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#aJeFdYwn Oct 19,2019 18:20

On the subject of clearing space, I started clearing the top bar and it definitely stuck on. But I had an idea, I think we should put the liberate Hongkong sign in the top bar.

@Octi octi, yeah that's what I was thinking, by the looks of things it will fit in its og resolution meaning we won't need any conversion.

#78sAqO6u Oct 19,2019 07:04

As long as people like me are removing old, primarily broken stuff from the board then there should be plenty of space for whatever people want to built.

Just don't get in my way.

#AncWkGAm Oct 19,2019 04:41

ok mario is cool

#1oHElsNi Oct 18,2019 21:47

why not super mario land then

#aJeFdYwn Oct 18,2019 05:22

smb 1 for sure. even that has too high a resolution to easily convert.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 18,2019 02:20

i agree, we should do a mario project. i actually might start to work on a black and white tileset that everyone can use.

the thing is which theme should we work on?
smb classic? smb2? smb3? smw?

#3nsb6222 Oct 17,2019 23:05

We should do a Mario project at some point.

#AjkQMWA1 Oct 17,2019 06:19

A water power plant above the management computer thing room. Neat.

#sqX9BSpP Oct 16,2019 23:55

@danstroyer the part I added is a water power plant, it is supposed to look like a nuclear power plant.

#AjkQMWA1 Oct 16,2019 23:43

Then cloudxd needs to stop breakin my robot

#aJeFdYwn Oct 16,2019 22:20

100Bit lately has beem boring, we need a fbp or something

#78sAqO6u Oct 16,2019 22:14

This should work:


Elephant protect
#TP8XbICh Oct 16,2019 09:00

Danstroyer I am a master of destroying cities,I destroyed like 4-5 cities in my time being here.

#3nsb6222 Oct 16,2019 08:56

@aaagsoz, I suppose that I am just bored. If anyone wants me to do anything, I'll do it. But for now, I'll just adjust random things...

#slZPGI18 Oct 16,2019 06:47

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?

#sqX9BSpP Oct 16,2019 04:24

@Octi I was the original, made this account like at the beginning of this year or at the end of the last year, then I forgot about this on, made EchoOfWorlds account, then I remembered this one, got into it, and that other account is now for my computer.
1048 was inspired( I think) from me and used the teddy bear SCP(which makes others from humans) for his Account.

#1oHElsNi Oct 16,2019 03:07

why do 2 ppl call themselves ''scp-[numbers]''
its confusing very

#sqX9BSpP Oct 16,2019 02:52

@Danstroyer I will.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 16,2019 00:59

@SCP-1040 why are you destroying perfectly good art?

#GsT6MXu9 Oct 16,2019 00:08

Guys, help me make the little city!

#3nsb6222 Oct 15,2019 23:49

Sorry, not Hollywood, the liberate hong kong sign

#3nsb6222 Oct 15,2019 23:48

Can we start cleaning up the right side of the board? It's getting crammed. Also, is the Hollywood sign just going to stay there forever?

#Ka2jEg7u Oct 15,2019 23:44

What are we doing

#cyvixcFt Oct 15,2019 21:47

F### off cloudxdd

#1oHElsNi Oct 15,2019 20:52

if u use same ip it wont work

#3nsb6222 Oct 15,2019 12:06

How do you even use alts? All I'm getting is I need to wait 6 hours to upload again

#t451Fe28 Oct 15,2019 07:48

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989

#t451Fe28 Oct 15,2019 07:48

人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

#dlbo1ArH Oct 15,2019 07:22

that is strange... oh well. im happy that the link works now.

we should probably write the link on 100bit's top bar. probably.. i say probably because any one can join and make somewhat of a mess.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 15,2019 06:17

Bit_Storm strange, I tried that earlier and it didn't work, well I guess it's working now so cool

#3nsb6222 Oct 15,2019 06:04

Mario better watch out, Or he will run into a fire flower. That would not help his situation.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 15,2019 03:44

found this in the archives, tell me if it works https://discord.gg/hQcryzs

it would be alot easier if we could discuss here because of the 3 comment rule on this website

#aJeFdYwn Oct 15,2019 01:14

I'm on the server but mear members can't get the link, only admins can share that information

#Ka2jEg7u Oct 14,2019 21:10

Hey what is the discord

#78sAqO6u Oct 14,2019 18:22

You guys know there is a Discord right?

#JJxlcMsC Oct 14,2019 10:30

I'm gonna try to make a little tech city, starting with a drill and power

#zrHYEsfy Oct 14,2019 07:00

We're thinking of making a full board project on the discord

#7nAph5qm Oct 13,2019 22:26

Stop breaking my T-Pose Bot location 2.0

#aJeFdYwn Oct 13,2019 19:34

Boi unless you start using alts, you're just wasting both of our time

#AncWkGAm Oct 13,2019 10:09

I will destroy the eye

#knUsaOtE Oct 13,2019 04:36

I checked on here just now to find my owo is an uwu. I see nothing wrong about this.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 12,2019 17:53

@Do it, Stop

@ZappyRedstone It's not really that interesting if you copy something from google, also you aint destroying my eye for that.

Do it
#yjY9k1gF Oct 12,2019 06:53

Dont READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED READING, Dont STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES....swag.. ..

#AncWkGAm Oct 12,2019 06:23

it's from google

#vLx15iNu Oct 11,2019 10:02

Your batplan looks like a deformed pile of trash with a batman mask on top |:

#AncWkGAm Oct 11,2019 06:35

The "horse" was going to be batman

#vLx15iNu Oct 11,2019 04:47

Octi: Not sure that's a horse?

SCP-1715: Are you moving my robot? I'll delete my robot, you replicate it (it has 1 pixel thin legs, the bump on the hong kong bit is it's foot. If I detect any pixel missing I'll fix it.)

#1oHElsNi Oct 11,2019 00:05

hey guys whats with that horse head in the top left

#AncWkGAm Oct 10,2019 12:31

Anyone else suddenly getting more ads?

#aJeFdYwn Oct 10,2019 05:28


#cyvixcFt Oct 10,2019 03:07

@aaagsooz, there was a comment and it said that this guy named doomcake made it, and he posted a link and Rick Rolled me. Now it is gone.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 10,2019 02:20

who's doomcake?

#cyvixcFt Oct 09,2019 21:50

@Doomcake! You Rick Rolled me! You mother######

#fTDmKCgH Oct 09,2019 09:30

But thanks for finishing the body

#fTDmKCgH Oct 09,2019 09:29

SCP-1715, don't mess up my robot. It's an OC of sorts I made and just no

#aJeFdYwn Oct 08,2019 02:36

@Bit_Storm I know I could have looked through the japan comments but It took me way too long to get through the English ones and the ods of them being there are even lower. And my suspicion is that one's code rellies on what IP they had when creating an account, and not what IP they have when posting.

My account code has changed throughout the years so I wonder if It changed again what would happen to my alts.

#3nsb6222 Oct 08,2019 00:11

And You can Look at my code, I'm the same guy from earlier

#3nsb6222 Oct 08,2019 00:05

I'm SCP-1048. What Do you need?

#cyvixcFt Oct 07,2019 21:59

Impersonation, just don’t do it. Also, Who is SCP-1048?

#dlbo1ArH Oct 07,2019 19:51

@aaagsooz (this is my third time trying to write this message to you) so the code (or whatever its called) is a way to find people that are using alts. cause Zylex<3 and i have the same code. im not sure if the code would change if i use a vpn.

cause you know... if i use a vpn and post something here on Zylex's account would the code change or not?

well honestly i believe it wont.. i think the only way the change the code is to login using a vpn. so yeah..

btw have you looked trough the japanese comment section? you can check it out when you change the website to japanese. you know.. next to "welcome [name]" there is japanese and english..

#aJeFdYwn Oct 07,2019 06:35

Right! looked through all games and nothing, Whoever impersonated me is probably using an alt.

#t0TGzykF Oct 07,2019 06:17

my #BatPlan https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust2/71053.html

#aJeFdYwn Oct 07,2019 03:53

@Bit_Storm Np. Btw I've looked through the 1000posts for this guy but no dice, also your code doesn't change when you use an alt, I'd assume that it does change if you use a vpn when making an alt but I don't really make alts with vpn on so i'm not sure

#dlbo1ArH Oct 07,2019 03:24

so from the looks of it.. it turns out that the real person got their username a bit Thicker. and the fake one got their username a bit thinner..

it also looks like the code arent the same aswell. so trying to frame someone or act like someone (afrostud for example) would be hard.

but you can identify who did it by copy pasting their code and looking trough 100bit comment history from the website or archives. or even in the ohter comment sections like powder game or stick ranger for example..

but also you can stay anonymous by making a new account so no one will know who you truly are.

@aaagsooz also thanks for pointing out the code name! i learned something new.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 07,2019 03:05

im not sure if you can frame people. but im going to try and see if i can.

-Bit Storm

#aJeFdYwn Oct 06,2019 18:12

Wow, nice try, I haven't used that acc in ages as I've been farming sr2 and we can all see your code.

I don't know who you are but I don't appreciate impersonation. Stop being toxic

#Wu6MEK1M Oct 06,2019 05:51

A-olf H-tler did nothing wrong.

#aJeFdYwn Oct 05,2019 01:50


#3nsb6222 Oct 05,2019 00:22

Actually, If We do an SCP project, which one would we do?

#3nsb6222 Oct 05,2019 00:19

For The SCP's! All Hail SCP-682!

#cyvixcFt Oct 04,2019 21:43

How about an SCP project

#Ka2jEg7u Oct 04,2019 21:04

Let’s just remove everything thing and make a whole board project

#78sAqO6u Oct 04,2019 05:36

Good work cleaning guys. All we have left are the checker things, the riots and some lines.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 03,2019 23:04

@Elephant protect alrighty

#cyvixcFt Oct 03,2019 22:14

Who’s Avo?

Elephant protect
#TP8XbICh Oct 03,2019 05:18

@Zylex<3 I really don't care about it.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 02,2019 22:59

yeah.. seeing Avo fan nowadays is rare. btw.. do you want me to recreate your elephant? or should i leave it?

Elephant protect
#TP8XbICh Oct 02,2019 04:17

@Zylex<3 I know but still.

#dlbo1ArH Oct 02,2019 04:15

@Elephant protect i think its just an avo fanboy that's trying to get attention. :/

#aJeFdYwn Oct 02,2019 01:15

I know few people were looking for archived comments from earlier 100bit, I found some if anyone wants them.

Elephant protect
#TP8XbICh Oct 01,2019 05:20

I never really excepted to see Avo in 100Bit and attack my elephant but things happen.

#cyvixcFt Oct 01,2019 03:25


#aJeFdYwn Oct 01,2019 01:26

We sure are on our way!

#78sAqO6u Sep 30,2019 17:03

New plan for a group project, DESTROY HOLLYWOOD!

#78sAqO6u Sep 30,2019 02:17

Wait, bots to fix the Hollywood sign? Seriously?

Uuuuuugg, why does this game attracted the worst kind of players?

#dlbo1ArH Sep 29,2019 20:59

@Octi i want you to know that me and @がろのすけ arent the same person :/

#aJeFdYwn Sep 29,2019 18:53

yknow what? I can't be fu_ced to revert it

I can just delete the Hollywood sign if you want.

#1oHElsNi Sep 29,2019 15:24

@bit storm and @japanese characters guy repair the hollywood sign whenever it gets broken

#aJeFdYwn Sep 28,2019 18:36

I don't see any use of bots tho, what do yall mean?

#t0TGzykF Sep 28,2019 10:07

Poop Elephant

#Ka2jEg7u Sep 27,2019 06:56

@aaagsooz yes please

#aJeFdYwn Sep 27,2019 01:08

@octi, I could use my one's to counter their ones

#1oHElsNi Sep 26,2019 22:46

hey guys someones made bots to fix the hollywood sign,could we take care of that pls

#aJeFdYwn Sep 25,2019 22:30

np, np

#78sAqO6u Sep 25,2019 05:31


Oops. Sorry. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the timeline when I posted that. My apologies.

#Ka2jEg7u Sep 25,2019 00:45

Guys let’s do a whole board project after we clean up

#aJeFdYwn Sep 24,2019 19:29


Also what? I've been cleaning up

#78sAqO6u Sep 24,2019 12:40

Cause it is really ugly.

Also why the hecken heck am I the only one cleaning up?

#aJeFdYwn Sep 23,2019 20:31

okay, why?

#t0TGzykF Sep 23,2019 07:57

no black out,

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