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Horse protector
#3nG6OfVK 2017/12/13 05:31

Move your tree peasants!

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/13 03:28

yeah stop that

#44DYgDdv 2017/12/13 01:49

Stop it with "Hitler" things.

#No0i9PeI 2017/12/12 21:44

Thank you, help is appreciated!

#padtckOV 2017/12/12 09:55

Alts. Thats how i repair the hitler text.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/12 09:33

can more people help with the border? it's currently being vandalized

horse protector
#3nG6OfVK 2017/12/12 06:24

The horse evolved into a elephant.

#B4ZQoIYk 2017/12/12 04:31

i'm glad that popscat guy is gone he was annoying

#BbYY3B60 2017/12/12 03:47

Yes, it has been changed many times, so let's stop griefing someone elses work and finish the decoration around the board

#padtckOV 2017/12/09 08:41

The text changes every day, its just changed back within a few hours.

jewish jew
#iJzypd9N 2017/12/09 06:49

Now don't touch the horse.

#xAGN7fzE 2017/12/09 02:54

Yes, someday... the day has yet to come

#R2ZKPoJ9 2017/12/09 01:57

i believe that someday we will change the text on the bottom

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/09 00:45

Toto Fragins ..... I helped with the tree, the presents at the bottom are my doing

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/08 07:18

fabgsooz I never said that, in-fact, Molefight and I are the only ones that have actually done anything to mend the tree, why haven't you if it's so broken? why not help instead of insult it?

jewish jew
#iJzypd9N 2017/12/08 06:37

If the horse is erased then all of 100bit will be destroyed!

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/08 00:22

Toto Fragins a mushroom is christmassy? christrmasie?
i dunno,
Increative you sure do live up to your name
Molefight yea the tree already looks better

#9iupVyhb 2017/12/06 17:25

Wait..what??The mushroom in the middle is tree?I think it is mushroom-like tree.How about mushroom tree.(LOL jk)

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/06 14:19


#LkqlJljp 2017/12/06 12:14

The tree looks like a drill. How about something cool? Like a DRAGON!?

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/06 08:25

fabgsooz no, the city is for after Christmas, that was the whole point. stop

#cN5uoELD 2017/12/06 04:45

We just need to make the tree thinner and taller and it will be fine.

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/06 01:07

I give up with the tree, let's start the city now (the tree just looks sad)

#LHhLbMss 2017/12/05 14:57

@Toto Fragins,who knows it will become something else (just like the mushroom in the middle)

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/05 08:14

what? i thought it was a dinosaur.
also @unknown that'd be really hard to maintain, and besides, what does it accomplish? the board will quickly go back to the way it has always been, a city, circle or a dividing line like in 381 channels people's creative energy into certain forms, a blank sheet doesn't

jewish jew
#iJzypd9N 2017/12/05 06:22

Stop erasing the horse you fatties.

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/04 00:11

@Increative, If you have super amazing pixel art skill go right ahead. But I doubt many people can help you draw a dragon

#0C6JfX8g 2017/12/03 15:54

Clear the canvas is the easiest way,just like 100Bit past data,No.372

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/03 13:05

Furthermore a city allows people to still add to buildings and such. where-as dragon customization would be very specific

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/03 11:11

No, your dragon designs were basically just cards, we haven't had a city in a long time and a dragon destroying a city would be impossible as this board is too low res for something like that.

#wcvdsEaB 2017/12/03 05:59

How were my ideas? The only, I GUESS response, was from Toto Fragins, who only said city. I'd like feedback. Can we please do a dragon? It's much cooler than a city. How about a dragon DESTROYING a city?

#4nBBBXgb 2017/12/03 03:45


#6SnIkku1 2017/12/03 00:30

amazingdude that's been established ages ago

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/02 14:57

@Piboi3point14 make it more concave, so the rings aren't puffing out at the edges. think of an alpine tree.

#padtckOV 2017/12/02 12:46

Congratulations, you built a fu,cking mushroom in the middle!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/02 11:56


#LkqlJljp 2017/12/02 07:58

How about we draw a dragon instead of a city? A city's been done before. Here's a few dragon ideas.
Luster Dragon #1
Barrel Dragon

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/02 02:27

Toto Fragins use the word "literally" correctly

#6SnIkku1 2017/12/02 02:26

SFSN deleting a picture to draw something else that happens to be a Jew isn't antisemetic and erasing something in a DRAWING game isn't killing

#padtckOV 2017/12/01 08:28

FYI: The number 7 does not have a serif in the upper left.
Also, ISO8601 states that the date seperators are dashes (-), not slashes (/).

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/12/01 07:16

fabgsooz is literally hitler confirmed

#xAGN7fzE 2017/12/01 00:11

So it's not antisemitic to kill jews in video games?

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/30 22:31

No.... This is a video game... kinda

#padtckOV 2017/11/30 15:17

If you erase happy merchants, you are essentially erasing Jews. Is that antisemetic?

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/29 08:06

@Piboi3point14 I have given you the new design of the tree, just go off of that, bottom of the rings must be round, no trunk showing between each one. ok?

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/11/29 07:19

I'm impartial to the tree because I don't celebrate Christmas. For now I'm not uploading anyway because there's nothing worth drawing, fixing or improving.

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/29 04:23

Tyne and wear I agree but we should try to make it better instead of just dissing it

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/29 04:21

hotdogeater1000 can you help with the pattern on the side? It would really help

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/28 10:59

Since I have absolutely 0 artistic talent, I'm gonna just make a blackout area out of the checkerboard.

#85j0y7wy 2017/11/28 10:09

I'm the only person who's physically drawing and planning it out. At the beginning I said I need somebody more artistic to add to it and make it look better, but nobody reads or pays attention to who is placing what.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/28 08:06

In other news, the Zadar cathedral is done so let's get Christ going now

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/28 08:01

I agree, the angle doesn't make much sense either, seeing the trunk between each ring implies we're looking at it from a flat straight angle when the bottom of the trunk is round which implies we're looking down at the tree. this tree makes no sense

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/11/28 07:15

The Christmas tree looks like some sort of mushroom cloud. Well done guys.

#xAGN7fzE 2017/11/28 05:33

Excited for the city!

#N1hn3TpZ 2017/11/28 05:17

Deal. City coming after Christmas.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/27 23:28

Don't wipe the board, it's Christmas. do it AFTER Christmas. and don't keep the checkerboard alive it isn't needed and it takes up needless space only to look ugly, make a city after Christmas.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/27 11:40

I place a claim for the bottom right. Keep the checkerboard alive at the very least.

#padtckOV 2017/11/27 11:37

how is this game more active now than 2 years ago? I noticed the intervals between histories is much shorter now.
im guessing it has to do with afrostud

#hXuTB7mO 2017/11/27 09:30

@Popscat39 I normally only mess up profanities on the 100 bit board, so if someone doesn't want me to get rid of what he/she drew, I won't.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/27 08:07

Im gonna attack whatever forms there.

#R1AXqY7k 2017/11/27 05:03

Yeah, I want to do what Popscat's doing. I'm going to clean it with him.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/27 04:52

It's not a virus link, it's an old thing by Homestar Runner. It doesn't do anything. It is entirely a joke.
@Toto Fragins
Too bad, I've already claimed it. You can't stop my conquest of the 100bit board.
Actually, I'm going to start wiping the board.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/27 04:25


#QNCnpRua 2017/11/27 04:23

I'm holding back my plan until after Christmas and we decide on a pattern

#xAGN7fzE 2017/11/27 04:19

Don't visit virus link!!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/27 04:16

Nope, use unoccupied/unmaintained spaces like everyone else.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/27 03:22

Can you guys at least give me a land grant? I'd like to be able to control a section. How about the bottom right corner? Thank you! GET FREE STARDOM NOW!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/27 03:05

Nope, that'll never work because while there are many highly active users here there are tons of people that just come and go from time to time and some that make one edit and leave. dividing it up like a kingdom will not stick for long.
anyway, popscat, there's tons of space to write "popscat is cool" without vandalizing long time creations.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/27 02:33

I've an idea. How about we divide the board up for everyone so that way Nobody destroys my Tier Zoo's and I won't destroys everybody else's work. I think that's fair. Let me make a list of people here.
Toto Fragins
Please respond with other people I missed.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/27 00:45

Around history 260?

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/27 00:44

Remember back when there was that big circle around the center?

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/26 17:41

after Christmas of course

#padtckOV 2017/11/26 17:10

Lets make a city then

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/26 16:52

Yeah but the complicated take overs are always the best, the flag one was amazing, I was there (although not with this account). however the jew one is a bit too complicated and vandalism is just exhausting to fix. the checker board with just take up needless space where other people could be creating. Christ in a manger still needs to be drawn after all

#padtckOV 2017/11/26 15:10

Anything simple, I'm OK with. Black/whiteout, checkerboard, stripes, whatever. Anything like flags or happy merchants is too complicated.

#85j0y7wy 2017/11/26 13:31

Well, what happened was some guy with 10 alts came in and did all that, if you watch time going by...

#cN5uoELD 2017/11/26 13:25

The checkerboard is a very boring design done countless times before. Let's not keep it.

#LiLWHMJE 2017/11/26 12:20

May the checkerboard grow. But, keep the tree alive. Lets grow it along the sides and the bottom, so that there is room for the tree. Then, on the 26th of December, we dismantle the tree and make it checkerboard

#tYUKoUn6 2017/11/26 12:04

wew. i need a script to do this for me.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/26 09:03

No, I won't. I'll do what I want. Fabgooz, you got upset for me trying to stop the tree and now the day thing. Just make a new one yourself! I do what I want on 100bit, which if that means destroying Happy wxyz day, then I'll.

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX 2017/11/26 08:03

If you remove Muslim you give land to Jew. What choice is there?

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/26 06:12

just do it when u can

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/26 05:42

I can't. 1 upload in 6 hours. Haha!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/26 05:35

Popscat are you serious? the Happy xxxx day was a thing since section 382, undo your vandalism.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/26 01:33

Okay, now I can respond. No, Toto Fragins, I just don't like the season.
I've stopped! I've been drawing a checkerboard and my name in the corner,

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/25 20:08

King Kentucky no response isn't a response (but yea responding with "You know what? No, I'm not going to dignify that with a response" is a response

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/25 20:06

toto....... just no

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/25 19:14

remove all muslims

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM 2017/11/25 17:02

popscat is a muslim

#85j0y7wy 2017/11/25 09:17

Saying is a lot different from spending all 100 bits removing.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/25 07:06

I just said I don't want to do the project.

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/25 06:55

Popscat39 i think it's cuz u disagree with the whole Christmas theme

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/25 02:00

technically, that is a response. even no response is a response

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/25 00:41

@SFSN, I didn't know. It helped that he told me, because you didn't
@Molefight, HEY! Why am I Grinchcat? I've done nothing for like, 3 uploads! The most I've done is change Happy xxxx day to Popscat39. Also, I added a checkerboard by the old swastika.
@King Kentucky, You know what? No, I'm not going to dignify that with a response.

#xAGN7fzE 2017/11/24 21:05

Good job, Sherlock

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/24 13:00

technically, popscat, it's "Use appropriate expressions." not "Use Appropriate Expressions." come on man, i thought you were better than that

#cN5uoELD 2017/11/24 11:09

You need to get a vpn and/or run google chrome in incognito mode to make accounts I believe. I don't really know because I've never tried it.
Also, SFSN hijacked Antitree. You can tell because they have the same code.

#LkqlJljp 2017/11/24 10:19

Good job King Kentucky. You've decided to come here to get on my nerves. He decided to curse on Powder Game 2 and I told him to stop, so of course he's an utter jerk about it. He refuses to acknowledge that he broke Use Appropriate Expressions.

King Kentucky
#M23kwciU 2017/11/24 07:07

This one is for you, Popscat. <3
Howdy, motherfu,cks.

#6SnIkku1 2017/11/24 02:46


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