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Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Feb 19,2018 19:59

no u

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Feb 19,2018 18:05

your mom is a better idea than the city, i'm going to do that instead

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 19,2018 12:35

Better idea than the city.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX Feb 19,2018 12:11

i got this cool sick nasty idea

#c11Chv5Q Feb 19,2018 10:51

Come on, we've already done one!! I want to have control for once... Let's do Pikmin, they're simplistic and cute.

#LiLWHMJE Feb 19,2018 04:29

The city shall remain standing against those who think a city isn't inevitable.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 18,2018 07:01

I know what Pikmin are.

#c11Chv5Q Feb 18,2018 04:56

Gas the city! Bit War now!!

#LiLWHMJE Feb 18,2018 02:40

I'm gonna keep the city alive.

#c11Chv5Q Feb 18,2018 01:13

Rock is the only one left! Uggh, this is getting annoying. I'd like help, but I doubt anybody else has even heard of Pikmin, with the exception of those who have played SSB.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 18,2018 00:57

The skull is better than the city.

OwO whats this
#mlGlPxVX Feb 17,2018 23:21

that skull is so rad kudos to the people who made it

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Feb 17,2018 11:40

wow that skull is amazing

#9cwykneS Feb 17,2018 10:22

Hoof, so I've gotten White, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow. Rock and winged, then loop.
"This is gonna be such fun!"
-Maximillion Pegasus

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Feb 17,2018 07:18

Yes communism all the way

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 16,2018 06:39

I'm going to work on destroying the city.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Feb 14,2018 14:15

huh you spoke about me? well ive just started working to help the city grow.

#s8fjDUVI Feb 14,2018 11:05

Sure, Elephant, just use mine for reference. I'm going to work on Olimar and/or Louie.
P.S.:Sorry Toto, it was actually Bobity Bob that said it.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 14,2018 07:28

If there is no city in this plan I'm fine with it.

#s8fjDUVI Feb 13,2018 09:40

Children: an "it." Good job, Toto.
Hey guys, instead of a city (Which has been done) Howzabout Pikmin? I've got three done, we can just fill the screen!!

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Feb 13,2018 06:53


Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Feb 12,2018 17:29

Join me so we have a great kid friendly game and no corrupted minds!!

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Feb 12,2018 17:26

guys my job here is now to make it child friendly cuz a kid might play this game and i dont want its mind corrupted!

#AslHVOUG Feb 12,2018 06:40


The Muskadillo
#S7aj3ZLU Feb 11,2018 04:11

wow already?

#85j0y7wy Feb 11,2018 01:26

Did anyone notice that the whiteout happened roughly an exact year after the blackout? :D

#s8fjDUVI Feb 10,2018 11:38

Never mind....
Red: Nose
Yellow: Ears
Blue: Mouth
White: Colored eyes
Purple: Fat & hair
Winged: Wings (No duh)
Rock: Looks like a rock (Again)
If you guys want to help, feel free.

#8kkrVYkm Feb 10,2018 07:31

I know there are no colors but how are you supposed to make a picnic without jam or bread?

#rKR8XaCz Feb 10,2018 04:58

Please don't destroy the Pikmin. I'm hoping to make one of each.
Each one has different traits. Don't call me out on there being no colors.

#8Kk3mPBr Feb 09,2018 19:12

I was gone too and holy crab you people actually managed to clear the whole thing, I'm impressed

#8kkrVYkm Feb 09,2018 00:52

New year, New me

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Feb 08,2018 05:30

lol i wanna join the city builders

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Feb 08,2018 05:29


Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Feb 08,2018 02:55

'Fairly popular'

#s8fjDUVI Feb 07,2018 11:47

He was a fairly popular person that was editing. I guess he just got bored of the game. Wouldn't surprise me, for I've been off and on myself.

#41tI2xQs Feb 07,2018 08:18

who was afrostud i have been seeing him in most of 100bits history

#41tI2xQs Feb 07,2018 08:13

so whos been on 100bit the longest?

#VN9wCxSD Feb 07,2018 05:46

Elephant stop destroying the city :I

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 05,2018 08:12

How about we make a dragon destroying the city.

#LiLWHMJE Feb 05,2018 07:28

I'm gonna help the city grow.

#85j0y7wy Feb 05,2018 03:43

Alright. I organized the bottom in a way that I think is good, but if anybody thinks anything should be changed, we should discuss changing the formatting in here. Where I wrote the word "NOW" I was just thinking it would be fun if we had a "word of the day" that's 3 letters long, and people can change it to any 3 letter word they like. Other than this, what mega-project does everyone think we should work on? Another city, or any other cool ideas? :D

#85j0y7wy Feb 04,2018 15:34

Almost finished constructing the bottom, just bear with me.

Nu Felensis
#3IDnXwDn Feb 04,2018 07:51

The defacing is complete.

#LiLWHMJE Feb 03,2018 12:48

A city is inevitable.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 03,2018 06:23


#kyyakcah Feb 03,2018 04:28

*Builds first thing on white-out*
*gets removed*

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Feb 02,2018 08:10

As long if there isn't a city in this plan I'm fine with it.

#LiLWHMJE Feb 01,2018 11:35

Thats a good idea actually.

#85j0y7wy Feb 01,2018 09:14

Why not just keep all the stupid things everyone insists on in a single bar along the bottom, and then have the entirety of the screen above it contain only artwork? The only thing that is of importance is the date because it tells the time that stuff took place. the legal information is in the website, and the creator and name is obvious, but if everybody insists on keeping it up, lets just have it along the bottom. :)

#ReD3XLDK Feb 01,2018 08:32

*There have been 6 times where the entire 100bit screen was just one color: Bit 0 of No.1, Bits 595 and 597 of No.374, and Bits 11038, 11422, and 11554 of No.410.

#ReD3XLDK Feb 01,2018 08:29

Put this on the wiki:
There have been 9 times in 100 Bit history where the entire screen was covered by a single pattern: Bit 0 of No. 1, Bit 4908 of No. 197, Bits 9046 and 9432 of No. 217, Bits 595 and 597 of No. 374, and Bits 11038, 11422, and 11554 of No.410.
There have been 6 times where the entire 100bit screen was just one color: Bits 595 and 597 of No.374, and Bits 11038, 11422, and 11554 of No.410.

#Ey5hh9jo Feb 01,2018 06:08

With the whiteout, I figured I'd throw the Dan-Ball information in the bottom of the screen (copyright, name, date, history#, etc.) and have the original 100bit logo made by ha55ii himself in the top middle, the exact same x/y position as the original one.

#YTZa3L1a Feb 01,2018 03:30

Twas the first to post on whiteout

#YTZa3L1a Feb 01,2018 03:25

Rip someone keeps removing my name

#OdAU7q8Y Jan 31,2018 13:47

im back, and i only missed a white-out

#85j0y7wy Jan 31,2018 09:41

and its been purely one color 6 times, the time with the blackout where omegapirate finished it, then sbmteam placed a dot, and 5963 blackoutted again, followed by me drawing a mario. :D

#hXuTB7mO Jan 31,2018 08:17

Now there's 4 times the board has been completely white in 100 bit history.
1: Start screen (ha55ii)
2: Finished by cyberspace
3: Finished by Molefight
4: Finished by ChainReactionGuy

#hXuTB7mO Jan 31,2018 08:09

Whiteout finished! Again.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 31,2018 07:26

Congrats 5HADE. now that the board has been whited out, let's start another, larger city in the bottom right corner

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 31,2018 07:15

I know right

Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Jan 31,2018 07:13

This is what too much control looks like.

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 31,2018 07:13

press 0 to celebrate 40000 white dots!

#cN5uoELD Jan 31,2018 06:01

Whoops. I didn't realize we had already finished the whiteout.

#1LkP9Vce Jan 31,2018 04:34

Throwback: dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/bit/1.html for the original 100bit logo made by ha55ii

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 30,2018 19:11

alright now it's time to erase the logo, the author and the date to complete the white out.

#YtQW2BNm Jan 30,2018 14:36

And I erased it.

#YtQW2BNm Jan 30,2018 12:42

And someone put a bad word on the 100 bit screen.

#LiLWHMJE Jan 30,2018 08:53

I'm wiping out pictures.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 30,2018 08:09

@Elephant protect dude you make such a big deal out of this, it's just an online java videogame, plus you'll have all the freedom in the world to draw whatever you want once the board is completely white, so help us out so it can speed up

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 30,2018 06:31

OH you didn't ban pictures.Your just erasing pictures and every picture somebody makes gets erased instantly.

#hXuTB7mO Jan 30,2018 00:59

96.17% of the 100bit screen is white dots.
Less than 2k black dots.
I predict the screen will be fully white on Wednesday.

#hXuTB7mO Jan 30,2018 00:50

We aren't banning pictures, it's just there's more people that erase whatever they want than people that draw whatever they want. Any pictures now will get wiped out by Piboi3point14, me, Toto Fragins, etc.

#56dCbxRT Jan 29,2018 05:05

There are no rules to this game, aside from that you are limited to 100bit's per upload, per account, per ip, per browsing session, and per 6 hours.

#56dCbxRT Jan 29,2018 05:00

@Elephant protect, there is no such thing as banning. Don't believe in that bullsh.it. You can draw whatever you want. If one account isn't enough, find a proxy and make multiple accounts. Don't forget to close and reopen in incognito everytime.

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 29,2018 02:52

just go with the flow, man

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 29,2018 01:45

I mean stop banning pictures!

#hXuTB7mO Jan 27,2018 10:06

@Elephant protect What?
A. 4 votes
B. "0.5" votes
C. 0 votes

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 27,2018 06:30

You can ban anything at this point can you?

#RT2M1Fgf Jan 27,2018 05:00

@285714 In the white areas? I think we should just make all the background white not stop every-one from drawing

#hXuTB7mO Jan 26,2018 13:26

less than 6k black dots
Tip for the whiteout: If you see that someone made an new image in the white areas, remove the image before it could get bigger.
@Elephant protect Please don't draw swastikas.

#F9y85GAd Jan 26,2018 05:43

I guess I do not know the way then :(

#LiLWHMJE Jan 26,2018 05:34


Tyne and wear
#5GBDuOyX Jan 26,2018 04:49

You're a bit late

#F9y85GAd Jan 26,2018 04:18

All hail, ugandan knuckles!

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Jan 25,2018 15:13

i made a truffle npc from terraria :D
Also elephant needs to stop putting swastikas around the place cuz its a pain in the butt

#85j0y7wy Jan 25,2018 08:58

A followed by B

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 25,2018 08:04


Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 25,2018 06:45

The reason mime vandalizing the city is because it's boring!!!!also you killed the frog.

#hXuTB7mO Jan 25,2018 00:58

What should we do now?
A. Full whiteout
B. Continue city(may be hard due to vandalism)
C. Something else
I say A

#85j0y7wy Jan 25,2018 00:54

It'd also be really cool, whoever is the first person to draw after the screen is completely white, if you did exactly what Ha55ii did on No.1 bits 1 - 97... I mean, if its me who finds the blank canvas first, that is sure what i'm doing! :D

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 24,2018 21:20

plus we should make the city on a larger scale anyways

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 24,2018 21:19

considering the city is now being vandalized for no reason. i guess a white out is fine

#85j0y7wy Jan 24,2018 14:07

I've been secretly working on a full whiteout, though it isn't that secret. How about we just completely white out the screen for the 2nd time in 100bit history, and then build a city? :D

Elephant protect
#P6Rl76UX Jan 24,2018 12:13

Destroy The city!Who agree's with me?

#85j0y7wy Jan 22,2018 07:09

I am L

Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 21,2018 21:50

the white background is complete

#B4ZQoIYk Jan 19,2018 03:58


Toto Fragins
#YMn4hKEM Jan 18,2018 16:20

please don't make huge buildings in the city completely black with white dots like that, many dots were used to make the white background.
speaking of the white background we're almost done. "infrastructure" of the image is complete, should be fully converted by a week or two from now.

Bobity bob
#2GtSi8ZO Jan 16,2018 00:30

hey im the guy who made the comment on the acount stuff

no acount yet
#2GtSi8ZO Jan 15,2018 23:16

if you do not have an acount yet then go look up a how to

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