Powder Game

Powder Game

Physics simulation game
Price: Free of charge
Imagine the cool phenomenon when the wind blows the falling leaves.
This game physics simulates the phenomenon with powder (dots)!

- Add Italian skin.(Kindle)

How to play
In "Edit mode" you can make from scratch.
In "View mode" you can see the works that were made in the PC version.

Game Tips
POWDERStandard powder.
WATERWater splash.
FIREFire spark.
SEEDCast seeds to grow trees.
G-POWDERGunpowder. Explosive, keep fire away!
FANFan. Continuously sends wind.
ICESmashing ice becomes snow.
S-BALLSuper ball.
CLONEClone tool. Multiply an object by clicking over it.
F-WORKSFireworks are launched.
OILOil. Flammable liquid.
C-4Plastic bomb.
STONEStone. It's heavy but breakable.
MAGMAMagma. It burns everything.
VIRUSVirus. Transforms dots.
NITRONitroglycerin. High-sensitivity explosive.
ANTAnts. When they touch solids, they create a mysterious path!
TORCHTorch burns everything but keep water away.
GASFlammable gas.
SOAPYSoapy water makes bubbles!
METALMetal conducts electricity.
BOMBBomb explodes when it touches powder.
LASERLaser goes straight. It reflects against the polished metal.
ACIDAcid melts various things.
VINEVine grows in a tangled mass.
SALTSalt becomes sea water when melted.
GLASSGlass. Transparent dots.
BIRDBirds fly with a flock.
MERCURYMercury. Heavy liquid metal.
SPARKCalm fire spark.
FUSEFuse. It gradually burns.
CLOUDRain cloud, snow cloud, and thunder cloud.
PUMPLiquid and gas are carried.
* PEN-S adjusts the pen size.

BLOCKIt blocks wind or dots.
ERASEDelete blocks or gears.
* Also it deletes the outer block.
CLEARDelete erasers, dots or wind.
CopyCopy, range selection by slide.

WINDSend wind toward the arrow direction.
AIRRaising the pressure, decrease.
DRAGDrag various objects.
BUBBLESoap bubbles. touch as if drawing a circle.
WHEELGear. * Select [ERASE] to deletes.
PLAYERAdd a playable Stickman.
←→ - Move
↑  - Jump
↓  - Action
* It changes the attribution when touching powder.
FIGHTERFighting Stickman.
BOXBox. Throw, blow or rotate it.
BALLBall. It rolls very well.
CREATEThe object that touches is created.

UNLIKEDeletion request.
SAVESave temporary.
LOADLoad temporary.
HOMEBack to title.
UPLOADUpload. * See below.

PENChange the drawing style.
free - free line
line - straight line
lock - width & height
paint- Painting out
PEN-SPen size. Adjust the drawing pen size.
MiniMapDisplay of thumbnail.
SIDEOff screen settings.
OFF - Hide
LOOP - Move opposite
GRIDGrid line.
BGBackground effect
non - hide
air - high pressure (green) and low pressure (blue)
line - pressure and streamline (wind)
blur - motion blur
shade - blur filter
aura - aura filter
light - light (additive synthesis)
toon - toon shader
mesh - Draw wind as line
gray - gray scale
track - trajectory filter
dark - dark filter
TG - thermography
siluet - silhouette
DOTMaximum number of dots.

Keyboard Shortcut key (Android only)
[PLAYER]←→ - Move
↑  - Jump
↓  - Action
* WASD key for 2P.
[PEN-S][0]-[9] key
stop playing[Enter] key
[START/STOP][Space] key
[LOAD][L] key

Uploading and Downloading
By selecting the [UPLOAD] button you'll save and upload your artwork on our server and you can share them.
If you like the downloaded data, rate it.
Voting helps to keep the quality of the work high.
[Uploading has the following limitation]
User registration is required.
Upload only 1 time in 1 day.
Only the author can upload his or her downloaded data.
Up to 50 data can be uploaded within 12 hours.
[Downloading has no limitation]
[Voting has the following limitation]
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Powder Game

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