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#3tQPYFTC Jul 28,2021 02:30
i typed "m" and it was deleted
#Pz22ezBX Jul 28,2021 01:10
Elephant protect
@kittco36 You were going to say "F" weren't you.
#3tQPYFTC Jul 28,2021 00:40
well you cant post a single letter message apparently :(
#RLkorQst Jul 27,2021 11:11
@Elephant protect That Was Off Topic And I Was Talking About A Game Suggestion, Not My Profile Name.
#Pz22ezBX Jul 27,2021 10:16
Elephant protect
@YourMomIsGae Btw your name is stuck like that and you can't really change it. That's also the reason why my name still has a typo in it.
#RLkorQst Jul 27,2021 06:59
There Should Be A Game Called Infinite Bits A Diffrent Version Of The 100 Bits Game Where Everyone Has Unlimited Bits And No Upload Cooldown Instead Of Everyone Getting Just 100 Bits And Having To Wait 6 Hours To Get The 100 Bits Back.
#Pz22ezBX Jul 27,2021 06:35
Elephant protect
@YourMomIsGae Yes this is an anarchy sever, you can post anything you want without worrying about moderators or getting banned.
#ub2l8LvJ Jul 26,2021 23:47
@YourMomIsGae This is 2bit2t the oldest anarchy ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶M̶̶̶i̶̶̶n̶̶̶̶c̶̶̶r̶̶̶a̶̶̶ f̶̶̶t bit uploading server.
#RLkorQst Jul 26,2021 19:19
Is This An Anarchy Server
#l0Eg3usR Jul 22,2021 09:55
If two people upload on the same version, the person who uploads last won't have their work uploaded, simple. Source: took too long to make and upload something this morning, never had my changes saved.
#JjYNMYUS Jul 21,2021 21:54
@Elephant protect https://pastebin.com/APfvKDr8 --- btw the message contain visualization in it which make it so tall that it can't be uploaded here In fact the message was so tall it has 45 line, I never actually thought such a limit exist.
#QDFNuk5n Jul 21,2021 08:31
I think I remember that it just acts like you were editing on the latest version even if your game screen isn't refreshed and up to date. So if two people draw a blank square, and one uploads before the other person can refresh, the game just goes "oh well the second person edited this area, so I better invert it" and would just undo the square. Idk where I remember that from though so maybe I'm completely wrong, would be interesting to test
#Pz22ezBX Jul 21,2021 04:56
Elephant protect
I was thinking and I thought what would happen if two people uploaded in the same area at the same time?
#RLkorQst Jul 19,2021 08:40
Why Does It Say Cannot Upload
#xUvPQRgg Jul 19,2021 06:06
#xUvPQRgg Jul 19,2021 06:05
@StarTrekSpock "Pretty good concept but wish there was more to it" is a good description of most of wat dan-ball is
#QDFNuk5n Jul 19,2021 04:06
Lim rocket is prolly my fav game for casual play. Micro panda is pretty good in concept too but wish there was more to it
#XD7lXAmh Jul 19,2021 01:30
Dave dood
@Iamtiredpleasewo I've been on dan ball since 2006 because secretly this whole time I was an alt account for ha55ii who secretly actually is my twin brother or father or whatever! the perfect twist??? Nah, in all seriousness I was first introduced to Dan-Ball by a friend and then I played on Powder Game with my siblings in like... 2011ish and then I've visited Dan-Ball from time-to-time since then. However, I've been playing more frequently after I got into 100bit a month or so ago
#3tQPYFTC Jul 18,2021 10:32
sometimes i enjoy playing some shinsen-sho and logibox when i am bored
#JjYNMYUS Jul 18,2021 10:17
*I started
#JjYNMYUS Jul 18,2021 10:15
@Iamtiredplease started drawing here on 5th of march 2021 but i don't know exactly how much time i spend here, but when i visited on average 10 minutes - 2 hour (that 2 hour is for my research for my comment + grammar check so i don't get it wrong) but even if know the average time i don't how much i spend time here. however on average I draw here on a dialy basis at some occasion twice or three times a day and i'm serious 3 times like i remember when there is no people drawing between my 6 hour cooldown that the previous drawer is myself, and i wouldn't think happen again in the very near furture. In shorter words I'm not sure
#QDFNuk5n Jul 18,2021 09:13
All my activity has been so sporadic I don't think I could even make a very good guess anyways. I joined PG in like 2012, started editing here in like 2014, but then disappeared for ages a year or two later, only editing intermittently since
#Pz22ezBX Jul 18,2021 05:11
Elephant protect
I've been around for almost 4 years but I don't spend that much time here. Especially now that I've lost a lot of interest in 100bit. I want to post on PG2 but I can't find the time to make something good, but who knows maybe one day I'll be in the top 100.
#xUvPQRgg Jul 18,2021 02:36
@Iamtiredpleasewo Exactly 240 days, not that much
#KaDP7Fgv Jul 17,2021 23:55
@Iamtiredpleasewo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTKTwg7H1ys (i'm sorry, i really couldn't resist. also don't take it seriously, i'm just messing around) but in all seriousness, i have no idea how much time i have spend on here. (and now that i think about it, i don't think i want to know) i guess it mainly depends on what people like to do on here.
#3tQPYFTC Jul 17,2021 10:01
yeah not even i want to know that
#QDFNuk5n Jul 17,2021 06:22
i don't think i want to answer that question
#ub2l8LvJ Jul 16,2021 21:29
I have just started to visit this site. How much time have you guys spend here.
#l0Eg3usR Jul 16,2021 21:06
@BROFNIA Ah alright, never saw it, thanks for showing me. @Dave dood Though that idea is great, I also like the pac-man idea the one guy had, to clean up the escaped squares
#JjYNMYUS Jul 16,2021 09:13
@hielum13 oh sorry i don't know what it is,so i don't know how ro draw it --- @emankciNNickname Drum snakes is actually a timed instrument from the game "Rytmh Editor" (https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/rhythm), also i think if it continue to get larger it will result in a whiteout (the entire board goes white)
#xUvPQRgg Jul 16,2021 07:52
BROFANIA! the bits you placed in the circle where wrong, now I'll have to fix it
#XD7lXAmh Jul 16,2021 05:19
Dave dood
@emankciNNickname I was thinking of having the 3 drum snake squares on the left join together to form a proper snake that could then run around the screen and eat apples to grow longer, as snakes are want to do.
#Pz22ezBX Jul 15,2021 11:51
Elephant protect
@emankciNNickname Nah it's fine.
#l0Eg3usR Jul 15,2021 03:32
If the "Drum Snake...Thing?" continues to have square collisions it may result in a destructive explosion :O
#XD7lXAmh Jul 14,2021 05:14
Dave dood
Ha! I see someone continued my doodle of the Rhythm Editor... Uh... Drum Snake... Thing? going haywire!... Only now there are too many squares to edit with just 100 bits -_- I also like the alt-skin for Oshawott
#3tQPYFTC Jul 13,2021 23:44
probably wont be acted on, best way is to just remove it
#Xtrb3D2N Jul 13,2021 21:53
#Xtrb3D2N Jul 13,2021 21:53
Is there any way to report hamman for is disgusting vandalism?
#JjYNMYUS Jul 11,2021 11:25
@Irgo Contact the developer at https://dan-ball.jp/en/inquiry.html
#9wZshB0Q Jul 11,2021 06:29
it says "cannot upload" when I try to upload. What do I do about that?
#KaDP7Fgv Jul 10,2021 22:53
welp, i couldn't improve on the video by much. its 10 minutes long now, and i've changed some settings that should make the video look better (but in all honesty i don't really notice the difference) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxUyOqrsgyw yeah. if i'm truly honest, it isn't a huge deal at all, although thanks to the resizing update. it has intervened with that project quite a bit. you see, originally the quality of the video was going to be pixel perfect and it would also have 1bit artwork (possibly animated) around it, just to set the mood and yeah. i was a bit bummed out that i can't really do that anymore, so i figured after the video was done i'd spend some time to see if there is anything else i can do to improve the video.
#QDFNuk5n Jul 10,2021 17:48
10 mins would prolly be good, even at 0.25x speed it goes by pretty quickly. I don't think it's a huge deal though, still pretty neat!
#KaDP7Fgv Jul 10,2021 09:06
ah, thanks for letting me know, i'll unlist it tomorrow or so. i'm currently looking at ways to can make the video somewhat better. perhaps make it 10 minutes instead of 5? or something else i can possibly do to make it better.
#QDFNuk5n Jul 10,2021 05:52
I saved the link on the discord anyways, but still nice if people could search it on youtube instead of digging through the discord or the wayback machine lol
#JjYNMYUS Jul 09,2021 19:03
wow 10 years i doesn't even feel it, also i was suprised the aniversary date are based on the release date of update 1.1 but i guess version 1.0 is too broken to be based on. @StarTrekSpock Don't worry somebody will archived the comments on https://web.archive.org
#OYksR7nw Jul 09,2021 12:10
i think the name of the person is blarg based on the playback
#OYksR7nw Jul 09,2021 11:57
looks like someone has finally decided to ruin the date counter
#ezyuetl3 Jul 09,2021 07:52
It's almost like the date counter was made for this exact reason. Really great video all around
#xUvPQRgg Jul 09,2021 06:54
10 years!
#QDFNuk5n Jul 09,2021 05:25
Man I almost forgot just how bad spam used to be, it was almost impossible to keep a moderately-sized drawing alive for more than a week if you couldn't be on consistently every 4 hours That's a really cool vid though, you should un-unlist it so it doesn't get lost when the comments go past 1000
#XD7lXAmh Jul 09,2021 04:47
Dave dood
@XisN The time lapse turned out well! I enjoyed watching it on x0.25 speed
#KaDP7Fgv Jul 09,2021 02:33
100bit has turned 10 years old today! (or yesterday because of time zones) and i thought a nice way to celebrate its 10 year anniversary is a quick time lapse about all of 100bit! its quite a nice way to refresh your memory that you had with this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpHf087nao8 (also one thing to keep in mind is that i'm not very experienced with recording and editing, so the time lapse might look a tiny bit sloppy)
#JjYNMYUS Jul 06,2021 19:03
Oh so that random line in the bottom is ZBrush logo? finally i know it actually was
#QDFNuk5n Jul 06,2021 15:51
who tf is out here drawing the Zbrush logo
#UohUlXQX Jul 06,2021 05:21
who wants to help me make everything with a face creeper faced
#xUvPQRgg Jul 05,2021 09:24
new update :)
#o5mRyzXK Jul 02,2021 20:27
hey, at least he's also added 4x speed this time o_o
#3tQPYFTC Jul 02,2021 13:46
wooo update
#H9vOFCdB Jul 02,2021 12:18
100bit ver1.9 Supports smartphone resizing. Added 4x speed.
#R3JieOqA Jul 01,2021 21:47
@kittco36 hey why arent you called "doggco36"?
#3tQPYFTC Jul 01,2021 02:00
who tagged me
#Zc95yYTo Jul 01,2021 00:25
a dogg
Can't belive this game is still being played
#QDFNuk5n Jun 30,2021 09:32
#MJTpo9MP Jun 29,2021 19:56
girlfriend fnf
#9785XguW Jun 26,2021 21:13
@ωarren Ask alpha stick man about arcade game-themed FBP thing because he looks like just abandoned it. because there is no progess since Apr 26, 2021 and also i found alpha stick man's message that said: quote, originally posted by alpha stick man | just try find it by yourself -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- alpha stick man #V5yBsf5C May 01,2021 08:04 I got kind of bored, so I decided to draw some Manyland stuff on the board. I think I could've got some players to try out the open world game of creation, but I'm not purposefully promoting it, and I don't mean to kick back the 100bit player base. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats give me an imperssion abandoned it, so good luck getting contact with him. Also i apologize for my absurd idea because i didn't expect you wouldn't expect unserious reply and also for late reply
#R3JieOqA Jun 26,2021 17:39
An absurd idea. I guess I shouldn't have expected a serious reply. It's not like there's any space to draw anything, anyway. What happened to that arcade game-themed FBP we were supposed to be doing?
#9785XguW Jun 26,2021 16:16
@ωarren Draw a big stick renjaa fan art beacause there is no more people doing it Btw sorry for late reply
#R3JieOqA Jun 26,2021 14:23
whaaht 2 draw guyz???
#OGGA0tyE Jun 25,2021 11:07
Can someone put tacy wacy somewhere please?
#9785XguW Jun 25,2021 08:56
@alpha stick man wow that is interesting stuff, i also explored dan-ball in wayback machine 1 month ago and another one on 2 weeks and 2 days ago. in the first time i'm going to use dan-ball in wayback machine my initial purpose going there wasn't to explore, but rather to see the older snapshot of the leaderboards of the game "Rockets" (which is the oldest game in this site) also during this time i revisited it 1-3 time, My memories off this journey is quite vague, but I found some interesting thing (mostly removed features) that i still remember such as the share button in the front page , you directly login in the front page, linked website, and chineses translation.(all of these are old 2012 features) the chinese translation is the most fascinating for me, because it is an entire translation of the entire site which sadly removed in the early 2017 Probably because chinese censorship or any translation problem. Btw thats all it, it the longest thing i ever wrote (actually some youtube subtitle that i wrote is even longer) so i guess i must stop writing before reaching dan-ball comment charracter limit and also i accidentally press "paste" when i was trying to save the work before uploading it (in case of reaching the limit) so i spent 2 and a half hours to write this so bye
#QDFNuk5n Jun 23,2021 18:29
@alpha stick man "Dan-Ball" means cardboard in japanese, that's what why the mascot is a little shoebox robot
#NXKxO3zA Jun 23,2021 06:06
man this is really cool
#Ix3VIWUJ Jun 23,2021 05:27
alpha stick man
This is an interesting find, @XisN! From the looks of it, there seems to be only 4 games on the site, which were Rockets, Liquid Webtoy, Planet Simulation, and Ham Race, plus some flash image games. The "Free game site cardboard" thing was also in this as well, and there was no IP counter anywhere to see. The registration is the same, being located on the homepage like the site as of 2007. I also found a Q&A that was on FAQ's, but there was only 3 questions listed, so I think the rest of the info was put into the terms of service area. Comparing this to what I found last time, The untranslated, older version of the site had the sandy background, while the site as of 2007 did not have it. This is probably because the one from 2007 was the translated version, and was under development after the 2006 version. This is some interesting stuff! And thank you @StarTrekSpock for giving me approximate registration time and date! Time to start up the Wayback Machine again. While i'm at it, try to find a way to get past @Skye's adoption vote. Make sure it would do us all a big favor. -ASM
#KaDP7Fgv Jun 22,2021 22:14
@alpha stick man you can actually go further back if you use the untranslated version of the website, it is quite different from the one you saw. although i should note that there isn't much to it and that the translated versions didn't exist back then. (by the looks of it atleast) https://web.archive.org/web/20060502233956/http://dan-ball.jp/
#QDFNuk5n Jun 22,2021 11:01
My first upload was on May 28, 2012 at 04:31. I think I made my account like a day or two before I uploaded, after lurking in the CBs for a month or two I vote for alpha stick man though.
#Ix3VIWUJ Jun 22,2021 10:31
alpha stick man
It's nice to hear that people are curious as much as I am! Also, @StarTrekSpock, Since you were here since 2012, I would like to know the approximate date (and maybe time) you registered for DAN-BALL, because that is what I will be checking out next in the Wayback Machine. By the way, can we skip vote, @Skye? I am just as confused as @StarTrekSpock and @Elephant protect, and I would rather not have a chance to adopt you on the first day of school, thank you very much. -ASM
#OYksR7nw Jun 22,2021 10:28
rip the slime pile
#QDFNuk5n Jun 22,2021 07:39
#uR1zj15Z Jun 22,2021 07:27
I vote for StarTrekSpock
#QDFNuk5n Jun 22,2021 07:16
#Pz22ezBX Jun 22,2021 06:45
Elephant protect
#MSM18hvQ Jun 22,2021 06:17
Hi guys! i love all of you so much that the one with the least votes gets to adopt me!UwU. but the one with the most votes will face themselves to the Tiny Loser Chamber! VOTING ENDS SEPTEMBER 13TH!
#QDFNuk5n Jun 22,2021 03:51
Unfortunately it looks like the Wayback machine didn't captured any of the Dan-Ball Beta content, I guess since you had to register to even see it, so you'll be missing out on a lot of the beta features and cut games I asked Sigma about a few of your finds though since he was here before me, he said that ha55ii was at one point considering console ports of his games and was conducting polls to gauge interest, and that V?sledky was the name of his dog Interesting comment though, keep us posted on your finds!
#s4WhogmL Jun 22,2021 03:04
dog :]
#Ix3VIWUJ Jun 21,2021 22:37
alpha stick man
I went back to the oldest version I could find, which was on the 5th of may 2007. The first thing I noticed is that it had a light grey background instead of the sandy background we see today. secondly, I notice was that there was only 8 games at that time; They were Rockets, Liquid Webtoy, Planet simulation, Ham Race, Compasses, SAND MOJI, Micro Panda, and Powder Game. The next thing I find is a small questionnaire below the IP counter (the bar chart above the games list). It was asking what user's favorite video game console was, and they had to choose from 6 options; the choices listed were DS, Wii, PSP, PS3, Xbox 306, and DC. I also saw that you can see user comments on the home page, showing what game they commented on, and what text color they used, and there was no comment background setting. The registration/ login was also on the home page, but still had a separate page for it. And lastly, I found additional links in an area called "Access Ranking", which contained links to stumbleUpon, something called "V?sledky", and a list of stuff called "Free game site cardboard", along with a direct link to the DAN-BALL blog. The next thing to explore DAN-BALL in 2012, the same year @StarTrekSpock registered.
#OGGA0tyE Jun 17,2021 16:18
Record your findings here, I am curious.
#Ix3VIWUJ Jun 16,2021 22:56
alpha stick man
I'm thinking about running this site through the Wayback Machine and seeing what it had during its beginnings, because @StarTrekSpock is making me too curious about the history of this site. Asides from that, I will not say the name of H.P Lovecraft's cat, I just looked it up and I'm playing the "Don't get cancelled" card. -ASM
#OGGA0tyE Jun 16,2021 16:31
Did someone say cat?
#QDFNuk5n Jun 15,2021 09:49
Well, you ever heard of H.P. Lovecraft's cat?
#h1jT1sYV Jun 15,2021 09:48
what was otascube's name before?
#QDFNuk5n Jun 15,2021 08:33
Please Brofania, don't post slander, it is a breach of the Comments code of conduct. I've been here since 2012, what else am I going to do besides tell the complete, exact truth to new players? If we don't remember our history, we're doomed to repeat it. And I don't think anyone wants another do-over of the Fall of Tylor (2016). Otascube already had to change his name once because of it, would you rather he be Otascircle!?
#KaDP7Fgv Jun 15,2021 07:43
in all honesty, i'm quite a fan of it! it brightens my day up quite a bit actually, (not sure about others tho) and besides, the topics of a new comment color or dan ball gold are quite interesting to say the least.
#9785XguW Jun 15,2021 07:29
Oh wait did i break the 3rd rule of Comments code of conduct?
#9785XguW Jun 15,2021 07:27
@StarTrekSpock seriouslly? Why you keep trolling the entire comment section of games with active commenters?
#QDFNuk5n Jun 14,2021 10:40
@alpha stick man The early Dan-Ball open-beta actually had a system similar to that, but it was only for changing the white background of your comment. The text colours themselves were all black back then But people kept making pride flags using multiple comments, and ha55ii deemed it "too distraction from discussion of Dust" so he removed the feature the next day
#Ix3VIWUJ Jun 14,2021 08:41
alpha stick man
I think that is a good idea, @ωarren, but I do think it may have to be limited so there are no unreadable bright colors, like yellow, which, according to @StarTrekSpock, was remove by ha55ii's staff for being too bright of a color to see. Maybe It could be a simple color wheel with colors shaded from solid to dark. On the other side, though, they may be only asking for a single color to be added, not a whole change in the color selection system. If they want the former scenario, then I think a deep pink or a maroon would be some good choices.
#R3JieOqA Jun 14,2021 01:26
maybe ha55ii should just allow us to pick our own colours via html [font color="#b0a0b0"] like this [/font] (if i try to type it properly it wont let me post)
#3tQPYFTC Jun 13,2021 03:19
#veVzapHU Jun 12,2021 09:34
Elephant protect
Maybe yellow?
#XD7lXAmh Jun 11,2021 22:48
Dave dood
What about a white comment colour so the text just appears invisible inside a white box? Perfect for the people who want to express themselves while shouting into the abyss!

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