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#QDFNuk5n Jul 08,2020 19:04
That's happened before a few times, it's not really all that exciting though lol I only really like board resets because of the new drawings you see pop up. Otherwise they're pretty boring. At least with this one you can sort of draw it as a new organically expanding ocean. Way more 'fun' than just drawing black lines and cubes
#3tQPYFTC Jul 07,2020 15:31
honestly i think it would be cool to have like 1 frame of pure black except for the date bar
#POF4FQCD Jul 07,2020 01:03
Have you seen videos about why forest fires are actually good for its ecosystem, how it puts nutrients back in the soil and clears the sky for new plants? Guess that analogy can apply for 100bit and clearing space for new drawings
#1NxptVv1 Jul 07,2020 00:58
@PoopMan12783468t now that i think about it. you're actually pretty right! a blackout/whiteout is pretty boring, definitely. but at the same time. once the blackout/whiteout is finished, it kinda acts like a "reset" button.
#POF4FQCD Jul 07,2020 00:29
Is two months the meaning of "awhile" in "I don't think we should do another fbp for awhile after this one"? Thought it would be something other than being actually nothing, and you can't get any more boring than that.
#1NxptVv1 Jul 06,2020 22:57
yk.. im not trying to change the subject. all im just asking. is who you are. im assuming its not that hard to tell who you are. and im pretty sure it doesn't derail the subject all that much.. if anything. you are just making it harder on yourself. :/
#co4uGia4 Jul 06,2020 21:04
don't change the subject, if anything it could make you seem like you're defensive.
#3tQPYFTC Jul 06,2020 17:53
who are any of us
#3tQPYFTC Jul 06,2020 17:53
#JUrXG8yZ Jul 05,2020 07:26
well to be fair... who are you even?
#co4uGia4 Jul 05,2020 02:04
who is this "3320" guy?
#Bluoxg8Q Jul 02,2020 03:12
Yeah, no reason the void needs to be empty. You can wipe the board, but there's nothing wrong with people using areas you've already wiped. They're gonna eventually, so why not now?
#co4uGia4 Jul 01,2020 14:51
I may not show it, but the erasure of art in the void do be making 100 bit more monotonous tho
#6RR3nyZs Jul 01,2020 07:31
im assuming its got to do with the corona virus.
#POF4FQCD Jul 01,2020 06:12
Infected with what?
#o64DSgnV Jul 01,2020 04:50
Elephant protect
About 1 in 700
#o64DSgnV Jul 01,2020 04:48
Elephant protect
1 out of 700 people on earth are infected.
#QDFNuk5n Jun 30,2020 06:55
that just means it's floating now
#POF4FQCD Jun 30,2020 03:37
i tried making that balloon house in "Up" but the cliff it was supposed to be on dissolved into nothing
#QDFNuk5n Jun 28,2020 07:59
100bit more like 100tit am I right guys hahahahaha
#VfNIgpXE Jun 28,2020 00:34
nope, look me up on Powder Game 2.
#co4uGia4 Jun 27,2020 08:44
wait zappyredstone is a kittco alt?
#3tQPYFTC Jun 27,2020 02:35
im proud to be the founder of yet another blackout
#eG62y0aw Jun 27,2020 01:02
@sovietsky soyuz HAHAHA, damn that made me laugh.
#uMIMJEgK Jun 26,2020 16:19
sovietsky soyuz
To quote Germany in 1939 "Europe has lasted too long."
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2020 10:27
at least try to make it look more organic while it expands though. A huge ocean that keeps on growing is way cooler than a bunch of blocky cubes
#QDFNuk5n Jun 26,2020 10:22
I personally prefer blackouts, makes everything seem more "developed" and less like a blank canvas with some scribbles imo. Plus it's like darkmode but for 100bit. At this point I think the void is kinda unstoppable either way though lol
#VfNIgpXE Jun 26,2020 07:45
CHecker breathing bison
#VfNIgpXE Jun 26,2020 02:14
it;s like a giant bison now
#AWKC2rnI Jun 25,2020 17:42
I dont know but i think the void event is near..
#6RR3nyZs Jun 25,2020 15:22
i honestly agree.. but i rather prefer doing a whiteout instead of a blackout.
#o64DSgnV Jun 25,2020 11:01
Elephant protect
I want void, Europe has been going for to long.
#POF4FQCD Jun 25,2020 02:48
i have a feeling that the camel is going to turn into an all-consuming void that's going to erase the whole board
#POF4FQCD Jun 24,2020 06:53
crete's ambitions lead to its demise
#3j4EVbDK Jun 24,2020 06:48
@Leyir well to be fair the 100bit's comment board. has been kinda empty lately.
#o64DSgnV Jun 24,2020 01:10
Elephant protect
Did you really have to wipe Crete off the earth?
#QlKOA83T Jun 23,2020 17:12
Why are you people talking about camels?
#QlKOA83T Jun 23,2020 17:11
#POF4FQCD Jun 23,2020 08:44
big exclamation mark
#iwDxKApq Jun 23,2020 00:21
i thought i'd let you all know that i changed my name from "EwaYva" to "^#RigtOffcr88+>"
#o64DSgnV Jun 22,2020 09:39
Elephant protect
Brig Camaal
#VfNIgpXE Jun 21,2020 04:20
big camel
#POF4FQCD Jun 20,2020 07:00
big camel
#xWsZsxWX Jun 19,2020 12:12
#3tQPYFTC Jun 19,2020 11:50
#POF4FQCD Jun 16,2020 11:10
brittany is no longer a mere peninsula now, it has transcended, became independent from the mainland, and has joined Ireland and the United Kingdom as western European island nations.
#o64DSgnV Jun 16,2020 10:56
Elephant protect
Kittco's nuke was trying to fix big Brittany, he failed.
#POF4FQCD Jun 16,2020 06:34
the sun's radiation made the sea monster mutate an extra eye!
#Bluoxg8Q Jun 16,2020 06:15
Give the sea monster some sunglasses?
#o64DSgnV Jun 16,2020 03:35
Elephant protect
Yeah just turn off the sun.
#POF4FQCD Jun 16,2020 03:13
i'm flattered, StarTrekSpock I haven't seen NOISECLEANER for quite a while, now the sun is too bright
#QDFNuk5n Jun 14,2020 18:18
You make my day too bright, poopman
#POF4FQCD Jun 14,2020 06:50
lighthouse is too bright
#QDFNuk5n Jun 13,2020 16:39
everyone's quarantine is beginning to end so less 100bit time I guess lol
#RSpuEMR8 Jun 13,2020 13:25
Wow. I'm surprised people have kept the numbers going despite me leaving. Keep it up. Might see a more significant increase if a second wave happens in September.
#3tQPYFTC Jun 13,2020 09:51
these comments are very quiet right now
#POF4FQCD Jun 13,2020 01:39
big brittany
#3tQPYFTC Jun 12,2020 18:56
#VfNIgpXE Jun 11,2020 04:46
Doing England as a fishing village with light house
#TLGkldyD Jun 10,2020 01:27
Elephant protect
What are you going to do? Your only one man.
#3tQPYFTC Jun 09,2020 18:35
time to nuke the world
#ScMhv2LN Jun 05,2020 21:51
understandable. i'll leave it alone for now.
#Bluoxg8Q Jun 05,2020 03:40
Honestly I kinda dig kittco's little animated missile idea. Imagine having a little animated nuclear war type thing all across europe @EwaYva There's still plenty of room to draw on the board, so I'd prefer if we didn't do anything like that until we start really running out of space or until we have a better idea for what the board should be The board is super unique right now, I'd rather not just send it straight back to the same old blank canvas that it is 90% of the time only a few weeks after we finish Why not just work on your own little small drawing, take a break from europe if you're not into it? Not everything has to be a big board wide project
#ScMhv2LN Jun 05,2020 01:32
is it me or did the comment board get an update? also what i mean with cleaning up the board. i basically mean turning the sea white instead of black.
#3tQPYFTC Jun 04,2020 23:31
#YRWcflSK Jun 04,2020 18:49
hello, new account, forgot password for SCP-1715 lol
#POF4FQCD Jun 04,2020 03:16
Ok guys i now have 10th place in charge mode!
#QDFNuk5n Jun 01,2020 10:49
@EwaYva What do you mean? You wanna erase the board or just clean up some of the random messy stuff like text? I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to "clean up" any of the big buildings and castles We're all kinda doing our own thing. Some people are building castles, some are building giant teapots and rubber docks. You're free to go off and do your own thing. This isn't a big organized project anymore, we're all just doing whatever
#MhaBswWM Jun 01,2020 07:34
meh. im honestly getting bored of europe. would it be okay if i clean up the board after cheese2o's finishes aladin's castle? tbh. i really like the castle so far. would be kind of a shame if it didnt get finished.
#MhaBswWM May 31,2020 22:05
@PoopMan12783468t awesome! that honestly makes me interested in lim rocket
#QDFNuk5n May 31,2020 17:21
@PoopMan12783468t Fuk yea, Charge mode is where it's at I'm ranked around 30+ in most of the modes and it's basically my only real legacy on this website STS, the only person bored enough to play Lim Rocket for like 30 minutes straight and pass exactly 434 planets on great mode. The 6 people with higher scores than me are all lame nerds, don't pay attention to them
#dmuSjJaz May 31,2020 11:53
Absolute mess now…… But nice to see @Alum again
#POF4FQCD May 31,2020 06:05
I just got 30th place in Lim Rocket Charge Mode!
#Pie0QHxO May 30,2020 18:22
#ELKJWMoO May 28,2020 13:39
doing aladin castle
#FlinwS8C May 25,2020 20:25
Wow guys, I'm so happy rn! We get a real villain castle?
#OfMztO2Z May 25,2020 06:29
can U make a villan castle on another part of the world?
#OfMztO2Z May 25,2020 06:29
#POF4FQCD May 25,2020 06:21
what about my dragon :((((((
#Bluoxg8Q May 25,2020 05:45
I don't mind it lol. Actually tbh I kinda wish I had drawn that initial castle a little lower down rhe screen so it could get even taller lol @fab Would you like me to be your villain to spice things up? Well, here, take this: You're stimky ùwú
#POF4FQCD May 25,2020 04:57
67% of the chonk is from zappyredstone
#FlinwS8C May 25,2020 00:56
Also, that castle be lookin a bit chonkey. It's like half the size of Europe.
#FlinwS8C May 24,2020 22:38
I feel like the community is less toxic now than in 2016. The internet, in general, was more toxic back then, and I think the thing that I found captivating about 100Bit was the conflict. Even about a year ago there were still wars, but lately everyone seems to agree on what to do. Probably also because there are far less active users now. I think the most interesting things is the alts, it's not as fun without a villain.
#QDFNuk5n May 24,2020 11:06
Dan Ball in general has been declining for years. I can't really vouch much for 2016-now since I wasn't here, but from around 2012 when I joined to 2016 when I left, a lot of the really big community members left. People would usually join in and replace them, but it was always a slow net loss. A lot of the new players don't seem to stick around very long either, usually only a few months. 100bit never really had the same decline from when I played it back in 2014-2016 from what I remember though. Everyone there was super dedicated and there were a lot more arguments going on, so some people kinda stuck around just to spite each other Lately though? Things always go kinda quiet after a big project. It's easy to just forget to log in when you don't have something you wanna do lol. Plus quarantine is ending for some people, so not as much free time Once the board goes back to its normal chaotic mess we'll probably see things pick up again tho imo
#TLGkldyD May 24,2020 10:23
Elephant protect
@EwaYva I feel like 100 bit is in a decline due to there being more alts, It just doesn't feel as good as it used to a few years back.
#MhaBswWM May 24,2020 09:46
to be honest, im willing to keep updating the bottom bar. i dont really mind it continuing the work. also this question has been asked in the discord server before.. im really curious what you think.. do you think this community is in a decline lately? like.. there are more people leaving than joining.
#Pie0QHxO May 23,2020 09:02
Is there anyone willing to link the hills I drew into a mountain range?
#QDFNuk5n May 23,2020 07:12
@EwaYva yeah same. If you actually wanted to write out all the proper guidelines people should be taking then you could probably fill up the entire board with it. But no one comes to 100bit for that. Also idk how things are in the rest of the world, but if you go out here there are signs plastered to literally *everything* about how to stay safe. I get wanting to have reminders and keep safety fresh in people's minds, but just how many reminders do you *really* need? Especially in a game like 100bit, that people are most likely already playing at home, isolated from strangers? I want my life to be more than just "remember to wash your hands!" constantly @SCP-1715 What are you angry about, people removing the boarders? We all already agreed that would happen. Drawings don't last forever. The whole point of 100bit is that it's ever evolving, taking up the entire screen with a massive drawing and then just never changing it is boring. If you want to look at the same image for weeks on end then you can just open up the history tab and scroll to when all the boarders were in Besides, we all participated in making Europe. Why shouldn't we all get a say in what we do with it after we're done?
#MhaBswWM May 23,2020 06:27
im alright with the numbers. i dont really mind them. they are not in the way of anything. its just the wash hands and whatnot that's annoying. "dont touch your face" "stay 6 feet apart" etc etc
#OfMztO2Z May 23,2020 04:34
Yea the numbers are annoying in my opinion. If i want reminded of covid, I do not come to 100bit.
#3tQPYFTC May 23,2020 02:26
lol shame on you for shaming people
#gWqnlzOH May 22,2020 16:37
all we want is this whole project to get finished, and be the third full board project that actually gets finished, thats all we want, yet, you all ruin it, why? we all try so hard, yet you people go on and about destroying it, shame, all of you, all of our hard work, ruined, because of impatient people,
#gWqnlzOH May 22,2020 16:25
people, always trying to destroy works a whole community made, shame on you all that are doing it.
#QDFNuk5n May 22,2020 15:22
Really blatant use of alts to remove the numbers. I'll counter it with my alts if ya'll want, but with bassclub supposedly gone I figure I'll ask first if that's even something ya'll want
#POF4FQCD May 22,2020 03:46
do you have moments when you draw and submit before checking the cooldown and lost some progress?
#QDFNuk5n May 21,2020 09:31
Lol, okay then. No one's been touching your numbers, some of us are just tired of looking at the same "wash hands, stay home, etc" thing that's been there for the better part of 2 months now. Yes, we know there's a pandemic going on. Yes, we know to stay apart, yes, we know to wash our hands. This has been going on for months now, anyone who's open to listen already knows all of that, and they're certainly reminded of it by all the numerous amounts of real world reminders. Having another one in 100bit frankly just isn't necessary. The stats are out of the way and actually give people meaningful info, hence why I don't mind them. The reminders have just been a large pile of text up at the top for ages. Nothing in 100bit lasts forever. You shouldn't expect to be able to keep something up for a year, since the vaccines are probably going to take much longer than that to arrive. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but erasing other people's brand new art because they erased your month old text isn't going to change that
#F47p7vpZ May 21,2020 09:05
Actually, I think I'll quit. Its just a game that changes black and white pixels.
#F47p7vpZ May 21,2020 09:02
I don't like destroying peoples arts, but it seems like this community is hardcore trying to get the perfect No. 507 thumbnail. If people destroy the numbers, I'll probably quit. The reason why I started this project was to make a chronological timeline of updating 3 key pieces of information that is affecting people worldwide. I started this when there was only 1.69M cases and 102k deaths. My goal was to continue updating this until a vaccine is available. So far, the early trials of a vaccine are looking positive so far. At least for Canada.
#Bluoxg8Q May 21,2020 02:42
Watch out when you're making paths not to leave any single dots, otherwise they'll end up getting erased by someone careless with noise cleaner. @Gerwazy As much as I'm inclined to agree about all the current events 100bit additions over the past, at least this one is relatively contained down at the bottom
#Cezmah9a May 21,2020 01:47
why do you want to have that here when theres already plenty of websites that have it??? just stop with the pointless numbers and channel your creativity, this is a drawing board not a news website

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