would change a lot of the original plan. 100bit, compared to other public drawing boards, has only 2 colors, which can be changed upon a single click. knowing this, we can make a simple game following an original idea that will use less space, have a simpler design, and can be played with others. Having something cool drawn in only black and white dots is VERY different from that of being drawn in color, so having something small and playable applies better for 100bit, while a full fledged arcade game drawing is better off in drawing boards that have color, which I'm curious if you guys want to use those boards for the original concept of the project. What do you guys think? should we stick with 100bit and draw a playable game, or do we find another pixel drawing board and work on the large scale drawing? can we perhaps do both? You decide! I can't wait for your responses! -ASM
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 08,2021 02:24
Personally i've seen so many stick ranger fanart literally everwhere, that i just started to get sick of it. I mean it's really monotonous if you make stick ranger everytime ,and also it's exist for as long as the 100 bit first came out
#XD7lXAmh Apr 07,2021 23:55
Dave dood
@XisN for an arcade project, I'd think it'd work best in a small square rather than the whole screen As for games to play on 100bit, I know of a variant of Tic-Tac-Toe where it is impossible to tie (I don't know what it was called but I can recreate it easily)
#XD7lXAmh Apr 07,2021 23:53
Dave dood
Eh, I don't see the problem with drawing dan-ball related stuff on a drawing game on dan-ball. It'd be like if Nintendo had something like 100bit then getting annoyed when people draw Pokemon sprites though granted, I suppose it'd be more interesting if people did something more stylized rather than pixel copies, but whatever
#R3JieOqA Apr 07,2021 23:22
oh wow i almost thought hielum13 was a bot or something yeah ill stop destroying your creations when you stop drawing the same exact stuff all over the place all the time. like c'mon dude just pick like 1 or 2 really handsome stick ranger enemies and draw em, that's something i wouldn't be against, but when you literally fill all possible space with them it breaks my 心 a lil bit
#AHbXeB4e Apr 07,2021 23:00
well to be fair. stick ranger drawings have been around for quite a long time.. and if i anything, i'd assume that people get sick of seeing the same thing over and over again.
#xUvPQRgg Apr 07,2021 22:41
warren stop destroying my creations >:(
#AHbXeB4e Apr 07,2021 22:36
@alpha stick man i have been thinking about the arcade project, and im quite curious if you know of a game that can be played on 100bit? other than chess or tic tac toe (they don't really fit the arcade theme if you ask me) i do think tetris would be possible but i assume that would be incredibly tedious. (maybe it would work if height was lowered by alot?) @Dave dood i think its getting quite clear what its going to be. although i will note that i used one of alum's drawings, thought it would be fun to explore with drawing styles a bit. Mainly because 100bit isn't a splatoon game. if anything, the game would become quite boring if its about turning black/white pixels to its opposite colors or things of that nature. @BROFANIA personally, i don't think that will ever happen. mainly because of what has already happened before.. alt wars, andree, No.1 etc etc. and besides. technology has improved quite a bit compared to 10 years ago, so that's something to keep in mind aswell.
#veVzapHU Apr 07,2021 07:50
Elephant protect
I've seen a few other boards but there very different from 100bit.
#2Pfe6oc1 Apr 07,2021 06:35
alpha stick man
I wonder if there are any other public drawing boards like this one... It would be cool if there were!
#XD7lXAmh Apr 07,2021 06:03
Dave dood
I wonder what Xisn is making now...
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 07,2021 00:54
well it will be so many dots sent that it will be too much for the server to handle (if it become too popular)
#3tQPYFTC Apr 07,2021 00:27
why would it be closed
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 06,2021 07:24
well it'll literally be chaos and will be closed in 6 hours if it actually released to the public
#R3JieOqA Apr 05,2021 14:15
ha right the game would be hot garbage, that's what it'd be like
#3tQPYFTC Apr 05,2021 04:38
#XD7lXAmh Apr 05,2021 02:19
Dave dood
I wonder what the game would be like if you weren't limited to how many dots you could edit at one time, meaning that if you were patient, you could change the entire screen if you wanted.
#XD7lXAmh Apr 04,2021 02:03
Dave dood
@mageofhope Thanks! Baba Is Best!
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 02,2021 12:49
@ωarren actually i may found why he place it the word everywhere so the word is used as one of the character name from an anime called "OVERLORD". he's probally a otaku that love albedo so much that he just put it everywhere, so i guess the mystery have been solved
#RGhsbqlc Apr 02,2021 09:40
Nice explanation! *Woof* i sure do love pup-fect explanations like those! Woohoo! And BROFANIA, 3 words just for you and me: I Love you!
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 01,2021 22:41
@ωarren yea i mean idk why he choose the word "albedo". but the funny thing is that he use a 3x3 font in every albedo words. which is quite interesting so it's probally mean something for him
#R3JieOqA Apr 01,2021 22:32
"albedo - the amount of the light hitting a surface that it reflects back, especially the surface of a planet or other body in space" - Cambridge English Dictionary I don't see what's so interesting about this word that someone would want to write it so many times.
#hN3LDlrJ Apr 01,2021 21:50
Woah StickGuy1337 just placing the word "albedo" everywhere!
#hJDRiGFs Mar 31,2021 09:22
StarTrekSpock. As much as it pains me to admit, I was so excited for a Stick Ranger 2 update that I checked...
#RGhsbqlc Mar 31,2021 08:28
::3 I love ALL of you!!!
#RGhsbqlc Mar 31,2021 08:25
i <3 u all! its nightime so Get your fireballs and bows up, cuz' ya need to kill those goombas and zombies!
#QDFNuk5n Mar 31,2021 06:43
guys can you believe ha55ii added Winston from Overwatch to Stick Ranger 2 im literally shaking rn
#3tQPYFTC Mar 31,2021 05:34
once a war criminal always a war criminal
#XD7lXAmh Mar 31,2021 03:14
Dave dood
also apologies if I give anyone the large mad by make creeper face, it's just that it is from this relatively unheard of indie game called minecraft that you probably haven't heard of i joke (a wise adventurer is not of fall prey to my trick, you can be too (try))
#XD7lXAmh Mar 31,2021 03:02
Dave dood
creeper face costs exactly 20 bits perfectly divides 100 it was perfect it destroyed me
#R3JieOqA Mar 31,2021 01:14
ugh i misspelled pattern gosh narbit
#R3JieOqA Mar 31,2021 01:13
Checkerboard? More like "checkerbored" of this ugly patern.
#XJcAoxcM Mar 30,2021 23:00
#veVzapHU Mar 30,2021 03:21
Elephant protect
#hN3LDlrJ Mar 27,2021 20:27
Noob? More like Noob of Noob
#kv1s8NgR Mar 27,2021 14:55
Haha scratch noob
#ZnEfLjhZ Mar 27,2021 10:58
follow me in scratch clicking https://scratch.mit.edu/users/the-cielo-lara-love
#lmbnBgC8 Mar 26,2021 21:43
#XJcAoxcM Mar 25,2021 23:19
#R3JieOqA Mar 25,2021 20:44
@dear somebody Sorry, friend. I'm not quite sure what you mean! Are you talking about me?
#kv1s8NgR Mar 25,2021 20:39
I was doing my grammar (insert badness) thing. ( Frigging censorship >:( )
#JXzQJlc8 Mar 25,2021 19:09
Dear Somebody
I wouldn't blame someone who only destroys and creates nothing for criticizing the work of others in a pompous manner.
#R3JieOqA Mar 25,2021 15:32
breaking stuff is really fun ;)))) especially if said stuff is some lazy fan art the guy who's been placing random dots is called "エチルベンゼンII" btw literally all you had to do is go to the japanese comments zone and ctrl+c ctrl+v
#OYksR7nw Mar 25,2021 10:12
all i know so far is that ωarren has been erasing drawings. As for the ones who place random dots i cant get their name because its in japanese. Thats all im going to say
#ezyuetl3 Mar 25,2021 01:54
@AnnoyingCat that's cold
#OYksR7nw Mar 24,2021 23:08
@BROFANIA yea its mostly japanese people ive seen so far, especially one specific person
#3tQPYFTC Mar 24,2021 23:05
fix it if you dont like it
#kv1s8NgR Mar 24,2021 18:46
Why in the world *are there * people * *vandalising by placing random dots* and *rearranging *pixels (with nonsense pattern)*. * I really hate it
#hN3LDlrJ Mar 24,2021 12:37
Why in the world there is people doing vandalism by placing random dots, and rearanging pixel (with nonsense pattern) and I really hate it
#hN3LDlrJ Mar 24,2021 12:35
Why in the world there is people doing vandalism by placing random dots, and rearanging pixel (with nonsense pattern) and really hate it
#hJDRiGFs Mar 24,2021 09:12
My name is oimatejeff!
#3HUYeviR Mar 24,2021 08:34
#3HUYeviR Mar 24,2021 08:07
Boiled Potato #2
I agree, no stick ranger art, and no creeper faces.
#pLglPO7w Mar 24,2021 06:45
My name is Jeff!
#FWCmdIHJ Mar 24,2021 02:57
I want that it haven't the limit of dots
#OYksR7nw Mar 23,2021 15:42
Its a shame that most drawings dont last too long...
#HwD3xzyk Mar 22,2021 15:14
I didn't know "ωarren" was a Japanese name.
#OYksR7nw Mar 22,2021 14:01
there is a lot of people with Japanese names who keep erasing other peoples work
#ezyuetl3 Mar 20,2021 22:19
I agree, but I think there are worse offenders
#HwD3xzyk Mar 20,2021 15:34
Some art that people draw for this game is rather uncreative. I think that Stick Ranger-related art is the worst offender when it comes to this. First, it's been drawn repeatedly for ages. Any art to which this happpens is going to become uninteresting. As for the second argument, whenever it's done, it's overdone. Just look at the drawing board now. It's full of it. That ain't good, chief! Lastly, 100bit and Stick Ranger are found on the same website. If this were any other public drawing board, like, for example, "r/place", then I'd be more able to accept it. But, since Stick Ranger and 100bit were made by the same person, Stick Ranger art is 100% less interesting. To summarize, I dislike the fact that people constantly draw Stick Ranger art, because they do it constantly, and there's too much of it. So much more creative art could be drawn in its place. - An In-depth Analysis of the Disease Known As "stick renjaa drawingz" By ωarren
#hJDRiGFs Mar 20,2021 13:01
#HwD3xzyk Mar 20,2021 03:03
can stick ranger art become forbidden or something pl\\ease/?
#veVzapHU Mar 19,2021 11:16
Elephant protect
#WNyQEnYc Mar 19,2021 10:52
alpha stick man
This is Alpha Stick Man, and I'm here to see what you all have said. First of all, @Elephant protect, I am not playing your games. You are just being a nuisance to us and everybody else who plays this game. Now, to @fabgsooz, I can agree with the majority of the things you have said. I like the idea of having only the screen as the drawing ( however this can only be possible if we use the whole board, which right now, is VERY messy. I might consider a cleanup like @warren mentioned, or we could just use half of it like @AnnoyingCat suggested). I also like the idea of the genre not being too strict so others can add to it, hence making the RPG style a good option to choose from, along with the idea of having multiple genres together, which was suggested by @Kittco36. I figured people would want everything to be simple to avoid the chances of this project going downhill. And having an original design be the arcade drawing? HECK YEAH! Also, thank you @Nytrobite for deciding to help us with this. Your help will be greatly excepted! And thank you @XisN for supplying your pixel font for us! It will most definitely be used! Sorry this was posted late. I had to wait until evening to send this because the room my laptop was in was off-limits. Curse you Quarantine!
#veVzapHU Mar 19,2021 06:31
Elephant protect
"If you kill your enemies they win"- Justin Castro
#YOY2vAua Mar 19,2021 06:30
not sure if this will be of any help in the project, but! here's an inspired font i have made a while ago. https://imgur.com/G5ZfA5I https://imgur.com/ETDKZ5f (just incase anyone wants to modify it) i will note that i didn't really focus on upper/lower case letters, and that i tried to keep it in a fixed size, (which is 5x5) so some of the letters may look out of place.
#24WWwevh Mar 19,2021 01:11
I volunteer to work on the arcade theme
#ezyuetl3 Mar 18,2021 22:14
@alpha stick man If everyone's down to purify this disgraceful board then let's make the board look like an arcade. I was thinking that we should just show the screen of the arcade and not use the body of it,(this would still include maybe a joystick in the foreground and the bezels of the display.). I think that would allow for more creativity in what's drawn within the screen, otherwise, there's not enough space for everyone to contribute. Considering this is 100bit, I don't think there should be too strict of a genre, I think everyone should be able to add their own artwork. With that In mind, I feel as though we should follow an RPG type of theme, but honestly, this should be up to you. Also, I think simple is better, the more complex the fewer people can join in, which would lead to more people being disinterested in the project, and then it's all downhill. And yeah I think original designs are always better
#kv1s8NgR Mar 18,2021 21:54
Lets yoink half of the board and make 1 arcade machine. Otherwise all of the board will just result in a d u m m y t h i c c machine. Better yet yoink all of the board for 2 machines ÒωÓ [thanks @ωarren >:D], although I don't think everyone will like that...

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